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Found 166 results

  1. Panty Theif Punishment

    Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! --------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great. This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship. On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack. Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet? Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit? This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in. Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so… Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right? Derrek: Yeah, I know... Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money! Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties! Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life. Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick! Rob: So what do you say Derrek? Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this. Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500! Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day. Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face. Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street. Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter. Derrek: Fantastic Beasts? Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat. This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile. Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me! Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few. Derrek: Sure, where's it at? Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom. Derrek: On it! Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit. Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought. His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment. Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!! Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts. Amanda: ARE THOSE MY FUCKING PANTIES!? Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered… Derrek: I, uh… Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door. Amanda: Get in your room and stay there. She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep. The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Amanda: Derrek? His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there. Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev… Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say. Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek? Derrek still had tears streaming down his face. Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev… Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more. Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better. As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him. Amanda: Everything is going to get better. He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
  2. Time Warp (open role play)

    This role play is about a girl named amy who is from the year 2016 and is brought back to the 1950's.
  3. Travel in Time (open)

    I would like to have this role play be about a little girl who travels in time from 2017 back to the 1950's.
  4. Grace's new life

    This role play is about a little girl who was adopted by a rich couple
  5. 2 again (open)

    This role play is about a little girl named sarah who wishes to be 2 years old again.
  6. Lisa's new life (open role play)

    This role play is about a little girl who is adopted by Jane and Robert Wilson.
  7. Little Boy looking for Mommy/MommyDom

    Hi, Well let me introduce myself. My nickname is Asriel but my real name is Marcelo I am 19 Years old, male, and live in Monterrey, Mexico. I'm seeking for a mommy/mommydom either online (long distance) or physical (short distance) that is close to my age. My little space age ranges between 1 and 2 1/2 years old. And I'm into BDSM, and do both Safe and NSFW roleplays. That being said... if any mommy is seeking a little boy/sub, I am available and free.
  8. Adult baby looking for a mommy in Newark, Ohio

    I am an adult baby who is looking for a mommy/mom/mother type figure girlfriend for a long term relationship and then maybe marriage.About me. I'm a very caring and loving person(adult baby care bear). I'm caring and loving and cuddly. I can be an adult when i need to be. I love care bears. I'm 27. I am looking for a mommy/mother figure girlfriend to be with me and to treat me as if i were her own. I never had that mommy/baby bond (breastfeeding). I would love to be breastfed its so nice and nurturing to me. Preferably a mommy who is 20 to 35. I love to sleep in my crib all the time. I like to wear diapers and sleep in them, some how i got into diapers and now i like them, but i don't go in them i just like the feel and sound they make. I like to go fishing, boating go to the movies once and a while. I like bowling. I have been feeling like a baby my whole life. I like to listen to rock and Taylor Swift and lullaby music. I'm not looking for sex, but that will be up to you. I do not have any sexual diseases. If this is something that you would be interested in let me know. I live in Newark ohio.
  9. I've noticed that to many in the community this is a difficult situation, so I thought I'd start this thread as a place to share advice and answer questions on the subject. Firstly I should define the type of CG (caregiver) relationship I'm referring too as obviously this is something that varies greatly but here is what I think most people want. A partner to share your fetish(s) with and to have a strong emotional connection with, essentially a romantic partner who accepts the diapers, etc in your life. So were should you look for a prospective CG? Short answer? everywhere! Long answer, a CG in this context is exactly the same as a romantic partner and that's how you should approach it. While niche sites such as this can be a good place too meet people, one of our illustrious mods met his fiancee here and I met my current partner here so miracles can happen but that doesn't mean you should limit yourself. Don't limit yourself to your local geographic area, the worlds a big place with lots of interesting people out there. Trying dating websites, both kink and vanilla, I know fetlife is quite popular in the kink world. And of course the most terrifying of all, the real world. Now here's the part that most people find hard, how to approach someone. From what I've seen this is where most people make the biggest mistakes. I'll say it straight out, coming into a chat or thread saying some variation on "baby in need of a Mommy" comes across as desperate and creepy, two definite red flags to a prospective partner So just be friendly and sociable, talk to people, make friends and discuss your interests beyond diapers and AB stuff this is very important. You will need more than just a fetish to build a relationship on. Now here's the difficult bit, if you're finding people aren't interested in you then you need to evaluate yourself. Firstly are you being sociable enough, just sitting in a chat room and never speaking isn't going to get you anywhere. Or the more difficult, you need to think if you have much to offer a partner, while love can conquer all it'll have a heck of an easier time if you 're a good conversationalist. Naturally this can be changed, we can always learn to better ourselves. So don't despair and be positive.
  10. Little girl again

