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  1. “Baby, did you just pee pee in your pants?” Baby had just taken a fat rip from her pen which always made her cough. Even before she had become Mommy’s baby, she had always had a bit of a problem holding it. “I can see the dark splotch on your big girl panties. Don’t lie to Mommy” “I’m sorry Mommy” Baby always hated it when Mommy made her wear diapers. The squishy wet feeling always made her big girl parts tingle, but Mommy rarely lets her cum these days. Mommy grabbed baby’s crotch firmly. “It’s wet.” Mommy said, lifting Baby from the bed to look at the sheets below her. “If you want to act like a baby. I can treat you like a baby.” Mommy went over to the diaper table and reached into the laundry hamper underneath it, pulling out a few big cloth diapers and plastic pants. Baby would be needing something particularly secure for the punishment she had in mind. “Mommyyyy” Baby whined. “You will strip the bed and wash the sheets. You will be allowed to finish peeing in the toilet. While you’re in the bathroom, take off your clothes. Then you will come back and do whatever I tell you to. Understood?” “Yes mommy” Baby went off to the laundry room, and Mommy went to gather a few more supplies. She peed in the toilet, knowing it was probably the last time she would be doing so for a while. Baby walked through the hallway dreading what would come next. Mommy pointed down at the ground and snapped. “Babies crawl” Baby got down on all fours, desperately trying to think of how she could please Mommy enough that the punishment would be short. She also hoped it wouldn’t impact her allotted one orgasm a week. She made sure to arch her back seductively as she crawled, flaunting her wide hips. “You silly little slut” Mommy chuckled. “You think you can avoid the worst of it through wiggling your cute little ass?” She patted the diaper table. Baby hopped up. Crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. “Lay down.” She restrained Baby’s hands and feet, securing them to the changing table. Mommy did not look pleased. She set the first diaper underneath Baby’s plump bottom, wrapping the fluffy white fabric around Baby’s waist. She repeated with two more thick overnight diapers. She finished it off with a frilly pink pair of plastic pants. Next, she undid her hand restraints, grabbed Baby’s hands, and put them into baby pink leather mittens, locking them closed with a padlock. Baby groaned. “Oh yeah?” Mommy sneered. She pulled open a drawer on the diaper table and produced a harness gag. She buckled the gag behind Baby’s head and under her chin. “Babies who aren’t potty trained don’t get to talk.” She picked up Baby and brought her over to the big rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. “Lay over my lap” Mommy began to smack the backs of Baby’s thighs, quick hard blows that stung. Baby fussed through their gag, probably worsening her chances of Mommy being soft on her. Mommy reached into the toy box and took out a paddle. “Crawl over to the bed and lay over the edge slut.” Baby complied. She winced at each stroke of the paddle as her thighs reddened. She knew Mommy would only stop once there were bruises. Once Mommy finished that part of Baby’s punishment, she grabbed some clothespins and fixed them to Baby’s nipples. This was not hard to do. The punishment had clearly excited Baby, who hadn’t cum in a week. Baby squealed as each clothespin pinched her. Mommy put her hand in Baby’s diaper and felt that it was already wet. Baby had a very overactive bladder and couldn’t hold it during the spanking. “Glad I put you in those diapers.” She squeezed Baby’s crotch lightly, her engorged clit aching at the attention. Brushing up against the soggy diaper was quite stimulating already. “Bad girls definitely don’t get to cum, and you’ve been very bad” Mommy said. “I’m not even sure you deserve diaper changes.” Baby made a muffled protest through her gag. “We’ll see.” She attached a leash to the locked collar she kept Baby in at all times, leading Baby to the big rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. “I’ll be right back” She tied Baby’s leash to the rocking chair and went to the kitchen to fill a large baby bottle with water. Mommy removed Baby’s harness gag. The ball was dripping with spit, and Baby had a long string of slobber dripping down her chin. “You messy little slut.” She wiped the drool off and then gave Baby a light slap on the cheek. She sat down in the rocking chair and cradled Baby in her arms, putting the bottle up to her lips. “Drink that all up Baby. We don’t want you to get dehydrated. I want those diapers nice and full.” Baby relaxed onto her Mommy’s chest. She loved the gentle softness of her breasts. They were such a stark contrast to her disciplinarian nature. Baby obediently suckled on the bottle until all the water was gone. She imagined it was Mommy’s nipple. “I have work to do. You’ll be a nice foot stool for Mommy.” Baby crawled behind Mommy over to the office and went to her spot under the desk. She felt some pressure in her bladder and tried to hold it. There was no knowing when she would be changed. Mommy sat down and propped her feet up on Baby’s back. Baby listened to her clacking on the keyboard and tried not to think about how badly she wanted to let go and wet her diaper. An hour passed and Baby had definitely lost the battle against her bladder. The warm wet diaper was causing other problems. Her clit throbbed, and she couldn’t help but squirm a bit. A sudden blow to the back of her thighs from Mommy followed. “Footstools don’t squirm” Another hour passed. Baby was positively dripping. Her knees hurt from kneeling on the hard floor for so long. Her wrists were sore from supporting her weight. Mommy’s feet dug into her back. She could think of nothing but her lust for Mommy, the pleasant feeling of her pissy diaper against her cunt, and the searing pain in her nipples from the clothespins. “Alright, I’ve done enough work. Time for your nightly edging.” (to be continued)
  2. The Trinket By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Hunter Chapter One The Will Hunter sighed as his mother, who he was currently on the phone with, continued to drawl about the contractual obligations he now had to abide by. His great aunt, or now his late great aunt, had left him a few things in her will that came with a few specific rules. The fennec fox had barely known her, other than seeing her at a Christmas party and once during Thanksgiving when he was very young. She was not really even his aunt, being an in-law and a cheetah to boot. He had heard a few stories about her, some from his mother who had always spoken about her with a degree of awe mixed with disapproval. Whether or not she was even really his aunt in-law was in question sometimes, but her presence in the family was nevertheless appreciated, if not coveted. She had been an Egyptianologist, but not the kind that mostly stays on the campus of a university. Accused several times of being no better than a bounty hunter with a college degree, she would often beguile whoever cared to listen at the taverns and bars she was often found at about her great adventures in the middle east. There were usually many stories told and drinks bought during such evenings. Her alcoholism aside, she had apparently kept up her taste for adventuring into abandoned tombs and caves right up until the very end. They never recovered her, but enough time had passed where her body had been declared lost and her vast collection of artifacts reclaimed by the museums and universities. Judging from their hasty reclamation of such items, they had been waiting for exactly such an opportunity as her disappearance. They had claimed most of the artifacts, at least. “So like, dumb it down for me a bit, Mom?” Hunter asked, a slight note of exasperation coloring his tone of voice as one of his large ears flicked to the side in irritation. It was his mother’s turn to sigh, which was followed up by a response. “You just can’t sell any of the stuff. You’re supposed to keep it as if it were a family heirloom. There’s some evidence to support that this does belong to us give or take a hundred generations.” Hunter replied back. “Right, don’t sell. Just keep it. Anything else?” “Not until they go through the rest of her possessions and check her records. You might be getting some money too, but that’ll take a while.” Right… After the state takes its hefty cut… Hunter thought to himself, but he did his best to keep his sense of sarcasm out of the conversation. “Great, thanks Mom.” “Of course honey, was there anything else you wanted to know about Auntie Tare?” Hunter, knowing that this would probably prolong the conversation for another good hour, shook his head before realizing that his mother could not see his reaction. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Hrm… No, no. I think I’m good for now, still… Processing and all that. I’ll talk to you later Mom.” “Okay sweetie, let me know what’s in the box. It looks mysterious!” “Yeah, I will. Love you Mom.” “Love you sweetie, bye bye now.” The line went silent, and Hunter put his phone down on the table with a sigh of relief. As silence enveloped the apartment, interrupted only by the soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, the fennec’s gaze drifted over to the box that sat in front of him on the dining room table. The word that could describe the wooden container could only be described as ornate. Carvings of Egyptian hieroglyphs laced with what he suspected was gold lining on the borders of the miniature crate gave the appearance of a most valuable item being stored inside. The wood had been treated with oil, and with great care as well. Part of him wondered if the box might be empty, as the container itself looked relatively valuable. Whatever it was, he was not surprised that his aunt had mentioned that he was not allowed to sell it. I’d probably make a pretty penny off of it too… Hunter mused to himself, as he pushed his chair back and stood up, only to crouch in front of the box in order to more closely examine its decor. He was not literate in Egyptian hieroglyphs, nor was he particularly interested in learning more about them. History had always bored the little fox, and despite having a renowned, though estranged, Egyptologist in the family it never sparked the same fascination and excitement as it did in Aunt Tare. Well, might as well have a look then. Reaching forward, he undid the clasp on the front of the box and pushed the lid open. Its hinges worked silently, and Hunter immediately noted that the entire inside of the box was laced with a vibrant, purple velvet. Amidst the swathes of cloth, Hunter beheld a palm sized brooch made of a mixture of dulled copper and gold. Marveling at it, the fennec’s eyes widened as he scanned its surface. The fennec picked it up with a paw and noted its significant weight. Equipped with a pin which Hunter presumed was intended to keep a cloak around a traveler’s shoulders, Hunter turned the brooch over and let out a surprised breath. The ornament had been placed upside down in its container, and it was studded with several small jewels with one large piece in its center. Peering closely at them, it took Hunter a moment to realize that they were opals. In the center of the metal disk, the largest of the opals was oval in shape. It gleamed as if freshly polished when it caught the last of the afternoon sun streaming from Hunter’s half shuttered window. A small scratch in the center of the opal was the only blemish on the piece, revealing the rainbow colored insides of the gem that refracted in ever changing patterns of color as he turned it over. Strangely, despite the fact that it had been sitting in the box ever since it had been delivered to his doorstep inside of its own, discrete cardboard container, the brooch was warm to the touch. And it felt like it was getting warmer. “It’s… pretty…” Hunter said lamely, to no one in particular. His initial curiosity had been sated, and he was now coming to the conclusion that he really had no use for the gem-encrusted display piece other than to perhaps show it off for his friends. The more he thought about it, being the owner of such a valuable piece now might mean that he would have to take insurance out on it. Great… Another responsibility… The fennec thought grimly to himself. Hunter was about to set the artifact down, when the opal flashed catching his eyes. Blinking, he looked down at the gem and wondered if he had imagined the sudden luminescence that had come from the piece. Gingerly, he brought it back up to his eyes and peered closely at the scratch on the gem’s surface to see if he had missed some refractive angle inside of the opal’s crack. Seeing that there was nothing he could immediately detect, he placed the brooch back down in its comfortable bed, this time right side up with the opal facing the ceiling of his apartment. He thought about where he should put the box, glancing around his apartment and seeing now apparent free space where he might rest it. I’ll probably just chuck it into my closet or something… His stomach rumbled, reminding him that his mother’s phone call had caused him to miss lunch at a reasonable hour. Closing the box, he decided to put his inheritance out of his mind for the time being. Padding over to his closet, he picked out his jacket and fumbled the keys to his apartment out of the bowl they rested in. I’m kind of hankering for some chicken… He thought to himself, his mind already beginning to drift away from the strange set of rocks that were now his, now and forever. He did, however, check twice that he had locked the door to his apartment before bounding down the staircase leading to the lobby of his apartment complex.
  3. I'm really sorry for the delay on this one. I'm just trying to make everything perfect, and this doesn't feel perfect yet. But I'm probably as close to perfect as I'm going to get. I know this chapter is really short. I'll try to have a longer one up by next week, okay? Anyway... If you haven't read any Academy Works stories, there are five others in this universe. They are as follows: Academy I (Part 1), Academy B (Part 2), Academy T (Part 3), Academy K (Part 4), and Academy A (Part 5). You don't have to read any of the other stories to enjoy this one, but there are a lot of references and overlap. If you're in this for the long haul, and you want to know about the entire universe, I really do recommend reading this one after the other five. As always, you can support me at this Patreon link. Thank you for all the comments and likes over the past year, and I hope to finish this project soon! ~Mia~ --------------------------------- Academy M By Mia Moore "The just are blind to love, and the lovers are blind to everything else." -The Source Mistake One I flipped through the dossier. Of all the cases they wanted me to start with... "So?" "You're sure she's a candidate?" I asked. Eli nodded. He was the Academy's problem solver, and his first problem was the hardest one. How do we identify the candidates? "Judith Levin, age twenty-eight." "And she's been Touched?" I flipped the page. There was a picture on this one: a brunette with half-closed eyes and a faraway look. "Yep," Eli said, which was all that he had to say. If she'd been Touched and he was able to compile a dossier, that was proof enough. She didn't disappear. "So what am I supposed to do," I said sharply, snapping the folder closed. I entwined my fingers in front of me and leaned forward to meet Eli's gaze. He could intimidate anyone, but not me. I'd been working with him for far too long. "Keep her occupied. She's done her part, but she's still an Arcana. She's dangerous." Sure, keep her occupied. Eli was asking me to babysit God. "Why me?" I asked. That was the real question I wanted answered. "There are a thousand other people working here that could handle this." Eli smiled when he said: "She's into tall women." "Well, shit..." "No one is better than you, Maria," Eli went on. He was goading me, but he wasn't wrong. "Where is she?" I asked, entertaining the offer. "Academy B?" "M," Eli said flatly. "Wait, really?" “——— isn't taking any chances." "I guess not..." I twirled my hair in thought. If keeping Judith in line was really so important, then I might as well take on the extra responsibility. It would give me more leverage at the end of all this. "So you'll do it?" Eli asked. "I'll do it." "Good." And then Eli dropped the stoicism for just a moment to give me a smile. "You've got this." "I'm not worried," I said brightly, without a hint of dishonesty. But I should have been worried. I should have shown an ounce of caution, but my pride never let me make such compromises. Determination and commitment motivated me, and they would motivate me to oblivion. Judith Levin would be my downfall, and that cascade began when I accepted her as my responsibility. She was my first mistake.
  4. Hi everybody! As a long time lurker and even longer writer for my own enjoyment, I finally got the push to actually share something. It couldn't have been done without the help of some writer friends, /u/Sissybecky (r/abdlstories) who beta read and Clairanette (aka Clairacuddles on A03), talking to both of them for hours about writing. Check them out too! Scarlet is a young woman down on her luck. She has a broken heart, bank account, and sex life. Her luck finally seems to be changing when she is offered a job on the outher side of the country, and really has no option but to take it. But what she doesn't know about the city of Caulfield Valley may get her in trouble, like what her new boss, Emilia Kane, secretly does as a side hussle. a slowburn, long form lesbian fic that is very kinky and ABDL oriented. 1- so it feels real There is both terror and freedom in restarting your life. Not in a cosmic sense, but in the moving-across-the-country-and-leaving-everyone-you-knew-on-the-opposite-coast sense. That is where Scarlet found herself this morning. Eyes red from her jetlag, hair a mess from the uncomfortable seats, and a puffy-eyed death stare meeting her from the scratched bathroom mirror. Even with her fresh start, the fresh apartment, she was not ready for her first day at a new job in this new, unfamiliar city. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget. She wanted to go back to her home with—a pang of heartbreak through her chest interrupted the thought. That home was no longer there, and no one was waiting for her to come home. Instead, Scarlet let out a dejected sigh, opened the cardboard moving box that contained the toiletries that were not in her carry-on, and got in the shower. She was up far earlier than she realistically needed to be, to make sure she could wash her hair, shave her legs, and still have plenty of time for makeup and a relaxed cab ride to work. The pipes whined and hot water splashed her face as the new-ish utilities sprung to life. She focused on getting the sleep out of her eyes. She resented her own anxious, over-prepare-until-exhausted tendencies. Yet Scarlet knew that on mornings where she didn’t do this, she was late. It was part of why she’d lost her last position as a Library clerk. God, that feels like a lifetime ago. If I started taking those then…what if... Scarlet let the thought drift up with the steam, and focused on the rigorous maintenance that her curly, shoulder-length bob required. The rest of the shower went likewise. She would move on to some other form of self-grooming, only for another intrusive thought to appear, and she would do her best to let it roll off of her. By the time she was done, dripping into a towel and stepping out, she had gotten most of the self loathing scrubbed off. Scarlet turned to face the same mirror. She wiped the fogged glass with one pale hand, and the same dead-eyed look greeted her. Scarlet forced a smile, hollow but just enough to come across as courteous and eager, rather than like a retail worker who was dead inside. She had plenty of practice masking in this way. Her breakfast was a microwaved cup of coffee and protein bar, the leftovers from her flight. She’d have to go to the grocery after work. She ate just enough to then turn to her prescriptions, the small, resentful white triangles tasting bitter and frustrating, her knowing that it was a 50/50 on whether she would be vomiting before lunch. The three small blue estrogen pills had to melt sublingually, and wouldn’t upset her stomach. They did, however, taste like minty asshole as they dissolved under her tongue while she started her makeup routine. It went quickly, Scarlet’s old “professional” looks still in her head after years of rushed mornings where her mediocre nutrition and makeup routine battled for time. Her hands danced; brushing, patting, dabbing, blending, and setting at a quick but deliberate pace. This wasn’t Scarlet’s first time working places that made her tone down her looks and cover her smattering of artsy tattoos that criss crossed her arms. Her new boss had assured her however, that so long as she wore at least business casual and none of the tattoos visible were profane, no one would care. Simple enough to cover the guillotine on her shoulder blade or the shoddy stick and poke of her highschool bff’s band “The Fart Coffins” on the opposite blade. She only sometimes regretted that one out of any of the designs on her body. She finished with a modest amount of very neutral blush, and got up to dress in the outfit she had laid out the night before. A simple white blouse and black skirt, black tie, black flats. Should show a good first impression for a secretary of a legal office. She couldn’t help but roll the sleeves partially, however, showing hints and edges of her ink. Scarlet made sure her hair was dry, shook her head as a jolt of the last taste of estrogen left her mouth, and called for her cab. Just before leaving, she packed her purse, and heard an unfamiliar jingling at the bottom. Fishing through the myriad receipts, dust bunnies and half finished chapsticks, she finally found the culprit, and her heart dropped. A simple gold ring, with an inscription inside; Futile – the winds –/ To a Heart in port –The singular band was heavy in her hand, and Scarlet felt the heartbreak all over again. She wanted nothing more than to scream. She wanted to sob until her throat was hoarse, to wail in pain. She wanted to call her. Instead, she tenderly wiped the welling tear in one eye to preserve her mascara, roughly threw open the drawer to toss the precious bomb in with a clatter. The front door slammed and locked behind her. The cab hummed quietly as it rode down the dense city streets, and Scarlet focused on taking in the sites of tree leaves slowly changing color through the cab window. She was headed further downtown from her new apartment, and even still there were beautiful trees she wasn’t familiar with. This is exactly what I thought the East Coast to look like, and yet it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, she mused to herself. She was used to her hometown in the Bay, the palms and pines of the San Francisco and Oakland areas all she had made friends with until now. The trees were dotted in front of the tall downtown shops, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She took a picture every now and again, killing time until her quiet cab driver pulled over to a sidewalk. Scarlet smoothed her skirt, handed the man his fare and a tip, and stepped out in front of a small office building. Her flats echoed against the shiny, reflective tile as she followed signs and elevator directories to Kane Arbitration & Mediation Legal Services. The interior of the elevator shined, polished enough that Scarlet could see her own reflection. She took a moment as she rode to the fourth floor, using the reflection to adjust her skirt. She was so tall that no matter what she wore, it always eventually turned into a skirt shorter than intended, and that was the last thing she wanted to project on her first day. Once the soft fabric was in place, better resting on her hips and covering much of her long thighs, she noticed she had arrived. Scarlet swallowed, her nerves making it louder than she had wanted, and exited as the doors parted. Kane Legal was one of the only offices on this floor, and it didn’t take her long to find, but she paused outside the door anyway. She took solace in the fact her new employer wouldn’t be able to see her through the doors frosted glass. Scarlet had a moment to steady the shaking in her hands. There’s nothing left for you back there. This has to work. You have no other option. The thought was supposed to be comforting. She opened the door and recalled all the times that thought would light a fire in her—to ignite the contrarian and spiteful nature she had to anyone that doubted her. A year ago, this would have made her unstoppable…but the last year was harder than she could have ever predicted. The reception area of the office was nicely decorated, looking like the kind you’d see on a mid-budget daytime law drama. No one was at the desk that she assumed would be hers, so she tried to peer around a corner leading to what she assumed would be Miss Kane’s proper office. Sure enough, a door at the end of the hall was open and revealed a head of deep black hair peaking just over the top of a large computer monitor. Scarlet took a moment for them to notice her. In another life, Scarlet would have confidently marched into the office, head held high, with enough swagger to convince anyone that she owned this office. Now the poor girl stood there, shivering as her future awaited. The Scarlet of a year ago would have left this newer Scarlet behind, just like the one she cared about the most. She prayed this wasn’t some kind of test. “Excuse me?” She called out, causing the head to twitch, “I’m looking for Miss Kane?” The top of the head rose for a pair of eyes to see just over the top, and then a hand brusquely slid the monitor on a pivoting stand out of the way. Scarlet recognized her now, the telltale hazel, almost golden eyes and a striking streak of platinum blonde to one side having stuck with her since their video interview. “And you have found her.” Her voice merrily sang, reverberating down the tiled hall. She stood. “You must be Ms. Finch. I am so glad to finally get you out here. May I be the first to properly welcome you to Caulfield Valley, I hope your flight was smooth?” Scarlet was immediately put off balance, having to look up at someone for once. Even if Emilia Kane hadn’t been in imposing black heels, she would easily have three inches on the six feet even Scarlet. She effortlessly glided down the hall towards Scarlet, her hand outstretched. Scarlet met her, returning her’s for a handshake. The taller woman’s hands were so soft. “Ah, t-thank you, Ma’am.” She politely smiled, and decided to rest her hands on the strap of her purse so as to not fidget. “I appreciate that, it was a long flight.” She wanted to divulge how exhausted and sore she was, but held back. “That is such a shame.” Emilia twisted her mouth into a concerned frown for a moment, a hand grabbing her chin in thought. “If you ever need to fly for me again, I can make sure you have better accommodations. Thankfully, your first day probably will not be too demanding. I am hoping to simply get you familiar with the way I organize best and have you operating at full speed before my next big meeting in…,” She checked the date on her phone, pulling it from the breast pocket of her dark green suit, “-three days. Does all that sound good?” Scarlet sighed in relief. “More than good, Ma’am, I’m sure I can be up to snuff by the end of the day.” She was a tiny bit surprised by how confident she sounded. “Oh please, Ma’am makes me feel old.” She waved a hand as if shooing the notion away, “I know to most it is respectful, but I prefer ‘Miss’ or just Emilia if it is all the same to you.” She rested the same hand now on her hips, which Scarlet noted were surprisingly accented in this type of suit. She nodded in response, and Emilia gestured for her to sit in the chair behind the receptionist desk. The woman looked like she was off a runway, the two piece suit and platinum jewelry complimenting her intense eyes and the vibrant streak of silver- no, platinum blonde in her hair. The hazel of her eyes became almost amber-gold as the light from the windows caught them. When her new employer wasn’t looking, she shook her head to erase the thoughts. Scarlet couldn’t exactly be thinking about how attractive her boss was if she didn’t want to risk her new living situation. “—and your last employer said you were familiar with all of these programs, is that right?” The question snapped Scarlet back to reality as Emilia motioned to the open windows of the computer. “That’s right. All of this is right in my wheelhouse.” Scarlet affirmed, grateful that the job didn’t seem to have any sudden surprises. “And this looks like a pretty standard inter-office set up on the phones as well. Would you prefer a call or a ping on your computer when you have a call or a client?” She hoped the question would help make her seem competent and ‘a go-getter,’ something her father had told her once upon a time about starting a new job. “A call is fine unless I am already with a client. If I do not respond, you may call regardless.” Emilia said, a small smile of approval spreading across her red lips. “On the topic of clients, occasionally you are to sit in for meetings and you will be taking notes. These are legal matters and meet the standard of attorney-client-privilege. So it is vitally important you understand that anything you hear or write down in those meetings are confidential, but could end up under scrutiny if we were ever to be sued or subpoenaed. Are you comfortable with that?” “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Scarlet nodded, “To be clear, any notes I take are private between you and I unless that happens right? Like—” she kicked herself for her valleygirl filler word, and tried to recover, “a doctor? For example, I wouldn’t talk about this with anyone except you or the client, even during off hours?” Scarlet couldn’t lie to herself and say that didn’t make her anxious. Her understanding of the legal system told her there were a million and one ways to mess up proceedings if everyone didn’t know them ahead of time. The clarity would help alleviate that anxiety. “Exactly. We can talk about it informally outside of the office but we must use discretion. God forbid you run into a client at a bar, make sure neither of you are shouting without realizing. However you got the most important part. Good job.” Something inside Scarlet warmed at her new boss’s approval. Emilia’s phone lit up and began ringing in her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I have to take this,” she explained, grabbing a small packet from the top drawer of the desk, “Just answer the phone if any calls come in and start filling this out with your info so I can make payments and records and such. It will only take a moment!” Emilia walked back up the hall, closing the door of her office. Scarlet could hear her talking in a tone that sounded professional and even, but couldn’t make out anything specific. When Scarlet realized she could not eavesdrop, no matter how hard she tried to focus, she instead grabbed a pen from the desk and focused on the forms. They were typical of starting with any new employer: tax info, new address, signing agreements. Scarlet was sorely missing the over-designed packets she would receive on her first day at each of the oversized chain stores she had grown up working at. The kind that tries to convince the reader that “we’re a family here,” isn’t the same as “your boss will not give a single shit about you if you think for yourself.” They were always a riot to laugh at with her fellow cashiers, clerks, and baristas. Everything was astonishingly professional, and felt tailored to the tiny law office. The forms were of course up to every standard Scarlet was aware of, but everything appeared handwritten and then copied from a master document. The young woman marveled at the curves and loops that seemed so practiced, so official. Calligraphy as a hobby? Scarlet’s daydream was broken as the phone rang. Her arm sprung to life, grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. “Hello, Legal Offices of Miss Kane, how can I help you?” Her mind auto piloted the greeting, a tactic she’d learned as a young adult to perform before any social anxiety made her hesitate to answer. There was a silent beat, broken only by soft background hum from the receiver. A deeper voice finally spoke. “Oh, is Miss Kane not in?” “I’m sorry, she’s stepped away for another call. I’m the new secretary.” The professional mask came back to her like a second skin, despite over a year of disuse. “Can I take a message for you?” Scarlet offered. “Er,” The voice stammered for a moment, then clarified, “Yeah. Actually, you can tell her that I have to back out of Friday’s meeting, I won’t be rescheduling. She can keep the deposit. Goodbye.” Scarlet busied herself scribbling the note down. “Wait, I’ll need to tell her your name.” She tried to catch the man before he disconnected. It was too late, the line went dead. Scarlet took a confused look at the receiver before returning it to the cradle. She tried to imagine what would have someone behaving this way, but even her previous customer support and retail work did not track here. Scarlet merely blinked in confusion and returned to filling her new employment forms. She could hear the muffled speech of her new boss, not able to pick distinct words, only cadence. The forms were dull and simple enough, and before too long Emilia’s office door clicked open. Scarlet was finishing the bottom lines of the last page, hoping quietly to impress the imposing woman, as childish as that want may be. Emilia’s heels marked her approach down the hall, and Scarlet spun gracefully in her swivel chair to face her. “Did I hear a call come in while I was gone?” “You did, and I've got a message,” Scarlet tried her best to sound professional yet nonchalant, “your Friday meeting canceled, said to keep his deposit.” She looked up to Emilia to gauge her superior’s reaction. Emilia gave nothing but a solitary eyebrow twitch. “He didn’t leave a name and hung up…is that normal?” “Whether it’s normal or not, we get to keep the deposit for my time, and that’s what matters to me.” Emilia said, too hurried to be as casual. Scarlet decided to just let that slip.There was something going on here, but she would catch the intricacies of the client relationships soon enough. Emilia very pointedly avoided her gaze to check the time, and excused herself again. The rest of the day moved slowly, save for asking Scarlet for a coffee run in the afternoon, which turned into buying a cafe scone for Scarlet’s lunch as well. She busied herself with memorizing the upcoming schedule, the program, and the routine expected of her. She tried not to fidget as the caffeine had its way with her later in the day. The bouncing of her leg coincided with an increase in worry. Would she have another reaction to this medication like her last, and be unable to sleep? Would Emilia be angry that she wasn’t being proactive in some way? How was she supposed to know? She paused, trying to stop ruminating. She lifted her hands away from the keyboard. They were shaking, and she squeezed her eyes closed. When Scarlet opened them, they focused through her fingers, at the sticky note she had written down the message, and the smaller coffee order beneath it. Sighing, she wrote down the coffee order on her phone and on her desktop notepad. If she could do nothing, she would be constructive and prepared for the future. Her hands kept shaking for the remainder of the shift. Scarlet wasn’t sure if it was the anxiety, the caffeine, or her meds. She’d been so isolated until moving she hadn’t noticed if the shaking started then. Just past five, Emilia’s heels clicked down the hall, a smart designer purse over one shoulder. “Now, is there anything I can clarify before we leave?” Her voice sang again and the hall reverberated in tune with her voice like Brian Eno was behind it. Scarlet shook her head, smiling with her mask back on as she spun to face Emilia again. “Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ve got any questions yet.” Scarlet wanted to be sincere in thanking her, drop the facade and business-casual tone. Speaking without rehearsal tended to bite her in the ass lately. She squeezed her hands between her thighs to try and avoid any probing questions. Scarlet could only imagine suspicious and overbearing concern at best if her new boss thought there was something wrong with her medically. “Is there anything else I can help with? I’ve just been organizing your schedule and getting used to the layout in here all day.” She desperately wanted to get her groceries before it was too dark. “No thank you, Scarlet. You’ve already helped me enormously, you have no idea.” Emilia ushered Scarlet out the door, and locked it behind her. * * If one thing in the world could be counted on, it was chain stores being identical on the inside. Scarlet pushed an identically squeaky cart up identically packed aisles among indistinguishable brands. The only difference really seemed to be the accents. She approached bulk rice bags, hesitated, and drew out her phone with dread. Her meager bank account balance confirmed her fears, and she begrudgingly went for the generic. Other staples like cheap instant ramen and pasta followed suit. The sole splurge was the cheapest, sweetest, garbage brand of red wine she could find. Her cab ride was identical, save for the setting sun behind her. Purples and oranges and cotton-candy-clouds danced behind her, out of view, as she slowly sank her head against the cool glass of the window. At least the trees are still pretty. She raised her phone again to try and take a picture, but the camera went grainy in the growing dark. Her new apartment greeted her with the same lonely tone as when she first received the keys. It was cold, it was empty, the furnishings were bland and picked by the property management company. Nothing here was hers yet, save the stacked boxes of cardboard. Her tired arms carried the groceries to their appropriate resting places, and she cracked open the wine before settingling on the couch. Out of habit she reached for her remote, only to remember she didn’t have a TV yet. Sold for the moving expenses. Scarlet was so tired of sighing. She took a swig of wine, an old comfort that was basically a juicebox and rubbing alcohol that reminded her of being broke in college. She opened her phone, wishing for any stimulation. Her friends, (rather former friends) were still posting stories, still sharing their bad takes and inane jokes. She considered getting off the couch to do the same. It was all performative anyway, right? But the energy wouldn’t come when she called out for it. Another sip, and she swapped apps. Scarlet noticed the singular blink of darkness on her phone’s screen. “Please, you piece of shit. I really can’t afford you to die right now.” Her worries seemed unfounded, as the brilliant screen returned and the malfunction wasn’t replicated for the rest of the night. What was strange, however, were the kinds of new accounts she was being recommended as she scrolled her timeline. Now, Scarlet was no prude. She enjoyed fucking and her alone time as much as anyone. Estrogen and Progesterone even maybe had her hornier than the average. But her timeline wasn’t full of this much smut. She had friends in the sex work game, but she didn’t exactly like, share, favorite, reblog, or any other influencer verb their content. Another website breaking their algorithm again? Even if Dani did porn, she didn’t do this kind of porn. Morbid curiosity, and a slight increase in her pulse, beckoned Scarlet onward. Drawings, videos, and staged photos of women in things she’d only seen in racy HBO content. She didn’t even know what to call the more intricate…props…but felt herself linger on a clip of a woman riding a…pleasure machine plugged into the wall behind her. Scarlet’s face matched her namesake and she scrolled on. A woman sitting at a home office, the quintessential framing of every vlog you’ve ever watched. Finally somebody is fucking sane in this world. She clicked the video without even reading the caption, and the perky eyed labrador retriever of a woman began to speak. “Hi everybody! This is the Channel of O. SO!” The blonde clapped for emphasis. “You’re trying to learn about BDSM, and you have no idea where to start.” Scarlet’s eyes went wide, she took another sip, and watched the woman jumpcut and explain through terrible jokes. It was a trainwreck, steam engines exploding in her mind. It made her hot in the crotch. Scarlet finished her glass, finished the video, and poured herself another while going deeper to the woman’s personal channel. More videos, more introductory guides. Scarlet polished the second glass, and was too engrossed despite the initial impulse to cringe to even pour another. Her alarm rang to remind her to take the rest of her medication, pulling her out of her trance.How long had she been zoned out? It was eight thirty. Losing track of time like that wasn’t uncommon for her and this diversion was welcome. She resigned herself and went to go take another dose of bitter antidepressants and her dose of Progesterone. Once the poison was administered, she looked across her kitchen to the counter where she left her phone. It lay there, like a metal megalith, imposing despite being a little plastic rectangle. Scarlet had to gather her nerve just to walk across the room and lift the damn thing. Once it was back in her hand, she used shaking hands to unlock it. The Channel of O was still smiling up at her, and she felt her cheeks getting redder. Her glass of wine was forgotten as she brought her phone to her bedroom. She unboxed her duvet, and sat on the soft material as the video resumed. Scarlet was enthralled, soaking in every bit of knowledge she could. “There’s all kinds of different dynamics! You’re probably familiar with a ‘master/slave’ dynamic,” The blonde woman began, “but there’s also pets and owners, and even daddies, mommies,—” Scarlet’s pulse quickened,”—or more generically caregivers and littles! Sometimes that’s called ABDL if it involves diapers.” Scarlet felt her breath catch in her throat. Her fingers flew into a flurry, and a private internet search later, her phone was filled with images that made her heartbeat accelerate. Videos, drawings, and many, many depictions of adult women, with all their curves and freckles and other parts that excited Scarlet, in thick diapers. They ranged across all body types, and the infantile garb varied from plain white plastic to over the top patterns to evoke baby diapers. Scarlet continued to scroll, eyes wide in wonder and excitement. She finally stopped, a thumbnail capturing her attention like a punch to the gut and clicked the video. Scarlet’s mouth went wide, and felt herself starting to leak into her panties. A gorgeous, curvaceous woman was lying on her back, supple lips wrapped around the nipples of another woman, in nothing but a pastel colored diaper and delicate, lacy lingerie top. The tender moment evoked breastfeeding, save for the “mother” holding a massive vibrator against the woman’s…diaper. The “baby” of the couple was moaning, growing louder, and Scarlet felt a tent form under her skirt. Eventually, the “baby” was screaming, thrusting her hips into the massive sex toy, in time with cries of “Mommy!” Mommy’s smile was intoxicating. She was very clearly getting off just as much as her baby, her face painted a combination of maternal nurturing, hedonistic pleasure, ecstatic elation, and sadistic control as she began thrusting the enormous vibrator in time with her partner’s thrusts. It was obviously acting on the merit of pornography, but Scarlet couldn’t tear herself away. She allowed her hand to snake up to a nipple poking through her top. Scarlet realized her own arousal, and in embarrassment, closed the tab, flinging her phone to the edge of the bed like it was a dangerous spider. She flung the covers off, racing to the bathroom for a cold shower.
