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This is a commission I have recently finished and can post for everyone's enjoyment now. This is a story about three friends and how their lives changed on one fateful day.

If you would like a commission then I am open to more.



By Elfy

“I’m going to miss all this.” Taylor said wistfully as she walked down the street to school. The red haired girl was gazing up at her high school with a smile as she recalled all the memories made there.

“You won’t.” Samantha replied from next to her, “Next year you will be off at college and you will have forgotten about all of this!”

They two girls were seniors and had recently turned 18-years-old within a week of each other. They had been friends ever since they were babies, their parents knew each other and as early as kindergarten, the two girls had started to become friends. This was their final year before they headed off for college. Rather predictably, the inseparable girls were going to the same college as well.

“I will miss this!” Taylor insisted, “Besides, next week is homecoming. I always love homecoming week.”

The two girls walked through the crowds of people hurrying to classes and stopped in front of the noticeboard that had been put up right next to the school entrance. There was a list of all the special “spirit days” that were going on through the week.

“Baby day?” Samantha asked as she noticed the last day of the week, “What does that mean?”

“Students can wear onesies, pacifiers and generally dress up like babies. There where will be competitions and fun games throughout the day.” Taylor read the description off of the board, “OK, that might be fun!”

“You think so?” Samantha asked sceptically.

“Oh, for sure!” Taylor enthused, “We should go all out for it. It will be our last day of homecoming as students.”

“Hey Sam!” Came a familiar guy’s voice behind them.

“Good morning, Paul.” Samantha turned to see her boyfriend.

The taller boy stooped down slightly to give Samantha a quick kiss on the lips. The two of them hugged for a second and smiled at each other. Taylor just stood awkwardly next to her two friends as they greeted each other. They were great people but sometimes having your two best friends in a relationship with each other could be a little awkward.

“What do you think Paul?” Samantha asked as she turned away from her boyfriend to look at the noticeboard again.

“Of Homecoming?” Paul asked.

“The baby day.” Samantha said, “Taylor said we should go all out for it.”

Before Paul could answer the morning bell rang and the three of them headed into the building for their morning registration. It was a fairly normal day of school. There was a buzz amongst the students as the week-long celebration of the school approached but the day passed as slowly as any other. Same boring lessons, same boring teachers.

When the final bell finally rang Taylor and Samantha met up outside and started walking towards home. The two of them lived just a street apart and they had walked with each other to and from school almost every week day for years.

“So are you coming back to my place?” Samantha asked Tayler.

“I can do.” Taylor replied, “Any reason you want me over?”

“Well, you want to do this baby day thing, right?” Samantha asked, “Maybe you are right. Maybe we should go all out for it, I was just thinking you could come over and we could look for stuff for it.”

“Cool! Yeah!” Taylor replied with enthusiasm.

Taylor was always the one that had the most school spirit. Whenever there was a school event, Taylor was sure to be involved in some way or another. In contrast, Samantha usually stayed in the background, she never had much energy to devote to these school events. It was out of character for her to want to get involved with this one but, like Taylor said, this was one of the last chances for her to get into the spirit of things.

The two girls headed back to Samantha’s house. After some quick pleasantries exchanged with Samantha’s mother, the pair of them headed up to Samantha’s bedroom and booted up her laptop.

Samantha’s bedroom was very grown up. Her walls were painted white, she had a desk full of schoolwork and her clothes were strewn everywhere. It contrasted to Taylor’s bedroom a lot. Taylor still had pink painted walls from when she was little and her desk, rather than full of her homework, was full of stuffed teddy bears. This was the main reason they always met in Samantha’s room rather than Taylor’s, Samantha couldn’t stand the cuteness in Taylor’s rather childish room.

“What do I even search?” Samantha asked with a laugh with her hands hovering above the keyboard.

“Erm… I guess you could search for adult onesies?” Taylor suggested, “You know, the things with snaps on the crotch.”

Samantha started typing, sceptical that such a thing existed, and then clicked the first link that appeared. After scrolling down a little bit she felt her jaw drop open.

“Oh my God…” Taylor whispered as she covered her mouth.

“Are you seeing this!?” Samantha asked in shock.

The two girls had expected to find a website that might sell comically oversized baby items for costumes. Maybe there would be a medical use for them, or there would be a website that sold fairly normal versions of these clothes.

What they actually encountered was something much, much different. The website they landed on prominently featured a young woman sitting on a rocking horse whilst sucking on a pacifier. She had a big smile that the pacifier couldn’t contain and a pink onesie with cute little pictures of sheep all over it. What was perhaps most surprising to either girl was the that the person in the picture was very obviously, and very thickly, padded in a large disposable diaper!

“This can’t be real!” Samantha exclaimed with a shocked little laugh.

For the next few minutes the girls scrolled around the websites and clicked links. They were shocked that the more they clicked around, the more it became clear that this was a very real thing. Onesies, footed pyjamas, pacifiers and, most interestingly, diapers. They had expected a fancy dress shop; they had stumbled into something very different. It was like a totally different world had suddenly opened up.

“We should order some.” Taylor suggested, “We want to go all out, right? If we buy some of this stuff, we will really stand out.”

“Yeah, no kidding…” Samantha replied, “But… Really? I mean, are you sure? I don’t want to look silly at school.”

“Look, I’ll pay.” Taylor said, “Trust me. We will start a new trend!”

Samantha was sceptical but she turned the mouse and keyboard over to Taylor and let her start adding stuff to the shopping cart. Samantha couldn’t help but think this whole thing was stupid and a waste of money but since Taylor looked like she was paying then what was the worst that could happen.

A few minutes later they were reviewing their order before confirming. There were two onesies, a pink one for Taylor and a purple one for Samantha. They also ordered a couple of the large pacifiers and, last but certainly not least, a pack of medium disposable diapers. The diapers they chose were white with some little pictures of teddy bears on the area where you placed the tapes. Both the girl’s agreed that they would look adorable in their purchases.

After hanging out for a little bit, Taylor left Samantha’s to go home. Their new purchases would be arriving in a couple of days and both of them were excited and a little nervous for what would be arriving for them.


The next couple of days passed normally. Homecoming celebrations continued and everyone was having a good time whilst the big day was fast approaching. The “Baby Day” was the last day of Homecoming, the Friday when all the celebrations would come to an end.

When Taylor and Samantha finished school on the Thursday of that week, they were both eager to get back to Samantha’s house. It was the day that the delivery was scheduled to arrive and, for some reason, they were both filled with nervous excitement.

It was during lunch that Samantha received a text from the delivery company that stated that her delivery had been signed for and was waiting for her at home. Her mom had been home that day and had been available to accept the package.

When Samantha told Taylor that the stuff was waiting for them at home, Taylor practically did a little dance in excitement. Her ginger hair bounced up and down as she clapped with glee. Samantha, wanting to play it cool, rolled her eyes and told Taylor to calm down but her broad smile gave away that she was looking forward to seeing their new stuff as well.

The afternoon was interminably dull and the fact that were forced to sit through History whilst the teacher droned on and on was only making their impatience worse.

When the bell finally rang, Taylor and Samantha were up and out of the classroom almost immediately. Samantha yelled a quick apology and a goodbye to Paul as the two girls ran out of the room and headed back to Samantha’s house.

When they got in, they went directly to Samantha’s bedroom where they found the large box full of their new possessions.

“Open it!” Taylor said excitedly to Samantha as she sat on the bed.

Samantha grabbed some scissors and cut the box open. She could feel butterflies in her tummy and, as she opened the flaps of the cardboard box, she heard Taylor stand up and looking over the shoulder to get a look.

“Oh my God.” Taylor exclaimed, “This stuff looks so cute!”

Samantha pulled out the two onesies, the two little boxes containing the adult sized pacifiers and a packet of eight diapers in translucent plastic packaging. Both the girls just stared at the packet in silence, neither of them wanted to be the first to say anything but both were surprised by just how big they looked.

“So, erm, are we going to… Try this stuff out?” Samantha asked carefully. She was intrigued to wear their new purchases but she definitely didn’t want to seem too keen.

“I guess we should.” Taylor replied, “I wouldn’t want wearing them to school to be the first time.”

Samantha gave Taylor a curious look. Samantha had noticed that Taylor had gone a little red in the face, almost like she was blushing a little bit.

“So… shall we just do it in here?” Samantha asked.

“Yeah, no looking though!” Taylor replied.