    This role play is about a women who has agreed to be a couples little girl.
  11. Amazing Fetish Simulator

    Hey Guys, So recently on tumblr i found a link to this amazing fetish simulator. If you have not checked it out I would highly recommend it. The art is beautiful, the plot is pretty solid, and i think the creator intends on updating it so it can have more features later down the line. Here is the link: Your New Life (Fetish Dating Simulator) - Demo v5
  12. Just letting everyone here know that I do offer in person babysitting/mommy sessions in Las Vegas. I started doing it over a year ago when we decided that we weren't having kids so this is a way for me to persue my nurturing and disciplinary side. There's a reason why my ex-husband and my husband have both naturally called me "mom." lol This page has all the info you need including what I offer, rates: Mommy Missy Las Vegas AB Babysitting Service I also offer skype to skype video sessions at the lowest rate you're going to find: ABDL Mommy skype sessions
  13. Babied Again(Open RP)

    My name is anna and i have agreed to become a baby again. The couple i have agreed to become a baby for are Micheal and Kelly Wilson. I have decided to become there baby since they could not have any children of there own.
  14. The Author KenitohMenara at FanFiction started a story in which the Pokemon had enough about being used like toys by Humans and started a Rebellion and decided, when the Humans act like children, they should be treated like children. And so, after many fights, the Pokemon finally won. And after the new gouverment was established, the Pokemon are now putting their formerly Trainers and other young humans in Pokemon families where they are now mostly treated like infants by their new Pokemon Parents. Some are trying to bring their Human Children slowly to this new infantile lifestyle, while others are more forcefully. His story sparked a few others in this "New Perspective" world as it is called now. Here is the link to the original story of KenitohMenara: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10346281/1/Rosa-s-New-Perspective There is no ABDL stuff in his story, but I think it's still a great and cute story. And there are other stories who are going more to the ABDL theme, like this story. I hope you will find it interesting: Jennifer's New Perspective Chapter 1 It was six month after the Revolution of the Pokemon, leaded by the Psychic types, ended. The Pokemon had founded the HAA (Human Adoption Agency) and started to gather the trainers and put them in Pokemon families who dressed and treated them like infants. Many trainers could escape in the wild and hide from the Pokemon. But the HAA had patrols send out to find them and bring them to safety where they waited for Pokemon to adopt them. Jennifer, 14 years old, looked around Veilstone City from her hideout while thinking about her next move. She needed supplies when she wants to make it to the next city. The Veilstone Department Store seems a good choice. Lots of different shops to gather many supplies for her next travel. She makes her way to the store, wearing a green summer dress she "found" to disguise her to look like she was an adopted child from a Pokemon Family. Her brown hair, which reached to the half of her back, was tied at the end with a ribbon. "So far, so good..." said Jennifer to herself as she entered the Department Store and starts to look around for what she needed. She luckily had still some money to pay for what she needed. On the way she saws many Pokemon with their human children dressed and treated like babies. What confused her was that many of them seemed embarrassed but still happy with being the babies of Pokemon. Well, they can be as happy as they want, but she would never let this happen to her. She already got to three stores and the employers and other Pokemon commented what a big girl she was to go shopping for her parents. Luckily, she had gotten a pill that let her talk to Pokemon while she was shortly captured but could escape. Not so luckily, she got separated from her Pokemon. She wondered what they are doing right now? They probably have found themselves some nice mates and starting families. Maybe even adopting humans of their own and treat them like babies... The thought made her shudder slightly as she walked past an coffee shop. "Jennifer?" asked suddenly a female voice from behind. Jennifer stopped in shock. She know this voice. Fear tugged on her heart as she turned around to face the Delphox that was her first Pokemon, best friend and former partner. The Delphox was wearing a blue dress with fitting shoes. She was even a few heads bigger as Jennifer, which came from the growth enhancers the Pokemon created to help the smallest Pokemon to take care of their human children. She stood beside a chair at one of the tables at the coffee shop, where she has clearly been sitting before she spotted her former Trainer. "Oh my Arceus! It IS you! Jennifer!" Said the Delphox overjoyed to see her former Trainer again. She quickly got over to the still shocked girl and scooped her up to give her a hug which lead to her loosing the grip on her shopping bags who fall to the ground. Jennifer came out of her shock