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  1. How Old Are We ?

    I’m 63
  2. orientation

    I'm bi, I have a girlfriend, but we don't have sex. I have a male friend I see on occasion.
  3. What do you wear most often?

    I voted underwear, but pull-ups are a close second and then disposables.
  4. The Big Debate: Cloth VS. Disposable

    I choose disposable, but have worn both. I really need to buy some cloth diapers, but not sure when that will happen.
  5. What Female Celebrities Would You Like To Spank You?

    Olivia Newton John could spank me anytime.
  6. What makes you a sissy?

    My girlfriend knows and supports my lifestyle. I will wear a nightgown and diaper at the same time. I'm not into humiliation, I just enjoy being a sissy.
  7. I'm a long time member and just reset my password and going to be active more. I'm still a diaper wearer for fun.
  8. Clean Vs Dirty diapers

    I like a clean diaper, but it's not long after putting one on that it seems to get wet. That's what it's there for.
  9. The Toy you want back!

    CIlancy the Rollerskating Monkey. I was in the USAF and when I came home on leave I was told Clancy got throwed out to the trash. They are a collectors item now if you can find them.
  10. Your Favorite TV Show as a Kid

    Daktari, Flipper and Gentle Ben. I also loved Mickey Mouse, Captian Kangroo and Beanie and Cecil.
  11. I started out with either a t-shirt or towel pinned on. I couldn't wet without soaking everything. I purchased a snap on diaper with liner from JC Penny catalog. They don't carry them now. I realy enjoyed them, but they did have a tendancy to leak. I loved Depends when they came out with disposables. Now there is a wide variety to try.
  12. Do you find yourself rubbing your diaper?

    Yes, I love to rub and squeeze the front of my diapers. I do it all the time, especially when wet.
  13. Diaper reinforcement methods

    I use duct tape, I have just bought Hello Kitty duct tape, also have a flower type duct tape. I like to dress up a plain diaper. I need to buy some print type diapers.
  14. A bottle of Magnesium Citrate before bed will produce a very messy diaper. I have done this in the past with great results. I would make sure to have protection for the bed because you may leak. Don't use on a regular basis because you can become dependent.
  15. Panties And Diapers?

    I like to wear full sized nylon panties over Depends RealFit pull-ups. It helps keep the pullup from rubbing on my jeans and wearing out. I wear panties even nwhen not wearing diapers. I love them both.