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Found 58 results

  1. (To note. I am typing this on my phone and the * will mark the switch from third to first person) Cheryl was a hard working business Amazonian woman who had felt like something was missing from her life. She lived in a nice neighborhood, a great job and could get whatever she wanted, yet that one thing she seemed to lack, ached at her for years now. She was visiting her neighbors and good friends, Alecia and Mary, who always were there for her. Even their little, James. Even if he wasn't able to properly respond anymore after he had regressed she still found him good at making her feel a lot better. "Cheryl. Cheryl!" Alecia, attempted to snap her friend out of a trance. She seems to be in them more and more often nowadays. Cheryl sighed. "Sorry. I didn't realize I zoned out there." "I can tell. I've called your name at least a hundred times." Alecia had exaggerated jokingly to trying to get her friends mind off of whatever was bothering her. She changed her tone when she noticed that Cheryl wasn't even phased to try to respond to the comment. "Hey you look tired. Why don't you go home and try to get some rest. That work you do seems like it's catching up to you." She was referring to the number crunching accounting job she did almost every day of the week. Cheryl picked up on the hint that she needed to try to figure out what it was that had been bothering her. She yawned as she stood up and stretched her arms in the air. "Yeah I guess you are right." She smiled at James, then looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I think its just about nap time for James and I." Cheryl and Alecia chuckled when James turned around at the sound of his name being said. He was happily playing with the toys set out to keep him occupied while the adults talked to eachother. Cheryl picked up James and handed him to Alecia but not before she tickled his tummy causing him to giggle uncontrollably. "Alright. Well I'll see you later then. And tell Mary I said hi." Soon enough was on her way out the door when she saw two amazonian young boys sprinting full force down the street. "That was odd." She said. Just as she was heading back to her own house, the same way the two boys were headed, she saw them running towards her own house and a little attempting to get away. "Hey! Knock it off you two!" Cheryl picked up her own pace, now seeing a car going past, it was Mary's. She was oblivious to the scene. The little that was being chased, made a quick turn while keeping an eye on the pursuers without noticing Mary's car until it was too late. "Look out!" Cheryl cried just as the little had hit the drivers door head first. She sprinted over to the scene, and Mary now saw what was going on and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw the look of guilt on the two young amazonian boys, who now froze like a statue, unable to comprehend what just happened. Cheryl took opportunity to snatched the two delinquents to make sure they didn't get away. Mary, still was afraid she had killed the little. "Oh my god. What have I done?" She began to panic as she picked up the all but limp little in her arms. A slight mumble came from the little, much to Mary's relief. Feeling confident enough that the little wouldn't run away, she set him down in the back of her car with the door wide open. Cheryl had called 911 and the authorities showed up quickly to take away the two delinquent amazonian children. When the ambulance arrived to look at the little that was supposed to be in the backseat, was now completely gone from view. After everything was settled down, Mary had calmed down enough, everyone went back to business. Cheryl was still puzzled about where the little had went. Just as she was about to head inside is when she noticed a certain smell around her door. "It can't be." She whispered quietly to herself when she looked to the right and saw the little from earlier, unconscious in her bushes. Cheryl managed to get the little out from behind her pushes, and she checked him for a pulse. "My god. What happened to you." She whispered as she noticed that it was a boy, with his shirt torn and holes in it. His face and arms were cut up a bit and a portion of his forehead was bruised. He had pants and underwear on as well. The pants were full of holes and cuts too like his shirt, but both his underwear and pants were soaked in urine. Once she found his pulse still strong, she picked the limp little up and held him with his head over her shoulder, a hand on his bottom and another on his back. Something clicked. She didn't have that feeling she had before. Something about this helpless little boy made her want to take care of him and keep this from happening again. As she went back to Alecia and Mary's house, she couldn't help herself from smiling at the feeling. Cheryl knocked at her neighbors door and Alecia opened the door. "Oh. My. God. What happened to him?" Was all she could say as she let her closest friend into the door. James had not yet been put down over all the commotion and attempting to help calm down his mommy, Mary, who now was in a state of shock sitting on the couch in the family room by hugging her. "Alecia, I have a favor to ask." Cheryl said in the most seriously tone she could. "What do you need?" She replied without hesitation. ******************** An hour had gone by and no sound was to be heard in the room. It was still dead quiet until suddenly I let out a long whimper. I was happily warm and almost smiled until I realized how much pain I was in suddenly. All of it caught up with me at once. "Ahhhh!" I screamed and shot up straight from my spot. I suddenly realize what has happened now. Everything caught up to me in a flash. Except one thing. I had a diaper on now and in a crib. Before I could react to that the door opened slowly. The room was dark and when the light from the outside shone in on me, I froze like a deer in headlights. I saw that it was daylight still from how the light was coming from the doorway and I saw her. She came slowly towards me and I couldn't handle this. 'No! I was adopted wasn't I?! Oh no! What's going to happen to me now!' I thought to myself until the amazonian drew close. My heart began racing when I heard the water start to run in the background. It snapped me out of the trance and I went to go and move away but it was too late. I was already in the arms of my captor. Suddenly I felt an ache flow across my body from the cuts and bruises all over me. "Let me go!" I whined at her. The Amazonian just seemed not to care, only taking a seat in a rocking chair. Struggling didn't seem to do much except cause me more pain, especially when I had accidentally pressed the bruise on my head against her. I screamed on the top of my lungs and began to cry my heart out. Suddenly I heard a faint humming sound that slowly grew louder the more I calmed down. I focused on it. It wasn't just some random humming, it was a nursery tune used to calm down children. I finally stopped crying and now was beet red from the neck up and I gave into the hypnotic feeling I had and rested a few minutes. "Are you okay now?" I heard break the almost endless moment. Her voice was full of patience and honesty with that question, but I was too unsure about my situation but I knew it was better to answer this one. I nodded a bit in response. "Can you tell me your name please? My name is Cheryl." Her voice was soothing and caring. I offered up no response to that question, fearing it was a trick. She patiently waited for an answer, not trying to throw me into a new panic mode so quickly. "I need you to drink something okay? My friends little doesn't use sippy cups so I need you to drink out of a bottle. Alright?" 'What game is she playing? Why is she like this to me and not just forcing it on me?' I had thought to myself as I felt the nipple of a bottle being pushed against my lips. A squirt of juice touched my tongue and I gave in so quickly. I had the side of my head resting on her chest and I was pressed against her torso gently. I drank as much as I could from the bottle. 'What is have I gotten into?' I asked myself.
  2. I'm looking for someone to rp with me. My character being a teenage boy forced to be a baby girl. I would like to rp on skype but email or anywhere else is fine too
  3. Hi this is my first try at a story and English isn't my first language so bear with me Part 1 So not how he thought his first month of college would go. Almost 18 Tee just moved away from his parents to start Uni far away from home. Sitting anxiously on his new flats sofa waiting for his dad to return his mind started to drift back to his childhood memories. He has always been the perfect kid. Smart polite quiet top of his class loved by his teachers and peers. Every parents dream - well almost... 2 problems remained almost constant in his life or was it actually 1 ? Seemed like no matter how much he tried somehow having a healthy bowel regimen didn't seem to work for him. And neither did staying dry at night 365 nights a year. He was the eldest of 3 children his parents were well off as his father Chris was a quite successful singer, which also meant him being away from home for weeks at a time for work. His mom Patty worked mostly from home with 3 children at different ages was the most logical thing to do. He couldn't remember if there was ever a time in his life longer than a few months where he had no troubles with either wetting his bed or having regular bowel movements or more commonly both. He remembered as a toddler numerous suppositories given by his mom, who always seemed less patient with him than his dad. But most ordinary days only his mom was there to notice him hiding trying to avoid the urge to go potty. Things didn't get better as he grew older. As his mom had his siblings she seemed to have lesser and lesser patience to deal with her eldest and probably most anxious child's issues . He was seen by numerous doctors who either offered only temporary solutions or just said he will grow out of it. Now he started to wonder if he ever will. He thought back to the family summer vacation when he was 12 or 13. His dad been away for a few weeks when his wetting started up again . His sister was just being potty trained and he remembered his mom muttering under her breath that she once again got 2 kids in diapers at night but maybe by the end of the summer it would only be 1. Him. As rules went, his problems were only known by his parents and most rules were made by his mom since she was the 1 home most of the time. When he was little the rules were getting diapered ( either by mom or dad ) and not being allowed to take off the diaper without 1 of them. As he grew older his dad bought goodnites for him which made his life so much easier. He still had a rubber sheet to protect the bed but now he could change his own pullup and didn't require his parents to change him. Normally there were no punishments for wetting his bed. He was allowed to sleep without a pullup if he was dry for 4 nights in a row. If he wet the bed he was required to take off his sheets pjs and put them in the laundry, letting his mom know what happened during the night. Usually after a few wet sheets he had to start wearing the pull-ups again. That summer however he decided to try to hide the fact that he was having nighttime accidents again. It turned out to be a big mistake. His mom found out as of course she did what mom wouldn't . Though until that day when he came home to find his mom in the middle of the living room waiting for him he never got punished for wetting his bed.