and hugged her former Pokemon a bit awkwardly back. "Hi Delphox. It's good to see you again." said Jennifer. The Delphox giggle a bit and loosened the hug but didn't set her back on the ground. Instead, she sat her on her arm like a child which caused Jennifer to blush. "Actually, my real name is Samantha Fireflower." Said Samantha and couldn't help herself as she poked Jennifer on the nose. Making her even more blush. She then noticed the shopping bag on the ground and asked: "Are you shopping with your new parents? I would like to meet them and ask if it's ok when I come over to visit you." Jennifer felt like she could kick herself. She hadn't thought about a back-story for her disguise! But maybe Samantha could help her... surely she wouldn't sell her out... right? "Well? Where are your parents?" Asked Samantha again, thinking Jennifer didn't heard her. "Well... the thing is..." Jennifer leaned forward Samantha lowered her head so her former Trainer could whisper in her ear: "I'm actually still on the run. I'm just dressed like that so the Pokemon think I have been already adopted." Samantha stood there with her eyes going wide for a moment before she looked at Jennifer and asked silently if she tells the truth. Jennifer nodded and Samantha got a big smile on her face. "That's actually wonderful news! And I think I have a solution for your problem." Said Samantha suddenly. Jennifer looked a bit confused at her friend and asked: "A solution for what problem?" Samantha took the shopping bag on the ground and got over to the table to pay for her coffee and to get her own shopping bag before turning back to her trainer she still hold in her arms. "Well... since you don't have a family to take care of you, I will do it." Jennifer stared in disbelief at her former Pokemon. "W-what do you mean by that?" She asked in the hope she didn't mean what she thought her former Pokemon meant... Samantha smiled at her and said: "I'm going to adopt you of course. You always took good care of me, now it's my turn to take care of you." Jennifer couldn't belief what she heard. Her own former Pokemon wanted to adopt her? That can only be a nightmare. But as Samantha got on her way to the exit and bounced her soon-to-be daughter to get a better grip on her, Jennifer know it was no dream. She started to struggle and tried to get down, but Samantha was holding her securely. "Stop struggling sweetie. I promise you, me and my mate will take good care of you." Samantha said. Jennifer noticed she couldn't get out of the grip and was just sitting there and let herself being carried. Then she thought about what Samantha just said. "Your mate? You are married?" Jennifer asked. "Well yes. It was actually during the revolution that we meet and just a few weeks later, we were together. She is the most caring and beautiful Ninetales I have ever meet." Samantha sighed happily and smiled at Jennifer before she continued. "And now we will even have a little girl of our own." Samantha nuzzled Jennifer's cheek with her nose and Jennifer could feel the warm breathing on her skin which made her blush again. "Well, I don't know if I... wait a minute.. did you said *she*? I didn't know you swing that way." said Jennifer. "We couldn't talk properly before. I'm really happy that we are now able to really talk with each other." Samantha leaved the Department store with Jennifer in her arm and walked to a nearby car. She sat the shopping bags down and opened the door to the back seats first. She then proceeded to sit Jennifer in and strapped her down. Jennifer tried to protest and tells her she could do this on her own. But Samantha ignored her and soon she was safely seated for the drive home. Jennifer considered to just open the belt and run away, but she was in the middle of the city and she would never make it out. But if she don't run, she would end up being adopted by her former Pokemon. She decided to take the risk as Samantha was putting the shopping bags in the luggage space. She opened the belt and door of the car and started to run... she didn't came far as she noticed her feet didn't touched the ground any longer. A Gallade with blue glowing eyes and raised arm came over to her. She could see he wore some kind of uniform. On his chest was a badge with the initials HAA. "And where do you think you are going, young lady? It's not nice to just run away." He said and carried Jennifer in his Psychic grip over to Samantha who watched the whole thing with an disappointed look. He hold her in his grip and asked Samantha: "Is this your daughter, ma'am? I found her running away from your car." Samantha still looked disappointed at Jennifer and the girl felt actually a little bit guilty for just running away. "Yes. This is my daughter. Or more like, she will be once we make it official. She is actually my former trainer and I found her in the department store today. Disguised to look like she was already adopted and buying supplies for, what I assume, a longer travel." Samantha explained. "And after discovering that she isn't adopted, you decided to adopt her?" asked the Officer. Samantha nodded and answered: "Yes. As I said, she is my former trainer and always took good care of me. And now I want to do the same for her. But