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  1. That is incredibly disingenuous, Maly. It is a good summation of sensationalism, not the newspaper. Unless YOU have numbers to back that up.
  2. Visiting a Friend

    Thank you very much! I tried to do that where the trials Melody faced would create some tension as to whether or not this entire journey was going to be worth it. It was really fun for me to go back and forth cause I didn't know where it would end until I started planning out the design of Holly's room.
  3. Visiting a Friend

    So I decided to separate the two and just keep each as its own thread. Visiting a Friend “We’re almost there guys, aaalmost.” A first voice said. “Haha! Can you believe it? We’ll actually be the first on the server to beat this boss! I’ve never been this proud of something so clearly shameful!” A second voice teased but still clearly very enthusiastic about the upcoming win. All at once, eight voices erupted in laughter as the boss’ HP ran down to zero and the giant beast keeled over, its body glowing, indicating it could now be looted. “GG everyone.” The first voice said with finality. One by one, a few members of the group left and also exited the guild’s discord, cutting the number from eight to four. “GG, DS, thanks for leading this instance. I think we can all help lead our own instances now.” A third voice opined. The leader, DS, pushed her talk button, opening her communication line, “No problem, I’m just that kind of nerd who’d watch the Koreans play this instance ten times. I knew we had the gear, just had to know the rotations. Now you do too! Good luck, Meru.” A fourth voice entered the conversation and it sounded desperate, “But why is the fight over an hour though? Did they really need it to last that long? I gotta pee sooooo bad. How are you guys not desperate?” The second voice piped up, “It’s cause we’re guys, we can hold it or use bottles. You girls are SoL like that.” “Jaxter, please. I’m a girl and I do just fine. I mean, that’s what diapers are for!” DS said in a sarcastic manner. The remaining four members laughed with Meru complimenting her deranged sense of humour. Jaxter, the second voice, announced his plans to retire leaving Meru and DS and presumably the desperate girl who had gone to relieve herself. That was when Meru started striking up an old conversation, “So, how far into Hunter x Hunter are you, Dark Sonata?” Dark Sonata, the player formerly known as DS responded with a bit of exasperation, “Uuuugh, you and Holy are so adamant about that show. I’ll keep watching, I just got done with the Heaven’s Arena stuff and Yorknew is starting. I like it I swear, but you guys are suffocating me!” “I’m just asking! Yorkshin is really good. It’s my brother’s favourite arc still and definitely my second favourite but I can’t wait till you see me in the show! I won’t spoil more than that!” Meruem announced with glee, trying to entice her with the intrigue of his name sake. “Oh so that’s where MeruemSama comes from?” Dark Sonata asked, with some genuinely renewed interest but still mostly putting on an act for her guild mate. “I’m back!” The girly fourth voice giggled. “You made it okay, Holy?” Dark Sonata asked. “…yes… Why wouldn’t I?” The girl going by Holy responded, not sounding entirely convincing. Meruem laughed into his mic, “Did you actually not?” “I did! you guys are being mean, new topic.” Holy pouted. “Actually, I was just hyping Dark up for Yorknew and Chimera Ant later on.” Meruem bragged. “Haha! I love those. No one ever gives Greed Island any love though… Razor is hot!” “Uuuuugh, you are such a girl! Greed Island suuuucks, I’d rewatch the Zoldyck arc ten times before putting up with the Bomber shit all over again.” “Bombs? That sounds awesome!” Dark interjected, “But anyway, I gotta go soon. I need to finish packing. I gotta be at the airport tomorrow, bright and early.” Relieved from the distraction of a subject change away from Meruem’s disdain of Greed Island, Holy proclaimed, “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Oh it’s gonna be sooo fun! I STILL can’t believe you live just on the other side of the border!” “I knooooow! It’s gonna be awesome! We can be all hot together and poor Meru will never get to see it.” Dark teased. “Ya, you got that right” Holy added, playing along. “Wow. You guys are gonna be like that? Just gonna tease me with hot girl on girl and then just not show me hot girl on girl? “Yup.” Dark said, sealing the deal. “Well alrighty then, that’s my cue to leave. If there ain’t no show, I ain’t show. Buh bye now.” Meru declared his intent in his usually jokey tone. The girls giggled and kept talking a little longer before eventually Dark Sonata and Holy said goodnight to each other as well. Finally unplugging from her digital world where her friends were a fingertip away, the girl known as Dark Sonata looked at her surroundings. She stood on the carpeted floor of her little apartment’s bedroom. Around her were her stack of old college textbooks, unceremoniously dumped onto the floor beside two empty boxes she had recently opened. She stretched, reaching up to where she had placed little stars on her ceilings that glowed in the dark so the night wasn’t entirely oppressive. She then made an exaggerated circle motion with her waist, feeling that lovely crack in her back. After being satisfied with her loosened spine, she walked over to the body length mirror behind her closed door and examined her bottom half, “Wow, these really are good. Not a single leak. I wonder if I can actually convince Holy to try them… I hope so… or it would be super embarrassing and I might never be able to talk to her again.” She poked at her butt under her pajama bottoms but instead of meeting the resistance of her skin and ample flesh, she was met with a plastic and padding sensation. Deciding to get a full view, she pulled down her pink, My Little Pony pajama bottoms and stared directly at her ABU adult diaper. It was sagging and a clearly saturated yellow tint replaced what used to be white on the front and back of the diaper. She examined herself before letting go again with a final stream. The diaper happily lapped it up, though the strain of the now soaked padding was starting to catch up. She needed to change. Walking up to her chest of drawers, beside her computer, she opened the top drawer and pulled out a few large goodnites pull ups and a few diapers. Then, she went through her other drawers in a descending order, pulling out what she deemed to be cute but could also mask her diapers and pull ups. Mostly skirts. On top of her chest of drawers sat a picture of Dark Sonata with another, younger girl. She looked at that picture and sighed in defeat. “Of course she’s gonna think I’m weird. No one used to understand me like you did… This is weird. This is dumb. I am literally flying to Seattle to meet a complete stranger and tell her she ought to wear diapers with me cause… cause it’d be fun?! Oh my God, what is wrong with me?” Dark looked around the room, tears in her eyes. Her walls were bare, save her degrees in Linguistics and Child psychology, awarded to Melody Holstaff. “Breathe… breathe…” She scrambled over to her bedside table on the other side of her room from the chest, dropping the diapers and pull ups as she did. She opened the drawer in the table revealing a small collection of pacifiers. She pulled out the vanilla one and inserted it into her mouth. Collapsing on the bed and curling into the fetal position, Melody sighed away her pain. She hugged her pillow and sucked on her pacifier. After regaining her composure, she got out of bed to see the diapers scattered. She suckled slowly, her breathing still a bit ragged. She picked up the picture once again, holding it close, “Oh Lily… What do I do? Holy is so much like you. She’s sweet and kind and innocent. I hate the thought of replacing you but I feel that connection with her that I only ever felt with you… Well… now I’ll know. If she likes it, this is who I am and if she doesn’t… no more diapers.” The morning could not come soon enough. Melody looked around her sparse little apartment. The carpeted floor was clean and vacuumed a few days prior, dishes packed and put away, it almost looked like she was moving out but in reality, she was using her vacation time off work; one week, to visit her friend in America. The one thing she did love about this room was the view. Depending on which window she looked out from, she could see Vancouver Island to the South West or the Rockies to the South East and both were gorgeous views. Seattle, at night was also a great view, seeing the lights of the big city. Doing one last sweep, making sure to lock her windows and close the blinders, she felt satisfied and ordered an Uber to the Airport. She walked past a different mirror on the way to the front door, stopping for only a brief moment to ensure her pull up could not be seen to easily under her white Sonic the Hedgehog skirt. Saying a little prayer, she locked the door to room 315 and she was off. She made it to the airport with little trouble and went to the check in station where a preppy older lady with a smile so plastic, it may have been vacuum sealed to her face