  5. So recently I have been engaging with Novel AI to generate ABDL stories, Well text adventures to be precise. I have really enjoyed them and thought I might post one as a story as well as the components I used to create it. The story itself will be posted raw and unedited, so it might not make perfect sense at times. I am also using the text adventure mode so it will often repeat my prompt in the body of the AI generated content. I am using as my base scenario, the plot from my older story Divorce proceedings. It is set in the diaper dimension. I really kept the inputs to a minimum. What I am looking for is: 1.) Tell me if this was enjoyable to read. 2.) Suggestions for inclusions in "Memory" and "Author's note" (I really did not know what to put in author's note) 2.) Suggestions for the "Lore Book" to better flesh out the Diaper Dimension. Thank you in advance for reading and for your feedback. Memory: Tags: diapers, ABDL, Femdom, hypnosis, forced regression, bondage, forced feminization Genre: erotic sci-fi thriller Synopsis: You are a male Little in your 20’s. Your wife, also a little, wants to divorce you, however she has decided that it would be better for you to be forcibly adopted by an Amazon which would leave her with all of your marital assets. She has after drugging you, dressed you up as an adorable sissy baby. She then intends to leave you in a public place where an Amazon may decide to make your their baby. You are trying to avoid being adopted and forcibly regressed into a baby. Lore Book Entries: ---- Amazonia: The alternate dimension that is populated by Bigs, Mids and Littles. Everything in the world is scaled for Bigs. The society possess advanced technology such as robots, solid holograms and nanobots. Much of this technology is used to keep adopted Littles as babies. Bigs have the right to forcibly adopt Littles and treat them as their own babies. There are laws in place to protect Littles but if a Little displays any sign of immaturity they lose those protections can can be freely adopted. Examples of behavior include wetting or messing pants, throwing a tantrum, making a mess while eating. Etc. Tourists may come from other dimensions to visit and they are often preyed upon by Bigs looting for a Little to Adopt. Activation keys: Amazonia, Dimension ---- Bigs: The dominant race on the planet. They average 10 to 12 feet tall. They have a strong desire to treat Littles as babies. They will constantly look for an excuse to force a Little into babyhood. Activation Keys: Bigs, Amazon, Giants ---- Littles: A race of people generally under 6 feet tall. They develop normally as adult but are often propelled into forced babyhood by Amazons. They have strong sexual response to stimulation. Orgasms for Littles are usually very powerful and leave the Little tired and drained of energy. Activation Key: Little ---- Tweeners: People between 6 and 9 feet tall. Generally treated as adults or older children. Occasionally forcibly babied as preschoolers. Similar to Littles they cannot show any sign of immaturity. Activation keys: Mids, Tweeners, ---- Breastmilk: Amazon breast milk has the following effects on Littles and Mids. 1.) Tastes incredible. 2.) Addictive, 3.) causes bladder incontinence 4.) Causes an intoxicating feeling or milk haze 5.) Causes arousal in Littles Activation keys: Milk, bottle, baba, Nurse, unbutton blouse, expose nipple Adventure: Part 1 You slowly start to wake up not knowing where you are. You feel strange and realize you are dressed in a diaper and a little pink jumper. You open your eyes and the first thing you notice is that the world has changed and now there are Amazons walking around you. > You feel a flash of panic and look around to figure out where you are. You start to panic and look around to try to find out where you are. It is clear from your surroundings that you are at a rest area along a major highway. The rest area has a building with facilities and a number of parking spots for cars. > You look down at your outfit. The diaper and jumper are clearly visible. The diaper looks like it has a design of little teddy bears on it. The jumper is bright pink and has the word baby written in large letters. > You think back to the argument you had with your wife last night. You have a vague recollection of the two of you arguing about something but it was late and the both of you were tired so the argument did not last long. > You feel a vibration in your pocket and pull out a small cell phone. You grab your cell phone from your pocket. It is an older flip style phone. > You open the phone and answer it. You answer the phone and hold it up to your ear. > You ask "Hello?" You say hello but no one responds. You can hear breathing on the other end. "Hello? Who is this?" There is a giggle from the other end of the line and then the call is disconnected. > You check the caller ID. The number is unknown. > You dial your wife’s number. You dial your wife's number but the call goes straight to voicemail. > You feel the buzz of an incoming text. You flip your phone open to check the text message. The message reads "You have been a very naughty boy. I am going to leave you at the rest stop and an Amazon can make you her little baby." > You type back “who is this?”. You quickly type back a message. "Who is this? Where am I? What is going on?" The text comes back immediately. "I think you know what is going on. You should not have been such a bad husband. It is time to leave you here to fend for yourself." > You type back “Jane this isn’t funny. I could be in real danger here.”. "This is not Jane. I think you know that. You really should have been a better husband. If you had been, she would not have brought you to the rest stop to be a gift to the first Amazon who finds you." > You type back “ who is this?”. "I am not going to tell you that. I want you to enjoy the suspense." > You type you are not going to get away with this. "I already have gotten away with it. You are dressed as a baby and waiting for an Amazon to find you." > You swallow hard knowing the person on the other end of the phone is probably right. You swallow hard, realizing the person on the other end of the line is correct. > You type you are going to get out of this and when you do you are coming for you. You quickly type back a threat. "If you do not tell me who this is, I am going to get out of this and when I do, I am going to find you." The response is quick. "That is what I am hoping. I want to see you dressed like a sissy baby begging me to let you out of the nursery. Then I want to put you in diapers and treat you like the sissy baby you are." > You want to throw the phone but resist the urge. You want to throw the phone, but resist the urge. > You look at the phone and realize it is child locked and won’t let you call or text other numbers. The phone is locked. You cannot call or text anyone other than your wife. > You take a deep breath. you need to come up with a plan. You need to come up with a plan. Your main concern right now is avoiding being seen. > You peek out of your current hiding place. You peek out of the bushes and see that the rest area is not very busy. There are a couple of women talking to each other in front of their cars and a couple of women walking towards the bathrooms. > You are clearly in Amazon country as the women are amazons. you look around hoping to maybe find an Adult Little. The women are Amazons. You look around but cannot see any adult little ones. > You look around for any clues as to where you may be. The rest area is well maintained and appears to have been recently remodeled. There are a few picnic tables and some trash cans. The parking lot is full of cars, but most of the drivers appear to be Amazons. > You think about stealing a car. You consider stealing a car but quickly dismiss the idea. You have no idea how to steal a car, and even if you could, the police would likely be on the lookout for a stolen car in a short time. > You check your pockets to see if you have any money or identification or anything like that. You have no money or identification. The only thing you have is the cell phone. > You examine the diaper. The diaper is made from thick white cloth. It is very comfortable. > You keep looking for anyone who might be able to help you. You continue to look around but cannot see anyone who can help you. > You decide you need more information about where you are. You want to try to nonchalantly make your way to the information center. You decide you need more information about where you are, and then you want to try to nonchalantly make your way towards the restrooms. > You keep a sharp eye out and try to not draw attention to yourself. You keep a sharp eye out for any trouble and try to stay out of sight. > You look for a public phone. The rest area has a payphone located near the restrooms. It appears to be a bit rusty, but it should work. > You look at the phone realizing it is sized for Amazons and that you cannot reach the buttons. You are unable to reach the phone due to its height. > You go to look at the large map on the wall to figure out where you are. You walk over to the wall and examine the map. The rest area is located on a major highway between two large cities. > You know that cities will usually have a Littles district where you might be able to get help. The cities are not that far away. If you were able to find a car, you could be there in an hour. > You decide walking along the road would be too dangerous. Your attention is focused on the map. Walking along the road would be too dangerous. > You are relieved that no one seems to be paying attention to you and you go to leave the building. You are glad no one seems to be paying any attention to you. > You head back outside, you are looking for a car being driven by a little or maybe even a tweener. You decide to try to find a car driven by a little. > You try to stay out of sight while you wait. You decide to hide behind a tree. > You’re hear a friendly voice of another little behind you. You are startled and turn around to see a young woman wearing a babydoll dress and a diaper. She is holding a pacifier in her mouth. { The little girl is regressed and sees you as a potential playmate. } What do you want to say to the little girl? > You try to shoo her away. You try to shoo her away, but she does not seem to be listening. > You say "Please I don’t want to play." You say "Please, I don't want to play." "Go and find someone else." "Don't you have friends at school or something?" > You wait for her to respond. She takes the pacifier out of her mouth and says, "But I don't have any friends. All the other little girls in my class are mean to me." "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in playing with a little girl." "I don't have any toys or games, so I can't play with you." "Can't you just go and find someone else to play with?" "Look, I'm not a baby. I'm an adult." > You watch as she looks at you with puzzled look. She looks at you with a puzzled expression. "But you're dressed like a baby. And you're wearing a diaper. And you're sucking on a pacifier." "You're not an adult, you're a Little." > You say "I am not sucking a pacifier. And a Little can be an adult." You are not sucking a pacifier. "Yes, a Little can be an adult. But you don't look like an adult. You look like a baby." > You say "I know which is why it is very important that I get to the Littles district in Springfield." "I know, which is why it is very important that I get to the Littles district in Springfield." "I really need to find a ride there." "You don't happen to know anyone who could give me a ride, do you?" "It's really important." "I don't know anyone, and I don't have a car. > You ask "Figures. You don’t by any chance have any boy clothes you could loan me. Do you?" You ask, "Figures. Do you by any chance have any boy clothes you could loan me?" "Sure," she says. "I have a few things that might fit you. But you'll have to wear a diaper. > You say "Why would I have to wear a diaper. I am potty trained." "Why would I have to wear a diaper, I'm potty trained." "That would be great, thanks." "Well, it's not my fault you're dressed like a baby," she says. > You say "I am not a baby." "I'm not a baby, I'm an adult," you say. "Sure you are," she says. "I'll be right back," she says, and disappears into the bathroom. > You wait patiently. You wait for her to return. "Here you go," she says, holding out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. > You look at the clothes. The shorts are a bit small for you, and the shirt is a little tight, but they're better than nothing. "Thanks," you say, putting the clothes on. > You ask "Can you help me get this diaper off?" You ask, "Can you help me get this diaper off?" "I can't, it's not supposed to come off," she says. > You ask "Oh god yes it is. Maybe you can help me open up the diaper pins?" "Oh, God yes, it is. Maybe you can help me open up the diaper pins," "I can't, it's not supposed to be opened," she says. > You can tell she has been brainwashed to think that diapers shouldn’t be removed. "I think someone brainwashed you into thinking diapers can't be removed," "That's ridiculous," she says. > You struggle to open the diaper pins. You try to open the diaper, but you can't. "I think the pins are stuck," you say. > You change out of the pink jumper into the shorts and T-shirt hoping no one sees you. You quickly change out of the jumper and into the shorts and T-shirt. > You see that your pink cloth diaper peeks out above the waist band of the shorts and the shirt does not come down enough to cover it. The diaper can still be seen peeking out above the waistband of the shorts, and the shirt does not come down enough to fully cover it. "You look really cute," the little girl says. > You say "That’s what I’m afraid of." "That's what I'm afraid of," you say. > You say "But thank you for the help. At least people won’t think I’m a girl." "But thank you for the help," you say. "They're going to think I'm a girl," "No, they're not. You look like a boy. Well, sort of." > You say "I go back to scanning the people coming and going looking for a source of help." "I need to go," you say. "Thanks for the help." "Bye," the little girl says. "See you around," you say, and walk off. > You scan the lot watching for someone who might be able to help. You watch the parking lot carefully, looking for someone who might be able to help you. > You feel pressure growing in your bladder. You feel pressure growing in your bladder. You're not sure if it's just the diaper or if you actually need to go. > You check the phone for any new messages. There is a new message. It reads, "Your wife is going to leave you here at the rest stop and let an Amazon adopt you. That will be the end of your life as a man. > You type back you’ve made it this long. You type back, "I've made it this long. I'm not going to give up." "We'll see about that," the message says. > You type back, who is this. You type back, "Who is this?" "Someone who's going to make sure you end up as a baby," the message says. > You grumble angrily. "I'm not going to end up as a baby," you grumble angrily. > You go back to watching the parking lot. You go back to watching the parking lot. "Oh, no," you think, as you see an Amazon approaching. Part 2: > You try to hide. You try to hide, but it's too late. "What are you doing here, little one?" the Amazon asks. "I'm …. Uhhhh… playing hide and seek,” you say trying to come up with a reasonable lie. "Oh, really," the Amazon says. "Where are the others?" "Uhhh…." "You're lying, aren't you?" the Amazon says. "Ummm, they must be looking for me on the other side of the rest area.” > You smile. "Well, since you're alone, why don't you come with me," the Amazon says. "Uhhh... no, I should really go find my family," you say, not really sure what else to say. "Oh, don't be silly," the Amazon says, grabbing your hand. "You're coming with me." > You say "Wait, no. I don’t want to go with you." "No, I don't want to go with you," you say. "Nonsense," the Amazon says, dragging you along with her. > You tug at her vise like grip but am dragged along with her. "Wait!" you shout, as she drags you along with her. "I need to stay here. I have to find my wife." "Oh, your wife will be fine," the Amazon says. > You say "I mean my mommy. I have to find my mommy." "I mean my mommy. I have to find my mommy," you say, hoping that the Amazon will not recognize your lie. "Your mommy will be fine," the Amazon says. > You say "No she is gonna miss me terribly." "No, she's going to miss me terribly," you say, hoping that the Amazon will show some sign of sympathy. "Your mommy will be fine," the Amazon says. You have a sinking feeling that this Amazon is not going to be sympathetic to your situation. > You say "Please let me go." "Please, let me go," you say, as she drags you towards a van. "Nope," the Amazon says. "You're coming with me." > You say "I fight desperately. I look around and realize that to everyone else I just look like a disobedient child being dragged off by a parent." You struggle to break free, but it's no use. She's far too strong. "Stop that," the Amazon says. "You're just making things worse for yourself." You realize that no one else can see that the Amazon is a kidnapper. > You yell "Please somebody help me!" "Please, someone help me!" you yell. "Oh, just shut up," the Amazon says. "Nobody's going to help you." "Come on, you can have the whole back seat," the Amazon says, opening the back door of the van. > You stare at the rear facing car seat as you feel her pick you off the ground. You see a rear-facing car seat. "No! No! Let me go!" you shout, as the Amazon carries you to the van. "Quiet!" the Amazon says. "If you keep shouting, I'm going to have to gag you." > You struggle and fight for all you are worth. You struggle and fight for all you are worth, but it's no use. She's too strong. "Let me go! Help! Help!" "Shut up," the Amazon says, as she throws you into the back seat of the van. > You try to get back out of the van. You try to get back out of the van, but the door closes before you can. "Let me out!" you shout, pounding on the window. "Oh, quiet," the Amazon says, as she fastens your seatbelt. > You find yourself strapped into the large baby car seat. "You're not going anywhere," the Amazon says, as she buckles your car seat. "There, that should keep you quiet for a while," she says, smiling. > You say "No I will not be quiet let me go." "I will not be quiet, let me go!" you shout, continuing to struggle. "Oh, stop struggling, you're just making things worse for yourself," the Amazon says. > You try to undo the safety harness in the car seat. You try to undo the safety harness, but it's no use, it's too strong. "Just sit there and behave," the Amazon says. "We'll be home soon." "Home?" > You kick your feet and shout at her. You kick your feet and shout at her, "No, I'm not going to sit here and behave. Let me go!" "Oh, stop that," the Amazon says, grabbing your feet. "You're just making things harder on yourself." > You say "You are kidnapping me. I am an Adult." "You're kidnapping me!" you shout. "I'm an adult! Let me go!" "Oh, please," the Amazon says. "As if anyone's going to believe that. Now, be quiet and let me drive." > You say "No. Really. I am not a baby and I don’t need diapers." "I'm not a baby," you say. "And I don't need diapers." "Sure you are," the Amazon says. > You say "I can prove it." "I can prove it," you say. "Fine," the Amazon says. "Then take your diaper off." "What?" "Go ahead," the Amazon says. "Take it off." > You reach into your shorts and try to remove the diaper. You reach into your shorts and pull at the diaper, but it's no use. > You fight with the diaper pins desperately. You fight with the diaper pins, trying to undo them. > You say "It won’t come off." "It won't come off," you say. "Because they're not supposed to," the Amazon says. > You say "Please….. please just let me go." "Please," you say, "just let me go." "Nope," the Amazon says. "Sorry, but you're staying right here." > You say "I’ll do anything. I don’t want to be a baby." "I'll do anything," you say. "I don't want to be a baby." "Oh, please," the Amazon says. "You're already a baby." > You ask "Look, my name is Kenneth, what is yours?" "Look, my name is Kenneth," you say. "I'm not a baby." "And I'm not going to be a baby," you say, continuing to struggle against your restraints. "Oh, just shut up," the Amazon says. "It's not like you have a choice." > You the reality hits you. you are trapped and now you have to conserving your strength and not letting her regress you. You're starting to realize that you're trapped. There's no way out of this. You can't even open the door, much less escape from the van. All you can do is sit here and wait for whatever the Amazon has planned for you. > You try to look out the windows to see where she is taking you. You try to look out the window, but you can't see anything. The van's windows are tinted and you can't see through them. You have no idea where you're going or what the Amazon has planned for you. > You resist the urge to cry. You resist the urge to cry, but it's difficult. > You sit in the car seat quietly trying to think up an escape plan. The phone in your pocket buzzes. The car seat is uncomfortable and you can't seem to get comfortable. > You squirm. You squirm, trying to get into a more comfortable position, but it's no use. Your body feels strange and wrong in the car seat and you can't seem to get comfortable. "Stop squirming," the Amazon says. > You say "This seat is terrible. I don’t fit in it well at all." "This seat is terrible," you say. "I don't fit in it well at all." "It's probably the only thing that would fit you," the Amazon says. "What?" "Oh, never mind." "Where are you taking me?" you ask. "Somewhere nice and quiet," the Amazon says. "Somewhere you won't be able to cause any trouble." > You worry that maybe she is taking you to an orphanage where they prepare Littles for Adoption. you know she would probably be paid a hefty finders fee for handing you over. "You can't just take me somewhere without my permission," you say. "Yes, I can," the Amazon says. > You or maybe she plans to adopt you herself. Or perhaps has a family lined up already. Or it could be an etiquette school for training Littles to be babies. Your mind races with possibilities. "No, you can't," you say. "Yes, I can," the Amazon says. "And I am." "Just be quiet and enjoy the ride." > You cross your arms and pout. You cross your arms and pout, not liking being ignored. "Hey, don't ignore me," you say. "I'm not a baby, you can't just treat me like this." "Sure you are," the Amazon says. "I can treat you however I want." "Now, be quiet and let me drive." > You ask "Are we almost there yet?" "Are we almost there yet?" "No." "How long is this trip going to take?" "Long enough for you to stop asking questions." "You can't just keep me here," you say. "You can't stop me." > You say "I start to hear soft nursery music coming from a set of speakers built into the car seat." You start to hear soft nursery music coming from a set of speakers built into the car seat. "What is that?" you ask. "Just something to help you relax," the Amazon says. > You say "I don’t want to relax." "I don't want to relax," you say. "Too bad," the Amazon says. > You try to ignore the music. You try to ignore the music, but it's difficult. It seems to seep into your brain, filling your mind with a strange sense of calm. "There, isn't that better?" > You say "No……" "No," you say. "Well, it'll have to do," the Amazon says. "We can't have you fighting the entire time." > You feel your eye lids drooping. You feel your eyelids starting to droop, and your body relaxing against your will. "There, isn't that better?" > You struggle weakly in the car seat. You struggle weakly against the car seat, but it's no use. > You feel yourself nodding off and struggle to stay awake. You try to stay awake, but the music and the gentle rocking of the car are too much. You find yourself drifting off to sleep. > You fall into a deep sleep as the car drives off to places unknown. You fall into a deep sleep, not knowing where you're going or what will happen to you when you wake up. > You are awoken with a jolt. You're awoken with a jolt. "We're here," the Amazon says. "Huh?" you mumble, still half asleep. > You try to figure out how long you was asleep. You try to figure out how long you were asleep, but you're not sure. "Come on," the Amazon says, undoing your car seat. "Wake up, sleepy head." > You say "Wait. I don’t want to go with you…." "Wait," you say. "I don't want to go with you." "Too bad," the Amazon says. > You feel her pick you up and lift you out of the van. You feel her pick you up and carry you. > You look around to try and figure out where we are and what time of day it is. You look around, trying to figure out where we are and what time of day it is. It's difficult to see in the darkness, but it looks like we're in some sort of building. > You squirm in her arms. You squirm, trying to break free, but it's no use. She's too strong. "Let me go!" "Stop squirming," the Amazon says. "Let's just get you inside and get you settled." > You watch as we approach a reception desk. "Hello," the Amazon says. "I've brought a new baby." "Of course," the receptionist says, smiling. "Just fill out these forms and we'll get her settled." > You your eyes go wide. Did they just say “her?”. You look down at yourself and notice that you're wearing a dress. "Did you just say 'her?'" "Yes," the receptionist says. "All of our new babies are girls." > You shout "Please. This is all a mistake, I’m not a baby. She has kidnapped me!" "No, you're a little girl," the Amazon says. "And I'll make sure that you get taken care of." > You yell "No! You have to let me go!" You yell, "No! You have to let me go!" The receptionist asks the other woman if she needs a pacifier. "Not yet," the Amazon says. "But, thank you for asking." > You say "I will not be pacified." "I will not be pacified," you say. > You say "I am dropped into a play pen in the reception area so the Amazon can fill out the forms." "Oh, please," the Amazon says. "If you were a little girl, would you refuse a pacifier?" You are dropped into a playpen in the reception area while the Amazon fills out the forms. > You immediately try to climb out. You immediately try to climb out, but the sides are too high. "Now, now," the Amazon says. "You need to stay in there." > You ask "How much? How much do you get paid for this?" "How much?" you ask. "How much do you get paid for this?" The receptionist gives a knowing smile. "That's confidential," she says. "But let's just say it's more than enough to make up for the hassle of dealing with bratty Littles like you." > You say "I watch the receptionist come over and kneel down to my level." You watch as the receptionist comes over and kneels down to your level. "And what's your name, little girl?" she asks. "Kenneth," you say. "My name's not little girl, it's Kenneth." "No, it's not," the Amazon says. > You ask "Huh?" "Huh?" "Oh, don't worry about it," the receptionist says. "We can just call you whatever we want." > You say "My name is Kenneth." "My name is Kenneth," you insist. The Amazon replies “Your name is what ever I put down on this form.” "I think 'Cathy' would suit you just fine," the receptionist says, writing down the name. "And I'm sure your parents would agree." "But... but... > You say "I hear a buzz and I realize that the Amazon has my phone." You hear a buzz and look over to see the Amazon holding your phone. "What's this?" she asks. "That's mine," you say. > You say "Give it back." "Give it back," you say. "Sorry, but we can't have you calling your parents and telling them about all this," the Amazon says, putting the phone away. > You say "I grumble in frustration again." You grumble in frustration again, kicking your feet. "Now, now," the Amazon says. "Let's not make a scene." > You shout "I will make a scene!" You shout, "I will make a scene!" The receptionist just shakes her head and smiles. "I'm sure you'll calm down soon enough," she says. > You start throwing toys out of the playpen. You start throwing toys out of the playpen, trying to cause as much chaos as possible. The receptionist watches you, a bemused expression on her face. > You yell "Let me go!" "Let me go!" you yell. "Not a chance," the Amazon says. "Once you're registered here, there's no way they'll let you go." > You can tell the Amazon is almost finished with the forms. You can tell the Amazon is almost finished with the forms and try to think of some way to escape. > You say "Please… don’t leave me here." "Please," you say. "Don't leave me here." "Don't worry," the Amazon says. "You'll be just fine." > You say "I watch as she ha." You watch as the Amazon hands the forms to the receptionist. "Here you go," she says. "Cathy sounds perfect for this one." > You peek over the top of the playpen as the Amazon is given an envelope of cash. You peek over the top of the playpen as the Amazon is handed an envelope of cash. "Pleasure doing business with you," the receptionist says. "And thank you again for bringing in a Little for us." The Amazon nods. "Anytime," she says. > You watch as she leaves. You watch as the Amazon leaves, heading back to the van.
  6. Wearing 24/7 brings its own set of challenges, and one unexpected issue can be the difficulty of urinating while driving. Let's dive into some reasons behind this: Body Position: Sitting in the driver's seat puts specific pressure on your pelvic region, impacting your urine flow. This pressure might come from the ureter being compressed or changes in the bladder's position. Standing up or adjusting your position can ease this pressure, making it easier to pee. Pelvic Muscles: Incontinence can affect how you control your pelvic muscles. In certain positions, like sitting, these muscles might not relax fully, making it harder for urine to pass. Changing your position can involuntarily relax these muscles. Intra-Abdominal Pressure: Sitting can increase the pressure inside your abdomen, pressing on your bladder. This heightens the urgency sensation and might complicate urine release until the pressure is relieved. Bladder Spasms: If you have an overactive bladder, sitting can trigger or worsen spasms. Standing up can change the dynamics of these spasms, allowing for a more natural urine flow.
  7. Hi ! This is my first story here, i hope you'll like it. I've been reading ABDL stories here for a while now and i've always liked creating stories, so i thought i should make my own one. I'm not a writter, and i'm pretty sure my writing style is pretty bad (+ my native language is not english). But, who cares, i mean i enjoy writing this, i guess that's the most important, and i hope you'll enjoy reading it Feel free to give your opinion ! ----------------------------------- Kelia's New Childhood Kelia felt terrible. She had just had another argument with her mother. Her relationship with her mother had been deteriorating for months, ever since she turned 18 in fact. Her mother has always been rather restrictive, which has always upset her, as Kelia has always had a rather rebellious and independent nature since she was a teenager. But the fact that this hadn't changed since she turned 18 annoyed her even more. She was an adult now, yet she felt that her mother still treated her like a child. She wasn't allowed to go out as she pleased, rarely allowed to invite friends over or sleep over. Kelia took a deep breath. If her mother had taught her anything, it was how to deal with emotions. It was already late, but she wasn't tired, so she plunged into her sketchbooks, until she finally fell asleep on her desk. The next morning, Kelia awoke to the sound of her bedroom door opening softly. Her mother appeared in the doorframe. "Can I come in?" Her mother asked in a soft voice. Kelia nodded, yawning. Her mother entered, closing the door behind her. She sat down on the bed and beckoned Kelia to come and sit beside her. Kelia was apprehensive about the discussion that was about to take place. When her mother looked so soft and solemn, especially soon after an argument, it often meant that she was about to make an important decision. Kelia came and sat down next to her mother, who remained silent for a moment, seemingly searching for words. "Kelia, these last few months have been complicated for both of us, with a lot of tension." began her mother. "Last night I called Mickaela, my friend who works in psychiatry who I told you about the other day. I explained our problems to her, and she suggested a solution. It's a special program based on a new technology that consists of... regress a person in order to soften their behavior, or relieve them of pressure." Kelia wasn't sure she understood, but it didn't sound like good news. Her mother resumed: "I signed you up for this program. All you have to do is sign a few papers. Then, the doctors will use a machine to make you smaller. The program is supposed to last 1 year." Kelia, confused, practically cut her mother off. "Wait, I don't understand, what do you mean by regress? What do you mean shrink me? I don't know what you're talking about." Her mother cleared her throat and spoke again. "Well, this program consists of making you relive your early childhood, and everything that goes with it. Basically, you'll become a baby again for the space of a year." Kelia almost let out a nervous laugh, so surreal was what she'd just heard. She knew her mother could sometimes go too far when it came to punishment, or Kelia's behavior in general, but this was beyond anything she could have imagined. She seriously considered for a few moments that her mother might be playing a joke on her. Did such "technology" even really exist? And how far would her regression go? Kelia tried to organize her thoughts and answered her mother. "What if I refuse and don't sign those papers you mentioned?" Her mother thought for a moment. "You don't have a choice. You're living under my roof, you're obliged to comply. You probably won't like this experience at first, but it's for your own good, and it's an opportunity to reforge a healthy mother-daughter relationship. I assure you, it will bring you nothing but happiness." A slight smile appeared on her mother's face, but Kelia began to get angry. "No! I don't want that, we'll do what you want, we'll have counselling sessions if that's what you want, but not that, that's ridiculous!" "Kelia, I've already made up my mind." Replied her mother in a firmer tone. "I'm your mother, and as long as you're living here, I'm the one who decides." "But I'm an adult! I'm 18, I have the right to make my own decisions!" "Kelia, that's enough." Her mother frowned, and took a warning tone. Kelia knew it was pointless to argue, that once her mother had made her decision there was no going back. But it all seemed so ridiculous, it was hard to believe. Kelia's mother took a piece of paper out of her pocket and unfolded it. "Here's the paper you have to sign." The tone of her voice clearly left no room for discussion and Kelia knew it. She couldn't refuse to sign it, otherwise where would she sleep? Would her mother be able to throw her out? Kelia wasn't sure, but knowing her mother, she certainly didn't want to tempt the devil. She grabbed the paper and stood up, walking over to her desk, grabbing a pen and reluctantly signing at the bottom of the sheet filled with long blocks of text that she didn't even take the time to read. Looking satisfied, her mother stood up. "We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the hospital." The tone of his voice softened a little, as if to change the subject. "Now come and join your sister and me downstairs for breakfast." She said, smiling slightly.
  8. DISCLAIMER: IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! If you have not read my first story: Little Beginnings: New Life - I HIGHLY suggest you do so! This story will make a lot more sense if you do. It’s where the main character is first introduced and you and learn a lot about the little community I have created. ooOoo Chapter 1: Three Months Before The moment she stepped out of the cab, her skin began to burn. Luna groaned, enduring the full force of the simmering summer heat. This was the exact reason she never wanted to come to the South. There wasn’t anything she hated more than the sun, and by the end of the day, she’d be as red as a lobster. Her father always said it was their Irish blood and she’d roll her eyes in return. No shit sherlock. They were as white as the freakin moon. For sure, she’d stand out among the throng of tanned bodies, which in her case, was not a good thing. She wasn’t sure how long she would stay but Luna had gotten a credible lead on her dad. One she couldn’t ignore. And if the authorities were still scouring Raleigh, it would only take them hours to realize that she was no longer there. “Hello, Miss?” the driver grumbled, knocking her from her thoughts. “You gonna pay me or what? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” He was a grumpy old man who’d only reluctantly driven her all the way out here from North Carolina after promising a generous pay. She’d had to leave earlier than expected and while inconvenient, made her aware of how comfortable she’d become. Never did she stay in one place for more than a few months. It wasn’t safe. “O-of course,” she blushed as she fumbled around in her wallet and pulled out one hundred dollars for the driver. Despite his less-than-stellar personality, he knew when to stay quiet and not ask questions. That was good enough for her. She carried only the bag on her back and money to last her at least another year and a half. After that, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Luna watched the car take off down the dirt path before finally exhaling the breath she’d been holding in the entire ride. There was an eerie silence. A sort of calm before the storm. Luna had only ever known noise, growing up in the heart of Manhatten. Her father explained the importance of hiding in plain sight. Nobody would expect them to be in bustling New York City, a place known for the attention and spotlight. It was perfect… until it wasn’t. Now, looking straight ahead, Luna wondered if she had the right place. The roof of the red farmhouse was dilapidated and the land looked absolutely dead. Anyone who happened upon the house would believe it was abandoned. Though that was the point. No one was supposed to know this place existed. Luna had only found it due to her father. He was the reason she’d not been caught yet. The girl walked ahead with a renewed sense of purpose. The boards below her feet creaked and she rapped her knuckle, three than two than six times, on the faded white door. She clutched a swiss army knife in her other hand, hidden in her pocket. “Always be prepared.” Her father taught her. “Never hesitate.” She was literally in the middle of nowhere-bumfuck-South Carolina. No one would see her if she was kidnapped. No one would hear her if she screamed. Being vulnerable was something she did not like. The door opened a crack and dark brown eyes peered at her. Her hand tightened around the knife and heart frantically raced. “Who sent you?” it was a woman’s voice who asked. “Martin Creevy.” she used her father’s alias. “I assume you’ve heard of him before.” Oh, the woman definitely had by the way her eyes lit up. The door closed in her face and for a moment, Luna thought she’d been turned away. However, there was a click and suddenly it opened again, wider. “We’ve been expecting you,” she said, motioning with her hand. “C’mon in.” Despite the raised hairs on the back of her neck, she stepped over the threshold into the house. There was no turning back, only moving forward. She never could stop moving, searching. Not until he was found. The door slammed shut and Luna jumped, spinning around. She watched the woman re-chain the door and turn the several deadbolts. From the outside, it looked like nothing. Her eyes wandered around, trying to adjust to the darkness. They were in a narrow hallway, with no lights and no other exit. A few pictures adorned the walls and they stood on a dusty old rug. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of mothballs and she leaned on each leg, testing the uneven floor. “You don’t think much of it.” Her eyes flashed back to the woman, who stared intently at her. “It’s just… different.” her bow-shaped lips pursed together. “Where do we go?” “Down.” “Down?” Luna didn’t think she meant literally, but she did. She watched as the woman bent down and peeled back the rug, revealing the wooden floor and… a hatch? “We take our security very seriously. There’s a ladder going down,” she explained, unlocking and lifting up the door. “You go first. I’ll follow.” ooOoo It was a tiny house. That, Luna had been sure of when she saw it from outside but inside, down here, was big. She supposed the basement would be large but not this big.They stood in the kitchen, which had no wall and lead right into the dining room where there was a small wooden table. Unable to help but gap, eyes going wide, the woman laughed, coming from behind her. “Don’t keep your mouth open too long. You’re gonna catch flies.” Her mouth instantly snapped shut and a furious blush spread across her face. Her blue eyes drifted over the woman beside her as she could see her properly for the first time in the light. She had a heart-shaped face and kind but weary brown eyes, that looked to have seen too much pain over the years. And despite her smooth, unwrinkled brown skin, her hair, which Luna could imagine must have been dark black at one point, now greyed. A few loose curls hung in her face and her lips formed a thin smile. “You look like your father.” Her brows furrowed together. She knew her father? “You have the same face but your eyes, they are exactly like your mother’s.” Her lips parted and she stilled. Her only reaction was to blink. “Call me Sue,” the woman offered no other explanation. “I always wondered when we would meet.” Still, she couldn’t bring herself to react. “This is the MacIntosh Safe House. I suspect this is the first one you have come across?” It was. Before, she was squatting in random abandoned buildings, resting while she had the chance. She knew there were safe houses, just didn’t know how to find them. “Sit down, Hon,” the wom- Sue, headed toward the kitchen cabinets, searching through them. “You’re exhausted. I’ll make you a snack.” Her feet moved on her own accord and sat down on the stool at the island table. Sue chopped an apple into slices. MacIntosh. She gulped, trying to find the courage to speak but was, she felt… Luna didn’t know how she felt. The strong confident girl from a few hours ago was gone and didn’t know what had happened to her. “My name is-” “I don’t want to know your real name.” she interrupted, not looking up from the cutting board. “Do you believe my name is actually Sue?” The girl did believe, well, at least up until now. “Charlie.” she made up on the spot. “Call me Charlie.” “Nice to meet you, Charlie.” The name sounded strange as the woman referred to her as it but Luna knew it was better this way. There was nothing to tie her to here. Well, except the driver but she doubted he’d remember. “I’m sure you have many questions and I’ll wait to answer them until you meet the others. It’s not common that we have a new person.” “The others? Oh, and I’m not planning on staying long. I’m just passing through.” She passed the plate across the table with the freshly cut apple slices and smiled. “Of course, you aren't.” The woman didn’t seem to believe her. However, the girl nibbled on the apple, realizing for the first time just how hungry she was. “There are six other people staying here. Three are out right now and the others are in the next room.” Glancing at the doorway in the dining room, she could hear the faintest sound. Was that a tv? There were a few voices. “Your father always bragged about how smart you were and never did I not believe him. You found us, which is not easy to do.” she leaned back against the oak cabinet. “How long ago did he go missing?” “Two years ago.” she ignored the heavy feeling in her heart. Realistically, he’d been preparing her for this since the moment she could walk and talk; but since it had happened, she’d never had time to fully comprehend. “He told me to run and not look back if they ever found us. He said that if he was captured then he’d find his way back to me someday. I believed him for a long time. Now, I’m less optimistic.” She sucked the tart flavor off of her fingers. The apples were gone. She’d eaten them all. “I didn’t believe it when he first told me about the communities, age play, and all of that stuff.” her lips curled up. “If the government knew, why hadn’t they put a stop to it? Innocent people are being kidnapped. My mother was kidnapped. Now my father. It made no sense.” At least, it used to not make sense. But now she realized, anything the government profited off of made perfect sense. Kidnapping defenseless people, stripping away their rights, all for what? To create a better nation? Her parents knew the price they would pay for speaking out about the secret age play communities and the government-sanctioned kidnappings. They just didn’t expect it would go this far- being on the run, living in hiding. And her mother especially didn’t expect she would get pregnant. Now she was destined for a life on the run. That is unless she wanted to get taken and forced back into diapers, made to shit and piss herself, play mindless baby games, and be just some sick couple’s object of amusement. That’s what had happened to her parents, she was sure of it. The only other option was that they were dead. Luna would gladly choose the second option if it came to it. No way would they take her alive. If Sue noticed the faraway look in her eyes, she didn’t comment. Instead, she took the dirty plate, dumping it in the sink. “Why don’t we go say hello to the others.” “Now?” she stammered. Growing up homeschooled, her interaction with people was severely limited. Being alone was what she preferred. It's what she was best at. “Yes, there’s just one thing you have to know." "What?" "Try not to stare.” “Stare?” “Mary gets mad and Tina can't help what was done to her.” Luna didn’t know what that was supposed to mean and tried to shrug off the uncomfortable feeling, but it just wouldn’t go away. ooOoo A/N: Hello everyone! I promised I would post soon and I did! I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and you may notice two familiar names :). If it doesn’t make sense at first, trust me it will soon! I will be alternating, telling Luna’s (Lulu) story from before she was taken and after in Henderson. I will touch a bit on the hospital but it will mostly be her life after. I should update again soon but I hope you all enjoy!
  9. Hi everyone, it's me again, coming at you with a new Academy Works story. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should maybe start by reading Academy I (Part 1) or Academy B (Part 2). These stories aren't really linear, so you can skip those, but it might help you understand what's going on a little bit better. Anyway, this is Academy T. It kind of steps outside the precedents set by the first two stories, so I hope people realize that Academy Works is a lot more than just a series about a regression facility. ? Same as last time, if you want to support me there's a Patreon link you can go to. Thanks for reading and leaving comments and stuff!! ~Mia~ --------------------- Academy TBy Mia Moore "The tower built for the sun and the tower built for the moon are in pursuit of different heavens." -The Source Chapter One Talita Campbell sat on her bed, staring blankly at the rails surrounding her. She was hungry. Her diaper was wet. She wanted to get out! But no matter how long she stared at the contraptions, she couldn't figure out how they worked. Every time Mommy lowered the bars, it seemed like magic. So Talita did the only thing she could to get her Mommy's attention: she cried. The LED on her bedside baby monitor glowed softly in the morning light; Mommy was listening. "And who’s a fussy baby this morning? The sun is barely awake and already you’re so eager to get up and go play, huh baby girl?" Play. With the others. That was how Talita spent a good deal of her mornings and afternoons. Playing in the playpen with neighborhood kids, or playing outside in the grass, or being taken to the park. Her Mommy had told her that it was good for her to play with the other kids, and that did make sense, although Talita knew she wasn’t a kid and neither were the others. Her thoughts were derailed - as they so easily were nowadays - by Mommy reaching down and slipping her finger between her onesie and her skin to check what she already knew was going to be a wet diaper. Talita always woke up wet. "Mommy…" Talita muttered as her Mommy took down the rails. She pressed a button, or kicked a lever, or something! But to Talita, it was magic all the same. She wiped her wet eyes and tried to close her legs, squishing the diaper between her thighs. She couldn't even remember the last time her knees touched. "Hm?" Talita's Mommy helped her off the bed. She waddled across the room to the changing table. "Can I please wear undies, just this once...? I promise I won't have any accidents, I promise..." Every day for almost a month, Talita had asked that question. It almost felt routine, as was her Mommy’s quick dismissal. But today was different. Instead of an outright no, Mommy paused to think about it. Talita's heart raced and she jumped in with renewed confidence. "One time! One time, and I swear! If I have any accidents, I pinky promise I'll never ask again!" "Oh, you pinky promise, do you? And you know what happens to little girls who break pinky promises, don’t you darling?" "...uh huh." Talita swallowed glumly. "And you want to make a pinky promise that if you have even a single accident today, you’ll never ask again?" "Maybe…um… maybe not a single accident..." "And maybe you can show Mommy how dry you can keep this diaper today, and then we’ll talk?" "Mo-mmeeee, I want to wear undies! Pretty pleeeeeaaaase?" The truth was, Talita wasn't sure she could keep up her end of the bargain. For well over a month, she had woken up in a wet diaper. Every day, it felt like a struggle to keep what little of her toilet training she had left. But if she truly was so helpless as to have an accident without even thinking, then maybe she didn't have the right to ask for underwear anyway. However, Talita had always been a risk taker. Sometimes things ended up bad and sometimes they didn’t, but Talita never regretted it. Life was more fun when she took her chances. Or, it was until she woke up in this place. "I can do it. Not any accidents." Though Talita's voice was full of confidence, her stomach was flipping with anxiety. Mommy helped her onto the changing table and looked her square in the eye. They were the same height when standing, down to the millimeter, but there was something diminutizing about sitting on the changing table that made Talita feel smaller. "Okay," Mommy said. "But if you fail, and you break your promise, then you'll be a Bad Girl for a month." Talita's eyes went wide and the color drained from her face. A month? But even if Talita had an accident, the least she could do was keep her promise. She could do that, for sure. "Otay..." The ‘undies’ in question were far from being the kind of panties an adult might wear. These were thick, cotton, stuffed with a lining of padding with prints of strawberries and unicorns on them - training pants by any assessment. To Talita, they were the most mature thing in the whole world, so much so that it distracted her from her dread as she watched her Mommy pull them out of the drawer. One day. Just one day. No accidents. She could do it. There was no way Talita was going to end up as a Bad Girl again! Mommy changed her diaper and wiped her clean. Talita wouldn't be wearing a diaper for the first time in months, but her Mommy powdered her all the same. Then, without ceremony, she slid the strawberry training pants up her legs and around her hips. Talita looked down at her knees and touched them together, a shiver of delight rushing up her spine. She was a big girl now! Everyone at school was going to be jealous! "Now it’s important you remember, Talita my darling girl, that you’re making a deal with Mommy." The woman held her finger up with all the earnest seriousness of... something serious. Talita couldn’t follow her own metaphor. So she linked pinkies with her Mommy, and just like that sealed the deal. "I’m so essited, I’m gonna be... gonna be so... so flippin’ cool, Mommy, you don’t even know!" "Well, let's get you dressed then. Daddy is making breakfast." Talita was all sunshine as her Mommy dressed her. She wore a short dress with frills underneath, flashing the seat of her training pants when she so much as bent over. Frilly ankle socks adorned her feet, along with a set of white ballet flats. Her long hair was tied in loose pigtails with plastic bauble elastics. Finally, a pacifier was clipped to her dress and pressed firmly between her lips. She was a picturesque toddler in the body of an adult, but Talita didn't even seem to notice, let alone mind. Talita walked with one foot in front of the other - something she couldn't do when waddling in a diaper - all the way to the kitchen, where Daddy was plating eggs and toast. Though she and her Mommy were the same height, Daddy was a bit taller with mussed hair and a clean beard. The couple couldn't have been more than ten years older than Talita, but they were her parents nonetheless. "Eggies!" Talita clapped her hands happily, then tried to reel in her enthusiasm. She wanted her Daddy to see just how cool and mature she was today. "That’s right, cupcake: eggs with toast." He flashed her a warm smile. "It’s not got seeds innit right, Daddy?" Talita screwed up her nose. "I dun’ like the toast with seeds innit." "Not a single seed as far as the eye can see, cupcake." Talita pursed her lips and looked skeptically, then nodded her head. "You took them all out, Daddy?" Explaining that white bread didn’t have seeds in it was going to be an exercise in futility, as it often was with Talita. She was beautiful, immature, darling, and very very dumb; so her Daddy just smiled and nodded. Breakfast in the Campbell household was all too ordinary. Talita ate bites of toast, spilling crumbs down her bib and into the little pocket at the bottom. Mommy told Daddy about Talita's promise and how she didn't need diapers anymore. Daddy got up early from the table to ready Talita's stroller for the trip to her school. Yes, breakfast in the Campbell house was all too ordinary, if Talita really had been a toddler and not a 29 year old woman. "Can I walk instead?" Talita asked as Daddy buckled her into the stroller. "I'm a big girl today, so it makes sense." "How about," Daddy said, snapping the last belt in place with a metallic click, "if you can get out of the stroller before we get there, you can walk the rest of the way." Talita's eyes lit up at the challenge and nodded her head, immediately getting to work on the buckles wrapped over her shoulders and around her waist. Ordinarily, perhaps a long time ago, Talita may have considered the best way to win this challenge. Like, for example, to wait until the last possible moment before getting out of the stroller so that she could have victory and get to show up to school walking on her own and not be so tired from the walk that she needed a nap as soon as she got there. Cool kids didn’t need a nap until at least lunchtime. Talita, though, was a very special variety of bimbaby. The kind of girl to whom such advanced machinations would never occur. In fact, they were only a few minutes from the house when she was so sure she’d managed to wriggle free already. "Daddy I did-" Her words were cut short by a frown and a gasp as the straps over her thighs and lap held fast. In all her excitement to work on the shoulder straps - which she could squirm out of and cheat her way to freedom - she’d completely forgotten to account for the others that held her firmly in place. "Did what, cupcake?" Her Daddy asked, slightly amused, as he pushed the stroller. "Nothing Daddy..." Efforts must be doubled!
  10. Hey there readers! I hope you're still enjoying Academy Works. If you wanna start at the beginning (which I recommend, though it's not required!), you should read Academy I (Part 1), Academy B (Part 2), and Academy T (Part 3). Academy K is a bit more like A:T, but there's a lot less direct control. I really like this one because I'm playing with concepts of social manipulation and out-group biases. But I hope it's still fun to read nonetheless! If you want to support me, here's a Patreon link you can go to. Thanks to everyone who reads, likes, and/or leaves comments! ~Mia~ --------------------- Academy KBy Mia Moore "Unbound strength is not found at the end of the hermit’s pilgrimage, but throughout every step." -The Source Chapter One Kione Williams sat nervously at a table in a brightly lit room. The muscles in her arms ached for no good reason as she tried to lift them up off the table's surface. She looked at her pink palms, lighter than the rest of her skin, and stretched her fingers as far as they would allow. It hurt, but in a good way. Kione looked at the walls. They were pink, but every so often they looked green instead. She took a deep breath and counted to four. Hold, and release. The walls were pink, she was sure of it. The last thing Kione remembered was seeing that black van on her street. She was walking home from work and the headlights were off, but the running lights glowed an awkward orange. The whole sidewalk was awash with that same hue. The door of the pink room opened and a man stepped in. He was dressed in a black suit with a clipboard in his hand. Kione took another steady breath as he took a seat across from her. "Hello Kione. My name is Eli. Do you know where you are?" Kione nodded her head. She couldn't remember anything between the growl of that black van and opening her eyes in the pink room, but she knew where she was. How? She couldn't say for sure. "The Academy," Kione answered. Eli nodded slowly. If he was surprised by her answer, he didn't show it. "We are going to help you get better," Eli told her. "The Priestess can fix you." "I appreciate your concern," Kione said evenly, "but I don't need help." Eli opened the file on his desk. He flipped a few pages until he found one that he was looking for. Then he asked: "How long have you been seeing things?" Kione looked away and leaned back in her chair. It always came back to this. "Listen, I'm sure you mean well." That was a lie. For some reason, Kione didn't trust this man any further than she could throw him. And with the way her arms were hurting, and the size of Eli, that wasn't very far at all. "I have it under control. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to leave." "And where do you imagine you’ll be going?" Questions like that were phrased so open-ended, as though there could be any answer in the world. But the way that Eli had phrased it was clear as day that he only had one right answer in mind. Rarely did Kione have only one answer that seemed right. But right now, that was unimportant. Eli was waiting for an answer, and Kione knew she was screwed no matter what she said. "Wonderland? With the White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts?" "You’re a funny one,” Eli replied, dryly. He wasn’t smiling. "What color are the walls, Kione?" "Pink," Kione said without hesitation. "Are you sure?" Eli asked, tilting his head to the side. "Yes." Kione had made up her mind: the walls were pink. Certainty was never something she could stumble into on accident anymore; she had to make her own certainty. Eli got up from the table and walked to the door. He opened it and stepped outside. "Are you coming?" he asked. Kione nodded and stood up. The muscles in her thighs started to ache and her knees buckled beneath her. She braced herself on the table and steadied herself, then she followed Eli out of the room. Wherever he was taking her, it was better than sitting in that chair. As Kione followed down the hall, she noticed her feet. Bare. Where had her shoes gone? She noticed her pants next - white cotton, the texture of hospital scrubs - and a matching button up shirt. She probably looked like an orderly out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Kione didn't like the resemblance. At the end of the long white hall was a single door. Eli led the way through it, outside and into the sunlight. It took a moment for Kione’s eyes to adjust. There was grass - too green, like a Hollywood movie set - and a consistent blue sky with clouds that didn’t seem to move. And the sound of... children playing? Giggling? Kione looked down the hill she stood atop, Eli by her side, at the scene below her. From up there, they looked like children, but something in her head told her otherwise. Adults. All adults, like her. But acting like children. Dressed like children. Some played hopscotch. Some played tag. Some were tossing a ball around. A few dozen, maybe fifty. "What is this?" Kione asked. "Salvation," Eli responded. She looked around the large space; the adult children played in the center of a pentagonal valley, with five hills that formed the shape of a star. Past that, there was nothing but a sea of grass. Atop each of the other four hills there were structures. Not houses, not buildings... but playground equipment, like you might have expected to find in a school yard. Or, well, a really expensive school yard, like one of those private schools that churned out damaged adults. "I don't understand how this is supposed to—" Kione turned to Eli, but he wasn't there. The door where she came out wasn't there either. She hesitated at the space where she expected the door should be and reached out to touch it, but her hand went right through. There was no door. Was Eli real? Was any of this? Kione took a deep breath. Five things she could see. The massive blacktop at the bottom of the hill, with adults playing hopscotch. Swing sets in lines of six, flanked on both sides with colorful seats. Picnic tables and swaths of blankets decorating the sides of the other four hills. Huge play-scapes - or maybe small play-towns - on each of the hills, painted in different colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. And finally, in the center of the valley, adorned with pictures and ornaments, a large door stood upright. A door that didn't seem to go anywhere at all. Maybe things she could see was a bad place to start. Kione closed her eyes and took another breath. Four things she could feel. The sharp grass beneath her feet. The slight breeze against her forehead. The ache of her legs as she stood. The gravity pulling on her, tilted every so slightly forward. Three things she could hear. Laughter. Bouncing balls. Music, like from a music box. Two things she could smell. Grass, like it was recently cut, though it didn't look like it had been. Kione knew always to trust her nose over her eyes. And lavender. One thing she could taste. Moisture. Humidity. She was thirsty, and this place was alive. When Kione opened her eyes again, it was just in time to see a group of kids - or adults dressed like kids - walking up the hill toward her. "I saw her first!" "Nuhuh, Marky saw her first an' told you an' I saw her before that!" "Nuhuh." "Yuhhuh." "She looks like a Banana." "You wouldn't even know a Banana!" "I am a Banana!" "I think she's umm... she's defi...defin... um. She's a Cherry!" The chittering of the group of would-be-children terminated when the group of six made it to the top of the hill. A girl - a woman, in a pretty gingham dress the color of freshly picked red apples - was the first to speak directly to Kione. "Welcome to the Kindergarten!" "I... thank you..." Kione paused and looked at the six residents. Each was dressed very specifically, with a dominant color and an accent of white. White socks, white hair ties, white frills along the hems of their dresses. Even the boys wore shirts with white sleeves or white laces on their shoes. Two green, two yellow, two red... but no blue. "I'm sorry," Kione apologized, though she hadn't done anything wrong. "What is this place, exactly? And do you know where the exit is?" "Oh gosh." "Oh golly." "Oh goodness." "We just said it's the Kindergarten," a girl in green echoed, but she didn’t sound annoyed about it. "And there's no exit, this is your home now. What's your name?" "I'm sorry, but I can't stay here." Kione skipped over the whole name thing. If these adults really were children, then it was best they didn't get attached to her. "I have a job; I'm a counsellor. If I don't get back to my clients soon, they'll worry about me. You understand, don't you?" "Nuhuh." "Nope." "She's definitely a Blueberry..." "I'm Robin," continued the girl in the red gingham dress who did the introductions. "I know it's confusing but you'll be okay. Tonight there's gonna be a Joining when the others get here, an' then you'll feel more at home." "I... I'm really sorry, but I can't..." Kione wasn't getting anywhere, and she knew it. She looked around the hilly parkway again, then down at the door in the center of it all. Free-standing on a frame with no wall. They saw it too, didn't they? "That door," Kione asked. "Does it go anywhere?" The kids exchanged awkward looks, but Robin spoke up right away. "That's the Ever After. When we earn it, the Priestess will open the door and lead us through. But only one of us gets to go at a time. So we gotta be on our best behavior." Kione nodded in understanding. This place was some kind of cult. An indoctrination of sorts. She'd suffered through enough loneliness and ostracism that Kione knew how important it was to belong. But her knowledge gave her power too. They wouldn't sway her so easily. Nonetheless, Kione always was good at putting on a face. "What do you mean 'Priestess'?" "Well when—" one of the others began to explain, but Robin shushed him with a wave of her hand. She shook her head softly, before taking over the explanation. "After the Joining, your leader will explain everything to you." Nobody seemed willing to argue with Robin, and when nobody else spoke up, she continued. "Do you Double Dutch?" "Um..." It seemed like such a non-sequitur. A yellow-shirted boy chimed in: "It's a dumb skipping game for girls." "Shut up, Wesley," the girl wearing a yellow dress snapped back and rolled her eyes. "It's not dumb you're just bad at it." "Cause I'm not a girl." "Maybe you should be, you keep talking about it!" He puffed out his cheeks and went quiet. Robin continued: "It's a game. Do you know how to play? Come down wif' us, okay?" Robin was mostly eloquent, but with some misspoken words here and there. It was weird. Cute, but weird. Kione followed the group down the hill, looking back at where she came from. There was no playscape at the top of it. It was different. Why was it different? Soon Kione and the others made it to the bottom of the hill and the grass made way for blacktop. The small, dull stones and the sun-soaked ground made the bottoms of Kione's feet hurt. A lot of other kids - all dressed primarily in one of the four colors - looked her way, but nobody else approached to make an introduction. Robin seemed to have an odd level of control over the whole situation. Maybe she's the leader, Kione wondered. If she is, then she's the best ally. And the most dangerous enemy. "You didn' tell me your name," Robin prompted again, "an' I can't introduce you if you don't tell me your name." The boys split away to play their games, and the other two girls - one in green and one in yellow - led her to where a gaggle of girls were jumping rope. "Kione." In the end, ingratiating herself and earning the trust of the residents would benefit her more than keeping her distance. If Kione learned anything from work, it was that rapport was everything. "Well Kione, it's nice to meet you. Come this way." As Robin approached, the mixture of girls - in reds, blues, yellows, and greens - wound down their rhythmic chant. They looked at Kione excitedly. "This is Kione," Robin said. "Hi Kione!" They all intoned, in unison, like addressing a school teacher. "Is there gon' be a Joining tonight?" one of the girls in blue asked. She had her thumb in her mouth and it drew Kione's attention. She sure seemed to take this 'dress like a kid' thing a little too far. But then again, this whole place seemed a bit too Wonderland for Kione. Maybe she shouldn’t have made that joke with Eli. "There is, but let's just play for now." Robin smiled, and turned to Kione. "Do you wanna do Miss Mary Mack? Or Teddy Bear? Or is there another jump rope game you like most?" "I, uh. Miss Mary Mack would be great." Kione hadn't jumped rope since she was in grade school, but she was pretty damn good. She hoped that jump rope was like riding a bike, and she wouldn't humiliate herself in front of a bunch of overgrown school children. As Kione stepped into the middle of the two jump ropes, the girls on either end - one in yellow, one in red - began mercifully slow. "Miss.... Mary.... Mack, Mack, Mack....all dressed in black, black, black, with silv-" Kione made it about that far before tripping, and the plastic ropes caught in her feet. There were laughs and giggles, but nothing too condescending. Nothing like how an adult would make fun of someone or discourage them for trying. It just seemed like the kids were having fun, and Kione didn't know what to make of that. "I wanna try again," Kione declared.
