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  1. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Great Story. Please let us have more as soon as possible
  2. Panty Thief Punishment

    Great story line . Love the femdom theme.
  3. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    this story has not lost direction at all. Poor writers such as myself have a lot to learn about plot planning as exhibited by Elfy. I am sure Elfy has planned an ending to this story but not before all scenarios have been visited. You don't have to be 'gay' to enjoy the sex scenes that some readers have found hard to cope with. Personally, I found them highly erotic. Finally, thanks for sharing. Elfy is a major contributor to the Story Board. Long may that continue.
  4. Pathetic Sissy

    ***** Sarah Whiteman had spared no expense to make the Nursery as practical and effective as possible. For a start, the whole room had been repainted in white. The single window had been supplemented with a security screen and the glass covered with a frosted surface. The single overhead lamp replaced with four double tubed fluorescent lamps, flooding the room in bright white light. The old bedroom carpet had been removed and replaced with a practical white linoleum surface. In the middle of the room was the principal item of furniture; the changing table. The open shelves beneath the padded rubber surface contained stacked nappies, both disposable and cloth, along with creams lotions, wipes and waterproof pants. Another shelf was home to onesies and body suits. Two 50 litre covered pails stood on the floor under the window, one marked ‘cloth’, the other marked ‘disposable’. Against the wall furthest from the window was a railed cot, identical to the typical infant’s version, except this was in adult size. The final item of furniture was a glass cabinet which Paavi and Sarah were filling with medical and other bizarre instruments solely concerned with Steve’s impending treatment. “And finally our Baby arrives!” Sarah beamed as a forlorn Steve crawled into the room. “And judging by the aroma that is accompanying him, he has a dirty bottom!” Jane MacDonald laughed. “We all must get very used to that smell. Poopy nappies goes with the territory with Big Babies.” Jane tapped Sissy on the head. “Climb up on your new changing table now.” Sissy obliged and lay on his back. Jane smiled at Paavi and pointed at the Segufix straps. “Every nappy change, restrain his wrists and ankles and when left unattended, use the torso restraint as well.” Paavi smiled and nodded and made a point of maintaining eye contact with Sissy as she secured each limb with the straps. Jane MacDonald donned a long red rubber apron and snapped on a pair of latex gloves. She reached between Steve’s thighs and unbuttoned the onesie. “I will show you ladies how to change a Sissy Adult Baby's nappy this first time.” She glanced up at Steve “Lift your bottom now Sissy.” Steve strained against the webbing strap as Jane folded the onesie back. “Now the smelly bit,” Jane ruefully smiled up at Paavi and Sarah. The professional Adult Baby Nanny ripped open the disposable nappy tapes and exposed Steve’s rock hard cock and filthy mess to all. Sarah waved a hand in front of her nose while Paavi appeared completely unaffected. Jane released the ankle restraints and folded each leg back, anchoring them both at the headboard. Steve groaned with discomfort and humiliation at being totally helpless, along with being completely and shamefully exposed to the three women in the room. With his mucky bottom lifted off the soiled nappy, Jane grabbed some wet wipes and started cleaning the faeces off his penis, dumping each wipe into the soiled nappy. Jane pointed upwards. “Take a good look Sissy at your future life.” Mortified, Steve stared at the ceiling mirror where his degradation was on full display. When he was satisfied his penis and balls were clean, she pointed at a Hitachi Wand lying on the sideboard. “Paavi, could you please turn that on and hold it here.” She gripped Sissy’s cock just below the glands. “Less than 30 seconds I reckon till ejaculation.” Ten seconds later, Sarah cheered as Steve erupted with copious amounts of semen into Jane’s palm. “Open wide,” Jane ordered as she opened her hand over Steve’s trembling mouth. “All Sissy boys have to eat their cum and anything else that Nanny gives them,” Jane smiled at her two colleagues as the viscous string fell into his mouth and he swallowed with obvious distaste. Even Paavi managed a shallow smile at the humiliation. “This lucky Sissy gets to cum every poopy nappy change. Make sure he can see his dirty bottom so he experiences the maximum humiliation.” She continued to wipe the waste off his backside. Steve’s eyes watered over with the shame. “Poor Sissy,” Sarah laughed down at him. “You better get used to crying as you will never be a man again.” Steve groaned loudly as fresh tears coursed down his face. *****
  5. First Love, Second Chance

