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    Part 41 We pulled into the parking lot of the Miso Happy, the Little-friendly sushi restaurant that I didn't even get a taste of last time. I was determined to get a piece of sushi this time! We had to make a stop off at home, my meltdown had ruined both April's and Gwen's makeup. April reapplied, Gwen went without. She said it wasn't worth it, April told her she was beautiful with or without makeup. I didn't get to wear makeup, of course... April let me walk into the restaurant, I had on my white velcro shoes - I missed these shoes so much. I had a mommy on each hand and they swung me between them as we walked toward the door. I was a pile of giggles by the time we walked in, being swung like that was amazing. We were guided by the hostess to where Lisa was already waiting, I took off running as soon as I saw her. She saw me coming and scooped me up into the air and spun me around. I laughed as we twirled and I snuggled into her as she sat back down, with me in her lap. "Aunt Lisa, I missed you so much!" I gushed at her, I really had missed her. It felt like a lifetime had passed since we last saw each other. "I missed you too, sweetie." "Hi Kimmy!" The cutest, most cheerful call I had ever heard came from my left. I turned to see the most beautiful Little girl in pink shortalls with a white shirt. Her hair was up in two pigtails tied with pink bows and a pink paci dangled from the collar of her shirt. She had the cutest nose and a round chin and her lips were the softest pink. I didn't actually recognize her until I looked at her big, grey eyes. "Melanie?" I asked incredulously, my jaw hanging open. "You.. you're so pretty! Your voice, they changed your voice!" "Shhh," Lisa hushed me from behind. I had twisted in her lap to gape at Melanie. "We're in a restaurant, Kimmy. Let's keep the volume down this time, okay?" I blushed furiously, my voice was the cause of the scene last time, after all. "Hi Kimmy," Melanie's smile was as bright and wonderful as a rainbow shimmering over a still lake, "I'm glad you're home. I missed you a lot. LittleGarden isn't as much fun without you." I couldn't get over how different she was. Shy, quiet Melanie was a ray of bright light now. Her confidence problems were gone now that she felt comfortable in her own skin, she was a totally different girl. "Wow, Mellie - you look so happy. I'm so happy for you," I focused on keeping my volume down, I felt really bouncy - I wanted to hug and squeeze Mellie and have her tell me everything.. then I noticed she was staring at my ears. Instead of being upset by it, I decided to have fun. With a completely straight face, I folded just the right ear to the side - which made Mellie's eyes go wide. I couldn't hold it after that, I broke out laughing. "What, never seen a kitty-girl before? I think they're cute." I pretended to pout. "They are super cute, Kimmy," Melanie was her shy self again out of nowhere, she had no idea how to handle this situation and was withdrawing into herself. I leaned forward and grabbed her hand, putting it on my right ear. "Oh wow, that's soft," she smiled. "Okay, that's enough, let's get some food," April smiled as she swiped me from Lisa's lap and deposited me in the empty high chair across from Melanie. I waved at her and wiggled my ears. She laughed and made funny faces at me. Dinner was wonderful, everything felt so natural. The five of us together was fantastic, the conversation flowed like we hadn't been apart for a moment.. like Gwen had always been there. Like we had been friends forever. I felt myself longing for Sunshine when April and Gwen held hands. It was hard, but I was falling in love with April in a new way - she would never be mine romantically. She was Gwen's and they were perfect together. It didn't hurt like I expected it to.. maybe because Gwen loved me too. A lot, actually - an indescribably large amount. Her love for me was as boundless as April's, but it was different. Both of these wonderful women had saved my life at this point and I loved each of them with all my heart.. and they loved me. I never knew that this much love could exist in one place, but it did. I finally got to eat some of the dinner-plate-sized sushi. I got to eat off of both April's and Gwen's plates, taking tiny bites of their giant rolls. It was amazing.. but I was full after just a few bites. My tummy wasn't used to solid food and I wasn't going to push my luck. The milk-itch would be starting in soon and I wanted to enjoy myself while I could. Melanie and I laughed and communicated as best we could across the vast table. Thankfully our dinner was uninterrupted this time. I didn't get a chance to talk to Mellie as much as I wanted. I was dreadfully curious about her operation, she got more done than I expected. Her nose, her chin, her voice.. I wondered if she changed her... you know. "Mommy," I looked directly at April to avoid confusion, "Can I have a sleepover with Mellie again?" "Well," April smiled, "It's rude to invite yourself over to someone else's house for one." I blushed deeply, she was right. "And two, I've barely had you back. I'm not ready to share you yet." She turned to Lisa before continuing, "Lisa, may Melanie please come stay with us tonight? I think Kimmy has been missing her bestie. See Kimmy? That's how you do that." "Sorry," I blushed and took a big drink from my sippy cup. "Mellie, do you want to stay the night with Kimmy?" Melanie looked majorly conflicted, which surprised me. I was guessing they had prior plans that she needed to evaluate. "Will Kimmy be at LittleGarden tomorrow?" Melanie asked, an edge of desperation in her voice. "No Melanie," April answered, "I'm not recording right now, so I'll be home with Kimmy. Lisa, would Melanie like to come play at my house tomorrow instead of going to LittleGarden?" Melanie was positively glowing at the idea. We both stared openly at Lisa, hanging on her every breath. "Are you sure you can handle both of them?" Lisa asked with a raised eyebrow. April just laughed. "Lisa, you have the best behaved Little on the planet. She cries if you threaten to change her into a thinner diaper!" Now it was Melanie's turn to blush, she hid her face in her hands. "I have the extra heavy wetter diapers right now, may I keep Mellie in those all day tomorrow?" Suddenly Mellie's face was visible again and her eyes were wide. "Oh, so you want to spoil my Little?" Lisa laughed, "Okay. She's been worried sick about Kimmy. They should spend some time together. Can I drop her off at 7?" "Sure, Kimmy's usually awake around then." "Yay!" Melanie and I exclaimed and clapped in unison, which caused the entire table to break into laughter. Gwen was shaking her head. "Littles are so funny," she said, planting a kiss on April's cheek. "You two are adorable." I stuck my tongue out at Gwen playfully and went back to my meal. I could feel the milk-itch starting to rise a little, like an itch on my tongue. I wasn't going to ask for it yet though, I didn't want to make anyone feel bad. Dinner was wonderful, we ate our fill and parted ways. It ended with Lisa announcing that her chest hurt and Melanie blushing, so nothing had changed there. What was new was that April agreed with her. When we got home, I was soaked and eagerly awaiting the closeness that came with breastfeeding. I hadn't experienced that in what seemed like forever. I was changed into one of those crazy thick extra-heavy diapers and a my sloth PJs. I teared up a bit at seeing my sloth PJs. They were so soft and comfy and reminded me of how wonderful things had been before Catalon. I couldn't put the hood up, my ears were too sensitive.. so I was a kitty sloth. Thankfully they were baggy enough to accommodate the thick diapers. I wasn't going to be walking anywhere though. It was probably going to be hard to sleep in these. "We're only going to give you just a bit of your milk tonight, and then we're going to breastfeed, okay Kimmy? It might feel a little yucky tomorrow, but we need to wean you off of that milk." I nodded - I agreed. I was safe at home and the poison was out of me. I felt achey from time to time but I really wanted the milk-itch to go away forever. I was reaching for the bottle unbidden as it was lowered down to me in April's lap. It was pulled away too soon and I heard myself whine for it. April made soothing sounds and stroked my hair as she removed her shirt and unclipped her bra from the front, folding down a strip of fabric to expose her nipple. "My supply dried up while you were gone, but I got a new booster with no additives at all and some new bras the moment you were found. Let's pick up where we left off, huh?" I smiled at her, then opened my mouth. Her milk was better than I remembered. As it flowed into my tummy, my whole body relaxed. My whole world narrowed to just April and the milk. I existed in that moment only to drink from her, and it felt wonderful. I greedily emptied one breast, but couldn't finish the other.. my stomach was so full from dinner. "Okay my sleepy sloth," April said as she sat me up in her lap and rubbed my back until I burped. "Not sleepy," I protested as I rubbed my eye with one soft sloth claw. "Let's watch a movie." "No silly girl, it's your bedtime," she kissed me on the forehead and handed me up to Gwen. "Come on, tater tot. Time to go in your crib. It's already 8 PM." "Noooo," I whined, for some reason I felt incredibly frustrated. I wanted to snuggle on the couch with my mommies and watch a movie. "I wanna watch a movie! I want snuggles! I don't wanna go in the crib!" "Wow April, you were right. She really shouldn't miss her bedtime." "No! I'm not sleepy! I want a movie! It's not fair!" It was completely unfair. Why didn't they want to watch a movie? It sounded so nice, I just needed to make them understand. "Let's watch a movie!" "It's stupid, but I actually missed this," April laughed lightly. I felt really upset that she was laughing at me. Gwen just grabbed my paci from the coffee table and stuck it in my mouth. I squirmed in Gwen's arms but she just held me close and kissed me on the top of the head. "Please no crib," I said around the paci. Gwen listened, she didn't put me in the crib. She held me in her arms and rocked me gently, humming a soft tune, a walking melody, until I was asleep.
