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  1. Mamia diapers for older kids at Aldi.

    I wrote i post about this a while back asking whether or not anyone else had seen these at the shops. I saw them about August last year and had not seen them in July so they are a newish product I would say but i cannot find anything about them online.
  2. Hi All, I;m looking for a story that I recently read but can't find. I think it is on fox tale times and is called something like the nursery masters apprentice. It is about a girl who accidently falls into a diapering machine invented by the man whos son she is babysitting. Thanks
  3. Mamia Baby Diapers

    So I was out shopping at yesterday and I walked past the diaper isle and noticed a new package that I hadn't seen before. They were bigger than the Junior size and had a purple packaging. On the front they were sized as XL diapers for older kids and I am pretty sure that the weight measurement was 30kg+. Just wanted to know whether anyone else has seen these before or tried them. They were on sale at $8 and 40c a diaper and the pack is normally $10 Thanks.