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  1. Isn't there anyone here that's not 45????

    Yarg, I will be 37 in Nov. That said, the OPs question, abrasive as it was, raises an interesting point. I've been involved in AB/DL forums since discovering that I wasn't alone, at perhaps 16; and was active on the DPF teen forum, as were many others. And yet, I wonder if we are an aging community, as many of the people here are, somewhat older. I haven't really used other forums (for other interests) in about a decade, so I wonder if this is specific to our community, or if, like chatrooms, forums have merely become "old tech" (as that piece of work at IMDB had claimed before destroying their site). I know social media has taken over most other forms of communication, but our community isn't exactly....well, I'd assume most of us wouldn't want our AB/DL sides revealed to friends and family, thereby having our dirty laundry aired in public. (pun intended). Are we an aging community? Does anyone have a more insightful take on this?
  2. Would You Ever Out Someone?

    No, that'd be cruel, and hypocritical.
  3. The Dreaded Mail

    I suppose the good news is that they were samples, not an order. Hopefully they show up. I ordered a legal painkilling herb that had always come within 2 days with free shipping; and only with my last order, did I realize this was because the largest retailer online actually operates about 10 blocks from me. So it would usually board a truck in my zip code go to a distribution center several blocks away, before boarding the delivery truck, never leaving the area. This time, it went from the Portland, Oregon distribution center, to the airport, to the opposite coast in Massachusetts, and finally resting in the USPS Nashua Logistics and Distribution Center; a large facility that frequently loses/steals mail (check their facebook page for some funny rants). It just so happened that this facility is so bad, their entire staff was fired less than a week before my package arrived there. Someone realized the mistake, and it was flown entirely across the U.S. again; what was usually a 13 mile trip, turned into over 6,000. Another time, I ordered DC Amor, and the contents were visible through a large hole in the box, in the office, at my apartment complex.
  4. That looks suspicious...

    How is me saying if he's AB/DL, he's probably already aware of it being discussed being "forum police"? I was saying the exact opposite of what you seem to think I was saying.
  5. American Dad - S14E19 - Kloger

    I'm pretty sure that it's rotated to avoid youtube's copyright protection. I'm not really sure how that works, some automated system. Anyway, this address will rotate it -90 degrees. It can also be used for other rotations, and the more common flipped videos. http://deturl.com/rotate.asp?deg=-90&v=UmwtChiuHD0 Basically, you select the image manipulation type at the top, then paste everything after the "=" in a youtube video at the end of the address at deturl.com. I don't know much about the site, I just happened upon it several months ago, when I was wondering if such a site existed. ::Sigh:: American Dad used to be my favorite show. Before co-creator Mike Barker left, I'd seen every episode around 100 times. I used to binge watch it on the treadmill. I believe they brought in someone from Family Guy, and as a result, it's become less like itself, and more like the latter; fairly random, and at times, nihilistic. I still enjoy many episodes, but they aren't of the same quality that they once were.
  6. The Moon Takes Over

    I ended up traveling to an area with totality. A small town called Stayton, rather than more crowded cities. I didn't know it was safe to stare at the eclipse in totality, so I merely took several glances. I also didn't know to look for the shadows. I was in a parking lot next to a Safeway. I kind of wish that I'd stopped in one of the fields in the area. They were recently harvested, so they were flat plains, with several giant towers of hay bales stacked throughout. It would have taken on a more mysterious Stonehenge like quality. One thing I noticed was that the lens flare produced in my camera showed the eclipse during its various stages. I tried to take a picture during totality, but it was ineffective.
  7. Funny phone cases

    I could see a hipster buying those. That's hilarious. Do I want old woman with an asthma inhaler, or the person preparing a shot of dope?
  8. Men's rompers

    That's an urban legend. You want to believe it, because it's the total opposite of the image which the wearers want to portray. Like the legend of the dwarves in "Snow White" representing the "7 stages of cocaine addiction". It's such delicious irony, that it's instantly appealing. Could Disney really have put such an adult theme in a kid's movie!? But all that's needed is a quick search if there really are 7 stages of cocaine addiction, who wrote the story (which predates the discovery of cocaine,) etc. In reality, the sagging trend became a part of gangsta' culture for two major reasons, which make a lot more sense, but aren't as fun (the truth never is, and as a result, it doesn't get spread around as often). 1. When you go to jail, you get loose, baggy prison issue pants, and no belt. As a result, a lot of inmates have saggy pants, and that culture is all about looking like a thug, so they try to emulate it on the outside. It shows people that you're familiar with the inside. 2. On the topic of trying to look tougher, non-human animals also try to look bigger than they actually are, to appear more imposing. That's why you've got the baggy jeans, the bubble goose (the jackets that look like pillows), only buying XL clothing, regardless of how small you might be, etc. We, like cats, used to have this ability; making our hairs stand on end. But we lost most of our hair through evolution, and now just get goosebumps where our pelt would have been.
  9. That looks suspicious...

    Well. If he's AB/DL (which he very likely is,) he probably looks ad AB/DL stuff on the internet, and very well may be aware that people are talking about it.
  10. T.U.F.F Puppy: Bad Eggs (Kitty Katswell)

    Even the wobbly legs bit could be an element of regression and/or a part of giving up control, even of one's own body. Then again, it could simply be a gag, which links back to the whole her "pretending to be a baby" thing, and I could simply be projecting my own thoughts into the scene.
  11. Love thrift stores

    Wow. So many memories. Mid-nineties Attends were my favorites. Today when I wear what I want to wear, I use Molicares, (I don't know if the plastic Tenas are available again. If they're decent, then those would be my top pick). But when I wear outside, it tends to be something subtler. Even the plastic backed disposables today, are fairly discreet. Back in the 90's, the square butt shape was so obvious, and the crinkle was so unbelievably loud, that it was pretty obvious when someone was wearing a diaper.
  12. That looks suspicious...

    I have to agree that it looks like a printed diaper. It's bizarre to see such a low res video in this day and age. While some people might buy adult diapers to go to a bar, unless they're AB/DL, they're going to buy depends underwear, which most people who aren't DL or IC think is "the best protection" (pretty sure that was actually their slogan). Even a lot of IC people wouldn't know to look elsewhere. It looks green on the sides, and as if it has a Charlie Brownesque zig-zag pattern, but the image quality is so bad, that I could be wrong on both fronts. Edit: Who is this guy? I haven't really followed players from any specific sport, since the early 90's. And even then, only basketball players.
  13. What best describes you?

    DL But for the right person, I'd try big/little with occasional sissy play. It could be kind of relaxing. I'd also love to be cared for and changed in a hospital setting, but I'm not incontinent anymore, so that would be inappropriate.
  14. He didn't ask her the question he most wanted answered, which was if she "uses" the diaper in any way.
  15. Aubrey Plaza on Conan

    Well, he's done it before, in response to Kathy Griffin talking about Lisa Rinna's Depend ads. After she jokes that wearing diapers is the in thing in Hollywood right now, Conan looks vexed, then says "well now I want in on this!"