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  1. After dinner, Mel returns to the lounge to relax. There is nothing good on the TV so she grabs one of the photo albums that reside, almost never used, in one of the cupboards underneath the telly. She opens it and discovers it is filled with pictures of Jaxon age 3 and 4. She smiles as she flips over a page and sees one of Jaxon on a potty. Mel smiles as she remembers it being taken, Jaxon was late being potty trained and this was the first time that he had warned her that he needed to go. She was glad to have had the camera with him at the time. She sighed as she finished flicking through the pages. She'd loved that time of her life back when she was needed, even if that was just to wipe dirty bottoms and bath dirty children. It was at that moment when she realised that she'd taken some joy when Jaxon had his accident today, it had sated the longing that she felt to return to that time when her children frequently came to her crying and in need of a big hug to make things better.
  2. Mel finishes making dinner and carries the plates, some glasses and a jug of water to the dining room table. They eat in silence. She smiled as she ate, Jaxon's pyjamas made him look even younger when contrasted to the clothes of the people around him. It was getting late when they finished eating so she sent Jaxon straight to bed. Tommy smiled as he watched his brother ascend the stairs and walk to his room. He'd probably be asleep in a little over an hour and then he could act.
  3. Mel put the phone down and sighed. She thought that Will had known about the road closures and had planned an alternative route home. This evening was just one disappointment after another. She got up and started to walk to the kitchen to make the final preparations for dinner. She saw no reason to delay it now that her husband wasn't coming. Before she got there however, she ran into Jaxon who was absolutely soaking, he'd obviously been playing out in the rain. "What have you been up to now Jaxon?" she said, exasperation filled her voice as she looked down at him with her hands on her hips. Once he had finished explaining, she frowned at him. "That's the second set of clothes that you have gotten wet today." He looked down at the ground at the reminder of what has occurred earlier. "Go upstairs and change into your pyjamas, it's getting a little late now anyway, your dinner will be ready soon". she said as she moved out of the way to let him pass.
  4. Mel frowns as she looks at the clock. William should have been home by now she thought. She picked up the phone and rang his mobile.
  5. "You? On a team?" Tommy says before doubling over and laughing again before walking away. Mel hears the post arrive and goes to retrieve it. All of the letters are addressed to her husband so she leaves them on his desk in his study.
  6. Tommy looked out of his bedroom window and laughed. He always laughed when he saw his brother playing basketball, Jaxon was small for his age and probably the smallest kid in his year at school. Mel sat down in the lounge next to the phone, she was glad to have finally finished cooking dinner. She took a big gulp of the drink that she had made for herself before leaving the kitchen.
  7. Mel begins cooking again to replace Jaxon's food. There will be to much for him but she will simply eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  8. Mel saw in his eyes that her son was telling the truth. She let him go and concluded that Thomas must have been the culprit. She would deal with him after dinner.
  9. She frowned. "You know what I mean young man. Did you eat some of the food when I explicitly told you not to?" She said, her hands were on her hips as she looked down at him.
  10. Mel grabbed her son's ear and dragged him over to the kitchen counter.She let go and he immediately started rubbing it. "Did you eat that?" she questioned as she pointed to the empty areas of the plate with her, now free, hand and looked into his eyes. She would know if he was lying.
  11. "That's fine" she says as she begins driving back the way that she came. She enters the house and goes back to the kitchen to prepare tea for her family. She is surprised to see that some of the food has been eaten off of the smallest plate. "Jaxon get down here now!" She shouts angrily.
  12. Mel releases a breath that she didn't realise that she was holding. She told him to just turn around and keep driving until he reached somewhere familiar before turning around herself and heading home.
  13. Mel looks at her phone after it starts ringing. She sees that it is from Will and picks it up. "Are you alright where are you?" She says, too worried to start with a hello.
  14. I'm looking for my own story. It's called My Neighbour Susan and I can't find it anywhere. It's not on my activity in my profile, I can't find it in the story and art forum and it doesn't come up when I search for it. I don't know what happened to it, could someone please help me?
  15. Mel tries calling the local hospital but they haven't seen him. She decides to drive his route to work to see if he has broken down on the way. Tommy finishes laughing. That was the most fun he'd had in ages. He resolves to do it again later tonight.