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  1. Yeah, I see after they have redone their website that they have no diapers or training pants available for purchase. It's apparently been like that for a month or two. I hope Tykables is keeping afloat and not going to go under.
  2. Those look cool. Expensive for the price but nice to see they are all quality. I'd like a pair of the shoes but they don't go past size 12. Damn my big size 13 feet.....
  3. Within the last few months or so, Rearz have given their website a MASSIVE facelift. Things are organized MUCH easier than they were before. Cheap shipping options are still available. When I plan to order more, I will order from them again.
  4. It used to bother me a lot. However, I now accept it and it reminds me that I am just an overgrown baby.
  5. Yes, I just ordered a pack of Tranquility ATN's from them and had it shipped via FedEx. Not only was it at my door two days later, but I also got these free sample items. I'll buy from NorthShore care again in the future.
  6. female

    Hope you continue the story when you get time.
  7. This is a cool story. I hope it gets continued if the author has time.
  8. I agree. Cute story and I hope it continues.
  9. Just discovered this story. It's very well written. I look forward to more.
  10. I have ordered from Rearz twice in the last year, ever since I first heard they offer less expensive shipping options, and I have ordered two cases of the Inspire Incontrol+ and I am positively HOOKED on these. I also forgot to add they ship quickly to the US from Canada. They puff up VERY nicely when wet and the amount they can hold is unreal. I simply can't order anything else, although I do like ABU Simple and ABU Space and Tykables are really nice too. Rearz are the best though.
  11. Sorry to hear this about XP. They used to ship fast and promptly and were very affordable. I wore A+ Level 4 quite a bit. In the last year, I've gotten hooked on Rearz and they have lower shipping prices now, so I've not looked back. Hopefully, the new owners turn things around.
  12. Thanks! I was able to install it without any issues! I liked it alot! Only thing I hope is that when all is said and done, you will publish a walkthrough to tell us how she gets regressed!
  13. Thanks for posting that. I needed the laugh. Also glad the FF YT channel didn't disappoint.
  14. I hope the Feud's official YT channel or some FF viewer will put this up for all to see. YT is rich with FF clips. Spent some time looking and it isn't there yet.
  15. I could obviously never do the tv or public thing with ab, but if it's working for her and it's what she wants, I am glad. She seems like a nice person and she makes an adorable little/ab. Best of luck to her.