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  1. New Huggies Overnites?

    Rumor has it that Huggies finally re did their Overnites diapers. Can anyone confirm this and or show pictures?
  2. A Summer's Regression

    Good job on this one you two
  3. Hello?

    Well it has it's perks but when you've had to wear them all your life basically it has no fun factor to it. My family has tried to be supportive of my issues but support only goes so far and It's driven me to try suicide twice. I've gotten better since then but when your in my circumstances it's hard to have any sort of enjoyment..... It's only been recently that I've found any enjoyment in my situation..... My twin nieces have helped me see that I can still have fun being my size.
  4. Hello?

    Im so small that I wear size 8's in girls clothing. I do however enjoy the panties I get to wear because of my size .
  5. Hello?

    It's been good lately although shopping when your this small sucks when you have to be picky because your too small for most stuff people my age would normally wear
  6. Hello?

    I really don't know where I should start when it comes to this introduction. I guess I'll start it like this: I'm a 20 yr old Post Op TG female and to say my childhood sucked would be an understatement. I can't go into details unfortunately due to site policy but just know I didn't get a proper upbringing. My experience with diapers has come because of my childhood and I suffered damage to my bladder which has left me to have to wear diapers at night and on any long car ride or flight. To say I got the short gene would also be an understatement, I'm 4'4 64 lbs and I get mistaken for a young child constantly and It doesn't sit well with me when it does happen. I guess being short and skinny like this has it's perks when you have to wear diapers like I do as I can fit into Toddler diapers without having to stretch them. Believe it or not I actually wear toddler pull ups to work just in case I leak and tbh I kinda like them. I have dabbed into writing in the past but I quit writing about a year ago as I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with my writing. That's all I'm going to say for now because of me having to use my phone to write this as my internet is currently down at the moment.