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  1. https://incontroldiapers.com/mega-inspire-adult-diapers/ anybody tried these yet? I am curious how these feel and do they hold up like the trest but have always loved rearz Any body else excited as me for these?
  2. Rearz's new Critter Caboose Adult Diapers, medium size, A Review is completed. This is a purchased review and not a compensated item review. (If you are a manufacturer of another brand and want a real world review please contact me, I would be glad to do one for you) I am NOT AB but have been a DL for several years... and now that I have MS / Multiple Sclerosis with urinary issues and use adult diapers near 24-7. I was looking at THEIR PHOTOS and saw the NEWER parameters on this adult diaper - WHICH ARE CIRCLED IN RED. More rear and side "coverage" and absorbency Now since I drive trucks, 8 hours + a day and then a personal car for medical specimen / organ donor runs another 6 hours + to and from other states a total of 14+ hr days.... I also have Multiple Sclerosis / MRI checkups on a quarterly to semi annual basis and need something to wear when the put me in the machine with sedation for 3 to 6 hrs that ddoesn't leak. I wanted to test THE FIT & absorbency ONLY in case Rearz carries this style, cut, and absorbency in WHITE. Rearz makes the Little Bella and Rearz Princess Pink Overnight Adult Diapers and the fit on those are super nice and DIFFERENT lengths and WORK GREAT most of the day and are SUPER for ALL night. My "GO TO Adult diaper" is their Rearz Inspire+ Nighttime Adult Diapers. But the "length" up to the waist bands is a tic shorter than the others noted above as well as the absorbency and "width in the crotch" Since this is an "OFF Weekend" I will be "beer testing" these. Critter Caboose Adult Diapers purchase link: https://rearz.ca/critter-caboose-adult-diapers/ 3 sizes available, Medium, New Large and X-Large Size - Medium ( 26"-46" - 76 cm to 102 cm ) ( MAX FIT: 26" to 47" ) reviewed below ( pending completion ) Size - New Large size ( 33"-42" - 84 cm to 107 cm ) ( MAX FIT: 32" to 52" ) Separate review coming later. Size - X-Large will not be reviewed by me. Those are wayyyy to big for me and no point in doing them for a review Their product description: A little adventure is just a train ride away with this adorable train of baby animals! This high definition, position printed diaper is sure to make you waddle into a one of a kind experience. Our thickest padding and highest absorbency yet it sure to delight even the littlest of littles. Boasting up to a 7600ml capacity, this diaper has the potential to bring you to your knees. Add in an overnight booster for the 10 litre experience. Each size features a different character on the butt. Medium features Tony the cute Koala, large features Angel the majestical Elephant, and XL features Snuggles the cuddly Panda. ..............................................................REVIEW IS BELOW................................... I put one on at 09:10 pm today - 09-17-2022 7.8 ounces dry weight 8.lbs 5.6 ounces soaked front to back Currently, Rearz has ALL of their disposable adult diapers on sale with free shipping on your order $25.00 and over. While it seems expensive at first look, I didn't want to get stuck with a whole bag of something I couldn't wear if they didn't fit right. I do have the NEW Large size review coming. First impressions: WOW. For a NON AB guy and a DL with MS........ this diaper ROCKS for FIT and FEEL. see photos with red circled areas and purple blue rectangles. For anyone who has a disability... and NEEDS adult diapers, that can see past the AB prints.. THIS ONE WILL WORK FOR YOU. I have worn other brands of adult diapers for YEARS. I have to say.... WOW. I am blown away on THIS Critter Caboose diaper. I will say it again... WOW. For a NON AB guy and a DL with MS........ this diaper ROCKS for FIT and FEEL. NOW.. .Rearz: MAKE IT IN WHITE or a solid color, gray, or pick a solid color or a denim jeans print, Fruit of the Loom underwear print for us NON AB guys / ladies I have worn other Rearz adult diapers in the past and currently and liked them.... this was an easy purchase to do since I am an "In Between Size" the different size ranges was a long time coming. Looking PAST the AB style printing front and back: - (I wish Rearz and other manufacturers would do forest scenes or other nature prints for us NOT INTO the AB prints) Even if Rearz brand did SOLID colors.... Light or dark gray LOOK LIKE UNDERWEAR with the fly or no fly or even denim jeans prints ( yes there are adult diapers out