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    Yes for sure a nice wet diaper,rubber pants and coffee in the morning is the best way to start the day.I have my prefolded cloth diaper on and my blue rubber panties. Nice and WET.
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    Part 42 "Kimmy!" I woke up to Melanie shaking the bars of my crib. "Wake up, sleepy head!" "Wha?" I sat up groggily, looking down at Mellie. I couldn't help but laugh, this angle was funny. "Mellie, you're so small!" I reached through the bars of the crib and patted her on the head. She was in pigtails again, this girl just loved pigtails. "You're small too, goofus!" she giggled, "You're in a crib!" I used the bars of the crib to pull myself up and I glowered down at her in mock outrage. "How dare you! I wet my diaper in your general direction!" And I did, the diaper was wet already as I had been wetting at night for a while but I generally still needed to go when I first woke up. There really wasn't much holding it any more, her timing was just perfect. Melanie collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter. She really was my bestie and it was good to see her again. "I missed you, Melanie." "I missed you too, Kimmy." "She's awoken the beast!" April announced dramatically, striding into the room. She leaned down and squeezed the front of Melanie's diaper, the hem of her too-short lilac dress was flipped up from her rolling around on the floor, which caused Melanie to blush. "Mommy! You should ask!" I protested on Melanie's behalf, April usually asked instead of doing a squeeze check, those were so humiliating. "Aunt Lisa said Little Melanie likes to lie about whether she's wet, something about liking the feeling of a swollen diaper. So you have to squeeze to be sure." Melanie was blushing fiercely as April laid her down on the changing table. I couldn't help but peek, it would avoid having to ask myself... and I discovered that Melanie still had her boy parts! I looked away as soon as I knew, and sat down, waiting for my turn. "Oh Kimmy," Melanie said softly, "Your new diapers are the best! They're so thick." "Yeah," I agreed grumpily, poking my own sodden padding. I loved Melanie, but she was weird sometimes. "You can have them, I like the thinner ones." "We'll get you back in those I'm sure, sweetheart. We just have to get all of that awful Catalon drug out of you. How are you feeling this morning?" "I need some of the milk," I frowned. I didn't like needing it. "But I don't want it." "Let's have just a bit," she suggested, "and top you off with my milk, how's that sound?" "Wonderful," I admitted. "Mellie, your mommy brought some cuffs she said I can put you in if you're super good, would you like that?" April asked as she deposited Melanie in my crib. Mellie turned seven shades of red as I looked at her. "No," she said, looking away from everyone, looking to a corner of the room instead. "I think you should cuff Mellie to... the playpen while I eat. And put on some music!" I laughed. Mellie still couldn't admit what she wanted. "No!" Mellie squirmed, but couldn't hide her grin. "Mellie, you're so silly," I said as April lifted me and carried me to the changing table, "It's okay to like what you like. You're my friend!" It felt a little strange to carry on a conversation with Melanie while April changed me. I got one of my normal nighttime diapers instead of the extra thick ones.. the daytime ones were still denied to me. I was dressed in just a onesie with pink and purple hearts all over it. I got a short pink skirt as well after a little begging. It was really nice to have clothes, and it was really, really nice to have some say. -- After the morning milk and feed, I was placed in the playpen with Mellie.. who had her hands cuffed behind her back. I pounced and started tickling her before April could remove the cuffs, laughing evilly as Melanie squirmed around. "Kimmy, that's enough, let me uncuff her," April chided. I obeyed and sat back, but I refused to wipe the grin from my face. April removed Melanie's purple leather cuffs and put them on the end table near the couch. "You're so rotten," she teased me. She grabbed me by the wrists and held my arms up. "Okay Melanie, get her back." "No!" I squealed and squirmed, but I couldn't escape April's grasp. Melanie tickled me mercilessly until I was in tears, with a wet diaper. "I give, I give! I'm sorry!" April's phone rang. "Girls, I have to take this, be good an play here in the playpen, okay?" "Yes mommy." "Yes, Aunt April," Melanie said, she sounded like such a goody-goody with her new voice when she responded that way. April headed to the kitchen and answered her phone call. "Kimmy, may I touch your kitty ears?" "Of course!" I smiled and crawled closer to her, wiggling my ears. "They're super soft." "They really are soft. Can you feel them?" she stroked the soft hairs on my ears gently. "Yeah, it's part of the collar. Sunshine actually had a tail, too. She could move it and feel it and everything." "Sunshine?" "Yeah.. " I rolled on to my back, laying next to Melanie, "She was so pretty, Mellie. She had this gorgeous red hair, her ears and tail were the same red. The color of the flame in a fireplace on a cold winter night, red and orange and gold... and her eyes were hazel, they changed colors during the day depending on how she felt. She was my friend... we were together every moment of every day for weeks. I... I think I love her." "She was a kitty with you? Did you get to talk to her?" "No, we never spoke.. but she had this trill, I couldn't make a sound like it.. she made it when she wanted me to come closer," I blushed, "Her skin was so soft... she smelled so nice.. We would spend the nights together staring up at the stars and just purring." I felt Melanie reach down and wipe a tear from my face. "What if Opal hurts her? Will she be a kitty forever?" Melanie just stroked my hair softly, sitting next to me quietly as I fought the tears. "I missed you, Kimmy. I'm glad you're okay. It wasn't the same without you around. You're my best friend." "Mellie.. why did you keep your boy parts?" I felt terrible for asking as soon as the question left my lips. Melanie's face scrunched up and she turned a dark red. "I was scared," she answered, her voice wavering, "I don't know what.. girl parts feel like, I was afraid to get rid of my parts. I thought the nose and the voice and the chin would be enough, mommy said I didn't have to change anything I didn't want to... Am I not a real girl?" As the question came forth, the dam broke and Melanie started sobbing softly. "Melanie Stephenson," I said gently, sitting up and taking her in my arms, "You were a real girl before you changed any of those things. You didn't need to change anything at all to be a real girl, you always were. You're the sweetest, most devoted person I've ever known, I'm so sorry you hurt over this." "I'm sorry you miss Sunshine," Melanie sobbed. We held each other and cried. "Girls!" April sounded panicked as she came back in, "What's wrong? What happened? You two can't be left alone for a minute without you both ending up sobbing your hearts out!" "We're sorry!" We cried in unison, which broke through the sadness. We melted into a strange mix of sobs and giggles until it passed. "I have exciting news I'd like to share, if you two are okay... I honestly can't tell," April's expression was a mixture of confusion, amusement, and worry. We calmed down and faced her, staring up at her beautiful, giant visage looking down on us inside the playpen. Her expression softened. Melanie and I just held hands, waiting. "While you were missing," she choked a little on the word, "I composed a few songs. Well, nine songs. I called the collection 'Lost on Catalon' and I sent it to Billy from the Smash... and he liked it. He wants to produce it. I'm going to be an artist as well as a musician!" We clapped and cheered for her, it was amazing news. She played a few of the songs for us.. they were powerful. One was heartwrenchingly sad, we ended up crying again - pain and fear in the lyrics and the music, heartbreak and loss. One was pure anger thrown through the air by the acoustic guitar, sharp, staccato.. it was intimidating, I had never really heard anger from April.. not really. The third was bewildering, lost and meandering, the melody was haunting and the chord progression was nonstandard.. it was beautiful and mysterious, like being lost deep in the thickest fog on a sunny day. When she was done, we sat stunned. April was better than I had ever known. She took all her pain and sorrow, her anger and helplessness, her fear, her loss, and her love and poured it all into her guitar. The result was breathtaking. "Mommy," I said with tears in my eyes, "I love you too." -- And that was the start of our new life together. She had saved my life and then we had nearly lost each other, I was saved again, and in the ordeal April had found a deeper layer to her art than she had ever known. The world responded in kind. April Morris became a name on the lips of those who wanted to drink those feelings. April and Gwen recorded the album together with some of Gwen's friends, and I got to be in the studio to watch. There was even a tour, Lisa and Melanie went along... but that's a story for another time. THE END. ============ That's it, friends. The journey is done. I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed telling it. Thank you to all the new friends that I made while sharing it, and thanks to all of you who enjoyed it but haven't commented. This story was 97,000 words all told. It took me roughly 35 days of daily posting to tell the whole thing. I've basically written you all a novel Now that it's done, if you would do me the kindness of telling me what your favorite part of the story was, or some part that touched you... please leave me a comment. It would mean the world to me. And here's one final poll for anyone who wants to participate. You don't need to log in to DD or any other site to vote, I'm just curious who your favorite character is: http://www.strawpoll.me/13029276