greeted Melody, “Hello dear! Welcome! How may I help you?” “Hi,” Melody said, a little awkwardly, “Um, hi, I’m here to board flight AB-002, to Seattle?” Melody said, nervously, fidgeting and fumbling in her purse, finally producing her necessary papers. The woman’s smile seemed to somehow get bigger after that exchange, though no less fake for it. “Ahh, yes. I’ll just need to ask you some questions. Can you also put your luggage on this scale please,” the woman said, gesturing to the scale without breaking eye contact. Melody felt grossly out of her depth, doing all this alone for the first time. She complied as best she could with the woman, answering her questions truthfully and soon, the Totoro-faced monstrosity was a thing of the past. The luggage scans went without incident although it was little embarrassing to see the guard checking the scan do a double take before resuming his previous facial expression. Now it was waiting time. The big luggage had gone to boarding and all she had was her carry on, containing a diaper, a pull up, some make up, her cards, keys and other odds and ends. The flight boarded in an hour and a bit so she had time to kill. She walked into a spacious waiting area, seats lining the middle of the room like a snake, coiled in waiting. Around her, she saw different stalls selling food, newspapers, coffee and pastries and finally a lavatory. She sat across from a mother and her child of about four, Melody sitting on the inner row of seats, the mother and child sitting on the outer row. Feeling a slight twinge in her bladder, she gently released her stream into her pull up. Sighing in relief, she leaned back her head and closed her eyes, intending to sleep away the next hour. Right as she closes her peepers however, a screech from across the room tore into her like a drill into warm butter. Her shock caused her to involuntarily wet a little more but before she had time to consider that, the child and mother she sat across from her were gone, the child racing into and banging up against one of the vendor stalls repeatedly as if she did not quite the concept of glass. The girl was screaming apparent nonsense and jumping up and down. The mother, already looking exhausted as though this was not her first rodeo dragged the girl back, giving apologetic looks to anyone who turned her way. She child kept yammering in a way that Melody thought she recognized. On a hunch, she got up and walked over to the frazzled lady. “Excuse me, Ma’am?” Melody said, trying to be as gentle and non-aggressive as she could, tailoring her body language accordingly. The mother looked up, her suspicion barely masked, “I’m sorry, Abby is a special needs child. She is a little slower, please understand.” “Oh, I had guessed that much. I’m actually an aspiring child psychologist and linguist. I recognized some of the behaviours your daughter exhibited and you do look tired so I thought I’d help you out.” “Thank you… thank YOU. I only just found out she had something so I’m still kind of adjusting. I know I probably should have gotten her diagnosed sooner than this but… American healthcare isn’t what it used to be. I was just visiting Canada to hopefully get some help. Do you work at the BCCSS? That’s where I was.” “I do hope to get hired at the child speech services eventually but for now, I have to start small.” Melody said, her voice hopeful. She looked at the girl, crouching down to her level. “Well, if you can help me understand my daughter even a little more so I can take better care of her… I would definitely recommend you.” “Oh, that would be wonderful!” she said, looking up at the mother, “My name is Melody by the way.” She said, introducing herself and extending her hand. “Allie. Thank you so much again.” Allie said, shaking the younger girl’s hand. “Okay,” Melody said, turning her attention back to the little girl. She held up a finger to the girl, pointing to her and saying slowly, “What’s YOUR name?” The child giggled slightly, seemingly caught off guard. When she did open her mouth, it was to bite Melody’s finger. Reacting quickly, Melody pulled away. “No. We don’t bite. What is YOUR name?” She said, pointing to the girl, then as a clear indicator of what she means, she points to the child’s mother and goes “Mommy”, then to herself and goes, “Melody” and back to the little girl and… “Ahh-Lee!” “Ashley? Ashley is YOUR name?” She said, still pointing. “Ahh-Lee! Yeah!” “Well Hi Ashley, what’s going on? Are you hungry?” She said, miming chewing? The girl shook her head, giggling even more. “Wow,” Allie interjected, impressed, “You’re good.” Looking to the mother, she explained, “There is a linguistic concept known as semiotics. It’s basically just the study of signs and symbols. Basically, what I am doing is tapping into a kind of collective unconscious, doing things that are universally recognized- the act of chewing food to represent hunger, pointing at her to let her know the question is about her, things like that. I do it in order to communicate with your daughter. She seems to be a mid - to high functioning autistic with how quickly she’s understanding the gestures I’m using. It’ll be hard for now but as she gets older, she should integrate well.” “Is that why it’s so hard for me to potty train her? She’s still in diapers and doesn’t quite seem to grasp what I’m trying to teach her and she’s almost four. I can’t have her start school incontinent, can I?” Allie started to sound desperate. Melody had to compose herself, feeling a little embarrassed for what she was hiding under her own skirt but never the less, she persisted, “I’m sure the school will understand. Children like your daughter just need time. She’ll respond best to routines and simple, consistent patterns- whether in your speech, body language or even just tone. Right Ashley?” She tickled the girl which elicited a scream of laughter from her. “Well, speaking of the potty, we got just over half an hour until it’s boarding time, I think she needs a change, I’ve been getting a wet diaper scent from her for the past few minutes.” Melody blushed again realizing the toddler was probably getting blamed for her wet pull up, this caused her to stumble back for a second and accidentally stand up too fast making her skirt ride up a little too high. Smoothing out her skirt as quickly as possible, Melody was not prepared for the reaction she received. Allie gasped, grabbing her child up in her arms and backing away as if from a three headed demon baring down on her. She whispered, “What is wrong with you? Was I smelling you this whole time? Are you some kind of freak?” The tears didn’t take long to reach her eyes, “No, no, I just- I just… NO! It’s okay, I promise! It’s medical, it’s medical, I swear!” Melody said desperately not wanting to deal with this right now, making any excuse to have this woman not judge her and hate her. “Yeah right. Adults don’t sit in wet pull ups or come cuddling up to random children in them.” Allie, holding her daughter and carry on a little too tight, kept backing away, eventually turning and walking, going to the opposite side of the waiting area with the bathrooms. She sat down but her kept her eyes squarely on Melody. Melody, for her part simply sat down where the mother had been previously and cried. She wanted her pacifier. She wanted to throw it all away. Of course this had to happen. Why was she such a freak? The woman was an ass! She helped her daughter! No, she was right… All these thoughts, swimming through her head at once. “Now boarding, Flight AB-002.” An announcer lady came on. Melody felt her pull up for the saggy, shameful padding it was as she stood up. She was closer to the boarding gate than the other passengers, of which there were still only twenty, for such a large room that would usually seat over a hundred. Melody made it onto the plane. She placed her carry-on on the seat beside her, hoping to get the pacifier from it when everyone had passed her. Her seat was close to the front so she did have to inevitably endure a sneer from Allie as she went further back. The poor girl withered but had no tears left to cry so she instead waited. She didn’t want to entertain the idea that this was what was waiting for her in Seattle as well, she just wanted to reset. She wanted to feel little and let the world around her fade for a minute. The doubts nagged at her however. Seeing no one else coming aboard, she did eventually pull out her favourite pacifier, a Yellow Winnie-the-Pooh with a slight vanilla flavouring. It was custom made. She did originally have it honey flavoured to be more thematically appropriateSeeing no one else coming aboard, she did eventually pull out her favourite pacifier, a Yellow Winnie-the-Pooh with a slight vanilla flavouring. It was custom made. She did originally have it honey flavoured to be more thematically appropriate but the flavor was overwhelming to her and when she tried Vanilla, it just clicked and vanilla it was. Finally feeling some semblance of calm, she put away the pacifier to look around the plane a little. A smaller craft to match its smaller passenger load and trip duration. The plane was white with blue, fuzzy seats bearing the owning company’s logo. Melody saw the bathroom