it seems, she is still a bit scared about the adoption. I can't really blame her. It is a bit weird that Pokemon take care of humans and that will not change for a while. But I'm confident she will come to like it with time." The Officer smiled and looked back to Jennifer: "You can be happy to have a mommy like her." He then carried her over to Samantha who took her in her arms and cradled her before sitting her back in the car-seat and fastened the belt. "You can come over at the HAA office to make the adoption official. I will call them and they can prepare the needed papers. It shouldn't be a problem for you adopting her." said the Officer and walked away. Samantha thanked him and sat in the driver seat. She turned around and looked at Jennifer who was looking unhappily out the window. "Jennifer..." started Samantha, "I know you don't like the idea of being adopted. But I really just want to help you finding a place in this new world. And sorry for being so blunt but... it will never be like it was. We Pokemon have won the War. We did it BECAUSE we care about humans." Jenifer still looked out the window. Samantha continued: "Just think about it. What does you have when you run away in the wild? Do you have a safe place to sleep? Fresh food? What is you get hurt?" Jennifer sighed. She know Samantha was right. But she still doesn't want to be just adopted by Pokemon and treated like a child. But for the moment, she doesn't really have a choice. Samantha sighed and said: "For whatever it's worth. I really love you. I promised myself that, when the war is over, I would definitely adopting you. I even send a request to the HAA to inform me when you are found. As I saw you in the department store, my first thought was to find your new parents and plead them to give you to me." Jennifer looked surprised to Samantha, who was now looking forward and starting the car for the drive home. It was a silent drive and Jennifer took the time to think about what Samantha said. The car came to a stop in front of a rather big two story house that was a bit outside from the city. Samantha got out firstly and opened the belt from Jennifer as she promised to not run away. Samantha took her on the hand and they got to the backside of the car where they uploaded the shopping bags. Jennifer wanted to carry her own bags, but Samantha took them from her and Jennifer soon found herself in the same position as in the Department Store, meaning, being carried in one arm by Samantha. They came to the door and Samantha put the bags on the ground to open the door. She got inside and into a kitchen to put the bags down. She then adjusted her hold on Jennifer to hold her a little bit more cradled while slightly rocking her while walking into the hallway. "Manda! I'm back! And I brought something special for us!" Called Samantha in the house. Jennifer blushed since she know exactly what Samantha meant with "something special". She heard another female voice answering: "I'm coming." Samantha looked to Jenny and said with a smile: "Ready to meet your other new mommy, sweetie?" Jennifer Chapter 2 To say Jennifer was baffled would be an understatement. Not only was she discovered by her own Pokemon that she wasn't adopted like the other trainers but her own Pokemon decided to adopt her! Jennifer looked back into the hallway as she heard footsteps (or was this paw steps?) coming closer. She saw a door on the side open and out came a Ninetales wearing a cute pink dress with a big white bow on the back. The Ninetales came over to Samantha and saw her holding the blushing girl in her arms. "Sam? Who is this little cutie? Are you babysitting again?" asked Manda the Ninetales with a smile as she tickled Jennifer with one of her tails. Jennifer couldn't resist and giggled as she tried to shove the tail away from her. Samantha giggled herself at the display before her and said: "Well... not really. You remember how I told you how I wanted to adopt my trainer?" Manda stopped her tickling and gave the girl some space to breath. She looked to Samantha and nodded. "Well, let me introduce you to our new daughter: Jennifer Fireflower." Samantha said with a hint of pride in her voice. Manda looked from the girl to her wife and back. "You mean... this is... and we will be..." Manda tried to say but stuttered. Samantha giggled at the stuttering of her wife and said with a nod: "Yes. We are finally parents to a really cute baby girl." The Ninetales stood there for a while without moving a muscle. Then a large smile crept over her muzzle and she yelled: "YES! We are PARENTS! I can't believe it! We really have a child of our own! Oh, I just know she will love it here with time. We can go to the Park to play, have cute tea parties with some Plushie's, oh and she will totally love all the cute outfits we have already prepared for her and..." Samantha chuckled, patted her on the head and said: "Let's not get overboard. We maybe should show her, her new room first. Then we can prepare dinner. It's already pretty late." Manda chuckled and blushed a bit: "Yes, I think you are right. What do you say, sweetie? You want to see your new room?" Asked Manda and brushed a tail lovely over Jennifer cheek. The tail felt soft and warm... "Like the touch