  11. Finally, VACATION! Patrick stood in the TSA line, his hand firmly grasped in his girlfriend's. It had been far too long since they had gone away on a trip, thanks COVID, but vacation days and flight deals had finally lined up. For the first time in 18 months, he and Kath had a whole week away together, just the two of them. No family expectations, no crazy itineraries, just quality time and their little secret. The secret being, of course, that Patrick was wearing a diaper under his sweatpants. He'd finally found the courage to open up to his girlfriend about his little kink just before the lock down, and of course, that then gave them endless amounts of time to indulge in it. To his surprise, some days, Kath seemed to be more into it than he was. The fact that they were both working from home from the same apartment made things more interesting for sure. From sneaking off for lunchtime changes, and trying to hold a straight face while wetting his diaper during a zoom meeting, it had certainly been a crazy year. However, they'd never really taken it outside of their apartment before. Kath had first suggested it when she had found some... Interesting accommodation recommended on one of their favorite kink sites, and it had taken Patrick a few months to come around to the idea. Being truthful to himself, he knew that it was one of his fantasies, but the shame and guilt also sat deep inside him. Was this what he was doing with his life at 28 years old? But, Kath was pretty insistent, and the accommodation was at the beach as well, so worst come to worst, they give up on the spicy part and just enjoy it as a regular vacation. Deep down though, he knew that was pretty unlikely. It had started this morning. Kath had packed his bags, and picked his outfits. He had told her that he needed to be stealth at least for the flight over and when in public, and after a bit of back and forth, they had settled on a compromise. He was wearing black sweatpants, which did cover his regular diaper for the most part, but if you knew what you were looking for, you could see a tiny bulge at the front and rear. Kath told him he was being ridiculous and that nobody could tell, though, so he'd obliged. His hoodie also looked pretty normal for an adult, despite being baby blue with a little bunny rabbit embroidered on the front. The kicker though, for Patrick, was the shoes that Kath had brought out this morning. Velcro. "If anyone asks, they're to get through security faster." She had told him with a smile, fastening them on to his feet this morning. "Only you and me know the truth." And so here they were, almost lunchtime, standing in what seemed to be the longest line for security screening in the world. Patrick squirmed slightly, his anxiety almost doubling him over. Sure, there was a little bit of excitedness down inside him, knowing that he was secretly padded for the first time, but he couldn't shake the feeling that every single pair of eyes in this airport was on him. "Relax, baby." Kath soothed, gently tousling his hair. "We're on vacation! We've waited so long for this. Are you excited?" He exhaled nervously, shooting a smile at her. "Yeah, yeah, I am." "Good!" She squeezed his hand. "Are you having fun yet?" He nodded, looking back down at his crotch, and then back up at her. "I, uh, I kinda need to go, though." "We shouldn't be too much longer in this line." She reassured, looking down at the massive crowd in front of her. "You know the rules." Patrick's eyes widened. Already? They hadn't even flown out of their hometown yet! They'd agreed to rules while planning the trip. The first rule, was that Patrick was going to use his padding just like a real toddler would. The second, was that if anyone asked him about it, he had to answer honestly. The third, was that Kath was going to take on all the Mommy responsibilities. And finally, if it had got too much for either of them, the safeword was passport. Patrick was stuck back at rule number one. He'd agreed to it. Hell, they'd even put it in writing! He'd wet his diapers thousands of times at the apartment, but there he was only a few steps away from his changing mat. In public, it was a whole different story! And to make matters worse, it wasn't even his usual lunchtime pee. This was in his guts, and it was cramping, and it was coming. Surely, surely, Kath didn't mean this? "I must have eaten something bad this morning." He mumbled quietly, so only Kath could hear. "I... I need to, y'know..." "Must be all that fibre at work then!" Kath beamed, rubbing his shoulders. "Y-You didn't-" Patrick stammered. He had thought it a bit weird that Kath had gone to the effort of making him a massive bowl of oatmeal early this morning. It was tasty with a bit of maple syrup on top, and just quietly, he had adored making Kath feed it to him with the airplane game. Had she laced it? "You can pull your passport out if you need it, okay baby?" She cupped his face. "But, we're on holiday to try new things! And besides, this way, you're all empty before the flight and I can change you once we get past security." Patrick's mouth was dry, his knees shaking slightly. Was this really happening? This airport was pretty busy. Even with most of this queue social distancing, they would certainly be able to smell him. He'd only messed himself at the apartment once, and that was when he had gastro! The humiliation was about to eat him alive. But at the same time, god it made him excited. There was absolutely no doubt of the tingling sensation running up and down his entire body. The line moved slightly, and the two of them shuffled forward. Patrick leaned on Kath's suitcase handle, breathing in and out as he felt his stomach doing knots. "I was kinda hoping this would happen before we got here." Kath chuckled awkwardly. "Took a while to get through your system, I guess." "Mmmph." Patrick mumbled, looking for somewhere to focus his eyes. He absolutely could not make eye contact with anyone while he did what was about to happen. They shuffled forward again. Patrick tried to think strategy. Little bits at a time? Fill his diaper slowly? Or just get it all over with in one big push? He was actively holding it together now, trying to fight the mental block and let it out. He'd finally decided on a slow strategy, as he figured that would be best for trying to avoid suspicion from the people around him. The couple behind them in line had their eyes on their phones, so at least they wouldn't be watching. He took a deep breath, and tried to let a little bit of pee out first. He'd done that at home a thousands of times, at least that would be easier. It was all going to plan, a tiny little flow, staring off into space, when all of a sudden his whole body opened up. A little bit of force opened the floodgates, and his knees buckled slightly as he absolutely unleashed into his diaper. As the ringing cleared in his ears, Patrick forced himself to stand back up. He could certainly feel it. The squishy feeling quickly took over his entire diaper area, squishing up around his balls and all the way back into the seat of the diaper. Oh, it added some weight to it to, and he could feel it sagging down towards his thighs. Oh god, everyone could probably see it now! And then, the smell. Kath's nose wrinkled up in the cute little way that it did, and she shoved him slightly in the side. "You're so cute!" Patrick would have absolutely blushed up to his forehead if he could, adjusting his legs to make room for his mess. "I-I-, I just-" "You did." She nodded, a big grin on her face. "Sir?" Patrick froze. "Can I get you to come with me for a random drug test, please?" "Oh, yeah, sure." He nodded, quickly making his way to the swabbing counter. He let the woman run her wand thing over his hands and clothes, trying to act normal. He could see her nose twitch a few times, but at no point did she look at him in any sort of accusatory way. Well, there were usually a lot of toddlers coming through, maybe she was used to it. "All clear." He mumbled a thank you and tried his hardest not to waddle as he headed towards the counter. He knew the drill, pulling his liquids out of his bag and putting his phone and wallet in one of the trays to go through the X-Rays. He thanked the stars that this wasn't one of those ones where everyone could see the X-Rays though, because god knows what sort of surprises Kath had packed in there. Oh shit. The body scanner. Patrick waited in line, feeling his whole body start to sweat. Kath had gone ahead of him, and she was waiting on the other side with her bag, looking quite entertained. Surely this would be fine! He wasn't wearing any kind of metal at all. There was no way at all they would call him through. Well, that was until the security officer took one glance at the nervous, sweating man and pulled him aside to go through the larger scanner. "Stand straight, arms up. It's only 2 seconds." He instructed. Patrick breathed shakily. "Sorry, I-, um-" The machine beeped, and the security guard's eyes flicked down to Patrick's crotch, before quickly making eye contact again. "Well, sir, our machine has detected something in a personal area. We will need to conduct a secondary check, would you like to be escorted to a private room?" Patrick turned white. "U-Uh-" "Everything okay, baby?" Kath asked, approaching them. "You two together?" "Yes, we are." "I'll just get you both to come with me." Patrick's heart pounded in his chest as they made their way to a little office off the side. The security guard closed the door, and held up his iPad with the scan. "So, as you can see, the scanner has detected a foreign object between your legs. Normally it's nothing, but I do just need a manual check of this one to allow you passage onto your flight today." "Oh, no worries. Honey, you can just show him. Let's get this over with." Kath squeezed his hand. Patrick's hands were shaking as he held onto the waistband of his pants, and pulled them down. Oh, could it get any worse? His diaper was hanging on for dear life, the tabs holding it as tight to his waist as they could manage. The actual crotch area was sagging down to his thighs, and the rear had probably doubled in size. But worst of all, other than the brown stain clearly showing through, was the horrific stench that had just taken over the small office. The security officer sighed, deeply. Not in shock, or surprise, just sort of, disappointed. "Had a feeling." He muttered. "Is that all you need from us?" Kath asked. "Not, exactly." He sighed again, grabbing a pair of rubber gloves. "Let me guess, some sort of car accident? Surgery gone wrong?" His tone implied he'd been through this before, and hadn't believed the excuses of the ones that had come before them. Patrick gulped. "Rule number 2, sweetie." Kath reminded him sweetly. Oh, come ON! "Well, I... I like to wear them." He mumbled. "I'm really just, just a big baby, and because I'm just a baby, this is what I have to wear." The security guard winced as he reached over, giving the sagging part of Patrick's diaper a squeeze. Patrick's eyes almost rolled back into himself at the touch, partly from the humiliation, partly from the sensation of his warm mess spreading all around. "O-OH-" "Yeah, yeah. That's a first, though. I'll take that one." He muttered, shedding his rubber gloves into biohazard waste as fast as he could. "Okay, you're right to go. Although, for a baby like yourself, you should change before you get on that flight." "Oh, don't you worry at all." Kath beamed, reaching over and pulling Patrick's pants back up over his obvious erection. "I will take care of that right away! Thank you! Say thank you to the nice man, 'Tricky." Patrick tried to stand up straight, his face beet red from the embarrassment. "T-Thank you." "Yeah, no worries." The security guard pushed the door open. "Get out of here, stinker." Patrick quickly collected his bag, and the two headed towards the terminal. Kath started laughing as soon as they were out of security earshot. "Oh my god, you should have SEEN your face!" "I-I, he called me STINKER!" Patrick couldn't help but laugh back. "Well, he certainly wasn't wrong!" She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Come on, let's go find a parents room. I need to clean you up, and sort you out." Patrick nodded, grabbing onto her hand and letting her lead the way. Okay, maybe this trip was going to be fun.
  12. I didn't know if I should put this under my last post or start a new topic, they are completely unrelated, but it's another short story A girl at work was complaining, "Nobody gave me a Valentines". Let's call her, Janie. Me, being me the sweetie I am, I quickly folded a piece of paper, drew a heart on it and gave her a simple card. She was touched, even though I had spelled Valentine's wrong, but to her that made the card sweeter in a way. It matched the childish relationship i have with her and most women, for that matter. To her, it's like, "Awww you heard i was sad and made me a little card to make me feel better". I got exactly what I wanted, a hug, a pat on the head and you're such a sweet boy. She was shorter blonde, a little heavy set, the 70's band Queen described them as "Fat Bottomed Girls", but could she still wear tight clothes that looked good enough to catch an eye. We had a decent relationship, but never anything beyond playful flirting. I'd even talked with her about wetting my bed and she didn't even really do any teasing or anything. She was actually surprisingly understanding. So, I'd talked about fetishes with her a couple times and she had an interest in something, but nothing that sparked between us and she never specified her interests, it was always about me. She talked about wanting to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. Usually it's another girl. She tells me her boyfriend is a Black guy real conflicted on homosexuality. I didn't put a lot of thought in it, i offered, "I'll suck his dick, if he wants?". She said, "No, but maybe", then went on to say, that when they'd been drinking, he was into the idea too, but "Don't ever say anything to anyone". And like "You know I wear diapers, you think I'm gonna run around telling your secrets?" A few days go by, I've forgotten all about my little card. Janie comes in all angry and pouty. She's been arguing with her boyfriend and is still arguing with him through text messages. I ask, "What's happening?" She confides a very typical argument, "He's just being a jerk. He doesn't want me talking with other guys. He always says at I'm cheating on him. And I've never cheated once. He's cheated on me and every since I caught him, everything I do, everywhere I go, he says, I'm cheating on him" Me being blissfully naive as to what they are actually arguing about, asks, "What started the argument?" She looks up at from her phone, "He found the card you gave me on Valentines Day. And now, he says you're flirting with me and that i fucked you". This sends a chill down my spine, and gives my voice a sudden nervous enegry, "What do you mean? Why does he want to talk to me?", feeling my little dick and balls retracting inside of me. Janie goes back to typing on her phone, still absently holding the conversation with me. "He keeps saying, you're flirting with me. And he doesn't want any guys flirting with me. I told him it was nothing. He's such a jerk! He's always overreacting. He's sk jealous. He won't even let me hangout with any of my guy friends". She finally looked up again and saw the fear in me. Awhile ago, she had told me, he'd been in jail for fighting before. And this was not the spot I wanted to be in at the moment. I could already see what was shaping up. Does the idea of her boyfriend humiliating me in front of her, turn me on? Very much. Did I sorta kinda orchestrate this situation into existing? I thought it a possibility, but in the moment, the fear is real and thats what turns me on so much! Now, I really wouldn't even call myself a guy. My figure is almost like a split between a guy and a girl. I wear a lot of women's clothes cuz they fit better on me. If I'm walking on a street with heavy traffic, I always get some overly thirsty guy honking at me from behind if I'm wearing tight pants, cuz they see me from behind and think I'm a girl. My shoulders and face don't look too feminine, but have maintained a baby face, but below the waist, i look like a girl. Me and Janie are about the same height too. So, I'm not exactly a fighter. To me, I'd rather suck a guy's dick than fight him. Kiss his shoes? I'll get on my knees. In the moment, I'll do just about anything. I'm intensely submissive to dominant personalities Janie tells me, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's not gonna do anything...." I didn't share her certainty, because before she had even finished, "But you just told me, he is coming here! Can't you tell something?", I'm whining at this point, like desperately pleading with her, "Tell him I'm not here or I went home or anything?" Janie tells me, "That's what I should have said! I didn't even think of that!", but she can tell I'm upset and she starts talking very sweet like she was encouraging a kid, "You don't have to be afraid of him. He won't do anything. I'll protect you", which made me happy to hear, but does little to lessen the dread building inside me" It's gonna be okay. Don't even worry about" A little while later, I'm back asking her, "Can't you tell him something? Cuz, he won't do anything to you! But that doesn't mean he won't do anything to me! You told me he's been to jail", and when she looked up again, and I don't know if it was a look in her eye or the smile on her face, but something gave me the impression she that was enjoying this in someway. So I'm watching the clock all morning, hoping i can somehow get out of work before Janie's boyfriend shows up, or something to happen, but all to soon, the time comes, and her boyfriend's car pulls into the lot. Living up the moniker Yellow, I ran to one of the bathrooms, locked the door and hide inside for like twenty minutes. And that twenty minutes seemed to take forever to pass. The whole time, I'm sitting on the toilet trying to find things to take my attention off her boyfriend, Leon, out there waiting for me. After about ten minutes, I don't hear them talking anymore. But i stay inside. After another ten minutes, I thought I heard a car drive off. So I start thinking it's safe to come out and I have to come out sooner or later. I can't stay in the bathroom forever. And part of me that i hated in this moment, is hoping he's out there. And the moment I turn the corner, I see Leon sitting across from Janie. He stands up and makes a b-line to me. He's under six feet, but he's still six or seven inches taller than me, heavy on some musky cologne, and bigger than me in every way. Later on Janie had said, described me walking into the room looking like a scared child He's pushing his hand into my chest. My back is already against the wall. He is really loud in my face, spittle landing on my face, and a burst of pee escapes into my underwear. He's yelling and pointing at Janie, "You thought you were gonna fuck my girl? Are you fucking stupid?". I felt sick, like I was about to throw up. This is all happening very fast, he's accusing me of hitting on and fucking his girlfriend, I'm shaking my head, denying everything, but i haven't gotten any words just sounds, not to mention I'm shaking pretty bad and tears are welling up in my eyes. Ive started crying and left a wet spot on the seat when my boss yelled at me. Leon shoves a piece of paper against my chest and my back bounces off the wall and I feel a longer jet of pee running into my underwear, i dont know if my pants were wet yet, but my underwear was as wet as it can be. And I'm like, "I didn't..." He cuts me off, snatching the paper back from me, "You didn't write this?!?". And I'm looking back at him, eyes wide and childlike, Im literally helpless and keep looking away, my whole body is shivering and I know my pants must be wet. "Its just a card! It doesn't mean anything", Janie called out, which only seemed to make him madder, cuz he grabbed my shirt and bounced me off the wall again, and this time the quick jet of pee escaping in my underwear doesn't stop. A few tears are starting to run, making my face shiny. I know he can see my pants are wet, even if i can't feel it, cuz I go numb below the waist when i get scared. Now, I'm looking over to Janie for help, my eyes are pleading with her. Finally, she comes over and starts trying to calm him down. I remember her rubbing his shoulders and saying, "Let him answer. Leon! Look at him! He's scared to death". And I get to a certain point where I don't care about embarrassment or having dignity and I'm trying to think of what I can say to him to get him to believe me or get him off of me, but everything in my mind is a blank. I'm not someone you want in high pressure situations. And, in this high pitched squeak, don't ask me why id say this, maybe it's because i know it'll turn me on later, but i tell him, "I still wet my bed! I sleep in a diaper! I don't think Janie would want to sleep with me!" This obviously takes Leon by surprise, "What?", and he still has a grip on my shirt. And I can see Janie has a similar look in her face, surprise that's turning to a smile, it's something people do when they see someone wet their pants. Outloud, i squeak out, "I pee my pants" not I peed my pants, I pee my pants, i dont know what I was trying to say, but that's what came out. Both of them look down, their attention on the wetness between my legs, down both my thighs ,with longer streaks of wetness down to my calves and my socks are only a little wet, i didn't have a full bladder whe. It happened. I've learned, if I want to assure a man of his masculinity, peeing my pants in front of him is a massive ego boost. His whole energy changed, like he had relaxed. But I hadn't, like, I still feel like I'm gonna puke with my heart beating through my chest. Im still begging him that I'm sorry, i won't do it again, it didn't mean anything.Which wasn't entirely true, but he had told me to, "Shut up", so I did. And he looks me up and down, assessing me. I look up, notice Janie's standing behind him with mouth open and her hand covering it. But just like he gets an ego boost, she just saw her man completely dominate me, she is super turned on, like he's some returning champion and the look in her eyes, I know her panties are damp. The way she is caressing his arm and back, looking up to him. It's almost has the look of a love story, except I'm standing in wet pants, completely humiliated and wiping away tears, and because something is really wrong with me, i start to suck my thumb, but im holding that hand with my other hand, so both my hands at my mouth. Luckily no customers came in the store the whole time this scene was unfolding. But standing there watching him tell her, "You see what happens when you try to cheat on me?", she has her hands clasped in front of her chest, looking up to him, like, basking in his masculinity, "You see what a pussy he is? This little bitch!", pointing at me sucking my thumb. Janie looks to me and back to him, nodding her head in agreement eagerly, "Id never cheat on you! I love you. I love you! I love you! Id never cheat on you! Never! Especially not with him. I told you, he's like a little girl", the little nod of her head and the 'him' was worse than calling me piss pants or some other name and she had never told me she saw me as a gjrl. And he kisses her, full tongue in mouth, watching them kiss, feeling is starting to return to my body and i can feel the humiliation that people who have felt that cold wetness of their pee soaked pants clinging to their legs know. Im standing there sucking my thumb in wet pants watching her wrap her arms around his neck, he is gripping her ass with one of his hands, and she is pressing her face against his trying to push his tongue deep inside herself. The noises of their lips and tongues and the little sounds of passion from inside, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen from my position. He was gonna fuck her brains out tonight and she was gonna love it. The energy between them was magical. He told her, "I'll see you at home", after he had what he wanted and left. He didn't say anything or even look back at me. When she turned to me, she couldn't get the smile off her face, even though she felt bad for me and finally I could exhale a sigh of relief. Janie, is in my face now, "It's okay. Calm down sweetie. It's okay", she's putting her hands on my shoulders, petting me head, but she also checks behind her to make sure he's not coming back, "Shhhh, let's get you in the bathroom". She has her hand on my back walking me to the bathroom. "Shhh, stop shaking, it's okay, baby". Don't ask me why, maybe fetish stuff, but I end up pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet with my underwear still on, my yellow underwear, and I'm talking with Janie. After a few more minutes of her telling me it's gonna be okay and putting both her hands on my head and holding it against her body, she has to go back out front. Now, if you've ever been in the position of the wimp who pissed himself, most girls take an extreme degree of pity, there's this bonding thing, it's about the most emasculated I can be and she feels like it's her fault, but any sexual tension between us is gone, she's like a babysitter now and I've had this happen with a few girlfriends, "I just can't see you as a man anymore", they say. Finally, as she's opening the bathtoon door, she asks the question, that seems obvious looking back, "You really wear diapers? Ive never seen a guy get the pee scared out of him". I'm like, "I have accidents" "I can see that", the smile on her face was shining and her arms were crossed under her tits making them look even bigger, "Maybe you should think about wearing them more". "I don't pee my pants everyday" "You need to get outta those wet clothes. You'll get a rash", this actually started to get my dick hard, hearing her telling me I'm about to get diaper rash. "I think I have an extra pair of tights in my car. You can wear, but I don't have any panties", again telling me she doesn't have any panties for me to wear was another step toward an erection, ",Do you have any your d...", she had trouble saying diapers and started to laugh as she said the word. Now, I had extra pants, Goodnites, diapers, underwear, even shirts, when you wet your pants a few times a year, you learn to be prepared, my mom and sisters call it, my diaper bag. But I wanted to wear Janie's tights, so I didn't tell her and pulled my pants back up and went out to the car with her. I took one of my Goodnites, cuz a diaper would be very visible, especially in tights. I'm sitting there with her for the rest of the day. And we talk about everything. Im telling her, if I wet my pants, I'm gonna wet the bed for a few weeks, and I'm gonna be much more likely to have accidents in the next few days. I can't help peeing myself sometimes, if someone jumps out or if the brakes on a car screech, there's gonna be at least a wet spot. The way she is talking to me know though, it's like I'm not a man in her eyes anymore and I'm incredibly turned on. But that's not the end of this, cuz like a week later, Janie mentions the threesome again. And after the way I fell apart when he was angry, he told Janie "You're right, he's basically a girl. No man is gonna piss all over himself and start sucking his thumb". Of course I'm interested, I wanted to see him fuck Janie more than anything and I was gonna. I was thrilled! I love dominate guys. If he wants to humiliate me, as long as he isn't like punching me, I'm happy. I'm over the moon, in another week, I was at their house, I dressed as feminine as I could and wore a Goodnite, I mainly wear the girl's one's cuz the work much better. At least for me the girl Goodnites hold leaks three times better, I don't know if it's cuz my package isn't very big, but the boy one's leak on me and the girl one's don't. I show up. Janie brings me in, she's in little shorts and a t-shirt, greeting me. I switch into a pink skirt, with white tights and a yellow top. She takes me to see the man. He's sitting on an easy chair and I get on my knees off to the side of him, "Thank you for letting me come over, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you?", everything is Sir, may I, please, thank you. He stands and pats me on my head, "Oh you're a good bitch", I flinch, "You can stand up bitch", and he like sniffs me. My heart is beating through my chest, this guy almost kicked my ass one week ago. Im literally peeing my pull-up. I can smell alcohol on his breath. It was very animalistic. He puts his arm around Janie's waist, "You two bitches are gonna suck my cock" I ask, "Do you want me to wear lipstick, Sir?" "Yeah, I do". I get my lipstick out of my bag, give it to Janie, who puts it on me quicker than I could. At this point, I say, "I think I better tell you guys that I don't really have a dick" and I let that statement hang in the air. Janie and Leon look at each other, "Like, I have one but it's small, like girls don't feel it, but I wear a strap-on and girls like that one better" "You're perfect, bitch" Leon gets on the couch, pulls his jeans and boxers down. At first, he's holding his cock up. Me and Janie are on our knees sucking on his balls, our tongue over each other's, our lips are touching and the thin slightly salty taste of his balls fill my mouth. He let's his cock down and we both jump on it, licking his cock, me and Janie are basically kissing with the tip of his cock between our mouths. This is amazing. Janie forces me to the side swallowing his cock first, "Hold her head down", I push Janie's head down as she makes those gagging noises but she's really use to it. Janie takes her mouth off, his cock is dripping with her saliva and his precum, i start blowing him, same thing, "Hold her head down", Janie pushes my head down and I am gagging, but she's holding my head and I'm violently gagging, anything left in my bladder is draining into my pull-up, eventually I relax and just let his cock stretch my throat. I look up at his eyes with mine wide and submissive, it's a submissive thing, I've had a couple cocks in my mouth before and eye contact at points is important, wide eyes, vulnerable, making little moans and noises, like trying to softly mimic the sounds of a woman orgasm, helps get the guy off, especially if the guy who's dick is in your mouth doesn't see himself as gay or bisexual. Now with his humiliation of me fresh in all out minds, the energy is different. It's whatever he wants, he knows that and he is imposing it on me and Janie. And he is loving it. Rarely does a man surprise me, but he grabs my hair, pulls me off his cock and tells me to, "Eat my ass". I hadn't ever planned on doing this and he seems to register that, even though he is not the most sensitive of men, and he moves me on my knees to behind him, while I'm in the middle of saying, "I need to get a new pull-up, Sir", but he is snapping his fingers and pointing down, Janie hustles over, gets back on her knees and starts sucking. I forget about changing my pull-up, spread his cheeks and start tonguing his asshole. I can't say I'm crazy about the taste, like his balls, cock, cum I don't mind the taste, but his asshole, I'd rather not, but I would have got on my knees and started licking the ground, if he had told me to. After a few minutes though, I can tell he's about to cum and the feeling I get from making a man cum is so hot, even if I'm not the one sucking his cock, it's the ultimate pat on the head, if a guy sleeps with me. I'll suck his cock all night like a pacifier, I'll sleep with my head at his crotch all night. Anyway, he cums in Janie's mouth, pulls me back up front and has me kissing her and we pushing his cum back and forth between our mouths making a show of it. Finally I can ask again, "Can I go put on a diaper now, Sir?", but I'm looking up from him to Janie hoping, if he doesn't say anything, she will. "You couldn't sit your ass down and take a piss before you got here", but he's kinda laughing when he says it. "I didn't think I had to, but your cock...changed my mind", knowing he'd like that answer and he nods. I get up off my knees, "One more thing, bitch", I freeze, "We wanna see your cock". Immediately, I'm like, "Why?", I didn't even say Sir. Obviously he goes, "Cuz I said so" and steps forward. He can tell I don't want to and that makes him even enjoy it more. Janie is standing now and watching me shrink in front of her boyfriend, getting hotter. He steps back and just grabs the front of my Goodnite and just rips it off and then pushes it against my chest. In an almost perfect way, my little dick springs up cuz I'm rock hard. He's smiling, Janie laughs, naked from the waist down my three inch penis is fully on display, I'm completely hairless and shave the little body hair that does grow. "That's....the smallest dick I've ever seen" and follows up with a line I've heard a million times in one form or another, he turns to Janie, "No wonder he's still diapers, he's got a baby dick", this actually embarrasses me though and I cover up, "Don't cover up" I move my hand and let them see my little dick. "Can I go now, Sir" "Go". I put a diaper on, come back, we go into the bedroom, I put on my strap-on over my diaper and they both a laugh outta that. But I'm pretty good with a strap-on. So, Leon is gonna fuck Janie from behind, while I use my strap-on on her mouth. And Janie's like, "Please don't piss yourself while I'm blowing you" Meekly, "I don't think I will" Leon grabs my hair, pulling my head back, "You heard her! You better not". I start to say, "This isn't helping", but he pushed his thumb in my mouth and that made cum, sucking on his finger, it seems so small, but I came in my diaper sucking on his thumb. Spit roasting Janie was fun, mainly watching Leon fucking her, I just tried to make her start gagging anytime she started moaning, cuz that's what she wanted. Having her looking up at me with my strap-on in her mouth, while his real cock is inside her pussy, I'm like a lesbian to them. And wearing the strap-on is demeaning, but I've always done it, because no girls could ever feel my dick, and it's awkward having a girl say, "Are you inside me? I can't feel anything? Are you sure it's in? I'm not all stretched out, I cant even feel you!", but watching her pushing off her legs so she goes into his cock harder and he is slamming into her big ass, heavy flesh smacking sounds. When he is really jackhammering Janie's starting to orgasm, I push my strap-on as deep as it'll go, and she looks up and her eyes are sparkling and wide as she goes into like body convulsions, her hands are grabbing my diapered ass, digging in and pulling my diaper down. She finishes, Leon says, "You squirted all over my cock", smacking her ass, making her moan, Janie pulls her mouth off my strap-on, turns and gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock clean. They've both been drinking, theyre coming down, they're going to bed, I sleep on floor next to their bed. I'd drank a bottle of water before going to sleep and my diaper reflected that the next morning. That the next morning, Janie did mention, but Leon no longer being drunk, didn't want me there anymore, in fact, he made it clear. I had to leave now. So fast, I'm putting my pants back on, on their porch, wet diaper fully visible to anyone watching me pull my pants on and make my way to me car. I get home and see myself, I'd forgotten to take off the lipstick, lol.
  13. A well-fitting adult diaper should be both snug and comfortable. The elastic around the waist and leg openings secures the diaper while providing ample room for movement without causing chafing or discomfort. As a result, wetting a diaper feels more natural as it contours to your body shape. High-quality adult diapers are made from soft, absorbent materials that wick moisture away from the skin. The gentle fabric helps reduce irritation and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. When wetting a diaper, this material quickly absorbs urine, preventing uncomfortable wetness. 🤍 Physical Comfort Diapers offer reassurance against leaks and accidents, relieving stress and anxiety High-quality adult diapers are made from soft and absorbent materials, helping to reduce skin irritation and maintain dryness A well-fitting diaper ensures snugness and comfort, making the experience more natural as it adapts to the wearer’s body shape Psychological Comfort Diapers provide a sense of security Protection against leaks and accidents is incredibly reassuring The feeling of safety helps relieve the stress and anxiety associated with bathroom emergencies Why does wearing a wet diaper feel so good? It brings back comforting childhood memories and provides security It offers relief from stress or anxiety by allowing one to let go of control over bodily functions The convenience factor also plays a role – not having to rush to the restroom when nature calls can be quite liberating Conclusion The sensation of wetting a diaper may feel good due to psychological and physical factors. The security of knowing you’re protected against leaks and accidents can bring relief from stress and anxiety, while soft materials and a good fit contribute to overall comfort. Remember that enjoying this sensation is entirely normal. So long as you maintain proper hygiene, wearing an adult diaper can help you live your life confidently and easily. The protection offered instills confidence The convenience allows more freedom over bodily functions Diapers alleviate stress by providing a safe and secure physical barrier Individual experiences vary and what may feel good to one person might not be the same for another. Overall, wearing a wet diaper could be seen as an indulgence in personal comfort and relaxation for those who enjoy it. @
  14. Hello Babs and Bigs (and all others!) I've been pulled out of the woodwork by The 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest! The NON-CONtest #3 ! Seriously, a thousand thanks to Kasarberang for these, otherwise I would probably never get the gumption to write. Now, I know the contest has very specific themes, and I've selected a couple of them, but they're secret for now, 'kay? I'll add them as tags later, but you don't want to spoil your appetite! So, here I am with a new tale, perhaps a bit based on a somewhat recent horror film, but it's already rapidly evolved into its own thing. With no further ado, here's the first course of "The Kids Menu" First Course - Amuse-Bouche “That’s not even the best part,” Tyler continued, passionately oversharing about his most recent obsession. Sarah smiled widely, her long light auburn hair whipping in the sea breeze, but her attention never broke from Tyler. She reveled in every little excited motion he made as he fixated on every fine detail of his story. She gave every outward appearance of profound interest, laughing, gasping, and even giving him light touches at the right moments, but the truth was it was at best a mild distraction from what had occupied her mind for months leading up to their date. But Tyler was none the wiser, carrying on what was one of the best conversations he had in years, with someone who but days before was a total stranger. It had to mean something, a deep connection, a kindred soul, maybe even love at first… The boat’s horn blew, ending both of their reveries, and turning their attention forward. The nearby conversations ceased just as abruptly, as the dozen passengers took in their destination. The private island that would serve as their paradise for the weekend was almost supernaturally beautiful. The crystal clear emerald waters lapped on the soft sand beach, from which a short wooden dock awaited their vessel. The sun dipped just behind the lush tree line, providing shade for the dock while keeping the sand warm. As the boat began to dock, Tyler could barely make out the path through to their villas and the main hall which would serve as their communal eating area for the duration of their stay. While he sat there taking in the sights, Sarah stood up and leaned over the boat’s railing, watching as a school of brightly colored fish darted past. “Ty, come look!” she shouted, pulling his attention towards her. His head whipped towards her, his shaggy sandy blonde hair falling in his eyes. As his hand wiped his vision clear, he froze and went red in the face. The short pale blue sundress that had framed Sarah’s assets quite nicely until now, had ridden up far enough that even the gentle breeze threatened to flash him. “Sarah! Y-y-y-,” he stammered, hiding his eyes, and gesturing furiously for her to come down. Sarah giggled inwardly, but feigned shock, yanking her dress down and shuffling over to Tyler. “My hero,” she whispered, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. His blush only intensified, but was accompanied with a genuine smile. She milked the moment by resting her head on his shoulder, a safe spot for a quick gaze to confirm a certain stiffening in his pants. Had she been a better person, she might have felt bad for how easily she was playing him, but things being what they were, she was loving every second of this. And, so far, so was he. Tyler would have been content staying in that moment for the whole weekend, but as the other passengers emptied out, he caught the skipper’s eyes and realized it was past time they get moving. He opened his mouth to speak such to his date, but as brief scenarios of saying the wrong thing flashed in his mind, he choked back the words. Again he opened his mouth, and shut it just as fast. He repeated this cycle for nearly a minute before Sarah decided he had suffered enough and lifted her head, miming a stretch. “Ty, babe, we shouldn’t keep them waiting,” she instructed him after taking an exaggerated look around, “it’s rude.” While he processed the change in tone, she stood up first and offered him a hand up. Not thinking any better of it, he meekly took it and stood to realize the rising problem in his pants. As he tried to pull his hand down to try and reposition or cover himself, she pulled his hand harder, and before he knew it they were both on the dock, in full view of everyone else. Without taking time to properly orient himself, he spun away from the group in front of him, and ran into a towering woman. Stumbling, he found himself caught by her firm, yet gentle hand. Her scent clung to him, sweet and strange, foreign and fruity. “Aren’t you an eager one?” she asked rhetorically, talking about him, but addressing the crowd more than she was him. She bent down slightly, both giving him ample view of her more than ample chest, and bringing her eyes nearly in line with him. “Just be careful where you point that thing, okay dear?” Having lost almost all higher brain function, Tyler nodded sheepishly. After feeling a firm prodding in his back from Sarah, he added “Y-yes ma’am.” “Miss Margot,” the woman before him corrected immediately. Tyler’s mouth hung open, his head listing to the side slightly. “It’s ‘Yes, Miss Margot’,” she said, pinching his jaw between two fingers. “Y-e-s,” he formed the sounds as she moved his mouth, “M-i-s-s M-a-r-g-o-t.” “Excellent,” she said dropping his jaw and pulling herself back up to full height and addressing everyone but him once again. “During your stay on my island, you are my guests, and welcome to all of its amenities. However, as your host, I do insist on at least some… decorum. The very least of which, is to refer to me as Miss Margot,” she turned her attention back to Tyler, “understood?” “Yes Miss Margot,” everyone echoed back with varying levels of enthusiasm. Some shouted it joyfully. Others recited it calmly. Tyler for his part barely broke a mumble. The introduction seemingly now complete, Sarah slipped her hand in his, and led the two off the dock along with the other guests. As they walked, she snuck a look back at Miss Margot and mouthed ‘thank you’, getting a gentle smile in return. The two continued to walk hand in hand across the beach, then down a shaded path to the heart of the island. Far ahead, a guide-woman explained the layout and features of the resort, but none of it registered with Tyler, and Sarah didn’t seem to pay it much interest. When they did arrive at the site of the main hall, Sarah split off from the group, still leading Tyler by the hand. The walk had done his head some good, but he hadn’t been able to reemerge from the shell his frightened psyche had retreated into. For now, his only link to the world around him was Sarah’s soft fingers, wrapped around his. It was more than enough. They quickly arrived at a beautiful villa. Thatched siding and roofing hid the modern materials employed in its construction, a solitary skylight breaking the illusion. The whole thing stood more than his head’s height off the ground on thick wooden pillars. As she led him up the rustic stairs to the doorway, he noticed the villa wasn’t as freestanding as it looked at a glance. A hallway ran, camouflaged, to the main hall, joining with one other along the way. He incorrectly assumed this was a matter of convenience, a way for them to reach the central hub of activity for the resort without leaving the comfort of the indoors. It did but that was only a secondary benefit. The door handle chimed as Sarah touched it, stealing Tyler’s attention from the hallway, and a moment later the cool air conditioning spilled out of the open door. “Magic touch,” she commented, waving at him with the fingers of her spare hand, then pulling him the rest of the way inside. The door swung shut quietly until it was closed, when a heavy lock clicked automatically into place. Sarah flopped onto the spacious bed in the center of the room, pulling Tyler down beside her. The two lay in silence for a long minute, still holding hands. “I’m glad, uhm,” Tyler lost his words as quickly as he found them, happy to return to the restful silence. “Me too,” Sarah replied, turning towards him, propping herself up on an elbow. “Not every day you get whisked away for a weekend in paradise by a beautiful woman you met just days before on a silly dating app, is it?” Tyler laughed, feeling the weight lift off his chest, lighting off more than just the day’s worries, but feeling free from what had become almost a lifetime of regrets. Regrets that washed back in like a wave of the sea, weighing him down once more. Noticing him tense back up, Sarah kissed his cheek. “I’ve got just the thing,” she said, getting up and strolling to the mini-bar. “There’s a fruit that grows here. Like, only here,” She explained while mixing various juices. “It’s called Heartfruit,” she paused, lifting up a plump, pink fruit that, true to its name, looked like a cartoon heart, “and it’s really quite fascinating, both medicinally and culinarily.” She tossed the fruit to him and one bumbling catch later, he examined the softball sized fruit. The skin wasn’t just thick, but hard and smooth, almost like a candy coating. “The skin, meat, juice, and seeds each have their own unique properties,” she continued, vigorously mixing the drink, “including some pretty fascinating neurological benefits.” Tyler sat up a bit at that word, ‘neurological’. Despite his years of undiagnosed depression, he recoiled at the idea of anything that might unknowingly alter his brain. It may not work right, but at least it was a misery he understood. So he barely drank more than a single beer in any given month, and would have been too afraid to get high, had anyone ever offered him the chance. He set the Heartfruit down on the bedside table, and dug for any excuse not to partake. Sarah finished mixing the drink and turned around to see the rising panic in Tyler’s eyes. She set the drink down and knelt in front of him at the foot of the bed. “Ty?” she asked, slowly raising a hand to pull his face towards hers. Tyler began to sniffle and cry. He was about to blow it again, lose everything all because he couldn’t stop being such a fool. When he felt her hand press against his cheek, he sniffled hard, and looked at her. He paused, then sniffed again. His tears cut off rather suddenly as his brain tried to piece together the strange smell. It had a sweetness to it, like a… foreign fruit. “That’s a good boy,” Sarah said, lifting the glass to his lips, and helping him drink down the Heartfruit cocktail. Tyler didn’t, couldn’t resist.
  15. Alright, another story in the diaper dimension. One of the main goals is for my writing to be 'fun', and when I quickly wrote a few chapters of Recessive last week and this week, I was very happy with the results. Most of my stories involve "borrowing" ideas from other authors, this one is no different. Since this one is pretty blatant, I want to give credit where it’s due. The concept of Maturosis and a recessive Betweener gene belongs to Personalias, which I hope he doesn't mind me using for this story. I also give a little nod to his story "Unfair". This was written in a hurry, so there might be some mistakes in here somewhere. I hope to get a chapter out per week, but we'll see how that turns out. As always, thanks for reading. *All characters are over 18* *Now with Maturosis spelled correctly* ------------------------ Recessive 1 “Come on, mom! I do not have Maturosis.” As a Tweener, Kaleb was fighting for his life, this was exactly the kind of thing that could put him in diapers. He hated saying what he shouldn’t even have to say; but this wasn’t the first time he had to stand up for his adulthood, and hopefully, it wouldn’t be the last. A letter from the school counselor started this latest brouhaha. In a few typed paragraphs, the Amazon counselor claimed that his behavior wasn’t up to snuff. It mentioned that Kaleb had been forgetful with his assignments, that he was apathetic, appeared bored, slept in class, and it brought notice to the nightmare that was his most recent report card. The school wanted to see some ‘changes’. In fact, the head counselor herself thought that he needed some cognitive behavioral testing; which would never happen to his Amazon stepsister. Now, Kaleb was doing battle against his family in the living room. The small space between the pair of couches, flat screen TV, and his father's oversized fluffy comfy chair became 'No man's land'. Kaleb sat in the Big recliner, dwarfed by the navy blue padding, doing his best to defend his honor against his stepmother and stepsister. Debbie was on her feet, the letter from the school still in her Amazon hands, and there was a stern tightness in her voice. “Your father works seven days a week to put food on the table, and you can’t even be asked to pay attention in class. What’s your problem, Kaleb?” “Maybe he has Maturosis?” added his sweet stepsister. Layla sat on the couch opposite Kaleb and his chair, and she had her Little Parenting class textbook opened and cradled in her loving Amazon arms. This Maturosis train of thought was all her fault, and she knew it and loved it. “I said that I do not have Maturosis!” Kaleb repeated himself, louder and slower this time. “How would you know?” Layla said to him and her mother. “Are you taking a Little Parenting class like I am? Oh, I forgot, it’s a class only for Amazons, which means you're too little to attend. So sowwie, Kay-Kay.” How he hated that pet name his stepsister gave him - ‘Kay-Kay’. “It’s not Kaleb’s fault,” added his stepmom with just a smidge of derision. “It’s in his genes, you can’t fault him for who he is - that’s Unfair.” Yes. His genes. From the day he was born, it was always about his inferior genetic make up. It turns out that his father’s family had a recessive ‘Betweener’ gene that had revealed itself with his birth. Thus, Kaleb was shorter, dumber, and more childish compared to everyone else in life. His mere existence seemed to have shamed his family, and Kaleb believed it was why his mom and dad split up in the first place. His real Amazon mom wanted to baby him, and his Big dad pretended he didn’t exist, working long hours and always out of town on business. Then his dad got remarried to Debbie, and that’s when these kinds of battles began. Kaleb knew these conflicts by heart, always having to prove that he was just as good as his Amazon counterparts. He had expected, and experienced, this kind of talk from other Amazons, but to have it in his house was something else entirely. Still, it shouldn’t have surprised him that it had come down to this; his stepsister being who she was, the same with his stepmom - but it was Layla who was spearheading this latest attack. There was trouble between him and his stepsister from the get-go: Layla being an almost perfect Amazon, Kaleb being a shorter than average Betweener, and both seniors in high school but on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum and the honor roll. It didn’t help matters that Layla was hyper intelligent and had a carnivorous brain that never slept and always schemed. His stepsister was sleek and stacked, blonde and pretty, and the head cheerleader of the varsity squad. Meanwhile, Kaleb made so-so grades, had dark shaggy hair, wore too many black t-shirts, played video games and kept to himself, which was now suddenly a crime according to Layla’s textbook. “My book says that sufferers of Maturosis exhibit the following behaviors: antisocial tendencies such as keeping to themselves, too much talking, not enough talking, too much reading, a disinterest in books, television watching, unable to finish a show… the same with being single, unemployed and without any high school diploma.” “Put a big check next to that one.” Debbie, his stepmom, loomed over his step-sis like a brooding gargoyle wearing mascara. “He hides in that room playing those childish games - almost like a Little.” “Yeah,” echoed Layla, “almost like a Little.” “Come on, Debbie!” Kaleb cringed from the insinuation. “Kaleb, for the last time, call me ‘mom’,” his stepmom warned him with a snap and a raised finger. “I’ve earned the right after dealing with you all summer, just wait until your father hears of this letter.” After putting him in his place, Debbie leaned over the couch to get a better look at the book. Then she casted a second sharp glance at Kaleb as if he was interrupting something important - and not fighting for his life. His stepmother had a pretty face for an overbearing Amazon; that is, when she wasn’t scowling at or threatening him. Debbie had a youthful appearance, a brightness in her complexion, and she kept in good shape, so he couldn't blame his dad for marrying her. It was just that his blonde, decently attractive stepmother had a singular goal in mind when it came to Kaleb; one that more aligned with that of his real mom. “Disrespect towards authority is another sign of Maturosis,” continued Layla. “It says here that the inability to appropriately recognize mother figures and properly interact with older Amazons reveals an innate desire for punishment. Very Maturosis, indeed.” A wild feeling soaked the room, a moist sponge full of potential energy, just waiting to be squeezed. Layla was getting giddy from this excitement, happily kicking her feet in the air. Her cheerful face matched her red and white cheerleading uniform fresh from the pep rally after school. One of her life goals was getting Kaleb put in diapers, which wasn’t some mind reading thing or a product of more insinuation, she had told him to his face… many times. “I do respect you Deb.. I mean, mom…” Kaleb pleaded his case to his oversized audience with fists clenched. “It’s just that this textbook is just painting Tweeners with a broad brush, it doesn’t mean that I’m sick with anything, you’ve got to believe me.” “We do believe you,” said Debbie, “it’s the only reason you’re not in diapers, yet.” “Not in diapers, yet?” questioned Kaleb, his face felt tight and cheek muscles twitched under his eyes. “What have I done to be put in diapers? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!” Kaleb felt like he got his point across, but as soon as he settled himself back into the oversized chair, Layla flipped back a few pages in that damn book of hers. Then she pointed to a page that was probably dutifully highlighted from beginning to end. “Actually, we read about this issue a few chapters ago. Littles are experts at hiding their potty accidents, they could be having accidents daily without being caught, and no one would be the wiser. It’s more common than we think.” Debbie smiled and patted her daughter on the shoulder. “I love this new school of yours,” said his stepmom. “I’d have to admit that I was against sending you to a mixed school, but I’ll say that I stand corrected.” The two women were loving this special moment they shared. Layla beamed up at her mother, and her mom smiled down fondly — all Amazon through and through. They both looked the same and talked the same, with Layla being a younger, more ‘cheerleading’ kind of clone. As if this Amazonian apple didn’t fall far from the tree, if it even fell at all. “Thanks mom! I had my doubts as well, but they’re letting us work with the Littles at the school. And guess what! I changed my first Little diaper today!” “Oh! Congratulations Layla!” Debbie was hopping in place as she hugged her daughter. “You’re going to have to tell me everything? What was it like?” “What was it like?” Layla giggled, this day was going as perfectly for her as if she dreamed it. “It was stinky, that’s what it was like.” Stepmom crossed her arms and pushed her lips together like she was about to kiss a frog. “Uh-oh. Did some little Little think themselves too big for protection?” “Yeah…” Layla nodded excitedly, “and she had the audacity to want to be a cheerleader as well. I mean, it’s not safe. That’s what we all tried to tell her, she was too Little to be one of us.” “You’re right,” said Debbie. “It isn’t safe to have a Little wandering around a Big school with no one to help her. I’m so proud of you for protecting that Little, and she proved herself to be a pants-pooper as well. You probably caught her before things got out of control, she’s going to be thankful when she comes to terms with her condition.” “I doubt that…” mumbled Kaleb. His stepmom spun to face him. “What did you say?” As hard as this all was, Kaleb tried to explain himself to an insane giantess without triggering her overbearing, often malicious, mothering instinct. “You’ve ruined her life, now she’s in diapers, and she’s stuck in them!” “We didn’t ruin anything,” countered Layla, who said every word to her mother’s approval. “The cheerleaders helped her deal with her condition. So what are we supposed to do with a Little with a potty problem? Just let Callie go messy in her panties?” “No! Nope! No way I believe that!” decried Kaleb. “This Callie girl probably didn’t have potty problems until the cheerleaders made her poop herself.” Layla disagreed with a sharp shake of her head, sending her tight ponytail swaying from side to side. His stepsister flipped forward a couple of pages, grabbed her mom's attention, and pointed at a passage in the book without saying a word. After following her daughter’s finger, Debbie clutched the gaudy pearls around her neck and slowly nodded. Oh, man. This wasn’t good at all. Kaleb mockingly wiggled his head like his stepsister. “What does it say in your stupid book?” “It says that those suffering from Maturosis have an ‘affinity’ towards other victims. Top doctors say that this over-indulgent empathy is yet another symptom. If a Little, or Betweener, exhibits anger, frustration, or undue sympathy towards a Little that clearly needs diapers, it could mean that those big emotions are really meaning something else.” “Like what?” he asked without thinking first. “If a Little… or in this case - a Betweener - displays these kinds of emotions it may be masking…” Layla held up for a moment, to let the tension build, biting her pink lips and looking between her mom and her book. “I may be masking what?” questioned Kaleb. “Jealousy.” Kaleb squinted at his step sister in disbelief, as if she said the stupidest thing he’d ever heard, and it was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard - but it was also one of the most dangerous. “Me? Wanted to be treated like a baby? That’s absurd… it’s ridiculous… there’s no proof, only silly um… insinuation! Give me a fair shake to prove it to you. I deserve the benefit of the doubt.” “You’re absolutely right, Kay-Kay.” “I am?” Kaleb stared blankly at his Big stepsister. “You do deserve the benefit of the doubt,” continued Layla. “Our teacher says that just because a non-Amazon exhibits one or all behaviors, doesn’t mean they have Maturosis. This isn’t some kind of catch all condition. Sometimes, but not often, there are a few misdiagnoses that go undiscovered.” Kaleb glared down at his sneakers, letting his heart sink to new depths. Imagine being misdiagnosed with something as sinister as Maturosis. That would be like serving a life sentence in a plastic prison, when you were innocent every single day. “That’s why they made the Cushioning test,” Layla explained to the room. “It’s a psychological remedy that can bring out the worst symptoms of Maturosis without the headache of constant surveillance.” “I’ve never heard of this Cushioning test,” Debbie grouched as she folded her arms. “It must be something new, they make everything so difficult these days. Back in my day, if we saw a baby we put a diaper on her, it was that simple. And now we have tests.” “Oh, mom. Don’t be so old fashioned. We live in an age of science and kindness, not like how it used to be, that was just being cruel to Littles. Now we help them, not hurt or condemn them.” “I guess you’re right,” sighed Debbie. "What does it say about bad grades, or any other signs in the behavior of a Betweener?" They’re sick, established Kaleb, in his head of course. They were absolutely bonkers, completely bat-crap crazy, and he needed to get out of that room. He rose from the chair to go back to his bedroom, if he was careful, they wouldn’t say anything. “Where are you going, Kay-Kay?” Layla flashed her violent blue eyes at him. “We’re not done yet.” “Oh, I thought you guys were finished,” he stuttered and took a step back. “Listen, I’ve got some homework to do, so… if you don’t mind…” Layla smiled. “I’ve got some homework, too.” “And…?” Kaleb noticed that she was staring at him hungrily. “And I need the help of my little bro!” Layla clapped her hands together enthusiastically, which was alarming to say the least; but Kaleb said nothing, dead behind the eyes, keenly noticing his smiling stepmom and aware of his squealing stepsister. There was no getting out of this, he had better chances of flapping his arms and flying out the window. "Does this homework have anything to do with those bags you brought home?" asked Debbie, with a gleam in the eye. “Maybe.." offered Layla. "What do you say, Kay-Kay? Wanna be my helper?” “Help you do what?” Kaleb shrugged his shoulders. “I’m going to need a few more details before I say anything.” “Well, today we got a special assignment from Little Parenting class. We’ve got to perform a practice Cushioning test over the weekend. Most of my friends are planning to work with Littles, they were going as a group to a daycare, but I thought it would be easier if Kaleb helped me. Mom, I’m so swamped at school, especially with the big dance coming up. I figured if the school wants him to do some 'testing', and I need to perform some 'testing', I can be the one to help Kaleb." "That's so nice of you to think of helping your stepbrother. You are growing into a fine young lady - and you are very busy.” His stepmom then turned his way. “You should help out your sister, Kaleb. It may ‘help’ you in the long run." "Help me do what?" he asked his stepmom. Debbie reviewed the letter a third and a fourth time before explaining. "The only places that offer these kinds of cognitive tests are at Little Procurement Centers, and they're not going to give you a fair shake if you fail them. Trust your stepmom on this one." He trusted her on this one, 100%. That still didn't mean that he had to do whatever Layla wanted, and his stepsister never did anything that was good for him without it later turning bad for him. At least she was predictable in that manner. “Wait a sec.." Kaleb turned to the two women. "You’re actually going to make me do this baby test?” “The school says that you need it,” answered Debbie with a shrug. “Why are you believing the stupid school counselor instead of me?” Kaleb continued to fight for his rights. “You know how stupid that is? This is all so… so… stupid!” Layla smirked. “Yeah, it is stupid isn’t it.” Kaleb was surprised to find that his stepsister agreed with him a second time, twice in one day like a broken clock. “Um.. it’s just that I’m not so sure I want to do that ‘Cushering’ test. Those things are designed to make Littles fail and turn them into babies. No way I’m doing that, I’m not THAT stupid.” “You’re just afraid that you won’t pass it,” said Layla matter of factly. “No, I’m not afraid of the test,” insisted Kaleb. “I just told you that the test is rigged against Littles…” “But you’re not a Little,” replied Layla. “It won’t be rigged against you. It’s just homework, Kay-Kay.” The way she was so right all the time was infuriating. He could feel the change in the room as his internal workings were beginning to budge, as he tried plant his feet into the carpet before he lost more ground. “It’s still a big ‘No!’ for me. I gain nothing from being your Guinea pig, not an ‘oinking’ thing.” “Guinea pigs don’t ‘oink’!” Layla groaned to her mother. “My stepbrother is a complete moron.” His stepmom butted in, "I don't think you have much of a choice, Kaleb." "I do have a choice, I'm not going to do any of these tests, no matter how many letters the school sends. And another thing, you can kiss my sweet not-diapered butt." Kaleb turned to show his jean clad bottom to the two Amazon women, adding insult to insult, and driving his point home. They were not making him do any kind of test. But that's where he was wrong. Before Kaleb knew what was happening, Debbie jumped into the fray, literally. For a woman in her middle age, she certainly closed the gap between easy chair and couch in a hurry. His stepmom pulled him to his feet by the forearm, in a tight grip he’d never break. Still, he tried. After a couple of quick escape attempts, Kaleb accepted his fate, letting his arm hang loosely from his stepmom’s clenched fist, while glaring as hard as he could at the much larger woman. When he had stopped squirming, Debbie pulled him closer to her in a menacing way, she was a giant spider and he was in her web. The size differential had to be driven home, and she spiked it deep. His stepmom addressed Layla with a biting, callous tone. “What does it say in your book about not helping their sisters?” “Nothing good,” replied Layla, as she tried to stifle another smile. “That’s what I thought,” Debbie said to Layla. “Now, as for you,” his stepmom turned her attention to him. “You need a nice slice of humble pie, so I’m going to check your pants. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you have another chance at making the right choice, or there could be a spanking in order. Then I'll take you to the Little Center, and you can do all of your testing with a red bottom." Kaleb gulped. That spike was driven straight into his heart. “Turn around and face your sister, Kaleb.” He didn’t have to be told twice, shuffling his feet towards Layla. His stepmom kept a firm hand at his back as he turned away from her, and her hold on his arm slackened to give him another chance to do it right. Like the constant battles for adulthood, this was not his first pants check; not from Debbie, not from others, and hopefully, it wouldn’t be his last. However, he wasn’t too concerned. Kaleb kept a clean ship, with a well-squabbed poop deck. On the couch, Layla coyly played with a pen held between her lips. The stupid textbook was still opened on her lap, but her piercing eyes were all on Kaleb and his ‘pants check’. This day was going as swimmingly as possible for Layla, and she wasn't afraid to show her stepbrother how much she enjoyed his petulant child treatment. Debbie reached around the front of his pants to undo the button of his jeans, then with the other hand she yanked them down mid thigh. Kaleb fought the urge to fall to the carpet as his pants fell, but his anxiety-locked knees held him upright. Behind him, his stepmom adjusted the waistband of his gray boxer briefs, before sliding a pair of crooked fingers into the fabric and pulling them back to take a peek at his cheeks. "All clean," Debbie announced to the surprise of no one. The whole song and dance was less about potty training and more about humility. His winning strategy was to try to maintain some bit of dignity on the other side. That was his goal, at least. Kaleb would have to exude some level of over-confidence if he planned on playing this off as just another battle; there was a war to win. "Duh! I told you that I don't have Maturosis. You guys are pretty off the mark, don’t you think? Same with the school and their letter, they're wrong and you both know it.” Kaleb hastily pulled his pants to his hips, and redid the button, and things were almost back to normal. "If we're wrong, then you should do the test," observed Layla. "I still don't know why you won't help me with my homework." "Fine. Fine. I'll do that test, but you two will have to give up something in return." "Oh!” Debbie exclaimed. “I love it when they try to make deals.” "Mom, let's hear him out." Layla slid her book aside before crossing her legs. Boy, her skirt was short. Kaleb could almost see a hint of red bloomers in the provided shadows. "I need him to willing and able to help me, I can't just force him over my knee to make him behave. This is science, remember? There's no room for error." "Alright, then." Debbie let him go, and Kaleb rubbed at the spot where her claws dug into him. "What do you want from us?" Kaleb held his breath before speaking. He made sure that his arm still worked; it did, same with his rapidly beating heart and his burgeoning sense of finality. If there was going to be a showdown, and he would be the one to set the terms. This was the best way to silence his family and take care of the funny business from that Amazon school counselor. "If I pass the test, then you two have to leave me alone. No more bullying. No more pants checking. No more Kay-Kay. No more… whatever else you guys do, like saying that I'd look cute dressed like a Little." Both women guffawed with a capital 'G'. "Alright, alright." Layla put aside her smile to give him the room. "Is that all? What if you 'fail'? It is a possibility." "If he fails, he gets treated like a Little with Maturosis," interrupted Debbie, altogether quiet and harsh. "That is what the test is all about, isn’t it? I’ve had my own questions about his adulthood that I wouldn’t mind having answered.” His stepmom was right about the test, wrong about his adulthood. The Cushioning test was for Littles who needed diapers. So what? Kaleb was a Betweener who didn't need diapers. Even if he did shoddily on Layla's Cushioning test, there was still a good chance that he'd pass the stupid thing, and then he'd be left alone for the rest of his days. No more bothering him about video games, or girlfriends, or his height, or anything and everything that made his life a constant battle. If this was going to end one way or another, it might as well be here and now, and at his own decision making. Kaleb stared down the two women. "Deal." The two Amazons could barely let the ink dry before sealing him to his fate, as Layla spoke for the both of them. "Deal... Now let's get started."