and gave her butt a little shake. The poor pull up was about at capacity. She was going to have to change on the plane. The thought of that both excited and scared her. Depending on where Allie was would be the tipping point. At that moment, the stewardess came out rattling off the usual flight instructions. Melody was too pre-occupied in her own head. Please God, please. I don’t want to run into her again… how could she be like that? Holy is gonna hate me… should I even try at this point? Why did I pack mostly pull ups and diapers instead of REAL underwear? I’m there for a weak… I’m gonna have to wear them. I can’t go commando. Not with this line up of skirts. But… maybe… maybe she’ll actually like them… No matter how much she tried to rationalize it away, there was a hope inside her. She knew people like her existed on the internet, she was well aware of that. The problem arose when she had to consider if anyone she personally knew could be into this. Her lifelong best friend, Lily, was like that. She not only supported Melody’s interests but she participated and seemed to enjoy being a baby herself. What happened to Lily was a tragedy but she needed to move on, she needed someone new. Someone to reassure her anew. She needed to not be alone. This was her chance. She didn’t want to date Holy, she just needed… for lack of a better word, a sister. Right now, one would be nice to have. “Excuse me miss?” Melody jumped at the voice interrupting her moping. Looking up with a gasp, she chuckled, seeing the stewardess uniform and the buxom blonde filling it out. “H-hi… sorry. I didn’t see you there.” “It’s okay, sorry to disturb you. I know it’s a short flight but would you like a drink?” “Actually, that would be nice. What do you have? Anything with alcohol?” The woman responded sweetly, “Why yes, would you like to take a look at the menu?” “Just some Candian Club whiskey is fine, if you have it. If not, then I’ll take the menu.” “Canadian club it is.” The woman walked away and only then Melody remember her pull up. It was cold and clammy and she wanted a new one. She was annoyed that Allie had taken up residence near the bathroom in the waiting area so she couldn’t change back then. Taking her carry on bad with her to change now was as good a time as any. As she got closer to the bathroom, she heard the familiar sounds of a child. More subdued than it was before but she knew Allie and Ashley were close by. Taking her time, she tried to use her peripheral vision to look around so as not to make direct eye contact. Making it to the bathroom door without incident, she knocked. “In a minute.” She heard the sing song yet frazzled voice of Allie. That was all the reason Melody needed to turn tail. She hadn’t completely made it back to her aisle when the door opened and Allie emerged with her daughter. Melody sped up, ducking quickly into a nearby empty seat. She heard Allie give permission to someone, saying they could go in but the person denied her and although she didn’t hear what they said next, judging by Allie’s incredulous “WHAT?!”, she knew she had been outed. Allie, of course walked up the path Melody just did and finding the girl, screwed up her face saying, “Why the hell do you need the bathroom? Didn’t you already go?” Thankfully, she wasn’t being too loud and there was no one around. “I-I… I need to change… Look, please I’m not some evil monster… I just have a problem.” Melody protested weakly. “Damn right you do. What kind of adult can’t make it to the bathroom?” “The kind that has a bladder infection maybe?” Melody recited her fake story, trying anything to get this woman to not hate her. “Well-” “I was helping you to understand the best way to live with your own daughter’s problems but I can’t live with mine?” Melody could not believe this seemed to be working, but she had to end it fast before she lost the façade. “Fine, whatever… Just stay the hell away from us.” Allie said, trying to at least get the last word in. For the sake of her padding, Melody let her. As Allie was about to start walking away, the Stewardess approached, turning her attention to Melody, “Ma’am? Is something the matter? I’ve brought your drink as requested.” “You drink? Ha, that’s rich! Those should be for actual adults.” Allie said, this time a little loud, laughing as she walked away. “Please, can you just put it at my original seat, I just need to go to the bathroom real quick.” Putting two and two together, the stewardess stone-facedly responded with, “Yes Ma’am.” Finally able to go to the bathroom, Melody walked a kind of ‘walk of shame’ to the little toilet. She tried her best to avoid eye contact with everyone. Once inside, she locked the door, encasing herself in the silver room, and broke down just a little. The pacifier came back out and she began to change herself, taking down the old pull up, wiping herself with her pack of baby wipes. She tossed the used pull up into the trash then used a combination of toilet paper and wipes to bury it, finally ending by pulling on a new of goodnites. She regretted not bringing an extra pair of panties as well because right now, the last thing she needed was this diaper. As the pacifier was able to work its magic, she slowly calmed down but this experience ruined her. She could never show Holy her diapers, hell, she didn’t even want to wear them anymore. Thoroughly defeated by her experience, she walked back to her seat where at the very least, a stiff drink was waiting for her and beside it, a note which read, I remember my first time I was a stewardess on a plane and we had hit some bad turbulence. I was so scared that I actually had more than a little accident too. Don’t let that woman get you down. It can happen to anyone! – L Was this some trick? Was this a cosmic game? L? Really? Could the stewardess really have the name of her best friend who could sympathize with her on something like this? Tears streamed down her face but for a whole new reason. Melody downed the drink in one go then read and reread the little note, clutching it to her chest, a feeling of hope returning to her. This must have been Lily. Her higher brain immediately quashed that as silly and childish but right now, something silly and childish being a good thing was exactly what she needed. She heard footsteps approach from behind and being unsure of who it could be, she immediately tried to dry her eyes. There was a small giggle and a call of, “Ma’am?” Melody recognized the voice as the stewardess and she turned, professing her many thanks. The stewardess giggled even more, “Yes, it happens at the worst of times. That lady was way out of line!” Melody allowed herself a small chuckle at that. It might have been the alcohol making her more jovial as well. She wasn’t a heavy drinker, but she knew one glass wouldn’t put her flat on her back either. “Umm… can I ask a question? Is your name Lily by any chance? I saw the L and it reminded me of a friend who used to do the same thing and it would be really cool if you were like her and also had the same name and I’m rambling I know, but it’s really important to me.” “I’m really sorry- no… My name is Lacie but good friends like that are hard to come by so I know what you mean. I can’t really stay as we’re about to land but if you’re from BC, I am too. We can definitely talk on my off days.” “Are we really about to land? It hasn’t even been an hour!” “It’s a 45 minute flight!” Lacie informed her. “Oh…” Melody sighed, feeling it was a lot longer. Lacie and Melody quickly exchanged numbers before Lacie turned her attention to the rest of the plane delivering the final address, making sure seats were in the upright position etc. As Melody was disembarking, she waved goodbye to her potential new ally and raced off to customs before she could run into Allie. Having finally made it out of that harrowing episode, she checked her phone. Her discord was blowing up with PMs but she ignored most of them to see what Holy was saying. They had forgotten to exchange numbers but through discord, she didn’t really need to worry about that. Her last message was sent half an hour ago, See you at the airport! And Melody smiled at that. She glided through customs, getting her luggage, making it to the new waiting area and tried using the data she had bought for this trip and sent Holy a PM back, Girl, I’m here! Where are you? She kept a lookout for Allie so she could pre-emptively move. Her emotional rollercoaster had finally ended and she wanted to keep it that way. The kindness Lacie had shown her was enough to remind her that there were people out there capable of understanding her even if Lacie had thought she had a real accident, she wasn’t going to immediately judge her. Maybe that’s how I should phrase it. Instead of saying I like it, maybe I could just say I need it and she’ll understand better that way? I really hope this works. I need- Lost in her thoughts, she felt her phone vibrate. It was her discord and she had gotten a message from a HolyNightmare reading, I’m outside. Look for the Blue Toyota Camry with the screaming girl out front. Melody’s heart skipped a beat. This was actually happening and now was the time. She could see how much like Lily she was and then… maybe… see