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Found 7 results

  1. I have found the largest baby diapers in the world! Being a diaper collector I have searched all over collecting the largest sizes in baby diaper lineups. They are called Darlings baby diapers. this is the size 7 (largest size they actually manufacture). They are rated at 24-36kg children, or the average 6-12 year old child. Measurements are the same as the GoodNites and DryNites size XL. They are manufactured in Kuwait and only available to the people of Kuwait. A great find for collectors! I have some sealed unopened packages of these Diapers as well as samples available for sale or trade. Would like to talk with other collectors whi collect the same kind of diapers. See images.
  2. Mamia Baby Diapers

    So I was out shopping at yesterday and I walked past the diaper isle and noticed a new package that I hadn't seen before. They were bigger than the Junior size and had a purple packaging. On the front they were sized as XL diapers for older kids and I am pretty sure that the weight measurement was 30kg+. Just wanted to know whether anyone else has seen these before or tried them. They were on sale at $8 and 40c a diaper and the pack is normally $10 Thanks.
  3. I mentioned this in another thread and have wanted to share this with the group. As most here know, adult diapers are not cheap. Most AB/DL style diapers average $3 each. If you don't already do this, I wanted to share what I do to make my diapers last longer. Here's what you'll need to do it the best way. You may want to improvise to save more. Your favorite brand of adult diaper opened and lying flat. A package of any brand &/or size of baby diapers. I prefer Pampers size 7 for maximum absorbency. A can of Scotch Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive spray. Another adhesive, even glue will work. But this dries fast and easy. A box cutter with a sharp blade. Otherwise a pair of scissors &/or sharp knife. After you have all these things or something similar, have them close by and ready. That way you won't apply the adhesive, then have to go looking for your diaper. Most cloth backed baby diapers are made the same way, so this should work with most brands. Take the baby diaper and unfold it with the inside facing you. Look for where the elastic gathers are joined with the baby diaper. Start to slowly peel away the elastic along with the tabs from the center core of the diaper. Do this on both sides. It may take a few times to get the hang of it. Take your time... Then turn the diaper around and try to find where the cloth cover attaches. You should be able to peel this off in one big piece. Once removed, save it and use it for the next part. You should now have the baby diaper with a plastic back and no tabs or elastic on it. Lay it flat with the plastic side facing up on the cloth cover you removed. This keeps the padding clean and dry. Next take your knife or cutter and carefully slice down the center of the plastic cover. This shouldn't require much pressure with a sharp instrument. If using scissors carefully make small cuts all over. Some of the inside crystal gel beads may come loose. It is safe and just messy if you move around the diaper. So keeping your adult diaper on another surface or some distance from the prep area is a good idea. Next you
  4. Sissy Bunnies

    These are my two sissy bunny boys, both from Build A Bear. Mopsy is wearing yellow bows and Honey is wearing pink. Both are in poofy baby Looney Tunes diapers, size 5 with size 3 underneath as stuffers for extra bulk.
  5. I know this thread has been done before but there are some new baby diapers out there and I was wondering which work best as a stuffer. I'm specifically interested in best capacity and also which swell the most. I've only used Luvs (size 5) and have been really impressed with their capacity, swelling and they don't clump much if at all. Please let me know what your experience has been.
  6. This may have been asked before, but why not another shot? If you think about it, we have 3 major diaper generations right now. There’s what's known as the "Baby Boomers". They only had cloth diapers with plastic pants. Disposable diapers were at most an idea in the 1950's of a P&G developer, Vic Mill's, the inventor of Pampers. Sometime in the early 60's Pampers were a luxury item sold in department stores and worn on special occasions. The idea of Pampers was to be a diaper and plastic pants all in one. Their slogan was, "Instead of a diaper, Pampers" Even though, they still leaked. So, plastic pants were still often used for early disposables as well. I was born in 1967 when Pampers had their wing folded design. Disposables were beginning to be an alternative to cloth. Even if a child wore cloth at home, some like me wore Pampers more regularly. Especially when doing things away from home. My memory of being “allowed” to wear diapers as a Toddler goes back to remembering a box of Pampers that were mine. The box was Purple and diapers were sized to fit Toddlers. This was around 1969-1970. I'd love to have a box of them now. Back then, it was thought that if a child wasn't potty trained before 3 years old, it was considered as abnormal. Fastening Tapes came to be a part of disposables in the early 1970's. During that time, there were a couple other brands. Johnson & Johnson disposable diapers were popular for those who wanted an alternative to Pampers. Huggies and Luvs were introduced in the late 70's and then the diaper wars began... First, came the double and then triple elastic hourglass shape diapers for a better fit between the legs and less leakage. Originally, thick was in. Then an absorbing gel was invented, reducing the need for so much cotton fluff to absorb wetness. Then there's the Pull Ups generation. You "Kid's" were (are) so lucky, IMHO. New diapers of different brands, cute prints and larger sizes were made. Bedwetting especially got easier as diapers and/or Pull Ups could be worn into later childhood if needed. Some are from the internet generation and knew at an early age you weren't alone to actually like wearing diapers. I loved the gender specific diapers of the early 90's. I sometimes bought girl diapers for fun. They didn't quite fit me anymore. So I’d wear them inside my undies like a pad. They would shift around but still felt good to wear. So what kind and or brand of diapers did you wear as a baby or into your childhood?
  7. http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_9990000076011232P?prdNo=23&blockNo=23&blockType=G23 Mouse over the picture and look at the diaper itself.... ABU's??