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  1. I am a 16 guy who was named Mason. My dad and brother had a fishing trip which neither me nor my mom was interested, so we decided to hang out for the weekend. Today if Friday after school and I had some homework to do, but not a lot. I finished it in 45 minutes and start watching TV until my mom gets home. My dad and brother left as soon as he got out of Jr. High. We were planning on going to the mall Saturday to eat breakfast and hang out for a few hours before going to a movie which is located in the mall. Then dinner later. I'm not sure what we will do between or what we will do Sunday, but looking forward to something outside like the ocean because it was nice outside for a while. Some place where I could tan some.
  2. My name is Grant and I am a 16 year old boy. for Christmas break we have a huge vacation planned with everyone who can go for two weeks then a theme park for a week, but with my parents planing everything starting last year with voting on locations for the trip which was hard for us because there were a lot of choices. I know all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents from both sides as well as friends of family are going in a month. We settled on a cruise for the biggest part and then Disney Land. I just wish my younger brother wasn't going and I thought it would be cool if he got grounded for something and left home. He is 13 and we argue even more now. He is taller and stronger and likes to rub it in all the time. He brags all the time about being more mature than me which made me get nervous because I am afraid there is some truth. He's always bragging about sex and how big his dick is and I've seen him hard through his pants a couple times and it's much longer and thicker than mine which he doesn't know about, but always has pretty girls on his arms. I would die if he found out and the thought of being smaller than a seventh grader kills me and there's no contest. Mine is closer to 3" hard and 1.5" soft and no one I've seen has been that small.
  3. maximusdignitas

    Looking to roleplay

    I saw your post about role play and wondering if you are ok with messy diapers and public humiliation? I usually play a 16 year old guy who get's babied by a younger guy and can send ideas.
  4. maximusdignitas

    Partner wanted

    Can you think of any ideas where I am a 16 year old and you are my younger guy?
  5. maximusdignitas

    Big Brother No More (private)

    I sit stunned while I am stripped naked after my spanking by my stepmom right in the living room in front of Aiden who laughed so hard that he must have cried. This is the most humiliating thing ever to wet and poop myself like a baby and then diapered with no privacy plus Aiden and my step mom both made fun of me for having a small wee wee with Aiden pointing out how it reminds him of a real baby. I'm not sure how big he is, but I'd die if I was smaller than my younger 13 year old brother. I am also worried about how long I have to wear diapers and can't imagine using them like a baby or having anyone find out about it.
  6. maximusdignitas

    Looking for RP partner

    I want to play a teen boy who gets diapered with messy and wet diapers and tons of humiliation. I don't care about plots or what character you play but love stuff where I get humiliated in public or in front of guests just like a naughty teen. I have some ideas, but open to plots suggestions
  7. maximusdignitas

    Big Brother No More (private)

    When Mary asked me if it has happened before, I said no because I was afraid she would get even more mad, but Aiden ends up telling her about my previous accidents which I didn't realize he knew about which is embarrassing to admit right in front of everybody. I would have never had to go through this without my dad getting remarried. I know I shouldn't be having accidents at 16 and don't want to deal with it. When Aiden calls me little brother while still sitting in my poopy and wet pants it's embarrassing considering he's younger. Mary halls me over to the couch right in front of Aiden and starts spanking me right there on my wet pants and at least it's not naked. I am hoping she doesn't follow through on her earlier threat.
  8. maximusdignitas

    Big Brother No More (private)

    When I hear my step mom mention diaper I feel like I could kill Aiden with his comment earlier which must have given her ideas about it and I'm hoping that she's joking to make me feel bad, but I'm not sure I just know there's no way I will ever wear diapers right in front of everybody at 16. It's way overboard and I notice that Aiden grins about it. I can also still feel my messy undies and wet pants and just want to get out of them because they feel so childish. "It was an accident," I say nervously hoping that helps with her temper.
  9. maximusdignitas

    Big Brother No More (private)