    I am enjoying this
  6. Tom Gets a DIaper

    Keep going. This sort of story is very popular here .
  7. Homecoming

    Nice story. Looking forward to the rest
  8. Rose and her roommate "Samantha"

    Lovely story. Thanks!
  9. Pathetic Sissy

    Steve, or ‘Sissy’ as he was now to be known, felt a strange comfort zone as he wallowed deep into his fetish, despite his recent painful beating and his humiliating punishment. He shivered in the cramped garden shed, the cold spring morning biting through the thin painter’s suit he wore over his Onesie and nappies. Half an hour ago, he had given in to his belly cramps and filled his nappy. In the tiny shed, the smell was awful. There was nowhere to sit, apart from the 15 square inches of floor space where he stood, all the rest of the shed was packed with garden tools and other paraphernalia. Yesterday had been disconcerting with June being very attentive as a carer but her eyes were totally empty when she looked at him. She had belted him so hard over his ear when he forgot not to talk, that he had seen stars. He had spent the rest of Saturday afternoon locked in their spare bedroom, with June bringing him regular baby bottles of Ribena and his meals. There had been no opportunity to use the toilet so he’d been forced to pee in his nappy. June checked him often, and changed it when he was wet. Night was spent on top of the plastic sheet with no duvet or blankets. He had not slept well, a combination of the existing pain of near freezing temperature coming through the open window. This morning at 6 am an immaculately dressed June had unlocked the bedroom door and handed him a baby’s bottle of milk. The dark shadows under his eyes did not escape her gaze. “Poor Baby Sissy,” she mocked. “Didn’t you sleep very well? Never mind. Today we are going to Nana’s house but I don’t imagine the room will be any more comfortable!” After a nappy change, June retrieved the painter’s suit from the garage and helped him into it. “We don’t need Nana’s neighbours seeing you running around in a nappy, at least, not yet.” When they arrived at Nana’s house, June led him around the back of the house and pushed him in the garden shed. That was three and a half hours ago. “Out!” She barked, holding open the door. Steve snapped out of his reveries by the bright daylight blinding his eyes and June standing at the door. Her face dropped as the fetid aroma assailed her nostrils. “Did you just shit in your nappy?” Sissy wilted under her disgusted gaze and tears welled up in his eyes. The humiliation was just too much to bear. “I am sorry Mummy,” he wailed. “I just couldn’t hold on any longer.” “No, you couldn’t,” June sneered. She reached up and pinched his ear. “You’re just a cheating selfish and perverted sissy.” She dragged him down the garden path, oblivious to his painful protests. June pushed him into the kitchen and ripped off the thin white painting suit leaving Sissy clad only in his onesie and soiled nappy. She pointed at the floor. “On your knees and crawl through to the living room,” she ordered. “Unless explicitly instructed, you are not allowed to walk anymore.” Jane MacDonald was alone in the living room when Sissy crawled into the room. Sarah Whiteman and Paavai were upstairs getting the Nursery ready. The tall Scottish nurse stood and smiled as her ex-client skulked towards her. “Ah, and here comes Sissy,” Jane exclaimed. June walked behind the crawling sissy, prodding him along with a sharp stiletto toe on his behind. Steve halted in shock as he saw his ‘Nanny Smacks’ in front of him. “As you can tell by the foul smell, Sissy has soiled his nappies,” June explained. Jane MacDonald smiled. “That’s what big babies do. It is a smell we will be living with from now on!” She leant over and lifted Sissy’s mortified eyes to hers. “Hello Baby! Remember me? How does it feel to be living the dream for real now?” Tears were welling in Sissy’s eyes from the humiliation. “There, there,” Jane comforted. “I know you are not allowed to talk, so you don’t have to say anything. Nanny is going to take very good care of you while you are in her care.” Jane pulled up on his chin. “Sit on your heels.. Yes, that’s right.” Sissy obeyed and cringed as his soiled bottom grounded out on his legs. Jane crouched down in front of Sissy and started kneading the front of his sodden material. Sissy gasped as her fingers forcefully griped his hard member. She looked up at June. “He loves humiliation. That’s why his little penis is so hard in his dirty pants.” June shook her head in disbelief. “I find it amazing how he has managed to hide it from me for so long.” Jane smiled. “Big Sissy’s like Steve here know how to hide things, don’t they?” Jane pointed at the floor. “Now what does Nanny do when Sissy Baby poops in her nappy? Back on all fours now and crawl upstairs.” *****
  10. The Potty Training Buddy