“Of course not!” Samantha said, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go in the closet and get changed, there should be enough room. You do it in here.”

The girls took the onesies they had bought and then each grabbed one of the white diapers. They both stared at the new underwear as they held it for the first time. They were both very curious about the interesting look and feel of the plastic.

The girls went to their assigned places and began to get ready. Taylor, standing in the room, felt very self-conscious. She kept looking around as she took her clothes off to see if anyone was looking.

Taylor laid the diaper out on the bed. The crinkling with every movement of the plastic was much louder than she expected and she heard a small giggle from the closet.

“These things are loud.” Taylor stated as she sat down on the padding.

Samantha was doing the same thing in the closet. She opened the diaper up and sat on it. The closet was not an ideal place to put a diaper on, this much became obvious as she hit her elbows on the wall when trying to position herself correctly. There was just enough room when she used the space efficiently to comfortably lay down on the diaper.

Both girls had some experience with babysitting so the basic mechanics of putting a diaper on was already there, it took each of them a couple of minutes to work out how to diaper themselves though.

The sound of crinkling filled the room for a little bit, followed by the sounds of tapes being tightly placed across the fronts of both their diapers.

When Taylor stood up again and walked to her onesie she found that the diaper hugged her figure very well, the crinkling with every step was taking some getting used to. Her initial impressions were good though, she was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the diaper felt. She still felt embarrassed to be wearing it since it was obviously a very infantile thing to be doing.

“Are you ready?” Samantha called out from the closet.

“Hold on.” Taylor responded, “Just putting the onesie on.”

Taylor picked up the pink onesie and pulled it over her head. It was a great fit and, like the diaper, hugged her figure very well. She bent over and grabbed the back flap. Popping the front and back together, Taylor stood up straight again and felt the onesie push the bottom of the diaper up against her body. She blushed slightly, she hadn’t expected to feel so comfortable in these clothes!

“OK…” Taylor slowly said, “I think I’m ready.”

After a couple of seconds, the closet door slowly opened and Samantha stepped out into the bedroom again.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as both girls blushed, then they started giggling. The giggling grew louder and louder as they looked at each other in their diapers and onesies. They walked over to the mirror in the corner of the room, the crinkling only made them giggle even more. They pointed at themselves and each other and had a good long laugh before finally calming down.

“OK.” Samantha finally said as she wiped a tear from her eyes. She hadn’t laughed like that for a long time, “So we are going to do this tomorrow?”

“Heck yeah!” Taylor said with enthusiasm, “It’ll be hilarious.”

“If you’re sure.” Samantha said with some degree of scepticism, “But no using them. Can we agree on that?”

“Of course.” Taylor responded, “Would never dream of using it. Eww. We can take them off to go to the bathroom.”

The rest of the evening the girls stayed dressed up. They would have to spend hours at school dressed like this tomorrow so they decided to get used to wearing these things that evening. They listened to some music, played some games and did some homework whilst dressed as big babies. At one point during the evening they even broke out the pacifiers and tried them out as well prompting another fit of giggles.

For a long time, neither of them talked about how they were dressed, they ignored it as they did their homework and listened to music until an hour or so after originally putting the diapers on.

“So this is kind of weird.” Samantha finally admitted after putting down her pen.

“Yeah.” Taylor agreed. She wanted to say that she actually kind of liked the feeling but she wanted to phrase it in a way that wouldn’t make her sound weird, “But I can see why babies feel so happy and content in them.”

“I guess…” Samantha slowly said. She didn’t find the feeling between her legs too disagreeable either, “So what’s the plan for tomorrow? Are we really going to do this?”

“We definitely should!” Taylor said with a big grin, “No one will be as well dressed up as us. Not to mention we already bought this stuff. If we chicken out it will have been a waste of money.”

“Alright.” Samantha conceded, “We won’t use them though for sure…”

“I agree.” Taylor said. She wondered why Samantha felt like she had to bring up that point again, “Maybe we should take a couple of spares in our bags though. Just in case the tapes fail or something.”

“Good idea.” Samantha agreed.

A little while later, the girls got dressed back into their usual clothes and Taylor headed home. They both had some nerves about what would happen the next day. Nervousness aside, they were both quite excited to dress up again.


This was a stark difference to Paul’s feelings about the whole idea. Samantha’s boyfriend had seen the signs for the big finale of Homecoming, he had even had friends try to convince him to play along but he had shrugged them all off. He thought it was a stupid idea and didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the whole school. He would be leaving for college soon and he didn’t want the last impression he left to be one that people would laugh at.

Paul was a bit of a jock. Very athletic, he was on both the track team and the in the football team. He was tall, certainly taller than either Samantha or Taylor but not huge. His sports prowess had made him very popular all through his time in school, people looked up to him. There was no way that he would degrade himself and play dress up, he didn’t care if it was all for fun and games, he had a reputation to maintain.

He wasn’t a bad guy by any means. He never bullied anyone or used his popular status to get any advantages or special treatment, but he did have a bit of an ego.

As far as he knew everyone on the sports teams would be ignoring the dressing up part of Homecoming. It was his non-sporting friends that had tried to get him to take part.

Paul had briefly thought about it in the middle of the week. He had even gone online to search for information on adult sized baby clothes. By coincidence, he had found the same website that Samantha and Taylor had ordered from. He had scrolled down briefly and been shocked by the images he saw.

Paul stared open mouthed at the image of the woman on the rocking horse. The pacifier, the onesie and, most prominently, the thick diaper all caught his eyes.

Blushing a deep red, Paul had closed the website and did his best to forget about the whole idea. He was shocked that there were people who apparently bought these things for fun.

No matter how hard Paul tried, he couldn’t get his mind off of the image of the girl. Particularly her padded rear end. He tried to distract himself but for the next few days he found his mind wandering back to those diapers whenever he wasn’t distracting himself with something else.

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Nice story. Looking forward to the rest

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Glad to see a new story from you. Great start!

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Very interesting beginning. The way things ended I would expect Paul to be joining Samantha and Taylor in a diaper in the very near future. I would also say that I believe that this wasn't going to be the only order placed at this particular site by this group. 8 diapers just isn't going to be nearly enough. Good job so far, I am looking forward to reading more.

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Hip hip hooray great story elf

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Awesome start to story Elfy, When Samantha's mom had signed for the box of baby items I thought she would of had look at

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Great new story Elfy. Thank you for sharing this.

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Great start, looking forward to reading more.

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Thanks for the kind words :)

Here is part two of the story. As usual, thanks a lot to the person who commissioned it and if anyone reading is interested in their own commission they can message me to discuss it :)


The next morning found Taylor turning up at Samantha’s house very early. They had decided that it would be best to get changed into their baby stuff at Samantha’s house and then drive to school in Samantha’s car. Usually they just walked straight to school but since they were going to be dressed as they were, they decided that they didn’t want to walk that day.

When Taylor got up to Samantha’s room, she found Samantha was already in a diaper and in her purple onesie. Taylor raised her eyebrows as she noticed that Samantha had gone even further, she had put her hair into some very infantile looking pigtails. Taylor smiled, Samantha presented a very cute sight with her new hair style. Samantha blushed and pointed to the bed where Taylor could see a diaper and her own onesie laid out ready for her.

Taylor felt a pang of nerves as she looked down at the baby paraphernalia spread out before her. She bit her bottom lip and looked back to Samantha. Samantha looked absolutely adorable, there was no doubt about that, the way her pigtails wiggled every time she moved her head was the picture of pure innocence. Even her womanly curves seemed partially hidden by the onesie that tightly hugged her body.

Looking back at the bed, Taylor started to have second thoughts. Playing dress up in the mirror was one thing, but turning up at school dressed in such authentic clothes might be a little too much. What if they were the only ones dressing up?

“Samantha… Maybe we shou-” Taylor hesitantly began to vocalise her fears to her friend as she awkwardly picked up the onesie.

“Oh no!” Samantha quickly cut Taylor off. She shook her said as she repeated herself, her pigtails swung around her head almost hitting herself in the face with the braided hair, “No, no, no. I didn’t spend all morning building up my courage and doing my hair just for you to back out!”

Samantha grabbed the diaper on the bed and opened it up. After being hesitant to do any of this at all, Samantha had spent a lot of nervous energy psyching herself up for the coming day, she wasn’t going to let Taylor back out, it had been her idea after all.

“You either get on the bed and put that diaper on…” Samantha said as she placed her hands on her hips looking much more like a strict parent despite her padded appearance, “Or I pull off your clothes and dress you myself!”