    I sit there noticing my sticky wet pants and also the smell of poop fill the air and it's bad enough having accidents by yourself, but with my step mother and my step brother right there which makes me nervous because I will never hear the end of it from him. He recently finished 7th grade and having him always bug me with stupid stuff. Aiden laughs so hard it grabs her attention and she's wanting to know how it happened and I sit there with a red face not sure what to say and I say "I am going to shower before dinner," trying to just get out of there. As Aiden mentions something about me forgetting diapes it hurts, but I can't say anything to the twerp but want to punch him.
  10. maximusdignitas

    Big Brother No More (private)

    I am 16 years old and my dad used to be married to my mom, but they divorced a few years ago and I've been happy with things without a mom because it gave a little more freedom. My dad is a business man who is worth 100 million and our house is really nice, but not a mansion. We have housekeepers and a chef which is a really good cook. My dad started dating a few different people after the divorce and there were a lot I liked but there were some I didn't. He eventually started dating a girl called Mary about a year ago and recently they got married. She's ok, but her younger son Aiden was an eighth grader who I don't like and they are both doing things I don't like. Not to mention that Aiden is 6' 4" and he was strong compared to me at 5' 6". The past few days I have had these issues of needing to pee or poop with little warning and there have been a couple close calls, but nothing bad yet. Another one just happened which caused me to run to the bathroom which someone was in. I run upstairs to the other bathroom, but start peeing my pants right on the first step of the stairs and mess also.
  11. I am a new student at college which is really close to starting in a few days. I've been staying with someone for a few days until I can find something permanent. I am 18 and my name is John. I called a family yesterday with a room for rent and made an appointment for 7 pm. I didn't have a lot to do today, so I played video games for some, went to eat, and watched tv. Later I went around driving to check out places to get a feel and also went by the college. I am a little nervous about finding buildings in the huge campus. I am hoping I can get the place for rent because it would ease a lot of trouble and worry in my mind as well as set it up while I have time. When I called a lady answered and mentioned going to work soon. She also mentioned her husband and a son. I just hope it's not a crying baby. I am 5' 7" and didn't play sports in high school. I weight 130 as well as skinny muscles because I never went to the gym and wasn't sure how much time I'd have. I only have a few hours before heading over.
  12. maximusdignitas

    Looking for a new roleplay

    I tried PMing you, but it said you weren't able to receive messages, so it might either be a full mailbox or a setting. How about doing two role plays where you play baby in one and I in the other? Any ideas for role play?
  13. maximusdignitas

    The New Roommate Moves In (Private between Maximuusdignitas and DaddyPaul

    When I hear James tell me not to interfere with his parties, it seems so obvious to me that I don't comment, but it's the last statement of calling me a little boy that bugs me. I don't want him to move in if he's going to be a jerk, but not sure how I will talk my girlfriend out of it, plus it would put it even longer before I found a roommate. I am mad, but don't say anything and walk away. I walk over to my girlfriend doing practice to catch her on a short break to find out when James was moving in. They are both done with cheer leading and football at the same time, so I just headed home to wait for both of them. I got home and watched some tv because I didn't have a lot of homework to do. Then I played some video games and had mixed feeling about James, but tried to ignore it because that's what my girl friend wants.
  14. My name is Christian, I am a 16 year old and decided to move out of my parents house because I'd be closer to school. They agreed to help with some money because it would allow me to afford it without and manage bills myself. One of the other benefits is it allows me to party more. I live with my girlfriend who is one of the cheerleaders in high school. We have been having trouble making it for the last couple months because I have to pay utilities and our portion of rent plus other expenses for personal stuff. We put an ad in the paper for a roommate and had a few stop by and we decided who we thought was the best one to help. There were a couple who were good to me, but my girlfriend didn't like something or other. We ended up choosing another kid from school who was 14, but was taller and stronger than me which was odd sitting there talking. He was cute too which made me pause because I got the feeling she liked the stud.
  15. maximusdignitas

    Bad Grades Boy (private with Katyadiaperlover and Maximusdignitas)

    I start crawling where my mom wants to after swatting my bottom. I am glad no one can see me follow orders while my mom changes me or has me crawl around. What would they say? What would I say? Even clothing shows a thick diaper bulge for everyone to see the big baby. I work on not dropping the pacifier while making the last few steps over to her with a red face feeling so babyish.