of a mother..." thought Jennifer and just nodded. Overwhelmed by the amount of love she felt from them both. "Let's go then! We can already dress you for bedtime while we are there." said Manda and walked the hallway along followed by Samantha carrying Jennifer in a cradled position. Jennifer head laid on Samantha's chest and she could hear her calming heartbeat. She almost fell asleep, but a light chuckle and a stroking sensation on her cheek kept her awake. "Don't fall asleep yet, Jenny. We still need to show you your new room and dress you for dinner and bedtime." Said Samantha while stroking with the tip of her nose along Jennifer's cheek. Jennifer giggled a bit and said: "Hihihi. Your nose feels cold." Samantha giggled too and they both entered a dark room. Manda switched the light on and it took Jennifer a few second to adjust her eyes. What she saw, well, was actually exactly what she expected to see when she ever get's adopted by a Pokemon Family... It was a pink painted nursery room. With a large crib in one corner, a big Playpen in the middle filled with stuffed Pokemon dolls and some blocks and, what she feared the most, a large changing table standing at one wall filled with diapers and other baby-caring supplies. Samantha looked at the stunned face of her daughter and said: "I know this is a big change for you and you will not accept this new life right away. But I want you to know, we do this because we love you and want only the best for you." Jennifer was still stunned. She really didn't expected her own Pokemon would treat her like a baby. Samantha gave the stunned Jennifer a kiss on the cheek and carried her over to the changing table to lie her down. Manda already begun to get all the necessary supplies to put her new baby girl in a diaper. Jennifer came out of her stun as Samantha begun to undress her. "What are you doing? I don't need a diaper! You should know I'm already potty trained!" She screamed in anger at her Pokemon. Samantha kept undressing her and said: "I know, sweetie. But this is like starting a new life in this new world. And the best start is right from the beginning. This will be a new start for both, Pokemon and Human, together. We want you to life with us together as equals, as one family." Jenny was now sitting on the changing table with just her underwear and Samantha pushed her into a lying position. Jennifer resisted and kept sitting. Samantha looked to Manda for help and Manda used her tails to keep Jennifer lied down while Samantha now took Jennifer's underwear. Manda used another tail to move something in Jennifer's mouth. It was a Pacifier! Noticed Jennifer. "That will help to calm your nerves, hon." said Manda and kept the Pacifier with her tail in her daughters mouth. Jennifer moved her head from side to side, but the Tail moved with her and kept the Pacifier in place. She then noticed Samantha lifting her legs and moved a rather thick diaper under her bottom. As her legs came down again, she could feel the soft material and it was like lying on a cloud. She then could smell the baby powder that was spread over her lower body and heard the crinkling of the diaper as it was lifted between her legs and lied on her stomach. The ripping sound of the tapes signaled the finishing touch. She was now really back in diapers like a baby. But her new "mommies" were not finished yet. Samantha pulled something from under the table that Jennifer couldn't see and asked Manda what she thought. "I think that will be looking lovely on our little kit." she said. Jennifer thought about what they could mean as she suddenly felt how something was pulled over her legs and up to cover her diaper. She felt a little bump on her rear and soon Mandas tails loosed their grip and Jennifer was sat up on the table. "Now lift your hands, sweetie." Said Samantha and Jennifer know there was no resistance... for now... and lifted her arms. Samantha pulled a yellow shirt over her head and adjusted it before taking a step back and looking at her now dressed baby daughter. "You look just LOVELY darling!" said Manda. "Just like your mommy Samantha." Jennifer didn't know what she meant and looked herself over. The Yellow shirt and diaper cover pants had the same color like a Fennekin. Then she looked behind her and saw the pants had actually a little yellow plush pommel with a red tip attached to it. It looked really like a tail from a Fennekin! "Oh! But there is a little think missing. One moment." Said Manda and got another item from under the table. Before Jennifer know what happened, she had a Yellow bonnet on her head with two red plushies hanging on the side. Samantha took her from the table and cradled her in her arm as she moved over to a full body mirror in the room. "Just look sweetie. You are really adorable as you are. And we will make sure you are always safe with us." said Samantha and Jennifer looked in the Mirror. She saw Samantha in her dress and holding what looked firstly like a Fennekin. But Jennifer then noticed it was her! She wore a bonnet with a white Ribbon under her chin and two big puffy yellow ears on top with a red fluffy material coming out from it and hanging beside her cheeks. She looked like a humanized Fennekin!
  15. An Australian mommy

