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  1. My name is Marley Smith and I am 18 and am 5' 8" and weigh 150. I use to play on the baseball team in high school, but don't have any plans to play in college, just enjoy my freedom from my parents. I just started college and it's really cool because I didn't have to go to class all day. I graduated high school and spent a few months working as well as hanging with friends for our last summer together. I moved down a week before school started to try to find a place to live and decided to try save money by going off campus. Plus, it would give me privacy. I ended up finding a place really easy and it was the first place I tried. I was renting from a family who had a teen son who was younger, but didn't look like it. He was taller and stronger than me and it was a little awkward thinking about it. I got into the swing of things pretty easily and the weekend was coming and I was invited to my first college party.
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    Would Love to Find a Roleplay Partner

    I sent you a private message which you can view by: 1. Scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the 3 horizontal bar icon 2. Click on the email icon
  3. I don't want to finish the bottle, but still do because I just want to go home and never think about Stacy or Trey ever again, transfer schools and forget about all this diaper stuff ever happened. Then I hear them say something about letting others see which scares me. "Please don't let anyone see me like this, they will just make fun of me."
  4. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    I finish drinking the bottle while John holds on to it while laying in the play pen immobilized. It is hard to get used to because I can't move at all while others are in charge of me which is embarrassing considering what has happened not very long ago with me wetting and messing my pants right in front of the other kids. As John tickles me I try fighting not to wet my pants and say, "Stop, stop, stop," a few times, but eventually lose control while not able to move because normally I'd move or run away.
  5. I watch as Trey comes in with a baby bottle in his hand and brings it over to me while I sit there. He puts the bottle in my mouth while I say, "I'm not a baby." Stacy tells me that I can't get out of this by paying them and that I don't have enough money which I am disappointed by. Then she makes another comment about me having a little tiny baby pee pee right in front of Trey who already talked about it. Could he really be bigger?
  6. I hated being like this and knew it wasn't right for me to crawl on the floor in my crinkly diaper while sucking on a paci; it was stupid shit. Then Trey left the room for a bottle. "I am not a baby and won't keep doing this bull shit. I will pay you guys to let me go," I say while spitting the paci out.
  7. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    I watch as he grabs a bottle and hope it's not gross while I lay helpless in the crib while he feeds me the bottle. I continue drinking with no interest due to it being strange for me to drink out of a baby bottle at my age, but it was hard to get fluid out of the holes.
  8. When Stacy cuts away my underwear, I am left naked and Trey immediately makes a comment about me not being as big as him and then she runs a baby wipe around it and it shrinks down more. It leaves me embarrassed sitting naked and tiny. Then I feel her lift my legs up just like a baby while showing Trey my naked butt after powdering and I feel awful. Then they pulled out a camera while punching me in the stomach and snapping a ton of pictures.
  9. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    I watch as the worker grab a crib and I can't hide the look of surprise on my face. Then they grab me and lay me down on my back in a play pen and am surprised that the crib fits. Then they put my arms and legs in cuff to strap me in an odd way. Then Jackson mentions me needing one more thing.
  10. I wish I could punch him right now, but not only am I lying down, and he would kick my ass. Next thing I notice is a rubber feeling thing about the size of a sucker and quickly realize it's a pacifier and I frown feeling just like a toddler with diapers around. I am not sure how to get out of this situation while lying on the table feeling sorry for myself. Wasn't it bad enough that we broke up?
  11. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    I hear John call Jackson inside and I am hoping it has nothing to do with me. Then he mentions taking a nap and I say, "I'm not tired." Then I feel Jackson undoing the strap while I sit wondering what he meant by fully exposed and why Jackson thought it was a big deal for me like I didn't do something right.
  12. I am fighting against Trey's grip and try kicking and biting to get free. Then I watch as Stacy grabs some scissors and comes over to me. "Don't cut me," I say as she starts cutting my pants off. "I really liked those pants." When I hear her talking about my little fireman, I am not sure what she means until she makes a comment about being a baby right in front of Trey and I get nervous. "I am not small," I say defensively.
  13. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    I sit there not at interested in continuing on when he leaves and slow down. Then John enters the room and make a comment about me playing nicely which bugs me, but can't do anything about it. He also touches my plastic pants to make them crinkle again.
  14. I feel someone pulling me down to the ground and just assume it's Trey doing it. "Let me go asshole," I scream out loud inside the empty house because her younger brothers aren't here and her parents are at work. Then he pulls me into the living room where some of my diapers are laying around which embarrasses me knowing he probably knows. I am stunned while siting there irritated.
  15. maximusdignitas

    The Daycare Staff (Private between Maximusdignitas and FuzzyBunny)

    Jackson told me to go play and I try to look for a door to leave the room so I can be alone. The next thing I know he picks me up to ride the rocking horse and it feels awkward. I am not use to it and also the fact that I can hear the plastic pants crinkle again and I feel babyish again.