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Found 57 results

  1. Hello i recently started up a new amino for diapers, if anyone wants to join here's the link http://aminoapps.com/c/abdl-community
  2. From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL
  3. From the album DLBiker

    Some of my earlier photos during my sissy AB days on a visit to Goddess Nicole in St Pete, FL
  4. I have been working on a prototype abdl high chair. let me know what you think. I am planning on selling them and would like to incorporate any other ideas you may have. The seat is 36" tall and the tray is around 46 " tall. It will have a safety belt and crotch strap for safety. It is well proportioned and really sturdy. I am also working on a 3d printed catch system for the tray.
  5. Hi there everyone! In & out member here, you can call me Rin. So I had a question for the trans / little community here, based off my experience as a little and how I discovered that side of me. So... how many others here only discovered, or became comfortable with their little side after coming to terms with their gender indentity? For me, when I was younger and before transitioning I only had an interest in diapers, with a passing interest for the AB lifestyle. I thought it was really cute, and would look at boards and image sites about it, but whenever I would try to be little myself I always ended up being put off during the experience(usually if I saw myself in the mirror). Which killed my mood, of course. It wasn't until I had started allowing myself to be more feminine that I tried again. I'd grown my hair out by that point because that was just how I liked it, and I had started dipping into clothes that looked more 'right' (Admittedly stolen). And for once I didn't dislike that person in the mirror, I wasn't disgusted or put off, and nothing felt like it was wrong. I felt so much more comfortable expressing my baby side from then on, and since then I've come to fully accept it as a part of me. In some way, looking back, I realize that feeling that something was wrong was my brain telling me I was pretending to be something I wasn't. It's funny how these things manifest psychologically. But yeah! So I thought this might be a nice discussion topic to share experiences, and even discuss differences. So did learning of your gender identity or coming to terms with it also help you to discover your little side?
  6. I finally got a Visa gift card and I'm using it to buy an adult pacifier online. Does anyone know of any cheap brands that make decent quality adult pacifiers? Cheap meaning $11 max. Thanks!
  7. So I'm new to the acting like a baby and was hoping for some advice from people who love the AB side. I have a Mistress Mommy (my wife) who loves to be dominating. I told her about my fetish almost 2 years ago and we have played around for a little bit, but recently I've been put back in diapers and must stay in them till she she's otherwise. I love it. But i've never done the baby thing before like bottles, clothes, etc. What's the best place to get clothes? What should I get and what should I try? Suggestions? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I'm looking for a mommy or daddy,i would also like to talk to other people too I like to age play around the new born to 4 years old, I haven't tried many things but I want to try a little of everything, I use mainly kik my username is pyezo1. and my pm is always open
  9. Rosy,a girl around 24 losing her job as a space flight engineer, and having to return to her birth planet: Earth. Once there, she can no longer afford to keep her family in good standing with the goverment. SO in a last desperate attempt to save her family for the debt camps, she comes to see me. I'm Zeake Lafayette, a powerful crime lord who owns the Black Silk cartel, an illegal trafficking organization that spans several light years of human controlled space. But Rosy knows I have a sweet spot for girls in dire situations..... what she DOESN'T know is that my price is several years of slavery as my personal diaper pet. (If this intrigues you, Message me, or post a response) (Also, If this was the wrong place to post something like this go ahead and tell me, I'm all for learning! )
  10. Hey how's it going? Are there any females in or around the North-East area of Scotland into this sort of thing willing to meet up?
  11. Open for any pairing with cannon characters. I will be Cronus.
  12. From the album Little Me :)

    © kawaiibaby

  13. From the album Little Me :)

  14. From the album Little Me :)

    © kawaiibaby

  15. From the album Little Me :)

    Be nice. Still iffy about sharing diaper pics.

    © kawaiibaby

  16. In this roleplay I play a 13 year old boy. You as my either older brother or sister decide to humiliate me. You and your friends, ( or by yourself if you don't like playing multiple parts ) get bored and decide to tease me, you find our younger sisters, panties, frilly dress and diapers and put them on me, for the rest of the night you baby me (bathing, feeding, changing). I will do it on any social media that is neccisarry.
  17. how do you spank your baby/little girls when they are bad? or How have you been spanked when you was bad and did a nono
  18. My heart is calling out to you Daddy.. Do you hear my call? When I read these stories of love between a boy and his dad, I get this feeling, I open up, it takes me to a vulnerable place where I can release these locked up feelings of love, and send them out with an intensity that I have never known. In this mindset I'm open to receive... there is no filter... I feel how weak this makes me, how easily hurt, but this is how it is. It's safe when I'm alone. My heart calls out for Daddy. Can you hear it? My body is covered in goosebumps, the tingling sensation of every hair standing on end. Like small antennas, set to receive. My whole body is waiting for you. Still waiting. After all these years I have always been your faithful boy. Whether I knew it or not, I was waiting. My body has been with many men, but not my heart. That is for you. All for you. Can you feel it calling? The images these stories conjure up in my mind remind me of the feelings I locked up long ago. Hidden away to keep me safe, for when the box is opened, my heart is laid bare. Distilled and unprotected. Daddy, I am a man of reason. I know you cannot feel this message that I write. But it doesn't matter. Because I will find you. You will find me. I will love you more intensely than anything I have ever loved, like the burning of the sun, love you so hard my body will sublimate in your presence, to be inhaled by you. My eyes are open. My heart is calling. Do you hear my call? inspired by the words of ABDL Daddy (his defunct blog) and boysback2babyhood (on tumblr) >>>Explanation? Sometimes words have the power to move you so profoundly, it's like they were a key to a piece of yourself. This isn't a story, and this is not here to be critiqued. Just something that came to me as I was tumbling through the net. I thought that this was the most appropriate place to post, since it IS about male-male love, after all. Mods, if you think it should be moved, let me know. Otherwise, lemme know if you feel me on this one. Anyone else ever feel like this? Or is it just this little one?
  19. From the album Shine

    Page 1 of my graphic novel/comic Shine. It'll have mature themes and basically a comic about a girl exploring her Ab tendancies If you cant wait for teh whole thing to be posted then you can read all teh 72 current pages here[url="http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13064945/"] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13064945/[/url]