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    83.) I wasn't tired at first. I had my head on the pillow in the now-dry crib, but I didn't want to sleep. But even before Nora could get Anni changed and down for her nap, I slipped off. Maybe I was more exhausted than I thought, despite my nap in the bathtub. When I woke up - only an hour or so later - I was still dry. Of course I was. The milk had happened. It was over. And the little latch on my crib was unlocked, so I climbed out myself. Anni, it looked like, was still asleep. I thought I'd run into Marta before I ran into Nora, but it was Nora first. She was in the living room, going over different papers. These ones had paperclips. Then there was Marta, cooking… something that smelled amazing. "Can I use my phone, just until dinner? Or I can use a house phone… I just wanna call Koi. Tell her I'm fine." "I'm afraid not, Josie — but you can write her a letter with your crayons, and maybe draw her a picture, and I'll have Marta deliver it in the morning." Children of her age barely knew what a phone was, but some wrote letters to Santa Claus or at least drew pictures, so Nora reasoned that it would be okay. She'd be too far removed to think about Koi in a few days time anyway, so there was no harm in allowing her some indulgence at the moment. “Fine." I sat down next to Nora on the sofa and took one of her pens off the table. She had a notebook with figures and stuff written in, so I took that, too, and flipped to a clean page. Fucking crayons and drawings. I wanted to tell Koi I was okay, not that I'd become a toddler. "Crayons, Josie." Nora prompted the girl, without looking up. "If there's anything not in crayon, Miss Marta won't be delivering it. You asked a favor, I'm allowing it, but don't push it or you won't be allowed to write a letter at all." Despite being the formal living room, there was a small plastic table and chairs with some crayons and paper over in one corner — in case Nora needed to watch her girls while she was busy with other things. "Colored pencils?" I asked. At least that I could get away with. "Crayons." "Forget it," I sighed, tossing the pad of paper back onto the coffee table. Koi wouldn't think I was okay if she got a letter from me in green crayon. She'd think I was in trouble. I was in trouble, though. I just didn't want Koi to worry… but if anyone could get me out of here, it was Koi… "Suit yourself." There would be periods like this — Nora called them Rebellious Pauses — where any new patient would seek to normalize to some degree a reconciliation between old and new. But that wasn't possible with this treatment method, and Nora didn't intend to indulge. "Supper will be ready soon, Josie, do you need changing?" "Yeah. Underwear would be nice." Nora didn't reply. Like what I said was silly. Except she didn't laugh, either, like it wasn't a joke. She just didn't do anything. She ignored it. So I tried again. "Marta said if I stayed dry, I could try pull-ups. I haven't had a single accident that milk didn't cause. It's stupid that you're doing this to me. I've proven myself." "Oh, Josie." The woman set her papers aside on her lap, looked up at Josie, and delivered the line very clearly, very factually, very sweetly. "It makes me very happy to have you in diapers, and even happier when you use them." Each word was like a gunshot, each word seemed to impact the girl, and by the time the woman was done, there was a lot less bravado in the air. "…you're not trying to let me prove myself," I said quietly, realization in my eyes. "Nope," Nora said, and turned back to her papers. "…you want me like Rissa…" Nora didn't have to nod. I knew the answer. She wasn't trying to make me better, she was trying to make me worse… my chest ached, and I looked at my hands. "Wash up for dinner," Marta called from the kitchen. "I'm going to wake up Anni," Nora said. I stayed where I was looking down at my hands. What the fuck was I going to do now…? Ultimately, the process didn't require Josie to cooperate — she would, one way or another, either way, so there was no harm in telling her the simple truth. By the time Nora got back with Anni, the girl rubbing her eyes sleepily, Josie was still in the living room looking down at her feet thoughtfully. "Have you washed up yet, Josie?" The smell from the table was simply incredible, as food was served up. I needed to just… relax. It didn't matter. It didn't. So what if I was stuck here? I wouldn't be forever. And I wasn't like Rissa, I wasn't. But I was wearing diapers now. But that was just today. One day. I felt sick. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, looking at myself in the mirror. I looked like such a kid with my hair like that… "Little Princess Josie." The maid stood in the doorway of the bathroom with a polite smile, her pinafore clean and pressed and obviously having just been changed. "Do you need help with washing up? You wouldn't want for your food to go cold, would you? Josie is Pretty," pause, "and once you're clean, you can eat all your favorite foods." "Uh… yeah…" I looked up at the woman and felt a little color on my cheeks. "Um… I mean, I… they're clean… I washed them…" I finished drying my hands on my dress - still the princess gown - and walked with Marta back to the table. I sat across from Nora in my usual seat. I wanted to keep being mad, but OH MY GOD IT SMELLED SO GOOD. Marta had already affixed the bib to Anni, and once Josie sat down, she repeated the process with the newly seated girl — her meal was different to the others, some special ingredients to help her shift into complete diaper use happen as thoroughly and non-negotiably as possible. Like a band-aid, Nora figured, best to do it quickly and then get used to it, rather than draw it out. As before, the girls only had the rounded plastic children's sporks, and all their rib-meat on their plates were cut into little pieces. "How lovely to join you both for dinner two nights in a row. Anni, this was all Josie's choices, she likes very nice food, doesn't she?" I didn't like that it was cut up. One of my favorite parts was eating it off the bone. But I couldn't complain. It was amazing. The ribs. The fries. And cheese sticks. There were potatoes, too. And I had a sippy cup this time. I tipped it upside down until it leaked on the table. Not milk. Apple juice. So I drank it, too. All in all, I wasn't sure I'd had a meal this good. And even the sippy cup… it really was a lovely dinner. Nora watched Josie eating for a spell, making sure she was eating her food, and then started working on her own — it was actually quite a sight to see the ordinarily dignified woman eating ribs, but she seemed to make it as classy as she did with just about everything she did. Anni, meanwhile, dropped all sorts of sauces over her bib, and like usual, Marta didn't seem to eat with them. "Enjoying your meal, Princess Josie?" I was angry that she thought she could treat me this way. I'd worked around her system because I thought she was working to help. To make me better. But all she was trying to do was make me worse. I was functional before, and I was still functional now. But she didn't want functional. I finished all my food - too much food, probably - and sipped at my juice. Still, I didn't let my frustrations ruin my meal. "Marta, please take the girls to their playroom, and then tidy up and see me once you're done." "Yes, Miss." The maid nodded with a curtsey and then led the two girls away from the dinner table, depositing them in their living room with the toys. Anni was babbling as usual, but Josie was quiet. Thoughtful. "Did you enjoy your dinner, Little Princess Josie?" "It was very good… thank you." Marta smiled a little and I sat on the edge of the table. The playroom was just off the living room and was mostly an extension of the living room. It was too small to be its own room, but it had a lot of toys, a play mat, cars, lego bricks, and anything else you could imagine kids playing with. It was also visible from both the living room and the kitchen, at the right angles. "I'm very glad to hear that — I was worried that you would pout over not being allowed to chew on the bones." The ribs had been cut away from the bones, after all, and that left little bite size pieces of saucy meat with dinner, tangy and delicious, but still not quite the same. "I'm to tidy for a spell, play nice with your sister please, and I'll be back in a little while to check on you both."