  16. Hey I made this story with the help of ai, took me awhile to get the prompt to make something like this. Let me know what you think. **Chapter 1: A Morning Routine** Emily awoke to the soft glow of morning, a subtle reminder of the day ahead. The dampness beneath her brought an immediate awareness of her overnight diaper's use. It had served its purpose, now clinging to her skin, soaked and messy. The slight weight and the stinky aroma signaled the need for a change. Peeling back the covers, Emily assessed the state of her own diaper. The sagging, soiled fabric hinted at the night's activities, a tangible record of the comfort it provided. Her specially made uniform diaper, designed for functionality, retained the evidence of a night well-protected. As she rose, the dampness clung to her, a familiar sensation that marked the start of her day. Heading to the shower, Emily shed the used diaper, revealing the effects of its overnight use. The sagging back and the distinct odor were a testament to the relief it had offered. The fresh water cascading over her served as a cleanse, preparing her for the day. Once cleansed, she reached for the specially made uniform diaper, its snug fit a promise of a day free from dampness. Dressed in her shortalls with convenient snaps, Emily moved through her morning routine. Breakfast was a welcome break, the anticipation of the day's diaper changes lingering in the background. The fresh diaper beneath her shortalls provided a sense of security, devoid of the sag and stench that characterized its used counterpart. As Emily left her home, the day unfolded with the promise of diverse diaper changes. The changing station awaited, a haven where individuals of all ages would find relief from the damp, the soaked, the messy. The fresh diaper beneath her shortalls offered a clean start, the morning's routine a prelude to the communal care she would facilitate throughout the day. **Chapter 2: The First Change of the Morning** The changing station buzzed with the morning routine, and Emily wasted no time in attending to the first change of the day. A young child, accompanied by his unsuspecting mother, entered the space. Emily noted the child's discomfort, a clear indicator of a messy diaper that required attention. However, her attention quickly shifted to the mother. The mother, engaged in conversation with Emily, remained blissfully unaware of the state of her own diaper. As she spoke, Emily discreetly observed the sagging back and drooping seat beneath the mother's skirt. The messiness was evident, yet the mother continued, oblivious to the dampness that clung to her. With a playful touch to the seat of the mother's diaper, Emily teasingly remarked, "Looks like someone's due for a little change, don't you think?" The mother, taken aback, glanced down and blushed, realizing the state she was in. "Oh my, I had no idea," she admitted, a mix of embarrassment and gratitude in her voice. In a private corner of the changing station, Emily guided the mother through the process of a diaper change. The fresh diaper, snug and untarnished, replaced the sagging, soiled one. The embarrassment lingered, but the mother expressed gratitude for Emily's discreet observation and assistance. As Emily attended to the mother's needs, she couldn't help but notice a warmth spreading in her own diaper. The act of changing someone else, combined with the innate vulnerability of the moment, triggered an involuntary response. Yet, duty called, and Emily continued her work, the warmth a reminder that her own change would have to wait. The mother, now comfortably changed, left the changing station with a newfound awareness. Emily, caught between her own need and the responsibilities of the day, pressed on. The first change of the morning had set the tone, a blend of playful banter, discreet observation, and the shared vulnerability that defined the changing station's daily routine. **Chapter 3: A Busy Businessman's Change** Amidst the bustling morning, a busy businessman entered the changing station, a sense of urgency evident in his stride. Emily, with her keen eye, noted the sagging of his diaper, a clear sign that the demands of his busy schedule had taken a toll. "Busy day ahead?" Emily inquired, her tone a blend of empathy and understanding. The businessman, somewhat surprised at the observation, nodded in agreement. "You could say that. Meetings upon meetings. Sometimes I lose track of time," he admitted, a hint of exhaustion in his voice. As the businessman settled into the changing station, Emily discreetly assessed the state of his diaper. The sagging and slight discoloration revealed a diaper that had borne the brunt of a hectic morning. "Looks like you've been racing against the clock," she remarked, injecting a touch of humor into the situation. The businessman, though initially reserved, chuckled in acknowledgment. With a practiced efficiency, Emily guided the businessman through the process of a diaper change. The fresh diaper, in stark contrast to its used counterpart, offered a reprieve from the dampness and messiness that characterized the morning. "There you go, ready to tackle the day again," Emily remarked, the businessman expressing gratitude for the quick yet essential intervention. As Emily assisted the businessman, a subtle discomfort made itself known—her own diaper, soaked from the earlier changes. The warmth, a constant companion throughout the morning, persisted as a reminder of the shared vulnerability that transcended age and occupation. The businessman, now rejuvenated, left the changing station, leaving Emily to navigate the demands of the day with her own need for a change patiently waiting in the background. **Chapter 4: Unexpected Urgency** Amidst the routine of the changing station, Emily felt an unexpected pang in her stomach. A discomfort that demanded immediate attention. Her face strained, a subtle grimace betraying the urgency of the moment. In a sudden bout of discomfort, Emily squatted down, her focus momentarily shifting from the busy surroundings. The sudden need for relief, however, brought an unforeseen consequence. Emily, in the midst of her own duties, felt the unmistakable warmth spreading in her own diaper. A fresh mess had manifested in the seat, causing her diaper to droop slightly. The unexpected turn of events brought a mix of surprise and resignation to Emily's face. Navigating her own discomfort, Emily acknowledged the shared vulnerability that transcended her role as the changing station attendant. The sagging back of her own diaper bore witness to the unpredictable nature of bodily functions. In the quiet moments that followed, Emily composed herself, the routine of the changing station demanding her immediate attention, even as the subtle reminder of her own needs lingered. **Chapter 5: A Silent Signal** Feeling the persistent discomfort in her own diaper, Emily discreetly caught the eye of another attendant, a silent yet urgent signal passing between them. The shared understanding among the changing station staff extended beyond the routine diaper changes, and Emily's embarrassed expression conveyed the need for a more personal intervention. The other attendant, noticing Emily's signal, approached with a knowing glance. "Everything okay?" she inquired, a subtle acknowledgment of the unspoken language that defined their shared responsibilities. Emily, slightly embarrassed, nodded in response. In a hushed tone, Emily admitted, "I didn't anticipate this, but I think I need a change myself." The other attendant, without judgment, offered a supportive smile. "No worries. Happens to the best of us. Let's take care of it." Guided by the unspoken camaraderie that defined their roles, Emily and the other attendant found a private space. The embarrassment lingered, but the other attendant, with a reassuring tone, said, "We all have our moments. Don't worry about it." As Emily lowered her shortalls and revealed the slightly drooping diaper, she hesitated for a moment, feeling a mix of vulnerability and trust. "Could you help me out?" she asked, her request met with a nod of understanding. The changing station's routine, though momentarily interrupted, showcased the genuine support that existed among the attendants. In that private moment, Emily's own needs took precedence, the sagging back and the fresh mess serving as a reminder of the shared vulnerability that united them all. The other attendant, with practiced ease, facilitated the change, bringing a sense of relief to Emily amid the routine they both navigated. **Chapter 6: Personal Care** With the urgency acknowledged, Emily made her way to the changing table, a familiar yet personal space within the changing station. Lying back, she felt a mix of vulnerability and relief as the other attendant approached. The crinkle of diaper tapes being unfastened echoed in the small, private room, underscoring the intimacy of the moment. The cold touch of wipes against Emily's skin brought a shiver, a stark contrast to the warmth that had defined her own diaper throughout the morning. The meticulous care taken by the other attendant emphasized the shared understanding that extended beyond the changing station's communal duties. As the wipes did their work, Emily caught a whiff of the familiar scent of baby powder, a comforting aroma that added a layer of reassurance to the process. The routine, though now focused on her personal care, retained the elements that defined the changing station's daily operations. With the used diaper rolled up and disposed of, Emily felt a sense of renewal. The sagging back and the discomfort were replaced by the snug fit of a fresh diaper. The tapes fastened securely, signaling the completion of a personal change that mirrored the routine she facilitated for others. The chapter closed with Emily, back on her feet, a renewed sense of comfort emanating from the fresh diaper. The changing table, a witness to both routine and personal care, stood as a symbol of the shared vulnerability that bound the changing station attendants together. **Chapter 7: A Shared Moment of Embarrassment** In the aftermath of Emily's personal change, both attendants lingered in the room, the unspoken understanding between them intact. However, the tranquility was abruptly shattered when the other attendant's face turned crimson, a clear indication of an unexpected turn of events. As the room filled with the unmistakable stink of a freshly messed diaper, the other attendant, now visibly embarrassed, took a deep breath and admitted, "Well, it seems I'm in the same boat now." The shared laughter that followed, though slightly awkward, bridged the gap between professionalism and the unavoidable aspects of their shared reality. Emily, appreciating the irony of the situation, teased with a playful grin, "Looks like we've both had our unexpected moments today." The other attendant, still blushing, acknowledged the truth in Emily's words. In a role reversal, Emily assumed the position of the assisting attendant, guiding her coworker through the process of a change. The routine, now turned personal, showcased the camaraderie that defined their relationship. The sounds of tapes being unfastened and the smell of baby powder filled the room once again, this time for the benefit of the other attendant. As the change concluded, the room carried the lingering scent of baby powder and the warmth of fresh diapers. The shared vulnerability and mutual support remained, solidifying the unspoken bond that transcended the routine of the changing station. The attendants, having navigated the unexpected twists of the day, emerged with a renewed understanding of the human aspect that defined their unique profession. Let me know if I should make more or if you enjoyed it.
  17. Rebecca set her bag down upon the bed. Her bed now. At least, for the next semester. The choice to live on campus for her second year wasn't one easily made. Her parents had offered to let her stay in her old bedroom, and it wasn't that long a commute. But... she needed her freedom. There was a time in everyone's life when they needed to go out into the world to figure out for themselves who they are, and you didn't do that by living forever in your childhood bedroom. She couldn't be act like a kid forever. She sighed. Some might argue that last part for certain things. Despite what she wanted, some things wouldn't change. Other things, however, needed to change right now. She opened the bag and dug to the bottom. She felt around with her eyes closed until she landed on the familiar plastic feel. She pulled out the thick, white diaper and looked around her room. She could try going to the bathroom to change, but then she risked being seen. Changing here, however, meant finding a place to store a soaked diaper until she could take her trash out. She sighed, thanked god she managed to get an individual room and put a bag inside the sealing garbage can she had picked out specifically for this. She took hers off, wrapped it in an extra plastic bag, and shoved it in. She re-diapered herself and pulled her skirt down over it. She looked in the mirror and frowned. It wasn't too obvious but... her bottom definitely stuck out. She sashayed back and forth, and the sound of crinkling plastic came through. She told herself it was more obvious because she knew it was there, and realistically no one would be able to tell unless they were looking for it, but it was hard to convince herself. She opened her bag further and took out the bag of diapers. There were twenty of them, each thick, plastic, and unmistakable for what they were. At least they weren't the printed kind- she still remembered with horror when her parents presented her with a pink bunny covered diaper for a "fun change." She wrapped the bag in a blanket, shoved it in a suitcase, and looked around her room. Finally she hid it in her closet and sighed. The brand was far from what she would have wanted. She had considered just stocking up on the underwear like pull ups she wore at home, but even back then she rarely tried wearing them outside the house, or anywhere she'd be far from a bathroom. The next were a bit thicker but still paper backed and quiet. She'd wear them when she'd be out but knew she could change quickly. That had been harder to give up, but in the end it was also still wishful thinking. With hour long classes and even longer tests, not to mention walking all over the campus without a private bathroom, it was too much of a risk. On top of that, a leaking diaper in public was far worse then plastic underwear. So, here she was. She thought for a moment, then reached back into the bag and took a spare diaper out. She figured she should probably bring a spare around, just in case. The campus was large, and she couldn't always be sure to make it back in time. She then reached into her "regular" underwear drawer, took out a pair of briefs, and pulled them up her legs. It always made her feel more comfortable to have something extra in case her skirt ran up, and it helped keep the crinkle sound down. Someone knocked at the door. Before she could answer, a smoothed skin, perfectly formed face, flanked by long, bleached hair, poked inside. "Eeep!" Rebecca said. Thinking quickly, she let her skirt drop back down and threw her her blanket over her bed. "You a bit of a scaredy cat?" the head asked. It was Matilda, an annoying cheerleader who shared some of Rebecca's classes. "What are you hiding?" "None of your business!" Rebecca said. "I mean, nothing. What do you want?" "Just letting you know there is a party tonight," she said. "Oh, I uhhh..." it was tempting, but it was also a Wednesday night. "I really should study. I have a morning class." Matilda laughed. "Oh, the party is for cheerleaders only, silly. Just letting you know in case it got too loud." She slammed the door behind her as she left. Rebecca grumbled to herself. Of course there was no reason for her to mention it, she was sure the cheerleader just wanted her to know she wasn't invited. She packed and headed to class. The read-headed girl walked through the hallways. She kept telling herself the sound of her diaper crinkling was not as loud as it seemed. It was something she knew was true, but had still been a source of anxiety for years. Now, with the unfortunate choice of the extra thick diapers, and the close call, it was all she could think about. "Hello again Rebby!" Matilda said, coming beside her. Rebecca jumped, startled at her sudden appearance. "My your jumpy today Rebby. Or do you prefer Becca?" "I prefer Rebecca," she said. "Whatever you want Becca. Sorry about our little run in earlier, I hope I didn't sound like I was making fun of you." She was dressed in a tank top and short skirt, in direct contrast to Rebecca's sweater and long, plaid skirt. Rebecca rolled her eyes. "Not at all." "Its just, you know, only for cheerleaders. And their boyfriends. And some of their friends. And a few other people. But its ok, you got your own thing going. Love your long skirts and frumpy clothes! Its cute, like a schoolgirl, and I suppose you have to dress according to your build." "Wow, thanks. Yes, your tiny skirts just shout "maturity." A girl they were passing giggled. She had long black hair and short black dress, and hit her smile behind her hand. She winked at Rebecca as they passed. Matilda made a face as she was laughed at, then put on a fake smile and wrapped an arm around Rebecca stomach and pulled her in close. Rebecca kept walking but froze from the waist up. Where she was, Matilda's hand was dangerously close to her... She reached down and moved Matilda's arm away. "Sorry would you mind not doing that?" "Awww. I would mind not doing that, actually. I'm just trying to get close with my new friend." She put a hand around her waist again, this time lower. Rebecca looked at the arm nervously. She considered pushing it away again, but that would probably only encourage Matilda, and she didn't want to risk her trying again and ending up right smack in the wrong place. "I think that's close enough!" Rebecca said, wiping her hand away. Matilde smiled. "Wow! Feisty! You go girl!" she said, and smacked Rebecca on the bottom. There was a moment after the thud where neither spoke. Rebecca stared straight forward, and Matilda looked at her. "What was that?" Matilda asked. "What was what?" Rebecca said. "That sound." "Probably a bird." "No the thud." "Hit a tree." "Then there was a crinkling sound." "A plastic tree." "Awww that's a cute joke sweetie. Such a clever girl!" Rebecca pointed a finger at her. "Hey! Don't talk to me that..." She stopped as Matilda hooked a finger under her skirt and lifted. "HEY! Don't... Errr!" She said, pushing her skirt down. "Sorry, what was that little girl?" Matilda asked. She stepped a bit closer and put her hand back on Rebecca's skirt. She looked straight into her eyes and gave a mocking smile. "I gave you a compliment. What do you say, little girl?" "Ah..." Rebecca paused. It was only a second of contact, she wouldn't necessarily have seen anything. Then again, she might have already seen something from when she barged into her door and been suspicious. Rebecca shook her head. She was trying to think of a way out of it, but realistically she was beaten. Matilda had been teasing her before, but in an entirely different way. She must know. "Thank you for the compliment." "Good girl. Well have a good day! I'll see you in the afternoon class!" Matilda said, and ruffled Rebecca's hair, then hopped away in the other direction.
  18. I want to have my character (Vivien) end up in thick diapers, becoming completly dependant on them. Main points: Getting lots of praise for becoming a good baby girl. Allowed to masturbate in diapers after using them or having your character help Vivien to reach an orgasm after wetting/messing. About my character: Vivien is into abdl and likes wearing/using diapers for pleasure. She cleverly hides her activities though. Vivien works in an environment where she puts diapers on other adults (for example in a regression clinic or as a 'adult baby' babysitter or somewhere in the DD). Vivien likes pleasuring the adult babies after they used their diapers, getting quite aroused herself. How I want the RP to start: Your character discovers that Vivien is into diapers. With this knowledge you reverse the roles and give Vivien a taste of her own medicine. At this point Vivien becomes very submissive. I hope that you're interested
  19. Hello dear readers! It’s been a while since we checked in on Mike, Katie, Sandra (and now someone new)! This is the latest installment in this series. As always, comments and critiques are welcome. All plot characters are 18+ At Miss Katie’s House Katie sat on the couch, idly flicking through a parenting magazine she had “borrowed” from her obstetrician’s office. Who even subscribes to paper magazines anymore? Well, apart from Doctors, obviously. She glanced up to look at Mike and her almost 3-year-old niece, Jessie, playing in the corner. The contents of the small tub of toys she kept for babysitting were strewn across the living room. Mike and Jessie were playing adjacent to one another, but not together, per-se. Each was fully engrossed in their own little game, oblivious to everything and everyone else. Katie knew this was normal at Jessie’s age, and probably at Mike’s current developmental stage as well. She hadn’t seen as much of Mike lately, not since her decision to move him from her preschool classroom into the “2s and 3s” room (AKA the pre-potty-training room for kids not quite out of diapers or otherwise unready for preschool). She had loved having Mike as her Little Helper, but it was just getting too difficult as his regression took a deeper hold. Of course she’d played her own small part in accelerating that on at least one occasion (it had to be done), but it was his wife, Sandra, who was really in the driver’s seat there. She still wasn’t sure how far Sandra was going to take things with Mike’s treatments. She knew Sandra was still taking him for regular visits to the Regression Center, but surely she’d have to stop soon? No one wanted a giant infant did they? Who knows. Sandra clearly wasn’t done yet. Mike had slipped even more since she’d last seen him about a week ago. Developmentally, she’d put him somewhere between 2-3 and definitely closer to 2 now. Arguably less mature than Jessie in many important ways. The pastel liner peaking up above his waistband and the bulk around his bottom were confirmation of that. Mike had joined her in late summer as a very capable pre-school-level little. In fact, at that time he was the most advanced Little Helper she’d ever had in her classroom. He probably could have gone to another classroom, but Sandra had insisted that he be placed with her, and she could hardly deny that request given their history. Plus, she still liked Mike. True, she had liked him in very different and more adult ways before his regression, but a good portion of that affection had carried over to him in this present state. He was just adorable and cute now rather than sexy. As summer turned into fall though, Mike had begun to fall further behind the actual children in the class. At first it was in more subtle ways, like getting frustrated when he couldn’t keep up with the rules of new games or forgetting to wash his hands after using the toilet. That was ok. She could help with that stuff. It was part of the job. But the decline continued, and by early October he was very clearly struggling with even the most basic tasks for a Little Helper. His occasional dribbles and wettings had become an almost daily occurrence, meaning she was spending more and more of her time tending to his accidents, and less time doing her actual job. She’d tasked one of the junior teachers with keeping an eye on him and reminding him to use the toilet, but she was still the only Preschool teacher certified to clean up and change potty accidents from the Little Helpers, which meant long periods of time away from the classroom in the staff bathroom wiping down Mike’s pee-soaked crotch and legs and helping him into fresh undies. The first time he soiled his pants in her classroom, he had been quite upset, and she’d had to take him to the quiet/nap room to calm him down before cleaning him up. She’d pulled him into her lap like a toddler (ignoring the smell from his bottom) and rocked and shushed him gently in the dark until he calmed down. Unfortunately, it seemed she had done too good of a job of calming and reassuring Mike after that particular accident. He had absolutely drenched his lightly-padded training pants while sitting in her lap, and some of it soaked through to her pants. Lesson relearned: tinkle usually follows soon after poop. That was also the first time she had noticed him sucking his thumb. Normally she would discourage that behavior in her preschoolers, but with MIke’s current trajectory, what was the point? After that day, she had insisted that Sandra start sending Mike to daycare with several clean pairs of the thickly padded “training pants” she knew she was putting him in at home (and which Mike usually arrived wearing in the mornings). In truth, they were pull-on cloth diapers, and so they did a pretty good job of containing both kinds of messes, but cleanup was still a bitch because they had to be pulled down his legs. It wasn’t the accidents that had led to Mike’s eventual demotion, though. It was his nonchalance about them. The Regression Center specialized in total regression therapy, which included modules aimed at re-socializing clients into more developmentally appropriate attitudes and emotions. Sometime after Halloween, Mike reached a stage where he was no longer overly embarrassed or concerned about his increasingly babyish behavior, including going potty in his pants in front of others. And that was simply bad for business in a preschool classroom where the most important skill to be learned and reinforced was the need to keep oneself dry and clean. Bottom line - Little Helpers were special - but they were still expected to set a good example for the others. And Mike was no longer capable of doing so in her classroom. The final straw fell one afternoon when she had to pause story time because her nose had detected a familiar foul odor. Her eyes went immediately to Mike who was kneeling (not sitting) rather conspicuously in the circle of children on the reading rug around her. Normally, she tried to be discreet about checking for and dealing with his accidents, but this time she had just asked him in front of everybody if he needed to be changed. Mike might’ve spared himself the demotion if he had told her the truth. But instead, he lied, and insisted quite adamantly that he didn’t. He even tried to blame the odor on the girl next to him. Katie had sat there for a moment, looking at Mike and waiting for him to confess, while he just stared back defiantly. The whole classroom was watching this interaction, and she knew she couldn’t just let this slide. Silently, she stood up, marched over to him, and pulled back the back of his pants to check him. She didn’t need to announce what she had found in there. The whole room already knew. She held a tight grip on Mike’s hand as she wordlessly handed the book off to her junior teacher and walked Mike out of the room and into the hall, picking up his backpack on the way. Once there, she turned to him and put on her best firm, teacher voice: “Mike you lied to me again about going poopy in your pants. Remember what I told you about setting a good example for the others?” Mike slipped a finger in his mouth as if in thought and then nodded slowly in the affirmative. “Uh huh. Well, unfortunately you haven’t been doing that lately. I know it’s not your fault, sweetie, but I think we need to put you in a different classroom, at least for a little while.” Mike felt vaguely unsettled by this plan, but he couldn’t quite place why. Everything had become so jumbled and fuzzy lately. And he was zoning out more and more often. Sometimes he lost whole afternoons or days. Oddly though, he didn’t feel that concerned about these lapses. In fact, in this moment he was feeling quite docile and very happy for Katie to lead the way to something new. He had even forgotten about the mess in the back of his pants. Now they were walking again, hand in hand. Mike had assumed that they were going to the toddler room to change first, because that’s where Miss Katie usually took him after a messy accident. But today they kept walking past the toddler classroom and stopped in front of an unfamiliar, brightly decorated door. Katie knocked twice and then opened the door, pulling him inside with her. It was laid out almost exactly like the preschool classroom, but it was very quiet for some reason. There appeared to be no kids in here. Mike was suddenly overcome with a wave of shyness, and did his best to hide behind Katie, who squeezed his hand reassuringly. Across the room at a single large changing table, next to what looked like a bathroom, a woman was finishing changing a boy of around 2. She stood him up on the changing table, pulling his pants back up around his fresh diaper, then lifted him onto her hip and turned to greet them, still holding the soiled diaper. She was a lot younger than Katie, but still very much a grownup compared to Mike. As an adult, Mike probably would have considered her more ‘cute’ than pretty with her button nose and minimally applied makeup. Her sandy blonde hair was tied back loosely in a functional ponytail. She smiled warmly at both of them, put her finger to her lips to indicate that they should be quiet (it was nap time), and then walked over to them both still carrying the tot. “You must be Mike” she said, now looking directly into his eyes and holding that same friendly smile. “I’m Miss Rachel”. Mike nodded shyly and fidgeted. He was suddenly very aware again of the contents of his pants. “I’ll be back in a minute so that we can introduce ourselves properly, but right now I need to get this one settled for nap time. Would you mind disposing of this for me?”, she asked, handing the used diaper to Katie. Katie nodded and pulled Mike along with her across the unfamiliar room and into the bathroom. There was a diaper pail in here next to the trash can along with a couple training potties and a small toilet with no stall. Katie disposed of the diaper in the bin and then turned to Mike. “Phew - I don’t know if it was that boy’s diaper or yours that’s stinking up this place, but why don’t we go ahead and get you changed too before Miss Rachel comes back?” This wasn’t a really a question, even though it was posed that way. Katie knelt down almost immediately and helped Mike remove his shoes and socks and step out of his pants. She found they were a little bit damp in the crotch, but she knew Sandra always sent him in with a spare pair. Katie stood up and removed the clean pants from Mike’s backpack. Then she turned away from him and opened a large cabinet above the sink, removing a tub of wipes, a wet clothes baggie, and a pair of vinyl gloves. She held something else behind her back while she turned and set the rest of the supplies on the small bench next to where Mike now stood. The tile floor was cold on his bare feet and it was very bright in here under the fluorescents. Mike put his thumb in his mouth, shivered a little, and looked to the doorway to find Miss Rachel filling it. Her eyes lingered on his dampened crotch for a moment and then flitted to the items on the bench. She had already noted the telltale bulge in the back of his soggy panties before he turned around. “Braiden went down quicker than normal, so that’s a small victory I guess”, she said. Katie laughed and continued to pull on her vinyl gloves. “You can change Mike out here on the changing table if that would make things easier?”, Rachel asked. “I can put his changing supplies in his cubby while you do that…unless you just want me to go ahead and change him?” “No, it’s fine”, Katie said, kneeling again in front of Mike. “I’m already invested in this process here”, (she held up her gloved hands for emphasis), “and besides, Mike is used to me taking care of him when he’s a Mr Stinky Pants, aren’t you, Mike?” Mike smiled and nodded sheepishly. He glanced at Rachel who smiled back, which put him more at ease. He sighed deeply, inhaling the aroma from his backside mixing with the one from the diaper pail. This wasn’t so bad. Miss Rachel didn’t seem to mind that he had gone potty in his big boy pants, nor did she act surprised by it. He’d also overheard her talking to the little boy in the same sweet and playful tones that Katie and Sandra often used when they were changing him. Thinking about that now prompted a familiar dopamine-induced rush of warmth and contentment that spread from his head to his toes. He decided in that moment that he liked Miss Rachel. He imagined her humming gently and laying him down in the nap room with a stuffy and a full sippy of warm milk. It seemed so real - almost like a memory instead of his imagination. He sighed again, and let the imagery and sensations wash over him fully. For some reason Miss Rachel seemed very big now, and he was very small. In fact, he now fit on the toddler nap mat with room to spare. The room was dark and there was a soft lullaby playing from somewhere. She was sitting next to him and gently stroking his hair. He was aware of the bulk of his naptime diaper around his waist and between his legs, but that was OK. It was just for when he was asleep, or on long car rides, or at the zoo. Besides, lots of the kids in this class wore diapers ALL the time - even when they were awake. He contemplated the thought of wearing daytime diapers. He knew he used to feel adamantly opposed to them for some reason, but he couldn’t remember exactly why. A wet diaper was much more comfortable than wet training pants, and lately he felt very safe and secure whenever Sandra put him in one. It just felt right. Of course he knew that he was still too old to wear diapers all the time. Only babies did that. And he was still a big boy wasn’t he? He thought about this for a moment and decided that, yes, he was still a big boy as long as he got to wear big boy pants at least some of the time. And he could. He could even start going tinkle and poopy on the potty again if he wanted to. Come to think of it - when was the last time he had used the grown up potty? He found he couldn’t remember that either. All he could picture was Sandra holding his legs in the air and wiping his bottom as she praised him for not making a fuss about using the potty. Oh well, it didn’t really matter right now did it? Because he was feeling soooo warm and sleepy and content. The funny, nagging pressure from below his waist felt very far away and unimportant right now. He decided he would let Miss Rachel put a daytime diaper on him the next time she offered. Or maybe he’d ask for one after his nap, just to test out those waters so-to-speak. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? He began to imagine her diapering him as he felt his bladder let go, the tickling warmth running down his taint and pooling around his bottom before being absorbed. This was heaven! A shout of surprise from Katie brought him back. He looked down to find his soiled pants gone and his bottom now clean. In fact, everything was great in the back. It was what was happening in front that was the problem: A golden arc of tinkle was currently streaming from his naked pee-pee and splashing onto the tile floor. Oops! Mike watched in fascination, completely mesmerized and unable to recall how to stem the flow. It felt like this was the dream and the memories of being tucked in and soothed by Rachel were reality. He was all out of sorts. Thankfully, Rachel sprang into action - grabbing the open diaper that had appeared next to him on the bench, and cupping it deftly over his crotch while pulling the back up between his slightly spread legs. “Oopsie - looks like someone had an unexpected visit from the tinkle monster!”, Rachel said in a singsong voice as she held the diaper on him with one hand still covering his crotch and the other gently cupping his padded bottom. Mike just smiled and nodded as he stood there and finished. The tinkle monster was indeed a very frequent visitor these days. The reassuring, gentle pressure from Rachel’s hands through the diaper felt nice against his skin. He shivered a little, but this time not from cold. When Rachel was sure he was done she pulled the diaper away, used the back to roughly mop up the puddle on the floor in front of Mike, and then threw it in the diaper pail. By now, Katie had recovered from the shock of almost getting peed on. She stood and retrieved a fresh diaper from the cabinet, this time making no effort to hide it or her intentions. She had been prepared to claim that the diaper was only because he might take a nap soon, but surprisingly Mike didn’t offer any objections. She glanced outside the bathroom to make sure the coast was clear of any other children before leading him by the hand to the changing table where she creamed and diapered him without a fuss. Then she pulled his pants up, helped him off the table, and sat him down on the floor with a gentle pat to his diapered bottom. “Rachel - I know you guys are already intimately acquainted by now, but I’d like you to formally meet Mike, my ‘favoritist’ Little Helper and former neighbor.” Rachel arched her eyebrows for a moment at this news. She hadn’t known that Mike and Katie had known eachother before his…change. Clearly there was more to this story, but that could wait for the staff room or after work drinks. She bent down and smiled at Mike while offering her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you properly, Mr Mike! I think you’re gonna get along great in my classroom, don’t you?” Mike nodded. “Yep - you’re gonna fit right in here. But don’t think for one second I’m gonna let you just play baby all day. I’ve still got some very important jobs for you to do like helping me put away toys and bringing me things like diapers, pullups, and wipes when I need them, OK? Can you do that for me?” Mike beamed and nodded again proudly. He understood his role as a Little Helper, even if it was in a different class. Katie had left him with Rachel soon after that, feeling a little melancholy about losing her daily time with Mike. But she knew it really was the best thing for everybody. And besides, Sandra had been asking her to babysit more and more frequently in the evenings and on weekends so that she could go out on dates with her many different boyfriends. Katie was pretty sure the current beau’s name was Mitch, but she could never keep up with the revolving cast of dudes. How did Sandra do it? Her husband was out of town for the week and she had agreed to have Mike and her niece for the afternoon while her sister shopped. Watching 2 toddlers wasn’t much different than one, and she needed more practice in the home anyway. Her own baby was due in less than 8 weeks now! Time flies! Speaking of which, she glanced at the clock and realized Jessie was way past due for her nap. “A mother’s work is never done” she thought as she scooped a protesting Jessie into her arms and carried her towards the spare bedroom, leaving Mike to play on his own for a moment. She knew he probably needed changing by this point, but that could wait.
  20. I've seen plenty of diaper messing / wetting videos and I remember one where a girl was punished for wetting her panties and was diapered. She used the diaper and it was "super soaked" as the caretaker called it. The diaper looked like the pee was going through the front and the whole diaper was really swollen and yellow. I want to know how to do this if you know please tell me!
  21. This story is written for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. That Escalated Quickly By Bo Tox Chapter 1 Well, I suppose I have no one to blame but myself but the damned genie didn’t have to be so vindictive about it. Let my mistakes be a warning: Don’t make the three wishes. It never ends well. I was minding my own business while metal detecting at the beach. That day I found a fake high-end watch, a wedding ring and lots of trash. I was loading my gear into my backpack. The metal detector was still on and I sat it down near the dunes. It went off with the sound of something strong. The spot it indicated was above the high tide line so whatever was in the sand wasn’t new unless someone purposefully buried it. The sand was easy to dig in and I found a handle. Once pulled, the handle was attached to a pot. When I had it fully out of the ground, it resembled an old teapot. The teapot was a dull metal, maybe brass. It certainly didn’t look like it had a lot of value but if it were old enough, it might bring something. I tossed it in with the rest of my booty and finished preparing to leave. My diaper was pretty wet so it was definitely time to go. About the diaper, it is for convenience. If I’m making good progress while prospecting, I don’t want to stop to find a toilet. The facilities at the beach are often poorly maintained and borderline disgusting. With everything loaded in the car, it was good to get back into an air-conditioned car. Twenty minutes later, the car was in the garage and the day’s treasure was in the laundry room sink, getting rinsed off. While that stuff soaked, it was time to get something to eat, rehydrate and change my diaper. Full disclosure, diapers aren’t just for convenience. I might actually like to wear them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do it. The microwave was spinning a pizza and half a bottle of water sat on the table while I went to get into a dry diaper. The microwave beeped on the way back to the kitchen. A fresh diaper is always a nice feeling. After eating and drinking enough to feel full, I went to the sink to start inspecting my finds a little more thoroughly. The teapot was rinsed off and put aside to dry. The other items needed another rinse. I towel-dried the teapot. It looked better cleaned up. A little shine might make it nice. A little metal polish and some elbow grease would do wonders. I squirted the polish into the cloth and started rubbing the teapot. I wasn’t paying much attention. When I looked at the lamp, it was brilliant with smoke coming out of the spout. The lights flickered a few times and the smoke grew thicker. I had no idea what was going on so I sat the teapot on the counter and backed away. A booming voice announced, “WHO HAS FREED ME?” I was shaking and might have even peed my diaper a little bit but answered, “I did, James.” “I am the genie of the lamp,” said the voice as the smoke coalesced into a head and flowed down to arms and a torso. The lower part remained a smoky haze. “Lamp? I thought this was a teapot,” I said. The arms of the genie spread and she smiled, “I was imprisoned in the lamp for 100 years. You have freed me and I will grant you three wishes and only three wishes. Choose wisely, James.” I scratched my ear and looked at the genie, “Three wishes. I’ll have to think about that a minute.” The genie looked at me with a wry smile, “Don’t take too long.”
