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  1. BriBri360

    Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    Yeah, since that post, I've purchased Rearz, since they now have much cheaper shipping to the US and have US sellers. Those diapers are excellent. I've got Abenas at the moment because I found a seller who sells them for $18 on Amazon with free shipping. I also have a couple of samples from Wearing Clouds of ABU Kiddos and Super Boompas and those hold almost as much as the Rearz Inspires do.
  2. BriBri360

    Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    While there are no diapers, videogamedunkey also offered up his own equally amusing review:
  3. BriBri360

    somebody save me

    I don't know if this suggestion will help you, because it didn't help me, but if you live in the US, you should try looking into vocational rehab services in your area. They are government funded and help people with disabilities and criminal records with looking for jobs, interview services, etc. It's worth a shot.
  4. The ringing of the ears has been on again and off again since I started attending concerts as a teenager. It's gotten more pronounced in the last few years, and is off again and on again. I have lessened the amount of time I listen to music and other noisy things, and I don't play them as loud. It has helped a lot in curbing this and keeping it from getting worse. The headaches are in the last year on a daily basis or near daily basis. They can bother me sometimes only a couple days a week or everyday in a week. Sometimes it's related to caffeine, others a lack of eating. Sometimes I don't know what causes them because I'll have a bit of soda, or take some Excedrin, or eat if I haven't eaten in a while, and it will still be bad. As for the stuffiness in my chest and my head/sinuses, balance and orientation, I really don't know what started causing it. It clears up a bit when I take allergy medication, but I don't do that everyday and since I am uninsured I can't afford to see a doctor. Urgent care is my only option and every one of those around here charge $100 or more per visit and I can't go to the ER anymore (I was doing that for a while). I can only hope that I mention it during my next therapy appointment. I keep running out of time at them because there's so much to get through.
  5. I owned a baby pants onesie in the past. They are excellent quality and they hold up to many many many washings and still retain color. A XXL one was good size so I can imagine the XXXL one will be just as comfortable.
  6. I don't have insurance unfortunately, so unless it's life threatening, going to a hospital or seeing a doctor is not something I can afford to do. My therapist works on a sliding scale so that is how I am able to afford to see her. I did briefly mention these things to her in passing, but we talked about some other things that I have been going through and my time with her ran short today. I'll have to address this with her at our next meeting. Thanks for your reply though. It is appreciated. If anyone else sees this thread, please feel free to respond, I will still check it frequently.
  7. Not sure where to post this honestly, but this forum seemed like the best place. Been an AB for many years, since I was 14-15-16, and I am going to be 37 in a month, and I have had mental health issues for over half my life, since I was 16 at the very least. Have never engaged in diapers as much as I have in the last few years, and they have brought many moments of joy, pleasure, and calm to my tumultuous life. Lately though, not just AB, but other interests in general seem to be waning. However, I seem to be getting depressed, anxious, and paranoid more than usual and my personality disorder is present more than ever. I get these times where I just lose my sense of balance and general orientation/sense of awareness, particularly in the morning, in addition to be stuffed up in the head, ears ringing, and congested in my chest, and frequent headaches. It's almost like I've forgotten what things are for and that I don't know how to use the restroom. i also happen to have a weird sense of floating, even though I will be standing or sitting down. Has anyone else with depression experienced this? What did you do/who did you talk to/how did you resolve it? Should I start looking into diapering myself full time instead of every once in a while? I am slightly afraid I might actually lost my bladder and bowel control, but I know it wouldn't be the worst thing. I have a therapist appointment coming up this week. I plan to mention it to my therapist. Any thoughts or ideas?
  8. BriBri360

    Are tykables prices going up?

    On 12/18/2016 at 3:22 PM, MarkSmith said: The bigger problem with these diapers is that they are never available.
  9. BriBri360

    Tykable Jeans

    Those look cool. Expensive for the price but nice to see they are all quality. I'd like a pair of the shoes but they don't go past size 12. Damn my big size 13 feet.....
  10. Within the last few months or so, Rearz have given their website a MASSIVE facelift. Things are organized MUCH easier than they were before. Cheap shipping options are still available. When I plan to order more, I will order from them again.
  11. BriBri360

    Dirty diaper smell

    It used to bother me a lot. However, I now accept it and it reminds me that I am just an overgrown baby.
  12. BriBri360

    Northshore Care

    Yes, I just ordered a pack of Tranquility ATN's from them and had it shipped via FedEx. Not only was it at my door two days later, but I also got these free sample items. I'll buy from NorthShore care again in the future.
  13. I have ordered from Rearz twice in the last year, ever since I first heard they offer less expensive shipping options, and I have ordered two cases of the Inspire Incontrol+ and I am positively HOOKED on these. I also forgot to add they ship quickly to the US from Canada. They puff up VERY nicely when wet and the amount they can hold is unreal. I simply can't order anything else, although I do like ABU Simple and ABU Space and Tykables are really nice too. Rearz are the best though.
  14. BriBri360

    XP Medical - Ownership Change

    Sorry to hear this about XP. They used to ship fast and promptly and were very affordable. I wore A+ Level 4 quite a bit. In the last year, I've gotten hooked on Rearz and they have lower shipping prices now, so I've not looked back. Hopefully, the new owners turn things around.
  15. BriBri360

    Video Game: Perpetual Change

    Thanks! I was able to install it without any issues! I liked it alot! Only thing I hope is that when all is said and done, you will publish a walkthrough to tell us how she gets regressed!