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    The use of an enema or a suppository and having him masturbate in his diapers will surely humble him. As you're changing him, he probably gets aroused by your attention. Slip a couple of suppositories up the ole poop shoot or give him/her a nice mineral oil enema. Explain over the next ten to fifteen minutes if s/he can hold it, you'll finsh him/her off. If they can't, you'll still finish them off, but they'll be put to bed in the messy diaper or down for a nap, while the enema or suppositories continue to work. Once you pull up the diaper, make sure if it's a male, to position them up toward their tummy and tape the diaper or pin it tightly, putting pressure on the bladder. While you're explaining the enema or suppository is working it's magic. Once most AB/DL's climax, they want nothing to do with the diapers, this is where Mommy/Daddy start having fun. You can instruct your AB to orally satisfy you. If they don't do it well enough, some time in the messy diaper will make them think of how to perform better. If you don't like the idea of changing a messy diaper, think about how humiliating it will be for your bABy. You can say, "good thing I put you in diapers, you surely used them this time!" or "bABy made mommy a present." or other humiliating statements. Subtitutes are good, but a really messy diaper is so humbling and will knock any WoMan to the status of infant in heart beat. Respectfully, Michael
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    I finished brushing my teeth with the new "sonic" toothbrush that Gloria bought me. I didn't see what was so fancy about it, but I wasn't going to object. The past few days had been amazing. I had been so afraid to tell her my secret.. I had carried it for almost twenty years. How do you tell the woman you just moved in with that you like to wear diapers? I didn't need them, I just liked them. And yet, here I was, standing in our bathroom in a lime green onesie and nothing else, a thick diaper barely hidden by the snap-crotch. Pink plastic peeked out on either side and the bulge was very clearly there. I was still in shock, honestly. I had finally given my tear-stained confession three weeks ago, we'd been dating for a little over two years and had moved in together about a month ago.. and then the packages started appearing. It was more than I could have dreamed. Every day was like Christmas. That night, Gloria had told me that she also had a confession, but it took some courage to work up to as well. She said she'd tell me soon. I swore to myself I'd be as accepting and loving about whatever she had to tell me as she had been for my dark secret. She had told me that she'd be home late tonight, but she expected me to be in the crib when she got home. One of the packages had been an inflatable crib, we blew it up and put it in the master bedroom, in the corner. It stood to my chest, I could crawl through the "bars" easily and climb over it, but there was something wonderful about it. Tonight was going to be my first night sleeping in it, I had no idea if it would actually be comfortable or not, but when I had laid down in it the first time and she stared down at me... I was in heaven. I crawled in through the bars and laid down, hugging my stuffed unicorn tightly. I grabbed the amazingly large paci she'd bought, it was red with a white ring - the package it came in said it was from Germany - and clipped the pacifier clip to my onesie and popped the nipple in my mouth. I laid down to watch a show on my phone, I was madly in love with Steven Universe - I'd seen this episode 3 times already, but it was wonderful. Garnet was so inspiring, how she was who she was regardless of what anyone thought. Just as the episode was finishing and I was singing along with the closing lyrics as best I could around the paci, I heard the front door open. "Jackie sweetie, I hope you're in your crib!" "I am! I'm a good girl!" I called back, letting the paci dangle on the clip. I climbed to my knees to stare over the crib bars at her, sinking into the inflatable mattress. "You are a good girl, you're mommy's good girl," she cooed at me and set my heart aflutter. I knew she wasn't physically attracted to me this way, but this love was just as special. It was still a romantic love, I wouldn't want to share this particular feeling with anyone else on the planet, but it wasn't a sexual love. "Okay, I know I've been holding off on my part of the confession for a while, I wanted to make sure you felt loved and accepted before I spilled my dark secret, too. You need your paci right now," She paused to stroke my hair and pop my paci back in my mouth. I swear there was a glint of light as she tapped the shield, but it had to be my imagination. "There's nothing wrong with you, sweetie. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear a diaper and sit in a crib, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be taken care of, to be made to feel small and protected. You know that, right?" I nodded, tears forming unbidden in the corners of my eyes. She was saying the words I had been wanting to hear since I was a child. I had always wanted to wear a diaper, I had no idea why. I had asked my mother when I was young, I was 5 or 6, and she had mocked me and told me everyone would make fun of me. She had made me wear one of my little sister's diapers and stood me in front of the mirror, making me wet it while I stared at myself... the whole while she told me that it was wrong for me to want to be a baby, wrong and shameful. I felt the fear and shame grip my heart as I was suddenly 5 years old again in my mind's eye, but Gloria's soft touch brought me back to reality. "There's nothing wrong with you," she continued, "I like it when you're Little. You have this innocent sweetness about you that I never knew I wanted. You're so darling and fragile. Your emotions are so close to the surface, your sad, your happy.. and your emotions feel stronger this way. I love it. I love you. I'm happy you trust me enough to share this part of yourself. I'm happy to put you in a diaper and make you my little girl." She sat on the corner of the bed and stared at me, her dark brown eyes shining with love. She smoothed down a wrinkle in her hospital scrubs and pulled the tie out of her auburn hair, letting it fall past her shoulders. I loved it when she let her hair down, she was gorgeous. Gloria was a little heavy set, she had some insecurities around that, but I loved her anyway. We were about the same height but she had a few pounds on me, I was almost too thin, you could count my ribs when I stretched. She also had DD cups to my B cups. Hers wouldn't look good on me though.. and they were amazing on her. People were mean to her a lot about her size, especially her family, but I was always there to help pick up the pieces. It wasn't from a lack of trying on her part, we'd done the same diet together... she just couldn't seem to lose the weight. It actually caused a little bit of static between us, because I lost 15 pounds in a month trying her diet, while she struggled to lose 5. I felt badly for her, not because of how she looked - she was gorgeous to me - but because of how other people made her feel. "There's a secret I have kept from you too," she said softly, "It's going to sound stupid, but I swear it's the truth. Everyone I've ever told has left me.. so I've been afraid to tell you. I love you a lot, Jackie." I reached for the paci to tell her I loved her too, but she put a finger to the shield, "Shh.. let me talk. You're too little to talk right now, just listen." The words sent a shiver down my spine. "I'm.. bruja," she said, looking down, "It skips generations in my family... it skipped my mother and grandmother, they thought it was gone forever.. but.. " Gloria looked like she was about to cry. I tried to spit out the paci to console her, but it wouldn't budge... trying to spit it out just led to me sucking on it. "It'll be good for us. I have to get this energy out somehow and this way, you get to experience a little something extra." She stroked my cheek, "You're too little to get out of your crib alone." She said with a smile, and I knew I saw some light on her fingertips this time. "I want to show you we can have fun with this, it's not all bad," she scooted back on our queen-sized bed, "Come to mommy." She held her arms out to me. I had no idea what she was talking about, I had no idea what bruja meant, but I knew I would love her no matter what. I stood up to climb over the inflatable railing of the crib.. but I couldn't. I couldn't lift my leg high enough. Gloria smiled at me. "Come on, sweetie, come to mommy," her arms were so inviting, I tried to sit down and crawl through the bars, but I just couldn't. It was like something was stopping me from leaving the crib. I sat back on my diapered butt, confused. Gloria came back to the crib and leaned down, helping me up by my armpits. With her hands under my arms, I was able to swing a leg out of the crib and stand next to her. I tried to ask her how... but I still couldn't talk around the paci, nor could I spit it out. I was actually starting to get a little scared. She pulled me down on top of her on the bed and hugged me. "It's okay sweetie, be a big girl and use your words," she said as she pulled my paci from my lips. "Gloria... what just happened?" I asked, my voice thick with fear. "I told you sweetie, I'm bruja. A witch. I have the power to make people believe things that aren't true, make it real for them for just a little bit. Actually, I have to. If I don't, I get sick. We're going to find out if using it to make you happy has the same effect on me as... what I normally need to do with it. That's my secret. Do you still love me?" "I... wha.. you're a witch? Like seriously? Hocus pocus and broomsticks and all that? That's not real, Gloria. Are you making fun of the secret I shared with you?" Why would she make light of this? I bared a piece of my soul to her. If she couldn't take it seriously... I don't know what I'd do. This wasn't a joke to me. But it didn't look like it was a joke to her either, her