“OK… OK… Just… Could you give me some privacy?” Taylor said as she looked nervously at the diaper.

Samantha nodded and left the room with a smile. She stood just outside the bedroom door whilst her best friend undressed.

Taylor pulled off her clothes and sat on the diaper. The softness that she remembered from the previous day immediately flooded back to her. When she taped the front and back together she quickly sat up and heard a very loud set of crinkles echo around the otherwise silent room. From outside of the door, Taylor heard her friend let out a small giggle.

“Shut up!” Taylor called out playfully as she laughed in spite of herself.

“Can I come back in yet?” Samantha’s muffled voice asked through the door.

“Not yet.” Taylor replied as she picked up the pink onesie.

It took a couple of seconds for Taylor to work out how to put this piece of clothing on again but after an examination she pulled it over her head and let it fall down her body. To finish the procedure, Taylor bent over and grabbed the back flap of the onesie. She snapped the front and back together and then stood up straight again. As she straightened up she felt the cloth of the onesie pull tight over her body and push the diaper up against her crotch a little bit.

“OK.” Taylor called out, “I’m ready”

Samantha slowly pushed open the door, stepped inside and closed the door behind her. For a few seconds, the two girls awkwardly faced each other with neither of them knowing what to say or even where to look. The air of awkwardness that the girls experienced initially the previous day had returned in full force. Curiously though, Taylor, who had been hesitant suddenly started feeling a little more confident. After a few seconds she even managed to break the silence.

“Do… Do you want to put my hair in pigtails?” Taylor asked quietly, “I’ve never done it myself. I’m not sure how.”

Samantha found herself blushing but she nodded. As Taylor sat back down on the edge of the bed, Samantha walked behind her friend and begun the process of giving Taylor the same infantile haircut that she was sporting.

When Taylor’s hair was completed a few minutes later she turned to the mirror to look at herself. She had to suppress a smile as her face went a shade of red, she saw Samantha walk up behind her with an equally embarrassed smile.

“You look cute.” Samantha told her friend with a giggle.

Taylor looked away as her face went deeper red. She didn’t disagree with Samantha’s assessment but she was too embarrassed to say anything back to her friend. Every little movement caused the diaper between her legs to shift slightly and crinkle loudly, it would be impossible to forget about what she was wearing. A part of Taylor felt butterflies and nerves in her stomach but a larger part of her really enjoyed the feelings she was getting. Why was wearing a diaper causing her to feel such strong emotions?

“Come on, let’s go.” Samantha said after she finished fixing up Taylor’s hair, “We don’t want to be late.”

As Samantha headed towards the door, Taylor looked at herself in the mirror a little more. As she did so she spotted something on her friend’s dresser.

“Hold on a minute.” Taylor said as she walked across to the dresser, “Nearly forgot something…”

Samantha watched with a confused expression as her friend went to the dresser and picked up two objects lying on the edge of the desk.

Taylor smiled as she picked up the two pacifiers. They were attached to some pink and purple ribbon so that they could be worn around the neck. Taylor took the pacifier with the pink ribbon and put it over her head. The soother bounced off of the front of her onesie right around her breast area. Taylor smiled, this was just the thing to complete the infantile outfit.

“I forgot about those…” Samantha said cautiously as Taylor brought the other pacifier to her, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“If we are doing this, we are going all the way.” Taylor said mischievously.

Samantha shrugged and lowered her head to allow her best friend to place the pacifier with purple ribbon around her neck. Once it was in place she looked back up at her friend, they both looked like the pictures of the adorable women on the website they had ordered all of their clothes from.

“Now we can go.” Taylor giggled as she flicked the pacifier on Samantha’s chest playfully.

The two girls walked down the stairs and out to Samantha’s car. The crinkling coming from both girl’s waists echoed around the empty rooms as they approached the front door. With a deep breath and a moment to steady their nerves, Samantha pulled the door open and the two girls walked out into the sunshine. They were very grateful for the warm weather since the few items of clothing they had on would not protect them from the elements.

They hurried out to the car in silence and sat down in their respective seats with a sigh of relief that they were unseen. They knew they would have to be seen sooner or later if they were going to walk around school whilst dressed up but at least the people at school would know why they looked like big babies. If any of the neighbours saw the two girls, they would be very confused.

The drive was mostly quiet with both girls feeling the butterflies in their stomachs. They were just about to pull in to the school’s car park when Samantha turned down the radio.

“We need a couple of ground rules.” Samantha said as she looked out of the window at the other students on the way to school. She was gratified to see a lot of them were dressed up but none of them had put in the same effort that the girls had.

“OK.” Taylor replied as she nervously looked at the students as well.

“Well… We shouldn’t use the diapers. I know I said it before but I want to be clear.” Samantha said, “Just pull them down and use the toilet normally.”

“Of course!” Taylor replied quickly. She couldn’t look Samantha in the eyes, she had to admit she was curious what it would feel like to wet, “Eww, using the diaper? No thanks.”

“Right.” Samantha agreed, “I have to admit these diapers are pretty comfortable though… Like sitting on an extra pillow!”

Taylor laughed but didn’t say anything in response, she agreed with Samantha but didn’t want to sound too keen. She could see why some babies were so difficult to potty train, this padding was definitely something she could get used to. Almost absentmindedly, Taylor started playing with one of her pigtails as she looked out of the window, twirling it around her finger like a little girl.

Finally, the two girls pulled up in the school car park. With a deep breath and popping their pacifiers into their mouths, the two girls stepped out of the car to join the throng of students heading into the school. It felt very strange and revealing to be walking amongst so many people when wearing so little.

Samantha and Taylor looked around as they grabbed their bags from the back seat and headed towards the nearest building where they usually met Paul and then had their first lesson. They had definitely put more effort into this dressing up than most other people here. A lot of people had a pacifier or maybe wore a cheap adult pull-up over their real clothes but few had gone to the same effort that Samantha and Taylor had gone to. As a result, the two girls were getting a lot of looks from other students who whispered behind their hands to each other.

Samantha almost subconsciously gave the pacifier a small suck as she blushed slightly at all the attention. She was surprised to find that her nerves were steadied somewhat by the infantile soother. Looking to the side, Samantha noticed Taylor was having a similar reaction. As a show of solidarity and to bolster each of their nerves a little, Samantha took Taylor’s hand in hers and together they walked towards their first class.

Paul was standing near the door to his first class checking his watch and yawning. Samantha and Taylor were a little late, they were normally here by now but he was still left standing alone watching as the bizarrely dressed student body milled around prior to the first class. Paul couldn’t believe that so many people were willing to make fools of themselves like this. People walking around with dolls, in big onesies, with toddler’s books… Paul just shook his head at it all. Internally, his mind kept wandering back to that website but he would not let himself dwell on it, he just needed his girlfriend here to distract him. Samantha was due any minute and he doubted that Samantha would have any part in this silliness.

Paul checked his watch and pulled out his phone. He was just about to hit send on a text message for his girlfriend when he saw a commotion at the end of the hallway and coming his way. Paul furrowed his brow as he watched two girls emerge from the commotion and heading his way.

Paul’s jaw dropped as he realised it was Taylor and Samantha, and he could see why they had been causing a fuss. The two girls were dressed in tight pink and purple onesies with very obviously padded bottoms. He was speechless, he knew Taylor liked to go overboard for these events but this wasn’t like Samantha at all. As the two girls drew nearer, he saw that both of them were blushing slightly from behind two overgrown pacifiers.

“Hewwo…” Samantha lisped from behind the soother. Realising it was giving her an infantile lisp, Samantha pulled the pacifier from her mouth and cleared her throat before repeating, “Hello.”

“Samantha… Hi, I… I, erm, didn’t expect all this.” Paul hesitantly said. He felt a strange reaction from within him, a kind of excitement and happiness that he struggled to put his finger on. Why was he having this reaction? It was just like when he looked at that website, he had been trying to keep his mind off of those images since he had first seen them but now he was staring at his girlfriend dressed up just like the models. She looked amazing.

Taylor walked into the classroom with a smile whilst Paul and Samantha stood outside in awkward silence, neither of them were quite sure what to say or where to look.

The couple were saved by the bell that signalled the start of the day’s classes. After the rest of their classmates had entered the room, Samantha walked ahead of Paul and started to enter the room.

Before he could stop himself, and without thinking, he instinctively reached his hand out and patted Samantha on the padded rear. He didn’t know why he did it and he quickly withdrew his hand. Why was this so fascinating for him?

