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  1. Dookey


    I’m bi and I’ve swallowed. I enjoy bringing a guy to orgasm.
  2. Dookey

    Rectal thermometer

    Not sure how I missed this one, I enjoy taking my temperature rectally also.
  3. Dookey

    Preparation for a newbie?

    My first spanking by a Pro. was pretty sever. I don’t see him anymore. I had been selfspanking for awhile also. Make sure you have a safe word.
  4. Dookey

    Undercover Sissy At Work

    I still wear panties to work and sometimes I'll wear pullups, Always Discreet.
  5. Dookey

    Preferred spanking method

    I get stress relief spankings, they may start on my panties, but end on the bare. My spanker uses many implements.
  6. Dookey

    What do you do when you poop?

    I like to wear it for awhile. unless it is real messy. I like to sit in a poopy diaper and enjoy it before cleaning up.
  7. Dookey

    Would you want to be a "Normie"?

    No problems here wearing. I love diapers and will continue using them, for fun.
  8. Dookey

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    I use pull-ups the most. I really like tape diapers, but I won’t wear them to work because of the noise factor.
  9. Dookey

    Drinking wee

    I’ve peed on myself in the tub and all over my face. I have drank some of my wee also.
  10. Dookey

    Watersports questions

    There has to be communication, by him mentioning it, sounds like he’s open. You’ll never know until you ask.
  11. Dookey

    Do you NEED diapers?

    I don't need to wear, but i love wearing and using them for what they are intended.
  12. Dookey

    What Profession Are You In?

    Production Associate in automotive field.
  13. Dookey

    Wet or dry diaper?

    I like a wet diaper the most. I will wear a Always Discrete pull-up to work and use it on and off all day long. I’m not able to change so will use the bathroom so I don’t leak.
  14. Dookey

    Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

    Diapers are a turn on for me also, although not as much as when I was younger. They are still fun to wear.