    One of the best stories I have ever read in this forum. Do hope you do another soon.
  11. Pathetic Sissy

    Mrs. Jane MacDonald alighted the taxi and waited for the driver to deliver her two large suitcases to the front door. She was immaculately dressed, her tall slender frame bore the lilac two piece suit she wore beautifully. At nearly sixty years old, Jane MacDonald was remarkably young looking with large piercing blue eyes behind titanium rimmed spectacles. Her long silver hair was styled in a classic bun with a beautiful gold and enamel hair comb enhancing the rear view. She had received a phone call from Mrs. Sarah Whiteman yesterday afternoon requesting her ‘special’ services for one month in the care of one her ‘clients’. Of course, it was not convenient but Sarah Whiteman had made a veiled threat, knowing she kept “Nanny Smacks” and her own private life completely separate. Jane did not know where she had received her information, but her future employer was well aware that her lucrative income from “Nanny Smacks” had never contributed to the national tax system. The compensation offered was very attractive for what Sarah described as mainly a consultancy role. She would be supervising and advising Sarah, her daughter and a carer in the 24/7 care involved in complete sissy and baby treatment of the son-in-law. Jane MacDonald was eminently qualified for the job, not only with her extensive knowledge and experience with this fetish facilitation, but also a lifetime of experience as a trained Nurse working at a secure mental hospital in the north of Scotland. She handed over a £20 pound note to the driver and told him to keep the change, then rang the doorbell. Of course, she knew Steve and he had been very generous over the past few years, even after he got married. He was heavily into humiliation and degradation and she was very comfortable about delivering solutions to his particular fetish but was now intrigued to know that his mother-in-law required the treatment to progress from a fetish into permanent lifestyle behaviour. Jane MacDonald smiled broadly as Sarah Whiteman and her daughter June opened the door. After the normal pleasantries, Sarah and June escorted their guest into the living room where a beautiful young woman of 18 years old brought in a tray of coffee and cups. The girl was wearing a simple black Saree and her long black hair was braided down her back. “Can I introduce my housekeeper Paavai to you? Paavai is from Behir in India and due to reasons I will explain later, cannot verbally communicate, but understands everything spoken in English.” A loud banging and crashing noise was heard from upstairs followed by men’s voices. “Sorry,” Sarah apologised. “The workmen are putting up the furniture in Sissy’s new ‘nursery’ upstairs. They won’t be long now.” Sarah waved to sofas and chairs. “Please sit.” When everyone was settled with coffee and biscuits, Sarah Whiteman looked around at her team that would be involved in getting her Sissy son-in-law committed for the rest of his life to a mental institution. June was totally focused on achieving this goal and would do everything necessary ensure success. Paavai had been with her as housekeeper for six months, having been her ‘client’ at the Charity for Migrant Female Abuse. Her Muslim family had forced her into a marriage at 13 years old to an abusive man and his father and brothers. She was kept a prisoner in a house in Leicester before escaping and ending up in a female hostel, which was run my Sarah’s charity. Due to frequent beatings and degraded with revolting sexual acts, Paavai was scarred so much by this experience that she cannot talk to this day and is frightened whenever she has to share a common area with a man. However, June and herself had spent an hour with Paavai explaining about Steve’s infidelity and about his sexual fetishes. When asked if she would like to participate in his punishment, Paavai had nodded enthusiastically. Sarah was confident that she would have the full cooperation of Jane MacDonald, as she really