    I've been living in Australia for the past six months and lately it's kind of altered I fantasy mommy a bit. After seeing diaper commercials and just generally falling in love with the Australian accent, it's made me want to have an aussie mommy. The sweet sounding voice of an accent from far away as she whispers to me: "somebody needs a nappy change", I imagine her having a 90's look as well seeing as thats when I was a toddler and how I'd want her aesthetic to be. Maybe she's babysitting me and she lived in a small house in a rural part of Victoria. I don't know but lately I've really just been fantasizing about have an Australian mommy change my diaper. How do you feel from this, has anyone ever given this any thought before?
  16. Mommy-AB Roleplay (mommy seeking)

    I am looking for anyone to do AB roleplay with me! This includes: Physically baby, mentally adult (whether that means in your thoughts or vocally) aka Magic transformation of some sort Adult mentally regressing / Adult using it as a stress reliever I don't do sexual stuff I do however, give cuddles and love to my baby! I am also into forcing adults into babies. (Kindly, of course c:) Here are some scenarios to get your creative juices flowing: 1. Friend comes to me looking for stress relief 2.Son/Daughter needs to regress (middle school age and up) Also, mention if it will be a mutual "babying" or forced/trapped
  17. cupcake apron 2

    From the album Mamma Rose's pictures

    This is my favorite apron and the one I wear the most. I am surprise I haven't put any picture of it up yet!
  18. New Momma

