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  1. Ok, so, considering this isn't the first, or maybe even the second time I've read an article about how someone has pretended to be hiring help for their disabled "son," my instincts lead me to believe that these perpetrators have read the very same news articles, and thought "Hey, that's a great idea!," completely glossing over the part where their predecessors were arrested, and had their dirty laundry publicly aired,...which, yes, in this case would be diapers. I accidentally began to make a terrible pun, and upon recognition, decided "screw it," and have opted to leave it intact.
  2. cruxshadow

    Any help locating this video?

    I can beat that. I ride that same Max train from time to time. Although, I never go that far from the city center. Anything past 2000 East, and I've got to watch my back. It's in the vicinity of MLK, which sadly, is always a dangerous area. That's a sketchy locale, and she's lucky to be ok. I went to the same Winco she went to with my mom once, when I was low on food stamps, and went into that same convenience store when she needed to fuel her addiction to diet coke. Though, I suppose there are worse kinds of coke you can be addicted to in Portland. I almost never go east anymore, except to get my hair cut. Although when this was recorded, I'd ride that track all the time to visit my then girlfriend. I'd have loved to see this firsthand. I wonder if that particular train is still in service. This is honestly, a pretty surreal experience for me. I never click on MDP videos because, though I love the D in that acronym, the M, not so much.
  3. cruxshadow

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    I'm repulsed by this, yet have the personal context to know that most of us don't do this. Outsiders, however, would not have this advantage (or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it.) I'm just going to assume I don't want to look at the comment section.
  4. My recommendation, honestly, is don't try to define yourself by the limited expectations of others. So many of us want to fit the molds presented to us by society, and for them to define us, when it's you who should define that which is innately the most personal, your very self. I was quite conflicted before coming to the realization, that though I don't feel like a man, I don't really feel like a woman either, and it doesn't really matter. I've also been romantically attracted to men, yet am physically more attracted to women, though due to PTSD, I don't date either any more.
  5. cruxshadow

    The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson

    Not a great film, but it was interesting to see James Duvall in a darker role. In Doom Generation, with Rose McGowan, he couldn't harm a fly. The crinkling sound wasn't diapers, which probably came off once she was allowed "free" movement around the house. It was the plastic sheeting on the floor to make the clean-up of blood, and gore easier, in-case she tested the limits of her "freedom" further than he would have liked.
  6. cruxshadow

    How old were you?

    At least as young as 7.
  7. I've never seen this show, but in this clip, while waiting in a line, at which they've camped out, the female lead mentions she's wearing a diaper. Her friend asks if they're adult diapers, or for fat toddlers, and she responds that they're for "medium sized children," which would put them in Goodnites territory. https://freeform.go.com/shows/alone-together/clips/s1e4-sneak-peek-esther-wears-adult-diapers Here's another clip of her in Easter Bunny footy-pajamas. https://freeform.go.com/shows/alone-together/clips/esthers-deep-dark-secret-is-out Wait, is the Easter Bunny a proper noun? Should it be capitalized? What about hyphenating "footy-pajamas"? My kingdom for an orthographist.
  8. cruxshadow

    Diapered? Yes/No

    The outwardly jutting bit of fabric is precisely the right length for the bottom of many camisoles. And it's the above line area which is causing the shirt to be distended (undershirt), rather than the below line area bulging outward (diaper.) Here's an example of the garment in question:
  9. cruxshadow

    Sarah Paulson on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    The early aughts were burdened with mediocre remakes of Asian horror films, now is the era of the gender-swapped property (Ghostbusters, Ocean's 8, Evil Dead, etc). Remakes of Overboard, and Kung-Fu are coming. Movie producers get to crow about feminism, and it actually tricks a lot of people into supporting the films, or comics; yet if they really cared about the characters, or women as a whole, they'd create new properties. Wolverine didn't start off as the most popular X-Men member, he had a small role in a Hulk comic, and became popular gradually. Speaking of comics, I think Disney has been perusing their Marvel property a bit too much, as they are about to pull a Riri Williams with their most Iron Man like property that isn't Iron Man, The Rocketeer.
  10. cruxshadow

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    I have a couple of heavy cloth diapers, and both a pull-on, and a snap-on plastic pant. I wear them occasionally, and find them comfortable, but mostly prefer plastic-backed disposables.
  11. But then is there an easily discovered list of non-tracked sites somewhere in the settings?
  12. cruxshadow


    It looks like they have a 3rd size (sorry, smaller, not larger,) but other than that, they're identical. Even the graphics. Check out the address I mentioned. And it goes by ages, instead of weight too, strangely. The large size, ages 8-15 look a lot older than the kids on the packages here, hopefully they weren't teased for doing the photoshoot if other kids recognized them.
  13. cruxshadow


    If you look at pictures on drynites.co.uk, you'll see they're the same product, with the same prints. It could be something as simple as culturally preferable names to similarly named product existing in the U.K. In the U.K. they call their Milky Way Bar a Mars Bar. We, in the U.S. have another product called a Mars Bar unrelated to the U.K. product. The U.K. also has a product called the Milky Way Bar which is like a 3 Musketeers bar. In the U.K. Lay's Potato Chips are called Walker's. It's pretty common for companies to do this.
  14. cruxshadow

    What feels better?

    I chose dry. Though I really enjoy the wetting process, I prefer the before feeling, but only ever so slightly, moreso when diapers (particularly Attends) had a more buttery plastic, and a really interesting texture of the fluffy padding compressing between the legs. Some ABDL diapers still have this, but I haven't ordered them in so long. As for Goodnites, I think I prefer them a bit wet, because then you actually feel like you're wearing something when they swell, and the squishy gel is oddly comfortable.
  15. cruxshadow

    ABU Incommunicado

    A week isn't that long. Though when I saw this heading, I thought "Incommunicado" was some quasi-fancily named new ABDL diaper, following in the footsteps of the Bellissimo.