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  1. LittleLilly85

    New Huggies Overnites?

    Rumor has it that Huggies finally re did their Overnites diapers. Can anyone confirm this and or show pictures?
  2. LittleLilly85

    A Summer's Regression

    Good job on this one you two
  3. LittleLilly85


    Hi and welcome LittleLilly. Glad to have you here. I can't know the pains you have had growing up, but I hope things are better now? Maybe coming here can be something you will like, and have a good time with. And one things for sure, your height doesn't matter here. I do have to say, that does have to be somewhat cool, too be able to fit into kid diapers. I think, it's a lot of people's fantasy to be able to do that.
  4. LittleLilly85


    Im so small that I wear size 8's in girls clothing. I do however enjoy the panties I get to wear because of my size .
  5. LittleLilly85


    It's been good lately although shopping when your this small sucks when you have to be picky because your too small for most stuff people my age would normally wear
  6. LittleLilly85


    I really don't know where I should start when it comes to this introduction.