lips tightened with hurt and the smile faded from her eyes as she helped me back into the crib. I didn't resist, my emotions were in turmoil. "No, Jackie, I'm not making fun of you. This is really hard for me to talk about," she frowned, "Let's assume I'm 100% telling the truth. Would you love me if I were a witch?" She was serious. Completely and totally serious. As I gazed into her gorgeous eyes, I could see the fear of rejection there. That feeling I knew all too well, I had shared my secret before and been mocked. Sharing it with Gloria had been terrifying and painful, but she loved me even though the desire I shared was... ridiculous. I promised myself that I would go into this with love and acceptance, just as she had.. and I was failing. "Of course I would still love you." I looked her straight in the eyes and professed my love with all the sincerity I had in my body. I would never do anything to hurt this woman, the first person who ever really saw me for me. A tiny flame of fear kindled in my heart that I was causing her the very pain I was terrified of myself. "Do you need to go to the potty?" she asked me, not breaking the eye contact. "A little bit," I confessed. This was a little frustrating, we were having a serious conversation - this wasn't the time to play our Little game. I needed her to know that I was there for her, I didn't want her to hide behind my Little feelings. I wanted her to know that she was loved in equal measure, "but this is serious, Gloria. I don't want to hurt your feelings. I love you deeply, and if you're serious about this, I want you to know that I'm there for you." "Shh," she stroked my cheek and the light was on her fingers again, "You're too little for the potty, use your diaper." I felt a tingle where she touched me, that traced its way down my body... into my diaper. "What?" I asked.. and felt that my diaper was growing warm. I put my hand between my legs and felt the padding swelling up under the onesie, "Did I just?" "You're too little to stand by yourself," she booped me on the nose and my legs collapsed. I stared up at her from the inflatable mattress of the crib. The glow was still fading from her fingertip.. there was a faint red hue to the light. I tried to stand up but my legs wouldn't listen. I started to panic. I couldn't stand! "Gloria, what's going on? Why can't I stand up?" I couldn't keep the panic from showing in my voice, but she looked completely calm.. the fear was fading from her face, she was Gloria again. "Because you're so little, silly. You're just my tiny, little, baby girl. Isn't that what you always wanted? You like being Little." "I do like being Little... are you saying you can take away my bladder control? My ability to walk? You can make me your baby?" I couldn't believe the words that were spilling from my lips, but I could feel that nervous joy growing in my stomach. Butterflies. It was impossible... but I wanted it so badly. "Yes, sweetie. How does that make you feel?" She was probing, her tiny core was vulnerable, she was serious about what she was sharing. This... was real. The possibilites were incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time. But in her question, there was fear. If I responded with fear as well, it would break her. "Can.. can I stop you?" I couldn't keep the tremor from my voice entirely, nor could I keep the blush from my cheeks. I didn't honestly know how I wanted her to respond. "Do you want to?" There was a touch of sadness in her voice, that fear of rejection. She was placing her secret heart in my hands and hoping against hope that I didn't crush it. I sat on my squishy bottom and thought about the implications of her supposed power. My diaper was warm and comfy and I didn't have to struggle to wet it. It was electric, my heart was pounding in my chest. I had wet a diaper for the first time just two days ago.. it was so hard! I had to imagine I was sitting on the toilet for minutes before I could finally go. Gloria had teased me about it as she changed me. Having her touch me and then just wetting... even if it wasn't magic, it was magical. It was hard to believe.. but it was hard to deny too. "No," I grinned, "But.. if I wanted to, could I? Or can you use it as a punishment?" "Ohhh, someone wants to be bratty, huh?" A smile spread across her face as well, with a glint of playfulness in her eye. She saw me. Of course she saw me, Gloria knew me better than any other person on the planet. She loved me, despite all my imperfections. She saw me for who I was, in a way that no one ever had before. And she accepted me. "Maybe... may I please?" My heart surged in my chest. For some reason, I wanted her to make me Little. I didn't understand the desire, but it felt amazing. "Let's see, you already can't get out of your crib, you can't stand up or walk, and you have no bladder control... what else do you want to lose?" "Can you take my words?" My pulse was racing, this was too good to be true. If I was dreaming, I didn't want to wake up. "If your tantrums get out of control, yes I can. I can render you completely mute or I can leave you with just a few words. Is someone feeling fussy?", Gloria reached forward and pinched my cheek playfully, "I'm going to make a big bottle for you to drink and you're going to drink the whole thing without fuss, right?" "No!" I shouted, though I couldn't keep the grin from my face, "I'm not thirsty! I don't want a bottle!" I laid down on the mattress and kicked my feet, flailing my arms, "No no no no no!" "Sweet girl," Gloria smiled, "Someone is too little to speak, no words from you." She tapped my forehead with a glowing finger.. and my words were gone. "Waaah!" I yelled, finishing my tantrum with a grin. "Yaa!" I giggled and clapped my hands. I had never felt this little before. I was trapped in a crib, in a wet diaper, and I couldn't say a word until my lady love allowed it. I laid down and sucked on my paci and hugged my unicorn while I waited for my bottle. She came back with it and I sat up, reaching for the bottle and opening and closing my hands. "Does someone want their bottle now? Is my little princess going to be a good girl?" "Aaa," I let the paci drop from my lips and nodded. "Drink it all gone, or I'll make you," Gloria smiled. "I expect that diaper to be nice and wet for me. Show me how little you are, princess." The feelings were amazing as I lay back and drained the bottle. Peach water, she had added a sweetener to the cold, cold water. It was delicious. This was my fantasy come true. I didn't have to ask for it, I didn't have to pretend. I really was Gloria's Little this way. I had no choice. There was no shame in something I had no control over. I was completely trapped... and free to enjoy it. And that made it all the sweeter.
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    I'm glad you mentioned it in that other thread, or I wouldn't have even thought about it. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story, I really enjoy yours as well! Ellie, that was wonderfully lovely. Thank you for taking the time to tell me. You have been a wonderful reader this whole story, I have really enjoyed your comments. I wasn't trying to give anyone homework Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the different tone of the story. I can't promise more stories in the future, I'm really not a writer.. but I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Thank you so much, Jayme If I made it hard to choose between three, that's pretty fantastic. Thank you for all of the comments over the course of the story, you were very encouraging! Feelings are hard, and watching someone else have painful feelings is hard too. People want to console, to silence.. to chase the sad away, but it's important to go through those feelings. My therapist says: "When you bury feelings, you bury them alive... you'll still have to deal with them later, and it will only be worse." A lot of what I've learned in therapy over the last year or so of my life is woven through the story. April is a mixture of myself and my lady love, but she has the emotional maturity we would both like to have someday and have been actively working toward. I'm glad you enjoyed this oasis of caring. I needed it, I'm very happy I could share it with you too. It's funny.. I hate happy, perfect endings in movies and books, they never feel real to me. I knew I was going to have a mostly happy ending, but it wasn't going to be perfect. I don't think my heart could take leaving her trapped on Catalon, even with Sunshine. Kimmy not getting to be with Sunshine as she returned to April is my concession to the sometimes-cruelty of life. It seems to me that nothing ever works out perfectly, but if you keep love in your heart, things do work out. Someone creating an account just to comment is a huge compliment, and I really, deeply appreciate it. I only made my account to comment on "Bad Husband, Better Baby", I love that story.. I sincerely hope that one has a happy ending for Nick (I've mentioned that over and over in that thread too, ha...) I noticed that too, the chapter length increased as the story went on and the characters grew and changed. I should probably rewrite the beginning a bit, I actually ended up re-using the names "Tina" and "Beth" unconsciously, I need to fix that at least. I probably won't rewrite the early chapters though, I'll leave it stand. Thank you for your many supportive comments, I've said it before but I looked forward to your comments each day. I was a little obsessed.. I basically didn't do anything else with any of my free time, all of it went to this story. I also obsessively watched for comments, sharing this story and seeing how it was received has been really important to me over the past month. Act 1 was really great for me, and I think it stands pretty well as its own story. Thank you for sticking with me through the rollercoaster that was Act 2. It was hard at times, but I think the end was worth it. I've really enjoyed interacting with you and everyone else, too. I decided early on that I wanted to try and reply personally to each and every comment. The conversation has been really important to me, the comments mean more than anyone probably realizes. Authors really like getting the comments, and I hope I encourage more authors to respond to the comments the way I have. It takes more time, but honestly, I get a lot from it. Thank you for your wonderful comments and thank you for enjoying the story
