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  1. Yeah, it's not quite right. He's an assistant to a biology teacher.
  2. I prefer tape-diapers. Mostly I wear Goodnites though, because they are discreet, I can buy them from a store, and can wear them for a couple days before using them (I'm poor). As for adult products, I really don't like pull-ons at all, and prefer plastic backed taped such as Tena Maxi (or whatever it's called now, haven't tried the new ones,) Molicare Maxi (I miss the purple). Actually since the Goodnites are girls, all of them have/had some purple. Though I'd say my favorite diaper now is Super Dry Kids.
  3. Are you sure it's not just a gigantic cat?
  4. It is. It's actually a crime in every U.S. state. In some states it even counts as a sex crime, as it involves the public exposure of one's genitals, occasionally resulting in the guilty party having to register as a sex offender.
  5. Very rarely. I used to be able to induce lucid dreams from a waking state, and one time with practice, was able to leave my body (which may in fact be nothing more than a wake induced lucid dream,) but I've lost that ability. Since I have severe insomnia it's pretty much impossible for me to fall asleep naturally, so this usually doesn't work. If I can ever get it down again though, I intend to live out some fantasies that I couldn't in real life.
  6. I agree with that Toyboy, I don't advocate anyone eat any particular diet. My own is inconvenient, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm just saying that the matter of antinutrients is something that's gotten misinterpreted, and dispersed through social media, but it isn't really a legitimate issue for most people. Some people point to the Inuit as proof of an all-meat/zero-carb diet being sustainable, but their diet actually contained a fair amount of carbs in the form of glycogen in the muscles of freshly killed animals, which begins to break down shortly after death, and vitamin C from their brains, which is an extremely essential vitamin. Most westerners don't eat freshly killed raw meat, or brains.
  7. Zero carbs is an unnecessary extreme for preventing epileptic seizures.1 Ketosis can usually be achieved around 30 net grams, which does not count fiber from leafy and cruciferous vegetables. The idea is that if only 30 net carbs is good, zero must be better, but there's no scientific basis for that. I eat a ketogenic lacto-vegetarian diet (yeah, that's actually possible,) then sometimes alternate with a standard vegetarian diet which I've eaten for 30 years, and have had tests done, and I have no nutritional deficiencies (though I do now take iron, since cutting out bread). At 29, I looked 17, and could run over 100 miles. Now at 38, I won a fencing tournament against kids half my age. While antinutrients do prevent some absorption, eating a balanced diet nullifies this. Just like not making the jump from going from low-carb to no-carb, it's a matter of balance, rather than extremes. Antinutrient derived deficiencies are only really seen in people who have a very limited diet. I eat a lot of spinach, and a lot of homemade quark (similar to yogurt,) and cheeses, and despite my spinach consumption, my calcium levels are tested as being on the high end. Why? The spinach doesn't steal away all of the calcium, because I'm not eating an entire pound of it while only consuming a morsel of cheese. I've seen a lot of people talking about avoiding beans because of lectins, but cooking them destroys the lectins. No one goes to the store and buys lentils and chows down on them like they're tiny rocks. The whole anti-nutrient scare is, like most scares, based upon misinformation. I'm not trying to change your beliefs, just like you wouldn't try to change mine, I'm just trying to provide additional info for people who might read your post and take it as gospel. 1. https://www.epilepsy.com/learn/treating-seizures-and-epilepsy/dietary-therapies/ketogenic-diet
  8. It's not the first time either. At a big game in 99, Ronaldo wore diapers due to a diet pill side-effect.
  9. It would be weird considering Lisa Nowak never wore a diaper during that fiasco. Her car looked like a hoarder's home, and had all manner of things in the back, including baby pull ups from before her kids were recently potty-trained, but probably not on long rides yet. Anyway, a cop asked her why she had those in the back, and because it was such a stupid question, she sarcastically responded that she didn't wan't to make pit-stops. Any rational person would have recognized her sarcasm, and the fact that they wouldn't have fit her, but he was one of those very literal sorts, as many cops are, and took her joke at face value.
  10. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill Kelsey Grammer. What flavor is the sun?
  11. I remember seeing that on TV, recording it to VHS, then pausing. rewinding, and slowing it down so many times. One of them was the then girlfriend of someone in the band, can't remember who. Relevant scenes at 1:37, 2:27, and 3:40, but the whole thing is pretty great. Perry Farrell is a genius. For all the setup, the scenes are very, very short. Some lucky concert-goers got to see a lot more. God, I remember them sounding so mainstream, and was more into his first band PSI-COM, which is a little-remembered gothic rock project from the mid-80's. And yet re-watching this, they're absolutely brilliant. It's a sad reminder of the degeneration of music, and commercial art as a whole. Then again, even in this song, during the bridge, I get major Bauhaus vibes. Almost no popular music is written or preformed by the "artists" these days. It's mostly the same few love songs written by the same producers, with slight variations, over and over again, and thrust upon talentless young corporate pop idols who can't even perform the songs they pretend are theirs. Well, that and rap songs, also written by a very few select producers, about how much better you are than everyone else because you're rich. So, sex or money (i.e. the provision of shelter,) those are your options. We've become so primitive.
  12. WSHH is pretty terrible. It's comment section is like a more racist version of TMZ's, with worse grammar. They don't have cameras in their home which capture their day to day lives. A production crew had to go in, ask the couple questions, summarize what they wanted to convey, and find how to best portray it. Look at true crime stories for example. When someone is describing what they experienced, it's re-enacted, and summaries are re-read over and over.
  13. Hmm. I remember kids occasionally asking me if I wanted a Hurts Donut, with the intent to punch me in the arm and say "Hurts....don't it?" But it never worked on me because I'd never heard of the company. It all makes sense now, except for why they thought that would work in Southern California. Though still a costume, it even has a Hurts logo on the back, it looks like last year's diaper was much much bigger, and bulkier. https://www.news-leader.com/videos/news/local/ozarks/now/2018/02/13/hurts-donuts-cupid-delivers-sweets-community-foundation-ozarks/110384838/
  14. As someone bridging the gap between your age, and theirs, trust me, it happens sooner than you'd think. The older you get, the faster time seems to pass. Remember how it took forever for your birthday to arrive, and a 10 minute timeout lasted an eternity? A year, for me, feels like 2 months now. By 20, you've essentially experienced, in terms of perception, half your life. Welcome to the middle-age of the mind. On a lighter subject, as per the OP's question, I'm fairly certain it was Pampers.
  15. Oh wow, that's awesome. I would love that as a lamp. I'm planning on turning this into a lamp, and will likely put a string of LEDs inside to make it look like a starry globe, but I still like yours better.