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  1. Alfonso

    Ginny's Punishment

    "You can't be serious Mum" Ginny said panicking slightly as her mother levitated her into their home. "I am dear. I 've been telling you for ages that if you continued to act like a baby I would treat you like one and I'm sure you agree that walking off when I told you to stay where you were was very child like" her mother replied. "But I'm an adult now!" Ginny responded. "That only makes it worse" her the ginger woman said as she put the young woman down on the stone floor. "I'm going to grab some baby clothes and a nappy from the loft, If I return and your not naked and lying on the tabe in the nappy position then you'll be in big trouble" she continued before waving her wand and turning the wooden kitchen table into a padded baby changing one. "I'm not going to do that!" Ginny said petulantly. Her mother pulled out a chair from the table and sat down before summoning a wooden spoon to her and then doing the same to her daughter who landed over her knee in a perfect spanking position. "Noooooo!" the young ginger woman shouted as her mother lifted her skirt, exposing her dark blue knickers for a second before pulling them down as well. The Weasley matriarch swiftly brought the spoon down on her daughters undefended backside before raising it into the air and doing it again and again. "Ouch, ouch, ouch, owww" Ginny let out a noice as each swat hit her rear end, it wasn't long before she began begging her mother to stop. She didn't though. She kept her swats coming at a steady pace and tuned out her daughter's cries of pain as she watched her daughter's pale derriere redden. She kept going for a few minutes until her there wasn't any white areas left on the bottom of Ginny's rear end. Her daughter didn't seem to notice that she had stopped at first and continued to wiggle her bottom to escape the smacks which were no longer coming. Once the sobbing had subsided, Ginny's mother let her up. "I'll bring my hairbrush down with me, if you're not ready for your nappy when I come down you'll be sorry". Ginny gulped and began to take her clothes off immediately. She stepped out of her knickers which had fallen to her ankles during the spanking and then the white blouse that she was wearing. Her skirt followed and lastly her bra. Ginny smiled as shereleased her breasts, they weren't the biggest in school but the boys seemed to enjoy staring at them. She then jumped up onto the table, taking extra care to ease her,still burning, bottom onto the surface. It kinda hurt, but the surface was cold so it soothed her a bit. Then she raised her legs into the air and opened them a bit, immitating the way that her auties positioned her baby cousins when they were changed. Once that was done, she waited. As she waited, she heard the door open and her daddy entered. She blushed as he entered the kitchen and was greeted with the sight of his naked daughter lying on the table right in front of him. "Good afternoon dear" he said. Ginny didn't respnd but her blush grew deeper, her daddy was looking right down at her exposed slit, he couldn't miss it especially as the sunlight through the window made her red bottom and ginger pubic hair act light a neon sign. Just then, a breeze coming through the still open door and traveling down her brack reminded her that all of her private parts were on show. "I see your mother is finally carrying out her threat" he said. Ginny mearly nodded and he walked away, also blushing. It was a few minutes later that her mother came down with a bag of supplies and smiled to see that her daughter had done as ordered. She moves around the table until she was standing at her daughter's feet before pulling a large jar of an orange salve out of the bag. "This is a hair removal salve, little babies like you don't have hair all over their bodies. Turn over, I'll start on the back of your body first. Ginny did as ordered and soon she was applying the salve to the back of her the young lady's arms, her almost hairless back, the back of her legs and then her red backside, even inside her crack. "Ouch" she wimpered as her mother's hands came into contact with her rapidly brusing backside though she had finished soon enough and ordered her to turn over again. The Weasley matriarch repeted the process on her daughters front covering everything, even Ginny's pink nipples, with the hair removal salve. She did all of this with a smile, finding her ticklish daughter's writhing amusing. This stopped once her maternal hands reached Ginny's nether regions and the young lady put up some resistance, though a quick smack on her bottom and the threat of the hairbrush ensured that she remained still while she rubbed the salve vigerously into her daughter's pubic hair before gently coating her slit in the stuff. After that, the older witch waved her wand and all of the hair, except those on her head, fell away and levitated into the bin. Ginny lay on the table, naked and completely vunerable as her mother once again opened her bag and pulled out some more supplies, first a nappy, then some baby lotion, and finally a box with the word suppositories written in the side, the colours on the box changed so she knew they were magical, but she didn't know anything about them other than that. Her mother grabbed her ancles and pushed them until they were so far back that she had lifted her bottom up off of the table before ordering her to keep them there. Then she placed the nappy on the table, it was a muggle one so she had to place the nessesarry charms on herself, taking up time until Ginny didn't think she could stay in position much longer before sliding it under her bottom and allowing her to relax somewhat. Next she opened the jar of baby lotion and began rubbing it over her private area, though it wasn't very private anymore. "Good girl" her mother praised her before pulling two things out of the box labeled suppositories and taking them out of their wrappers. Ginny's mother then pushed her legs back once more and placed the first one at the entrance to her bottom. Ginny wimpered as her mummy penetrated her most private place with her finger, and wimpered again when she repeated her actions with the second suppository. It was at this moment that Ginny realised that she was beginning to feel very horny, though she didn't understand why her mother's finger being deep in her ass was doing it. Ginny wimpered once more, though this time was because her mother was removing her maternal finger from her back door, leaving her with an empty feeling. "What were those things?" She asked, looking up at the older woman through her raised legs. "Suppositories dear, they are going to make you do a big messy poo poo in your nappy whether you want to or not" Her mother replied before picking up the top of the nappy and lifting it between her daughter's spread legs and closing it. "All done" she said finally. Ginny wriggled a bit, she was quite surprised by how soft it was, before climbing down from the table. "You may wear your clothes, but under them you're now a baby" her mother told her before grabbling her knickers and bra and taking them away. When she returned, Ginny was wearing her clothes again. At that moment a bell rang indicating that someone was entering the house, the older woman waved her wand one last time and a yellow spell hit Ginny. She recognised the spell immediately as one of her brother's prank spells, a second later warmth was filling her nappy as pee rushed out of her with her body putting up no resistance. While she peed, her boyfriend Harry entered the house and asked if she was ready to leave for her date. He took her hand in his and led her out of the house as pee continued to fill her nappy and her hard, aroused nipples pushed noticibly against her blouse.
  2. Alfonso

