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    After being available for one week on my Patreon, here is the next part of "Bad Husband". If you are enjoying the story you can read what happens next straight away with just a $5 monthly pledge. For $10 you can get the early access plus get exclusive stories. I try to post updates every 4-5 days of at least 2000 words which I hope represents value for money! https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all of my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do: Dannydazzler, Frank S, Charlie S, Alex B, P, James S, tbcg, LB Iceland, Scy T, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Liv, Cyatommorrow, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, C Dom, Scott S and James B. I also write commissions. I charge £5 per 1000 words and you can message me on here or on Patreon to discuss ideas. --- With little else to occupy Sarah’s mind she laid her head back against a teddy bear that was sitting in the playpen with her and stared at the ceiling. She could feel her diaper area getting a little wet from the sweat that was accumulating underneath, the hot weather showed no signs of abating and Sarah really was quite uncomfortable. Nick was sat at his PC and having a great time. He had missed the internet so much and now that he finally had it back he could check out everything he had been missing. All his social media and his forums that he liked to visit. It was so good to just see the familiar names but it was also seemed very strange to him that whilst his life had been so topsy-turvy everyone else was carrying on as normal. It was easy to forget that no matter how much things had changed for him, for most of the world it was just another normal couple of weeks. There was almost a feeling of resentment from Nick when he read about people complaining about silly little things such as bugs in a video game or someone gossiping at work. How dare they complain about such trivial crap whilst Nick was going through total life upheaval. Part of him wanted to reply to these threads and let them know what a real problem was, he had to resist though. Nick could quite easily have sat at the computer all afternoon without moving a muscle, this was the dream life for him. When he felt a sudden need to urinate, he just let go into the diaper. The diaper was just another tool of his laziness now. “You are going to have to cook dinner at some point…” Sarah eventually called out from the fence of the pen. She was facing into the room and leaning on the vertical bars. “Meh.” Nick responded casually. He didn’t even turn to look at her. “I’m getting hungry.” Sarah continued, “You haven’t even done any housework. Do you even know if we have anything to eat for dinner?” “I’ll just order something.” Nick replied dismissively. Sarah pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. Nick was not going to look after her or the house properly, she could see it already. She couldn’t believe how lazy he was but she was sure the house would be a mess in a week or two. She felt a sinking feeling when she thought about that, there was no way he would keep this up for that long was there? The power in the relationship was wrong and it felt wrong. “You are supposed to look after the house.” Sarah said tensely. Even when she was supposed to have no responsibilities she felt like she had to be the responsible one. “Jesus, you moan more now than ever.” Nick replied with an eye roll, “Put a sock in it or I’ll put a pacifier in it.” Sarah shook her head and turned away. After sitting there for hours she was feeling very restless and she paced up and down behind the fence. She could feel that she needed to pee again but she wasn’t keen on doing it so openly in front of Nick. “Hello… Yeah I’d like to order two pizzas please.” Nick suddenly said. Sarah turned to look at her husband and saw that he had the phone and was ordering dinner just as he had said he would do. Sarah couldn’t say she was thrilled with the upcoming meal but at least it was something. With Nick distracted on the phone, Sarah held her breath and whilst doing her best to act casual she wet her diaper. The hot liquid drained out of her quickly and she felt the padding between her legs warming up as the wet area grew and grew until she was done. “Yeah, one large pizza… Double chicken and pepperoni please.” Nick said to the man on the other end of the phone. He licked his lips in anticipation of such a great meal, “And a large pizza with…” Sarah saw Nick look over to her. She saw him look down at the diaper and smirk. “Actually, make that a child’s sized pizza with pepperoni.” Nick continued with a smirk. Sarah rolled her eyes and sat back down. She had always known Nick could be petty but it was blatantly clear all of this baby treatment wasn’t to prove she loved him. This was all just so Nick could punish her. She was frustrated at how childish Nick was being when he was supposed to be showing he was an adult. Nick turned back to the computer and started typing again. He smiled as he closed the internet browser and put on one of his favourite games. He quickly found himself lost in his online game, it had been far too long since he was able to just sit down and shut out the adult world. He would let nothing distract him as he joined other people from around the world and went on quests for gold. “Nick!” Nick frowned when he thought he heard his name being called. Maybe it was a sound effect in the game… “NICK!” Nick took off his headphones and turned to face his wife when he realised it was her calling his name. “What?” Nick asked obliviously. “The doorbell is ringing.” Sarah said with a shake of her head. “Oh, right.” Nick said as he finally stood up. The first time he had done so in many hours. Sarah expected Nick to walk out to the front door but he walked over to the playpen instead. Nick opened the gate and then went to sit back down again. As he sat back at his computer the doorbell rang again and Sarah looked at her husband in confusion. “Well go on then.” Nick said as he picked up his headphones. “What!?” Sarah said as she looked at the opening to the playpen. Surely Nick didn’t mean what she thought he meant. “Get the door if you want dinner.” Nick said with a little sneer. “Nick, I’m… I’m not dressed for it!” Sarah complained as her face started going red, “I’m, well, I’m obviously wearing a nappy.” “You never cared when it was me.” Nick replied shortly, “Now off you go. Hurry, before he leaves.” Sarah stood up and looked again at Nick. She saw that he was serious and started walking towards the hallway. Her wet nappy was visibly bulging out underneath her dress and she knew it. She felt her mouth go dry and it felt like an entire cage of butterflies had just been shaken up in her stomach. She got a sinking feeling of impending dread and the heat she felt in her face let her know that she was already blushing. As Sarah approached the front door she felt her knees begin to shake. It was almost as if she was on the verge of tears and the humiliation hadn’t even happened yet. The doorbell rang again. “Hurry up!” Nick called from the living room. Sarah could hear his keyboard and mouse clattering away, she wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that he wasn’t even watching what was about to happen. Sarah tried to pull down the bottom of her dress one more time but it didn’t come close to hiding the diaper underneath it. The wet padding rubbed against her inner thighs as a constant reminder. Sarah swung the door open and looked outside like a deer caught in the headlights. In front of her was a young man who looked like he must still be finishing up school. He was looking out towards his old beat up car as if he was about to give up on anyone answering. “Ah there you are! I was just… About… To… Oh…” As the delivery driver turned around when the door swung open his speech slowed right down until eventually he came to a stop. He rather openly stared at Sarah as if he could hardly believe what he was seeing. “Hi.” Sarah said shortly. She had to really force the words out. “Hi…” The driver replied. He was still motionless and staring at the woman who had open the door. It was as if he had been suddenly hypnotised by what he was seeing. Sarah rather wished the delivery driver would hurry up, much like her husband had been, Sarah was very nervous of being seen by the neighbours. “Is that a…” The driver started to say. “You have some pizza for us?” Sarah asked as she tried to speed up the situation and end this horrible exposure. “Oh, erm, yeah…” The delivery man said. He opened his bag and started pulling out the food. “Thanks.” Sarah replied. She felt like she was outside of her body, like she was watching her own embarrassment from afar. “Why are you dressed like that?” The driver asked as he handed over the food, “Is this a… Prank? Or something like that?” “Sure… It’s a prank.” Sarah replied with a shrug. Sarah wanted to end this nightmare as soon as possible so she took the hot boxes of food and spun around on