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  1. apdl32

    Do others feel this way or is it just me?

    I believe I agree to an extent if my partner has zero problem with me wearing that's fine bc I need to although I'd prefer they wore
  2. apdl32

    Tena Going Cloth ?

    All set! Never again
  3. apdl32

    Tena Going Cloth ?

    It’s true they were my brand for a very long time and then they changed too and I do not like it
  4. apdl32

    do diapers make you wet more

    I have an oab and also loss of nerve sensations according to the dr I definitely go more than the average person but I can’t tell I have to go it just happens when I do (we are talking rarely) & typically I won’t know I’ve gone until I notice the diaper moist from what I have been told I would not do well without my protection.
  5. apdl32

    do diapers make you wet more

    Yes I hear you there wake up soaked every morning and barely do I recall it happened
  6. apdl32

    do diapers make you wet more

    I am the same way can’t be without at all the sensation in the nerves is gone gone too what a mess it would be
  7. apdl32

    Non-DL girlfriend

    This isn’t easy you’re right however after 5years are you even in control ? I say leave the little ones out of it until a question arises. Also you should talk to her about it as well after all you need to be happy because without happiness things may go south quickly. Be honest, communicate and be discreet
  8. I believe mine are flannel and I use boosters so they might actually
  9. My mom is the same because of my cloth she will complain about it because I have to air dry them lol gotta have them
  10. apdl32

    What diapers do you wear

    I like Abu and rearz militate are good too and can be ordered through rearz but I am trying to convert to all cloth work makes that hard though
  11. apdl32

    Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I wear because I'm incontinent. Potty training failure to say the least. At a very early age we discovered that I would always have accidents and that this is the best option. It can be very stressful on a child adolescent however the alternatives just aren't practical. Would rather be diapered and have an accident than have a big mess to clean
  12. apdl32

    public changing

    It all depends on how close to home I am and how badly I need a change. I can usually be OK with just 3/4 diapers a day sometimes even less. If I think it's necessary to change in public I will most places have bathrooms to accommodate families and the handicapped.
  13. apdl32

    Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    Even better is to use cornstarch powder on the affected area works wonders only use when changing
  14. apdl32

    How do you put on your diapers?

    Being a little overweight I find its easier to use the wall for support. I use both disposable and clothes but recently mostly only cloth. If I am against the wall it will hold me in the right places rather than if I were to try to lay down and change
  15. apdl32

    Urinals - has sombody tested them?

    Catheters aren't the way to go ever that's what this looks like to me. They can be painful. I am incontinent and have always been urologist says things that are bad for me are things like coffee soda some teas as they can worsen my incontinence. You may find drinking an extra coffee or soda help you to go more and on top of that be sure you're getting the daily half gallon of water intake. Some people I have chatted with who have their continence still tell me they enjoy letting only a little urine out at a time instead of all at once to push their bladder to the limit. Also try looking online more and try things for night like putting your hand in warm water to help you to go with ease. Good luck and use boosters.