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  1. ajthebabypie

    My wife wants me to see a therapist.

    On 10/19/2017 at 5:28 PM, iluvmydiapers said: Yes, I took the time to see a therapist years ago about my desires to wear diapers and desire to wet them.
  2. Very nice fleece footed sleeper from snugasabug.com. This sleeper has only been worn a handful of times and shows virtually no wear. The snowflakes on the PJs glow in the dark. The zipper extends below the crotch to just below the knee (a very babyish feature). The feet bottoms have a slip-resistant material. $30 USD plus shipping. Paid over $60 for them new. Sizing description from the website: medium which fits someone from 5'6-5'9 and 135-170 pounds Pic:
  3. 1 blue and 1 white, both only worn once. Asking $15 USD each or 2 for $25 plus shipping. Will throw in a couple of free boosters if you buy both. Pic:
  4. A 3 piece outfit featuring some adorable rubber duck shortalls made from a light breathable fabric that has small pinstripes that are light blue and white, a light blue onesie and a white terry towel adult-sized bib. $40 USD plus shipping for all 3 pieces. Shortalls measure 26 inches in the waist and will comfortably stretch to 34 inches, hips measure 38 inches. Onesie is size medium and measures 38 inches in the chest and 34 inches in length from the shoulder to the crotch. Pictures: Shortalls and onesie: https://imgur.com/a/iUDWq back of shortalls: https://imgur.com/a/veqfK
  5. ajthebabypie

    Watching rugrats in diapers with pacifiers

    Wonder where they got their playpen from. It would be fun to have one of those
  6. I've matured so much since I began exploration into this part

  7. Feeling good and very self-actualized today. One of the most important things to living a happy life with this fetish is acceptance. The second you decide to accept that it's a part of you that won't change or go away is the second you can stop spending precious energy on feeling ashamed and beating yourself up.

  8. ajthebabypie

    Diapers represented at Pride

    Did some further poking around and now I'm really mad. Check this out. Ugghhh...just...why?!!! Why do they feel the need to push this fetish
  9. ajthebabypie

    Diapers represented at Pride

    I really don't like how some people compare their fetishes to being LGBT and how they try to push that message at pride events. Fetishes are NOT the same thing as sexual orientation or
  10. Selling off some extras from mine and my buddy's collection. Feel free to make an offer Depends:
  11. For the 90s babies out there. These are the nursers with the disposable liners,
  12. The sense of floating sounds like it may be what's called "dissociation", a feeling of being detached from your body. Not all that uncommon with depression and personality disorders. I experience it on occasion myself. I find that grounding exercises can help bring me to the present moment and help my brain find it's way back to my body so to say. My favourite ones are
  13. ajthebabypie

    Vintage nuk bottle nipples

    On 8/15/2017 at 6:49 AM, Diapers446 said: