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Found 6 results

  1. This story is based of a roleplay between me and KWOceans. The roleplay is ongoing, so chapters won’t always be rapidly posted, but we’ve taken the responses and converted/altered them to flow as a story rather than roleplay responses. We’ll probably both be posting chapters, and will definitely be active in the thread. Since there is two main characters, the chapters will vary in POV, so we’ll state the POV at the beginning of the chapter by bolding the character’s name at the top. Mid-chapter POV changes will likely be rare, but may happen, in which case, we’ll bold the new name on a line, after a decent space in writing. One thing that Oceans thought up was a part of the Diaper Dimension world where a law had been passed so that Littles couldn't just be snatched off the street with no defense. So we thought of a state within the Diaper Dimension that had passed a very weak Little protection law and worked from there. We hope you enjoy our little experiment. P.S: Feedback is absolutely welcome! It's definitely not easy to have two authors. So hopefully we can make this work and it remain stable and coherent as we continue working together. Disclaimer: We hold no rights or ownership to the diaper dimension world or original concepts and ideas within it, those belong to PrincessPottyPants and anyone else who may have been involved in the creation of it. Thank you. Section One: The Hunt Chapter I: Diana I smile behind the newspaper I’m skimming, though not truly reading, as I listen to the interesting event going on just across the street, where an eccentric looking Little is shouting to a small crowd from the raised podium of an old fruit crate flipped upside down. Her vivid violet hair, cropped short just a little below her ears, flashes in the light as she shakes her head, piercing sky blue eyes narrowed slightly in a glare. "No more slavery! Little liberation now!" she shouts to the small cluster of Littles standing before her. Obviously followers of her rally that are brave enough to gather due to the rather frustrating law recently passed that protects them from simply being scooped up off the street. They have to give permission, though the term is loose. We have to gain permission from them to take them home. For how long or what happens there needn’t be specified. Still, it can make it rather difficult to acquire a Little, and this one I shall definitely be pursuing. I continue to watch her from afar as she shouts to people on the streets. To Littles, she calls for them to rise up, while shouting derogatory terms to my people. I’ve been watching her for a while now, Miss Clara Small, and her little rallies have done nothing more than amuse me, despite how angered I should be. She’s a curious creature; brave and stubborn, though misguided in my opinion, and inexplicably and extraordinarily adorable, more so than any other Little I’ve seen, despite her punkish style and off-putting attitude. She’ll be a challenge, but I find that to my liking, part of the appeal. I continue to keep an eye on her from the bench, until finally the rally disperses and Clara hops down and begins walking down the street towards a nearby hotdog stand. I fold up my newspaper and discard it in a nearby public recycle bin before I follow her down the street, keeping a safe distance that’s close enough to let her know I’m following her, but far enough back that she shouldn’t feel too threatened. After a few minutes, she seems to notice me and her gaze darkens slightly as she turns around to face me, a smug grin on her face as she pats her rear and calls, “Sorry sister, but it’s only underwear; no padding under these jeans.” I pull back slightly, startled that she’d make such a brazen and bold comment in public. Really, it’s asking for trouble. Then I begin to laugh. No, but there will be soon, Little one. Sobering, I catch up with her, taking her addressing me as an invitation to walk with her. “Actually, Miss Small, I’d just like to talk. I don’t intend to steal you away to a prissy nursery today by any means. You’re quite safe.” For now, I add to myself. “Besides, you don’t strike me as the type of soul to play that little game and be tricked into giving me the permission to do so, so I’m quite incapable of diapering you even if it were my intent. I have to admit, I’m here because you’ve caught my attention. To be honest, it isn’t often one comes across such an active protester of a rather....unique view that really isn’t popular at all, much less that protester being a Little who’s fighting against the very root of our society for generations. You’re very brave. Nursery or no, you’re life could be made a hell if you tick off the wrong person. But despite that, you’re sticking with it. It’s rather impressive. I’ll admit I’m rather curious and if you’ve got the time, I’d like to hear more.” The Little eyes me warily, but seems to relax slightly regardless. “Oh, umm, thanks,” she mumbles slightly. “Sorry about that stand offish reaction. Most of you Giants have one track minds when it comes to Littles if you know what I mean...No offense.” “None taken,” I assure her. Clara brightens a bit. "So you're interested in Little Rights? You look like a fairly wealthy Giant though. What do you have to gain from giving Littles rights and abolishing the forced baby system?" She asks, her head tilted with curiosity. "Because if you're interested we could use all the help we can get. And to have an Amazon in our group would really add a lot of credibility to the cause." “Woah, hang on a minute. Take a step back. I said I was curious, not that I’m signing up for a member’s badge and a date of the next rally,” I state, refusing to get too involved in that side of things. “But I am interested in learning a bit about your goals and ideals, Miss Small. Diana Evans, by the way,” I introduce, extending a hand. “I may be of wealthy origins, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow every ideal and tendency of society. I happen to hold a deep respect for any woman willing to stand up for herself and fight for her dreams, and you happen to fit the bill quite well. So I’d like to talk with you some more if you don’t mind the company. Is there a park or cafe or something you like to frequent that we could go to and talk?” Being called a woman causes the Little’s chest to puff a little with pride, tickling her ego as I’d hoped it would. "Why thank you! I'm glad to meet a like minded Amazon. I never expected to find one honestly,” she admits happily, the tension in her shoulders relaxing slightly. “And I happen to know a great little cafe not to far from here where we can go.” Her glee is not hard to detect as she practically skips along the path, leading me towards whatever cafe she’s referring to. We arrive, about ten minutes later, at a quaint little outdoor cafe. More of a booth really, with a serving window and a fenced around area of umbrella topped tables and chairs, a few of which have little steps attached to a raised seat in order to accommodate Little customers. It makes sense then, why she’d like this place, given that few places actually take the steps to properly cater to Littles and I’m surprised such a small establishment like this would put the money into something so specific. Regardless of why, I cannot help but feel a twinge of disappointment that we won’t be having a booster seat brought out for her. She smiles up at me and offers to pay for whatever I like, to which I shake my head. “Not a chance. I’m taking up your time, the least I can do is cover the bill,” I refuse with a wave of a hand. “Go ahead and order.” She opens her mouth, looking like she wishes to argue, but appears to decide against it and walks up to the window and requests a chocolate, caramel mocha. I smile slightly. Despite her punk exterior and standoffish attitude, the drink suits her in a way. The sweet do like their sweets. I think to myself, only to nearly choke as she attempts to guess my own preference and manages to arrive at espresso. I shake my head. “Tea is fine, please,” I say to the cashier, offering up the money to cover the expense; not that it’s much. We take our drinks to a table with one of the Little friendly chairs, to which Clara wastes no time taking a seat in. I sit opposite her and take a sip of my drink before resting my chin on my fisted hand, elbow propped on the table. “So, you were going to enlighten me?” There’s a slight pause as Clara swallows a mouthful of her mocha before setting the cup aside to address me. “Yes. So my group is tentatively called the ‘Littles Liberation Movement’ or ‘LLM’ for short,” she begins. “We’re a grassroots organization dedicated to liberating Littles forced to live as babies by giants and amazons. Littles have next to no rights in the given system, seeing as the system automatically assumes that the Little must be cared for by a Giant and that we are incapable of taking care of ourselves. Employment is nearly impossible outside of some form of self-employment. Rights are limited if you lack a ‘Parent’ figure, which isn’t a desirable thing to have. It's a completely unfair system of exploitation. Tantamount to slavery I argue. Did you know that less than thirty percent of the Littles in this city have managed to avoid being forced back into diapers? Can you imagine how humiliating that must be?" The girl breaks off and shakes her head. One could argue she’s simply frustrated and upset by this truth, but she’s more likely kicking herself for bringing up the specific taboo topic of diapers. Clever, but you’re safe for now. “I didn’t know the number was quite so low,” I admit, finding the statistic to be interesting. “You hold many valid points in your views, but I have to say that I only agree with you part of the way. For the sake of debate, which is both healthy and enlightening in situations such as these, let’s say you were to ask me if I believe that Littles need care. My answer will always be yes. Because I do think that you require assistance in many aspects of life. After all, Miss Small, you exist in a world where everything is sized much larger than yourself and because of that, I can imagine that there are many tasks in everyday life that must be quite the chore for you, such as getting onto a normal chair, or reaching things in the top cupboard for example. Both of which hold little effort for me to perform. Other tasks that are daunting, if not downright impossible, such as reaching a payment box on a bus, heaven forbid you have to stand on public transportation when you’ve no hope of reaching the overhead support bars, or driving to work when you’ve no way to reach the pedals. Jobs that would be far more dangerous for you that me. This is just hard truth, not discrimination,” I state. “So I do believe that if there were someone to assist you in performing certain tasks, if not just doing them for you, such as carpooling or reaching the top shelf for you, then I think they are fully in the right to do so, regardless of whether or not you actually desire the assistance. However, it needs to be said that it should not be taken to extremes. You are still an individual and that should be respected. You should not be torn from your life and family against your will without the certainty of seeing them again. Your opinion should be valued and you should not be tormented with diapers, bottles, and babyish attire, publicly humiliated, punished or cruelly abused, without any consideration or thought towards your feelings on the matter. I do believe there should be an uncrossable line that does not, at this point, quite exist. And I feel we should be far more accommodating, providing jobs and assistance where possible rather than just completely taking over whenever we feel like without true reason, again without consideration on how it affects the Little in question at the time." I say, enjoying a long sip from my tea. “I imagine this isn’t quite the point of view you were hoping for, but I don’t feel it’s an unreasonable position for me to hold, and it is far better than what many of my peers would tell you.” The annoyance that had started out on Clara’s face gradually fades and her expression softens with a kind of begrudging tolerance almost approaching acceptance. “Those are valid points. You’re right, biologically we are quite different and you easily beat me, and any other Little, in terms of size, strength, and capability in our world. We are pretty powerless, and if not for the Little’s Agreement Law that was passed, there would be absolutely no way for me to stop you from ferrying me off to some prissy nursery prison, for example,” she admits. “I can respect your opinions, though you never actually gave your opinion on the use of diapers and bottles,” she points out with a raised eyebrow giving me a sly and wary look. “Regardless, I feel we deserve complete independence. I’m twenty three years old, recently graduated with honors from college. I should have just as much right to drive, for example, and take care of myself by myself. The only reasons Littles need ‘care’ as you put it, is because society refuses to accommodate us. The system is designed solely around Amazons and such accommodations for Littles, such as our own supermarkets and road lanes, should be made. It’s doable, but not being worked on or even considered.” I nod in agreement. “It is doable. However, those are very expensive changes to make, Miss Small, and while I understand the merit, you said so yourself; the system is designed around the Amazons, not the Littles. So if there’s no benefit to the Amazons, who hold the power in this city; the voting rights, the money, the authority, then you’re just shouting to air because no one will pass those bills. You just have to take what you can get, piece by piece, and hope it amounts to something. Take me for example; I’m sitting here, talking to you, and listening to your beliefs. If I were to up and decide I like the old ways better, it may seem like a blow, like you’ve lost something, but in fact, you have gained something, though tiny. Because you’re ideas and philosophy will always stick in my mind, and later on down the road, circumstances could cause me to see the merit in it. That holds power in and of itself, Miss Small.” I take another sip of my tea and lean forward slightly, lacing my hands together on the table. “You want my advice? I’ve been in the business world a long time, and I’ve become rather adept at swaying people. Don’t just shout in their faces, because they won’t like it and it will get you nowhere. The reason I’m still here is because you haven’t shouted in my face and have instead taken the time to sit down to talk and reason with me. At first you started out as an amusing thing to observe for a while before I began to respect your courage and determination enough to approach you about it. Finally, I find your company to be both enjoyable and intelligent and it’s why I’m taking the time to hear you out and try to see eye to eye. If you want Amazons to back you up, you have to give them a reason to want to. There’s got to be something in it for them, because at the moment they just lose by supporting you. You need to convince them that they don’t want a Little in their nursery, and perhaps offer them an alternative such as a place we can go to satisfy the powerful parental instinct we have, but where the Little is in no danger. Or something else entirely that everyone can find enjoyable. You have to be more subtle and peaceful in your approach. Gently poke the ideas into people's’ heads in a desirable manner so that when it amasses, people will believe the idea came from them rather than an insignificant Little attempting to prove her place in an adult world. Give them a reason to follow the idea that doesn’t throw all their beliefs and desires back in their faces, make sense?” Clara’s silent as she finishes scribbling down notes, which she started partway through when I caught her rapt attention and instead of seeming bristly and mature, took on an air of a child hanging off her mother’s every word. A comparison that makes me smile. “That’s good...That’s really good actually. My original thought process was that no one would take me seriously unless I stirred up attention. Got them to see me but maybe you're right. Shouting might only do so much. Alternatives...That's a wonderful idea,” she exclaims gleefully. “Thanks, Diana. I really appreciate it. Not many Giants would take the time to listen to a Little's concern. So I really, really respect that." She offers me a handshake, which I accept, my hand completely enveloping her much smaller one. It takes all of my willpower to force myself to then release that soft, tiny little hand of hers. "Oh! And if you like you can sign this petition. It's a petition to change the public Little changing station in the park to something more useful. We're proposing an open air theater. Something everyone can enjoy,” she says, echoing my earlier statement, as she rummages around in her bag and produces a sheet of paper with a few signatures on it already. I smile, but shake my head. “Not yet,” I say. “If you don’t mind, I think I’d prefer to remain a backstage supporter for now. But I’ll tell you what I will do. I’ll provide the funds for your next few rallies as well as fund this project of yours if you can get it to go through. However, I do this at a price. Firstly, I remain an anonymous benefactor; I run a large company with a lot of powerful Amazon clientele. They won’t support this any time soon and I cannot afford to butt heads with them. Secondly, you meet me at least weekly, whether it be for coffee, a movie, shopping, whatever. Like I said, I rather enjoy your company and I would like to see more of it,” I say, offering her my business card with my name, number, and email on it. “I’m not happy, Miss Small, and I think having few friends outside the business circle and no true outlet away from work plays a large part in that. I believe we can help each other quite a bit if you’re interested.” Clara looks completely stunned as she stares at the card, turning it over in her hands as though she’s unsure if it’s real. ‘Job offers’ and other methods are often well used tricks to get the permission necessary to take a Little home, where you’re free to never let them leave. But business cards and legitimate deals are rarely offered between our two people and it’s easy to see that she’s struggling with this notion. After a few moments, however, her face lights up and she grins broadly, erasing any hint of the standoffish protester with her mile long smile. “Yes! Definitely! I would love that. I don’t have a card, but here’s my URL to my website, it has my number and email on it,” she says, scribbling down a web address in the corner of her notebook and tearing it out for me. I accept it and tuck it away in my purse. “This is great! My group has a benefactor!” she exclaims before sobering. “Of course, as promised, any support you offer will be strictly confidential. I respect your privacy.” I can see the gears turning in her head as she reviews all the possibilities and newly opened doors and barely contain a chuckle as she completely misses the nursery door creeping open. It will of course be the one she walks through with each oblivious step closer to me she takes. “Wonderful. Just let me know the details about your upcoming rallies and I’ll get the budget set up. Now, I’m getting off work early on Friday for an afternoon at the spa. Not sure if it’s up your alley, but you’re welcome to tag along if you want, my treat. I can pick you up or meet you there, whichever makes you comfortable,” I offer. Clara’s smile gets wider. “That actually sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to a spa,” she admits. “So I guess it’s a date. Where is it? I’ll meet you there.” “I’ll email you the information,” I tell her. “And if you need a ride, I can arrange a taxi to pick you up and drop you back off later, at your current place of residence of course; you’ll have full control of where you’re taken,” I assure her. I stand from the table, having finished my drink. I offer my hand to her this time for another handshake, that again takes me a moment to bring myself to release her from. “I’m afraid I do have to run now, so I’ll see you Friday then. Oh, and Clara?” I pause, glancing back at her and taking a slightly bolder step by abandoning formalities. “You’ve got a very beautiful smile and you should wear it more often.”
  2. Author's Note: Hey everyone, at it again, we'll see how far this story goes. Anyways, for anyone who knows of it, or me, you'll know that Mcraft and I are currently converting a roleplay into the story Gilded Crib. Well, Mcraft doesn't know it yet, and may choose to join me, but I have mentioned in the past a desire to do the same to our first roleplay. And since the characters from it are likely to show up in that story, I figured maybe people would want the original plotline for those characters. Anyways, regardless, you do not have to be reading Gilded Crib to understand this, nor the other way around, really. This is just for fun, and perhaps Mcraft will choose to co-write this as well, I'll ask when I see them next. As always, credit to PrincessPottyPants for creating the wonderful world we love to roleplay in. I hope you all enjoy the story. Prologue Jessie Matthews stood eagerly at the border. Which really wasn’t an appropriate term given the large gates behind which movie worthy vortexes of swirling light pulsed and sparked on occasion when people walked through them. The station he stood in was much larger and grander than anyone would think it ought to be, but then again, it was scaled to also accommodate larger people as well. Little. The term flashed through his head and he scoffed. It was an odd term, that he’d only recently become familiar with. It sounded rather odd, given that everyone was roughly the same size here. Sure, he might be a touch shorter than most of his peers, but he certainly didn’t think it made him little. Despite that, the place he was going, was home to people of a much more giant scale, society seeming to be separated into three basic classes divided depending on average height. In the past year since portal hopping had been invented, and this new realm discovered, it had been an exotic and thrilling tourist destination, to which the inhabitants were all too happy to cater to. He watched one man, easily several heads taller than any of his homeland peers. An inbetweener, or mid, as he would be called in his home world. There were plenty of them around, joining up with tourists to be guides in the new world. It was strictly advised to have a guide, when travelling, because of the apparent dangers the realm held for people of his size, but Jessie didn’t think he’d have a problem and had neglected to pay to find and hire on. It did little to hurt his confidence as he stepped up to the portal. His bags would be delivered to his hotel for him, and of course, there was no guide to meet him. The woman manning the portal gate appeared far less pleased about this, her lips pursing. She simply shrugged after a moment, telling him it was his life to gamble with, and motioned him through. “Stay away from the Amazons, if you know what’s good for you,” she muttered. Jessie cocked his head, his floppy blond hair falling in his eyes. He brushed it back, confused. He knew little about the Amazons, or bigs, true giants in the realm. Sure it might be a tad intimidating, but surely they held no true danger to a tourist? Shrugging it off, he took a deep breath, heart fluttering in his chest. Then, the nineteen year old college student with the intent to spend his vacation time independently, stepped through the portal and into the station on the other side.
  3. Commenti and FAV on DeviantArt http://cyatommorrow.deviantart.com/art/Stranded-and-Diapered-653691637 Part One: Stranded The Thousand Sunny cruised through smooth waters as Robin lounged on the deck, drinking one of the drinks Sanji had prepared for her. She sat the beverage down and resumed reading the archeology book that she was midway through completing. This day had been a day where all the Straw Hats were able to unwind and relax while continuing their journey to the Grand Line. The tranquility wouldn't last as a fierce storm began blowing towards their location. Luckily for our heroes, Nami was always vigilant and kept an eye out for any anomalies in regards to the climate. She stood still and listened to the increasing winds. Nami instantly knew a Cyclone was incoming at a tremendous rate of speed. "Everyone take cover! "The Straw Hat's navigator yelled out. Luffy and the rest of the crew quickly made their way below deck, but Robin had tripped while running for cover. The wind threw the girl towards the ocean and Nami chased after her endangered crew mate, disregarding her own safety as she ran towards the bow of the ship. The redhead dived for Robin and was able to grab the brunette's hand just before she fell off the deck. Nami's tight grip saved Robin from falling into the turbulent sea. She tried to pull Robin back onto the deck and almost succeeded in rescuing her friend. However, the velocity of the winds picked up and pulled the two women into the violent sky. Robin and Nami looked around in fear as they were being pulled into the eye of the storm. Robin noticed that they were being thrown far from the ship. The archeologist rarely felt scared, but being at the mercy of mother nature could instill terror into the toughest of souls. Nami tried to call out to Robin, but the roar of the wind made any communication impossible. The ladies couldn't see where they were about to land, but they seemed to be falling rapidly back down to the ocean. With a mighty splash the Straw Hat women landed into the calm water. The redhead turned around and looked towards the beach where Robin was sitting in the shallow water. Judging by her appearance, she was still in one piece. Nami swam for the tropical beach which seemed peaceful enough. The navigator got to her feet and looked up to see that the storm was now in the distance. She could tell that they were miles away from not only the storm, but the Thousand Sunny. "Robin, are you okay? " Nami asked as the brunette made her way ashore. Robin stood up and started wringing her clothes to remove the sea water. "Well, I could be better." The archeologist paused while taking in her surroundings. "Seems like the storm is pretty far away. I don't know which island we're on. Do you know if there were any islands near the course you plotted for the Thousand Sunny?" "That's the thing. I recall seeing a few small islands, but they were over twenty miles away from the Thousand Sunny's charted course." Nami appeared to be in deep thought. "I'm not even sure if we're on one those islands either. " "So we're on an uncharted island then?" Robin said with a sigh. "Then I suppose we'll need to find some way off of it. Clearly swimming isn't an option, so we'll need to see if we can get a boat and get back to the ship." "That's a great idea. We can build a boat and- Wait a minute! Do you see that smoke in the distance?!" Nami exclaimed as she looked inland, towards the jungle, where a rising column of black smoke rose from the treetops. Robin nodded. "That must be a fire. Do you think that it's from someone's camp?" she asked. "Yeah, or the lightning could have started it." Both ladies ran towards the interior of the island where the smoke was originating from. They traversed uneven terrain and jumped over large fallen palm trees. Once they made it through the jungle, they both found themselves on a cobblestone path, staring at the massive stone dwellings that towered over them. "These buildings are huge! " Nami shouted from the sheer surprise at finding such imposing structures. Robin stared upwards. "I'm...not sure as to why these buildings would be this large." she said. "Hopefully we can find someone that can help us out." The ladies walked past a stone wall and up to a large wooden door."Think that we should knock and see if we can find out if anyone has a boat here?" "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. " Nami knocks on the door and waits for a response. A large man answers the door. "May I ask what you little girls want today? Do your parents know you're out of the house?" The large man condescendingly questioned the women. "L-Little girls? Sorry sir, but we are both adult women. You...are rather large though, I can see why you would assume that we're children." Robin said. "Anyway, may we come inside?" Robin asked graciously. "Sure you are." The man replied sarcastically. "I don't have time to babysit you. Go next door for that nonsense." The giant stated as he closed his front door. Robin and Nami both looked at each other. "That man was incredibly rude." Nami huffed. "I agree. Let's try the next house." Robin replied. Both pirates turned around from the rude giant's house and walked up to a very extravagant looking manor. The entrance consisted of ornate granite columns which stood atop an equally fancy set of stairs which led to the front door. Robin admired the carved images on the Oak door as Nami knocked on it. A few moments passed before the door slowly opened, revealing an Amazon. She stood twelve feet tall and was quite fit. "We hate to bother you, but we are stranded on this island and need to find someone who can build us a boat." Robin explained to the towering woman before her. "Sadly we are a very isolated people. We sometimes have curious young men and women who go out on journeys, but seldom return. I assume they must find what they're looking for in the world." The giantess looked away as if in deep thought. " I must admit that I envy them. I have tried for a long time to achieve my dream, but as the years slip by, I find myself further away from acquiring my purpose in life." She sighed. Nami felt the Amazon was getting a bit ahead of herself. "I'm sorry to hear that. Miss uh, may I ask what your name is? " "I'm Felicity Stone. My family were stone masons on this island for generations. I'm the last living descendent of my lineage on the island." The statuesque woman explained while getting that far away look in her eye. "What are your names?" "I'm Nami." The navigator quickly answered. "And I'm Robin." The brunette introduced herself. "Well, now that we're all properly acquainted. Would you like to come inside and join me for tea?" The Amazon offered. The girls nodded and are allowed entry. They immediately notice all the large baby toys and items strewn about the living room as they walk through with Felicity. "Do you babysit children?" Robin asked the Amazon. "You're very observant. As a matter of fact I'm the main babysitter in the village because I love babies. I was never able to have my own because I never married." Felicity explained. "How come you never got married?" Nami questioned her host. Felicity gave Nami a sour look. "Well, I guess I am simply unlucky in love." "Sorry to hear about that." Robin said before Nami could say anything more to aggravate the giant. "Maybe you could adopt a child?" Felicity perked up at Robin's suggestion. "That's definitely a great idea. In the meantime why don't you two make yourselves at home while I prepare lunch." "Thank you, ma'am." Robin replied as she walked up to the huge couch and tried to get up to the seats. Smirking, she simply used her Devil Fruit powers to carry her onto the couch. Nami stared at the couch and wondered how she was going to get to where Robin was currently sitting. Her thoughts were interrupted as Felicity picked her up from beneath Her armpits and sat her next to Robin. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, okay? " Nami blushed slightly. "Okay." Felicity had witnessed Robin's display of her unique Devil's Fruit abilities and knew she had to put a stop to that. The Amazon knew the perfect solution to stop Robin's powers. Her family had mined Sea Stones for the Navy and had even made all sorts of talismans carved from the stones. Felicity needed an opportunity to give the girl one of her necklaces. Robin sat on the couch and looked over at Nami. "While we have encountered Giants before, I have never been on an island full of them. This could be a very interesting experience." She stated thoughtfully. "Yeah, we could even check out the market later and see if they have some unique things to buy for the Thousand Sunny." Felicity smiled and quietly left the room while the girls continued to chat. "It would certainly be interesting having such things on our ship." Robin replied. "Yeah, but we don't have any Beri and no place to stay in case we're stuck overnight." Nami paused for a moment. "You think Felicity will let us stay the night?" Felicity returned from the back of the house with a necklace in her hand that was sized perfectly for Robin. "I couldn't help, but over hear that you're in need of a place to stay tonight. You're both welcome to spend the night if you like." Robin smiled at her. "Thank you." The brunette noticed the jewelry that Felicity held. "That's a beautiful necklace you have there." "Thank you very much. It's actually an old bracelet from my great grandma. However, it could certainly work as a necklace for you." The giantess held the item in front of the tiny ladies who admired it as she continued on. "I've been trying to sell it at the market, but it's hard to sell antiques on this island. I'm only asking twenty thousand Beri for it, but I could give it to you for half that amount." Felicity held the necklace in front of Robin. The archeologist admired the intricate design of the stone. "I'm sorry, but I don't have any money on me." Robin answered. "How about a compromise. I'll give you the necklace now and you can get the Beri to me once you return to your ship. Deal?" "Hmm, alright. We have a deal." Robin held her hand out and Felicity gave the small woman the necklace. "Thank you. It's hard to support myself on just babysitting alone. Diapers, baby food and all the accessories don't buy themselves." Felicity smiled as Robin put the necklace on. "It really looks good on you." Nami complimented. "I agree with your friend. It's like it was made for you." Felicity added with a smile. Robin grinned. "I think I'm going to keep it on then. I'm sorry to hear about your money troubles at the moment, although there doesn't seem to be much you could really do. Perhaps maybe we could help in some way?" "I'm not sure how you could help me, especially when you're stranded on my island, but I greatly appreciate the offer." "I don't know what Nami and I would do without your hospitality. We would be happy to help you out in anyway that we can. " Robin replied. "You're both such kind and polite guests. Now then, I was just going to make some tea for lunch, but I'm willing to bet that you're both hungry. If you would like, I can cook you girls something to eat for lunch." Felicity graciously offered. Robin and Nami both smiled at her. "Thank you. I do feel a bit hungry. I could probably eat anything you make, although I would like a cup of tea to go with it if that's not too much trouble." Robin stated. Felicity nods. "That's perfectly fine. I'm afraid I only have macaroni and cheese or I can make you some chicken noodle soup." "Soup sounds good to me. " Nami replied. "I agree. Soup sounds fine." Robin added. "Can we help or are we too small?" Nami questioned. "Not to be rude, but you're both going to have to sit in the high chairs because of your size. So, I'm sorry to say you can't help out." "Seriously? High chairs?! " Nami said incredulously. "I'm afraid so. I don't want you two getting hurt or worse. We don't have a hospital or even a clinic on this island. It's best to play it safe. You understand, right? " The Amazon offered. "Why do we have to sit in high chairs? Why can't we just eat on the floor?" Nami questioned. "Because adults eat at the table and not on the floor." Felicity chuckled slightly in response to Nami's proposal. "I suppose if it's for our safety than we have no choice." Robin said with a sigh. "Come on, Nami. There's nothing else she can do." Felicity smiled and scooped both girls up and carried them on her hips to the high chairs. "I can walk you know!" Nami stated in an annoyed tone. "Nami, I'm sure that it's easier this way. It would take us longer to reach the chairs if we walked and then you wouldn't even be able to get into them." Robin said. "Now stop being so rude." "Alright, but I still think this is unnecessary." Nami retorted. Felicity helped Robin into the pink, wooden high chair first and strapped her in. She repeated the process with an unhappy Nami before returning to the simmering water on the stove. She threw in some vegetables, seasonings and noodles. "This better be the only indignity we have to deal with." Nami stubbornly replied. Robin rolled her eyes. "I don't like this either. We just need to put up with it for now. We're tiny compared to everyone else on the island, so might have to deal with some things like this while we're here." "Fine, but we need to get a boat soon and get back to the crew." Felicity came over to Robin and put a bib on her. "Now you girls don't fuss. I would hate for your clothes to get messy. " Robin blushed as the bib was put onto her. "Well...I suppose if it is necessary..." Felicity puts a bib on a struggling Nami. "It is. You two have no clothing and if you get your outfits messy then I don't have anything else for you to wear." Felicity walks back to the stove and pours two small bowls of soup for the girls. She brings the bowl over to Robin first and sets it down on the highchair's tray. Next she grabs the other bowl of soup and puts it in front of Nami. Each woman gets a baby spoon to eat their soup. "Enjoy." Felicity says as she returns to the stove to start brewing some tea. "I must admit, this is probably the most embarrassing situation that we have ever had to put up with." Robin paused with a blush. She took her spoon and began to have some of the soup. "At the very least this is some delicious food." "I agree on both counts." Nami ate her soup slowly as she realized that she needed to use the restroom. "Felicity, where is the bathroom? " "It's upstairs. Do you need to use the potty?" Felicity asked. "Umm..." Nami blushed hearing the infantile word for a toilet. "I am just wondering where it is in case I need to go later." Nami figured she would just wait for lunch to be over. She could wait that long. "You can have Felicity carry you to bathroom, it's nothing to be embarrassed about." Robin said with a smile as she ate her soup slowly, taking time to savor the flavor of it before eating some more. Nami ignored Robin and simply hoped that the meal would end soon. However, lunch seemed to drag on for Nami. The awkwardness of eating food in a high chair, while wearing a pink bib, had yet to dissipate for the Navigator. She only hoped see wouldn't have to do this again. The only thing that made this embarrassing situation endurable was the good soup. Once lunch was over she would use the toilet on her own without being carried around like a baby. "Tea is ready! " Felicity announced happily to her guests as she poured a couple cups and brought a cup to each girl. Nami didn't really want anymore to drink, but she also didn't want to insult Felicity. At least the tea was in a nice cup and not a sippy cup or something as infantile as that, Nami thought before taking a sip. Robin thanked Felicity when the full cup of tea was set onto the tray, replacing her empty bowl of soup. She began to slowly sip the tea and grinned at the taste. "It is quite nice. May I have a bit more after this cup?" "Certainly." Felicity responded cheerfully while Nami silently drank from her cup. Nami started thinking about the giant bowls, furniture and then came to the logical conclusion that giant toilets would most likely be in a giant's bathroom. With this unwanted epiphany Nami couldn't enjoy her tea like her crew mate did. Robin, despite being infinitely more intelligent than Nami, did not come to this same conclusion because she wasn't needing to use the restroom like her crew mate and thus had no need to contemplate such things. The brunette sipped the tea, enjoying it until the cup was empty. She waited for more with a smile. "Isn't this tea wonderful?" she asked the navigator. "It's good." Nami replied. She was focusing on trying to hold her bladder and wanted nothing more than lunch time to come to an end.
  4. My So Called ‘Friends’ By: Snackers (This may or may not be a continuation of my other story – Nerissa's Home for Diaper Girls) Jackie wasn’t sure she could do it. There were social rules about this, and the odds heavily favored one outcome if she went through with it. What would her friends think? Well, her friends had been the ones to lead her to this, she knew just what they’d think… fuck her friends. There weren’t any left that she hadn’t already taken care of in some way, she thought with a wry grin. Most of them had already taken this little train, and as she thought on it there was another slight cramp to remind her that the decision one way or the other was not about to wait long. It would be so easy, there were how many Amazons already watching her closely? As a little, everyone already assumed she had next to no body control, all that they needed was for her to prove them right. If she went through with this though, it would mean that she wouldn’t be in her apartment any more. She wouldn’t go to her college classes or have any hopes of being recognized for academic achievement. The most she could hope for was a hug and a kiss on the cheek from some future parent recognizing her for being ‘a good little girl’. As that last thought went through her mind, she absently put a hand down to her skirt, giving it a pat and feeling the thick panties there. This was supposed to be temporary, until she could get over her little ‘episodes’ as her ‘friends’ put it, under control. So, so easy. She was practically holding her own ticket on a train ready to leave the Central Station of Adulthood heading back to Baby Junction. All she had to do was punch the ticket… make herself a baby. She battled with the thought back and forth, the pressure and cramps increasing steadily. She looked around the park, it was quiet and no one was really paying her any mind. There were some littles being attended by their Amazon parents over at the sand pit, she could just make out the outlines of their thick diapers through their humiliating outfits. She tried to take her hand off her skirt, it’d be too noticeable. Did she want to be like them? Did she want to be everything she and her 'friends' campaigned against? Slowly her hand came up and she eased her thumb into her mouth. If she were a baby, she’d never use the toilet again. She’d be dressed, and fed, and put in a footie sleeper and given a pacifier for bed. She would be shown a lot more attention, she'd be the center of attention. She wouldn't have to be alone. She gave a few more experimental sucks of her thumb, blushing, her other hand drifting back to her skirt and the thicker underwear she was wearing. Was this her decision? She stared off into the distance, shutting off her senses as she delved deep into this. Could she? It wouldn’t be easy to go back. Hell, she’d only heard of like one or two instances where anyone had escaped the life once they'd been put into it. She felt a little dribble of wetness soaking the panties. It was harder to hold things back when she was just… relaxing… like this. She should do this, she was tired of fighting. The dribble quickly spread through her entire panty front, and a steady stream started as she she felt it running down her leg. While she peed, her cramps increased, her body sensing what was to come. There was no turning back now. If she didn’t run to the bathroom… she’d surely have an unforgivable accident. She sucked on her thumb, and she felt her knees weaken a little, she was almost helpless to stop it. She gave her damp panties another pat, and she closed her eyes. She said a silent prayer in apology to the panties she was going to ruin. Her body told her it wanted to push… and… she did. For a second or two nothing happened, but then she felt the steady building pressure and the release. There was a warm softness, it was moving. She could hear the slight noise it made as the back of her panties rounded out. She gave a slight push and suddenly it felt like a rush, doubling in mass with a little rude noise. She hesitated, but it was too late, there was already a load in the back of her underwear. After the push, there was nothing left to hold, there was just sticky warmth now in her seat. She opened her eyes, blinking a few times. She’d practically been in a trance. She withdrew the thumb from her mouth. Was she a baby now? Was that all there was to it? What had she just done? She could already smell a tiny hint of it. She’d… she’d pooped in her panties? It was almost an immediate 180 of her emotions. She realized how bad an idea this was. How could she have done that?! She wasn’t a baby. No no no, she was in serious trouble now. She couldn’t very well un-poop her pants. This was all her own making, she was the one who.. no she wasn’t thinking right. She got a worried look on her face, and quickly looked around to make sure none of the adults were nearby. She’d need to fix this somehow. She started an uneasy bowlegged walk trying to remember where the park bathroom was. It had been easy enough to shove her friends into this life, knowing it was better for them, but as she stood at the cliff edge, she really was having second thoughts. If she could ditch the evidence, go commando, she could scrub this whole thing to a bout of temporary insanity. Like no little had ever tried to dispose of ruined panties in a park bathroom before. --- 6 Weeks Earlier --- If there was one thing Jackie had learned in her recent brush with Amazons, it was that she needed to be stronger. She’d spent the better part of the day lying in her bed. Her normal, twin size, covered with an adult comforter that was sized for her bed. She wore big girl panties, a sexy tank top, and she drank a lot of water, hoping to flush her system. Jacqueline was part of the Matriots. It was a play on the words maturity and patriots; ideals her liberally minded friends campaigned for. She was an independent petite person, which was a nice way of saying she was what the majority of the population called a ‘little’. She and her kind were usually between 4’ft to 6’ft tall; while the rest of the population, generally known as ‘amazons’ were often close to double that height. Jackie rolled out of bed and wandered over to her small bathroom. She was going through the effort of using the toilet for what must have been the sixth time today. Last week she’d had one or two wetting accidents, and for personal safety she had holed herself up in her room to wait out the effects. The culprit had been tainted milk. She knew it had been tainted before she’d drank it, but the foolhardy crusader in her felt secure as an adult and believed that she needed to at least have a taste of what she was up against to fully understand the fight before her. She had been an idiot with a capital ‘I’. The milk had been ambrosia and the ghost of its taste was still on her tongue whenever she thought about it. Knowing what an evil and addictive substance it was did not lesson its effects. The whole thing had started in a park with her friends. Some of her fellow Matriots had seen a girl named Shannon. Shannon was a petite person like herself, but she had become everything they feared. An Amazon named Nerissa treated Shannon like she were a toddler. She was kept in diapers and dressed up in outfits to match her juvenile mentality. Shannon accepted this reality, and it turned Jackie’s stomach to watch how complacent the girl was with it. It was a popular sentiment among the Amazons that little’s needed care, that co-dependence was the only option in a ‘big’ world. Jackie’s group campaigned to fight against that perception. ‘WE WILL NOT BE REPRESSED BY THOSE WITH THE VERTICLE MONOPOLY!’ was one of their favorite slogans. It was so easy to discuss something in her group. They each nodded to each other, they each looked at what Shannon was going through, disparaging how weak she must have been to accept it. They told each other it’d never happen to them. The trouble had been when Jackie had accepted an invitation to play with Shannon. The Amazon controlling Shannon had said she needed more friends. Jackie wasn’t a dope, she knew what the invitation was, and she was on her guard. She told her friends that she was going to remind Shannon she didn’t have to be a baby, that they could help her and others like her. Her adventure had been educational to say the least. She’d played with toys, had a sip of a dangerous drink, had a nap, woke up having peed herself, and left the house in a pair of pull-ups. Part of her felt lucky to have left the house at all. The Matriots had all consoled her and congratulated her on walking through fire. They talked excitedly about the proposition of helping free other petite persons from the baby nightmares they were stuck in. Although some of that talk died down when in their meeting when Jackie had started to pee herself again… it was the single act that undermined all her bravery. The group had given her sidelong looks after that, rather than touting her bravery, they were nervous to associate with someone rendered temporarily accident prone. Which was why she had elected seclusion in her room. Which is why she was on the toilet for the sixth time today. “Another successful pee,” she told herself, feeling reassured in having kept her panties clean for so long. A solid week, no accidents. She was resolute that not only was she going to get over this setback, she was going to help Shannon. She was going to prove her cause, and be an asset to it. She was going to give her friends an example to follow. The question was how she was going to do that. If she went over for another playdate, she’d be offered milk, and having spent a week getting over its affects, she was fairly certain she could say no to it this time, but how stupid did she have to be to walk into that same trap again? At their next meeting, Jackie knew she had to say something. All of the other girls, all of her so called ‘friends’; Liz, Amanda, Gina, Anne Marie, and Katherine were treating her like she was radioactive. Why did she even bother coming to these meetings if she was just going to be the pariah sitting on the outside of it. They always sat in a loose semi-circle, and they always took up the same chairs. Today they didn’t. Today the other five girls were seated in a clump on the other side of the coffee table, while Jackie was on her own. She edged her chair a little closer, and to their credit the girls didn’t flee, but they certainly didn’t acknowledge her in conversation. After the meeting, Jackie cornered the girl she’d known since high school. “Liz, what gives?” “Oh, hey Jackie, its uh, good to see you back.” “Don’t give me that, I’ve been gone from classes a full week and not one call from any of you. What’s wrong with everyone? What’s wrong with you? Why are you treating me like I’m contagious?” “Please don’t take it the wrong way, everyone was just a little worried. After the accident you had last meeting you have to understand how nervous it made everyone.” Jackie felt a familiar pain in her stomach. Was this what the group did when it faced any danger? “Riiiight, no one wants to be around a baby. And one accident obviously makes you a baby.” “That’s not what I’m saying Jackie, you’re being ridiculous.” “It’s what you were thinking. I walked through hell to prove I’m better than their formula. Who here has spent an afternoon in an Amazon’s playroom and come back to talk about it?” “No one’s doubting your bravery…” “Well I certainly didn’t get a heroes welcome back.” “Jackie… what do you want me to say, you know their fear. I’m scared of getting snatched up one day, same as I’m sure you are.” Jackie opened her mouth to say something but closed it as she went quiet for a moment. What if she really had had an accident last week and been snapped up. Would her friends have just written her off as a lost cause? The end to the likely scenario? Not one of them had bothered to call or check in on her. Would they have even bothered to look? “I guess I’m just disappointed. It doesn’t take that much for our group support motto to fall completely apart.” “We haven’t fallen apart. We’re stronger than ever Jackie, we do better helping each other.” Jackie rolled her eyes. This was becoming an education. Chanting happy slogans was one thing, but in a time of need, she’d found out just how deep the bonds of ‘friendship’ really were. Something told her that the whole group was three spiked drinks away from a complete internal meltdown. Despite what aphorisms and reassurances they all told themselves. “Right… well, see you next week Liz.” Liz offered an uneasy smile and waved as Jackie left. Things didn’t get better as the week went on. Jackie felt like her ‘friends’ remained noticeably distant. Rachael was cordial and even polite to a point, but it didn’t extend very far. Liz didn’t come by to hang out with her like she used to. Gina didn’t find her to walk to classes. She spent a lot of time alone, when the group usually preached strength in unity. It had already been two weeks since her last accident. One night, completely unable to help herself Jackie found herself suddenly crying into her pillow. She felt stupid for doing it and worse, she felt childish, but she couldn’t stop it all the same. She was lonely and felt abandoned by her friends… the same stupid friends were showing her just how much of a sham their group really was. Petite persons? They were littles, who just liked to pretend otherwise, and for whatever reason, her friends had stopped doing the curtesy of pretending she wasn’t a little. Jackie didn’t sleep well that night, but when she got up the next morning, she had a new purpose. The slight pain in her tummy was replaced with a dull smoldering fire. Her friends were afraid of her, they thought she was a little who was going to drag them with her when she was eventually scooped up by some Amazon. In the end, that’s what all of them feared. The dark joke they shared in quips like ‘see you around, stroller bound’. In her sleepless night, Jackie had come to an important realization. Her, and the Matriots weren’t free. What was freedom anyways when you lived in constant fear of being scooped up and forced into a life you didn’t want? Freedom was realizing what would happen and shrugging off the worry. It was time to show her ‘friends’ a much more stress free life. She wrote down their names on a sheet of paper; Liz… Amanda… Gina… Anne Marie… Katherine… Five of the founding members of the Matriots, with her being the sixth. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like it was the right thing to do to her. All of them were suffering. They had abandoned her not on purpose but because of fearful conditioning. All she needed to do was help each of the individually get over their fear. She’d find each of them an answer to their ‘little problem’. For the first time in a few weeks, Jackie smiled. She'd see them all in cribs before the new year, she was sure of it. She'd MAKE sure of it. To Be Continued Next Time in : The five littles who thought they weren't ... or ... The Magic of Friendship - and diaper rash. Stay crinkly my 'friends'.
  5. I have a proposition for DailyDi and the members of dailydiapers.com about supporting the board. First, money is not my major motivation. Nearly every story I've ever written was freely give to this or other predecessor boards. With that out of the way, I've been looking at self-publishing some of my works but one set of eyes is not enough and my artistic skills are crap so I couldn't design a cover that looked appealing at all. What I'd like to do is crowd-source the project. My stories, your editing, your cover art and dailydiapers.com collects 100% of the royalties though I still retain all rights to my works. I would say first, we give away one story on Amazon. It should be a good work. Heck, it doesn't even have to be just my works. Anyone with a good story could jump into this as well. Personally, being close to Halloween, I'd offer up Halloween... Again? as a candidate since it is themed for the season. Is this doable? I tend to dream a lot and have no experience here so I'm wondering if this just so much crap my idle mind has concocted. I, of course, will give the editor(s), cover designer(s) or anyone else that participates a credit, real or pseudonym, as you wish. At the least, it will cost us nothing but time to try it. At best it will provide a little opportunity to provide funds for DD and introduce more people to the board, where ads meet eyeballs to provide more income. Thoughts, opinions, derisive comments about my parentage and/or my mental abilities?