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What do you use your nappies for?


What do you use your nappies for  

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  1. 1. What do you use your nappies for?

    • Weeing
    • Pooing
    • Weeing and pooing
    • Dry for comfort

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Mostly just wetting, occasionally the other thing. I would eventually like to lose control of everything, or at the very least just never go potty again, but right now, clean up is just too much like hard work. I'm s'posed to have a mummy or daddy to take care of that.

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I use my diapers exactly for their intended purpose. I wet during the day without anyone knowing, and mess my diaper in the solitude of the early morning. Currently my Cushies cloth back diaper has fulfilled (and is full) its intended purpose this morning.

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I use my diapers for their intended purpose and that's because as an adult baby, I am not potty trained and I have to use my diapers regardless of where I am. I wet and mess in them regardless of where I am. It's why I am not allowed out of diapers and never will.

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See my 11/20 post but "form and function" as said by the architect Louis Sullivan because I like the way diapers look, and the function of wetting and messing in my diaper. Right now my Crinklz Fairy Tale diaper is very functional with no leaks or poopy blowout.

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I use my nappies for wetting and pooing. I don't see it a need to, or a convenience thing, or even for amusement really. I believe wearing/using nappies for peeing and pooing is a natural thing ... if you get what I mean...

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I use them for peeing mainly so I don't have to get up at night because I have serious mobility problems. I can wear a wet diaper for quite a while but can't wear for long if I dump into a diaper. Even when I'm hospitalized I make the effort to get up and go to the toilet for No. 2.

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I used my diaper through the night and very wet and now messy in a new Cushies Ultra diaper this morning. No leaks, just warm squishy pleasurable sensations. After I change I have a Tena Ultra diaper ready for work, I should use a booster for my day at work just in case. I'll wet during the day but no poopy diapers in the office.

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Mostly pee, but occasionally poop,  some not entirely by choice (Sharts (common), sudden uncontrollable urges (very rare-only 3 times in last 8 years) and yes, sometimes just when I feel like it)

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