    Im looking for a baby girl around my age who needs a mommy. 18-27 preferred. Must have a skype acc. Just want someone as new to this as i am.
  19. Note this is just the introduction. I've written more but I only got to type out this today Intro: The odd thing about me is that even though I have secrets, I am still important. They always say, “Everyone has some skeletons in their closet.” And I suppose my skeleton is my my fetish. It doesn’t affect how I work, go to school, etc, it is simply a fetish that I do when I have some “private time” alone. Which is rare. For most, it is a secret that no one would even think I had. Only a few people know, and some probably don’t even remember or tend to forget. My mom knows, and she doesn’t care or judge me. My dad found out, but he doesn’t take it seriously and he’s forgotten about it since I haven’t worn recently. It’s unnoticeable to most, and that’s the best part. Two of my friends know about it, but not because I told them and I have really no idea how they found out. Supposedly my first friend found out by the other friend, though I had never told them previously anything about my fetish. The first one I told a white lie and said, “I don’t do it anymore…” But it wasn’t a complete lie because I hadn’t done it in a while. I wasn’t able to indulge and be me, an AB/DL, a diaper lover. Yes, that is what I am. I started off as a diaper lover, but ended up enjoying the baby stuff, pampers, baby clothes (I had a couple of things, but now just have a couple again, ended up replacing my baby dress for a nightie). Of course, the only person that “takes care of me” is me. And I know for those who may read this and are not AB/DL people, I have to clarify because some that don’t know what an adult baby diaper lover is, they are someone who wants to dress or act like a baby or wear diapers and baby clothes, depending on the person. AB/DL are not pedophiles, or attracted to children. Even on Ab/dl websites that is usually listed as a disclaimer so if you happen to stumble upon one of these sites, you know the difference. I’ve been told I look young, but not like a child. I’m a typical abdl, for the most part-the ones you see on TV are extreme versions of the fetish, who most likely did it to become famous. A few celebrities have explored the Ab/dl fetish (most likely the same reason that the extreme Ab/dls that appear on TV). It’s kind of sad, because it gives most of the people in the fetish a bad name. Not crazy. I identify as a Little Girl/Adult baby. I doubt there’s a “Kinsey Scale” for ABDL, and while it can include other fetishes such as spanking, s and m, etc, I do not use any of that. I have this fetish, but it’s not really sexual for me. It’s….sensual and feels right. Like I feel like I belong when I do it. Hard to explain. I’m telling a story-based mostly on some dreams and some thoughts.
  20. Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm Myka and I three. I looking for a mommy and daddy to take care of me. I'm sweet but can be naughty at times. Mommy and daddy must be firm but loving, kind, patient, and must love cuddles!!! I live near Cape Coral and fort Myers area. If that's you please message me.
  21. Chapter 1. At 22, Jody had finally finished a two year business course at the local college. After finishing high school Jody had taken a year off and worked in a small factory. The money was not the best but it was enough to pay the rent. Jody had been working days and going to night school. She had taken out a loan to pay for the course and now that she was done, she was hoping to find something better then working in the factory. Three weeks went by and Jody was still looking to get out of the factory. It was not that the factory job was all that bad, she just knew that she did not want to be there for the next forty years. Jody would go every night to the library and use the computers. She could not afford internet. There seem to be nothing that interested her in her town. Jody finally decided that she needed to widen her job search, Jody came across a job listing for a receptionist at a Doctor's office. Jody thought that this might be a good start for her. The listing had a link that Jody clicked on. It explained what the job entailed and that she just had to fill out a application form. Jody started the application. Height 4' 7". Weight 88lbs. After filling in all the information and reading back through, making sure she did not leave anything out or misspell anything she was satisfied. Looking back for a third time Jody thought that having to put her height and weight down was a little strange. She had not filled out that many applications, but she could not recall having to put that information in before. Jody hit "accept" and crossed her fingers. Jody went on to her Facebook page before leaving the library. It did not take her long to scroll through Facebook. Seeing that it was getting late, she logged off and headed back to her apartment. 