  4. Update. 1-2017 Because this is my own personal fantasy based on my life i often come back to this and rewrite certain things or add things here or there depending on what I'm into at the time so this is the most current rewrite version 2.0 Enjoy! 13 year old Matt sat alone at his computer screen. Being just after midnight his mom had already gone to bed for the evening. Over the past year or so this had turned into a nightly ritual for him. Matt would wait up until he was sure that his mom was asleep then he'd sneek into the living room and look up dirty pictures on the computer. One such picture that he saw late one evening captured his imagination. It was a picture of a girl sitting on a park bench and her sweatpants where drenched in pee that had sprouted from between her legs. She had to have been in her twenties and she was supper pretty. This was quite litterally the strangest and hottest picture 13 year old Matt had seen in his short life and it sparked an interest that he had long ago forgotten. After extensive yahoo searches Matt stumbled onto a community website called DPF or Diaper Pail Freinds. It was a website about older people that enjoyed wearing and using diapers. There was also a story board that housed stories of kids and adults who are put back into diapers for one reason or another. Matt read the stories every night until it became an obsesion. He imagined himself being the main character in these stories and how awesome that would be. This brought back memories of when he was nine or ten years old. He would wet his pants and bed some nights alone in his room just because, he didn't really understand why it felt good to wet himself but it did. When he was done he would hide the evidence behind his bed. In retrospect his mom must have known about it becuase after a day or two the wet pants and underwear would disapear and end up back in his dresser drawer freshly washed. Even as a young kid he knew that he wanted to wear diapers again but he didn't know how to go about getting them. He would catch himself looking at younger kids and envying their puffy pampered bottoms. Eventually after seeing no action taken by his mom the pants wetting stopped. Matt hadn't thought much about those wettings for quite some time he only knew that he missed that warm fuzzy feeling that wetting himself brought. He even had experimented with make shift diapers made with garbage bags and towels but those fell apart rather quickly after one wetting and were simply not the real thing. So one late summer night Matt typed into the internet browser, "how do i get put back into diapers?" A couple of search results down the list he followed a link to a bedwetting forum. The thread was started by a boy about my age asking the same basic question. "How do i get my mom to put me back into diapers?" The boy had asked. A lot of the responses to his question didn't make a lot of sense and were Kind of silly. I guess a silly question deserves a silly response. But as he kept scrolling down the page some responses did actually make sense. A string of posts in particual Matt paid close attention to. The first post was by someone calling themselves diapered1964 he wrote. Here's my advice. Start by wetting your bed once a week. Step it up to 2 times a week in a month. In another month wet your bed 3 nights a week and your pants once a week. By the 4th month you need to wet the bed every night and your pants every other day. Continue this until you are wetting your bed nightly and pants daily. By now you parents should have taken you to the doctor to see what is the " problem" and "why" you are wetting your bed and pants all the time. Tell the doctor you can not keep from wetting yourself, wet yourself while at the doctors. By now your parents should be purchasing diapers for you to wear and use. Do not be surprised if by now you can not keep from peeing yourself or your bed, if you still can control when you go pee you need to just relax and use the diaper you are wearing after all it is what you want to do right? Another poster chimed in after diapered 1964 their name was beentheredonethat they wrote. I have to say that this is probubly the best advice from this nonsense thread. Although perhaps a little over simplified. The key In making this strategy work is by making your sudden unexplainable incontinence as believable as possible. Slow and steady is the real key in doing this. To many accidents to fast will raise suspicions and lead your parents to question wether you are having genuin accidents or if you are simply peeing your pants on purpose. which you totally are! Any caring parent will take you to see a doctor. They will run tests. Make you jump through rings of fire. They will attempt to fix the problem, that is how doctors operate. All you need to do is continue wetting yourself everyday no matter what the doctor says or does. Having plenty of high visibility accidents in embaressing situations will speed up the process when you start wetting yourself in public. It also adds a lot to the realism factor and puts added pressure on your parents to do something about your problem rather than ignoring it. If the only time you wet your pants is at home, locked away in your room two feet away from clean clothes and a bathroom that wont look right. If you truly want to wear diapers again you simply have to pretend like you already are. At school, with family or just hanging out with friends if you feel the need to go. Go! No matter where you are or who is around you, pee right into your pants. Over time this will wear everyone down physically and emotionally, once the doctors have done every test every treatment and can't find anything medically wrong with you, frustration will likely set in. Your parents will surely have tried everything they can think of to fix you and will have run out of ideas. Eventually It's gonna be expected that you are going to pee your pants non-stop throughout the day and you are going to wet the bed at night. If you are still on occasion peeing in the toilet out of convience, stop doing that. Only use your pants, pull-ups or diaper if that is what you are wearing, no matter where you are. By occasionally using the restroom you are only giving false hope to your parents that this might someday get better. You've gotta sqaush that thought, by showing zero signs of there ever being any improvement now or in the future. You've got to prove to them that you shouldn't be wearing anything other than a thick diaper. Once it clicks for them that constantly wetting yourself is going to be the new normal for you, your parents will likely switch gears from trying to fix you to helping you live comfortably with your condition. Diapers are a near certainty once this reality sets in for everybody. This is when you can expect to see real plastic backed, tapes on the sides for a snug fit, extra absorbant diapers because they are the only logical and cost effective solution for a young person who has full urinary incontinence such as yourself who wants to still have a semi-normal life. When this happens it can also be taken as a sign of exceptance on their part. By diapering you they understand that you need them now and will likely not hastle you as much about it and everyone will move on because by now your parents will be sick of dealing with wet sheets and clothes and will probably be relieved that you are back in diapers full time. It'll be their idea not yours. And they will love it. Hopefully. Lol. Congratulations to you, if you have made it this far you will have totally earned those diapers you will be wearing. Some food for thought. If you are unable to have a public accident or are afraid that somebody will find out that you wear diapers because you can't stop peeing and or pooping in your pants you might want to reconciter this. It is normal to be afraid of what people will say because Other kids will make fun of you. A young person who cannot control their bodily functions is not a normal thing outside of severly handycapped people. Most adults will be cool about it but kids will be cruel to you and you will lose friends over this. Sorry just being real here. Also something to think about is that by actively not controlling your basic bodily functions over time your body will respond to not holding back your urine and you may actually find that you will develope some real form incontince. Your diaper will be wet without you realizing it. Leaks will happen at the worst times. In front of family, freinds co-works and classmates. And of course strangers as well. Most of the time the fact that you are wearing a diaper can be conceiled with baggy clothes and frequent scheduled changes but sometimes it can't be hidden as easily and you need to be okay with that. Ya im wearing a diaper, you wear miss matching socks, so what! There were other responses as well but none that were as inspiring as those two. A couple of posters said just to be honest about it and ask them if they would buy diapers for him to wear. Matt had mixed feeling about trying that, on one hand it could work but it seemed unlikely. the posibility of that strategy blowing up in his face was high. Too high to be seriously consitered. The method seemed so mind bogglingly simple. I realized then that I was way over thinking this and turning this into some higher form of mental gymnastics. I had seen diapers at the drug store but they were so expensive. I would have to save all of my money but even then it wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of wearing full time and besides hiding it like that would be impossible. My mom would at somepoint find a stash of diaper and think i was a freak. Maybe i am a freak. But with this plan all I needed to do is pee in my pants. A lot. Without giving up or showing that there is any end in sight. If I play it off as legitimate accidents what other choice does that give my mom but to put me back in diapers. I just gotta play the long game for long term gain. Having little or no fear of getting embarassed also goes a long way it would appear. Because if I were to follow this plan I was sure to have plenty of accidents in social settings. Assholes are going to find something to make fun of me for anyways so I'm not scared of what people are gonna say if I wet my pants every once in a while. The only real question is, do I have the guts to try and pull this whole scheme off? Would it even work if i tried? My mother was not exactly the hardcore disaplinarian so i knew i wouldn't get in trouble per se if it failed to produce the results that i wanted. After all it wasn't like she punished me back in the day when she found pairs of wet pants stashed under my bed. She didn't rush out and buy me diapers either. But when I was younger I didn't have a plan or a guide to follow and I gave up on things way to fast. This time will be different. I cleared the history file and got a large glass of water out of the sink and chugged it down knowing that it would work its way through my system and perhaps end up in my bed that night. At 2:45AM i woke up with a stabbing pain in my bladder. This was it, i had to make a dession What was it going to be. It's so cold out there and i am so snug and warm under my blankets. Fuck this, i'm not getting out of bed if i don't have to. I tried letting go and nothing happened at first. I laid there pushing and mentally fighting against years of built up potty training but to no avail. I closed my eyes and pretended like i was already wearing that diaper. Its okay to pee in your diaper i told myself. Thats what they are made for. Wet your diaper. After a few tense seconds I felt my body loosen up and my whole body relaxed. Soon i was wetting my bed and it felt just as good as I had remebered. Why did i ever stop doing this in the first place. i smiled and drifted off to sleep.
  5. From the album Diaper boy pics

  6. “Well, work is work” Johann thought as he walked down the line of modules. He was walking along a steel hallway, carrying a briefcase, and doing what amounted to a check in the box inspection job. At least he was getting paid. As a chief engineer aboard a Star Force Explorer vessel, he had become used to a much more exciting lifestyle. Travelling the stars, vising new planets, fighting pitched battles against pirates and invaders… the kind of things he had signed up for. However, all away postings have to end at some point, and he rotated back to more conventional duties until it was his turn to leave again. So now here he was, monitoring Care Modules. He walked along the steel floored hallway and approached a random one on his right and set his briefcase down. There was a desk with a variety of gleaming buttons, and he hit the central one. A large screen door, invisible until now, appeared in front of him and slid upward. He hit the reinforced plastic behind it, ensuring it was secure, then hit a switch. A light came on, revealing a large and seemingly empty room behind. “Alight, let’s see if this all works” he said to himself. The rooms were kept empty not in use in order to prolong their lifespan. However, that could change in a second. He hit a button and began switching through a list. With it, the room changed. The walls turned from a dull grey to black, then blue, then pink, then red, and through a rainbow of colors, textures, and designs with paintings and murals appearing at will. He turned to a different list, and carpeting appeared on the floor, only to be replaced with tiles, rugs, wood, and dozens of other materials. He turned another, and furniture appeared, making an ordinary bedroom, a hospital, a prison cell, a nursery, a children’s bedroom, and more all along set designs. The idea of the machine is that it could be used as support for almost anyone, for almost any need, and in almost any situation. It could be a room to satisfy almost any need or desire aboard a ship or on the planet, then switch to something different when the next occupant came in. Johann’s job was to ensure it was all working properly before a tour came through the next day, which would include inspectors to give it final approval. As it was, several of them were already occupied, so his work was merely formality. “Alright, that is all in order. Now let’s see what else you got,” he said. He hit a button, and steel arms came out of the walls, protruding from every corner. He turned on a microphone and spoke into it. “Computer, recognize my voice.” There was a series of beeps followed by “RECOGNIZE, JOHANN,” n a mechanical voice. An image of himself in his flight suit came up, looking slender, with long brown