    © err I drew this so I guess its copywrite to me hehehe

  20. Everyone has their own personal "habits" regarding AB/DL lifestyle. Personally, I am not a 24/7 wearer. I rather wear "my Pampers" when I am feeling the need of a diaper for security sake. That could be wearing for emotional and/or practical security needs. Although, I do occasionally wear in public discreetly and well concealed. ...Hey, I just thought of a new acronym... Gun owners who carry a weapon without most ever knowing call it, "Concealed Carry Weapon" or "CCW". AB/DL's who wear discreetly, without it hanging out of their pants on purpose, could call it "CCD". Back to the point, I only get irritated when others flaunt their diaper wearing. I'm talking about those who want to be noticed and do other things that make our community look negative. I was just wondering if I am being too closed minded in my thinking? Maybe they have a "need" to share their diapers with the general public. Okay, I'm done rambling. Thanks if you read this far...
  21. So, this is an old story of mine. I wrote it probably 7 years or so ago. It was originally posted on Fox Tales Times, under the name of 'A Wrestler's Love', but I decided to change the title a bit because I feel the title didn't fit well. It's cornier than Fat Bastard's shit. It's got plot holes up the ying-yang. But I still like the story, and I hope that some of you guys will too. You're all welcome to comment and constructively criticize, and I'll try to post chapters daily. However, please keep in mind that the story is old and I'm not going to change it because I don't really like changing old work. I kind of like to be able to look back and remember where I've been. So, without further ado, the first chapter of Dual Secrets: Chapter 1 Standing at 6 foot even, Sophie Granite was a truly powerful tiger. Her muscles bulged with what seems like raw energy, and her face is oftentimes snarled up, with her claws drawn. Or at least, that’s what you saw on television on Wednesdays, when the PWA was on. That, and her revealing blue leotard, and her blue mask. It is her signature, in a way… so much, that here lately, despite the fact that she had recently come to the sport that she has started to be called the blue bombshell. And she is quite the looker, owing to her name. Sophie joined the Professional Wrestling Association 2 years ago, when she finished college at 22 years old. She has a B.A. in Writing, so she oftentimes helps with the scripting of the fights… which lets her win often, while casting herself as the good guy. It’s also been rumored that behind the scenes, she was a softy at heart, loving cute, cuddly things, and was an excellent person to get along with, despite her hard edges and tomboyish attitude on stage. Being a professional entertainer has its perks, as well. Everywhere she goes, she sees adoring fans. Occasionally, she’ll stop and sign an autograph or two… or thirty. Sophie had all the love of her fans. But she still felt alone, and troubled at home. She had been living on her own since she was 17 years old. Her parents kicked her out. They said that no member of the Granite family should ever even consider going to college. That she should stay in the family business: Brick-laying. Hundreds of years of brick-laying experience, and they chose to rest it all on her… so they gave her a choice, the family or herself. Sophie had never wanted to brick-lay, writing was her true calling, her true passion. She chose to rough it out on her own, and look where she was now… but, her family still chose to leave her disowned… This left her feeling troubled. Every night, when she went home to her apartment, she was reminded of the way her family treated her, how they shunned her hopes and dreams, and only wished to belong to a family that loved her, or, at the very least, find someone willing to love her. One day, Sophie decided to be proactive. Placing an ad in the newspaper for a room mate, someone she could share herself with. She had no idea where this would eventually lead. It read: Female Tiger searching for a roommate. Must be male, must be kind! $200.00 a month rent, plus ¼-½ of utility bills, depending on how much I use. Inquiries: 555-5555 After a week, a male rabbit of 20 years picked up the phone… *** Dino Rinchetti picked up the phone. He scratched under his chin. Sighing, he picked up the phone, and dialed the number from the ad for this apartment. After ringing a couple of times, a strong, deep female voice answered: “Hello?†It took him by surprise. Somehow, he wasn’t expecting a voice like that. He had expected something… lighter. “H-Hi.†His voice was a little high-pitched for a male, but otherwise, fairly solid sounding. It didn’t convince anyone of his confidence, that’s for certain. “Hi, my name is Dino Rinchetti. I saw the ad for the roomie, and, I was wondering if it is still available.†A few seconds passed, and a muffled girlish squeal was heard over the phone. A little rustling, and the deep, sexy voice returned. “Yes, it is. The terms are as follows in the ad. Will you be able to do that?†Dino thought for a second; before he could answer the woman said, “Hello?†“I’ll be able to do ¼ of the bills per month… I’m working and going to college right now, so, It’s a little hard for me to come up with money.†It was true, after all. He had little free time and little money to spend. The woman answered before he could even finish his sentence. “Done deal, then. Do you know where ‘The Diner’ is, near campus? Meet me there. I’ll be wearing a trenchcoat and a sombrero. We’ll go over the details there.†Dino nodded, before saying “Yes, I do know where it is… actually, that’s where I work. Erm… right now?†The woman simply grunted “mmhmm.†A snicker over the phone, and she said: “Right now. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.†She then hung up the phone. Dino threw on some clothes, and dashed for the door. He was a rather short boy, only about 5 feet tall, maybe less. His whole family was short, so it was no real surprise. Cream-colored, he was the definition of a bunny-boy, much to both his pleasure and dislike. But, that’s something to be elaborated on another time…
  22. Hi to all ab and dl,s, October 2014 I will be in Orlando FL for 2 weeks(Disney in diapers) and I I am looking to meet up whit ab,s and dl,s. So if you want to meet this dutch ab/dl and want to do Disney whit me send me a mail.
  23. Hi, a while back I read a story about a couple and diapers, I liked it very much and now I want to use it to ease my girlfriend into the AB world. Now I remember some of the plot and details and Ill try to give a good outline. Please please help me find it, if you remember this story or have seen it recently please post a link or at least the name. Thank you so much for your time The story starts with the girlfriend coming back from college on an airplane, for some reason she became slightly diaper depended and now wear pull-ups, during her flight she's Ina first class room and has some privacy to hangout in just her diaper, soon enough her plane lands and she becomes really anxious about how her boyfriend with react. Once she lands her boyfriend is there to greet her an they kiss and off they go. They walk out of the airport and to the boyfriends NISSAN (I remember this detail really well because I have a Nissan lol) they throw her luggage in the back and try head off to his apartment which is about an hour or so away, she falls asleep on the ride and he decides to carry her in. He then tucks her into his bed and goes back to the living room to study because he has an exam the next day. The girlfriend wakes up the next day to a wet bed because and freaks out, she realizes her boyfriend isn't home so she throws the sheets in the wash and easily cleans up her accident. She hangs out in just a diaper and the boyfriend comes home and finds her in it, she's shocked and scared and he leaves. She's devistated and just lays on the floor crying, he returns shortly with diaper changing supplies and take care of her. Over a span of several days they take on th me roles of daddy and baby and really get into it. Things take a twist as their supposed to have dinner with his parents. The girlfriend has gotten so used to acting like the baby she wants to be, she's forgotten how to be a "big girl" and has to try really hard to not slip up during dinner. The dinner goes well with her almost slipping up a couple of times, eventually she has an accident because he wasn't wearing protection and gets really embarrassed. This is all I can really remember, it's a really good story and I'm sure some people on here have read it please post a link if you can, I'm really desperate to find it lol all help is appreciated, thank you!!!
  24. From the album Renno