    The Bedford Family

    Mel got up and answered the phone. It was a little early but by the time that she had finished, she knew that she wouldn't
  3. Alfonso

    The Bedford Family

    The rain continued all night and got worse as the sun rose, not that anyone could see it. The raindrops lashing against Tommy's bedroom window woke him up early the next morning. Tommy smiled, glad that he would be able to see Jaxon's reaction to his little prank.
  4. Alfonso

    The Bedford Family

    Tommy leaves the room and goes to bed himself as he hears his mum getting ready to go upstairs. Mel checks that all of the doors are locked before heading to bed. She sees that Jaxon's bedroom
  5. Alfonso

    Bodily functions what words do you use?

    If I was to use p*ss and sh*t then my bottom would be sore before long.
  6. Alfonso

    Alfie's Nappied Life

    If you've got any ideas for what I could include in the next chapter please share them.
  7. Alfonso

    Alfie's Nappied Life

    Thank you to
  8. Alfonso

    Alfie's Nappied Life

    I'd like to thank everyone who has read, commented on and/or is following my story. If you find any faults with it or have any suggestions
  9. Alfonso

    Location, Location, Location!

    Hi, I'm Alfie and
  10. Alfonso

    Alfie's Nappied Life

    Chapter 2 The afternoon passed quickly, I spent it lost in my thoughts about this new turn of events. Soon enough, it was the end of the day and I walked towards Nurse Stone's office. I knocked on her door and opened it. There was no one else inside other than the nurse who was in her usual place behind her desk. "I'm glad that you came Alfie, I'd hate to have to spank your cute little bottom" my face grew red once again "speaking of which, get it over here so I can give it a check" she said, pointing to a spot on the ground next to where she was sitting. I did as told and stood still she crabbed me my both sides of my waist before turning me around so that I had me back to her. I looked out of the window at the sunny day and listened to her chair creak as she bent over and then the big loud sniffs that she did. She was back up a second later "no poopie for me today?" she said in a baby voice as she sat back up and moved me back around to face her. She grabbed the top of my nappy by the front and slid a couple of fingers in. "All dry" She said with a small frown. She instructed me to take a seat "I've received another phone call from your mother" she said once I had sat down on one of the uncomfortable chairs opposite her. "Your great uncle is sick and she has to go and see him. Because of that, one of your neighbours is going to be keeping an eye on you. She'll be picking you up from here at 3 o'clock in about 10 minutes". We sat together in silence for the next 10 minutes, she worked on something on her computer, I made frequent glances at her low blouse and daydreamed. There was a knock on the door almost exactly at 3pm. It then opened and my neighbour Molly entered the room. She was a little bit smaller than me at 5 foot 10 and her brown hair fell well past her shoulders. "Molly, It's so good to see you, it's been almost a year" Nurse Stone said, obviously recognising the person who had entered. It wasn't surprising, her daughter, Emma, had only left this school last year. I couldn't help but smile when I thought about Emma, she was perfect. She was beautiful, good at sports and very smart, she finished as one of the top student's in her year. She was also incredibly kind, taking a gap year to volunteer to help kids in our local nursery. It was the reason why I had chosen to go there for the mandatory work experience that I will be forced to do starting next week. "It's great to see you again Sue as well" she said. I inferred that Sue was Nurse Stone's first name. "Sorry Sue, but I'm afraid that I can't stop to chat today, but you simply must visit me sometime. Here's my number, call me this evening if you can." She said quickly, almost breathless by the end. "Come on Alfie" she said with authority and turned and left. I shot up and walked quickly to catch up with her. We walked to her car in silence but she began to talk as soon as the doors where shut. "If you cause this car to stink by messing yourself, then your bottom will never return to it's natural colour" she said menacingly. "Yes Molly" I said. She gave me an angry look and said "no, yes mummy". I repeated it and got a "good boy" in return. As we drove, I asked her a question that had been on my mind "how did you know about my nappies?" I asked, my face growing redder from just bringing them up with someone who I hardly knew. "That's easy" she said, smiling as she did so, "I suggested it". I stayed quiet after that, embarrassed by both the fact that I discussed my nappies with a near stranger and the fact that she knew that I was wearing one on the few times that we had spoke in the past few fortnights. Soon enough, we arrived at her house and after taking my shoes off at the door, I was led to the living room told to remain there until I was told to leave, it was exactly the same size as mine, which wasn't that strange considering they were right next to each other and probably used the same design. She put the TV on and took the remote control with her, leaving the cartoon channel and a SpongeBob marathon to enjoy, but not before telling me not to leave. I soon became engrossed in the cartoon, and didn't notice the time pass . I was snapped out of my trance when I started to feel pressure building in my bladder and against my sphincter. I stood up and walked over to the door, opened it and stuck my neck out, there was no one there. I knew that Mummy both knew that I wore nappies and, presumably, would be changing them when dirty, but I desperately wanted to avoid anyone watching me do my business into them. With that done, I stood in the middle of the room and allowed my bladder to empty, over the last few weeks I had learned to enjoy the feeling of warmth filling my nappy. So for a few seconds, I revelled in it. This changed however, when the pressure against my back door got worse. I squatted down and pushed, filling it with a soft mush. Just as I finished, my legs, having taken the strain of squatting for a long time by this point, gave out. This made me fall over, my bottom hitting the floor at a fast pace. This had the obvious effect on the contents of my nappy and the disgusting stuff mushed against my backside. I didn't want to find out what my punishment would be if I disobeyed Mummy, so I settled back into my former space on the couch facing the television. I tried to relax and at first it worked and I lost myself in my own thoughts, the main one being how quickly I have come to use childish language, even inside my head. But the smell kept getting worse and worse and soon enough, I decided that I had to find Mummy, consequences be damned. I left the living room and walked out into the hallway which went right from the door to the kitchen at the back of the house. There was an open door just along the hall and on the opposite side, which, in my house, was the home office. I walked down the hall and looked in, I recognised it right away as a nursery, there was a huge shelf of nappies lining the wall, which was painted a girly pink colour. I continued walking forward, my view of the room getting bigger until I could see everything in it. It was then, as I stood in the doorway, that I stopped. I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. I entered the room just in time to see Emma stand up from a potty, her bare bottom pointing right at me, it was beautifully pale and just got better as she leant forward slightly to allow her mother better access to wipe her rear end and her girl bits, the bottom of which, I could just make out between her hairless legs. The floorboard under me creaked, announcing my presence to the occupants of the room. Only Mummy looked up, "I'm sorry, I'll leave" I stuttered out quickly. "No come in" she said and gestured towards the wall beside her, on the other side of the door. "I'm guessing that you are here for a reason, and that reason is probably the stinky nappy which is making the place smell bad" My face felt on fire because of how badly it burned as I nodded. I didn't know where to put my eyes, the place where Mummy had told me to stand had forced me to look in her direction, this made things awkward as my eyes were instantly drawn to her daughter's posterior. This left me in a bad position as I was raised not to look at things like this, I was scared about the punishment that I would receive if I looked and also, Emma was a friend. We weren't that close, but we were like cousins who saw each other only a few times a year at family gatherings. Whenever we were together, we'd joke about stuff and we got along great. The problem was, I didn't really want to look away, I had had a crush on Emma for the last five years at least and she was right in front of me. I hated myself for it, but I felt like I had to look. This led to me pretending, badly, to be looking at the Disney posters on the wall, while making huge, and incredibly indiscreet, glances at Emma. This continued as her mother finished wiping her with a last few dabs of her girl bits. Once that was done, she moved to the changing table and, without being told to, jumped up and spread and lifted her legs. Exposing her nether regions ready for a nappy to be put on. It was then that that our gazes met as I took another awkward glance at her exposed flower. I felt slightly ashamed and slightly confused when she flashed a knowing smile at me. Mummy returned soon after that with a fresh nappy and some nappy powder and stood in front of her daughter, blocking my view. Soon after that, Mummy moved out of the way and Emma jumped off the table, allowing me to catch a glimpse at her girly nappy before it was covered by her skirt which quickly fell into place. Mummy