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    84.) I was still upset at Nora, and it seemed like she didn't want to talk to me anyway. That worked out for the both of us. I watched Anni play with blocks and quietly sat down beside her. I was still dressed in the dress from that afternoon. At least the diaper wasn't showing… "Josie do you wanna play buildings?" The game was simple — one of them would build a building out of blocks, and the other would get to push it down. It was the sort of overly simple activity that only actual children would find entertaining, and even then, only the youngest ones who got glee from watching the colors tumble to the ground and make noises while they giggled. "…sure, why not.” I needed to get to my cell phone. Koi would be calling. She'd be angry that I wasn't back for school. She'd be knocking on Nora's door any minute… so I played. For now. I built the blocks up and she knocked them down very enthusiastically. "Your turn," she said. "I'll build them again." So I did. I didn't care for knocking them down, and Anni seemed to be enjoying herself. The way Anni giggled was so genuine, so joyous, it was hard to think of her every being an adult, before or since. But then again, Ister had been almost as juvenile and she'd become an adult almost like a switch flicking inside of her. And just as easily, Josie would become not an adult. "I like playing wif you, Josie! Izzy never let me push it down 'cause she would get too essited in building an' she was very good at it but wha's the point in building it if you're not gonna push it overs!" "…right…" I couldn't believe Nora wanted to turn me into this stupid girl. I got up from the floor and winced, rubbing my stomach. I shouldn't have eaten so much… "I'll be right back," I told the girl. "Build them back up for me." "Is there something you need, Miss Josie?" The maid intercepted Josie in the hall, standing firmly between her and walking any further down, the skirts of her dress seeming to be wider than any practical person would need, and her smile courteous and sweet as always to be expected. The talk after tidying had involved instructions to watch the girl, informing her that she would be taking a step into babyhood that most girls here didn't. Marta wasn't eager for the experience, not as the one who would be cleaning her, but she was respectful and obedient and did as she was told. I looked up at Marta and felt a little heat on my cheeks. "I'm just going that way…” "Is there something I can get you from your room?" I bit my cheek. "I need to use the bathroom," I said, as solidly as I could. I knew she'd say no. She was as psychotic as Nora. "Listen. I don't want to hear it. Just get out of my way." Marta smiled, like she understood, like she was going to allow it, too — she stepped slightly to one side, but only to mask her hand pushing into her pinafore, and when Josie went to step past her, she pushed a medicine-dispensing pacifier between Josie’s lips that oozed with a familiar sweet and creamy taste. "Josie is Pretty," Her hand pressed on the bracelet, pulling out all the stops, it seemed. "Go back and play with your sister, Miss Josie. The bathroom isn't an urgent matter, is it?" I fell back against the wall. My head spun dizzily and everything felt sick. The colors were so bright, and my chest was hurting, and I had to rub my eyes with the back of my hand. I sucked the pacifier consistently, not even considering taking it out of my mouth. I had already forgotten it was there… "I… I…." "You were looking for the Legos, Miss Josie, but they're in the pink tub in the play room. You were going to make a car for your Mommy, isn't that what you said?" Marta, for the first time, didn't refer to Nora by title, and instead used the M word — a conscious decision, to help immerse Josie more into her infantile self. A decision she stood by. "Don't you worry about anything, Little Princess Josie, everything will be fine." I stumbled back into the room, sucking the pacifier. Anni looked at me while I picked up the bucket of Legos out of the toy box and set them down on the ground. I wasn't even sure what I was doing when I started building the little car. Anni shuffled over to me and watched. Marta stayed around, but didn't hover — she just made sure to stay without viewing angles of the girl at all times. Most of the girls got enemas at bath times, a somewhat more dignified solution without being too mature. Josie was to be different. Anni sat close to her sister and began to pick through parts. "You should put this on there!" She held out one wing from an airplane set. Not both wings. Just one. "…that's the wing to an airplane." "…it could be a flying car?" "…yeah, sure, why not." What the hell did I care? So I attached the one wing to the car, and sucked more on the pacifier. Time ticked by. Minutes, and half an hour, before I was content in my design. I had to build the second wing. It was oddly asymmetrical. "I'm gonna go find M…" …M… "Marta…" I muttered, and got up off the floor again. Why did I almost say Nora with an M? "Uhhuh!" Anni clearly had some ideas on what to build to go with the flying car and she barely looked up as her sister shakily got to her feet with the oddly-built flying-car in her hands. Both hands, like she didn't trust herself to hold it in just one hand. Marta wasn't too far away — she was polishing silverware at the dining room table, and looked up at the girl with a smile. "Did you finish making the car, Little Princess Josie?” "…don't call me that," I muttered, the car in my hands. It wasn't very good. It would have been better without Anni's help, but I wasn't looking to impress anyone. It was when I tried to talk, when I told her not to call me Josie, I realized I had a pacifier in my mouth. How long had that been there…? I took it out. "Where's Nora?" "Josie is your name, Little Miss. It's best not to forget that." The maid put down the spoon she'd been polishing to a perfect mirror-finish, and looked the girl up and down as she played with the pacifier. "Your Momma is in her study at the far end of the east hall, you may go see her if you like." The bathrooms in that wing of the house were all locked in preparation now, anyway. Marta smiled. "I think I'll do that." I walked down the east hall with a sigh, looking back to see if Marta was following me. I was having really bad stomach aches, and I just needed to duck into the bathroom for a minute. I turned the handle, but it didn't move. I looked under the frame, but the light was off. I bit my lip. Why was it locked…? I guess I'd be talking to Nora after all…
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    82.) "When's dinner?" "Hm?" Nora was in the living room with papers in her lap. I tried to look at them, to try to spot my name, but it didn't look very work-related. Or at least not about me. "When's dinner?" Truth was, I was hungry. I was thirsty. All I'd had was milk all day. I wanted real food! "Well, you and Anni will go down for your afternoon naps soon, and when you wake up, it'll be dinner time." Truthfully, the papers were adult business, and trying to focus on anything too adult would only give Josie a headache. "Have you finished your baba? If you don't, you'll have to have it at nap time, princess, it's up to you." Actually, it wasn't. She'd have the bottle either way. I clearly hadn't had the bottle since I was walking around just fine. "I'm not drinking that milk. Can't you just give me water or something?" I was actually used to the bottle now, and I saw the water as a middle ground. But what I wasn't getting was that I didn't have a say. Middle ground wasn't a thing. "Your milk has all the nutrients a growing girl needs, sweetpea, you make sure to finish it or you won't get any dinner." And that's how it would be, too — the milk all day, and one solid meal at night. Given, as a baby, Josie was going to have to get used to the idea of using her diaper in ways that most of the other girls were spared from, the minimizing of solid foods would at least make that a little more manageable. Marta was still not the happiest woman in the world over the idea, but she was a maid and didn't get much say in the matter. "I'm not drinking it," I said flatly, and walked away from Nora. Fact of the matter was, she couldn't make me. And if she made me, then who cares? It's not like I did it myself. I wasn't going to be what Rissa was, what Anni is. It wouldn't help, and it was stupid. So I went back to play with Anni. The woman waited for a spell, finished her paperwork, and then after a few minutes she followed Josie into the playroom and stood in the doorway. And then, five simple words. Innocent words. Harmless words. Except, to Josie, words made recently potent. "It would make me happy," she started, gauging for a reaction, "for you to drink your baba, Little Princess Josie. Would you do that for me?" I licked my lips and looked down at the little dolls. My chest hurt. The bottle sat where Nora had left it, and I closed my eyes tight. I didn't care about Nora! Of course not… so why was I even… I shook my head, looking at my hands. I took a deep breath, trying to find the words… "I'm… not thirsty…" "Oh, but you asked for some water just now, Little Princess Josie," The woman knelt down next to the girl, among the fairies four, and picked up the bottle, holding it for Josie to see as the milk inside swirl about. "It's very good for you, it helps you become the best person you can be, wouldn't you want that? It would make me happy, and very proud, too, Little Princess Josie." Anni watched in mild amazement as the woman held out the bottle. She waited, nervous, and I looked up at her, and at Nora, and at the bottle. I felt a tightness in my chest I wasn't sure I'd felt before, or at least, in a long time. I bit my lip. I was so fucking nervous… "I'm gonna use the bathroom," I said quietly, and got up from my place on the floor. I just needed to get out of this situation… The woman's hand took Josie’s wrist, and she pressed on the bracelet and smiled. "Josie is Pretty, when she uses her diaper…" She held it just a little longer than usual, to make sure the idea marinated, and waited for the girl’s resistance to go a little limper with a small smile. "Pretty babies go bathroom in their diapers, silly, you knew that. Here." Gently, Nora sat back on the floor, and then she pulled Josie into an embrace, warm and secure, on her lap. Anni watched as I sat on the woman's lap. My cheeks were rosy and I felt so… calm. I was so mad a second ago, but now, in the color and the nice words, I was just so calm. And her arms were arm around me. I cuddled into her chest and closed my eyes. I felt dizzy… "…it would be nice to have your baba, because it helps you to use your diaper, and using your diaper makes Momma happy… you like to make Momma happy, don't you now? You know what would make Momma happy? Drink your baba, and show Momma how you use your diaper in her lap, be a good little baby, make Momma happy." Anni was watching, her eyes wide, and both the fairy dolls cuddled up under her arms, in astonishment. The woman held the bottle up to my lips and tipped it upside down. Without a single complaint, I sucked on it. I didn't reach up to take it out of her hands. I didn't try to hold it myself. I let her nurse me in her lap, the milk trickling down my throat. I curled up in a contented bliss, quietly drinking the bottle. Anni knew better than to interrupt, though she did explain quietly to her dolls what was going on, or her version of it — Josie was drinking magic baby juice potion to become the youngest princess so she would be the favorite. Josie was oblivious to that, though, oblivious in fact to most things, and Nora held the bottle up while the girl drained it, and she spoke quietly to her. "Babies make Momma happy, and wearing a diaper makes you a baby, and using your diapers makes you more of a baby, and the more you use, the more baby, and the more baby, the more you make Momma happy…" How long was it? An hour? A minute? But the bottle was empty and the woman stuck her finger under my dress, into the legband of my diaper, and I tried to push her hand away. Everything felt heavy. She smiled down at me and kissed my forehead. I felt like I was melting… "You're wet, baby girl." "…y-you made me… d-drink that bottle…" I knew. I remembered sucking on it. I remember the warmth of her lap. I was so angry, but it was so hard to be… "You're wet and that makes me happy — what would a Momma be without a baby to take care of? And wetting is something that needs taking care of." It didn't matter how angry Josie might get beneath the surface, because she'd taken the bottle voluntarily, she'd drank, and she was so content right now and it was hard to be angry when happiness was crashing over the top like waves. "I… I'm not… you're…!" But she just helped me up, walking with my hand in hers. Walking wasn't impossible on the milk - you just needed help. Like the perfect need to have to hold someone's hand. She led me out of the blue room into the bedroom with the cribs. Then she put me on the changing table and I kept trying to lower my dress. "Y-you're not going to get away with this…" "Oh Josie, you don't need to worry about a thing — I'll get you changed and then you can go down for a lovely nap with your sister, and then as a special treat, you can tell me anything you'd like to have for dinner and I'll make sure that's what we have. Because you have been such a good girl for Momma, yes you have." Was that… was she… baby-talking? She was definitely being condescending, cutely so. "…not milk…" Nora laughed, a cute laugh, and started to strip me of my diaper. "Fine. No milk." "…really?" I didn't believe her. "Really. No milk. I promise." …I still wasn't sure I believed her, but the idea was definitely appealing. No milk. If that was true, I didn't care what I ate. "I think you're of an age where it's okay to have some solids for dinner, and just stick to your milk throughout the day. As your Momma, that's what makes me happy." The diaper came off, and along with it all vestiges of pubic hair, the remainder of anything left wiped away with the cleansing baby wipe, leaving her looking very childish in her diaper area. "Now, what would you like to eat after your nap, Josie?" "…ribs." I hadn't had ribs in years. Not since I left home. They were too pricy for not nearly enough food at restaurants, and I was always a terrible cook. Koi and I ate out for a reason. Oh man, that has such weird connotations now… "And french fries. And cheese sticks." "That sounds lovely, Josie." She hadn't made protest about her new name all day, which was perfectly where Nora anticipated her to be, and she began to lay out the fresh diaper. "That's what you'll have, then." Of course, the ribs would be the meat taken from the bone, and cut up into little pieces, though she supposed the rest would do as finger food. Importantly, she'd have a little something to help the remainder of the girls diaper habits hurry along, put into the sauce of her rib-meat. It was best to get that started sooner, rather than later.
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    I love spanking, but I'm of the opinion that the spur of the moment spankings, rather than or in conjunction with formal, ritualized spankings, are most humiliating. A spank or two on the diaper on the spot reinforces childishness, as does the discrete smack in a public place. It says that the spanker is in charge and the spankee's comfort zone or grown-up feelings don't matter, even when you are not actively in a scene or your little isn't in or trying to be in headspace: baby, parent; spankee, spaker; whenever, wherever; period. A little back talk or slowness in responding to instructions, and a smack to head of real misbehavior. What dives the spur of the moment spankings and unnerves the little is the randomness. Following up on that aspect, random diaper checks are great, as is randomly deciding when the little can wear pants, or anything at all. I'm not crazy about enemas or temperature taking, but both can achieve the same thing.
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    I sometimes have my sister "baby sit" and have her diaper him before bed time. That really humiliates and excites him
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    Little Annie Chapter 2 'No trouble at all,' replied Ann shortly. 'Excuse me,' she added, pushing past Cally with an armful of skirts which she began to arrange on hangers in the wardrobe. Cally watched as Ann worked. 'You don't wear jeans or pants much?' Cally enquired. 'No I don't,' Ann replied with her back to Cally. 'I'm quite busy. Is there anything else you need to do here? I'd like to take a shower, if you don't mind'. cally watched Ann for a moment longer as the young woman hung another little skirt on a hanger then bent down to pick up another one. Ann's round little bottom stretched the material of her skirt tight as she crouched down. 'Well?' she said to Cally, turning to her as she stood up. Cally smiled at her. That was definitely a padded bra, Cally decided. I wonder why she bothers, she thought. 'No, that's it,' she said brightly. 'Come to the main house when you're ready for lunch. Ada has baked one of her fruit and nut cakes in your honour.' Cally left, and Ann sat down on the bed. She had wanted to chew Cally out for being a nosed bitch, but the news of the special cake had taken the wind out of her sails. Ann was used to people being annoyed with her. She put it down to her being small, and tried to give back as good as she got, preempting it even. But people didn't normally do nice things for her. Certainly no-one had baked a cake for her since, since she was very young. Ann didn't like thinking too much about her mother, who had died when Ann was four years old, but one of Ann's treasured memories was her fourth birthday party. Her mother had baked her a cake, and Ann could still remember the delicious smell of it as her mother carried it proudly from the kitchen to the table. Ann hadn't known she was small then, and had never thought she'd be without her mother. She had been so happy. But not long after, her troubles had begun. Damn, thought Ann, as she stood up and pressed her small hands to the little bulge of her tummy. She unhooked the fastener at the side of her woollen skirt and dropped the garment to the floor, revealing a pair of flesh coloured control briefs which stretched over a slightly prominent pubic mound, carefully, Ann rolled the briefs down and extracted a damp panty liner. She picked up a towel and soap in her free hand and went to the bedroom door and looking briefly each way along the empty hallway of the little flat, walked into the bathroom. She dropped the panty liner into the toilet then sat to pee, before flushing it and taking off her blouse to reveal a small padded bra. She took off the bra and with a slight shiver in the cool air, turned on the shower before entering it. As she was soaping herself, Ann thought about her new job and her new landladies. Gently, she rubbed her soapy fingers over her little breasts, enjoying the light touch of her slim fingers across her pink nipples. Hmmph, she thought. She was sure Cally had thrust those big boobs into her on purpose. So what, she told herself, and moved her hand to soap her crotch. I might not be as big as Cally, she thought, but I've still got everything she's got. Her fingers told her it was time for another shave down there, and she decided to do her legs as well in her next shower. She felt the urge to pee a little more, and let the relatively cool urine run over her fingers as she idly rubbed herself, smiling as she thought of Cally's big, motherly breasts without their most likely industrial strength bra to keep them in shape. To be continued. (We're getting there! I don't usually write about a woman as the principal character, so I'm taking my time getting into this. Thank you for your patience, as they say.)
