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  1. From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Compare this image to the first one of me in a DC Idyl.
  2. Me in a soaked DC Idyl with booster pad - side

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Wow, such a bulge! The booster pad plus the diaper plus original equipment make for quite a protuberance.
  3. Me in a bright blue DC Idyl diaper

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    After seeing a girl in one of these lovely diapers on Tumblr, I had to get a pack.
  4. Cialis 5 mg. It actually works opposite to the way you hope, in that it helps relieve the symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate), which include reducing the effective capacity of the bladder.
  5. January 13, 2017: Sometime during the night I woke up enough to realize I was wetting my diaper. I vaguely remember wetting in two phases. I was more confused about whether I'd wet deliberately or accidentally than the previous time it happened. The experience was not as spiritual as the previous time, either. Maybe I wasn't awake enough to appreciate it that way. I didn't wake up fully, or I would have remembered to take a pill that I normally take during the wee hours when I wake up needing to pee. Also, because I had no recollection of deciding to wet, I am counting this wetting as involuntary.
  6. Me in a Rearz Seduction - side view

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Not so sexy from the side, just a big black blob that disappears between my legs
  7. Me, seated, in a Rearz Seduction

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    This view mostly hides the shiny plastic waistband of the all-black Seduction.
  8. Me in a soaked GoodNite for girls

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    I soaked this GoodNite after putting it on a couple of hours ago, and it leaked into my pajamas.
  9. Waking up wetting, staying relaxed, and just letting it happen without interference or judgement is a very deep emotional experience, akin to some spiritual and therapeutic practices of letting go. After waking up wetting in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I spent 12 hours the next day at a sort of meditative retreat. I was struck by the similarity between how I felt while wetting and the sort of state that the leaders were describing as the goal of the practice. Who knew that bedwetting could be so profound an experience?
  10. Me in a L/XL GoodNite for girls - front view

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    I've always enjoyed pictures of girls in their pretty GoodNite pullups, so I thought I'd try them myself. The upper weight limit is 125 pounds. I weigh about 40 pounds more, but they fit! I can't say I look as cute as the AB girls do, though.
  11. Me in a L/XL GoodNite for girls - side view

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    I've always enjoyed pictures of girls in their pretty GoodNite pullups, so I thought I'd try them myself. The upper weight limit is 125 pounds. I weigh about 40 pounds more, but they fit! Well, they're a bit stretched in the crotch, as you can tell from this side view.
  12. January 7, 2017: I woke up wetting just now for the first time in 2017. I just let it happen and enjoyed it very much. It felt unforced, relaxed, natural. At some point I realized I was wetting my NorthShore Supreme with booster pad, but there was no moment of worry that I might be wetting the bed, just the sensation of urine flowing. At first I didn't realize that my wetting was involuntary. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that awareness of wetting was the first thing I experienced after waking up. I had no recollection of deciding to wet. I stopped wetting as my urine ran out, then resumed wetting a few seconds later. I felt vaguely aroused. How nice to experience my body's letting go in such a completely relaxed way! The first time I looked at the clock it was 4:08 A.M.
  13. Yes, I think so. I gave him my monthly totals and he added the diagnosis "nocturnal enuresis" to my records. I had thought my last wetting was 11 days before my appointment, but I have recently realized that I quit wetting for seven weeks a week after he doubled my dosage, so I'm pretty sure the alfuzosin increase did the trick.
  14. Me in a full Space diaper

    From the album Gobphus in Diapers

    Compare this pic to the previous one of me in a fresh Space diaper to see how much this diaper swells when full of urine. It feels so soft and squishy to the touch when full!
  15. Yes, I too go through periods of greater and lesser interest in wearing diapers. Although I was a late bedwetter, I never wore diapers but simply suffered wet pajamas and wet sheets growing up. My interest in diapers began when I read about adults wearing diapers at WetSet. In 2009 I bought my first adult diapers, Rite-Aid pullups. After some months, a friend told me about Abenas, so I bought and used them for years, both the Abri-Form X-Plus M4s and the Abri-Flex M3s. Now I use mostly NorthShore products: Supreme briefs with booster pad, Lite Supreme briefs, and Flex Supreme pullups. I also enjoy ABU Space and Rearz Seduction diapers. Anyway, my desire to wear diapers varies both overall and for particular types. In 2016 I began to wet in my sleep much, much more often than I had since I was a child -- 58 times altogether -- so I had to wear diapers at night to protect my bed. I think the increased wetting was due to my enlarged prostate, for which I've been taking Alfuzosin. In October my urologist doubled my dosage to 10 mg twice a day. From October 11 till December 16 I was dry at night (except for deliberate wetting). After a few weeks of dry nights, I quit wearing diapers at night but I still enjoyed wearing during the day. It was during this phase that I shifted from wearing Lite Supremes to wearing Space diapers for hours at a time. Now I wear Lite Supremes if I plan to be diapered for just a few hours and Space diapers if I expect to wear most of the day. While on a two-week trip to visit family, I wore a Flex Supreme pullup each night and tried not to wet it, since I had packed only six. This tactic worked, with two exceptions. I didn't wear during the day, due to caution and my low supply. By the time I got on the plane for the trip home, I was eager once again to be diapered A LOT. I even took a chance and wet my diaper when the Fasten Seat Belt sign was illuminated and I needed to pee badly. When I got home, I wet that pullup some more. That night I got back into my favorite combo, a Supreme with large booster pad. I've been home for eight days, and so far my urge to wear as much as possible has not waned. I'm in a Lite Supreme now, since I have a personal training appointment at noon. When I get back home, I'm sure I'll put on my last Space diaper. A new shipment is due in two days. I still have some Seductions in my closet for day-long wear tomorrow. In a couple of weeks I leave on another trip, this time for three weeks. I won't be able to wear regularly except at night. I expect to have to buy diapers in my destination city, but I'll pack some of my own diapers just in case. It will be interesting to see whether I begin to crave diapers during the day or find my interest in diapers waning again.