the spot. As she did so she felt her short dress lift up slightly, she closed her eyes as she realised her mistake before turning away from the door. As Sarah turned one of the smaller boxes on top of the pizzas, a seemingly complimentary box of garlic bread, toppled off the stack of food and on to the ground. Putting the pizzas on the table next to the front door. Sarah bent over to pick up the smaller box, she knew her clothes were already struggling to cover her up, now that she bent over she knew she was putting on more of a show. “Unbelievable…” Sarah heard muttered from behind her. Sarah closed the door with her foot to finally cover herself up. She felt utterly humiliated and angry. She was angry at herself, angry at Nick and angry at the delivery driver. Sarah felt angry at the entire world! “Bring the food in!” Nick called out from the computer. Sarah could still hear him rapidly typing away on his game, totally unconcerned with the demeaning experience she had gone through. He didn’t watch what had just happened, he had no idea what she had just gone through. Sarah’s fists balled up and she had to resist the urge to just throw the pizza down the hallway. At least when Sarah humiliated Nick there was a reason for it. Sarah had been there to enjoy it. When Nick was cringing and struggling in his diapers, Sarah would be watching and getting as kick out of it. At least there was a reason for it even if it was very vapid. Nick was humiliating Sarah for the sake of humiliating her. Even worse, Nick didn’t care about the embarrassment, Sarah’s feelings didn’t enter into the equation. He wanted pizza and made her get the pizza. Did he even know how humiliating it was to be dressed like this and answering the door? “Sarah! Pizza!” Nick’s voice yelled. Sarah closed her eyes and repressed the urge to throw the pizzas at the back of Nick’s head. She breathed out slowly and let her hands relax. “Come on Sarah…” The woman muttered to herself, “Stay calm.” Sarah took a deep breath and walked into the living room with the food. Her crinkling underwear another unneeded reminder of her low status. She placed Nick’s pizza on his desk next to him and carried her own box of food to the playpen. Sarah didn’t expect Nick would bother to get up and lock it, in fact when she looked over at the computer she saw that Nick had already started eating without even looking at her. Sarah watched as Nick finished off the garlic bread very quickly. He closed the small box they had come in and just threw it behind him. The box landed on the floor just outside the playpen. Just to complete the scene Nick let out a huge belch and then giggled at himself. “Nick!” Sarah exclaimed before she could stop herself. “That’s Daddy to you.” Nick replied lazily. “I’ll call you “Daddy” when you start acting like one.” Sarah said crossly. She looked at the rubbish strewn about the room and felt her need to clean rising. Sarah angrily stared at her husband. Her face was still red but now it wasn’t from the embarrassment at the door. She saw Nick looking back at her with an amused face, a face that annoyed her even more than when he ignored her. “Did you want to apologise to Daddy for that little tantrum?” Nick asked in an annoying voice. He raised his eyebrows at his wife, he knew he was annoying her. “No…” Sarah muttered through clenched teeth, “I don’t want to fucking apologise. I want you to end this charade. You are an incompetent Daddy!” Nick smile faded. His wife was testing him, he had to show that he was for real. He had to show her that he was in charge, if he let Sarah get away with this the whole thing would collapse before it even started. Nick put the piece of pizza he was eating down and rubbed his hands on his trousers. As he stood up he felt his own diaper sagging and he made a mental note to change soon. Walking over to the sofa, Nick didn’t take his eyes off Sarah. The smile had faded and now he wore a face of stony indifference. “Come here.” Nick said to Sarah. “What? No!” Sarah replied. She folded her arms across her chest in defiance. “I didn’t know you enjoyed being the baby so much.” Nick said with a shrug as he stood up again, “Stay there then.” “Wait… What do you mean?” Sarah asked. She most certainly didn’t enjoy being the baby. “Well, I wanted you to learn what it’s like for me, with the baby treatment and everything.” Nick explained, “If you aren’t going to follow instructions I guess you haven’t learnt how to play the role yet. No big deal, we can just extend this treatment longer.” Sarah’s eyes widened and she climbed to her feet suddenly. She sighed deeply and walked forwards as Nick sat down again. She had an internal war between wanting to resist this treatment and of wanting it over as soon as possible. “That’s a good girl!” Nick praised his wife as she slowly walked over to him. The padding rustling with every step. When Sarah reached her husband, Nick grabbed her wrist and pulled her over. Sarah lurched and lost her footing slightly before falling over Nick’s lap. The bottom of her dress flew up and she was left with her nappy obscenely open to the air. Sarah knew what was coming and she shivered slightly. “This will hurt me more than you.” Nick muttered quietly. He grabbed both of Sarah’s wrists and held them behind her back. She was rendered helpless over Nick’s knees. Sarah’s last thought before she felt the contact was how cliché her husband was being. It’s funny what the brain thinks of in times of stress. Nick raised his arm up and felt the power this position brought, he felt excited and paused to take in the moment. He didn’t want to hurt Sarah, but he wanted her to know what it was like to be spanked. The humiliation and the hopelessness that came with laying prostrate over your partner’s lap. Smack! Nick brought his hand down against Sarah’s padded rear. A loud smack rang out around the quiet room, the sound of flesh hitting the plastic outer shell of the nappy. Nick felt a strange feeling in his palm, like pins and needles, it didn’t hurt but it did feel strange. He quickly raised his hand up again. He felt his wife tensing up as his palm came down again. He didn’t go overboard and hit her too hard, he tried to spank just enough to send a message. When his hand made contact with the nappy he felt Sarah lurch forward slightly. She remained silent. Nick could sense the defiance radiating off her like waves. Nick could feel himself stirring inside his nappy. A mixture of the feeling of power and his wife’s body were exciting Nick. The spanking continued with Nick rhythmically hitting Sarah’s behind with his open palm until eventually his wife started making little yelping noises with each contact. The motion of Sarah tensing and being pushed slightly forward each time she was spanked caused Nick to grow inside his diaper. He was quite sure that his wife had some idea of what was happening, his dick was rapidly thickening and hardening. Finally, after a few minutes of spanking, Nick’s hand rested against Sarah’s padded bottom and rubbed gently. Nick felt the padding between Sarah’s legs, the area that had swelled up with her using it. Nick felt Sarah try to lift herself off her husband’s lap but Nick maintained his grip. “Nick?” Sarah asked. She looked around to see what Nick was doing. She felt a little sore after the spanking but it hadn’t been particularly painful, she was just wondering what her husband was doing now. “Shh…” Nick replied. He had Sarah’s hands held behind her back still. He knew she couldn’t move even if she wanted to. “What are you… Oh!” Sarah’s widened as she suddenly felt a very different sensation. Nick had stopped rubbing Sarah’s rear and had gently inserted two fingers through the leg bands of the nappy. He worked them around until they gently touched Sarah’s delicate opening. The area he had been forbidden for a long time, Sarah’s forbidden zone that was now being explored by his fingers. Nick looked at Sarah and saw her close her eyes and relax as he touched her. He smiled as he gently touched Sarah. He could feel a small quiver as Sarah’s arms relaxed and she leant into Nick slightly. Despite herself, Sarah couldn’t help but feel the pleasing touch, she couldn’t help but respond the best way her body knew how. She wanted more, being teased was too much for her. Maybe the spanking had heightened her hormone levels or something but she was suddenly very interested in Nick as a sexual being. “You like that?” Nick asked quietly. Sarah knew that in her long term future it would be much better to deny she was enjoying this, to resist and get off her husband’s lap. To just go and eat the damn pizza still waiting for her in the playpen. Despite that, she found it very hard to deny that she was suddenly feeling aroused by Nick’s wandering hands. Sarah felt Nick’s rubbing suddenly increase in pressure and she audibly gasped. To answer her husband’s question she nodded, going red in the face as she did so. Nick smiled as he felt Sarah’s legs open up a little bit for some better access. Nick was certainly about to have some fun.
