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  1. God yes...I was a huge fan before the Nascar/ Minstrel Show in space that was Ep 1.....I've been told I should give the rest a chance. Though the wounds are not new, they are quite deep.
  2. Yes, I first noticed this as I was visiting my grandma, and had forgotten to bring deodorant, having to use this product. The immediate recognition of the smell, and the realization that it was the same company was uncanny. That said, I can't say that it's exactly the same. I'm no olfactory genius, and have a pretty bad memory in general. It would make sense that a company wouldn't use the exact same formula as in another one of their products, but it would also make sense that they'd want to increase profit margins by reusing a formulated scent. The downside is it's an antiperspirant. Hence, less liquid out, less liquid in, in my perception. Spraying it in the high front, and in the back gives the desired affect without affecting absorbency, really.
  3. Secret's Powder Fresh antiperspirant spray is pretty dead on, it's made by the same company as Pampers, Proctor & Gamble; so it's probably nearly, if not, the same scent. It is, however, an antiperspirant; and I've noticed that, as such, the padding doesn't absorb as well if fully saturated (maybe that was just my imagination). So I'd spraying it in the front, and back, but not heavily in the crotch, to lower buttock (what an awful word) area.
  4. Wow. I hope she's not just being facetious.
  5. Topsheet is interior, backsheet is exterior.
  6. That will never work! Why is it super torn on her right? A friend probably fought putting it on her in the parking lot, the lost bet seems likely.
  7. Oh, milk of course, or water with a bit of sugar free flavoring, or maybe a juice with vodka. My favorite mixed drink is a Bloody Mary (with veggie Worcestershire), I'd hesitate putting that in a bottle (don't have any sippy cups) as it would probably stain.
  8. EEEEWWW! You didn't mention they were dirty!
  9. Wow, I'm right with him on that thought. Though you didn't mention the name or author of the comic.
  10. Not too long ago, homosexuality and pedophilia were mistakenly conflated as the same thing, much like how many people today confuse ABDL for pedophilia. I could see a lot of narrow-minded people misinterpreting our presence at a pride festival, sadly enough.
  11. They embalm the bodies these days. Usually by replacing their blood with chemicals.
  12. God. Some gun owners are perfectly reasonable people; and some really, really, really, want to be cowboys. "Diaper rustlin'? not in my town!" <pew pew pew> I get that he might of thought the guy was reaching for a weapon, but that's a dangerous assumption to make. This whole artificially inflated machismo attitude laced with every sort of paranoia imaginable thing just needs to die.
  13. I would recommend going to 1700 cals, but just be sure you are getting enough vitamins and protein. Try MyFitnessPal. It's a great app to track calories, nutrition, and cardio workouts. If you don't have a smartphone, there is a desktop site too. Definitely do cardio, as eatenbywo1ves said, at least 40 minutes at a time. I usually watch netflix on the eliptical, and the time flies by. Your weight training progress is great, I couldn't do that to save my life. Something I like a lot, for a healthful meal if you have a powerful blender or food processor, is a creamy soup made with a couple Acorn, butternut, and or kabocha squash. Kabocha is amazingly healthful, and tasty, but can be hard to find. Bake them first, then puree the flesh with 2 large carrots, a sweet potato, along with vegetable stock, seasonings (I like ginger, habanero, and berbere ) and 1.5 cups of plain 2% greek yogurt when you're done boiling all blended together. It gives you quite a few servings of all your vitamin A, and C, along with a lot of protein, and filling fiber. Airpopped popcorn is another surprisingly low cal snack.
  14. Maybe it's to show a contrast in weight from a sumo wrestler to a child, to illustrate that the huge variance in weight won't cause the lighter person to roll down into a compressed section beneath the heavier individual. Upon closer inspection of the site, the bed is suspended on a single central column, and they are behaving as Hindu mystics. The photo's subject may have been chosen due to old swami stage acts, where they would meditate atop a flimsy pole, or climb a rope from a basket.
  15. Yeah, a bathroom that will need to be mopped up immediately. Funny nonetheless.