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  1. As stated we are all different, I'm incontinent and I wet in 250cc voids, a good disposable diaper will usually handle the first void Ok, but further wettings usually mean leaks, Nothing in the over the counter or supplied by the health trust comes close to being about to last a night in bed without leaking. I used to use Abena L4 with a cloth stuffer at night, these days I use an hourglass shaped velcro fastened diaper with a folded cloth soaker. This will usually make it till morning, diaper soaked but bed dry.
  2. My urinary incontinence started in 2003 with a wet bed that happened totally out of the blue. Then a few more wet beds and I went to my Doctor. After finding no infection or any other apparent cause I was sent to see a very crap Urologist. This guy was just about to retire and was more interested in telling me about his sore back than my problems. My bedwetting became every night regular and I have always struggled with disposable nappies, they just won't deal with sudden releases of urine and repeated. I was told by some other bedwetters to try terry squares for nightime, the advantage being you could make them as thick and absorbent as needed. I began to get repeated water infections. I would get antibiotics it would seem to clear up only to return a week or so later. After 18 months of my incontinence getting worse and a few accidents during the daytime too. I asked the Continence Nurse if I could have an appointment with another Urologist. This Guy was good, he listened to everything and I explained about the leaking getting worse and the continued UTI's. He explained that as I was now seriously incontinent the chances of a cure was not very likely. I said I wanted to know why I was incontinent as I thought the other guy had not spent much time on examining me. He booked me into an outpatient appointment and I was put under and he had a good look inside my bladder and urinary tract with a scope. He explained to me that I had scarring on my sphincters due to repeated infections and I still had an infection. Also due to long term leaking my bladder had shrunk in size and that was probably causing my urgency and the sphincter damage would cause my bladder to empty regularly without filling. So I was 40 years old at the start I'm now 55 years old and will have urinary incontinence for the rest of my life. I found some great shaped cloth nappies to wear to bed, that helped a lot at night. I also use a condom catheter and leg bag during the daytime that helps my skin cope. I still get UTI's but not as often these days. Type 2 Diabetes helps the incontinence, especially at night. Fortunately it's manageable and does not effect my life style to drastically. I will admit it has not done my love life much good.
  3. When I first wore cloth nappies I wore Sandra pants over then. I have to agree that they were far better quality back then, I loved the smell of new pants. I tried wearing them in secret at night in bed over my underpants, I would wake up soaked is sweat, as for wearing them without anything else, you would have to be very determined as the stick to your skin so bad you literally peel them off. The thin elastics would dig in quite badly, this was how my Mother found out I was borrowing my younger brothers pants and terry square nappies. I got tormented to hell and back for doing that, but I was caught a few more times in my early teens wearing nappies. I wear Haian vinyl pants from Ebay from china, over my night time nappies, reasonable quality and have wider more comfortable leg bands and waistbands. They are a good fit and comfortable.
  4. I think everyone should remember the the BO in BOTOX stands for BOTULISM. GOOGLE it and understand that it actually is you want injected into your body. I was offered Botox to help with severe urinary incontinence, but refused the offer as I had heard too many real life stories of severe retention and injuries and UTI infections from self catheter routines. My argument was at the moment my bladder is self regulating, it fills to a certain extent, then it empties when it decides it holding enough. If it was in retention due to Botox, I would then have to make sure I emptied my bladder as required. The threat of kidney damage and the increased risk of UTI, was enough for me to leave things as they are now.
  5. Have you never heard of Condoms? Could be a lifesaver in certain circumstances. I'm Male and have suffered frequent UTI infections. I have had incontinence for 15 years, it just started out of the blue as a totally unexpected wet bed. This became a recurrent thing that got regular quite quickly. I consulted my Doctor hoe done all the standard tests for infection and a visual inspection, this lead to an appointment with an Urologist and shortly after that another appointment with the Continence Nurses. I had all the Urology tests and a through scoping of my urinary tract and bladder, nothing unusual was found and they were confident I didn't have a water infection. Now I was wetting my bed every night, the bed was protected with a waterproof cover, I attempted to waterproof myself with the Continence Service all in ones. At first I thought wearing PVC Pants would stop the leaks I was having, but no they didn't, what I needed was better nappies. They could not supply me with anything better, so I began using cloth nappies and vinyl pants. I started to have repeated UTI infections, I got the Males don't usually get those, have you by any chance been using catheters? No, I had not been using catheters or anything else, then they wondered if the infection were caused by using cloth nappies. I was almost certain it was not caused by the nappies. Now every time I got an infection, I got a course of Antibiotics to take, this would appear to clear the symptoms up in a few days only for it to return the following week. I began to wonder if I had something really horrible that the Antibiotics was not shifting. I was not very impressed with the Urologist and after several months of messing about, I asked the Continence Nurse if I could perhaps see a different Urologist. It took a few weeks to get an appointment but the Urologist I seen was totally different in his manner and approach. After I had explained what was going on and he looked through my notes he asked what I wanted him to do, as he basically