about winning her over. She briskly headed for the door typing for her to look for the girl in the white skirt with sonic characters all over. After relaying her message, she put her phone into her purse and stepped out of the Sea-Tac building and began scanning the parking lot. It didn’t take long to get distracted, looking around at the people and the amazing new buildings and sights. She tried to refocus, walking towards any blue four seater car she saw, that being her only knowledge on cars. Suddenly, from behind, she felt a tap on the shoulder and the words, “Hey, DS, that you?” Startled, she jumped, turning abruptly. “Oh I’m sorry miss, I thought you were someone else” “Wait… Holy…Nightmare?” She asked feeling silly for saying that outloud. “Oh my God! It is you! Hi!” The girl said, though if she was as excited as she sounded, her body didn’t convey it. “Hi Holy,” she said giving the girl a slight hug, also feeling a little paralyzed. Holy hugged her back and the awkward silence returned. Melody tried to resurrect the conversation as they walked the opposite way she had initially started down to the car. “So… umm… first things first, what’s your real name? It’s gonna get weird if people hear Dark Sonata and Holy Nightmare everywhere we go. Plus it’d be weird to call you that to your face.” She giggled at that part. “Holly. Holly Ryding.” Melody Holstaff, PhD. Well… not yet… I’m gonna go back for my PhD though eventually. But… Holly? And your main is Holy?” By now, the two girls had reached the car and as they were loading up Melody’s things, they continued their conversation. “Yeeaaah, I know! It’s lame. Shut uuuup. I got an earful from my brother as it is and oh really? That’s awesome! I’m taking cultural studies at SU, I want to work at the museum of Pop Culture we have.” “That’s neat! I took linguistics and then branched off from regular Psych to focus on Child Psychology. I want to help young kids and especially with young kids with speech problems.” “Whoa… that actually sounds kind of important. Now I feel bad for trying to be selfish.” “Oh pssshhh, it’s all about doing what you love. If you love pop culture, then you should definitely pursue it.” “I do love it… I’m mostly doing it to appease my Mom. She is one of the people that runs the place and she wants me to ‘take over for her’. By now the two were on the road, heading north to the city proper. “That kinda sucks… what would you rather be doing?” Melody asked. “This is gonna sound weird… okay, it won’t but the reason is gonna be weird so you gotta promise not to laugh, okay? Promise?” Holly primed. “I promise.” Melody said, clearly interested. “I want to be a kindergarten teacher-“ She said, taking a glance off the road and back to Melody, who nodded, waiting for her to continue, her face not really betraying any emotion, “because… and haha… this is the weird part… because I kinda never forgot what it was like to be a kid. You know how most people just grow up? I’m that type who still sleeps with stuffed animals or wears footie pajamas. I can watch kids shows and genuinely have a good time. I’m not a weirdo or anything… at least I hope not… I know you kinda say kiddy stuff too on vent which is why I bonded so easily with you and… and… Oh my God, you were probably just joking and I’m an idiot who just came off like a freak, I’m so sorry. I promise it’s not like a weird thing where I like… TURN INTO a kid-” “Holly… Holly…” Melody said, cutting her off. The pride and relief she felt in that moment was too much. It took EVERYTHING she had, not to flash Holly her pull ups but the girl was driving and the last thing she needed was to wind up in the Seattle Obituaries after finally finding someone who could potentially understand and be like her. Melody continued, “I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m the exact same way. Maybe… maybe even more, but don’t worry. I fully support your wanting to be a kindergarten teacher for that reason. In fact, I’d probably advise you change course.” “I can’t… my mom is paying for my SU tuition so I can become her. If I tell her I want to teach… who knows what she’ll do. Besides, she’s hardly even home. It’s really hard to get to talk to her. This isn’t exactly hidden but it’s not public knowledge either but my Mom is on a council with the heads of a lot of museums and they have this kind of understanding I guess. They find ways to promote themselves without stepping on each other’s toes and she happens to be gone for the next week and a bit and since School is done now as well, it’s the only reason I was able to have you come here and live in my house for the week.” A lot of things started to slide into place about her visit that she had never even questioned. Melody had known Holly lived with her parents and that she was kind of well off. Holly did complain about her mother a bit also told her she was going away for a week so she could probably come that week. The brother had completely moved out a few years ago so that wasn’t a concern. “Oh… so basically it’s a ‘things are a lot bigger than they appear’ type of deal. I still think you should fight. I put myself through school. My mom was of little help for a number of reasons but if you want something bad enough, have faith in yourself or whatever you believe in and just… go.” Melody said, with a stony look on her face. “Whoa… that’s deep.” Holly had never really talked about real life stuff like this with any of her gaming friends but I guess this was Melody’s transition from gaming friend to just… friend. The young girl had a new-found respect for her peer. “Eh. You gotta do what you gotta do. Really, I’m not like some super brave, World War poster chick or anything. Don’t get it twisted or anything.” Holly laughed at that, “Yeah, but at least you don’t let your mommy issues keep you from having your own life.” “I guess but it didn’t come easy. I had to lose my best friend to finally get me to wake up. I don’t want to get into it but needless to say, don’t wait that long to switch over.” “Okay then. I take it back. THAT was deep.” Holly nervously laughed. “Sorry for getting all emo! You know, I actually missed the sight of the city coming over it. I was uhh… in the bathroom… and I totally missed it. I really wanted a picture too.” “Oh that’s lame. Airplane food, am I right? It’ll get ya. But don’t worry, we’ll be visiting Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle so you can still take lots of pics.” “Oh boy, I thought were gonna just be lazy and play games all day. That sounds cooler though. I did bring my laptop so we could though.” Both girls laughed and kept talking, soon turning away from the major downtown area into a well off suburban area. They pulled into either the cleanest neighbourhood or one so new it made no odds. Melody did expecting the younger girl to live in a posh neighbourhood judging from her mother’s job but this was luxurious living she only saw on those reality TV shows she never liked to admit to watching. Leaning out her window, it was difficult for her not to say, “whoa” under her breath. Holly heard her and chuckled, “Yeah, I know. I’m a rich girl.” “Your mom’s the one who’s gone too far though.” “What?” “It’s a joke. You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far?” “A poem… or a song?” “Song. Never mind.” In the end, Holly pulled onto a cobble stone driveway, with a click of a button on the girl’s keys, a garage door opened revealing something more akin to a small show floor than a garage. Holly drove in, then parallel parked next to a red sports car and across from a pick up truck and another sports car. The garage interior itself was beautiful. Clean. It looked like a public car park and yet more akin to one of those car shows Melody was sure she had never seen but could clearly imagine this place being. Holly was nonplussed having grown up around such affluence of course but Melody would be happy to just tour this house for 7 days, never mind the rest of Seattle. “Okay, I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick, I have been dying since we got off the highway and into the city proper. Just take your stuff inside and close the garage door please and I’ll be right back!” Holly said, seeming to change into a slightly more immature girl, holding herself and bouncing as if she had been holding it for hours. “I can manage, thanks!” Melody called back as the younger one darted off. Melody gathered her things, making sure to close the trunk properly. She checked the doors out of habit to make sure they were locked. Satisfied that she had her things and with a renewed courage in her plan to maybe win Holly over to diapers, she closed the garage door and walked into the house. From the garage to the front door, there was a clear cobblestone path leading up to an almost glass-like set of stairs. They were clearly rock but they were also reflexive. The darker tones were obsidian and the lighter ones were various colours of slate, cut together to give off a kind of relaxing look, though Melody did not know what they were, only that she admired the craft. There were only three flights of stairs but once at the top, she could see the door, still slightly ajar nestled quite comfortably between