tapped the table twice in quick succession, and I walked forward slowly, well aware of the eyes watching me. I jumped up onto the table and lied back with my legs in the air. She pulled off my pants first, leaving me naked from the waist down, except for the nappy. Then she crouched down and lifted two metal poles, one on each side of the table, with boot shaped plastic things at the end. Once they were raised sufficiently high, I was instructed to place my feet into the boot things, as soon as they were there, they were locked in. I tried to pull them out but I couldn't. "They're modified gynaecologist's stirrups, perfect for babies with too much modesty" Mummy said, noticing my confusion. Once that was done, she undid my nappy and made a face when the smell hit her "did baby make a stinky poo poo?" she said in a childish voice. She used the nappy to wipe off most of the poo before reaching for the nappy wipes which were placed conveniently right next to the large table. After a few last wipes, which were then thrown away into a bin with the nappy and a new one was slid under my backside, which I raised without being ordered to by Mummy. She closed it up expertly and soon enough, I was released from the stirrups and we were lead to the dining room. "Dinner is ready now, so you just sit there while I bring it out. We sat in silence, I felt very awkward being alone with her now and I squirmed under her blue eyed gaze. It did, however, give me a chance to get another look at Emma. She had changed a lot since we last talked she was, in many ways, an adult now. She'd left school and her breasts were much more noticable. Soon enough though, the food was brought in. Small children's plates of pasta for us and two small jars of baby food each were brought in, this was followed by a large baby bottle of formula. They both tasted disgusting, but I was too scared of Mummy to even contemplate refusing to eat it. After dinner, Emma and I were told to go and play in her room. I was a little bit apprehensive, but when I entered it for the first time, my jaw dropped and I forgot all about that. There were teddies everywhere, It was literally like the dream bedroom of a five year old girl. We sat on the floor, sitting next to each other while leaning on a massive teddy. She started the conversation "How long have you been kept in nappies now then?" she said curiously. "A couple of months, what about you?" I replied evenly. "A few years" she said, grimacing. "Do you remember back just after my sixteenth birthday when there was that rumour that I had slept with George Deensgate?" I nodded "I didn't actually do it!" she exclaimed as she saw my expression "but I was about to, Mummy came home early and caught us on my bed" she looked down. "The next day, I woke up in nappies and I haven't been out of them for very long since." How have you not gone crazy yet? I asked her, I was pretending to be calm, but I was desperate for an answer. "I just sort of got used to it, I think. After a couple of weeks, a sense of resignation set in and I stopped resisting my Mummy and stopped doing things like trying to hide my girl parts when I was changed, even by near strangers?" "Strangers!" I exclaimed, terror gripped me suddenly as different scenarios of what I would possibly soon be put through raced through my head. "No, not complete strangers. You know how I volunteer at the nursery down the road? I nodded and she continued "Well, that's not the whole story. Last year, Mummy and the nursery reached a deal, I was to be a student there half the time. You know, receive the same things that the kids do, which mainly consists of nappy changes and the occasional supervised trip to the potty and being fed". I shuddered at that but she didn't stop talking "The other half of the time, I would work there as one of the staff, helping the kids, making sure they don't get up to too much trouble". Emma trailed off, but I brought her back on topic "but strangers?" "Yeah, the nursery staff, Mummy's colleagues at the hospital, the school nurse, some of the teachers and sometimes, at the end of the day, one of the younger kids at the nursery does a pee pee or a poopie into their nappy and their parents use the changing facilities there. If the other members of staff are busy, they will ask that Mummy or Daddy to change me as well, they also ask them if we are on a trip or something. I started to feel a but queasy as she finished speaking and I wondered if that's what I would be going through over the next few years. "You mentioned teachers, I had my first change in school today, how many will find out about my predicament?" I looked down as I said this. I don't know why, but I felt like something was urging me to be completely honest with her. She laughed, "most of them probably. You're lucky that you haven't messed yourself in class yet, I did in my first week. Nobody smelt anything, but I was scared, the poop was making my bottom, which had been spanked the