would run exactly the same tests again, probably having the same results. I said all this had been going on for nearly 18 months and I would really like to know what is causing my bladder problems as I was beginning to have occasional daytime accidents as well as wetting while sleeping. He agreed with me that if this had happened to him, he would want to know what was causing it too. He ran all the tests again, there was still traces of infection in my urine, so I got yet another course of Antibiotics, but a longer course this time. He also reckoned there was differences in my urine flow tests, so either they were not done correctly last time or something has changed. He booked my am appointment at the hospital as an outpatient and a whole lot of paperwork came to my house, apparently I was to be Anaesthetised and he was going to have another good look around my urinary tract and bladder while I was asleep. I was to be accompanied by a responsible adult after the anaesthetic to see me home safe and I had to eat nothing after my evening meal the night before. Unusually I was to drink as normal and he said he would be giving me a large drink 30 minutes before I was put under. I got my friend to take me to the appointment, It all happened in just under an hour, I got a pint of water to drink 30 minutes before I was put to sleep by the Anaesthetist. He gave me the white milk of amnesia through a port the Nurse had put in the back of my hand, the next thing I knew I was awake again and the scan had been done. The Urologist came to see me just after I had got my clothes on, he asked what I had had to drink since I woke up, just my usual mug of tea and the water he had me drink. Right, because your bladder emptied almost as soon as you were put to sleep he said. Did you see anything? I asked. You have scarring on your sphincters, probably caused by the recurrent infections, so you will probably be incontinent during the daytime as you feared, You also have an enlarged Prostate and I think that is what is causing the infections, you are not emptying your bladder completely and the residual urine is causing the infection. I'll give you some tablets to try and reduce your prostate, these will help you empty your bladder too. Won't that make my leaking worse? I asked, He just nodded and said hopefully it will clear the infections though. Anyway between the tablet he gave me and the discovery that I was type 2 diabetic just made my incontinence worse. I now manage daytime with a Conveen external catheter and leg bag and cloth nappies and vinyl pants at night.
  6. Its a bit awkward when someone really likes doing something that is a bit left field. Unfortunately your boyfriend seems to be under the impression that because he told you his interest and you did't dump him, you accept his fetish. The only way forward in this case is to talk to each other, as he obviously like nappies and you don't, a compromise will have to be reached. But to even start this you both need to talk.
  7. I originally started in Cloth nappies, I used to "borrow" them and vinyl pants from my bedwetting Brother. I'm sure my Mother used to wonder where the extra wet terry nappies came from. I took to wearing nappies like a fish to water, and was hooked from the first time I managed to pin a nappy on myself. Vinyl pants were just the icing on a wonderful cake. I could never resist the pull of nappies and it became my secret. I would wear when I could and was always scared of being caught, I was several times but that's for another time. When I became Incontinent it started as occasional accidents at night, while sleeping. This progressed to wetting nearly every time I slept, I thought it was my brain used to forget my bladder existed as soon as I was asleep. I used disposables and always found that I was stretching the absorbency of everything they gave me to try. There would often be wet patches on the bedding by morning. I got fed up leaking at night and I also began to loose daytime control, that began as occasional leaks and progressed to regular uncontrolled wetting. I solved nightime leaking by using cloth nappies and vinyl pants, I have since found out that many heavy wetters cannot go a whole night in the same disposable nappy and they eventually find they need the additional wicking power of thick cloth nappies. So I'm a cloth nappy fan, I think they are far more comfortable to wear than disposables but a lot more bother due to washing and drying, but they do work for me. Finding decent pants to cover them with is a problem here in the UK as all the old favourites have stopped making them. I get my current favourites from China-via Ebay.
  8. I'm genuinely Incontinent, so if I don't wear something or use something I wet myself. I spent 18months in diapers / nappies and it was not the dream everyone think it will be. I had the perfect reason to wear nappies all the time. Anyone that really mattered to me knew I was wearing nappies for a medical problem. Trying to live a normal active life and keep a physically demanding job while wearing and wetting constantly soon becomes a chore. My saviour was penile sheaths and a leg bag. This made daytime bearable, also the health of my skin improved considerably. This left me after work time and sleeping time wearing and using nappies I may be incontinent but I'm still a DL.
  9. I tried this, I thought that my love of another person would overtake my liking for nappies. I suppressed my desires for a few years until it came back really strongly. This were not so peachy in other areas of my relationship either. I came out totally to my Girlfriend and she was defiantly not impressed. I was fed up living a lie and I'm my depression the real genuine need to indulge in my fetish. So my 11 year relationship ended but I was then free to properly learn about my fetish and my feelings. Generally being an AB/DL puts us in a minority, I know there is a pretty thick collection of us in this site but they are spread out all over the world. Also you cannot by any stretch of the imagination base a relationship on being an AB or DL, there has to be far more to it than that. I don't think I would be happy with someone who tolerated my fetish as I would still be alone with this, it's not an easy thing to share but it can be done. It's just finding that right someone.
  10. Hiya, I noticed you had started following me.

