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  1. notababy

    not fazed by news of shootings anymore

    Elfy - that's spun pretty hard. It includes criminal-on-criminal violence (gangs, drugs, etc.) which is going to happen anyway (remember West Side Story and the gang/knife fight?).
  2. notababy

    Tiny Penis Diapers!

    I hadn't seen this posted here before but thought it was funny and wanted to share:
  3. notababy

    How come?

    I'm in the medical profession.
  4. So as I've been able to indulge more, I've discovered I'm not really into baby things but can enjoy some toddler things in an ageplay scenario. Toddler, though, not kid, because I'm still very much a DL vs "pull-ups" like "big kids" wear. Also, since I don't personally enjoy messing, I can be potty-training so that messes make the potty but other "accidents" happen... and still be ageplay-appropriate in my role. Not in the sense of labels or tags, but it's helpful in terms of explaining participation in this fetish to someone willing to engage with you. So, do you have a preferred age group for yourself when you're "little?" Does it influence how you "play?"
  5. notababy

    Fabine Diapers $26 for and 8 Pack

    If you can make a 30% profit ($20 -->$26) plus shipping (twice the cost of Priority Mail yet shippable as parcel post), more power to you.
  6. notababy

    this has gone way too far

    Only comment: you need to actually clean the mattress, not just let the urine dry.
  7. notababy

    new to diapers

  8. notababy


  9. notababy

    at the movies

    Wolf of Wall Street is 3 hours + previews!
  10. We spent Christmas with my in-laws this year.
  11. notababy


    It might help to know what drew you to the AB/DL world. How'd you get started and what keeps you coming back?