previous night, stung badly and I didn't know what to do, so I started to cry. I told Mr Robinson that I wasn't feeling well and my tears convinced him to allow me to go to the nurse's office. Once there, I told her of my predicament and she just stood there and hugged me as I cried." "Once I had cried myself out, she took me into the back room and removed my nappy, A bit had gone onto my skirt, so she removed that to. She had some wipes, so I was clean in no time. She didn't, however, have any nappies. Because of that, I was left sitting in one of the cold, hard chairs opposite Nurse Stone, wearing nothing below my waist. To this day, I don't know if her door was locked or if someone could have walked in on me like that." I nodded my head in agreement, yet inside my head, I was regretting not being ill on that day. "Soon enough though, Mummy arrived with a pack of nappies and clean skirt." They recognised each other from when they were training to be nurses and started to talk to each other and reminisce. Soon enough though, I was back in a nappy and a clean skirt and nobody noticed a thing" she finished and looked at me for a response. "That sounds terrible, what should I do if I wet or mess myself in class? Nurse Stone gave me a note to show the teachers, but I can't imagine actually using it." Emma just grinned "You'd better use it if you don't want a spanking, she'll be able to tell if you waited long before coming to her. You should be warned though, the notes say if you have wet or messed yourself, so the teachers will probably give you a check to make sure that you are." I gulped, that didn't sound good. "So, how do you feel about being babied then?" I say, genuinely interested. She grins a bit leans back against the teddy a bit more until she is practically lying down, I copy her before she starts to talk. "I didn't like it at first, but I think that it's been really good for me, it's made me concentrate more which has made my grades improve and I always obey Mummy now. "How come you're in nappies if you are allowed to use the potty?" I asked, I had been thinking about it for a while, not just because it was because of the fact that it was the first time that I had ever seen a woman's bum in real life. "It's sort of a reward. If I go long enough without a spanking, then I'm allowed to use a potty rather than go in my nappies. I still wear nappies though because I occasionally have accidents. I also go in them because, honestly, I like the feeling of being in a wet and messy nappy. I nodded, I understood the feeling. I asked a follow up question right after that "How long after a spanking do you have to wait until you're allowed to use the potty?" "If the bruises are gone, then I'm allowed to use it." she said matter-of-factly. We talked more about our lives for the next twenty minutes until Mummy came in. "It's bath time little ones" she said before telling us to remove all of our clothes except our nappies. We did as we were told, Emma doing it so quickly that the was already leaving the room when I had finally gotten my t-shirt over my head, and then followed her to the bathroom, where the bath was running and the steam was starting to build up. "I know it's not ready yet Alfie" she said, before I had even opened my mouth "but in my experience, warm water makes babies want to go potty". That made sense, I was already feeling the need to go, I tried to relax and let it go, but I was struggling with people present, and Emma standing next to me practically naked wasn't making it any easier. "Finished, may I have my nappy taken off now?" Emma said quietly. "Okay honey, I'll get you out of your nappy now. Mummy said before taking her adult daughter by the hand and leading her out of the room "come to the downstairs nursery when you are finished Alfie." she said before exiting the room. I went easily without the audience and about a minute later, I was walking downstairs to the nursery. As I turned into the room, I came across Emma, this time without the nappy on. I stopped, surprised, as I took in the girl, no woman, in front of me. Without the baby clothes she actually looked like an adult. Her breasts, which were hardly noticeable beneath her baggy t-shirt and although still not very big, stood out, now that there was nothing hiding them. Directly below them, I could just make out her ribs and below that, her thin waist. Despite these obvious signs of her adulthood, she still gave off that babyish vibe. I think it might have been the way that she held herself. Just like a child, she didn't cover herself or even stop when she saw me, she kept walking completely unembarrassed. I walked into the room and saw Mummy throwing Emma's wet nappy into the bin. She gestured towards the table and I jumped up and lied on it immediately. It wasn't as cold as I had expected it to be, Emma must have warmed it up. I watched through my legs as Mummy undid my nappy and gave my private area a quick wipe. "All done" she