  22. This is a story that I've already completed, and I'll release the parts as I get a chance to edit. It's the story of a boy going into high school who gets sent to stay with his aunt during the summer and she treats him the same as his younger cousins. The Drive to my Aunt's House My mom was deployed to the Middle East the summer after I finished eighth grade. My mom was a single parent, so I went to stay with my Aunt Amanda for the summer. She lived in this remote mountain town, and I didn’t know any kids my age who lived near her house. I was fourteen, which made me too young to get a job, and too old for summer camp. I would spend all summer with my two younger cousins. Scott was seven years old, and Debbie was five. In truth, I liked my aunt, even though she still treated me like I was a little kid. For some reason, she didn’t realize I was a teenager and didn’t need to be supervised all the time. My mom warned me, “Tommy, I know it feels like Aunt Amanda treats you like a kid, but if you can show her that you’re mature, she promised to give you some more freedom and responsibility. But that means that you have to be helpful and respectful. You might need to help with your cousins and, of course, clean up your messes.” The truth was, despite being fourteen and entering high school, I acted more like a kid. My mom still had to remind me to brush my teeth and tell me to take a shower at night. She constantly had to tell me to put away my things, and I never did any chores without being told to. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I just never thought about it unless she asked me. I also would pout and whine, and even tantrum, when I didn’t get my way. I don’t think I was a bad kid, but I was just really immature for my age. I’m not completely sure, but I think my mom hoped time with my aunt would help. My mom and aunt met halfway between their houses. Scott and Debbie were in the car with my aunt, and I noticed a diaper bag in the back of the car. That surprised me because I thought Debbie was already potty trained and figured Scott was too old for diapers, at least during the day. We did our goodbyes, and I took a seat in the passenger side next to my aunt for the three-hour drive to her house. Now, despite my mom’s warnings, I overindulged in chips and soda along the way, and my stomach was already rumbling when we got on our way. I figured it wasn’t an emergency yet. I didn’t want to ask my aunt to stop because she already warned me before we left. She asked, “Tommy, it’s a long drive, do you need to go potty before we leave?” That annoyed me and I replied, “I’m not a baby! I can hold it.” Aunt Amanda noted my sharp tone, “Ok, but remember, you can’t ask me to stop unless you go potty now.” The pressure grew and I tried to fart a little to relieve it, but it wasn’t just a fart. I felt something come out, and it wasn’t just a small leak. It was enough that I could feel it in my underwear, and it wasn’t long before I started to smell it. I was fourteen years old, and I just pooped my pants! I wanted my aunt to see me as a teenager and not just some little kid, but that wouldn’t be possible if she knew that I pooped my pants. I tried to be discrete, but Aunt Amanda noticed the odor. She asked, “Scotty, did you poop?” “No.” Aunt Amanda then asked, "Debbie?” “No, Mommy. I’m a big girl.” “I know you are, honey. It smells like somebody pooped, so we’re going to stop.” We pulled into a rest stop, and everybody got out. My aunt checked Scott and Debbie first. Scott didn’t poop, but he wet his Pull-Up and his mom said, “Scotty, that’s your second accident. That means that you need to go back to diapers. We’re going to take a break from potty training.” I tried to sneak off as she was dealing with Scott, but she saw me. “Where do you think you are going?” “I need to go to the bathroom?” “Not yet; I need to see if it was you.” “WHAT! Don’t treat me like a baby. I didn’t poop my pants!” My aunt shot me a stern look, “Do you need to go to time-out?” I shook my head and meekly said, “No.” “Ok then. I understand that you want me to treat you like a big kid, but I can’t treat you like a big kid unless you act like one. Do big kids throw tantrums?” “No.” “That’s right, and you just threw a tantrum, didn’t you?” “But …” I didn’t get a chance to finish my protest. “Did you just shout at me and cry that you didn’t poop?” I nodded. “If you didn’t, let me check.” “Please! Let me go to the bathroom. I’ll clean it up.” “Was it you?” I blushed and cried, “Only a little bit.” “So, it was you; why didn’t you say so?” “I was embarrassed.” She placed a change pad from the diaper bag in the back of her SUV and said, “Hop up so I can take care of your mess.” “Um. What? Can’t I just go to the bathroom and clean myself?” My aunt shook her head, “I’m afraid not, Tommy. I need to make sure you’re properly cleaned.” I protested, “I can do it myself. I’m not a baby!” I hoped that would make her realize that I didn’t need her to clean my butt, but she just rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Really? Do big kids poop their pants?” “It was an accident!” “Yeah, it was, and I need to make sure it won’t happen again.” “It won’t happen again, I promise. I’m not a baby; I’m fourteen years old.” By this point, I was whining and begging. Aunt Amanda shook her head and said, “Tommy, if you want me to treat you like a big kid, you have to act like a big kid. So far, I’ve seen no evidence that you can do that.” “What? I am a big kid. You can’t do this.” “Do big kids poop their pants?” I shook my head. “Do big kids pout and whine?” I cried, “I’m not pouting!” By this point, Aunt Amanda was tired of it, “Look! If you’re going to act like a baby, I’m going to treat you like a baby. I can’t potty train you if you’re not cooperating.” “I am potty trained. It was an accident.” She laughed and said, “I certainly hope so. I’d hate to think you did that on purpose. However, at my house, an accident means that you have to wear Pull-Ups until you can show me that it won’t happen again.” She took a pacifier and ordered, “Open up.” I asked, “What’s that?” and as I did, she plopped the pacifier in my mouth. “That’s a pacifier. That’s what you get when you whine too much in my house. Keep that in your mouth until I take it out. Now be a good boy and lie down on the mat.” I resigned myself to having my aunt clean my messy bottom but pleaded for more privacy. In a muffled voice, because of the pacifier, I cried, “Can’t we do this in the baffroom?’ “I’m sorry honey, but you’re too old to take into the women’s bathroom. We have to do this out here.” “But you’ll see my --,” I was too embarrassed to say it in front of my aunt. Aunt Amanda grinned, “Honey, I’ve changed lots of little boys. I’ve even changed your diaper a few times.” I closed my eyes and let her lift my legs and clean my bottom, just like I was three years old. She finished wiping my bottom and then praised me, “You’re being such a good boy for me. It is so much easier when you’re not squirming.” She put my legs through a Pull-Up and then told me to lift up, so she could finish putting the Pull-Up on me. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” “I guess so.” I suddenly realized that everybody would see me in just the Pull-Up when I got up to put on my shorts. I asked, “Can you help me with my shorts?” “You want me to help you get dressed?” “I don’t want anybody to see me in just the Pull-Up.” She nodded and then said, “Let’s see what you have in your bag. You can’t wear the ones you were wearing because they need to be cleaned.” After she finished, she helped me up and asked, “Are you going to be a good boy?” I nodded, and she took the pacifier out of my mouth and said, “Ok, that’s good. Keep this in your pocket to remind you what happens when you pout.” She then pointed to the package of Pull-Ups and said, “These are just in case. You still need to use the potty. If you can use the potty for three days, I’ll let you wear underwear again. But, if you don’t, you are going to stay in diapers until I can potty train you. Scotty is going back to diapers because he wasn’t using the potty, and the same thing will happen to you.”
  23. ? Isle of Foxes By Horatio Husky Commissioned by ArtMckinley Part One ”Island” Janet Parker kept her breathing steady, and her sights up. Disembarking from the rowboat after having crossed part of the East China Sea, the young anthropologist’s arms had shook even as she hauled the boat ashore. Still, after having furtively glanced around the deserted shoreline, she confirmed that she had managed to arrive undetected. Shouldering her backpack and hefting her emergency supplies kit out of the boat, she had half carried, half dragged her supplies to the jungle’s edge and hoisted her baggage into a small nestling of exposed rock. There, she would set up her camp. No fire or open forest floor plan for Janet, however. The mission she was attempting to undertake required utmost discretion, for not only was she going to have to camouflage her encampment as best as she could, but the boat would also have to be hauled further onto the island and hidden with brush. Still, Janet figured, she had some time yet. Carefully unpacking some of her supplies, she laid out the spokes and tarp that would make up her tent. Patterned the same lush hues of green as the surrounding underbrush, the anthropologist internally crossed her fingers that she would remain undetected. As she began to erect the tent, moving the expanding metal rods and tough, industrial string through the various pores of the tarp, her mind wandered back to the grueling process that had led her to the island she had been fascinated with since childhood. Maps of ‘Okidaitōjima’ had covered the walls in her bedroom ever since she was twelve. Previously known as ‘Rasa Island’ but also known as ‘Abreojos’ by its Spanish discoverer Bernardo de la Torre, who had become all too familiar with its perilously shallow surrounding shores, it was not the geography or its history that fascinated Janet. For thousands of years, the Japanese islanders who inhabited the Okinawa Islands held the island as sacred and forbidden to set foot upon. Untouched by humanity for hundreds of years, the island was rumored to be home to the only known species of intelligent, anthropomorphic foxes. Only recently had satellite imagery confirmed that the island was, in fact, inhabited. Changes in the island’s landscape and blurry images supplied by the satellite’s imagery suggested that there was indeed a primitive presence on the island. Janet still remembered the moment she had first viewed the low resolution pictures of erected watch towers and small huts, covered in leafy green vines and appearing almost as if they had been grown out of the forest into a desired shape. She had almost spat out her morning coffee when, unnoticed by her colleagues, a suspiciously orange shape appeared to be perched neatly in one of the towers. She had kept this observation to herself of course. Janet knew that if she founded her request to her university’s funding committee based on what most considered to be Japanese folklore she would be laughed out of the conference room. Persuading the Japanese government to lift the sanctions protecting the island’s shores from visitors of any kind was no easy task either. After several months of back and forth, Janet had opened her office mailbox to the welcome sight of a red envelope addressed to her personally. Inside of it, she was greeted with a letter proudly marked with the logo of the Japanese embassy. Not only had she been granted a researcher’s visa, but she would become the very first civilized human being to study the island’s inhabitants. Janet had gotten her chance, a childhood dream to prove to the world that lateral sentient evolution had occurred in other mammalian species. With any luck, after collecting enough evidence to make her claim undisprovable, she would begin a new career as the world’s first and leading anthropomorphologist. Janet regarded her handiwork, noting with a sense of self-satisfaction that her practice at home had paid off. From afar, the tent she had just constructed appeared indistinguishable from the surrounding jungle flora. In fact, she thought to herself, I’ll have to take careful note of its surrounding landmarks if I’m to find it again… After taking a moment to carefully study her immediate area, noting a particularly mossy boulder only a few feet away from her camp, she turned her gaze over to the metal and plastic watercraft she had arrived in. Its exterior had been painted a dull gray with a motley of military green intermixed with its rather unappealing color scheme. Despite having been designed to match the surrounding jungle, the glossy waterproofing it had been covered with caught the sun in a dazzling reflection. Janet made her way towards the boat, nervously glancing behind her shoulder at the looming watchtowers that just poked over the canopy of the jungle behind her. I really hope they haven’t been looking in this direction for the past hour… Stretching her arms above her head and behind her back as she strode purposefully towards the craft, she limbered herself up in preparation for a grueling haul towards the jungle’s edge. With several undignified grunts of effort and a lot of panting later, Janet was grateful to find that after pulling the boat onto the looser, dryer sand her efforts became significantly less labored. Half an hour later, Janet stood with her arms on her hips as she squinted hard at the boat, which was now concealed under a hefty amount of fallen branches and leaves. Sure… If you look at it long enough you’ll notice something is amiss… But that’s only if you expect to see something out of place. Contenting herself with the thought that after a day or two worth of tropical jungle rainfall the hidden boat would sink more organically into its surroundings, Janet waded through the sand back towards her tent. After a few minutes of anxiously scanning the jungle, her eyes alighted on the boulder she had set as her landmark and soon enough she was crawling inside of her makeshift abode. It was getting late, the sun began to cast the western part of the island with rosier hues, shifting from its lustrous, daytime yellow to a soft, warm red. The inside of her tent was growing darker at a much faster rate than the beach outside, so Janet quickly prepared her evening meal with what little light she had left. She opened one of the bento boxes she had purchased at the harbor, knowing she would have to savor the first few meals on the island as she went through her fresh rations before she would have to resort to eating dried food, and the few canned goods she had brought alone that would have to be consumed cold. Looking up, she took a minute to meditate before she dug in. I actually made it… Too concerned with ensuring that her base of operations was set up quickly and undetected, Janet had not allowed herself a moment to truly let the enormity of where she was impact her fully. She was on ‘the Isle of Foxes,’ the very one that her father had read to her when she was just a little girl. A giddy expression spread across her face as she looked down at her meal, shaking her head in jubilant disbelief. She had done it, years of university with her nose stuck in dusty books followed by a delicate campaign to convince a sovereign nation to allow her to set foot on one of their sacred islands. And she had managed to accomplish it all. Janet Parker did her best to compose herself then, not wanting to let her sense of victory and relief become premature. She still had a job to do, after all. With any luck, she would be able to use the week’s worth of time her limited supplies allowed her to glean enough data from the island’s inhabitants to serve as a milestone for the entire field of anthropology. Reaching forward, the young researcher undid one of the flaps of her tent to reveal the setting sun, gently descending down into the giant ocean pool beneath it. That day’s sunset serving as her evening meal’s entertainment, Janet took her time slowly picking up clumps of rice and pieces of pork dumpling with her chopsticks. The last hints of the sun had just barely disappeared beneath the horizon when she finished. Shrugging off her travel ware, Janet stripped down into her underwear before nestling herself into her sleeping bag. The inside of the tent was a little warm for her comfort, but she knew better than to fall asleep exposed to the elements. The temperature would drop quickly, and she would not have her dream field expedition burdened by a head cold. Janet allowed her eyelids to grow heavy, taking in slow, deep breaths as she calmed herself down to further expedite the onset of sleep. It was difficult at first, her mind was a whirl with the following day’s duties and plans. But eventually, she found herself nodding off, the muffled sounds of jungle insects and nightlife creeping into her dreams as she dozed off into a tired, deep slumber. ⤐ ⬷ Janet crept through the jungle foliage at a crouch. Every dozen steps or so, she would glance around furtively in the canopy above before slowly standing up to locate the beaten path she was trailing. The explorer had to take care to not walk on any of the jungle paths, as the likelihood of discovery by one of the island’s inhabitants taking the same path was too much to risk. This made the going very slow, as Janet had to take time to not only maneuver around obstacles such as gnarled roots or dense vegetation, but she had to do so without making too much noise or damaging the plants. This proved more challenging than she had originally anticipated, and sweat beaded her brow as the morning slowly shifted into afternoon, the island’s temperature rising as the sun continued to bombard it with summer’s radiation. As she ventured through, Janet’s eyes alighted on the various dried grass and wooden effigies that stood erected in the trees above, or swinging gently from a motley of vines like marionette puppets. Janet keenly noted that each of the wooden figurines appeared each to sport a distinct set of pointed ears at the top of their heads. This fact alone restirred the excitement of the butterflies inside of Janet’s stomach. | Still, despite the discomfort and slow traversing, Janet knew she was making progress. Her nostrils had caught a whiff of smoke, telling her that she must be getting closer to the primitive encampment. The smell of cooked fish and a strange, pungent herb had accompanied the woodsmoke. They must be good trappers… There haven’t been any reports of seeing them in the waters… Janet reflected to herself, inching her around an overturned log. Eager to see for herself, the anthropologist stopped as she spotted the back wall of one of the huts about a hundred meters away from her. Walking towards the village on the ground was far too dangerous, and Janet glanced around the surrounding trees as she decided that now would be a perfect time to execute phase two of her covert observation plan. She stretched once more, recalling the advice of her acrobatics instructor from her youth as she assessed which tree would be easiest for her to scale. Her gaze settled on a particularly large looking tree, covered in a dense blanket of vines and moss that would serve well for gripholds and traction. With a muffled grunt, Janet grabbed the nearest vine and hoisted herself up, her ankles gripping the leafy rope tightly as she began to ascend. One hand over another, Janet felt the excitement of the ascent course through her, quickly replacing the idle boredom of having to slowly sneak through the tropical forest. Janet reached for the branch above her, her knuckles turning white as her fingers gripped the aged bark enough to support her entire weight. Grabbing onto another part of the same branch with her other hand, she felt her grip loosen as her heart skipped a beat. Bits of decayed bark fell down to the forest floor below as she swayed precariously, holding on with only four of her fingers; the foliage below appeared dangerously far beneath her. She gasped, only just barely stifling the yell of fright that had welled up in her chest as she remembered where she was and what she was doing. Silently, her face contorted into a pained expression of effort and desperation. She swung herself from side to side, before reaching up and grabbing the branch once more with her other hand. To her relief, the wood held, and bit by bit she was able to haul herself up until she kneeled safely on the tree’s rigid bough. Janet took a moment to catch her breath, her chest heaving as her nerves calmed themselves down from the fight or flight response. Trying not to think about the fact that she had almost plummeted to her death, Janet quickly shuffled along the branch and began to make her way slowly through the canopy in the direction of the primitive village. A quarter of an hour later, she had closed the hundred meter distance. The smell of cooking fires and sizzling meat now punctuated the air, causing Janet’s mouth to water. Whatever the island’s inhabitants were cooking up, it smelled delicious. The anthropologist almost regretted having to conduct the research undetected, as she would have loved in that moment to break bread with the cooks of the island. She could now hear muffled voices, remarkably high-pitched for a collection of human primitives. Janet did her best to control her breath, her vision still obstructed by the large hut in front of her. She would have to creep along the branch, and do her best to glean what she could from the leafy canopy above. Janet’s right hand crept slowly into her satchel, ruffling around its contents until her fingers came into contact with the cool metal of her camera. Quietly, she took it out of her bag. She was about to begin a slow, methodical crawl across the tree’s branch when she heard the distinct sound of rustling leaves to her left. Before she could react, a voice that sounded like a squeaky child’s inquiry almost caused her to fall out of the tree in surprise. Janet’s head whipped around towards the source of the voice. Her jaw dropped open, her eyes growing wide as she beheld the sight in front of her. Standing on two paws at roughly a meter in height, with a blood orange colored fur coat, was a fox.
  24. I'm writing this for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. Chapter 1 I finished the block of code I was working on and started the unit tests. As the project built, I turned to the Web browser on my second monitor and started scrolling through the videos, trying to find one I hadn't already watched. I finally found one. The title was promising. "Slut takes 3 dicks." The thumbnail showed a wide-eyed woman with her lips wrapped around the shaft of an impressively thick cock. The balls resting on her chin. I glanced back at my work. There were a few green ticks indicating that the first tests had completed successfully but there were many more remaining. I had plenty of time so I started the video so I unzipped my pants. Enjoying porn on company time was just one of the many benefits of working from home. I was just getting into a rhythm when my phone began ringing. Without pausing, I looked down at it on the desk. The caller was identified as Melanie Baker. She was the wife of Brad, a friend of mine. I was actually rather envious of Brad, Melanie was hot. I ignored the ringing and kept going. I was already imagining Melanie in place of the star of the video and myself in the place of each of the men penetrating her. My climax came long before that of the video and I fell back into my chair panting, my cock still hanging out. My phone started ringing once more. It was Melanie again. This time I answered it. “Hi Melanie.” “Robert.” She said urgently. “I need your help.” “Huh?” I couldn’t imagine what problem she could have that would need my help specifically. Surely she had her own friends to call. “Brad was working on a story. He was obsessed with it. Something about a bunch of disappearances being connected.” Brad was a freelance journalist. “He told me he was getting close but then he didn’t come home. I’m really worried.” “So what can I do?” I asked. “All of Brad’s research is in his computer. There must be some clue where he was going there.” She explained. “But I don’t know his password. You know about computers. I thought maybe you could figure out how to get in.” “Yeah probably.” I agreed, seeing the potential to spend time alone with Melanie and with her in such an emotionally vulnerable state. “I’ll be right over.” When I arrived at Brad and Melanie’s apartment, Melanie answered the door with tears in her eyes and greeted me with a tight hug. “Oh Robert. Thankyou for coming.” “It’s no problem, really.” I hoped she wouldn’t notice my growing arousal. “Where’s Brad’s computer?” “In his office.” She released me and led me to a small room with a laptop sitting on a desk, surrounded by piles of paper. I moved the mouse and the black monitor came to life, showing the login screen. After clicking around a bit and finding no obvious way around it, I pulled out a USB stick from my pocket and plugged it in before restarting the machine. The computer booted into my pre-prepared Linux environment. This gave me access to the laptop’s harddrive. “Okay.” I declared. “Here’s his documents folder. And luckily he hasn’t encrypted anything.” “Can you find the research he was working on?” Melanie moved closer, placing a hand on my back. “Yeah. I think so.” I found and opened the most likely file. “I think this is it.” It contained chunks of an unfinished article interspersed with notes, documenting interviews and contact details. Brad had apparently found connections and patterns in the disappearances of a number of people, all but twol were women. Tthe men were each married to one of the women and disappeared at the same time as her. Most of the women were scientists, engineers and doctors, many with impressive achievements in their fields. He had concluded that they had not been murdered or abducted. They had chosen to leave. Brad had been particularly interested in Rachel Harbourne, one of the women who had disappeared. She wasn’t an engineer or a scientist. She was the ex-wife of the founder of some tech company and had left the marriage with over a billion dollars of his money. Brad had dug into her investments and had found a remote property that she owned indirectly through a convoluted network of shell companies. He was convinced that he would find the missing women there. “That has to be where he was going.” Melanie exclaimed. “It’s only about an hour away from here too. You’re my hero Robert.” She kissed me on the cheek. “What do we do now?” I wondered. “We go there.” She seemed uncertain. "Right now." “It would be too dark when we got there. We'll go first thing tomorrow." I said then saw an opportunity and added “I’ll stay here tonight so you don’t have to be alone.” "No.” She must have heard the enthusiasm in my voice because all doubt was gone. “We need to go tonight. Brad might be in trouble.” So I soon found myself driving down a deserted, unlit road with Melanie in the passenger seat. There was no address, only coordinates to put into the GPS, that gave us a marker which was at least a kilometre from any road on the map. As we got closer it wasn’t clear how we could actually get to the property. “Was that a road?” Melanie suddenly asked. “Back there on the left.” I checked the screen in the dashboard. “There’s nothing on the map.” “We have to go back and check.” She insisted. “That might be it.” I slowed down and did a U-turn. She was right, it was a road, well more a dirt track. We followed it and soon had confirmation that we were in the right place. “That’s Brad’s car.” Melanie pointed excitedly. I pulled up behind it and Melanie was out before I’d even come to a complete stop. “It’s locked.” She informed me when I joined her. “He must have decided it was better to go on foot from here.” I suggested, then noticed something through the trees. “Look. There’s some lights over there.” “Let’s go.” She took off in that direction. I chased her and saw that the light was coming from the window of a large building. As we got closer, I could see it was just one of many buildings but the only one with light in the windows. “What the fuck?” Melanie said as she reached the window. I joined her looking into the building. There was Brad, totally naked, on all fours on a table. A blonde woman was standing, fully clothed, beside him with a hand around his cock. There were two other naked men, in similar positions. Women stood around the room in small groups watching. "He's joined a bloody sex cult." I tried not to sound too happy. If anything was going to get me into Melanie's panties this was it. Maybe she'd come to me for comfort or maybe for revenge. It didn't matter if it got her into bed. The blonde woman moved her hand up and down Brad’s member. Initially, he just held his position, looking down at the table beneath him but soon he started moving back and forth with the rhythm. I absent-mindedly rubbed my growing erection through my pants as I watched. "Enjoying the show?" I heard a woman's voice behind me. Melanie and I both turned away from the window to see two women, armed with strange looking guns. After taking a moment to consider my options, I ran for it. I didn't get far before feeling a sharp pain in my right butt cheek. My legs started to feel weak as I felt for the source of the pain. I found a small dart and pulled it out as everything went black. I woke up surrounded by wooden bars. I could feel that I was naked except for some weirdly thick underwear. I ran my hands over this strange garment. It was covered in soft plastic and fastened at the front with tapes. With some effort, I sat up to examine it, confirming my fear. I was wearing a diaper. a ridiculously huge puffy disposable diaper, decorated with cartoon teddy bears in various pastel colours. I tried to take it off but the lingering effects of the tranquiliser left me too weak and uncoordinated. A door opened and a light turned on. "Looks like someone is finished with his nap." A woman's face, with olive skin and framed by long black hair, appeared, looking down over the bars. I suddenly realised what the bars were. I was in a giant cot. "Who are you?" I demanded. "And why am I wearing a diaper?" "You can call me Dr. Patel." She answered. "And the diaper is so you don't make a mess on the floor." "Where am I?" I continued my questions. "What have you done with Melanie?" "Patience. Everything will be explained in good time." She lowered one side of the cot. "But right now you only have to worry about finishing your bottle." "Bottle?" I asked, confused as she took my hand and led me to a long sofa. I tried to pull away but found I wasn't strong enough. She sat me in the middle of the sofa then picked up a large baby bottle full of a white liquid and sat at one end. "Just lay down and Dr. Patel will feed you." I made a feeble attempt to resist as she guided me to lay down across the sofa with my head in her lap. She smiled down at me as she brought the large nipple of the bottle to my lips. Even though I tried to clamp my mouth shut, she easily forced it in. The nipple filled my mouth. I tried to push it back out with my tongue but that only caused the liquid inside to squirt I to my mouth. In that position, I had no choice but to swallow it. "See." Dr. Patel said. "It doesn't taste so bad." She was right but it wasn't the taste I objected to. It was laying there in a diaper being fed like an infant. I wanted to ask why she was doing this to me but trying to talk only caused my mouth to fill with more of the liquid. "Good boy." She cooed. "Drink it all up." Whatever her reasons, it was clear she wasn't going to take that nipple out of my mouth until I had drunk the whole bottle so, resigned to this, I got to work. I had finished about half of it when my stomach started feeling uncomfortable. I kept going but a little while later it started cramping. "Is your tummy feeling yucky?" Dr. Patel must have noticed my discomfort. "Don't worry. It's just the laxatives starting to work. The muscle relaxants should kick in soon and then you'll feel much better." Now realising the purpose of the diaper, I started struggling against her again. She easily held me in place and kept the nipple in my mouth. I only succeeded in filling my mouth with more of the laxatives, muscle relaxants and who knows what else. "All done." She finally declared, pulling the bottle out of my mouth. "It won't be long now." She released me and I stood up. As promised, the muscle relaxants had muted the cramps but I could still feel what was coming. I had to find a toilet fast. On unsteady legs, I made my way to the door but I found that the doorknob was too much of a challenge for my hands. I knew that what was coming was inevitable but I still tried to fight it. I ordered my butthole to squeeze tightly shut and, for a while, it obeyed. With all of my attention on not shifting myself, my bladder took the opportunity to release, flooding the diaper. I felt the pee pool between my legs before being absorbed by the paddling. Dr. Patel didn’t move from her spot on the sofa. She just sat there, watching me with a patient smile. "Just let it happen." She suggested. "Don't worry. I won't leave you in a messy diaper. I'll get you cleaned up as soon as you're done. Her encouragement was unnecessary. At that moment, I finally lost the battle and the mess filled the seat of my diaper. It kept coming, squeezing up the back and the front. When it was finished, the diaper seemed ready to burst but, despite sagging heavily, it held on. "That's some laxative isn't it?" Dr. Patel laughed as she finally stood up. "It cleans you out completely, much more thoroughly than an enema." Too ashamed to offer any response, I meekly allowed her to lead me into the next room. With each step, I felt the mess against my skin. This room was far more clinical than the first. In the centre was what looked like a gynaecologist's examination chair. At least that's what they looked like in the fetish videos I'd watched. Dr. Patel led me straight to the chair. "Sit here and I'll get you cleaned up." I desperately wanted to be out of that diaper so I did as I was told. I didn't protest as she guided my feet onto the stirrups and strapped them in place or when she fastened a belt across my stomach. A large mirror took up most of the wall I was facing. As I looked at myself in that bulging diaper I had a terrible feeling it was actually a one-way viewing window. She pressed a button and the back of the chair lowered, pulling me back into a lying position, as the stirrups lifted my legs above me and spread them apart. “Okay. Now for the yucky bit.” She undid the tapes open and let my diaper fall open. She pulled a face but got to work, cleaning me with baby wipes. Working methodically, Dr. Patel started just under my stomach and then moved down to the base of my cock. I couldn’t help growing a little hard as she began to wipe the shaft. “Enjoying the attention?” She giggled and moved on to my balls, which did nothing to reduce my arrousal. Continuing to work her way down, she cleaned the mess off my bottom then wiped through my crack. She lingered on my butthole, pressing gently until it yielded to her fingers. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure and my cock grew even harder. “I see you like that.” She smiled, removing her fingers from my arse and wiping the rest of my crack. “You’re going to love the procedure then.” “What procedure?” I did not like the sound of that. “What are you going to do to me?” “You’ll find out in just a moment.” She wiped my lower back and after inspecting her work declared. “There. All clean.” Leaving me strapped in place, She threw the used diaper and wipes into a nearby bin and moved to a sink to wash her hands. She took her time, either being very thorough or just deliberately making me wait, helpless with my bare bottom presented to that mirror. . Finally, Dr.Patel opened a cabinet, from which she removed a metallic cylinder. She carried it over to me and smiled at me from between my raised legs. “This is why we had to make sure your bottom was cleaned out.” She held up the cylinder, confirming my fears. “And the muscle relaxants will help it go in without hurting you.” I heard a clink as she put the device aside, then felt her fingers penetrating my butthole again but this time they were cold and slimy. “Just some lubrication to help it go in.” She explained, spreading the gel. I started to grow hard again in spite of my fear of what was coming next. Dr. Patel withdrew her fingers. A moment later I felt the smooth rounded end of the metal device replace them. “Just relax.” She said gently as she pushed it inside me. I gasped as I felt it slide deeper inside me. Precum started dribbling from the end of my rock-hard cock. “I knew you’d enjoy it.” She slid the device out a little. Then back in, slightly deeper than before. “Now I just have to find the right spot.” She moved it in and out a couple more times then said. “There.” I yelped as I felt a brief stinging pain inside me. I lasted less than a second but it seemed it was enough to make my erection disappear as Dr. Patel pulled the device out of my bottom. “What did you do to me?” I asked. “I’ve just installed your prostate chip.” She put the device down and returned to the sink to wash her hands again. When she returned, she stood at my side. “Now let’s test it.” She gently stroked my, now limp, cock. It felt good but I didn’t start to get hard again. “Good.” She began tapping on a bracelet on her left wrist and my cock became fully erect. “Excellent.” She tapped a couple more times and suddenly I began to squirt cum onto my stomach and chest. Weirdly, I didn’t feel any pleasure from this orgasm. “What did you do to my cock?” I demanded. “The chip is connected to the nerves in your bottom and groin.” She took out more baby wipes and cleaned the cum off of me. “Among other things, it lets us control your erections and ejaculations. Men have proven they can’t be trusted to control their penises so the chip gives that control to someone more responsible.” “What sort of feminist bullshit is this?” I demanded. “You bitches need a good…” I stopped and screamed as I suddenly felt a pain just like getting kicked in the balls. “That’s one of the other things it does.” She tapped her bracelet and the pain was instantly gone. “Behave yourself and you won’t have to feel that too often.” She took out a tissue and wiped up the tears running down the sides of my face. “You’re going to be a good boy for me aren’t you?” I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself but I didn’t ever want to feel that pain again. I remained silent and turned my head away from her. I heard her moving around then heard a plastic crinkling sound and turned to find her back between my legs, unfolding another big diaper. I was too afraid to say anything so I just laid there pouting silently as she slid it under my bottom. Once she had me taped into my new diaper, she moved the chair back up into the sitting position. “Don’t you touch that diaper.” She warned as she released me from the straps. “Now let’s introduce you to Ms. Harbourne.” She led the way out of the room. I hesitated. “Like this? In just a diaper?” “Of course. That’s how all of the boys dress.” She held the door open. “Now hurry up if you don’t want to get in trouble.” She motioned toward her bracelet. I quickly followed her out of the room into a hallway. At the other end, Dr. Patel knocked on a door. “Yes?” came a woman’s voice. “Come in.” She pushed the door open and led me into the room where a well-dressed woman sat behind a large ornate desk. She was middle-aged but still in great shape. “Rachel.” Dr. Patel greeted the woman. “I’ve installed Robert’s prostate chip and it is working properly.” “Thankyou Inika.” The woman ignored me for a moment and addressed Dr. Patel . “Good night.” “Goodnight.” Dr. Patel left me alone with the woman. “Hello Robert.” She smiled at me. “You may call me Ms. Harbourne.” When I didn’t respond, she said. “Don’t be rude Robert. I’m sure Dr. Patel warned you what happens to boys who are rude.” I looked at her wrist. She wore a bracelet just like Dr. Patel’s. “Hello Ms Harbourne.” I said, feeling like a schoolboy greeting his teacher. “Good boy. You can sit down.” She indicated a chair in front of her desk and sat on it. “I’m sure you’re very confused right now.” She went on. “You are in a little town I have founded as a model for a new society, one where women are in charge. I was sick of being mistreated by men and after the divorce settlement I had the resources to do something about it. I made contact with talented women who shared my feelings and together we built all of this.” “So, you’re punishing me for being a man?” I asked, hoping that maybe there was some way to talk my way out of the bizarre situation I had found myself in. “Oh no honey. This isn’t a punishment.” She said with genuine sweetness. “We don’t hate men. We understand that you can’t control yourselves. It’s not your fault. I promise that you are safe and we will take good care of you. If you accept your new position I’m sure you can be very happy here.” “And If I’m not happy here?” I asked. “Can I leave?” “No. I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that.” She said, “You would tell people what we are doing before we were ready and they would come and ruin everything.” I sighed. It was worth a try. “Okay but what about the diapers?” "Men have always needed women to take care of them like you are babies and we are your mommies." She explained. “Keeping you in diapers just makes that explicit.” "I thought you said it wasn't a punishment." Maybe I could at least negotiate a less humiliating outfit. "It isn't. It is just a reminder of your dependence on us, to keep your ego under control. When a man's ego gets too big it only creates problems for himself and everyone else." She explained patiently, as though she was speaking to a small child. "I know this feels like a punishment right now because you think it is humiliating. That's just your ego creating a problem for you. Let it go, accept your dependence and you will be quite comfortable in your diapers." Without thinking, I rolled my eyes at this. “Bullshit.” I realised my mistake a moment too late. “Robert.” Ms Harbourne rose from her seat and her tone became suddenly stern. “I will not accept rude language from you.” “I’m sorry.” I said. I was about to burst into tears as I anticipated the pain from the device they put in my butt. However, as she made her way around the desk, she didn’t reach for her bracelet. “I understand that you’re cranky. It is past your bedtime but next time you use bad language you will be punished.” Her voice was already softening again. “Do you understand?” “Yes.” I nodded quickly. “Yes, Ms Harbourne.” “Good Boy.” She was smiling again. “Now, I’d better get you to bed.” Ms Harbourne held out her hand. I hesitated for a moment but knew she could force me if she wanted to so I got to my feet and took it. She led me out of her office and back through the building to an entryway with double glass doors looking out into the dark night. “It’s a bit chilly outside.” She took some neatly folded baby blue fabric from a nearby shelf. “Let's get you into this.” She let part of the fabric hang down, a pair of blue fuzzy legs. “Step in.” She held it out for me. Eager to finally have my diaper hidden, I did as I was told. The material was soft and warm. The feet were closed and had rubber soles built in. Ms Harbourne pulled the rest of the material up my body and guided my arms in before pulling up a long zip which ran all the way from my left foot up to my neck. I realised that I’d just been dressed in a footed bodysuit like a baby but I didn’t mind. It felt snug and comforting. Outside, I tried to get my bearings. As Ms Harbourne led me along a footpath, I looked for the big building where Melanie and I had found Brad. If I could identify that, I could figure out how to get back to my car. “This is my house.” She indicates the building we were walking toward. “You’ll stay with me until we decide who will adopt you.” I rolled my eyes at the idea of being adopted. Fortunately, she wasn’t looking at me. Then I spotted the building I was looking for. From where I was, I could see the entrance and, above it, a sign which read “Milking Shed.” I was about to make a break for it when I remembered that I didn’t have my keys. With a sigh, I followed Ms Harbourne into the house. As soon as we were inside, she unzipped my bodysuit. Reluctantly, I allowed her to remove it, leaving me in just my diaper again. I wasn’t cold, It seemed that the buildings here were kept at a comfortable temperature for walking around naked. From the entrance, she led me into the living room. Two long white leather sofas and a large marble coffee table were in the centre of the room, leaving plenty of space on every side. An enormous television took up most of one wall. The other walls were decorated with paintings. “Now, I do need to get you into bed.” She said, “But, before that, are you hungry?” My stomach had settled down since the laxatives and was now feeling very empty. “Yes.” “I thought you might be.” She sat at the end of one of the sofas. “Come and sit with me.” She patted the cushion next to her. I didn’t understand what was going on but I didn’t want to get in trouble so I joined her. As I did, she began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it open and, with absolutely no hesitation, undid a clip at the front of her bra, releasing her breasts. From my position, next to her on the sofa, I could just see the smooth pink skin behind her open blouse and the large, dark nipple protruding from that. I nearly got up for a better view but that wasn't necessary because she turned to face me, showing me everything. She then began massaging her breasts, one in each hand, kneading the soft flesh. I didn't know what was going on but I was afraid that if I asked she might stop. Out of habit, my hand found its way down to my groin and started rubbing my cock through my diaper. However it remained totally limp, apparently unimpressed by the show. “What’s the matter?” Ms Harbourne teased gently. “Is your diaper wet?” I blushed and moved my hand away but kept watching her play with her breasts. Soon drops of liquid began to form on the nipples. She looked down and smiled. "Okay. I think they are ready for you.” “Huh?” I was confused. “Ready for what?” “To nurse, silly.” She collected some of the liquid on her finger and transferred it to my lips. It tasted sweet. “This will be your food from now on.” I had mixed feelings about that. I certainly liked the idea of putting her breasts in my mouth. However, drinking her milk, especially while dressed like a giant baby, wasn’t appealing at all. “Don’t be shy.” Her hands moved to gently guide my head down into position. Frozen by indecision, I neither cooperated nor resisted and she pulled my face against her chest. I felt her firm, wet nipple pressed against my lips, demanding entrance to my mouth. Part of me wanted to open wide and get a mouthful of breast but I couldn’t bring myself to surrender to this babyish treatment. “Open up.” Mr Harbourne said, her tone as sweet as the milk I could already taste dribbling into my mouth. Resting my head against one arm, she took hold of her breast with the opposite hand and rubbed her nipple back and forth over my lips. “Come on. All men love boobies.” She wiggled a finger in between my lips and used it to force my mouth open. “Just another way you never really grow up.” I considered biting her finger but I was sure that would not end well for me. She soon managed to pry my mouth open enough to force her breast in. “There you go.” I tried to protest but intelligible speech was impossible with my lips wrapped around her nipple and the movement just made her milk squirt into my mouth. I swallowed it and the action squeezed more out, it was a vicious cycle and I soon realised the only way out would be to nurse until the milk was finished. Luckily, it actually tasted pretty good. She let out a sigh of pleasure as I settled into a rhythm “See. It’s not so bad.” She was clearly enjoying this. “We know you boys never grow out of needing to breastfeed. It’s why you’re obsessed with our breasts. You turn it into something crass but that’s just because you can’t admit what you really need.” Unable to argue, I just continued sucking and swallowing. She held me firmly against her body. “We’ve developed a way to make our breast milk a complete and balanced diet for an adult. You’ll never need to eat anything else.” Her breathing and little involuntary movements told me she was enjoying this. When the milk from that breast stopped, she moved me to the other one. She stroked my naked back, running her hand down to the waistband of my diaper and back up. “Good boy. Drink it all up.” Finally, I finished and Ms Harbourne released me. “Okay. Now let’s get you to bed.” Not bothering to refasten her bra or blouse, she stood and led me deeper into the house. “This will be your nursery for now.” She pushed open a door, revealing a bedroom furnished with an adult-sized cot and change table. Under the change table were stacks of diapers just like the one I was wearing. “Do you need a diaper change before bed?” Without waiting for a response, she patted the seat of my diaper and then gave my groin a little squeeze. “Nope. Still clean.” She lowered the side of the cot. “In you go.” When I hesitated her voice once again took on a stern edge. “Do I need to remind you what happens to naughty boys?” She didn’t need to remind me. I climbed into the cage and she pulled the side back up, clicking it into place. “Good night.” The edge was gone as quickly as it had appeared. “There’s a baby monitor.” She pointed at a baby blue plastic device mounted high on the wall. It had a camera pointed down into the cot. “So I can check on you. If there’s anything wrong, just call out and I’ll hear you.” With that, she turned off the light and left, closing the door behind her. Now alone, I considered ripping off the diaper. However, that would leave me naked. My next thought was climbing out of the cot. The bars weren’t too high. I could easily pull myself over them but then I considered the camera. I had no way to know if Ms Harbourne was watching. I decided that she’d just glance at the video occasionally and the chances she was watching right then were slim. I’d have to risk it. I pulled myself up and threw one leg over the rail. Suddenly, the pain hit me again. I let go, instinctively moving my hands to protect my groin. As I fell backward, I wet myself from the shock and pain. I hit the mattress and the pain stopped. “Crazy bitch!” I said, angrily. Moments later, the door opened and Ms Harbourne stepped inside. “I warned you about using bad language.” She turned on the light and crossed the room to the cot. I was so afraid that I wet myself again as she lowered the side. “Come here.” She held out a hand. Reluctantly, I took it and let her help me out of the cot. She led me to a chair where she sat. "Lay here." She patted her lap. "What?" I didn't understand. "Boys who say bad words get spanked." She explained. "No way." I backed away. "I am not letting you spank me." She made an exaggerated motion toward her bracelet. "Be careful, Robert." I got the message and positioned myself across her lap. She hooked he fingers over the back waistband of my diaper and pulled it down just far enough to expose my butt cheeks. Whack. Her palm came down on my bare bottom, making me yelp in pain. It stung far more than I had expected. "Why does it hurt so much?" I whined, pathetically. Whack. She gave me another smack before explaining. "Your prostate chip lets me adjust your sensitivity down there. I have turned it up to help you learn your lesson." Whack. "I've learned it." Whack.I wet myself once again as the next impact landed. Whack. The pain and humiliation were too much and I started to sob. "I'm sorry." I flinched as her hand came back down to rest gently on my tender bottom. "It's okay. It's finished." She left her hand there for a moment then said. "Go get up on the change table and I'll get you into a dry diaper." I stood up, still crying and waddled over to the change table with my soggy diaper hanging off my throbbing bottom. I climbed up on the table and laid down on the soft towelling on top.. Ms Harbourne came over to the table and untaped the diaper. “You’ve really soaked this one.” She rolled it up and dropped it into the bin with a heavy thud.. “I think I’m going to need to keep you in thicker diapers at night.” I just laid there trying to get my sobbing under control as she wiped my privates clean. The gentle, caring attention was soothing and by the time she slid the new diaper under my bottom, I had calmed down. The padding definitely felt thicker than my previous diaper and as she pulled it up between my legs, it forced them apart. I looked as she stuck the tapes in place. The shiny plastic bulged out ridiculously from my crotch. The print on this one was stars, all with friendly little faces. “Almost done. Just need to make sure the leak guards are right” Ms Harbourne announced, inserting a finger into each leg hole. It tickled but in a not-entirely unpleasant way. “Otherwise all the padding in the world won’t save your bed.“ I squirmed as she ran her fingers around my thighs. Clearly she’d left my bottom extra-sensitive. “Okay. Down you get and back into your cot.” I climbed down, moving awkwardly in the puffy diaper. With my knees forced apart, I couldn’t walk normally and waddled back to the cot. “You look adorable.” Mr Harbourne giggled as she followed me. “I might need to keep you in these overnight diapers full-time.” As I climbed back onto the mattress, she encouraged me with a gentle pat on my thickly padded bottom. “Now don’t try to get out again. I probably should have warned you that the cot has sensors which automatically trigger your chip if you get out.” She raised the bars back into place. “The same thing will happen if you get too far from one of these.” She held up her bracelet. “Goodnight Robert.” She once again turned off the light and left the room. Even sleeping was awkward in the enormous overnight diaper. I couldn’t lay on my side with the bulk between my thighs. I tried my back but the padding under my bottom made that uncomfortable. Finally I settled on sleeping on my stomach, of course this meant my diapered butt was sticking up in the air. I tried not to think about how babyish I looked.