hair. “Damn I look good,” he said, secretly wishing he could be back in that flight suit. “COMMENCING “LOOKING GOOD” PATTERN,” the voice said. Smooth jazz music came on, along with robotic dancing. Hands came out of the desk full of make up. “NO NO CANCEL CANCEL!” he said, and the machine stopped. Being careful not to mutter to himself, he bent over and opened his briefcase. A small robot, made of steel bars and wires, jumped out. It straightened up and quickly grew to a full adult’s height. It then began to flesh out, with rubber balloons inflating in the place of skin. A crude imitation of a man, but good enough for his work. He hit a button on the desk, and a door appeared in the wall. He unlocked it, then spoke to the robot. “Get in,” he said, and the robot obeyed. He shut the door behind it, and locked it. “Computer, prison setting,” he said. A series of beeps followed, then “PRISON SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a deep blue with simple furniture. He held down a button which deactivated the arms. “Robot, try to get out,” he said. The robot banged on the glass and on the door with twice the strength a human could muster. None of them budged. Johann released the buttons controlling the arms. In an instant they sprang to life and wrapped themselves around the robot, suspending him helplessly in the air. “Excellent. Computer, hospital setting.” “HOSPITAL SETTING ACKNOWLEDGED.” The room changed to a white hospital room, and the arms lay the robot on a bed while a light scanned him for medical problems. “Alright, robot, trip and fall, demonstrate “broken arm.” The robot didn’t move. He spoke louder. “Robot, trip and fall, demonstrate ‘broken arm.” The robot remained lying in the bed as arms took care of and shook its head at Johann. It put its arms behind its head and let out an automated sigh. “Damn lazy robot,” Johann said. He walked into the room. “Robot, leave this room!” The robot stuck its ‘tong’ out at him. The robot was a highly developed, extremely expensive tool, and a jackass. If this was a malfunction, it would come down on Johann’s head. “INSTRUCTIONS NOT UNDERSTOOD,” the computer said. “No, I want this robot out of the room!” Johann said. “UNDERSTOOD, REMOVING ROBOT.” A whole appeared in the roof, and the arms tossed the robot half a mile into the sky. “Oh s&$%....” Johann said, watching his career fly away with an overpriced jackass of a robot. “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD,” the room said. A toilet appeared, and the arms picked up Johann and pulled him toward it. “NO NO! I’m not going to use the toilet.” “INSTRUCTIONS UNDERSTOOD. ALTERNATIVE MEANS ENGAGED.” A tube came out of the wall “NOOO not that!” Johann said. He didn’t even want to know what the tube was for. “Just put me down.” “UNDERSTOOD,” the arms dropped Johann with a hard ‘thump’ onto the ground. He sat down to think. “God damn this thing destroyed the robot… it was like my boss’s baby… he said take care of it… they are going to HATE me, probably punish me, give me the 10th degree… probably won’t leave earth again…” “UNDER NOT UNDER NO UNDER NOT STOOD UNDER NOT STOOD NOT NOT STOOD UNDER” the voice said. Johann jumped up, and realized he was still muttering to himself. The arms were spinning around, struggling to find some meaning in his words. Johann began to panic. This was worst case scenario, he had caused a malfunction. “NO! STOP LISTENING TO ME!” he shouted. “UNDERSTOOD. JOHANN NO LONGER ACCEPTED VOICE CONTROL.” “What?” he said, color draining from his face. The computer didn’t say a thing. “REVERTING TO MOST LIKELY SETTING.” The machine made a long string of beeps and static noise, then began repeating his last words. “ALTERNATIVE TOILETRY MEANS… WON”T GET OUT… TAKE CARE OF IT… PUNISH… BOSS’S BABY… DOORS LOCKED, NURSERY MODE ACTIVATED.” “WHAT!” Johann shouted as arms seized him. The walls around him changed to a baby blue with colorful cartoon character’s dancing around it. "This... can't... be... happening..." he said, while reality confirmed that it could, in fact, be happening. He made a scramble for the door, and slammed into the now solid wall that replaced it. Arms grabbed him from all sides and lifted him strait into the air. "No NO NO! I"M NOT A BABY!" he said, as he was carried toward a changing table. "YOU ARE A BABY, AND WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH. ARE YOU THROWING A TANTRUM?" the machine said. "I"m NOT throwing a tantrum! I'm an adult put me... MPH..." he was cut off as a large pacifier was shoved into his mouth. He spat it out, only to find it instantly replaced and attached behind his head with ribbons. "What sort of nursery is this?" he thought. "NAUGHTY BABY. GOOD BABIES DON"T THROWN TANTRUMS. SUCKLE THAT AND BE A GOOD BOY OR YOU'LL GET A SPANKING. ANY MORE LIES ABOUT BEING AN ADULT WILL RESULT IN MOUTH SOAPINGS" Ridiculous. The machine couldn't spank a baby... could it? That be abuse...He watched the thick steel arms circle around. He didn't want to test it. The arms settled him down on the table. The stripped him naked, taking his clothes back through the walls. He groaned as he saw their replacements. A thick white diaper, sized for himself and cartoonishly decorated came out. A baby blue teddy bear shirt with pink ruffles at the sleeves and "Baby Boy" written on the chest followed, along with finger less mittens. The arms were efficient, he had to give them that. He was very quickly powdered, diapered, and dressed to the machine's specifications. He sat up, getting used to the new sensations. The thickness of the diaper forced his legs apart, and any movement was accompanied by the loud crinkling of plastic. However, the sweet smell of the powder, along with the softness of the padding and the t-shirt made it comfortable. The machine lifted him up and set him down on the ground amid a pile of toys. "NOW BE A GOOD BABY AND PLAY UNTIL SUPPER TIME." Not likely, he thought. The second the hands moved away he stood up and reached for the tapes of his diaper. He grabbed at them on impulse, not thinking through. This quickly proved for a mistake for two reasons. First, he found that his now mittened hands were near useless when it came to opening tapes. HE had a moment to contemplate this before the second reason came crashing across his padded backside. "MPH!" he yelped against the pacifier as he was hoisted into the air. Dread filled him, and he realized the machine might just make good on its promise. A scan went over him. "ASSESSING PAIN TOLERANCE" it said. Pain tolerance? he thought. It couldn't... no... Johann watched in horror as one of the hands raised itself behind him. He closed his eyes. THWACK! he felt and heard, as the hand slammed down on him. "BAD BABY! BAD BABY!" The machine said, over and over as it spanked him. This can't be happening! he thought. They wouldn't spank an actual baby! What is this? The machine continued, putting Johann into more and more agony. He felt his bottom get blistered, and slowly broke down from yelping into loud sobs. Finally the spanking ended. The machine turned him back over and craddled him comfortably, rocking him back and forth. A finger waggled in front of him. "THERE THERE. GOOD BABIES KEEP THEIR DIAPERS ON. HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON?" Johann nodded. "GOOD. IT IS TIME FOR FEEDING. PREPARING MEAL WITH LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY." Johann's eyes went wide as he was sat down with a crinkle and a thud at a high chair. He barely even noticed his aching bottom. Lesson? Diaper necessity? What fresh hell could that be? The machine removed his pacifier, and he tried to ask the question but was silenced as a spoon full of sugary-sweet mush was shoved into his mouth. "OPEN FOR THE AIRPLANE!" One of the machine's hands held his head as the others spooned more and more into him fast enough to almost make him gag. "Wait! MPH..Let me MDSGE.... SPEAK! MPHHHHH." Every time he swallowed one spoonful, another one was instantly behind it, giving him no pause to finish speaking. He tried to spit some out, but the machine simply scooped it up and kept going. He was forced to continuously swallow what he imagined was mashed fruits and vegetables with oatmeal- as strange, gooey substance clearly intended for babies. But no one would feet a baby like this? They wouldn't treat one this roughly, would they? Soon the bowl was finished, and Johann felt stuffed with the massive amount of goo so quickly shoved into him. The hands then grabbed the bottle and lifted him out of the chair. "WAIT!" he shouted. Miraculously, the machine paused. "What is this.. lesson... thing... you are giving me?" "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY" "Yes! What is that? "LESSON 24B: DIAPER NECESSITY. USED FOR BABIES WHO ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THEIR DIAPERS OR ARGUE AGAINST THEM. IN ORDER TO INSTRUCT BABIES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR DIAPERS AND PUNISH FOR THE SAME TRANSGRESSION. THE BABY IS GIVEN SUPPLEMENTS TO ENSURE DIAPER USAGE, THEN KEPT INSIDE THEM." Johann's eyes went wide. "WHAT!? You can't... MPHHHH!" He was cut off once again as the bottle was shoved into his mouth. He glared at the arms, waited a moment, and refused to drink. "IF THE BABY IS HAVING TROUBLE DRINKING, HE CAN CERTAINLY BE ENCOURAGED." The machine held up a massive wooden paddle. Johann stared at it a moment, and realized the machine wouldn't let him go until he drank anyway. There is no way he'd win a contest of patience with an inanimate object. He sulked, and began to drink. "GOOD BABY, GOOD BABY," the machine said as it rocked and fed him. Johann just tried not to think about what he was ingesting, and what it would make him do. There had to be a way out of this. When he finished, the machine put the pacifier back in his mouth without tying it on. It then put him on the ground and said "GOOD BABY, NOW PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS." Not wanting to risk another spanking, Johann picked up his teddy bear and made a show of playing with it, all while trying to think of a way out. More importantly, he wanted access to a toilet before his 'lesson' on diaper ususage began. He could already feel his stomach grumbling, and did not like what that meant. The control panel was on the other side of the wall. If he could get to it, he could reset the machine to accept his voice commands again. He picked up the bear and threw it to where the door way had been. He stood up, but after a command from the machine not down, he could back down. He then crawled after the bear, stopping before what was now a sheer wall. He ran his fingers along it, hoping to find some kind of handle. He slowly stood up, leaning on the wall so that the machine didn't tell him to sit down again, and felt for any kind of opening. HE began pounding on it with his mittened fist. He felt arms grab him and carry him to the center of the room. A finger waggled in front of him. "BABY WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE BABY IS TRYING TO LEAVE, WHICH HE KNOWS IS A BIG NO NO. BABIES CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT SUPERVISION. NOW STAY HERE AND BE GOOD" A large blue baby bouncer appeared underneath him, and Johann was set down into it. His feed dangled half a foot off the ground, and he realized he wouldn't be able to move from that spot. He tried to push himself out, but it latched on around his waste. Meanwhile, his diaper was pressed up against him, reminding of his new status, and what he would soon be required to do inside it. He felt his stomach rumble, driving the point home. Johann looked around helplessly. Aside from the teddy bear, there was nothing in arms distance he could grab onto. He could put the tips of his toes on the ground, but only managed to bounce around, which he stopped as soon as he realized how he must look. The bouncer was stationary, there was no way for him to walk or move back toward the wall. Johann stayed and sulked for what felt like hours. He tried to amuse himself with the bear, if anything to make a show for the machine. However, he couldn't distract himself for long. The cramps inside him kept growing. They came on quickly, making his stomach rumble and complain. He kept hoping the machine would let him out, but there was no such luck, and soon he was desperate. "MMM MMM!" He began making sounds against the pacifier, hoping to attract its attention. He waved his arms around and pointed at the pacifier, while pouting and sulking to show something was wrong. The hands removed the pacifier. "IS SOMETHING WRONG?" it asked. "Yes! Please, I really need to go to the bathroom." "Babies don't use the bathroom." "Please! I need to go.. uh... number two." As if to emphasize it, his stomach grumbled, and he heard a loud fart escape. He blushed and hoped that was all it was. "THEN YOU ARE ALL SET. THAT IS WHAT YOUR DIAPER IS FOR." "No! Please don't make me! I want to use the toilet!" "POTTY TRAINING WILL NOT BEING UNTIL YOU TURN 3." "I'm A GROWN MAN, YOU DENSE RUST BUCKET! LET ME GO!" Johann was getting desperate, and angry. "ARE YOU HAVING A TANTRUM? BABY WILL NOT TELL LIES." "I'm not a baby! You will let me use the toilet or I'll have you deactivated you worthless malfunctioning bastard!" "NO. BABY WILL NOT BLACKMAIL HIS CARETAKERS. "But this is pointless! Its ridiculous!" "BABIES WILL NOT ENGAGE IN SELF DESTRUCTIVE NIHILISM." "This can't be real." "SOLIPSISM IS ALSO BANNED." "SHUT UP! And let me out of these diapers!" "THAT IS ENOUGH. YOU WILL USE YOUR DIAPERS NOW. INITIATING PUNISHMENT SEQUENCE 34 C." "What?" Johann said, color draining from his face. The pacifier was again tied into his mouth, and he was suspended bent over. A hand raised up and spanked him hard enough to make him yelp. SMACK SMACK SMACK! The hand continued spanking him, and the machine spoke. "BAD BABY! YOU WILL BE SPANKED UNTIL YOU USE YOUR DIAPERS LIKE YOU ARE MEANT TO." Johann was in panic. He couldn't do that. However, his bottom was already sore from the previous spanking, and there was no way to escape. Furthermore, the pressure was building, and he was getting desperate. He swallowed his pride, and gave up. He felt a massive stream of muck come out of him and into his waiting diaper. The spanking spread the warm mush around, caking him. He cringed at the feeling, wanting more then anything for it to be over. However, after all that waiting and holding back, there was a lot in him and it kept coming out. The hands slowed down to a light patting as he finished. He shuddered, utterly humiliated. His only relief was that no one was there to see it. It