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    Thanks for the story, I would rank this story as being in some of the top stories I've read :P.
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    Oh gosh, I am so happy to see you post. I was worried. I've gone through similar things, I understand.
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    From the album Me

    Keeping it simple
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    Danni – Part 8 – Birthday Surprises The morning of my birthday I woke up very excited and, to Julie’s obvious pleasure, completely soaked. She unzipped and let me out of my onesie but left me in my soggy nappy whilst she went off to get something. She’d been doing this a few times now and I hadn’t realised what was going on. However, I now noticed that when she left mum would come in, see the drooping nappy, look sympathetically at me but it would also confirm all that my sister had been telling her about her continually wetting little baby brother. Then we’d cuddle, she’d murmur some soothing words, while I felt like a guilty little toddler who’d let her down. Julie would then breeze back in armed with whatever she’d decided I was to wear, whilst I would be too embarrassed to protest and mum would leave her to get me ready for the day ahead. It wasn’t really surprising that I was waking up wet more and more often as Julie had been feeding me warm drinks last thing at night whilst she told me stories. I have to admit that this was one of the things I really did enjoy, when she made up stories that had me in the starring role. I’d be enthralled but she would say that I had to finish my drink if I wanted her to continue and, before I knew it vast amounts of some wonderfully flavoured liquid would have been consumed. My bedtime was seven o’clock, this was one of my sister’s rulings, as she decreed little boys need their sleep and, because I nearly always got a story and something sweet to drink, I was happy to comply. Mum would often stand at the doorway and listen to the tales that Julie told and she’d see me in my bed, smiling and enthusing about some aspect of the story, so she witnessed herself that all was well. I think it was at these moments when, whatever doubts she might have had about me being in anyway unhappy about my ‘situation’, they were alleviated by what she saw as the ‘wonderful and loving’ interaction between her daughter and her obviously consenting son. There was undoubtedly more times than not when I thought Julie was the cleverest and most thoughtful person in the world and these especially were just such times when I loved my sister. I also loved Saturday mornings when my favourite TV programme was on, a cartoon about Greek heroes, which I found really fascinating. I was so keen on these historical adventures that Julie had been able to adapt some of them in her stories so that Hercules and I could battle together, or I’d be part of Jason and the Argonauts crew. She was very good at getting me participating, and being a major force, in these myths and legends. I was often so engrossed in what was on the screen that I regularly ended up watching in just a damp nappy before being dressed appropriately. On that point I have to say it was not an issue any more - I was used to it, mum was used to it and Julie made sure I didn’t make a mess or act-up (and repeatedly said that it was ‘it's just the way he is’ to mum). Not that I would dare to act-up because just one of her ‘looks’ would have had me shrinking from any form of argument. Having said that, it all became natural and normal, what was expected so how could I object to it anyway? It was just the way it was in our house, much the same as it was for whatever way Julie decided to have me dressed. Even on this day as an 8 year-old (yeah my birthday), I was left to run around the house wearing only my thick pull-ups with the cartoon princess on the front. Mum said I could open my cards and presents that had already been delivered before my party got underway later in the afternoon. Earlier in the week mum had asked if I wanted anything special and, as I’d been playing around on the piano at school during choir practice, I asked for a little keyboard. After breakfast I rushed from the kitchen into the living room where mum’s present was. The place was full of balloons wishing me a Happy Birthday and there were some cards waiting, a few wrapped gifts but the main one was surrounded by a huge gold bow. Excitedly I pulled at the wonderful decoration, which revealed a small, but expensive looking, electric piano. I couldn’t believe that mum had got me such a fine instrument and couldn’t wait to try it out. We plugged it in and I promptly played a few bars from a song we’d been learning in class. Mum was amazed at how well I could play. In fact, it was something I’d only recently found out myself… that I could pick out notes on the piano then Miss Simms showed me the chords. Pretty soon, once I’d heard a tune or song, I could pick it up very quickly and loved being able to do so. I didn’t realise that I had a talent as it was something that just came naturally. I hugged mum with thanks - I was so happy I wriggled joyfully in her embrace as she patted my padded bum and kissed the top of my head. Julie said that I wasn’t going to get her present until the party, which I thought was typical of her, keeping me on the verge of excitement, wondering what it could be. She didn’t let on. About noon the caterers came to set up for the party. Mum and Julie had been planning a Superheroes theme (although I didn’t know that at the time) and my organising sister had been on the phone almost permanently sorting things out. I’d heard clips of conversation but as soon as she saw that I was in earshot she whispered so I couldn‘t hear or hung up. It was all very secretive and I was getting very excited indeed. After watching my TV programme (about Zeus) I played on my new piano and was surprised at being able to make stuff up that sounded, to me at least, quite good. As the caterers began to set out the tables under an awning in the garden Julie ushered me upstairs out of the way. She ran a bath and filled it full of bubbles. Now, ever since I was a baby I have just loved bubbles and enjoyed hiding and playing in amongst them whilst I was bathed by either her or mum. Even if I was in the park and another kid was blowing bubbles you’d find me chasing after them, popping each as I tried to capture them. It was one of those things that Julie always knew to do if I was in a mood (which was rarely) or wanted to keep me entertained. Yeah Bubbles! She helped me out of my surprisingly damp pull-ups and lifted me into the foam. I sat in the bath and I piled bubbles all over my head, made beards, pretended it was thick fog and my toy boats had to manoeuvre their way through the ‘mists’ and ‘icebergs’. I was having fun and must have been in there for quite some time as it was relatively cool when eventually Julie, who had left me to it whilst she went off to ‘supervise’ (her word) the caterers, returned with a thick towel. Although I was quite capable of doing things for myself, if she was around, then she was in charge and I acquiesced and let her get on with it. She thoroughly rubbed me dry, covered me in lotion and massaged it in and then finally added a comprehensive sprinkling of powder to all my ‘boy’ parts. She wrapped me in the towel and I was guided to my room where she had prepared a surprise. “Happy Birthday,” she sang as I became aware of just what she’d done. Laid out on my bed was a short tunic with gold braid. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it. She continued, “This is my present,” she looked at my awestruck expression, “I know how much you like this stuff… so I thought I’d get you something special.” I hugged my sister so tightly and I have to say there were tears of joy in my eyes as I thanked her but I was speechless. She held me until she thought I’d calmed down a bit then suggested that I try it on and get ready to receive my guests. I was spellbound. First she fastened me firmly into a white disposable, which I never gave a second thought about, then over that she pulled a shiny gold coloured nappy cover and checked that it fit nice and snug. Next she fitted the little white silky tunic around my waist and fed my arm through a shoulder strap. The material was soft and shiny with loads of pleats making it look like a short kilt. There was gold braiding along the edges, which appeared to match my new ‘underwear’. It made me feel really very special. I looked in the mirror once she’d finished checking that everything was in order and couldn’t believe it – I was dressed just like my hero Jason from the TV programme. She’d even got me a pair of gold sandals that fastened up my legs and to top it off, she added a gold laurel wreath for my hair. I’d been transformed from me… into a real Greek hero and I just could not believe how proud and courageous I felt. As I hugged and thanked my thoughtful sister again and again, she just gleefully patted my nicely padded bottom and said she was so glad I liked it and was what I deserved for being “…the best little baby brother in the world.” She’d also thoughtfully found a huge poster of Jason and the Argonauts from the TV series, which she said she’d hang up for me later, and who, apart from a small sword hanging from his waist, was dressed exactly like me. I twirled in front of the mirror. The gold sparkled, the shiny material glistened and even the new gold ‘protection’ shimmered and complemented the mythical look. The final thing was a little gold rope sash that was tightened around my waist, I thought I looked as good as Jason and wished I could join him and his men on one of their fantastic journeys. Julie nodded her approval as I spun and danced with joy. My party was in full swing. Nearly all my class mates, both boys and girls had come, as well as Julie’s girlfriends who after all I’d known all my life. It was these older girls who organised and supervised the games, the music and the fun. Most of the boys who came wore some form of fancy dress; super-heroes, cowboys, robots etc, whilst a few of the girls had also dressed as cartoon characters or animals. We all looked fantastic as we charged around the garden and I loved the way my costume hung from my shoulder, the material soft and looking completely unique. I was enjoying having something so special that had been made especially for me and was constantly imagining myself back in mythological times and being the favourite of one of the Athenian gods. One of the last people to arrive was Simon. At first I didn’t recognise him as he stood at the door gripping his mother’s hand. In fact, it was only because I recognised Mrs McKay that it quickly dawned on me who this nervous little girl was who held on to her so tightly. His hair was so much longer, he kept his eyes cast down in a shy, nervous kind of way and tried not to look at me. Mrs McKay was all smiles, “Wish Danni a Happy Birthday poppet.” He wriggled uncertainly as he clutched his mum with one hand and held a gift in the other. “Happy Birthday,” she continued before he son could say anything. “My you do look pretty Danni, is that a special birthday outfit you’re wearing?” I nodded as I took in the way Simon was dressed, he looked like a little girl. His jumper was pink with a large blue and pink butterfly on the front. His shorts were pale pink and covered in a blue and yellow butterfly design, which were held up with two matching straps over his shoulders that crossed at the back. His pink socks had ruffles at the ankle and he wore pink plastic sandals, which he nervously scuffed along the floor. I took all this in as he timidly whispered his “Happy Birthday” and offered me his gift. “Hello Si… erm…” I wasn’t sure what to call him but I went ahead anyway. “Hello Simon I’m so glad you could make it.” He looked up hesitantly and there was a fleeting smile. I held out my hand for him to take. “C’mon let’s get to the party.” He checked with his mother to make sure it was OK. She released his hand. “Enjoy yourself poppet… try not to make a mess of your clothes… go and join your friends.” Simon was definitely not the boisterous little lad who had played with me on that sunny weekend all those weeks ago. He walked slowly and hesitantly into the crowd and seemed relieved that none of his former school friends appeared to recognise him. He stuck close to me throughout the party but didn’t join in any of the games. It was strange that all the other boys ignored him but the girls wanted him to be in their group. He looked quite fearful when Julie and her friends came over to say ‘hello’. “Hello Simone,” they chorused. “You do look pretty.” “Love the butterflies.” “What lovely hair” and a host of similar comments interspersed with giggles. He had shut his eyes to what was being said and looked like he was on the verge of tears. I took him away from everyone and asked him what was wrong. “Mum likes me better as a girl,” he sobbed. “Since Julie and her friends dressed me up,” he paused as he wiped the snot from his nose, “mum won’t let me be a boy. I have to wear girl’s clothes” I tried to calm him but I didn’t have much to say. He looked at the shiny tunic I was wearing and said. “She’s done it to you as well…” At no point had I thought what I was wearing was anything but heroic. Jason and loads of Greek heroes wore similar things but his comment jolted my image of myself. He put his hand on my padded bum. “I have to wear knickers now… and… and…” He was still trying to get it out between sobs, “and sleep in a… a nappy and… a… a… nightie.” He buried his face in the crook of his arm and tried to hold back more tears. It was obviously upsetting the poor boy but alas to me none of this seemed a hardship as I’d been living like that all my life. However, I could see he was distressed so I hugged him close. Then in the quietest of voices he confessed he hadn’t wanted to come as he was scared of Julie and her friends and what they might do or say. However, his mum thought it was time he should be out and about (whether he wanted to or not) and had insisted he came. He said he was glad to see me again. He pulled at his tight-fitting butterfly shorts and said he wished he could wear his old briefs as the lacy ones he had to wear rode up and were so uncomfortable. I had liked it when I first met Simon and we’d charged around in just our shorts and had water-pistol fights and got ourselves thoroughly wet through, but I liked him now as well, it made no difference to me how he dressed and I told him so. I said I thought he looked nice. There was a faint smile from him and he seemed to become a bit more confident as we looked each other over. He rubbed the front of my shiny golden nappy and whispered that he thought I looked like “that Greek hero off the TV”, which brought a huge grin and a twirl from me. # to be continued...
