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  1. The Bedford Family

    Mel got up and answered the phone. It was a little early but by the time that she had finished, she knew that she wouldn't be getting back to sleep. She heard crying from her youngest son's room so she put on a dressing gown and went to investigate.
  2. The Bedford Family

    The rain continued all night and got worse as the sun rose, not that anyone could see it. The raindrops lashing against Tommy's bedroom window woke him up early the next morning. Tommy smiled, glad that he would be able to see Jaxon's reaction to his little prank.
  3. The Bedford Family

    Tommy leaves the room and goes to bed himself as he hears his mum getting ready to go upstairs. Mel checks that all of the doors are locked before heading to bed. She sees that Jaxon's bedroom door has been left open, she closes it without noticing the stain on his blanket.
  4. The Spanking Future

    I'm not sure that it would fit into the story, the people who voted for the use of spanking in schools wouldn't vote for the possible use of it on themselves.
  5. The Spanking Future

    Wow, it sounds like you had a good spanking then, I don't think that I could have asked for more after the first lot. Thank you for sharing that.
  6. The Spanking Future

    I'm glad that I could help, I hope that you learn a good lesson. Thank you to everyone who has commented and especially to Babyloulou who will have a cameo appearance in this part. I know that it's less unusual than the other instalments but I'll be doing some more like that soon. Martha sighed as she finished printing off some worksheets, had been a school secretary for twenty five years and her duties seemed to grow every year. She thought back to when she first started this job straight after leaving high school, all that she had to do usually was make copies and make coffee for the most part. But then the school grew and not only did the amount of copies of stuff that needed to be made get bigger, but things like timetable making got harder more complex, and more time consuming. The task which took up the most of her time however, was overseeing the spanking of naughty students. About five years ago, the school district had decided to bring back the spanking of the kids under their care. She frowned as she mentally went over the events which lead to this particular part of her job especially when the widespread use of corporal punishment had ended decades ago. Now, while she was still the secretary, her assistant secretaries did most of the work typically associated with that job and she spent most of the day in charge of turning naughty student's bottoms bright red. She walked over to her desk beside the booth which housed the school's BB3 or as it was known to the students, The Bottom Burner. It had been a quiet warning but the face of the little boy walking towards her told her that this was about to change. She didn't recognise the boy as one of her regulars so she opened the computer so that she could pull up his file. "Hello dear" she said when he stopped right in front of her. He didn't say anything and was looking at the ground. He handed her a pink paper note without making a sound or eye contact. She scanned the paper into her computer and the correct file came up. "Okay Oliver, it says here that you've never been spanked in school before, is that right" the boy in front of her nodded. "Well, what's going to happen is I'm going to pull down your pants and undies before you enter the booth. And I'm going to put you in a nappy to catch any accident that you might have, but I'll leave the back open so that your bottom will be toasted nicely. After that, you just stay still while the machine does it's job" She smiled while she said this, as if him getting a spanking was a good thing. "Is it going to hurt?" He said quietly. Katie, the girl doing some work experience at the school waved from the door to get her attention and mouthed something to her. "He's so cute" she thought it was. Martha nodded her head before answering the boy's question with her smile still on her face "yes, it'll hurt very bad, but when you leave this room then you'll be determined to be a good boy and that's the point of this." Oliver nodded "I want to be a good boy" Martha's smile got bigger "That's good, the machine will help you not throw things in class again, now go and stand with your nose against the booth." Oliver obeyed her immediately and she left the secretaries office to speak with Katie. "Mrs Rockford has nothing left for me to do, do you have anything?" the young girl asked. "I suppose you could help me administer this spanking" she replied, her high heels allowing her to look down at the teen. "Okay" she said reluctantly. The older woman wasn't fooled, she could tell that the girl was a little curious. "Do you remember your first time?" she questioned the young lady who shook her head "you were two years below the year that he is now" "All that I remember is that I didn't want to repeat it" "Yes, that's the point of a first spanking. While all of the others are geared towards the offense, the first one is meant to make the child wish to never go through the experience ever again". They walked back into the room where Oliver was still waiting