took him a moment to realize that the hand hadn't entirely stopped. Instead, it changed its pattern, rubbing him and patting him. He looked at it questioningly. "THIS IS PART OF THE PUNISHMENT. BABY WILL HAVE HIS MESSY DIAPER RUBBED TO INCREASE DISCOMFORT, THEN REMAIN IN IT." The machine kept going, then slowly turned him over and sat him on a pair of arms folded like a knee to bounce him up and down. "What kind of horrid nursery is this!?" Johann thought as he sobbed. He felt the muck in his diaper get pressed against him again and again. Already, the smell made him want to gag, and the feeling made it worse. When it was finished, the machine put him in the corner and ordered him not to think about what he had done and not to move. Johann sulked, almost thank full for the teddy bear and pacifier. Having nothing to do or distract him, he couldn't stop thinking about the feeling inside his diaper, the horrible smell, or his humiliating circumstance. How could the machine make a mistake like this? Why would it treat a 'baby' so roughly? And how could he get out? Johann had know idea how long it had been when the machine finally picked him up. "DID YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAD DONE?" Johann nodded. "GOOD BABY. YOUR PUNISHMENT IS ALMOST OVER. YOU WILL BE CHANGED SOON, AND UNTIL THEN YOU CAN PLAY." Johann was happy for even the slightly good news, and tried to not think about the fact he was happy for a diaper change. That changed quickly, however, when he saw where he would be spending his 'play time.' The machine carried him back towards the bouncer, and despite his kicking and squirming, deposited him inside of it. "MMMMMMPPPHHH!" He moaned and wailed as the messy diaper was pressed against him. He sulked down, almost crying. The feeling was horrible, and getting worse by the minute. It was beginning to itch, and he was helpless to stop it. He hung pouting in the bouncer, holding tightly onto his teddy bear for the slightest bit of comfort. The machine turned on cartoons directly in front of him, and unable to turn away inside the bouncer, he was forced to watch. He didn't think he had ever been so miserable. Finally, the machine began to pick him up. "CHANGING TIME" it announced. Johann thought of how just a few hours ago that statement would seem ridiculous, and now it seemed like wonderful news. The arms had him suspended mid air when they stopped. Johann wondered what was going on.. "ACCEPTING NEW COMMANDER- Capt C. Cleveland." The machine said. "Oh no..." Johann thought. "When was the tour coming through?" As if to answer the question, the screen door began to move up. Johann's eyes went wide and he struggled helplessly against the arms. A deep horror dawned on him. "PAUSING FOR INSPECTION" the machine said, leaving Johann suspended mid air directly in front of the screen. There was an audible gasp as a collection of shocked faces saw Johann suspended spread eagle, wearing a babyish t shirt and diaper, sucking a pacifier, holding a teddy bear, with infantile cartoons on, clearly having just been taken out of a bumper and with a diaper changing table being prepared behind him. "Is that... is that Johann?" a voice said. Johann stared in shock. The voice was Amanda, one of his co-workers. Along with her most of his coworkers, his seniors, the commanders and admirals, the actual inspectors, and, it seemed, a tour group of visiting civilians. There were far more then he expected, and every one of them was staring at him. He wondered if anything could be more humiliating. His answer came quickly. "UNTWISTING ARMS" the machine said. Johann looked up to see that, by grabbing him when he was struggling, had become twisted in a loop. The result was Johann began to slowly rotate in front of the group. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping it would stop before it was too late. It didn't, and there was an audible gasp as Johann was turned backwards to reveal his messy diaper to the crowd, before facing them again blushing deeper then he ever had before. The audience was horrified, but remained, unable to turn away from the train wreck of a scene. "Ummm... Captain Cleveland... who is this?" the admiral asked. "That is... that is Johann sir, one of the monitors here," Johann's flabbergasted superior explained. "What is he doing dressed like that?" "Well sir... that is the nursery program, usually intended for babies." "Then why is he there?" "Well... there are... other... reasons people might want to use it. Some people take it for.. ahem.. personal reasons, which we don't ask about. It has different settings for that." "So, a fetish?" "Yes. He talked about going on sabbatical to relax... I didn't realize this is what he meant." Johann was partially relieved to finally have an explanation, partially horrified to realize everyone there thought he was a pervert. "Huh. It has other settings like this?" the Admiral asked. "Yes. Also, they can be used as a punishment, I'm not..." "PUNISHMENT INITIATED" the machine said. "Oh god" Johann thought as it swung him around. To the shock of everyone there, the machine bent him over directly in front of the screen. Johann cringed at what he knew was going to happen. There was a loud shout from the audience, and Johann felt a hand smack the back of his messy diaper. He shouted, and the hand kept spanking again and again. The audience was groaning and screaming. Captain Cleveland spoke up. "Abort, abort! Computer, stop that!" The machine stopped, and left him suspended. "Why don't we go check..." "CHECK INITIATED" the machine said. There was another horrified scream as Johann's messy backside was brought up close to the screen and presented to the audience. The screen was slightly raised to allow for a check from the audience. Johann heard loud gagging and people backing away. "IT IS MY OPINION THAT THE BABY'S DIAPER IS MESSY," the machine said. "NO NO!" the captain yelled, "just do what you were doing before!" "UNDERSTOOD. CONTINUING DIAPER CHANGE," the machine said, and Johann was carried to the changing table. There was a scream, louder then before, as people began filing away from the scene. "CLOSE THE SCREEN! CLOSE THE SCREEN!" the captain yelled. The crowd began to move away, with members stopping to watch in awe at Johann's diaper change. Johann himself was held down to the table as his diaper was untapped and removed. He stared at the closing screen, watching both his greatest humiliation and possibly his only chance of escape disappear. He thought of his future. These chambers were usually private and self sustained. If they thought he really was going on sabbatical, its possible he'd be here for months before they asked him back. That was even if they wanted him back after all this. He dreaded having to go in front of his boss to explain how he ended up in a messy diaper in front of the Admiral, not to mention the airborne robot. However, even that was better then staying here. He let the machine change him, and prayed someone would have the sense to come and ask. Thanks for reading! As always, comments or critiques are appreciated.
  7. Hello world, I was introduced to the community by my boyfriend of two years. He recently came out to me about a year ago. I can imagine this being hard for him but I'm a rather accepting and understanding person. Only wish I had known sooner so we could play. He expressed to me that he is a DL not an AB, which either way is dandy. I'm cool with his interests and allow him to play as he sees fit and will more often than not join him. My questions are necessarily about why how etc etc but more details. When I ask him or read online about how to go about sex and making the experience more enjoyable for the both of us I get generic answers. I want specific details on what to do and how to do it. We have regular sex and are switches. I'd be interested in letting him "be my daddy" or I "be his mommy", or at least trying it. I just need specific details on how to do things or again what to do. Neither of us would neccessairly be interested in full baby play such as, pacifiers, clothing, or baby talk. I need help so I can fully satisfy my boyfriend and gain some satisfaction for myself.
  8. This is my first attempt at a story. Please leave feedback. **WARNING** this story is very very graphic. I am very descriptive. You have been warned. Chapter 1 "John!" my mother exclaimed, "John! Wake up its nearly noon." "So much for it being summer" I thought, I slowly started to wake up as the warm sunshine pierced through my windows. However, my bed felt cold..."Dammit! Wet again" I exclaimed. This was the third time this week and it was only Wednesday. "Did you wet the bed again dear?" my mother asked, In a panicked state I had to make a decision on whether or not to tell her the truth. I had made up my mind sort of. "Maybe" I sheepishly replied, "John, sweety, this is the third time this week and this has been going on for almost two weeks now," my mother soothingly replied. I began to respond, "I know but..." but was cutoff by my mother. "John I am going to call the doctor and see if he can get you in this afternoon," "Ok" I replied "Change into some dry clothes and place your sheets and clothes by the washer" she said I shamefully gathered my sheets and clothes and then took a nice long shower. Frustrated I thought, "Come on John you are fifteen not two why are you pissing yourself?" I turned the water off and got dressed. "Now what to do with my day?" I pondered trying to get my mind off the events of this morning. "video games of course", Not really having anything better to do with my time I turned on my computer and started playing games until I was interrupted by my mom, "John, I have good news, the doctor managed to fit us in today" Good news for her maybe but I kind of wanted to avoid the subject. Embarrassed I replied, "Cool" "I know it is embarrassing sweety but we need to take care of this" my mom soothed "I know" I replied "We can get ice cream afterward, how does that sound?" she said. "That sounds great mom" I replied. in a much better mood. I enjoyed ice cream and it was always nice to get to spend some time with my mom doing fun things like that. "Lets get going" my mom said while grabbing the car keys. Chapter 2 "Make sure you use the bathroom before we leave," my mother reminded. "I don't have to go," "Are you sure? Could you at least try for me" my mom kindly asked. "Sure, I will try," I replied. She has been so nice about all of this even if she was treating me like I was a child. Although I kind of enjoyed it oddly. "Thanks sweety," she gratefully replied. Oddly enough I did have to go. But why didn't I feel it? I left these questions in the back of my mind and went with my mom to the doctors office. The doctor's office smelled like disinfectant. I was not the biggest fan of the doctors office. "John, the doctor will see you know," the receptionist called out. I went in with my mom and sat down. The doctor came in shortly after. "So, John your mom said that you have been having problems with wetting the bed? It is a normal issue that many young boys your age face. Normally, it occurs earlier on but I guess you are just a late bloomer. I will run some tests to be sure but there is not really anything I can do to fix this. It will take care of itself on its own," the doctor explained. After he ran some tests he asked to speak to my mom in private and they whispered a few things back and forth. Then they both turned back to me. "Good to see you again John" the doctor said as he left. "Ok John, we can leave now" my mother said while walking toward the door. "To get ice cream?" I eagerly asked. "Yes, but I have to my a quick stop first at the drug store, but you can wait in the car" she answered. "Sure" I replied I got in the car with her and we left. Soon we arrived at the drug store and she went in and in ten minutes she came out with two bags one with a large square box but I did not pay much attention to it. She put them in the back and got in. "All done sweety" she happily said. "Awesome" I replied. We then soon arrived at the ice cream store. We got out of the car and went in. The bell ringed as we entered the brisk shop. "What would you like?" the cashier asked. "I would like one scoop of vanilla" I replied. The man grabbed a cone and plopped one scoop of vanilla ice cream in it and handed it to me. I eagerly took a lick as my mom paid for it. We soon returned to the car and began home. "Thank you mom" I said. "No problem sweety, thank you for being a good sport about the whole issue. Speaking of which I would like to talk to you when we get back," she replied Feeling nervous and curious I replied sheepishly "Ok" "Do not worry you are not in trouble," she reassured. We arrived back home soon after and she wiped my mouth of ice cream. We went inside and she brought the bags from the drug store into the kitchen and began to make dinner. Forgetting about the conversation that we were suppose to have I went upstairs and played some more video games until. "John, time for dinner" my mother called up. "Cool, I will be right down mom" I replied back I went down and we both sat at the table and ate together. After dinner she asked for me to come into the kitchen and sit down. "John, this is going to be difficult for you but I am getting tired of doing laundry every morning and you have not been getting a good nights rest. The doctor said that you should wear some protection. Unfortunately, because of your small size, none of the adult products will fit you. However, this does make finding um protection that will fit you not that hard" she said as she lifted a package of pampers size 6 disposable diapers onto the table. Still a bit in shock I sat there in silence as she continued. "We should probably go over some new rules regarding this um situation. First rule, I will be changing you..." She began saying as I cut her off. "I think I would be able to change myself and first off aren't those for babies, they even have pictures of Elmo on the front. Mom do I really need those?" "Sweety I know this is a lot to take in but you think of how nice it will be to be able to sleep through the night and not having to wake up in a wet bed?" she began to explain. "I suppose it would be nice to wake up in a dry bed. But why do you have to change me. Can't I change myself?" I questioned. I was beginning to accept my fate of diapers. I mean how bad could it be. No one would have to know and who knows I might even come to like them. I did always miss being a kid and having everything be easier and simpler. "Sweety, it would be easier for the both of us if I changed your diapers. I was changing your diapers for three years, I can still do it today. You also would probably forget something like powder or mess up the taping which would cause a leak or cause you to get a rash. No offense, it just takes some experience," my mother explained. "This would just be easier for the both of us. Ok sweet." "Well this is awkward, my mom changing my diapers. I mean for a baby this is normal but I am 15 years old. Though it might be nice to have my mom baby me a little. Who knows. Still though... You know what I will give it a shot. I mean it can't be all that bad right?" I thought about it for a second and then had my answer. "Sure mom" I replied. "Thank you for being so cooperative, I know this must be tough for you honey" my mother soothed "Oh and one more thing, please do not take off your diaper yourself. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to use the bathroom, just wake me up and I will take off your diaper. It would be easier if you didn't try and incorrectly re-diaper yourself and cause a wet bed," my mother added. "Ok mom" I replied, not really thinking about what that statement actually meant. I just went back to playing video games for a bit then went to watch TV. Chapter 3 I was watching TV in the living room when my mom came in. "Sweety, it is nearly 11pm and I am getting tired. I think that we should both go to bed," my mother yawned. Forgetting about the incidents that had occurred earlier in the day I responded "But it is the summer, I do not have to wake up in the morning," "Yes, but you are still a growing boy and you need your sleep, now could you go into the kitchen and grab the plastic bags and bring them to my room?" she asked Feeling a bit defeated, I thought to myself "Maybe a little more sleep would not be so bad. It might even help with the bedwet... Diapers, I completely forgot. Well this is sure to be an interesting night" "Ok mom" I replied I went into the kitchen to get the two bags. One of which contained the large package of pampers, the other I had not investigated yet and assumed it was just some make-up for my mom. However, I still paid little attention to its contents at this point. They just did not seam to matter. So, I brought the bags up to her room where she had laid out on the floor a mat of some sort. "hey mom, here are the bags you asked for" I said in a puzzled manor. Still curious about the whole situation. "Thank you sweety, just set those down right next to me and go get your pajamas" my mother replied as she reached into the bag and pulled out the package of pampers. I walked up to my room slowly, pondering the current situation, "Well this is actually happening, I am going to be put into a diaper by my mom like a two year old. Me, John, a fifteen year old man, or I guess I should say boy now. I don't feel quite grown up enough anymore to call myself a man. Anyway I don't think I am quite ready to give up being a kid" I thought to myself as I grabbed my pajamas from my oak dresser. "I guess I will not be needing these" I said to myself while refraining to reach for the drawer containing my underwear. I then hurried back to my mom's room. As I walked in and noticed what my mom had prepared for me I stopped cold in my tracks. "Sweety, put those on the bed and strip down for me" I humbly complied, now content with my fate. "Lay down here for me" she asked as she pointed to the blue mat. However there was a white bottle of baby powder next to it and some cream. I complied with her request and sat down on the mat. It was cold and made a crackling sound as I sat down. A shiver went up my spine. "Good, now lay down and lift your rear up" she asked as she began to unfold the diaper. The smiling red face of Elmo looking at me almost brought a tear to my eye. While the silence was being interrupted by the crinkling of the diaper and my moms soft humming. "I cannot believe that this is happening to me," I thought quietly to myself. My mother seeing me in some distress soothed me "Baby it is ok, I am sure that a lot of boys your age share your issue," she reassured as she wiped the one stray tear from my eye. Her warm touch calmed me and I felt as though everything would be ok. I felt oddly very safe and secure. "You can relax now sweety," she said in a very calming voice. I the sat back down with a crinkle from the diaper and a crackle from the mat. The diaper was soft and thick. It felt like I was sitting on a pillow almost. It was warm and nice, much better than the cold hard mat. I her a small pop as the smell of baby powder filled the room. It was cold at first but it soon warmed up to my body temperature. "Lift your legs up for me sweety," she kindly requested. I silently nodded and pulled my legs up and my butt off the diaper. I felt her sprinkle more powder onto me. "Wouldn't want to get a rash now would we" she said in a joking voice. I smiled and shook my head. I then felt a very cold cream being placed onto my backside. It smelled kind of funny but the smell of baby powder overpowered it. "Ok, you can put your legs back down now sweety" she said. I lowered my legs once again feeling the warmth of the diaper under me. The cream was beginning to warm up to my body temperature. "Spread your legs for me dear," she asked. I did so and she then took the front end of the diaper and pulled it up to my belly. Then she fastened the two tapes snugly with a smile on her face. "I think that she is enjoying this. She might have missed not having a baby to care for," I thought. I was an only child and she was not able to have anymore children due to a complication during my birth. "All done baby" she warmly said. I sat up and discovered that I was unable to fully close my legs together due to the bulk between my legs. I stood up to get my pajamas on while hearing the faint crinkle sound of the diaper. As I through my shirt on my mother recommended that I not where pants. "baby are you sure you want to wear pants it is rather hot and you usually do not where them anyway during the summer. I am the only one who will see you. You don't have to worry about your diaper being visible," she said while placing her hand on my back. The warm touch reassured me that everything would be ok and the snug warm grip of the diaper added to this feeling. "Thank you for helping me with all of this mom. You always do look out for me," I said as I gave her a hug. "You are my baby, of course I will look out for you" she said. "Now, get on into bed and I will be up in a minute to tuck you in," she said as she gave my padded rear a pat. I went up to my room and got into my warm covers. "She has not tucked me in for five years. This is a pleasant surprise," I thought to my self eagerly. I then heard the door crack open. As my mother came in. "I just want to make sure you are ok still baby. You have been so good about all of this I think that I will reward you with a trip to the zoo this weekend. How does that sound?" she asked as she tucked my sheets in. "That sounds wonderful, the uh diaper does feel a little different but I can get use to it. It actually is not that bad," I said enthusiastic. I loved the zoo, the animals, the food, and the time I would get to spend with my mother. "Goodnight John" she said while flipping off the lights. "Goodnight mommy" I yawned. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I shut my eyes and went to sleep. Chapter 4 The golden sunlight from my windows warmed my face as I cracked open my eyes. "9 am" I thought "That is earlier than normal. well I did go to bed earlier and my bed is not wet ... oh I almost forgot, the diapers" My crotch felt damp yet my bed was dry. I reached my hand down and felt my crotch. "This is a lot thicker and squishier than last night" I thought as I squeezed gently to feel the squishy and slightly warm padding. I then smelled a wonderful smell from the kitchen, "Bacon" I concluded. My mom was making breakfast. I got up from my bed and sat on the side. My diaper was sagging and sloshing around. I stood up, noticing that the diaper was much thicker than before and waddled downstairs into the kitchen. "Good morning sweety, how did you sleep" she said with a cheery smile. "I slept very well actually" I replied. It was true I had not slept like that in years. "I see the diapers worked, barely" she remarked while looking at the sagging state of my diaper. She the got two plates out and put scrambled eggs on them. "This looks great. Thanks mom" I said as I sat down at the table with my plate. The diaper squishing and releasing some liquid into my crotch which was soon absorbed again. My mother then brought me a glass of milk and we had a nice breakfast together. "The cable guy says that the internet will be out today and for some of tomorrow" she said while sipping her coffee. "Aww that means that I cannot play any video games. What should I do instead?" I said with a depressed mood. "You could always play outside. I think there is a basketball next to your old sandbox" my mother replied. "But first lets get you out of that wet diaper". I followed her back up to her room where she removed the diaper. It hit the bathroom floor with a loud thud. I then took a shower and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. "Basketball. Never was really one for sports but I could give it a try" I thought to myself as I tied my sneakers. I went downstairs and then into our backyard. We still had a swing-set and a sandbox from when I was younger. "Those were some good times" I thought as I remembered the fun I had playing in the sandbox and on the swings as a child. I noticed the basketball at the corner of the sandbox. I went to go get it. Picking it up I noticed a dusty shovel and pail. "I guess we forgot to give these away" I thought to myself. "Well, I do not really know much about basketball but I do remember all of the good times I had in this sandbox" I thought as I sat down in the cold sand. I began to play and dig holes and such. I felt like I did when I was younger. I was very happy. Hours went by and the sunshine warmed my body. However, I felt a strange sensation. The sun was causing my clothes to get warmer but my crotch felt warmer than normal and damp! I looked down at my shorts and sure enough there was a basketball size spot on the front of my shorts. "Did I really just wet myself. I did not even feel it. Maybe I am not as old as I think I am..." I thought as tears began to form in my eyes. I felt helpless. "John are you ok?" my mother called out. She immediately could see that there was a problem. She hurried outside and saw what had happened. She put her hand on my shoulder and said "Shh it's alright baby, everything will be ok" she soothed. tears had stopped forms as she wiped the tears off of my cheeks. "Lets get you inside and into some dry clothes" she said as she helped me up. I held her hand and we both walked inside. “Just put your clothes by the wash and I will take care of it. Could you come into my room when you get the chance†my mom said to me. My cheeks were dry from the tears and my nose was still running but I gave a faint reply, “Ok mom I will be there in a second†as I got changed into some dry clothes. It was so nice to be dry, the feeling of the dry fabric lifted my spirits a bit. I then went into my moms room to find her sitting on the bed. “Come sit next to me, we need to have a talk†she said in a very serious tone. I felt my stomach churn with unease as I heard this. “What could she want to talk about that is so serious?†I thought as I slowly walked toward the bed. I hopped up next to her and she put her hand gently on my leg. “Sweety, I know it is not your fault that you are having these accidents†my mother said before I interrupted her “It was only one accident†I replied, “One daytime accident†she quickly responded. She went on “Now I know this may be hard for you but it would make things easier for the both of us and it will only be until you are dry for three days†she said nervously. Things were starting to click in my head about what she was about to say next. “I think it would be best if you were in diapers during the daytime too. You can come to me at anytime and I will take them off to let you use the bathroom. But it would be easier and we would not have to worry about ruining any furniture or running any extra loads of laundry†she explained. I was unsure about the idea, “I mean I was or am 15 or at least I think I am. I mean it is true that I was born 15 years ago, but my actions would seam to suggest a much younger age. Maybe diapers are the right answer. Maybe I am a baby. I am very confused. Who am I?†I thought to myself. “Ok mom maybe you are right. I will give it a try just for you†I replied “Oh thank you so much sweety, now you know the drill strip for me while I get your mat†she replied with an excited tone. I think she is enjoying this more and more. “What is that mat and where did you get it?†I asked. “It is actually your old changing mat†she replied as she got a fresh diaper from the package. Then within five minutes I could not close my legs together. I redressed but had some issues with my shorts. The added bulk of the diapers seamed to make it so they would not fit. “Having trouble baby?†my mom asked looking at my struggle. “Oh it looks like we will need to go shopping for some shorts that will fit, but for now I suppose you can run around in just a diaper. I mean it’s only going to be me who will see you and anyway it will make it easier for me to check if you are wet†she said while giving a gentle pat to the rear of my diaper. I was basically almost anything now. Whatever dignity I had left was mostly gone. “Good idea mom†I responded. I looked at a mirror, “Wow I really do look the part of a two year old†I thought to myself before having my thoughts interrupted. “You look so cute†my mother said in a loving voice while looking in the same mirror. I then went back outside to play more in the sandbox. I felt younger than ever, but I was sort of enjoying it. I got to be carefree and happy. Not a worry in the world. “John dinner†my mother called out. “Coming†I replied, that was fast, how time flies when you are having fun. I got up noticing the added bulk and weight of my diaper. “This feels heavier than this morning but maybe I am just imagining things†I thought as I went back inside the house. Chapter 5 “What is for dinner mom?†I asked. “Potato stew†she replied and then proceeded to examine my diaper. “See aren’t you glad your in diapers. Your soaked. I will change you after dinner into your nighttime diapers. Which reminds me I have to make some adjustments to those†she said as she got some bowls out and began to fill them with potato stew. “I am wet! I did not even feel a need to go... This is getting worse. Or better. I am unsure. Who do I want to be? A 15 year old in diapers or a normal two year old?†I thought still kinda at odds with who or what I wanted to be. I went to sit down at the table when an odd sensation began to occur in my crotch. I felt warmth spreading and pooling in the bottom of my diaper waiting to be absorbed. My diaper was being saturated by another wetting. I put my hand on the front of my diaper and felt how warm it was. I gave it a gentle squeeze and felt liquid ooze from the inside and join the pool that was forming at my bottom inside my diaper. It sort of aroused me. Then my mom put my plate in front of me and we began to eat. “How are you doing sweety?†my mom asked. “Not to bad. I could get use to this†I replied. “Oh, good I thought you might have more issues with this than you have. Or that you would cause a larger fuss. You are such a good baby†my mother said with a smiling face, a face that filled my heart with joy. I loved to see my mother happy and it seemed that this was bringing her joy. We finished dinner and I followed her up to her room. She brought a knife with her this time. I was confused on what she was doing. This time she pulled out two diapers from the package. Confused I watched as she sliced holes in the plastic of the first one and laid it down for me to get on. This was a different changing experience though, as I was not taking a shower afterward. "My diaper is being changed" I thought as I was soon interrupted by the ripping sounds of the tapes of my soaked diaper. "Wow you really did a number on this one baby" she said with a chuckle. I blushed a little. "I was just a normal fifteen year old boy" My thoughts were interrupted by the cold moist baby wipe making contact with my skin. "Now here you are, an unpotty trained two year old... Is it so bad though? Maybe I will be happier? Maybe this is the age I am suppose to be." I thought to myself while my mom taped up the first diaper. "Tonight I am going to double diaper you sweety. You were nearly leaking when you woke up this morning. So I thought that it might be better to be on the safe side" my mom said while taping up the second diaper. "All set" she said enthusiastically. I stood up, or at least attempted to stand up as much as I could. The mass between my legs was so thick that I had to keep my legs spread wide apart. "So this is why babies waddle" I thought to myself. "You want to watch some TV with me for a couple hours baby?" my mom asked as she began to gather up the supplies. "Sure that sounds great mom" I said as I began to waddle to the door. "I will meet you down there I just have to finish up the order for your new clothes,†and with a gentle pat on my bum she went to get her smart phone to complete the order. "Oh good, it will be nice to where pants again. I said as a waddled down the stairs. I sat down on the couch with a crinkle. "Wow, these are really comfortable" I thought to myself as I enjoyed the thick pillowing cushion attached to my rear. "So what do you want to watch sweety?" my mother asked as she entered the room. "Not sure, lets just see what is on," I replied as my mother sat down next to me. After flipping through the channels we settled on a kids movie. "Even if it is a kids movie that does not mean it cannot be good" I thought to myself as my mom gently put her warm arm around me and scooted me closer to her. She then put her other arm around me and I at close to her warm comforting chest. She began to stroke my hair. I had never felt so comfortable or secure in my life. I was in my own little slice of heaven. About halfway through the movie, I felt a familiar feeling in my bladder. A slight pressure, signaling my need to pee, a feeling that I had not had for a the last day. "I can hold it until the end of the movie and besides I am in such a comfortable spot, I really don't want to move" I thought to myself as I lay in front of my mother with her arms cuddled around me. Five more minutes passed, the pressure in my bladder grew. It was beginning to become uncomfortable. "Shoot, I really have to pee but I don't want to get up from this spot" I thought as I remembered the bulk between my legs. "Well I mean, I am wearing a diaper, and it will be wet by tomorrow morning anyways... Mom did say that she double diapered me so it could hold more... Maybe if I just let a little bit out. Just to relieve a little bit of the pressure" I thought to myself as I began to relax my bladder. I instinctively put my thumb in my mouth. "If I am suppose to be a two year old, I guess it would be ok to act like one" I thought to myself as the warm stream began to flow into the crotch of my thirsty diaper. I had only intended to let a little bit go but now that I had started, I could not stop. The warmth spread to the rear of my diaper as the liquid sloshed around before being absorbed by the thirst diaper. "ahh... that feels good... Oh no I was only suppose to let a little out. But whatever, it is a diaper, it is meant for this" I thought to myself while enjoying the warm squishy feeling of my wet diaper. Then my mother suddenly asked me "Baby, did you have an accident?" "She must be able to feel it. Oh well" I thought to myself as I took my thumb out of my mouth. "Maybe" I sheepishly responded still feeling the warm mass between my legs growing. "It’s ok sweety, I will check you when the movie is over" she responded with a gentle pat on my head. After about ten more minutes I began to feel tired. My mother had pulled a warm red plush blanket over the both of us. I felt very cozy and let out a yawn. "Someone looks tired" my mother whispered while stoking my hair. "A little" I yawned. My eyelids were becoming heavier and heavier. After about five more minutes I was fast asleep. To be continued...
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  10. Hey there. Just reaching out, looking to see what this site has to offer and perhaps the off-chance to bump into any interesting people that share my interests! I am 19 years old, male, currently waiting on College for Welding and I love Steam games, baseball, playing the violin and obviously, diapers. Just for a few things to know about me!
  11. (I have an RP idea; my character, Oliver Patterson, a twenty-two year old who is driving over to his friends' house, is captured by a man who takes him to a secluded house/whatever and treats him like a baby. It has to be forced, with forced regression/babying, and the man who does it needs to be dominating, and try altering him so he becomes a baby mentally. Anyone interested in RPing the man? Post here or PM me if you are.)
  12. Waking up that day was difficult enough, with a pounding headache keeping him from speaking and vomit covering the sheets of the bed. Hangovers had never been kind to him, but this was horrible; the pain wouldn't leave, it only became worse as time dragged on. It felt like someone was drilling holes in his head, rapping against his skull and tearing at his nerves, attempting to make him scream with agony. Naturally, he did end up screaming, and tumbling off his bed with a loud thump. With tears in his eyes, vomit on his pajamas and a flask in his left hand, he muttered, "I wish I didn't have to clean these goddamn sheets every day." He had only himself to blame, but the extra laundry was a hassle; he needed things to become easier. No more waking up and having to clean every inch of his bed, no more waking up with massive headaches and downing so much Advil he could hardly stand. Yet, he never kept it that way, it seemed; just yesterday, he'd hidden his beer in the back of the fridge, only to tear the fridge apart looking for just one can. One thing was for sure, he was tired, and he hadn't gotten enough sleep for years. "I wish I could sleep better. I wish someone would help me the fuck out, because I'm tired of not being able to pay the stupid bills, I'm...I'm fucking sick of work..." He knew that he'd never get anything he wished for, but he tried his hardest to make each one come true. Before he could drag himself into the basement, after taking the vomit-stained sheets off his bed, an ominous figure hovered near the stairs. Frantic, he took a step back, dropping the sheets in a heap on the floor, when his feet snagged on part of the sheets. The more he struggled, frightened and panting, the tighter the sheets wrapped around his body. "I can grant your wishes, Chip." Chip tugged at the vomit-soaked bedsheets ensnaring his torso, but couldn't pry them away; he could only cry out as the figure, swathed in some kind of cloak, hauled him down the basement stairs. The figure wasn't nearly as terrifying at it had initially looked, veiled in darkness; it was even worse. With one pink rabbit ear and one blue rabbit ear, each fastened to its head, it bounded down the stairs with a confident stride. Much to his disgust, as it turned to smile at him with a sickening expression of manic glee, he noticed that it wasn't just a figment of his imagination. It was nightmarish. Even as it dragged him along, ignoring his squirming and crying, he could see one of its eyes dangling by a thread, caked with a black liquid. Chip tried to escape again, shifting and screaming profanity, but this place made his blood run cold and silenced his panicked cries. The figure had taken him into a dark room, with shelves decorated wall-to-wall with tiny stuffed rabbits and ducklings, and there was a black cage in the middle, the top pried off. His name was written on the carpet in the black liquid...
  13. 25 year old Joey Sanders waited in the living room for his new girlfriend of a year, Natalie. Joey had met Natalie through his best friend whom had dated Natalie's sister. Joey had been skeptical about matchmaking, but it was love at first sight. Earlier in the month, he had asked her to move in. She eagerly accepted. He eventually planned on marrying her. Joey and Natalie had one big thing in common: children. Joey was the proud father of 2 year old Jaxon Sanders. His mother was no longer in the picture. She signed over her parental rights hours after his birth. Natalie had a 4 year old daughter, Isla. This day was the first step to the rest of their lives.
  14. The day began as it usually did, with the peeling of sweaty sheets off of his chiseled upper body. This time, not only was the bed drenched in sweat, it was also soaked with a good dose of urine, making him gag in disgust. Oliver wasn't usually the type to piss the bed, but he'd been getting so wasted lately that it was hard not to. Humiliated and annoyed that he'd have to sneak out again to both get his piss-soaked sheets and undergarments washed but to also do so without alerting anyone in the house, he dragged himself out of his room. The air, thick with the reek of something mingled with sweat and piss, made him want to vomit, but he choked down last nights' dinner and kept trudging towards the staircase. On this day, he didn't make a clean getaway; he had something trickling down his legs, something weighing him down, and decided to look behind him. A trail had been left to his room, a trail that was unmistakably brown and...disgusting. Great, now he had shit to clean up; how would he explain this to anyone, let alone his parents, or his friends? While he searched for a way out of this messy situation, Oliver tripped over the sheets, got himself entangled in them, and discovered that the underwear he'd worn wasn't exactly holding up under the weight of his shit. What a way to start the weekend.
  15. Oliver had been expecting the school year to be one of boredom and too much homework, but instead of hearing sneakers squeak against polished linoleum or chattering classmates, he was listening to a woman speak in a white, plain-looking academy. "Hello, little one. Tell me, what's your full name?" Confused by the way she spoke to him, as if he were a child, he scowled and ran a hand through his tangled, white-blond hair before responding with, "Oliver Stacy Patterson; is that simple enough for you, bitch? Now will you leave me the fuck alone so I can go my first class? My parents shipped me off here for no fucking reason, and I have no clue what the hell I'm meant to be-" Before he could get out his final word, the woman flashed him a tight-lipped smile and grasped his ear in an iron-clad grip, speaking through her clenched teeth as she dragged him down the hallway, ignoring his protests, "What an immature, misbehaving little brat! No wonder your parents sent you here! I try to be nice to you, and you curse at me! Is this how you greet everyone you first meet?" To say her sudden change in demeanor surprised him was an understatement; he was at a loss for words. When he attempted to wretch away, he was met with a hard smack to his backside, which made him growl with annoyance. While Oliver was being dragged along, he continued trying to escape, and at one point, she loosened her grip just enough so he could slam an elbow into her stomach. He began to run through the seemingly empty, white hallway, when the woman seized him by the belt buckle, dropped his pants and underwear, and gave him a series of slaps on the backside so hard it made him wince, then injected him with some kind of fluid. Once he covered himself, he growled like an angry dog, embarrassed and outraged by this sudden spanking, "What's the big idea, bitch?! Stop that!" He managed to shove her away, but she eventually disentangled him from all of his clothes, carrying him under her arm as if he were a sack of potatoes. Oliver squirmed and swore as the nurse deposited him in the arms of someone else, and spoke clearly, "We normally start first-timers off at the normal baby stage and move them down if they misbehave, but his parents specifically requested that he be started at the lowest point, as a newborn. Would you be a dear and get him prepared for his new life?" New life? What was this bitch going on about? Oliver could feel his heart racing, and managed to turn, wriggling around frantically, craning his neck, but everything seemed to be much larger. Though his size hadn't actually changed, he felt everything was huge, as if he really were a newborn baby; it was because of the thing he'd been injected with. That was when his wide, blue eyes met a face he'd always wanted to forget. "No way." He mused, mouth agape and eyes wider than diner plates as he took her in. It was the girl he'd been bullying for years; a girl who had every reason to want him dead, and he was now at her mercy.
  16. Oliver was alone; the streets were empty, void of life, and beyond the mass of parked cars near one house that was lit up with fluorescent strobe lights, nothing was present. He didn't notice anything odd; a party going on in one house wasn't that big a deal to him, and most people were asleep by this hour. Without a word, he began to look around for his friends' car; he'd been called a few minutes ago, and they were supposed to meet to discuss something "important". What that meant, he didn't know; probably something strange, a secret, or maybe just a vital factoid of some kind. Honestly, his curiousity was what drew him to this situation, head held high, hands in his pockets, walking as if he owned the world. Despite his confident walk, his blue eyes were nervously flitting from side to side as he scanned the area, until he found his friend, standing alone nearby his car. With a frown, he stomped over, and spoke coldly, using one hand to brush his grease-laden hair from his face, "What do you want to talk about? It's late at night; couldn't you have picked another bloody time to interrupt my routine for this shit?" After all, he wanted time to himself, and hated being dragged out here to discuss something he didn't even know the meaning of. Oliver found himself blushing when he saw that his friend was still much taller that he was; he'd been hoping to grow a few inches, but to no avail.
  17. From the album Diaper boy pics

  18. Hey guys. It's getting around that time of scary stories, and it's been a while since I've written a story, so I figured I'd give it a try again. If this story interests anyone, I'll keep going. I'd rate this story PG, since it's not heavy with graphic descriptions, but it does include diaper wetting. - - - Note from the Writer: This story follows Casey, a 12 year old boy who wears diapers and experiences a bizarre phenomena while at a family reunion. Chapter 1: Reunion It was the most cliched weekend I’ve ever spent in horror. It was the weekend in October 1996 that really made me question my family’s sanity. I remember parts of it clearly, and others not so much, but it really was terrifying experience. To put it simply, my family, consisting of my mom, Uncle Dave’s family, Grandma, and my Aunt Cassie’s family, coming together in Illinois. It was gonna be simple; meet up for the weekend, hang out, and then leave on Monday. That didn’t seem to be a simple plan, so instead, we ended up having a terrifying adventure… My story begins on October 10, 1996, a Thursday. My mom had been packing furiously, getting ready for the weekend ahead. She took off Friday from work, and also had Monday off, for the drive back home. I made sure to have my Gameboy and Walkman and batteries, but mom wanted me to make sure I had all my clothes in a suitcase, and extras, for some reason. “Did you remember to grab the box of Pampers and a pack of Attends?” I remember she asked in the garage. “Yes, mom, I have everything.” I replied, wanting to get going. “And did you change for the road?” she added. “Yes, I did everything, I’m ready to go.” I insisted. “Okay, because it’s a 5 hour drive to Illinois. We’re not stopping, so you better have a fresh diaper on.” She seemed to add passively. “I’m good, are you ready?” I asked. “I’m all ready to go, and if you are, we’re getting this car on the road.” she said, and with that, we left our house. Dad didn’t want to go. Something about “Maggie getting on his ass about smoking”. Dad didn’t seem to like my mom’s side of the family, and my mom didn’t really care too much about them too, but with Grandma getting to an older age, she wanted to stay in the will, so whenever we have a family reunion, she drags me along with her. The drive was long, although, I couldn’t really tell you how long it was, since I slept nearly the entire way. I do remember waking up, having to use the bathroom, but before I could even think, I started to go. I brushed it off anyways, and went back to sleep. At 12 years old, one would’ve thought I’d be potty-trained by then. I never wanted to use the toilet as a kid, and around 6-years old, my parents gave up to my desire. It became my responsibility to clean-up after myself, and keep my diapers on the down-low. My parents were grateful that I usually only use my diaper to pee, but every once in a while I’ll mess in it as well, especially if I’m by myself. When my parents gave me the responsibility of wearing diapers, my entire family had to know, but they at least kept my hygiene practices private. I felt the car come to a halt, and my mom unbuckled. I woke up, and unbuckled as well, getting out of the car into an empty parking lot at a motel. “Is this where we’re staying?” I asked my mom, looking at the worn down motel. 7, the door closest to our car read, while the door next to it said 116, implying the two digits before the 7 had been torn off. “I hope not” she said, looking around for my uncle. Sure as I turned around, Dave in his truck, came speeding up before my mom, slamming on the brakes before he hit my mom’s car, making her jump. “Ha! Scared you, didn’t I!” He shouted, in his usual way. “Dave! You scared the crap out of me! What were you thinking?” My mom practically shouted. “I just wanted to make an entrance!” He said, then turning to me, “Hey, Casey! What’s up, little man!” he asked. “Not much, really.” I meagerly said. “Ah, dude, you’ve got bed-head. I hope you’re not tired, because we’re planning to party tonight.” He said, half-laughing. I chuckled. My mom walked up to Dave and hugged him, and he turned around to his wife, Brenda, who by this time had gotten out of the truck, and she hugged my mom as well. “So… are we really staying here?” My mom asked. “I sure hope not, Steve set us up with the place, but I don’t think he knew what it looked like.” Brenda said. “Yeah, because if we’re really staying here, I’m taking Casey and I back home.” My mom insisted. Dave laughed, “Don’t worry, Pam, I’m sure we’ll find another place.” Dave said. As he finished his sentence, Aunt Cassie and Uncle Steve drove up in their Ford Taurus. Cassie got out, and practically ran over to us. “Dave! Pam! It’s so glad to see you! How have you been?” she asked, as she hugged mom and Dave. The there of them began talking, with Brenda joining in here and there. I was more concerned about finding a place to change since my diaper was now sagging against my jeans. Steve awkwardly stood by his car, looking at a variety of maps, wondering if he found the right place. I could see my cousin, Alvin, in the back, sleeping away in his car seat, even though he was 9 now. “Steve said this is the place.” I overheard Cassie say. “Are you sure?” my mom asked. “Kinda. this is the place he rented, but after seeing it in person, I think we’ll look for another.” She said, now looking over at Steve. Steve glanced up, and walked in the direction of Cassie, before they started talking together. Mom and Dave continued talking. I kinda phased out. “Hey mom, I’m gonna go into the main office.” I said. “You need to change?” She asked. “Mooommm!” I said, turning around out of embarrassment. I opened the passenger door and grabbed my backpack, which had my diapers in it. I shut the door, and walked over to the office across the parking lot. When I left I heard my mom and Dave talking about my diapers. “… oh yeah, that’s no problem. Stephen’s been having problems with bedwetting, but he grew out of it, now we’re dealing with grades and school…” Dave continued on. He’s always been my favorite uncle. Inside the office, the place looked even worse. I distinctly remember the wallpaper peeling off the walls, and the man at the front desk, in hindsight, looked like he’s been smoking for decades. “Are you apart of a party?” he asked, as I grabbed the handle of the bathroom. “Yeah, we’re in 117.” I said, guessing our room number. “117… 117… Oh! The Ostrom family?” he asked. “Yes.” I replied. “Okay, go ahead.” he said, before going back to the crossword puzzle. The bathroom looked worse than a McDonald’s and it stunk terribly. I nearly vomited at the sheer smell, plus the light was so dim and flickery, I couldn’t change there, so I walked out. Back by the cars, I walked up to my mom, who was now next to Brenda, while Cassie, Steve and Dave were looking for a new place to stay. I grabbed my mom’s arm, pulled her to the side, and whispered. “I couldn’t change in there, can I change at McDonald’s?” I told my mom. “Sure, honey. Was it too gross?” She asked. “This place is bad.” I said. She laughed and went back to talking with Brenda. I sat and waited in the car for another 10 minutes, before I heard them wrap up their conversation. “Alright, see you there in a few.” my mom added before she closed the door. “So what’s going on?” I asked. “We’re going to McDonald’s so you can change, and I can get a bite to eat, then, we’re staying at a cabin about 30 miles south of here. Dave and Steve are staying to cancel the reservations, then they’ll meet us there.” She said, before she turned on the car, and we left. McDonald’s wasn’t a very good place to change. I walked in, took off my backpack, pulled down my pants, and untaped my diaper. It had sagged beyond belief, but it felt nice to get some air down there. In the midst of me taking a new Pampers out of my backpack, some random guy came in, and started throwing up in the next stall over. I hurriedly unfolded the diaper, put it under me, and taped it back up before I left. “Feel better now?” my mom asked. “Much better.” I admitted. - - -
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  23. This is the first story i've ever written so any and all criticisms are welcome. This story isn't really focused around bondage as much as other stories are but i would definitely say it has similar themes in terms of dominance and humiliation. I wrote it mainly because, while i love the stories on this site, they don't seem to have what i really like so i've decided to write one and see what other people think. I will hopefully be adding more parts to it and if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to comment, i'm not promising i will include them but i will definitely consider them. Hope you enjoy it! Jake's Story I woke up feeling optimistic about the day ahead of me, I got up, put my slippers and dressing gown on and went downstairs. As usual no one was awake. Despite what some people may think, I enjoyed my quiet mornings since they allowed for an easy start to the day and there was never any fighting for bathroom use and whatnot. I had my breakfast, got my school uniform on and was out the door within 40 minutes of waking up. I never fussed about watching television or reading a book before school, with me it was always "up and out". The walk towards the bus stop was calming to say the least, not many people were about and cool air felt great on my face. Britain may be the home to some pretty bad weather at times, but I've always thought you can never beat the tranquil British mornings. The bus journey was as normal as ever, I secured a seat by the window and quickly inserted my iPod headphones, sneakily letting any hidden friends know I was not in a talking mood. Let me just clarify a bit there, it's not that I don't like my friends, I do, in fact I consider them to be the most important people in my life, however in the morning I like to just sit by the window with some banging tunes going through my head whilst I watch the world wake up and get ready for another day. I arrived at school at the usual time 8:30, I went to my Year Area and had the quick morning chat with whoever I happened to pass. "Hey man how was your evening", "nice haircut dude", "are they new shoes, they look sick man", you know typical morning conversation where you’re not really interested in anything the person has to say, you're just trying to get into the habit of talking to people after 8 hours of complete isolation. Most of the day went pretty well, my lessons were average, had a nice lunch with my mates in the dining room, all very typical. However all changed when I got to maths. You see I enjoyed all my lessons, I always messed about with my friends however when it got to maths I turned into a silent student. There was a reason behind this, before I tell you, you must know I'm quite short for my age; at 18 years old I only stand about 5ft 2. Anyway the reason I was so quiet in maths was because of Anna. She was a fairly tall, beautiful and impossibly sexy girl who also was very dominant around me. Should I annoy her she would stand up, showing off her height, lift me up under my arms and place me on top of this very high wall in the playground that I couldn't really get down off. Recently she had stopped doing this, probably because I found it was wise not to piss her off in anyway, truth be told she scared me quite a bit, she wasn't afraid to use her strength over me and I always wondered how far she would go if I did something really awful to her. The maths lesson went normally, I sat at the opposite side of the class to Anna, kept my head down and did my work as I normally did. I thought this would be another successful maths lesson I could strike off my list, however all hell broke loose when I went to leave the classroom. The bell had gone but my teacher was making everyone stay behind to finish the work, now one of the few benefits of having Anna in the class was that I managed to complete all my work before the end of the day. I was able to stroll out the class whilst everyone else was finishing off their sums. Of course in this stupid world things are never just "good" and that's it, oh no there is always a little chance everything will be fucked and unfortunately God wasn't feeling too merciful. Anna's desk was right by the door so I had to walk past it if I was to leave the classroom. So here's what happened, as I was walking out the class I pulled out a bottle of water from my bag. I unscrewed the lid and was about to take a large swig when I tripped and fell forward. I didn't fall over but I was certainly close to it, feeling like a bit of a fool I hastily opened the door to leave the class, this was when I heard Anna shout: "Hey what the hell did you just do to my phone?" I was standing in the doorway completely oblivious to whatever Anna thought had happened to her phone but just then I looked down at the floor and noticed there was water all over it and the trail led straight to Anna's bag that was left open under her desk. You see what had happened was when I tripped a lot of the water in my bottle splashed into Anna's bag, all over her brand new phone. "Oh shit, oh shit shit shit shit shit" I thought to myself, it was a very expensive phone and while Anna was easily rich enough to replace it, her father was very fussy about her taking care of expensive technology. "Look Anna I'm really sorry-" I was immediately interrupted by a flurry of intimidating questions "You're sorry? You idiot do you realise how much this cost? Do you have any idea how angry my Dad will be?" "I know Anna, please just-" "Shut up you little pussy, I'll make you pay for this" She scared me so much I quickly ran out the class and towards the buses. I got on the nearest one and was far away from the school before Anna had even left the class. "At least I'll be safe for the weekend" I thought. I got home, took off my and coat and walked up stairs to my bedroom. I dumped my bag on my bed and took off my tie before going downstairs to the kitchen to say hello to my Mum. I lumbered into the kitchen only to find my Mum in a nice dinner dress putting on some expensive diamond earrings. My face turned deathly white and my blood ran cold, if my Mum was putting on earrings and wearing a fancy dress it meant only one thing: she was going out for the weekend. My Mum and Dad were a very old fashioned couple, they were both romantics and often had weekends away in the quaint seaside town of Dornoch in Sutherland. You're probably wondering why I reacted this way and I'm about to tell you. "You're not going away are you" I asked with a look of desperate hope in my eyes "Yes we are honey I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll have a lovely time at Anna's house" I stood there for a minute in total silence, “Oh spiffing, absolutely spiffing" I quipped, sarcastically. All is coming together you're beginning to realise, Anna's parents were old family friends and unfortunately this meant whenever either of our parents were going out, the corresponding family would take care of the child. "I've already packed your night bag, it's by the door" I felt ill, I had no idea what Anna might do to me, and she was free to do whatever she liked for 3 days. "When are we leaving" I asked glumly "In about five minutes hun so get your stuff together" Dad bombarded down the stairs, with two suitcases in tow. "Come on boy or we'll be late" I skulked upstairs and changed into some jeans, a t-shirt and a simple hoodie. Just as I was about to leave I looked at my cosy bedroom and wondered if I'd ever see it again. The drive to Anna's house was torturous, my Mum kept saying irritating things like "Oh so how is Anna these days?" and "Last I saw of her she was looking fantastic". I sunk almost halfway down my seat in despair as we pulled up onto Anna's drive. The house was huge, Anna's father was a diplomat and while he was away a lot, he earned a large salary and provided well for his family. "Come on Jake, we want to be there in time for sunset" Dad said, taking my bag out of the car boot. He handed it to me along with a friendly shake of the hand "Be good now son, don't give Anna's Mum any trouble ok?" "Yes Dad" I sighed, that was the least of my worries "Good lad, we'll see you late Sunday evening alright" "Sure, bye then" "See you Jake" my Mum called out the window as the car left the drive. I waved a solemn wave, and began walking up the path towards Anna's door. I gave one solitary knock, after waiting about 15 seconds the door opened. Anna looked unbelievably hot, she was wearing a short, tight sports top barely covering just below her breasts, along with tight leggings to show off her perfect bum. "Hi Jake!" She laughed "What an interesting turn of events this came to be" Before I could say anything she pulled me into the hose and shut the door. "Come through to the living room" She giggled "Uhh is your Mum home?" I asked hopefully "Oh no she's out for the weekend" "What, so it's just you and me??" I exclaimed "What's wrong with that" She smiled, I followed her through to the living room, barely being able to take my eyes away from her impossibly sexy bum. Anna opened the door to the living but what I saw was definitely not what I was expecting. It was, for all intents and purposes, a nursery, there was a large crib in the corner, a changing table stocked with pampers and huggies nappies and a large pen with an assortment of baby toys in them. "I did say you would pay for breaking my phone didn't I" Anna gave an evil smile. I turned to run out of the house but she grabbed the waistband of my jeans and pulled me back. I was thrown onto the floor with such force I was winded. "Oh Jake you are too cute, don't you realise I am much stronger than you?" I made another break for the door but Anna simply picked me up under my arms and laid me down on the sofa. There was a roll of duct tape on the table, she grabbed it and proceeded to tape my legs and arms together tightly. I was squirming on the sofa trying to escape but she simply held me in place as she wrapped me up. The look on her face was almost of pity, I felt so defeated, she didn't feel powerful she simply felt disappointed I was so pathetic. When she was done, I was no more than a wriggling mass lying on a couch, awaiting whatever foul plan she had in store for me. "Please Anna, let me go" I wriggled about some more, but no success was achieved. "Aww I don't think so little Jakey, you're going to be my baby for this weekend, and yes that does mean wearing nappies, wetting them and best of all making stinky poopies for me" "Anna no please" "Awwww doesn't the little baby like it? I think you need your dummy" She walked over to a small cupboard and brought out what looked like a pacifier but it had straps on either end. I knew what she was about to do and tried to roll off the couch, as if that would help me, she quickly sat at the end of the sofa and rested my head on her thighs. I was looking up at that beautiful face as she forced the dummy into my mouth and tied it tightly round my head, silencing me. "Mmmmhhhh, mmpphhh" I could no longer speak, or move as Anna picked me up and cradled me like a baby with my head near her large breast. She took me over to the changing table and laid me down on it. Anna bent down and brought out a large knife, the look on my face turned from frustration and humiliation to complete fear. Fortunately she only used it to cut my clothes off, she walked off leaving me lying, tightly trussed on a changing table for about 5 minutes. She returned with a bottle of baby powder and a transparent plastic bag containing what looked like a bunch of syringes. Placing the bottle of powder next to my head, she reached under the table and pulled out a very thick baby blue huggies nappy. "Do you like your new nappy" She cooed, waving it in my face, I screamed into the pacifier, wriggling about on the changing table. "I'm sensing Jakey may not want to wear a nappy" She laughed "Nevertheless, babies need their nappies so they can go wee wee and poopy whenever they need to" Anna unfolded the nappy, lifted up my legs and slid the thick fabric under my bottom. Grabbing the baby powder, she began to powder my groin and making sure she left no spot undone. Finally, she pulled the top of the nappy over my crotch and tightly taped up the sides. "All done baby" She giggled as she cupped her hand around my crotch and squeezed it. I was rocking from side to side trying to break free but there was no point. I was now her baby and there was nothing to be done about it. Anna left me on the table for another 5 minutes before picking me and taking me into the kitchen. A highchair with lots of baby food stood in the middle of the room, I fidgeted in her arms when I saw it but she held tightly onto me. I was placed in the high chair and strapped in tightly, Anna brought herself a stool and sat in front of me with a baby spoon in her hand. "I think baby must be hungry" She said, with a smile "Do you want some baby food Jakey?" I tried to say no, but the pacifier blocked out all verbal communication. "I thought so" She laughed, Anna unscrewed the lid of the first jar and then reached behind my head to take the pacifier out. I planned to go ballistic as soon as the pacifier was out, but no sooner had she removed it, did a large spoonful of baby mush force its way into my mouth. Anna force fed me a huge amount of food before finally asking if I'd had enough, barely able to comprehend just how much I had eaten, I simply gasped and croaked "yes". "Well now, I think after that meal baby is going to need to poopy quite soon" Anna said "But how about Anna gives you something to help you along" She grabbed one of the syringes I saw earlier and stabbed it into my lower thigh. "This little thing will help my baby poop a lot for his Mummy" She laughed "It's a very powerful laxative and will hopefully give you no control of your bowels" It was just then I realised Anna wasn't joking about the using of the nappies. She really expected me to mess myself, "this can't be happening" I thought, "how have I been so completely overpowered by a girl my age? In fact I think she's a few months younger" "Please Anna don't make m-" Anna crammed the pacifier back into my mouth and tied it round my head. "Come on baby, let's see what a big mess you make" Anna took me in her arms into the living room again and sat me on her knee facing her. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me, not a smile of lust or friendship, more of a mothering smile. My thick nappy was right on top of her left knee, I knew why she did this, so that when I finally went she could smoosh it all around. Anna made baby faces at me, as if I were an infant, bouncing up and down on her knee. I began to feel the need to poop, just what Anna wanted but I was determined not to give it to her. I tried to hold out as long as I could but eventually the pain was too much. My bowels gave way and after huge fart, my nappy began to fill up with a huge amount of pee and poop. Anna sniffed the air and lifted me up high, putting her nose to the back of nappy much like a mother would. "I think someone made a stinky in their nappy" She laughed "Did you make a stinky poopy for Mummy" The poop felt so soft and sticky around my bottom, I tried to shift around but Anna held me in place. As predicted, she bounced me up and down on her knee making the poop squelch all over my bottom and groin area. I was squirming but my hands were still duct taped together, I was completely immobile. Once Anna had decided she'd tormented me enough she picked me up, with one hand on my crotch/bottom area and carried me to a chair near the fireplace. I was expecting her to take me to the changing table but instead she cradled me in her arms and looked down at me with sympathetic eyes. I looked up, her large breasts were nearly blocking my view of her gorgeous face and despite all that she'd done to me I couldn't resist her beauty. Anna lifted up her tight top to show her huge right breast, she then lowered her bra and removed my pacifier with one hand. She guided my head to her and breast and I was forced to suckle on her massive boobs. Her hand kept my head firmly in place, despite my attempts to withdraw. "Come on baby, suckle on Mummy's boobs" Anna stared at my eyes as I sucked her breast, no milk came out of course, but the sensation was very much the same as a baby nursing. I sat in her arms, cradled like a baby, for another 10-15 minutes before she put her bra back on, pulled down her top and carried me towards the crib. "Mummy is going out with her friends now" Anna explained "And baby needs his little nap" Anna lifted the sides of the crib down and placed me on the soft mattress. She then untaped my hands and legs leaving free. I tried to jump up and out of the crib but she simply kept me pinned down with one hand whilst she grabbed a baby bodysuit big enough to fit me. It was blue with little bears on it, she unbuttoned the bottom of it and forced it over my head. My arms popped out the little sleeves, and Anna did up the buttons around the crotch. The squeezed my still poopy bottom with a smile. "Do you like your outfit baby" I was still wearing the pacifier but my arms were free, I went to take it off but Anna grabbed my arms and secured them in the straps on the crib. She then secured my legs as well before pulling the walls of the crib back up. I was lying on the crib, strapped in with a very full nappy on. Anna bent down into the crib and kissed me on the forehead. "Goodnight baby, see you in a few hours" I got one last look at her amazing bum as she walked out the room, leaving me completely immobile.
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