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Religion and You!  

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  1. 1. Do you Consider Yourself...

    • a Christian
    • Jewish
    • a Buddhist
    • a Mormom
    • a Scientologist
    • an islamist
    • agnostic
    • athiest
    • undecided
    • a Pagan

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Christian here, how about you?

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added that option

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I wasn't raised religious, I've not been baptised as a child either...

I would myself consider quite an atheist... or even better "strictly not religious, but sometimes very philosophical".

During the past decade I've read three different translations of the old testament, tow of the new.

I've read many budhistic scriptures.

I've read two translations of the holy qur'an.

Also the Bhagavad Gita...

and loads of things about tribal-believes, nature-gods and what else...

Why? I find religion and the fact that there are so many people out there willing to completely, without any sincere doubt, believe in texts written by humans so long ago and also believe in higher spiritual beings like gods and demons without questioning and such quite fascinating.

I never was a believer in anything but stuff I could really "come to know"... And from there, from a purely philosophical interest, I find religion a very interesting topic.

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I'm an atheist, although, ironically, as a musician, I probably spend more time at church services than most Christians ...

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Guest Baby Peter

Voted athiest, closest to what i am ... but mainly just against all religions.

was raised christian till my 14th ... after that and alot of trouble in my life i decided that god was nothing but a refuge people search to not be alone in this world and explain natural phenomenons -in the past atleast, not anymore-

so yea ... hope you all lose ur religion :P though if ur happy with it, enjoy it :lol:

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Non of the above, I am more of a "spiritual' person. organized religion bothers me, specially since it has been so twisted and messed up with mans "interpretation' of what it means :P or what it is.

No Offence to others who are happy in what ever their personal beliefs are or religion you support or follow.

I believe in something more, the place where Religion came from, the source, Universal energy.

I use the word 'GOD' since thats what most seem to understand, but there is something bigger that powers the Universe and runs through all living things and planets.

Maybe I'm qwazy :screwy: but all I know is that I have experienced it and felt it.

There is life after death, having a few deceased people visit me in the past, the power of the Universe is IMMENSE!! and there is more then enough room in the Universe for everyones deepest desires, or wishes to come true.

There is positive and negative energy (good and evil) and I choose to be positive, but saddly, there are those who choose to be negative.

This is a personal belief and I dont expect to get any flack about it. Thats one of the wonderful things about living in a ":free' country, you can believe what you want......as long as you don't hurt or interfere with what others are doing


I have a similar kind of spiritual feeling, eventhough I consider myself Christian. I really feel that your feelings could be also defined (in Star Wars terminology) as The Force :) I like this explanation myself, because I too dont like to use the word "god" and substitute this power, so to speak, with The Force - "an energy field created by all living things. It surroungs us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together." Obi-Wan Kenobi

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An Islamist is a Muslim, also.

And Mormons, while considered Christian, are usually not lumped in so when it comes to religious questions. Catholics usually aren't either. I don't know the reason, however.

I'm undecided, but I do believe in God. I just don't have faith in man to keep the religion of Jesus as it was back in Jesus' time.

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I believe theres some truth to the bible but not that there is a God or like

s of - yeah ok I'm a scientist but at the end of the day I am the one who help

s run church youth groups

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Guest Katharsys

I have to say Undecided.

Mankind (and Womenkind as well) seem to have an across the board need for religion that transcends across all cultures, backgrounds and even across the span of the ages itself. Is it the mere fact of this need that implies that there is something greater than ourselves that we notice is missing?

This was the second of the failings of the soviet/communist state - the state cannot replace religion, because the state is made up of people just as fallible as everyone else (ergo the re-written histories to create cults of personalities within the remaining closed communist states - the figurehead must be greater then the common.) Of course, this may bring backlash from the Atheists, who in their own right can be just as fervent in the denial of religion as the most fundamentalist Christian or Muslim can be in proclaiming theirs: Odd that the two polar extremes would have so much in common.

Anyway, it is this implication that leaves me to be undecided. Show me proof one way or another (no, faith alone is not enough) before I make up my mind. Absence of proof in one direction is not proof in the opposite.


p.s. Before I get too much email, I was raised right-wing-fundamentalist-conservative-Christian, but I have practiced or studied all the big Five and about 95% of the smaller.

p.p.s. Mormons are not usually considered in with the general Christan society as a true Christan faith due to their addition of the Book of Mormon. Christian dogma declares that there is only ONE true word of God. Additionally, the separation between Catholics and the rest of the Christian church also boils down to dogma and too many centuries of bad blood. Where the Catholic church believes itself to be the one true church, operating under the mandate of God through the auspices of the Pope, the general Protestant population believes that there is no need for a mediator between the believer and God other than Jesus.

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How about "universalist"?

I was raised Christian but continued in the Protestant tradition of protesting all of religion.

I used to think of myself as agnostic, even athiest, but gave that up when I studied hypnosis.

Bridey Murphy and Edgar Cayce and Bertrand Russell and Carl Jung all influenced me but it was Vonnegut's "Religion of the Month Club" idea that won me over. Yes, there is religion. I am not one of those "organized" people. Eclectic might better describe my beliefs. Neither evolutionary nor creative design.


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Voted agnostic.

Raised Catholic, went to Catholic school (went around wearing a Star of David to class mind you) and even had my atheist phase. I've always had a fascination with religions...simply because it has such a cultural impact which really interests me. As of right now I guess I could loosely be defined as an Agnostic. I don't know what to make of religion...but I do know that sometimes organized religion is a little more trouble than its worth. As for my beliefs, I dunno whats out there. God/Yahweh/Shiva/Satan?...who knows? I figure as long as I live my life as a good person thats all that counts :)

As for the people that do feel I will be "going to hell" because of my lifestyle choices...all I have to say about that is: "If I'm going to hell, then I guess you'll be joining me for criticizing and not loving your fellow man...see ya there" :)

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I have to agree with square duck and just here they summirzed basically how i fell about relegions.

I was raised a Catholic but now I am more like Just here because I don't really know whats out there aslong as i am a good person thats hat matters

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I am a pan-thesistic Christian, as my family has incorporated native america belief in to normal christianity. Actually it pretty common in the native american population, but I didn't know it was different until I was in school and in service. In church I think I'm they only one who pray to Manitou. Oh well. :)

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i voted christian, my family tried to raise me as a morman and i was actually baptized as a morman, but i'm not sure i completely agree with the beliefs of that church, but i do believe in god and jesus so i guess i'm more of a christian then undecided.

i also spent a while as an atheist, a pagan, discordian, and even a Buddhist for a brief period.

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