said when she had finished. I jumped down and she led me back to the bathroom with one hand on my bottom, it felt nice. By the time that we reached the bathroom, little Alfie had grown a bit and it was obvious to everyone in the room. Beside the toilet was another potty. Mummy told me to sit there before turning back to her daughter and holding her hand as she took a big step into the bath and lied down, submerging nearly all of her body. After a short soak, she sat up and allowed her mummy to start washing her long brown/black hair. When that was finished, Emma lied back and Mummy reached for a bath brush and rubbed some bath/shower gel onto it's soft looking bristles. Emma lifted herself up slightly so that the top of her body was above the water. Mummy then placed the bristles of the brush against her shoulder and pulled the brush towards her, down in the same direction as her daughters feet. This went on for a while until nearly all of her front was covered with the lather. Mummy then picked up a sponge and finished off her front by doing the same to the more sensitive parts of her chest which wouldn't have appreciated the harsh bristles of the bath brush. Once that was done, Emma turned over, presenting the back of her body to the woman above her. She was facing me now and we made eye contact for a second before her mother started on her back with the brush and she closed her eyes as her expression changed to one of complete bliss. I watched as the brush travelled down her back and over both sides of her bottom until it reached her feet. After that, Mummy picked up the sponge again and tapped Emma's suds covered bottom. She lifted it, allowing her mother to sponge her girl parts before turning over and once again submerging herself, thereby removing the suds. Then, without prompting, she stood up and waited, allowing a lot of the water to run off of her while Mummy went to grab her a towel. She stepped out of the bath onto the bath mat as Mummy wrapped a towel around her and told me to take her place and warned me not to splash her. I did as I was told for the most part and only a few drops of water splashed onto her top when I nearly fell over. I relaxed as soon as I was in the warm water. Mummy repeated the process, the only real difference being that it took significantly less time for Mummy to wash my hair. The bath brush felt amazing and was going well until she went to wash my boy parts. Unlike with Emma, she washed my private parts after washing my front and she found it very hard. "You're a very naughty little boy Alfie, that is something that big boys do with their willies, what are you?" she asked menacingly. "A baby" I answered quickly, I didn't want to anger Mummy. "Yes" she said "a little baby who is going to get a spanking for pretending that he's not" I gulped but otherwise didn't respond, I doubted arguing would work. I tried to forget about it as Mummy cleaned my back, the back of my legs and my bottom but it didn't feel as good due to my nervousness. After all of the suds had been removed by the water, I stood up and stepped out of the bath where Mummy wrapped Emma's old towel around my and helped rub me dry. As soon as I was dry, Mummy led us back to Emma's room where she had left the pyjamas. She had obviously retrieved some of mine from home as my favourite blue ones were laid out waiting for me on a crib which I hadn't noticed before. Emma went to the other side of the room and put on her pale pink nightgown. "I'll get some nappies. Emma, lay the changing mat on the floor." Mummy ordered. I watched as Emma retrieved what seemed to be a picnic blanket with girly ballerinas on and put it on the floor before lying on it with her legs in the air and the area which was about to be covered by a nappy on display. She had left enough space for me beside her, so I joined her, pulling my pants down to make it easier for Mummy while simultaneously hoping that she had forgotten about the promise of a spanking. Mummy entered the room and smiled down at us "don't you two look cute with your bare bottoms ready for their nappies?" she said in a high pitched voice before sliding one of them underneath Emma's bum. She pulled out a small jar of nappy ointment out of her pocket and placed a bit on her hand before rubbing it all over Emma's exposed areas. "I use the ointment at night because it will be a while before your next change and I don't want you to get a rash" she said, looking at me. Mummy closed Emma's nappy up and walked over to me with a scary smile upon her face "I'm not going to put a nappy on that bottom until it's bright red young man, follow me both of you". The bad feeling in my stomach which had plagued me since bath time got worse as she led us to her room. "In order to prevent my anger at my babies when they've been naughty to interfere with my decision making when it comes to their punishment, I use an online spanking generator to choose it." She said and showed me her laptop. On