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  1. My name is Harley and I am 20 years old and I am 5' 8" and 125. I tried taking classes at the community college here locally, but decided to quit recently and now looking for a job. I have applied to tons of places; even ones I wouldn't normally consider, but started putting in applications figuring I could always switch. I ended up getting a job at a daycare after getting interviewed a few days ago. I had the weekend to myself and I start today. The lady mentioned some training, but how hard can it be to watch over babies? I drive my car from home and it took about 10 minutes. I walk inside a little nervous about messing something up on the first day and find the owner.
  2. My Bully Becomes My Step Dad (Private between Maximusdignitas and JMG1217)

    I go over to his and sit on his lap.
  3. Teen Road Trip to Disneyland (Private with Maximusdignitas and Danny)

    It is a very long and humiliating ride for a few hours before we get to Disneyland and normally I would be excited, but with me wearing a poopy diaper like a two year old, I just want to remove it or stay home. We find a parking spot and everyone grabs our bags and we will have to check in to the hotel when we leave. I get out to stretch and also get out of the humiliation of everyone making comments.
  4. Teen Road Trip to Disneyland (Private with Maximusdignitas and Danny)

    I sit there uncomfortable at being the center of and I hate it normally and this makes it even worse. The windows being rolled down helps and I start crying uncontrollably while everyone discusses my diapers and their condition. Then I hear them start discussing my penis size and them saying it's small is super embarrassing considering I am older than Dan and his friends by three years. "It is not small and not even close to being the same size as babies," I say with a red face from embarrassment.
  5. Teen Road Trip to Disneyland (Private with Maximusdignitas and Danny)

    At the point I have my accident I am hoping someone thinks it's a fart instead and it fills the car with the stench of a loaded diaper. Then I hear my brother asking who pooped and I sit there nervously waiting for the talking to stop. This has been the worst trip for me and I wish I would have stayed home. Too late. Then my brother loudly asks me in front of everyone that I've pooped my diaper and I am uneasy and don't say anything. Then he checks it right in front of everyone like one of the kids he babysits and my face goes red as he tells me that my diaper is much stinkier than a real baby
  6. My Bully Becomes My Step Dad (Private between Maximusdignitas and JMG1217)

    As he finishes the spanking my bottom is really hot and sore and I am in shock from being spanked at 18 and it feels so childish making it worse to be spanked by my step dad who is the same age. I go over to the tv and absentmindedly turn it on in shock while picking a cartoon and just let the toys sit there.
  7. Teen Road Trip to Disneyland (Private with Maximusdignitas and Danny)

    When Dan says I had streaks in my underwear it feels childish to told by my younger brother while diapered and I go red and speechless. As we drive back to the road to start on our journey, my goal is not to poop my diaper around everyone while driving and I really need to hold it until I am alone. I am worried because what if I can't and how smelly with it be and how much will the powder cover the scent. About 15 minutes after stopping I realize that I have to poop badly and try fighting it. I try taking my mind off of it and ask, "How much longer till we get there?" I say nervously. Then shortly after I start pooping my pants nervously and I feel it fill super full and sag down while filling the front making it spread all over which feels super gross and humiliating.
  8. I noticed people looking at the stain on my pants and smirk or straight up laugh out loud and I avoid eye contact because I know I peed my pants and now am super embarrassed. Ricky took off his jacket and lead me into the bathroom. (I want this role play to be as humiliating as possible and you are being too nice by not making a big deal that a 16 yo wet his pants, using your coat, or changing me in the bathroom. I really need you to be as humiliating as possible otherwise it's not fun for me. I just need dominance)
  9. Teen Road Trip to Disneyland (Private with Maximusdignitas and Danny)

    I pull my pants on over my diaper then Dan opens the bathroom door with the diaper bag over his shoulder and I walk out behind him. The first thing I notice is the crinkle of the diaper makes with each step and I try walking slow past the counter as well as the customers inside. It also makes me walk funny with how thick it is and wonder if anyone can notice. I glance down to see if there is a diaper bulge around my crotch and it seems large, but I can't look behind either. The smell of baby powder is around me mixed with baby wipes as I don't make eye contact with anyone while walking out. As we reach the car I climb inside hoping no one mentions anything about my diaper, the smell of powder, the bulge which seems bigger sitting down, the crinkle, or the fact that my brother has a diaper bag, because I'm not sure how I would react being put on the spot around all my brother's friends and mine.
  10. My Bully Becomes My Step Dad (Private between Maximusdignitas and JMG1217)

    I've never been spanked before and it hurts, but not bad. It more the embarrassment of being spanked at my age and I just sit quietly not wanting to bend, but I feel like crying. After he is done, I ask, "Can I go to my room now?"
  11. I am surprised when I hear my brother's voice behind me and I didn't realize that he say my accident and I figured he would bust up laughing or make a comment about it. I still have to walk to the car without people noticing and go through the parking lot. I feel super nervous and not sure about how lucky I will be because I can't blame it on a spilled drink. "Let's go to the car."
  12. My Bully Becomes My Step Dad (Private between Maximusdignitas and JMG1217)

    This whole afternoon is going from bad to worse and never would I have guessed that this was how it was going to be for a high school graduate. I would rather be in prison than this. All my friends were treated better, like mature young adults doing fun stuff like travelling, going to college, jobs and even in high school weren't treated this way. "Come on, I don't want to be spanked, I am too old for that and we are the same age." I didn't care that he was my new step dad, I would never give in.
  13. Roomies and Pacis(private)

    I watch Alex finish the fourth beer and toss the can in the sink and open another. I finished mine shortly after and opened my fifth. It was at this moment that I felt a rumbling in my stomach as well as me feeling more drunk. I ignore my stomach at first, but after a few seconds I had to poop more than pee and I got a panicked look on my face as I realize I need to stop drinking beer now. "I will be back, just need to use the restroom." At that point it was unstoppable and I totally loaded up my underwear right in front of my roommate and my face went red and I felt nervous wondering if my roommate noticed or whether I could get away if I just went to the bathroom. Even drunk it felt disgusting sitting in poopy underwear and I noticed the smell start filling the room.
  14. I walk around looking for my brother for what seemed like years and was about 15 minutes. I start thinking did he forget our arrangement or did he get lost. Now I have to pee and it's urgent enough that I need to find a bathroom right now because I had finished my second soda, but I didn't know there were any bathrooms inside the store and didn't bother waiting to ask because it would have cost time, but a long walk on a full bladder and I can't wait for my brother. He can find me instead and sometimes I feel I should leave him home. I snake my way out of the store and walk as fast as I could that way. As I walk, the pressure is building up enough that I end up spurting into my boxer briefs and I pause while trying to stop it, but I can't because of how much I drank and drench my pants, sox, and shoes right there in the middle of the mall and I cover what I can and quickly find a place to sit down to avoid being seen. I text my brother so he can come find me and I am nervous about him finding out, but I can't leave him here. I could try to make my way to the car, but either way he'd find out when he got there. Oh, my god this is so embarrassing and childish.
  15. Dad/mom or even little looking to RP

    I sent another email