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I've never had a problem when changing n a restroom because the ones I change in are not marked for disability.  They are just small one at a time restrooms with an outer door lock.  Stores like CVS or Gordon Food where you wouldn't expect a lot of people having to use the restroom (like WalMart or McDonalds).  I have changed a few times in Family rest rooms but never had a problem.  If someone did ask me (people are not often confrontational unless they are really pissed off about something) I'd just say, "Handicap or disabilities are not always visible".  If that didn't do it, I'd simply say, "I have no bladder control and wear diapers!  I change in privet for my own piece of mind and to avoid problems from other people who may be in a restroom".  If that didn't shut them up, I'd just walk away and be done with it.  I doubt they would take it any farther.

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I never had any issues changing my diaper, I change whenever it is needed. I find myself an appropriate spot and go for it. Fortunately I am not very shy about it and like others already said I doubt if there is something they see or recognize they will confront you with it. Just focus on the job at hand and be discreet about it.  

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