with his nose pressed lightly against the outside of the booth. It wasn't a full ten minutes but Martha absolutely hated overseeing first time spankings. "Come over here please, Katie will be helping me today." She said as she pulled down his pants, revealing some racing car underwear. She grabbed a nappy which was on her desk in preparation for her first visitor of the day and a container of nappy cream which was in the draw in her desk. She pulled the boy's underwear down and had him step out of them before removing a dollop of the cream and rubbing it over his front boy area before taking hold of his hand and leading him to the door of the booth. Then she placed the nappy where the boy's hips will be and helped him up so that he was straddling the horse which had convenient platforms on either side for him to rest his arms and legs on. She closed the door and walked back to her desk where Katie was waiting. "I've never seen what goes on the outside of the spanking booth before" The girl admitted with a blush. "The first thing that we do is call the parents to inform them of their sons predicament and tell them how to watch or find the video later" she then did it and spoke again when the call was finished. The computer screen showed the view of the camera in the booth which was just Oliver lying still with his bare bottom directly in the path of the whacking arm "The video will last another minute" Martha stated. All spankings were preceded by a video which explained why whatever the victim had done is bad. "So we just sit here and watch?" Katie asked. "For now, we might need to change his nappy after it though" she explained "How come the kids are spanked over a nappy anyway?". "Oh I'd forgotten that you'd left before that rule was introduced. Do you remember that some of kids who were around in those days wet themselves during their spankings?" she continued after Katie nodded "the school couldn't afford to keep putting sand on the bottom of the booth to catch the pee, so these were introduced". They stopped talking as the screen indicated that the video was finishing and the spanking was about to begin. The two women watched as two slippers approached the boys backside, the arm turning quickly. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oliver was terrified, the video had just finished and straps had appeared out of nowhere and tied him to the horse which, despite having him on for almost five minutes, was still cold against his bare skin. For a second he felt wind against his bottom before finally. His first spanking began. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "Ouch ow ow ow ow ow" Oliver cried as the swats landed, each one on a different place on his bare bum. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The two women watched as Alfie pulled against his restraints and wiggled his bottom from side to side in a failed attempt to escape the slippers. "That should be enough for a kid his age shouldn't it? I think he's wet himself" "It should be. But, as a first time spanking, it'll carry on until he stop's resisting." she said before realising what the girl had said That didn't take too long and just over a minute later, the slippers halted. Leaving the, now weeping, boy lying on top of the horse. "How come he isn't out of there yet?" Katie asked. In her day, the naughty child would exit the machine as soon as the spanking finished and would then jump about the room crying and vigorously rubbing their bare bum. "The program was updated a few years ago" smiled the secretary as she remembered some particularly funny moments. A minute later the doors opened and Martha helped the boy out of the booth with one hand on the front to keep his nappy in place. She immediately closed the nappy over his red bottom before helping him back into his pants. "You can stand over there for a while Oliver" she said, pointing to one of the corners of her office. "How come you didn't put his underwear back on?" Katie asked quietly. "I've been doing this job for a long time now" she said slowly and leaned closer as if she was imparting some important life advice "I've learned that if someone wets themselves during a spanking then there's a big chance that they will lose control when they feel the pain of sitting down for the first time. I remember your big sister doing that and afterwards I decided that I'd prefer to clean a dirty bottom which had all of the poop held together. Rather than a dirty bum, knickers and the floor as I had to with your sister." Katie grinned at that and Martha assumed that this would be brought up when they next saw each other. "You can go back to class now Olly." She said after a while before turning to Katie and saying "I'm going to go to lunch now, the head teacher has been annoying recently so I think I'll let her change his nappy" before grabbing her bag and leaving.
  7. The Spanking Future

    Yeah, it's very similar. I'm trying to be quite vague about it. I don't recall including anything about a punishment selector in this story, though please correct me if I'm wrong and have forgotten about putting it in. I have used a punishment selector in other stories though but that has been the spanking generator on https://animeotk.com/punishment.php.
  8. Bodily functions what words do you use?

    If I was to use p*ss and sh*t then my bottom would be sore before long.
  9. Alfie's Nappied Life

    If you've got any ideas for what I could include in the next chapter please share them.
  10. Word Association

  11. The Spanking Future

    A brief look at the origins of the Bill Benson's Machine The Bill Benson's machine was invented in 2020 by Joseph Benson, an important figure in the early pro corporal punishment movement. Due to his role as the head of the Campaign for Proper Childhood Discipline (CPCD), the first nationwide pro spanking campaign group in Britain, he traveled a lot and therefore was unable to practice his belief that children needed consistant discipline. This inspired him to create a machine which could do the job for him. He named it after his son, it's first victim, who had both inspired and tested the machine and its many prototypes. Bill Benson also modeled for the machines logo which has gone unchanged for all of this time. Bill Benson himself has never publicly stated his opinion on the fact that a cartoonised image of him, bending over with his red, just spanked bottom on display and his face looking back with tears streaming down his face and his initials underneath, can be found all over the globe. The public was first introduced to this new machine in Blackburn where, in order to recupe his losses from making it, Mr Benson opened it up to the public after a few alterations for a small. This was the first BB Machine as would be recognisable today. It was housed in a library and enclosed in a soundproofed booth in order to comply with the libraries noise rules. It was here as well that it would get it's most popular nickname, the Bare Bottom Machine, so called due to that fact that the lack of power in the swing of this early one made it necessary for the child's bottom to be bare for their spanking to work. The soundproofing developed by Mr Benson for his machine was of a better quality than any that had been made before and he was able to license his patent to a large company and became very wealthy. This allowed him to put more money into both his campaign for spanking in schools and into improving his BB machine design which had proved popular not only with the people of the town but those in the surrounding area who came to see the technological breakthroughs of the Blackburn Bum Smacker, which was another of its titles. Needless to say, that it was the quietest journey that many parents had ever had. It was in those early days in Blackburn where the unwritten rules of BB use were made. This includes the fact that children typically stand in front of the machine looking at the fate of Bill Benson for ten minutes thinking of their upcoming punishment which for the most part involved a lot of praying that the machine broke down and then standing for another 10 minutes with their hands on their head and tears running down their faces after their spanking. The first Bill Benson's machine to go on sale to the public was the BB2 which was a moderate success despite no advertising being done for it. Plus the fact that the average person couldn't afford to buy one for their children on their one. This led to, in some cases, whole communities clubbing together to buy one and it being housed in a library or a community centre. However, as it was still designed with his son in mind, the BB2 only had one implement option, the slipper. After the unlikely success of the BB2, Mr Benson tried to copy the business models some of the most successful technology companies of the early 21st century with disasterous results. He had decided to introduce a new machine about a year after the BB2 which was rushed, badly designed and of a worse quality that the previous one. It flopped badly and after a few months none were bought and the model was discontinued. The flop forced Mr Benson to put all future designs on hold for the time being. This turned out to be a good thing because it gave him time to go over his designes and create the best selling spanking machine of all time. The BB3 is considered even today to be a work of art and is a very collectable item. The first thing that was introduced to the new design was a camera, this enabled parents to keep an eye on their kids through their spankings and is probably the reason why corporal punishment was reintroduced to schools. As well as that, for the first time, the implements used in the machines were easily interchangable allowing spankings to be taylored to the child and the offense. Not only that, but the speed of the strikes could also be changed to suit the child. This machine was a huge success and would be placed in most of the schools in Britain and could be found in almost every country.
  12. Alfie's Nappied Life

    Thank you to everyone who has commented, I really appreciate it. I will continue the story but I don't think I'll be able to update often. I've started another story and I want to get through that before I forget what I intend to do with it.
  13. The Spanking Future