there that are printed like cutoff jeans, I KNOW, I OWN THEM ) I took an overall look at this and while the leg gathers are nice and not too tall, "this doesn't seem flimsy to me" as other "cheaper brand diapers" DO. These are a medium range leak guards. I have seen TALLER ones. After all, 7600 ml capacity, it's at least 6x as better than the drug store brands will be... and almost double what other ABDL brands I wear are at. It IS a plastic backed adult diaper with the "clear plastic fastener / tapes landing area" - is shiny plastic ...but a matte finish super smooth backsheet like the last of the all white Pampers were in the late 80s were. I REALLY LIKE the feel of the backsheet. ................Edits coming below............. After putting one on, I found out 3 things. WOW. Very thick diaper in the center. I ALREADY love this diaper (minus the print). You CAN put these diaper tapes on SUPER TIGHT, the fasteners / tapes did not pop or pull off the base of the diaper, but snug works well, using the stick and rub down method on them. Also.... IF YOU ARE AN in between size like I am, their S/M (26"-46") fits.... TIGHT. be sure to NOTE this FEELS smaller than their (Rearz brand) other mediums. Might be due to the VERY THICK core in the crotch. WOW. As a DL... I AM HOOKED. Too bad its not in white or a neutral solid color or non AB print Waistband feels a tic shorter than their (Rearz brand) other medium other adult diapers. I did notice that about 20 minutes after putting the diaper on, ...... the backsheet or whole diaper "relaxed" Three beers in a large convenience store cup .... tests start NOW. 9:18 pm 09-17-2022 4th, 5th, 6th beers in a large convenience store cup ....11:38 pm 09-17-2022 7th, 8th, 9th beers in a large convenience store cup ..... 227 am 09-18-2022 First wetting / flooding: 11:20 pm, after 3 beers, wetting the diaper is NOT an issue AT ALL Second wetting / flooding: 11:44 pm... sitting down writing this review, in a sitting position, still does not have any issues taking in all of the wetting Third wetting 12:38 am... sitting down writing this review, in a sitting position, 2nd time and it still does not have any issues taking in all of the wetting, but swells up 4th wetting but really a heavy flooding: 12:38 am... sitting down watching tv....the whole front of the diaper is now wetted, but swells up more... close to the crotch, but not past the crotch 5th wetting / flooding: 1:42 am... sitting down watching tv. I got up to get another 2 or 3 beers...the whole front of the diaper is now VISABLY WET borderline SOAKED, but swells up more... close to the crotch, but not past the crotch. ( Note: time dated photo ). The "wider feeling crotch" is taking over.. a true DL's or AB's love of a diaper?? - who knows but it IS NOTICABLE NOW that the crotch and front is stiff and wider than any other adult diaper. NO SAGGING and BAGGING here. 6th wetting, 1:42 am... sitting down watching tv.... front is NOW totally soaked and starting to creep into the crotch. Crotch is wider, harder with the wetness SAP taking over. 7th wetting 2:32 am... sitting down watching tv.... front is NOW totally soaked and now past the crotch area into the back of the diaper. Crotch is wider, harder with the wetness SAP taking over. 8th wetting/ flooding: 3:12 am... sitting down watching tv.... the wetness is going straight down into the back of the diaper... spreading into the seat of the diaper 9th wetting / flooding: 4:31 am... sitting down watching tv.... the wetness is going straight down into the back of the diaper... spreading more into the seat of the diaper Note: the diaper is now getting to the point of starting to slide down away from my hips as I got up to make coffee. 10th wetting: 5:44 am... sitting down watching tv.... the wetness is going straight down into the back of the diaper... spreading more into the seat of the diaper Note: the diaper is now getting to the point of saturated and IS NOT FALLING APART OR CLUMPING. 11th wetting: 6:17 am... sitting down writing the final updates.... the wetness is going straight towards the seat/ back of the diaper and is completed soaked front to back. Would I buy them again? ... yea if they were without prints Would I get more for my stash? Not with any AB style prints... anything white or NON AB ..... with these parameters. ... YES I WOULD... I like what I see and feel in my hands.. now ..to wear one... use it... New "large size review" is ae also coming. Thank you for reading. Anyone from another adult diaper manufacturer's - want to contact me for a real world review, please do. I would be glad to.