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    CHAPTER 10 Having finished the bacon and toast Blair had made for her Dawn went bak up stairs and showered and dressed. Looking at the clock she knew she needed to leave in about fifteen minutes to go to Lori’s by the directions Blair gave her. Lori’s house was only about ten minutes from their place at the most, how convenient would that be she thought. Dawn felt a nervous uneasiness although she had be through countless interviews in the process of getting into med school, this was a completely different feeling. Dawn had to sell herself to this little woman and earn her trust, even though she was a little Dawn was going to be in charge of her life. As Dawn drove up into Lori’s drive, Dawn was unsure if she should have brought a toy or stuffy for the little woman, what would she like what did she play with did she sleep with a stuffy these were questions facing her. Dawn had an awkward feeling as she rang the doorbell. Dawn is greeted at the door by Jane with she assumes is Lori on her hip. “Good morning Dawn, come on in.” Dawn stepping through the door way is impressed she thought the house would be a complete mess and filled with small furniture for a little, finding instead a formal living room that most Amazon’s would love to have. Following Jane they walk through a formal dinning area then enter a kitchen area opening up into a family room with a fire place and big screen TV mounted on one wall. Dawn has not seen one thing for a little except a couple of step stools. Jane sets Lori down on the couch. “Lori is not a big fan of being out in front part of the house, she likes the kitchen and this room here when she is down stairs. Lori I would like to introduce you to Dawn, and Dawn this is Lori.” Dawn sits on the couch “nice to meet you Lori.” “It is okay honey you can talk to Dawn, remember I said while Dawn is here you can talk and ask any questions so you can get to know each other easier.” Jane gives her a little prodding to get her to talk. “Nice to meet you Dawn.” “I will leave you two to talk I will be upstairs if either of you need me.” Jane turns and walks over to the stairway and disappears. “Have you had a good morning Lori?” “Yes, I slept in a little then ate and then played for a while.” “Oh what time do you like to get up at?” “I usually wake around seven, this morning it was almost eight before I woke up. Jane said you were a doctor like her?” “Yes, Jane and I work together at a clinic, I have only worked there for about a month now. I sure enjoy working there and with people like Jane have made my start there very easy and smooth start to my medical career.” Dawn senses they are both a little nervous to start with. “If I understood Jane, you work during the week and need a sitter on the weekends is that right Lori?” “Yes, Dawn I’m an attorney and I have my own firm, I like a sitter here on weekends to help me.” “Sure, what would be the hours you needed a sitter here Lori?” “I like to get started at six in the evening on Friday and go until I go to work on Monday morning. Which one of my employees is here about eight and we leave around eight thirty. The firm opens at nine. Now there might times when I might take a week off, would you be able to stay a week at a time if I wanted you too?” Lori is starting to open up a little. “Yes no problem, I would need to put in for it at the clinic, like two weeks ahead of time or something like that.” “Oh yes I understand you could not just walk away for a week and come back I would give you at least a months notice before I did something like that. Do you like working with babies?” Lori starts to ratchet up the questions. “Yes I do I love working at the clinic with the babies that come in there and I would like to have children of my own someday, I know adopting is the easy way I still want to have a baby or babies the old fashion way.” “Do you like being around other babies or do like being the only one?” “I have not really had many chances to be around other babies until here recently at work and at my neighbors to the North.” “You were not being a baby with them though?” Dawn feels she can ask that since she brought it up about work and next-door. “I was being a baby at both places, and had fun interacting with the babies there.” “So you have came ‘out’ of the nursery then? I thought from Jane this was only here at home?” “I have had the right situations to be a baby at work off and on, and more full time when I’m there next-door, I have not came ‘out’ yet so to say and go baby all the time.” Lori feels more and more confortable with Dawn is opening up more with her. “Now Lori I hope you do not mind me asking, how does your staff at work respond to you being a baby, I would think you would be scared to be a baby around your staff with the fear of being adopted by one of them?” “Dawn I have a great staff they hard working and I trust them to make the right decision when it comes to my well being. I only have three employees one of which is a partner in the firm Amy who has been with me from the start for a little over two years now. I hired Paige our receptionist/office manager just a little over a month ago, and just last week Blair came to work as the Law Overseer for myself. Now sure I do not know those two like I do Amy, I feel I can trust them. Just yesterday I messed my pants and Blair found out about them and she put a diaper on me before we had a meeting to go to. Let me think… yes I had diapers put on by employees and a client yesterday at the office and here at home by Blair when she brought me home. Blair and Paige both have had legal grounds to have made me their daughter if they so wanted.” “Wow, you sure are playing with fire there Lori, now you said Blair changed you here at home does she know about your little secret here at home, like the weekends and all that go along with those?” “No, I have not told her, I have a feeling I’m safe with them they are so nice and caring, they both like to have fun and I like that too.” “This is fascinating Lori, you are a remarkable women and so trusting. Now when you are treated as a baby by your employees do you get the same feelings from them as you get when Jane or hopefully myself baby you?” Dawn cannot help she reaches over towards Lori and checks her diaper unannounced. “A little damp we will get you change here shortly if you like?” “Dawn my bottom is in your hands.” Both ladies chuckle. “I see it would fit nicely in both hands baby” as Dawn holds her hands up to Lori. “Lets see… I am at a little different place at work while being a baby, I feel I’m still there to work although as a baby.” “How does your clients feel about it, do you see a day when you might go to work dressed as a baby everyday?” “I’m so busy doing nothing but adoptions, I’m dealing with littles wanting to be babies and they are more at ease around me especially dressed as a baby. The mommies or Amazons, love it they are there to adopt and have baby fever so the more they see a baby the happier they are. And yes I could see going to work as a baby everyday, along as the staff was ok with it. I would have to talk with Paige and Blair before I made that decision to be a baby at work, and that I would expect them to treat me as such.” “I’m sorry for all the questions and if I have hit a nerve please let me know, Lori