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  1. Highschool Bullies - Mom/Son (coletheriolu)

    "Yes honey, I knew you'd love it!" She pointed to a changing table that was just the right size for him, "Lay down there."
  2. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    "I'll leave you girls to bond," He chuckled. Laura looked to Lilly and held up the container they were given, "Mental regression in a plastic container." She sighed and set it down on a nearby endtable. "Time to put you to sleep, baby girl."
  3. Highschool Bullies - Mom/Son (coletheriolu)

    She led him upstairs to the guest bedroom - or what used to be the guest bedroom, atleast. The walls were a baby blue that matched the large crib, sitting where the queen bed used to. "I've been planning this for a while now, if you can't tell." She shuffled him in the room and locked the door behind them.
  4. Highschool Bullies - Mom/Son (coletheriolu)

    When Cole entered the home, his mother walked to him with a soft smile, "I'm so glad you're home safe, dear." She held him tight in her arms, rubbing circles on his back, "I have a treat for you since you've been such a strong boy through all this."
  5. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    "I'm sorry honey, what was I thinking? Going shopping right after picking you up. You must be exhausted." She said, repacking all of the girl's things neatly. Oscar pulled in their garage and opened the door, picking Lilly up in his arms, "I hope you like pink," He whispered, "Your mother made sure everything we bought for you had pink somewhere on it.." Laura, oblivious to the playful jab, led them upstairs to the nursery. She set the bag down on the floor, only to resort the items into drawers and cabinets. She was obviously very nervous, as evident by the shaking of her hands. Oscar set Lilly down in her new crib. It was cushioned inside with a pink and white heart pattern.
  6. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    Laura sorted through the bag that was given to them at the agency, she could find dreary gray onesies, a cheap bottle, but no pacifier. "We need to get you a better bottle.. This onesie is hideous, too..." She decided to hop in the back seat next to their new baby girl and continue searching. When she finally found the pacifier and gave it to Lilly, they were downtown.
  7. Karen was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she got the call. For months she had been noticing strange behavior in her fifteen year old son, but chalked it up to puberty. However, when she was told the truth, that her son was facing harassment in school, she decided to pull him out and keep him home for a bit. She wanted him to feel safe and stress free again, and she had the perfect plan.
  8. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    "Alright, fine. We'd like to take the formula home if we may." Laura agreed. The agent hesitantly packed it up for them and they brought Lilly to the car. Luckily, the girl was small enough to fit in the car seat.
  9. Daycare RP (Open)

    "Hello big guy. I'm May, one of the workers here!" She slowly extended her hand with a gentle smile.
  10. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    Laura put her hands on her hips, "Lilly, as your new mommy, I say you have to take it." Oscar objected, "We can take it home and give it to her later. Wouldn't want her too upset on her first day with us, right?"
  11. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    (switching POV) Laura wasn't too sure what to think, she could see Oscar was confused too. He cleared his throat and focused his attention on the bag of belongings they were to bring home with her. As she kneeled down and picked up their daughter, he carefully shifted the bag over his shoulder.
  12. AB Agency (Lillybaby)

    My boyfriend and I have been together through it all, loss, recovery, and our last obstacle.. College. It's nothing compared to what we are about to get into though, but we are prepared! We enter the agency hand in hand. When all the finishing papers are signed and done, we wait for her to be carried out. As the door slowly opens, my heart races. I am surprised to see our new baby isn't much of a baby anymore... The blonde, blue eyed girl looks up at me. I choose my words cautiously, "How old are you, sweetie?"
  13. Mommy-AB Roleplay (mommy seeking)

    I am looking for anyone to do AB roleplay with me! This includes: Physically baby, mentally adult (whether that means in your thoughts or vocally) aka Magic transformation of some sort Adult mentally regressing / Adult using it as a stress reliever I don't do sexual stuff I do however, give cuddles and love to my baby! I am also into forcing adults into babies. (Kindly, of course c:) Here are some scenarios to get your creative juices flowing: 1. Friend comes to me looking for stress relief 2.Son/Daughter needs to regress (middle school age and up) Also, mention if it will be a mutual "babying" or forced/trapped