the screen was what looked like a form with a lot of options, "I'll dictate to you what to put in, you fill it in then read your punishment to me in full" she said and handed it to me. "You can do the first two boxes by yourself" she told me and left me to fill them in, they were easy, my name and the name of the spanker. When Mummy had seen that I had finished that, she told me what to put into the third box, reason for punishment. "Not doing what Mummy told you twice. My hands were shaking now so it took some time to type it in right. But soon enough, it was done. "Now let me think for severity of punishment. I use the light one for maintenance spankings and you have done two minor things, so click the second option after light then." I clicked Moderately Hard. "The second one for this please Alfie" She commented after looking and seeing that the next field was number of implements. I clicked 2. We had reached the available implements section where I was to click on all the implements that I could be spanked with. "Click on the following Alfie; hand, hairbrush, wooden paddle, leather paddle, wooden spoon, bath brush, belt, ruler and slipper." I did so and shifted my gaze to the select position to randomly choose from section and we repeated the previous process again. "Over the knee, laying on bed, diaper position, bend over chair, bending over, touching toes." The feeling of terror mixed with apprehension in my stomach grew as she listed the possible positions that I would be in soon. I had only ever been over my Mum's knee before. Next the site asked for the possible states of dress that I could be left in and Mummy listed all of them "fully clothed, over underwear, bare bottom, naked from the waist down, fully naked". Mummy told me that there wouldn't be any extra punishments and to press the let the punishment begin button. It was at that moment that I was confronted with my fate, before I could read them myself, I was made to read them all out for Mummy and Emma to hear. I did as I was told and read them out from certificate on the site. Punishment Certificate This certificate dictates that Alfie, for the reason of not obeying Mummy will receive the following punishment Two sets of spankings. Set One: 78 swats with a hairbrush and Alfie over the knee Set Two: 38 swats with a bath brush and Alfie laying on the bed. These spankings will be carried out with Alfie's bottom bare.. "That's that then" Mummy said as she takes my hand to help me up from my spot on her bed. "Will you go and get the implements please Emma." After she left, Mummy took the laptop off me and told me to stand up, which I quickly did. Then she took my place at the middle of the right side of the bed and told me to stand to the right of her. I did as I was told and stood, facing her, with my back to the door. Mummy put a finger around each side of pyjama pants and pulled them down before placing one of her hands on my bottom and pushing me towards her. I laid over her knee almost diagonally, with the top half of my body on the bed and the bottom half hanging off of her knee. This was what Emma returned to with both of the brushes in her hand. She handed the first one, the hairbrush, to her mother and sat in the chair in the corner. That was probably where people had sat when she was in this position. SMACK "Ouch!" I yelled. The first strike came without warning and I cried out because of the surprise. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I really began to feel it as she rose the hairbrush and brought it back down on my poor bottom swiftly. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "Ow ow ouch" I shouted "please stop, it hurts!" I couldn't differentiate between each one as the blows fell in a torrent and my bottom began to feel like it was on fire. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "Nooooo!" I shouted as the swats rained down upon my unguarded bottom. "I'll be good, I promise" I shouted, a minute had passed, but to me, it had felt like five. I was crying now and and tears were falling down my face as I began to sob. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I started to wriggle but it was ineffectual against the onslaught. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I tried to put my hands behind me in a feeble attempt to protect my bottom but before I could reach them, two soft hands grabbed them and held them above my head. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I was kicking my legs madly now but it had no effect. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "Owwwww" I shouted the guttural cry of pain into the bed, now wet from my tears. By this point I wasn't kicking my legs around any more, the spanking had stolen almost all of my energy, leaving only enough left to cry into the blanket. SMACK SMACK SMACK The swats had stopped for some reason, it had taken me a while to notice as I was now crying near hysterically. By body was shaking with my long racking sobs into the blanket. I looked behind me and through my teary eyes I saw Emma walk towards us carrying a mobile phone. She passed it to Mummy. "Hello?" Mummy said, it was on speakerphone. "Oh, hi Sue. " "No, it's perfectly fine, I worked as a school nurse for a year, I know how late you can get home sometimes." "Nothing important, just a little boy getting his bottom reddened." "Yeah, that's the sound of him crying. "No, I'm no that far into it yet. It would seem that we've got a crybaby on our hands." "Yeah, Emma could take more than this when I restarted her babyhood" "Well, I'm free all day on Sunday if you would like to come 'round to my house then." "Great, dinner it is. See you then." "Bye." Emma walked back around the bed, leaving her mother's phone on the table below the vanity mirror before grabbing hold of my wrists again. I had calmed down somewhat but tears were still coming out of eyes. I looked up and I could barely make out Emma grinning down at me like an angel looking down from heaven. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "OUCH!" I shouted, the hairbrush striking my bottom unexpectedly once again. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK By the time that it was over, I was sobbing all over again. Mummy assisted me in standing up, but it was Emma who comforted me. "There there, it's nearly over" she said softly as she hugged me while I cried into her shoulder. I pulled away after a few last sniffles, determined to be, at least somewhat, manly. Though I began to start crying again when I noticed the bed being prepared for the next part of my spanking.This consisted of two pillows, one on top of the other, being placed in the centre of the bed. Mummy ordered me to climb onto the bed and lie on the pillows on my front so that my rear end would be high in the air. Once that was done, Emma handcuffed my wrists and then my ankles to the bedposts, leaving me spreadeagled with no way to protect my burning bottom from the heavy bath brush. SMACK! "Ouch" I screamed as the brush landed on my left cheek, it was infinately worse than the other brush. SMACK! I screamed as the brush hit my other cheek. The spanking contunued like that until it was finished and I was once again sobbing inconsolably into the blanket. I didn't notice either of them leave the room, but I felt a pack of frozen pees pushed against my bottom. Mummy sat on the bed near my head, practically on my arm, and looked down at me. "Are you going to be a good boy in the future?" "Yes, I'll be the best little boy in the world" I promised, answering immediately. "That's good because next time that Mummy has you over her knee, it'll be so bad that you wont be able to sit on your cute little bottom for a week". With that, she stood up and told her daughter to unlock me and take me back to the bedroom. She did so quickly and efficiently, only stopping to bend down and lift up my pyjama pants for me. Mummy was waiting when we arrived, Emma practically carrying me, with a nappy in her hand. She dropped me onto the mat, though thankfully my bottom didn't hit the floor and I moved on instinct into the correct position. Unlike Emma, I was powdered. I was thinkfull for this as it meant that Mummy's hand wouldn't be touching my rear end. She closed the nappy up and assisted me in getting up with her hand before checking her watch and saying "It's bedtime for the babies now". It was still light out, but I was too scared to argue and this seemed to be a regular thing for Emma. She took me to my crib and locked me in and saying goodnight. Then she repeated it with her daughter before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her. For some reason I was absolutely exhausted, it must have been the spanking and the very emotional day that I'd had, I fell asleep almost immediately after the door closed.
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    Spankings Given.

    "You've been a very naughty boy" I say as I look down at you. You're sitting on the floor naked.
  12. Alfonso

    Baby items that you imagine and fantasize about

    Changing mats and tables definitely, if I can, I brush my hand against them and imagine what it would be like to lie on them for a change.
  13. Alfonso

    The Bedford Family

    Tommy leaves his room when he hears his brother's steady breathing. He goes to the bathroom where he had earlier stashed a large bowl. He filled it slowly, scared that the sound of water hitting the bowl would wake his brother. Once it is filled just past half way with warm water, he picks it up and sneaks into his brothers room. One of Jaxon's arms is sticking out. Tommy smiles and gets to work. He sits in his brothers room for a bit waiting for it to happen. Soon enough, he sees a wet stain growing across his brother's blanket and he takes his bowl and leaves.
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    What Euphemisms Do You Use?

    Hi, I'm writing a story at the moment and I don't