  3. While waiting for a streamer to start, uh, streaming, I made a short of me bopping along to his intro music. Apparently I had forgotten what was on my desk at the time but I bet a few eagle eyed viewers will see the Rearz Mermaids sitting in plain site. Thus far, no one from that streamers' fanbase has said anything and I have no intention of taking the video down.
  4. This has probably been discussed but I can't find it so I will ask again. My first attempt at ordering diapers was a rearz sample pack size large which said Large - 33'' - 50'' and they felt sort of big. I am a 36" waist so I was wondering if I should have tried the medium which is reported to be 30'' - 40'' Waist.Thanks for any feedback or comments.
  5. From the album: evilengine's diaper packs

    It's been a while since my last stock, I figured I'd treat myself this time. I maaaaaay have over done it =I ABU Simple Ultra x2, Tykables Lil Rawrs, Rearz Safari, Rearz Barnyard, Rearz Dinosaur
  6. Okay, so I've tried using RearZ contact form a couple of times before and never actually gotten a response through it. When that didn't work, I followed their suggestion and sent them an e-mail only to never get a reply to that. I'm looking into ordering some of their custom printed diapers, and I want to make sure that they can work with the design I put together that has 3mm of bleed room around the edges. I obviously can't get an answer to this question (or tell them not to resize the image and to just chop off those 3mm as intended,) if they're never going to respond to attempts to contact them. While I've had no problems when placing an order and they definitely seem to have things together, I would like an answer to what I'm asking before I sink a small fortune into custom printed diapers. Also, if they're unable to receive my e
  7. Hi everyone! I recently made my first big purchase and bought an assortment of adult diapers! Yay. The only unfortunate part is that I bought them all in medium, and while they do fit they just are not very comfortable. I am hoping to trade them for a size up, or just sell them so that I may repurchase them for myself in a size up. I'll list what I have below They're all still in their bags, just opened with one or two missing per pack. 10 DC Amor in Medium 9 Dotty the Pony in Medium 11 Rearz Princess in Medium 13 Lil Monsters in Medium Rearz Barnyard UNOPENED in Medium Thanks for your time
  8. Does anyone else wear their Adult Baby Diapers to School/Work (Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc.) just because you want to? Or are you afraid that you will be discovered and go with more discreet pull-ups, and save the AB printed Diapers for home? Because I do it as often as I can and I've never been noticed, my jeans hide the crinkle so you can't hear it, and no one notices me wearing in the bathroom. (or if they do they don't care/say anything) Just curious?
  9. I recently received an email from rearz announcing an exciting partnership with the American breast cancer society and a pink version of the rebels style diaper. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are? Do you feel that this is an actual partnership or are they just going to donate part of the profits voluntarily? Do you feel the breast cancer society would align themselves with a company like rearz knowing there could possibly be a backlash?
  10. From the album: evilengine's diaper packs

    wooo, today is a good day. Peek ABUs, Little Pawz, Crinklz Aquanauts, and classic Rearz Safari.
  11. Has any one had issues with the price of products at Rearz changing after you placed your order? I bought a case of diapers last year and there was an issue. I don't remember what the support explained, it didn't make sense, but they fixed it. Now tonight I ordered a case that was listed as $125. for large diapers + 32 dollars shipping, and a 7 dollar pacifier. That should be around $165 about. Anyway, when I got my receipt, the the price of the case of diapers showed $158. The total of the order was $194.00. Why is the price always different when I order here?
  12. From the album: My Pictures

    These are just the pink diapers from my order
  13. Im finally roommate free and want to live my "little" life, Ive been thing about getting some training pants ive already got some dinosaur My First Training Pants from baby-pants on the way and am super excited but want more cute little boy options, i saw these in a video and want some if they aren't some custom super expensive thing. im also open to suggestions of other brands as im not seeing any options other then babypants or rearz safari
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