Samantha turned, a little shocked, but gave Paul a little wink as she headed into the classroom herself. Paul followed and the three of the took seats at the back of the room. A lot of the class were dressed up to one degree or another but Samantha and Taylor had clearly gone a step above everyone else. As class began, Taylor popped her pacifier back in and, after Taylor gave her an encouraging nod of the head, Samantha semi-reluctantly did the same thing.

Paul watched them both with interest. Try as he might, he just could not take his eyes off of his girlfriend. He was continually drawn to the leg band of his girlfriend’s onesie where he could see a little bit of the diaper she was wearing peeking out.

The morning went rather smoothly after the initial excitement had gone away. Taylor and Samantha were stopped in the halls multiple times between classes by other students wanting pictures with the authentic big babies and though they were hesitant at first, they gradually warmed up to the idea and before long were doing all kinds of poses and laughing along with everyone else. They spent most of the morning with their soothers in their mouths and as lunch rolled around, having the latex teats in their mouths felt very natural.

Paul felt very odd emotions that morning. He found his gaze constantly drawn to his girlfriend’s backside but not for the reason he normally found his eyes wandering in that direction. He just couldn’t stop himself from wondering what it would be like to be wearing one, all that curiosity that had been awoken within him when he first saw the website was now burning in him. He longed to talk to Samantha about the diaper, he longed to put one on as well just to see what it was like. But he couldn’t, there was just no way he could admit how interested in the diaper he was. He didn’t want to look like he was weird.


“Paul! Samantha! Over here!” Taylor yelled across the crowded cafeteria.

Paul and Samantha saw the furiously waving Taylor across the busy room and they hurried over to the table with trays of food held in front of them. They plopped themselves into seats across the table from Taylor and the three of them started talking and eating as if it were any other day. Paul found it very hard to concentrate on the conversation when the two girls were dressed as they were. Every move Samantha made produced a loud crinkling from around her waist that seemed to Paul to be both distracting and intoxicating.

Samantha ate lunch as usual but she wasn’t totally oblivious to her boyfriend acting so weirdly. She assumed that it was just the way she dressed that distracted him but it seemed like every time he thought Samantha wasn’t watching him he would look down at her padded crotch.

“Hello? Earth to Paul?” Taylor said in exasperation.

“What? Huh?” Paul had been lost in thought whilst staring at Samantha’s onesie and had totally lost the trail of the conversation.

“I said are you ready for the math test?” Taylor asked, “I know you love Sam but try to keep up with reality!”

“Oh, erm, yes. I’m ready.” Paul replied. He blushed a little at Taylor’s comments but knew she was just kidding around. Samantha laughed but also had a little rosiness in her cheeks after her friend’s comments.

The three continued lunch until the bell rang when they stood up and started heading towards that afternoons test. Samantha and Taylor walked in front with their diapers audibly announcing every movement with Paul walking along behind, he had to be really careful not to walk into other people as he found himself so inexorably drawn to the girls’ diapers.

“Are you coming over after school?” Samantha asked her boyfriend as they negotiated their way through the packed halls.

“Sure.” Paul was responded. He felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the visit. He always liked spending time with Samantha but with all these crazy things recently, Paul was unsure what would happen.

As the three students walked towards their next classroom they walked past the bathroom that the girls normally stopped at after lunch. Samantha almost always went in to relieve herself before their afternoon class but today she decided to skip the bathroom break, she didn’t want to have to bother with sorting the diaper out, she didn’t want to take it off because the spares had been left in the car.

By this point in the day most people were used to the odd way a lot of people were dressed up and Taylor and Samantha drew little attention to themselves. Even the two girls themselves had started to feel less weird by their odd attire, Taylor in particular had started to feel increasingly comfortable in her padding.

When the trio entered the classroom for their test they immediately took three seats at the back. They always preferred to be towards the back of the room if they had a chance, a place where they could get away with paying less attention in the more boring classes.

The test was fairly standard. The room was silent with only the occasional cough or scratching of a pen breaking the silence. There was one other source of noise that was less standard to an examination room, the students who had dressed up were crinkling every time they shifted in their seats which occasionally distracted other people in the class. Paul especially, found it hard to ignore all the padded people in the room.

The test was an hour long and required quite a lot of concentration for the students. About forty minutes into the test Samantha began shifting uncomfortably in her seat, she frowned as she shifted and quickly realised that her bladder was asking to be emptied. She very suddenly regretted that she hadn’t taken the time at stop at the bathroom. Samantha looked up from her test paper and raised her hand. She felt embarrassed that she had to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom like some young child but she was quickly losing the choice.

“Yes, Miss. Jones?” The elderly female teacher bent down by Samantha’s ear to ask what the problem was.

“Miss. Wilkinson I… I need the bathroom.” Samantha stated quietly. She found it rather embarrassing to ask and her present state of dress did little to make her feel more confident about it.

“The test ends in twenty minutes. You can wait until the end.” Miss. Wilkinson said dispassionately.

“But…” Before Samantha could say how urgent the problem was Miss. Wilkinson had stood up and walked away to help another student with a problem.

Samantha bit her lip as she felt the pressure on her bladder getting stronger and stronger. Looking sideways to Paul and Taylor she saw that they were both engrossed in their tests and seemed to have no idea about the internal struggle that had erupted within Samantha’s body.

Trying to distract herself with her test, Samantha looked back down and tried to continue her work. It was increasingly hard for Samantha to concentrate on the questions and her twisting and turning in her seat was attracting some attention from the people around her who could hear the crinkles echoing in the silent room.

Taylor, to the left of Samantha, gave her puzzled a look as if to ask what was wrong. Samantha was so consumed with pressing her legs together that she didn’t know what to do or say in response. It felt like at any minute Samantha’s tenuous grasp on her bladder may give way and as a result she concentrated every fibre of her being into not letting that happen.

“Five minutes remaining.” Miss. Wilkinson called from the front of the class a little while later.

Samantha put her pen down, she had answered the questions as best as she could even though she was so distracted by the uncomfortable feelings running through her. She raised her hand again.

“What is it, Samantha?” Miss. Wilkinson asked again as she hurried over to the side of the fidgeting girl.

“Miss, may I be excused? I really need the bathroom.” Samantha tried not to sound too desperate but even as she spoke she could feel the sweat on her forehead from her continued effort.

“There are five minutes left. I don’t know what scheme you have to try and cheat but you can visit the bathroom when the test ends and not a minute before.” Miss. Wilkinson told the desperate girl before brusquely adding, “Now sit still and wait or I will mark your test a zero.”

Samantha sat stunned as the teacher walked away shaking her head. She could feel herself on the edge now, she didn’t even think she could get to a bathroom on time even if she was given permission. She looked once again to either side of her where Paul and Taylor were sat, neither of them seemed to have any idea of Samantha’s internal struggle. Samantha was even rather surprised to see that Taylor had her pacifier in her mouth and seemed to be sucking it rhythmically as she scribbled down answers to the questions.

Despite the huge need for the bathroom that Samantha had felt for so long it was still a surprise to her as she felt a trickle escape her into the padding wrapped around her.

“Oh no…” She muttered to herself.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she fought to stop the leak. Samantha felt a small area of padding warm up as she clamped her traitorous bladder closed. Samantha went back to desperately holding on to her control, every now and then a little bit escaped her but she renewed her efforts to hold on each time.

“Sixty seconds left.” Miss. Wilkinson said from the front of the room. A warning for everyone to finish the answer they were on and prepare for the end of the test.

Samantha could no longer hold herself together. She had long passed her limit and as everyone around her was finishing their writing, Samantha’s bladder finally won the war. With a sudden rush, Samantha felt herself flooding the diaper between her legs. A rush of heat suddenly started expanding around the padding and she could feel herself blush as she helplessly released herself into her diaper.

Looking around, Samantha’s shocked face scanned the people around her to see if any of them could tell what was happening. Everyone was still staring at their work and the embarrassing accident going on between Samantha’s legs was apparently hidden to everyone except herself.

After what felt like an age, Samantha felt her bladder finally finish emptying. She shuddered slightly as the final drops left her body and she felt the heat in the padding creep around her crotch as the padding soaked in the urine.

Samantha’s face was bright red and when she looked over at her best friend, she saw Taylor frowning at her slightly as if she were concerned. Samantha felt herself tearing up and her breathing became a little ragged as the full weight of the situation began to hit her.

