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  1. Would you want to be a "Normie"?

    No problems here wearing. I love diapers and will continue using them, for fun.
  2. Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    I use pull-ups the most. I really like tape diapers, but I won’t wear them to work because of the noise factor.
  3. Drinking wee

    I’ve peed on myself in the tub and all over my face. I have drank some of my wee also.
  4. Watersports questions

    There has to be communication, by him mentioning it, sounds like he’s open. You’ll never know until you ask.
  5. Do you NEED diapers?

    I don't need to wear, but i love wearing and using them for what they are intended.
  6. How do you guys wear women's panties?

    I wear all styles of panties, i prefer nylon the most. Thongs not so much. Sometimes it's hard to choose diapers or panties.
  7. What Profession Are You In?

    Production Associate in automotive field.
  8. Wet or dry diaper?

    I like a wet diaper the most. I will wear a Always Discrete pull-up to work and use it on and off all day long. I’m not able to change so will use the bathroom so I don’t leak.
  9. Are diapers a sexual turnon for anybody?

    Diapers are a turn on for me also, although not as much as when I was younger. They are still fun to wear.
  10. Diapers At Work

    I wear pull-ups to work on occasion. I will wet in them , but not mess while at work. Diapers would be to obvious. I wear Always Discrete for women, I’m also a cross dresser.
  11. Wearing Bras

    I wear bras on occasion, I have a wide variety. My favorites are sport bras I wear more often in the winter months because it’s easier to layer.
  12. How Old Are We ?

    Just turned 63
  13. orientation

    I'm bi, I have a girlfriend, but we don't have sex. I have a male friend I see on occasion.
  14. What do you wear most often?

    I voted underwear, but pull-ups are a close second and then disposables.
  15. The Big Debate: Cloth VS. Disposable

    I choose disposable, but have worn both. I really need to buy some cloth diapers, but not sure when that will happen.