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  1. Daddy aka baby joey

    thoughts ad prayers *big hugs*
  2. Boy/girl friends in Cleveland

    close to fremont ohio, 28 years old and play age is 3
  3. Just found out BF has diaper fetish

    you are an amazing person for being very supportive of him. thats one thing he needs and your loving. It is very hard for some people in the ABDL community to open to our partner fearing of being rejected, made fun of, and being told by their whole family and friends. It will take time for him to open up to you and show his DL side to you. Let him take baby steps around/to you. Let him wear under his pants around you so he can let you know, "hey i'm taking steps slowly but it's progress." If you have to tell him i'll always love you no matter what, i will never stop loving you. I wish you both the best of luck
  4. Why no ABDL pride??

    Some people have been in the ABDL community for 3, 5, even 10 years and it's still hard for them to show who they really are. even around their own house so they keep it in the bedroom. Also some people in the community work with kids and if word gets out about them being an AB s*** will hit the fan. they have lost their jobs, families, and even their homes. there are some people who still think this deal with kids and it doesn't. Thats why we have munches and COPCON. i really see no need to push it all out for the whole world to see. You will have kids who see it and try googling it that will also go bad
  5. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    when i'm by myself i would probably change right away or wait for about 30 some minutes. if i would be with my daddy (which will be soon) he will decide when i will be changed
  6. Vintage Attends; 1985

    i scored an opened box of these at a goodwill for a damn good price. not sure if i want to use them or sell them
  7. Diapers For Sale In Ohio

    they still for sale?
  8. haven't been on here in sooooo long. Lot has been going on but gonna make a post soon. But to sum it up, im back in Ohio

  9. i would say tell them it's a way for you to relax, takes away the stress and drama, it help escapes you from everyday life trouble and it's something that is part of you and you can't give it up
  10. best thing to do is, show the what being a ABDL means on the page they have here. show them that you're not weird or strange. you're doing this for comfort and security
  11. Sandy Springs, Ga

    Acworth GA here. send me a message any time
  12. Diapred At The Gathering

    that sounds good
  13. Diapred At The Gathering

  14. Diapred At The Gathering

    i'm amazed at seen him first and wondering if he really is a abdl or doing it just for fun
  15. Diapred At The Gathering

    we head back to the RV and soon get back on the road heading closer to the event