this is amazing to me and I am fascinated by you and what you are doing. Now other than wearing diapers and dressing as baby at work what else would you want them to do for you?” “I would want Paige to schedule time for me to have a nap everyday after lunch, she handles the scheduling for the most part. Maybe Blair or Paige could help with lunch, maybe even spoon feed me or with a bottle, Blair does so much with picking me up and taking me home she has a full plate with that. Maybe and this would go back to scheduling maybe some play time with some toys.” Lori climbs over onto Dawn’s lap, getting a few pats on her bottom from Dawn before she sits down. “Awww thats ok baby, could you see your self walking down the street dressed as a baby say out in front of your house here in this neighbor hood? And you are wet honey you have a wet squishy diaper don’t you baby?” “Well, I could see myself going down the sidewalk as a baby in front of my house, I think I would rather be pushed in a stroller by you though Dawn.” Lori reaches up and tries to give Dawn a hug, sitting back down the dam burst in her diaper. Dawn immediately feels the wetness from her on her lap. “Oh baby I think we have to change that diaper now, where are your diapers and a changing table.” “Sorry Dawn I hope you come back I did not mean to leak on you as she starts to cry.” Dawn puts her up on her shoulder and consoles her and rubs her back not worried about now having a wet top from her diaper. Dawn figures her nursery is up stairs and starts up the steps when Jane starts down. “Did she fall is she alright?” Jane is concerned coming down the stairs towards Blair and Lori “Nothing big Jane just a leaky diaper my fault should have kept her checked better, she is upset it leaked all over me. Lori this might be the first time you wet on me I do not think it will be the last time honey, I know it happens.” Dawn follows Jane to the nursery and lays the little woman on the changing table. “Lori do you want Mommy Jane to change you?” “You don’t want to change me Dawn?” Lori cries even more. “No no honey I was just checking I will have you cleaned up in no time baby Lori” and puts a pacifier in her mouth soothing her right down. After getting her changed she bounces her a little on her hip while talking to Jane. “This sure is a nice nursery Lori. Jane and Dawn can see she is still upset “Look at my shorts Lori do you think Mommy Jane needs to diaper me now since I look wet? Lori takes the pacifier out of her mouth dropping it on the floor “yes Mommy Jane, diaper Dawn and we play together in our diapers.” Lori laughs. “I know certain young lady that is going to get her yum yum from Mommy Jane and then is going down for her nap, and honey I do not have any diapers that will fit Dawn.” Jane smiles to Dawn. “Dawn has to leave honey.” “She is leaving? “Yes, honey I will be back tomorrow though about the same time, and we can do what ever you want.” Blair is not to sure about the diaper thing though. Jane takes Lori from Dawn and sets her down in the crib. “Dawn is leaving I will be right back up with yum yums then it will be nap time.” Dawn and Jane walk down stairs. “I can stay longer if you want me too Jane, I might have to borrow a top and some shorts and panties?” “No that is fine she will be down for her nap here soon and you will be back tomorrow for a longer period tomorrow and you need to get cleaned up.” “I did want to say I did get a small amount from each breast this morning while pumping.” As the two women reach the front door. “Great to hear, Dawn you will be able to nurse soon.” Dawn and Jane exchange a hug and Dawn then turns and walks out to her car. Dawn goes home and gets in the shower, after showering she has her pee stained shorts and top laying on the bed and she smells the pee stains and thinks to her self even her urine smells wonderful she is so cute and so smart she is going to be fun. Dawns sits with the breast pump sitting in the rocker in their bedroom imagining that the pump is Lori suckling at her breast. Dawn sits and thinks she might change things up when she is in charge and let her talk if she wants it was so nice talking and caring for her at the same time. Dawn then thinks about the changes at work Lori wants, what will Blair think of those…
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    --------------------------- Chapter 3: Supplies, Surprise! The next day, Derrek joined Amanda on some errands she needed to run. It was all mainly just running to different stores to pick stuff up or return clothes that didn't quite fit right. One stop she needed to make was particularly interesting to him though. Amanda needed to pick up some boxes from her friend Becca's house. Amanda and Becca had been friends since high school. They both actually worked at the school they had attended when they were teens. While Amanda was the school nurse, Becca was the home economics and child development teacher. Derrek had taken one of her classes in the past, and always found Becca to be a sweet lady, and kind of a babe actually. She was a little shorter than average height, and was fuller figured with blond hair and a kind smiling face. Derrek always thought she was the stereotypical preschool teacher type. Always cheery with very exaggerated actions. His friends use to rib him for "having the hots for the home ec teacher". Aside from his attraction to Becca, Derrek was also curious about her daughter, Annabelle. Becca was a single mother to her daughter, and with working fulltime, she hadn't always had time to keep after her. A few years back Annabelle had gained a reputation around campus for being a stoner. She was curvy and beautiful like her mom, but she always dressed in black, and hung out with the goth and stoner crowds. Throughout freshman year, she was in trouble more often than not, but when she returned after Summer break, she seemed… different. She just kind of kept to herself and didn't really associate with anyone. Derrek always thought it was odd, but he was never very close with her anyway. As they pulled up in the driveway, Becca came walking out the front door to greet them. She had a big smile plastered on her face. Amanda instantly started smiling at the sight of her friend. Becca walked over to Amanda's car door and tapped on the glass. Becca: Hey bitch! Amanda burst out laughing as she climbed out of her SUV. They hugged and pecked each other on the cheek. Derrek was starting to unbuckle his seat belt when Becca leaned over to peer in at him. She gave him an exaggerated flappy wave. Becca: Hiiiiiii Derrek!! Bet you weren't expecting to see a teacher during your Summer break, huh? Derrek chuckled at her enthusiastic welcome. Derrek: It's all good, Ms. M. Becca: We're not in school now sweetheart. You can call me Aunt Becca if you'd like. Me and your mom are practically family. We go way back. Derrek thought it was a little odd to call one of his teachers "Aunt", but he really didn't have much family, and welcomed adding another member. Especially a hotty teacher like Becca. Derrek: Ok, Aunt Becca! Becca: Well, you two come on in! I have some snacks and, oh Mandy, you have to try that wine I was telling you about the other day. Amanda: YEAH! I almost forgot. I need to get the name from you again. The two of them were chatting up a storm and making there way for