Just as Samantha felt the first tears rolling down her cheek, she heard a commotion from the front of the classroom that quickly drew attention away from her. She silently sobbed as she turned to face the front of the room again.

“Time’s up. Pen’s down.” Miss. Wilkinson called to signal the end of the test, “You are all dismissed, please hand in your tests as you leave.”

The students all began to slowly stretch and pick up their bags. All of the students, except for Samantha at least. Still in shock at what she had done, Samantha slowly stood up and felt the suddenly heavy diaper sag down a bit pulling her onesie ever so slightly tighter. She winced as the warm and wet feeling around her waist reminded her of her accident, the once fluffy diaper was not much less fluffy and much bulkier.

People had started to notice Samantha’s sobbing and she looked around at all the faces that were looking her way. Samantha didn’t think they could possibly know about her accident but she felt herself going red and panicking anyway. What if they did? What if they could see her humiliating accident?

“Sam?” Paul said quietly. He put her hand on her shoulder to try to comfort the obviously distressed girl.

In a sudden rush of panic, Samantha lurched forward and ran out of the room. Without stopping to pick up her bag or anything she charged out of the room and ran across the hallway, straight into the girl’s bathroom.

There was silence in the classroom again as the students looked at each other in confusion. Some were whispering amongst themselves and they all seemed to be gossiping about reasons why Samantha had suddenly stormed out of the room.

Taylor looked at Paul who shrugged his shoulders to indicate he had no idea what was wrong, he looked just as concerned as Taylor felt. Picking up Samantha’s test and bags, Taylor gave Miss. Wilkinson the completed exams and then headed into the girl’s bathroom to try and find her friend.

“Samantha?” Taylor asked cautiously as she stepped inside the bathroom. Before she closed the door she turned to Samantha’s boyfriend with an instruction, “Paul, make sure no one comes in.”

There was no response but Taylor could hear a sobbing coming from one of the stalls. The stall door was unlocked and Taylor walked up to it, she was about to push it open but stopped at the last second.

“What’s wrong? Can you open the door?” Taylor asked her best friend softly. In the background the bell rang to signify the end of the day. The halls very quickly became full of yelling students.

Samantha slowly pulled open the stall door whilst still sobbing. She was sat on the toilet with the lid down and had her head in her hands.

Taylor couldn’t work out what was wrong. Samantha looked OK and she had been perfectly fine at lunch, seemed to be in a good mood. Something had gone seriously wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Taylor asked quickly as she took a step forward towards her friend. She was struck by how strange it was to have such a serious conversation whilst dressed as she was but that couldn’t be helped.

Samantha stayed quiet except for her sobbing. How could she possibly just look at her friend and admit she had wet herself? Not just a small leak either, a massive accident which had soaked the diaper she was wearing. The hot padding, although not uncomfortable, constantly reminded her of her shame.

“You can tell me.” Taylor said softly. She crouched down and grabbed her friends hand, “You know I won’t tell anyone.”

“I…” Samantha looked up from her hands, her tear streaked face showing how upset she was, “I… Well, I…”

“It’s OK. You know I won’t judge you.” Taylor said with a reassuring smile.

“I… Had an accident.” Samantha said in almost a whisper with her throat constricted with embarrassment.

“An accident?” Taylor asked, “What do you mean?”

“I skipped the bathroom at lunch…” Samantha said. Her tears were slowing down but her face was going very red, “Miss. Wilkinson wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom.”

Samantha slowly pulled the front and back of her onesie apart and it became immediately obvious to Taylor what had upset Samantha so much. The diaper that had been so light and fluffy was now very different. The wetness indicator that stretched down the centre of the diaper had changed to a green colour which could only mean one thing.

Samantha grimaced as she saw her best friend staring at her wet diaper. She waited for Taylor to start laughing at her, to taunt her or something.

“Oh, is that all?” Taylor asked with a smile. She almost visibly briefed a sigh of relief, clearly believing the wet diaper was not worth getting so upset over.

“Is that… Yes! Isn’t it bad enough!” Samantha almost shouted. She was suddenly quite angry that her friend would write off how upset she was so easily, “How would you like it if you had… Well, you know.”

“Wet myself?” Taylor asked a little too loudly for Samantha’s liking.

“Yes.” Samantha said quietly. She really hoped that no one outside could hear this conversation, fortunately the loud noises of everyone leaving the school appeared to be masking the embarrassing situation in the toilet.

“Oh, I was going to do that when I got home anyway.” Taylor said with a mischievous giggle. Her cheeks went a little rosy as she admitted her plans, “You know… Just to see what it was like…”

“You were?” Samantha sounded like she doubted her friend was telling the truth but she appreciated Taylor’s attempts to cheer her up.

“Yeah, I mean… It’s what these diapers are for right? Thought I might see what it’s like whilst I have the chance.” Taylor said matter-of-factly.

Samantha wiped her eyes and looked at Taylor. She looked at her friend and tried to work out if she was being truthful. After ten seconds Samantha slowly shook her head.

“No… You are just trying to make me feel better.” Samantha said sadly as she pulled some toilet paper and started wiping her face, “But I appreciate you tryi-”

“Just making you feel better?” Taylor repeated, “How about this…”

Taylor unbuttoned the bottom of the onesie so that Samantha could see her diaper. It was still bone dry and Samantha frowned as she tried to work out what the point of this was. Was Taylor trying to make her feel worse about wetting herself?

Taylor closed her eyes and took a deep breath that she held in. For a few moments nothing happened, the room was silent and both the girls motionless.

“Taylor, what ar… Oh!” Samantha suddenly covered her mouth in shock.

Taylor felt a sudden heat burst around her diaper. Feeling her body relax, Taylor sighed slightly as she felt her body releasing into the padding around her crotch. Slowly at first but with increasing speed and ease, the white diaper started to darken and the wetness indicator discoloured into the same light green colour that covered Samantha’s diaper.

When Taylor finally finished releasing her bladder she opened her eyes with a sheepish grin and red cheeks. She saw Samantha staring open-mouthed at her crotch and giggled slightly as the warm wetness tickled and spread over Taylor’s groin. Even though she had finished wetting, the warm patch continued to grow as the padding greedily soaked up all the urine.

“It’s not so bad.” Said the blushing Taylor, “In fact… It’s quite nice!”

Samantha took nearly half a minute to stop staring. Slowly she closed her mouth and stood up so that she was face-to-face with her friend. With little warning she threw her arms around Taylor and nearly knocked her off of her feet with the suddenness of this hug.

“Thank you.” Samantha whispered into Taylor’s ear.

When the hug broke apart both Taylor and Samantha popped their onesies back together and looked in the mirror. With the sound outside the bathroom dying down and having examined themselves and each other carefully, Samantha and Taylor decided they would be able to leave the bathroom without anyone knowing what they had done.

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This was a very well rounded chapter! I am enjoying this a lot

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I decided I would give everyone a treat and post the last two parts at once so that everyone can enjoy the finished story :)

I am, as ever, open for commissions.


The journey home was an unusual one. Since Paul was going back to Samantha’s house he travelled in Samantha’s car along with Taylor. All three were very quiet on the journey for different reasons. Taylor was wondering why she was enjoying the wet diaper feeling as much as she was, Samantha was confused to her own feelings about the diaper and after her emotional outburst earlier she just wanted to stay quiet for a while. Paul felt a little awkward, sitting in the backseat he had the two girls in front of him and whilst he was still mesmerised by their disposable underwear. At the same time his girlfriend had been very emotional and was now being very quiet so he didn’t want to break the silence in case he annoyed her for some reason.

They dropped Taylor off at her home and carried on back to Samantha’s house and headed up to her bedroom. They sat rather awkwardly for a couple of minutes before the atmosphere began to warm up a little. Samantha felt very self-conscious to be sitting in front of Paul in her wet diaper but she just hadn’t had a chance to change out of it. She thought about excusing herself to get changed but she was sure that would lead to more questions. She loved Paul and really wanted to spend time with him but these circumstances were far from ideal.

Both of them talked about various things whilst sitting on the bed but neither of them referred to anything that had happened that day. In fact, both were careful to avoid the subject, neither of them wanted what would probably end up as a difficult conversation.

Even with the roadblocks they eventually started having a good time. They watched a little TV together and before long they were both laying down on Samantha’s bed. It wasn’t long after that until the two engaged in some vigorous kissing.