  25. Hi. I wrote this as an entry in "Kasarberang's NON-CONtest" It's my first attempt at writing an ABDL story. It's only the first part of something longer I had planned but the story got away from me and it grew too long to write the whole thing in time for the contest. If people like it I'll try to write the rest at some point. Mommy-In-Law: Week 1 PRELUDE "No." Stephen insisted. "I'm sure I'll find a job soon." "It has been 3 months." Amanda reminded him. "We are burning through our savings. We won’t be able to pay rent next month." Stephen pouted. He knew his wife was right but what she was suggesting was humiliating. "It's not like we are begging. It was Mom's idea. She wants us there." "Yeah but…" Stephen didn't believe that last part. He never really got along with Amanda's mother. "Her house is big enough." Amanda continues. " And now that Tanya has moved out, Mom is all alone there." Stephen wanted to argue but he knew that the matter was already settled. They had no other options. They would be moving back to Amanda's hometown to live with her mother. Far too soon, they arrived at their new home. “Amanda!” Her mother greeted her at the door with a tight hug. “Welcome home.” “Thanks Mom.” Amanda returned the hug. Stephen interjected “Hi Janet.” He was unsurprised but still annoyed by her apparent indifference to his presence. Janet released her daughter. “Let’s get you settled in.” She then finally acknowledged his presence “Stephen can get the bags.” Rolling his eyes, Stephen retrieved their luggage. By the time he returned to the front door, the women were already waiting in Amanda’s old bedroom. Amanda had been a very girly girl. She was still extremely feminine but in a more mature way. There was nothing mature about this room. Almost everything was a pastel pink and frilly and the shelves were lined with shelves of dolls and teddy bears. Of course, Stephen had seen this room before. He’d frequently teased Amanda over keeping her room like a little girl’s until she moved out. However, until that moment it did not really register that it would be his room now. Then he noticed another problem. “Um…Where are we going to sleep?” he said, pointing at the single bed, decorated with large pink hearts. “That’s okay.” Janet didn’t seem concerned. “It has a trundle bed which Amanda’s friends used on sleepovers.” She pulled it out to demonstrate. Amanda could tell Stephen wanted to say more but she spoke up before he had a chance. “Thanks Mom. We’ll figure it out from here.” “Let me know if you need anything else.” Janet turned to leave then turned back with a sigh. “It’s so good to have you home again.” After allowing time for Janet to bet out of earshot, He blurted out “A sleepover? I’m your husband.” Amanda tried to placate him. ”Calm down. When one of us finds work we can buy a bigger bed.” “I told you she didn’t like me.” Stephen didn’t seem to hear her. “She thinks I’m not good enough for you.” “It’s not you. She’s had an issue with men since she divorced my father.” “That really doesn’t make me feel any better.” They unpacked and then had lunch with Janet. While Amanda chatted happily, catching up with her mother, Stephen ate in awkward silence planning to retreat to the bedroom as soon as possible. Just as he was about to make his escape, the doorbell rang. Amanda put down her fork and was about to get up when Janet stopped her. “Let Stephen get the door. He’s finished eating.” Stephen got up and went to answer the door. At least it got him away from the table. “Oh. Hi Stephen.” It was Amanda’s sister, Tanya. “Where’s Amanda?” Stephen pointed toward the kitchen. “She’s having lunch with your mother.” Without another word, Tanya went to see her sister. Stephen didn’t mind. She was very similar to her mother and he got along with her just as badly. Stephen heard their excited greetings as he passed the kitchen on his way back to the bedroom. As he was almost out of earshot, he heard Tanya ask “Why are you still married to him?” He moved closer to listen to Amanda’s response. “What are you talking about?” “He’s useless. You had to move back here because he can’t keep a job.” “The company went out of business. It wasn’t his fault.” “Well he had plenty of time to find another one. Instead he’s here, mooching off Mom.” Stephen couldn’t take any more. He returned to the room wondering if Tanya was right. What sort of a man was he? He couldn’t even provide for himself and his wife. That night, Stephen laid awake on the trundle bed. “Are you alright?” Amanda asked from her bed. “I heard Tanya talking about me.” “Oh.” Amanada immediately realised what he was talking about. “Don’t take that too seriously. She doesn’t understand.” “I will find a job.” “I know you will honey.” Soon he heard Amanda’s breathing change and he knew she had fallen asleep. It took him far longer. Stephen woke up late the next day. Amanda was already gone. He sat on the bed, browsing job advertisements on his laptop until the need to use the toilet motivated him to leave the room and wash up for the day. He had barely returned from the shower when he heard Janet’s voice. "Stephen. Can you come here please." She sounded like she was addressing a misbehaving child. He quickly put on some clothes and followed the sound out of the room and found Janet standing at the door to the toilet. "What?" "See for yourself." She pointed at the tiles. Stephen looked where she was pointing and saw the drops of pee. "Sorry." There was no point denying he was responsible as he was the only man using the toilet. "I'll clean it up." "Yes you will." She said, then added "And, if we keep having this problem, I’ll need to potty train you from scratch." Stephen blushed as he stormed off to get the cleaning supplies. As he was cleaning the floor, he heard the doorbell ring and Amanda answer it. “Hi Greg.” Amanda greeted the guest. “Wow. It’s been so long.” “Tanya told me you had moved home.” A man’s voice replied. “I had to see you.” That set off alarm bells for Stephen who quickly finished his task and washed his hands. He joined them in the living room. “Oh there you are. This is Greg. We dated in highschool” Amanda introduced them. “Greg, this is my husband, Stephen.” “Hi” Stephen offered his hand politely. An ex-boyfriend sniffing around was the last thing he needed right now. “Hey.” Greg took hold of his hand, a little too firmly, and shook it. “I hear you’re having trouble finding work.” “Well we just got here.” Stephen said, releasing Greg’s hand. “I’m sure I’ll find something soon.” “I might be able to help you out.” Greg offered. “I run an accounting firm.” “Thanks.” Stephen tried to sound as sincere as possible but he couldn’t stomach the thought of working for Amanda’s ex. “But I’m not an accountant.” “I know but there’s other jobs. There’s currently an opening in the mail room.” Stephen nearly swore at Greg for suggesting he take such a menial job. Amanda sensed this and quickly changed the subject. “So. Are you seeing someone at the moment Greg?” “No.” He replied. “I haven’t met anyone who compares to you.” “Aww. you’re so sweet. I’m sure you’ll meet someone. You’re a great guy.” Stephen didn’t want to be around this guy any longer but there was no way he was going to leave him alone with Amanda.. By the time Greg left, a few hours later, Stephen was furious. He also desperately needed to pee. He’d been holding on, not wanting to leave Greg unsupervised with his wife. He locked himself in the toilet and released the stream. As he was focussed on other things, quite a lot of it missed the bowl. He finished and looked at the mess he’d made. Recalling Janet’s reaction last time, he knew he should clean it up but he was too angry. “Fuck it.” he declared, flushing the toilet and leaving, not even bothering to put the seat down. It didn’t take long for Janet to find his mess. “Stephen!” This time Stephen knew exactly what it was about. He remained in the bedroom, staring at his laptop. Hiding here wouldn’t save him but there was no way he was going to her. He braced himself, expecting her to burst into the room at any moment. She didn’t. Instead he heard her talking to Amanda. He couldn’t make out what was being said but he was sure that she was complaining about the state he left the toilet in. A few minutes later, he heard the front door close and everything was quiet again. Eventually, he worked up the courage to stick his head out of the room. Janet and Amanda were gone. His pee was still on the toilet floor. Now that his anger had passed, and considering what Amanda must be thinking of him, he was embarrassed about leaving it like. He cleaned it up and then returned to the bedroom to figure out how to explain himself and apologise to Amanda and her mother. He had made very little progress on that when he heard them return. Moments later, Amanda followed her mother into the bedroom. They were both carrying bulging shopping bags. “I’m really sorry.” Stephen started. “It’s too late for that.” Janet stopped him. “I warned you what I would do if you made a mess in the toilet again.” “Huh?” Stephen was confused. “We are going to repeat your potty training.” Janet reached into one of the shopping bags and retrieved what looked like a stack of white towels. “I thought you were joking.” Stephen watched, confused as she took the top one from the stack and unfolds it onto his bed. Unlike a towel, it was square. “You clearly don’t know how to use a toilet properly. So I’m going to teach you and we are going to start from scratch” She began folding the mysterious white square and Stephen finally realised what she meant. “No way.” Stephen shook his head. “I am not wearing diapers.” “Stephen. Please.” Amanda took his hand. “Just do what she says.” “You’re on her side?” Stephen pulled his hand away. “How can you agree with this?” “We have no choice. We can’t afford to move out. We have to follow Mom’s rules.” Once again. Stephen knew she was right. He was trapped. “Fine.” “Get undressed and lay down on the diaper.” Janet directs him. “You want me to undress in front of you?” “You might as well get used to it. I’m going to be changing your diapers.” With a resigned sigh, Stephen pulled off his t-shirt and then his shorts. “Underpants too.” Janet directed. “You’re not going to be needing those for a while.” He pulled his underpants down and stepped out of them. Completely naked, he moved to the bed and laid down on the diaper. Janet pulled the thick material up between his legs and, as she fastened it with safety pins, he thought to himself that he could not possibly be more embarrassed and emasculated. He soon discovered that he was wrong. Janet went back to the shopping bags and returned with a huge pair of pink plastic pants with ruffles on the seat. “But those are for a girl.” Stephen protested. “Yes.” Janet explained as she slid the plastic panties up his legs and stretched them over his diapered bottom. “I’m going to potty train you as a girl. I have experience with girls and if you learn to use the toilet like a girl then I won’t have to worry about you missing anymore.” Janet and Amanda helped him stand up from the bed. The diaper felt very thick between his thighs. He couldn’t look either of them in the eye. The humiliating outfit was completed with a t-shirt, too short to even reach the waistband of his plastic panties and pink to match them. “Come out to the living room and we can go over the rules.” Janet instructed as she left the room. “It’s going to be okay.” Amanda hugged him tightly. “Just play along and get through this.” Stephen caught his reflection in Amanda’s full-length mirror. “I look ridiculous.” “I think you look adorable.” For some reason. This made Stephen want to cry. He managed to hold himself together as Amanda led him by the hand to join her mother in the living room. “You can sit there” Janet said to Stephen, indicating a soft pink blanket she had spread on the floor between the sofa and the TV. Stephen sat cross-legged on the blanket as the women took their places on the sofa. “Good girl.” Janet praises him. “If you keep doing as you are told this will be much easier for all of us.” Stephen shifted uncomfortably in his diaper, making his plastic panties crinkle. “From now until I decide your potty training is complete you are a little girl.” Janet began explaining the rules. “We will call you Stephanie and you will call me Mommy. Amanda isn’t your wife. She is your big sister.” “I’ll move into Tanya’s old room. You can keep mine.” Amanda explained. “You always said it looked like a little girl’s room.” Stephen knew she wasn’t trying to be cruel but still glared at her for the comment. “We are going to be starting your potty training from scratch.” Janet continued. “That means that you’re going to get used to using your diapers first. The toilet is off-limits.” “For how long?” Stephen finally spoke. “Until I am convinced that you aren’t even thinking about using the toilet, that you’re going in your diapers as soon as you feel the urge, no matter where you are.” Stephen suddenly realised that this wasn’t going to be over in a day or two. He had been thinking that Janet was just going to make her point by embarrassing him and then things would go back to normal. No. This was going to last weeks, maybe even months. “But I need to find a job.” He complained. “I can’t go to interviews in diapers.” “Silly Stephanie. You’re just a toddler. You don’t need to worry about grownup things like jobs. Mommy will take care of everything.” Janet reassured him. “You aren’t going to do anything for yourself. You will always be supervised, usually by me or your big sister but you will have a babysitter if we are both busy.” That was when Stephen realised that other people would be seeing him like this. It was bad enough with just Amanada and her mother. He felt like crying and buried his face in his hands. Seeing his distress, Amanda moved to sit on the blanket next to him and guided his head down onto her lap. “It’ll be okay honey.” She began stroking his hair. She thought her mother was going too far but didn’t dare argue. They needed somewhere to live and they had no money. Also, she was enjoying seeing him like this. It really was very cute. She was resisting the urge to pat his padded bottom. “You won’t be dressing yourself, bathing yourself or changing your own diapers.” Janet went on, leaving it to Amanda to manage Stephen’s distress. “You will need a grownup to do that for you. If you need a diaper change you can tell us or you can wait for one of us to check you.” Stephen had his eyes closed and was enjoying the attention from Amanda. Maybe being babied by her wouldn’t be so bad. “Do you understand?” Janet wanted to be sure he was still listening. “Yes.” He just wanted Amanda to keep doing what she was doing. “Yes who?” “Yes Mommy.” “Good. Because if you break any of those rules or you are rude to a grownup, you will be punished.” Janet stood up. “Amanda, I’m going to get Stephanie’s dinner ready. Are you okay to watch her?” “Yes Mom.” Amanda said. Stepen stayed there with his head on Amanda’s lap until Janet called out “Stepanie’s dinner is ready. Could you check her diaper and bring her to the table please?” “Do you need a diaper change?” Amanda asked Stephen. Stephen shook his head. He felt strangely conflicting emotions about being asked that. It was of course embarrassing but the caring way she asked made him feel safe and loved. “Okay.” Amanda helped him up. “Let’s go.” She led him to the dining table where a bowl of macaroni cheese was waiting for him. Next to it was a pink sippy-cup. He took his seat and reached for the fork but Janet got to if first. She poked it through some pasta and brought it up to his mouth. “Here comes the airplane.” Stephen just sighed, resigned to the latest humiliation and opened his mouth. As Janet fed him, he noticed the clock on the wall. It was just after 5. Janet was serious about treating him like a toddler. “You’re got food all over her” Amanda giggled as Janet fed Stephen the last few pieces of macaroni. She left and quickly returned with a damp washcloth which she gently cleaned his face with. “We are going to have to get you a bib.” “I’m going to give her a bath now anyway.” Janet says, standing up. Stephen gave Amanda a pleading look. The idea of Janet giving him a bath was too much right now. She didn’t need much convincing. “I’ll take care of that Mom.” Amanda led him to the bathroom and started filling the tub. “This is ridiculous.” Stephen complained when he was confident Janet wouldn’t hear him. “Can’t you talk her out of this?” “I tried.” Amanda insisted. “Just make the best of it.” “The best of it?” He said, angrily. “It’s like a holiday. A holiday from being an adult” She suggested. “You can just relax and let Mom and me take care of you.” “What about when someone else sees me like this?” Stephen demanded. “Nobody else in this town knows you.” Amanda reassured him as she tested the water.. “And if anyone is mean to my baby sister they will have to answer to me.” He just glared at her for that last comment. “Now let's get you into the tub.” She directed him. “Arms up.” She pulled his t-shirt up over his head then pulled down his plastic panties and unpinned his diaper. She held his hand and helped him sit down in the bathtub, surrounded by bubbles. He closed his eyes and relaxed as she washed him all over. Maybe she was right. This part wasn’t so bad at least. When Amanda was satisfied that he was clean, she helped him up out of the bath and wrapped him in a large fluffy pink towel to rub him dry. Then she led him to the bedroom and sat him on the bed while she tried to fold a new diaper for him. “This is tricky.” Amanda laughed as she failed for the second time. “Do you need some help?” Janet asked, letting herself into the room. “I think I need you to show me how to do this one more time.” Amada replied. Janet talked Amanda through the folds then said. “Now we need the baby.” Amanda removed Stehpen’s towel and laid him down with his bottom on the diaper. “Pull the front part up between her legs.” Janet directed. “And make sure it’s firm. You don’t want a saggy diaper.” Amanda followed her instructions. “Now pull the sides up to meet in the middle.” Janet continued. “And be careful with the safety pins. You don’t want to poke her.” Amanda very carefully fastened the diaper with the pins. “Good work.” Janet praised her. “Now you need to get some plastic panties on her so she doesn’t leak.” Amanda retrieved a pair of translucent pink plastic panties and pulled them over Stephen’s diaper. “Thanks Mom.” Amanda said “I think I’ve got it now.” Janet left the room and Amanda looked through the shopping bags before finally declaring “Here it is” She pulled out a short pink nightdress with a teddy bear printed on the chest. She helped him into it. The nightdress barely covered his diaper. He knew it would flash his plastic panties if he bent over at all. He reasoned that at least that was better than the t-shirt.he’d been dressed in earlier. As Stephen reluctantly allowed Amanda to lead him back out to the living room, he became increasingly aware of something he had been trying to ignore for a while. He needed to pee. He knew he was going to have to use his diaper sooner or later and the quicker he got used to doing so the quicker this would all be over. Still, wetting himself, being in a wet diaper and then having Amanda, or worse Janet, change him was not something he was eager to try. Amanda sat him on the blanket, where Janet had placed a few dolls and baby toys. He looked them over but nothing seemed interesting. “I’ll watch Stephanie while you move your things into Tanya’s old room.” Janet told Amanda, turning on the TV and settling down on the sofa. “You don’t want to disturb her moving things after we put her to bed.” Stephen had reached the point where holding on meant fidgeting around. He didn’t want Janet to see him doing the potty dance and know he was about to use his diaper. Once again he knew he didn’t have a choice. He relaxed and released his bladder. He could feel the padding against his bottom become warm and damp. When he was finished he looked at Janet to see if she had any idea what he had just done. She was focussed on the TV and seemed unaware that he had just wet himself. Unfortunately now he had to sit in this soggy diaper. There was certainly no way he was going to tell her he needed a diaper change. Eventually Amanda returned and joined her mother on the sofa until Janet declared “Okay Stephanie. Bed time.” “I can tuck her in.” Amanda offered. “I’ll do it this time.” Janet stood up. “I am her mommy.” Janet helped Stephen up off the floor. His soggy diaper sagged heavily and she quickly noticed. “Looks like someone needs a diaper change. But we can take care of that after we brush your teeth” So she led him to the bathroom and he stood there in his sodden diaper while Janet brushed his teeth for him. She then took him to his bedroom and unfolded a plastic changing mat onto the trundle bed. “I guess we can use this as a changing table for now.” She laid him down on the mat and pulled his plastic panties off, dropping them into a nearby bucket which served as a diaper pail. Next she unpinned the wet diaper and pulled it away from him, dropping it into the bucket too. The air was cold on his wet skin and the wipes Janet used to clean him felt even colder but it felt good to be out of the wet diaper. He looked away, too embarrassed to look at her as she ran the baby wipes all over his privates and bottom. Janet took out and folded another diaper and laid it out next to him on the bed. She slit it under his bottom then took out some baby powder and applied it liberally to his groin before using her hands to rub it over his bottom. “You’re not going to be changed again for a long time.” She explained. “This should help keep you comfortable.” The smell made him feel even more babyish. She pinned him into the diaper and said “Into bed now Stephanie. I’m just going to wash my hands and then I’ll tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.” She took the bucket with the wet diaper and plastic panties with her. Stephen climbed into Amanda’s old bed and tried to get comfortable. It was difficult with the unfamiliar bulk between his legs.. Janet soon returned, carrying a picture book and an empty diaper pail. She sat on the side of the bed and read it to him. “Once upon a time there was a princess.” She turned the book to show Stephen and point. “See. There’s the princess and here is her castle.” Stephen dutifully listened. Not sure why she was doing this. It didn’t seem intended to embarrass him like most of the treatment she had been giving him. She just seemed to want to read him a bedtime story because that’s what mommies do for their little girls. When she finished the book, Janet looked at the teddy bears displayed along the shelves before choosing a fluffy white one. “This is Felicity. Amanda slept with her every night when she was a little girl. I don’t think she will mind sharing her.” She tucked the bear in next to Stephen. Stephen smiled despite himself. “Thank you, Mommy.” Janet being nice to him, even in such a weird way, gave him a warm tingly feeling. Janet smiled down at him. “Goodnight Stephanie.” She kissed him on the forehead. “Goodnight, Mommy.” Janet turned off the light and left, closing the door behind her. He laid there awake. It was far too early for him to sleep and he was not accustomed to sleeping on his back. He thought about how Janet’s treatment at bedtime had made him feel. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Yes it was embarrassing but, for the first time, it felt like Janet wanted him here. He hugged Felicity tightly, feeling the same warm feeling he’d had when Janet gave her to him. Eventually, he fell asleep, still clutching Felicity, but he woke up in the middle of the night, needing to pee again. It didn’t sound like anyone was awake. For a moment, he considered sneaking out to use the toilet but he realised that it wouldn’t help him get out of diapers any sooner and he really didn’t want to upset Janet. He relaxed and soaked his diaper before falling asleep again. MONDAY When Stephen woke up again, light was streaming in through the pink lacy curtains. He felt very well rested but his diaper was now extremely uncomfortable. The only thing to do was find someone to change him. He got out of bed and waddled out of the room. He found Amanda in the living room. “Good morning Stephanie.” Amanda greets him. “I see you’ve made friends with Felicity.” Stephen hadn’t even noticed but he’d still been holding the teddy bear. He blushed deeply at his childishness but didn’t put it down. “Good morning.” He replied. “Um… could you change my diaper please.” “Of course.” Amanda took him back to his bedroom and laid him on the changing mat. She pulled down his plastic panties and removed his diaper, dropping it into the diaper pail. She wiped him clean before folding a new diaper and pinning him into it. Once he had his plastic panties on they emerged from the room. This time he made a point of leaving Felicity on the bed. They ran into Janet in the hallway. “Good morning, Stephanie.” She greeted him with a genuinely warm hug. “Good morning, Mommy.” He returned the hug. “Do you need a diaper change?” “I just changed her.” Amanda informed her.. “Isn’t Amanda a good big sister?” Janet suggested. “Yes, Mommy.” Stephen agreed. “Don’t forget to take the dirty diapers to the laundry.” Janet reminds her daughter. “You don’t want to make Stephanie’s room smelly.” “Oh sorry Mom.” Amanda returned to the room to retrieve the diaper pail. “Come have some breakfast Stephanie.” Janet led him to the kitchen where she poured him a bowl of cereal. Once again, she sat next to him and spoon-fed him, regularly praising him for how cooperative he was. Despite doing his best to earn her praise, Stephen still ended up with cereal on his chin and nightdress. Janet didn’t seem to mind. After breakfast, Janet cleaned him up and left him the blanket in the living room to play. Looking over the toys again, spotting some large blocks he tried to entertain himself building things from them. It wasn’t long before he felt a familiar discomfort in his stomach. He needed to poop. He got up and went to find Janet. “Mommy.” He said, nervously. “What is it Stephanie?” Janet asked. “I need to use the toilet.” “I told you. You don’t use the toilet. That is what your diaper is for.” “But I have to do a poo.” “Your diaper is for that too, silly.” Stephen returned to the blanket. He was going to mess himself. There was no escaping it. Either then or sometime soon when he couldn’t hold on any longer. At least at that moment there were no witnesses. Squatting, he forced the mess out into his diaper. He felt it spread against his bottom. Now finished, and feeling more like a toddler than ever, he was afraid to move because every movement spread the poo further. Amanda soon found him, still frozen in place like that. The smell told her what the problem was. “Someone has a messy diaper.” “It feels so gross.” Stephen whined. “I don’t want to move.” “I’ll get Mom.” Then instead of going to find her Amanda calls out. “Mom. Stephanie has a messy diaper.” The surprise and embarrassment made Stephen lose his balance in his awkward stance and he fell on his bottom, squashing the mess all over the inside of his diaper. He felt like crying. Janet soon appeared. “You can change her if you like.” Amanda shook her head. “No. You’re her mommy.” “Fine.” Janet took Stephen’s hand and helped him up. “But you should watch so you know what to do. If I’m out when she messes you can’t just leave her in it until I get home. She’ll get a rash.” Stephen followed them back to his bedroom, every step reminding him of the state of his diaper. Once again, Stephen laid on the bed as Janet removed his plastic pants and unpinned his diaper. The smell got worse as she pulled it open. He saw Amanada watching, grossed out, as her mother took wipes and got to work. He could feel that he had poo everywhere. Could Amanda look at him the same way after seeing him like this? When she was finally done she threw the diaper in the waiting bucket and then asked Amanda. “Could you get a disposable? We are going out this morning” “Going out?” Stephen panicked. “Where are we going?” “We are going to visit Mommy’s friend.” Janet said as Amanda passed her the adult diaper. “It’s alright. She already knows all about you and is excited to meet my new baby girl” Janet unfolded the white disposable diaper and slid it under Stephen’s bottom. It was thinner than the cloth diapers. Stephen was thankful for that as he was taped into it. “I’m going to deal with this..” Janet told Amanda, picking up the diaper pail. “Can you please get Stephanie dressed.” “No problem.” Amanda opened the wardrobe. Her clothes were gone, so were his. In their place were a few items which she and her mother had bought on their shopping trip the previous day. She took out some denim skirtalls and a red t-shirt, laying them on the bed before going to the drawers and finding some red tights to match and a pair of shiny black Mary Janes. She gathered up the tights and guided Stephen’s feet into them, stretching them up his legs and over his diaper. Next she pulled the t-shirt on over his head. The skirtalls followed. Finally she completed the outfit by sliding his feet into the shoes and doing up their buckles. “Totally adorable.” she declared. “Now let’s do something with that hair.” Stephen had been neglecting haircuts since losing his job. It wasn’t that long but it did give Amanda something to work with. She sat him in front of her old dressing table and brushed it and then strategically added some clips with red bows. Janet returned with a large bag. “I’ll just pack the diaper bag and we’re ready to go.” She gathered some changing supplies into the bag along with other bits and pieces she thought they might need, and, after a final check, zipped it up. “Time to go Stephanie.” “Bye Stephanie.” Amanda said, giving him a hug. “Have fun.” “Wait.” Stephen said. “You’re not coming?” He had only convinced himself he could cope with going out like this because he thought Amanda would be there, holding his hand. “I have a job interview.” She explained. “But don’t worry. Mommy will take care of you.” Janet led him out to her car and buckled him into the back seat. “I expect you to be on your best behavior.” She warned him as they drove. “Yes Mommy.” He replied. They soon parked in the driveway of another house. Janet got out and then helped Stephen out of the car and led him to the front door. He looked around nervously, feeling very exposed out there as Janet rang the doorbell and they waited. A woman, about Janet’s age, answered the door. “Hello Janet.” She then looked at Stephen, smiling warmly. “And this must be little Stephanie.” “Hello Rachel.” Janet greeted her friend. “Stephanie. This is Miss Walker. Say Hello.” “Hello, Miss Walker.” Stephen said, feeling ridiculous. “Come in.” The woman directed them. “Would you like some tea?” “That would be lovely.” Janet followed her inside with Stephen in tow. “I have some books with different options for you to look through on the coffee table.” Miss Walker said as she showed them into her lounge room. “The patterns will be all toddler sizes of course but I can still work from them to make something to fit Stephanie.” On the table, Stephen saw a stack of books with sewing patterns for little girls’ clothes and realised why they were here. “I’ll just go put up the tea.” Miss Walker excused herself. Janet picked up one of the books and sat on the sofa. Unsure what to do with himself, Stephen sat on the other end. “The sofa is for grownups.” Janet told him. “You can play on the carpet.” Stephen obediently moved to the floor and Janet took a doll out of the diaper bag and handed it to him to play with. With nothing else to do, he examined the doll, turning it over in his hands. It was a baby doll and it was wearing an outfit embarrassingly similar to his own. While it had no tights, it was wearing skirtalls and a t-shirt just like him. Also like him, it was wearing a disposable diaper under its skirt. Miss Walker returned with the tea. "Can I get anything for Stephanie?" "Thank you but I wouldn't want her spilling anything on your carpet." Janet responded. "I brought her a bottle." She reached into the diaper bag. For a moment, Stephen was afraid she would pull out a baby bottle but it was just a children's water bottle with a straw. Stephen accepted the bottle and looked at it. It was definitely designed for a little girl. Printed around it's sides were teddy bears, wearing pink tutus in various ballet poses. "That is a very pretty bottle you have." Miss Walker told Stephen. "Do you do ballet?" Stephen shook his head. "Stephanie. Be polite and use words." Janet corrected him. "No, Miss Walker." "Would you like to?" Miss Walker asked. "I used to teach ballet." "No. Thank you, Miss Walker." Stephen did his best to refuse politely. "Would you really teach her ballet?" Janet ignored his refusal. "Absolutely. I taught your other daughters." Miss Walker responded. "And Stephanie will look so sweet in a tutu." "I told you." Stephen snapped. "I don't want to do ballet." "Stephanie." Janet said sternly. "Come here." Stephen immediately realised his mistake. All he could do now is try to appease her. He got up and moved to her side. "Lay across my lap." She directed him. He did as he was told. Janet lifted his skirt and then pulled down the back of his tights and diaper, exposing his bare bottom to Miss Walker. As she started the spanking, Janet said “That was very rude. You do not speak to grownups like that.” At first, the spanking was more embarrassing than painful but after a while his bottom started to sting. Stephen begged “Please stop. I won’t be rude again.” Janet wasn’t satisfied that he had learned his lesson. She kept going until the pain and humiliation were too much and Stephen began to sob. “I am sorry that you had to see this.” She apologised to Miss Walker as she helped Stephen to stand up. “It’s quite alright.” her friend replied. “Little girls need discipline.” Janet pulled Stephen’s diaper and tights up over his red bottom and instructed him. “Now say sorry to Miss Walker.” “I’m sorry, Miss Walker.” Stephen said, tears still running down his cheeks. “We all make mistakes dear. Just try to be the good little girl I know you can be.” Miss Walker stood up and hugged him tightly. “And don’t worry. I’ll still teach you ballet.” “Thank you, Miss Walker.” He tried to sound happy. The women returned to discussing what they might dress him up in and he returned to his spot on the carpet, happy for the cushioning of his diaper between his sore bottom and the floor. With little else to do, he sipped water from his bottle and soon emptied it. Miss Walker helpfully refilled it and he finished it again. It wasn’t long before all that water made its way to his bladder, demanding to be let out. He wondered if he could hold on long enough to get home. Not that it would make much difference, he’d still be going in a diaper but it would be more private. When Miss Walker brought out sandwiches for lunch it was clear they wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. With a sigh, he let go and soaked the diaper. It felt different to wetting his cloth diapers. The padding quickly pulled the liquid away from his skin but in doing so, it expanded and grew stiffer. It was still uncomfortable, just in a different way to his cloth diapers. Eventually, Janet had made her choices and Miss Walker declared “I just need to take some measurements from Stephanie.” Taking a measuring tape, she stood up and offered Stephen her hand. “Stand up sweetie.” Stephen accepted her help and stood up. Miss Walker started taking measurements, starting with his neck and arms and working down to his waist. Then she got to his leg. Holding one end of the measuring tape as his ankle, she ran the measuring tape up the inside of his leg to his groin, feeling the swollen padding between his legs. “I think Stephanie needs a diaper change.” “Do you mind if I change her here?” Janet asked. “Go ahead.” Miss Walker noted the last measurement. “I’m finished.” Janet took the necessary supplies out of the diaper bag and spread a changing mat on the floor. Stephen didn’t want to be changed in front of this woman but he knew that refusing would earn him another spanking so he laid down on the mat without being asked. Janet got to work, pulling down his tights to his ankles and then untaping his diaper and pulling it open between his legs, exposing his privates. Miss Walker didn’t react at all. She continued her conversation with Janet as though this was all perfectly normal. “I have all of the fabric I need for the first couple of outfits and they should be ready in a few days.” Stephen found this made him feel very small. She should at least giggle at a grown man having his diaper changed on her lounge room floor. Instead she reacted as though he really was just a toddler. “Thank you so much Rachel.” Janet said, wiping him clean. “I can’t wait to see them on her.” “When would you like to start her ballet lessons?” Miss Walker asked as Janet rolled up the used diaper and replaced it with a clean one. “I can do it first thing tomorrow if you like. How is 9 o’clock?” “That would be great.” Janet taped Stephen into his new diaper and helped him to his feet so she could pull his tights back up. “I’ll organise a tutu for her.” Miss Walker says happily. Janet packed up the changing supplies and disposed of the old diaper before saying “I’d better get Stephanie home. She is overdue for a nap.” The women said their goodbyes and Janet drove Stephen home. They found Amanda waiting for them. “How did the job interview go?” Janet asked her daughter. “I think it was mostly a formality.” Amanda replied. “I’m pretty sure I already had the job.” “I’ll just put Stephanie down for her nap and you can tell me all about it.” Janet took Stephen to his bedroom. There she removed the clips from his hair and stripped him down to his t-shirt and diaper. She stuck two fingers into the leg elastic to check if it was wet. “Still dry.” She found Felicity and handed the teddy bear to him. “Into bed.” As she was tucking him in, they heard the doorbell ring. Amanda answered it. “Hi Greg. Are the flowers for me?” “I just wanted to give you the good news personally.” Greg replied. “You’ve got the job. I couldn't tell you at the interview because it would look like I was playing favorites.” “Thank you, Greg. This is a huge help.” Janet kissed Stephen on the forehead. “Have a good nap.” She then left the room to join Amanda and Greg. “This is great news.” She said. “But please keep your voices down. I just put Stephanie down for a nap.” After that, Stephen could hear them talking but they weren’t loud enough to make out what they were saying. He couldn’t believe that Amanda would be working for her ex-boyfriend and he was sure Janet was explaining exactly who “Stephanie” was. He wanted to go out there and confront them but that would mean doing so in just a t-shirt and diaper. It would also probably mean a spanking in front of Greg for getting out of bed before his nap was over. So he laid there, imagining them laughing at him, imagining Greg making moves on Amanda. Fortunately Greg wasn’t there for long but, even after Stehpen heard him leave, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. How would he prevent Greg from stealing Amanda while he was stuck in diapers? It wasn’t long before he needed to use his diaper again. He didn’t want to do it. Especially now. He wanted to be a man. A man who could tell Greg to back off. However he also knew that holding on wouldn’t do him any good and it wouldn’t get him any closer to getting out of diapers. So he flooded his diaper and laid there feeling like a toddler until Janet returned. “Did you have a good nap?” Once again, she checked his diaper by sticking her fingers in through the leg hole. “Get on the changing table pumpkin and mommy will change your diaper.” Stephen moved to the changing mat on the trundle bed and laid there while Janet cleaned him up and replaced his disposable diaper with a cloth one and plastic panties. She helped him up and they went out to find Amanda in the living room. The flowers from Greg were displayed on the coffee table. “I have some good news Stephanie.” Amanda told him. “I have a job. I start tomorrow.” There was a lot that Stephen wanted to say but this morning’s spanking was still fresh in his mind so he didn’t respond. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked. “I think she’s sad that her big sister won’t be here to give her attention during the day?” Janet suggested “I’ll be home on the weekends.” Amanda reassured him. “And I’m here now. What would you like to do?” What he wanted most was to get her away from Janet so they could talk like adults. “Let’s play in my room.” “Okay.” Amanda smiled and led him to his bedroom. Once they were both inside, he shut the door. “I can’t believe you took a job working for Greg.” This threw Amanda a little off balance. She had genuinely been expecting to spend the afternoon playing with her baby sister, not arguing with her husband. “When I told him you wouldn’t be able to work for him he asked me to come in and have an interview instead. He knows we need the money.” “He’s your ex-boyfriend.” Stephen reminded her. “And it’s obvious he’s still interested in you.” “No. He’s just a friend. He wants to help.” “I shouldn’t be stuck here in diapers.” He felt like he was about to start crying for the second time today. “I’m a man. I’m your husband. I should be out there finding a job right now.” “Shh. It’s alright.” Amanda pulled him into a hug and rubbed his back. “There’s a TV in my room. Let’s go watch a movie.” Stephen let himself be led across the hallway to her bedroom. “Get comfortable and I’ll find us a DVD.” Stephen sat on the bed and waited for her to return. He looked around the room. It had been Tanya’s. While it was still undeniably feminine, it was far more mature than his. There were no dolls or stuffed toys and there was a TV mounted on the wall opposite the double bed.. “I can’t believe Mom still has this.” Amanda returned holding a DVD case. “This was my favorite movie when I was a little girl.” The pastel color scheme of the cover told Stephen everything he needed to know about this movie. He didn’t even need to see the cartoon princess and fairies prominently displayed on the front. He didn’t complain though. This was something Amanda wanted to share with him and he needed to keep their bond strong in whatever way he could. Amanda started the movie and snuggled in next to Stephen. She reached her arm around behind him and placed her hand on his padded hip, using it to pull him close to her. Stephen relaxed against her, breathing in her perfume. The movie wasn’t that bad. It was definitely for little girls but Stephen found that he didn’t mind. Or maybe he could have enjoyed watching anything while being held by Amanda. When the credits started, Amanda moved to get up and take the DVD out but Stephen held onto her. He wanted to stay in her arms. Amanda smiled and this time didn’t resist the urge to pat his diapered bottom. They stayed like that until they heard the doorbell. “That will be Tanya.” Amanda said. “She is going to babysit you tonight.” “What?” Stephen sat up. “Mom and I are going out to celebrate my new job.” “I don’t want your sister to see me like this.” “Come on.” Amanda stood up and took his hand. “I’ll be with you.” He reluctantly followed her out into the living room where Tanya and Janet were waiting. Tanya immediately burst out laughing. “Oh my God! He’s really wearing a diaper.” Stephen gripped Amanda’s hand tightly. He wanted to stand up to her but what could he say while dressed like that. “She.” Janet reminded her daughter. “Until She is potty trained again she is your little sister Stephanie.” “Does h…” Tanya corrected herself “Does she really use her diapers?” “Yes.” Janet says. “And you had better not leave her sitting in a dirty diaper. I don’t want her getting a rash.” At this, Tanya started laughing again. “Maybe this is a bad idea.” Amanda said. “Nonsense.” Janet says. “Tanya has babysat before. She knows what she’s doing.” “Yeah. Don’t worry.” Tanya gave Stephen a smile which made him want to hide behind Amanda.. “Stephanie and I are going to have lots of fun together.” “Good.” Janet started toward her room. “Amanda and I need to get ready. Could you please check Stephanie’s diaper and then give her dinner. It’s already on the table.” “No problem Mom.” Tanya held back her laughter. Amanda struggled to free her hand from Stephen’s “It will be okay.” She was trying to convince herself as much as Stephen. She took one more concerned look back as she went into her own room. Now alone with Stephen, Tanya circled behind him. “Any poopies in your diaper?” She giggled, pulling back the plastic panties and diaper to look down his bottom. “No. Good girl. Let’s keep it that way. I don’t want to change any messy diapers tonight.” Moving around to face him, she squeezed his groin. “Nope. Not wet either.” She led him to the table where they found a plate of chicken nuggets and vegetables cut into sticks. Next to it sat his sippy cup. “No high chair?” Tanya teased. “You are a big girl aren’t you?” Stephen was just thankful that it was finger food and he didn’t have to suffer the indignity of Tanya feeding him. When he was finished eating, they returned to the living room where they waited for Janet and Amanda to be ready. “Did Stephanie eat all of her dinner?” Janet asked when she returned. “Yes Mom.” Tanya told her. “Good.” Janet said. “Her bedtime is seven thirty and she will need a bath before then.” “I’ll take care of it.” Amanda emerged. Stephen thought she looked stunning and wished he was going with her. “Ready to go?” Janet did a last check of her handbag. “Yes.” Amanda replied. Janet hugged Stephen and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Good night Stephanie. Be a good girl for Tanya.” Amanda hugged him tightly, whispering. “It’s only a couple of hours.” Then they were gone and Stephen was alone with Tanya. “You’re even more pathetic than I thought.” With Janet and Amanda gone, she could say what she really thought. “A real man would never have let his mother in law turn him into a baby girl.” Stephen didn’t know what to do. He found no words to defend himself and just stood there frozen. “I guess you never were a man.” She continued. “Maybe you always were a little girl.” She took out her phone and started snapping photos of Stephen. “What are you doing?” Stephen tried and failed to hide his diaper from the camera. “Stop that!” “I don’t have any photos of my baby sister.” Tanya ignored his protests. “What if I want to show you off to my friends?” “No.” He insisted. “Please don’t” “Or maybe I could send them to your friends, show them the real you.” She threatened. “I’m sure I could find your phone to get their numbers.” “Please.” He begged. “Don’t do that.” “I won’t if you are a good little girl and do whatever I say.” “Okay.” He was trapped. “Good.” She smiled evilly. “Now babies don’t walk. For the rest of the night I want you to crawl.” Stephen got down on his hands and knees. Tanya laughed at how prominent this made his padded bottom. She took the opportunity to get more photos. “Go on.” Tanya ordered “Crawl around like the baby you are.” As Stephen complied he noticed pressure on his bladder again. He wondered if he could hold on until after Tanya put him to bed. Of course then he would be in a wet diaper all night but that would be better than having Tanya change him. "Now lay on the blanket and play with your dolly." Tanya took more photos until her phone rang. "Hi Susan." She answered it, giving Stephen a very welcome break. "No. I am babysitting tonight." "You aren't going to believe this." "It's my brother in law." "No he doesn't have a kid. I'm babysitting him. Mom decided to treat him like a baby girl and the loser just went along with it." "Yeah. Diapers and everything. He is laying in front of me playing with a doll right now." This went on for quite a while. Stephen tried not to listen or think about the gossip which would soon be all over town. “Do you need a diaper change yet?” Tanya asked when her phone call was finally finished. She was hoping for some even more embarrassing photos. The ones she had so far might be explained away as being from a costume party or something but if she had proof of him using his diaper he would have no excuse. Stephen shook his head but felt the pressure growing. Soon enough Tanya noticed his potty dance and smiled. It would not be long. However, she was also aware of the time. It was getting closer to seven and she still needed to give him a bath before bed. She soon decided that she couldn’t wait any longer. “Stand up.” She ordered. Stephen got up off the floor. “Now wet your diaper.” She said. “Unless you want me to share those photos.” Stephen blushed as he released his bladder. Tanya laughed as she watched the crotch grow darker and begin to sag. She took another photo. “Are you all done?” Stephen nodded. “You deserve to sit in it you loser.” She said. “But it’s almost your bedtime and I need to give you a bath. Crawl to your bedroom.” Stephen got back down to the floor and made his way to his room. The soggy diaper hanging heavily between his legs. Tanya followed, documenting it with her phone. He reached his room and climbed up on the change mat. “Suck on your thumb while I deal with this.” Stephen stuck his thumb into his mouth. It was strangely comforting. Tanya removed his plastic panties and giggled at the dark wet, yellow stain on his diaper. She quickly snapped a photo. There would be no denying what had happened in this one. She unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “Look at that little dick.” She snapped a photo. “Does it get any bigger?” She teased him with her fingers until he grew hard. “I guess not. Poor Amanda.” She took another photo. “I hear Greg’s is huge though.” She threw the soggy diaper into the bucket then directed him "Now get to the bath.” Wearing nothing but his t-shirt, Stephen crawled to the bathroom. Tanya followed, watching his penis swinging from side to side as he moved. When they reached the bathroom, she ordered "Sit there while I fill the tub." He obeyed. The tiles felt cold against his naked skin and he felt very exposed in front of Tanya and covered his erection with his hands, surprised to find that he missed the security of his diapers. “Stop playing with yourself.” Tanya snapped at him. “That’s very unladylike.” Stephen stared at the floor and tried to ignore her. “Move your hands away.” She ordered. “Put them on your head.” He reluctantly removed his hands to his head, leaving him exposed again. He sat like that until Tanya pulled his t-shirt up over his head and told him “Get in.” He climbed in. relieved to be concealed by the bubbles. Tanya had no interest in actually washing him so she threw a washcloth in for him to do it himself. He didn’t mind being allowed that little bit of maturity but it did feel a bit awkward with her watching, especially when it got to his privates. “Are you all clean?” She asked when he finished. “Show me your bottom so I can make sure you have done it properly.” Stephen stood up, thankful that his dick was no longer hard, and turned so she could see his bottom. “Bend over and pull your cheeks apart so I can see properly.” He obeyed, furious at this deliberate humiliation but totally powerless to do anything about it. “No. That’s nowhere near clean enough.” She picked up the washcloth from the water and stuck her index finger in the middle of it. She ran her covered finger down his crack. She then ran it back up to his butthole, penetrating him just enough to let him know just how much power she had over him. He felt himself starting to grow hard again but Tanya quickly withdrew her finger. “Much better.” She dropped the washcloth back into the bathtub. “Get out and dry yourself off.” He stepped out of the tub and dried himself with his pink towel. “Now put the towel back and crawl to your bedroom.” Stephen hung the towel back on the towel rail and got down on the floor. He crawled back to his room totally naked. Tanya watched his bare bottom sway from side to side and couldn’t resist giving it a hard smack. He finally reached his room and climbed onto the changing mat. Tanya picked up a cloth diaper. “What the hell am I meant to do with this?” Without bothering to even try folding it, she slid it under his bottom and pulled it up between his legs before fastening it at the sides with safety pins. It didn’t feel right to Stephen. It was very loose and there was nowhere near enough padding against his bottom and between his legs. However he didn’t dare say anything. She pulled a pair of plastic panties up his legs and stuffed the diaper inside them. This felt even worse. It was bulky in all the wrong places and bits of the material stuck out of the elastic of the plastic panties. Tanya pulled a nightdress on over his head and then checked her watch. “Ten past seven. Close enough. Get into bed.” Without even waiting for him to do it, she turned off the light and left. Stephen crawled over into his bed and found Felicity. He hugged her tight and fought the urge to suck his thumb and told himself that Tanya’s torment was over now. Some time later, Tanya let herself back into the room and turned on the light. “I just wanted you to know that I found your phone.” She waved it in front of him to prove it. “If Mom hears that I was anything other than a perfect babysitter, I’m sending those photos to your entire contact list.” She turned the light back off and left. Janet and Amanda returned home not long after that. Stephen could hear them talking to Tanya for a little while but couldn’t make out what was being said. He heard Tanya leave and then outside his door Janet said “I’m just going to check on Stephanie.” She quietly opened the door. Stephen watched her as she approached the bed, very happy to be back in her care after Tanya. “Why are you still awake?” She whispered gently. He reached up and hugged her. “Did you miss Mommy?” She asked, returning the hug. He nodded against her shoulder. She released him and tucked him back up in bed, smiling warmly at him. TUESDAY He awoke the next morning, needing to pee, and used his diaper. Unfortunately, Tanya had done such a bad job of diapering him that it leaked all over his bed. “Good morning. I just wanted to see you before I left for work.” Amanda came in then saw his bed. “Oh dear. What happened. Did you leak?” Janet heard her daughter and came in too. “What’s wrong?” “Stephanie’s diaper leaked.” Amanda informed her. “I’ll deal with it.” Janet told her. “You have to get to work.” “Sorry.” She kissed Stephen on the forehead. “I really do have to go” On the way out she called back “Bye Mom. Bye Stephanie.” “Bye Amanda.” Janet called after her. “Good luck.” She approached the bed and pulled back the covers to inspect the damage. “Don’t worry, Pumpkin. I’ll get this cleaned up.” She removed his wet nightdress and pulled off his plastic panties. She saw his diaper. “Tanya did your diaper all wrong. That’s why it leaked. We will have to teach her how to do it properly won’t we?” Not waiting for an answer, she unpinned the diaper and helped him up. “Get into the bathroom.” Wet and naked, he did as she said. She ran him a bath and helped him in. “We have to get ready quickly today.” She said, scrubbing him clean with no concern for his modesty. “It’s your first ballet lesson this morning.” She helped him up and wrapped him in his towel. “There. Isn’t that better?” “Yes.” He said and meant it. “Thank you, Mommy.” She took him back to his room and laid him on the change mat. There she took out a disposable diaper and slid it under his bottom before taping him into it. He felt much more secure being back in a properly fastened diaper and caught himself smiling up at Janet. She smiled back before going to his wardrobe to decide what to dress him in. Stephen stood up and Janet returned with a yellow sundress with white flowers. “What do you think?” She held it up for him to see. It was certainly cute. He wouldn't mind seeing it on Amanda but that didn’t mean he wanted to wear it himself. Still, he didn’t want to disappoint Janet so he responded with a big smile. “I thought you would like it.” She pulled it on over his head. The dress reached just below the crotch of his diaper. If he had been wearing a cloth one it would certainly be showing. Janet finished his outfit with shoes and a yellow headband then said. “I’m just going to get these wet things into the wash and then we’d better get going.” Soon enough he was reluctantly following her out of the privacy of the house. He let her strap him into the back seat of her car. “You’d better have some breakfast.” She unscrewed the cap from a children’s yogurt pouch and handed it to him. Stephen finished it on the short drive and, as he usually did after breakfast, started to feel the need to poop. He hoped he could hold on until they got back home. At Miss Walker’s house he once again waited nervously at her front door, holding down his dress afraid that the wind might catch it and flash his diaper. “Hello Janet. Hello Stephanie.” Miss Walker opened the door and greeted them with a warm smile. She was wearing a black leotard with a simple wrap-around skirt. “Come in.” She