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  1. I just joined for a random reason. A very thoughtful member of this community alerted me that a less-thoughtful member of this community was using one of my photos without my permission (thanks again). /vent. But it looks like much fun. I have next to nothing on there yet, but my user name is diamondancer.
  2. sdsddlr

    East Bay

    West Oakland, as of six weeks ago :]
  3. Yesterday's Enterprise. I have a thing for predestination paradoxes.
  4. I really do appreciate your efficiency. I do feel like I get to know you in this medium. Thank you.
  5. Peppermint tea or prescription cough syrup?
  6. Would you rather have 15-foot arms or legs made out of sponges?
  7. sdsddlr

    We Vibe

    It looks like my stapler. Remarkably so.
  8. I went through a situation like this, as an adult, with my family earlier this year. I don't know know how often it happens, but there are many precedents and very little bureaucratic red tape involved. I was legally obligated to take medication before I had left the hospital on an 72-hour evaluation.
  9. Hit the east side of the LBC on a mission to find a daddy on DD...
  10. sdsddlr


    For three years in a row, I went to a summer camp for circus arts. I literally attended Clown College.
  11. Ground coffee beans actually absorb odors, in addition to having a strong scent of their own.
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