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Found 48 results

  1. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side. www.MyVegasNursery.com
  2. bruce_wayne (27dl)

    Los Angeles

    hey everyone! just seeing if there's anyone in the LA area?
  3. Hey guys im new to the forum and i was curious to see what everyones favorite postion to mess there diapers in and what they do after they fill them (ex:sit in it, roll around, pretend nothing happend,ex...) I usualy like squatting but i wanna know if anyone has fun, unique ways they poop there diapys. also i was wondering what types of things u guys do after u fill up. If anyone has any cute ways they mess themselves feel free to share -BabyZachy
  4. Gummybearsocks

    Battle Creek abdl

    Looking for people in the area to hang out. Or just talk.
  5. bruce_wayne (27dl)

    hey everyone!

    hey everyone! About Me: part-time diaper lover (when i can, which isn't a lot nowadays) living in los angeles i don't believe in living life on terms of "black / white" - to me, everything is on a case-by-case basis, and there is no absolute right or wrong in life my vanilla life is in finance i think i'm 99.9% normal: i stay up-to-date on things - im easy going/friendly - pretty-good self esteem (don't really take anything too personal / don't get offended often) - humble, not arrogant i love science and history i play ps4 from time to time (can't wait for red dead redemption 2 to come out!) racquetball is really fun! i really enjoy watching college football i love movies - i think i have good taste. i would say i'm a tough, but fair critic (my friends ask for my opinion when trying to decide what to watch on Netflix / HBO - feel free to do the same! lol). i really dislike when movies/tv are dumbed down for the audience and/or are very predictable / cheesy. early adam sandler movies are funny any other questions, feel free to send me a message thanks!
  6. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  7. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  8. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  9. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  10. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  11. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  12. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  13. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  14. Canadian_Guy


    From the album: Art Diaper pics

  15. jacklively

    New here!

    Hi guys! I'm new here as of today, iv always been into wetting and sometimes messing myself in private and have always loved watching girls wet and mess either in their panties or diapers; honestly it doesn't make a different to me. iv always kept this part of my life hidden because im embarrassed of the possible repercussions; however im now ready to branch out and meet other people in the community. Basically I am a 21 year old guy living in the US who is a junior in college that secretly hopes to see women wet themselves, but is always disappointed, so I just go home and sneak into one of my hidden diapers.
  16. ApollosBlood

    Any DLs in or near murrieta?

    Hey guys I'm looking to make new friends in so cal that are diaper lovers! I wear a lot and I've never met someone that wears also and I'd really like too. I'm always looking for new friends so feel free to say hello
  17. I am searching for a daddy/mommy to do a nonsexual RP with, the plot is: You were VERY mad at me, a 13 year old teen, I had a report card with only F's. You decided you needed to have a huge punishment, during the whole you are treated like a baby, sleeping in a crib, crawling or being carried, I need to use my diaper, I needed to adress you as mommy/daddy. You enjoys this punishment very much because of your kinks, but I don't like it at all. You have a set of very clear rules I needed to follow, if I did not follow them I would be punished.
  18. Lily adam

    Wetting my diaper

    From the album: Dirty diaper pics

    Here's some pics of me in my diaper
  19. ApollosBlood

    Hello I'm new!

    Hello everyone I am Apollos I am new to the community! I'm kind of excited to be on this because I've always wanted to meet other people with similar interests. I'm looking to make new friends so feel free to say hello!
  20. ABliaaaaam


    just saying hello here and looking for mummy to talk to if there is any on here
  21. Im still fairly inexperienced in buying diapers, only got local ones from supermarkets. Are there any diapers out there that really bring you back to childhood? That lovely crunchy feeling as you waddle about the place and preferably plastic backed. Sorry if this has been posted before, tried looking a bit and couldn't find much. Thank-you you beautiful group of people! P.S, if anyone wants to drop me a message im always up for a chat!
  22. PamperedGirl27

    New to wearing

    Hi, so I'm new to this site, as well as wearing. I put my first Adult diaper on about 3 days ago. I fell in love with how comfortable it feels, and how I felt a little submissive in one. but I was scared to death to tell my husband. But I bit the bullet, and told him. He asked a lot of questions to which I answered the best I could, then stunningly he said ok. not only that, but if I wet he will change me! So here's where I am, I'm a 27 year young girl, who is so shy irl. so I was wondering about some stuff. First how did you get the courage to wear the diaper in public? When you got changed was it awkward ? how did you get yourself to just let go and pee? Do you use powder or diaper cream? And any one in the Florida area? Thanks any one and everyone!
  23. "Freyja, you sure you're going to be alright?" "Fine Mom, I'll be fine. I'm eighteen years old. I can manage myself." "Well, alright, but remember to call or text me if there's anything." "Go on your trip Mom. I can manage myself. Really." I tensed up for and additional sentence of anxiety but she finally gave me a hug and minutes later, she and her luggage were transported away. I watched as the taxi moved away from sight before scampering up to my room. Locking the door, I drew the curtains before dragging out the large cardboard box from under my bed. With the help of a box cutter, my body trembled as I slit the cardboard open, revealing the dark blue travel bag-size pack underneath. I continued to tremble as I used my fingers to slowly tear open the dotted line, despite it having a 'scissors' symbol. Finally, the plastic gave way to reveal the many rectangular shapes. Wiping my sweaty hands clean, I extracted one of the diapers out. Yes diapers. Not something a senior teenager would wear or one who's not suffering from any bladder control. Alas, I, Freyja Davidson, was a life long diaper lover. I have always been fascinated ever since I was a late potty trainer at three years old. Well, it wasn't the fact that I got out of baby diapers late, but also growing watching cartoons and TV shows with young characters wearing for need and others for reasons such as comedy. Then in between movies and TV series came adverts of cute little children wearing nappies. So by my early teens, I had images of diapers floating around my head and the yearning to have that soft paddding wrapped around my waist/between my legs. I always yearned to pee in something like that so much that I tried to pee in a sanitary pad and well, ended up soaking my just the pad but my panties and the floor! But now in my eighteenth year, my dream had come true. I had managed to save enough money and secretly bought a pack of adult diapers via the internet. To be on the safe side, I gave them a false name and the address of my neighbour who was away on overseas work but I knew that he kept a set of keys under his doormat so it was easy to retrieve it. I held the diaper in my hands, like a dog getting his largest bone, like a child with a shiny new toy. Elated beyond words, I ran my hands across the plastic and cotton-like material for severa minutes.... Ok, ok, time to fulfil my mission. Double checking my curtains were drawn, I dropped my jeans and panties off and pulled out the item from the pharmacy bag. I wiped my vulva and crotch area clean before spreading some icky and cold anti-rash cream. Then, I unfolded the diaper and laid it on the bed. No silly girl, I scolded myself, the other way around, tabs behind. Lying down on it, I finally drew the front side across my naked front and drew the top left tape first, then the bottom right and the remaining tabs. No, it still feels uncomfortable. I stood up and adjust two tabs so it felt more snug around me then adjust the sides and the lower crotch area. YES! I screamed. Drawing open my closet door, I examined my self. Diaper lover with a diaper on! I started dancing wildly across the room, enjoying the feeling. Collapsing on the floor, I again ran my hands around the diaper. Oh man, I don't care if I fail next semster. I don't care if I can't find an internship. I'll just wear diapers and.... And diapers aren't just for wearing, I told myself. So I stood up and tried to relieve myself for the first time not in a toilet. Come on, come come on, nothing. Ok, that's because your bladder isn't that full. I head to the toilet and drank tap water; it should be clean enough. Nothing. I poured another cup but still nothing. I sat on my toilet bowl and tried. STILL NOTHING! Damnit, pee, please...the room light suddenly flew. What the heck, I thought, flicking the room and bathroom lights. A power failure now? Just when I'm so living my dream. Cursing silently, I groped around and found my flashlight and found my jeans. Yanking it up, I found then could hardly fit around my new 'underwear'. What the heck I thought, I'm home alone and headed out towards the fuse box. Suddenly, just as I twisted the handle to the creaking wooden door next to the kitchen, a gloved hand wrapped itself around my jaw. "MMMMPH!" I cried out loud and started kicking wildly then felt a circular object pressed against my cheek. "Honey, stop this or your head with be blown off. Got it?" The threat was too deadly to ignored and I did. "My hand will come off, you don't scream and put your hands on your head. Clear?" Shivering in fright, I did so, and suddenly the lights came back on. "March, upstairs, to your room." Back inside, I was ordered to sit on my bed and came face to face with a masked intruder. "I ask the questions, you answer directly. Who else is home?" "Just....me," I muttered. "Answer clearly. The car is still in the garage. Who else is here?" "Just me. Please, take what you..." "I said short answers. When will your parents be back?" "My...mother is away on a business trip..." Suddenly I saw him staring down. "Wait," he exclaimed. "Are you wearing a diaper?!" To Be Continued.
  24. crowza

    Greetings from Arizona

    Hello everyone, I am 29 years old and have been a bedwetter for most of my life from the age of 5 to 12, I also had mild stress incontinence (I wouldn't wear diapers for it) which whenever I laughed I would pee my pants,
  25. As some of you may know, I'm new to plastic pants and know not a lot about them. I'm looking for some plastic pants that can go over my disposable diaper and keep everything nice and snug. Is there certain ones that are better for pooping? (I sometimes mess the bed) and I feel like I need extra protection when doing so. If anyone could suggest some they think would get the job done, that would be awesome!