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  1. Well gosh, here I am after a couple of years.
  2. I finally got around to replacing my container of baby powder. Ah.... sitting here in the office I get a nice whiff of that wonderful smell every so often.
  3. I wore diapers on my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago. Even went through the stand-and-be-scanned gizmo. Non-event. As to the TSA... it's so much smoke and mirrors. I've met with TSA management during training sessions down in OKC and they shake there heads and say <redacted>.
  4. Ah... this string is oh so familiar. My older son isn't my biolgical son. He's know this since he was a little kid...I've known it before he was born. When he was born I promised him to take care of him. I said "This isn't of YOUR making!". He's 27 now and says to me "You may not be my father, but you're my Dad." I'll take that one to the bank any day.
  5. Woot! The deal's going through! Here's what we are going to be getting...
  6. Any Scamp trailer owners out there? My sweetie and I are probably going to buy a rehabbed 1998 16' unit.
  7. Definetly wear plastic pants! Long-held marshmallows are explosive as the leave you.
  8. We didn't come back with 400 pounds. More like 800! We were given directions to an agate bed by a rockhound friend but made a wrong turn and found a Brand New Uncollected Hill Sdie of Agate!!! As in "agate boulder the size of a bowling ball". Woot! It was a blast... 4,021 miles on the trip odometer when we got home.
  9. Gateway "back in the day" was pretty good. They were based in SE South Dakota and were damn good machines. They kind of crapped out in the mid-2000's. I used to be a totally Gateway shop. I still have one or two for running "old" stuff. You can get 'em pretty cheap at places like Woot.com or MicroCenter.
  10. Woot! My sweetie and I are heading Out West for a week's vacation during her spring break (she teaches 4th grade. Yeh, I know... teachers only work from 8 to 3...why should they get a vacation. Right.) Rockhounding in Utah! Trilobites! Topaz! Agate! Petrified wood! I figure we should come back with around 500 pounds or so in our car. And of course: Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP, and Arches NP. I say Woot and Woot again!
  11. Backup singers for Feist: http://www.youtube.com/embed/KhkGb9ZmSFo (My step-daughter is on the right!)
  12. A heads up... HDIS does follow-up phone calls! I got one on my cell phone. No biggie to me, but if you put down a phone number that isn't just yours, be prepared for a call!
  13. Well, if you're going to be THAT way: Diapers + Jumper* = Win3 *US interpretation of jumper...not UK!