Samantha was a little preoccupied, she was making sure that Paul’s hands never headed down south, she absolutely did not want her boyfriend to discover the embarrassing state of her diaper. Samantha felt Paul’s hand going lower down her onesie, she wanted to stop him from finding out her wet state but it seemed like his hand was going to discover what she had done. Samantha braced herself for the worst, she knew Paul was seconds away from discovering what she had done. It could be the end of their relationship, how would she make Paul understand?

“I’m home!” Samantha’s mom closed the front door and shouted up the stairs to let her daughter know she was home from work.

Just in time, Samantha and Paul sat up and Paul withdrew his wandering hand. Samantha breathed an internal sigh of relief, she had absolutely no problem with Paul touching her but when she was in a soaked diaper that she would need to explain she was very glad to be interrupted. She was very glad that her mom had arrived when she had, another few seconds and the awkwardness of the situation would be turned up to the maximum.

Paul was disappointed but not for the most obvious reason. Samantha’s mom returning home had blocked him from getting any action but more importantly to him, he really wanted to touch that diaper. He wanted to feel what the diaper felt like, his mind was obsessed with the idea with the padding. He just had to know what it felt like. He wished he could ask but he was terrified that if he showed an interest in the diapers that Samantha would think he was weird.

At one point that evening Samantha stood up to head to the bathroom. As she left the room she opened her drawer and got a change of clothes, when Samantha opened the drawer Paul felt his stomach jump as he suddenly spied the packet of diapers. Samantha told Paul that she had homework to do and that he may want to leave whilst she was in the bathroom.

After Paul agreed, Samantha smiled and left to clean up. Paul starting getting his stuff together when he suddenly had an idea. After he had put on his shoes and grabbed his bag he walked over to the chest of drawers that Samantha had been standing at seconds before.

Questioning himself the whole way, Paul opened the drawer where he saw the diaper and reached in. Paul looked around paranoid that someone might see what he was doing as he grabbed one of the diapers and quickly stuffed it into his bag. He barely touched the diaper for more than a few seconds but already he felt himself getting excited at the possibility of putting it on.

As soon as his bag was zipped closed, Paul hurried out of the room and after muttering a quick goodbye to Samantha’s mother he started the short walk home.


Paul could feel himself trembling that evening. He had left his bag in his room and eaten dinner with his family as usual. Rushing to eat everything, Paul hurried back to his room as soon as he could.

Locking his door, Paul grabbed his bag and sat on the bed. He reached in and pulled out the crinkling plastic underwear. His face had a look of wonder as he held the item that had been occupying his mind for so long. He could feel his heart beating very fast as his mind raced. He was experiencing a whole gamut of emotions from worry and nervousness to excitement and joy. He was also extremely paranoid of being found with the diaper.

Paul unfolded the diaper and laid it out on his bed. The soft padding looked so inviting and before long Paul had removed his pants and underwear. He carefully positioned himself and lowered down on to the padding. As soon as Paul’s butt touched the fluffy and absorbent interior of the diaper he felt a bolt of pleasure like lightning shoot up his back.

Paul laid back and pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs. Taping it tightly closed he let his hands fall to his side and just stayed perfectly still.

For a full minute, Paul didn’t move a muscle as he tried to take in all of these new and pleasurable sensations. A smile crept on to his face as he sat up and heard the crinkling coming from around his waist. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to be wearing this diaper, it was a feeling that Paul couldn’t describe except to say it just felt… Right.

An hour later found Paul still in the diaper. He hadn’t dared to wet it yet but he knew it was something he wanted to experience further. Paul grabbed his laptop and went back to the website he had looked at a couple of days before, he started clicking through the various pages and before long he had added a pack of very baby-like diapers to his cart along with a baby blue onesie and a couple of adult sized pacifiers. He didn’t hesitate at all to click buy.

Paul leaned back on his bed again and got under the covers. He found himself quickly drifting off and soon he fell into one of the most restful night’s sleep that he could ever remember having. He felt so content as he fell asleep that he happily moved his thumb to his mouth and began sucking on it with a deep sigh.


A few days later everything had gone quiet on the diaper front. Since the end of the “Baby Day” Taylor and Samantha had both avoided the subject and although both thought about it often, neither of them wanted to start a conversation about such an embarrassing subject. The desire to open up about the feelings they had was burning within the pair of them, they both wanted to talk about it but with neither of them aware of how the other felt, they were both too afraid to bring it up.

Taylor was at Samantha’s house as usual one afternoon and the two of them were watching a film on in Samantha’s bedroom. They were talking about whatever came to mind whilst watching the film and basically having a good time together.

At one point that afternoon Samantha went over to her drawers to look for something when one of the loose diapers fell on to the floor. The room quickly fell silent as a blushing Samantha picked the diaper up and put it back where it came from. She was briefly a little confused because there seemed to be one diaper less than there should have been. Putting those thoughts to the back of her head, Samantha quickly closed the drawer and sat back down on the bed next to her friend.

The easy going atmosphere had disintegrated very quickly and now tension hung in the air. Taylor decided that it was now or never, she had to talk about how she felt, she would go mad if she didn’t!

“You know… We looked super cute when we dressed up.” Taylor said quickly, she stared at the television screen as she spoke. She felt unable to look her best friend in the face whilst having a conversation like this.

“Yeah.” Samantha slowly agreed, “People seemed to like how we looked.”

Silence fell silent again as Taylor tried to work out how to proceed. She was very scared of the reaction her admission might cause but she felt like one of them had to talk about it otherwise it would always be in the back of their minds.

“I… Well, I thought the diaper was quite, erm, comfortable.” Taylor slowly said as she tested the waters to see what Samantha thought, “How about you?”

“It was OK.” Samantha conceded. In truth she found a majority of her time in the diaper had been very comfortable.

“I kind of liked the pacifier too.” Taylor continued. At no point did she dare to look at her friend, her eyes never left the TV screen, “I’ve, erm, been using it in the evenings sometimes…”

“I wasn’t going to say anything…” Samantha responded after a small silence, “But I have been using my pacifier a little bit too. It really helps to calm me down if I’m feeling anxious.”

“R-Really?” Taylor asked almost refusing to believe that her friend felt the same way that she did, “I thought it was just me.”

“I have to admit that the diapers were pretty cool as well.” Samantha continued. She was slowly warming up to the conversation even if she could feel herself blushing.

“Well… I mean… We could dress up more again.” Taylor hesitantly suggested before adding in quickly, “Only if you want to of course!”

Samantha finally knew that her friend clearly felt the same way that she did, that Taylor had enjoyed the diaper and pacifier just like her. She suddenly felt more emboldened to talk about the subject since she knew that they were both on the same page. A large smile quickly spread across her face. Standing up without saying anything Samantha started walking across the room.

“Only if you want to of course. I don’t mind either way, just thought it might be a bit of fun…” Taylor started saying. She suddenly felt even more self-conscious that Samantha hadn’t said anything and worried that she had pushed it too far.

“Relax.” Samantha said as she turned and showed her friend her big smile, “We can go online and look for more stuff to order!”

Taylor couldn’t help but clap her hands in glee. This was going better than she could ever have hoped!

“But there is something we need to do first.” Samantha continued. She raised her eyebrows as she put her hand on the handle of the drawer which held their special underwear.

Taylor’s eyes and mouth dropped open and she began nodding like an over-enthusiastic toddler. She even climbed up on to her knees causing Samantha to giggle as she reached into the drawer. Samantha slowly took hold of a couple of the fluffy, plastic diapers and almost immediately felt her heart start beating faster.

Samantha tossed one over to her best friend and then began to head back to the bed with her one. This was something she never thought she would be doing but she was very grateful Taylor had brought it up, this would be very interesting to say the least.


The next month was full of experimentation and fun for everyone. Paul’s first delivery of diapers and diaper related items had arrived promptly and he had very quickly tried everything out and found himself in love.

From the first moment that Paul put on one of his own diapers, pulled his new onesie over his head and placed the new pacifier in his mouth he felt like he was in heaven. The first time he did it he almost teared up with joy, he felt so comfortable and so happy whilst dressed up. He was very careful not to get caught but thanks to his parents work schedules he got plenty of time alone to try out all these new things.

It was only after a week that Paul decided to take the next step. He had joined an online community he had found that was full of people who enjoyed dressing up in the same way, it had been such a relief to find out there were others like him, and it became very obvious that the next step would be to try using his diapers.