35 year old Family Doctor Susan Wells looked through the dozen or so applications she had received during the night. The only one that caught her attention was that of one of Jody Martin. Doctor Wells went directly to Facebook and looked her up. When she found Jody's picture she quickly yelled, "Kim, can you come in here? I think I found her!" 32 year old Nurse Kim Smith came through the office door and walked around the desk, placing her hands on Susan's shoulders. "Oh my goodness. She's a cutie pie!" Kim said with excitement. Kim started to massage Susan's neck and shoulders. "Is she from around here?" Susan was enjoying the massage she was receiving from her girlfriend/employee. "No. She's from a little town just outside of Ottawa. Well, what do you think?" "I think she is perfect. I love her dark hair. It's like mine. What is she, like 18?" "Believe it or not, she is 22." "I thought I was being generous saying she was 18. Take that makeup off and I think we could enrol her in the 4th grade." Kim laughed and Susan joined in. Susan and Kim have been together for 8 years. They have been trying to adopt the past couple of years, but have had no luck. Even though Susan is a Doctor, being gay seem to make adoption almost impossible. Over dinner last week Susan had mentioned to Kim that since adoption seemed to be out of the question, maybe they should go about it another way. At first Kim thought Susan was crazy, but after a long dinner and a few glasses of wine, Kim was all for it. Last year they had bought a large victorian home in Waterloo. It had taken 4 months of construction to get the downstairs ready. They had built a waiting room and 3 examination rooms, along with an office for Susan. The women moved into the upstairs of the house just months ago. Everything was going great for the couple. Their house was perfect and their relationship was better then ever. The only thing missing from both their lives was being able to care for a young child. Jody was sitting in the cafeteria at work. She had just opened up her cooler bag when her cheap cell phone rang. "Hello" "Hello. May I speak with Jody Martin please." "This is Jody Martin." Dr. Wells was sitting in her office and Kim was standing beside her. They had Jody's Facebook page open, looking at her profile picture. "Jody, this is Dr. Susan Wells. You filled out our online application and I just had a few questions." Jody was surprised. She had just filled out the application last night. "Uhm....Sure." is all she said. "Jody, I really like what I see here. I was just wondering if you know that my office is in Waterloo. I see that you live around Ottawa." "Yes Ma'am. I realize that." "Okay. So you would have no problem moving away from your parents?" "No Ma'am. My parents are divorced and neither of them live around here." Jody's parents had divorced when Jody was only six. She lived with her mother until she was 18 and when Jody finished high school and started her job at he factory, her mother moved out to Alberta. Even though Jody was an only child, she never really got along all that well with either of her parents. She had not talked to her mother in months. Both Kim and Susan smiled. They knew that if their plan was going to work, they did not need any interference from a family member. "Sorry to hear that Jody. Any siblings that might be upset if you came to work for me?" "No Ma'am. I don't have any brothers or sisters." Susan smiled again. "If I decided to hire you, when do you think you would be available to start?" Jody was shocked to hear that. Could it be true? She looked around the cafeteria at all the people sitting eating their lunch. People of all ages. She focused on a lady that looked to be in her fifties. Jody knew that she did not want to be working there when she was that old. "Uhmmm..I guess anytime." "Oh that's great. How about I call you back around 5pm tonight. Would that be okay?" "Sure. That would be great." Jody said, hardly able to contain her excitement. "Okay. Talk to later tonight. Bye." "Bye." Jody ended the call and placed her phone into her pocket. Looking around the room once again, she smiled wide. She could be out of here shortly, she thought. Susan turned to face Kim. "Well? What do you think?" Kim was smiling ear to ear. "What do I think? I think we need to get working on getting everything ready for our little girl." Susan stood up from her chair and reached out and hugged Kim. "I think you're right. I will make some calls." The two women hugged and kissed. "To bad we have more patients this afternoon. I would love to take you upstairs for a while." Kim said, grabbing Susan's tight butt. Susan moaned a little and moved her hips into Kim. "Tonight for sure."
  22. cupcake apron 1

    From the album Mamma Rose's pictures

    This is my favorite apron and the one I wear the most. I am surprise I haven't put any picture of it up yet!
  23. agreement (open)

    This role play is about a adult girl who has agreed to become a baby for a couple that can not have any children.