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    Little Annie Chapter 1 Ann Southern was a short girl with a high opinion of herself. Ann came from a privileged family, and though she was spot on five feet tall, and a little chubby, she carried herself as if she were a model. She had an annoying habit of being condescending to everyone, despite usually having to look up at them while she did it. She always knew a better way of doing something, and liked to let people know. She had been an excellent student, which made it worse. She often did have the right answer. It just got up people's noses to be lectured by this small, round faced, flat chested young lady. After leaving school, she decided to bestow her genius on the world of journalism, and after exasperating the editors of a few small publications, she scored a job with a pair of women who published a life-coaching blog from their property in the better class of rural neighbourhoods near her home town. Ann was an only child, and at 23 was left alone with a decent bank balance by the early death of her father who had brought her up after her mother's death when Ann was very young. It suited Ann to be her own boss in the world, just as it didn't really suit anyone else to do the job. Ada Vincent and her friend Cally Thorpe had drifted into online publishing from their previous business operating a homemakers' magazine. They needed a writer who could also program, and when Ann answered the ad they placed around the publishing world, they were initially impressed by the petite girl's confidence and ablities. Ann was hapy to move into the self-contained flat in the couple's ranch, and didn't seem worried about the modest pay. She was going to be a major online publisher, she told the women, so she needed to learn the ropes at a small, basic operation. Thanks very much, Ada thought, and Cally began to wonder if they'd made the right choice. However, the arrangements were settled, and Ann arrived to take up residence with them, as she put it. The two publishers really needed someone with Ann's undoubted skills to help their growing enterprise, and Ann was hired despite the oddly guarded references she had produced. Ann lied that she had had only two jobs in journalism before. She'd had four, but only two of her references were kind enough to be useful. Those had been written by employers who had been glad to see Ann go, but nevertheless felt sorry enough for her to overlook her most aggravating traits in their letters. 'I wouldn't normally be interested in accommodation like this,' Ann was saying as Cally helped her unpack her two suitcases in the pleasant little flat. 'I've always had an en suite,' she went on. 'With a bath. But I always make do.' 'I'll unpack those, thank you,' she said rather sharply to Cally who had unzipped a soft suitcase of clothing on the bed. Cally raised her eyebrows, and caught sight of two large packs of panty liners on one side of the case before she let its cover drop again. 'Are these the only towels you have?' asked Ann, unfolding a pink towel from the bed. 'I'm used to bath sheets.' Cally thought the towel Ann was holding up was big enough to be a bath sheet for her small frame. 'That's it, I'm afraid,' Cally replied. 'You'll just have to make do.' Ann glanced at her. 'I suppose I will,' said Ann. 'I should have brought my own.' Cally felt a sudden urge to put Ann over her knee, but banished the thought. 'There's soap over here,' said Cally, and couldn't resist leaning over as Ann began to unpack her clothes. Cally was well built, with a curvaceous figure that she liked to make the most of. She smiled to herself as she leaned over the bed to pick up the soap that had been by the towel. Cally deliberately pressed her large, soft breasts against Ann's shoulder as she did so. Take that, you rude little girl, Cally thought uncharitably as she felt Ann react slightly. There was quite a contrast between Cally's generous globes and Ann's little mounds, nestled in the unnecessary bra that looked to Cally suspiciously loose and padded. 'What dainty feet you have,' Cally said sweetly as she stood up again. 'Do you have trouble finding nice shoes in that size?' She wanted to say 'grown up shoes', but didn't want to start a war with this strong-willed little girl. To be continued.
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    It's actually my preference too, although it wasn't always that way. My partner is 100% non-sexual when I'm in littlespace, the idea of making it sexual is very upsetting to her. I've grown to really like that and I've explored my little side a lot more lately, and as I embraced this more innocent part of littlespace, we've grown closer. I do have another story that's scratching at my brain, but it might not be for you. It's actually told from the CG perspective rather than the L perspective... I've only gotten 1 chapter on it written (I got put to bed early last night and a tantrum cost me my laptop, so I didn't get to write... it was super fun though, so WORTH). I'll start sharing it when I think I can do daily updates again. I really liked doing daily updates, it feels like people can get more immersed in the story that way. I doubt I'll ever crank out a novel in a month again though.
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    Am I dreaming?!?? Non-sexual cgl relationship, all consenting, seemingly-hispanic lead character (you may want to change it to una bruja, or have her say "I practice brujeria". Bruja by itself just means witch, so you're saying "I'm witch" ^-^ As a 100% Mexican-American little I sO SO love and appreciate that you'd use spanish in this and highlight my heritage, I'm so heart eyes emoji rn lol), forced regression, and loving/gentleness all in one story?? This is literally everything I've ever wanted?? I for real can't believe it and can't wait to read more. Your other story has been nothing but amazing, so I know this won't disappoint
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    "Awww my poor baby... Maybe Dad and I should've been more strict with your sleep training back then." She said as she softly stroked his hair
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    Just how I feel. I just get on with life in a nappy and make the best of it. No one cares in any case.
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    I don't recommend giving your address on the webpage. People should need to contact you for that. But you could give the city and state you're in.
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    Here are a couple steps you can take to get yourself started in the right direction: - Wearing 24/7 is vital; you can't truly start living the lifestyle if you keep swapping between diapered and not diapered. You can build up to this by putting yourself in new situations while wearing diapers until you are confident you can get away with wearing them discreetly. It sounds like you're on the right track by wearing in public with a friend; start with safe situations and build up to the more risky situations. The goal is to be able to wear diapers comfortably 24/7, no matter what the situation is. It helps me to have the mindset of, "I -need- diapers or I will have an accident." - Be comfortable using your diapers and always stay relaxed down there! I've been diapered 24/7 for 7 weeks now but I've been wearing diapers regularly all of my life, so I've had lots of practice wearing and wetting in all sorts of situations. I try to wet as often as possible and as soon as I feel the urge. Even if I know I'm going to leak, I never deny the urge to pee and I always empty my bladder completely. It can take a bit of focus to relax and pee often, but this has gotten a lot easier the more I've done it (and especially since I've gone 24/7); It's now so much easier for me to wet in situations like walking, talking, and driving. I don't feel like Baybayjay needs any grief for posting his question on a board for incontinence desires; this is a section of the website for people who wish to become incontinent. I wish to become incontinent as well. I think one thing that is misunderstood from those who are truly incontinent is how powerful our desire to become incontinent really is. For me, It's an insatiable urge that cannot be alleviated by wearing diapers alone. Every part of me wants to lose control so that I -need- diapers. I won't be able to ever understand what it is like to be incontinent and not like it, just as those people wont understand what my desires feel like in wanting to become incontinent. I may not be fully aware of all the downfalls of being incontinent, but this is what I want, and I'm more than willing to face the ups and downs of wearing diapers for the rest of my life.
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    So far you have a wonderful story. I would love to see what happens next, even if it means waiting for the next part of the seven other stories lol
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    Might not be the q people were thinking to ask and u may not go there at all but just made me wonder how would the tampon thing work ? I mean if she can't change her own diaper how would she be able to use the tampons ..? unless u were going "there" at 1 point in the story if not then personal aspect - some girls use nighttime diapers during periods so that could be a fine solution here too
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    I have no choice being incontinent, I really don't care who sees my diapers either. I always make the best of it now days.
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    I would be very careful about this Libya thing. A couple of years ago, I heard that the Islamic theocrats, including the Muslim Brotherhood, were leading the Arabic decocracy movements knowing that if majority rule were installed, the Arabic people would vote fore Islamic theocracy and Sheri'a Law. Even Rush Limbaugh is having second thoughts about this after seeing how entrenched the Muslim Brotherhood is in Egypt I was opposed to the Iraq war since part of the support for it was to "aid the Shi-ites" which are 60% of the Israqui people, Now, when I hear "Shi-ite" two things that come to mind are "Iran" and "52 captive Americans".. Now what do we do in Iraq when the Ayatollahs say to the Iraquis "Who do you love more Allah or the Crusader? [these people are living the Crusades like they happened yesterday, not 600+ years ago and 'Crusader' is a swear word'" In 1981, one of my friends and I were discussing US intervention in Afghanistan and he mentioned the "Freedom Fighters" and I asked "Do you mean the Mujahaddim? [i could see 'jihad' in there]" and he said "yes". I said "'mujahaddim' means 'holy warrior'. Can you, as an atheist, equate 'holy warrior' with freedom?" to which he said. "But they're fighting the Soviets". I said "you will find that there are worse things in the world than the Sovs". He said "Well, it's only Afghanistan, the land is lousey, let them have it". I replied "It's land and any loand is good for staging. They are the natives so they know how to live there. They hate us more than the Soviets and will take a cut at us the first chance they get". I had been aware of the Islamic theocratic movement since 1978 so I was not out on a limb on this. It was like going from 1+1=2 to 2+1=3 and 2+2=4. Not hard at all There may be worse things than Qaddaffi out there. Like Saddam Hussein he runs a secular tyranny and we had him under control. There is an Arabic proverb: "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it". It would not surprise me if this whole "democracy" thing leads to several new "Islamic Republic"s. Is that what you want?