led them back into her lounge room. There was a pink ballet outfit laid out on the sofa. It consisted of a pair of tights and what looked like girls’ one-piece bathers with a stiff skirt sticking out from the waist. Sitting on the floor were a pair of matching ballet shoes. “Wow. Is that tutu for Stephanie?” Janet asked, knowing the answer. “Yes.” Miss Walker replied. “I had a few spare ones laying around. That should be her size.” “Let’s try it on.” Janet was already removing his shoes. Next she took off his headband and pulled his dress off over his head, leaving him standing there in just his diaper. She picked up the tights and gathered up the legs before holding them out for Stephen to step into. She stretched them up his legs and over his diaper. Then came the tutu. She held it out for him to put one foot through each leghole and then pulled it up for him to put his arms though. Finally, she slipped the shoes onto his feet. “Such a pretty ballerina.” She declared, stepping back to look at him. “Do you like your tutu, Stephanie.” “Yes Mommy.” Stephen gave her the answer he knew she wanted. “You can keep it.” Miss Walker declared. Stephen knew that Janet would prompt him to respond to her. He preempted her. "Thank you Miss Walker." "You have very good manners." Miss Walker smiled at her. Janet beamed proudly. Stephen was quickly learning to be a respectful little girl. Earning the approval of these two women made Stephen feel surprisingly good. He hoped it was something he would repeat frequently. "Let's get started." Miss Walker led Stepehn to an empty part of the room and sat down. "First we have to stretch." She demonstrated a stretch and Stephen did his best to copy her. "Good work Stephanie." Miss she rewarded his efforts with more praise before demonstrating the next stretch. As Stephen stretched, he felt the need to poop increasing. All of this bending was not making it easy to avoid missing his diaper. "Okay. Up we get." Miss Walker stood up and Stephen followed. "This is First Position." She demonstrated and he copied, Earning more praise. Stephen kept following Miss Walker's directions, forgetting that he was meant to be a grown man. He was totally absorbed in being a little girl learning ballet and it was wonderful. He was brought back to reality when the pressure was finally too much and, in the middle of a plié, he filled his diaper. From where she sat, Janet could see it happen. She watched as the seat of his diaper expanded with the mess. “I think you’d better take a break.” She told Miss Walker. “Stephanie needs a diaper change.” “Okay.” Miss Walker looked at her watch. “We went longer than I had planned anyway. Stephanie was just such a good student.” Stephen couldn’t help smiling at her but he was embarrassed. Of course he was embarrassed about messing himself but he was more embarrassed that, for a while, he felt like a real little girl and loved it. Janet unpacked the changing supplies and then had to completely undress Stephen to get to his diaper. Stripped down to his diaper, Stephen laid on the changing mat. “You did very well at your first ballet lesson.” Janet untapped the diaper. “Mommy is very proud of you.” She thoroughly cleaned his bottom before sealing the diaper and wipes into a plastic bag. When he was taped into a clean diaper, Stephen said “Thank you, Mommy.” “Such a polite little girl.” Miss Walker observed. “You are doing such a good job raising her, Janet.” This made both Janet and Stephen feel great. “Rachel, would you mind getting her dressed while I throw this out?” Janet asked, holding up the dirty diaper. “Of course not.” Miss Walker replied, picking up Stephen’s sundress. Janet left to dispose of the diaper and wash her hands. “Thank you.” “Come here sweetie.” Miss Waker held up the dress and waited for Stephen. He moved closer to her and helpfully raised his arms so that she could put the dress on him. She put his headband back on and then helped him into his shoes. “Thank you, Miss Walker.” He said, ”You are very welcome, Stephanie.” When Janet returned, Miss Walker offered "Will you have some tea?" "Yes." Janet replied. "I think we have time." "I'll put the kettle on." Miss Walker left. While they waited for her to return, Janet took out Stephen's water bottle and gave it to him. "You must be thirsty too." He finished the bottle by the time Miss Walker had poured the tea. He had nothing else to do while the women chatted so he stood up and started practicing the moves Miss Walker had taught him. Janet and Miss Walker smiled. They tried not to make it too obvious that they were watching him. They didn't want him to get embarrassed and stop. As he danced, he gradually felt more and more like a real little girl again. His self-consciousness was gone along with all of his adult concerns. Before he completely lost himself, he was interrupted by Janet. "Time to go home, Stephanie." "Okay Mommy." As he realised that he really needed to pee. He soaked his diaper on the drive home. "Do you need a diaper change?" Janet asked once they were inside. "Yes Mommy." She took him to his room and changed him into a cloth diaper. As he had expected, his dress was not long enough to cover his diaper. “I have to hang out the wash.” She informed him. “You can play in the backyard.” She let him out through the laundry door. She could keep an eye on him from there while she unloaded the washing machine. Stephen stepped out into the backyard. The fences looked very low to him. A neighbour could peer over into the yard at any moment. The backyard hadn’t changed since Amanda and Tanya were children. It had a sandpit, a swing and a cubby house. These had gone unused for over a decade but Janet had kept them in good condition in case she had grandchildren. Stephen opted for the privacy of the cubby house. It was, fortunately, large enough for him to move around comfortably inside. It was currently used mostly as storage for outdoors toys, like buckets and spades for the sandpit. He sat on a chair which was a bit too small for him and watched the backyard through a window. Soon Janet emerged from the house with the washing. She put down the basket and waved to Stephen. Not wanting to disappoint her, he waved back. Janet started pulling things out of the washing basket. Stephen’s sheets from the morning were in there but it was mostly his diapers and plastic panties. His diapers being on display made Stephen feel exposed despite being hidden in the cubby house. “Hello Janet.” Stephen’s fears were realised as a woman called out over the fence. “Hello Kate.” Janet waved back. “It looks like you have a baby in the house again.” The woman observed but then she noticed something strange. “Those are some very big plastic panties.” Janet laughed. “Yes they are.” She turned to the cubby house and signalled Stephen to come to her. “Stephanie. Come out and meet Mrs Thompson.” Stephen hesitated. “Come out Stephanie.” Janed repeated. “You know what happens when you are rude to grownups.” The warning drew Stephen out of his hiding spot. Mrs Thompson hid her mouth behind her hands when she saw him but it was obvious that she was giggling. “Say hello to Mrs Thompson.” Janet prompted him. “Hello, Mrs Thompson.” He did as he was told. “Stephanie here was Amanda’s husband. They have come to stay with me.” Janet explained. “She had some trouble aiming when he used my toilet as a man so now she is a little girl in diapers. When she is ready, I will potty train her.” Stephen could only stand there, turning red. “Maybe I should try that with Peter.” Mrs Thompson said, recalling her long-running frustration with her husband’s toilet habits. Janet smiled at the idea. “I’m sure Stephanie would love to have another little girl to play with.” “I am impressed that you decided to cloth diaper her.” Mrs Thompson says. “That must be a lot more work.” “It’s not that bad. I cloth diapered Amanda and Tanya too. Babies go through a lot of diapers.” Janet explained, motioning toward the clothes line. “It’s just more economical. Plus cloth diapers make their little bottoms so cute.” Mrs Thompson giggled again. “They certainly do.” “Well I’d better give Stephanie some lunch” Janet hung the last diaper on the line. “It’s almost time for her nap.” “If you ever need a break, feel free to leave Stephanie at my place.” She offered. “My Sarah is studying child care and I’m sure she would love to help.” “Thank you, Kate.” Janet said. “I’ll keep it in mind.” It was a quiet afternoon. After Stephen’s nap time, Janet left him to play in the living room, checking on him occasionally as she did various chores around the house. “Mommy, Can I help.” Stephen asked at one point, mostly because he was getting rather bored of the baby toys. Janet appreciated the offer but replied “When you are a bit bigger.” Janet was feeding him his dinner when Amanda finally returned home. “Hi Mom.” She greeted them both with a kiss, her mother on the cheek and Stephen on the forehead. “Hi Stephanie.” “How was your first day?” Janet asked as she brought a spoonful of peas to Stephen’s mouth. “It’s a bit boring honestly. I’m overqualified to be a secretary.” She complained. “But it’s better than nothing.” “Stephanie had her first ballet lesson this morning.” Janet informed her. “Was that fun?” Amanda asked Stephen. “Did you get to wear a tutu?” Stephen could only answer with nods as Janet made sure that his mouth was never empty. “She is a very good ballerina.” Janet commented. “Just like her big sister.” “Will you show me?” Amanda asked Stephen. He shook his head. “I’m sure she will.” Janet insisted. “When she is feeling less shy.” That evening, after Janet had given Stephen a bath, she took him to his room and took out two cloth diapers. She laid them out next to him on the bed. “I think I’ll make your diapers extra thick for bed. We don’t want you to leak again.” She folded the diapers and slid them under his bottom. He could feel the extra thickness already with just his bottom resting on it. She powdered him and pulled the double diaper up between his legs, forcing them apart. Once his diapers were pinned on and covered with another pair of plastic panties, Stephen stood up awkwardly. It was almost impossible to walk with this much padding between his legs. One he was in his nightdress, they joined Amanda in the living room where she was watching the news. When it was finished, Janet suggested. “Maybe Stephanie can show us her ballet now.” Stephen again shook his head. “Please.” Amanda begged. “I really want to see.” With a sigh, he got up off the floor. Janet turned off the TV and started some music. Stephen started going through the moves which Miss Walker had taught him. He felt very self-conscious and awkward in his bulky diapers but Amanda and Janet smiled and clapped for him. While attempting one of the moves, he lost his balance and fell on his padded bottom. Amanda couldn’t help giggling. Stephen pouted which only made the scene even cuter to her. This made her giggle even more. Stephen didn’t want to dance anymore. He returned to his spot on the blanket and stayed there until Janet declared “It’s Stephanie’s bed-time.” “Goodnight Stephanie.” Amanda gave him a hug. “Goodnight Amanda.” Janet led him to the bathroom, where she brushed his teeth, and then took him to his room. “Are you wet?” She asked, feeling his diapers. “No. Still dry.” Stephen climbed into bed and hugged Felicity. Janet sat on the bed next to him and started reading his bedtime story. Stephen closed his eyes and listened. It was so much nicer being put to bed by Janet than by Tanya. Without thinking, he snuggled in close to her, smiling contentedly. He was asleep before Janet finished the story. WEDNESDAY Stephen woke up early enough to eat breakfast with Amanda before she left for work. Then, after he messed his diaper, Janet changed him into a disposable. "Where are we going?" He knew what a disposable diaper meant. "Mommy has a few errands to run today." Janet explained, helping him into pink leggings. Next came a white t-shirt with a large pink heart on the front, white sneakers and a pink bow for his hair. As Stephen looked at his reflection, the thought of being in public like this filled him with dread. The waistband of his diaper stuck out the top of the leggings and the short t-shirt did nothing to cover it. Not that it would have done him any good. The tight leggings left no doubt what was underneath. Janet restocked the diaper bag and they were on their way. Stephen watched nervously from the back seat. He wondered where they were going but wasn’t sure he wanted to know. It was worse than he feared. Janet turned into the carpark of a shopping mall. People were streaming in and out of the entrance. There were so many people who would see him the moment he got out of the car and even more once they got inside. Janet got out of the car with the diaper bag, opened Stephen’s door and unclipped his seatbelt. “Come on.” Stephen shook his head. “I can’t go out there like this.” “Don’t be silly. Get out of this car right now.” “No!” He gripped the seat. “Fine.” Janet put his seatbelt back on. “Have it your way.” She drove him home without another word. As soon as they were inside, she led him to the sofa. She sat down. “Get across my lap.“ Did as he was told, hoping that obedience would mitigate her wrath. “Yes Mommy.” She pulled down the back of his diaper and leggings. “It was very naughty to disobey Mommy.” Her hand came down hard on his bare bottom. “Especially when we are out in public.” “Ow.” He said. “I’m sorry but I can’t let all of those people see me in diapers.” She spanked him again. “You are a toddler.” And again. “Toddlers wear diapers.” And again. “But after.” He endured another smack. “When I’m a grownup again. How will I face them?” “That is a grownup worry.” Janet stops the spanking. “You don’t even need to worry about potty training yet, Pumpkin.” As if to punctuate that statement, she pulled his diaper back up and padded his bottom through it. She then helped him stand up and then fixed his leggings. Stephen thought that the punishment was over. He was wrong. Janet dragged a footstool over into an empty corner of the room. “This is the naughty seat.” She explained. “Sit here facing the wall. You are in timeout. ” Stephen obeyed. He felt so childish sitting there, staring at the corner. He prefered the spanking. “We still need to go to the mall today.” Janet said from behind him. “People will see that you are a little diapered girl. Use your time on the naughty seat to find a way to accept that.” And so he sat there, processing the fact that very soon he would be walking through a shopping mall, very visibly diapered. He imagined it. How would people look at him? What would they say? Many would certainly laugh. He felt the embarrassment as though he was already there. When he felt the need to pee, it was a welcome distraction. He held on, more as something else to focus on than to avoid using his diaper. Eventually that became tedious too and he wet the diaper. Still he had to sit there in his soggy diaper, anticipating his diapered excursion. Eventually he reached a point where he just wanted to get it over with. He just couldn’t stand the anticipation any more. Finally Janet came back and asked. “Are you ready to go to the mall now?” “Yes Mommy.” he replied, sadly. “Good girl.” She helped him up and turned him around so she could give him a tight hug. “Mommy loves you.” She genuinely meant it and Stephen felt that. He returned the hug. She released him and stepped back. Do you need a diaper change before we go?” “Yes Mommy.” Janet changed Stephen into a clean disposable and soon they were back in the mall parking lot. Once again, Janet got out with the diaper bag, opened Stephen’s door and released his seatbelt. She offered him her hand. “Come on, Pumpkin.” Stephen’s heart was pounding but he took Janet’s hand. Somehow holding her hand made him feel better. He was still scared but found the courage to leave the car. “Good girl.” Janet smiled at him as she led him to the entrance. Most people were minding their own business and didn’t even glance at Stephen but a few did notice. They pointed him out and whispered to their companions. Stephen heard a few laughs and gripped Janet’s hand tighter. Their first stop was the hair salon. The young woman at the counter just smirked as she looked Stephen up and down. “Hi Janet. We are just about ready for you. Please take a seat.” Janet led Stephen to the waiting area. Part of it was fenced off and had a basket of toys for young children. The purpose was obvious. It was a playpen where mothers could leave their small children while they had their hair done. That is exactly what Janet planned to do with Stephen. She opened the childproof gate. “In you go.” Stephen reluctantly released her hand and stepped in. The back of the playpen was glass, looking out into the mall. As Janet closed the gate, Stephen realised he was on display to everyone walking past. He turned his back to the window. Realising that this gave the people outside a view of his padded bottom, he sat down. They would still see the waistband of his diaper but this was the best he could do. Meanwhile Janet selected a magazine and took a seat to wait for her turn. It didn’t take long before she was called over to a chair and the stylist got to work. People stopped and stared at Stephen through the window, Some tapped the glass, hoping to get a better look at him but he didn’t turn around. To Stephen, Janet’s haircut took agonizingly long. This was worse than his timeout. At least he didn’t have people gawking at him on the naughty seat. When Janet was finally finished, Stephen watched her pay the young woman at the counter then return to open the playpen. He rushed to hug her. In her arms, he could ignore the people outside staring at his padded bottom. Janet looked at her watch. “Oh dear. We are running late. I’d better get you some lunch.” Stephen held tight to Janet’s hand as she let him deeper into the mall. People were still looking but he ignored them, focussing only on the feeling of his hand in hers. Janet spotted the sign for the toilets and stopped for a moment. “Do you need a diaper change before lunch?” Stephen shook his head, blushing at being asked that so loudly in public. They reached a cafe and found a table. Stephen felt a little more comfortable here. The customers and staff could still see him but he was protected from the crowds outside. Janet looked over the menu and chose meals for both of them without consulting Stephen. She left him at the table as she went to place the order. Stephen made the mistake of looking around. The other customers were all looking at him. Most were being subtle about it but some were blatantly staring. Fortunately, Janet did not take long and was soon sitting across from him again. He could just focus on her and ignore everyone else. “I think you are going to miss your nap today.” Janet worried. “I still have to go to the bank and do the grocery shopping.” While Stephen wasn’t concerned about missing his nap, he didn’t like hearing that they still had things to do at the mall. As they waited for their lunch, he also realised that he needed to pee. He wondered if he would be able to hold on until Janet finished her errands. He wondered if the people watching him would be able to tell if he wet himself. Then he realised that if Janet knew he had wet himself she would likely change him at the mall. While he was worrying about this, a waitress brought their food over. “The kids’ meal must be for you.” Smiling, she placed a plate in front of Stephen. It held some little ham and cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off two slices of fairy bread. Next to it, she placed a juice box. Stephen knew that Janet would want him to use good manners. “Thank you.” Janet smiled proudly at him and, in spite of his embarrassment, he was happy to have made her happy. “You are welcome.” The waitress failed to keep a straight face but kept up the pretense that Stephen was actually a little girl. “Would you like to do some colouring when you are finished?” “That would be very nice.” Janet answered for him. The waitress retrieved some crayons and a colouring-in picture of a unicorn and placed them in the middle of the table. “Thankyou” Stephen said again. “You are such a polite little girl.” She said. “What’s your name?” “Stephanie.” “That is a pretty name.” She continued. “And how old are you Stephanie?” “Twenty Six” He answered without thinking. The waitress laughed. “Isn’t that a little too old to still be in diapers?” Janet laughed and corrected him. “Stephanie is two.” “Don’t worry.”The waitress teased him. “I’m sure you’ll learn numbers soon.” With that, she left to serve other tables. “Don’t wait for mommy.” Janet told him. “You can start eating.” He did and was almost finished when her lunch arrived. After eating the last piece of fairy bread, he pulled the crayons and coloring picture toward him. It was something to focus on as he tried to ignore the people watching him and the increasing likelihood that he would have to use his diaper in front of them.. He was just finishing off the picture when Janet ate the last few bites of her meal. “That’s very pretty.” She told him. “You are such a good artist.” It was a patronizing complement but a complement nonetheless. “Thank you, Mommy.” Janet folded the picture neatly and placed it in her handbag before once more taking Stephen’s hand and leading him back out to the mall. The next stop was the bank. Janet and Stephen joined the queue. As everyone in front of them was focused on moving forward, none of them noticed Stephen but the man who arrived behind them certainly did. “Is this a dare?” He joked. “Or did you lose a bet?” “Stephanie. You are being rude.” Janet insisted. “The nice man asked you a question.” “It’s a punishment.” Stephen reluctantly turned to face the man. “I missed the toilet and didn’t clean up so Mommy said I have to be potty trained as a girl.” “You’re his mother?” The man asked Janet. “I’m his mother in law.” She explained. “But until Stephanie’s potty training is finished she is a little girl and I’m her mommy.” “Wow.” The man felt sorry for Stephen. “Why are you letting her do this to you?” “My wife and I are living with her because I lost my job.” Stephen admitted. “I don’t have a choice.” “My name is Kevin Brown.” He handed Janet a business card. “I’m a freelance reporter and I’d like to interview you and... Stephanie... for an article.” Stephen shook his head. “Don’t want everyone to know about this.” “Hundreds of people have been seeing you walking around the mall today.” Kevin said. ”They are all wondering why you are dressed like that.” “It would save us from explaining it to everyone.” Janet reasoned. “Good.” Kevin took that as a yes. “Would you be available to do the interview later today?” “I think so. I just need to visit the supermarket after this.” Janet told him.”I will call you when we are home.” By then, Stephen’s need to pee was getting urgent. He was trying to subtly shift his weight from one leg to another to keep it under control without Kevin noticing. Kevin did notice but he didn’t say anything. He just watched, curious about whether Stephen would actually use his diaper. Before they reached the front of the line, Stephen gave up and flooded his diaper. Kevin noticed that he had stopped fidgeting and realised what had just happened. Janet noticed too and once they were finished at the bank, she told Stephen. “Let’s go change your diaper.” He meekly let her lead him back to the toilets. She pushed open the door to the ladies' room And pulled him inside. Luckily, they found the room empty. Janet pulled the baby change table down. "There is no way you are going to fit on that" she decided. After looking around the room and finding no suitable surfaces she shrugged and just pulled Stephen's leggings down where he stood. Just as Janet put the diaper bag down on the counter, the door swung inward. Two women entered the room. their conversation abruptly stopped as they saw him standing there with his leggings around his ankles and his wet diaper on display. "What the hell?" one of them blurted out. “Is she really changing his diaper?” “Oh my God!.” The other declared, heading back out the door.. “I’m getting security.” “Don’t leave me with these weirdos.” The first followed her. Janet ignored them and opened the bag to collect the necessary supplies. She returned to Stephen and had just undone the tapes on his diaper when there was a knock on the door. “This is mall security.” A man’s voice came from the other side of the door. “I’m coming in.” Janet quickly stuck the tapes back in place and pulled Stephen’s leggings back up before the uniformed man let himself in. The man tried to remain serious but couldn’t help smiling at the ridiculousness of what he found. “Both of you will need to come with me.” “Fine.” Janet said, putting the baby wipes and clean diaper back into the bag. “But my daughter needs her diaper changed.” This made him crack and start laughing. “Whatever. Just follow me.” Janet held Stephen’s hand and followed the man through the mall. Stephen’s diaper moved around awkwardly as he walked. In her rush, Janet had not done a very good job of taping it back up and the tapes did not handle being re-stuck very well. They soon gave up, leaving the task of holding Stephen’s diaper in place entirely up to his leggings. The leggings sagged and the damp padding bounced against his bottom with every step. The guard led them through a door marked “Staff Only.” and showed them into an unoccupied office. “Take a seat and wait here.” He told them. On the near side of the simple desk were two chairs. Janet and Stephen sat there and waited. “Great.” Stephen despaired. “Now I’m going to be arrested, dressed like this.” “Watch your tone, Stephanie.” Janet told him sternly. “And don’t worry. I will explain everything.” “Janet?” A middle-aged man recognised her as he entered the room. “Hello Peter.” Janet stood to greet him. “I’m sorry about this misunderstanding.” “It’s quite alright.” He responded. “And this must be Stephanie. My wife told me all about you.” “Stephanie. Say hello to Mr Thompson.” Janet said. “He is our neighbour. You met Mrs Thompson yesterday.” “Hello, Mr Thompson.” Stephen said obediently. “I understand you were trying to change Stephanie’s diaper in the middle of the ladies’ room” He said. “You gave some other shoppers a bit of a shock.” “Yes.” Janet confirmed. “She is too big for the baby change table.” “There’s a spare office next to mine.” Mr Thompson pulled a key, attached to an orange tag, from his drawer. “You can have some privacy in there. Here’s a key.” “Thank you, Peter.” Janet accepted the key. “Thank you, Mr Thompson.” Stephen added without being prompted. Mr Thompson led them to the next office. “I’ll leave you to change Stephanie now. She looks like she’s getting rather uncomfortable in that diaper.” he pointed at another door further down the hall. “You can use the staff bathroom to wash up.” Janet took Stephen into the office. Its furniture was arranged like Mr Thompsons and had a few boxes stacked in one corner but was otherwise empty. “Lay down on the desk Pumpkin.” Stephen did as he was told. His legs dangled off the end. Janet once again pulled his leggings down to his ankles. This time his diaper went with them. “Oh dear.” Janet took the used diaper and rolled it up. “It’s lucky you didn’t wet again. You would have leaked all over.” She took the baby wipes out of the diaper bag and cleaned his privates. “There. All clean again. Isn’t that better?” “Yes, Mommy.” He agreed. Next, she took out the new diaper and unfolded it. “Lift up your bottom a little please, Pumpkin.” He had to place his feet on the edge of the desk to do this. “Thankyou.” She slid the diaper under him and gave him a gentle pat on the side of his bottom. He understood the signal and lowered himself onto the padding. Janet pulled the diaper up firmly between his legs and taped him into it. Stephen felt good to be back in a dry, properly fastened diaper. “Thank you, Mommy.” “You are welcome, Pumpkin.” She smiled as she helped him up and then pulled his leggings back over his padded bottom. Janet disposed of the old diaper, washed her hands and then took Stephen back out into the mall. Their last stop was the supermarket. Janet took a trolley and considered the baby seat. “No. I think your bottom is a bit too big to fit in that.” Stephen sighed with relief. “I want you to keep one hand on the trolley at all times.” Janet directed. “So you don’t get lost.” Stephen held the side of the trolley and kept pace with Janet as she went up and down the aisles, finding what she needed. By then, Stephen had grown accustomed to the stares and comments of the other shoppers. It felt like they had been at this mall forever. Janet had soon gathered everything on her list and took them through the checkout. “Hello Janet.” The young woman at the checkout recognised her.. “Hello Sarah. We were just talking to your father.” “Yes he told me you were in the mall today.” Sarah started scanning the groceries. “Hello Stephanie. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sarah.” Stephen knew he had to be polite. “Hello Sarah.” “Stephanie. You need to speak to grown ups respectfully.” Janet corrected him. “You must call her Miss Thompson.” “Sorry, Miss Thompson.” This made her giggle. “Mom said you might come to my house to play.” She spoke to Stephen as though she believed he was a real little girl. “Would you like that?” Stephen didn’t think he was allowed to say no. “Yes, Miss Thompson.” “I’m home all day tomorrow.” She addressed Janet. “You can drop her over in the morning and have a break.” “That sounds lovely.” Janet agreed. “Stephanie and I will see you tomorrow.” Janet phoned Kevin Brown on their way back to the car. She told him they would be home soon and gave him the address. By the time the doorbell rang Janet had changed Stephen back into a cloth diaper and plastic panties. The leggings had no chance of stretching over the much thicker padding so he was in just his t-shirt, diaper and plastic panties. He was laying on his pink blanket, watching an educational cartoon for toddlers. Janet let Kevin in and led him to the sofa. “Can I get you some tea or coffee?” “Coffee. Thank you.” Kevin replied, watching Stephen unsuccessfully try to find a way to sit which hid his ballooning pink plastic panties. Janet left him with Stephen and went to the kitchen. The reporter recognised that he might be able to get more honest answers out of Stephen with Janet not listening. “How do you feel about living like a little girl?” “How do you think I feel?” Stephen answered. “It’s humiliating. I spent the day being paraded around the mall in diapers.” “What does your wife think about this?” “Amanda says we have no choice but I think she’s enjoying seeing me like this. She says it’s cute.” “Do you feel cute?” “Um… Sometimes.” Stephen admitted. “Sometimes when I play along I get into the role and feel like a real little girl.” “Do you like that feeling?’ “In the moment, yes. I just feel free and safe.” Stephen found himself opening up more than he had expected. “Like I’m not even embarrassed about the diapers. It just feels natural.” “And you use your diapers.” That wasn’t a question. Kevin already knew he did. “Do you just wet them or do you poop in them too?” “I…” Stephen didn’t really want to say. “I’m not allowed to use the toilet at all.” “What is it like, using your diapers?” “It’s embarrassing. It’s like I’m proving that I need to wear them.” Stephen paused before adding “But when I’m not worried about people watching me it’s also kind of… I don’t know, relaxing. It’s like I don’t have to worry about anything. Even wetting myself.” “And your mother in law changes you?” “Mostly. Amanda has and so has Tanya, her sister.” Stephen stared at the floor. “That’s the most humiliating part of this. Being changed like a baby.” “Is there anything you like about it?” Kevin knew he was holding back something. “Um…” Stephen blushed. He didn’t want to admit this part, even to himself. “Sometimes, it can feel nice being taken care of in such a… an intimate way.” Janet returned with a tray. On it wa Kevn’s coffee, a small pot of tea and teacup for herself. A sippy cup full of water for Stephen and a plate of assorted biscuits to share. She passed the sippy cup to Stephen. “Thank you, Mommy.” Stephen accepted it. “You are welcome. Pumpkin.” She smiled, proud that he was showing good manners in front of her guest. “Thanks.” Kevin picked up his coffee and took a sip before returning to his questions. “How long has Stephanie been… um Stephanie?” “Since Sunday evening.” Janet answered. “I warned her that if she missed the toilet and didn’t clean up again that I would need to potty train her again. She didn’t think I was serious but I was.” She motioned toward Stephen. “Wasn’t I. Stephanie?” “Yes, Mommy.” “So you’re potty training her?” Kevin continued his questions. “Not yet. First she has to get used to using her diapers so she can start from scratch.” Janet explained. “When she has forgotten how to use the toilet like a boy I will teach her to use it like a girl.” “Why are you going to teach her to use the toilet like a girl?” “Because girls don’t miss the toilet. They sit down to make their tinkles.” “How do you feel about changing your son in law’s diapers?” “I don’t really think about it that way.” Janet told him. “She is living as my little girl and that is how I see her. I’m her mommy and I change her diapers like I did for my other two daughters.” It made Stephen feel warm and tingly to hear her say it. “How has this experience affected your relationship with each other?” “We weren’t particularly close before.” Janet didn’t think it was necessary to express just how much she disliked Stephen before he became her little girl. “But I think we have developed a real connection this week.” “Do you feel that way too?” Kevin directed the question to Stephen. “Yes.” Stephen answered genuinely. “I feel a lot closer to her now.” Kevin finished his coffee and thanked Janet and Stephen for their time. He said his goodbyes and promised to let Janet know if his story was going to be published. Because Stehpen had missed his nap, Janet put him to bed early that evening. He was already tucked in when he heard Amanda return home from work. THURSDAY The next morning, Stephen woke up before anyone else. He had wet his diaper during the night and it now felt very uncomfortable. He waddled out to the living room and, with nothing else to do, played with the toys on his blanket. By the time Amanda emerged, he had wet his already-soaked diaper again. “Good morning, Stephanie.” “Good morning.” He replied. “Um... Could you change me please? I’ve been in this wet diaper for ages.” “Okay.” He waddled awkwardly back to his room. Amanda tried not to giggle as she followed. Stephen laid down on the changing mat and waited. He helpfully lifted his hips as Amanda pulled his plastic panties down. Amanda smiled down at him, happy that he seemed to have relaxed into his new position as a toddler. She unpinned his soggy double diapers and pulled them open, exposing his privates. It felt strange to see a penis there. It felt out of place somehow. She told herself that this was a silly thought and got to work cleaning the stale pee off of his groin and bottom. “Your skin is getting a little red.” she noted as she threw the wet diaper into the bucket. “I think you might be getting diaper rash.” She went to the drawers where Stephen’s changing supplies were kept and examined a few tubs, tubes and bottles before finding the right one. She returned with a tube of diaper rash cream and squeezed a little of it out onto her fingers. Starting above his dick she spread the cold ointment all over his diaper area. The intimate touch from his wife made him start to grow hard as she moved down to the skin around his balls. Stephen was ashamed to be visibly aroused by this treatment and tried to think of other things so his erection might go away. It didn’t work. Amanda just tried to ignore it as she moved down to his bottom. She spread it all over his cheeks and then through his crack. This left him throbbing and desperate to cum. While Amanda was usually the person to help him with such a problem she had no intention of doing so then. Instead, she took out a clean cloth diaper and folded it as Janet had taught her. She slid it under his bottom and pulled it up between his legs. Normally his penis would be pointing down but there was no chance of that in his current state. She had no option but to pin him into his diaper with his erect penis pressed tight against his hip. She found herself relieved that she no longer had to look at it as she pulled a clean pair of plastic panties up over his diaper. She helped him up and led him back out to the living room. With each step, the thick fabric rubbed against his dick. It wasn’t enough stimulation to make him cum but it kept him hard. Once he was back on his blanket, Amanda left him alone so she could get ready for work. He tried to rub himself through the diaper but the padding was too thick and he couldn’t get enough sensation through it. He looked around to check that he was still alone and slid his hand down through the elastic waistband of his plastic panties and into the diaper. He grabbed his dick and started moving his hand up and down its length. He closed his eyes and laid back, enjoying the feeling. It had been too long since he’d had any sexual release. He recalled Tanya touching him and sticking her finger inside him. He came almost immediately but just as he did he heard Janet’s voice. “Stephanie. Get your hand out of your diaper.” Still feeling waves of pleasure through his body, he opened his eyes and looked up to see her standing over him. He quickly removed his hand. Janet knew exactly what he was doing and from the way he was moving she was pretty sure he had cum. This somewhat damaged her image of him as her little girl. For a moment she once again saw him as the man who was unworthy of her daughter. “Come with me.” He could hear the disappointment in her voice. “You need to wash your hands.” “I’m sorry, Mommy.” He followed her to the bathroom. Hearing that was all it took for him to be her little girl again. “I know you are Stephanie. You are still learning to be a good little girl. Just don’t do it again.” “I won’t Mommy.” He really meant it. He didn’t want Janet to be disappointed in him like that again. After washing his hands, she took him to the change mat. She removed his plastic panties and diaper and wiped the semen off of his skin. When Janet taped him into a disposable he remembered that she had agreed to leave him next door, in the care of Mrs Thompson and her daughter today. He didn't like the idea but he didn’t argue. There was no point. Soon he was dressed in his yellow sundress and standing, with Janet, at the neighbours’ front door. “Hello Janet.” Mr Thompson answered the door. “Hello Stephanie. Come in.” “Thank you.” Janet let Stephen into the house. “Sarah.” Mr Thompson called out to his daughter. “Stephanie is here.” Sarah rushed out and greeted Stephen energetically. “Hello Stephanie. We are going to have so much fun today.” “Hello Miss Thompson.” Stephen replied, unprompted. “Has she eaten breakfast?” Sarah asked Janet. “No.” Janet replied, handing her the diaper bag. “Your mother said you should have practice changing a messy diaper and she usually does her poos after breakfast .” Stephen was horrified by the thought of this young woman, who was only a couple of years out of highschool, changing his messy diaper. “That’s very thoughtful of her.” Sarah replied, sarcastically. “Don’t worry I’ll give her breakfast.” “Thank you.” Janet said. “And I caught her putting her hand in her diaper this morning.” Stephen started at the floor, embarrassed by Janet revealing that. “I wouldn’t worry about that.” Sarah reassured her. “It’s normal for toddlers to explore like that but I’ll keep an eye out for it.” Janet gave Stephen a tight hug then kissed him on her forehead. “Mommy has to go now but Miss Thompson will take good care of you. Be a good girl for her.” “I will.” Stephen said. “Bye, Mommy.” “Good bye, Pumpkin.” Janet moved toward the door. “I’ll see you this evening.” “Come this way, Stephanie” Sarah led Stephen deeper into the house.”I’ve set up the spare room as a daycare.” Sarah had borrowed resources from her college and dug out bits and pieces which had been packed away when she outgrew them as a child. These were set up around the room. There was a shelf of oversized picture books for reading to a group of children and a child-sized table with 2 chairs. On the floor, in one corner was a futon mattress. In another was a padded changing mat. Scattered around the room were various educational toys. “Oh Hello, Stephanie.” Mrs Thompson came past the door. “Would you like some breakfast?” “No thank you, Mrs Thompson.” Stephen thought that maybe if he didn’t eat he could avoid messing his diaper and having Sarah change it. “Yes please Mom. She hasn’t had anything yet.” Sarah overruled him. “I’ll bring some porridge.” Her mother said, leaving. ”I’d better check your diaper before we give you food.” Sarah circled behind Stephen and pulled up the skirt of his dress, revealing his diaper. She checked the seat of the diaper with a pat. Finding it empty, she moved to the front and pressed her hand firmly against the groin to feel if it was wet. Satisfied that Stephen’s diaper was still clean, she let the skirt fall. “We can have story time while we wait.” Sarah selected one of the books and sat on the only adult-sized chair in the room. “Come and sit on the carpet.” Stephen sat cross-legged on the floor facing her and Sarah turned the cover of the book to face him. “Frogs Can’t Yodel.” She read out the title and then opened the book. She read the text to him with the patronising enthusiasm teachers use with small children. Something about being spoken to like that made him feel more like a little girl than his diaper did. He once again started forgetting his adult self and feeling like a real little girl. The story finished as Mrs Thompson arrived with a purple plastic bowl full of porridge. She placed it on the little table. “Here you go, Stephanie.” “Thank you. Mrs Thompson.” Stephen got up and moved to the little chair in front of the bowl. “You are very welcome.” Mrs Thompson left. Sarah found Stephen’s water bottle in the diaper bag and placed it on the table next to his bowl. “Thank you, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said, picking up the purple plastic spoon which was sticking out of the porridge and beginning to eat. It was lukewarm but he was hungry and quickly finished the bowl. Sarah moved him back to the carpet where she started teaching him counting. Of course he already knew how to count and very proudly showed off how clever he was, earning a lot of praise from Sarah. It didn’t take long for Stephen to begin to feel the familiar discomfort in his tummy. He knew an easy solution though. Moving into a squat, he filled the seat of his diaper. Sarah watched, having little doubt about what he was doing. She was a little surprised at how little using his diaper in front of her seemed to bother him. When she was sure he was finished, she asked as sweetly as she could manage while concealing a strange mixture of amusement and disgust. “Do you need a diaper change?” “Yes, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said matter-of-factly. “Go lay down on the changing mat.” She directed. As he did so, she gathered the necessary supplies from the diaper bag. She then joined him on the floor where she lifted his dress out of the way, exposing his messy diaper. “Someone is a stinky girl.” Stephen giggled as she untapped his diaper and carefully pulled it open. As professionally as she was able to manage, Sarah cleaned him with baby wipes and then re-diapered him. “Thank you, Miss Thompson.” Stephen said as he got up from the mat. Sarah stuck her head out of the door and called out. “Mom. Could you please come watch Stephanie for a minute.” Mrs Thompson soon arrived. “Thanks Mom.” Sarah explained as she left. “I just need to throw this messy diaper out and wash my hands.” “Are you having fun at daycare, Stephanie?” Mrs Thompson asked. “Yes.” Stephen said with a big smile. “Miss Thompson is nice.” Mrs Thompson wondered why Stephen wasn’t more embarrassed that a college girl had just changed his messy diaper. In fact he seemed far more comfortable overall than when he arrived. “What have you been learning?” She asked. “Counting. I’m really good at it.” Then unprompted he showed off just how good he was. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight….” She realised that he was genuinely proud of this. It was as though he had started to believe he really was a little girl. He was still counting when Sarah returned. “One hundred and thirty two, one hundred and thirty three, one hundred and thirty four…” “Wow Stephanie.” Sarah interrupted. “Did you count past 100?” “Yes.” Stephen beamed. “You are a very clever little girl.” She praised him, getting an even bigger smile. “Would you like to do some art?” “Yes.” Stephen nodded excitedly. Sarah took out some blank paper, a glue stick and a tub of various bits and pieces to glue on. “I want you to make a picture of your family.” Stephen got to work, finding just the right part from the tub. As they watched him, Sarah’s mother pulled her aside and whispered “Have you noticed that he really seems to think he is a little girl?” “He was totally unashamed messing himself in front of me.” Sarah replied. “It was like he thought it was completely normal.” “Do we try to snap him out of it?” Mrs Thompson worried. “What if he stays that way?” “He looks so happy.” Sarah argued. “I’m sure he’ll snap out of it himself in a few hours.” “Okay.” Mrs Thompson said, leaving. “But I’d better mention it to Janet.” Stephen worked away on his picture. When he was finished, he held it up proudly. “Good work, Stephanie.” Sarah said, looking at the picture. The picture was clearly two women with a small girl, dressed in pink between them, holding hands with both. “Is this you?” She asked, pointing to the figure in the middle. “Yes.” He said, happy that Sarah had recognised him in his picture. “I’m a ballerina.” “And is this your mommy?” She pointed to the largest figure. “Yes.” He said. “And this is my big sister, Amanda.” He pointed to the last figure. “I think this deserves a gold star.” Sarah said and placed a sticker on the corner of the picture. “Are you ready for lunch?” Mrs Thompson returned to the room. “Yes. Thanks Mom.” Sarah said. She turned to Stephen. “Time to check your diaper again.” Mrs Thompson left to prepare lunch and Sarah lifted Stephen’s dress again. The crotch was yellowed and sagging. It was obviously soaked. To avoid any surprises, she moved behind him and pulled out the waistband of his diaper. Relieved to find there was no poop this time, she took Stephen back to the plastic mat and changed him into a clean diaper. After lunch Sarah declared “It’s nap time.” She closed the blinds and turned off the light. Being the middle of the day, there was still quite a lot of light but it was the best she could do. She guided Stephen to the futon and started some simple instrumental music. When Stephen woke he was disoriented for a moment. This wasn’t his bedroom. Then it came back to him. He remembered not only where he was but how he had behaved all morning. He cringed as he recalled messing himself in front of Sarah and then having her change him. How could he look her in the eye after that. However, he also recalled the feelings. The feelings that came from being praised and cared for, of being innocent and carefree and mostly of being cute. Yes he was embarrassed but mostly he was sad it was over again. Sarah soon came in to check on him. She noticed the change immediately. “What’s wrong, Stephanie?” “Nothing.” He stared at the ground as she turned the light back on and opened the blinds. “You’re not Stephanie any more are you?” Sarah asked. Stephen couldn’t help looking at her. He knew exactly what she meant but still asked. “What?” “I mean, you’re still you.” Sarah clarified. “But this morning you were really a little girl. Weren't you?” Stephen nodded sadly. “And now you’ve remembered that you’re really a man wearing diapers and a dress?” “Yeah.” He was surprised how much she understood. “Does that happen often?” Sarah asked. “Forgetting that you’re not really a little girl?” “It’s happened before.” He admitted. “But not for that long.” “Do you like it?” Sarah asked. “Feeling like a real little girl.” “Yes.” He looked away, once again ashamed. “I liked Stephanie too.” Sarah reassured him. “It was fun taking care of her this morning.” Hearing that gave Stephen a warm feeling. “Would you like to be her again?” Sarah asked, gently. He nodded. “Good.” Sarah was genuinely pleased. “How did we do it before?” “I’m not sure.” Stephen thought. “You were reading to me and your voice… It just sounded like you were talking to a real little girl.” “Okay. Let’s try it.” Sarah selected another book from the shelf and sat on her chair. Stephen took his place on the floor in front of her. Once again, Sarah turned the giant picture book so that he could see the cover and read the title. “Princess Hippo.” Stephen felt her voice wash over him and before she was halfway through the short book he was Stephanie again. Sarah watched the change happen. Stephen’s face lit up and he leaned in, excited to see what happened next in the story. She continued the story, happy that she had the real Stephanie back to play with. Stephen spent the afternoon happily learning about shapes,colours and letters, interrupted only by a couple of diaper changes. Far too soon, Amanda arrived. “Hello Sarah.” Amanda came into the room. “Mom sent me to collect Stephanie.” “Amanda.” Stephen shouted excitedly and ran over to hug her. She was a little shocked by his childish reaction but returned the hug before picking up the diaper bag. “Come on. Let’s go have dinner.” He looked back at Sarah, not wanting to leave. “It’s okay Stephanie.” Sarah reassured him. “You can come back another day.” “Okay.” He accepted that his time with Sarah was over and gave her a tight hug. “Bye, Miss Thompson.” Amanada took his hand and led him home. He confused her more by skipping from the Thompsons’ front door to their own. She wondered if she should be worried about him but he seemed so happy, happier than he had been in a long time. “Hello Stephanie.” Janet greeted him when they got inside. Stephen rushed to her in the same childish way he had greeted Amanda and held her. “Hello Mommy.” “Did you have fun at daycare, Pumpkin?” “Yes.” He said. “Can I go again tomorrow?” “Not tomorrow but soon.” Janet was less shocked by this behavior than Amanda. Mrs Thomspon had visited earlier to discuss it. It was still different to see it in person. “Do you need a diaper change?” Stephen shook his head but she confirmed for herself anyway. “Okay. Come to the table.” She said. “Your dinner is ready.” Stephen followed her to the table and happily let her feed him mashed potato with peas and corn. She marveled at how completely he had slipped into this role and wondered how long it would last. She doubted that it would be permanent but she also didn’t mind if it was. She liked having another baby girl to take care of. “Time for your bath.” Janet told Stephen, wiping his face. “Okay Mommy.” He followed her to the bathroom and let her undress him and put him in the tub. He splashed and played as Janet scrubbed him. He giggled when she playfully splashed him back. Soon she had him back in his cloth diapers and plastic panties and dressed for bed. He ran out ahead of her to get to the blanket and play with his dolls. Amanda watched him, fascinated, totally ignoring the TV. She saw no sign of her husband, just a little girl who somehow looked a bit like him. Stephen started to feel a little tired. He had played for long enough. Now he wanted his mommy. He moved closer to Janet and leaned against her legs, knowing he wasn’t allowed up on the sofa. Janet looked down at him. She had banned him from the sofa so that he would know his place. It seemed that, right now at least, he knew it. Right now he just wanted her affection. She patted the cushion next to her. “Come up here, Pumpkin.” He climbed up and rested his head on her chest. Janet put her arm around him and held him close. He felt safe and loved. He could have stayed like that forever but, eventually, Janet reluctantly declared. “Time for bed.” She brushed his teeth and led him back to his room. Then she checked his diaper and tucked him in with Felicity. He fell asleep halfway through his bedtime story. FRIDAY Stephen woke up feeling great. He was himself again but the feelings from the previous night lingered. He smiled to himself as he remembered snuggling up with Janet. He wet his diaper and found that he liked how small it made him feel. He felt like he could almost slip into being Stephanie again. “Good morning Stephanie.” Janet let herself into the room. “Good Morning, Mommy.” Stephen responded. Janet could tell that he wasn’t thinking like her little girl anymore. He was happy to see her but his affection was self-conscious and slightly hesitant. Still she smiled and hugged him. “How is your diaper?” “It’s wet, Mommy.” He admitted. “Okay, Pumpkin. Move to the change mat.” She changed his diaper and put him in a lavender t-shirt and matching plastic panties. Soon She fed him breakfast and, soon after that, she changed his morning messy diaper. He was expecting Janet to put him into a disposable for another embarrassing outing. When she folded another cloth diaper he was relieved. His relief didn’t last long. He was playing on the living room floor when the doorbell rang. Janet answered the door. “Hello Samantha. Come in.” Janet led her friend to the sofa. “Stephanie. This is Mommy’s friend Ms Campbell.” Stephen blushed but greeted the woman as he knew Janet expected. “Hello, Ms Campbell.” “Hello Stephanie.” Ms Campbell replied, sitting down. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” “I’ll put on the tea.” Janet excused herself. “The others will be here soon.” Ms Campbell stared at Stephen. Janet had told her all about him and his punishment but she still couldn't quite believe what she was seeing. It was absurd. A grown man dressed like a baby girl, playing on the floor in front of her. The tension was broken by the doorbell ringing again. “I’ll get it.” Ms Campbell called out to Janet and answered the door. “Hello Hannah.” She greeted the next woman with a hug. “Janet is just making the tea.” “Hello Samantha.” The woman stepped into the living room and spotted Stephen. “Oh my God. Is that him?” “I think Janet wants us to say her.” Ms Campbell corrected her. “Sorry.” giggled the woman and approached Stephen. “Hello Stephanie. I’m Mrs Miller.” “Hello Mrs Miller.” Stephen dutifully responded. “Oh. My. God!” She squealed, pinching his cheek. “He’s… I mean She’s adorable.” Stephen found himself wishing he could slip into being Stephanie again. Then he wouldn’t be embarrassed by this attention. He might even enjoy it. “Oh hello Hannah.” Janet returned carrying a tray with a teapot, four cups and a plate of biscuits. She placed the tray on the coffee table and started pouring. The sound made Stephen realise that he needed to pee. He considered just going but was uncomfortable with the idea with these women watching him. The doorbell rang once again and Janet answered it. “Hello Rachel. Everyone’s here.” Miss Walker stepped in. She was carrying a very bulky bag. “Hello Stephanie.” She headed straight over to hug him. “How is my little ballerina?” “I’m good, Miss Walker.” He returned the hug. “You’re teaching her ballet?” Mrs Miller asked. “Yes.” Miss Walker confirmed. “And she is very good.” “That’s so cute.” Mrs Miller gushed. “Does she have a tutu?” “Yes.” Janet answered. “And she is so pretty in it.” “You should put on a concert for us.” Ms Campbell laughed. “Just like Amanda and Tanya did.” Mrs Miller added. “I think that’s a marvelous idea.” Miss Walker agreed. “We will start practicing at her next lesson.” “Stephanie.” Janet addressed him. “I think Miss Walker has some presents for you.” “Oh yes.” Miss Walker remembered. “I’ve finished some of your new clothes.” She reached into the bag and pulled out a red and white gingham romper. It had no legs, instead ending in poppers that close at the crotch. It had a skirt but it was completely decorative, it didn’t even cover the bottom. “She’s going to try it on now. Right?” Mrs Miller asked excitedly. “Well I do want to check that everything fits her properly.” Miss Walker agreed. Janet took the romper and moved to Stephen. “Stand up, Pumpkin.” Stephen did and she pulled his t-shirt off before pulling the romper down over his head. “I made the bottom extra roomy.” Miss Walker explained as Janet fastened the crotch. “So it should fit even when you double diaper her.” Janet adjusted the outfit a little and stepped back to look at him. “It’s perfect.” “Do you like it?” Miss Walker asked him. “Yes.” He knew he had to say yes but he actually did. He felt very cute in the outfit. “Thank you, Miss Walker.” “Can I take a photo?” Miss Walker asked. “I like to keep photos of all my work.” “Of course.” Janet answered. Miss Walker pointed her mobile phone at Stephen. “Smile.” The pressure on Stephen’s bladder had built surprisingly fast and in order to stand still enough to pose for the photo he had to release it. As he smiled awkwardly for the photo, he secretly soaked his diaper. “I’ve also finished this one.” Miss Walker reached into the bag again and withdrew a short pink dress. It was decorated with white ribbon and bows and had a frilly collar. “And it has a matching diaper cover and bonnet.” She laid the dress down and pulled these out to show them. The diaper cover had rows of frills across the seat. “That is the sweetest thing ever.” Ms Collins gushed, her initial awkwardness about this forgotten. “Let’s see it on her.” Janet undid the crotch of Stehpen’s romper and pulled it up over his head. “I think someone needs a diaper change.” She commented as she saw his wet diaper. “I can change her.” Mrs Miller volunteered. “I’ll help.” Ms Collins didn’t want to miss that. “Thankyou.” Janet accepted the offer as she neatly folded the romper and placed it aside. “All of her changing supplies are in her bedroom. It’s Amanda’s old room.” “Come on Stephanie.” Ms Collins took Stephen’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Mrs Miller followed close behind. “Is that where your mommy changes you?” Ms Collins asked, pointing at the changing mat. Stephen nodded shyly, not looking forward to being changed by two women he had just met. “Okay lay down Stephanie.” Mrs Miller giggled at the absurdity of what they were doing. Stephen did as he was told and she pulled his plastic panties off and dropped them in the diaper pail. Next she unpinned the diaper and dropped it on top of them. This left Stephen completely exposed to the two women. “Do you want to wipe her?” Mrs Miller offered. Ms Collins blushed at the thought and shook her head. Mrs Miller took some wipes and went to work while Stephen covered his face with his hands. “Now we need a clean diaper.” Mrs Miller said, looking around the room. “Where does Mummy keep your diapers?” Stephen had to move a hand away from his face to point to the drawer. Ms Collins pulled it open, finding stacks of clean cloth diapers and plastic panties. She took out a diaper and a clear pair of plastic panties and brought them to Mrs Miller. “Now hopefully I remember how to fold these.” Mrs Miller commented as she spread the terrycloth square out next to Stephen. “Wow. These are huge.” After a couple of attempts she thought she had it right. “Lift up your bottom.” She slid it under him and then pulled it up between his legs. Stephen was happy to have his privates covered again but it didn’t last. “No. I think this isn’t right.” Mrs Miller commented. “What do you think?” Ms Collins came closer. “What if you pull it this way.” She pulled the front of the diaper away, exposing Stephen again and tried to shift it lower. “But then it won’t cover her bottom.” Mrs Miller shows her. “I’ve folded it wrong. It’s too short.” She pulled the diaper away and refolded it. Fortunately she got it right this time and finally pinned him into it and pulled the plastic panties over it. “There. All done.” “Thank you, Mrs Miller.” Stephen said, knowing Janet would be unhappy if she found out he was rude. “Thank you, Ms Collins.” “You are welcome.” Mrs Miller replied. “Such a polite little girl.” Ms Collins commented. Ms Collins led Stephen back to the living room while Mrs Miller washed her hands. “Let’s get you dressed.” Janet held out the pink diaper cover for him to step into. It was a very snug fit over his cloth diapers but it did fit. Next she pulled the dress over his head and finally fastened the bonnet. “Oh my God!” Mrs Miller rejoined the group. “She is so cute.” “I just want to keep her like that forever.” Janet agreed. “You do amazing work Rachel.” “Thank you.” Mrs Walker picked up her mobile phone again and pointed it at Stephen. “Smile.” Stephen posed and did his best to smile. “Get one of her playing with her dolly.” Ms Collins suggested. “Oh and one of her crawling to show off the ruffles on her bottom.” Mrs Miller added. The women made him pose in all sorts of different ways. Squealing as Miss Walker snapped photos. This went on until Janet checked the time. “We’d better have lunch. It’s almost Stephanie’s nap time.” “That reminds me.” Miss Walker went to the bag. “I made you some bibs as well. We don’t want to get her pretty dress all dirty.” She pulled out one which was the same pink as the dress. Embroidered on it were the words “Mommy’s little girl.” Janet fastened the bib around his neck and more photos were taken before they all moved to the dining table where Janet served everyone quiche and salad. “Can I feed Stephanie?” Ms Collins asked. “If you like.” Janet replied. Ms Collins sat next to Stephen and immediately began cutting up his quiche and bringing it to his mouth. He cooperated. As embarrassing as all this was it was better when everyone was happy with him. After lunch, Janet removed his bib and said. “I’m just going to put her down for her nap.” She turned to Stephen. “Say goodbye to everyone. Pumpkin.” “Goodbye everyone.” He said. “Not like that.” Janet told him. “Go say it nicely to each of them.” He went up to Miss Walker. “Goodbye, Miss Walker. Thank you for my new clothes.” Miss Walker hugged him. “You are welcome Stephanie. Goodbye.” “Goodbye Ms Collins.” He went to the next woman. “Goodbye Stephanie.” She replied. “It was lovely meeting you.” “Goodbye, Mrs Miller.” He told the last woman. “Goodbye.” She made him bend down slightly so she could kiss him on the forehead. “We’ll come and see you again soon.” Janet took him back to his room and checked his diaper before removing his bonet and tucking him in. From his bed, he listened to the muffled sounds of the women talking. He was sure they were still talking about him. He felt the urge to pee again and just wet his diaper immediately. In the privacy of his room, he allowed himself to enjoy feeling babyish. He did feel very small in his new dress. When Janet returned, the guests had left. She changed his diaper and put his bonnet back on. Back out to the living room she let him watch some educational cartoons while she did housework. He was laying on the floor, watching the TV, with his ruffle-covered bottom facing the door when Amanda returned home. She smiled at the sight. “Hello Stephanie.” Stephen turned to face her, blushing as he remembered how he was dressed. “Hello Amanda.” She could tell that he was himself again. He wasn’t as comfortable being a little girl as he had been last night. That should have been reassuring, that her husband was still there but it wasn’t. He was so much happier as Stephanie. “Um…” She wasn’t sure how to raise this. “You were acting a little… different yesterday evening.” “Oh… Yeah.” He tried to explain. “Something weird has happened to me a few times. I sort of get caught up in the role and forget that I’m not really a little girl.” “You seemed really happy.” She said. “Do you like being Stephanie?” “I…” He was clearly ashamed to admit this.. “It feels nice when it happens.” “It’s alright.” She reassured him. “It was nice to see you happy.” “But I’m not meant to like being a little girl.” He sighed. “I’m meant to be a man. I’m meant to be your husband.” She just smiled and hugged him tightly “It’s alright.” She didn’t want to worry him with the fact she was struggling to think of him as her husband. She thought she should say more to comfort him but didn’t know what. Fortunately, Janet called them for dinner. They had no more opportunity to talk as Stephen was fed, bathed and dressed for bed. As usual, he was left to play on the floor while Janet and Amanda watched TV. He looked at Janet and recalled the feeling of cuddling with her the previous night. He wanted that again but that was when he was Stephanie. It came naturally. Could he really do that as Stephen? He considered crawling over and snuggling up against her legs in the hope she would invite him up onto the sofa again. He wanted to but in the end he remained on his blanket until bedtime. After Janet had read his bedtime story and tucked him in, he laid awake, hugging Felicity. He was angry at himself for wanting to cuddle with Janet and angry with himself for not doing it. He wanted to be a man, He wanted to be Amanda’s husband but he also wanted to be Janet’s little girl. SATURDAY “Good morning Stephanie.” Stephen was woken by the sound of Tanya’s voice. “Did you miss me?” He opened his eyes to see her smiling wickedly at him. He sat up, feeling the soggy fabric of the diapers he’d wet before falling asleep. “What are you doing here?” “Watch your manners little girl.” She snapped. “Mom said you leaked after I changed your diaper last time. So she’s going to teach me how to do it properly. I’m going to be changing your diapers all day. Aren’t I a good big sister?” He now felt even more uncomfortable in his wet diaper, knowing that Tanya would be changing it. He laid back down and groaned. He did not want to face the day. “Up you get sleepyhead.” Tanya yanked the covers off of him. “Looks like you already need a diaper change. I’ll get Mom.” She left, giving Stephen a few moments of peace to prepare himself mentally for what was sure to be another humiliating day. She soon returned with Janet. “Good morning, Stephanie.” Janet greeted him. “Good morning, Mommy.” He was embarrassed about talking like that in front of Tanya but the spanking he would get for being disrespectful if he didn’t would be even even worse. “Tanya is going to be changing your diapers today.” She said. “As practice for the next time she babysits.” Stephen didn't need to be told what to do. He moved on to the changing mat and waited. Janet supervised while Tanya removed his plastic panties and soggy diaper. As she wiped the stale pee off of his groin and bottom, he realised that while this was certainly humiliating, it wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be. With Janet watching, Tanya couldn’t be mean to him. Janet talked Tanya through correctly folding a new cloth diaper. She had to step in and demonstrate the correct folds a couple of times. Then Tanya slid it under his bottom and pinned it on. Janet checked the fit before letting Tanya put a clean pair of plastic panties on him. Janet changed him into his pink t-shirt and led him out of the room to give him breakfast. Amanda was waiting for them at the table and Tanya soon joined them. After breakfast, Stephen stuck close to Amanda. With his early bedtime he had barely seen her since she started her job. He also wanted her to protect him from Tanya. Amanda thought it was cute. He followed her around like Tanya did when she was a little girl. She tried to remember what she did with Tanya when they were children. “Do you want to build a blanket fort?” Stephen was insulted by the suggestion but the truth was that did sound like fun. “Umm…” “Come on.” She took that as a yes. “We’ll take some chairs from the dining table to your room and I’ll get some spare blankets.” Tanya rolled her eyes at them and, realising she wasn’t going to be able to get Stephen alone and torment him, she settled down on the Sofa and turned on the TV. She barely watched it though, as she immediately took out her phone and dialed one of her friends to gossip with. In Stephen’s room, Amanda positioned the chairs and draped blankets over them. She was surprised by how much fun she was having. Stephen did not seem to be having as much fun. He was too self-conscious. “I think you’d be having more fun if you were Stephanie.” She commented. “Maybe.” He agreed but he didn’t want to spend his time with Amanda as a little girl. He didn’t really like her seeing him that way either. “You could try it?” She suggested. “I’m not sure how it works.” It wasn’t really a lie but it wasn’t the whole truth. “Okay.” Amanda could tell he was uncomfortable and backed off for now. As they crawled into the completed blanket fort, Stephen became aware that he would need to mess his diaper soon. He didn’t want to do that in front of Amanda. He also remembered that it would be Tanya changing him. It was inevitable but he was in no rush so he held on. Amanda led the game, pretending that the fort was a magical castle and they were fairy princesses. Stephen barely joined in and Amanda wished Stephen could have just been Stephanie again and had fun. Eventually it became impossible to hold on any more. In an attempt to get a little distance between himself and Amanda, he crawled out of the fort but the movement caused him to fill his diaper while he was half-way out. Amanda watched the seat of the diaper expand and did her best to hide her giggle. “I think you need a diaper change.” She crawled out of the fort another way. “I’ll tell Mom and Tanya.” “Please don’t. I don’t want tanya changing my messy diaper.” He begged. “Could you do it and not tell them?” “Sorry.” Amanda felt bad for him. Although, she was happy that this diaper was someone else’s problem. “Mom said Tanya has to change all of your diapers today and she would know you messed when she washes them.” She left the room before he could argue. “Ewww. Gross.” He heard Tanya’s voice all the way from the living room. “I’m not changing his shitty diaper.” “I told you Tanya.” Janet responded calmly. “You will change all of Stephanie’s diapers today so that I am confident you know how to take care of her.” “But…” Tanya started to argue. “No buts. You will change her diapers or you’ll end up in diapers yourself.” Janet threatened. “Like I’d let you do that to me.” Tanya spat back. “I’m not a loser like him.” “You may not be living under my roof but I know your secrets. Remember....” Janet’s voice went too quiet for Stephen to hear. Moments later Tanya came into the room looking angry. “Get on the changing mat.” She ordered. “Don’t be mean to your baby sister.” Janet followed her daughter into the room. “Stephanie. Could you please lay down on the changing mat for Tanya.” Stephen complied and Tanya pulled his plastic panties down. The smell immediately became worse and Tanya scrunched up her nose. She cautiously unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “This is so gross.” She complained, taking a handful of wipes and going to work. “I had to do this for you.” Janet told her. “I might have to do it for you again if you don’t improve your attitude.” Tanya stopped complaining and kept wiping. Stephen just stared at the ceiling hoping this would be over soon. “Clean enough?” Tanya asked. “You have to go right up in her bottom.” Janet told her. “If you don’t get it all she’ll get a rash.” “That would be terrible.” Tanya said sarcastically as she took more wipes and ran them down between his cheeks. She threw the dirty diaper into the diaper pail and began folding a new one. Janet still had to correct her folding a couple of times before it was ready to be pinned on to him. After everyone had cleaned up it was time to lunch then the blanket fort had to be dismantled so Stephen could have his nap. Amanda had an idea. While Stephen was in bed, she walked next door. “Hello Amanda.” Mrs Thompson greeted her. “Hello Mrs Tompson.” Amanda replied. “Could I speak to Sarah?” “Of course. Come in.” She led Amanda to the sofa and called out. “Sarah. Amanda is here to see you.” “Hi Amanda.” Sarah emerged. “What’s up?” “I wanted to talk to you about Stephen.” Amanda explained. “You were playing with him yesterday and something happened.” “He forgot he was a grownup and just enjoyed being Stephanie.” Sarah knew immediately what she was talking about. “Are you worried about him?” “No. I mean it’s weird but...” Amanda wasn’t sure how to say it. “He’s so happy like that?” Sarah finished her thought. “Yeah.” Amanda agreed. “Do you know how to help him do it again?” “I think so.” Sarah told her. “It happened twice when he was here. Both times I was reading a book to him.” “Just reading a book?” Amanda didn’t believe her. “Well I was doing it as though I was reading to very small children.” Sarah explained. “I can show you.” Sarah led Amanda into the spare room. It was still set up like a daycare. She picked up Frogs Can’t Yodel and sat on her chair. “Sit with your legs crossed in front of me.” Amanda sat where she was told and watched Sarah read the story. There was something about the way she read. It did make Amanda feel small. She was worried for a moment that she would forget her adult self like Stephen had. It didn’t happen but she could see how it might happen for someone open to it and primed with all of the babyish treatment Stephen had received. “Thank you.” Amanda said. “I think I understand now.” At the end of Stephen’s naptime, Janet led Tanya into his room. “After her nap you need to check her diaper.” Janet explained. Tanya pulled the covers away from Stephen and saw that he was definitely wet. “I just hope you haven't messed again.” She changed him again. This time Janet only had to correct her folding once. After his change, Stephen went to find Amanda. She was in her room. “Hi Stephanie. Did you have a good nap.” “I wasn’t tired.” He complained. “I spoke to Miss Thompson.” She said. “And she taught me how to help you become Stephanie again.” Stephen had very mixed feelings about that. “Can we try it?” She asked. “I would really like to build a blanket fort with Stephanie.” “I…” He was going to argue but Amanda seemed so excited. “Okay.” “Good.” She picked up a picture book which she had already selected. “Sit on the floor like you’re at daycare with Miss Thompson.” Stephen sat cross-legged in front of her as she positioned herself on the edge of the bed. “Princess Stephanie’s Tea Party.” Amanda deliberately misread the title. It was Princess Amanda’s Tea Party, a book which had been personalised for her when she was a little girl. Stephen listented. Amanda wasn’t as good at the voice as Sarah. He did feel warm and tingly and relaxed but he was still himself at the end of the book. “It didn’t work. Did it?” Amanda asked. Stephen shook his head. Despite his previous reluctance. He found he was disappointed. Amanda thought about how Sarah’s voice had made her feel. Was there some other way she could create that feeling for Stephen? After pondering for a moment, she remembered something that her mother had picked up when they went out to buy Stephen’s diapers. “I have an idea. Wait here.” She left Stephen in her room and prepared what she needed. A few minutes later, she returned carrying a baby bottle full of warm milk. “A bottle?” he asked. “Just try it.” She said, sitting on her bed and patting her lap. “Put your head here.” He laid on her bed with his head resting on her lap. Whether it worked or not it felt great. Amanda held the bottle to his lips and he took the nipple into his mouth.She stroked his hair as he began to suck on the bottle. It didn’t work very well. After a few squirts it stopped working. When he released it from his mouth, air rushed in and it worked again for a few squirts before stopping again. This was a rather frustrating way to drink. “What’s wrong?” Amanda noticed his frustration. “This bottle doesn’t work.” He complained. “I don’t think you’re meant to just suck on it.” She reasoned. “It’s meant to work like a mother’s breast.” Looking up at Amanda's breasts, he imagined that it was her nipple in his mouth. The thought made him grow a little hard in his diaper. Instead of sucking, he squeezed it with his tongue. Milk dribbled out and it refilled. Having figured out how to drink from the bottle he relaxed and enjoyed Amanda’s attention. As he drank the milk he again began to feel small again and her breasts were no longer erotic to him they were comforting and nothing more. By the time he finished the bottle, he was Stephanie again. “Do you want to build a blanket fort again?” Amanda asked as she placed the empty bottle aside. Stephen nodded so they returned to his room and rebuilt the fort and played as fairy princesses. Again, Amanda took the lead, telling Stephen what was happening in their role play, but he played his part enthusiastically and they played and giggled until they were interrupted. “Mom said I need to check Stephanie’s diaper before she has dinner.” Tanya said, peering into the blanket fort. Stephen shook his head. “No.” He knew he was soaked but he didn’t want to stop playing. He was having too much fun with Amanda. “Come on Princess Stephanie.” Amanda said. “Let Tanya change your diaper.” “Okay Princess Amanda.” He giggled as he left the fort and laid on the changing mat, smiling up at Tanya.. As she pulled his plastic panties off she was confused. Stephen wasn’t embarrassed at all. “Are you actually enjoying this?” She asked. “You weirdo!” That snapped Stephen back to reality. He blushed and covered his face. Amanda watched the change with disappointment. It was fun playing with Stephanie. Under Amanda’s supervision, Tanya changed Stephen into a clean diaper and new plastic panties. When Tanya was gone Amanda asked. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” He said a little sadly. “I was having a good time playing with you.” “Me too.” Amanda said, hugging him. “You make a great little sister.” After Stephen had finished his dinner, Janet gave him a bath and then called Tanya to his room to diaper him for bed. He laid naked on his changing mat while Tanya folded his diapers. She needed a bit more guidance to get the double diapers right but Janet was happy with her effort. Tanya slid the bulky diapers under his bottom then Janet passed her the bottle of baby powder. “You have to put some powder on her because she will be in these diapers all night.” She directed. Tanya turned the bottle upside down and squeezed. A puff of baby powder covered Stephen’s groin and most of his stomach. “Make sure you get her bottom.” Janet reminded Tanya. Tanya glared at Stephen as she spread the powder across his bottom with her hand. Once he was pinned into his diapers and dressed for bed, Janet took him to the living room. Tanya washed her hands and then joined them. “I’m going home. I think I’ve changed enough diapers today.” Janet and Amanda said goodbye to her and then settled down on the sofa. Stephen felt much more comfortable with her gone. Once again, he looked at Janet and thought about cuddling up with her. He asked himself what would be so bad if he did. She is treating him like a little girl. Why couldn’t he play along? He had already done it as Stephanie. His mind made up, he crawled over to Janet’s legs and rested his head against them. Janet was surprised. He hadn’t been acting like Stephanie that evening. He was definitely his usual embarrassed self while Tanya was diapering him after his bath. Still, she was happy that he wanted her affection. It was somehow even more meaningful when he remembered he wasn’t meant to. She smiled down at him and played with his hair for a moment before telling him. “Come up here, Stephanie.” He tried not to move too eagerly and he got up onto the sofa. Janet guided his head down onto her chest and put an arm around him. He smiled contently and closed his eyes. He stayed like that until Janet took him to bed. SUNDAY Stephen emerged from his room the next morning and waddled out to the living room. His diapers were totally soaked. There was nothing he could do about that until Janet or Amanda got up so he did his best to ignore the sagging wet fabric. He entertained himself with the toys until Amanda joined him. “Good morning, Stephanie.” “Good morning.” He replied. “Do you need a diaper change?” She asked, pretty sure he did. “Yes.” It was getting easier to admit it. “Come on then.” Amanada took him back to his room and changed him into a dry diaper. Amanda washed her hands and then prepared breakfast for them both. She spoon-fed him his cereal between mouthfuls of her own. Janet soon joined them. “Good morning, girls.” “Good morning, Mom.” Amanda replied. “Good morning, Mommy.” Stephen said just before Amanda put another spoonful of cereal into his mouth. “I thought we might go on a picnic today.” Janet suggested as she poured her own cereal. Stephen didn’t like the sound of that but he knew he had no say. “That’s a great idea.” Amanda said. “We haven’t had a picnic since Tanya and I were little girls.” “I should call Tanya and see if she wants to come too.” Janet realised. Hearing that made Stephen feel even worse about the idea but arguing would only mean a spanking. As soon as she had finished eating, Janet dialed Tanya. “Hi Mom.” Tanya answered. “What’s up?” “Amanda and I are taking Stephanie on a picnic today.” Janet explained. “We thought you might like to join us.” “I changed enough diapers yesterday.” Tanya complained. “And I told my friends I’d hang out with them today.” “You can invite them too.” Janet promised. “And don’t worry. I won’t make you change Stephanie.” “Fine.” Tanya agreed. It would at least be fun to embarrass Stephen by showing him off to her friends. “I’ll come.” “Great.” Janet said. “Meet us at the lake at 11. I’ll bring all the food.” Stephen was now dreading the picnic. Not only was Tanya coming, she was bringing friends. “Could you watch Stephanie for a little while?” Janet asked Amanda. “I’ll need to pop out to the shops.” “No problem Mom.” Amanda smiled. Left alone with Amanda, Stephen complained. “I don’t want to go on a picnic like this. Especially not with Tanya and her friends.” “It will be fun.” Amanda reassured him. “Do you want me to feed you a bottle before? Stephen knew she was asking if he wanted to go as Stephanie so he wouldn’t be worried about being out in public in diapers again. The idea was certainly appealing but he shook his head. He was worried about how he might behave in front of everyone. “Okay.” Amanda accepted his answer. “Let me know if you change your mind.” Janet turned the TV on and sat on the sofa. Stephen sat on his blanket and watched from there. It wasn’t long before Stephen felt the urge to poop. He was relieved that it came while they were still at home. He considered moving somewhere more private so Amanda wouldn’t watch him do it but she had seen it yesterday and, as Janet wasn’t home, she was going to be the one changing him anyway. There was no dignity to preserve. He shifted into a more comfortable position for the deed and filled his diaper. It concerned him a little how natural it felt after only a week. “I guess you need another change.” Amanda said with a sigh. “Come on. I knew I was going to have to change a poopy diaper eventually.” He followed her to his room. The feeling of the poop in his diaper concerned him far less that it had the first time. He knew he would soon be in a clean diaper. He laid down on the changing mat and Amanda pulled his plastic panties off and dropped them into the diaper pail. “Okay. Here we go.” She reluctantly unpinned the diaper and pulled it open. “Wow. That is a lot of poop.” “I’m sorry.” Stephen looked away from her. “No. It’s not your fault.” She took some wipes and prepared herself for the next step. “You don’t have any choice.” As she wiped around his dick and balls she considered how strange it was that these were once sexual to her. She wondered if she would ever be able to look at him that way again after this. Of course, she could not share any of those thoughts with him. Once Amanda had Stephen rediapered she put these thoughts out of her mind. When his manhood was safely hidden inside the thick padding she could easily forget it was there at all. Janet soon arrived home and they left Stephen to play on his blanket while they prepared the food for the picnic. As the time drew closer, Stephen grew increasingly nervous. He wondered if he should have taken up Amanda’s offer to feed him a bottle. It didn’t matter. The opportunity was gone as she was busy with Janet. When the food was ready, Janet and Amanda got themselves freshened up and dressed for the outing then Janet took Stephen to his room to get him ready. His heart sank when she pulled out the gingham romper Miss Walker had made for him and laid it on his bed. “Let’s get you into a disposable diaper.” Janet said. Resigned to his fate, he laid down and let her remove his plastic panties and cloth diaper. He helpfully lifted his bottom so she could position the disposable under him. He held out his arms to let her pull the romper down over his head and then stood with his legs apart so she could fasten it at the crotch. The outfit was completed with a pair of red sandals. “Just adorable.” Janet stepped back to look at him. That made Stephen feel good and he turned to smile at himself in the mirror. For a moment he forgot that he was about to be taken outside like this and just appreciated that the romper was really cute. Now that they were all ready, Janet and Amanda took him out to Janet’s car. Amanda sat in the front passenger seat while Janet put Stephen into the back and fastened his seatbelt. Janet and Amanda mostly ignored him on the drive. They spoke to each other as he stared out the window. He was imagining all of the indignities he might face when they reached their destination. “Look at the horsies, Stephanie” Janet interrupted his thoughts. They had left the suburbs and were passing hobby farms. When they eventually arrived at a small parking lot, there was only one other car. Amanda recognised it. “Looks like Tanya is already here.” Janet and Amanda left Stephen buckled up while they unloaded things from the back of the car. When they let him out, Amanda had his diaper bag and Janet carried a blanket. Janet pulled a floppy red hat onto his head then she and Amanda each held one of his hands and led him onto a grassy area next to a playground. Tanya was waiting with her friends. There were two men and one other woman. They were in the shade of a large tree near the edge of the water. Janet and Amanda led him right up to the group. The men were laughing uncontrollably by the time Stephen reached them. Tanya was just smiling evilly. “Hi Mom. Hi Amanda.” “Hello Tanya.” Janet and Amanda said in unison and released Stephen to hug her. “Hello Baby Sis.” Tanya turned to Stephen.”I like your romper.” “Are you going to introduce us?” The other woman asked. “Stephanie. This is my friend Melanie.” Tanya said. “This is her boyfriend Brad.” She indicated the man next to Melanie. “And this is my boyfriend Robbie.” She put her arm around the other man. “When you’re bigger you might have a boyfriend.” “Hello.” Stephen mumbled timidly, looking down to hide his face behind the brim of his hat. “Stephanie.” Tanya told him off. “Don’t be rude to my friends. Look at them when you speak to them.” “Hello.” He looked up. The two men went back to laughing but Melanie greeted him with a genuine smile. “Hello Stephanie. It is very nice to meet you.” She turned to Janet. “Could I take her to the playground while you set up?” “Let me put some sunscreen on her first.” Janet found the sunscreen in the diaper bag and squirted some onto her fingers before gently applying it to his face, being very careful around his eyes. She continued down his neck. The romper left his arms and legs completely exposed so Janet had to rub sunscreen all the way along his arms and down his legs from his hips to his ankles. “All done. Now be good for Melanie.” “Yes, Mommy.” Stephen replied. Melanie took his hand. “Come on Stephanie. I’ll push you on the swing.” She excitedly pulled him toward the playground. Tanya and the men followed, wondering what Melanie was planning. Melanie and Stephen reached the swings and he sat on one of them, looking back at the picnic spot. Janet and Amanda had spread out the picnic blanket and were on their way back to the car to collect everything else. Melanie started pushing him. “Let me know if you go too high. I don’t want you to get scared.” Tanya caught up with them “What are you doing?” “What does it look like?” Melanie replied.“I’m pushing your little sister on the swing.” Tanya rolled her eyes. “He’s not my sister. He’s my loser brother in law.” “Don’t be mean to her.” Melanie said. “It’s fun to pretend. I think she’s cute.” “You wouldn’t think he was so cute if you had to change his poopy diapers.” Tanya insisted. “You changed his diapers?” Robbie asked. “You mean you touched his dick?” “My mother made me do it.” Tanya replied. “Are you jealous?” Melanie asked Robbie. “We can put you in diapers and Tanya can change you too.” “Eww. No.” Tanya laughed. “If you start shitting yourself I’m dumping you. Brad can wipe your ass.” “No way.” Brad laughed. “You’re on your own there.” “Don’t worry Robbie.” Melanie joked. “I’ll change your poopy diapers.” “Whatever.” Robbie didn’t have any comebacks. “Let’s go for a walk Tanya.” Tanya sighed and followed Robbie. There would be plenty of time to tease Stephen later. Brad sat on the other swing to stay near Melanie. He told himself that he didn’t have much to worry about from a guy dressed up like a diapered little girl but he wasn’t sure. Melanie was giving Stephen a lot of attention. “If you want me to push you too, you’re going to have to make yourself a lot cuter.” Melanie teased. “I’ll manage by myself. Thank you.” Brad replied. Stephen knew that Tanya had led the others to the swing with the intention of teasing him. He was impressed with how easily Melanie had defused that. Janet and Amanda returned to the blanket with the picnic basket and a few other bags. Stephen watched as they set up a portable cot. He had no doubt that it was intended for him. As Melanie pushed him on the swing he felt pressure on his bladder. He held on for a while, reluctant to wet himself in front of Brad. His old instincts told him to maintain his dignity, what little remained, in front of other men. However, the movement of the swing made it difficult and soon he was forced to release his bladder into the diaper. Of course nobody could tell and he smiled, feeling strangely proud of himself for getting away with it. “Do you smell pee?” Brad asked after a while. “Did you wet yourself?” Melanie asked him. “Ha. No.” He replied. “It must be Stephanie then.” She stopped pushing the swing and let it come to a stop before offering Stephen her hand. “Come on. Let’s go get your diaper changed.” Stephen accepted her hand and allowed her to lead him back to Janet and Amanda. Brad followed, staying behind so that Melanie could not see the look of disgust on his face.. “Did you have fun on the swing, Pumpkin?” Janet asked. “Yes, Mommy.” He replied. “I think her diaper is wet.” Melanie informed her. “I can change her if you like.” “Thank you.” Janet accepted the offer. “Everything you need is in her diaper bag.” She indicated the bag next to the cot. “You’re going to change her?” Brad didn’t like the idea. “If you’re going to get jealous like Robbie, I will diaper you too.” She warned him. He shut up but stayed close. Melanie opened up the diaper bag and looked through the supplies. “Wow. These are really big diapers.” She pulled out one of the disposable diapers and unfolded it. Placing it to one side, she found the wipes and the changing mat. She placed the mat on the grass. “Lay down here please, Stephanie.” Stephen did as he was told and Melanie opened the crotch of his romper and pulled it up to expose his wet diaper. She untapped the diaper and pulled it open. He had already been changed by women he had just met this week but being changed out in the open was new. He felt extremely vulnerable but Melanie smiling down at him as she began to wipe his privates made him feel safe. He smiled up at her and blocked out the rest of the world. He even forgot to be embarrassed about this pretty lady changing his diaper. For a moment, he thought he was attracted to her but that wasn’t it. He realised that he didn’t want to sleep with her. He wanted her to take care of him exactly like she was. The realisation concerned him. He could dismiss it if he had been Stephanie but he was himself. He shouldn’t have been thinking like that. Melanie soon had him taped into a clean disposable and refastend his romper. “All done.” She gave him a playful patt on his padded bottom to let him know he could get up. “Thank you, Melanie.” He got back to his feet. As he did, he realised that Tanya and Robbie had returned and were laughing at him. “Ignore them, Stephanie.” Melanie gave him a hug and glared at Brad for joining in. “I think it’s time to eat.” Janet decided. Everyone found a spot on the blanket. Stephen wanted to sit with Melanie but felt he should sit with Amanda. He told himself that Melanie probably wanted to sit with her friends anyway. He Positioned himself next to Amanda and was pleasantly surprised that Melanie sat on the other side of him. Brad sat next to her, still not comfortable with his girlfriend’s interest in this guy, even if he seemed to be nothing but a baby to her. Tanya had been getting bored. She’d hoped to get some entertainment out of embarrassing Stephen in front of her friends but Melanie had ruined everything. Not only was she being nice to the loser, she’d managed to shame the guys into silence. She did have one trick up her sleeve though. She took Stephens’ ballerina bottle out of the diaper bag and when she was sure she wasn’t being watched, quickly unscrewed the lid and added the flavourless laxatives she had brought. Surely even Melanie would stop thinking this was cute after he shit himself. She passed the bottle to Stephen with a smile. “Here’s your bottle, Stephanie.” “What a pretty bottle.” Melanie commented. “Look at the ballerina teddy bears.” Lunch was mostly finger food. Stephen found that he was disappointed that this meant Melanie wouldn’t be feeding him. He tried to put the thought out of his mind. Why would he want the humiliation of being spoon-fed in front of Tanya and the two guys? Before long, Stephen’s stomach began to feel funny. He decided that he had better stop eating. Something was not agreeing with him. Janet noticed that he was finished eating and declared. “I think it’s time for Stephanie’s nap.” This drew more laughter from Janet and Robbie. Melanie squeezed Brad’s arm to warn him against joining in. “Let me check your diaper.” Janet helped Stephen up and pulled his romper aside. “Still dry.” She led him to the portable cot and held his hand as he climbed in and sat down. The cot wasn’t big enough for him to stretch out in but he could comfortably curl up on his side. With his stomach starting to cramp, it’s how he would have been laying even if he’d had more room. He watched the others through the mesh wall of the cot as the leisurely finished their lunches. He quickly lost any hope of getting home or even back to the car before he would be forced to fill his diaper. Still, he thought that maybe Tanya and her friends would go for a walk after they finished eating and give him just a little privacy. Of course, Tanya knew what was going to happen and wanted her friends to be there when it did. They weren’t going anywhere. “I’d like to go for a walk.” Janet stood up after she’d finished eating. “Could one of you please stay and watch Stephanie?” “We’ll stay here.” Tanya quickly volunteered. “You can go too Amanda. If you’d like.” “Thanks.” Amanda joined her mother, leaving Stephen in the care of Tanya and her friends. Stephen’s discomfort grew and he let out a fart loud enough to draw the attention of Janet and the others. “Ewww Stephen.” Tanya stood over him. “That’s gross.” Stephen groaned. “Are you okay?” Melanie asked with genuine concern. “I think I ate something which disagreed with me.” He explained. “He’s going to shit his diaper.” Tanya told the others. “Just watch.” “Gross.” Robbie complained but got up to look anyway. Stephen felt another cramp and lost control. He noisily filled his diaper. The others knew exactly what had just happened. Janet and Robbie started laughing. Brad knew better than to join in. “So are you going to change him now?” Robbie asked. “Not a chance.” Janet laughed. “He can sit in it. Unless Melanie wants to do it.” “I don’t mind.” Melanie moved between Janet and the cot. “Come on Stephanie. I’ll get you cleaned up.” Stephen carefully stood up but another wave of cramps hit him and he doubled over, forcing even more poop into his diaper. “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” Melanie took his hand. “It’s what your diapers are for.” Stephen let her lead him over to the changing mat. She gathered the necessary supplies from the diaper bag and came back to him. Once again, Stephen watched her face and was able to block out everything else. Janet and her boyfriend’s taunting didn’t matter. She untapped his diaper and pulled it open, revealing the embarrassing mess to everyone present. Melanie's face didn’t change and Stephen didn’t look at the others to see their expressions of disgust. Melanie got to work cleaning him up. She got into every nook and cranny with the baby wipes. When she was satisfied that his bottom was clean, she rolled up the wipes in the old diaper and tied it up in a plastic bag. “Could you get her into a clean diaper?” She asked Brad, looking around for a bin. “I’m going to throw this out and wash my hands.” “You want me to put a diaper on him?” Brad asked. “Her.” Melanie corrected him. “I’ve done the hard part.” She held up the soiled diaper. “And don’t let the others be mean to her. I’ll be checking with her when I get back.” She turned and left before he could argue. With a sigh, Brad picked up the clean diaper Melanie had taken out. He unfolded it and turned it around in his hands to understand how it was meant to go on. “Are you actually going to do it?” Robbie asked, laughing. “You’ll be wiping his bum next.” “Shut up, Rob.” Brad said, kneeling down. “Um. Could you lift up a bit?” He asked Stephen. No longer in the protective bubble of Melanie’s care, Stephen heard the taunts from Janet and Robbie loud and clear. He blushed deeply as he lifted his hips to let Brad slide the diaper under his bottom. “Maybe you and Melanie can adopt him.” Janet teased. “You can be his Daddy.” “Are you going to spank him when he’s naughty?” Robbie added. “Guys. Cut it out.” He demanded as he pulled the diaper up to finally cover Stephen’s privates. “You want me to have a fight with Melanie?” “You don’t have to worry about that.” Janet informs him. “I’ve got photos of him that I’ll send to all of his friends back home if he ever tells anyone I’m not the best big sister in the world. He’s not going to say anything.” Brad considered for a moment as he fastened the tapes. He looked down at Stephen. He seemed so pathetic in his diaper and romper. He felt silly for feeling threatened by the attention Melanie gave him. Stephen wasn’t a man to her. Picking on him didn’t seem fair or fun. Brad even started to feel a little protective on Melanie’s behalf. “No. Just leave her alone.” “Why would you stand up for this loser?” Robbie demanded. “I’m warning you.” Brad finished fastening Stephen’s romper and stood up. “Just drop it.” “I guess you are his daddy.” Robbie continued. “One big happy pervert family” Brad charged at Robbie and knocked him to the ground. Robbie got up and dusted himself off. “Let’s get out of here, Tanya.” “But Melanie and Brad came in my car.” Tanya reminded him. “How will they get home?” “They can get a ride with their baby.” Robbie said, already moving to the car park. “Come on.” Brad watched them go just to make sure Robbie didn’t change his mind and come back for a fight then helped Stephen up off the ground. “Thank you.” Stephen said. “You didn’t have to do that.” “Yeah I did.” He replied. “You haven’t seen Melanie angry.” Stephen smiled at that. Soon Melanie rejoined them. “Where are Tanya and Robbie?” “We had a disagreement.” Brad explained. “They left.” “He stood up for me.” Stephen added. “My hero.” Melanie put her arms around Brad and kissed him. “Tanya is blackmailing him.” Brad informed Melanie. “What?” Melanie was shocked. “Please don’t tell anyone.” Stephen begged. “If Mommy… I mean Janet finds out then Tanya will send photos of me like this to everyone I know.” “Have you told Amanda?” Melanie asked. “She might be able to help.” “No.” He admitted. The discussion ended abruptly as they saw Janet and Amanda returning. “Where did Tanya and Robbie go?” Janet asked. “Robbie wasn’t feeling well and Tanya took him home.” Melanie lied. “Would it be okay if we got a ride back with you?” “Of course it would.” Janet replied. “Have you been good for Melanie?” Janet asked Stephen. “Yes, Mommy.” He replied. Janet looked to Melanie for confirmation. Melanie smiled and nodded. “Amanda, I thought I might take Stephanie back to the playground.” Melanie said. “Would you like to join us.” “Sure.” She was a bit confused by the invitation but accepted. “I’ll help pack up.” Brad volunteered. With Melanie holding one of Stephen’s hands and Amanda holding the other, they walked back toward the playground. When they were far enough away to not be heard, Melanie said. “Tanya is blackmailing Stephanie with photos of her.” “What?” Amanda was immediately angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I’m sorry.” Stephen said. “She said she would send them to every contact on my phone if I told anyone.” “I’m not angry at you, Honey.” Amanda said. “But there’s something you should know.” “What?” He asked, concerned. “That story about you in the local paper.” Amanda explained. “It got shared online, along with some of the photos people at the mall took.” “What?” He repeated, although he already knew where this was going. “Everyone back home already knows.” She said.”I’ve been getting calls and messages about it since yesterday.” “No!” Stephen felt like crying. “It’s okay.” Melanie tried to reassure him. “You live here now. You don’t have to go back there.” Amanda held him in a tight hug. “And now Tanya doesn’t have anything to threaten you with.” “That’s right.” Melanie said. “We should tell your mommy right now.” They turned around and made their way back to where Janet and Brad were packing up the picnic. “You changed your mind about the playground?” Janet asked. “Mom. We need to tell you something about Tanya.” Anger was obvious in Amanda’s voice. “She has been blackmailing Stephanie with photos.” “What photos?” Janet asked. “She took photos of me the night she babysat.” Stephen explained. “She threatened to send them to everyone I knew if I told you how mean she was to me.” “It’s true.” Brad confirmed. “Tanya told me herself.” “I’ll deal with her.” Janet said menacingly. They soon had everything packed and They squeezed into the car. Amanda sat in front with Janet and Stephen sat between Melanie and Brad. .Melanie could tell Stephen was tense. ”Are you alright?” She squeezed his hand. “I don’t know what to do.” He told her. “How can I ever face my friends now that they know I’m living like this?” “If they are really your friends, it won’t bother them.” Melanie told him and he almost believed her. “What if it does?” He felt like he was about to cry. “Then you have real friends here.” Melanie said. “Who?” “Me.” She smiled at him. “And Brad.” she shot Brad a look to tell him he’d better agree. “Yeah.” Brad confirmed. “We are your friends.” Part of Stephen was certain that they were just saying that to be nice but he ignored that and let himself feel comforted by their reassurance. Janet dropped Melanie and Brad off at Melane’s place before finally going home. Stephen had wet during the long drive and Janet asked Amanda to change him while she called Tanya. Amanda took Stephen to his room and changed him out of his wet disposable and into a cloth diaper and plastic panties. When they emerged, Janet had finished her call. “Tanya is on her way.” She informed them. Half an hour later, Tanya arrived. “Come with me to Stephanie’s room.” Janet said. “Everyone.” Tanya was confused but went with her mother. Amanda and Stephen followed behind into the room. There was a cloth diaper folded on the change mat. Next to it was a pair of baby blue plastic panties and a matching t-shirt. “You called me here to change his diaper?” Tanya asked. “No. That’s your diaper.” Janet explained. “I know you’ve been blackmailing Stephanie. This is your punishment.” “What makes you think I’ll let you put me in diapers?” Tanya demanded. “I moved out. You can’t punish me.” “If you don’t do as you are told then Robbie will find out about the guys you cheated on him with.” Janet threatened. “For how long?” Tanya knew she had to play along. “One week.” Janet said. “Longer if you misbehave.” “But I have to go to work.” Tanya almost whined. “You can wear disposable diapers under your work clothes.” Janet told her. “I’ll come by and change you during your lunch break.” Tanya wanted to argue more but she knew nothing would get her out of this. “Whatever.” “Get undressed and lay down on the diaper.” Janet directed her. “With them watching?” Tanya indicated Stephen and Amanda. “You don’t need to be shy.” Janet told her. “Stephanie is a little girl like you and Amanda is going to be helping me change you this week.” With a sigh, Tanya turned away from them and stripped down to her bra and panties. “Underwear too.” Janet told her. Tanya reached back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Finally she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Avoiding everyone’s eyes, she laid down on the thick material, with her arms crossed across her chest, and stared at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe she was letting herself be humiliated like Amanda’s loser husband. Amanda and Stephen watched as Janet wrapped the diaper snugly around Tanya and pinned it in place. Next, Janet put Tanya’s feet through the plastic panties and pulled them up her legs and over her padded bottom. Finally, Janet helped Tanya off the bed and pulled the t-shirt on over her head. Tanya didn’t look at anyone. Instead, despite knowing she didn’t want to see it, she checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked as ridiculous as she felt. “How am I going to explain this to Robbie?” She asked herself more than anyone else. “Can you watch the girls for me?” Janet asked Amanda. “I need to go pick up Tanya’s work clothes from her place because she’s going to be sleeping over here this week.”. “No problem, Mom” Amanda smiled, looking at her two baby sisters. “Should we go to the park?” “No!” Tanya’s eyes went wide in panic. “You can’t take me outside like this.” Amanda laughed. “Fine. We can play in the backyard.” Tanya didn’t like the idea but it was better than the park. Amanada led them outside, Tanya waddled awkwardly in her thick diapers while Stephen had mastered walking with the padding between his legs. She sat them down in the sandpit. “Now play nicely you two.” She told them, getting them the buckets and spades from the cubby house before, finding a comfortable chair to watch them from. “I can’t believe I’m stuck in diapers with you.” Tanya complained. Stephen ignored her and focussed on building a sand castle. “I am definitely sending those photos to all of your friends now.” She said. “Go ahead.” It felt good to finally stand up to her.. “They already know everything.” “Smile!” Amanda called out from her chair. She had her phone pointing at them. “No.” Tanya Panicked. “Don’t!” Stephen just smiled for the photo. “Adorable.” Amanda, looked at the photo. “Maybe we can get that one framed.” Tanya pouted, hoping Amanda was joking. By the time Janet got back, Tanya already needed to pee. She held on, hoping that she would get a chance to sneak away and use the toilet. When Janet called her and Stephen for dinner she had still not found such an opportunity and she was absolutely bursting. It was obvious to the others but nobody said anything. They just waited for the inevitable. Next to each of their plates was a bib. A blue one for Tanya and a red one for Stephen. Amanda sat in with Stephen and fastened his bib. “Thank you, Amanda.” Stephen said as she started feeding him. Janet did the same for Tanya but got no thanks. Stephen cooperated with Amanda, happily letting her shove spoonfuls of food into his mouth. It was too embarrassing for Tanya. She kept her mouth clamped shut, causing Janet to smear food across her face. Stephen smiled as he chewed between mouthfuls. He remembered when he had been that difficult. He was much happier being a good little girl. By the time their dinner was finished, Tanya had lost the battle with her bladder and soaked her diaper. Janet took them both to the bathroom. She started filling the tub then undressed Stephen. Once he was stripped completely naked, she reached for Tanya’s t-shirt. “Wait.” Tanya stepped away from her. “You’re putting us in the bath together?” “Yes.” Janet stepped closer and pulled Tanya’s t-shirt off. “I put you and Amanda in the bath together when you were little.” “But...” Tanya had no argument and let her mother pull her plastic panties down and unpin her diaper. The soggy diaper fell heavily to the tiled floor. The yellow stains left no doubt what she had done. Despite her embarrassment, it felt good to no longer have the wet fabric against her skin. Janet helped them both into the bath, first Stephen at one end, then Tanya at the other. Tanya crossed her arms over her breasts and they both awkwardly avoided looking at each other. Janet washed Stephen first. He was now accustomed to the routine and helpfully moved when needed to let her scrub him all over. Tanya was less cooperative. She held her arms firmly across her chest. “Move your arms please.” Janet asked when she got to Tanya’s chest. “I don’t want him to see my boobs.” Tanya complained. “Don’t be silly. You’re just a little girl. You don’t have breasts.” Janet said. “Now move your arms or you’ll get a spanking.” Tanya reluctantly moved her arms away from her chest while still trying to block Stephen’s view. It was good enough for Janet and she finished washing her daughter. She then helped both of them out of the tub and wrapped them in towels before leading them to Stehpen’s room. She folded Tanya’s bedtime double diapers and then pulled the towel away from her. “Lay down.” Tanya did as she was told and her mother powdered her and pinned her into the extra-thick diapers then dressed her in yellow plastic panties and a short yellow nightdress. “You can go watch TV with Amanda.” She told Tanya as she started folding Stephen’s diapers. Tanya waddled out to find Amanda on the sofa. Amanda managed to stop herself from laughing but couldn’t hide her smile when she saw her sister in that state. Tanya went to sit on the far end of the sofa. “The sofa is for grownups.” Amanda pointed at Stehpen’s blanket. “Babies sit on the floor.” Tanya glared at her but sat where she was told. It felt weird. It was like she was carrying a cushion stuck to her bottom. Janet and Stephen soon joined them. Stephen was in a pink nightdress, in the same style as Tanya’s, and matching pink plastic panties. Janet sat down on the sofa near Amana and Stephen joined Tanya on the blanket. He played with the toys for a little while but grew tired of that. He looked back at Janet and she smiled at him. She knew what he wanted. “Come cuddle with Mommy.” She patted the cushion next to her. He eagerly left Tanya and climbed onto the sofa to cuddle with Janet. “Seriously?” Tanya rolled her eyes at him but he didn’t care. Too soon, Janet declared “It’s bedtime for Stephanie and Tanya.” Stephen sighed but got up to follow her. Tanya wanted to complain but being in bed was probably better than sitting out in the living room with her diapers on display. She followed behind Stephen. In Stephen’s room, Janet checked both of their diapers then pulled back the covers of Stephen’s bed. Stephen climbed in and clutched Felicity. “Where am I going to sleep?” Tanya stood with her hands on her hips but, dressed as she was, it only made her look like a pouty toddler. “You can share with Stephanie.” Janet said. “Her bed is more than big enough for two little girls.” “No!” Tanya stamped her foot. “I’m not sleeping with him!” “That’s it.” Janet sat on the edge of the bed. “Get across my lap.” “No way.” Tanya insisted. “I’m not letting you spank me.” “Then I’ll just call Robbie right now.” Janet threatened. “Okay.” Tanya tried to negotiate. “I’ll share the bed.” “I know you will.” Janet said, patting her lap. “But you need to be punished for talking back.” Resigned to her fate, Tanya bent across her mother’s lap. Janet pulled down the back of Tanya’s plastic panties and diapers. Stephen couldn’t see her bare bottom from where he was but he could see her face. She glared angrily at him but her expressions turned to shock when Janet’s hand came down hard on her bottom. Tanya’s bottom grew more sensitive with each blow and soon it was stinging. “Please stop.” She begged. Janet kept going until Tanya was sobbing. Stephen watched the tears streaming down her cheeks. Recalling his own spankings, he couldn't help feeling a little sorry for her. When the spanking finally finished, Janet pulled Tanya’s diapers and plastic panties back up and gave her a hug. Tanya submissively allowed herself to be tucked in next to Stehpen. While the bed was big enough to fit both of them, it didn’t give them much personal space. Their bulky diapers were squashed against each other. Janet handed Tanya her old teddy bear. “You remember Penelope?” She read them a bedtime story and then kissed them each on the forehead. “Good night, Mommy.” Stephen said. “Good Night, Stephanie.” Janet replied. “Good night, Tanya.” Tanya didn’t reply. “I think I’m going to have to work on your manners this week.” Janet told her daughter as she turned off the light. Stephen had nothing to say to Tanya and she was too ashamed after crying in front of him to say anything to him so they laid there in silence until they eventually fell asleep, wondering what the next week would bring.
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