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Found 5 results

  1. Looks like they finally called it quits on a print I never tried(or could efford). When I first saw them, they seems like a swim diaper but was a regular diaper. No clue why it wasn't a swim diaper. Eather way I'm pretty sad I will never be able to try these on. Maybe as a collectors item perhaps?
  2. From the album My Images

    I got preoccupied chatting online and watching Cartoons..... but that's why I wear diapers!!!
  3. Okay, so I've tried using RearZ contact form a couple of times before and never actually gotten a response through it. When that didn't work, I followed their suggestion and sent them an e-mail only to never get a reply to that. I'm looking into ordering some of their custom printed diapers, and I want to make sure that they can work with the design I put together that has 3mm of bleed room around the edges. I obviously can't get an answer to this question (or tell them not to resize the image and to just chop off those 3mm as intended,) if they're never going to respond to attempts to contact them. While I've had no problems when placing an order and they definitely seem to have things together, I would like an answer to what I'm asking before I sink a small fortune into custom printed diapers. Also, if they're unable to receive my eā€“mails for some reason, (I can't imagine why that would happen as I've received no indication that this is the case,) they won't be able to receive the file with the design in it to begin with. If anyone has had better luck with their customer service form or e-mail contact, I'd love to know. I'm not sure how else I can attempt to contact them though.
  4. http://www.cooshietooshiez.com is now open and available to take orders for Rearz products shipping from the USA which means DISCREET SHIPPPING. Get your order in now!
  5. I recently was on www.rearz.ca and saw that they had two diapers they have branded their own: "Inspire" and "Spoiled". The "Inspire" diapers appeared to be similar to Biancos / ComfiDry 24/7s. The "Spoiled" ones appeared to have colored footprints all over the diaper. I was intrigued, so I ordered some from them. So here's a quick review: Delivery from Canada to the US was fairly fast -- I ordered them on the 7th, and I got my order on the 12th. However, the box was beat up all to hell, and was massively retaped (although none of the contents were visible). Rearz may want to invest in better boxes. Inside the package, the diapers were undamaged. I first tried the "Spoiled". The colorful footprint design all over the diaper is cute without necessarily being babyish, so that can be a plus for some. It worked as well as most of the quality diapers out there now (Bambino, Fabine, ComfiDry 24/7), and was a comfortable diaper for overnight usage. The next night I tried the "Inspire". Very similar to a Bianco, although putting them side-by-side, the "Inspire" seems to be slightly more compact; closer to a ComfiDry 24/7, but I don't have one to compare it to at this time. It was also a comfortable diaper for overnight usage, and worked as well as other quality diapers work. Obviously the price for these is higher when they have to ship to the US, so I wouldn't recommend them for regular usage in the US. And the price of the "Spoiled" is higher due to the print, so I wouldn't recommend them as an everyday diaper unless you have money to burn. But they are both excellent diapers, and I'd recommend anyone in Canada to give them a try. For those of us in the US, consider getting some if you have a little extra cash to spend. They're a little bit cheaper right now, as the exchange rate is about 15% in favor of the US Dollar -- in other words, $100 in US Currency is worth $115 in Canadian Currency. So factor that in when ordering from Rearz.ca.