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  1. More!
  2. This year is my first year wearing for actual need, I wet the bed. My problems started long after I left home and as such I really have no need or desire to tell my parents about my issues. I'm staying with them for two days over the holidays and as long as take proper precautions no one will be any the wiser
  3. Just had my first cup of coffee and am now enjoying a loaded diper while lying In bed. It's cold and snowing but I'm warm and squishy in my diapers.
  4. 28 Single Professional musician At night for bed wetting
  5. My thought was to start with pads for now and keep that up unless there's a change. I'm not an every night wetter but when I do pee the bed its often a lot. 1 or 2 wettings I'd guess @HotDogg55 Do you wear some kind of protection?
  6. Hey guys, I've been posting on this site for a while as a DL with a bit of AB in me. Without going into every detail and boring you all to death, due to BPH and side effects from taking celexa over the last couple years I've been wetting the bed about 4 times a week. So far my problems only occur at night. Recently though ( once at a play and once falling asleep on the couch in the day time) I've woken up to myself starting to wet. Both times I was able to stop the flow but had about a dollar size wet spot on my pants by the time I could reach a toilet. This is making me wonder if I should wear some kind of lighter protection in times when I may fall asleep for any reason that isn't bedtime. Looking for something that's discrete and can be used in public. What do other folks do? Pull ups, pads? I use cloth diapers at night but don't wish to use them when out and about.
  7. Soaked. Still new to going to bed dry and waking up wet but I love my plastic pants and thick cloth diapers. Nothing beats them.
  8. I remembering being about 5 years old and one night while in the middle of playing deciding to poop my pants intentionally. I hadn't been fully out of diapers that long, maybe a year but my mum wasn't very happy about it. I lied and said I'd had an accident. She didn't believe me but didn't really do anything further, told me to get changed and that was it. I think that was the first time I realized I enjoyed accidents and diapers.
  9. I enjoy Red Skelton despite my age. Jack Benny was and still is one of the funniest comedians who ever lived, I'm my humble opinion
  10. Hi Amyuser, Thanks for putting your two cents here. Its nice to have experiences of someone whose been down the same road. The drug I take ( generic version of celexa) has been around for a good while but I agree being skeptical and seeking second opinion surrounding health stuff is a good approach. While I obviously have no Idea what will happen in the future I can say that due to previous interests in AB and diapers I'm probably not as crushed with the bed wetting compared to someone my age who suddenly developed problems in their mid 20's. I'd still rather get to choose when I wear diapers( like before) but I don't totally hate it.
  11. I'm 28 so I guess I'm still considered "young" I started off as just a DL with moderate AB tendencies and wore only for want. Since the age of 25 I began dealing with symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH) and also around the same age started taking SSRIs. Whatever the reason exactly I now wake up wet about 4-5 times a week. I was a bit miffed at first to have prostate issues in my mid 20s but after ruling out cancer, diabetes, stretch of cutting out caffeine and beer, and taking other pills that cost an arm and a leg I'm less upset by it. While I'd much rather pick and chose when I get to wear diapers, being on SSRI's has caused such a positive l change in my life I'd trade wet diapers at night for it. I've dated off and on in the last 3 years with nothing super serious but the next challenge will be being upfront and honest with a partner about the bed wetting.
  12. Currently enjoying a poopy diaper right now. Its been over a month for me as I've been busy and on the road a lot with work.
  13. If you're into it I suggest cloth diapers. If you can hold off on buying disposable for a while and scrape together some money, a few cloth diapers will last you years and hold as much or more as a Dry 24/7