It had been surprisingly difficult. Paul hadn’t expected it to be difficult to wet himself, peeing was something he did multiple times a day after all, but it seemed like there was a mental block that refused to let him wet the diaper. His mind was trained to only relax when in front of the toilet. Eventually, after researching the issue online, Paul went and sat on the toilet in his diaper. It was just what he needed.

Paul had wet his diaper for the first time and it was amazing. The warm, wet feeling felt so good against his skin and he felt so little in his wet diaper. He adored every minute of this new found lifestyle and found himself impatiently waiting through days at school until he could get home to enjoy more, what he had quickly termed, “Baby time.”

The only thing that was providing a problem for Paul, and it really was eating away at him, was that he felt he couldn’t tell anyone of his new found hobby. He especially worried about Samantha finding out about it, he felt she would find it weird and she might dump him for it. No matter what Paul did, he had to make sure no one found out about his secret. It would ruin his reputation.

For Taylor and Samantha, the month was also very exciting and very interesting. It had been an awkward start but after a few days the girls had become increasingly comfortable around each other when in their diapers. They had become very comfortable in using their diapers around each other and even changing around each other. Changing each other, although rare, was still something that both of them did from time to time. The changing was not sexual for either of them but it felt like it gave them a bonding that they hadn’t had before they started all of this.

They had allowed each other to experiment with their new past time. Taylor and Samantha initially only wore their diapers whilst doing regular things, but after a week or so they tried dressing up and acting like babies and found that they had a lot of fun doing so. Colouring, playing childish games, watching children’s television shows… Taylor and Samantha quickly fell down the age play rabbit hole, and they were loving every minute of it.

Just like Paul, the girls would be watching the clock slowly tick by at school before they could finally rush back to Samantha’s house and get dressed up again. Both Samantha and Paul began to spend a little less time with each other. Both of them were so preoccupied with their new hobby that they started to spend more time apart than together. They were both so wrapped up in their own lives that neither of them really even noticed.

When Taylor and Samantha began playing with each other they both agreed that no one else could know. It would be a secret between the pair of them, it somehow made their play times even more fun. Knowing that they were doing something so secret seemed to add an extra element danger to the whole scenario.

Samantha in particular was terrified about their new hobby getting found out. She had seen how strangely Paul was looking at her on the day they were all dressed up at school, she could only imagine he didn’t like it and if he found out it was something she was enjoying regularly it might make him break up with her.

It was in this atmosphere that Samantha accepted an invitation to go to Paul’s house after school one day. Paul had recently got a box set of one of Samantha’s favourite TV shows and the two of them were going to get a bunch of snacks and binge watch a bunch of episodes. With it being a Friday, it meant that if necessary they could both stay up late and enjoy themselves without worry of school the next day.

They both loved when they had something to watch and could curl up on the bed together and just spend time with each other. Both of them felt a little guilty at not spending more time with each other and they were sure this little date would help put things right.

“Ooh, could you pause it. I need the little girl’s room.” Samantha said with a smile after a couple of hours had passed.

“Sure.” Paul replied. In his mind he immediately thought how it wouldn’t be an issue if she was diapered but quickly tried to shake those thoughts out of his head, “The remote is in the drawer. Pass it over.”

Samantha sat up with a groan and opened the bedside table to retrieve the remote control. That had been her plan at least, until Samantha saw something that made her heart stop and her eyes fly wide.

“Sam?” Paul asked concerned. He sat up slowly to try and work out what had caused his girlfriend to suddenly freeze.

Samantha didn’t respond. She was just staring into the drawer in shock.

“Sammie?” Paul asked again. He shifted over next to his girlfriend and followed her gaze down into the drawer and immediately saw what had caused such a reaction. Paul’s heart felt like it suddenly stopped, “Oh… Wait, I can explain…”

Samantha reached into the drawer and pulled out the pacifier and one of the thick diapers that were just resting in there. She looked slowly up from the items in her hands to her boyfriend who looked like he was in shock.

“Listen… I don’t know what’s going on, I just thought I would try this stuff and…” Paul was stuttering and sputtering in panic. He felt like he had just ruined his relationship, “Please don’t break up with me! I can fix it, I can explain, I ca-”

“Shh…” Samantha said quietly. She looked down at the items she was holding and put them down on the bed between her and Paul. Samantha was in shock but she also knew this was a huge moment in their relationship.

“Please don’t go!” Paul almost begged as he reached out to gently grab Samantha’s hand.

“Don’t worry, Paul. I’m not breaking up with you.” Samantha said with warmth, “But… Come to my house tomorrow. No, don’t say anything! Just come to my house tomorrow at midday. Everything will become clear then.”

Samantha leaned in and kissed Paul on the lips to let him know she wasn’t breaking up with him. She gave him a wink and a smile as she left the room.

Paul watched her leave his room with confusion. He had envisioned a lot of different reactions to his girlfriend finding out from her grabbing one and putting it on to her immediately leaving him forever. Never had he anticipated that her reaction would be what it was. What did she mean by going to her house tomorrow? Why would it become clear?

As soon as Samantha got outside she felt her composure slipping a little. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend liked diapers too! She could have done a dance all the way home she was so happy, but also a little nervous. She pulled out her phone and quickly dialled Taylor’s number.

“Hello?” Taylor’s voice came from the other end of the line.

“Taylor! Oh my God! You won’t believe what just happened!” Samantha excitedly almost shouted at her friend.

“Whoa. Slow down!” Taylor told her excitable friend.

Samantha proceeded to relay the entire revelation that had happened a couple of minute before. She tried to keep her voice down to not get the attention of the people she was walking past but she found it very difficult to remain calm.

“Oh my….” Taylor said when Samantha finally finished her story, “So what have you got planned tomorrow?”

“Are you free to come over?” Samantha asked, “I think I have a plan.”

“Sure. When do you want me?” Taylor asked curiously.

“Come over at 11am. My Mom will be out at work and it will give us an hour before Paul arrives.” Samantha instructed Taylor.

When Taylor said that would be fine, Samantha said her goodbyes and hung up the phone before rushing the rest of the way home. The next day would be very interesting indeed.


Paul’s walk to Samantha’s house the next day was difficult. He was terrified of what would happen at his girlfriend’s house. It almost felt like every step was leading him closer to his doom but he was compelled to keep going. His love for Samantha meant he couldn’t stop. If she wanted to break up with him, maybe he could change her mind somehow.  

As the doorbell rang at exactly midday, both girls felt the butterflies in their stomachs. They had sorted out their plan and they were almost sure this would be great but there was always that worry that something would go wrong.

“Ready?” Samantha asked.

“Ready.” Taylor replied.

Taylor and Samantha shared a quick hug to bolster their nerves and then Taylor turned to head out of the room. She quickly ran down the stairs and to the front door which she opened after taking a deep breath.

“Hello!” Taylor said sunnily as she opened the door to a clearly nervous Paul.

“Erm, hello?” Paul replied, “I didn’t expect you to be here. Samantha said she wanted to talk to me today.”

“Yep!” Taylor said brightly as she stepped aside and let Paul walk into the house, “She is waiting for you upstairs.”

Paul gave Taylor a questioning look as he tried to work out why she seemed so happy and, indeed, why she was there at all. In the end, Paul just turned to the stairs and began climbing them. Every step brought more nerves to Paul until, by the time he reached the landing, his legs felt like jelly. He wondered if he was about to be dumped by the person he loved, if this was the end of the most meaningful relationship he felt he would ever have.

Paul walked down to the end of the landing and to the door of Samantha’s room. He stood in front of it nervously and was just about to push it open when he heard the scampering of feet behind him.

Turning around, Paul just saw the back of Taylor darting into the bathroom and closing the door that was at the other end of the hall. He frowned at the bizarre behaviour that was going on. Something seemed very off but he could not work out what it was. With a jump he thought that Samantha may have told Taylor of the diaper and that they were going to make fun of or humiliate him. He briefly thought about running away but figured that it would be better to bite the bullet now rather than running away and worrying non-stop.

Paul gave the door a push and very slowly opened the door. He held his breath and prepared for the worst as the door swung open and he met his fate.

“Samantha… I just want to apologi-” Paul stopped mid-word and his pre-prepared apology statement was left unsaid. His mouth hung open as he looked at the room beyond him. Was this real? He must be dreaming.

In front of Paul was Samantha. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed and was dressed just like she had been on the “Baby Day.” She was looking at Paul rather shyly and he could see some rosiness in her cheeks.