two arches more befitting the Parthenon than a house, no matter how nice. Inside was no less extravagant. A massive greeting hall that her apartment and the neighbour’s could probably get lost in. She walked in, in pure awe. The stairs to north east seemed to float in place but on close inspection, they were coming out of a pole that held the whole together. Even more amazing were the paintings that adorned the wall, some she recognized from taking psych, some were just bizarre and insane. Even more amazing still was the adjoining living room. She looked around the greeting room further seeing the stairs heading down, where she heard a flush; the bathroom where Holly was, she looked and saw the furniture, fine white with gold tint to match the walls and other décor. A white piano sat in the corner and the entrance to the bar top kitchen area in the north west. It was all too much. After the sound of running water, she saw Holly emerge and before Melody could ask the obvious question, Holly stepped in, “Yes. This is my house,” she said clasping her hands and tilting her head in a cute, childish way. “Now come on. Today is gonna be our lazy day mostly. It’s only 3pm but still a little late to go see some of the more touristy sites. For tonight, we’ll chill, order a pizza and make it a slumber party! Tomorrow, we go full tourist!” She pulled the still slack jawed Melody up the stairs to the second floor which didn’t have any bedrooms but instead had a few office spaces, what looked like a studio and some other rooms Melody had no idea what they could be used for. Going up to the third floor revealed the bedrooms, bathrooms, guest rooms and the master bedroom. Getting off the stairs and going left, the opposite direction of the master Bedroom, Melody and Holly passed a guest room and a different bedroom and at the end of the hall was a door, adorned with girly, cutesy stickers that spelled out “HOLLY”. Holly opened her room door to reveal an L shaped room that was the pinkest, most princess room Melody had ever seen. It was everything she dreamed to have but never actually do. Her knees felt weak. The bed had these adorable pink feet that stretched high with bars to the side that she would need to question Holly on later. The bed’s feet grew into what seemed to be spires with with a sheet on top that fell into a curtain blocking a full view of what was on the bed but with a window just behind the bed, the silhouette of many stuffed animals could not be hidden. My Little Pony posters and the posters of many video game heroines and a few Disney ones adorned the walls. Directly across from the bed was a proper gaming rig. Of course, it was fully adorned with a pink case with what was clearly Pinky Pie’s cutie mark, the look of the CPU casing hid the utter monster inside. The TV further to the right, facing the center of the room with a few beanbag chairs cross from it. Further right still was the closet, on the far side of the room, at the bottom of the L, was closed but the light pink and white polk-a-dot theme did not go amiss. The carpet was the only thing not completely girlified, being a standard white as it was throughout the whole floor but Holly tried to rectify that with a floor mat in the style of a connect the puzzle to on the floor in front of the closet, making the bottom of the L a kind of protective, childproof playmat, which also leveled out the floor which made the buckets of lego pieces make sense. “Holly… you live in my dreams, you do realize this, right?” Melody was almost crying, “Everything I could ever want since I was five and you have it. Why the railings though? It makes your bed look kinda… cribbish. Not that cribs are bad. Just… ya…” Holly blushed and rubbed her arm before answering, “It used to be my crib but as I grew older, my mom wanted to give me a big girl bed but I wouldn’t let go of the crib so we compromised. They took the bars off and somehow worked it into my bed design. They even made it come out horizontally like wings, though I mostly us that for when I eat in here. When I was younger, I would sleep with them up, nowadays, not so much but I keep em for food.” “That is adorable! Also practical. This room is so pink, Oh my God! I thought I was weird because I brought pink footie pajamas but I feel so… I don’t know… at home… I feel like I could move in with you and never leave this room as long as I live.” “Ya… except for going to the bathroom!” “Who knows… maybe not.” “Hahaha! That’d be so gross! I don’t want you gone only to find you pooped in here!” “Hey, if you can’t find it…” Meldoy teased. “Don’t eeeven!” Holly laughed, playing along. The two sat on the bed and talked, sharing things about their lives they hadn’t yet in the car when Holly decided, “Hey, I’m gonna call for pizza, any requests?” “No mushrooms or black olives. Everyone whines about Pineapples but mushrooms and black olvies are even WORSE!” Holly giggled, then said, “Okay, one large, chicken, ground beef and cilantro?” “Sure!” “Also… I’ve been waiting for the right time to ask this. It’s just from something you said in the car.” Melody noted the tone shift, immediately playing over everything they said there, wondering if she had slipped up somehow on something. “Sure… what is it?” “You said you you were… “more” when you said you understood how I felt with wanting to be a teacher because I never stopped being a kid. You can see my room. I really never stopped. My bed is still technically a crib even if I don’t use it for that. What… well… “MORE” are you?” Melody gulped. That had kind of slipped. When she wasn’t questioned in the car about it, she had assumed Holly missed it. Now it was painfully clear she didn’t. She had waited until this moment to reveal it. “Well…?” Holly insisted at Melody’s silence. “What do you think it means?” Melody tried to turn the tables back on her. “You know, I don’t know… I tried to think about it but I keep drawing blanks.” Melody wasn’t so sure about that explanation but she wasn’t expecting THIS to be the moment but… here it was. Melody got off the bed and turned to her friend with tears in her eyes, “Look… this is a long story. I never really grew up either, just like you did but… I kinda have umm… moods I guess where I get even… more… like that and I like to go even younger. It’s a weird thing… Actually, part of why I like you so much is because you seem to be like me in liking this stuff in the same way I do… it’s… Please don’t hate me.” Melody lifted her skirt. She forced herself to hold it for a few seconds before lowering it again slowly. She studied Holly’s face. Holly had a neutral expression and for what felt like an eldritch minute of infinite, unknowable time, Holly sat there. All at once she covered her mouth. “You wear… diapers… You wore one on the plane and all the way here? D-do you need them? Wait a second… you like them?” These were not the answers Melody expected. She felt judged and unlike this earlier, she couldn’t simply have space away from her potential tormentor. “I-I’m sorry…” Melody started to say. “No! Don’t! It’s… a little weird but I mean… Look at my room. Look at me. I probably could actually use them myself… I have a pretty weak bladder. So… all those jokes you made on discord, those were… real?” “…yes and no… I did make them as jokes, sometimes they were real, sometimes not. I don’t have a super weak bladder but I’m not gonna make a long car ride without a couple stops either.” “Wow… so… what do you do? Is that how you make it through our longer dungeons… I mean… it makes some kind of sense, right?” “Yes,” melody said, feeling some boldness. “I was actually… hoping… you and I could wear together while I was here… I had brought a few extra and… You always seemed to have the same interests as me and you always liked the same baby stuff I did… you were just perfect. You reminded me of Lily so much and I… I thought.” “It’s a little weird… maybe? How about after I order the pizza. We can try and maybe just play some games and see how it feels.” Melody’s relief was so palpable, she collapsed onto the floor crying, her skirt flying and landing awkwardly making the pull up completely visible. Holly could feel her friend’s relief thinking to herself, Wow… this must have been really hard for her. I can’t imagine having a secret like that for as long as her. She walked over to her friend and sat beside her, smoothing out her skirt and then hugging her. They remained that way for ten minutes. Eventually, Holly did end up calling for the pizza and after she brought it upstairs, she got Melody to open her gigantic suitcase and she picked out a pull up to start. She went to the bathroom and re-emerged in just a shirt and pull up. Melody, taking the cue, removed her skirt and the two girls smiled and embraced. They played video games together, both of them eventually using the pull ups before changing into their footie pajamas and a proper diaper each. They did go on Discord together to prove they were in the same room and even made kissing noises to get the guys all hot and bothered. After one large roller coaster of a day where three different people responded to her wetting herself in three different ways, Melody finally felt some kind of peace and oneness again.