    I thought that this would be a good idea to set the scene for this story, I wanted to do something a little different. This story is inspired by The Spanking Machine by Michelle. Q1. "The internet was the most important factor in the success of the pro-corporal punishment campaigns of the 2020s and increase in support for their cause which led to the reintroduction of spanking to schools in the UK." Discuss. (20 marks) I disagree with the view that the internet was the most important factor in the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools. Spanking returned to schools in 2030 following a referendum in which 51.9 percent voted for it's reintroduction and 48.1 percent voted against. This vote was the culmination of a 10 year campaign to reintroduce spanking, not only into schools, but into children's homes and private lives. There were a plethora factors which played a part in changing public opinion about the practice which, even until 2017, was largely frowned upon in western societies. Many of these were of equal importance to, if not more important than, the internet. One of the main factors which increased the support for the reintroduction of spanking was nostalgia. For much of the early 21st century, there was a haze of nostalgia through which the majority of the British people viewed their history. When they thought about the Britain of the past, they saw a country with no problems, where the people were nicer, friendlier and the children and youths better behaved. The pro corporal punishment groups promised a return to the idyllic society of the past where, in their minds, Great Britain was truly great. This resonated with people and made them believe that spanking kids would instil in them the character of the people of a century ago, who amongst other things fought, sometimes alone, in defence of their homeland and values against the Nazis. Films of that era also contributed to this as they, especially historical ones didn't bother to correct people and in most cases changed their storylines in order to pander to their audiences expectations of events. Perhaps the most famous pro spanking film is Maisie, which was released in 2021. It was a low budget unexpected hit. This is attributed to it's ability to appeal to people's nostalgia as well as the amazing debut performance of Anne Muller. The nostalgia felt by a lot of the country also led to unrealistic expectations of Britain and British children in general. Many people saw the educational attainment of children in much more discipline oriented educational systems, like that of China, and believed that to with harsher discipline that British children could outperform those of the rest of the world. This is a view that has lasted until today and now takes the form of not only spankings being given for behavioural infractions, but of them being given out for bad results in exams or even schoolwork. An example of this is this exam, where I can expect a swat of the paddle for every mark that I fail to get. The youth of the day themselves were another factor which increased support for the return of spanking to schools. Crime rates rose massively in the wake of the market crash of 2019 and the recession that followed. As unemployment rose, so did antisocial behaviour and soon enough riots broke out in cities, and even some towns, across the country. In fact, July of that year is known in a lot of the country, especially the north where deprivation was higher, as Black July due to the colour of the smoke filled skies above the cities. People in large towns and cities in this period were terrified of going out at night lest they be set upon and robbed by one of the many gangs of teenagers who roamed the streets. This made them to echo the reintroduction group's calls for stricter punishments for children in schools to "make sure that they turn out right". Possibly the biggest reason why the reintroduction campaign won the referendum was because they managed to win the support of a lot of parents, especially low income ones. This was only possible because of the advances of technology that occurred over that decade. The main one of these was the Bill Benson's machine. This machine was the only one available for all of the first half of the century as the creator of this cannily bought the patents for all known spanking machines in 2019. The Bill Benson's machine, or Bare Bottom machine as it's commonly known, was revolutionary as it incorporated a camera. Nobody had ever thought of using a camera before and it allowed the parents to watch their child and make sure that nothing untoward happened as soon as their underwear went down. The fact that over a third of parents voted to reintroduce corporal punishment is quite surprising due to the events of the first two decades of the century in which formerly trusted people, especially celebrities, were discovered to have been paedophiles. This made many parents reluctant to allow teachers access to their children's bottoms. There are many reasons why people argue that it was the internet which was the most important factor in the success of the introduction groups in the twenties. The first one is that it allowed the early reintroductionist campaigners to meet. At first, this campaign was predominantly made up of people over 65 who began to access the internet in ever increasing numbers after huge campaigns by tech companies to help them to learn in the latter half of the second decade of the century. These people were much more visible on social networking sites due to the fact that they didn't have to stop using them to work or look after children. It was widely believed that it was the effective internet campaign contributed the most to the victory of the reintroduction campaigns in the 2020s. Unlike their opponents, they managed to fully utilise the possibilities that campaigning on places like the major social media sites. One reason for this was because of their use of memes. At first, these groups only made meme glorifying the past. As well as that, they didn't feature their names too prominently which enabled them to get even those who opposed their views to share and retweet them. In conclusion, I disagree with the view that "The internet was the most important factor in the success of the pro-corporal punishment campaigns of the 2020s and increase in support for their cause which led to the reintroduction of spanking to schools in the UK." This is because of the greater factors of nostalgia and support of working class parents. Examiner's notes: 12 Marks. The discussion leans too heavily towards one side and the student seems to have run out of time., the last half of the argument is underdeveloped as is the conclusion. I recommend another six swats of the paddle in addition to the 8 that this child will receive. Please let me know what you think of this and if you can come up with a better name please tell me.
  14. Alfie's Nappied Life

    I'd like to thank everyone who has read, commented on and/or is following my story. If you find any faults with it or have any suggestions of improvements or for the next chapter then please don't hesitate to tell me them. I've also already got a question about my plot. Do you think that Emma should be sort of a big sister or a mother figure?
  15. Location, Location, Location!

    Hi, I'm Alfie and I live in Cheshire.