Samantha was obviously in one of her thick diapers and in the purple onesie that she had been in at school. In her mouth was the large pacifier that was almost identical to the one Paul had bought online.

Paul didn’t know what to say. What did this mean?

“Hewwo Paul.” Samantha lisped like a toddler around her pacifier teat. She spat it out and it bounced on her chest suspended around her neck by a necklace. Samantha smiled at Paul and patted the bed in front of her inviting Paul to sit down.

“Hello…” Paul said weakly. He walked forward as if he was in a daze and sat on the edge of the bed. His eyes looked over his girlfriend again as he tried to work out what was going on.

“Relax, Paul.” Samantha said sweetly, “Me and Taylor, after the “Baby Day”, we discovered that we quite liked dressing up and acting little sometimes. I think you feel the same way.”

“I do.” Paul quickly stated. He was still a little confused but things were starting to make sense and the fact that his friends were also into playing with diapers was starting to dawn on him.

“Good!” Samantha beamed, “I’m sure you looked it up as well right? We are adult babies.”

“Yeah.” Paul said. He had done a little research on his new interest, “I just… I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“You can come in Taylor.” Samantha suddenly called out, “Everything is fine!”

Paul heard a happy squeal from outside the bedroom door and it quickly flew open revealing that Taylor had changed into her clothes from the “Baby Day” too. She bounced into the room and jumped on to the bed next to Samantha with a giant smile on her face. For a second there was an awkward silence.

“This is so weird.” Paul eventually said which caused everyone to giggle.

“Cute though.” Taylor added. She poked her diaper and made it crinkle to emphasise her point. She giggled as she saw Paul get all embarrassed again.

“So…” Samantha started as she turned back to Paul, “Want to dress up and be our third playmate?”

“Ooh, Yes please!” Taylor said.

“I… Really?” Paul asked, “I still can’t believe this is real. I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Samantha leaned over and gave Paul a pinch on the arm causing the man to squeal at the unexpected pain. He quickly pulled his arm away.

“That hurt, right?” Samantha asked with a giggle.

“Yeah… Just a bit.” Paul replied.

“Then no, you aren’t dreaming!” Samantha giggled.

“OK… Well, I guess… Yeah, I would like a diaper and I would love to play with you guys.” Paul admitted quietly. He blushed a furious red and he covered his face with his hands, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Samantha got up off of the bed and headed over to her drawer with all of the diapers in. Taylor, realising Paul would probably not want to be diapered in front of her left the room for a little bit to allow Samantha and Paul to have what she was sure would be a very private and personal moment.

Paul reached out to grab the diaper but Samantha pulled it away.

“No, no, no.” Samantha teased, “Lay down.”

Paul felt so embarrassed but at the same time this was like a dream come true. He was compelled to lay back as instructed, he felt his heart hammering away at a million miles a minute as Samantha stood over him and unfolded the crinkling disposable.

Placing the diaper to the side of Paul, Samantha leaned down and loosened Paul’s jeans. She giggled as she saw Paul double check that Taylor had left the room before Samantha grabbed both the jeans and Paul’s underwear and yanked them down.

Paul and Samantha had obviously seen each other naked many times before and were comfortable around each other in that way but this was different. Despite Paul knowing that this was nothing Samantha hadn’t seen before the circumstances were so different that Paul couldn’t help to feel embarrassed. His body was having the predictable physical reaction to this amount of attention to that part of his body as well which did nothing to diminish the embarrassment.

Samantha giggled again and stuck her pacifier in her mouth. She indicated that Paul should lift his waist so that she could place the diaper underneath him. Samantha felt such an incredible closeness with her boyfriend at this moment.

When Paul had lowered himself back on to the bed he felt the soft padding underneath him and he let out an involuntary sigh. The diaper was pulled up between his legs and tightly taped closed.

Samantha couldn’t believe how cute her boyfriend looked like this. She just wanted to cuddle him forever. She pulled herself up Paul’s body so that she was laying on top of him, her padded waist over Paul’s padded waist. She lowered her head and kissed Paul passionately, she kissed him like she had never kissed him before. Samantha felt Paul’s hand move over and gently pat her diapered butt and she knew he loved this as much as she did. This time Samantha made no effort to stop Paul’s wandering hands.

“I love you.” Samantha whispered as she finally pulled away.

“I love you too.” Paul replied with tears in his eyes.

Samantha smiled and climbed off of Paul. She had a look at herself and Paul and had a little chuckle to herself, just a couple of months ago this would all have been complete madness.

“OK Taylor, you can come in.” Samantha called out of the door.

Taylor quickly came into the room with a huge smile on her face. She literally bounced up and down clapping her hands when she saw Paul in his diaper. She jumped on to the bed with Paul and Samantha and the three of them giggled and cuddled as they all prepared to start exploring their new lives.



It turns out that it wasn’t just the trio that had enjoyed “Baby Day.” They all noticed in the weeks afterwards that students were often wearing seemingly infantile clothing. Having a pacifier around your neck seemed to be the new fashion fad. Students everywhere seemed to be enjoying the new fashion of trying to make themselves look younger.

It wasn’t unusual even for some people to be seen with suspiciously padded waists. Paul, Samantha and Taylor suspected that they weren’t the only ones to discover a love of diapers but they gave the other students their privacy and didn’t make a big deal of it.

When it came to Paul, Samantha and Taylor, it was as if their whole relationship had changed almost overnight. They had always been close but their mutual enjoyment in their new hobby seemed to bind them even closer together. They had what they liked to call “Play Days” whenever they could. Gradually their play evolved, they introduced new clothing and toys and did activities together whilst padded. They even became very comfortable with changing each other’s diapers. It didn’t take long for all three to become very comfortable like that around each other.

As well as the “Play Days” between the three of them, Paul and Samantha had special dates as well. Times where it would be just the two of them, sometimes without diapers but often with them. Their play often ended up with the two wrapped up in each other’s bodies and rubbing against each other as they found a much more erotic side to the diapers.

After a few more months the trio even became bold enough to start advertising a special “Baby Play Party.” They advertised it online and amongst people they thought would be interested in coming along. They ended up with two dozen people in a function hall having a great time and all enjoying age playing. It was an unmitigated success.

It was at the first of these parties, just after everyone had finished playing musical statues and everyone was giggling that Paul walked up to Samantha with an unusually serious look on his face. He was dressed in a footed sleeper with a thick diaper underneath that was certainly in need of a change soon.

“Paul? What’s wro-” Samantha started saying. She stopped suddenly and covered her mouth as she watched her boyfriend slowly get down on one knee. She could immediately feel her eyes watering.

Everyone stopped and gathered around in a circle muttering and excitedly whispering to each other. All attention was focused on the couple in the centre of the room.

“Samantha, you are the most wonderful person I have ever met. I love you more than I thought would ever be humanly possible and I want to be with you always.” Paul spoke emotionally and directly from the heart as he looked up into Samantha’s eyes, “Samantha, would you do me the ultimate honour and be my wife. Will you marry me?”

There was a shocked gasp from the assembled crowd. Taylor, jumped up and down on the spot excitedly.

“Yes. Of course!” Samantha said through tears.

There was a sudden explosion of noise as everyone cheered the newly engaged couple. Taylor couldn’t help herself and charged forward, crinkling with every step, to hug her friends who were both crying. They all partied long into the night.

It was the first of many local “Play Days” with other age players where they all hung out and had fun. After a couple of these Samantha noticed that Taylor was getting very friendly with another person in their group and after being prodded and interrogated Taylor admitted she was seeing another age player romantically.

Samantha and Paul ended up having two weddings. One wedding, the formal one for family and friends was a very traditional affair. A week later, at their next party with the other age players, they held a mock ceremony in their function hall and had a special adult baby wedding. Everyone had a great time and it would be the last meeting before the trio headed to college. Fortunately, the college was nearby and they were able to still attend the “Play Days” even if they had to let other people run it whilst they concentrated on work.

The three of them went to college shortly afterwards to continue their lives and they always made sure they made time to play together. No matter what else any of them had on, they always found time to play. The three shared a bond that would never be broken.

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Good Story Elfy, I prefer your humiliation stories better but it was still a nice read.

keep up the great writing.

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Great story Elfy. Thanks for taking the time to write and share this.

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Loved that story! I pussyfotted around for quite a while before I told my wife I liked diapers. Turns out she already knew she had found my stash quite awhile ago. Did get her into a diaper one night.

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