  4. a Family Outting

    Thanks! I'll probably be adding other short stories to this thread in future so as to keep them all relatively organized.
  5. a Family Outting

    Thank you guys for your kind words! I may bring these characters back but I also don't want to promise that and then the story never gets done so I'd rather tell this story and wrap it up than leave you wondering where I went in between chapters.
  6. a Family Outting

    Okay... I have been up all night burdened by inspiration. I'm really sick of writing stories and then getting burned out and not being able to complete them so... I'm trying a new approach. What I am about to share is basically a one shot. It's a complete story but there is still room for additional stories with these characters. Also, because this is basically a one shot, it also technically belongs in the complete story section. I'll leave the technicalities up to you, our great admins. The reason I still want it in this section is for other potential future one shots I may or may not make with or without these characters. in case something like that ever does happen, I'll probably rename the thread to "TheChronicler's Chronicles" or something stupid and inane like that.So, here's to my... experiment I guess you can call it.P.S I had to re-indent some of the lines so it might look like ass. If it bothers anyone, I'll unindent everything cause I just had to go through and indent half of them by hand. Aslo I have been up ALL night. I started this before midnight. Now here's comes the sun. I am very tired and may have missed some stuff. A Family Outting Sarah had been excited all night. Tomorrow was the big day at the zoo. After a horrible final year at High School, including her best friend moving away, Sarah was excited for something to go right. She looked at the diploma hanging prominently on her wall above her computer desk. She checked to make sure her plush Sylveon and Vullaby were on her bed. Next, she looked around her soft toned, yellow room, re-admiring her various anime posters that she had gotten from cons attended. Finally, checking her e-mail and Youtube subscriptions one last time, she leaned out her door and wished her Mother and sister good night. Her mother responded in an equally chipper voice and her sister grunted as was her want to do. A new day, she thought. No more high school. I’m going to make this summer count. The next day, Sarah opened her eyes already regretting her alarm until the remembered! The Zoo was finally today! She squeezed her Vullaby tight and got out of bed. She had completely forgot to go to the bathroom last night in her excitement and now she was bursting. Still clutching the diaper pokemon, she ran to the bathroom door, knocking- no slamming against the door. Hearing nothing, she ran in just barely avoiding an accident. In the middle of relieving her aching bladder, she heard a guttural cry of indignation and footsteps approaching the door. “GOD DAMN IT, SARAH!”, it was her sister, Emily, right on the other side. “What is wrong with you? Can’t you ever go to the bathroom like a normal person?” Her sister’s yelling made Sarah’s peeing intensify involuntarily out of fear. “I… had to go…”, she responded meekly, turning beet red to match her dyed hair. She felt a little silly for having the Vullaby in there with her now as it made her feel more infantile. “Ya, you always “have to go”. If you can’t make it through the night like a big girl, I just got my license. I can drive you to get some more… age appropriate underwear…”, Emily’s words absolutely bursting with malice and a chilling sincerity. Sarah was technically older than her sister but she was the quiet and more reserved of the two. It didn’t help matters that her little sister was bigger than her by a foot and had her driver’s license. She had even began to notice their parents treating them differently. Sarah was now the baby of the family while Emily handled more chores and even received a bigger allowance from their parents. On movie nights, Sarah would sit cuddled with her parents. She slept with stuffed toys and she had a weak bladder. The traditional markings of a baby sister. All of this was now rushing to the fore with her sister’s taunts. She sniffled slightly, just barely holding back her tears. She never understood why Emily was so cruel. When Sarah was the big sister, she loved and protected Emily. She played with her whenever she could. Once Emily’s more outgoing and dominant personality began to take hold, she quickly took charge. Sarah was now the baby when they played house, Emily would invite friends over to sleepovers and whenever Sarah would try to join in, Emily would tease and belittle her older sister, often mocking her for her bedwetting, an issue Emily never had. Emily, realizing her sister wasn’t answering, pressed her ear to the door and heard the slight sniffling. She knew she was going too far but it was Sarah’s fault for waking her up! Why couldn’t Sarah just be an adult like their Father? She sighed and tried to rectify the situation. “I’m just teasing sis. You aren’t THAT much of a baby but like… just go to the bathroom quieter?” A weak and barely audible, “Okay…” was all she heard. Once the two were downstairs, Sarah in her yellow cardigan with sunflower buttons and a white shirt with grey stripes and blue jeans and Emily in a black hoodie with the Bloodborne main character holding Gherman’s scythe on it with matching blue jeans, the two ate breakfast in relative silence. Sarah was deliberately trying to keep her head down lest her sister insult her and Emily not really paying attention, absent mindedly scrolled through her playlist to find something to listen to and tune everyone out. Standing in the kitchen not really minding the awkward dynamic was Laura, the girls’ mother. She was glad for the time off from the Hospital to see her daughters. Her husband was away doing some research for his new film and she was ecstatic to have the time to be with her babies. It amazed her how much Emily had seemingly grown, outpacing both her older sister and herself. She truly was her father’s daughter. Sarah was definitely more in line with her though. Both were short and Sarah seemed to have inherited her weaker bladder and reserved disposition. Naturally, she was aware of the unusual power dynamic between the two but never commented as it wasn’t her place. ‘Coddling Sarah wasn’t the solution’, Max would say, even though it made the most sense to her as a mother. The three ate mostly in silence, the TV morning news and traffic report not withstanding. Everything was clear. “So, how are my angels feeling? Let’s hit the road! We got a zoo to get to!” Laura said, trying to raise the morale for the upcoming two to two and a half hour drive to the zoo. Of course, as she expected, Sarah responded with glee, finishing her OJ and grabbing her handbag and bounded to the door. Her smile absolutely lighting the room around her. Emily, while not morose, was a bit more subdued. She grabbed her handbag as well but chose to ascend the staircase. “Sarah”, her mother began, also climbing the stairs, “Don’t you want to brush your teeth before we go?” Blushing, she tittered nervously behind her and up the stairs only to see Emily already in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Laura went to the Master bathroom. Sarah sidled in awkwardly and grabbed her toothbrush and waited. She knew Emily would not move for her. She reached for the toothpaste and waited her turn as Emily banged her head absentmindedly to music. Once she was done, she patted her sister’s head condescendingly before going to the toilet, finally allowing her sister to brush. While Sarah was brushing, Laura was already back downstairs, getting a little impatient. She knew that road conditions, while good now do not always stay that way. “Don’t dawdle girls! We gotta get this show on the road!” “We’re coming, we’re coming.” Emily responded, pulling one ear bud out. Sarah scooched over, allowing her sister to wash her hands. “Hurry up half pint, we gotta leave. I thought you were the one excited for the wions and tigewrs and beaws”, Emily teased in a baby voice. Sarah spat in the sink and told her to shut up. Sarah finished brushing her teeth and both girls went downstairs. “Oh Sarah,” Emily began, “Don’t you wanna take fairy-eon just in case?” “Yes! You seem to love that thing.” Their mother absentmindedly agreeing, not realizing in that moment that Emily was teasing her and it wasn’t until she looked at the hurt and embarrassed face of her daughter before the realized what Emily was doing. “In the car, young lady. Now!” she snapped at the younger, but taller girl. “Geez mom…” Emily began. “Not another word. Go.” Emily stormed off, seemingly angered and flabbergasted as though she had not just hurt her sister. “Now she’s even got you in on it. Maybe I am nothing more than a baby…”, Sarah began, sitting on the bottom step. “Sarah, you are an adult. A grown woman. You’re eighteen! You’re not a baby.” Laura began her pep talk, “I slipped up. You really do love that… umm… Fairy-eon thing. I genuinely thought it would be nice.” “Mom! It’s