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  1. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    Unconventional Solutions - 22 Final Chapter

    This was a great story. Thanks for bumping it back up. Wouldn’t complain about an epilogue or sequel if ever one was written.
  2. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    Bedwetters letters

    Nice ending to the post
  3. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    More than she expected

    Big fan
  4. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    On the Loveseat

    Can’t wait for more
  5. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    Jamie (Diaper Story)

    This definitely has potential.
  6. DiaperedDLinSouthFL


    I am really interested in all the directions this can go.
  7. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    Something Vile (Chapters 1-3)

    I’m not sure exactly why this girl is wearing diapers. I have a lot of questions but I’m enjoying the story.
  8. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    Unconventional Solutions - 22 Final Chapter

    Glad this story is back with an addition. Definitely my favorite active story.
  9. DiaperedDLinSouthFL


    Love this so far
  10. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    SAN diego

    Any luck. I'm visiting in March and would like to hangout with people as well.
  11. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    The Vacation of a Lifetime

    I thought you wrote a great first story. It lends itself to a sequel
  12. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    How do you manage not to leak in bed?

    Easiest solution is pointing your penis down. It's not as comfortable at first
  13. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    weirdest thing done while out in a diaper

    Surprisingly no cameras usually. I travel a lot and double check before I take the risk.
  14. DiaperedDLinSouthFL

    weirdest thing done while out in a diaper

    I've done a lot around the house, gone shopping, even got a security check at an airport while diapered. For a non-incontinent guy, that was nerve racking. However, the weirdest things I've done have been have been: 1) I walked my dog at around 2 AM 3 times in the past year. Always in just a shirt and a diaper. One of those times by a busy street/golf course.