    I wonder why, I'm lost too!

    Only joking, I've been a member here for many years and been an icon for more years than that.

    It all started just after my 40th Birthday, I'm now 54, so quite a while now.

    I gave up on disposables as they just have never worked reliably for me, especially at night, so I wear cloth for bed.

    Don't be shy, come say hello.

    1. poobrat


      I started following you because of our similarities,i only wear cloth diapers with plastic pants too.look at my bio an you will see more on me,lol.i am a 63 yr. old straight male,widowed after 32 year marriage.so hello and lets be friends .happy diapering.

    2. jbz2079


      Hiya, I only use cloth diapers because I can't find any disposables that actually work for sleeping in.

      I'm 55 this year and first had inco problems when I 40 years old.

      I'm straight too and at the moment unattached, I'm not sure how many ladies would want a 55 year old with a bladder like a sieve, type two diabetes, disc damage in lower back and arthritis everywhere.

      Having been a mechanic and working in engineering most of my working life my hands are ruined by Arthritis which is both painful and very annoying as it limits what I can do, some days holding a mug of tea can be a challenge.

      I also have a full licence to drive buses and coaches, I have been doing some part time work since September, but have stopped doing it now as getting up at 5am five days a week is not sustainable.

      My little dog, a Jack Russel Terrier called Meg like that I have more time for her, instead of her waiting for hours in the car for me.

      Catch up soon. John.

    3. poobrat


      hi,i use cloth diapers for sleeping,an away from home some like long outings,movies,etc.i too am not sure i'll ever find another lady that wants me with my health problems.i have type 2 diabetes,diabetic neropathy,osteo arthritis,disarthmia,.I barely walk anymore,i use a cane at home and electric scooter when I shop.i have had an attraction to cloth diapers since I was 8 yr.old.my mom died an step mom had an infant boy(1964).all cloth diapers then.when my dad left her,we moved to Nebraska an lived around my cousins an always babies in the house.i have been on disability for a number of years.spent most of my life working security and law enforcement (correction officer),14 years in hospital security,10 years in bank security.i had a cdl to drive tractor trailers,etc.i gave it up cause I felt I would not pass a d.o.t. psychal.i live alone in south ga. with my cat I call patches,got him from humane society after wife died.i use mostly prefold adult cloth diapers,but have some flats too.i use diaper pins,an snapi to fasten my diapers.i use pull on style plastic pants.after I got the neropathy several years ago I was diagnosed with urge incontinence an oab.dr. has said no cure.so to keep the bed dry and get rest at night I talked with my wife an returned to diapering nightly with cloth since we found out medicare will not pay for disabables,which I dislike any way,lol.several years ago.take care,Dennis

  11. jbz2079


    You would not have to get to my bedroom, shaped cloth diapers drying on the clotheshorse on the landing might raise your suspicions. I have a total enclosure waterproof cover on my bed as I often have leaks. In the wash basket there will be a pul lined diaper bag that usually contains last nights wet diaper and a pair of washed vinyl pants hanging to dry somewhere. Everyone that matters to me knows I have severe continence issues.
  12. Thanks Freswith, another great chapter.
  13. I wear diapers fairly openly for a medical issue, everyone that matters knows. Some find the cloth nappies and plastic pants a bit strange but whatever,
  14. Wow! A lot happened just then, I suppose it's nearly every DL's dream to find someone excepting and willing to understand. Not that many of us ever get to that point in our lives. Some never reveal their secret, other do and go way overboard and wonder why people shun them.
  15. Thank you Freswith, another very interesting chapter.