Sylveon. This morning I nearly peed my pants in front of the bathroom. It came down out of nowhere and I barely made it. I think she’s right. Maybe I am just a little kid. Everyone else seems to agree. All my “school friends” thought so too!” Wow… I might need to get her to see a shrink. Laura mused then finally said, “Hun, you are perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with needing a little help or having a slip up or two. Remember, I was just like you except I had two “little brothers” to ruin my days. I turned out okay and so will you. Now come gimme a hug.” She ended her little monologue by extending her arms. Sarah fell into them, her head buried in her mother’s shoulder. “Oh, can I borrow your e-reader, Mom?” “Of course you can sweetie. Hurry and let’s go.” Emily watched, a mix of anger, jealousy and genuine regret swirling through her head as the two emerged from the house. Emily had taken her place in the back, behind the passenger seat. Sarah crawled in beside her, buckling her seatbelt. Laura, took her place in the driver’s seat and the car rolled away. Emily kept her music in and looked out her window staring at the sky, only imagining how her mother and sister may have just said when she wasn’t there. An hour on the road and Sarah felt a twinge in her bladder. She had completely forgotten to use the bathroom! She panicked slightly looking at where they were. Her mother had just merged into the highway traffic so even if she voiced her request, there wasn’t really going to be much of a reaction except to wait and hold it. She stole a glance at her sister who was nose first into her Vita playing a JRPG. With a sinking feeling in her stomach and rising pressure in her bladder, Sarah expected the worst. She sat there reading her book. For the first fifteen minutes, she was fine. The car kept a steady pace. Within two minutes however, that changed. She noticed a sudden slow down. She looked out her window to see cars almost a stand still. “Oh crap…” Laura whispered under her breath. Sarah heard it and she almost gave in to despair right then. Something had happened, she was sure. She watched as her mother turned on the radio. …on the 410. We have our CP24 eye in the sky monitoring the situation live. The radio blurted. “Yup… definitely us.” Laura repeated, her leg bouncing slightly. She, like her daughter needed to go. She was not desperate but not seeing the accident in front of her gave her cause for concern for a potential accident within herself. Another twenty minutes had past and the car had moved only five feet. Sarah was mortified. Her sister’s words from this morning about diapers swam in her skull like a shark, devouring what guppies of hope she had. Now she wished she had brought Sylveon. If nothing else, the pokemon could have hidden her master’s embarrassing and seemingly inevitable accident. Her mind and eyes wandered. In the car right next to them, she saw two girls, one about ten, maybe younger and the other… maybe twelve or thirteen, both squirming, obviously on the verge of an accident themselves while their parents seemed to reassure them. The mother put her hands between her legs and wiggled about, then turned her head to her daughters and the three laughed while the father drove, smiling as well. That kind of support made Sarah think of her own mother. She smiled and that gave her the confidence to finally say it. “Mom…” She said, just barely audible, still not wanting Emily to hear. Laura could already imagine. She had to go quite a bit so she could only imagine that Sarah was probably not going to make it, “Yes sweet pea?” “How long until we get there?” She tried to suppress the shakiness and urgency of her voice. “I don’t know hun. It was supposed to be a two hour drive. Two and a half in a pinch. There might be some kind of… jam… ahead.” She said, going deliberately out of her way to not say “accident”. “Do you think you can pull over somewhere? Please?” Sarah said, noticing Emily’s renewed interest in her family and feeling the tears forming pre-empting her sister’s teasing. Emily, for her part wanted to tease Sarah but seeing the pain and fear in her sister’s eyes, dissuaded her. Instead, she went back to her game, choosing to let the scenario play out and not risk her sister’s accident becoming her punishment. The little baby… I deliberately used the bathroom to show her what to do and now she’s gonna have an accident anyway and then Mom’s gonna dote all over her and give her all the special attention. What a baby. Sarah saw the hate in Emily but felt a tangible relief that she was choosing to show her mercy and that relief felt moist. Instantly, Sarah tensed up, having a let a little slip just now but the damn was near breaking. That momentary slip brought her right to the edge. She knew she was going to lose this fight. She was almost about to give up when the car lurched forward and in her shock, she didn’t notice until she heard the soft hissing but she was wetting herself full force. She had completely lost her fight. She looked over at the other car to see the two little girls crying, dark patches on their pants and she joined in with them. Emily cracked the window and made a point to not look at her older- yet paradoxically younger sister. Laura didn’t need to ask. She was just trying to focus on not looking every bit the baby like her daughter. She, like Sarah had been watching the car to their left and she could see the mother in that car had a blush on her face and a dark patch on her pants to match her children, like she could soon have with her daughter. Emily turned up the music to drown out her sister’s sobs. She had opened the window so as not to drown in that pee smell she was more than familiar with coming from Sarah. Witnessing accidents was not a common thing for Emily, but it wasn’t a one-off rare event either. She knew her sister was a bedwetter into her teens and would have the occasional day time accident as well. She couldn’t understand how her sister could be such a baby. She wanted… to do something. Care for her? Mock her? Join… no. Not join her. She watched as their mother reached around and pat Sarah’s soaked knee. “Oh hunny… it’ll be okay. Don’t worry. I always come prepared. When we get to the parking lot, I have a change of clothes for you in the trunk that I keep for… when whatever happens. You know! Mud… dirt.. or… “Pee. Mom. Pee.” Emily rasped, not able to keep silent anymore. This made Sarah wail even louder. “Why must you be so insensitive to your sister’s needs, Emily?” Laura retorted. “ME?! I’m the one trying to be real here! This morning, before we left, I went to the bathroom RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. She saw me and she didn’t put two and two together to think she should too? She’s supposed to be my big sister but she’s a baby!” “Emily Megan Santiago, you shut your mouth or so help me.” “This is so unfair. She acts like a little kid and you let her but when I try to point it out, suddenly I’m the bad guy!” “You’re the bad guy because you mock your sister for something she can’t help.” “If she can’t help it, that means she’s incontinent. Incontinent people wear diapers mom.” “One more word and YOU will be the one in diapers, I promise you that.” Emily turned away at that, not wanting to test her mother’s threat. She hated everything. Her sister WAS a baby and their mom basically just agreed with her that she was. “… s-sh-she’s right mom…” Sarah coughed out in between sobs. “Sarah, no she isn’t. You aren’t a baby.” “Mom, I just…. I just…” Sarah trailed off in tears. She reached over and tapped Emily on the shoulder, who turned suddenly prompting Sarah to recoil in fear, raising her hands as though she was about to be hit, causing a fresh round of pee to be dumped into her pants, not that she cared for the latter. Emily looked at the tiny girl and how she got even smaller after she turned to face her. She watched Sarah look up at her in fear before breaking down further, “You are right about me.” Emily couldn’t take it. She didn’t hate her sister. She did hate the attention her attitude got her, she did hate how her parents, especially their mother would fawn over this timid creature. She hated that but whenever she tried to turn that hate onto her sister… she couldn’t. She hated herself for how Sarah was always of her. She broke down crying. “No Sarah. I’m sorry. You’re not a baby. I… I don’t know…” Emily blurted out, processing this all way too quickly. Sarah laughed through her tears, “Who am I kidding? I’m not a big sister. I’m not even five feet tall. I’m a baby who pees her pants.” “Sarah, I’m sorry I make you feel that way. Would it help if I peed my pants?” At that point, Laura jumped in. “Actually, I don’t have a change of clothes for you… so… don’t.” “Of course you don’t,” Sarah raised her hands incredulously, “Why would you bring a change of clothes for your adult daughter? She doesn’t have accidents.” “Well… I deserve to walk around the zoo in wet pants, don’t I?” Emily bargained. “No… it’s not as fun as it sounds…” Sarah said, all too familiar with doing that. Laura paused not wanting to lose this chance of bonding for her