the house with Derrek following from behind. Becca only paused for a moment to turn to Derrek and say... Becca: Derrek, Annabelle is in the living room watching TV. I told her you were coming over. I'm sure she'd love for you to join her. Amanda glanced back and winked at him. Amanda: Yeah, why don't you go see what she's up to? Derrek: Uh, sure. He shrugged and followed the ladies inside. Becca and Amanda continued catching up as they walked toward the kitchen. Derrek slowly made his way down the hall. He could hear the sound of SpongeBob reruns coming from the room ahead. As he got closer, he started to feel kind of nervous. How was he supposed to do this? How was he supposed to have a conversation with this girl he knew basically nothing about. This was going to be painful… He gulped hard as he approached the entry way. If things were weird, he thought, maybe I can feign an illness or something. The first thing he noticed upon entering the room was the smell. As soon as he crossed the threshold he was overwhelmed with the scent of a nursery. He thought it smelled a lot like the baby aisle in a grocery store. Powder for sure, but there were hints of thick lotions and wipes, and something else. He could almost swear he smelled a faint musky odor that he could only describe as poop. It wasn't strong enough to be off-putting, but he noticed it for sure. The décor and furniture of the room even resembled a nursery. At first this seemed really weird to Derrek. After all, Annabelle was his age. She hadn't been little enough for this kind of a room for years. Becca was a child development teacher though. Maybe she needed this kind of setup for work, or who knows, maybe she babysat on the side as well. The room looked like it had survived a pastel explosion. There was a TV mounted to the far wall, a playpen fence in the center of the room, a giant rocking horse near another wall, and various bean bag chairs on the floor. One whole wall was even painted with chalkboard paint. Derrek also spotted a toy box, a pile of folded blankets, and what he assumed was a diaper trashcan… that would explain the faint poop scent, he thought. Annabelle: It takes some getting use to, huh? Derrek: What!? What does? He was startled until his eyes met Annabelle's. She was sitting on a big beanbag chair near the center of the room. She had her mother's blond hair, though she wore her's up in twin oriental looking buns. It made a nice contrast to the black clothes and nail polish she was wearing. Her eyes were a pretty lavender color, and her lips had a natural pink tone, which would make lipstick manufacturers jealous. Derrek always thought she had such an innocent looking face, but she never shied away from speaking her mind, even if it would offend someone. Annabelle: Oh, you were just… you were looking around the room. My mom does a lot of babysitting, so it was just easier for her to convert this room into a nursery. It was pretty damn weird though when it all first happened. Derrek felt kind of proud that he was able to guess why the room was this way. Maybe he should go to school for criminal justice and become a detective? Derrek: Yeah I bet this would take some getting use to. Annabelle: Dude, you have no idea… Annabelle seemed to realize just then that Derrek was still standing awkwardly in the doorway. Annabelle: You can sit down you know. You don't have to stand there in the doorway like a loser. She smiled a devious grin at him. He smiled back and walked over to the nearest beanbag chair. He looked like a total dork trying to sit in it. After several false starts, he finally sank down into it and was practically swallowed whole. This made Annabelle laugh until she snorted, and then that in turn made Derrek start laughing. Annabelle: I can't believe you'd make fun of my snort! And after I offered you a fucking beanbag and all. Derrek: More like you offered me a deathtrap! How the hell do you get out of this thing? Annabelle: You don't. You just relax in it, loser. They both laughed some more. Derrek felt his nervousness leave him entirely. Annabelle actually seemed pretty cool. It really kind of made him sad that he had never hung out with her before. They talked about school and teachers, and where they wanted to go after they graduated. They talked like they had been lifelong friends. In a lot of ways they seemed like Amanda and Becca; chatting non-stop to catch up on everything. Derrek: So, taking a leap here, if I asked you out for Prom next year like preemptively, would you say yes? Annabelle: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Romeo. What makes you think I'm the kind of girl that would be caught dead at Prom? Derrek: Well I didn't necessarily say we would go to the dance! Derrek offered it like a defense. Annabelle: Wow, straight to the hotel then? Derrek turned bright red. Derrek: No I didn't mean… I was jus… Annabelle: I'm just fucking with you, Derrek! You need to learn to relax a little. Derrek: Hey, I am still sitting in the beanbag chair aren't I!? They both laughed some more until Annabelle snorted again, and then they really laughed. Annabelle: Oh my god, you're going to make me pee my pants! Derrek: Well, if that was going to happen this would be the room to do it in! Annabelle seemed to sober up after that comment. Derrek thought maybe he had said something wrong. One joke too many? Annabelle: Hey Derrek, have you met Aunt Lydia yet? He was really confused by this question. Why would he have met her Aunt? He looked at her quizzically and shook his head no. Annabelle: Well, look, I could get in big trouble for talking about this, but when you meet her, whatever you do, read everything before you.. Just then Amanda and Becca came walking into the room. Annabelle quickly shifted her attention. Annabelle: Aunt Mandy!!! Amanda: Hey Belle! Come give me a hug! Annabelle jumped off the beanbag and threw her arms around Amanda. Derrek was kind of whiplashed from the sudden end to his previous conversation, but he figured it must not have been as important as it had seemed. Becca: You two seem to have hit things off pretty well. We could hear you laughing all the way in the kitchen. Derrek: We weren't laughing, we were snorting! Annabelle shot him a wicked glare as Becca started to laugh. Amanda then turned her gaze toward Derrek. She was jingling her car keys in one of her hands. Amanda: I think it's time for us to take off Sweety. Derrek: Do you need help loading boxes into the car? Derrek rocked himself free of the beanbag chair's death grip. Amanda: No we got it all loaded while you guys were chatting. As Derrek and Amanda were having that exchange, he saw Becca walk over to her daughter and clip something to her shirt. He couldn't really make out what it was, but he didn't think too much of it. Becca: Say buh bye to Derrek, Belle. Annabelle looked somewhat shocked. She turned to her mom and then to Derrek, but instead of saying anything, she just grabbed him in a big bear hug. He returned the favor of course, and then he even hugged Aunt Becca. As he and Amanda headed for the door, he pivoted around one last time and said to Annabelle… Derrek: Think about what I asked you about for next year! She blushed slightly and gave him a thumbs up. It was then that Derrek recognized the thing Becca had clipped to her daughter's shirt. It was a pacifier.