needed her nursing and fetish expertise. Her private investigator was amassing her tax records but he had assured her that there was enough evidence to send the Professional Dominatrix to jail for tax avoidance. However, she was hoping she would get the wholehearted support for the project as Jane had done a fair amount of mental research in her career. The ex-nurse obviously loved a challenge that she never had had the opportunity to perform before. Sarah addressed her little meeting. “Before we bring Sissy into the room, I will explain our aims here. In one month’s time, I want to present Sissy to a friend of mine who is a professor of medicine, specializing in mental health. He will be sympathetic to the main objective of getting Sissy committed, however, Sissy will have to show that he has all the requirements for the internment. When the experts meet him, he will appear to all intents and purposes as a real ‘adult baby’. He will not be able to communicate verbally but will cry or bawl if he needs his basic needs satisfied. His physical condition and coordination will have deteriorated to such an extent that he will find standing difficult and walking virtually impossible. Crawling will be his preferred mode of mobility.” Sarah noticed three resolute and accommodating faces in front of her. She continued. “He will be completely incontinent, having no control over his bowels or bladder. He will show no shame or embarrassment when seen by strangers. He might be naked, or having his soiled nappy changed, or even masturbating, he will have lost his dignity completely.” Sarah paused to allow her words to sink in. “How will we achieve this?” Her rhetorical question hung in the air. Sarah nodded at Jane. “Mrs. MacDonald, who has vast experience with mental health research and adult babies will outline our mission plans.” Jane smiled and opened a medical bag at her feet. She started removing items and putting them on the table. Half a dozen different phials of drugs, sterilized wrapped syringes and needles. Next came bottles of tablets and packets of anal suppositories. Finally a traditional Scottish tawse and wooden paddle was laid on the table. “We won’t use the cane in future as it could lead to broken skin and an infection, therefore, the paddle will be used instead. The tawse is more painful,” she pointed out. “But can leave marks if used excessively.” June looked indignant. “What use is punishment if it doesn’t hurt him? At least the cane made him suffer.” Jane smiled. “Oh, don’t worry,” she reassured her. “He will suffer with the drugs and the sleep deprivation he will be getting. But we will need to show that physically he has not been ill-treated.” “I agree with Mrs. MacDonald,” Sarah interrupted. “He has been a very wicked boy, and needs severe punishment, but the end result is more important, don’t you agree dear?” She laid a hand over her daughter’s. June nodded. Mrs. MacDonald picked up a clipboard. “We will work in teams and in shifts. It is very important that Sissy has 24 hour ‘care’, therefore myself and Mrs. Whiteman will do day shift from 6 till 1800 hrs and June and Paavai will do the night shift.” Jane tapped a pen on the board. “Just some important rules to follow.” She held up a finger. “One: Constant humiliation, punishment and degradation. Objective is to make Sissy feel worthless, unloved, unwanted and depressed.” “That should be easy,” smirked June. Sarah looked reproachfully at her. “Focus June. Stay professional.” Mrs. MacDonald held up two fingers. “Two: Strict adherence to my drug program. Sissy will be getting gradually increasing doses of a strong opiate based drug, among others.” She held up another finger. “Sleep deprivation. It is important that Sissy is deprived of sleep as much as possible.” Jane was interrupted by footsteps descending the stairs. Sarah went to the front door to let the workmen out. “Ok,” she announced to the gathering. “The Nursery is ready, shall we introduce Sissy to his new home for the next month?” *****
  12. nice addition. please keep it up
  13. Pathetic Sissy