daughters. “Well… girls. I kinda have to go pretty badly as well. I don’t really think it would do to have all three of us at the zoo in peed pants but we can get off the highway, find somewhere quiet and maybe try and get you cleaned up and maybe prevent my own accident. There is an off ramp coming up with a Shopper’s Drug Mart coming up. It’s the one before the Zoo’s off ramp. We can get off, clean up and then resume our journey. You know… assuming we even get there today…”. “I don’t want anyone peeing their pants for me… Also… at the Shopper’s drug mart, there’s something I want to get.” Sarah said, giving Emily a knowing look and placing her hand on Emily’s thigh. Fully grasping what her sister meant, Emily chided her saying, “No. Look… I said some awful things but no… Please Sarah.” “We both know I deserve it.” Sarah said, sounding more convinced of this than anything else she had been sure of in her life. “Fine… but… I’m joining you.” Emily responded with equal conviction. “Deal.” Laura, hearing this sighed in frustration. If I don’t get to a bathroom soon, the three of us are gonna be in diapers. “Well then, if you two are so sure about this, I expect you both to use the bathroom anyway like adults. I’m not going to let you two just revert back to babies but I am glad that you are fixing your relationship so whatever that is worth I suppose… “Umm… Mom, if we’re in diapers, how are we gonna use the toilet?” Sarah questioned. “What do you mean? Aren’t you guys gonna get depends or goodnites or something?” “Oh. Oh yeah, good point. Pull ups would probably be easier.” Emily couldn’t help but laugh. “After all this time, we’re actually talking about this and we’re both gonna be wearing them. That’s a little funny, you gotta admit.” “I suppose…” Sarah said, not really getting the joke. Around the front, Laura could now see the source of the accident. A three car pile up. She had been steadily inching her way forward in relation to her pee, which had been inching its way forward. Relief was not far behind. The car they had driving beside seceded, allowing them the advantage. Laura gave the husband and wife in front a painful and grateful look and the mother nodded in understanding. Laura had finally pulled through and sped up heading straight toward the off ramp which led to the Shopper’s Drug mart. Rounding the bend, Laura was breathing deeply. She felt a few small squirts escape and finally pulling into a parking space close to the front, she bolted from the car. Sarah and Emily watched their mother running in, a tiny dark patch on her jeans skirt and a little trail of pee leading inside. They watched their mother run up to an employee, obviously holding herself like a child. The employee looked awkward, yet understanding, slowly shaking her head. Their mother yelled, becoming increasingly animated. Her hands left their place at her crotch to be waved and pointing in the direction of the highway and her battle came to an end in front of the young girl at that moment. The girl jumped back and the girls’ mother cried into her hands, running to the exit. They watched as she got into the car, sobbing. “I’m gonna park in a place away from the entrance where we can hide and get changed. Emily. You go in there and text me the waist size on the largest goodnites.” She choked out angrily. Emily knew better than to snark, “Yes ma’am.” Sarah watched in silence. Her own tight and clammy pants a constant reminder of her accident. After parking, she got out of the back, stretching her legs and was rewarded with a few cold drops running down the back of her legs. She kicked off her shoes before they could be damaged but she hoped her mother brought socks. Emily got out and watched Sarah and her mother do the same. She raised her hood and took a deep breath. For many months she had teased her sister about potentially getting her diapers and now here she was. Not only getting her sister protection but probably for her mother and… yes, even herself. She had to hold to her conviction and support her sister. She was tired of feeling left out. Tired of seeing her mother and sister bond and getting the “mature” consolation prize. She walked in the store, going in the complete opposite direction of her mother. She found the diaper isle and walked it, looking for pull ups. “Here we go, goodnites.” She whispered, feeling accomplished. She picked up the L/XL pack. It had an elastic waist meaning it would stretch to accommodate potentially larger hips and she texted it to her mother. Satisfied with the response, she took the pack to the front and paid. Fortunately, it was a different girl than the one her mom had peed in front of but she still got a sideways look or something Emily certainly interpreted that way. Package secured, she power walked out the door, back to the car with her mother and sister. When she got outside, she was surprised to see another car and she could hear laughter. Certainly her mother and sister were laughing but there was a man’s voice and some young children and another woman roughly her mother’s age or younger. “Umm… Hi…” Emily lead off nervously, glancing around wondering if this was all a prank. That her mother and sister had set her up by peeing themselves. That this was what they talked about when they left the house originally. Before she could get too far down that rabbit hole, her mother and the mystery woman walked up to her laughing. Laura began, “Emily, you will not believe this! This is Rose, the lady who was in the lane next to us. She and her daughters had accidents also! Isn’t it a small world?” Emily laughed nervously, not quite yet convinced. Then the Rose lady began to speak. “Hello Emily, at least one of us females here is a big girl! Your mom and sister and me and my girls all saw each other at different stages during each other’s accidents. The way your little sister turned to you and the way you seemed to comfort her was just sweet. You are a great big sister. “Actually, Sarah is-“ “Hey, you got the goodnites!” Sarah interrupted her, “Thanks big sis! I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Emily, again welled up with emotion. She dropped the pull ups on the floor and walked to the front of her car and tried with her best effort to pee herself but her body wouldn’t co-operate. She had to settle for wet cheeks over wet pants. “Oh dear… I’m sorry… did I say something wrong?” Rose drew away as though someone had punched her. “No no… I think Emily’s just had it rough. She’s not used to the pressures of being a big sister and watching out for Sarah.” Laura said, choosing her words very carefully, her double speak hitting its mark. “So… those are… happy tears then?” Rose said, confused. “Laura bent over to pick up the pull ups, “Yes.” Laura helped Sarah clean up then change, while Rose went back to her car to give the family privacy. Sarah accepted her pull up and put on a flower patterned skirt over it, keeping her cardigan and tee, while Laura changed into a patternless skirt with her pull up underneath and after staring at it and crying for a few minutes, Emily put on hers as well and slipped her jeans back on. Laura tapped the hood of the neighboring vehicle, indicating their decency. The family emerged, still wearing their wet clothes. “I guess now I know that it’s always better to bring a spare change.” Rose said, wringing her hands nervously. “Look… we were going to the Zoo as a family day and… well… we can’t quite go like this. None of us brought a change. We’re heading home but we have this planner… I don’t know where your family is going but the zoo is great during the summer, especially for little Sarah. I do recommend you go. Also, to Emily, do you babysit? Because I could use a good one. Your sister is ten right? My youngest, Lily, is eight and oldest, Serena, is eleven. I could use a baby sitter if you’re free. Your mom told us we actually only live a few blocks down so we can all see each other around! Laura was dumbdounded, too dumbfounded and Emily had to pick up the slack, “Thank you for your offer. We were actually heading to the zoo ourselves but I think you hit the nail on the head. Today was pretty full as is. I would love to babysit though! I was hoping to get a job this summer.” Rose nodded, impressed by Emily’s professionalism. “Well. Since you guy are heading back anyway, why not come to our place?” “Yes, that would be lovely!” Laura finally jumped in, remembering herself. Sarah watched the proceedings in relative quiet. She went down to the hood and stood by her sister, her butt lightly crinkling. For many years, she had been abused by this girl, to the point that she had learned to live in fear of her and yet… now that she had finally given in, that seemed to change their entire relationship for the better. Sarah was incredibly confused by Emily’s actions and reactions but for right now, she just wanted to enjoy the fact that she had a happy relationship. “Mom,” Sarah interrupted the conversation, “Is it okay if I buy water for the trip back?” “Yes dear, make that two, I am parched.” “Make it three.” Emily jumped in, winking at her sister.
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