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    7.) The whole afternoon I felt dizzy. With the exception of ice cream, chocolate milk, and mac and cheese, it had officially been five days without food. My vision blurred along the corners as I walked down the hall. I'd gotten teased in both my class, but nothing bad... not yet... "Come with me" I smiled at the boy, my hand having slipped around the waistband of his skirt. "We want to talk to you." Talk would be an onerous understatement, but there would be talking involved, as part of other things. "Don't be pouty, don't protest, just come with me or Daddy will be cross and you'll get a spanking." "I... Emme, I need to catch my train!" But she pulled me along anyway. I really didn't have the coordination for this, and I think she noticed. My whole body was pins and needles, as cold as ice. I was finally pulled into a classroom, and it took me a minute to focus on Corles. "I don't want to talk... I want to go home..." I closed the door behind me and locked it, pulling the study blind over the little square window. Corles approached the boy and put his hand on his cheek, looking down into his eyes. "You've been very naughty, Call. Not taking care of your body, not listening, being very rude..." I uncapped the first jar of baby food - this was a little thing of mine in particular, and put the little plastic spoon in the pureed fruit. Corles pulled the boy down onto his lap and I handed him the jar, getting to work on the next part of things. I pushed myself off the boy, nearly stumbling until I hit the wall. I felt... well, almost drunk, but in a completely not at all healthy fun kind of way. I closed my eyes and shook my head before looking up at the two. "Just stop! I mean it, and I'm trying so many times to say it! Just cut it out because I’m… I’m feeling bad enough without this! Okay?! Just leave me alone!" The room spun with my anger and I lost my breath. So sick, so sick... I took the boy and I kissed his lips, pressing my gloss to his chapped skin as I held his wrists and gently turned him around, pushing him backwards to be caught by Corles... who lifted him up underneath one knee and pushed him against the wall, then kissed him as well. We were very different kissers - I kissed for soft tender affection and Corles kissed much more assertively. "Um..." That certainly didn't help the spinning of the room, that much was certain. But damn... "I... I don't understand..." I shook my head as I was let back down to the floor, but my feet gave out and it was only by the grace of the boy holding me that I stayed upright. "Thanks..." I mumbled. I approached my boyfriend and looked at the dazed boy, smiling at him as I exchanged glances with Corles. "Daddy and I have... an interest in you." Interest was the right word - there was no other word to really describe it, despite our best attempts to try. "We're wondering, little prince, if you have an interest in us. Remember, honesty is very important to us, even if it makes your pretty cheeks glow redder than Emme's behind when she's naughty." "I... I really don't understand..." They had an interest in me? An interest in kissing me? "What, because I wear a skirt and you think I'm a girl like Emme?" I shook my head and pulled away from both of them. "No. Listen. Emme's my friend, and... and I'm not a faggot, alright? I'm... I'm really glad you guys are so nice, but... but just... stop it... stop treating me different..." I sighed and looked at Corles and he looked at me, then without another word he took the boy in his grasp and sat down, putting him over his lap. He lifted his skirt, tugged down the diaper, and spoke very clearly to the struggling boy."You complicate your own life, my little prince." The sound of the first smack came down as my lips pressed against Calls. Me on my knees and my hand on his cheek and the other playing with his hair as my boyfriend spanked his bottom relentlessly. I started to cry, but the kisses made it better. I would whimper around her lips whenever his hand would hit my bottom, but no matter what, I couldn't get off his lap. The crying turned constant and the kissing more passionate, and by the end of it, when they both stopped, I was a mess. More of a mess, because now... I was conflicted. Why couldn't they let me be...?! The spanks stopped and Corles now only gently ran his fingers over the boy’s reddened behind as I whispered and smiled, looking into his red-rimmed eyes. "Don't think... don't. Just act. The way you did when you kissed Daddy. So the first thing that comes to mind, do the first thing you want. Don't think. Don't dwell. Just do." I wanted off his lap is what I wanted. I felt exposed and humiliated, and worse than all that, entirely dashed with confusion. I climbed onto my feet, looking down at them. The diaper was pulled up and the skirt back down. I felt so stupid standing there... "I think I missed my train..." It was all I could think to say... “Kiss who you want to kiss and then you can go." Corles didn't give the option not to kiss and he knew with the boy in his current headspace that he'd obey - spanking tended to have that impact, especially twenty-five on bare bottom skin. "I... I don't..." But they both looked at me curiously and I felt my cheeks darken. Who I wanted to kiss? I didn't want to kiss either of them! But Emme's kisses were so lovely, keeping me safe, and then there was the kiss with Corles the night before. I could barely breathe... "Um..." "One..." I looked at Corles and then at the boy, cautioning. "Don't let him get to three." My eyes were wide like I'd seen a ghost and put the tip of my thumb between my lips nervously."Two..." It wouldn't end here, of course, this was all like we'd discussed - he'd kiss one of us, probably me - and then he'd he sat down and fed and taken care of. Corles still had yet to put him into 'little' space after all, and we both knew he had that. I wasn't sure what I was afraid of. I hadn't been counted to three by anyone but my mom, and that was years ago! I bit hard on my lip and took a step forward, putting my lips against Corles's, and stepping back to where I was. My cheeks had caught fire. "See you Monday," I said with a quiver in my voice and turned out the door. Did I just kiss a boy over kissing a girl? What the hell was wrong with me... I went to follow the boy, but Corles took my hand and smiled, shaking his head. I didn't get it, but I also knew better than to argue, and we let the boy leave. A few minutes later he got a text rom Corles that read: My pretty little prince, I expect you to make something to eat when you get home, a two course meal. Take pictures, then eat it all up like a good little boy. I want to see pictures of your cleaned plate. I hope I'm not making this too difficult for you, little one. Be good, Daddy p.s. There will be a reward tomorrow if you're good I fell asleep on the train. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me. I'd eaten so little the past few days, and the whole time with Emme and Corles was a little hazy. I missed my stop twice over, and it wasn't until nine at night that I got home. I made myself a Poptart - which really was all I could think to do - and went straight to sleep before my parents could yell at me. --- Call's luck as an Untrained in high school can't last forever, so be sure to check out the eight new chapters (through Ch. 15) now on Patreon. Please consider supporting us! --- Who is your ship? Call x Emme? Call x Corles? Call as Corles and Emme's sissy baby? Leave a comment below!
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    I use the word stinky for when I make a poop. If I get a cut or scrap it is a boo boo. When I play with my toy train it is not a train it is a Choo Choo. If I am being a bad girl I am being naughty. When I am told to be quiet I am told to shush. My toes are referred to as tootsies. My stomach is referred to as my tum tum. This one is used a lot as I am learning to walk. Upsy Daisy when I fall. Close to Upsy Daisy and also used a lot for me is Whoopsie Daisy because I have drop things a lot and make messes. That is quite a few of them.
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    i do good to go 12 hours with i could go all weekend how does people do that
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    You can only like three things? I didn't know that! o_o How weird! I know I'm like the 5th most liked member on this site and I have this newfound urge to get in the top 3! I know it's silly. I'll just have to keep up the great writing and make sure I constantly impress the pants right off you guys!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!
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    This needs to be cleaned up and perfected and coloured, but I think the ink gets the point across and it made me giggle.