    “Does Nanny Smacks cane you?” Steve shook his head, looking terrified. “Well, there is a first time for everything.” June stood and seized his ear. “Up, and lie across the table.” Twisting his ear painfully, Steve was thrown across the table. June’s mother laughed, grabbing Steve’s wrists and holding him down. “The last time I saw someone being caned was your Uncle Tom when he was 17 years old. Dad made us all watch his punishment for stealing money out of Mum’s purse.” Sarah looked up at her daughter. “Six stokes should be fine, but lay them on hard.” June gently slapped the skin on his buttocks and increased intensity until both cheeks had reddened over. “Just a little warm-up,” she explained to her Mum, giggling at the same time. She tapped the inside of his ankles with her foot. “Spread those legs, more, wider…” Steve flinched as she reached in between his thighs and grabbed his genitals. Steve grunted loudly with pain as she squeezed. “Don’t you dare drop that dummy, do you understand?” An extra strong grip on his testicles reinforced the message and Steve held onto the teat in his mouth. “His penis is getting bigger,” observed Sarah. June looked. “Perhaps he is going to enjoy his caning,” she laughed. June gripped his hair and yanked his face off the table. “Don’t drop that dummy, or your punishment gets worse.” June stood back and laid in with the first stroke. John only heard the whistle of the bamboo through the air but felt the pain a split second before the ‘thwack’ sounded dimly in his ears. He screamed, the dummy shooting across the table. “Please!” He pleaded. “No more. I beg of you!” Sarah pressed down firmly on his wrists as he struggled to free himself. June retrieved the dummy and returned it to his mouth. “An extra stroke for loosing the dummy and an extra stoke for talking. Keep this up Sissy Boy and we will be here all morning!” Again, the cane fell but John managed to hold onto the dummy through his shriek. After four strokes, June paused and stoked his burning buttocks where the livid welts were rising. His penis had shrunk back to its diminutive size and the only sound in the room was his laboured breathing. Sarah’s face was flushed and her heart was thumping in her chest. Guiltily she realized that Steve’s suffering had been a tremendous turn on for her. She tried to hide her eyes from her daughter but it was too late; June had a knowing smile on her face. “This is hot, isn’t it Mum?” June asked, laughing. “I will certainly have to change my knickers after this.” “I can’t wait to do that,” Sarah replied. She stood and hitched up her skirt and slid down her own panties. “As our Sissy likes used panties so much, he will definitely like these.” Sarah balled up the white cotton briefs and held them under Steve’s nose. “OK, we will swop the dummy for the panties. Spit it out.” Sarah dabbed the wet tear tracks on his face with the panties before pushing them into his mouth. “Now, that will keep him quieter.” “Good idea Mum, Sissy love dirty panties.” Steve had no chance to enjoy the knickers in his mouth before June was lining up her next cane stroke. She stroked the bamboo against the skin at the top of his thighs. A deep guttural sound came from Steve as the fifth stroke landed. June caressed the back of his neck. “What a noise! Honestly Sissy, you will have to develop a better pain tolerance than this!” She ran a finger between his buttocks and lightly touched his anus. “We are going to have such fun with your Sissy training, aren’t you a lucky boy?” Steve felt her hand surround his stiffening cock. “Good Boy,” she clucked. “Get hard for Mummy.” The sixth and seventh stroke covered fresh skin on his thighs and Steve was jumping about like a scalded cat. Steve turned and pleaded with his eyes at his tormentor. “Poor Baby, you want me to take pity on you?” June mocked. “Did you believe there would be no consequences from your cheating?” Steve wailed into his gag. June looked at his bottom and thighs. “I can’t see a clean place for the final strike. Maybe Mum you would do the honours?” Sarah took the cane and examined her daughter’s handiwork. “Pull him over the table so that his feet are off the floor and spread his legs as wide as possible,” she instructed. June obliged, steering Steve into the required position by his ear. His genitals were roughly manhandled so they were on plain view between his thighs. Steve felt Sarah position herself at this head and lay the cane vertically between his buttocks. “Ready Sissy?” Sarah lifted the cane over her shoulder and brought it down with all her might, striking the cleft accurately, cruelly and very effectively. A final howl came from Steve as the tip of the cane beat into his testicles. Great gulping sobs were sounding from behind the panty gag. June rolled his injured balls around in her hand. “No damage done. Stop crying now, that noise is annoying me.” June pulled the panties out of his mouth. “From now on, it is forbidden for you to speak to me or Nana, and on the rare occasions, you will be required to answer questions, so the general rule is what? You may answer.” “I must remain silent June.” Steve whispered. “I am not June to you anymore. June is an address used by other adults to me. But we all know you are not an adult, don’t we? What do you call me?” Steve looked up at her. “Mummy?” He questioned. June nodded and pointed at her mother. “That is Nana, and I want you to thank us both for your punishment and the panties that Nana kindly gave you for your spanking.” Steve opened his mouth to speak. “Not there, on your knees. Now!” June barked, pointing at the floor. Steve slid off the table and onto the floor. He surprised June by bending over and kissing her ankles and feet. He then shuffled over to Sarah and did the same. “I wonder where he learned to do that,” Sarah laughed. “Thank you Mummy and Nana for the punishment and thank you Nana for the panties.” “That’s better, now, there is just one more thing to clarify,” added June. “You know who I am and you now know Nana, but I want you to tell us what you are?” June looked down at him, cocking an eye. “Mummy I am…” Steve looked confused and frightened. June prompted him. “Repeat after me. I am a Sissy Baby, a Pathetic Sissy Baby!” “I am a Pathetic Sissy Baby Mummy.” June nodded. “You are not Steve anymore. When you were my husband, you were Steve, but now you will be known as Sissy, or Sissy Baby, do you understand?” June held up one of his terry toweled nappies. “What do Sissy Babies wear?” Steve dropped his eyes to the floor. “Nappies, Mummy.” *****
  14. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I am sure we will all miss your stories but if you ever feel inclined to return, that would be delightful! Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk