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  1. Dearly Beloved “Stephanie Sweeney, you come out of that bed right now,” Kate sighed in frustration as she yanked on the covers. The mound of ivory and green blankets wrapped themselves ever more tightly. Despite their size, Stephanie’s bare legs stuck out from one end while strands of her crisp wheat colored hair stuck out of the other end. The mound turned itself into a circle. “No way Jose, I am a warm cinnamon roll,” Steph protested. Kate sighed in frustration before dropping the covers and waiting. The mound of blanket shaped itself into a funnel from which two eyes were poking out, “Catherine Sweeney, are you still there?” “Yes I’m still here you dork,” Kate snapped as she grabbed the blankets again and tugged, ripping them clean off the bed. Blankets free, Steph stretched out to her full length, feet dangling off the edge of their queen mattress, hair framing the delicate features of her face. She wore a pink camisole but was otherwise naked. “Steph, what happened to your panties?” Steph giggled coyly as she bit her lip and seductively flexed her hips, slowly spreading her legs. She put all of herself on display. “Why Mrs. Sweeney, you’ve put me in a most compromising position. Anything could happen.” Kate licked her lips as the familiar rhythm of her heart amped itself up. Primary school as friends, High School as girlfriends, College as lovers, and then five years of married life. From the innocent pitter-patter she had felt as a girl but couldn’t understand to the drumbeat of adult passion, she was grateful that the excitement had never died. She couldn’t help but be drawn into Steph’s beckoning to come hither. “Why Mrs. Sweeney,” Kate replied as she leaned in for a kiss. “Don’t you know we both have work today. Now is hardly the time for bestial acts of carnal lust.” “I can’t help myself,” Steph pouted as she wrapped her hands around the back of Kate’s neck and pulled her in tight. “Just the sight of you fills my mind with the most ungodly of thoughts. My little pocket wife I just want to hear you make little squeeks of satisfaction all day long. Kate wasn’t exactly pint sized, though at around five feet tall she was by no means large. Less then one percent of American women were over six feet tall however. Lucky for me, Kate thought, that much more of her to love. The squeeks Steph was asking for came fast as her arm drifted between Kate’s legs and began to play. The gentle waves of pleasure washed over Kate like a current. What strength she had left to prop herself up fled and she fell into Steph’s body, he giant wife’s arms quickly wrapping around her and squeezing tightly. “Seriously though,” she said after taking a few moments to indulge. “Let me up, please? I’ve got to get to work.” She pulled herself away as Stephanie’s arms released their hold over her. “How many dead bodies are you looking at today?” Steph asked as she rolled over from the spot she had been laying in and propped herself up in the bed. “Hopefully none,” Kate replied as she snatched her phone from the dresser. “No text messages last night,” she turned to face Stephanie, letting the phone dance in her hands. “I guess that means no one was murdered, I…uhhh Steph?” “Hmm?” Steph was sitting cross-legged on the bed, the traces of a seductive little smirk still on her face as she blatantly undressed Kate with her eyes. “Are those…skid marks?” Kate’s upper lip curled in disgust. Stained into the bedsheets right where Steph had been lying were two very unpleasant looking spots in the filthiest of colors. “Oh?” Steph spun her head back, glancing at the streaks. “Whoops.” “‘Whoops’? Are you hecking serious right now?” Kate asked. She dramatically flared her nostrils as if an odious stench had crept into them. The unconcerned look in her wife’s face continued t to enrage her. “Don’t just keep sitting in it!” She grabbed her arm and yanked her, pulling her up into a standing position. “It’s….oww! I didn’t mean to,” Steph protested. “Ugh, just get in the shower while I wash the sheets.” Kate groaned. “I dun wanna,” Steph stamped her foot like an impatient toddler. “Just get in the shower you dirty girl,” Kate snapped as she shoved Steph towards the bathroom door. “Honestly, who above the age of three argues about getting into the shower. I’ll hose you down myself if you don’t get in there.” Steph wiggled her eyebrows, “That does sound like fun.” “IT WON’T BE A SEXY SHOWER!” Kate screeched as she pulled the door shut. “I better hear water coming out of that showerhead.” There was a muffled response from the bathroom but it was soon followed by the sound of running water. Kate had to choke back bile as she pulled the sheets from the bed. She could do nothing but stare at the soiled markings. Steph had never been the most hygenic girl but somehow this felt like an awful escalation of some of her worst tendencies. When Steph emerged she did look much fresher. Her skin had turned a tender shade of pink and the fresh scent of lilac soap emanated from her body. At least she had made an effort. “I made your breakfast,” Kate waved her hand at the table. “Sorry Mrs. Sweeney but I’m gonna be late for work if I don’t get going.” She gave Steph a peck on the cheek as she pushed herself towards the exit. “Thanks Mrs. Sweeney,” Steph replied as she sat down at the table, fork practically in hand. “I don’t deserve you.” “I know you don’t,” Kate grinned as she left. * *. * “I mean I don’t want to hecking complain but it was beyond nasty. Then I had to pour on a fake smile because I didn’t want her day to start with her wife being furious with her. She’s under enough pressure already but, I mean, what’s next? Do I have to wipe her ass?” Kate scowled into her phone. She was curled up in her car. The engine was running and the heat was pouring out of the vents as toasty as she could get it. A sprinkling of snow outside threatened absolutely frigid conditions. She sipped from a styrofoam cup. Gas station cappuccino. Her stomach would hate her later. “Would you wipe her ass if she asked you to?” the woman on her phone asked. A pair of thick glasses framed a face whose natural smoothness was giving way to age lines. Salt and pepper hair hung from her head in a sensible bun. A white medical coat hastily tossed over a short sleeve shirt left Kate envious. Kate’s therapist was in southern California. “What kind of question is that?” Kate asked as she took another pull from her drink, enjoying the feeling of sugar and carbohydrates rushing about her body and flushing her skin. “Of course I’d wipe her ass if she asked me too. Why do you think I’m so mad? Of course I’d like her to have better hygiene but, like, if that’s what it took, I’d scrub her every day.” “It sounds to me like you want to baby her,” her therapist replied. “Don’t you think she should learn how to take care of herself?” “Are you kidding,” Kate laughed. “I’ve been taking care of her since we were five years old! Do you know in kindergarten I gave her my juice box every day? She never got to school with a drink.” “Then maybe you’re not helping her,” her therapist replied. “You’re enabling her. She’s been dependent on you ever since you were kids. She doesn’t know how to handle grown up things because you’re always there to do them for her.” Kate blinked. “Is that a bad thing? I mean, I love her. I want to do things for her.. If she’s dependent on me, that’s pretty…” she let the thought linger in the air. Stephanie wasn’t exactly a defenseless woman. She played center professionally. When they were in grade school she could already bodycheck all the boys. Hell, she could probably play in the NBA and still be one of the best in the league. The thought of Stephanie Sweeney curled up in a pathetic little ball of uselessness because she couldn’t pop the top on a can of fruit was stimulating. It’s ok Steph, here let me do it for you. Kate had a rather good idea of what her therapist was going to tell her. Was she enabling Stephanie? Of course she was. She reveled in enabling Stephanie to be a co-dependent pile of nerves. No matter how strong, fast, and powerful she was to the public, to millions of fans, Kate got to see that special side of Steph that no one else did. So what her therapist said next shocked her, “Not at all.” “Huh?” Kate blinked. “I thought you were going to tell me I needed to stop doing things for her.” Her therapist smiled, “What you need is just a bit more patience. You know how a mother gets really frustrated but somehow always manages to keep it together? I think that’s the best way to deal with your wife Mrs. Sweeney.” “You want me to be my wife’s mom?” Kate arched her eyebrow. “Not exactly,” her therapist replied. “Hold on, let me share my screen with you.” She pressed a button on her keyboard and a static black and white spiral appeared on Kate’s phone. With another movement of her mouse, the spiral began to spin. “What’s this supposed to be hypnotism?” Kate asked. “Don’t be silly!” her therapist answered. “You can’t hypnotize someone like on television. And who ever heard of getting hypnotized over a Zoom call? No, this is just a relaxation technique. Do me a favor Mrs. Sweeney and just stare into the center of the swirl.” “Ok,” Kate shrugged. Why not, what’s the worst that could happen? She stared at her phone for a couple of seconds and had to admit that she felt a bit more calm. Her coffee sloshed around in her hands and had it not been covered, it surely would have been all over her sweater. She clumsily sat it back in the drink holder, her eyes never moving from her screen. “Are you looking at the spiral Kate?” “Uh-huh….” Kate trailed off. The spiral was round. It kept spinning. She felt good when the spiral kept spiraling just like a spiral that spiraled around in a spiral over and over again just like a spiral spiralling. Her trail of thought brook as she let out a soft google. “I’m looking at the spiral doctor….” “Does it make you feel good?” “It makes me feel spirally,” Kate snickered, “like I’m all gloopy.” “Well, let’s see if we can’t reform that gloop just a teensy bit,” the therapist said. “Now Kate, I want you to listen very closely to my instructions.” Kate could hear her therapist talking. She knew the words but couldn’t put them together. Yet, somehow, new ideas were beginning to take shape in her mind. She suddenly had quite a few ideas about how she should deal with little Stephy. By the time the spiral disappeared from the screen to be replaced by her therapist’s face, she already quite knew what she wanted to do that night. * * * The workout had been intense, which was just the way Steph liked it. Another member of the team was in town over the winter and they’d met up for some one on one and a tour through the gym. All of her muscles had been touched and her limbs felt like they were on fire. She was parked back on the couch at home with a towel wrapped around her neck. She felt a little bad about how the morning had gone. It wasn’t that she tried to be slovenly or even hated being clean. A hot shower or a good steam bath after a nice workout was heavenly after all. She just never seemed to get it. Plus, as bad as she’d felt about the whole thing, Kate had just made it right with a smile. Somehow not cleaning had led to a delicious home cooked breakfast. So obviously the wifey wasn’t that upset. “I’m home sweetie!” the door had opened and a voice called from the front door. Steph lifted herself up on the couch and stared across. A mound of boxes piled into Kate’s hands towered over her head. “You went shopping? How much did you buy?” she leapt from the couch and moved to Kate, scooping the boxes from her hands. “Be careful Stephy, those boxes are heavy!” Kate said. “I mean it’s fine?” Steph was a bit confused. She always did the heavy lifting. Kate wasn’t out of shape but she didn’t exactly hit the bench either. “What is all this junk anyway?” Kate giggled coyly, “Presents for my Superstar Princess of course!” She had a vacant look in her eyes as if she was having trouble focusing. Had she been drinking? No, definitely not. She hadn’t taken something had she? “Really?” Steph picked up one of the boxes and examined it. It was fairly large but made of plain cardboard. The store shipping labels were on it but there was no indication of what actually was inside. It was postmarked to a drop off location. Kate had ordered all of this same day shipping for pickup? Why? “What’s in this one?” “Do you want to know baby?” Kate grinned as she wrapped her hands around Steph’s neck. Steph couldn’t help but let out a low moan of pleasure as her wife’s tongue made its way along her earlobe, caressing the side of her face. Kate whispered as her tongue retracted, “I’ll have to show you in the bedroom.” “Mmm, I’d love to,” Steph pecked Kate on the cheek. “But I am exhausted, I did a hard burn today at the gym. Unless you want me to just lie there.” She had returned to the couch and Kate descended upon her knees, straddling both of them and pinning her against the sofa. “That will be perfect actually,” she said. “Then I’ll have you right where I want you. You’ll be helpless, my prisoner” “Kinky,” Steph beamed. “But you know I’m not into chains and things, I hope that’s not what we’re doing.” “Of course not,” Kate replied. “I’d never tie up my little Stephy…unless she was a really bad girl. You’ve been good today, right?” “I’m too tired to be naughty,” Steph replied. “Come on then,” Kate stood back up and lifted Steph’s hand, pulling on it. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. She selected two of the boxes, scooped them under one arm, and held Steph’s hand with the other. Steph allowed herself to be guided into the bedroom. “Ok, arms up!” “Uhh, maybe it would be easier if I undress myself…” Kate’s head didn’t quite come up to Stephanie’s shoulders. There was no way she’d…”huh?” Kate had grabbed the bottom of Steph’s shirt and yanked upward with such force that Steph ended up stooping slightly and Kate was able to pull the entire shirt off. It happened so quickly that Steph barely registered the action. Her shorts and underwear came next, then her socks. Kate took off everything. “Alright, can you lie down in the exact center of the bed sweetie?” Kate asked. “And spread your legs a little, ok?” Wow she wants access already. Is she trying to make up for this morning? “Oh and close your eyes?” “Why is that?” Steph asked. They usually didn’t do this kind of thing. It was exciting but also a bit frightening. When they made love, both of them chased what they wanted. Kate was asking to top her in a way they’d never tried before. “Sweetie, if you don’t listen, I’m going to blindfold you.” And what was with “sweetie?” Steph didn’t hate it but it wasn’t a common pet name that Kate dropped for her. Steph shrugged as she set her head against the pillow and snapped her eyes shut. Well just relax and see what she has in store for you. Steph could hear the sound of boxes being cut into and pulled open. Packing material was crinkled and set aside. Plastic torn. More crinkling. A lot more crinkling. How much crinkling was there? Steph wanted to sneak a peek but Kate had obviously worked hard on this scenario and she wanted to see it through. “I know this will be hard but can you lift up slightly for me sweetie?” Kate asked. Without opening her eyes, Steph followed her instruction and raised he butt. She could hear a crinkling sound and then an, “Ok you can sit back down,” from Kate. She was on top of some sort of pad now. It was soft and comfortable but crinkled ever so slightly as Steph sat on top of it. The smell of fresh powder hitting her nose helped her put two and two together. Kate wasn’t really…her eyes flew open and she watched in horror as Kate brought the front of a massive diaper up around her crotch. “Kate, what is this?” “It’s a diaper sweetie.” “I know that, why are you putting me in one?” “Because your mushy little squishbutt may not be clean and I don’t want to wake up with soiled sheets again,” Kate answered. “That’s not funny,” Steph scowled. “You’re being a bit of a bully Mrs. Sweeney.” “You can call me mommy sweetie,” Kate grinned as she taped the diaper into place. She leaned forward again and kissed Steph’s forehead as her hand patted the front of Steph’s diaper, the loud crinkle was now unmistakable. “Look, just get up so I can take this off,” Steph replied. “I’m sorry but I am really not into this roleplay scenario at all.” “Are you saying you don’t like your diaper?” Kate asked. “Not at all.” “We’ll have to change that then.” Kate replied with sinister glee as she produced a vibrating wand. She dropped the wand to Steph’s diaper, dragging the nub along the front of it. “Come on Kate, I really want you to sto…..oh!” Kate had turned the vibrator on and pushed it between Steph’s legs. The padding of the diaper pushed against her as the vibration rumbled through her body. Kate knew just the right spots to hold the wand to trigger Steph. The wave built quickly and within a matter of seconds, Steph felt like her body was ready to cry out in joy. “Stephy, sweetie, do you want to make cummies?” “Uh-huh….” Steph didn’t even care that the weird roleplay was disturbing. Kate had been so forceful about build up her arousal that her brain had already fogged up. She could only think about how good it would feel to melt in Kate’s hand. “Say it,” Kate said. She had lifted the wand upwards slightly. It still felt really good but was just missing the critical spot that would allow Steph to continue building to a rapturous climax. “So you want to make cummies.” “I…” it was actually kind of embarrassing. ‘Cummies’ come on that was a weird fetish thing to say but she wanted to let Kate know it was working. She had to say it, “I want to make cummies.” “Where do you want to make cummies?” “Uh…” where were they going with this? In the diaper? Oh that was embarrassing too. Was this a shame thing? Kate teased her briefly in a great spot before lifting the wand again, “Where do you want to make cummies Stephy?” “I want to make cummies in my diaper!” Steph shrieked. Wailing it out and getting it out there would let them both move on. Yes, she’d surrender to her wife. She’d get that rush. Then later she could lay down the law about this being weird. Kate sighed and shook her head, pulling the wand away and clicking the switch over. “That’s a shame, only good girls who like their diapers get to make cummies in them.” “But I…” Steph swallowed. Did she like it? Not really. It was definitely weird. But damn she needed to cum now. She needed it. “I do like my diapers, uh, mommy. I like them a lot!” “I don’t believe you.” Kate clicked the vibrator back on but instead ran it gently across her chest. A touch of scarlet came into her cheeks. “Mmmm, it does feel good. I wish I had a good little diaper loving girl who could feel it.” Damn it, how far is this going to go. “That’s me mommy, I’m your good little diaper loving girl. I love my diapers sooo much~~~” Steph felt like an idiot. If this ever left the bedroom… Kate clicked the wand off again and stared directly into Steph’s eyes, a wicked grin plastered on her face. “Prove it.” “How do I do that?” “That’s easy,” Kate said as she slid back slightly. Steph would easily be able to extract herself from the bed now and walk away. “A good little girl is going to wet her diapees instead of making a mess out of mommy’s bed.” “You can’t be serious.” The thought instantly cooled Steph off. She might not be the cleanest person around but she wasn’t going to just piss herself like a dumb baby. “I guess you need another taste,” Kate replied as she pinned Steph’s legs again, turned the vibrator on, and thrust it into the center of the diaper. She let it dig deeper and deeper until Steph was shrieking with pleasure. She had a thought to control her sounds so that Kate wouldn’t know how close she was but Kate knew. Kate knew enough to bring her right to the top of the mountain and then take the wand away. “Please…” Steph hated to beg but she needed it so bad. Maybe if she leaned into the roleplay, “Please mommy…please let me cum in my diaper.” Kate pressed her lips against Steph’s before lifting her head and tracing her tongue along Steph’s face, working her way to Steph’s ear. “You know what I want to see sweetie. This can all end when you show me how committed you are to the diapers I put you in.” “I…can’t do that Kate,” Steph had tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry…I can’t do that!” “Are you coming down again?” The vibrator was back on Steph’s diaper. “I can bring you to the top all night long if I have to. You will make cummies for your mommy my sweet little Stephy and you will do it after you show mommy how much you love your diapers. Just surrender, it’s so much easier if you let mommy take care of everything.” “What’s with you?” Steph gasped. “You’ve never been this aggressive before.” “Mommy had a little talk with her therapist today,” Kate replied. “She taught me how to help you with your tushy tantrum.” “Well, I’m not going to….ahhhh!” Steph let out another throaty moan as Kate returned the vibrator and continued to tease her. What the hell kind of therapist told someone to sexually assault their wife?! Still, Steph knew how easy it was to push Kate away and make sure she knew this should stop. Yet she couldn’t. She couldn’t. She wanted to cum. Oh god she wanted to cum. I’m not going to be able to hold out am I? She hated the idea of pissing herself. She had no idea how she’d be able to get off in a diaper soaked in her own urine. Maybe that would be for the best though. Have the most amazing climax she’d ever felt or get rid of the sex haze so she could get away from this. Both would work. All she had to do was… “Ok mommy, ok,” she gasped out between ragged breaths. Kate had just pulled the wand away again after letting her build up. “I’ll do it…I’ll prove I’m a good girl.” Kate beamed in triumph as she sat up and looked down at Steph’s diaper. “Well?” “It’s…I can’t just do it…you know?” Steph frowned. “Maybe if I sat on the toilet.” “You’re not going anywhere near a potty for a long time baby girl,” Kate replied. She squeezed Steph’s hands. “Your with mommy now, just relax. Everything is going to be ok if you just relax.” Just relax? Steph took in a deep breath and tried that. She just relaxed. Once it started, it was surprisingly easy. It was hot. She kind of knew it was hot but in a way it almost felt like she was boiling. Stewing in her own pee wasn’t so bad. The padding taped to her groin swelled up hungrily as it absorbed the liquid pouring out of her. She moaned slightly as she finished. As expected, whatever stimulation she had been feeling was gone. Sitting in a piss-soaked diaper was such a colossal turnoff that she sincerely doubted she’d be able to cum. That was fine, all she had to do was shove Kate off of her and make it clear they weren’t doing this ever again. Kate pushed her fingers against the sodden padding, inspecting the damage that Steph had down. A look of supreme satisfaction was carved into the soft flesh of her face. She poked a finger into the swollen diaper, allowing it to squish against Steph. “Thank you baby, you’ve made mommy very happy.” Steph had to look away, turning her head to the side. “I don’t know why you’d want me to piss in a diaper.” “Because mommy would rather have you make your messies in your diapees then all over the floor and furniture.” Kate replied. “And I think you’ll be happy with how tender mommy can be when you get your little didi changed.” “I really don’t like this Kate,” Steph struggled a bit. She could easily throw Kate to the ground if she wanted to but she would prefer Kate took the signal and just got off of her. “It’s disgusting. I am not into whatever weird kink this is.” “Well then,” the vibrator reappeared with a loud hum. “Mommy is just going to have to teach you how good a wet diaper feels.” Any illusion Steph had about not being able to come in a wet diaper vanished as Kate plunged the instrument into her puffed up padding. The ride back up the mountain was so fast and the climax so slow and endeering that Steph moaned until her voice was hoarse. “Mmm…nmmm….mommy…I’m cumming…I’m cumming in my diapee mommy!” “Good girl,” Kate kissed Steph on the head. “You’re such a good girl Stephy. You did such a good job. Mommy is very proud of you.” The clarity that came from having her craving satisfied was much needed. While it had been good, amazing even, Steph couldn’t help but think how much it disgusted her. Diapers? Watersports? She was absolutely not prepared to add this to their bedtime routine. “Kate, can you get off me? I really want to clean up.” The implication was clear. The game was over. “I just want you to promise me one thing,” Kate said as she slid off Steph. “Before you completely give up on doing things like this, promise me that you’ll have a session with my therapist.” “Sure,” Steph nodded. What was the harm in that? Fin A/N: Originally posted to my DeviantArt page on 06/15/24. Just a fun little quickie I wrote as a break from a larger project I am dealing with. I really had fun working on the banter in the first scene and kind of want to return to these characters some day.
  2. The start plays in my head how we got here, We had been friends since diapers, growing up I was always the defacto leader of us. As we grew through the years I used anything I could to tease you both in private and public, friends strangers it didnt matter to me. Giving wedgies and panting you were everyday things, the worst though was when ever I brought up your constant bed wetting and the never ending need for diapers. Even after you stopped and grew up bigger than me I used it to put you down, anyone new we would meet would quickly learn of it. I had just turned 19 and we both started college and decided to move in together it didnt take you long to discover my deepest seceret. The first time you had walked into my room early morning and caught me jerking my 3 inch dick. You quickly closed the door and never mentioned it but as the weeks went on a plan formed in your mind, maybe it was time for some revenge and take me down a few pegs. One night after getting super high a bet was made loser had to suck the winner off, an hour later found me naked on my knees, your load fresh on my face, and your phone up having filmed the whole thing with my hard peeppee hard as i passed out you locked a pink chastity on me, you were in control now. So this is kinda the flashback to how this story starts i would like to discuss where this might go and what you are willing to write. I try to write about that much at a time and I try to post daily at least.
  3. I have been putting together a guide based on the Diaper Dimension for a while now. Some of it is a little rough and it is by no means complete. As I have been reading the DD stories for far longer than I have been writing this guide, there are many stories that I have missed in putting in here. This will be an on-going process to add these stories and further authors who have contributed to this wonderful setting. When I started writing stories, I realized I wanted to inhabit the worlds others had already created, as they felt real and complex. While I will acknowledge that many of the stories could live in similar but still different dimensions, I noticed several similarities between many of the stories. As such, I have created this guide for anyone to use freely to create their own stories if they ever want to use part of the pre-existing lore. Due to the on-going creation of the DD, I have labeled this story as 'complete,' but as my vanilla job would like to say, it is a 'living' document. For those who don't know, this just means that the document will be submitted as a final form, but may often be updated as new information comes to light. Additionally, while it behooves me to post a link here rather than the actual information, the nature of this guide and the fact that I will still be updating it going forward, means posting it here in its entirety would be a bit of a pain. I may change my mind later, but I hope the link will work for now. https://www.wattpad.com/story/339576633-diaper-dimension-reference-guide *NOTE: Wattpad has since removed my account on there unforunately. I will leave this section up here for now though as a testament to it's original placement though. As before, however, further updates will be done on this page below regardless.
  4. Disclaimer I sampled The Hypnotist's Volunteer By Horatio Husky And basically removed the furry aspects among other changes in this rewrite The inside of the theatre was already packed and buzzing with various excited people chatting with each other as Terry walked over to his seat near the front aisles. Good thing I bought my seat ahead of time... but the traffic could have been better he mused to himself, as a feeling of annoyance and anxiousness entered his mind when he saw how many people he had to climb over to reach his seat. Several chatty people, a beautiful looking fox, and a particularly grumpy looking bear of a man sat between him and his seat. "Excuse me... Pardon me... Sorry excuse me!" The slightly nervous looking guy shuffled sideways through just as the lights in the theatre dimmed. An audible "Ooh!" came from the crowd, as purple smoke curled from a break in the curtains at center stage. As a blue spotlight shown down onto the parting in the curtains out strode a tall godess in billowing robes covered in large, silver, five-pointed stars. Her arms were raised above her head, as if she were about to embrace the skies above. Across her face was painted a knowing smile, and she cooly observed the crowd before her with perceptive eyes. With a voice as clear and piercing as water from a glacier, she exclaimed to her audience, "My name is Ashley! Master of the mind and sorceress of seduction! Observe my fair viewers, as tonight's performance shall demonstrate the true and vast abilities of hypnotism!" The crowd grew silent in anticipation, eager eyes watching and waiting to see what a godess with such gripping stage presence would do next. She lowered one of her arms and pointed a finger to her lips, surveying the seated furs in front of her slowly and methodically. "In order to demonstrate my connection with the ethereal and the mysterious I shall need a volunteer from the audience!" Her eyes landed on the guy who had just managed to settle down in his seat, his movement probably catching her eye. As her green eyes connected with his, his gaze to his feet and he kneaded his fists in his lap, praying that she wouldn't choose him. As his luck would have it, that day truly was not his. She pointed at him, white spotlights quickly swiveling and shining on top of him from three sources. He blinked and raised his hands in front of his eyes, temporarily blinded. The beautiful hypnotist proclaimed, "You there! I choose you as our volunteer! Does my audience agree!" The disgruntled looking man, who had been less than pleased at having his feet stepped on cheered loudly, "Yes! Pick him!" Terry's cheeks flushed bright scarlet as others joined in, suddenly finding himself surrounded by a large crowd of people egging him onto the stage. Fearing the retaliation of the crowd now if he refused, he took a deep internal breath and stood up, much to the gratification and cheering of the people around him. He shuffled back out of the aisle almost right after he had sat down, this time the people in his way even standing up for him to slip past. Before he had quite internalized that he was standing in front of several hundred people on stage, the fox found himself standing next to the beautiful godess, who as it just so happened, stood a good foot above him in height. "Thank you for agreeing to volunteer! Now then, what is your name, little guy?" Cheeks still flushed, and left ear twitching nervously, he responded into the microphone that a stage hand had rather abruptly thrust into his hands. "Urhm... My name is Terrence, Terry for short" he replied lamely, nerves fluttering as he reminded himself to take deep breaths. The hypnotist smiled approvingly, she raised her arms once more, vocating, "Everyone please give a round of applause for our volunteer, Terry!" The crowd complied with enthusiasm, Terry even hearing the sarcastic jeer of the man he had trod on exclaiming his amusement. As the crowd died down once more the Godess withdrew her hands from his shoulders, and turned to face him now directly. "Alright then Terry, follow my instructions closely. When I count to three I would like you to close your eyes and clear your mind as best as you can. Let the only thing that enters it be my voice and my voice only." Terry nodded, feelings of self-consciousness and apprehension poorly dampened by his vain attempts to calm himself down for her instructions. Ashley spoke slowly, her intense green eyes locked with his own, "One... Two... Three..." I obediently shut my eyes. "Now then little guy, today we're going to try a particular type of hypnotism often used as a therapy against those who find themselves having difficulty realizing their true desires and wants. We shall be engaging in a type of regressive therapy, particular that of behavioral control and internal sensual rearrangement. I will be in control of the entire process and shall administer it throughout. When I count to three once more, I will be holding a stopwatch in front of you. You are to look at it and not waver in your stare no matter what, as well as repeat exactly what I say after I say it, nod if you understand." Meekly, I bobbed my head, blond hair flopping slightly over his eyes which he quickly brushed away with a hand. "Alright, on the count of three open your eyes. One... Two... Three!" Terry opened his eyes, and was immediately transfixed by the golden, circular object hung by a chain before him. Ashley was much closer to him now, and he could feel her breath brushing against his face as she spoke to him, her voice blaring over the speakers with a surprising clarity that filled his mind. The pocket watch began to swing methodically side to side, his eyes following it intently and his jaw hanging slightly agape, but he didn't notice it. His mind was only filled with her words and the pocket watch, gracefully swinging back and forth at a steady pace. A tempo that he soon found himself lost in. He could faintly remember the Godess telling him to relax, as well as to open his mind to instructions. He repeated the lines dutifully, and knew that he said many more lines after that. But try as he might the moment he reiterated her instructions he forgot what exactly it was that he said. He felt those words settle deep inside of him, however. Locked in a place in his mind that his conscious thoughts couldn't access, but which his subconscious thinking knew was there deep inside of him. Try as he might he was so fixated with repeating the words and following the motions of the pocket watch he could not remember the words he repeated after her. Unbeknownst to him, his open mouth had now began to drool slightly, much to the stifled giggles of many of the people in the audience. Still he heard nothing except the hypnotist, and saw nothing except the swinging pocket watch. Suddenly, he heard a sharp snap. He shook his head, blinking wildly and staggering back a few steps. He realized that Ashley had snapped her fingers, shaking him out of his trance. He looked around confused, he seemed to now be fully aware of his surroundings, his mind writhed in complete and utter confusion. Did it work? Am I hypnotized? Why do I still feel awake? Is the whole thing over already? What did she make me do? But all I remember is the pocket watch and saying things... Maybe she failed? Maybe my head is too nervous or too strong to be hypnotized? Ashley spoke up now, pointing at his chest and in a different tone than the hypnotizing melody that came out of her lips before, issued an order, "Terry, take off your shirt at once!" Without thought the fox immediately felt his arms raising up as he gripped the collar of his shirt, swiftly pulling it off of himself and letting it fall from his hand to the floor. He frowned, and looked down confused at the shirt now lying in front of him. Huh? He thought to himself, confused. The crowd oohed and aahed in response, and the hypnotist looked very pleased with herself. "It would seem that it has worked perfectly! You, my dear little guy, are now under a state of hypnosis where you shall obey my commands!" The fox crossed his arms, the turmoil in his head manifesting itself in denial and rebellion. He shook his head, half trying to convince himself as he replied. "N-no I'm not, I did that of my own volition! I don't feel hypnotized I still feel like I'm awake?" The hypnotist cocked her eyebrow, a coy smile playing upon her lips as she shrugged her shoulders, clearly amused by Terry's attempts at convincing her that her hypnotic skills hadn't worked on him. In a tone of mock seriousness, she replied to him, "Alright then Mr. If you're so resistant to my hypnosis, then how come you really, really want to obey everything I'm going to tell you to do?" I digested this for an instant, before a feeling of dread filled his stomach as I came to the realization that her words resonated with truth. He did have a feeling inside of himself, like a nervous potential energy ready inside of him to obey whatever commands were to be issued by the kangaroo. He shook his head, eyes closed as if he were trying to shake those feelings and thoughts out of his head. Now the expression of the hypnotist changed to one of determination. Still smiling, she pointed at him, and twirled her finger around in a circle as she commanded. "Now, now then little guy. Lay down as I put you into more appropriate attire for somebody who's acting like a toddler." The crowd laughed at this, clearly excited to see whatever humiliating punishment the hypnotist was going to force onto me as a result of my lack of compliance. I was still convinced that I wasn't hypnotized, but I found myself to my slight horror immediately lying down on the stage floor, my arms above my head and legs down flat, unable to find the strength or will to get up. The hypnotist began to circle him slowly, examining him from all angles and tapping a finger against her lips repeatedly, as if pondering what exactly she should do with her entranced victim. "I think firstly we need to get something to make sure you don't leave any puddles on this stage, perhaps some more fitting underwear for our little guy!" She stopped pacing, standing by his head and snapped her fingers, then holding out an open palm. A stage hand quickly scuttled over, placing a rather large, pink diaper in her palms. The diaper he handed her was covered with ruffles on the back end and with a pattern of frilly pink bows and daisy flowers, she leaned forward and placed it on my chest. "Now Terry, be a good little guy and change yourself into this diaper to show everyone in the audience just how much of a little baby you are!" Terry scoffed, and shaking his head replied loudly that, he would do no such thing. However, to his great dismay he found himself unbuckling his pants and sliding them down his legs, his underwear following shortly after. He lay there, naked in front of hundreds of people that stared at him intently, many of which now were giggling or outright laughing at his naked person laying on the stage, spotlights almost blinding him and totally helpless under the commands of the hypnotist. Unwrapping the large diaper, he raised his bottom and slid it under himself. With an expertise that surprised him immensely he found himself bringing the forward part of the diaper over his crotch and taping up the sides. Sliding several fingers to bring out the leak guards he finished off by adjusting the back of the diaper and sliding it up for a snugger fit. WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?! His mind screamed at him, as he experienced only a slight relief from now being not completely naked in front of the crowd. He spluttered, shaking head once more and only managing to get out a weak, "I-I'm... I'm not... I'm not hypnotized I'm just... I'm..." "What? You're what now? A little baby who just put himself into a big sissy diaper because he knows he's too little to be expected to stay dry? Is that what you're trying to say?" The hypnotist cooed at him in a mocking fashion, snapping her fingers once more and pointing upwards. Immediately Terry pushed himself to his feet, and a sense of fight or flight took over his mind. He had to get out of there, but he found his body wouldn't listen to him. A thought bubbled up in his mind, he couldn't leave because the hypnotist wasn't allowing him. She gave him no orders to do so. This thought frightened the boy, and he grappled with it, still refusing to accept that he was hypnotized. The hypnotist stood behind him now, her presence looming up, out of his shadow as she spoke up once more. "Now then my little baby, why don't you show us just how little of a thing you are and just how much you need those diapers you just taped around your waist! Be a good little baby and pee in your diapers for me!" "Fat chance! I'm not going to do any such- oh my... what the hell?!" I looked down and suddenly brought a hand against my now well diapered front, as the audience began to erupt into loud laughter. I had begun to quite obvious soak the front of my diapers, the front turning an obvious darker shade of pink spreading out from the front and causing the diaper to swell. Not only was he wetting it, he was positively flooding it and he didn't stop for almost a whole minute. The entire time he protested loudly, trying to press the diaper against himself to stop the flood but his efforts were completely in vain. He grimaced and shook his head, No... I'm still completely aware of everything that's happening! He was about to turn around and seriously start chewing out the hypnotist for drugging me? Tricking me? I still don't... Seemingly out of nowhere a stage hand scurried over to the hypnotist, handing her what looked to Terry like a pile of pink, frilly cloth. Had one been paying particularly close attention, it would have been apparent that underneath the stage hand's black attire was a suspiciously familiar looking bulge around his middle, almost as if he too were wearing a particular type of underpants. Unfolding the article of clothing the hypnotist revealed the garment to in fact be a short, pink frilly dress, she smirked and spoke aloud, "Now, this is certainly a better match for what you really are, don't you think little guy?" She strode over and threw the dress over him, much to his indignation and spluttering. Before he knew it, she had him well fitted into the dress, he tried pulling the skirt down past his diaper to hide his soggy front, but found that it was by far too short and exposed his wet condition to the crowd quite obviously. "What's the matter little girl, feeling a little shy about showing everyone just how much of a wet baby you are?" The crowd's jeers rose in response as I felt a distinct blush rising in my cheeks in response to her teasing. His thoughts were left unfinished as she snapped her fingers once more, and commanded him in a loud, clear voice, "On your knees little one! Crawl around and show us just how little and helpless you are!" The crowd continued its jubilant noise as Terry found himself kneeling down and then getting onto his hands and knees. He crawled back and forth on the stage and around the hypnotist, the spotlight following him, and his wobbling, padded posterior, the entire way as his cheeks flushed bright crimson. It didn't help either that he was now stammering, practically babbling out his words of protest. And even though the microphone he had been handed earlier was long forgotten, lying on the stage floor where he had diapered himself, the crowd was able to just pick up the panicked gibberish coming from his mouth. The hypnotist pointed to the space in front of her, and in spite of himself the fox obediently crawled into the area she indicated. Reaching into her pocket she retrieved her next prop, and Terry found himself having yet another piece of humiliating clothing being put on him. Pink baby mittens and booties were securely bound around the ends of his limbs, preventing any hope of using his hands to free himself from his current get up or properly walk on his two feet, for he found the booties cumbersome and difficult to stand on. Each step in the overly padded footwear required him to wait for the cushion to settle under his weight before he was stable enough to take the next step. Standing him up again she once more in her authoritative voice, intoned,"Until I command otherwise, you shall find yourself struggling greatly to walk upright! After all, little ones just aren't old enough to know how to walk." Terry's knees wobbled, and with a yelp he found himself falling down onto his hands and knees. He tried to get up, but only found himself floundering further and unable to fully right himself, flailing his limbs as he groaned and grunted with effort, landing on his soggy bottom several times much to the great amuse of the crowd watching him. "S-stop that! I c-command you to stop doing this to me!" The hypnotist cocked an eyebrow, and leaned forward with her hand on her knees to peer down at the fox, a fierce glint in her eye. "What's that baby? You're trying to talk back to me? Command me? Oh the mere notion is absolutely hilarious! Now now, until I allow you to, you shall now only speak to me, and others, using babble! Like only the littlest of pathetic infants do!" Terry opened his mouth, now thoroughly peeved at his helpless nature, but he found that his tongue felt heavy and awkward in his mouth. It was almost as if he were trying to talk with a stranger's tongue instead of his own! "Bwahhhh ahhhh, nyeh... Nyah bwuw! Bwu wah g-gaah!" was all that the now thoroughly humiliated boy was able to blurt out, he reflexively moved his front hands to cover up his mouth, but being on all fours and doing so caused him to fall clumsily on his face, his well padded rear now raised up and facing the audience. The crowd was beginning to lose it, and jeers of hilarity reached his ears. "What a complete baby!" "My toddler has a better sense of balance!" "He's totally helpless!" "Oh my goodness, I'd be mortified!" "I bet he'll never hear the end of this!" "I wouldn't want to go back to work again on Monday if I were him..." "He just totally wet himself! In front of a crowd of people!" "I wonder if he really is just a baby in an adult's body..." Terry's cheeks flushed bright fire truck red, and he attempted to cover him his face to hide it, continuing to babble helplessly as he tried his best to form coherent words but only making more infantile noises. An almost vindictive look came across the hypnotist's contenance as she noticed his discomfort. Once more she reached within her pocket and retrieved a large, oversized pacifier. The hypnotist strode forward, and pushed the pacifier inside the mouth of the boy, who made a futile attempt to resist by trying to move his head away. He found, however, as her eyes fixated on his own, he couldn't look away no matter how hard he tried. As if placing a cherry atop a cake, she reached one last time into her pocket and pulled out a pink strap with a clip on the end. Leaning forwards she clipped it to the front of his dress while tying the string around the ring of the pacifier lodged in his mouth. The crowd, upon realizing what she had done, redoubled their orchestra of hysterics. Why can't I look away? Is this part of the hypnotism? Am I even hypnotized though? Why can't I shake myself from this?! Is it... am I enjoying this? I don't... I can't tell.. I don't think I've been this conflicted before... Ashley spoke, her tone now turning a little bit more sinister with a twist of almost gleeful sarcasm, "My my, it's been quite a while since our little stage baby has used his diapers! Does our little one have to go potty? Raising himself up again on all fours once more, he looked up at the hypnotist defiantly, and mustering all the conviction he could gather, he said slowly but deliberately through his pacified lips, "No!" The kangaroo cocked and eyebrow, and leaned in closer to the fox's face. "What was that, baby? I don't think Momma Alastair heard you quite right?" The boy frowned up at her in response, but his eye betrayed his true emotions. Still, gathering his mental fortitude, he managed to push himself up onto his two legs again, and wobbled a few steps forward, eliciting more amused responses from the crowd and even one from the hypnotist herself as she laughed openly. Now standing, he responded again, softer this time, "No..." "Haha! Look at you toddling around like a little 2 year old! Trying to show mommy that we're all big and grown up?" The boy grimaced to himself, as his arms flailed behind and in front of him while he struggled to maintain his balance, the accursed booties not helping matters at all, and taking several adjustment steps in order to keep his fragile upright position. Ashley raised her arm up, pointing at him directly, as the crowd died down upon noticing her dramatic pose. In a stern voice, she pronounced, "You're no big boy my dear boy, you're just a little helpless baby who can't help but use his diapers for their intended purpose. I command you to make stinkies in your diaper!" Suddenly the grey fox felt something pull sharply at the bottom of his stomach, and soon felt as if he were being attacked with cramps. He clutched at his stomach, his concentration on his balance now shattered as he felt the pressure building on his behind. Letting loose a loud, almost painful sounding grunt he felt his body begin to push his mess out of his behind and into the seat of his diapers, causing a visible lump to form and sag. A small cry came from his throat as he fell onto his padded posterior with a loud squishing noise, which broke the silence of the crowd as the guffaws and jeers once again rose up. The sagging lump squished and soon, was spread evenly against his behind. Several loud farts and squelches erupted from his now almost pulsing behind as he pushed the entire contents of his colon into his diaper, feeling the front of the diaper growing warm again as well, as he wet himself too Terry felt his shoulders slump as he found his protests no longer carried with them a tone of indignation, but now sounded more pathetic and pleading, "B-bwut hypwosis nevew wowks on me! How ish thish happening?! Awe of this... you'we just fowcing me into it! I-I'm nawt obeying youw hypwotic commands for wea-" But he was forced to cut himself off as he found himself putting his paws in front of him and hunching over, panting as the last of the mess was excreted. His backside was now coated in a larger amount of mess than he'd ever imagined he was capable of making, and he'd just done all that in front of more than a hundred people! Practically gloating with power, Ashley started to slowly walk around the defeated looking boy, she leaned over, Terry could feel her breath tickling the inside of his ears as she whispered delicately to him, her voice filling his mind with her power as the words slipped past her lips like drops of honey from a honey bear being squeezed, "You can try and fight me all you like, little boy, but you're nothing compared to my hypnotic techniques. Squirm is all you've done, and all you can ever hope to do. You might as well face that you're utterly powerless and completely under my control!" Straightening up quickly, she advanced towards the edge of the stage, facing the audience with raised up and outstretched arms, "I see my audience is enjoying the spectacle! But can we not go further?" She stepped to the side, revealing the humiliated boy who was once again attempting to get back up to his feet in a pathetic bid to escape his now stinkier situation. "Not only have you demonstrated that you should have always been clad in some pretty thick diapers, but, honestly, given just how well this hypnosis has worked on you, I think you must be enjoying this, right?" Terry tried shaking his head to indicate that he very much was not enjoying what was happening to him, but found himself unable to move. Was there a command in that sentence that forces me to not respond what I think? What's happening? Why can't I tell her no?! Chuckling, she continued, "Better be careful now, little one. If you show you like this too much, you might just always be turned on by being a messy little diaper boy for the rest of your life!" Her grin still plastered across her face, she turned to look over shoulder at the crowd, a mischievous glint in her eye. "What do you think ladies and gentle men? Shall we make it so that the most arousing thing this poor boy can experience is having everyone see just how much of a messy little baby he is?" The hypnotist was rewarded with a roar of affirmation, the crowd now more excited than they had been before. She laughed, looking back down again at the poor boy with vindictive glee painted across her face as she studied the pathetic mess before her. Raising her arm once more and pointing at the boy, she declared, "Until I say otherwise you, Terry, shall find nothing more sexually pleasing than the public knowledge of just how much of a pathetic, messy, subordinate little baby you are!" Terry felt something press down on his soaked diaper front, and he looked down in fear. He was beginning to grope his padded front with increasing intensity. Oh no... he thought to himself, more calmly than he expected to think, What if I won't be able to stop myself... His initial calm realization, quickly turned to a panicked crushing feeling as he adjusted himself to face the audience, legs spread wide. He began to hump the stage, sliding his messy posterior up and down the stage floor and further spreading his large mess even to the front of his diapers, pressing up against his jewels and giving him the full experience of his messy diaper. After pausing for dramatic effect, during which Terry's heart sank down to his toes, she continued, "And if you work your way up to cumming from that sexual fantasy being truth, then I will leave you just like you are. I won't undo any of my ongoing commands. You'll be stuck this way, forever!" Soon enough the poor fox was rock hard and panting, pawing pathetically against the front of his padding as he closed his eyes with the intensity of his diapered public masturbation. The sounds of the crowd filled his mind and even while his eyes were closed he saw all those people staring at him and laughing, the images of the crowd were seared into his mind, clear as day seeing him as he knew they could tell he was totally and utterly helpless under the will of the hypnotist. Unbeknownst to him, Ashley was counting down in her mind. Counting down slowly as she observed her latest victim succumb to her will. Terry struggled hard, but soon found that even the stubbornness in his mind that was disagreeing with the actions of the hypnotist were dissolving into nothing. His resistance ebbed the closer he got to cumming. For a second he stopped, struggling to resist. He could feel his control over his mind and body ebbing away from his grasp. He was getting confused signals, I do want this to happen... don't do? Wait... No I don't! But... why don't I? It feels good and I'm supposed to do this... But wait no I'm... What am I again? As his confused took over he resumed once more, passionately rubbing the front of his diaper. He grimaced and managed to practically babble out, "Bwuh-p-please! J-jusht... undew youw com... com.... commands n-now! B-befowe... it's tew... wate..." "Tew? Too late for what? None of what I commanded you to do is making you masturbate into your baby diapers. You're doing that of your own accord you little thing!" The crowd, upon receiving this bit of information, were particularly tickled by this and their laughter rose up an extra few levels of volume. "Don't you have any sense of self control? Just because you find something particularly arousing doesn't mean you have to act on all of your feelings! But I guess little helpless babies have a hard time with their urges, don't they, baby?" Terry felt something break, and he gave up denying the truth. Ashley definitely hypnotized him, he admitted to himself as he felt the last dregs of fight in him dissolve. "A-alwight... I-I'm hypnowotized... Kah woo undow... eet now?" The sarcasm dripped from her lips her tone suddenly switched to a cooing one, as if she were talking to an actual infant, "It was never about you admitting you were under my power, that was obvious to everyone since you first set foot on the stage!" The crowd cheered and started to applaud, enthusiastically impressed by her performance. As the crowd settled once more, she continued, "No no, little one. I don't have to do anything. It's what you have to do. All you have to do is not cum in your baby diapers and I'll happily undo my commands, like I said I would. But I don't think you're going to be able to handle that, hmm baby? Terry felt crestfallen, as his self control suddenly was nowhere to be found. He felt a sense of doom upon him as he resumed to rubbing himself through his well used diaper. The imposing hypnotist leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry now you little thing, just sit yourself back and think of just how much you're enjoying this. That's the most important thing to you right now, how much you want to enjoy this. Go on, let yourself give into the pleasure." Thoughts of pleasure and sexual fervor began to bombard his mind. It feels so good to be in diapers... Little sissy babies like you ALWAYS enjoy being in diapers... Everyone knows just how big of a sissy and a baby you are... They know that you love making stickies in your little pink crinklepants... Nothing is hotter than being exposed like the big, helpless, and subordinate sissy infant you are! His cock throbbed as he rubbed harder and harder, now fully unable to control himself. His thoughts drifted away from his consciousness like clouds blown away by strong winds, and he felt himself give way to the subconscious hypnotic programming that he'd be subjected to by the hypnotist. Everyone... knows that... I'm a subordinate... helpless... messy... diaper baby... Oh gods! Letting out a loud gasp, Terry felt a shudder run through his entire body like an electric current as he came into the front of his thoroughly messed diapers. With each pulse of his member releasing the hot semen into the front of his soaked diapers the boy whimpered and whined, hips bucking madly against the stage floor. The orgasm seemed to take over his entire reality as his tongue lolled out of his mouth, cheeks flushed and sweating profusely, the boy's head suddenly felt incredibly heavy. He slumped forward, practically wheezing from the effort he had put forth into showing just how much he enjoyed being in his messy, wet diapers. He could barely hear the cheering of the crowd as Ashley turned and bowed several times to acknowledge their adoration. The rest of the performance was a blur in the boy's mind. He vaguely remembered himself being dressed in various humiliating, infantile and sissy outfits by the stage hands, as well as the flash of cameras taking photos of him for, as Ashley put it, "his baby picture scrapbook." Epilogue The following weeks seemed to be as unpleasant as the night he went to see the hypnotist's performance. He had had to shamefully toddle back to the theatre when he realized that he wasn't able to get into his car because his pants which contained his keys had been left behind in the theatre. Not to mention his mitten-bound hands and the intense concentration it took to speak anything more than unintelligible baby babble that prevented him from communicating. The security guard at the front entrance had a seriously difficult time taking him seriously and gave him quite the hassle. After what felt like hours, a stage hand was summoned and helped the poor boy out of his infantile restraints, but had not taken into account the fact that the boy was still missing his pants. He had to run off back to his duties, but had informed him that if he wanted to get them he'd probably have to go back up on the stage and ask for them. Which was why the boy had had to return, yet again, to the stage, wearing nothing but the soft pink booties, the short and frilly pink dress, which still did nothing to hide his smelly and sagging diaper, to ask the hypnotist for his pants back. She had agreed, but only if he phrased the question like an infant would. It took him quite a few attempts he was able to barely manage an intelligible, "pwease may I have muh big boy pants, pwetty pwease?" as his words still were dissolving into babble. Carelessly she had motioned for an assistant to give them to him, and he had toddled haltingly out of the theatre again clutching his prize. After having to sit in his mess during the nerve racking drive home, he had quickly thrown away all the baby crap including the diaper, and showered. He got into his bed shaking slightly, clutching at his covers. He felt as if his life had been turned upside down. Never before had such an experience both shaken up him so severely and turned him on as much as that night. Despite himself he found he was revisiting that night's occurrences every time he felt horny, the feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, and subordination giving him a thrill like no other. The word had spread around his work place quite quickly, and after his boss had found out about the event (through an overwhelming amount of pictures and several videos) had expressed to Terry that he no longer felt that it was appropriate that he was associated with the company. Jobless, the boyclived on savings for several weeks before his frustration got the better of him. He had begun to do some research on his newly found fetishes, and found to his surprise the a website offering work involving humiliation, infantilism, and hypnotization. Before he knew it, he had connected with an associate, and upon expressing his recent griefs found himself before offered a paid position as a "camera baby." Desperate and subconsciously yearning for more experiences like the embarrassing evening he had suffered through, he readily agreed. A little more than one year later... The door clicked open as Ashley let herself into the humble living space of the boy she had hypnotized not so long ago. She smirked to herself as she strode purposefully through the household, nodding shortly at the rather confused looking cleaning lady who was vacuuming the living room at the time. After the thoroughly humiliated boy had left her theatre the hypnotist had kept tabs on him just like she did with all those who fell head over heels for her hypnotic tricks. True, it didn't always work in the long term like it did with Terry, but sometimes everything lined up just right. She smirked to herself as she thought about how malleable he truly was, of course he wasn't too aware of that. Her hypnotic tricks worked so well that she was even able to let herself slip into his life to observe pretty closely without him noticing all this time later. She could hear muffled moans and whimpers coming from behind one of the doors on the second floor of the house, and the hypnotist climbed up the stairs swiftly taking two at a time with her long strides. She strode purposefully through the second level. She gently cracked open the door behind which her sensitive ears had picked up the noise. She stepped into a bedroom which looked rather ordinary, except for the obvious incontinence supplies strewn here and there. It was pretty apparent somebody relied heavily on diapers occupied the bedroom, as a diaper pail stood next to a changing pad laid out in the corner, and several large stacks of unopened cases of diapers were in another part of the room. Alastair walked over to the bed and, confirming her suspicions, ran a hand over the bed feeling and hearing the plastic sheets underneath him, just like a small child with a leaky night time bladder would have on their own mattress. Glancing up she noticed a calendar with various stickers depicting rain clouds on most of the dates. A potty training chart huh? How cute! She reached over and took it off of the wall, flipping back from December to January of that year. The marks started in February, and didn't display any accidents until the end of the month, then they appeared once a week, and then several times a week as she progressed through the calendar getting more and more numerous until two stickers were being placed every few days. Looks like somebody lost control during the day too... My my somebody really has become diaper dependent! The show was in September though... My goodness he would have had to start wearing 24/7 only a month after the show to start having accidents by February!! Wow, how pathetic... Returning the calendar to where she found it, she looked over at a doorway on the opposite side of the room to the one she had entered. The noises were coming from behind it, much less muffled now that only one door separated her from their source. She went over and gently opened the door, peering inside. There sat Terry, dressed in a ridiculously girlish outfit sporting pink ruffles and a dress skirt that was nowhere near long enough to hide the obviously thoroughly soiled pink diapers clung around his waist. The boy was seated near the back of a crib, arms bound snugly to the raised upper back railing. A giant novelty bottle, easily gallon sized had been strung up on a hook above the crib, with a tube attached to it going through to a pacifier gag strapped firmly around his head, leaving him little choice but to drink the bottle's contents. His legs too were well restrained up towards his arms, fully displaying his diaper which had a vibrator wand taped to the front of it, buzzing away much to Terry's obvious pleasure. There were several cameras positioned around the room, and a computer monitor and tower set up in a corner presumably streaming the footage that the cameras were capturing. The boy's eyes were glazed as he stared at nothing in particular, his paws pulled at the restraints, while he suckled at the milk coming through his pacifier gag. Occasionally, a small amount of the liquid dripped down and was being caught by a bib that was strapped around his neck, displaying the words, "Messy Sissy Baby!" Ashley gazed around the room, further taking in the scene before her. Various large stuffed animals were strewn around the room, all looking appropriate for a little girl. A large pink unicorn, giant purple teddy bear, and several other similarly colored animals all were scattered around the room. A pink shag carpet, rocking chair, white wardrobe, and large changing table with various other restraints similar to the ones in the crib also occupied the room. Another, larger, week to week, potty chart was also hung up on the wall, this time displaying not rain clouds but large diaper cub magnets with obvious well soaked diapers, most even looking shy about having done more than just wet in their baby pants, having also messed them quite thoroughly. The chart, of course, was also in perfect view of the camera's line of sight. Ashley closed the door behind her, leaning against it and simply observing the boy for a few moments. With a sly smile she spoke up, softly commanding, "Now now, be a good little sissy baby and wet your diapers for me like a good girl!" At first, nothing happened. The Hypnotist frowned, and repeated the statement once again, only to no avail once more. Suddenly an obnoxiously wet fart filled the room, and with a soft, almost desperate sounding grunt the boy messed himself in front of her, the seat of his diapers beneath the vibrating wand bulging out distinctly as he helplessly fudged his pampers. Her eyes widened as she realized that it wasn't that her hypnotic tricks no longer had any affect on him, it was the fact that he couldn't obey. Terry no longer had control over his bowels or bladder anymore. He'd become utterly dependent on his diapers. Nevermind that then, I think that this one might still work. Clearing her throat she intoned once more, "Alright sissy, show everyone just how much you love being in your well used diapers!" He moaned louder than before and his eyes closed, after a few moments of heavier breathing his legs bucked but were still held firmly and securely by his restraints. He whimpered as he made an obvious show of finishing into his diapers, letting out a sigh of relief as his climax ended You really let yourself get wrapped up in this stuff huh? Had you actually tried to resist my hypnotically induced commands you would have been able to break free in a week or two. But here we are a little more than year later, and they still work like a charm. She shook her head, still smiling as she leaned over to picking up a baby rattle and reaching over to shake it in front of his face, causing his distant eyes to fixate on it vaguely, a gurgling noise coming from his pacifier gag as he seemed to attempt to react to it. That only caused more milk to splotch down on his bib, and Ashley had to place a hand in front of her mouth to keep herself from laughing out loud. Opening the door she softly exited the nursery, quietly closing it behind her. Before leaving, after a moment's slight hesitation, left her business card clipped to the potty chart calendar. If anything, I'm sure once he sees it he'll get a good squirm. With a feeling of satisfaction at a job well done, she exited the premises, leaving behind a boy whose life she had forever altered to now consist of sissified infantile humiliation, a lack of potty training, an internet fetish presence that served as his primary source of income, and more diapers than he could have possibly imagined before.
  5. Chapter 1 Rush week. The very beginning of her university experience, and the best opportunity she’d have to meet friends she might have for the rest of her life. Riley had chosen this university specifically because of the party scene here. She was smart and had good grades, and she’d been captain of the cheer squad in high school. She could’ve gone anywhere she wanted, but this seemed like a place she could spend her 4 years partying, drinking, and getting as much dick as she could handle. “The girls at alpha beta tau seemed nice” she thought to herself as she walked to the party she was heading to, “maybe a little to focused on the academic side of things”. The party she was going to was hosted by beta pi. Normally the fraternities would throw parties and just invite the sorority girls, but this was technically a “meet and greet” for all the girls trying to rush the place. And all the hot guys they’d invited. Fuck, she was getting horny just thinking about it. She fully intended to fuck at least 2 guys at the party, maybe even at the same time. She’d always been a kinky girl, but now that she was in college and surrounded by people that also just wanted to fuck, she could finally let herself loose. The party was fun. She got drunk off white claws and vodka cranberry almost immediately. The other girls there were sooooooo fun too. If she could be in any fraternity, she really wanted to be in this one. Some guy was walking up to her. He was cute enough, but not really her type. “Hey! You got a nice pooper. I’d love to shove my face in there hehehe” were his first words to her. Not a great opener. She already hadn’t liked him, but now he seemed downright creepy. Then an idea popped into Riley’s head. That’d be hilarious. “Oh, you mean this”, she said coyly, turning and bending over a little to show her ass off to him, “go ahead, why don’t you give it a little kiss” as she lifted up her dress a bit. “Right here?” he asked a little incredulously, gesturing to all the people around them. “Aw, what’s wrong, too embarrassed to do it in front of all your friends?” She countered in a condescending tone. From the way his face was looking as she said this, she knew she had him. “Ok” he responded with his dumb, excited looking face. She turned so her ass was completely facing him and lifted her dress up all the way as he knelt down to kiss it. He was clearly still a little embarrassed about this and just went for a soft peck on her left buttcheek. “Come on, you can do better than that”, she chided him. She reached around to grab his head in one of her hands while holding her dress up with the other, and shoved his face directly into her ass crack. She waited for a moment. She wanted to make sure he was really enjoying himself before she put her plan into motion. He wasn’t struggling, in fact she was pretty sure she’d just heard a sniff. And was that his tongue? Oh my god, he was actually licking her ass crack. Yeah, it was definitely time now, she could see a few of the sorority sisters watching. Riley clenched her ass cheeks. The moment she did, she could feel the guy try to pull away, but her hand kept his head firmly in place. And then- PRRRRRRBT! She let out a loud, intense fart on his face. Now he was really trying to get away, she had to use both hands and grab onto his hair to keep him in place as she let out a few more hOOOO! fssshht! prrrrrrrrrt. She sent three more farts directly into this guy’s face before he managed to stagger away from her. Both the sorority girls and his friends who’d been watching were laughing their asses off as he tried to get up, tripped over himself, and then half-ran away while trying not to throw up. Riley was laughing too. It was funny. Imagine being someone that pathetic. Wait, one of the girls was coming over to talk to her. She was still laughing about it. This was her chance to get in with the beta pi girls. “That was HILARIOUS!” The slightly older girl said to her. She was pretty, with brown hair, dark skin, and her makeup looked fantastic. She was probably about 2 years older than Riley, a junior. “I know, right? guys like that usually don’t take just like, being rejected, but now I’m sure you won’t be seeing him again” “Thank you. I don’t even know who invited that guy, he’s not even that hot, maybe he just snuck in with some of his friends.” “Do guys do that?” “All the time girl. You think they don’t wanna get in here to have a shot with girls that look like us? It’s not too big of a problem, but sometimes you get creeps like that guy” She snickered “what was it he said again” “He said ‘hey, you got a nice pooper’” the older girl lost it when Riley said that “POOPER?! Who calls a girl’s ass her ‘pooper’” she said in between her uproarious cackling. Riley couldn’t help but join in the laughter. It was such a bad opener, how could he possibly think that would work on girls? “hey, what was your name again” asked the older girl once she finally calmed down enough to talk. “I’m Riley” “I’m Katie. Are you a freshman here?” “Yeah” “You trying to rush beta pi?” “I heard you always get invited to the best parties, and Scarlet’s in my history class, she told me to stop by” “Oh, Scarlet invited you? She’d lose her shit if I told her about what you did to that guy, I’ll have to remember. Riley? You’re awesome, you should come by the house on Tuesday. We’re having another event, but this one’s gonna be more of a private thing, we’re only inviting girls who we’re thinking about letting into the sorority.” Yes! She was in! She was sure it wouldn’t be a problem to get the girls to like her at the private meeting. She hadn’t had any trouble being popular in high school, and she already had a great story to tell everyone there. “Absolutely! I’ll be there” Riley said, beaming with a smile on her face “Oh yeah, there is one thing I should probably mention” Katie interjected “What is it?” “Well, since it is a competitive environment to get in, you know, we got a lot of girls trying to rush us this year, we do do some hazing for our rushes. It’s usually not anything too serious, just trying to embarrass you mostly.” “Like how?” “Well, for one thing, we give all of you a ‘house name’ that you have to use instead of your real name whenever you’re with us” “What like you just give us a different name?” “Well, for you, I think I have something already in mind” “You do?” asked Riley, a little worried “Whenever you’re here, from now on, we’re gonna call you Pooper” Chapter 2 For an “exclusive event”, the house looked pretty busy, Riley thought. There were probably at least 40 or 50 girls here, most of them looking like they were about her age. That was a little worrying, given what Katie had told her about it being competitive to get in, but if anyone could handle it she was sure it would be her. Still, it was a fun little get together. The bachelor was playing on the tv, and while this was officially a sober event, she’d already smoked some weed with Scarlet beforehand and she was probably going to head back out with these two girls she was talking to to have some more in a minute “Oh, did you hear that apparently we have to go through ‘hazing’ to get in here” said one of the two, a short indian girl dressed in leggings that showed off her extremely muscular thighs “I heard about that, I’m a little worried but Katie told me it’s not anything too bad. Just like, having to show your tits to a bunch of guys or something” said the other girl “I was gonna do that anyway this weekend” said Riley, eliciting a giggle from the shorter girl. “Oh, by the way, I didn’t quite catch your two names” “She’s Manny” Katie interjected, having just walked up and gesturing at the indian girl, “and her name is Wetthroat” she said regarding the other girl. “Don’t forget, you have to use your house names while you’re trying to rush, Pooper” Katie continued with a smirk. Fuck. She’d forgotten all about that. I mean, if all of the rushes were doing it, it wouldn’t be that bad she supposed. At least she had a funny story to go along with her name. Now that she thought about it, maybe the other girls did too. Riley made a mental note to ask them about that once she had the opportunity. “By the way, I’m just letting everybody know that in a minute we’re gonna share the first event for rushes, so head outside” said Katie “Oh, what’s the event?” asked Riley, “Is there another party for us to go to?” “You’ll see in a minute. I gotta go tell the other girls, just head outside ok?” Katie turned away to go tell the other girls. Across the room Riley heard her “heeeyyyyy. We’re heading outside now to talk about the next rush event” as she was walking out through the sliding glass doors with feminist quotes and memes taped up onto them. Outside the other girls were starting to gather around a makeshift stage they’d set up next to some speakers. It was a little cold out; Riley hadn’t felt like she needed to dress too slutty since it was only going to be girls here, but even the strapless dress she’d chosen still wasn’t exactly the warmest thing she could’ve picked. “Hey, do you vape?” Manny interjected, offering Riley a hit off of her carti. “What flavor is it?” Riley asked as she took it, immediately bringing it to her lips without even waiting for an answer. She’d brought her own vape of course, but it was in her bag inside and she didn’t want to go back in to get it, and it was close to dead anyway. “This one’s watermelon, I mean if you couldn’t already tell” Manny responded, giggling a bit. “Alright everyone, we’re so happy to see you all here!” Katie yelled from atop the makeshift stage. It looked like she’d finally gotten everyone outside and was ready to give this big announcement. The girls in the crowd responded with a resounding “wooooooo!” “Anyway, I think I already told most of you, but beta pi had a lot of applicants this year, and, unfortunately, that means we might not be able to let you all in” “Awwwwww!” moaned the crowd in an exaggerated way “I know, I love all of you and I wish we could let all of you in, but we’re only allowed to let a certain number of girls in each year. I’ve tried asking the university about that but for now that’s the rule. Anyways, obviously we want to make sure that we find whoever’s the best fit for us, so we’re gonna be doing a round of interviews with each of you. We’ll go around and give everyone a number that we’ll call, and until then, you can just hang out, I know we said this was a sober event but…” As she trailed off, two other older girls came carrying baskets of alcohol. Riley couldn’t see it clearly, but it looked like it was mostly wine and champagne. Some of the girls in the front cheered one more time, and then the crowd started to disperse. Some of the girls went back inside, some went to go collect the alcohol, but Riley thought this was her chance. Now that the speech was over, she approached where Katie had just gotten down from the podium. “He-ey” said Riley “He-ey” Katie returned “Great speech” “Thanks” said Katie, looking a little more sheepish now than she had a moment ago “I was a little nervous, it’s my first time doing this in front of everyone” “You did amazing, I could never” responded Riley, who had never once struggled with public speaking “Thank youuuu!” Katie responded in the overly sweet voice of someone who was already a little drunk. She pulled Riley in for a hug as she was saying that. “Oh, did you get your number yet?” “Not yet, I mean, I don’t think anyone has yet” said Riley “Oh, psssh, right, I’m stupid. Here, you can be number 1.” said Katie, but then paused. “Wait. You can be number 2, Pooper” Haha real funny. Riley faked a laugh despite really being embarrassed by the reminder that that was what she was going to have to be called. She really wanted to rush here, so she was just going to have to deal with it, but she wished she could have at least gotten something like Manny that was a little less embarrassing. “I’m gonna go give these out to the rest of the girls, you should be called pretty soon though since you’re only number 2, I’ll see you after though” Katie said, walking away to do just that. Saying that she would see her after, not during the interview, worried Riley a little though. She’d kind of been assuming that Katie would be the one leading the interview. Not that it’d be a problem for a boss bitch like her though, obviously. She would do fine, there’s no way they could dislike her. She did want some of that champagne though. Despite what Katie had said, it was about 20 minutes before they actually started calling anyone to start the interviews. This gave Riley plenty of time to drink, she had to admit, a little more than she probably should have. She’d been a party girl back in high school and gotten drunk plenty of times before, but she’d never had champagne before. It tasted really good actually, much better than what she was used to, and plus they kept offering it to her and the girls were so nice and she didn’t want to seem rude. “here, take another shot” some redheaded girl who looked about a year or two older than her said to Riley “Thanks, I think I’ve probably hit my limit for now. Don’t want to throw up in the middle of my interview” she responded “You’ll be fine, trust me, you look like someone who knows how to keep it down. Here just try one more” the redheaded girl insisted. Against her better judgement Riley took the shot. That last shot hit her a lot harder than she expected, and she actually stumbled as she headed back over to the couch. They’d called number one a few minutes ago, and Riley knew her number was gonna get called any second now, but suddenly she was hit with a pang in her bladder. Fuck, that champagne had gone right through her. She really had to pee. As she got up to go look for the bathroom, though, suddenly she heard it. “number 2, does anybody know where number 2 is? We’re ready for you” Fuck. She really had to piss, but it looked like she’d need to go deal with this first. She walked over the girl who was calling for her, hoping desperately that… “Hey, I’m number 2” said Riley, holding up the piece of paper Katie had given her. The girl she was talking to was shorter than Riley, and Riley couldn’t tell whether she was Filipina or Mexican. She was also had the kind of curves that Riley fantasized about having. Riley was proud of her ass, of course, but this girl had hips and tits like a cartoon mom. None of that mattered right now though. “Ummm, I’m so sorry, but could you actually wait just a minute while I run to the bathroom?” “Oh, don’t worry, this won’t take too long” the girl responded, making it clear that, unless she wanted to look pushy in front of the sorority she was trying to impress, she was just going to have to wait. “They never take more than a few minutes”. Once again against her better judgement, Riley began to walk towards the interview. The Beta Pi house had a weird little structure out in the yard. She wasn’t sure whether it was like a shed, or some type of garage, it was made out of cement, but, well, that was where the interviews were being held. As Riley walked towards the structure, hoping that her awkward shuffle would be attributed to the heels she’d worn and not her desperate attempts to hold in her pee, she saw the previous girl, a tall, blonde, white girl with the kind of tits that would’ve made Riley jealous if she hadn’t been focusing on her own shit right now, walking back towards the house. She looked a little red-faced, and was adjusting her skirt down, but Riley didn’t pay much attention to her; she had her own issues to deal with. The two girls who’d been handing out the alcohol were standing there in the doorway, admittedly looking pretty welcoming. One of them was the redhead who’d convinced Riley to take that last shot. Fuck. They probably wanted her to get drunk so they’d be able to see what she was like shitfaced. To be fair, Riley was usually pretty good at handling her booze, even she’d been surprised how hard this stuff had hit. It was probably the combination of that and the weed she’d smoked earlier with Scarlet. She was never getting crossed again, she mentally swore. And not like those other times that she’d sworn she’d never get crossed again, this time she was actually serious. As she walked in, there was one other girl who Riley didn’t recognize standing next to a table. She was a skinny black girl in incredible shape; even Riley’s ass, the asset she was most proud of, couldn’t hope to compete with the rock hard dumptruck the girl who introduced herself as “Kristal” had going on. “Hiiiiii, it’s so great to finally meet you, Katie told us all about you” Kristal said as Riley walked in, offering Riley a hug. It was a nice gesture, but they couldn’t know how close the pressure pushed her to pissing herself. It did not get easier when the other two girls, “Elle” and “Mina” repeated the gesture. They had a folding table set up with three chairs. Riley’d been hoping that she’d be able to at least sit down, as it might make it a little easier on her bladder, but Kristal’s direction of “Just stand over there on the X and we can get started” shut down what little hope she’d had after already only seeing 3 chairs. The X was spray painted over a drain, which, Riley grimly considered, would at least make the cleanup easier if she wasn’t able to hold it throughout the interview. “So, tell us about yourself, for starters what’s your name?” “Hi, I’m Ri-Sorry I’m Pooper” Riley barely remembered to use the house name they’d given her at the last second, realizing as soon as she said it that they’d probably already known her name and just meant that as a test. “So, Pooper, how’d you get that name?” She recounted the story of the party the previous weekend, her ego swelling with pride as the girls all both laughed and looked impressed when she got to the part where she farted on that creep’s face. “haHA, sounds like you’d fit in here like that guy’s face fit in your asscrack” Kristal blurted out while laughing. “Alright, you’re doing great, I just got one more question for ya” Thank. Fuck. Her bladder had passed the point where it was just difficult for her to hold it in the middle of that story, she was now in actual pain. “Ok” Riley managed to muster, hoping it didn’t seem too stilted and awkward “What would you do to get in to this sorority?” Fuck. This was one she’d actually have to think about. She needed to give a good answer, it shouldn’t be hard, but if she concentrated on that… “I mean, what would you want me to do?” Riley responded, hoping that that would at least buy her some time to think of a real answer. Maybe if she was lucky they would even tell her what she needed to do; Katie had mentioned hazing after all, maybe they were just talking about that. “Piss yourself.” The room was silent for a moment. “Wh-what?” Riley asked in shock, while also trying not to let on that the moment she had registered the command she had, in fact, let out a tiny spurt of piss into her panties, barely managing to stop it from turning into something she wouldn’t be able to hide. “Bitch, I see how bad you have to go” Kristal continued Elle chimed in, “and I saw how you were downing all those shots and champagne glasses” “How many did she have?” Kristal asked with giggly smile on her face “Like 7” Elle responded “Daaaamn gurl. No wonder you been doin that little potty dance this whole time” Kristal directed a comment that sounded almost impressed at Riley. “So, how bad you wanna be in this Sorority?” “Bad” was all Riley could muster. “Then why don’t you be a good girl, and piss yourself” Kristal said. “Right here?” Riley asked. In front of all of you? “Yeah right here! Go on and do it! Go peepee, come on, let’s see it” As Kristal said that, the dam in Riley’s bladder finally broke. It was the alcohol, the pain, the girls telling her to do it, everything, she just couldn’t hold it anymore. The stream of her piss quickly soaked through her panties, and began dribbling down her leg. For once she was actually thankful that she’d worn heels, as her pee awkwardly streamed over her foot, which fortunately she wasn’t wearing socks on for it to soak into. Kristal and the other girls started cackling uproariously, and Riley’s face turned beet red from embarrassment. She was a grown-ass 18 year old woman, and she was still, currently, pissing herself in front of other people. These were the girls she was trying to impress. “Here, turn around, let’s see it from the back” Mina chortled, as piss was still streaming down Riley’s legs. She didn’t refuse. Finally, after almost a full minute, her bladder started to feel empty. The girls did not stop laughing, and only laughed harder when Riley re clenched her bladder, shooting out a final extra spurt of pee. At least the drain she was standing above absorbed most of it. She stood there awkwardly, the most embarrassed she ever been, and rapidly becoming sober enough to realize what she’d done, for about 30 seconds, before leaving with a sheepish “thank you” to the girls that had been interviewing her. As she walked back to find a bathroom and get herself cleaned up, she was too focused on adjusting her dress to try to hide her still-dripping legs, to notice the next girl carefully, awkwardly walking towards the interview area, with her legs pressed together.
  6. Hey there, readers! I'm happy to bring to you this fun little one-off that was written, in part, to participate in a fun little contest (check out the description for more details)! I hope you all enjoy it! Kimi and Kodi's Little Bet by Panther Cub "Mom, please don't make us do this!" Kodi whined from the back seat, his arms crossed as he pouted. Up in the passenger seat, Kimi was glaring out the window. "This is all your fault, baby brother!" The teen tigress hissed to the growling gray wolf in the back of the car. Tess sighed as she made a turn into a residential neighborhood. "You two got yourselves in this together," Tess said, taking a left. "I am sick of all this fighting and bickering." "Kodi starts most of it." Kimi looked down at where her phone usually would be, suddenly reminded that she and Kodi had lost their phone privileges for the duration. "Do not!" Was his clever retort. "I don't care who starts the fights, they are ending right now!" Tess let out a deep growl that shocked the two teens into silence. The lioness let out a sigh as she pulled to a stop in front of a large white two-story house with an idyllic-looking picket fence surrounding a lush green lawn. "Besides, trouble or no trouble, Sheila and I both need to attend this conference, and she couldn't get any babysitters at the last minute; so you'd both still be watching Amy and Cady for the week. Only now, you get to do it without your phones." Grumbling almost in unison, the duo-species twins both got out of the car after Tess killed the engine. Kimi was wearing her red flannel jacket over a simple black tank-top and a pair of stylishly torn jeans and had a black and pink backpack filled with a week's worth of clothes and other supplies. Kodi was wearing a loud yellow, red, and green Cawaiian shirt opened to reveal a white tank-top and a pair of black cargo shorts, the white strap of his blue duffel bag slung over one shoulder. Tess, however, was already wearing a charcoal gray, with orange pinstripe, skirt suit. She briskly walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, Kimi and Kodi in tow. "Juuuuust a minute!" A feminine sing-song voice could be heard from inside. A few moments later, and the front door was practically flung open as a large, middle-aged, rhinoceros woman beamed down at the three of them, easily towering over the two teens. "Just in time, Tess!" "You know it, Sheila." Tess let out a laugh as she pulled her cubs forward. "Kodi and Kimi here are just so excited to get to spend some more time with your girls! Right, kids?" "Yeah..." "... It'll be a blast." The two teens tried to fake enthusiasm, being only marginally successful, not that Mrs. Ramhorn seemed to notice. "That's wonderful! The twins have just been so excited ever since they learned that you two were going to be calf-sitting them all week long!" Sheila invited them all in, grabbing her purse off a nearby table. It was a deep maroon, to perfectly match her own skirt-suit. "Has Charles already left?" Tess asked, absentmindedly smoothing out Kodi's messy headfur, despite his silent protests. "Yup! He and his college friends will be gone about as long as we will be on their little fishing trip." Sheila led the trio into the kitchen. Even though this wasn't their first time watching the twin rhino girls, Kimi still felt weirded out by how the chairs in the nearby dining room, like all the furniture, was sized for rhinos. It made her feel so... small. Sheila walked over to the fridge and opened it up, revealing a bunch of sealed containers, all with sticky notes on them explaining the contents and any additional instructions. "Now we cooked a number of meals in advance for the week, with a few more out in the freezer in the garage. Some of the ones in here need to thaw a little more, but heating anything in the oven or microwave will be easy as can be. So you two don't have to worry about making the dinners yourselves." Mrs. Ramhorn smiled at the two teens, who both seemed a little relieved at having one less thing to take care of. "Prepared as always, I see," Tess said with a giggle, eliciting a chuckle from the rhino. "What can I say?" Sheila shrugged. "Anyways, the girls' bedtime is the same as before, and thankfully Cady no longer seems to be afraid of the dark. The new instructions for the security system are right here on the fridge, all the smoke detectors have been inspected and given new batteries. There's plenty of movies to choose from in the DVD cabinet and plenty of shows and movies to pick from on our Cluckflix." Sheila counted off on her fingers the different details, reading off her mental checklist. "I'm forgetting something... oh yes! The guest rooms!" She chuckled, leading the group out of the kitchen and into the hall. They headed up the stairs and started to pass doors. She stopped at two doors that were next to each other and opened them both. One had a light blue accent to the wallpaper, while the other was a mild pink. "We recently had them refurbished and changed around some of the rooms for my little project." "You mean Project Renewal?" Tess asked, her tail swishing in curiosity. "Maaaaaaaybe," Sheila said with a wink. "And thank you so much again for donating all that furniture! It was just what I needed!" "Well, it was just taking up room in storage, and I figured that you could find more use for it all than that." Tess smiled, happy to have helped in any way. "You mean that old baby furniture?" Kodi asked, remembering having to give up a Saturday of sleeping in to help his Dad haul cribs and high chairs and plenty of heavy boxen down from the attic and out to an awaiting van. "Correct! I still have it all here for further testing. But the results I've gotten already will absolutely be enough for its next phase. However, anything more detailed than that is strictly confidential." Kodi and Kimi both shared a confused look, wondering what their old furniture could be used for that would be confidential. "Anyways, all of that old furniture is in what was Charles' study, before he decided to make the basement into his study instead. It's all right there down the hall. And while I am comfortable with you both taking a look if you really want to see, I must ask that you be careful and not break anything, understood?" The pair nodded. "Won't be a problem," Kimi said, giving Kodi a side-eyed look. "I'll be sure to keep my baby brother from wandering around in there." Kodi shot her an angry look but said nothing. "Excellent! Well then, you two can drop off your belongings in the guest rooms and then come downstairs while I see the girls off!" Sheila and Tess left the two teens, amicably chatting as they headed back downstairs. Kodi huffed and went into the blue room, dropping his bag onto the bed. Kimi rolled her eyes and did the same in the pink room, already finding herself wishing that the week was already over. "Alright Amy, Cady, you both behave for Kimi and Kodi, understood?" The two teens could hear Mrs. Ramhorn's voice just before they entered the living room to find the two pre-teen rhino girls hugging their mother, who was telling them how much she loved them. Amy and Cady were both wearing matching lavender dresses. Breaking free from the hug, they both turned to face the tigress and the wolf, running up and hugging them. "Yay! I can't wait to play you two at Syndicate again!" Cady said in delight. Kimi and Kodi both recognized it was her from the bright red digital watch she always adamantly wore wherever she went. "Yeah! We're totally gunna beat you this time!" Amy said with confidence, her favorite pink locket hanging around her neck. "Heh, bring it on, squirts," Kodi said, patting their heads while trying to disguise a wheeze. Despite being older than the two, the twins were already their height, and, being rhinos, already pretty strong. "Okay you two," Tess said, approaching her son and daughter. She hugged them both and kissed their foreheads, despite their embarrassment at the treatment. "I love you both. And be good." Just like that, the two older females left, leaving the kids to their own devices. "Did mom show you her special project?" Amy asked, now sounding excited. She had waited for the sound of the car starting up and driving off before asking. "Project Renewal?" Kimi asked, prompting the younger set of twins to nod. "We just know that some old furniture of ours was used in it, that's all," Kodi added. "Wanna see it?" Cady asked, bouncing on her feet in excitement. "Well... your Mom did say that it was ok for us to look at, so long as we didn't break anything." Kodi nodded as he let the girls lead him and his sister back up the stairs and to a door that was just a few down from the guest rooms. "It's right next to our room," Amy said, sounding pretty proud of that fact. She nodded to Cady, whose smile grew wider as she opened the door and flipped on the nearby light switch. "This is Project Renewal?" Kodi asked, grimacing at the sight of what appeared to be a nursery, full of all sorts of loud and bright colors, with some softer pastels also jumping out to the unsuspecting eye. In the center of the room were a pair of cribs, one pink, the other a light blue, both with soft teddy bear mobiles dangling above. Near the door were a pair of highchairs, right next to a little mini-fridge. At the far end of the room was an open closet, revealing all sorts of juvenile and infantile clothing options. Next to it was a strange dresser. It had a much wider top with some kind of purple padding, with some odd slots built into the sides. "Is that a... changing table?" "It's Mom's latest invention! The Automated Changing Table! Or Auto-Changer for short!" Cady explained with pride. "In fact, just about all the furniture in here is one of her inventions." "Wait," Kimi said, something that had been bugging her ever since they'd opened the door to this room. "Is this what she did... with our old baby stuff?" Kodi's ears perked up at that as he took another look around. "Hey, yeah! I remember this stuff!" "Yup!" Amy answered with a giggle. "That's part of what Project Renewal is! Making new inventions out of old recycled parts!" "Why is it all... bigger?" Kodi asked, feeling uncomfortable standing next to the high chairs, both now large enough for him to sit in easily. "Because she's gunna test it on some cousins of ours. They're both elephants, as well as toddlers, so everything here should be a perfect fit," Cady explained. "Huh... so wait... you said that these are all new inventions of hers?" Kimi asked. "Uh-huh!" Cady answered. "Geeze! Look at the size of these cribs!" Kodi said, realizing that the bars were much higher than they had been. "So what do they all do?" Kimi asked. "We overheard Mom talking about her project with her work when she was on the phone," Amy explained. "And she said that basically, the first major project of Project Renewal was to make a mostly automated nursery, to help in the care and developmental growth of the children being cared for. But she didn't go into any more detail after describing the auto-changer." Cady looked over at Kodi, still staring at the cribs. "We won't tell if you two decide you want to take a nap in your old cribs." She offered, trying to look sincere, despite actively fighting back a giggle. Kimi rolled her eyes at that. "Yeah, no, not happening." The twins both began to giggle as the four of them all left the room. "Okay, Kimi and I just ate before coming here, are you two hungry?" The wolf asked. "Depends," Cady said, "are chocolate milkshakes an option?" Kodi couldn't help but snicker at that. "Your folks made up quite a few meals for us all to have, along with instructional notes. And, somehow, I doubt that chocolate milkshakes are on today's menu." "Awww," the calf groaned, sticking her meaty hands in the pockets of her dress. "That's okay." Amy smiled, looking excited. "How about we play Syndicate? It was pretty fun the last time we all played it." Kimi snickered. "I'll say. Especially after Kodi threw his little tantrum." Kodi bit back a growl at that. "I did not throw a tantrum!" He huffed and crossed his arms. "You were being insufferable the entire game, and you only got more annoying when you won." "Oh really, baby brother?" Kimi smirked at seeing his eye twitch from annoyance. "Yeah! So, no thanks, I think I'll sit this one out." "Awwww," the twins chorused. "But it's more fun with more people to play it with." Cady started to pout. "What if we made it more interesting?" Amy offered, after looking thoughtful. "What are you thinking, Amy?" Kimi asked, intrigued. "Well, we could have a bet going. Like, if me and Amy win, can we have chocolate milkshakes?" "Yeah!" Cady cheered. "I don't think so," Kodi said. "Stop being such a baby." Kimi's tail swished in annoyance at her brother's obstinance. "Quit calling me a baby!" "I know!" Amy declared, mischief twinkling in her eyes. "How about, if either of you two loses, you have to go and use one of our Mom's inventions in the guest room that the winner gets to pick?" "Uh... I'm not so sure that that's a good idea," Kimi said, suddenly feeling a bit wary at the prospect of using one of Mrs. Ramhorn's inventions. But Kodi seemed thoughtful. "Actually... I kind of like the sound of that. Okay, Kimi, let's find out who the real baby is. The loser... has to use the autochanger and have it put them in a diaper, which they have to wear until we go home!" Kodi looked smugly at Kimi. Kimi hesitated, knowing she could whoop Kodi at any game. However, she wasn't sure how happy Mrs. Ramhorn would be if she ever found out that one of them had used one of her new inventions without asking. But, the idea of Kodi pouting in a pair of Pawpers was one that made her chuckle internally. And it certainly would be something he would never be able to live down. "Unless," Kodi continued, "wittle Kimicakes is too scared of the big bad Auto-Changer?" The wolf's goading had struck a nerve with the tigress, who blushed at the use of the embarrassing nickname their mother gave her. "Alright then, baby brother. You're on!" Amy and Cady were whispering to each other as the two settled on their terms, the two young pachyderms high-fiving before their babysitters turned to look at them. "Okay, girls," Kimi said, crossing her arms, "let's set up the game. And don't think that your dumb motel trap is gunna work a second time, Kodi." One gameplay later... Kimi couldn't believe that this was happening. She blushed fiercely beneath her fur as she trudged up the stairs. Behind her, Kodi and the twins were giggling to each other. Opening the door, Kimi froze, her focus zooming right in on the purple padded table. In no time at all, she was standing in front of it. "How do I use this?" Kimi asked, hoping that the girls wouldn't know and they could all call this whole thing off. "It's really simple." Cady grinned. "Mom likes to make things user friendly!" Of course she does, Kimi thought. "Just climb on top, and I'll press the buttons." Amy was grinning as she practically ran up to the side of the auto-changer. She gave the hesitant tigress a gentle, yet firm, shove, prompting Kimi to do what she'd said. She climbed onto the padding of the table, blushing wildly as she realized that it was the perfect size for her. Rolling onto her back, she saw Cady and Kodi whispering and giggling, before her brother broke away and whispered something into Amy's ear. "That's a great idea!" Amy cheered, pressing a bright purple button on the side of the table, which brought up a small panel of brightly lit buttons. "What?" Kimi asked, nervous. Her earlier bravado had quickly evaporated at the knowledge of what she was going to be wearing. "Mom made a bunch of videos for the babies on changing tables to watch, as well as some instructional videos for toddlers," Amy explained. "Instructional videos?" Kimi asked, confused while a screen attached to some kind of bendy metallic arm slithered out of one of the slots in the side of the table. It was holding the blank black screen up for Kimi to see, taking up almost her entire field of vision. "Yeah. Real basic stuff," Kodi giggled while Amy tapped some more buttons. "In this case, since you're gunna be spending the week back in diapers, Cady suggested that it might be a good idea for you to watch a video on potty training. Y'know, something to brush up on." "Ha-ha, very funny." Kimi grumbled as the screen began to light up. Seeing some odd amorphous shapes and hearing a strange yet comforting tune, Kimi found herself relaxing, even though now four mechanical arms had come out of the other slots in the wood of the table, each one ending in a white-gloved hand. She was too focused on the stop-motion cartoon playing out before her eyes, a pair of headphones being slipped over her ears. It looked like a bright and sunny version of the guest room, looking to be made from clay. In came toddling two figures, a little tigress cub in a pink shirt and wearing a diaper, and a little wolf pup in a blue shirt and diaper. They sat down on the floor and began to play with some blocks. "Hello again, little one!" The cheery woman's voice speaking in her ears sounded so excited. It was enough to help her further be put at ease, even when she could vaguely feel the mechanical hands undoing the buttons on her jeans. Kimi almost giggled when the little tiger girl excitedly waved to her. "I'm so happy that you've returned for another valuable life lesson! Now, if you're watching this video, then that means that potty training might not be going so well, huh?" The little tiger frowned and shook her head, wiping away at her face. "Well, that's okay!" At this, the clay stop-motion tiger looked back up and confused. "Everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace." The little cub was still frowning. "Ah, are you maybe upset because you got to wear snug-ups for a little while, like a big kid?" Kimi found herself nodding along with the cub as her jeans and panties were removed. "That's understandable, sweetie." The wolf toddled off screen, only to come back, now wearing some blue and white snug-ups. He puffed out his little chest and seemed proud, while the little tigress blushed and looked disappointed. "Sometimes, some little ones aren't ready to make the leap to becoming big kids. That could mean that they just don't really feel when they need to go potty." The little wolf looked confused, before he started to panic and do the potty dance. A nearby door opened, revealing a bathroom, the toilet just past the bathtub. The wolf ran inside and the door shut behind him. Kimi laid there, oblivious to the fact that she was alone now on the changing table, Kodi and the twins having left her some privacy. One of the hands grabbed both of her ankles and lifted her legs up, while another produced a canister of baby powder. "However, sometimes little ones have fears and anxieties about change, or about growing up, or even about all those grown-up responsibilities." The music changed in tune, going from upbeat and happy to now a bit more somber. The door to the bathroom opened, and the little wolf pup came skipping out, kneeling down to pat his little sister on the head, and resume stacking blocks with her. The tigress seemed a bit curious, and got up to head into the bathroom. The somber music quietened, now sounding a bit more suspenseful. Kimi couldn't help the feeling of growing dread at the cub nervously shuffling into the bathroom. The faint smell of talcum powder wafting in the air. "And those fears and anxieties can sometimes manifest in what is often referred to as... the Potty Monster!" The cub froze as she heard a loud gurgling sound. Then a creak... followed by a crack. The tiles split open as the potty jerked left and right. From the tiled floor around it arose eight spindly, boney, and pointed pale-white, needle-like legs. The toilet lid slammed down, only to arise and reveal a mouth filled with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth. It sloshed slimy green water from its mouth as it moved... and then started to skitter right towards the cub. The little tigress cried and ran out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She was sniffling and crying when she plopped right down next to the wolf, who frowned as he looked at her. He got up and went to the door, opening it before his sister could stop him. Instead of a torn up bathroom with a toilet-spider monster, it was just the way it had been. When the wolf turned his back to the bathroom, and gave the cub a reassuring smile, the cub saw the toilet shift in her direction, causing her to scramble away from the door. Kimi let out a whimper as a hand threaded her tail through something soft and crinkly. She didn't care what anyone said, she saw it move to look at the cub. It wasn't just make-believe! She continued to watch as the wolf walked over to his sister and gave her a hug, helping her to calm down. "This is just a sign that they're not ready for potty training quite yet... and that is perfectly okay. Some little ones become big kids sooner than others. While other little ones just aren't that big." The wolf pup's nose wrinkled and he waved away the air around his muzzle. A large pair of tan paws descended to scoop the little tigress up, setting her down in a new room, on a purple padded changing table. The purring tigress cub received a tummy rub, and Kimi let out a giggle, feeling like she was getting one too. The tan paws made quick work of changing the stinky diaper. Just as this new bright pink diaper with a glittery unicorn on the front was being taped snugly around the cub's waist, Kimi could feel something being gently, but snugly, wrapped around her own, the scent of baby powder now stronger and putting her at ease. "Thank you so much for watching this video, sweetie! I can't wait to see you again!" The screen went blank and Kimi stretched out a bit, freezing when she heard a sudden crinkling noise. Sitting up, she looked down to find she was wearing a bright pink diaper with a smiling glittery unicorn on the front. She thought about the video she had just watched, but was finding it a bit hard to recall any specific details about it. Shaking her head a bit in confusion, she hopped down from the table, blushing at what she was now wearing. Spotting her jeans, Kimi tried to put them back on, but they just couldn't fit around the bulky-padding around her hips. Kimi briefly considered looking in the closet for maybe something she could borrow to cover her new... accessory up, but spotting the juvenile outfits and baby clothes was enough to get her to reject that notion on the spot. Wearing baby clothes would just make her wearing the diaper even more embarrassing. Squaring her shoulders, and checking her tank top and flannel shirt for any excess baby powder, she exited the guest room and headed to the living room, blushing from the slight waddle to her gait. "There she is!" Kodi said with a smug grin. "Say cheese!" Kimi froze when she heard a shutter click. Looking back at her brother, her blood ran cold when she saw he had his phone in his hands. "Mom confiscated our phones!" Kimi blurted out, unable to formulate anything better to say then and there. "I found out where she put them and got it back." "Kodes, delete that pic right now!" Kimi growled. "Sorry, Kimicakes, I just sent it to my personal email." Kodi stuck his tongue out at his growling sister. "So, no. But, don't worry, I won't go showing it to anyone else. This is just for me to throw back in your face every time you call me a baby from here on out!" Kimi started to relax a little, confident that her brother wouldn't cross that line of showing anyone else the pic of her in a diaper. He could be a jerk sometimes, but even he wouldn't be that big of a jerk. "I think you look cute!" Cady chimed in. "Yeah! Pink is really your color. And something about the glittery unicorn makes it all fit." Amy snickered. "I gotta agree with the twins, Kimicakes!" Kimi rolled her eyes and plopped down on her padded posterior in front of the coffee table, trying to play it all off as no big deal. Due to the insistence of the twins, Kimi and Kodi played a game of Surgeon next. While playing it, Kimi felt a little nervous about accidentally touching the little surgeon tweezers to the metal sides of the different-shaped holes in the picture of the capybara on the operating table. Something about the loud buzzing and the lighting of his red nose was unsettling to the tigress. So focused was she on retrieving the broken funny bone, she didn't notice a sudden growing urge. Her body did, however, as she slowly started to squirm. Eventually, she was doing basically a sitting potty dance, waiting for Kodi to finish his turn. "Oooo," Amy cooed, reaching over to pat Kimi on the head, much to the teen's surprise. "I think someone might need to use the potty!" Kimi felt her stomach drop out at the mention of... the bathroom. But she couldn't place why. "I-I don't know what you mean, Amy," Kimi said with a laugh, trying to play it off. "Well, she is wearing diapers for a reason," Kodi said with a smirk on his muzzle, relishing the embarrassment on display from his sister. "It seems like a certain little kitten really loves playtime." Kimi let out a low growl at that while the twins snickered and whispered to each other behind their hands. "It's okay if you can't make it, Kimi," Cady offered in a conciliatory tone. "I don't mind using the auto-changer to help change your diaper when you need it." Kimi was certain that one could roast a marshmallow on her cheeks, due to the heat from her blushing. What made her feel even more humiliated was the fact that she could now, faintly, tell that they were right. She had no idea how long she had been feeling the urge, but it was there. "I just wanted to finish up so that my baby brother won't throw a little hissy fit for ending the game early after he's been losing this whole time." Now it was Kimi's turn to smirk as she watched Kodi's tail bristle out in anger. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, she looked at her card and deftly removed the patient's broken heart. "I win." Kimi stood up and sauntered away to the bathroom, speed walking once she rounded the corner. D-did I just leak a little? Kimi thought as she paused, fearing she'd let out a spurt. Unable to tell if that was the case, she hastened her trip upstairs to the bathroom, feeling relieved when she finally came across it. Kimi closed the door behind her and froze. The Ramhorn's bathroom looked exactly like the one from the potty training video! Taking a shaky step towards the toilet, Kimi started to feel her hackles rising. Her breathing quickened and her eyes were staring laser-focused right on the porcelain seat. She felt the pit of dread in her gut grow larger with each footstep closer to the infernal device she took. "Th-this is stupid!" Kimi said quietly to herself. She choked back a whimper once she found herself standing right in front of it. "I-I've used the potty lots of times! It's n-no big deal." She huffed, unaware of what she had just said, all while doing the potty dance. "Th-there's n-no such th-thing as the p-potty m-m-monster," Kimi stammered, looking down at her diaper, trying to figure out how to take it off. Suddenly, in the dead silence, there was an audible gurgle. Kimi froze before she rapidly backed away, leaning up against the door while watching the toilet, only barely registering a warmth spreading in her diaper. Fumbling with the doorknob, Kimi almost let out a shriek when there was another gurgle. Finally, she was able to open the door and leave, slamming the door closed behind her. It took a little while to calm down her breathing. Looking down at her diaper, she could see that it was already drooping a little. I... peed? In a diaper? She though to herself, already blushing... until her body began to relax and the music from the video started to play in her mind again. "Well..." Kimi's voice was calm and there was a small smile on her face. "It's not that big of a deal. That's what diapers are for anyway. And besides,, everyone potty trains at their own speed." Smiling and feeling a little better about herself, Kimi toddled back to the others, her soaked Snuggies on full display still. As she approached Kodi and the twins, she noticed that Kodi was staring transfixed at Amy's phone, headphones in as he listened to whatever video he was watching. Is Kodi... drooling a little? She wondered, surprised when her paw was lightly grabbed. She looked to see Cady smiling warmly at her, giving a slight tug. "It's okay, Kimicakes," Cady said in a gentle voice. "The potty can be really tricky, but you don't need to worry about it or any big and scary monster for a good while, a few years even." Kimi followed along, whining a little when they approached the door for the room containing all the baby furniture. "It's okay, Kimi," Cady cooed, giving her soaked Snuggies a pat. "You'll feel a lot better after your diaper change. Then maybe a nap would be best." "A nap? C-Cady, in case you've forgotten, Kodi and I are the ones in char--OMPH!" Kimi was surprised by the younger, but stronger, girl picked her up and carried her over to the changing table, happily depositing the confused tigress on its surface. Before Kimi could protest, the screen with all the pretty lights and swirling shapes was in front of her eyes, earphones being slipped over her ears again. "Hello, little one!" The chipper feminine voice said, catching Kimi's attention. "This little video will teach you why it's important to listen to your caregivers. Whether they be your mommy or daddy, a family member, a teacher, a nanny, or even a babysitter. Sometimes, some little ones have a little bit of a hard time accepting that there are rules that they have to follow for their own good, and that those in charge of them know what's best..." Kimi laid there while the hands got to work untaping and balling up her used diaper, getting the wipes, powder, and fresh pink glittery unicorn diaper ready. She didn't realize when Cady got out a large pink and white pacifier and slipped it in between the mesmerized tigress' lips. But after a moment of watching the video, her jaw muscles seemed to move of their own accord, beginning to suckle on it. Cady giggled while walking over to the closet, grabbing one of the pink legless onesies that would fit Kimi perfectly, amazed at how smoothly her and Amy's plan was coming along. One week later... "I have to say again, Sheila," Tess said as they pulled up in front of the Ramhorn residence, "I'm still amazed by Project renewal! This will help advance early childhood learning by leaps and bounds!" "Oh, Tess, stop!" Sheila chuckled as she and the lioness got out of the latter's car, grabbing her briefcase. "It's not like this is much different than using tv shows with puppets and the like to teach little ones to count and spell. It's just a bit more efficient is all." "Still, you earned the grant. I can't wait to see what other applications this new learning tech could be used for." They entered the house, Tess following Sheila. "Kids? We're back!" Tess called out. There were two sets of rapidly approaching footsteps. Sheila smiled and opened her arms wide as she expected her girls to come running around the corner for their usual return home hug. Instead, Kimi and Kodi, both giggling around binky's, ran right past her and practically bowled over a shocked Tess. Looking the two teens over, the two mothers were taken aback by what they saw. Kodi was just wearing a bright blue t-shirt and a diaper, with blue and orange trim around the leg gathers and landing strip, a cartoon fox playing in a sandbox on the front of the garment. Kimi was wearing a bright pink legless onesie with a skirt attachment on it, a thick bulge around her own waist. "MOMMY!" The two chorused as they both snuggled into Tess' chest. "Wha-what's happening?" Tess asked, worried. "I don't--" Sheila began, only to be interrupted. "They made bets with each other and the losers had to mess around with some of the furniture in the Project Renewal room!" Cady said, rounding the corner with Amy. "We tried to get them to stop, but they were acting so competitively that they wouldn't listen! And now... this," Amy said, looking sad. "So we kinda had to be the babysitters for the week." Cady added, Amy nodding right alongside them. "Oh dear... well, I guess that that answers that question." Sheila sighed. "I made poopy!" Kodi proudly announced, giggling as Tess wrinkled her nose. "Oh my," Tess choked out, noticing Kimi playfully batting at her paw like a... kitten. "Yes… you certainly did, sweetie." Sheila let out a long sigh and gave her friend a sympathetic smile. "We'll sort this out. Eventually." When Tess and Sheila started to carry the two back to the changing table, heading upstairs to do so, Amy and Cady high-fived each other. "Think we'll get to babysit those two again?" Cady asked hopefully. "Heh, yeah. I think that we're their go-to babysitters from now on..." Amy said with a smirk. Epilogue "Mommy!" Kimi cried out, exiting her room in just her gray pajama shirt and a diaper, this one with pink trim and a blue and yellow dragonfly on the front. "Kodi keeps bugging me when I'm trying to do my homework!" Kimi had her physics book tucked under one arm. "She started it by kicking me off the sofa earlier to play her dumb game!" Kodi whined, wearing a green shirt under a pair of denim short-alls that bulged around his waist. Tess looked over from the stove where she was finishing making up the bottles of formula for her little ones, Sheila having provided the boxes of instant powder, it being nutritionally healthy for Kodi and Kimi. Unfortunately, weaning them off nursing bottles was proving about as difficult as re-potty training them has. "Alright, you two," Tess said in a stern voice, "I don't care who started what. It's your naptime as of now. Hopefully a little rest and some of your tasty formula in your tummies will help you two to calm down and stop this bickering." Looking up from the two bottles she was screwing the nipples onto, she saw Kimi and Cody already back to wrestling each other. Tess rubbed her temples. "Yeah," Tess muttered to herself, "a nap for you two would do us all some good." Woah... I did NOT intend for this story to be this long! Still though, I feel happy with it, and am glad to have been able to bring it to you all! Let me know what you think with a comment or a review!
  7. There are some words I’ve heard a thousand times. A million, even. So many repetitions that they lose all meaning, except as signifiers of something else. “Things could be worse,” to say, “Stop complaining.” “Millennials,” to say, “Anyone younger than me who I disagree with.” And, “We saw you from across the bar, and we really dig your vibe,” to say, “We’d like to use you as a sexual object, but have no understanding of how to maintain a healthy nonmonogamous relationship.” The speaker of that last line was a woman, maybe thirty or a bit older, with a chintzy necklace and long, blonde hair. I could see her partner, a man a few years her senior, sitting at the end of the bar nursing a pale blond beer. Meanwhile, her comment was directed at another girl sitting next to me who was barely old enough to be drinking. From my little chatting with the girl, Katrina, I knew she lacked experience enough to recognize the threat in front of her. Already, I knew the dynamic. His partner–the woman–would be bait, the friendly face to reel in girls for a one night stand, or perhaps a few flings, before discarding the girl the moment she became too much of a burden. Maybe the girl would need help with something, or just talk about herself too much, or assume that their emotional sharing was a two-way-street. Either way, she’d be dumped like hot garbage, and the couple would be on to a new target in a day. I didn’t like couples like that. “Here, let me get you a drink, have you had a ‘Red Headed Gabriel’?” the woman said to the girl. “Oh, and I’m Esmay, my husband’s name is Louis.” The girl, flattered by the attention, smiled. “Katrina.” Names. Useful. I filed those away in my brain and got to my feet, shuffling down the bar. Pulling up next to Louis, I said, “You’re new, aren’t you?” He looked me up and down. I could tell he had no interest–he was here to find a pretty young girl, threesomes with another man were off the table. “I saw the event post on Fet,” he replied. “We’ve been poly for about a year now, though.” I nodded. Another useful detail. Good. “How’s it treating you?” “Oh, great,” he replied, grinning as he sipped his beer. I saw the brag coming a mile away. Retellings of his sexual conquest, and he opened his mouth to confirm my assumption. “I’ve had more girls…” I tuned him out. I didn’t need to hear those details. I looked down the end of the bar, to where Esmay was wooing Katrina, plying her with a cherry-red drink that was far more alcoholic than it tasted. “...of course, she does all the work,” Louis continued. “Can’t complain about having twice as many girls in bed.” I knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from his lips, so I asked, “Always girls?” “Absolutely,” he confirmed. “Sorry, buddy–you’re not our type.” “Don’t worry,” I replied with a smile, one that I hoped would be interpreted as friendly and innocent. “I wasn’t suggesting that.” “That’s the rule, anyways,” Louis continued. “Esmay can date any girls she wants, and so can I, but I’m the only man in the relationship. It keeps things simple.” I hid my disgust with a sip of my drink. “Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m one of the event organizers here–if you’ve ever got any issues, you can send me a message. Can I add you as a friend?” He nodded, taking out his phone. I got his contact info–his username, ‘SirDominant7’, caused me to hide an eyeroll, but I added him anyway. “I’m Davis,” I added, shaking his hand. I had his profile, his face, and his name. I didn’t need much else except time, and a bit of effort, but I did need to do one more thing. Walking back to my original seat, I planted myself next to the girl, and the woman. “Sorry to interrupt, Katrina,” I said, getting in the way of her flustered conversation with Esmay. “But I do need to leave soon, and we’d talked about getting you vetted for the next dungeon meetup–would you like to do that now?” “Oh, sure,” Katrina said, glancing back at me. “When did you say the beginner hypno instructional was?” Esmay’s smile flickered at the change of topic, but she said, “We can talk later, Katie–come down and see us at the end of the bar!” I took Katrina to the side, and explained the birds and the unicorns to her. I didn’t tell her not to go with the couple, but I did warn her what to expect–emotional negligence–and ensured that dear god please she had to use a condom and make sure they’d been tested. Katrina didn’t go home with the couple. She was safe for the night. Now I just had to handle them so the community would be safe at large. … I’d expected things to be simple. With a bit of digging, I could typically find red flags, enough to put out a general warning to the poly community, at least those in my circle. Enough ostracization, and most unicorn hunters got the point. What I found was far, far worse. Louis wasn’t just the head of a crappy one-penis-policy polyamorous relationship, using women as threesome fodder. He was, to put it bluntly, a bastard. Through the grapevine, through my relationships, I was able to count the number of people Louis had slept around with on the sly. He wasn’t claiming to be poly with these people, but pretending to be single, cheating on Esmay at every opportunity. He openly bragged about being a dominant, masculine figure, disparaging any man he saw as lesser, while slinking around behind his wife’s back. Esmay, for her part, just seemed negligent. She didn’t seem to understand their relationship dynamic beyond being something Louis required to keep their marriage together. I couldn’t find a single partner she’d had as part of their ‘polyamorous’ relationship that wasn’t simply threesome fodder. She didn’t even seem particularly interested in girls, which made the, ‘You can’t date any men,’ rule all the more odious. Maybe I could have done my usual routine–put out a general warning through my social grapevine, ensure that as many people as possible knew to stay away from this couple, and leave it be. But then Louis made The Post. The Post was six thousand words deriding kink, deriding kinksters, claiming that anyone who enjoyed anything not to his own personal taste was a degenerate–with a particular focus on calling out diaper fetishists and ageplay. My usual methods wouldn’t suffice. I needed to try something stronger. So I went back to the bar at the next meetup. I doubted that the couple would be discouraged by one success, and my suspicions were confirmed–the two of them were at the end of the bar once more, eyeing a new girl who wasn’t even there for the poly meetup. I waited for Esmay to make her move, then walked down to the end of the bar once again, sitting next to Louis. “Hey,” he said, scowling at me. “What did you say to Katie last week?” No need to be subtle. Taking a coin from my pocket, I held it up, so he could see the silvery metal shimmer in the barlight. “I showed her this. You know what this is?” He hesitated. I had his attention. “No.” “Take a look at the polish,” I said. “It’s… …and drop.” The induction took minutes, but the script was so familiar to me, and his mind so weak, that he folded like a cheap suit. When I said ‘Drop’, his expression fell, and he stared at me without comprehension. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” I said. “When Esmay returns, you’re going to tell her you want to try something new. You’re going to invite me home, but when we get there, you’ll be feeling too under the weather–your drink won’t be sitting right with you. You’ll go out and lie on the couch, listening to whatever Esmay and I get up to. You won’t touch yourself.” His eyes widened, but his mouth couldn’t respond. He stammered. A little beer-spittle dribbled down the edge of his chin. “You won’t touch yourself, period,” I continued. “You’re going to find yourself flaccid, no matter how much you try, no matter how much you want it. Your dick is closed for business. When Esmay wants sex, you’ll tell her to call me instead, or she can simply please herself. For all I care, she can find another partner–but she won’t get anything from you.” He blinked. I could see the fear, even in a face that couldn’t move beneath the layers of hypnotic control. “And another thing,” I said. “I’ve decided I want control of your dignity–someone as immature as you doesn’t deserve respect. You will forget how to use the potty. You’ll understand what it is, that it’s something most grown ups have control over, but not you. When you ruin your pants, you’ll need my permission to clean yourself. You’ll need to go buy diapers, and when you do, I will control those too–when you change, and when you don’t. If you need a fresh diaper, you will ask me. Only when I respond–and not a second sooner–will you be able to clean yourself up. If I don’t have my phone on me, you may need to wait for a long, long time.” There was one thing left to do. I thought this might be a bit too much–we were in public, after all–but in the moment I couldn’t resist the temptation. “When I snap my fingers,” I said, “You’re going to stand up, squat down, and poop your pants. As you do, you’ll feel my control taking over in your head–with every push, you won’t just be loading the last pair of big boy underwear you’ll get to wear, you’ll be pushing out all your potty training, your dignity, your ability to get hard. You’ll know that it’s all gone when your pants begin to sag and you can smell what you’ve done.” Smiling wickedly, I admired the way his lips trembled–I’d scared him so much his emotions were coming through even beneath the space I’d dropped him into. “Are you ready?” I asked. He tried to shake his head, his eyes darting back and forth. I snapped my fingers. Gasping, unable to control himself, Louis got to his feet. He was staring at me all the while–eyes burning with helpless, indignant rage, pleading for me to stop him, wanting any sort of interruption. I offered no such reprieve, and his furious, pouting blush warmed my heart. Squatting down, he puffed up his cheeks, stifled a grunt, and began to push. I saw it leave his face–the knowledge of how to control himself, to be considered an equal amongst adults, to achieve sexual satisfaction–and the stain that bulged out the back of his pants told me when he’d bottomed out. Even a dribble of pee escaped him, though I hadn’t required that, staining the crotch of his jeans a dark, wet blue. He stood, eyes darting to the bathroom, but I hadn’t given permission. He could not clean himself up, no matter the stink wafting up from his sagging, stained bluejeans. Esmay returned, then. “Hey, babe, who’s…um…” Nose wrinkling, she didn’t disguise her smirk. “This is Davis,” he said, stiffly. “I want to try something new tonight–why don’t we take him home instead?” She seemed uncertain, so I stepped in. “Louis said he was having some stomach troubles–Louis, why don’t you go get cleaned up in the bathroom while your wife and I talk?” He nodded, eyes bulging with humiliation and impotent frustration. I took his seat, and Esmay sat next to me, while her husband waddled helplessly to the bathroom to clean up his poopy bottom as best he could. “So,” I said. “Would you be interested in another man? Louis told me you’ve only had girls over until now.” Esmay’s expression was confused for a moment, and her face had screwed up from the smell, but at my question her eyes flashed with delight. “If he says it’s okay, absolutely, I just hadn’t expected him to change his mind on that.” “Good.” I smiled. “I expect Louis is going to be changing a lot in these next few days.” ... I hope you enjoyed ! If you want to support the creation of stories like this, you can give me a couple dollars on Patreon, and get early access and exclusive content to boot: https://www.patreon.com/PeculiarChangeling https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling
  8. Tony squirmed, and his stomach was grumbling. "Come on sweetie, drink the bottle!" Ella said. She pulled him closer into her lap, holding him tight. She held the bottle close to his face. He frowned. "This isn't fair Mommy. I don't want another bottle," he whined. "I already can't take any more." She smirked down on him, and bounced him on her knee. His diaper crinkled, and his stomach grumbled again. "I don't remember agreeing to any limit on how much I could feed you. The deal was you had to keep your pampers clean, not that I would then starve you." "But..." he said. She waved a finger at his nose. "Ah ah ah, no whining. You know Baby has to listen to his Mommy, right?" "Yeah..." he pouted. "And that Mommy always knows what's best for her baby?" "Yeah" he said again. "Then baby should listen to Mommy and drink his buh buh. Come on, drink up!" Tony frowned, but opened his mouth for the nip. She shoved it in, and he started sucking. Tony shuffled in Ella's lap, trying to ignore his stomach cramping. He squirmed as if trying to break out of her grasp, though he put no real effort into it. He was dressed in an outfit that was fairly normal for him at home- light purple shirt over a thick white diaper printed with bunny rabbits, pacifier tied on a string around his neck, and hair in pigtails, the only thing that was different from normal is his "Mommy" deliberately kept his skirt and onesies off so he "couldn't hide any accident in his diaper." The reason for that was the thing that wasn't normal for the night, the bet he had made. The bet seemed simple at first. Mommy would put him in his diapers, as normal. He would then be banned from the toilet, which happened from time to time. They had some of their kink friends coming over the next day, and if he managed to keep his diaper clean until bedtime, he could dress in normal "Big boy" clothes the next day for their visit. That came with special privileges. He could finally sit at the dom table, rather then serving them with the other subs. He could drink alcohol, rather then the normal juice and milk his AB sub status left him with. Rather then being teased and humiliated the whole night, he could finally be the one watching the show from a position of control. If he failed and filled his diaper, however, he wouldn't be. Instead, he agreed to let Mommy hypnotize him once the morning before and leave an instruction in his mind, without his knowing what that instruction was. The possibilities left him terrified, if a bit excited. She could make him act like a dog, and bark every time someone new entered the building. She could make him instantly obedient to any command, and get ordered around by the entire group all night. She could make him constantly horny, and eager for any chance and pleasure. The fact that he didn't know was what was most frightening. At first he thought this would be an easy bet to win. However, what he forgot was that the normal rules for when he played her diapered sissy still applied. That meant he had to do anything she asked, including eat or drink anything. So, after his eight bottle of milk, third bowl of beans, and constant force feedings of whatever Mommy found around, his stomach was turning with over an hour left before bedtime. "AH ah, stop squirming sweetie, or I may have to give you a spanking!" "I can't stop!" he replied. "My stomach hurts so bad!" "Then let go. Into your diapie. That's what it is there for," she smiled. "NO! I WILL WIN!" he replied triumphantly. Ella giggled. "That's a really proud way to say you MAAAYY be able to keep your diaper clean, MAYBE, if you try real hard." Tony groaned. His stomach turned, and he heard himself let out gas into his diaper. "EEEP! Mommy! Please no more!" he whined. Ella giggled. "Its ok sweetie, far from the worst thing I've seen you put into your pampers. Now drink your buh-buh." He kept drinking, and squirmed as he clenched to keep his diaper clean. Ella started bouncing him up and down harder, and he felt his innards loosening as he did. "What? Am I not allowed to bounce my widdle baby on my knee? Hear his widdle diapers crinkle? Hear his stomach..." "EEEP! Mommy!" he said as his stomach cramped up loudly. He began to sweat from the effort, and tried to distract himself by drinking the bottle, though the milk only made the feeling worse? "EEERR... ER..." he said, straining from the effort. His stomach grumbled again, and... BLAART! "NO! OH NO! NOT NOW!" He shouted his gut finally opened up and poured its contents into his diaper. Mommy giggled and kept bouncing, and he felt the mess grow and mash into him over and over. It was over in moments, but the damage was done. Mommy laughed out loud as she bounced him again, knowing she had won. "Oh no," he moaned. "Oh yes stinky, that's a full diaper. I won the bet," she teased. "But that's not fair! You didn't say you were going to force feed me all that!" She silenced him by shoving his pacifier in his mouth, which he knew came with the order for silence. "Now now, we both agreed to the deal. You were just so excited about maybe being a big boy for our friends that you didn't think things through, weren't you?" He blushed and nodded. "And isn't it that same lack of thinking and over excitement that explains exactly WHY you're my little sub in diapers and why I'm your mommy?" He nodded again. "Good. Glad you learned your lesson. Now, are you going to finish your buh buh, or am I going to keep bouncing you up and down in your poopy diapers all night?" He groaned. He was full, but the repeated squelching was already making him nauseous, so he sucked and finished the bottle. When he was done, she stood him on the ground and sniffed around him, then waved a hand in front of her nose. "Whew! You really did a number on those diapers. You stink like a sewer! No hiding that, eh?" He shook his head. "Good boy. Now, off to bed poopy pants, and we'll play our game tomorrow." She patted his bottom, giving another nauseating squelch. He looked at her with a pout, and she waved goodnight at him. He waddled toward his bedroom, thoughts about the next day turning over in his mind.
  9. The Pumpkin Prince: Prologue A/N: Hello again! This story will be my next pet project on this site and it's an idea I've had since October. It's taken me this long to put it into action. but I hope you'll enjoy it. This story focuses on our Main Character Nathan who finds himself in a mysterious world where he must masquerade as the child of a prestigious Count. It's a bit weird, I admit, but vampires and supernatural creatures are my special interest and I've been wanting to write this story for months. It won't contain much of a horror element as much as the Halloween tag may fool you. It will contain semi-forced regression, coercion, intimidation, breastfeeding, bondage, and despite all of that, a lot of fluff. This is just the prologue and while it may seem like a lot so far, I promise we haven't even gotten to the best bit. Without further ado, let's get into it! Nathan hit the bottom of the chasm with a harsh thud. He had no time to prepare himself as the ground had crumbled beneath his feet while walking through a simple pumpkin patch; practically picked clean by patrons the previous days. Groaning, he found he had landed on yet another pumpkin which broke most of his fall. Hissing, he pushed himself up onto his knees. There was a throbbing in his rib and it was with no light amount of disgust that Nathan found he was covered in pumpkin goop. “Fuckin’ hell,” He tried to comment but a rustling of leaves nearby halted him. He finally noticed his predicament as he absorbed his surroundings. He was deep in a cavern, the walls arching up some 30-40 feet up. Lanterns hung down from the ceiling along with a multitude of simple floating candles. He found himself in the middle of a bountiful pumpkin patch. Very Charlie Brown-esque. The rustling grew nearer and was soon accompanied by a voice. “Fibby, Tibby, is that you? You know your mom said she’d ground you if you two picked my pumpkins again-” Time seemed to stop as the figure revealed himself and Nathan felt his stomach drop. Standing in front of him was a tall, lanky figure. It towered over him and was dressed in well-worn overalls; the kind with patches on the knees and one strap broken. It wore gloves that had to have been white at some point but were now stained a dark brown with time. A simple threadbare flannel under the overalls and worn black rainboots finished the ensemble. However, what shook Nathan was the burlap sack over the figure’s face. Bits of straw poked through the bag forming a patchy beard while the bag conformed to the shape of a face. The eyeholes were wide and expressive and looked down at Nathan with what he was sure was a faux concern. “Oh, you poor thing-” The Scarecrow cooed as he leaned down toward Nathan, finally forcing him to act. “AHHHH!” Nathan screamed, scrambling away as quickly as he could. Which wasn’t very quick mind you. He found himself slipping in the pumpkin goop until his back hit a large white fence. Pain shot through his side and leg at the moment, but Nathan was more focused on the scarecrow now approaching him quickly. Another scream tore through him. “Shhhh!” The scarecrow hushed him quickly. “I’m not gonna hurt ya, little guy. Honest.” Throat now burning from exertion Nathan could only whimper as the scarecrow shuffled closer. Its gloved hand reached up toward the bag on his head and pulled it off slowly. With the bag off, Nathan balked at a very familiar sight. “M-Mister Myles?” He stuttered looking into the soft wrinkles of Mr. Myles Patch, the sweet and kind middle-aged man who kept his minuscule town stocked with award-winning pumpkins every fall season. Mr. Myles nodded slowly, seemingly emboldened by Nathan’s waning fright. He snuck a bit closer, gently placing a hand on Nathan’s leg causing him to gasp in pain. “You bumbled yourself quite a bit.” He muttered worriedly. “We need to get you inside so I can call a doctor before anyone sees you here.” Nathan opened his mouth to speak but had to bite down on his lip to fight a wail as Myles lifted him from the remains of the pumpkin. He was swiftly carried inside what looked to be a cozy cottage. Mr. Myles wasted no time carrying him towards a living room that looked like something out of a granny’s dream home catalog. However, the couch was more comfortable than it looked as Mr. Myles laid him down. “Sit tight, kiddo while I call a doctor.” ‘I’m not a kid.’ Nathan wanted to comment as he was 17, about to be 18 come next season. But he was more focused on trying not to cry what with his throbbing leg and side. There was quick mumbling coming from the tiny kitchen. Mr. Myles saying something about ‘-An emergency. Come quick and come alone.’ When he returned, he held a glass of clear water, a thin straw sticking out the top rim. “Come on,” He encouraged as he held the straw to Nathan’s lips. “Have a sip.” The water was cool and refreshing to Nathan’s sore throat, but it didn’t erase his questions. “Where am I?” He demanded. “What happened?” Mr. Myles bit his lip before putting the glass down and sitting on the armchair nearby. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. It sounds crazy.” Nathan huffed out an annoyed breath. “I fell through the ground into a pumpkin patch owned by a scarecrow who just so happens to be the friendly old man who lives up the street.” He summed up. “I’m in pain and I want to go home. Just tell me what’s going on!” Mr. Myles seemed to be battling with himself for a moment longer before he sighed. “This is Autumn Hollow…A village that’s existed below yours for centuries…It’s another world, of sorts. The hole you fell in was a portal. I don’t know how you found it, usually, it’s closed.” “I was walking through your patch…” “I closed up yesterday morning, though, son. Shouldn’t you be trick or treatin’?” Nathan shrugged and winced. “I was passing through. Clearing my head.” It was definitely more than that. But he wasn’t about to dump his whole home life on what was essentially a stranger. Luckily, a quick knock on the door saved him from having to explain. Mr. Myles got up to greet the doctor and soon he was leading in an elderly woman in a black apron. She looked nice enough with her grey hair curling around her ears under a wide-brimmed black hat. When she saw Nathan tense with pain on the couch, her face fell. “Oh you poor dear,” She set a heavy bag down on the coffee table with a thud and pulled a square cloth from her pocket. Nathan could only lay there as she dabbed at the pumpkin goop drying on his face. “Ma’am, are you a doctor?” He asked hesitantly. “Oh, sweet child. I’m better than a doctor,” She smiled reassuringly. “I’m a witch!” “Can you help me?” Nathan pleaded. He had seen so much already and frankly he wasn’t in the mood to dispute the logistics of an old woman being a witch while laying on a couch belonging to a scarecrow. “I’m in a bit of pain.” Immediately, the witch nodded. “I’ll fix you right up, baby. We gotta let the cauldron boil.” What followed was a series of terrifying events all leading up to an anticlimactic finish. As the unseen cauldron started to boil, the witch disappeared into the kitchen with Mr. Myles leaving Nathan a mere 20ft away. “Myles hand me your eyes of newt.” “Lucky I picked some up not too long ago.” “Now we add the spider legs…” “We need the plan to get him home. You know I can’t tote him through town.” “Spider. Legs. Myles.” “Right, apologies.” “I could have sworn I brought some snake fangs…” “Right here. So what do you think we should do?” “Hmm…You have a half-sister, don’t you? The one married to the Count?” “So?” “Say he’s your nephew. Problem solved.” “You’re missing the moon drops-” “Don’t tell me how to brew!” “Well- I can’t say he’s my nephew! Nobody would believe that even if he could pass as their son, why would she let him visit now?” “It’s none of their business. Just say he’s your nephew and move on.” “But he can’t pass for Hollow Folk, Debs.” This bickering continued until Nathan felt as if his stomach was turning inside out. After all, goat’s tears?! No way he was drinking that. He’d rather suffer. But when Mr. Myles and the witch returned, she wasn’t holding some disgusting concoction in a glass bottle. Rather, she held a plain white mug with a mountain of what looked like whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The cherry on top was a cookie wafer straw sticking up through the foam. “Okay, baby. I made you some nice hot cocoa to help you feel better.” Immediately Nathan looked at her with mistrust. There was no way that came from those ingredients. But she only looked at him with gentle regard. “Come on, son. You don’t want it to get cold.” Very hesitantly, he took the mug, wincing as Myles propped up pillows behind him to sit up. Nathan sniffed the mug, but only smelled sweet chocolate and whipped cream. He licked the whipped cream peak and found it to be exactly as he remembered it to taste. His reservations slowly disappeared when he took the wafer straw into his mouth and took the tiniest sip. It was hot chocolate. Warm, sweet, creamy even. Not even burning hot considering how quickly they had brought it out to him. As he took another, deeper sip, he realized his aches and pains were starting to melt away. Breathing was getting easier. His knee throbbed less and less before halting completely. Each sip of the delicious liquid made him feel warm and soft. Before he knew it, the mug was empty. Even the whipped cream had melted into the cocoa and he crunched the softened wafer straw before putting the mug on the coffee table. “Feel better?” The witch asked and Nathan nodded. “Thank you, ma’am,” Because he had manners. “Oh, please,” The witch sat down on the couch beside him, ignoring the pumpkin goop smeared on the cushion. “Call me Debbie.” Nathan gave her a gentle smile before Mr. Myles’ throat cleared. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, son, but we have to get you home before nightfall.” “We’ve already discussed it, Myles. He’ll play your nephew and you can get him to the return portal!” Debbie groaned. “I can make him look like Hollow Folk if it makes you feel better, but it’s not as big of a deal as you say.” “Whatever gets me home.” Nathan agreed readily. Myles ran a hand over his face, somehow ditching his gloves when Nathan didn’t notice. “What if my sister hears?” “Then you can explain. She’d understand. She’s not as uppity as you make her seem. She was a small farm town girl at one point.” Debbie seemed determined, rooting through her heavy bag. “I have just the thing too.” As she was searching, Myles pulled on his burlap sack once more. It was a strange sight to see as it contoured to his face looking identical to him now that Nathan wasn’t panicking. Debbie hummed triumphantly as she pulled out what looked to Nathan to be a set of plastic vampire fangs. The kind that came with a cheap vampire costume and made it hard to talk. He wasn’t sure of the intelligence of the Hollow Folk, but a simple set of plastic fangs couldn’t possibly fool them. Debbie, understanding his confusion, pointed to Myles. “It’s like his mask, son. This will disguise you well enough to fool anyone in town. Pop them in, and bite down as hard as you can. Be prepared to adjust.” Nathan had no idea what adjust meant but he took the fangs anyway and slipped them into his mouth. Before he bit down, Debbie stood. “I’ll get the sink ready for a bath.” He dismissed her words as more magical nonsense and bit down as hard as he could. A rush of warmth overtook his body. It almost felt like the drop of a roller coaster and his back met the soft pillows. Opening his eyes that he didn’t know he closed, Nathan took in the sight of the cottage. What was originally a dimly lit, the worn-down cottage was now a rich, homely environment. There were motes of light casting soft shadows around the room and he couldn’t help but stare. “The improved eyesight is a pretty good deal,” Myles noted and Nathan was startled upon realizing Myles towered over him so harshly. ‘Give me space!’ He tried to say, but what came out was a high-pitched slur. “Spay!” “Spuh-” He stuttered. “Spay!” “Easy there, son,” Myles reached for Nathan and lifted him off the couch by his underarms. “The magic goes by your spiritual maturity. Relax and let me get you home.” Nathan ignored him. “Me dow’! No!” He squirmed as he was carried to the kitchen, just as cozy and lit as the living room. And Debbie had filled a large farm sink with sweet lavender-scented suds. “Let’s get that pumpkin guts off him. I’ll bathe him while you find him something to wear?” Nathan was stripped much to his protest and deposited into the sink. To his horror, he fit inside. He felt tears fill his eyes as he looked up at Debbie. “Noo!” He warbled. Looking down at his hands. They were small and chubby, little clumsy sausages gripping the edge of the sink. “Baby,” Debbie cooed, running a warm cloth down his back. “The sooner we get you clean the sooner you can go home.” “No’ baby!” Nathan pouted, pushing the suds in rebellion as tears started to dribble. “Wan’ go ‘ome!” “You will,” Debbie promised. “Trust me.” He cried through the entire fiasco that was the bath and even harder as Debbie wrapped him in a fluffy red towel to dry while Myles hunted for clothes. “That man,” Debbie huffed the longer he took. “Grab anything and I’ll shrink it down!” Myles returned soon enough with a handful of garments. First was a billowy nightshirt in impeccable condition. Not a spec of dirt or wear which happened to be a sharp contrast to the entire home. The second was a rectangle of fabric. “This was my sister’s growing up,” He held out the nightshirt. “And I figure this…Is necessary.” He held out the fabric. “Oh, my my,” Debbie said with a pleasant smile. “He’ll look so adorable. Like a little Pumpkin Prince should!” She grabbed the garments and held a squirming Nathan over to Myles while she shrunk them to size. Myles bounced Nathan slightly, trying to cheer him up. “You’re gonna go home, kiddo. We’ll go right after we get you dressed.” Nathan’s cries ceased from exhaustion once the clothes were ready. Debbie slipped the nightshirt over his head and tied the neckline in a neat bow. His humiliation increased as he realized the strip of fabric was in fact a diaper. But it was an old-school sort. The kind that was done up with safety pins Debbie had no trouble conjuring out of thin air and secured the diaper on. “There we go, Viscount Dracul.” She spoke in a heavily accented tone before scooping him into her arms and encouraging him to lean against her shoulder. “Let’s go then.” And Nathan watched as Myles packed a small canvas bag with various items. A blanket, a stuffed pumpkin plush, and an umbrella which most definitely shouldn’t have fit in the bag but did. “Remember, Nathan. I’m your uncle. Your mommy and daddy let you stay with me for the day and now we’re sending you home. You are 18 months old and you’re very tired after a long day of playing.” “M’tay.” Nathal gave a shuddered breath. It wouldn’t be too hard to pretend to be exhausted, he thought. Boy was he wrong as they stepped out into the front yard. If the inside of the cottage was straight out of a movie, the outside view was an otherworldly vision. Myles’ cottage sat on top of a large hill overlooking an entire village. The village was abuzz with sights. Quaint little houses all as cozy and homely as Myles lined up along a grid of walkways. But the further out the walkways went, the more the town changed. It was as if it were one big carnival. The music carried through the air, wrapping around Nathan’s mind and luring him in. He could smell the sweetness of caramel apples and kettle corn. “Head down, baby,” Debbie instructed softly. The trio walked (well Nathan was carried) down the hill to the entrance of the town. Chatter could be heard all around. They didn’t make it far before a chirp-like voice called out to them. “Mr. Myles! We’ve been looking for you,” Nathan turned his head to see a rather short creature with the head of a raven approaching. “We need another judge for the pumpkin carving contest!” “I wish I could, Cork, but I need to get this little guy home.” “Oh?! Who is this?” They asked stepping up to Debbie. “My nephew,” Myles said quickly. “Really we have to go. His mother wants him home before nightfall. And he’s already so sleepy. You know how babies are-” The bird creature gave a pleasant tweet as it held its hands-wings? Up to Debbie to receive the child. “Let me get a looksie!” Nathan watched Mr. Myles give Debbie a look as she bent over and handed Nathan over. “He doesn’t look so sleepy to me,” Cork trilled while looking Nathan over. “What’s his name?” “Uh..” Myles’ eyes shifted back and forth to get an idea. “Nathaniel.” Cork nodded and Nathan felt a delicate feather pressing his chin down slightly. He let out a noise of discontentment and Cork let him go quickly. “Such a strong name. And I can see his fangs poking through he’s gonna be a heartthrob for the ladies. I can already tell!” Cork handed Nathan back to Debbie as he started to squirm. “You should bring him ‘round to Martha. She’d love to meet him!” “I would, but-” “Martha!” Cork cawed through the air. Pretty soon a whole horde of Hollow Folk came to get an eyeful of Mr. Myles’ nephew Nathaniel. And with them came gifts. Nathan couldn’t help but preen at the attention even if some of the Hollow Folk made his tiny heart clench at the sight of them. They were all quite nice from their first impression. He didn’t know which one had deposited a sunflower crown on his head, but it made him feel special nonetheless. One woman in a similar, newer-looking, black apron compared to Debbie’s came up with a small spoon food of orange-tinted puree. “Let’s see how the baby likes my pumpkin pie.” Nathan wasn’t one to turn down treats, especially if they were as delicious as the hot cocoa he was served before. The tiny spoon slipped into his mouth and he mushed the paste around with his clumsy tongue. It was miles better than the store-bought pies his mother tended to buy at the last moment for Thanksgiving. The filling filled his mouth with warmth and as he swallowed his bite, he couldn’t help but let out a gurgled giggle. “‘Ummy!” He tried to tell the woman who visibly melted at the sight of his joy. “Oh my stars, he loves it!” She cheered triumphantly. “Now, wait a minute,” A sweeter voice chimed in from the back of the crowd. “I want him to try mine!” “And mine!” Several more voices piped up and Nathan found himself the sole judge in a pie-baking contest. Debbie sat down on a bench made from woven fibers and a line of women wanting their pie judged filled in front of her. When each pie was tasted, and each woman gave a word of praise from his limited vocabulary (because each one, he swore, was the best pie he had ever tasted) he was handed a large blue ribbon. “Which one was the best?” Debbie encouraged him to pick. She even set him down on his feet to choose despite his bare feet. The ground was soft even for a child, tufts of grass not too long to trip, but long enough to cover the soil. He took one step forward towards the group. Nathan blinked at the group of women eagerly waiting to be chosen for the ribbon. This attention was as far different than before. He was the center of attention, but rather than doting on him, they were waiting for him to do something. It was all too familiar to his parents. Waiting for him to decide on a college, waiting for him to graduate, waiting for him to do something impressive. Eager to just get it over with, Nathan rushed over to the first woman, the youngest of the group, and handed her the ribbon. He didn’t wait for their response before he rushed to the nearest adult he recognized which just so happened to be Myles. Myles of course wasted no time scooping him up into his arms. Nathan buried his face into the rough texture of the flannel on Myles’ shoulder and held onto him tightly. “‘Ome. ‘Ome.” The revelry of the group seemed to dissipate as they realized their judge wasn’t as enthusiastic as before. “Oh no,” One baker cooed softly. “Did we scare him?” “No, no,” Myles was quick to assure. “Poor baby isn’t used to such a large crowd. He’s really looking forward to seeing his Mommy and Daddy again.” “Well, if Mary would bring him by once in a harvest moon he wouldn’t be so jumpy,” Someone scoffed. “But she’s pretty busy up in her ivory tower now, too busy to say hi to us hicks, huh?” “That’s my sister you’re talking about,” Myles warned. “She’s just been busy what with her work and now the baby-” Debbie took it as a great time to step in. “You all forget how old-school the Count is. He was around before we folk started to spread out. It took him and Mary a great deal of thinkin’ before they decided to let Myles keep the baby overnight.” She lied flawlessly. “Now instead of judging a first-time mom, we should all be thankful and show her her faith was not lost on us to show her baby boy a good time.” “But that can wait til the next trip!” Myles stepped in once more. “She only let me watch him for a few hours so we should get him back about now-” “Awww can’t it wait just a little longer?” Cork lamented. “We haven’t had a baby around since Tibby and Fibby were born!” “And that was over a decade ago!” “Next time,” Myles swore. “If I don’t get him back by nightfall, she’ll be so angry she won’t let me watch him again.” A gasp overtook the crowd as if he admitted to some heinous crime. And then it wasn’t so hard to walk through the village. People waved and cooed at Nathan but didn’t try to halt their path. A few times, they would hand the boy small trinkets and gifts which he accepted happily. A hand-carved wooden dog, a necklace with a bat on the end, and even a woven bracelet slipped onto his chubby wrist. Despite his fright from before, Nathan felt his heart sink the closer and closer they grew to an old white building with purple light emanating from stained glass panes. Was he ready to go home? Wouldn’t it be better to just stay here where people clearly wanted him around? He made a small noise of distress and Myles patted him on his back soothingly. “We’re almost there, bud. You’ll be home soon.” “Wha…” The baby stuttered, fingers dipping closer to his lips in nervousness. “I ‘tay?” He asked. “What is it?” Myles asked, pausing in his steps and looking at Nathan’s hidden face. “Wan’ ‘tay.” Nathan spoke clearer. Debbie chose then to pipe up. “I think he’s asking to stay, Myles.” At once, Myles’ face fell. “Oh, son,” “Wan’ ‘tay.” “You gotta go home, son. Your parents are probably wondering where you are. I already told the town you’re going home…Your place is up there,” Myles motioned to the dirt ceiling. “You’ll go home and eat dinner and…this will all just seem like a weird dream.” Tears sprouted in Nathan’s eyes as his lip quivered. “Nooo!” Myles didn’t know what it was like. Myles could just disappear down here where people liked him and forget about the outside world. His fists struck, thumping against Myles’ shoulder without force but the man kept walking. “Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he stayed,” Debbie piped up. “Just for a little while…” “Time moves differently up there, Debs,” Myles sighed. “Each night here is two months up there. He has a life and family up there. And we can’t keep him. Especially if my sister heard that I’ve been toting around a topsider as my nephew.” Nathan sobbed heaving breaths. If he went home, he’d have to go back to a family who barely cared about him. To friends too busy deciding their own futures to even spend the day with him. To the stack of transcripts and pamphlets on his desk demanding he decides what he was going to do when there wasn’t anything that interested him in the world. He wasn’t an athlete or a genius. He was just Nathan, a small-town boy who sometimes bagged groceries at the EZ Mart on the corner. What was there in the world for him when there was something so homely and soft right under his feet? Myles kept walking until he opened the door to the white building. He set Nathan down on the ground and Nathan found himself in a small room. The purple light came from an arched portal in the wall, swirling and glowing with energy. “Now all you have to do is walk through that portal and you’ll be home…” “Wan’ ‘tay!” Nathan said once more but Myles shook his head. “No, you don’t, buddy. You have a life you need to live…And I’ll still see you around occasionally. Maybe even come back to my patch next year and I’ll share a cup of cocoa with you.” Nathan looked up at Myles, his face crumbled and pleading. “You’re breaking my heart here, kid.” Myles sighed… “Go on…” Hands balled up in the fabric of his nightshirt, Nathan turned to the portal and ran through. Clearly, he wasn’t wanted… Nathan woke up on the cold hard ground with a gasp. Shooting up, he turned his head around to see that he was once more back in the pumpkin patch. He was in his old clothes free of any pumpkin guts and part of him wondered if he had just dreamed the entire thing. Tears bubbled in his eyes and he took a moment to cry at the loss. But as he went to stand, several things caught his eye. There in the grass was a sunflower flower crown, a hand-carved wooden dog a bracelet…and a plastic set of vampire fangs. Fishing around his neck, he felt the cold chain of a necklace as well. So it had happened… Gathering his trinkets, Nathan stood and had no other choice but to head home…He walked into the back door hoping to not be noticed, but his luck had always been terrible. “Nate? Is that you? Where have you been?!” His mother called out from the kitchen. “I haven’t seen you all day!” “I was over at Mike’s house…we were…looking at scholarships…” He lied quickly, already heading for the stairs and going up. “Well, we already ate dinner.” She called up to him. “Your plate’s in the fridge.” “Thanks, mom…” She left him alone after that and Nathan was free to hide away his new trinkets on his nightstand. He would lay in bed that night and dream about a world underground. People who looked odd, but had hearts made of gold. Being doted on. Being loved. He’d shed tears on his pillow, hoping one day he could go back.
  10. So a Long time ago I had written this story and put it up here on the Daily Diapers forums. However it was sadly lost during the great purge a few years ago. I believed that was the end of it as I had deleted the only copy I had and I didn't really want to rewrite the whole thing. However, while I was cleaning out some old fines I found the rouge draft of the whole story. @HyperShark wanted a copy of it the moment I said I can found it, though it was just the rouge draft. After thinking it over (and encouragement from discord) I figured I would re-post it here, every day I will go though and edit a few chapters and post them here. If there is enough interest I might right a sequel but let's take this one step at a time 01 - Little Time Daycare "Little Time Daycare," Bryce read on the front of the building as this amazon calling herself "mommy" carried her inside. Her "Mommy" kept patting her thickly diapered bottom as she was carried inside, though Bryce wasn't sure if this was in a strange attempt to comfort her or a way to show her dominance. She wasn't sure but she was sure she didn't like it. As they approached the front deck and young amazon women greeted them, "Welcome to Little Time Daycare, how can I help you?" "I'm Jessica Mills, I have an appointment today." Her smiling captor answered. Bryce for her part was already hard at work figuring out her escape plan for this place. The lobby was almost a large triangular room with a door leading to the left and right. However where the point of the room would have been it flattened out and about halfway up the wall it was glass to the ceiling and a figure was standing there looking down on them. The figure was clearly another female amazon, she seemed to touch her ear for a moment and a voice came over some kind of intercom that was in the lobby. "Sarah please see Ms. Mills to my office." The young amazon quickly moved to the door on her right and opened it and lead them through into the main daycare area. The room looked like any other daycare one might see, however there seemed to be no amazon children just Littles, clearly diapered Littles at that. None of them wore much else at that, short dresses or skirts for the girls but it did nothing to hide the amazingly thick diapers. The boys and some of the girls wore nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, if they were lucky many were naked except for their diapers. It had only been a minute and Bryce already felt like she had entered hell. The far left wall was almost all glass letting everyone see outside and let people walking by seeing all the Littles, Bryce wasn't sure if this was a daycare or a Little baby store or both. On the right of the room it was just a long wall with a door on the back right corner. The receptionist quickly lead them through this door into a room in the center of the building into what looked like a lunch room in this back half with a storage area in the front. There was only one robo nanny in this room who seemed busy with....someone Bryce couldn't tell what. They were taken to an elevator in the back and made their way to the second floor. This room was amazing, the second floor was one giant office and looked down onto both sides of the daycare at once. While the left side of the building she had seen was a "normal" Little daycare the other seemed a little off. There was a small room in the corner with a number of cribs with cords hanging from them, though Bryce couldn't get a better look as her "Mommy" was quickly moving into the middle of the room to shake this new amazons hand. "Ms. Mills it's so nice to finally meet you," The amazon said. "This must be little Bryce, she is such a cutie. Are you ready for all the fun you're going to have here?" Bryce couldn't tell if the amazon expected her to answer as many didn't but she answered anyway in a sarcastic tone, "Loads." A quick swat on her padded butt made her yelp which was followed by "Don't be rude BeeBee." Their host laughed and asked Ms. Mills to sit, which she did setting Bryce on the ground at her feet. As the two amazons started talking Bryce quickly moved to the window showing the right side of the building, she needed to scope the area while she could and didn't know how long her "Mommy" wouldn't be watching her. "Thank you for meeting with me Mrs. Jacobson, I am really hoping you can help," Ms Mills began. "Bryce is a great girl, I love her but she is still a "free range" Little lets say. I only adopted her 3 weeks ago and in the time she has attempted to escape almost every day, I'm at my wits end." Nodding her head Mrs. Jacobson answered, "From the file you want to make her a baby but not to use hypnosis regression on her, is that correct?" "Yes, while I could use hypnosis to regress her into a baby she wouldn't be my little baby anymore. I still want my little BeeBee to be… herself but to accept being the baby she is and not always trying to run away, I want her to be happy with me. All the research I have read said I need to punish her into being a baby or regress her with hypnosis but I don't want to hurt her. She has an energy, a fire about her and I'm afraid hypnosis would destroy who she is." Mrs. Jacobson waiting for her newest customer to finish before speaking, "It is true we may be able to help, we are working on a new type of regression that will make a Little accept their life as babies without the need to use hypnosis to turn them into babies. However we haven't completely finished it yet and are working on our first full test group. If you would like we can set her up as the last member of the group." This was why Jessica had come here in the first place, this was in her mind the last chance she had short of wiping BeeBee's mind and making her a drooling, stinky baby. "What are the risks? What happens if it fails?" Mrs. Jacobson sighed, "I won't lie to you, if she fails there will be one of two outcomes. Either it will fail completely and nothing will change with how she is now or her mind will be wiped clean and all her memories and personality will be gone, she would be a clean slate. More or less what she would be if you used hypnosis on her." She added. Jessica looking out the window and down to all the Littles in the play area. She wanted Bryce to be able to play with them and be happy, for them both to be happy. Right now Bryce wasn't happy so she wasn't happy. Bryce meanwhile was busy, she wasn't paying too much attention to what the amazons were talking about. She knew this was about weak training her captor was sending her to so she would be a "good baby," it was just another chance to get away. Looking down onto the right side of the building they had a small play area along with many cribs with what looked like head phone on the sides, this didn't bode well for her. In the corner there seemed to be a small rooms inside to room but the door was closed and she couldn't see in. As she was looking down at the robo nanny getting the room ready she felt a sudden warmth in her crotch, it was clear her diaper was now wet. After a week of the milk she had been fed she figured she should be happy the only control problems she had now were wetting ones. From the deck Jessica looked at her Little BeeBee looking down into the training area. She knew her baby was looking for a way out, and now she had no other choice. She looked up at Mrs. Jacobson and simply asked, "Where do I sign?" 02 - Test group After the papers were signed Bryce and her "Mommy" had left. The following two days before the test started was like many of the days since she had kidnapped, filled with bottles, dirty diapers and lots of baby toys. Importantly there had been two near getaways, one day she had been able to climb over the "Little fence" that was keeping her inside. However that didn't end well as she made it outside right as a neighbor Amazon was taking her Little for a walk, she only made it 1/4 of a block before she was picked up and taken back. Yesterdays had been much closer, the mall was an easy place to hide and get lost in if she could get away long enough. Sadly that wasn't the case for her, while her captor had been shopping she had been able to climb down the shopping cart and away to safety; this time a store employee came around the corner right as she took off running. After yet another red bottom and a nights sleep it was finally the day she had been both dreading and looking forward to. Little Time Daycare seemed to have very light security for a daycare for Littles and Bryce figured this would be her best chance to get away. As Bryce and her "Mommy" entered the lobby again they were quickly taken into the main daycare area. She was put down with four other Littles, it was clear they were the other test subject. Despite their diapered states they seemed to be the only Littles with any fire in their eyes still. The four other Littles were dressed as one would think for this daycare, the one and only boy of the group was naked except for his diaper while the blond and brunette girls both had on very short dresses and the red head was only in a t-shirt with a little baby devil on it and diaper all around. Bryce hoped that shirt wasn't just for show as this girl might help her get out, or at least be the fall girl. As the amazons left the boy spoke in a low tone, "Does any of you know what they are going to do to us?" Bryce rolled her eyes, it was clear this boy would be the first stinky drool machine of the lot. "They want to turn us into babies like all Amazons do what else do you need to know?" She harshly answered. The boy looked a little hurt but the red devil girl quickly answered, "They want us to choose to be babies, it seems like a form of brainwashing. Hypnosis can make us act like babies but it's just an act, we lose ourselves in the hypnosis and as such just become generic babies. They want us to not only choose to be babies but to be happy about it, to truly believe that a dirty diaper is a great feeling." There was a silence for a few moments before she spoke again, "I'm Dolores by the way but you can just call me Dee." Most of the group got a look of depression on their faces, Bryce's however was one of confusion. "Hold on, how could you possibly know all that?" Dee had a strange look of confusion herself, "Oh, I heard the Amazons talking about it when they interviewed me. Every Amazon picks a target age range they want us to be like and that's what the "training" it meant to do." Bryce nodded her head, the girl was quick if she had been paying attention that much to the Amazons conversation. She hadn't bothered as it was the same everywhere she went didn't know why this place would be any different, not that it mattered she would never choose to be a baby. Dee might be perfect to help her get away, but if she was to get away she would need help. "I'm Bryce by the way." "Jason," the boy spoke. The blond explained her name was Susan and the brunette was Sam. After the pleasantries were exchanged Bryce wasted little time, "listen we all know what happens if we fail this test, we need to work together to break out at once. I’ve seen a lot of daycares but this one is light on security, we can use that and get away." The blond rolled her eyes, "you would never made it past the front desk before the dumb teen girl stopped you." "That's true but she can't stop all of us, they have a low staff and wouldn't be able to chase us all down. One of us would most likely not make it out but the rest of us would be free." Bryce wanted them to understand that this was a once in a lifetime chance that they couldn't pass up. "I don't like it, we should all get out together or not at all." Sam said in some sad attempt at a "all for one" speech. At this point Bryce was starting to get annoyed they all needed to be on the same page, "Look do you want to end up like all of those Littles?" She pointed to the rest of the room. "They are nothing but drooling, stinky babies and you don't..." Her words trailed off. In the crowd of Little she saw him, or did she? Without thinking she quickly stood and waddled over to the boy across the room. As she came up to the boys side she didn't need to see the brown stain on the seat of his diaper, the smell told her what she needed to know. "Kyle!" she exclaimed. She pulled on his shoulder to look him in the eye, what she saw shook her to her core. Kyle was wearing nothing but a blue t-shirt and a diaper, extra thick crawler diaper at that. Drool dripping from his chin and a toothless smile on his face, he was a happy baby. Pain and anger filled Bryce's body at once, she didn't know if she was going to cry, puke or both; she was leaning for both. At this point, Dee had made her way over and was looking at the boy, "Who's he?" she asked in a half caring sort of way. "He's my husband, or was going to be..." 03 - The Life Once Lived 3 years earlier College is hard for everyone, but for a Little it was so much worse. While Bryce had gotten into a college that accepted Littles they didn’t make it easy on her, or her boyfriend Kyle. Diapers were a must at all times, any Little in college had to wear a diaper at all times on campus. As long as they had their Little student badge they couldn’t be adopted no matter how wet or messy their diapers were, if they were on school grounds. This meant she was in a school dorm as it was counted as part of school grounds, if she lived off school grounds and attempted to go home with a messy diaper her student badge wouldn’t save her. However, with all that doom and gloom Bryce was happy, the remarks from amazons on how cute she was only made her more confident. Her grades were great, with the last year of her bachelor degree in only a few weeks she was already looking forward to life after school. She had been working on her degree in psychology, the study of the mind was something she found very interesting and very helpful in a world that wanted you living your life as a mindless baby. Lying in bed she could hear a lot of noise coming from the building next to her, most likely new Littles moving in or leaving, but even loud noises waking her up couldn’t ruin her mood. What had taken her mood to new heights was the night before, Kyle had really done it. He had asked Bryce to marry him, she had seen it coming and nothing in the world to stop her from saying yes. People say Littles have it hard, and while Bryce did believe that it was harder for Littles she believed that many must be too lazy. Everything in her live was going great so it could be great in every Littles life if only they worked hard and didn’t do anything stupid in public. Although diapers weren’t something she liked being with Kyle he made it seem unimportant, even kinky for her at times. Getting her boyfriend into bed and changing him had seemed to make something click inside her, she didn’t mind changing him and she loved when he changed her. Just the thought of it was getting her hot lying in bed, life was a pleasant dream that she never had to wake up from. With a loud bang, she heard the front door open, she believed it must have been Kyle since today was the last day of his summer course and it must have let out early. Climbing out of bed she made her way out of her room in nothing but her night shirt and wet diaper, if she had to wear diapers at night she figured might as well not worry about getting out of bed if you have to go. Upon turning the corner she saw Kyle who looked to be out of breath and wet from the summer rain storm. “I’m so happy your safe, get your things we need to leave.” Kyle said between breaths. Bryce looked at him confused for a moment, “I need to go to the office and get another badge for this semester as the old one runs out today, after then we can go anywhere…” “Bryce they school no longer accepts Littles…” For a long moment, she stared at him before all the pieces clicked in her mind, she was only kept from being adopted because of her school badge. The badge no longer mattered if the school didn’t accept Littles, so the noise that had woken her up wasn’t Littles moving out it was Little now on the run. “We have to go, the other buildings already have amazons in them, as far as they're concerned we are un-adopted Littles. Littles here were required to be diapered at all times, if any amazon catches us they are within their rights to adopt us on the spot.” Kyle voice was stern with a clarity and focus that she was both in awe of and scared of. Without wasting anymore time she quickly turned back to her room and started grabbing her things, or at least what mattered most to her. After her backpack was filled he told her to lie down on the bed, wasting no time in changing her. The last thing they needed was an amazon smelling a wet diaper. With her baggiest pants and jacket they made their way out into the rain. Although there was no gun fire she now believed she knew what a war-zone looked like. There were amazons and Littles everywhere, Littles being stripped and changed right there in public like their years of college meant nothing. Some amazons had needles and regression pacifiers to calm the Littles down, Bryce even made a note of a tranquilizer rifle on the hood of a car. To Bryce it felt like her school had put out a sign that said, “Little Hunting Season Now Open.” They quickly hurried down the stairs and across the parking lot, a bus had pulled up and the Amazons hadn’t noticed the Little scrambling to get inside yet. They got to the back of the line as the buss quickly filled until it was Bryce and Kyles turn to get on, however as Bryce was about to get on she was pushed aside by another Little and her friends. There was no time to argue and she quickly started climbing on the bus, that’s when the In-Betweener driver stopped them. “Only got room for one more,” she said in an almost sad tone. “Please you have to let us both on, we are the only ones left here,” Bryce pleaded. The driver had a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry but if we are pulled over and we’re over capacity police will put all the Littles in child services, which means one thing, adoption." Suddenly she felt herself pushed up the steps bus, she turned and looked as the doors closed with Kyle on the other side. Bryce started screaming for the driver to open the door but he didn’t. Crying at Kyle that she couldn’t leave him she could hear him speaking through the glass. “I’ll meet you at your parents place tomorrow morning, I’ll call your cell if I’m going to be late. I lov…” Kyle was suddenly cut off as he hears footsteps behind him and was able to jump out of the way of an Amazon attempting to grab him. Bryce screamed while crying to stop the bus, but the driver wouldn’t. She watches Kyle avoiding the first Amazon and then another joined in chasing him, just as the bus turned the corner Kyle had got the two Amazon women to crash into each other as he made a break for it. Another Little helped Bryce up to the last open seat, all the while crying, wondering if she would ever see him again.
  11. Warning! As with my previous stories, this one contains several elements inherent to the pre-established 'Diaper Dimension.' These include, but are not limited to: Diapers and their usage for their intended purpose Breastfeeding Non-consensual mental regression through various means (Including possible drugs, hypnosis, and/or surgery) References to surgery to achieve various nefarious goals Humiliation Giants, aka, Amazons or Bigs Predominantly female domination (some male) Babying of adults (perceived or otherwise) Experimentation on humans Kidnapping Coerced or manipulated actions through possible means of white lies, gas lighting, or incentives Mild language or use of explitives Depictions of death, illness, or handicaps Graphic imagery associated with any of these warnings This story has not been labeled as mature, due to a lack of specific references to anything overtly sexual, but this warning serves as a 'turn back' point for any readers who do not wish to read about the previous warnings. Lastly, this list is subject to change during the course of writing this story. While most of the plot is ironed out, more warnings may be added if needed. For those readers interested or do not care about the warnings listed, please enjoy the following story. Hey everyone! First off, I promise that I will be updating the DD reference guide soon. Things are just a little busier during this time of year, but I will get to it. Going off that, I also want to note that currently at least, this story is shaping up to be about 26 chapters long. With the holidays coming up and even a vacation sprinkled in there, I will try to post this story as often as I can, but I will ask for your patience during this time. For instance, I will be a little busy this weekend, so the next chapter might not post until Monday. Also, because of that and the at least 26 dyas going into the future here, this will be my last story of 2023. No matter when this ends, I will be taking a tiny break and then coming back around the middle of January with the sequel story to the CONvention. There should be plenty to look forward to with this origin story of sorts and the several sequels that I have planned for next year. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the first chapter of this new story! Chapter 1: Sitting... Waiting... Ten minutes. It was such a small fraction of time, and even less than what it took to fingerprint and photograph a perp at my old job, but today, I was nowhere near that old job. Here, in another dimension entirely, one end of those ten minutes was back at daycare. Possibly forcefully mind numbing and a place where bad things could happen, but safe and familiar as it had become since I first arrived at the facility and town here. On the other side of the ten minutes though, the group now surrounding me were to journey into history or oblivion. It was hard to tell at this point, but from what I had seen with my own eyes by now, either was just as terrifyingly likely. At the front of the shuttle bus speeding across the town I had come to know so intimately, Mrs. Louder sang at the top of her lungs to distract the other Littles from what was happening in her own nervous yet excitable energy. She was a kindly figure that I had even grown attached to as she had gently braided my hair a few times and gave me extra snacks when I was good, but I could still see through all her charm and musicality that she was worried about what was to happen next. I wasn’t sure if she could be nervous with what was about to happen to her precious Littles or that she was nervous for what would happen to her if she didn’t keep her Littles calm on the way over. I then saw my friends sitting and humming amusedly right next to her. ‘Why did they have to be so complacent?’ I knew the effects of everything here were powerful, but my friends were now first up in all this madness. In likely another ten minutes after we arrived, they would either be a pile of goo, a drooling and babbling disaster of a once proud adult or would rank among the great successful firsts such as Ameilia Earheart or Valentina Tereshkova in great traveling milestones. While I wanted to admonish them, I was here too. “The wheels on the bus go round and round!” Mrs. Louder sang out as a contrast to my own thoughts of great explorers who had come before us. A few of the more regressed Littles joined her, but most just seemed scared or confused. I, however, was neither complacent nor confused, but I was legitimately scared. My only solace now was that my hair was up in a single ponytail today and that I was wearing my now favorite pair of daffodil-colored shortalls, as opposed to the short and cutesy dresses most of the rest of the women Littles were dressed in around me. Small concessions like that were important here. Still though, from my assignment at this place, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and despite my previous mishap with the room with the pretty lights and a slight burning desire to join in on the song now, much to my annoyance and shame, my awareness ensured that I knew most of the grizzly details of what could potentially be our fate. If Amy was even remotely correct about her warnings about other peoples’ theories, everything that I had ever known could be ripped apart in a few violent seconds as reality imploded over the breach that was about to be purposely formed. My inner thoughts mattered little though, as we finally arrived at our destination and went through the black door at the end of the hallway at the main research facility. I tried anything I could to get help, but nothing seemed to work. Now, to my left was robotics and to right was hypnotics… ‘so colorful, so pretty, so…’ I shook my head and refocused on not tripping over my pink Velcro shoes as we entered a large room beyond a single door. It was the source of current lot in life and secretly admitted joy, but it was also the main villain in all my recent experiences as well. It was a portal device. Per typical of Bigs around this area though, many known and unknown figures clinked their champagne glasses together over the possible success of today up on the viewing catwalk nearby. Most just ignored the terrified expressions of the Littles passing below them and continued to laugh and cheer about what today could mean for their wallets and reputations. Once we were all in, one of the more elegant and reposed Bigs from up there raised her glass to the scientist standing nearby next to a myriad of controls and switches. “We’re ready when you are, doctor! Make us proud!” The scientist nodded and with her black-gloved right hand, yanked hard down on a large lever connected to an expansive and impressive control panel. All at once, the room began to vibrate erratically, and I quickly tasted cooper in my mouth. Each of most of the Littles sequestered in the room began to cry out; some for mercy, some for their appointed mommies or daddies. I remained silent, but tried to plug my screeching ears as much as I could. My eyes shut tightly but when they opened for a split second, I could see many of the Littles in front of me squat and mess themselves completely. It was a normal thing for some of them by now and their thick diapers and onesies or humiliatingly short dresses were a continual visual testament to that notion, but still, to see them all at once with everything else going on was positively horrifying to witness and experience firsthand. Fearful of it all, I even probed my hand to my own rear in the tiny amount of strength I could muster. To my relief though, I found that I didn’t have a ‘mush tush.’ In a day full of bad things, it seemed to be the one legitimately good thing occurring now. Finally, though, the vibrations and noises ceased and for a moment, I felt a tiny trickle of blood exit my nose. As I wiped it away, the portal hummed once more, but this pitch was lower and seemed to shake the very foundations of the building. As soon as this one started though, it stopped. The once skeletal finger-like metal shafts in front of us then belched forth a liquid barrier and was soon still. Reality remained for now, but I quickly saw something even more troubling on the other side of the perceived opening. * * * The old skyscrapers stretched to the clouded sky like blackened claws swallowing the city up. The afternoon rains had produced a sickly ooze that seemed to creep down each aged façade with the same menace as the neighborhoods that were now riddled with crime and despair north of 89th street and the safe zones below. The once proud monuments to industry and progress up here to the north now only stood as stark reminders of a time now long passed and how the world had moved on but only to a darker and more dismal state. I ensured all the lights were off on my squad car so as not to alert any of the criminal elements that likely now surrounded our position. My rookie, John, sat beside me and nervously encircled his thumbs and tapped his foot over what was about to go down in the building just a block in front of us. For me, it was just another Thursday night where I might need to exercise a little more caution with the upcoming raid we had planned for the building in front of us now. “Relax, rookie. Keep going like that with your foot and I’m sure the gang leaders will be able to hear your stammering foot from inside their hideouts,” I said, pointing to the ramshackle old building that was now being surrounded by several members of our assault squad. “You don’t want to give away our position, do you?” John shook his head and stopped tapping his foot. “No, ma’am. Sorry…” I nodded my head and was glad he could take a hint and try and calm down. Fear was a killer on these streets. Now, I can freely say that some amount of fear in a cop could keep them safe, like the eyes in the back of your head or the prickling sensation running up your back when you were being watched. These sensations had been formed after millions of years, so trusting them was natural and, most often, essential. John’s energy, however, was more on the fatal side of that equation. In a moment of surprise, he could panic and freeze. The gangs around here these days didn’t hesitate to take advantage of a cop like that… or their training officer, and I had already lost too many friends in this job to have it all just end like that. “All units be advised north of 89th street…” the radio buzzed from our central dashboard. “We have reports of a flash of light reported at Lexington and 116th. Be advised that this could be instance of leftover ammunitions from the last war… extreme caution is advised.” John nearly reached for the radio, but I quickly stopped him. “Easy, rookie. We’re to provide capture for any runners of this assault. Happens a lot and you don’t want these guys swearing a blood debt or anything against our units in there now. Plus,” I emphasized, “that area is notorious for tweakers and others just trying to get a quick high before fleeing the city. Lots of hallucinations, so that’s probably all it is. Better to stay here and do our job until another unit arrives at least.” John hesitated, his rookie instincts to help everyone instantly still strong, but just nodded and eased back into his seat. “Good. Just wait a few, and then, if no one else responds, report that we will check the scene after we are done here.” John nodded and waited the few minutes I had advised. From our experience together, I could see that he was scared and quick to react in most situations, but he seemed like a good kid fresh out of the academy we had since cobbled together after the collapse to keep at least the lower half of the city safe from the more northern half. I wondered why he had chosen to be a cop here in the big city in the first place honestly, but that was his own business. Just like my reasons were my own as well… “Central… be advised,” he began with a smirk after no one had responded yet after a few minutes. “We are in the middle of an assignment but will radio in after to check it out if no one has yet responded.” “Roger, unit 902C.” The dispatcher then paused. “Good luck out there. Bring ‘em in safe…” John smiled. “Roger, Central. We are advised.” He then kept his smile up and placed the com unit back into its holder on the dash. He was definitely green, but he would learn if he just followed my advice. Turning back to the house in front of us, knowing the Glowers gang, these guys were sure to give off some kind of show tonight and try to make a break for it during the assault. I readied myself for a wait, but when I looked over at my rookie after a moment of watching the building, I spotted him pick up a comic book he had been reading for some time now. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his little hobby, but I at least noticed that he would still occasionally look up from its pages. Resolved that he was at least partially doing his job during the quieter moments so far, I resumed my more diligent watch. After some more time, the temperature began to drop, and our seemingly ancient squad car barely gave off any heat. Soon, we could both see our breaths as we waited and watched. “Damn!” John cursed after a moment of slightly shivering and then rubbing his hands together. “No month like October, huh? It’s warm and all, and then one day… ugh… it’s this! There’s just a bit of nip in the air now. Damn, do I wish these heaters would work better.” I sighed as I wished the same but complaining like that only made oneself feel better and not the situation itself. “Yeah… all that pollution and fallout from out west really screwed up the usual weather patterns of this area… used to see 70 or even 80-degree days when I was a kid. A little global warming in there didn’t hurt, but I almost miss when that seemed to be our largest problem.” “Wow… that would almost be hard to believe if I didn’t read about that in one of the old books from back at school. I reckon there’s not a day now above 55 around here anymore in October.” I nodded and he soon went back to looking at and distracting himself with his comic book. After a moment though he then looked back up toward me as if he wanted something. “You got any plans for all the upcoming holidays? Like Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Chri…” “I don’t really think anyone celebrates Thanksgiving in these parts anymore,” I interjected. Being alone made the holidays tough. Talking about it for me just made them worse. “I try to celebrate, but it’s hard to have all that Thanksgiving cheer without even a single turkey leg.” I could barely remember the taste anymore. I was only 15 when it all started going massively downhill, but the years since had been tough and felt like a lot longer. “Maybe one day…” John looked surprised for a moment. “Wait, do you know someone with a turkey leg?” he asked with a glint of hope that maybe I had a connection downtown or with someone in my shelter who was better connected than I was. I disappointedly shook my head. “I’m not some kind of millionaire, you know… There’s what? Maybe seven turkey farms in the whole world left? Anyone who even touches north of 89th street like us definitely doesn’t have access to that type of food anymore. Just a hope is all.” John sighed. “I see your point… could do with some hope, but then what about any plans for Hall…?” “Let’s just stick to looking out for any escapees from the raid, okay?” I asked, trying to steer the conversation away from personal topics like that. I just didn’t want to think about all that anymore after… I shook my head and refocused back in front of me while I adjusted one of the pins keeping my longer hair tied up in the back. “Sorry…” John said dejectedly after a second. Soon, he went back to splitting his time between reading his comic and occasionally looking up. The assault team seemed to have everything in order tonight and I was glad that they were getting better at all this. The original police that had been on the force when I was a kid were now all either dead or about to retire, so this next batch of senior assault force police officers had to be ready to keep what was left of this city alive. Often, that meant knocking down a door north of 89th street to prevent any of their old raiding parties from coming south, but if any of them wanted to go home again, they still needed to do it right the first time. So, I continued to wait. It was a good night so far, but still, I looked over and saw what could almost be guessed as a pout occasionally flicker over John’s face, likely from my shutdown of his questions. I knew I had to act… at least for the sake of the future of our partnership… a good partner in this city was hard to find after all. “Been a while since I’ve seen one of those,” I said pointing to his still brightly colored comic book. “Looks in pretty good condition as well.” John looked up and his smile I had seen earlier began to light up once more, seeing that I was actually taking an interest in something that he liked for a change. “Yeah… I know a guy who owns a bunch and he’s replicated all of them and sells them to anyone willing. He was really big into all of them before… well, you know.” I nodded. “So, I get them from him as just a nice little thing I do for myself.” “Fair enough…” I studied the cover. “Crisis on Infinite Earths… I think I remember that one…” I tried to recall. “Is that the one where they ban together from different dimensions to fight an evil or something like that?” John almost let out a chuckle. “Something like that…” I realized how ridiculous I probably sounded to someone willing to spend money on these things these days, but I could tell John was at least appreciative of my efforts towards something that he liked. “Okay… yeah. Probably sound like an idiot, but it’s been a bit since I’ve seen one, okay?” John nodded and smiled. “Right… so, when was the last time you actually saw one in person? Were baseball games still a thing every weekend?” It was a completely innocent question, but I just resumed my posture and stared back at the house not wanting to dwell back on my own personal past. Fortunately, from the lights inside, I could tell the assault force had busted into the place and were now going floor by floor. Hopefully, all this would be over soon, and that John would take my abruptness as a refocusing on the job rather than an avoidance of his questions. Still, I could tell John was taken aback by how suddenly I ended the conversation, but I couldn’t share a vulnerability with someone who had yet to be tested out here. If I wasn’t careful and he was captured, someone could pry the information from him and use it against me. Happened to my last partner… she resigned instead of giving up any information, was let go, and ended up killed three weeks later as retaliation. Fortunately, though, John only looked back and to the building where I was mainly focused and saw the movement inside himself. At that point, he seemed to take the hint and placed his comic book down to refocus on the job. Still though, I had to admit to myself that all this was a mind-numbing task for a quiet night so far. So, inevitably, John soon asked me the question I had heard dozens of times over the years and even asked it myself before I knew the real answer. “So why the assault force and not just us? Or, at least why do we have what amounts to babysitting duty tonight when it seems like they have it covered?” I sighed. “That’s a tough needle to thread, rookie, but I won’t lie to you like I was originally lied to when I asked that very question. Won’t do you any good and with the truth, you may just learn something in the long run.” I took a breath and continued. “As you may know, after the last war, a lot of the ordinance wasn’t used after the Desolation Ceasefire Treaty was signed. That treaty kept a lot of people from dying and us humans from becoming an endangered species in all likelihood, but it also meant that a lot of the weaponry made to be used wasn’t. Then, a lot of it was somehow… lost.” “Lost?” John questioned while correctly looking puzzled. I sighed in frustration. “Yeah… no one knows if it was a quick buck by a crooked politician or just the ensuing chaos of the world afterward, but the weaponry got out into civilian hands.” I looked back to the flashing lights and the tiny noises of the patters of guns going off in the distance. “Last assault before we had a dedicated team for things like this… we lost 15 officers within two months, or 70 if you include those who had to at least retire afterward from all the damage they sustained. Bullets aren’t fun, but chemicals… that’s something slow.” John looked horrified, but also somehow relieved and satisfied at the same time. I’m pretty sure a tiny part of his innocence in all this went away as well as I relayed the failures of the government and the futility of us normal police in some situations, but he needed a tough hide to survive on the streets of this city nowadays. After another half an hour of virtual silence outside, the flashes of light seemed to slow down as the assault team reached the top of the large building. We hadn’t heard a dispatch for any medical services, so the gang must have either been subdued or killed very quickly with no injuries on our side. To be frank, with assaults like these, that entirely depended on how or even if they defended themselves. That was the other crucial factor of the assault team’s existence besides protecting everyday cops: fear. It didn’t mean anything to most of the more hardened gangs now, but even the few that it was effective against was satisfactorily enough for most of us ‘normal’ cops with the odds sometimes slightly in our favor because of it. John seemed to get antsy again and as if he was desperate to fill the silence in our squad car. Finally, he did as I peered out toward the streetlight by the back alley of the building. “So, you mar…? “Shit!” I yelled and then popped open my door. “There goes a runner!” John saw him immediately as well and locked the squad car as he hopped out as well and we started our pursuit in the winding streets. Normally, we would take the car for a pursuit within the city, but the Glower gang had marked this as their territory over the past year and had set up defenses against rival gangs and us police. As much as no one liked it, going on foot was ultimately easier and likely safer in this area now. Our slowly rusting squad car just couldn’t handle the area properly or safely anymore when it came to a pursuit, and in the end, we probably would have just lost them in the rubble all around us. So, John and I doggedly pursued the runner, and I could feel my lungs begin to strain from the higher speeds this runner was electing. I could see several onlookers observe the action before them from their own little shanty towns in the burnt-out buildings and alleyways, but I knew they would just remain where they were. While there were several heavy-hitting criminals up here, most never wanted to get involved whenever we chased a suspect anymore. Most never helped us, but likewise, they never helped the gangs either. The runner fled as fast as he could, but after a few minutes, he became a victim of his gang’s own traps having made a wrong turn about a block back in the heat of the moment. Breathing deeply and seeing his wrong move, I held my weapon aloft as I approached him carefully. “Arms up! You are under arrest in connection with the assault today with the Glower gang. Now, we’re going to cuff you, but don’t you do anything stupid, okay?” He nodded and I gestured to John. “You do this one. You could use the practice.” John walked up from behind me and nodded. As he approached the runner, I hung back and kept my guard up to still offer the rookie some protection. Unfortunately, searches weren’t one of John’s strengths as I soon found out, and the runner could have probably smelled the rookie aura around him. He was new at this after all, and I should have been paying more attention to the little things, but I was more distracted by someone lurking over nearby in another alley. These were perfect places for an ambush whenever they did occur, so, I only looked away for a second, but the runner saw his likely only opportunity and took it. In seconds, he shoved John right into me. Being barely 5 ½ feet tall while looking away meant that my steadiness right then was sorely lacking, so when I was hit by an athletic someone easily over 6 feet tall, I nearly fell to the ground. Being the first to be hit and seeing the attack coming for at least a split second before the impact, John was on his feet first, but he had been too slow for the practiced skills of the runner. So, by the time John was about to charge and subdue the suspect once more, the runner had already pulled out his concealed snub nose revolver from his pants and pointed it right at John’s heart. “Oh…” was all that John could make out with a gun pointed directly at him. He wore a vest, but like most of the equipment we owned, it was at least 15 years old and was showing its age. Sometimes, they would still function at this range, but other times… well, there was a reason we used an assault team now when more bullets may have been involved. Seeing my rookie in trouble though, and now taking advantage of the runner’s focus on John alone, I steadied myself on the ground and eyed my target. I knew I had to be quick. A single wrong move could be deadly, but I was confident that I could disarm him and quickly end the situation. Seeing my move as the runner briefly rubbed his bleary eyes, I bolted up and smacked the gun away from his hands. I knew it was a risk, but I had seen his slight shakes from the likely drugs he was currently on, so I knew his grip and reaction time were weakened in the best of circumstances. My gamble paid off and the gun went flying and scratching across the street as John lurched in the opposite direction at first and then grabbed the runner’s gun once he was sure that he wasn’t in the line of fire anymore. Having been the one who reacted first this time, I was quick on the draw, and almost instantaneously had my taser pointed directly at the runner’s head. I needed a live suspect, not another dead gang member on these streets tonight. “That was really stupid, but we’re going to do this one more time. If I see any of that nonsense again as my partner searches you, I’m reaching for the other one without hesitation. Understand?” I gestured to my still-holstered service gun on the other side of my belt. The runner saw the more deadly option and only nodded and relaxed his stance in defeat. I then turned back to a clearly intimidated John who had just picked up the discarded weapon. “Okay. Give the gun to me and search him again. Do it properly and more thoroughly this time. I’ll be sure to keep a bead on him, but I don’t want another incident like that. Got it, rookie?” John nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” John then forcefully spun the runner around and searched him far more thoroughly. I could tell that he was a little frustrated and embarrassed with what had happened, and I could see that it was translating to his movements. It may have been a bit rough twenty years ago, but now, I could only note that it was good police work in a city so full of crime. Still, I knew we were going to have to have the talk once the runner was secured. Once John was satisfied with his second search, he cuffed the runner and we both escorted him back to our squad car and popped him in the backseat. I closed the door, securely deposited the runner’s gun in the trunk, and then turned to John with a sigh. “You went easy on him at first.” John drooped his head and nodded. “I… I didn’t want to be that cop, you know?” I nodded back in acknowledgment. “I get that, John, and I’ll admit that there’s a fine line between being that cop and just being thorough. Your second search towed that line today, but your partner, be it me or anyone else in the future, needs to be able to trust that you did your job properly the first time, and not the second time when you went a little too rough.” John hesitated but nodded again. “I understand, but… where’s the line? How do I know if I’ve crossed it?” I sighed and rubbed my temples. He was asking questions that every cop had likely asked themselves at one time or another. “Well… asking those questions is a good start, but don’t do something to just be cruel. Show the force out here, but we don’t want them coming back injured because you were adding a little extra to your job description instead of just talking about your feelings later or taking your frustration out on an actual punching bag. Don’t be that cop. There’s enough of them these days already.” I took a deep breath in. “I’ll admit that in the years after the wars and everything after, we had to be extra cautious to differentiate between the criminals and just the misfortunate up here. Now though, all that’s changed due to the gangs, but we still need to obey the law in all we do. To be blunt, these days, if you need more force as a cop, you probably need the assault team or you’re doing something wrong in the first place.” John acknowledged what I had to say, but after a moment then looked very guilty. He quietly asked, “Because of the shelters in place? Is that what’s different now after the war and all the pandemics? Besides the gangs I mean… they can’t be the only reason, right?” I nodded. “Well, that’s exactly right actually. Those pods of thousands of all of us living downtown are the biggest reason due to their rules and all. Maybe annoying but because of those rules, the government even supplements projects like that these days. One of the only things still too…” I said with some frustration. The shelters were great, but for the price of just one of them rather than renovating an older building, our department could easily have been fully funded for the next five years. I shook my head to unload that ‘what if’s thoughts. “Anyways… if you’re still living out here, you’re likely going to be doing something illegal. Maybe 2% aren’t, but then they wouldn’t run from us… not anymore. I’ve seen it happen before in those rare circumstances, but look, rookie,” I sighed, “if you’re going to make it as a cop in this city, you’re going to need a tougher hide but to also follow the line as well. It’s a tough needle to thread, but then, not everyone is cut out to be a cop here. You understand?” John nodded hesitantly but then just got in the squad car. Satisfied our prisoner wasn’t going to be any more trouble situated in the backseat and knowing we needed to take him back to the station now, I radioed in. “Dispatch, this is 902C. We caught a runner, but there could be others around here… especially since our runner nearly came from out of almost nowhere. It’s enough to warrant other investigations here, so we suggest other units check it all out. Could be escape tunnels around here I’m guessing. Meanwhile though, the rookie and I are going to check out the earlier reported lights on our way back to booking if no one else has, since it’s on the way anyways.” “Roger, 902C. We’ll be awaiting you shortly, but no one else has checked out that report on those lights. Please do use extreme caution when dealing with them. This isn’t the first… and they’ve been… well, just good luck.” I raised an eyebrow over what that even meant but decided not to question it further. “Roger, dispatch. Leaving now and thanks for the luck!” I then placed the radio back on the dash and took off, John still looking perplexed and yet satisfied that we would now be investigating the lights that he had wanted to investigate earlier. Arriving at the apparent scene, we ushered a few gawkers away as we heard a few grunts, mumblings, and bits of laughter coming from the nearby alleyway. Knowing this area and that someone was likely just currently hallucinating, John and I both placed our hands on our stun guns to be safe. Entering down the corridor, I could see a few oddly placed what almost looked like burn marks, but as predicted, a ragged and scrawny man stood trembling and rubbing his arms and hands together. I tried to get his attention. “Sir? I’m going to need you to come with us, sir. We can help you.” I wasn’t sure if I truly believed that, but I just needed him to believe that for a few moments as we brought him in. The man stopped and stared at me in one of the most peculiar ways I could have ever imagined. Part of me swore he resembled a toddler’s scared and yet upset look, though it also seemed to be easily coupled with a look of distrust and hatred. “You… you need to get out of here. Bad portal! Not safe. S’not safe!” he yelled. I wasn’t sure what to say, but the man paused, waved his arms about, and then ran right up to me. Seeing John almost reach for his other gun, I lowered my hands and shook my head to ease him off. The man before me could use a shower and maybe some anti-psychotic drugs, but I somehow knew that I would be okay if nothing was escalated further. I had seen this behavior before and I knew that if we all just kept calm, it would all be over in a few minutes. He then started up again. “Bright lights! Bright lights! All around! So blue and silvery! So pretty…” Being so close now, I could smell a permeating smell of urine and could also see what clearly looked like needle marks dotted about his arm. Oddly enough though, I also swore that I saw something strange on a few of his wavering and trembling limbs. Undeterred though, I cleared my throat and I at least felt satisfied that I had easily found the person that had gotten us on this call today “Sir, we may have people that can help you with those lights. Just come on back with u…” “No! Save me pretty lady,” he practically cried as he flung himself into my arms. “Save me! She’ll get me! They’ll get me!” I patted his back for a quick second and then peeled him off me and looked him directly in the eyes. “Who?” I asked quickly, doing my due diligence. “Is someone going to hurt you? Are you running from someone?” His knees began to shake, and his lower lip trembled. I wasn’t sure if he would remain upright, but he finally made out a few words. “The… the giants!” he finally managed to blurt out. “They took us all! Experimented with us… forced us to do things! We were so short and vulnerable and… and…” The man seemed ready to burst into tears at any moment. I had seen odd behavior from a tweaker before, but this felt… different. At first blush now, he almost seemed like the victim of an abduction. Intrigued and wary of what he had said, I tried to listen to his words more, but it devolved into a rambling mess just like most did with these nights in this area. I wasn’t sure how to classify him specifically, but he had fresh needle marks on his arms and a dopey look on his face, so I knew I could bring him in as a drug user if nothing else. Still, I also couldn’t help but notice that his clothes were heavily singed in some places, and upon closer inspection now, the earlier marks on his limbs that I had seen looked like several old scar lines. It was odd though as many seemed like they were still healing, yet still had been fully sealed up. “Sir…” I said exhaustedly and just wanting to get him back to the station now, despite my curiosity, “we can help you out, but to do that, we need you to cooperate with us just this one night. Can you do that for me? Can you be good for me?” I wasn’t sure why I added that last part, but for some reason, it just felt right. His face then oddly relaxed, and though he still seemed sad, everything else almost went on autopilot as he asked, “Can I get a snack as well during that time?” He then paused and dropped his head low, and mumbled, “I was a good boy…” I wasn’t sure what to make of any of this anymore. Part of me wanted to try and snap him out of whatever this state seemed to be, and that he was likely just one of the many now transient homeless people with some kind of underlying psychological disorder, but another part of me just wanted to give him a hug. Still, following Occam’s Razor, I knew that after further government-funded programs were shut down, the masses of homeless living on the streets with a psychiatric disorder had nearly tripled. The shelters downtown used to take them in on a case-by-case basis, but that was becoming less common as the years rolled on. So, in all likelihood, he was just one of the rejected ones and not something else that my mind was trying to concoct. “Sir…” I tried to begin once again. I wanted to get through to him, but he didn’t seem to be budging away from saying that he was a ‘good boy.’ Remembering a brief stint of training I had for these types of situations, and still grappling with the notion that this could be something other than drugs, I decided to go another way. “Well, if you want to be a ‘good boy,’ then just settle down and let us take you in. Maybe you can even tell us what really happened here. We might even be able to get you a snack if you do…” The man stopped rocking back and forth and looked at me with such a mixture of hope and anguish. “I can do that… I promise that I’m a good boy!” He stopped moving for a moment and just sat down on the ground and his eyes almost seemed to glaze over as if he was in some type of meditative stance. I slowly signaled for John to move in and try and escort him back to our car so we could get him back to processing. To my relief, the man no longer struggled and instead just wore a big goofy grin. He kept mumbling about being a ‘good boy’ but I was just relieved that he was compliant now. Now secure, John and I just needed to get him back to the station before any more problems occurred between there and here. “Hey! Get this freak show outta here!” the runner complained when John ushered the supposed tweaker into the other side of our squad car. There was a metal barrier between the two seats that we put up just for this, so John just ignored the runner and shut the door on our new passenger. After several blocks, we finally arrived at the back entrance to the station. While before the wars it hadn’t been much more than a compacted multi-story car park mostly underground and next to the police station, now, it was a fortress unto itself. Being one of the most northern police stations in the city, and while gratefully attacks were less prominent in recent years, everyone still had to be prepared if the worst should happen… again. After acknowledging the two sentries on duty at the entrance, we were let in and parked underground before we unloaded the cuffed detainees. Fortunately, neither struggled as John and I escorted them into the station and to booking. As John dealt with the runner, I processed the tweaker. “They’re coming for us all! This is a trap! You lie! You’re with them!” the tweaker cried while we took his fingerprints on our scanner. His meditative stance had unfortunately worn off and he quickly panicked as soon as he saw several men with guns. I sadly knew that he was almost certainly bound for one of the few mental prisons out of the city, but I hated to see him in such a state. As for the station, they just largely ignored him, especially after his next statement. “You’re with them, but they were all so terrible!” he yelled in desperation. “They forced me to do so many awful things. I wanted to be a good boy for them, but I was too short! Good boys aren’t short! Good boys are tall! Why do you help the giants? Aren’t you like me?” John and I looked at each other and back to the nearly six-foot-tall man in front of us. Seeing as we weren’t in some fairy tale story with giants and all, we both just gave each other the same look of disbelief and pushed on with our duties as both the runner and tweaker were processed and placed into the temporary holding cells. For his safety, I advised that the tweaker be placed into a pair of padded cuffs, but a large part of me just wanted to hug the clearly distressed man that I was now leaving behind. He oddly reminded me so much of George. He even… ‘Easy, Megan. Easy… this job is hard enough without you comparing him to your brother…’ Shaking it off, I then joined John at the rest station nearby. While enjoying our allotted one of two cups of coffee per day while on duty, I noticed that John was still looking down as he had since his mistake with the runner, so it was no surprise when he spoke back up to me. “I’m sorry for what happened with the runner today… I feel so stupid.” Though it was an error on his part that could have gone much worse, I managed to worm myself into his gaze and give him a small reassuring tap on the shoulder. “Yeah… you messed up, rookie, but as your name suggests, you’re still new at all this. It’s practically in the job description to mess up occasionally, which is why you’re partnered with someone like me. I won’t always be around, so you need to learn, but making a few mistakes on the job happens. The main thing is, are you going to learn from today, or is this going to happen again when you search someone who just fled a building that was being infiltrated by our heavily armed assault team?” John just shook his head. “Definitely not. I’ll be more thorough… promise. I’ll even try to keep that line you mentioned earlier in my mind. I really do want to be a good cop here.” “Good and I’m glad to hear that. From what I can see on the board, no one got hurt today, so it’s a good day in this city. It’s not always perfect but going home alive is sometimes the most important thing we can do in a day here. We can’t always have that wish granted but we should always try anyways.” John nodded with a smile, and I gulped the last of my coffee. After restocking our supplies and finishing our coffee, John and I headed for the exit back to our squad car. Apparently, there were other runners from the assault, so we needed to plug in the gaps from where the other units had been pulled from. Passing the processing desk though, I overheard something that piqued my curiosity. “Sorry, Officer Lewis. Sergeant Reynolds here already bagged the find of the century. You’re not the first tonight with tweakers claiming of giants of bright lights.” I turned to Sylvia, our main processor here after hearing my name and then to the beefy and slightly overweight Officer Lewis. “Officer Lewis… you find something else interesting as well tonight?” Instead, Sylvia nodded and spoke up first. “Yeah… weirdest thing… got another tweaker claiming to come from some portal. Giants and bright lights even!” “Yeah!” Officer Lewis said, jumping back in. “Strangest damn event too. Actual reports of some lights or some nonsense like that and then we found this tweaker claiming… uh, dimensional travel. Yeah, that’s it! Can you believe that bunch of bull? Some imagination, huh?” I looked over and saw a woman now dressed in similarly singed clothing and was now also quietly babbling to herself. She was more subdued and quieter than John and I’s man, who was now sitting on a bench oddly circling his lips with his thumb. Strangely enough though, this new woman almost seemed to being saying that she was a ‘good girl’ like our guy had been calling himself a ‘good boy.’ The back of my brain twitched at the peculiar coincidence. ‘But maybe it wasn’t…’ “Strange…” I squinted at the two for a moment but then ultimately shrugged my shoulders and decided to shuffle away the lingering sensation in the back of my head saying that this was something more. “I guess that’s just this city now for you though. Was a weird place back in the day, but it’s just gotten weirder.” I looked back over to the two odd individuals. “Case in point, I guess…” “Yeah. Probably right, sarge,” Officer Lewis noted before shuffling off and to the breakroom. As I exited the station and joined John back in our squad car, I saw once more that he had picked up his comic book and was reading it while he waited on me. Oddly enough, I saw a strange glowing light depicted on the front cover and remembered the whole plot of that story. The tweakers… the light… I shook my head. I was trying to make detective in a month, and I knew damn-well that detectives don’t use comic books to formulate their theories. As I turned the car on though, I just couldn’t get the two tweakers I had seen out of my head. It was probably just some new drug to replace the old one, Escape, because everything else that was playing through my mind right now was just ridiculous. Afterall, portal travel was only something in comic books and old movies and stories. It wasn’t something that would ever be part of my reality in this life at least.
  12. Before I start on the story, I'd like to thank Willnotwill for his writing contest. It was just the challenge I needed to get back to writing new stories. And with that out of the way boys and girls, are you ready for a story? As with my other stories, this series has an entry on my index post. ----------------------------------- Going back to school Maggie wiped the fog from the bathroom mirror and stared at her own reflection. She sighed. Despite looking like she was in her late 20s she felt several decades older. At least things should be going back to something more normal now. The last four years had just been insane and ridiculous. The covid lockdowns had been problematic enough, but the preceding years had been weirder and more chaotic than a retconned comic book series written by a schizophrenic writer on at least three different hallucinogens. It had literally felt like history had been continuously rewriting itself. The pandemic shutdown had cost Maggie her retail job, but it had also shrunk Maggie's everyday world to a more manageable size and let her, for lack of a better word, tidy up her life. After having worked full-time for almost three years, she had decided to go back to university to finish her degree. And today was the first day of school. Maggie left the bathroom and walked down the hallway to her bedroom. "Okay. What to wear? What to wear?" she said to the empty room while looking in her closet. She had to admit that after having worn sweatpants and tank tops almost every day for the last five months, it felt strange knowing she would be wearing 'proper clothes' for the whole day and not just for an hour or two to get groceries. Maggie settled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and quickly dressed. She grabbed her backpack and phone from the kitchen table and headed out. Jellybean, her tiny, green car, waited for her barely the legal distance from the fire hydrant right outside her door. The car had been part of a weird inheritance a few years earlier, along with a house in the middle of nowhere outside the city. During the lockdown, she had managed to sell it to someone who really wanted to socially distance and had bought her tiny apartment. But she hadn't had the heart to sell the car. "Hi there Jellybean," Maggie whispered as she leaned close to unlock the door. "Ready to go back to school?" ~~~ Maggie was early enough that she didn't have any trouble finding a parking spot. Walking across the parking lot to the lecture hall felt like stepping back in time. For a few moments, Maggie imagined that the last few years hadn't happened. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend Christopher would be somewhere just around a corner, ready to shoot the breeze or have those long, deep conversations about unimportant things like how hot the psychology professor was. But Christopher had graduated and moved halfway across the country for a job. The thought that she probably wouldn't see a single familiar face among the students, brought Maggie crashing back to the present. Maybe I should have gone to some of those get-to-know-each-other things last week. Maggie checked her class schedule. She still had almost two hours until her first lecture. I really need to get used to no longer living an hour's drive from anywhere. Maggie found a bench outside and just leaned back, letting the sun warm her. It was still early enough that the campus was fairly quiet. Being able to just bask in the sun was one of the things she missed about her old house. Sure, it had been draughty and isolated and the plumbing and power had been problematic, but tiny garden had been wonderful in the summer. And being as isolated as it had been, Maggie had felt free to walk around the house wearing whatever she wanted. And that had included diapers. Almost a decade earlier, Maggie had told her girlfriend at the time, Susan, that she liked wearing diapers when she was feeling stressed, and Susan had been OK with it. She had never felt like she needed to actually use them or anything; they had just been something she used like a kind of security blanket. It was always the padding itself that made her feel safe. Up until a few years ago, she had only used folded towels as diapers, but after going through some stuff that she still didn't like to think about, she had actually needed diapers at night. Thankfully it hadn't lasted very long, but the whole episode had proved to Maggie that she didn't mind wetting herself, provided she had a diaper she was sure wouldn't leak. She still mostly used cloth diapers, saving her disposable ones for when she was planning on using them. And she never wore either in public; only in private. Of course, having spent half a year in either official lockdown or what might as well be lockdown, she had used diapers a lot more the last months. The only other person who knew that Maggie liked to wear diapers, was her best friend, Anita. Apparently she had told her one night when they had been drinking like fishes. Maggie couldn't remember doing it, but she did remember Anita coming over to check on her when she had had a raging fever and finding her on the sofa wearing nothing but a diaper. And then, as if that hadn't been bad enough, she had wet herself by accident. It had been the most embarrassing moment in Maggie's life, even if Anita had taken it quite well. Despite Maggie's fever fantasies, Anita had made sure she had some proper food and been the perfect 'mother', short of changing Maggie's diapers. That, she had said, would have been taking things too far. Maggie sipped her water bottle and stretched her legs. The only sounds she could hear was the buzzing and the distant conversation of a small group of students smoking outside the library building. She took another sip, hoping it would help ease the worries she had about returning to school. Maggie had to resist the urge to dig out her books and start going over the subjects she had finished years ago. She had by no means been an exemplary student, but she had done the work. For the most part. What if I can't remember any of the things from before. I'm going to look like a complete idiot if they ask me a question. One worst-case scenario after another popped into Maggie's head. Her ears filled with the rolling thunder of her racing pulse. Taking a deep breath, she balled up her fists and opened them up again; over and over. You're not stupid Maggie. You know this stuff. Just take a breath. And another one. And another one... It worked; sort of. Little by little, the quiet returned. The queasy feeling in her stomach remained though. Another couple of mouthfuls of water did nothing to help it. I knew I should have eaten something for breakfast. Time moved along at a snail's pace, but eventually it was time for the first lecture. Maggie got up and followed the crowd back inside the lecture hall. The auditorium was already pretty full, but Maggie found a seat on the second row and sat down; first row was for wannabe teacher's pets. Maggie barely had time to pull out her notebook and pencils before she walked in. The hottie professor that she and Christopher had spent almost every lecture ogling and fantasising about the last year Maggie had been a student. Well, at least that's one familiar face. Maybe this won't be completely terrible. The lecture was the usual first-lecture-of-the-year kind of lecture that Maggie had heard many times before. Professor Martin outlined what she expected from her students and gave a quick summary of what she would cover in her lectures. Then she went through all the popular misconceptions about what psychology was and wasn't. With about fifteen minutes left of the lecture, Professor Martin did something new. "Now that we've covered that, it's time to go through the circus acts. Even if a lot of medical doctors think of psychology as soft science, it is a serious topic. We will not be playing around with 'Are you a psychopath' check lists or 'how to spot a bad boyfriend' articles. Anybody want to guess what else we won't be covering?" Professor Martin leaned on the little lectern she had on her desk. "Ecstasy-therapy?" someone asked, "or microdosing?" Professor Martin smiled wryly. "Sorry to disappoint you. No drugs in class." "ESP" "Psychology, not parapsychology." Professor Martin rolled her eyes. "Lobotomies," someone in the back suggested. "You're joking, right? Of course we're not going to be covering surgery." "Hypnosis!" There were a few chuckles. "OK, that's not the dumbest thing so far. Not the comic-book mind-control stuff, of course. But hypnosis can be a valid tool in psychotherapy. We're not going to cover the therapy bit here, and actually hypnotising someone if something you can learn from half a dozen different books." Professor Martin paused and glanced at the clock above the door. "But I suppose we have time for a quick demonstration. Any volunteers?" A few hands immediately shot up, mostly in the front row, followed a couple more further back. Professor Martin looked out across the room before locking eyes with Maggie. "Second row, on the end there. How about you?" Maggie knew that if she didn't play along, the other students would just keep pushing and jeering. So she decided to give in to peer pressure. She slowly rose and walked up to the front of the room. "You look familiar," Professor Martin said. "You took my class a couple of years ago, didn't you?" Maggie nodded. "Yeah." "I can't remember your name though." Professor Martin placed a chair next to her desk and turned it to face away from the rest of the room. "Um, Maggie. Maggie Gibson." "Okay Maggie. Why don't you have a seat here, and we'll get started." Maggie gingerly sat down on the chair as if she was afraid it was going to fall apart and she would fall on her arse. "So..." Professor Martin began. "Those of you who are expecting some kind of Vegas magic show are going to be disappointed. Maggie here is not going to be clucking like a chicken or anything like that. This is simply to demonstrate the process." There were a few disappointed groans, probably from the back rows. Maggie knew from experience why you would get a seat there. Professor Martin reached behind her neck and took off her necklace. She held it up so everyone could see it. "I don't have a gold pocket watch, but how many of you think this'll do the trick?" she asked. Maggie couldn't see how many raised their hands, but it had to be at least a few, because Professor Martin continued. "That's another cliché. You don't really need any fancy gadgets or sparkly jewellery to hypnotise someone. What you do need, however, is a willing participant. You can't really hypnotise someone against their will. After that it's all just a matter of helping them reach a state of deep relaxation." Professor Martin found a second chair and sat down facing Maggie's left side. "Are you ready to begin?" Maggie swallowed and nodded. "OK, I want you to close your eyes and imagine a lit candle. It can be any kind of candle but I want you to visualise the whole thing, not just the flame." "Uh-huh." "What does it look like?" "Short and thick. Dark blue." "That's good. Now I want you to keep the image on that candle in your mind as you open your eyes again. Almost like you can still see it in front of you." Maggie nodded. "Now keep your eyes on the flame. See how it flickers ever so slightly. Am I really watching the imaginary flame of a non-existing candle? This is just dumb. "Every time you breathe, the flame flickers a little, and your eyelids grow just a tiny bit heavier. Just a little bit. With every flicker." Maggie's eyelids did feel heavy, but that was just because she hadn't slept all that well the night before. "...so so heavy. You just let your eyes close. Just for a while. You can still see the candle. And with every flicker, your arms and legs feel a little heavier." "You can feel a little tingle starting in your fingertips and with every breath, it moves a little further up your arms, leaving them relaxed and heavy." Maggie was only halfway listening to Professor Martin. She was feeling like she was almost about to fall asleep and have a little nap. "Every breath making you more and more relaxed. You feel a tingle in your toes and moved up your legs, making them relaxed too. The candle is just bright enough for you to see where you are. It's somewhere you feel perfectly safe." Maggie could almost see her old living room slowly appear in her mind's eye; the overflowing bookshelves and the worn, but incredibly comfortable sofa. It all seemed almost real enough to touch. Maggie felt like yawning, but she just couldn't find the energy. Her entire skeleton felt like it was made of lead and everything was just so warm and cosy. Almost like she was wrapped in a warm cloud. Professor Martin's voice had become more of a background noise, a comforting white noise. I could take a quick nap and nobody would noti- Maggie was abruptly yanked out of her cosy fantasy by the short burst of the bell signalling the end of the lecture. She was about to get up when Professor Martin put a hand on her shoulder. "Just stay there for a moment," she said quietly. "Um, OK, but why-" Maggie started, But then she realised what had happened. She looked down at the wet spot on her crotch. It wasn't a lot, but it was still more than she would ever be able to hide. Maggie shrank down in the chair, covering her wetness as best she could with her hands. When the room was empty, Professor Martin sat back down next to Maggie. She leaned closer and put a hand on Maggie's forearm. "Don't worry," she whispered. "It's OK." Maggie felt tears of shame welling up in her eyes. "No it's not. I've pissed myself. Right in front of everybody. That's not normal Professor." "It's not the first time this has happened. But the way you were sitting, I very much doubt anybody noticed." "But I can't leave looking like this!" Maggie gestured to her wet crotch. "I'm guessing you don't exactly have a change of pants in your backpack." "No. It's not like I planned on wetting myself today," Maggie replied indignantly. "No, most people don't." Professor Martin paused for a moment. "Look, can you wait here a couple of minutes alone? I'll lock the door." "I suppose. But why, Professor?" "Rachel, please. You calling me Professor Martin in this situation feels strange." "Okay Prof- I mean, Rachel." Professor Martin up and grabbed her bag. "Could you please hand me my backpack before you leave?" "Of course." As Professor Martin, Rachel, left and locked the door behind her, Maggie put the backpack on her lap, hiding her wet jeans. Time slowed to a snail's pace as Maggie listened to the empty room behind her. The ventilation sounded much louder than before, and she could hear people passing by on the other side of the door. Maggie closed her eyes. No, stay the fuck awake. Thinking about taking a nap was what got us into this situation to begin with. She opened her eyes again. The view was quite limited since there were no windows. Maggie hugged her backpack. Her mind raced with a whole new set of worst case scenarios that felt even worse than the ones she had contemplated earlier in the day. The lock clicked loudly and Maggie almost jumped out of the chair. More than anything, she wanted to hide, but that would mean getting up, which in turn would mean showing the wet spot that had surely spread across at least part of her butt. When she saw that it was Professor Martin who ducked inside and quickly locked the door again, Maggie calmed down a little. She opened her bag and pulled out a plastic-wrapped bundle that she held out to Maggie. "Here, you can borrow these." Maggie looked inside and saw a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Professor Martin nodded to a door in the corner. "You can use the supply closet to change." Maggie put her backpack down next to the chair. "Don't look, please," she said. When Professor Martin turned away, Maggie quickly got up and walked to the supply closet. The tiny room was filled with stacks of chairs, a few tables and even an old overhead projector hidden away in a corner. Maggie stepped out of her shoes and pulled down her jeans and panties. The seat of her pants had a wet spot bigger than her entire hand. Using the sink and some paper towels, Maggie cleaned herself as best she could before stepping into the fresh pants and pulling them up. She didn't like not having any underwear on, but it wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. With her shoes back on and her jeans and panties stuffed in the plastic bag, she emerged from the supply closet. Professor Martin was leaning against the edge of her desk. She looked concerned. "How are you doing?" she asked. "How do you think? I pissed myself in front of the whole class on the first day, and now I'm standing here wearing shiny purple tracksuit pants and no underwear. So I'm just peachy." Professor Martin pushed her chair towards Maggie. "Want to talk about it? "Not really." Maggie sighed and leaned on the back of the chair. Professor Martin nodded once; slowly. She didn't say anything, instead letting her silence draw the words from Maggie. "It's just..." Maggie sighed, looking for the right words. "...I don't know. Hard; or at least harder than I expected." Professor Martin stayed silent, but the concerned look on her face helped ease the knot in Maggie's stomach. "I just didn't expect it to feel so...new. I mean, I was here for two years, but now it all feels different. Everybody feels like they're so young and I can't stop worrying about remembering stuff and I feel like I'm stupid and that I should just leave here and get a job instead and-" Maggie rambled; her words tumbling out like a verbal avalanche. She finally stopped and sat down next to Professor Martin. "Maybe it's because I had Chris back then, so I wasn't really alone." "Chris; that's the curly-haired guy you always sat with in my classes, right? The one that kept staring at my butt?" "What?!?" Maggie felt a rush of embarrassment on Chris' behalf. "Oh come on, he wasn't being very discreet about it. Professor Martin gave a short chuckle. "Is that why you picked me for this? Payback for Chris ogling you?" "Not at all." Professor Martin smiled. "I saw you having your anxiety attack outside and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. A demonstration for the other students plus helping you relax. "Mm-yeah." Maggie sighed. "Relaxed a little too much, didn't I?" They sat silently for a little while before Professor Martin addressed the elephant in the room. "Sooo, about the...accident..." She hesitated for a moment. "You said that you hadn't planned on wetting yourself today?" "Yeah?" Maggie said cautiously, unsure where Professor Martin was headed. "Do you ever plan on wetting yourself?" Maggie wanted to deny it, to be outraged, to tell Professor Martin to fuck off and mind her own business. But she didn't. Instead, she said nothing, just looking down at the floor. Again, Professor Martin let Maggie take her time to find the right words. "Sometimes," Maggie whispered. She felt like she had said it while holding her breath. Why did I say that? I've never told anyone that I do it on purpose. Even Anita thinks it was just an accident when I was sick. And Susan; I only wore diapers for the padded feeling with her. Why did I tell her? She's going to think I'm a complete freak and then she's going to flunk me and it's all my fault. Why did I say "sometimes"? Stupid, stupid stupid! But Professor Martin didn't say anything; at least not at first. She just pulled Maggie a little closer and brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face. "It's OK," she whispered. "It's OK." "Those two words of acceptance made something give way in Maggie. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, and burying her face against Professor Martin's shoulder, she let them out. Professor Martin stroked Maggie's hair, just holding her and whispering soothingly. When Maggie finally lifted her head again, her mind no longer raced with worst-case scenarios. "Better?" Maggie sniffed. "Yeah, a little." "Good." "I feel so stupid." Maggie looked away again. Professor Martin put a hand under Maggie's chin and gently turned her head to face hers. Maggie had never noticed how incredibly brown her eyes were. A deep, rich, almost chocolate-y brown. "You're not stupid," Professor Martin stated firmly. "Lonely? Yes. Nervous? Probably. Depressed? Maybe. But stupid? No." Maggie sniffed again, hating how crying made her nose so runny. "OK, I guess." They sat silently for a while longer. "When you said that you sometimes wet yourself..." "Mm-yeah?" "I assume you take some kind of precautions. Like diapers or something?" "Mm-hmm." Maggie gave a little nod. "That's good. How many more lectures do you have today?" "One. Introductory philosophy." "Oh that one is just the lecturer rambling on and on the first couple of weeks. They're not going to notice you're not there today, so here's what we'll do. You're going to go home. Probably do some laundry. And tomorrow you're going to come to my office an hour before your first lecture." "Okaay?" "And you're going to wear your diapers." "What?!? Why?" "Because I'm going to hypnotise you again. To help you relax, so you don't have those anxiety attacks you had earlier." "But, but..." "But what? You don't want to?" Professor Martin sounded... disappointed? "No, I do," Maggie said quickly. "It's just... I've never worn them out in public. Only at home." "Ah, I see." Professor Martin nodded. "Well, I suppose you could bring it in your bag and put them on before we start. Would that be better?" "I guess. But Professor-" "Maggie, you can call me Rachel when we're alone." "Okay Rachel." It felt strange to Maggie to be on a first name basis with Professor Martin; with Rachel. "Why are you doing all this? I mean, I can't be the only student who is nervous about being here." "Honestly, I don't know. You sometimes have this deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that I find absolutely adorable. Now, back in '17 you were the same age as most of the other students, so it felt a little creepy for me to do anything, but I'm guessing these last three or four years have let you grow up a bit, so you have a better idea of what you might be getting into." "And what exactly might that be?" "One hour before each of my lectures, I'll help you with your anxiety. And in return, you act as my assistant." "You mean like a T.A.?" Maggie asked, seeing piles of paperwork in her mind. "No. More like being my regular demonstration model when I need to show the class something. Kind of like today, except you'll know about it in advance so we can... take precautions." "Okay?" Maggie said cautiously. "It still sounds like you're getting the better part of the deal." "If it helps, you can think of it as working on an extra credit project." Professor Martin paused. "Plus we kind of... hang out for two hours every week." Maggie looked at Professor Martin. Had she noticed that Chris hadn't been the only one checking her out? It was a tempting offer, but after the last argument, how could she accept without seeming like a teenager with a crush on her teacher. As if reading Maggie's thoughts, Professor Martin reached behind her back, taking Maggie's hand and sliding it down to her butt. Maggie's breath caught in her throat, but she didn't pull her hand away. "You were a lot more subtle than your friend Chris," Professor Martin said and smiled. "So it took me a lot longer to notice." Maggie looked away. She felt like she had been caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. "Maggie? Look at me." Maggie turned back to meet Professor Martin's incredible brown eyes. "It's OK." There it was again; those two simple words that made Maggie feel accepted for exactly who she was. Looking into Professor Martin's; No, Rachel's eyes while hearing them was like floating in a pool of warm chocolate. "So what do you say?" Maggie nodded "OK, I have another lecture soon, so we're going to have to finish this tomorrow. And after that it'll be one hour before each lecture. Mondays and Thursdays. Maggie nodded again. "Oh, and you can return my pants tomorrow." Professor Martin nodded toward Maggie's legs. "Okay," Maggie whispered and nodded yet again. "Now off you go." Professor Martin gave Maggie one last hug. ~~~ Walking back to her car, Maggie's mind was reeling with what had just happened; her brain running over with new questions. What did Professor Martin mean when she said the deer-in-the-headlights look was adorable? Am I just being her test dummy or is there something more? And why did she put my hand on her butt? "Fuck Maggie! Stop overthinking and get moving," Maggie told herself. She shook her head to clear it before turning the key to start the car. Mid-day traffic was light so Maggie considered stopping by the pet store where Anita worked to talk to her about what had happened, but she decided not to. Underwear and proper pants first. Maggie parked Jellybean in her usual spot and hurried inside. She left her backpack by the door as she kicked off her shoes and hung up her jacket. Maggie's first stop was the bathroom. While tissues and a supply closet sink might technically get her clean, she wanted a shower. Hot water and soap to wash away the shame of having lost control. Why the hell did I agree to continue this whole thing tomorrow? And to wear diapers while doing it? Does she want me to lose control again? To wet myself. Do I want that? Maggie's mind raced with questions she couldn't answer as she stood in the shower. The hot water pounding down on her head and the white noise of the fan not helping her thought processes at all. She washed herself almost on autopilot, soaping up and rinsing off. When she stepped out of the shower she was nowhere closer to having any answers. Maggie briefly considered putting on a diaper, but then she remembered she had laundry that needed to be done. She gathered up the clothes from the floor and went through the laundry hamper for clothes similar to the urine-stained pants hidden in her backpack. Armed with loose change, detergent and her phone, Maggie headed for the laundromat down the street. ~~~ Maggie tried not to watch the dark blue and black bundle of clothes tumble around and around in the washing machine. It would almost be hypnotic if it wasn't for the occasional flash of purple tracksuit breaking up the pattern. She sat back and checked the timer. Forty more minutes. Maggie checked her phone for the seventh time. Just like the six previous times, there was no new messages or anything else interesting to distract her. She sighed and opened the messaging app, typing a quick message. She still needed to talk to Anita about her day. Need to talk. Wanna come over? Pizza? Maggie knew that the last line would almost ensure a positive response. She didn't have to wait long for an answer. ANITA: Sure. When? Eight-ish? ANITA: OK Now, what the hell do I tell her? An accident is one thing, but voluntarily showing up to risk another? Do I really want that? Maggie tried her best to push the questions away again, but half an hour later she left the laundromat with a bag full of damp clothes and even more doubts and insecurities than she'd had when she entered. Back in her apartment, Maggie busied herself with the minutiae of everyday life. She hung the wet laundry on the drying rack, made sure her backpack had the books she would need the next day, and made some lunch. Maggie was done with her sandwich and halfway through her second glass of ice tea when an oh-so-familiar thought bobbed back to the surface of her mind. What if the hypnosis has after-effects. I really don't need another accident today. Maggie gulped down the rest of her tea and went to her bedroom. She pulled a diaper from the bottom drawer of her dresser and unfolded it on the bed. Peeling off her jeans and underwear, Maggie sat down on the diaper, adjusting her position before lying back and pulling the diaper up between her legs. Despite all that had happened, Maggie still couldn't help but smile a little at the tissue-paper-like feel of the diaper. It was almost like the sensation sent a signal to her brain to calm down and let her body relax. She held the diaper in place with one hand while deftly taping it in place with the other. When she was happy with the fit, Maggie got up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her diaper was peeking out from under her t-shirt. She stretched and pretended to yawn, making the t-shirt ride up, exposing more of the diaper. She had to admit that the diapers-and-t-shirt look was cute. She stuck her thumb in her mouth and wrinkled her nose at her reflection to complete the image. Maggie pushed her duvet up to the head of the bed and sat down, leaning back against the giant cushion she had created. She took a deep breath, held it for a second or two, then exhaled. It almost felt like all the tension in her body melted away; her brain finally shutting up, letting her just be. Why can't life be this simple? Maggie wasn't sure how long she lay on the bed just looking up at nothing in particular, but when her bladder began filling up, the knowledge that she was wearing her diapers easily overrode her toilet training. The slow trickle tickled its way down between her legs, eventually pooling under Maggie's butt. Maggie let out a quiet sigh and reached down to rest her hand on her diapered crotch, feeling the warm trail through the white plastic cover. She let her middle and ring finger slide back and forth over the smooth plastic. Occasionally, her skin would catch against the plastic, dragging the now softened inside of the diaper along her sensitive skin. Maggie didn't even realise that she had let out another trickle of pee. Once the diaper was wet, it was almost as if her bladder decided that it wasn't even going to try to hold back. The warm spot grew a little, prompting Maggie to rub just a little more vigorously. Another little trickle; a warm velvet hand touching Maggie in the most tantalising way. And another one. It was all a vicious circle. An exquisite, delicious vicious circle. When she reached the peak a dam burst as Maggie flooded her diaper. She surfed the wave for as long as she could before flopping back, out of breath. She kept playing with herself, more to just wind down than for any other reason. The only thing that was really missing was someone holding her. Anita would let Maggie snuggle up with her, but it would never go any further than that; and Maggie wanted more. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. By the time Maggie realised how late it was, her diaper had cooled and was beginning to itch. She rolled over on her stomach and crawled backwards off the bed. The diaper sagged heavily and Maggie wiggled her hips to adjust it. The heavy bulk between her legs made her waddle as she made her way to the bathroom to clean up. Damn! I feel like a fuckin' penguin. After her shower, Maggie quickly got dressed and headed out to pick up the pizza. Forty-five minutes later she returned with a still reasonably hot pizza, drinks and a complimentary salad that she knew would never be eaten. And as if summoned by magic, Anita showed up a few minutes later. The two girls didn't waste time and were soon stuffing their faces with cheese and ham-covered crust. "Not that I have anything against free pizza," Anita said around a mouthful, "but you said you needed to talk to me about something?" "Mm-hmm." Maggie kept chewing until she could no longer use it as an excuse to stay silent, then swallowed. "So, in psych class today..." Little by little, Anita dragged most of the story out of her. Maggie left out her thoughts about maybe wanting another accident; she figured Anita didn't really need to know that. When she was done Anita just stared at her. "So what do you think I should do?" Maggie nodded to the last piece of pizza with a raised eyebrow. "I think you should take the last piece," Anita said, "'cause I'm stuffed." "I meant about Professor Martin." Maggie grabbed the last slice. "Oh, you're going to say yes. I mean, it's obvious that you want to." "It is?" "Ooh yeah." Anita smiled smugly. "The professor you've had the hots for for years thinks you're cute and wants you to 'help out' in class? And you have to have two hour-long , one-on-one meetings with her? Yeah, you were always going to say yes." "I guess," Maggie mumbled, focusing on the half-eaten slice of pizza she was holding. "It just feels weird." "Weird?" "I pissed myself. That's not exactly the best first date." Maggie stuffed the last of the pizza into her mouth and chewed. "I don't think her picking you to demo something in class counts as a date Maggie." "Yeah, but still-" "Maggie," Anita interrupted, "I'm not going to order you to do it-" "Well, I'm not your boyfriend." "Yeah, but I still think you need to take a risk and go for it. You've been miserable since Chris moved. I honestly think you need someone in your life, and if this Professor Martin could be that person, I think it'd be good for you." Maggie sighed. "I guess you're right." "Of course I'm right. I'm always right. Just ask Max." "I think he'd agree to anything you say when you have him naked and tied up." "Probably, but that doesn't change the facts." "Yeah. Maggie sighed again. She wasn't quite sure if she had lost an argument or if she had just been told when she already knew. The next hour or so was spent bullshitting about unimportant things before Anita had to go home. Maggie would have preferred she stay longer, but Anita had reminded her that she needed to get going an hour earlier than her class schedule said if she wanted to make it to her meeting with Professor Martin. ~~~ The next morning, Maggie walked across the mostly empty campus. Just like the day before, she felt jittery and nervous. The three large cups of coffee she had had in lieu of breakfast probably contributed to the feeling, but this was an altogether different kind of nervousness. It almost felt like she was sneaking around, doing something illegal. Maggie looked around to see if anybody was watching her as she turned right towards the faculty building. God, this is so stupid. The stairs up to the third floor felt longer and steeper than they should be. The diaper hidden in her backpack felt like it weighed half a ton. Maggie's steps echoed in the empty corridor as she made her way to Professor Martin's office. She held her breath and knocked. "Come on in." Maggie cautiously opened the door and looked inside. She had expected... she wasn't sure exactly what she had expected. Something obsessively tidy; all glass and chrome and minimalist. But Professor Martin's office was the polar opposite. There were overflowing bookcases, a desk with barely any room and two full wastepaper baskets side by side next to it. It reminded Maggie of her old living room. Professor Martin looked up from behind a stack of books. "Don't just stand there. Come inside." Maggie stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She looked around for somewhere to sit down. Professor Martin walked around her desk and lifted a stack of papers off a small couch and motioned for Maggie to sit. "Why don't you have a seat?" Maggie sat down, putting her backpack on the floor between her feet. "Sooo," she began, "now what do we do?" Professor Martin pulled her chair around the desk and sat down facing Maggie. "You seem nervous Maggie." "I had a lot of coffee, so I'm a little jumpy." "Yes, but I don't think it's just the coffee, is it." Maggie looked up at Professor Martin's beautiful eyes. It almost felt like she could drown in them. "No," she whispered. "Then what is it?" Maggie hesitated. "This feels like it's wrong." She swallowed. "I mean, you're a professor and I'm a student. There's rules about that." "Yes Maggie. And if you were one of my students, I wouldn't be doing this. But you passed my class before you left, so why are you auditing?" Maggie looked down. "It's stupid," she mumbled. "That's OK. You can tell me anyway." Professor Martin put a single finger under Maggie's chin and lifted it, looking into her eyes. "I promise I won't laugh." "It's... It's like I told you yesterday. I just wanted something familiar, something from before. Chris isn't here any more, and I liked your class a lot more than the other ones." "Just my class?" Professor Martin raised an eyebrow suggestibly, making Maggie blush. "I said it was stupid," Maggie whispered. Professor Martin took Maggie's hand and held it in hers. "First of all, it's not stupid. It makes sense, in a way. We all want what's familiar. That's why we have things like comfort food, and security blankets." "Mm-hmm?" "And second, as long as you're not actually taking any of my classes, I'm pretty sure there aren't any rules that would apply to us." "Okay," Maggie said, feeling a little more at ease. "Maggie, if you don't want to do this, that's okay. We can go back to being just Maggie and Professor Martin, like we were before the lecture yesterday. Or we can try moving on to being Maggie and sometimes-Rachel. If you want that." Maggie nodded slowly. "Yeah, that'd be nice," she whispered. Professor Martin let Maggie digest her admission. "So what happens now?" Maggie said after a while. "Well, I'm going to hypnotise you again, like yesterday. Except this time we'll have time to implant a couple post-hypnotic suggestions. Nothing big; just little tricks you can use to help yourself relax when you're feeling overwhelmed. Does that sound okay?" "So you're not going to make me wet myself whenever I see you tug your earlobe or something." Professor Martin laughed. "No darling, remember hypnosis can't make you do something you don't want to do, so unless you want to wet yoursel... Oooh." "Yeah. Oooh." "Well, I figure we'll keep it simple and limit ourselves to two. One to help you calm down and manage your anxiety, and one to make it quicker and easier for me to hypnotise you again. Anything that happens beyond that will be one hundred percent your own choice." "So, are you, you know, prepared?" Professor Martin nodded towards Maggie's lap. Maggie blushed again. "Uh, no. It's..." She patted her backpack. "Ah. You should probably put them on so we don't have a repeat of what happened yesterday." "Yeah, I guess." Maggie lifted the backpack onto her lap. "Do you mind?" She looked towards the door. "Oh, of course." Professor Martin got up and walked to the door. "I'll be right outside. You just let me know when you're ready." As soon as the door closed, Maggie opened her backpack. The plastic cover of the diaper was so glaringly white it almost seemed to give off light. She pulled it out and made sure there weren't any tears in the plastic before unfolding it on the couch. With a swiftness born from practice, Maggie pulled her jeans and boxer briefs down and sat down on the diaper, pulling it up between her legs and taping it in place. Then she pulled the underwear and pants back up. The whole affair had taken less than two minutes. Maggie went to the door and opened it, finding Professor Martin waiting outside. "That was quick," she commented. "Yeah," Maggie said awkwardly. "It's not so hard once you've done it a few times." "Good to know." Professor Martin sat down in her chair and looked at Maggie. "I thought they'd be thicker," she said. "I can't even tell you're wearing diapers." "They're my thinnest ones." Maggie sat back down on the couch. "Ready?" Maggie took a deep breath and nodded. "We'll start just like yesterday.. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a candle..." It didn't take long before Maggie was lying slumped back on the couch feeling as if her entire skeleton was made of lead while Professor Martin's voice was leading her to her safe place; her old living room. "Okay Maggie, you're in your safe place. Can you describe it to me?" "My old living room," Maggie said dreamily. "Lots of books. Kinda like your office. But the sofa's bigger." "I'm going to put my hand on your cheek now. Whenever we're in my office and I put my hand on your cheek and say 'you can call me Rachel', you can answer 'yes Rachel' and then you'll go right to your safe place just like now. Do you understand?" "Yes," Maggie whispered. Professor Martin reached out and stroked Maggie's cheek. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel," Maggie answered. Professor Martin stroked her cheek again. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel." She stroked the cheek a third time. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel." "That's a good girl. Now do you remember my office?" "Yes." "I want you to know that when you're in my office you're safe. Safe to be honest. Safe to be yourself. It'll be just like in your safe place. Do you understand. "Yesss," Maggie said slowly. "Good, good. Now let's see if we can go a little deeper and set up something for that anxiety of yours." Maggie couldn't remember what happened next as Rachel's voice once again became sort of a white noise in the background of her mind, lulling her to sleep. She woke up feeling like she had had the best nap ever. And sitting there, right in front of her, looking at her with those incredible brown eyes was Professor Martin. Or was it Rachel? Maggie felt unsure for a moment, but quickly decided it didn't matter." "Ah, The sleeping beauty awakens," she said and smiled. "How are you feeling?" "So relaxed. I haven't felt this good in ages." "That's wonderful. Any, you know... accidents?" "Nope. Still dry. Wanna see?" Maggie reached for the buttons on her jeans. "Whoa whoa whoa! What are you doing?" "Uh, showing you I'm still dry." "That's okay Maggie. I believe you." Rachel silently rubbed her chin for a little while. "Maggie? Your old living room, your safe place, it was fairly remote?" Maggie chuckled. "You could say that. The nearest neighbour was like a five or six minute walk down the road." "I see. So did you usually wear your, you know..." "My diapers?" "Yes, your diapers. Did you usually wear them openly there?" "Yeah. I mean, it's not like there would be people just dropping by randomly. It was in the middle of nowhere." "And let me guess, my office feels kind of the same way." "Uh-huh." "Even though it's in the middle of a university campus." "Yea...oh shit!" "It'sokayit'sokayit'sokay." Professor Martin spoke so quickly that Maggie almost couldn't understand what she said. Why did I do that? I almost fucking diaperflashed her. I screwed up everything. Stupid stupid stupid! Maggie grabbed her backpack, desperate for something, anything, to hide behind. She felt tears of shame welling up in her eyes. Then she felt someone sitting down next to her on the couch and a hand stroking her hair." "Don't cry," Professor Martin said softly. "It's not your fault." Maggie sniffed. "How is it not my fault? I'm the one who nearly pulled my own pants down in front of you." "I forgot to take context into consideration when I hypnotised you. I told you to think of my office being just like your old living room." "So how come it doesn't feel like that now?" "Reality tends to overrule our imagination. But I can fix it, if you'll let me." Professor Martin took Maggie's backpack and put it back on the floor. Then she reached out to stroke Maggie's cheek. "You can call me Rachel." Maggie felt her limbs grow heavier as her muscles relaxed. "Yes Rachel." The reply came almost without having to think about it. She let Rachel guide her limp body down until she was lying with her head in Rachel's lap, looking up at those incredible eyes. "Maggie?" "Yes." "Do you remember my office?" "Yes." "I want you to remember that it's a safe place. It's still a place where you can be honest and be yourself and not feel shame, but you will also remember it's not your old living room. Can you remember that?" "Yes." "Good. Now I'm going to count to three and when I reach three, you're going to wake up and you're going to remember what we just talked about. One, two, three." Maggie blinked a couple of times as she looked up at Rachel. "This isn't a halfway bad view to wake up to," she said and smiled. Rachel moved to let Maggie sit up. "Please don't." She stopped. "I just wanna stay like this for a little while. Just for a minute. Please?" "Of course." Lying there with her head in Rachel's lap, Maggie felt so calm that she was tempted to just let go, but she resisted the urge. After a little while, Rachel helped her sit up before moving back to her chair. "Just one last thing before you leave." "That doesn't sound ominous at all." "It's just... with what happens when you get really relaxed, I don't know if that might happen if you have one of your anxiety attacks." "Are you saying..." "I don't know, but I think you should keep your diapers on just in case." "Seriously?" Maggie rolled her eyes. "Having to worry about anybody noticing them-" "Nobody is going to notice. I didn't notice and I knew you had them on. You'll be fine. And besides, better safe than sorry. Don't you agree?" "OK, I guess." "That's my good girl." Rachel leaned over and kissed Maggie's forehead, filling her head with butterflies that quickly migrated to her stomach. Helping Maggie to her feet, she led her to the door. "I'll see you on Thursday then." Maggie wandered slowly down the hallway, her mind swirling with thoughts. One of them louder than any other. I'm her good girl.
  13. A/N: IMPORTANT TO NOTICE Hey all! I hope you're all doing well! Do not worry! I am still working on my other stories but had started this a while ago and felt like I should post it! Just a warning in the beginning that this story will contain a lot of non-con, sexual content and humiliation. If this makes you uncomfortable than I suggest you don't read it! I love seeing comments so I'd love to see everyone's comments! ooOoo Summary: When a young new independent journalist decides to write about something other than the typical run of the mill stories, she is introduced into a new life, just not in the way she expected. ooOoo Chapter 1: MommyslittleBiggurls.com 22 December 2021 Hello Friends! It sure has been a while! I hope you’re all doing well on this frosty morning. Here in Montana, we’re certainly going to have a white Christmas. Sugar and Cookie sure are excited to see Santa and have been extra careful to be good girls; always asking for the potty like good little girls, eating all of their veggies at dinner and making sure to drink all of their babas full of yummy milk! I’m sure you all are experiencing the same with your little ones at the moment, even the disobedient can’t ignore the happy cheer of Christmas. I really can’t believe it’s only been three months since we first adopted our newest little girl, Honey! Of course with new littles, it’s always an adventure and Sugar and Cookie are being the best big sisters they can be! It can be hard, especially around the holidays to deal with an un-regressed, naughty little so that brings me to the topic of today’s post: Punishments. If you're like me or are a new caregiver, it’s never easy training a new little and before they can be our sweet little babies, they will be literal demons! It is never fun but in order to nip that naughty behavior in the bum, punishment is required and it is not always as simple as quick spanking. Listed below, you will find three different punishments to try if you, like me, were at a loss. Punishments: Punishment 1: Corner time with a twist Depending on the severity of the naughty behavior, instruct your little one it's corner time for a certain amount of time. While many, if not all, will just find this incredibly boring and whine, there is a small twist. Listen carefully to these five steps: Take littles’ clothes away (that means no diapers/pullups/or undies as well!), Give a nice soapy cold enema to their bum-bum and insert a buttplug to ensure no dribbles Administer a firm spanking (I’ve found different objects such as a belt or hairbrush to be most effective!) Little will bend down or kneel in the corner with their bum-bum high in the air for everyone to see After a certain amount of time, if the little has not moved from their position, you will instruct the little to tell you what they did wrong and have them beg to release their bodily functions. If you are unsatisfied with their response, even more minutes will be added to corner time Punishment 2: Potty Time with Horsy Let’s get real, we’ve all struggled with littles refusing to go potty in their diapers or on the training toilet and it’s a pain to have to insert enemas and suppositories into screaming littles. That’s how I came up with horsy time. The rocking horse, while meant to be an object of amusement during playtime, can just as quickly be turned into an object of torture. What you need to do is listed below: The little will sit on the rocking horse in only their bottoms, whether that be a diaper or pull-up Place earphones on little and set to the wet diaper hypnosis Instruct the little to rock back and forth and do not stop no matter what and not to mess or wet themselves Plan a certain amount of time and come back when the time is up If the little is still rocking and is dry, they have earned the privilege to go potty. If not, horsy time is extended and the dirty diaper stays on another several hours The constant rhythmic motion combined with hypnosis at the same timing will put the littles right in the mood to have to relieve themselves. How they do it will no longer matter. The added pressure to keep a constant rocking in order to avoid further punishment will take a heavy toll on their mind as well and increase the need for positive behavior. Punishment 3: No Playtime with Teddy If you choose to allow your little to have any sexual release, this punishment can have a rewarding effect. As a human race, we are sexual beings but not everyone deserves or should have such an experience. Littles have gotten it into their minds that they should be allowed to have such experiences, but what do they know? They’re just littles. It is our job as caretakers to instruct and control their urges. If we leave them to their own devices, who knows what will happen? My little girls are allowed one play session a week with Mr. Teddy Bear to release all of their icky cummies by the hand of mommy and daddy. While Rosie and Cookie know being a good girl will lead to happy feelings, Honey is still learning. Orgasm and cum denial or “the tickles and ice cream dance” as we call it, are an excellent way to assert dominance and make them quickly realize who the real grownups are and who is in charge. Mittens or restraints are a must for untrained littles! You never know where their wandering hands will end up! Chastity belts are also a great device, especially if they get a little too excited during playtime and try humping (which is extremely discouraged!) IMPORTANT: It is important to enforce anything sexual is not allowed without the approval, observation, and act by grown-ups because you never know when littles might accidentally injure themselves! I hope you all enjoyed my little list and hopefully it helps you on your journey to having a regressed little! It may seem tough at times but we’ve all gone through it before (I currently am!) Stay tuned for next time and meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas! Love, Mommy Bree ooOoo The sound of the ding signaling the post had been successfully posted was a happy feeling to say the least. Unknown outside the world of ageplay, Bree Hawthorne was as famous as could be within the community. With over ten thousand followers and readers, people tuned in from all over the world to read about their simple little family. Being a blogger on top of a mommy had become her full time job and she didn’t regret a single second of it. She always knew she wanted to have a family and her love for blogging couldn’t have been a more perfect combination. There were so many who envied to fill the role of a Hawthorne little but only so few could actually meet the requirements. That’s why they had taken to unique means of obtaining their little girls. Kidnapping was a bit too harsh a term. They preferred adoption. Did the public need to know that? No. Would they ever find out? Probably not. Looking around outside the large glass windows, the only view for miles was farmland with snow capped mountains in the background. Bloomington, Montana was the perfect place to go to if one didn’t want to be found. They had the freedom to be who they were without any nosey neighbors disrupting their lives. Her husband, coming from old money, allowed them to own lavish homes around the country, buy the newest high-tech adult-baby equipment and pay off those they needed to stay quiet. Everything was as it should be. Everything would soon be perfect. They were our babydolls. Sugar, Cookie, Honey and- “Another post?” Jasper. At the sound of his deep voice, she spun around in the swivel chair. Face to face with her blonde, strong-jawed, blue eyed handsome husband. He was everything she dreamed of in a man. Strong, smart, caring, loyal. A great daddy to their three wonderful girls. What more could a person ask of a spouse? “Yes. I’ve finished just in time for… lunch!” she exclaimed, glancing at the time and shutting down the macbook. “Today’s post was about punishments and I gave the best examples of Honey. How is she doing this morning actually? The baby monitor on her end has been awfully quiet.” she asked, having been in the office the entire morning working. “Sleeping.” was his only response, scowling with his hand over his face. “Do I want to know what happened?” “No.” It was always a struggle to tame the girl and her rebellious behavior and silly dreams. Most often then not her bum was black and blue, littered with marks and bruises. How a five foot, one-hundred-twenty pound girl with not an ounce of body fat had managed to give them this much a fight, they did not know. While the little blonde fought they pushed back just as hard. She would break eventually. They all do. “Sugar and Cookie are in the playpen writing letters to Santa,” that made them crack a smile. “I can feed them while you handle, Honey? I may just take her over my knee again and that’s not what she needs at the moment.” Bree reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck as his face burrowed into her kinky black hair, placing a trail of kisses upon her chocolate colored skin. “So it’s my turn to play the bad mommy,” she mused. “Precisely.” her husband cracked a smile. “It feels so much longer than three months since we got her. Remember?” Oh, how could they forget…
  14. As with my previous stories, this one contains several elements inherent to the pre-established 'Diaper Dimension.' These include, but are not limited to: Diapers and their usage for their intended purpose Breastfeeding Non-consensual mental regression through various means (Including possible drugs, hypnosis, and/or surgery) References to surgery to achieve various nefarious goals Graphic imagery associated with any of these warnings Humiliation Giants, aka, Amazons or Bigs Predominantly female domination Babying of adults (perceived or otherwise) Experimentation on humans Coerced or manipulated actions through possible means of white lies, gas lighting, or incentives This story has not been labeled as mature, due to a lack of specific references to anything overtly sexual, but this warning serves as a 'turn back' point for any readers who do not wish to read about the previous warnings. Lastly, this list is subject to change during the course of writing this story. While most of the plot is ironed out, more warnings may be added if needed. For those readers interested or do not care about the warnings listed, please enjoy the following story. So, here is the first chapter of my next story on here. I have everything all mapped out, but I might be a bit busier in the next month. My hope is to finish posting the last chapter before I go on vacation, but if not, as a warning, there might be over a week where I don't post something new. (Edit: This story also connects to the 'Tell Me More' story I wrote a few months ago now. Dr. Mengell used it's findings as a catalyst for her to change her practice toward helping Littles in need.) I hope everyone enjoys this next chapter! Chapter 1: Welcome to Project Nurture My foot tapped anxiously while waiting for another conference to end. Today was the day that would determine if the so-called ‘Project Nurture’ would have been worth something more than what it had already offered to the participating Littles and Caregivers. Of course, they had seen the immediate benefits, and each was mostly happy with the outcome we had achieved together, but I knew the Board of Directors for Diamond Technologies was something entirely different. Many were old standbys of traditional methods and had literal stock in many of them and the tools and drugs required to facilitate their execution. This experiment proved, however, that it could move us Bigs away from the old techniques of the past, which was something I was greatly in favor of. Having been a researcher in the many ways of possible regression, I could still remember what I had seen and heard in my time with other less savory projects. “Oh please, God, don’t put me under! Please let me keep my mind… just a tiny bit! Why can’t I walk? Wah dih’ you do ta ma tun? Why does my head feel so… empty… and free? Stay in, stay in, why won’t you just stay in? I can’t feel my legs! What did you do to me? Maaa bahhh!’ I shuddered a bit. Those cries of pleading and anguish from all those patients still haunted me today. In a sense, Project Nurture was my shot at a redemption of sorts. From my experience, I knew firsthand that all other techniques alone were too severe, some even being outright horrible in any dosage. The file I now held with me and was about to present to the Board of Directors represented a new path for us Bigs. The small USB device in my briefcase had the potential to change everything if handled correctly and could be worth billions if applied correctly. ‘What old Drakos at Juventas would give just to get a peek at all the data in here… probably pay a fortune.’ Still, my loyalty was with Diamond Technologies, and I knew if they only could accept what I had to offer from the experiments I had observed, the world would be better for it. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of such a change. It almost even seemed ironic to be presenting this information to a company that was now so infamous with its connection to Diamond Tours, but I knew that stain on their reputation would only favor me with the Board of Directors. Just then, the other conference ended, and several people started to quickly exit from the room. I stood up and walked confidently into the emptying room to start setting up. I clicked a few switches for the room control and ensured all the systems I would need were working correctly. I had just finished checking the RealET system when a manager from the previous conference walked up to me with a large grin. “Edgar!” Harry Carga joyfully shouted. “How are ya doin’? New presentation today?” “Hey, Harry. New presentation to the Board of Directors in a few minutes actually,” I replied while still ensuring all my slides were good to go after I had inserted my USB device. “Ah, wonderful! Wonderful!” Harry then got a mischievous look on his face. “Just between us old managers. You, testing division… me, marketing… is it about the new toy line… Mister…?” “Mister Brown,” I finished quickly for him, trying to move the conversation along to better focus on my presentation. “No, that’s another project, but,” I leaned in closer and indulgently whispered to my old friend, “I can tell you this… the Mister Brown stuffed bear line’s preliminary testing has suggested that it could be a smash success in the market. In fact,” I looked around to ensure no one was eavesdropping, “we even think the technology could be so useful, that it could be used as the basis for other animal lines as well.” “Oh? Do tell,” Harry said, practically salivating over the notion. I could already see his marketing-focused brain start to spin up with all new advertisements. “Well, it’s all still preliminary, but maybe elephants, unicorns, tigers, bunnies, and if the tech guys are to be believed… dragons.” “Oh wow! I can just see them now,” Harry said, his eyes practically rolling into the back of his head from the mere thought of such a lucrative prospect. “I’m sure you can, Harry,” I said, trying to refocus on my preparation once more. “Man, with the way my Little has been behaving though… I might just be the first to get one and use one of the special features I heard so much about from the rumor mill.” I wanted to smack him in the head right then for even implying such a thing for his Little, but I just smiled and wrapped the conversation up as quickly as I could. Bigs like Harry was why Project Nurture was so important. We Bigs needed a change and today could be the solution to get rid of the need for all those special features in the first place. I continued to click deliberately on the correct icons from my computer’s screen to select the start of the presentation that I had crafted just for today. A lot was riding on it, especially seeing the long line of Board Members for the company that were now walking in with their propensity to always strive for innovation and progress, yet somehow always come off as traditional and even regressive in some ways. Knowing the Board of Directors, the outcome of today with these fair-weather types could either mean a total success or a setback of at least ten years if they had their way afterward. Our society of Bigs had been entrenched in its ideology about Littles for decades now. Bigs and Littles once lived in relative harmony in the same but slightly separated communities. Now, Bigs and Littles were integrated together fully, but the treatment of Littles had only grown more severe since the so-called ‘Inclusion Laws’ had first been enacted, as indicated by Harry only moments ago. We all knew that Littles were often kidnapped or tricked into centers for regression and then adopted out to childless couples or already large families looking to possess an always fashionable Little, but those laws increased those odds by at least 70% in the first year alone. For the lucky regressed Little, some Bigs would choose to regress them personally, rather than those awful regression centers, but this could be messy, unpredictable, and even dangerous if handled incorrectly. One Little had escaped and killed their entire adoptive family of Bigs last year. Something had to change, so I took a deep breath in to begin with what could be that very change. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” I announced in front of the room of the now-seated spectators and members of the company board. “I would like to thank you all for coming here today, and I would like to especially thank the Board of Directors of this company for green lighting this project in the first place. I’m pleased to say that your faith in our experiment was well placed.” The Board members around the desk nodded subtly and the rest of the audience behind them gave a small clap. “So, it was a success?” Ms. Beakerman asked from the back of the table, shoving her horned rimmed glasses up her bony and hooked nose. The small applause immediately stopped. “Yes, ma’am. This presentation,” I flicked off most of the lights and turned the front projector on, “will demonstrate the effectiveness of our latest round of experiments.” The screen popped on and flashed my name, ‘Dr. Edgar Thompson,’ and the title, ‘Regressing Littles in a New Way: Using a Combination of Tender Care, Threat of Punishment, Mild Hypnosis, and Company Medications to Achieve Similar Results to Traditional Methods of Mental Reversion,’ with the codename, ‘Project Nurture’ at the bottom. Gasps went out over the crowd. They had of course been informed of the project last year when it was still in the planning phases, but knowing them as I did, many had likely just signed off and only agreed with some of the more senior Board members without fully reading the document. It worked in my favor for getting projects off the ground, but their rejection rates at this stage were often much higher. “Similar results, Dr. Thompson?” Mr. Cannon asked, drumming his fingers in an annoyed manner on his rotund belly that was threatening to burst all the buttons off the white shirt he was wearing today. “Yes. Similar results, sir, as you will see.” I clicked forward in the presentation to a slide labeled, ‘Why?’ “I will get to that in one moment if you will bear with me. I promise, your question will be answered in good time.” Mr. Cannon, the group skeptic, grumbled but waved his pudgy fingers for me to proceed. “Of the past methods we Bigs have used to regress Littles, three have been go-to methods for decades; a new drug, a new surgery, or a new hypnosis method.” The board murmured in agreement; each having grown rich off this company’s profits with each of the three methods in the past. “Yes, yes. All good, but each has a downside as we know all too well.” I clicked the presentation forward, now showing the three methods and images of their various failures. “A new drug often causes mass hallucinations and mental breakage of the affected Little, which means lawsuits and negative publicity. New surgeries reduce abilities but are often expensive and permanently damaging to Littles, not to mention a stain on the name of our society as being ‘more civilized.’” The board whispered in silent and obvious ashamed agreement. “And lastly, new hypnosis methods. They are faster and more permanent when done correctly, but if ever possibly broken, many Littles need to be regressed again with stronger methods or have even been committed to an insane asylum in some cases.” I was about to click to the next slide, but one member raised their hand. It was Mr. Cannon again. “Yes… sir?” “I read an article the other day, you see… your method I’m sure is valid, and you are right about the other three, but I think you left out one.” I raised my eyebrows in curiosity, though slightly knowing where he could be going with this. “What about these nanobots I hear all this chatter about, doc?” Mr. Cannon asked inquisitively. The entire room shifted its uncomfortable focus back onto me. I knew this was bound to come out as well, having just read the article myself in the company newsletter. “Ah yes, that’s true. Newer and faster acting nanobots have begun to pop up in several markets, even beyond our own company’s breakthroughs, but we have found that these often have some, if not all, the negatives of these previous methods. We believe that one day these will be all the rage, and we have other experiments dedicated to those that even I am involved with, but there are just too many unknowns for now.” I knew that something being classified as ‘unknown’ was a dirty word to the Board of Directors. It could mean money lost or reputations being tarnished. As such, Mr. Cannon merely nodded along with the rest of the board and gave me the signal to proceed. Satisfied, I clicked the next slide, labeled, ‘Background.’ “This method was originally formed when during one of the raids of a Littles liberation camp, a psychology textbook from one of the portal Littles was discovered. At first the textbook appeared to possess only rudimentary knowledge of the inner machinations of their primitive minds, but our scientists postulated that an understanding of their minds is both genetics, or physical workings, and one’s background. Further, information discovered could be used to augment the psychological profile of the average portal Little, rather than just their physical attributes. While not necessarily a barometer or new method of regression, it was thought to be a potential key to unlocking the secrets of Little society, both here and there.” The crowd leaned in further. I knew I had their attention, and I was glad that no one had outright objected so far. “In fact, what we have just been learning ourselves had been discovered when portal Littles first came here, but society at the time had caused the government to repress the information from being released to the public. ‘Our government sources still wouldn’t say why, but I’m guessing one of the corporations had their hand in it with kickbacks and the like… not to even mention all the tech from keeping Littles regressed.’ “The government only informed us two days ago… after the experiment had already concluded, however, our findings were more extensive and conducted with more concrete analysis and less… bias,” I quickly added after seeing some of the Board grow anxious for the potential of wasted money when an experiment like this had already occurred years ago. ‘Waste’ was another dirty word to them. The Board of Directors and the other audience members before me murmured in their own ways. Something told me that my personal theory of companies paying the government off in order to sell more Little products was dead right. A few on our own Board had dealings with the government in the past but had left for ‘undisclosed reasons.’ ‘I could be talking to some of those same members who were involved with repressing the information…’ I tossed the thought out of my head, knowing it wouldn’t do me any good to dwell on, and moved forward with a click to the next slide. “Regardless, our doctors have reinforced the long-held belief that portal Littles activate a hormonal fluctuation in many Bigs which causes their protective and nurturing instincts to go into overdrive. Some estimate the reaction is almost twice as potent with portal Littles as compared to our own native Littles. So, with a declining local Little and unregressed population and the widening amount of infertility in our society, portal Littles will likely continue to be, and even grow, into one of the largest markets of Littles existing.” I switched to the next slide. “The psychological textbook theories in the captured books were combined with years of research conducted by in-depth interviews of Bigs and even some Littles, who I should point out were not coerced in any manner. Then, Little psychologists condensed and tailored all those data points into this single experiment in its entirety to test the complete validity of this revised method into practice. I…” “Why the hell would they want to help us? Seems a bit suspicious, doctor,” one of the senior and more traditional Bigs, Mr. Galpin, shot out. I knew I was going to receive at least one objection from him. George Galpin’s family stretched across Libertalia in their influence, and it was common knowledge that his brother, Robert, and his wife Emily, had just adopted a Little of their own from one of the more barbaric regression institutes in the north. “Ah, yes. Mr. Galpin… You must understand,” I explained, “that the possibility of the success of this program could mean a different treatment for all Littles potentially. Not just portal Littles.” He continued to glare at me. “You see, our native Littles know that adoption is likely for at least 90% of Littles in our world, so if it can be better for them and for us, they know it’s worth their involvement.” Mr. Galpin seemed to steam in frustration for a moment but relented and leaned back in his chair. Hopeful that I had quelled his discontent, I continued with the slides. I clicked the screen again and two subjects were shown. “Here is subject 90876A and 90876B, and this Little and Big duo will be the main focus of today’s presentation. Of the 150 test subjects in this conducted experiment, 40 occurred in this country with the same parameters beyond test subject differences. In fact, two test villages were set up in the northeast and the south with 20 subject pairs in each, just to cut down on outside variables for the initial part of testing.” I then held up one of the spare data storage devices that I had brought along with me. “When you leave today, each of you will take one of these home with you. They have been modified to be viewed by you only using your genetic code stored within company files. Each contains all sessions conducted with subjects 90876A and 90876B, as well as the remaining 149 experiments with conclusions drawn for each. We know you, as the Board of Directors for this company, are busy with other matters, so we will leave the investment timing of viewing your up to you. Further, of the 110 test subject pairings not in this country, they were divided amongst seven other countries to ensure a wider possibility of success with our method across the world and cultures.” The board murmured with greedy anticipation. In truth, we could have just remained in one section of this country, but I knew that a world market meant a wider audience, and a wider audience meant more buyers of this company’s products. Despite the varied appearances before me, dollar signs illuminated each of their eyes in unison. I clicked the slide again. “All subjects were chosen for their backgrounds, desires, and for the Big, their demeanor and current job placement. We determined that the job requirement in all our caregivers shouldn’t be too time consuming, and the subject caregiver should be able to take off if needed to complete a part of the experiment if needed. Future experiments, if approved, will test this method out with varying job parameters, but for the first round of testing, we believed that further interactions between the subjects, caregiver and Little, would be needed. We also knew that a flexibility was important in both subjects.” The board nodded their heads in agreement. ‘So far, so good, Edgar… just keep reeling them in.’ “For the Little, smaller parameters were required. Due to the theory of mentality being a combination of environment and genetics however, each of the Littles came from the same dimension. The planet is a pre-fusion society and still relies on several pollutants for fuel, so this did allow some ease of tension when Littles were inducted into our society with our various advancements in technology.” “How were they convinced?” Ms. Beakerman asked shrilly. “Ah. Yes, well, we will discuss Little involvement in due time, but we have promised the Bigs to be able to adopt their assigned Little by the end, barring negative mannerisms previously undetected or violation of experiment protocols. They were aware of the experiment being performed and realized they could have a potentially better behaved and more accepting Little than ever before as well. In fact, off the 150 total caregivers we selected, we had to turn down over 60,000.” The board all appeared shocked but then resolved once more. Everyone knew about the struggles our society was facing, so honestly, 60,000 almost seemed too small a number worldwide to me at least. “Additionally, Bigs will be paid for the care of the Little with whatever tools or implements required during the process and an extra bonus will be given in the end if all regulations and procedures were followed to the letter. We believed this contributed to the fact that only one subject was ever treated incorrectly according to the regulations of the experiment. Subject 90872A and B have been noted in your files…” “You still haven’t answered my initial question, Doctor.” Mr. Cannon growled. “My patience is growing thin.” The Board Members began murmuring in agreement soon afterward. “I’m just getting to that, Mr. Cannon. Here.” I clicked the slide. “For years, as I noted, other harder methods are wrong and likely, illegal in most dimensions. They must stop. We, as a society, are wrong.” A gasp went up among the crowd. I had to hook them in quick or they would tune me out for the rest of the presentation or even leave. I didn’t get the chance though. “You’ll never get away with this!” a Big stood up from the back of the crowd and waved a gun around. The board members and I quickly took cover behind whatever we could find. ‘Damn security budget cuts…’ “There’s an order to things,” he shouted manically. “You just can’t go about and change the book. This society needs those other services, and you’re getting rid of them! You won’t get away with this!” From his appearance and general demeanor, he was obviously an outsider. Any employee of our office knew that our company had long been at the forefront of innovation, so it was inevitable that someone would want to protest something we were doing. As such, despite their cutbacks, our security had been trained, armed, and were ready to deploy all throughout the building and its facilities within one minute. This office was closer to the main hub however, so less than thirty seconds after he had pulled out his gun, our security burst through the doors. “Freeze!” “Screw yo…!” Bzzzzt! The guard at the front of the pack quickly blasted off his stick and a charge of purple lightning struck the gunman squarely in the chest. He quickly collapsed and was neutralized. The gunman never fired a shot. As they dragged him away though, some… cleanup and air freshener were required from where the now babbling man had collapsed. Everyone in the room got back and resumed their seats once the janitorial staff had disinfected and sanitized the room. The amount of money invested in this program and the stubborn nature of each person there ensured that a single small gunman would not deter what they had come here to see. Seeing that it would take something much more to interrupt my presentation, I pressed forward, now with a lovely smell of lavender and lemon in the air. “As I was saying… harder methods of regression have been used since the beginning days of what we now know as the ‘Little Reclamation Program.’ These methods are effective in their own way but still brutal. Instead of pacifying the Little population, no pun intended,” a small chuckle emitted from the room, “these efforts have only galvanized more Littles against Big-led society. This movement includes those in this dimension and several of the ones arriving here. In fact, the Secretary of Commerce for Libertalia has even projected that tourism will be down by almost 40% next year from other portal dimensions. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. They are scared of us.” “A little fear goes a long way, though,” Mrs. Gordon, a young and suited woman, quickly pointed out. “True, but we are now experiencing the backlash of such methods.” The snooty young Board member eased back into her seat. “About five years ago, if you recall, a rebel leader of a Little resistance cell was taken and regressed through the traditional means. From the request of the government, she was almost made a near-permanent newborn in looks and abilities.” I paused and noticed that all eyes were on me. Despite the gunman and some of the more boring introductions of the presentation, all were still with me. It was a good sign. “Her cell found this out and only grew in their hate for our society and the methods the hospital had used. Not long after, the hospital was assaulted, and several were killed.” I took a sip from my nearby glass of water. “Her mother was killed in the fighting and her father later had a mental breakdown. She is now in foster care waiting to be adopted, though her prospects are slim due to her permanent vegetative newborn state… and all that is not just one isolated case.” The Board looked wary and reflective of the event, but there were so many like that story, I doubted a few of them could even remember it. “Additionally, our company has produced a lifelike doll that mimics many of the abilities and functions of a newborn. Though we should all be congratulated on our work and success with that product, adoption prospects for vegetative newborns have been pushed even further into jeopardy. We can… we must prevent these events from occurring.” “But how do you plan on that?” Mr. Galpin asked smugly, just as a light applause had begun. “I’m going to show you…” I clicked the next slide. “Using the method that you’ll soon see used for subjects 90876A and 90876B, we can lift this burden from our society. We would still be able to supply the population with a stable Little population that may even choose themselves to stay and the method wouldn’t carry the weight of our original near-barbaric methods of regression. It would be a sign for a renewal of faith in our society, rather than others looking at us like a, to put it bluntly, horror show.” To my surprise, a few of the board members clapped in earnest now. Surgeries and hypnotics were messy and almost completely irreversible as I had previously pointed out. Big society members in this dimension were looked at like monsters only yearning for fresh meat to babify, and people were starting to catch on. If something didn’t happen quickly, few Littles would ever think of coming here again regardless of our trickeries or appeal in other ways, such as our technology. Seeing a thriving space program and alternative fuel sources was nothing if said tourist came out, if at all, with the mentality of a one-year-old. Still, their reaction was at least a little surprising. “Further, we have discovered that some of our more natural tendencies are even stronger with this method. An estimated 90% of the group registered a near complete Big-to-Little bond that parents achieve with their natural offspring using hormone and chemical levels registered in the body to verify the result.” “What about the 10%?” Mr. Cannon skeptically and annoyingly asked. “Yes… well, based on our preliminary research, we have come to speculate based on our findings that despite our extensive sorting and elimination methods,” I admitted frustratingly, “many of the Bigs in the selected group seemed to only want to become caregivers based on their need for power or domination, rather than with their motivations of something like love. Further, due to the lower levels of a supply of Littles, we suspect that some of them may have taken longer to breakthrough as they may have otherwise been deemed as Dark Cliff candidates.” “Oh…” Mr. Cannon receded into the rest of the members around the table. Every Big knew of the terrible fate that awaited any that were sentenced there. ‘True tough cases if there ever were some…’ “Yes… well, now onto the main presentation. Lights, Mr. Cunningham!” One of the techs for the room quickly hit the light switch and immediately bathed the room in an inky black shadow, the projector being the only source of light with the newly designed blackout curtains all around. “Thank you. Now, knowing that these experiments would eventually be shown to you members of the Board, we decided to use RealET, or for those of you not aware of our AV department’s latest advancements, Real Environmental Technology.” Many in the room gasped at the use of something so state-of-the-art. “Using pre-installed devices during the experiment and the projectors now in this room, we can map what occurred right before you as if you were actually there. Some thoughts and feelings may be known as well, but many have been scrubbed to avoid… potential privacy issues in most cases.” “Can this broadcast the Olympics? Spartans are on at 6!” Ms. Beakerman jested, a known enthusiast of their national team and one of their most prominent benefactors. “I’m afraid not right now, Ms. Beakerman, though I can put you in contact with the head of their department after today. You never know what tomorrow could bring…” She only smiled broadly, her wrinkles stretching to their limits across her face. “Now, we shall begin with the first session and move onward. There are 42 sessions in total, but for the sake of time today, we will only show a selection of some of the more important moments from subjects 90876A and 90876B journey together. Some diaper changes and tantrums may be good to see, but more than six a day would likely become tiresome, as I’m sure some of you with Littles can attest to already,” I joked. The board laughed quietly, but I could see that each were fully entranced with the projection rendering all around them. It was hard not to with eh blue lasers rendering bits of the recording in real time. “Now, brace yourselves, this may feel a bit… weird.” I then moved over to the main control panel and as I could already begin to see my observation post for the experiment from a few months ago, I took a deep breath and pressed the lever to activate the screen. “Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I give you, Project Nurture!” Vrrroom! Pop!
  15. Klein woke up and ripped the headphones off his ears. To his disappointment, when he reached down to grab his diaper, he found it completely and utterly dry. “Come on!” he cried. In frustration, Klein banged his fists on the bed and tilted his head back in anguish. Another failed tape, another failed night, another dry diaper. Klein had been into diapers for as long as he could remember. He had started out small of course, sneaking depends from the grocery store and the usual stuff you hear about from people. He had then evolved into buying from sample stores and then from the larger companies like Tykables and Northshore. But as long as he could remember, he had one specific fantasy, one specific state of mind he wanted to be in. Klein dreamed of being a bedwetter. There was something delicious about completely losing control completely unable to control yourself and waking up with a soaked wet diaper, squishy and warm - the ultimate sign of regression. This is why, for the past several years, Klein had gone to every single hypnosis vendor he could think of to make his vision a reality. The journey was difficult of course. No one wants to admit to themselves that they want to return to bedwetting like a child. And many people offered hypnosis files. Klein had gotten used to the process by now. He’d receive the file on his alternate email address, download it to his phone and eagerly go to bed at night waiting for the magic to happen. Sometimes, a male's voice would remind him in soft tones that he needed diapers. In other recordings, it would be an aggressive woman telling him just to “relax” and “let go” because his diapers would protect him. But each time Klein would wake up dry. Utterly dry. Completely dry. Granted, Klein had tried drinking a ton of water before bed, so much water he’d feel it sloshing around inside his stomach every time he turned over in bed. He’d pull the diaper tapes tight and fall asleep on his back, his legs spread out slightly, willing himself to wet. But each time, he’d just wake up with pain in his abdomen a dry diaper, and an extremely hard erection. Klein had even tried taking a sleeping pill, willing himself to just sleep through the wetting at night. But this tactic only resulted in him falling deep into sleep and the next morning waking up in a dry diaper and a painfully full bladder. Klein would then proceed to flood that diaper when awake, which defeated the point. Anyone can pee when they wake up in the morning, Klein would think bitterly. Klein had bought books on the subject, reading them during breaks at work. The books were from people claiming they knew the secret to losing control overnight. Just loosen up your bladder during the day, train yourself to just use your diaper, the books all said after collecting his $9.99. But Klein wanted to be careful. Despite what many people said online, he had no interest in losing control during the day. Klein just wanted it at night. Klein wanted this his way. Besides, no one actually wanted to be incontinent. *** It had been a few months since Klein had dragged himself out of his dry bed again, disappointed that he had not wet the bed. And now, at CAPCon, the annual convention of those who liked to wear diapers and have fun in those diapers, he was browsing the vendor tables. The stuffy, medium-sized room had all sorts of vendors he had seen before. Clothing shops, furniture shops, and even writers who wrote mediocre ABDL fiction that told the same story repeatedly. After buying a pack of diapers from a vendor, a small table caught his attention. The table simply said Stella’s Sleepys. It caught his eye because not only was “sleepies” misspelled, but there was a kind, fit-looking woman sitting behind the table reading a book. Klein took a step closer and noticed she was wearing round glasses with dark brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. The woman, whose name was no doubt Stella (it wasn’t Sleepies… that’s for sure) was wearing a simple army green tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans. At a glance, Klein noticed the book she was reading was a book on philosophy. What was unusual was the table was completely empty, save for an envelope that just sat there bearing the number one. “What does Stella’s Sleepys sell?” Klein asked casually, approaching the table and doing his best to sound nonchalant. “This isn’t for you,” the woman said without looking up from her book. She pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose. “Move along.” Klein laughed a little bit. “Oh, come on, What’s in the envelope?” The woman laughed. “It’s not for you.” Stella turned the page in her book. Klein grabbed the envelope and the woman protested as he pulled it open. Inside was a piece of paper with a code on it. Klein made a mental note of the random URL right before Stella grabbed the envelope from him. But Klein shivered when he caught the words: Bedwetter Files. Klein’s heart skipped a beat. Bedwetter Files? “Is this a hypnosis file?” Klein demanded. Stella closed her book and placed the envelope into her book as a bookmark. “Yes, it is.” “Do you make them, is that was Stella’s Sleepy’s makes?” “Yes, but it’s probably best if you move on. You don’t look like the type of person who wants this.” Stella did Klein a once over with her eyes and pushed her book into her bag. “Hold on a second…” Klein held his hands up and gestured around to the convention around here. “Everyone here wants this.” Stella stood up and leaned over the table, and looked closely at Klein. “That’s presumptuous.” Stella then walked around the table and leaned on it while looking Klein in the eye. She spoke quietly as if they might be overheard at any second. “Every year, there’s one person at CAPCon who thinks they want what's on this tape, but the reality is they don’t.” “Hold on a second.” But Stella continued speaking in an even tone, bulldozing over Klein’s protest. “Different types of people too. Sometimes it’s guys and girls like you dressed in sweatpants and (Stella’s voice hovered over unapproving) t-shirts, other times, it’s the people in full onesies and thick diapers with pacifiers hanging around their necks. Each time they show up, tell me they want to lose complete control and before you know it before the weekend is over, they are begging me to help them get it back.” Stella blinked and studied Klein’s face. But Klein was insistent. “They clearly don’t know what they want.” Klein was breathless as he tried his best to remember the URL in his head. “Trust me, I want this.” Stella shook her head. “No, you don’t.” And with that, she picked up her bag, shoved her book inside and walked away. *** Klein closed his eyes for a second, thought deeply, and proceeded to type in the URL and code from the envelope into his web browser. He was rewarded with the proper website meaning his concentration had paid off. A warning popped up on his phone warning him that this hypnosis file was designed for people who wanted to lose complete control and that once losing that control, it would be difficult to regain it. There was more text that talked about how the creator bared no responsibility for what happens, blah, blah, blah. Klein had seen all of this before. Had Klein been honest with himself, he didn’t expect this hypnosis file to work. They never worked. But Stella’s performance earlier had him shaking with anticipation. Klein clicked to accept and noticed there were three levels of recordings on the screen. They seemed to be ranked from low to intense. The file marked intense had another warning next to it that claimed it was for “experienced users only.” Klein snorted. At this point, he had tried every file out there and knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to wake up the next morning with his diaper soaked and no memory of wetting. Klein wanted to have to use a booster every night in fear that he’d overflood his diaper and soak his bed. He wanted the erotic feeling of being unable to put his legs together as he lay helplessly on his back at night. Klein wanted to be a real bedwetter. For a moment, Klein bought into the idea that this could work for him. So Klein clicked the “experienced users only” file and downloaded the file to his phone. For some reason, the file was a little over a gigabyte large and came with another warning. Klein ignored the third warning of the week and climbed into bed. Right before pulling the covers over his head, he double-checked to make sure his diaper was on tight and that the leak guards were standing up and clicked play. Instantly, every center of his brain came alive. First, there was a dark low vibrating pulse that was nearly covered by soft angelic waves that crashed over the melody of the track. If the ocean had come alive and made music, this is what it would sound like. The pulse seemed to propel his body forward repeatedly, pushing his mind deeper and deeper into the track. While Klein knew he was falling asleep, he felt as if he were moving in real-time. Before Klein knew it, the waves crashed over him again, the soft electric tones urging him to relax and surrender to the waves. The waves were moving his body for him. But when his mind probed deeper into the musical tones, he heard the voice. The voice was soft as if it was speaking directly into his consciousness, his very being. It was as if the voice weren’t hers, it was coming from beneath his very heartbeat. Klein’s mind focused on the voice and willed itself to listen closely to the soft delicate flow that hovered directly beneath the ocean. The voice was speaking directly to the innermost part of his soul. “You need your diapers… you only feel safe in your diapers… you need to wet your diapers… your diapers are a part of who you are… Every night you wet your diapers uncontrollably…” Klein’s brain dove deeper into the voice followed the voice through the passageways and tunnels in his mind and willed himself to believe. Klein wanted to believe that this could work. He wanted to believe that he could become a bedwetter, and the voice told him he could. “You can’t control your bladder…” the voice said softly. “You need to mess your diapers during the day….” Wait a second… Klein’s mind stirred against the waves. I don’t want that. Hold on. But the voice and the waves pushed him forward, demanding he follow its lead. Klein fought for a moment, gasped, and woke up. *** Thanks to all of you who have provided support on Patreon. There are more stories there about people trapped in their diaper fantasies. Be sure to check them out. http://patreon.com/kyleshouse
  16. Hey everyone! It's Sophie! Pudding and I have been writing a few short stories recently so I'm just going to post them all at once. If you like them and want to support our writing, please check out our Patreon: www.patreon.com/sophieandpudding -------------------------- A Mommy’s Love By Sophie *Author’s Note: This story is just some cute hypno diaper smut about a Mommy who takes some extra precautions to make sure her baby stays in diapers. Disclaimers: diapers, hypnosis, wetting, messing, oral sex -------------------------- I sat with my feet over Mommy’s lap, stealing glances at her out of the corner of my eye. We had been watching TV for the better part of the hour, and I was starting to think things might actually be settling down. Just in time, too. Ever since she woke me up with a kiss on the forehead and a finger in the leg-band of my diaper, she had been in full-on Mommy mode. It was a fun game we liked to play; I was her baby and she would take care of me. Sometimes it was cute and innocent, and other times… well… Today, Mommy wasn’t playing around. She changed me into one of the most infantile diapers I had - with a booster for the extra thickness - and a dress with fluffy sleeves and a round collar. I tried telling her I could be a grown up, but her casual remark on the state of my diaper that morning put the argument to rest. My bedwetting was a new development. Mommy spoon-fed me breakfast and gave me a baby bottle of chocolate milk. I didn’t even complain because she never gave me chocolate milk in the mornings. Then she pushed my paci in my mouth and sat me in front of the morning cartoons while she did the dishes. After an episode or two, Mommy came back with a plan for the day: “I wanna hypnotize you.” We had done it before, and I loved playing along. It was always a lot of fun, and the thought of her controlling me was… well, I wasn’t about to say no. Unfortunately, by the end of it, I didn’t remember any particular triggers. She was just talking a lot about how much I love her, or about how much I wanted to make her happy. Then it was over. As the day went on, her teasing escalated. She took me out to lunch in my frilly party dress, where she made me say ‘pretty please’ to the waitress when ordering my food. Then we went to the grocery store, where she checked my diaper in an empty aisle with a firm press to the front of my dress. When we got back to the car, she laid me down in the back seat and changed me into a dry diaper. I knew her car windows were tinted, but it didn’t make me any less embarrassed. When we got home, everything started to settle down. We talked about ordering pizza for dinner and she put a grown up show on the TV. Every so often her hand would slide up my thigh to the front of my diaper, but the mood had changed. We were equals, or close to it. I started up a few conversations to test the waters. Every so often she would lightly tease me, like how cute I am or how well behaved I had been today, but that was normal. Even when she was just my girlfriend, she was always a little bit my mommy. Just a little bit. Another ache rumbled through my tummy and I stole another glance at Mommy. It was now or never. I took my feet off her lap and got up on my feet, crinkling with every small movement. I raised my hands above my head to stretch, flashing the seat of my diaper just a bit. She didn’t react. “I’ll be right back,” I muttered, stepping away from the sofa. “Where ya goin’?” Mommy asked without looking away from the TV. I froze in place and bit my lip. Moment of truth… “I, um… I’m gonna use the bathroom…” The second it took her to reply felt like an hour. But unexpectedly, Mommy said: “Okay. You go be an adult.” For a moment, I stood dumbfounded. I thought for sure I would have to argue with her. I would have to beg or offer something embarrassing in return. Curtsies were a recent go-to of hers, or asking in baby talk. I must have been standing there a while, because then she said: “What are you waiting for? You’re an adult, aren’t you?” “I… um…” I should have turned on my heel and hurried off to the bathroom, but I was thinking about something else. About her. About how kind she was for letting me use the bathroom at all! She didn’t have to do that. I just wished I could show her how much I appreciated her… “Go on,” she encouraged, waving her hand to shoo me away. I almost left, but then she added: “You know how to use the potty, right? All adults do.” A thought came into my mind. I knew how I could make her feel appreciated. I knew how to please her. So I took an unsteady step back toward the couch and slid down to my knees, looking up at her with bright, loving eyes. She tilted her head curiously. “Something wrong?” she asked. “Is being an adult too hard?” A tight cramp in my stomach was replaced shortly thereafter with butterflies. I reached forward with both my hands until they were hooked in the waistband of Mommy’s leggings. She lifted her butt almost instinctively, like I did when she changed my diapers, and slid her pants and panties down to her knees. Then her ankles. Adult. That word echoed in my mind. Mommy spread her knees apart and I leaned in to kiss between her thighs. Instantly, I could hear her breathing change. I could feel her hips moving ever so slightly against my face. Time slipped away from me as my tongue slipped in and out of her. Then another queasy ache filled my belly and I let out a muffled whimper. I really needed to use the potty, and Mommy seemed to read my mind. “Don’t you still have to go to the bathroom?” she asked. I nodded and pulled away, sitting upright on my heels. I looked up at Mommy with a glossy expression. I was just about to stand up when she added: “Like an adult?” I couldn’t leave her like that. I just couldn’t! I loved her so much, and I wanted her to know it. I wanted her to know how sexy she was, how important she was to me, and how much I appreciated her. I wanted to make her happy. I wanted to bring her as much pleasure as she brought me. “Gosh…” Mommy moaned, my tongue between her legs. “If you can’t prioritize getting to the potty… then maybe you aren’t an adult.” I whimpered. I was an adult! I could be! But… but… “An adult would get up and use the potty,” Mommy added, quivering as she spoke. She was breathing heavily and I felt another cramp twist my stomach into knots. An adult would get up and use the potty… “Last chance,” she warned, playing with my hair as I continued to flitter my tongue between her thighs. “If you want to be an adult, go use the bathroom.” But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Being an adult, using the potty, none of that was as important as pleasing my Mommy. I wanted her to be rewarded for everything she did for me. I wanted to make her so happy. “Then you made your choice,” Mommy moaned, tugging my hair and pushing me deeper between her legs. “You aren’t an adult anymore. You’re my obedient little baby, and grown-up things are off limits to you now. No more potty. No more decisions. Your only purpose is to make Mommy happy. And if you do a very good job, Mommy will train you to love your diapers as much as you love your Mommy.” I was crouched on my hands and knees, squatting back so that my diapered butt was only barely touching the heels of my feet. Another ache churned in my stomach, but I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about Mommy’s moans and gasps. I was so focused on making her happy that I didn’t notice until it was too late. As Mommy’s hips spasmed and waves of pleasure flooded through her body, I began to fill the seat of my diaper. She continued to writhe and moan as I continued to mess myself, until we were both comfortable and exhausted. “Such a good baby,” Mommy whispered lazily, reaching down and pulling me up into her arms. I curled up on top of her, against her breasts, and she passively patted the seat of my diaper. Each squish made me shiver with embarrassment, but I knew it was something I would have to get used to. After all, I would never be able to use the potty again. Then Mommy started a very familiar sentence: “Let’s…” ‘Get you changed’ were the words that always followed that tone. But my hopes were dashed when she finished her thought: “Let’s get you started on that training. We have a long way to go if you’re going to love your diapers as much as you love me.” I blushed, but she was right. I would need a lot of training to love anything as much as I loved her. [End]
  17. New Position So my second story! I tried to put a little more background in. So sorry if it’s a little boring Michael and Suzan met in their second year of college, Sue Majored in Marketing and Mike in art. They found each other in a graphic design class. Either of them really had much interest in graphic design. Sue had thought it would be a fun and easy class and Mike’s advisor suggested the class for him as more art industry moved towards graphic design. Mike was very uninterested in graphic design as he was a talented artist. “There is no talent involved with moving things around on a computer screen.” To be honest Mike did have a good bit of talent and had a wide variety of mediums. Sue was cautious and calculated she planned and focused on goals and achievements. Mike was fun and spontaneous he enjoyed the journey even though he wasn’t sure where it was going. Soon they thought of each other as perfect opposites and a cute couple. They truly fell in love with each other and enjoyed all their personality differences. As graduation snuck right up on the couple they were faced with a decision. Mike’s hometown was a several hour drive from Sue’s. Neither one of them wanted a long distance relationship. Sue’s parents unfortunately died suddenly in her freshman year of college and though they were not rich by any stretch the estate which was left to their only daughter Sue was sufficient for most of her college dept. and included her childhood home. Which she didn’t have the heart to sell. Mike’s parents On the other hand upon his departure for college Decided to turn his bedroom into a personal office space leaving him feel unwelcome. Not that they were bad people just not the loving type, and felt as their job as parents was complete upon his high school graduation. Mike and his parents were not close. So the decision seemed easy. Mike and Sue were looking forward to moving into Sue’s shabby, small and rather unkept childhood home. Then something unexpected happened. Even though the couples sex life wasn’t ever described as electrifying. Or even good and honestly not even fair. Sue became expecting. Mike was romantic and charming at times and Sue would say he was attractive but Mike was not blessed with even a average sized package. To make matters worse being described as premature in climax would be an understatement. Forplay was not a option. They tried different approaches however the only approach that semi satisfied Sue’s marginal sex drive was the “sneak up approach.” Literally she would have to wait until he was distracted enough for her to jump him. And hope he would last long enough to feel satisfied. Usually this did not allow much time for protection. However they were still very surprised finding out Sue was pregnant. This was a very busy time and sharing the uncertainty of it all taught each a lot about each other. Sue became more focused and directive. Mike did propose to her only after encouragement from Sue. She directed as Mike accomplished to the best of his ability preparing and moving to their new home. Sue found a entry level marketing job, even though her condition. Mike put together his portfolio and began looking for galleries Etc. Sue and her long time friend Tracy planned a low budget wedding at the local fire hall. Things were moving fast. The wedding went wonderfully even as it was a bit rushed. Sue was beautiful, Tracy had helped Considerably. Tracy was her maid of honor, Mike did have a few friends scattered about but due to the location and quick plan it was easier for Tracy to ask her husband Jason to be there for Mike as the best man, and Tracy’s oldest son of 3 was the ring barrier. Mike’s parents came and everything. The couple felt more confident then ever that things were going to work out, and even became excited about the idea of parenthood. Then something unexpected happened. 3 months into her pregnancy Friday afternoon Sue had a miscarriage. Mike and Sue were sad. They cried together and spent the weekend feeling bad they continued to say to themselves this was for the best, and “things go the way they’re supposed to.” But it was sad. They both promised they would try again as soon as they were more prepared. Months to years Sue dove into her work. She liked her job and was good at it. She went on to college at night and got her MBA. Mike put together the basement as a art studio and put all his art together and got a trailer for his Honda Civic. He went to every art festival he could and tried and tried as much as possible to get his work in any gallery. However “he just needed a break” or at least that’s what he kept telling himself. The occasional painting or pottery sold causing his confidence to rise however the cost for his stand and travel was well over his sales. Then one of the biggest art festivals of the year he drove to set up all his pop-up tents, pictures, paintings and sculptures. Unfortunately out of nowhere a large thunderstorm broke through the city with high winds and flying debris, his stand was destroyed. The next day he went to try and salvage anything. As tears pushed from his eyes as he found nothing worth saving. Even his small inclosed trailer was over turned and crushed. Sue tried to console him but he couldn’t hear it. To add insult to injury the city charged him a fine for leaving his destroyed art. Truthfully Sue kinda felt relieved. She was tired of him goofing off with the stupid art festivals and felt he needed to be more productive. She encouraged him to find a job and move on. After several weeks of trying to find momentum on starting a new portfolio Mike found model car building was a great way to pass time. He carefully built model cars, boats, and planes, Meticulously painting and glueing them together. Soon he had a wide variety of models displayed around his art studio in the basement. Sue lost her patience. Tracy Tracy and Sue had been best friends since middle school, growing up only a couple blocks away. Tracy took a very different path after high school, instead of going to college she and her high school boyfriend Jason were married and soon had their first of two sons. Jason worked construction and was a pretty good dude all and all. He probably got a little too drunk a little too often for most people and sure liked to talk about his high school football days but Tracy found him fun and didn’t mind finding a ride home from the bar at 2 am either. So Tracy worked for her father in the family custom furniture business. The business did ok and Tracy’s father could sell melting red popsicles to women in white gloves. So Tracy had a easy full time job. Overall though Tracy was a cool chick and a easy person to get along with. Sue hadn’t seen the basement in a while and one day when she came home from work she went looking for Mike and found him in the basement finishing his latest model airplane. Sue tried hard to seem amused with Mike’s model collection as Mike described each model in some detail at one point Sue tried to pick up one of his models from the super car collection neatly arranged around a table against the wall. Mike quickly pointed out these were not toys and could not be touched. Sue was stumbling for words. She knew Mike had been through a lot in the last year and was kinda glad Mike had a hobby but really “don’t touch my toy cars” is all she could think. So Sue had to discuss this with someone and hopefully come to a solution soon. Tracy answered the phone on the second ring happy to hear from her longtime friend. Sue explained the recent situation with Tracy and went on to tell Tracy about her recent promotion which is why she went looking for Mike in the first place. Tracy being the good friend she had a solution saying “I can get him a job in our warehouse” thinking this would get Mike moving some” let me talk to my dad” Sue thought he might not like it but it sure beats him goofing around the house all day and said “sure I don’t know how Mike will like it but I have to do something” Tracy then said “let’s hit the bar tonight to celebrate your promotion and we can discuss it further” Sue agreed figuring a night out would be nice. The next week Mike met Tracy’s dad Jim. Jim wanting to appease his daughter sold the job to Mike even going as far to add “we could even add some your art to some of our custom dining tables or coffee tables. You’ll be a great addition to our team” Jim wasn’t really lying either. Mike started at the warehouse filling orders and loading trucks but when possible Jim would have Mike add miscellaneous doodles or designs to furniture. Mike was pretty happy to add. Jim was certainly a great influence on Mike, somehow Jim had a gift with making people feel special and people just would go out of the way for Jim’s approval. Several years later. Jim and his wife retired and moved to Florida. This left Tracy to run the business and honestly it was a good thing. Custom furniture became harder to sell. People just wanted cheap crap made in China. Though Tracy didn’t have the great ability her father had she did know how to buy things off the internet. Soon most of the companies furniture was shipped straight from China or whichever third world country. And honestly more profitable then ever. Tracy restructuring the company soon losing manufacturing all together. A problem with this Mike became less and less interested. Having less to little to do and a extremely easy job he still managed to fuck up regularly. Mike didn’t dislike Tracy but she certainly didn’t get his respect as her father did. Back at home Sue and Mike fell into a pattern. Most days went something like this. Mike was supposed to be at work at 7 (which lately has been closer to 😎 he would would slowly work through a few jobs needed shipped from the warehouse and goof off or float around until 3 (which was getting closer to 2pm lately.) He would come home and take a 1/2 hour nap then discuss with Sue dinner plans. After dinner occasionally watch a little tv or work on his latest model. Sometimes go bowling or to the bar but really nothing exciting. Sue didn’t leave for work till 8 after waking Mike up and getting him moving she organized her day and at this point she was in charge of her department so she embraced the lifestyle you know the type ( high heels, business suits, cell phone in her hand at all times, complete with a trendy SUV and scheduled spa days) She made great money and she enjoyed her position but she usually didn’t get home until 5 or 6 and still then had work on her mind. She would usually exercise in the evening and maybe watch a little tv with Mike. However the thoughts of children never really left her mind and she felt older and time was running out. Sue felt ready for having kids but as prepared as she was She just couldn’t see Mike as any where near ready. Soon Sue decided “ready or not here I come” and would sneak up on Mike regularly hoping to accomplish her goal. Mike didn’t seem to mind even though he was nervous about the idea of kids he figured “it goes the way it supposed to” One thing that did change about the couples sex life was post orgasm Mike became quite snuggly often laying his head on Sue’s chest and playfully sucking on her breast, Sue actually really liked this especially since she rarely accomplished climax. Well then it happened. A excited Sue finally became pregnant again. Everyone was excited, mostly Tracy, Sue’s coworkers (somewhat because they needed a break from her) and all of her friends. Except Mike Mike was nervous he felt like his comfortable life was going to change. He wasn’t wrong. Baby on it’s way Weeks flew by for the couple. Sue have once again took the director position while Mike did his best to accommodate. The spare bedroom (aka nursery) was needing new paint and furniture. The carpets needed cleaned. Amy took great pride in arranging a shower. Mike was busy. Sue however could tell as the weeks went by Mike was mentally not prepared. His interest and enthusiasm became lower and lower as Sue’s belly grew. He looked scared. Unfortunately for Sue just weeks before her baby shower tragedy stuck again. Sparing the details their baby was born stillborn. There was nothing that could be done. Sue was crushed. The couple went home from the hospital feeling empty and confused. Mike did all he could to help Sue often holding and hugging her. He truly felt so bad for his wife and wanted her to be happy more then anything. However Sue could see the relief in his eyes. Sue took a couple weeks off work still feeling lost and uncertain about really anything. She mostly stayed in bed. Mike continued to go to work (for the most part) even though he showed up later and later and heading home earlier and earlier. With the lack of interest and no level of concern for his boss, Tracy. His work really suffered he barely did anything and when he did it was usually wrong. Tracy tried to confront him about it but Mike just said “ya ya I’m sorry I’ll do better “ but nothing changed. He would go home and snuggle in with his depressed wife hoping to comfort her. A few times even finding her breast in his mouth and cumming almost Simultaneously. He obviously liked her breasts and oddly enough this did seem to make Sue feel a little better. Finally pushing forward After 2 weeks of Seclusion Sue decided to go to lunch with Tracy. Tracy had tried several times to get her out of the house with no success so she was excited to finally get her moving. They sat at a popular diner in town and tried to come up with positive topics. After a couple failed conversations. The topic of Mike came up. The women definitely had this in common. Mike was insufficient for both of them. The conversation went something like this. Sue “I could tell he was relieved I could see it in his eyes” Tracy “that’s awful!doesn’t he want to be a father?” Sue “father?” “He was scared out of his mind” Tracy “we’ll He hasn’t done anything worth shit at work in I don’t know how long” Sue “I know he’s always late but I figured he was at least doing his job” Tracy “ya nope if he does anything it’s usually wrong” Sue “why can’t he grow up?” Tracy “He’s not a bad guy just pretty useless” Sue “ I know “ … “ I shouldn’t say anything but you should see him in bed” Tracy “what?”… “you can’t just leave me hanging” Sue “we’ll let’s just say IT is not impressive and I barely get IT in there before it’s over, and on top of all that, the best thing about it is lately he has more interest in just sucking my tits” Tracy “OMG… such a baby“ “I had no idea” Then Tracy said something that really caught Sue’s attention Sue “I have a idea that might help. I never told anyone this but when I quit smoking I used a hypnotist. And let me tell you it really worked only after a few sessions I couldn’t even remember ever smoking in my life to this day I still barely remember let alone have any cravings for cigarettes” Sue “Wow that’s really interesting” Tracy “Maybe he could help Mike get his stuff together, and maybe last a little longer” Sue just smiled as her brain started planning. Sue “send me his contact I’ll think it over” The rest of the lunch went much better. Part 2 Hypnotist As promised Tracy sent over the hypnotist contact. His name was Tim and as it turns out he graduated high school with the girls however neither girl really remembered him. After looking through a old yearbook they found his picture and vaguely recognized the small and scrawny, nerdy looking guy. Also Tracy added he only does this on emails. You need to send him a email describing what your looking for and he’ll get back to you. Sue thought about this situation and became nervous about the prospect of putting this all out there and hopefully he wouldn’t have any moral conflicts. So she decided it would be easier and overall less incriminating evidence if she could feel him out some. So she sent him a brief email just stating she needed help with her marriage and it also would involve her husband needing some help. His response was pretty quick and simply said: You’ll have to explain in much more detail if you want a answer on weather or not I’m interested in the job, but your confidentially is my utmost importance and anything you share with me stays with me Thanks Tim This made Sue feel sufficiently better and with a great deal of excitement explained her situation and her desired effect in great detail. Oddly enough only 10 minutes after pushing send. Sue got a response from Tim. Tim explained that not all hypnosis is successful and yata, yata, yata. Some people respond better yata, yata, yata, Then after all this he continued “I believe I can make a big impact on this situation also I will have to put a recording together for you as well. I also want to warn you not all effects will be reversible. I want you to keep in mind that I trigger and change things in peoples minds and your mind controls all aspects of your body so be warned. I also find it is very difficult to change things people truly do not want changed. He went on to explain he isn’t responsible yata, yata, yata. So she quickly agreed. And he responded back with a short survey and asked her to fill out one for both of them. She quickly answered the questions and sent it back. And once again a few minutes later he replied “give me a couple days to put things together” and sent her a invoice which she quickly paid. She was very excited about her decision and hopefully so would Tracy it was imperative Tracy was on board. So she called Tracy straight away. And asked her to meet at the bar later this evening for a very important conversation. Tracy agreed and was extremely curious to what was up Sue’s sleeve. Sue and Tracy sat in the back corner booth across from one another and ordered strong drinks. Sue was shaking with excitement or nerves or both and looking across at her friend thinking how she was going to sell this plan or even should she. Sue had to get the first drink down before she could start. Sue “I think I have a plan to fix both of our problems” Tracy “ok well you’re making me nervous” Sue “so instead of helping Mike become a better man”… “maybe we should help him become a better baby” Tracy “are you out of your Fing mind?” She said with a smile Sue “ya probably but” So Sue layed out her entire plan to Tracy and explained she was uncertain how effective it would be so we will have to make up some things as we go. But the first step was offering Mike a new position at work. After several drinks both the girls were giggling with excitement. The girls caught a Uber home. Sue found Mike downstairs in the basement. She was a bit tipsy so she got pretty touchy feeling. Mike was a little distracted and asked Sue in a pouty voice where she was? and why she didn’t answer her phone? and what about dinner? And were you drinking? But without answering any questions she started rubbing her man’s parts. And started a little baby talk. “I’m sorry Mikey for leaving you alone for sooo long“ … “was my Mikey hungry” but before she got any further she watched her husband cum right in his pants shaking and moaning she added “oh did my little Mikey make messes in his panties” rubbing his member through his jeans almost sending him to the floor squirming in front of her. She then just said “I have to go to bed sorry Mike you’ll have to take care of yourself tonight” and stumbled up the steps thinking to herself I think he’s going to like the new twist in our relationship. The next couple days went by Sue seemed to be in a better mood and Mike was happy she got over the “baby” thing and things were going to get back to normal. Then Friday at work Mike once again showed up late and soon he was called up to Tracy’s office. Mike had thought he was going to get reprimanded for being late or doing something wrong, bla, bla, bla, but upon entering her office he was surprised Tracy looked pleasant. Mike started “good morning Trace sorry I’m late” Tracy”no worries I got something to talk about” Mike “what’s up” Tracy “well I feel like I’m not using your potential properly so I have decided to make a new position for you. You’ll be in charge of my marketing art department” Mike smiling asked “what does this entail?” Tracy”well it might be some graphic design or pictures and designs for a catalog”… “ we can discuss more later but do you think you’d be interested “ Mike”yes very thanks so much “ Tracy “I am going to interview a few people in the next couple weeks to replace your current role so you can keep doing what you’re doing until we get someone trained” … “we will probably be moving you into my old personal nursery for your office” Mike “sounds great” … “ thanks again “ Tracy really liked that detail. She had her father build a small nursery for her kids when they were small. So she could bring them to work. It hasn’t been used for a while but it will be perfect. Mike had quite a hop in his step the entire day. He still couldn’t pay attention enough to make sure the 3 orders he sent out were correct and he still slipped out around 2pm but he was happy. Thinking to himself “I showed up late so I better get outa here early and hey it’s Friday!!” Downloading the files Sue’s Friday afternoon Tim as promised emailed two files one labeled Tracy and one Mike There was a brief instruction This is a subliminal message. Please each of you listen to these recordings as much as possible and I will be in touch in a couple weeks to see how things are going. Sue didn’t hesitate she had decided to go to work today to get things caught up. So she had to get home before Mike’s afternoon nap. Mike and Sue pulled in the driveway about the same time and Mike was still outside as Sue got out of her SUV. Sue “Hi hun your home early” Mike “ya I got some good news today” Sue already knew the good news but tried to look surprised. Sue”really what’s up” Mike “Tracy is going to make a new position for me and I will be heading up the advertising art department” Sue”Wow that’s awesome you’ll be so good at that” Mike “hopefully this is a break I needed” Sue”do you want to go out for dinner maybe celebrate a little?” Mike “maybe after a little nap” Sue thought you’d think he’d be more excited and maybe show some initiative. Try to get some plans together or put some work in for this. But nope came home early hoping for a nap. Sue” I got something for you as well” Mike “what’s up” Sue “well a couple days ago I got a recording from a hypnotist it’s really helped me with our depressing situation (still not really wanting to talk about losing her child) so I asked him if he would make you something to help with your premature problem” Mike blushed and wanted to get through this conversation as quickly as possible. Mike” I don’t know…Do you think it will help?” Sue”We’ll my attitude has improved since starting to listen to his recording and I figure what’s it go to hurt” Mike “sure whatever “ Sue correctly thinking he is trying to avoid this pushes more Sue”let me see your phone and I’ll download the file I also got you some earbuds to make things easy” Mike hesitated a little but finally prying his phone from his pocket and unlocked the Home Screen, as he headed in the house towards the bedroom for his daily quick nap. Sue airdropped and whirling through his phone quickly put the file in a place where it was easy to access and followed him up to the bedroom. Soon Mike and Sue were snuggled into bed together for a nice afternoon nap. Complete with earbuds in each of their ears listening to the soft melody for the first time Mike snuggled his head on Sue’s breasts as they quickly dozed off together. Part 3 Progression or more like Regression Sue awoke first confused on where she was and what time it was. She couldn’t quite reach her cell phone but her alarm clock said 6:23 and it took a couple seconds for her to realize it was almost 6:30 in the evening they had slept almost 4 hours! Mike was still softly snoring against her breast. A small circle of drool discolored her blouse. She slowly hugged her husband’s head against her feeling his warmth and hearing his heartbeat. She softly whispered “I love you” as she pushed her lips against his forehead. She truly did love him. She continued to lay still softly combing her fingers through his hair. She couldn’t help thinking back to the first time she was pregnant, how exciting, scary and young she felt and how disappointed she truly was after her miscarriage. Then back to just a few months earlier her confidence and how prepared she felt. Feeling the baby growing in her belly. Sue started softly crying with her lips still pushed against Mike’s forehead. She thought back to the feeling of emptiness she felt after losing her baby as tears rolling down her face. Then she squeezed her husband focused on his heartbeat and repeated “I love you”…”I love you so much” right then deciding to never get pregnant again, and loving and taking care of Mike was going to be more than enough. She would make him happy and feel loved forever. She slowly regained composure and gently awoke Mike. He too was confused upon waking up. Mike “what time is it” Sue “6:30 we slept for 4 hours” Mike “well I feel great so if nothing else your recording sure causes great sleep” Sue”ya me too” Sue started slowly rubbing his body and Mike returned the favor and soon they were kissing. Sue lifted her blouse and unhooked her bra. Mike’s attraction to her breasts was immediate. He slowly kissed and fondled her large breasts. Sue noticed he hadn’t climaxed yet and it’s been a few minutes of fooling around. She caressed his hard penis through his boxer briefs as he continued to kiss her breasts. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it all felt. And the need to feel his lips on her nipples as she held her breast for him. He bucked his hips against her hand a few times and came as hard as he could ever remember in his underwear. Sue felt content as well saying” I think he lasted longer already” pointing to the wet spot in on his underwear Mike “moaned in agreement” Mike “I am sorry I didn’t get it in there for you” Sue “that’s alright I don’t think she’s ready yet anyhow” Mike and Sue decided to stay in instead of going out watching tv and making some leftovers for dinner. Before going to bed early they both pushed in their earbuds and started the recording again. Once again falling into a deep sleep quickly. Sue once again woke up first looking at the clock seeing it was almost 9am thought “definitely getting enough sleep” Mike was still softly snoring against her arm she watched him for a minute and as he occasionally sucked on his bottom lip. Sue couldn’t help but think how she wished it was her nipple he was sucking on and slowly opening her night gown exposed her breast and slowly carefully wiggled underneath him to be able to push her nipple against his lips. A few seconds later she felt him suckle against her then a few more seconds before she felt him pull her nipple deep into his mouth slowly starting a rhythm as he nursed for the first time. She couldn’t help but cradle his head and pull him into her. The feeling was amazing for her. Not exactly sexual but as intimate as she could fathom. She felt his heartbeat throughout her and his slow breathing through his nose against her breast. Carefully she used her free arm and was able to reach both cell phones to start the recording again. And soon drifting back to sleep as Mike nursed. Mike finally woke up first he was surprised to find his wife’s nipple nestled against the roof of his mouth as he slowly nursed subconsciously. His first reaction was to pull away but somehow he couldn’t. He could hear slow breathing from his sleeping wife and felt himself melt into her. Her breast was perfect, it felt as it belonged there, in every way he closed his eyes feeling her heart beat inside his whole body. There was nothing that could be more euphoric. He wanted to stay here forever. Then the thought of her waking to find him in this position. She would look at him in such disgust. She would think he’s sick or perverted. He had to pull away. Finally after a few more suckles he slowly released her breast and subconsciously sucked on his bottom lip a few times. Looking up at the clock and pulling the now silent earbuds from his ears he thought “wow 11 o’clock” He gently covered his wife’s still shiny breast and lightly shook her awake. They were awkward with each other for a minute not knowing what each of them thought or how much they knew. But finally Sue said “well we definitely have had enough sleep” I’m going to hop in the shower” Mike only nodded Sue shut the door and turned on the shower. Stood in front of the mirror as she disrobed. Sue was always on the thinner side but not skinny with a flat belly and below average breast she did always have a bit of a curvie bottom but not huge. She was about 5’9” and with heels easily 6’. Blue eyes with blonde hair. She never dressed sexy so she would guess most guys would rate her a 6 or 8 at the highest. As she looked at her naked body in the mirror she wasn’t thrilled. Her hips still a little wider from her pregnancy her belly still bloated looking with a couple stretch marks. Her boobs had filled in during pregnancy but not to the point of lactation but probably pretty close. A few weeks ago she would say they looked good but now they both hung lower then she would prefer. However the one Mike had given so much attention to seemed rounder, larger, and overall healthier looking. She looked closely at her nipple and compared it to the other one. Her nipple was larger with large bumps surrounding it. It felt good. Thinking of the next step. While taking a quick shower. Soon they were both having coffee thinking of things to do today. It turned out to be a pretty normal Saturday, a little grocery shopping together and cutting some grass pulling some weeds. Etc. After dinner Mike went down to the basement in hopes to finish his latest model train. But a odd thing happened As he glued the last little details on his train. He got a sudden urge to look at his collection. The models were all neatly placed around the room on tables and shelves. He went over to his classic car collection and picked up a 65 convertible GTO and couldn’t help making a couple quiet engine noises. Before he knew it he was on his knees as pretending to race the 69 BOSS Mustang against the GTO, loudly making engine and break noises as they raced around the old couch, up and over the arm rests jumping and skidding around the place. He had a great time. Soon he got a hold of himself and gently put his cars away before going upstairs. Once again the couple went to bed early eager to start their recordings. Sunday morning came along and it was certainly less surprising but no less enjoyable when Mike woke up with Sue’s breast in his mouth. This time it was her right breast but that didn’t matter much to Mike he just gently closed his eyes again and enjoyed all of the sensation. He kinda lost focus for a bit but as Sue awoke and broke the seal around his mouth only to move him to her other breast definitely caught his attention. As she pleasantly sighed he nuzzled in forgetting all conflict. She lovingly cradled his head once again and he slowly wiggled until he found himself comfortably holding on to her spare breast nursing softly away. An hour later Finally prying him off her breast she said “come on baby we got to get up sometime today” Once again he felt awkward but Sue seemed pleasant so everything was good. Sunday went fine Mike spent a little more time playing with his cars in the afternoon and at dinner they had spaghetti which Mike accidentally got some on his face which Sue carefully wiped clean. Saying “my messy eater” But that was it. Everything was perfect. That night once again the couple eagerly went to bed and popped in their earbuds, but tonight Before falling asleep Sue sat up a little propping a pillow behind her she opened her night gown and gently pulled Mike to her breast only saying “come on sweetie have some boobie.” Mike couldn’t say a word as he couldn’t resist her breast and quickly finding a perfect rhythm as he nursed falling asleep. Monday morning Mike awoke to a annoying alarm clock now with Sue’s left breast nursing away mindlessly. But he had a extreme urge to pee he tried to wiggle around a bit to keep nursing but it was no use he had to go. So he hoped out and headed for the bathroom and soon found himself getting dressed after a long shower and shave. All in all he felt pretty good the recordings seemed to improve his mood, definitely his sleep and he felt younger and more energetic at very minimum. He stood in front of the mirror looking his body over while he brushed his teeth Mike wasn’t a bad looking guy he wasn’t fat (maybe his belly was a bit chubby) but some might say he was skinny, his arms were muscular looking with veins streaking around. He wasn’t tall but he liked to say 5’11” (which was a bit exaggerated) but all in all decent. Then he noticed something odd, his tattoo he got about 10 years ago looked faded not gone, but one might mistake it for a light rash or weird suntan. He shrugged thinking “must have been cheap ink.” Then he thought I haven’t “came” in a couple days and I have definitely seen a lot Sue. Maybe things are improving. Then he thought when was the last time having a erection? Saying to himself “I should pay attention maybe I just didn’t notice” He made a pot of coffee and drifted off to work. Sue typically not one to sleep-in just figured on relaxing a bit while Mike was in the shower once again found herself naked in front of the mirror she checked out her breast finding them much more even as Mike has been giving them equal attention. She also felt like they were bigger than ever. She cupped her hands under each breast lifting them some an thought they felt heavy and full. Looking at both of her nipples admired the size and firmness she gave them a little squeeze and felt a little soar and a little beard burn but all in all not bad. She squeezed a little harder and noticed a small bubble of white liquid emerge from her nipple. She was so excited she released and squeezed again and again a small stream of milk rolled down towards her stomach. “This is Awesome “ is all she thought. Mike got home first after a uneventful day at work and he grabbed his earbuds as he snuggled in for a quick nap. Sue wasn’t far behind and made her way upstairs while pondering if she preferred him already asleep or not. She came over to the bed finding him already sucking his bottom lip while his eyelids bounced seconds away from sleeping. She reached down rubbing his head saying “Mikey are you in for nappies” smiling kissing his forehead. With the melodies rolling through his mind he didn’t hear her and only made a moan. She loosened her blouse unbuttoned her new nursing bra and leaned against the headrest as she cradled his head against her breast. Soon Mikey was finding a rhythm while only seconds away from sleep. But then he tasted her milk roll down his tongue. He stopped before swallowing leaving her breast still in his mouth uncertain what to do. She pulled his earbud out and whispered in his ear “it’s ok baby “…”keep going it’s good for you” Mike couldn’t resist and began nursing again, at first slowly but then as he felt the bond between them take over he vigorously sucked and slurped at her breast at one point Sue said “don’t worry Mikey it’s not running away” which only slowed him slightly. She rotated breast as he emptied them much faster than she could fill them. Mikey finally drifted to sleep thinking this is the best thing ever. As the week went on Mikey breast fed more and more often and by the end of the next weekend he was up to 4 times a day Morning, night, afternoon and somewhere around 2 am. Each time listening to his favorite music. Sue loved her relationship with Mikey, she loved how her body looked and she really loved the relieving feeling she got from Mikey nursing at her breast. But most of all she loved the loving bond with her Mikey she felt complete. Other little things happened as well Mikey hadn’t even noticed his tattoo had completely disappeared, he hadn’t noticed that he hasn’t even had a “hard on” let alone a orgasm. He happily played with his models every day talking to them and making noises while pushing around the floor and by Sunday night he hadn’t even bothered to pick them up just leaving them scattered about. And he didn’t even notice he was sucking his thumb on his way to bed until Sue pointed it out “loos like Mikey is ready for some bedybie nummies” as she wiggled his thumb from his mouth. Late in the week at work he wondered around stumbled upon his new office he went in thinking oh this will need completely remodeled. There was blue and green pastel paint on the walls, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling a small changing table and a low table with small chairs scattered about a padded floor. But as he started poking around he found a old bottle of bubbles. He couldn’t resist, he opened the container and pulled the dipping stick out and lightly blew as bubbles spilled out of the loop. He couldn’t resist again and again blowing bubbles giggling as he wacked at them and stomped them out. He thought back to when he was a child blowing bubbles his mother scolding him saying “your just making a mess” then throwing the container away. Before long he was out of breath he sat on a small chair breathing in deeply then exhaling through his nose as his thumb found its way into his mouth. Tracy innocently caught this spectacle when she heard the giggles and stomping about. She snuck up (however she really didn’t need to Mikey was way to occupied.) he didn’t notice her. She thought to herself “right on schedule” as he continued to rest as he sucked his thumb. Part 4 One step forward and 2 steps backwards Tracy took out her cell phone and snapped a couple pictures of little Mikey sucking his thumb, before stepping into the nursery. Sliding her phone back in her pocket. She couldn’t help herself saying “Mikey are you ok?” Mikey turned slightly around to face the door (And Tracy) slightly startled as he slowly started shaking his head. His thumb still buried in his mouth. Then suddenly as if he just regained consciousness. He quickly pulled his thumb from his mouth and cleared his throat. Trying to find his baring he replied “uh I’m ok”…”just thinking” Tracy”are you sure sweetie you look a little lost” After pausing a couple seconds trying to form thought Mikey finally replied “ uh well, um ya hu”…” I was just thinking about what I’ll need in my office and trying to figure how I would like it layed out” Tracy “uh ok, what’s your thoughts” she couldn’t help but smile a little. Mikey “um… well” his thumb almost found it’s way back to his mouth but he was able to stop it at his chin “ya so” …”maybe a large desk there and maybe a computer”…”and it would be nice to have two monitors” Tracy”uh hu” Mike “maybe a easel over there”…” and a large counter height table here in the middle” he was starting to build confidence as he quickly thought about his new office layout Tracy “ya that sounds like it could work” Mike “We could probably leave the floor and the chalk board but the walls and ceiling’s could use cleaning up maybe a coat of paint?” Tracy walked over to the low child height table where the bubble container still sat with the dipping stick in the liquid but not screwed shut, pulled the stick out and lifted it to her face lightly blowing on the loop bubbles flowed out in front of Mikey’s face and said “Ya that all seems possible, I’ll be looking for new equipment the next couple weeks” the bubbles floating around Mikey’s face grabbing his attention. Mikey opened his mouth a little and the tip of his thumb subconsciously pushed by his chin and timidly pushed between his lips. Tracy “In the mean while you can stop by here and “think” as much as you like” She reinserted the stick in the bubble container screwing it shut and leaning down a little, handed it to Mikey saying “You can take these with you if you like” Mikey blushed as he pulled the tip of his thumb out from in between his lips, receiving the bottle. Tracy continued to hold one hand on her knee while tussling his hair for a second. Mikey smiled a little because the head rub felt nice Tracy stood up straight while saying “Ok sweetie why don’t you head home I know it’s a little early but I am sure Sue would love to see you” Mikey slowly stood up and Tracy followed him from the room. Mikey looked as his phone surprised to see it was 2:30 thinking “early? I should have left a halve hour ago” but he only said “Thanks Trace c-ya tomorrow” Tracy lightly tapped Mikey’s bottom and thought “ya I think you meant auntie” but instead said “yep c-ya tomorrow” Friday night the girls went back to the bar together. The girls haven’t talked much in a week, a text or two, but Sue kinda left Tracy in the dark about things. As they sat down Tracy noticed Sue’s cleavage pushing above her blouse saying”wow those babies look full” Sue” Well hello to you too” Tracy”oh sorry its just” she held out both of her hands towards her breasts Sue”ya they have had a fair share of attention lately”… “honestly it’s wonderful I mean wonderful, wonderful.” Sue went on to tell Tracy about the week including all she could. His toys and lactating and thumb sucking etc. Tracy enjoyed the spiel and texted her pictures of Mikey sitting at the play table sucking his thumb. They both smiled and oh and ahhed throughout the pleasant conversation. Sue finally said “I have been so happy with how things are going I don’t know how much farther to take it” Tracy frowning a bit replying “well I’d say not far enough he’s been let’s say even less useful lately”… “I mean I don’t think him walking aimlessly around sucking his thumb telling me how to remodel his new office is fixing my problem”… “ plus I can’t wait to see how cute he’ll look crawling around my nursery” smiling at the thought. Tracy “And oh I got some great news I have interview with a lady this next week her name is Tina she used to play some kind off professional women’s football I guess she was a offensive tackle or something but I am really looking forward to meeting her. She might work out perfectly.” Sue “well that should be interesting, do you want me to come too?” Tracy “ na I got it I’ll let you know how it goes” Sue”Ok well you’re right we definitely need to see things further” They chatted a bit longer split a appetizer and a drink or two before heading home. Saturday morning just over a full week past his first session. After his morning breakfast routine. Sue and Mikey sat together at the kitchen table enjoying coffee, Mike found himself deep in thought. Sue noticed as he quietly stared off said “Everything ok hun?” Mike “uh… well ya I guess”… “you know things have been a little weird lately” Sue”We’ll I guess but I have been feeling better” Mike “I am really happy you are feeling better and I don’t think things are bad but I definitely think it’s been weird”…”In fact there has been something’s I have really really loved”as he looked directly at her breast holding his coffee out towards them. Sue smiling widely with love in her eyes replied “Yes I enjoy our time together more than I could of imagined”… “it’s sooo intimate and I feel sooo connected with you”… “I just get lost in the feeling of love” Mike’s face blushing a bit as he couldn’t help but returning her smile. They shared the moment together as they both reached out with their hands above the table and their feet below holding and rubbing together. Mike finally continued “I have other weird things going on too”… “like I have been just dazing off and find myself just losing time”… “then occasionally sucking my thumb” blushing a little “and I am like playing with my models and I don’t know just like weird” Sue”Ya I kinda noticed but I think it’s super sweet and cute” Mike “ya I don’t know” Sue”Maybe it’s just stress or something?”.. “I mean you’ve been through a lot and now looking forward to getting into a new position at work” Mike “I kinda wonder if it has anything to do with the hypnotist thing”… “I am not sure what it’s doing.. I mean I know I have never slept better and I feel good but I don’t know if it’s working” as he pointed downward. “ I can’t even remember if I have had a woody in a week”… “but I like haven’t even thought about IT” motioning towards both of them “like before I couldn’t even see your boobies without cumming now I’m spending hours a day enjoying them without even noticing weather I got a hard-on?” Sue” maybe it’s just a process?” “ just give it a little more time and if I have to I’ll call the guy who made the recording and see if there’s any adjustments he can make” she smiled at him patting his hand. She continued “I still don’t think she’s ready for action yet anyway so just be a little more patient” Mike “Ok well I guess your right” It was a beautiful day outside so Mike said “Ok well I’m going to go outside and work on the yard a bit Sue replied “ok well I got work to get caught up on so I’ll be out in a bit” Mike walked outside and started thinking about some things he could get cleaned up. He started clearing weeds out from behind a large evergreen shrub and working his way between the house and the shrub he found a secluded spot where he felt completely surrounded by shrubbery. His mind soon drifted back to when he was young as he remembered the small hiding spot at his childhood home created by a similar situation. Mike continued to drift away thinking of the matchbox cars , plastic dirt bike and other toys he could play with in his small hidden spot. Remembering how he would stay in his spot for hours at a time quietly playing, he would feel safe and just happy to not be a bother. Soon Mikey was clearing space as he pushed all the dried old leaves aside leaving dirt and roots imagining pathways with berms and jumps. Crawling around on his hands and knees digging through the cool moist dirt wishing he still had his favorite matchbox cars he could vividly remember as if it was only minutes ago. Mikey found himself not just remembering but feeling his fears, happiness, and needs. Mikey rolled back through the years as he snuggled between the house and the shrub finding his muddy thumb in his mouth. Feeling the pain of neglect and hearing the disdain in tone of his mother’s voice as she scolded or corrected him as he quietly sobbed, feeling the heat in his face the tears on his cheeks. Then through the distance he heard his name at first far away then closer again and again. He could hear through his thoughts the love and concern in the tone of her voice. The concern turning to panic as she shouted his name repeatedly. All he could do all he wanted was her voice to feel relief. Finally with at first with a crackling muffled voice replied “mommy I’m here” Then removing his thumb repeated again and again “mommy I’m here” Sue pushed through the shrubbery finding Mikey covered with dirt, mud around his lips and nose reaching for her with muddy tears rolling down his face. She pulled him to her chest in relief saying “oh Mikey are you ok” tears pushing out of the corners of her eyes as she squeezed them shut. Part 5 Only backwards They embraced for several seconds. Mikey with his arms around her waist head buried in her bosom, as he repeated incoherently “here mommy” Sue’s arm’s wrapped around his head her lips pressed against his head. Eventually, she slowly released his head wiping her face with her hand held his face in front of her and asked “are you ok” Mikey nodded slowly while sniffing and sobbing softly. She continued to check his limbs for injuries as she slowing encouraged him from his hideout. Finally getting him to his feet and saying “don’t scare mommy like that again”… “you are quite a mess let’s go up and get you a tubby” She lead him into the house helping him with his sneakers, guiding him to the bathroom, she stopped him in front of the mirror and went to the bath to start the water waiting a couple seconds for it to warm before inserting the plug. During this time Mikey looked at himself in the mirror mud stained his face as he sucked his thumb again. He didn’t even mind how childish he looked as long as Sue was there with him. Sue returned quickly started to undressing him while directing him pleasantly saying “ok arms up sweetie” while removing his t-shirt and “lift your foot hun” as she slid his jeans down, he carefully held her shoulder as he lifted each foot up while she worked his feet out of his jeans along with each sock. Finally pulling down his undies and helping him step out towards the awaiting bath. Sue knelt down beside the tub as he snuggled in the warm water. He noticed her cleavage pushed out above her shirt and once again Mikey found his thumb in his mouth sucking vigorously while craving her breast. Sue noticed this and said “looks like mommy’s boy is getting hungry” as she started scrubbing his body with pleasantly scented liquid soap. He only nodded as he slurped against his thumb. Sue continued washing Mikey thinking how cute her little Mikey looked in the tub. She did noticed his tattoo was missing which really surprised her thinking back to what the hypnotist had written about the power of the mind. As she scrubbed she also noticed his body hair seemed thinner then before and though his penis was never big it seemed smaller than she remembered. Sue didn’t feel this was information she needed to share with Mikey so she pleasantly finished his bath pulling out the plug saying “up and outa the tubby baby” while standing herself holding her hands out to help Mikey. As she dried him noticing once again him sucking his thumb she thought “we need to come up with a better substitution for his thumb” Soon Sue had found him some new underwear and t-shirt and after dressing him they climbed into bed together, inserted their earbuds, unbuttoned her shirt and unsnapped her bra so she could feed her hungry baby. Mike had no feelings of conflicts or shame as he accepted and craved all of Sue’s attention. Soon he was happily nursing as her large nipple found it’s home in his mouth. Mike stayed awake long enough to empty her first breast but fell asleep 1/2 way thru the second. Sue let Mikey finish her second boob and then wiggled her body out from underneath Mikey while she continued to listen to her recording as she figured she had some online shopping to take care of. As the week rolled by Mikey found himself caring less and less about his childish behavior. The couple seemed to find a new routine as Sue took on more and more of her motherly role. Tubby time became a daily event, Sue rarely let Mikey wonder off very long as she felt naturally him as her responsibility. He craved her attention as well feeling better to keep her insight. A few new interest popped up as well, Tv time for Mike went from action movies or adult Comedy to cartoons or animated movies. Sue also regularly referred to herself as “mommy” Mike didn’t refer to her as mommy yet but he did enjoy hearing her call herself it. A few days after the first tubby time Sue received her eagerly awaited package. There were several large boxes at the front porch as Mike arrived home early from work. He completely ignored them thinking only about his afternoon favorite snack/nap time. Disappointed to find Sue not home yet. He soon found himself sitting in the living room watching his favorite yellow sponge, singing along to the introduction. Sue got home before the end of the first episode caring a box from the front porch Mikey barely noticed as he was engaged in his show while sucking his thumb. Sue hurried by with the first box and a few minutes later she came back down stairs, leaning over the couch she kissed his forehead, wiggled his thumb from his mouth replacing it with a large green pacifier saying “Hi sweetie mommy got you something to help you quit sucking your thumb” holding the pacifier in place until he started nursing from it” The pacifier fit nicely in his mouth and the guard felt comforting against his lips so he just thought to himself “hmmm.. this is new” and continued watching tv. Sue continue to say “ Mommies got a few things to get organized I’ll be back in a couple minutes” Mikey just mumbled through his new binky in agreement giving her a smile” Soon Sue had all the boxes stashed away in her new nursery. The rest of the week floated by. Mikey wondered around at work occasionally sucking his thumb (he didn’t want chance being seen sucking on his new binky) or stopping by the old nursery playing with the old toys. Then heading home to play with his toys or watching cartoons on Tv. He found himself more and more often kinda spaced out, it was almost a dream like state he would remember childhood activities or scenarios unlike the first times, he found himself rewriting Sue into these dreams as his mother and honestly he enjoyed the feelings of the new memories more and more. Friday morning Sue got a email from Tim asking how things were going? Sue quickly replied explaining all the changes and how great they were going. However she did include Mikey was concerned about his sex drive. Tim replied quickly saying “well it sounds like things are going as planned” Then asked “how do you feel about his sex drive” Sue tried to think about sex with Mikey and she just couldn’t, she hadn’t even thought about having sex with him in two weeks and now that the question was presented she couldn’t see him as her husband. She remembered he was, but somehow all she could think was Mikey is her little boy. Sue responding “I am not sure, I have never had a great need for sex and now that I have my baby I don’t know if sex is a concern of mine”… “However I guess it’s not fair for him to never cum again I do want him to be happy” Tim replied “ok I will figure something out. I’ll have a package delivered to your home this evening it will include instructions, also in a few hours I will have two new recordings plus a special video for Mike.” Follow the instructions.” Thanks Tim Minutes afterwards Tracy called Sue”Hi Trace what’s up” Tracy” we going out tonight?” Sue”I don’t think I feel bad leaving Mikey home alone and we have new recordings coming tonight” Tracy “we’ll I had that interview with Tina today”…”she’s perfect and she completely cool about helping us out” Sue “that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to meet her “ Tracy “I asked her to come to work Monday at 7 so hopefully everything keeps progressing as planned” Sue” I hope so too, I will keep you updated over this weekend“ Tracy “Thanks I am so excited” Sue”me too I’ll talk to you soon” Sue was anxiously waiting for her day at work to end. Finally she got home finding her small box on the front porch. She went in the house Mikey was in his normal spot in front of the TV. She leaned over the couch kissing his forehead as he nursed on his pacifier and mumbled along with a song on the tv. She rubbed the kiss in and said “give mommy a couple minutes” She went upstairs to her room and opened the box inside she found a very revealing lingerie and a note which said “as soon as practical put this attire on seduce Mike to the best of your ability encouraged sexual activity in any way possible. If Mike becomes interested in sex please email me with details. If not please start Mike recording 2 and also You can begin listening to Sue recording 2 Also within a week please have Mike watch the included video. You will find all recordings and video in email. These steps should complete the desired effects. Many of the changes will happen quickly and may be Very difficult to be reversed.” Thanks Tim
  18. The story is about 22 years old Husky named Maike and her 20 years old Bunny boyfriend named Yuyu. Maike developed a strong diaper fetish out of her bedwetting times as a teen and now freshly moved in together with her still pokemon-obsessed boyfriend Yuyu, who is accepting her liking in diapers but doesnt want to get involved in it. This story was my idea but was wrote by two other people. I took some inspiration from the sadly unfinished story "How daring". When the whole story is posted i will add there furaffinity accounts and patreon of the authors. Chapter 1 by PoodlePamps These are so cute! Maike, a red and white husky, thought. Clad in a cushy diaper of her own, she surfed through her notifications on an ABDL art website. Her favorite artists were uploading in rapid succession today. Cute anthro and feral characters in pamps. A lot of the art was wholesome. While others were… Maike exhaled. Some of it was just downright kinky. Art of intense bondage that emphasized helplessness but still showed how poofy and soft the diapers were. Men, women, or both getting dominated by others or by plushies. Or just simple diaper humping. One image, in particular, had her aroused. A short stack Cinderace laying on its back while a beefcake of an Arcanine plowing its butthole through the diaper’s tailhole. She dipped a few fingers into her diaper, playing with herself. In her head, she reimagined that the image was her and her boyfriend. The Arcanine turned into a rabbit slightly shorter than Maike. Meanwhile, the Cinderace turned into her. She moaned and panted as her boyfriend’s diaper humped her own. Maike’s tail wagged as she let out small breaths. My cute little diaper pet. Bet you love getting diapey humps, right? The imaginary version of her boyfriend teased. She nodded, her fingering bringing her closer to the edge. Her imaginary lover and herself, both fantasy and real-life versions, were nearing their climax. Sadly… “AH COME ON! THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT!” Maike heard from the living room. Her boyfriend’s outburst left an annoyed expression on her face. In the living room, she saw a grumpy white rabbit watching Pokemon. She hopped over to the couch and sat next to him. “What happened?” Maike asked. “Mega Metagross, a steel-type, was beaten by Pikachu’s Iron Tail, a steel-type move! And Pikachu can control its Z-Move?! Pure plot armor,” Yuyu, Maike’s boyfriend, complained. Right as he replayed the scene, he noticed his girlfriend’s current underwear. Eyebrow raised, he asked, “Diapers? Are you a little too old for that?” Maike smirked, making her way onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around him, wiggling her pamp rump against his crotch. “Maybe but-” Maike kissed her boyfriend’s forehead then finished, “Isn’t Pokemon for little kids?” “Hey!” “Besides,” she side-eyed the laptop, “how’s the job search going? Send any resumes or get any interviews lined up?" The Husky took a delightful chuckle from her boyfriend’s response. “Well, uh… you see… I was uh… about that…” Yuyu stammered on and on incoherently about his failed job search. Recently, thanks to a new job, Maike and Yuyu moved to a new city. The money from her new job dwarfed what they were making prior so Yuyu, naturally, quit his prior job. Sadly, the job search was… going poorly. Either he got a ‘you’re not what we’re looking for’, ‘we’ve found a better-suited candidate but will keep your information on file,’ or, the most disheartening, no reply at all. After a week, Yuyu had, more or less, quit job searching. He still sent an application or two a day to any low-skilled job, though that was just false hope. Fortunately, Maike’s new job paid more than enough to cover their cost of living expenses. Although, Yuyu wished that didn’t include… “How’s about a bet?” Maike proposed, cutting off Yuyu’s thought. “Huh?” “I’ve been thinking and… I want to wear diapers 24/7,” Maike admitted. Yuyu’s eyes widened, speechless as she added, “and I’d love it if my jobless bf joined me. So… if you can find a job before we both end up incontinence, I’ll give up diapers.” “And if you win?” “Then we’re both wearing 24/7!” Maike answered. Yuyu blinked. This… didn’t seem fair. “Wait so all I’m getting the privilege of not wearing diapers when I don’t wear them already. I gonna need a bit more than that,” That was a fair point. As it was, her deal was completely one-sided. She gave it some thought before remembering the various Pokemon plushies he’d had since childhood. Along with her boyfriend’s very adamant fanboyish behavior towards Pokemon. “How’s about a Pokemon-themed apartment? And I’ll even get the largest plush of your favorite Pokemon. Fair?” Maike offered a paw. Yuyu didn’t give it any thought. He simply shook her paw. Maike squealed, smothering her boyfriend with kisses. Oh, this is gonna be so much fun! She thought. But first… When she stopped kissing him, ground rules were laid down. “First, no toilet. I’m gonna buy a lock and some rope so neither of us can use it. Also to keep you from cheating,” Maike softly booped Yuyu’s nose, “I’m gonna get some locking rubber pants so you have to use them.” Yuyu had a pouty expression on his face. Logically, that rule made sense. It would prevent him from just going somewhere else to use the restroom. “Next?” “Second, you can’t change yourself. Only I can change your diapers.” Before Yuyu could interject with a potential problem, Maike continued, “But I will unlock your padding if I have to leave for more than an hour.” Yuyu puffed his cheeks but nodded. At least, he wouldn’t be in a messy or wet diaper for too long. “Any more?” Yuyu asked. Maike’s, already wide, grin got even wider. Her tailed started wagging even faster than before. “Two more. Third, every night while we sleep, I’m gonna play some hypno files that’ll make us slowly lose control.” Yuyu suppressed a grin. Despite what mass media may say through books, movies, tv shows, etc. hypnotism isn’t all too effective. Simply because you cannot hypnotize someone to do something that they don’t want to do. Which left the last rule. Albeit, in retrospect, was pretty oblivious. “If either of us gives up, the one who didn’t give up wins.” Perfect. Yuyu wouldn’t even need to do anything. After a few days, Maike would get sick of this and call it off. Easiest bet I’ve ever won. After the pair shook on it, Maike hurried out of the living room. She then returned with a bottle of baby powder, baby oil, and an opened pack of diapers. “Alright, drop those pants! Our bet begins now!” Maike ordered. Blushing, he slowly took off his pants and then Pokemon-themed underwear. He laid on the couch, eyes closed. It’d been years since he’d last had to wear a diaper. And here he was, trying to win a bet with his girlfriend by wearing diapers. Not exactly how he thought his day would go… “Such a cute widdle bunny!” Maike cooed in a babyish tone. Yuyu scrunched up his face. Wearing a diaper is bad enough but, the babyish prattle felt insulting. Sensing his discomfort, Maike pouted as she slid the diaper underneath him. Yuyu lowered his bottom onto the soft padding. Some combination of a blush and surprise appeared on his face. He’d seen pics of fictional characters in diapers. As well as skimmed through whatever diaper-themed stories Maike texted him. All of them described diapers as being overly soft and thick. Yuyu… felt disappointed. The diaper was certainly soft but it didn’t look too poofy. His disappointed face was met with a scrunched-up face and grunt from Maike. “One day we’ll have fetish-style diapers!” Maike declared with a paw raised to the sky. Yuyu got a little chuckle from this. Sometimes you’re such a dork, Maike, Yuyu thought. Maike, holding a bottle of baby oil, lathered her paws with it. She took her oily paws to his crotch, embedding his groin area. Every stroke of his cock caused it to erect up slightly. Yuyu lightly moaned beneath his breath. He could never understand how, no matter when, Maike’s paws always knew the right way to get him aroused. Not that he was complaining about it in the slightest. It didn’t take long for him to be sporting a full-on erection. The scent of his arousal was strong. Pre-cum shot out of his cock in small spurts. Maike didn’t stop, rubbing her oil and pre-cum soaked paws against his dick. She grinned, saying, “Seems like someone’s enjoying themselves?” Yuyu’s moaned and nodded. He clutched his feet, curling his toes. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge. In a hazy daze, he threw his head back and screamed… “I’M CUM-” he stopped midsentence. Right as he was about to reach an orgasm, Maike stopped. Looking towards her, he saw her now sprinkling baby powder onto his crotch area. The sweet scent of baby powder mixed with his arousal’s scent. He narrowed his eyes while she whistled innocently. That’s for ruining my fantasy, Maike thought maliciously. Though outwardly, she kept an innocent-looking face. Besides, it was much too early for that. But that little taste… would be useful down the line. She tapped the diaper firmly around his waist. Yuyu looked at her with a puzzled face. It was certainly soft. The scent of baby powder wrinkled his nose a little. Getting up, his legs were spread apart slightly. Walking wouldn’t be difficult but he’d have a nice strut. There was also a noticeable crinkle sound whenever he moved. It wasn’t loud but definitely, someone close by could hear it. Honestly, he didn’t see what Maike saw in this. Speaking of which, she looked positively giddy at the sight of her boyfriend in a diaper. “Oh my god, you look so cute! My adorable diaper bunny!” Maike gushed. Yuyu blushed rubbing the back of his head. His discarded pants are thrown onto his lap. Smiling, she ordered, “Come on, we’ve got to go shopping.” “Shopping?” Yuyu asked, confused. Maike sat on the couch, surfing the web on her boyfriend’s laptop. In a matter of minutes, she had a pair of baby blue rubber pants on screen. There was one more noticeable feature. Around the waistband was a rope with a locking accessory. “There’s a shop a couple of miles from here that sells this. So come on, let’s get going!” Maike ordered. He would’ve questioned how she knew to find it so quickly. Or even how she of a nearby place that sold them. Instead, he didn’t. Mostly for fear of the answer. “Damn it, it’s not gonna fit…” Yuyu realized as he struggled to pull his pants up. He could get his pants over the diaper. It was just he couldn’t button his pants or zip them up. Eventually, with help from Maike, he was able to button and zip up his pants. Although, if Yuyu had hoped to keep his diaper a secret, that would be impossible. His bulky padding was visible for all to see. He cringed, proposing, “Yeah… I’m gonna probably wear sweatpants.” After a quick wardrobe change, the pair set off to the store. To Yuyu’s good fortune, the halls of their apartment were clear. The same applied to their building parking garage. Although thanks to their crinkling diapers, he was completely spared any embarrassment. He had noted that Maike had changed her wardrobe too. Though mostly trading in her pants for a skirt that barely hid her diaper. Once they arrived, Yuyu was once again grateful for the near lack of cars. Hopefully, they'd be in and out quickly. For now, he couldn’t help but smile. Maike held his paw, practically skipping with every step, tail wagging. Honestly, Yuyu couldn’t remember a single time she was ever this excited. And… that worried the rabbit. She’s got something planned, he realized. With that thought in mind, he needed to strategize. Once inside, both took in the sight before them. The shop’s interior was roughly the size of a Walmart or Target. As well as a similar layout. Except… replace the things you’d find in a convenience store with fetish gear. Perhaps the closest thing to normal either saw was maternity clothes and medical diapers. Everything else in some way, shape, or form was catered to some kind of fetish. Maike squealed from the sight of it, “OMG, I’ve always wanted to come here!” “And we’re welcome to have you too,” an employee, a brown skunkette, said as she approached them. Besides her nametag reading ‘Fay’, the couple immediately noticed something. Like Maike, she was diapered too in a skirt that barely hid her diaper. Yuyu blinked a few times before asking, “Is it… appropriate for you to be wearing a diaper to work?” “My bosses don’t mind. And,” Fay then held her face in a bashful way. On her face was a lovey-dovey sort of smile, “my wonderful boyfriend adores me wearing them. And just for him I-” Fay stopped herself by lightly slapping her forehead, “Sorry I didn’t mean to be weird. How I can help you two?” “We’re looking for a pair of locking rubber pants or plastic pants,” Maike answered. At this moment, Yuyu smirked maliciously. “Make it two pairs!” Yuyu added. Maike’s heart skipped a beat at Yuyu’s requests. When her tail started wagging again, Yuyu gulped. Despite the smile on his face from Maike’s abrupt kiss, he felt himself sweat a bit. Had he made a mistake? “Well, it’s only fair. It’s no fun if I’m the only dominant one. Oh! We should pick out one for each other,” Maike suggested with a knowing smirk. Yuyu’s ears drooped. Nope, definitely made a mistake. “Well if you need any recommendations, I am more than willing to help,” Fay informed. Maike smiled from ear to ear, gesturing in the direction of the ABDL section. “Lead the way,” During their short walk, Maike gushed over everything she saw. Particularly a wall of wooden paddles. She quickly snatched a paddle off the rack. Or… she would’ve if Yuyu’s stern glare hadn’t made her reconsider. “Spoiled sport,” she grumbled under her breath. Her enthusiasm returned when she saw the ABDL section. All the standard ABDL diapers (Rearz, Tykables, Bambino, etc.), as well medical diapers (Depends, Megamax, etc.), plus some store brand ones. There were displays of playpens, cribs, and bassinets. All sorts of clothes ranging from simple monotone t-shirts and jeans to colorful onesies, overalls, skirtalls, etc. Bottles, juice, milk, and laxatives were in their own aisle. Fay chuckled and Yuyu gently lowered his head. They watched Maike ogled over everything in the area. “Oh, I want this!” Maike, stars in her eyes, pointed to a cute pair of flowery overalls. “But this is so cute!” Now she focused on a purple and red onesie. “I haven’t even heard of this brand!” She marveled over a diaper named ‘Monster Egg Diapers’ with the diapers patterned around dragon eggs. Fay glanced over to the embarrassed Rabbit. She noticed his annoyed expression and his diaper bulging pants. “You’re wearing one too right? I’m a bit surprised-” “Maike and I made a bet. I’m hoping to try and get her out of this diaper fetish,” Yuyu answered. The skunkette employee shrugged her shoulders. She’d heard odder and even outright lies from other patrons. Thinking of her boyfriend, Fay went into another lovey-dovey face. “Just like my boyfriend,” she mumbled, then said out loud, “Perhaps you should give it an honest try. It took some time but my boyfriend absolutely adores keeping me in diapers. He loves playing with his widdle skunky ‘Faye-Faye’.” Ignoring the fact she was with a customer, Fay gave her diaper a firm squeeze. She was wet in more ways than one. Remembering she was at work, Fay straightened her composure. Fay coughed into her paw and said, “All I’m saying is give it a try. Life is too short to not enjoy simple pleasures. And who knows,” she patted Yuyu on his diapered bum. His body stiffed, blushing from the sudden spank. "You may discover something about yourself along the way." Yuyu didn’t have long to process this. Maike returned with some yellow locking rubber pants, a few packs of diapers, and a music box. The music box stood out the most. “Uh…” “It’s a Hypno Music Box. Do I really need to explain what it does?” Fay asked, curious. Yuyu shook his head. Clearly, it would be how Maike would play those Hypno files she mentioned. With her items in tow, Fay led the pair over to a register to pay for their things. Once paid for, Maike and Yuyu were on their way. Although, the rabbit reflected on the last thing “You may discover something about yourself along the way.” Yuyu shook off the thought. It was highly unlikely that he’d go to enjoy diapers. All of this was gonna fail and Maike would give up this weird kink. But once he saw himself in the bathroom, he rethought his chances. Bouncy Bunny Baby is written in sparkly dark blue letters on the seat of his rubber pants. He tried to tug it off but the chain keeping it around his waist was stronger. “Didn’t they have any regular yellow ones?” Yuyu asked. Off to the side, Maike locked the toilet with a rope and some chains. A thick padlock would keep either of them from reaching the toilet. “They did but that looks way cuter,” Maike placed one hind paw on the toilet. She made sure to give Yuyu a full view of her diapered behind. In a cutesy and seductive voice, she said, “How do you feel about my rubber pants?” Written on her bottom was Husky Dumper in bright sparkling letters. No matter how many times it’d happen, she’d always chuckle from Yuyu’s blushing. He rubbed the back of his head, averting his eyes from her. “Well it looks…cute,” Yuyu answered. She wiggled her rump, brushing it against Yuyu’s crotch. His red face, which of course, was Maike’s goal all along. She swiftly turned around and kissed his nose. “Alright, now I’m gonna head off and mail the key to ourselves,” Maike announced. Yuyu raised an eyebrow. Why exactly would… “Just one last measure to keep one of us from cheating.” That grin Maike had all day slipped. It was gonna be difficult to find a shipping rate that would take some time for it to be delivered. Oh well, that was her problem. “Alright, I’ll be back. Gonna head to the post office a few towns over to mail this,” Maike informed. Yuyu nodded. It made sense. Doing this kept it out of their paws. As well as keep this bet to themselves as much as possible. There was also one other caveat to this. Yuyu would be left alone, only able to use his diaper. Maike had the key to his rubber pants and vice versa. When she left, Yuyu shrugged. Simply not using the toilet wouldn’t be hard. For now, he rested on the couch and loaded up his save file of Pokemon Sword. He picked up on his starter-only run with his Scorbunny, now Cinderace. He’d just beaten Milo and was on his way to the next city. Time went on, before he knew it he’d already claimed the third badge against Kabu. The fight was tough but with a Max Airstream and two Max Knuckle, it wasn’t too difficult. Yet, despite all the time that had passed, Maike hadn’t returned. Which wasn’t a good thing considering how much he needed to go. He rushed to the toilet, forgetting it was locked. As well as that the only key to it was in the process of being mailed to their apartment. Although, rather than fight it, Yuyu exhaled. It was going to happen eventually. So he relaxed, applying pressure on his bladder for him to pee. Certainly, a more difficult feat than he realized considering how ingrained potty training is. To help, he stood in front of the toilet with his eyes closed. HISS! A steady stream of pee flowed into his diaper. Yuyu tried to stop it but his body worked against him. His padding absorbed the urine, inflating with every second. Not too absurd fetish levels. Though his diaper did balloon. It swelled, sagging slightly, but didn’t show any signs of leaking. By the time it was done, Yuyu exhaled. He could feel the soggy padding brush against his crotch. The rabbit gently poked it a few times. Then, while groping it, couldn’t ignore how squishy it felt. He fought the urge to keep squishing it. His paws are forced away from his padding. For the moment, he went to his phone. Waiting for him was a text from Maike. I’m sorry. Had to go one state over to mail it. Should be back in an hour or so. Such a text would concern anyone in Yuyu’s situation. Fortunately, due to how close they were to the next state, it would be an hour's drive to and from. Regardless, Yuyu made a face. “Oh, she’s definitely spending the night in that diaper. I don’t care how much she whines,” Yuyu declared. Blushing once more, he sat on the couch. SQUISH! His soggy padding pressed against him. Yet, despite how full it felt, it didn’t leak. While grateful for that, he wasn’t grateful for the budding erection. “Oh god, do I like this stuff?” he wondered. NO! Yuyu shook his head in defiance. If he gave into it now, Maike would never let him live it down. So he grabbed his controller and returned to his game. It was the perfect distraction tool. Even if, once or twice, he gave his padding a firm squeeze. As promised, an hour later, Maike returned. She had a bag of Chinese food in one paw, and a large plush in the other paw. Specifically a Scorbunny plush. The Husky looked at her boyfriend sheepishly, “Sorry about the wait. But I got us your favorite from that Chinese place down the street. And I got you a plush of your favorite Pokemon.” Yuyu turned to her, an eyebrow raised. “Are you trying to buy my forgiveness?” “Is it working?” Yuyu said nothing. He simply took the Scorbunny plush and hugged it. All the while, maintaining a serious face. Maike giggled at how cute he looked. Though that serious face dropped when he realized she saw his swollen diaper. “Someone’s a soggy bun-bun!” Maike teased in a sing-song voice. “Wu-wu-well yeah! What else was I supposed to do when you have my key?!” Yuyu fumed. Maike leaned in and kissed his cheek again. Now that she was closer, he smelt more than just the Chinese. Looking down, he saw a sizable lump in her padding. Now it was his turn to smirk, “For being late, you’re not gonna get a change until tomorrow!” Her jaw dropped! To his surprise though, her tail wagged. Laying the food on the table, she threw her arms around him. “Thank you! I’ve always wanted to sleep in a used diaper!” Maike announced. Yuyu sighed. Of course, that would backfire. She briefly saw his closed laptop and asked, “How many applications have you sent out today?” Yuyu’s ears, if they hadn’t drooped already, drooped. He’d become so caught up in his game and wet diaper that he hadn’t sent out a single one. “Well, ya see…” Yuyu stammered, unable to come up with a reasonable fake number. Thanks to this display, Maike already knew the truth. “Thought so. Well come along and eat, Soggy Bunny-Bun,” Maike said in a sing-song voice. Yuyu grumbled something under his breath but complied nonetheless. After a dinner of shrimp fried rice, chicken and broccoli, and a few spring rolls, it was time for bed. Maike, still in her used padding, wagged her tail as she set up the Hypno Music Box. She inserted one of the discs she bought into the disk drive. Yuyu tilted his head, curiosity piqued. “What’s this Hypno file gonna do?” he asked. Maike flipped over to the back cover of the disc’s case. “This disc plays a universally appealing sound that indulges bedwetting. Constant nightly exposure, more than a week, can make results permanent. Should be used only for pranks,” Maike read. That description was a bit worrying for Yuyu. If it was universally appealing then an avenue of winning went out the window. Then again, remembering how aroused he was in wet padding. It might still work. Regardless, he met Maike’s smirk with narrowed eyes. “Let’s do it!” The file she played was different than what either expected. There wasn’t a voice gently speaking a soothing chant. Soft music, not unlike what a baby mobile or a normal music box might play, was played. Quickly, the pair were lulled into sleep. Both unaware of the consequences of their actions. Chapter Two (and following by Diaper_Plush) “Man...he really used another Swords Dance instead of Baton Passing?” Yuyu chuckled under his breath, wearing a sardonic smile of disbelief as he watched the streamer’s Mawile faint from the opposing Pokémon's high roll. “Very, very greedy. That’s gonna be a lot of cleanup. I wonder if he wipes here...” The white-furred rabbit rubbed his chin, watching the Nuzlocke challenge with renewed interest. He couldn’t help but wondered if the streamer had ‘thrown for content’, as the meme so often said. Yuyu should’ve been looking for places to apply for work instead of watching people play videogames online, but...he’d already received five different rejection letters this week so far, and there was only so much disappointment that he could handle. He’d stop slacking off a little later tonight. He just wanted to spend some time doing the things that he liked for a little while. On the subject of things that he liked...as he leaned back in his chair, the garment he wore underneath his shorts gave an audible rustle, along with a simultaneous squeak. He was in the midst of a bet with his girlfriend, a beautiful, red-furred husky by the name of Maike. Between the two of them, Maike was the one who far and away enjoyed wearing adult diapers on the daily more. Yuyu didn’t completely loathe the idea of wearing the crinkly garments—which, of course, was why he’d been suckered into this bet in the first place—but neither was he completely in love with the idea of either of them wearing full-time. But, that was exactly what the bet was about. Maike had been the one to lie down the rules. A few days ago, they’d started wearing diapers around the clock, with the toilet strictly off-limits. The boyfriend was also required to wear a pair of locked rubber pants around the clock, which was the source of the frequent squeaks that came from under his clothes. Maike had the only key to the rubber pants, and therefore, her boyfriend had no choice other than to soil himself and not cheat on the challenge. The way that they’d get out of wearing and using them would be for Yuyu to find a job before they both ended up becoming incontinent and reliant on the disposable underwear, at which point they’d likely be doomed to wear them forever—something that really only appealed to the husky. And if the rabbit was able to find work before he permanently lost control over his bladder and/or bowels, then Maike would treat him to a wide variety of Pokémon merchandise to basically overhaul the apartment in which they lived. And, since Pokémon was far and away Yuyu’s favorite franchise to ever exist, it seemed like a bit of a sucker’s bet. Even if it took a while, the bunny was certain that he’d be able to get a job somewhere before he became dependent on these weird, crinkly undergarments. Then, he’d have a Pokémon-themed apartment, and he’d never have to pee in another diaper ever again. For him, it was a win-win! His tall, rounded ears twitched as he heard movement coming from the hallway. He muted his stream and looked over his shoulder, seeing his girlfriend stepping into his man cave—or, as she called it, the ‘geek room’. The husky had a sweater on over her pink blouse, and a knee-length skirt that concealed her diaper well. Maike had taken to wearing skirts much more often since their bet had began the other day, as it allowed for easier diaper checks—just like how she was the only one who could change Yuyu, the same was true vice versa. While the rabbit had initially shied away from the idea of changing his girlfriend’s diaper, especially the messy ones, it had actually turned out to be a lot of fun. He’d even given her an orgasm or two in the middle of previous diaper changes. Diapers were a very large part of her kinky, sexual side, after all. “Hey, Yuyu! I’ve gotta make a quick run to the store. There’s some stuff that we have to stock up on.” Yuyu narrowed his eyes curiously. “What could we possibly need, Maike?” he inquired, suspecting that he already knew the answer. “Wipes? Powder? More packs of diapers?” To his surprise, Maike snickered and shook her head. “No, silly butt! Not every shopping trip is diaper-related, you know. Even though I'm sure that’s what you’d prefer.” “H-hey wait, you’re the one who—” “It’s just a routine grocery run,” the husky stated, her diaper rustling loudly as she wagged her tail. Unlike her boyfriend, she didn’t wear anything locked over her padding, since she was the one who enjoyed wearing and using them every chance that she got. “Dinner and lunch stuff, mostly. Anything specific that you can think of that we need?” Yuyu licked his lips, pushing aside his bashfulness about being accused of enjoying the act of soiling his diapers. Even though she hadn’t directly said that, he suspected that it was exactly what Maike was trying to imply. “I think we’re running low on milk,” he said, after thinking for a moment. “Almond milk, please, not the nasty regular stuff that expires in three hours after opening it. That’s the only thing I can think of.” “Got it!” hummed Maike, already on her way out of the room. Yuyu quickly stood up, his legs spread apart by his bulky undergarments. “Do you want me to come with you?” he offered to his girlfriend. “Nope, that’s okay!” the canine answered, continuing towards the front door, though Yuyu continued after her. Her skirt flared up every couple of steps, giving him a momentary glimpse of her diaper. Her purse, once she’d shouldered it, hung down towards her skirt, which would help to keep it smoothed down in public. “It’ll be quick and easy, I should be back within an hour.” Yuyu pursed his lips, smirking as he reached out to lift up his girlfriend’s skirt, giving the crinkly padding in between her legs a few groping squeezes to check it. Though it was still quite dry, he couldn’t help but tease her by saying, “Well, what if you need your diaper changed?” Maike flicked an ear, hesitating for several moments. She knew the implications of his question. What if she had a significantly large accident in her diaper that rendered it very difficult to conceal? The both of them hadn’t risked much public contact since starting their mutual challenge, since they hadn’t needed to go much farther than their apartment complex’s mailbox, which they took in shifts. But the grocery store was quite an adventure—and one that Maike had undoubtedly been looking forward to. Yuyu wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted someone to notice that she was wearing a diaper like a big baby, though he wasn’t sure if this was entirely the truth. She stuck her tongue out at him, swishing her tail playfully. “Then you’ll just have to change me when I get home! I’ll text you if I need anything, okay?” “And I'll do the same if I think of something else that we need,” Yuyu agreed, nodding to his girlfriend. “Drive safe!” Maike gave him a thumbs-up, playfully flashing her diapered bottom at him as she left the apartment. The rabbit snickered as he returned to his stream. He fully expected the husky to return home in a rather full diaper, once the breakfast that he’d laced with laxatives took effect. He hadn’t been expecting her to go out so soon after eating their first meal of the day, but he was thrilled that she had. A helpless, public messing would be just the thing that the husky needed to realize that wearing and needing diapers all day, every day wasn’t quite as appealing as it sounded... ---------------- Maike was humming a song under her breath as she pulled into the parking lot of the local grocery store. It was the one that was closest and most convenient to shop at, though the prices tended to be somewhat steeper than the supermarket in the next town over. Typically, the extra cost of gas outweighed the savings that would be made for a long excursion, so they saved said supermarket for extra-large shopping trips; as it stood, Maike and Yuyu only needed a few items today, so the local store would serve just fine. The canine licked her lips as she shut her car’s engine off, quickly glancing around to ensure that no one was nearby as she lifted her skirt, checking to make sure that she hadn’t had an absentminded accident in her diaper yet. Thankfully, the padding remained white, the picture of a cartoonish lion upon her crotch remaining unfazed about the fate it could suffer at any moment. As she’d left the apartment, she had tried to put on a brave face in front of her boyfriend—who, while generally very supportive of her and her interests, wasn’t too keen on the thought of her staying in diapers permanently. It wasn’t a complete turn-off for him, but it often threw him for a loop when he grabbed her butt or pulled off her pants to find a diaper wrapped around her waist. She usually abstained from them when she knew things were going to turn intimate between them, but she did quite enjoy the look of surprise that crossed his face whenever he discovered her crinkly underwear. That being said, this was a big step for her. She rarely went out in public with a diaper on underneath her outfit, especially not to somewhere as crowded as a grocery store. While she was comfortable wearing them around someone who was aware and okay with it, the thought of someone catching a glimpse of her crinkly underwear was something that unnerved her greatly. She’d spent all of her life worried about what people might think about her if they discovered something about her that they didn’t like—even though coming out to her boyfriend about her interest in the ABDL scene was something that had to happen, it had still been a bigger step than she’d ever taken before. He was the only one who knew about this side of her, and she wanted to keep it that way for now. Especially when strangers were concerned. She took a deep breath as she grabbed her purse off of her passenger seat and stepped out of the car, locking it behind her. “I can do this...I can do this,” she murmured quietly to herself, making sure that her skirt remained down as a faint breeze blew by. The sooner she got into the store, the sooner she could get things over and done with. Hoping that the faint rustling of her diaper was audible only to herself, Maike chewed on her lip and made her way to the store’s entrance, focusing hard on keeping a waddle out of her stride. There weren’t too many people close by in the parking lot, but she knew that would change as soon as she stepped foot in the store. “Alright...here we go...” she whispered, the automatic doors opening as she drew near to them. There was no turning back now. Not until she had what she came for. She fished her phone out of her pocket as she went to retrieve a shopping cart from the repository. She hadn’t been planning on texting her boyfriend already, but she could use whatever distraction she could find to still her racing heart. ‘This is scarier than I thought it’d be,’ she typed out on her digital keyboard, keeping an eye ahead of her as she made her way towards the first aisle, pushing her cart largely with her chest as she texted. ‘I’ve never worn in public before.’ She wondered how Yuyu would respond to her message. Would he try to reassure and encourage her? Would he tease and torment her further? Call her brave, or call her a diapered baby-butt? She knew that she’d only have to wait for a minute or two, since he was usually glued to his phone. Still, though, the anticipation was killing her. She was searching for the bread that they typically ate when her phone buzzed in her pocket, prompting her to pull it out once more. ‘Welcome to the 24/7 life, like you wanted,’ Yuyu had responded in one message, though an ellipses icon said that he was still typing. The message she received a few moments later read, ‘Don’t worry yourself, Maike. People aren’t going to look for you wearing a diaper unless you try shoving it under their noses.’ The husky glanced around fervently, worried that someone was close enough to see the word ‘diaper’ on her phone’s screen, as if it stood out any more than the rest of their message history. Keeping her device close to her chest, she hastily texted back, ’I know, I know. I’ll be careful.’ Maike returned her focus to the task at hand after sending the message, though she felt a bit bad about being so curt with her boyfriend. She hadn’t expected her nerves to be as on edge as they were right now. She was sure that he’d understand, if he was even upset by her response in the first place. The husky retrieved the bread that they needed—as luck would have it, it was on a lower shelf, prompting her to slowly bend her knees to lower herself down without risking her skirt flagging up—placed it in her cart, and continue down the aisle. She grabbed peanut butter along the way, since they seemed to go through it a lot faster than jelly. Then, she made a U-turn to make her way down the second aisle. This was how she usually did her shopping trips, weaving down each and every row of goods and grabbing what she needed along the way, essentially walking through every part of the store before checking out. Today’s trip, however, was going to feel very long, with the canine constantly worrying that her diaper was somehow peeking out from underneath her long skirt. Things went as any other normal shopping excursion would for the next several aisles, with the exception of Maike becoming noticeably tense whenever she passed someone by—which, in hindsight, was probably the last thing that she wanted to do if she wanted to appear like any other casual customer. As she was picking out a few frozen meals for nights that neither she nor her boyfriend felt like cooking, humming one of the catchy tunes to his Pokémon shows that sometimes wound up stuck in her head, she felt a sudden warmth that was quite out of place in the midst of the cold aisle of freezers. It was a warmth that she knew very, very well. Centralized around her crotch, rapidly spreading around her inner thighs, creeping up her bottom. All accompanied by a faint trickling sound that was just barely audible to her sharp hears amidst the humming of the coolers around her. Maike’s eyes went wide, her jaw going slightly slack as she stood very still, staring at the frozen dinners in front of her, the cool mist from the freezer washing over her body. She was peeing. But she hadn’t even felt that she’d needed to go. She was having an accident. And she couldn’t stop herself! Her heart hammering in her chest, she glanced to either side of her as she spread her legs ever so slightly, biting her lip as her diaper became warm and squishy underneath her skirt. Thankfully, the only other people in the aisle were a pair of families, each at opposite ends of the row. This meant that she was free to pee her diaper in peace, but...she couldn’t believe that this was happening! She was having a real, public accident! It must’ve been the combination of nerves that she’d been feeling, along with the hypnosis files that she and her boyfriend had been listening to every night since they’d started their challenge, and had only half been expecting them to even work. Well, they certainly worked—but of all the places to find this out, why did it have to be here!? The husky let her breath out slowly, shivering from the cold freezer and the relief of voiding her bladder involuntarily. Realizing she’d been standing and staring straight ahead for the better part of a minute now, she hastily grabbed up two of the frozen meals that were ‘buy one, get one free’ at the moment, stepping back to her cart to put them inside and continue along as if nothing had happened. But with each step that she took, she could feel exactly what had happened. Her diaper had become swollen from her pee, and it felt as though a warm, wet towel had been tucked in between her legs. It felt amazing, of course—she enjoyed wetting her diapers in private very much, and it often led to intimate times between herself and a vibrating toy. But the shock of having an accident in public hadn’t worn off just yet, and her heart was thumping hard as she continued into the next aisle, praying that her waddle wasn’t as obvious as she thought it was. Thankfully, she could see in some reflective surfaces that her soaked diaper wasn’t sagging down underneath her skirt, but she imagined that there was less room to work with before it would become visible. Bending the wrong way, her tail catching the garment as it swished, absentmindedly rubbing at her upper leg...there were many, many things that could happen to expose her secret. Not sure whether she was seeking comfort or further thrills, she whipped out her phone to text Yuyu again, chewing on her tongue as she typed, ‘Well, I think the hypno stuff works. Totally peed myself like a pup a minute ago.’ She continued moving through the aisles, holding her breath as she passed by other shoppers, hoping that no one with a particularly sharp nose would catch the mingling scents of plastic, powder, and piddle as she walked by. They were scents that she knew just as intimately as her own—and, well, the combination of all of them together wasn’t terribly uncommon. Her phone buzzed as she made a detour to the produce section, trying to determine which variety of apple would be the best to purchase at this time. The text she received from Yuyu made her brow narrow with suspicion. ‘Peed your padding again, huh? So...are you ONLY wet?’ She bit her lip, her thumbs hovering over the digital keyboard as she tried to think of a response to the unusual inquiry. It wasn’t normal for Yuyu to ask something like that, even since they’d started their bet. In fact, she usually had to shove her diaper under his nose—to quote his earlier text message—in order to get something as simple as a check. Why would he suddenly be so interested in whether or not she’d done more than wet herself? Was it just because she was having a public outing? Or was there— Grrrrrgle. The sudden pressure in her abdomen nearly made the husky drop her phone. She looked around hastily, mildly relieved that no one had seemed to hear the abrupt, strange noise that her stomach had just created. But her body was soon crying out for a very different form of relief. Trembling, she hastily, instinctively drove her cart over to an area that wasn’t as crowded, which happened to be near the bananas. The hypnosis tapes were only supposed to induce wetting, not messing! She tried not to pant as she stood rooted to the spot, feeling as though she would completely lose control over her bowels if she took one more step. What on earth had she eaten? All she’d had today was waffles for breakfast, provided by her boyfriend... Maike’s heart sank as she put two and two together. Yuyu had made her breakfast, and now was wondering if she’d only wet herself, seemingly out of the blue...he’d laced her food with laxatives! At just about the same time she’d made the realization, she knew that there was no holding back what was about to happen. She inhaled sharply, her tail going rigid as the muscles of her abdomen contracted harshly, setting things into motion. She crouched down, unable to stop herself from doing so as she lost control of her bowels, though she tried to disguise this as her lowering herself to the ground to fidget with her shoelaces. Hopefully, anyone nearby would simply assume that she was tying her shoes...and not filling the seat of her diaper. Maike’s blood felt cold, her head light, her heart racing as she pushed a warm, heavy load into the back of her soggy diaper. Much like wetting herself, she’d messed herself more times than she cared to count. She’d made a habit of scrunching up her face, puffing out her cheeks, and moaning loudly and obviously whenever she made her padding mushy. It was something that made her feel small, and she always enjoyed the immediate results very much, even if the cleanup that later ensued was less than glamorous. Having her boyfriend change her diaper and doing it in return for him was a lot easier than trying to change her own. Now, she was messing herself in public. And she had to make a very deliberate effort to not make a show of it, to not puff out her cheeks or moan loudly or stick her butt out as far as she could make it go. All while the seat of her diaper grew warmer, mushier, and heavier with each passing moment, with a foul odor already beginning to rise into the air around her. The husky shivered, continuing to fidget with her shoelaces, praying that no one would come near her until she’d finished having her accident. Her blood wasn’t entirely frozen anymore—her cheeks felt hot enough to start a fire, aglow with her embarrassment. Even though she was in the very midst of doing it, she couldn’t believe that she was pooping her diaper in the middle of the store! Where people could see her! On the drive, she’d been toying with the idea of maybe wetting herself just a little bit if she found an unoccupied aisle, until that decision had been made for her. And now, this! All because she thought that her boyfriend was being nice for her by making breakfast for them! The nerve...! Shivering again, Maike let out a breath as she felt that she’d finally finished having her second accident in the span of a few minutes. She slowly rose back to her feet, her mouth dry as she looked around, hoping that no one had seen what had just happened. Even though she’d been as discreet as she could’ve possibly been, it still felt like she’d put on quite the display that was easily noticeable to any onlookers. Thankfully, it seemed to be all in her head—none of the other shoppers in the produce area, nor the employees, had batted an eye. So, she hadn’t been caught. Not yet. Now, there was the matter of finishing her shopping trip and driving back home in a very wet, very messy diaper without anyone noticing the garment sagging heavily underneath her skirt. It felt incredibly warm, and the squishing that resulted from each step that she took must’ve been audible to someone other than herself. It felt amazing, but utterly embarrassing and terrifying at the same time—all three emotions compounding and feeding off of one another to make them each feel far stronger than they actually were. Maike took several deep breaths as she tried to steady her heartbeat, feeling her mush smushing around on her backside as she finished up in the produce area. Her hands trembling, she pulled out her phone once more. Biting her lip, she managed to finally respond to Yuyu’s inquiry about whether or not she was only wet. ‘Um...not anymore...’
  19. *Future me here, this is the first story I wrote on here and therefore, there are many things that are different. First, like many of the other Diaper Dimension stories, this story may contain elements that some may find unnerving or even unsettling to read about. I do not agree with these methods, but I have included them because I also know they make some pretty good fiction. Additionally, there is a soft sequel to this one which can be found at the following link: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/90405-dashs-redemption-a-stuffys-tale-and-diaper-dimension-story-chapter-15-complete/ Chapter 1: The Trio in the House “Hey there. I’m Hopper and this is the nursery.” I’m standing in a typical nursery meant for any baby boy. Fully stocked, practical and cute. Little cartoon boats even dot the walls. “It might not be a thing out of place in scores of households in other dimensions, but this isn’t the typical dimension you might have been expecting. Sure, there are cars, postmen, government issues and scandals, the weather still rains and shines alike, and the average person here looks very much like most others do, with one exception; their height. At least compared to most other places. This dimension has come to be known by many names, but I know most in other dimensions refer to this as the Amazon dimension.” I pause for a moment. “Get it? They’re super tall, and that’s the big difference here. Along with their amazing technology, they’re almost twice the size of 90% of the other dimensions out there.” I pause for a moment. “Let me know if I need to take a breath or anything. I know it can be a bit jarring for some at first.” “Me, personally, I don’t really care about those things and the vector energy pathways separating out the dimensions from one another. Leave that to the politicians claiming other worlds and the scientists bridging the gaps. I really only care about a few of my friends and the two other people who live in this house with me; Monica and Charles… well, Charley.” “Now hold still Charley,” a forceful yet calm, sing-song voice echoes through the hallway outside the nursery from the bathroom. “That would be Monica. She’s the head of this house and what people here refer to as a Big. She’s right about average at 10 feet tall and certainly turns heads when walking into a room for her regal and yet almost farmer’s daughter looks. It’s an odd combination, but she definitely makes it work. I know Charley had a bit of a crush on her at one point in the beginning… but that was a long time ago now.” I look at the darkly stained oak crib to my left, standing as just one of the monuments to the changes that had occurred since I had come into this house. I shake my head. Such ideas don’t help anyone. “Despite her being a Big, and all that entails here with the ‘mommy instincts,’” using air quotes as best I can, “she’s sadly probably one of the more level-headed Bigs one would find in this dimension. Most treat their charges as their relative heights would suggest. If that means drooling on the carpet and laughing at silly infantile games, so be it. Monica may stoop occasionally, but Charley is at least still aware of what’s around him currently.” A high-pitched laugh bounces off the corners of the house. It seems pained and joyful at the same time. “Ah… tickle time. Monica’s newfound joy in life with Charles and one of her ‘stooping’ moments.” I listen to the continuing peals of laughter coming from the bathroom. “She must really be going at him today if he’s laughing that much. Probably needed a pick me up this morning. Almost seems like he needs them a bit every once in a while now since… well, Dash.” I shake my head again, now trying to dispel his image out of my head. “Anyway, for all the normies not in the Guinness World Record books or who aren’t natives, I will assume most people you know would be classified like Charley: a Little. I suppose some of the more blessed individuals could be considered in the middle category, but if you’re below 6 feet, don’t even think about trying to pass as a Middle. The Bigs will spot those people a mile away and punish them for lying. Most of the time, by the end, the liars will care more about the rattle in front of them than a few measly inches and the possibility about being labeled as a Middle. Lying is never good, particularly with this society.” “Charley, or Charles back when I first met him, was 5’9” on a good day before he shrunk a few inches on the trip over here, so he never had a chance with the Bigs, which is how he came to be living under Monica’s roof in the first place. Some trip with sapphire? Ruby? Emerald? I can’t remember, but he became just another missing tourist statistic in that tour group. Since then, he’s been Charles, Charley, C-Man, Honey, Sweetie, baby, darling, and a dozen or more names. We’ve been together since almost the beginning, so I would know.” “Too much? That’s fine, just call him Charley. It’s officially Charles but that name went out with the rest of the items considered at all mature.” I take a breath and then continue. “It took some time for us to become friends, but once we did, we became inseparable. Going through all he did, a friend is a critical element. He sought comfort with me, more than anyone else. A bond like that can only grow from such circumstances.” I pause and try not to get emotional over talking about the past. It’s tough when viewing all the changes firsthand. “Anyway, I admired his intellect, stubbornness, reserved dignity, and strong creative streak. He admired my calm, superb listening skills, and if he will admit it or not, my fur.” I pause to emphasize what I had just said. “That’s right, my fur. You see, I’m the third in this little trio, but I’m neither Big nor Little. Not even a Middle. I’m a stuffed animal… a bunny to be more precise. Obvious when you look at me, I know, but it’s an important factor to know before I tell you anymore.” I straighten up and flex out my diminutive fluffy figure. “Name’s Hop, or Hopper. Charley named me that the first day we met. Not the most creative of name choices, but I think he just wanted Monica to leave be that night. If I’m being honest, that name was probably for the best, as it could still be used once Monica’s plans had come to fruition. I see the looks in other carer’s eyes when some of my friends are still being called adult names. A turtle named Gunther can only last so long with a regressed Little. Imagine trying to say that with a pacifier in your mouth or when your teeth have been pulled in the more extreme of cases. It’s not a pretty sight. Not that Hopper is any easier, but it’s at least more passable. But Hop, well, Hop is perfect. Definitely more than Mister Bunny, my original store name you see.” I shake my appendages out from sitting nestled against the crib for some time. “Come on with me. Daily stretching time. You see, a toy here can never be too careful to blend in. Society can’t know about toys being real and all. Imagine the paranoia.” I shudder as I begin to stretch at the mere thought. “Talk about yikes. These people are crazy enough as it is, so you don’t want to add to that pile, but still, you’ve got to take your breaks where you can.” I flex my arms out and check my fragile and more recent stitching under my arm. “Can never be too careful as a toy either. This world is hard for a Little, but it can be an outright deathtrap for a toy…” “Take that Captain Purple Beard!” Monica shouted from the bathroom. “No mommy! Never!” Tickle time had apparently ended. Playing with bath toys always came next. “Moving on… I know not all toys have this life though. When I was at the mall, I met the lost and found toys at night. Some had come accompanying children and others had been with adults or even the kids from the other dimensions. Why someone would bring their kid here is beyond me, but in they came, so losing a toy was pretty easy to do. We always felt bad for the adult toys however, because if any Big caught an adult carrying a toy… well, it’s basically a giant beacon advertising that Little wants to be adopted… Those toys were often never claimed or saw their owners again. Probably for the best from what I’ve seen. A toy can feel just as sad over a loss, you know?” “I couldn’t believe some of the toys in there. They were so high and mighty because they thought they were celebrities. Apparently, their dimension had this whole franchise about toys coming to life. It’s tough to imagine an entire society knowing that toys were truly alive, but it always got confirmed that everyone thought it was just from the mind of a really creative team and not something that could ever truly happen. That is at least once you got them talking for a bit and not just bragging. In the end, if any of those toys actually ever were retrieved, they usually never wanted to come back and preferred their own dimension over ours. Can’t blame them there.” I stretch one ear and then the other, and they flutter slightly as they both reach their furthest point. “Oh yeah. That’s the spot… where was I?” I pause for a moment and collect my thoughts. “Oh, yes! Not every toy is cut out for this dimension, but there are some pretty big positives. In other dimensions, toys are used until they break, or the child grows up. If they’re lucky, they’ll be donated to a new owner to start the cycle again or be placed in storage. The unlucky ones get dumped and ruined to the point where no child would ever want to play with them, which inevitably leads to them rotting away in a dump or worse… being incinerated.” I shudder in fear at the thought. “Fortunately, here, a Little growing up is practically unheard of. The love of a Little could last decades, and most toys only fade away after completely wearing out or if their Little passes away.” Charley laughs again from the bathroom and reminds me of how we got here in the first place. Why a nursery was even in this house in the first place. I look at the ground in shame and regret. “I can’t lie though…” I let out a big sigh and lean back into the changing table nearby, “sometimes, being a toy here is tough. All other toys’ main objective is creating joy and love in a child’s life and to be loved and cherished back. In the past five years though, toys here have another purpose. We’re now equipped with subliminal messages we have to use on the Littles. Most Bigs don’t realize the messaging is in all toys now, though many of them know at least of the possibility of having similar technology in the specially marked toys. The Mister Cuddles Bear line was extremely popular about three years ago. It alone could regress a Little in under a month after being prompted to do so by the Big. Most Littles didn’t know about the technology until it was too late. They would cling to their one unjudging friend, and it would be all over. Seek comfort after a tough day of mentally regressing and the bear would only further the cycle and send them further downward. Poor little tykes.” “Due to this new technology though, all toys now have a primary mission of using their messaging, or other bits of regressive technology, on their Littles until the desired regression has been achieved. Once it has, we become like any other toy, but our primary mission still hangs over us like a dark cloud of guilt. How could a toy profess to love and care for their Little when every day with them will just lead the Little back to their early childhood or earlier? It’s a question every toy now asks themselves and then must live with afterward. I envy anyone like you that doesn’t have to worry about that in their lives. The ones that see a Little after they’ve been regressed…” Oh god! Please help me, Hop. I don’t know if I can make it through this… Please don’t let her take me… take my mind. Oh. Oh no! Anything but that. Not now! The memory strikes deep within me. It passes in a moment but the pangs of guilt are still there. I glance around the baby blue nursery and infantile accoutrements laid before me with regret. “This is what I must live with now. It wasn’t all me, but I started the process, and I can’t escape it. This room was once classified as a ‘big boys’ room. Charles cringed at that for the longest time… until he didn’t, when he became Charley.” Despite the cartoon characters on the walls and clothing suited for someone under eight, it seemed practically adult compared to where I was standing now. A long changing table packed with diapers and everything else one needs to facilitate those with a Little; a tall and inescapable crib, a bouncer, a rocking chair strong and wide enough for any Big to cuddle with their Little on, a toy chest packed with items only Littles could treasure, and a small bookcase filled with books, where those at the top could be read by a Big and those at the bottom could really only be looked at by Littles. “I miss the ‘big boy’ room.” “I can’t say that I do…” a voice says from above. “I can’t blame you there, Sandy,” I say to the moon-shaped nightlight perched at the top of the dresser. “You only came in when Charley started getting afraid of the dark again. That was right when all this started to change.” “Yep. I would have loved to have met ‘Charles.’ But hey, at least you get to play with him…” “Very true, Sandy. Very true.” I pause and see his faint glow in the dim room of the afternoon. “Charley definitely appreciates you though.” “Right as always, Hop,” he replies back. “The little bugger loves my safety at night. Can’t blame a Little for that.” He’s right and I settle fully back against the changing table and smell the cacophony of nursery-associated smells. I focus on the sweeter ones of clean linen and baby powder to distract myself. “Anyway, regardless of what this place looks like now, I remember what it used to look like when I came home from the mall with Monica. Back before…” I gesture around the nursery, “all this.”
  20. Not my best work but I was ready to move on to another story idea… Long Term Comeuppance or A Cheater Never Prospers… April is on her knees, her hands behind her back in fuzzy pink cuffs. She’s completely nude with exception of the white puffy diaper with pink bears covering her bald wet slit… Her thin legs and thin arms have no trace of hair and her small pink nipples are hard enough to cut glass. She’d tell you it was because of the cold but she knows it’s a mixture of humiliation, fear, and pure arousal… She barely hears the words that the much larger ( in every way) brunette is saying to her, she’s too busy licking her mistress to another climax while she grips her strawberry blonde pigtails like handles shoving her face against her own sex. As the other woman yelps from the orgasm she yanks April up by her hair and tells her what a good little girl she’s been. April can’t help but blush at the compliment. She really *does* feel like a good girl, but even in her gleeful moment she knows something is wrong with all of this… she thinks back on how she ended up here. On her knees, diapered, pleasing a woman.. She looks over her shoulder and sees her wedding gown and then giggles as if to say “Oh yeah!” Turning her head back to await the next command from her Mistress… 6 months earlier… “Fuck you Lezbo, and mind your fucking business.” A drunk April yells at Phoebe as she rushes out of the club. “Who is that?” The guy she was making out with asks her as she tugs him towards the door. “Just some bitch. Ignore her, I DON’T have a fiancée and she’s just jealous that I’m sexy and rich.” April looks over her shoulder seeing Phoebe looking down at her phone clearly texting, and probably Rob her fiancée. “Fucking cow.” She scowls as they head out to the parking lot. Once in the car she’s back on his lap, her micro dress up around her waist grinding her panty clad sex against his hard member through his black pants. “Mmm… that’s right baby.. I want that dick….” She slides off his lap long enough to unbuckle his belt and slide his pants down and fishing his hard cock out she smiles and dives down starting her signature blowjob. She likes Will, he’s been a good “lay” and a good time away from her regular life. She thinks about Rob and how “boring” life with him has become. She gives his head one more lick and then slips her panties to the side and starts riding Will’s 7” member… This is the part she loves.. The excitement of getting fucked in a parking lot downtown, anyone could see, she’s done this several times… But Rob.. Sweet, loving, boring ass Rob won’t have any of it. She’s tried explaining that with their money who’s going to say anything or do anything. “Fucking pussy.” She thinks to herself as she turns her attention back to Will and his fearless desire to please her. Moments pass and April finds the orgasm building.. she starts talking dirty to her lover “That’s right baby… Fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy! Ogh!! Oh!!!” “You like that baby? You want me to fuck you right out in public?!” Will says getting into the scene they are making.. “Yes! Fuck me…” Will suddenly opens the car door and easily pulls the thin woman around to the trunk of the car behind theirs and bends her over starting to pound her from behind… “Like that bitch?” He says pounding so hard you can hear their skin slapping loudly. “Yes Daddy! Fuck me harder!” She moans as she starts to cum… “oh! Oh! OH! Ight!” She squeals as she cums bent over the trunk of the car, her hands flat on the rear window… “Shit.. I thought I’d finish baby.” Will says pulling out of her overworked slit. “We’re not done then are we?” April says turning around and then dropping to her knees and taking his cock back in her mouth… after several minutes of blowing Will she leans back and pulls her top down over her pert C Cups and says “Cum on my tits baby.” Will can’t hold out and shoots four hot ropes of semen on the kneeling woman’s bust. “That’s it!” She says rubbing the liquid on her breasts. She stands up and starts kissing him again leaning back on the parked car.. An hour later she slips into her home and stops in the hallway to admire her handiwork in the mirror. “Hope you enjoyed yourself.” She hears in the living room beside her. “Oh hey baby! I did, the girls all say hi.” April lies fumbling to hang up her jacket. “It’s been a long night though so I think I’m going to get a quick shower in and then head to bed. You staying tonight? I might be feeling a little frisky later!” She winks and then nervously heads upstairs to get rid of the “evidence” that’s dried in her thong and her cleavage. In the shower she works quickly to scrub herself clean and then hears the bathroom door open, she remembers her sticky thongs laying on the floor and she shuts off the water and starts stepping out of the shower door when she sees Rob handing her a towel. “Thanks baby!” She says looking at the floor for her used underwear.. “Anything for the love of my life right?” “You know it! You are just the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” She says looking again on the floor and not seeing them. “Yeah I know.” He says walking out of the room. “Yeah I know.” She mocks under her breath. Now alone in the room she can’t find her thongs anywhere. She bends over to check under the sink and then her panties dangle in front of her face.. “Looking for these bitch?” April stops cold.. she knows that voice. It’s Phoebe, Rob’s longtime best friend. She swears she’s a lesbian. Always wandering what she’s up to or where she’s been… Nosey bitch… April decides to try to get the situation back in hand. “Oh great. A little tattle tale huh? You ready to break Rob’s heart bitch? I’m sure you’d just love that wouldn’t you.. What will Robbie do when you’ve destroyed his future with *this* and he’s left hanging out with his lezbo weirdo friend?” “You silly little bitch. I’m not a lesbian.” She says grabbing April by her neck, her towel dropping to the floor.. “And I’m pretty sure Rob will be just fine no matter what happens to you.” The trip from the bathroom to the driveway is pretty much a one sided conversation of Phoebe explaining how she’s always thought April was a conniving slut and so she’s been keeping tabs on her. She’s been videoing her out flirting and fucking her way around the club scene while she tells Rob she’s with “the girls”. “Fuck you!” The naked woman says as Rob walks out from the garage. “It’s all faked by you cause you are jealous of my sexy look and my money!” She looks up at the much taller woman and then adds more insults “I bet those huge tits sag to the floor without a bra on! And your hair sucks… you… your makeup is stupid… and…. And you’re a fucking Sasquatch! Bet your pussy is as hairy as one too!” “I don’t think this is faked.” Rob says tapping the trunk of Phoebe’s car. April looks at the back window and sees handprints. “These are yours right?” April looks confused… “That’s right stupid little girl. You were so caught up in fucking that you didn’t notice you got pounded against MY car you dumb twat.” The naked woman looks at the handprints and then at Rob… there’s no getting out of this. She’s caught. She wants to run and hide, she wants to put on some clothes… Then the *real* problem hits her… she looks at Rob and says “You aren’t going to call off the wedding are you?” “What?” He says.. “That’s the only thing you can think of? The wedding! No, it’s the money isn’t it?” Rob just scowls at her and then heads back in the house. “No it isn’t just that!” She lies “Shut up sis, he’s finally seen the light. The thing I’ve been trying to tell him since you first set your sights on him. You are nothing but a vain, spoiled, self centered little brat.” Phoebe says finally letting April go. The naked woman looks at Phoebe and for the first time she can’t think of anything snarky to say… she’s too scared to think of anything but saving the wedding. 1 month earlier… “I promise Daddy.” An angel faced April says sitting at her parents’ mansion. Promises….. April has spent everyday since puberty jumping from one man to the next, and usually not bothering to wait for a breakup to move on. While her parents expected and ignored that behavior when she was still a cheerleader in high school, they were disappointed to see it continue in college. When she was expelled when it was discovered that her little antics not only stained the reputation of an Ivy League school.. Sex in the school chapel while recording the whole scene… The fight between her then fiancée and his fellow student she was banging in the video was just too much. No matter how much her parents donated to the school. After she was expelled she started her full time career as a “Socialite” hitting the spas during the day, shopping, and clubs every night. Whenever her antics got too much attention and her parents threatened cutting her off, she’d get engaged to another man and promise to be good. She’s played this game 4 times now and apparently 5 strikes and she’s out… When she announced her engagement to Rob her parents immediately rewrote their Will, and redefined the terms of her Trust Fund. Now engaged for a month she’s just agreed to the terms of her financial future. Those terms are basically “No Husband, No Money. Another public affair, No Money.” Moving forward the naked April runs around the house looking for Rob. She finally finds him packing a bag with the clothes he’s had at her place. “No baby!! Hey! Don’t leave.. please.. Um, I promise I’ll never do this again!” “Promise?” Rob says with a look of anger. “Yes! I promise! Please don’t leave.” “Why did you have to sign a new agreement with your parents again?” He asks. “Oh? Uh that was just because they needed to make some updates that’s all.” “Bullshit! I should’ve listened to Phoebe! She told me she’d heard about you. About what a cheating bitch you are. But I thought you loved me!” Phoebe walks in the room. “But it’s her! It’s always been her. She was the one that I should’ve been with instead of *this* bullshit.” “Her? What the fuck? I’m a fucking goddess compared to her.” April snaps. “Phoebe is more of a woman than you will ever be. Her soul is beautiful and unlike you, she’s honest and stands up for her friends. You and your fake friends will never be anything like her.” April sees that Rob isn’t slowing down his packing… she needs to do something fast. “Rob… darling! I’ll do anything to keep you and to stop you from calling off the wedding…” he doesn’t stop. “I promise I’ll do anything you want just please don’t do this!” “Anything?” He says with a sly look on his face. “Anything!” She pleads.. “Get on your knees and beg.” He says with a look of disdain. Something very unfamiliar to her always sweet fiancé. April slowly lowers herself down to her knees on the bedroom hardwood. She starts getting nervous that he wants a blowjob or something… Rob steps up to her and puts his hand on her head and quietly whispers “You will do everything I tell you to do from now on or I swear I’ll call this whole fucking thing off. Deal?” “Yes! Thank you baby! I was just thinking OUCH!” She yelps as he suddenly grips her hair pulling her blonde locks up.. “No one told you to speak yet!” “Oh.. uh.. I’m sorry.. baby… it’s just that.. OUCH!” She whimpers again as Phoebe walks behind her and kicks her in her ass. “Jesus… she is pretty dumb.” Phoebe says “did anyone say you could speak?” “Fuck you bi OUCH!!” Her face jerks to the side as Phoebe lands a slap across her cheek… “Shut your stupid cheating mouth slut!” Phoebe snarls… The kneeling woman opens her mouth but sees Phoebe raise her hand back and she closes it quickly. “There we go! Such a good girl.” Phoebe teases patting her head like a dog.. “Now let’s see if a good pup can Stay while we go talk.” Rob and Phoebe leave the room… They return and start discussing the “terms” of their new relationship. From now on April is their property, she will do as she is told or be severely punished. If she tells anyone about this deal Rob calls off the wedding. “Understand all of this?” April starts to speak and then just nods her head. “Great! Now let’s get started.” Rob says grabbing a notepad and dropping it on the floor along with a pen. “Strip.” He says nonchalantly to the kneeling woman. April looks around and then starts taking off her clothes. On the one hand she’s embarrassed at undressing in front of Rob right now but Phoebe being in the room is almost unbearable.. “Now I want you to write down all passwords on that notepad. We’re going to see just how much of a cheating tramp you’ve been.” Phoebe says to the nude woman. April starts to cry… “Don’t cry now. What’s the worst that could happen? Your fiancé find out what a piece of trash you are fucking around on him? I’m pretty sure he already knows.” April fills out the notepad with passwords to her accounts.. not just the ones that Rob knows about but a couple of secret email accounts and a few websites he’s never heard of. There is also an instagram account he has never seen before…. “Is that it?” Rob says picking up the notepad. April just shakes her head up and down. “Well let’s see what you’ve been hiding.” Rob says picking up her phone and unlocking it. 30 minutes later Rob has learned a lot about his soon to be bride. Her numerous lovers, the amount of trash talking he has been the victim of from her friends.. “normal” cheater behavior but then there was the not so normal… “So you like a little freaky shit huh?” Rob says circling the woman holding up post after post of her fetish themed instagram account. “Daddy issues” “ddlg” “neko girl” “forced lezdom” sounds pretty kinky to me.” Phoebe says taking the phone from Rob “What is forcedABDL?” April says nothing, her cheeks blushing… “Is it the same as “forced age regression?” April feels tears roll down her cheeks and then she nods her head up and down.. Phoebe googles the phrase and then wide eyed looks at April and exclaims “Fa-Reek!” Rob raises an eyebrow and Phoebe laughs handing him her phone. While Rob starts looking at the screen Phoebe takes over the conversation… “So you want a “daddy”, seems like you need someone to punish your naughty little ass.” She reaches down and pulls April to her feet by her arms. “Well let’s see what we can do for you. Maybe if you got your wishes here you’d stop being such a little whore.” Phoebe says smacking April’s ass several times with her hand. “So tell me all about your body. Including these.” She says poking Aprils clearly fake breasts… “You may speak.” April spends the next few minutes telling Phoebe her measurements and why she got implants. She talks about her hair color, her beauty regimen, waxing, even the bleaching of her anus. “Well since you want to be regressed, how about we help fulfill your fantasy?” Phoebe says with two quick pats of April’s pubic hair. “Call your salon and tell them you want to go bare.” It was a restless night for April sleeping next to Rob in her bedroom. Usually he wants to “fool around” a little even though in the past she would put him off having already satisfied herself with another man.. This time it was her wishing he would at least try to get her to do something.. anything… just so that she could feel like things will get better. Instead he slept peacefully on his side of the bed while she barely slept staring out the window at the city skyline. 9:30am at the Salon “Yes! I think bare is the way to go.” April lies to her tech. “It’s just so unlike you, I thought you’d said you wanted some hair just to feel like a woman?” “Well I’m thinking with my wedding coming up in a few months that it will be something I try out for a while. Who knows.. I might like it!” 11:00am back at home “Much better! You’re on your way to being the good girl we all know you should be.” Phoebe says standing back up from her inspection of the once again naked April. “Now about the rest of you.” Rob says sliding a piece of paper across the kitchen table. “Sit and read. Then sign.” He says sternly. April reads the paper, looks up at Rob but then signs the paperwork with a look of defeat on her face. 1 week later… “But where did you get this from?” April asks looking at the gel that Phoebe is smearing all over her naked body standing on the back deck.. “Shut up and turn around.” Phoebe says putting another squeeze of the blue substance on her gloved hand. She starts rubbing it on the back of April’s neck “This will make sure you continue being such a good little girl for Daddy.” She rubs it in down April’s back, on both of her ass cheeks and even between her legs carefully avoiding her sensitive slit; only her labia are subjected to the gel. April knows she should object.. call for help, or at least say something mean but she just stands there doing as she’s told by Phoebe… she just clinches her fists as the tingling sensation on her torso and a front of her legs goes from pleasant to almost like bee stings… “Does it hurt?” “Yes! It’s really stinging….” She whimpers… “Poor little girl. I guess you should have been a good girl and then you could get to have body hair and your grown up tan.” April hurts her teeth because just as the front of her body finally seems to stop hurting her back is kicking into overdrive… her buttocks feel like they are going to catch on fire! “My ass!” She finally says gasping and reaching back to grab her butt like a child getting a spanking… Smack! Phoebe pulls her hand back and delivers another blow to April’s ass causing the woman to stand on her tip toes from the pain! “What did I say about language?” “Yes ma’am….” April says sullenly as she rubs her cheeks.. “Looks like your mental training needs a little more attention.” Phoebe says capping the gel and washing her hands as she carefully removes the gloves. April finally stops clinching as the gel finishes its work on her body… “Ok, shower time. Gotta get all of that residue off of you so it doesn’t end up somewhere it doesn’t belong.” April steps in the hot shower and begins washing her body with the loofah that the gel came with. At first she notices the fine hair that is collecting by the drain but then she notices that there is a faint brown tint to the water at her feet as well. She scrubs herself clean and then notices that the water is clear again. She steps out of the shower, removes the shower cap she was wearing and grabs a towel to dry off. She steps in front of the vanity and pulls the towel off and is shocked at what she sees! Her once professionally tanned skin is lily white. Her nipples are pale pink and looking at her sex she sees that her labia is now swollen and pink as well! “What did you do to me?” She stutters out backing away from the mirror… “I gave you the skin and hair of a sweet girl that hasn’t hit puberty yet. You don’t have to worry about all that yucky body hair anymore or even tanning! Think of all the time that will save you!” Phoebe says smirking at the pink nipples that look out of place on April’s surgically enhanced bust. “It’s forced regression right? You love that shit. So now you can live it.” Phoebe says bobbing the nose of the pale woman. April reaches for her babydoll nightgown and then waits for the next direction from Phoebe. “Well I think it’s bedtime. You can just tell everyone that you’ve decided that tanning is bad and you want to make sure you have youthful skin to the grave! I’m sure your girlfriends will understand. I mean, as self centered as you are OF COURSE you would think that way! … Now off to bed, don’t forget to turn on your white noise app so you can sleep.” April quickly walks out of the room heading to her bed, she lays down and pulls the covers up to her neck so she doesn’t see her pale skin. She thinks to herself about turning on her white noise app on her phone and rolls her eyes that Phoebe would even think to “remind” her to turn that on. After all, she’s been using this machine for years as far as she can remember and there’s no reason for her to stop now. She opens the app and settles on Preset 3 a soft ocean sound begins and April drifts off to sleep hearing the slow sounds of the sea while her subconscious hears suggestions of being a good girl that doesn’t want big fake boobies, fake boobies are for whores and she’s a good girl. A good girl that does what she’s told by her Mommy and Daddy…….. A month later and April is noticing a lot of changes. She never minded having all of her body hair permanently removed and even her pale pink nipples and labia looks pretty “cute” but still sexy but recently something is “off” with her body. She seems to be thinning out all over her body. At first she liked what she was seeing since her body fat percentage was dropping and it gave her a sexy thigh gap and a toned tummy. This morning though she is noticing that her implants are so constricted in her reduced breasts that you can see the outline of them. She is getting skinny.. like everywhere. Even her labia looks smaller. Where she once had a sexy bit of “camel toe” when she wore something tight, she looks down and sees just a little slit with just a hint of clitoris peeking out. She’s staring at her little slit when Phoebe walks in on her standing in front of her mirror in her bedroom… “Little girl what are you looking at? Getting naughty thoughts?” She smirks handing her three pills and some water. “Uh no! I was just.. I wasn’t.. never mind.” She says blushing and quickly takes her “vitamins” to give her mouth something to do besides stutter around her words.. Phoebe starts handing her clothing so that she can get dressed. Now that she’s under the thumb of Rob and Phoebe she doesn’t get a say in much of anything. “I can’t wear these!” She says looking at the thongs she was handed. “Why not? They’re cute.” “They say “Daddy’s Girl” on them… and…” “And only the people at the doctor’s office will see them. I told you, the doctor is my friend and they won’t care what you are wearing anyway. They are going to look into why you are losing so much weight.” April holds the things in her hands and then finally relents slipping them up her much thinner thighs. The rest of her outfit is just as juvenile something her “keepers” demand when she isn’t going to see regular acquaintances out and about. A short pink sundress, white socks and sneakers, her light hair in two pig tails, and no bra. To the average adult she looks pretty normal but a longer glance and you’d wonder why she was dressed so … young… An hour later and a very embarrassed April gets the results of her exam… “But I don’t want to have to take them out!” The girl whines standing in front of the doctor. “I… there has to be something else!” She says with a cracking voice and tears starting to roll down her cheeks.. April is standing topless in front of Phoebe, the doctor, and two nurses. She looks quite juvenile standing in her socks with her thong halfway down her thighs so that they could “inspect” her thinning labia, just a little darker than their normal light pink as they had her demonstrate if rubbing her reduced clitoris would still bring sexual arousal. They were excited for her that she in fact went from zero to blushing cheeks and slippery wet sounds as she rubbed herself to an orgasm in less than a minute. Now her hands are grasping her breasts as if protecting them from what the doctor said is inevitable. She has to have her implants removed. Her skin is getting stretched by the weight loss and that means that her implants must go. Phoebe pulls up the shocked girl’s underwear while the nurse makes the appointment with a good friend of the doctor for the removal. As they exit the office Phoebe reassures April that they will get her some good padded bras for her to wear once she’s all healed up. Two weeks post surgery… “But can’t we please get me some bras Rob! Please! Phoebe promised we could.” April whines following Rob towards the front door in a suit for an important evening out. “Look, I told Phoebe she was in charge of your clothes since the beginning. You look adorable and instead of being grateful you are being a brat. Now be a good girl and stay out of trouble for Mrs Stephanie ok?” He walks out after looking over his fiancée one more time and smiling at her outfit for the evening. April stomps her foot on the hardwood floor and then stomps her way back into the living room finding “Mrs Stephanie” sitting on the couch watching tv. “Mrs” she’s 19 years old and they act like she’s my babysitter!” April says to herself. “Hey there kiddo. Your folks said you like to watch a movie before bedtime so what do you want to watch?” “My folks? They aren’t my folks. Rob is my fiancée and I don’t know where Phoebe slithered off to tonight. I hate her!” “Oh? I thought they were going out *together*?” Stephanie responds. “Well either way, they said that you can be a bit of a handful and said that if you aren’t a *good girl* then I’m welcome to correct your bad behavior.” April shakes her head back and forth.. “Good Girl” always gets this reaction out of her recently. She suddenly feels like a silly little girl getting in trouble with Nanny when she was 6… but then she remembers the part where they are together out on the town.. “Look, you seem like a good kid but I’m 27 and you are what 19? I’m going out to catch them cheating on me. I don’t want to see you when I get back.” April says grabbing the keys to her car and heading to the garage Stephanie says “Suit yourself but if you’re going to lie about your age I wouldn’t use 27, you are maybe 17, everyone is going to know you are lying.” “17? What the hell?” April days hoping in her car and heading out leaving Stephanie texting Rob to let him know she took off in a car. 30 minutes later in the lobby of a downtown fine dining establishment… “This is her ma’am. She insisted that your boyfriend is her” stifles a laugh “fiancé.” He laughs again. “Did she now.” Phoebe looks amazing in a little black dress that heightens her long cleavage, trim waist, thick hips and sexy thighs. Her three inch heels have her well over a foot taller than the middle school shaped girl in the lobby. “You… you and Da.. I mean Da… ugh! Daddy! *whimper* you… I hate…. I…” April’s voice tapers off as she starts to sob.. her nightly hypnosis paying off dividends and amuses Phoebe. “Now baby, Mommies and Daddies need time alone too, I know how much you miss us but you can’t just run out of the house dressed like this and show up where we are. What were you thinking?” April looks visibly confused but a quick glance at the mirrored wall to her right she sees what Phoebe is talking about… while Phoebe looks like an elegant, sexy woman April is wearing a light pink camisole with “Mommy’s Girl” in blue sequins across her non existent bust. Since it is a part of her matching light pink pajama set, there is no padding and her little nipples are tenting through the fabric. Looking down she sees fuzzy pink slippers that say “I want Mommy” “Right Meow” with a pouting kitten face on both sides. Her hair is in the usual pigtails. She suddenly feels small.. and stupid for coming downtown dressed like a toddler. “Come this way immediately. I’ve had enough of your naughty behavior.” Phoebe says pulling the embarrassed girl to the ladies’ room. April wants to say something and take Phoebe down for taking HER da.. no.. her man but instead she feels a sudden rush of humiliation and arousal at being treated this way… Phoebe says nothing as she sits on the leather couch in the entryway of the bathroom and then pulls April over her lap and brings spanking her right out in the open. 30 or so slaps later finds April sobbing and promising to “be good” while her arousal makes her little slit dribble into her thin thongs. “Stand.” Phoebe says pushing the woman to her feet. “Take them down. Time to give those little cheeks some bare bottomed treatment.” April sobs but grabs her pajama pants and pulls them down revealing a pair of gray thongs. April wears them even at bedtime to feel a little sexy since her body’s betrayal and subsequent loss of sexy curves leaves her feeling ugly and childish… “What is this?” Phoebe says touching the dark spot on her thin underwear. April looks down and says nothing. Her arousal is clearly visible on her panties. “That’s what I thought. Take them off.” “But what if someone comes in!” Snack! “Take them off now.” April slides off her pajama pants and her wet panties. “Throw those wet panties in the trash, you won’t need them anymore.” “What do you mean Phoebe?” SMACK! “Ow!” April leaps as Phoebe gives her bare ass a rapid fire of 15 swats as she stands in front of her. “Now put that nose in the corner while I use the bathroom.” While Phoebe pees she hears the door open to the bathroom, two older women’s voices are heard followed by a gasp as they both step back out in the restaurant. “I guess they’ve never seen a naughty little girl standing in the corner with her red cheeks exposed for all to see.” April just continues standing in the corner sobbing with embarrassment. “Put your pants back on.” April pulls up her pajama pants and waits for instruction. “Let’s go brat.” Phoebe says putting her hand on the smaller woman’s lower back pushing her towards the door. “Sit there.” She says taking her seat at the table next to Rob. April stares at her fiancé as he takes the hand of Phoebe and gives her a kiss on the cheek saying “There you are dear, I’m sorry our little brat is screwing up our date.” “Da… grr..” whispering “Daddy… I .. How could you ch.. chest on me with that bi… bi…” she whimpers as the hypnosis precludes her ability to say bad words “meanie?” “Well some little girls used to be really bad and they would let boys have sex with her whenever and wherever she wanted. Now I bet it would be hard for a flat chested, bare slited, brat to pick up a man.” April doesn’t say anything as her feelings are actually hurt by his words. “Honey, why don’t you tell Daddy why you aren’t wearing any panties.” “What? No Panties?” Rob says frowning. “What a naughty little thing you’ve become.” “They… they were wet because my… because I was wet down there.” “And during her spanking too. Can you imagine? What kind of freak would get that wet from being spanked by her rival? Tell me April, are you a lesbian?” April winces at the comment from Phoebe after so many times accusing her of being one. She shakes her head no. “We will see.” Phoebe says before turning back to her date leaving April to wonder what that meant. “There she is. Prefect timing, it was almost time for dessert and our naughty girl doesn’t deserve that.” Phoebe says to Stephanie as she approaches the table. “I’m sorry ma’am. After she left I didn’t know where to start looking since she took the car. Might need to start hiding the keys!” “Great idea! Well you get going.” “And as for you April; We will discuss this further when we get home later.” Rob says before turning his attention back to his date. By the morning the “new rules” are firmly in place. April has found herself being the low man on the totem pole while Phoebe has been elevated to the *real* love interest of Rob. They’ve told her that she will continue the exterior position of fiancé and that the marriage will continue as planned as well. Now the once proud April that would cheat on her men at the drop of a hat finds herself the “cuckold” in a relationship she can’t get out of or else the gravy train stops. Rob and Phoebe share the master bedroom while April sleeps in an upstairs bedroom that is slowly being changed from guest bedroom to a place you’d expect a newborn to sleep. Over the next few weeks the walls were painted pink, the dark wooden furniture replaced with white childish furniture, artwork removed and replaced with Disney posters, etc. April’s hypnosis plays on her formerly secret fetishes and as the Wedding Day approaches she’s found herself actually wanting more childish things in her room. Instead of fighting back or lashing out it’s easier to just “go play” in her room or ignore that she’s been replaced and instead focus on how cute she looks in her training panties standing outside Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom door waiting to bring them a surprise! “Come in baby.” Rob says as he lays on his back with a naked Phoebe straddling him in a cowgirl position. April steps in the room and immediately blushes at the sight of the two naked lovers especially Phoebe’s sexy curves.. April feels like she could wet herself at how arousing it is to see a *real* woman’s body. Her hypnosis has made her arousal include a sudden urge to pee, this accompanied by trigger phrases means she wears protection most of the time. “Awfully brave of you to wear just training panties knowing we were making love little girl.” Phoebe says with a laugh. “I… I.. just wanted to show you what I drew.” The meek girl says suddenly wishing she’d at least worn a pull-up… “Aww, well let’s see it.” Rob says sitting up in the bed as Phoebe slides off of his erect penis and lays down against him. April says nothing as she feels a spurt of pee escape into her thick panties at the sight of Rob’s hard penis still in view. “Don’t you peepee on our floor little girl.” Phoebe snaps “I won’t mommy… but I gotta go potty bad!” She says dropping the picture on the floor and running from the room… A few minutes (and a potty flush) later, April gingerly walks back into the room finding Rob and Phoebe cuddling and having pillow talk. “Did you make it to the potty April?” Rob asks not even looking at her. “Mostly .. I only wet a little.” She says looking at the floor. “Well let’s see your drawing.” “Ok!” She perks up at the attention she gets and then grabs the paper and holds it up for them to see. “Well that’s a cute little unicorn you colored honey.” Phoebe says smiling. “Oh thank you! I drew it for Daddy but I thought you might like it if it was purple…” “I do! But I think we need to discuss your accident don’t you?” She says pointing at the wet crotch of the almost naked girl standing next to the bed. “It was just a little.” “Looks like a lot to me.” Phoebe says getting out of bed naked she pulls April to stand beside her as if comparing herself to the much smaller woman. “I mean what can we do with a pale skinned, short, skinny, flat chested little girl in pigtails that can’t help but peepee every time she sees a hard dick?” She reaches over and pulls down April’s training panties that hit the floor with a wet slap. “I mean, look at this tiny little slit. I bet she couldn’t even get it in there anymore.” “Yes I could! I’m… I’m not a baby!” April says folding her arms in and pout. “Well show us then “big girl”, go over there and get Rob’s dick hard and let’s see it.” April stands frozen to the spot, the idea that she’s about to have sex with a man for the first time in months both arousing her and scaring her.. What if they are right? She thinks. After all her labia and clit have both seemingly shrank down over the months…. Maybe she should back down.. but then she also thinks about how good sex feels and how even boring Rob was still pretty good in bed… she feels her cheeks flush… “Tell you what, you get over there and start off with a lil blowjob. We can go from there. Whatever you get accomplished will be the new limit for you as his soon to be wife ok?” Phoebe says starting to lead April to Rob’s side of the bed. “Come on baby, sit on the edge of the bed and let’s see what Mrs Bigshot can do.” Rob laughs and then takes position with April standing between his legs.. her heart racing, her knees shaking and her sex so wet it glistens along her slit. “Come on girl! Do some of that slutty dancing you used to do at the club. That will get him worked up.” April closes her eyes and starts moving around dancing to unheard music. In her mind she’s back in the clubs as the center of attention, all eyes on her moves and her charms as she grinds against a man or woman seductively, she turns away from Phoebe and Rob and starts twerking, hands on the bedroom wall… she feels the heat in her chest, the moisture building in between her legs… and then she stands and snaps her face around to look at the effect her gyrations are having on her viewers when she sees Rob smiling and Phoebe covering her mouth because she is laughing.. “What’s so funny?” She pouts.. “Honey! You aren’t in the club with your sexy ass, thighs and fake tits. You.. well here, just watch this video I made of you.” Phoebe says holding up her phone for April to see.. Instead of the sexy club scene woman she was, she sees what looks like a little girl trying to copy their big sister’s dance moves. The only part of her body that could even be considered “grown up” is her pert little ass.. the rest of her is just too childish to take seriously. “Turn it off.” April says starting to cry. “Oh come on now. You wanted to show us what a woman you were. Here, let me help.” Phoebe says climbing off the bed and stepping over beside the meek woman. Phoebe slides down to her knees in front of Rob and then pulls April down to do the same, putting her between his legs. “Now show us baby. Show us what a sexy big girl you are.” April stares at Rob’s penis and then looks over to Phoebe. “Uh. Here… Take his cock in your hands and start working it. When it gets a little hard just put it in your mouth and show us what ya got!” April reaches and starts rubbing her fiancée’s penis and after a few moments it is getting erect. “There you go, now suck it.” April takes the shaft in her mouth and starts giving a decent blowjob. A few minutes into her performance she starts feeling that familiar pressure in her loins as her arousal builds… Phoebe whispers “You are such and good little cocksucker. Why don’t you rub that wet little slit of yours?” April keeps sucking and reaches one hand down finding that Phoebe is right, her excited “little slit” is literally dripping between her legs onto the floor! “Hmm…” Rob moans as his fiancée continues sucking him in a way she’s never done it before. He looks down at the naked woman and his arousal turns to scoffing thinking about how far she’s fallen. Of course this gets his juices going as well and he sees this more of a grudge fucking than love making. He looks over at Phoebe who is smirking at the flat chested April on her knees trying to prove what a “big girl” she is. Rob winks at Phoebe and reaches down grabbing Aprils pig tails and starts using them like handlebars grinding his cock in her mouth. April starts gagging but keeps going to prove that she’s still “got it” while Phoebe laughs at her leaning down and starts critiquing her “skills” at blowjobs along with poking fun at her diminished figure. The more she’s used and insulted, the more aroused April becomes… She doesn’t understand it but at the moment she doesn’t care as her arousal pushes her closer to the edge… she suddenly remembers that she’s supposed to have sex with Rob and she pulls her face away from Rob long enough to remind him. “But we’re supposed to have sex! Let me up so I can hpff!” Is all she gets out before Rob snatches her hair down forcing her to deep throat his cock. April doesn’t fight this as the idea to have sex with him is overcome with a desire to tongue his balls while her throat is used… “Look at you. Pathetic. You know you need to have sex or else you won’t get to again, but instead your slutty little mouth is hogging all the cock. You are just a little cocksucker.” Phoebe says slipping her foot under the girl’s ass and putting pressure on her dripping sex. April moans at the new sensation… “You want that cum don’t you?” “Uh huh!” April moans in response.. “You miss the taste of cum don’t you?” “Hmm Hmm!” She says around the penis in her mouth. “And thanks to your training now you will *crave* it.” Phoebe laughs. “Huh?” April says opening her eyes and looking towards Phoebe. “April loves cummies in her tummy.” Phoebe says patting her on the head… The trigger phase hits April immediately… she starts working the shaft and balls for all she is worth.. Rob is close to cumming…. “That’s a good girl, no more dick for your little slit, not when you want all that yummy cum in your mouth.” Phoebe explains. April is moaning in time with Rob… “Baby, give the little cum slut what she wants.” Phoebe says reaching over and kissing Rob passionately.. then she looks down as Rob tenses up “I’ll let the rest of that trigger be a surprise for you little bitch.” Just as she finishes speaking Rob erupts into April’s eager mouth shooting three large streams of cum into her throat. April never skips a beat continuing to suck his sensitive shaft….she feels her own arousal start to peak… she remembers something about needing to have sex with Rob “or else” but her excited little slit can’t wait another second.. the feeling of swallowing Rob’s cum too much for her arousal… she feels the orgasm rush over her from her mouth to her little nipples, to her belly, to her bladder? April suddenly gasps as her hand that’s been rubbing her clitoris gets soaked in urine.. a pool of piss forming between her legs as her orgasm finally hits her loins pushing her into the best cum in her life…. “Uh oh! Baby had a wittle accident.” Phoebe mocks. She picks up a towel and tosses it between April’s legs. “Clean up your mess.” “Wha.. what did you do to me?” April says starting to soak up the pee. “It was Rob’s idea. We decided that since you can’t control yourself and fuck anything moving, we’d make sure that you would think twice about cheating again… since now you only want cock in your mouth and cum pushes you into an orgasm, which make you empty your bladder. So enjoy all the dick you want, but you might want to put on a diaper before you head out to meet your next hookup.” Phoebe laughs. “In fact, since wittle April can’t control her pee-pee, let’s put baby in a diapee ok Daddy?” “Good idea. Wouldn’t want any more accidents.” Rob agrees. “Get up here and lay down Baby.” April doesn’t want to do it… she wants to fight back.. but then the idea of being regressed has her arousal steadily building up again…. Something about the way that Rob called her “baby” has her head spinning… she *wants* to be his “baby”, his “good girl”…….. she stands up on unsteady legs and then lays down on the bed. “Here we go.” Phoebe says handing Rob everything needed to put April in her first diaper… she giggles as April is put in a light pink puffy diaper and a sheer crop top also in pink with “I’m Baby” on the front. Her pale skin makes her stiff little pink nipples standout behind the material. “Just a little cutie isn’t she?” Phoebe says slipping back into bed. “She sure is, just a flat chested little baby that needs her diaper.” Rob laughs handing April a quilt and pointing at the floor next to the bed. April doesn’t need any instructions, she lays down on the floor and falls asleep.. Two months later and April finds herself in a crib in Rob and Phoebe’s bedroom. While they are making love on the bed, she’s grinding her padded crotch back and forth across a large teddy bear her “daddy” bought her last week. April’s hypnosis and training now includes an oral fixation so she typically has her thumb or a pací in her mouth, she also begs to give Rob blowjobs because she craves the taste of his semen. She doesn’t care that she must wear a diaper since his cum makes her have an orgasm. She just fills her diaper while he fills her mouth with cum. This morning she’s having a hard time cumming which she’s blaming on her thick diaper. She’s getting more and more frustrated watching Rob pound away on Phoebe’s slick slit and she’s learned that imagining her paci is a cock doesn’t cut it… As she hears Rob and Phoebe climax together she whimpers knowing that she isn’t going to get any of his cum and has decided that she can’t cum without it… “What’s the matter little girl?” Phoebe says walking towards the bathroom naked. She sees April staring at her lips, just a hint of semen collecting on the edges.. she licks her lips.. “You want some baby?” She says sliding a finger along her sex. April doesn’t reply.. she just sucks her pack harder. “Well come and get some.” Phoebe says sliding the crib side down. April crawls out on all fours and then smarts licking the standing Phoebe’s hot pussy. She’s lapping for all she’s worth and soon it’s Phoebe that is feeling weak… April wets her diaper as she cums and Phoebe moans grabbing her by her head and grinding her nose against her clitoris until she has a second orgasm. She lets go of the exhausted girl and she falls down on her hands in front of her Mistress/Mommy… “And this whole time you thought “I” was the lesbian. Who would have thought you were such and good cunt licker? …” she leans down “now thank me for feeding you.” “Thank you mommy… for letting me lick daddy’s cum out of your… your… “ Phoebe cuts her off “My adult pussy? And what do you have?” “Just a kid one…” April says keeping her face at the floor. “That’s right. I’m a woman and you are baby. Our little useless baby.” “Yes mommy…” A week later and April is as free as she’s been in months.. it’s her Bachelorette Party! Her girlfriends paid for a weekend in Vegas to celebrate her marriage, well they mean her continued river of money from her parents and how lucky she is to have a sucker like Rob that will be trapped soon enough. April has tried to talk to them about being caught and how it’s now HER being blackmailed but she can’t figure out why they don’t seem to care.. Or maybe she isn’t saying it right. When she tells them about what’s going on at home they all seem to ignore it and just laugh like she’s telling some big joke? She keeps trying to remember to record what she’s saying to them but she never remembers when the time comes… Landing at the airport they are already three sheets to the wind and by the time the limo drops them off at the resort they are already set to go get frisky with random men on the strip! “Hello ladies, I believe you must be our bachelorette party?” The sweet Asian woman says as they enter the doors. “That’s us! Time to send this girl off with the chump of her dreams!” Her maid of honor says laughing. “Oh. Um. Well we can have your bags taken up to your suite. Is there anything else you ladies need at the moment?” “Champagne I need to make a toast.” Another woman says. “Right away Miss.” A man approaches several minutes later with a tray of champagne glasses. “About time man.. good grief.” The tall blonde with the huge fake tits says holding up her glass.. “To us! To the men that are foolish enough to love us and give us their last names,” “and money girl!” (The thin brunette chimes in) “yup! the men that we’re going to send home drooling all weekend, and to all the men we’ve yet to fuck down the road!” “Cheers!” They say in unison downing their drinks. “Excuse me ladies, I believe you are due for your group massage and relaxation now.” The Asian woman says approaching with their keycards to their suite. “Massage? I thought we were hitting the strip early?” “Oh, I thought this would be a great way to start our evening!” April replies. “Shit, let’s get to it then! I hope I have a hunky guy that I can tease. Who knows, maybe he will get a happy ending!” The ladies enter their suite and find another tray with drinks awaiting them along with fresh robes. The 5 women all strip down on the spot and leave their clothing on the floor “That’s a maid’s job to clean up.” The Maid of Honor says with a laugh. April doesn’t strip, she enters the master bedroom saying she will be right back. She quickly takes off her clothes and then puts on her robe. While she’s been out in public with her friends the entire time since she was caught, she hasn’t shown any “skin” and none of her friends know about her diminished bust. She hopes the fluffy robe will hide everything… “So what now?” The blonde asks “The card on the tray says to have a cup of this herbal tea to begin the relaxation process.” The red head and only single girl in the group says taking a cup and passing one to each woman. They all take a seat on the three love seats and drink their tea awaiting the masseuses’ arrival. One day before the wedding… “You girls have a good time?” Phoebe asks the bridal party as they finish unloading their luggage from the limo. “Yeah! It was so awesome!” The blonde says giggling. “Glad to hear it. Did you girls score any men?” “Uh…. I don’t think we did…” “Oh? What about any jackpot winners?” “Not that I remember.” The brunette says looking at the rest of the group. “Wow.. So then what did you do the whole weekend?” “We relaxed in the suite? I mean. We got massages and had a lot of fun.” April says looking confused. “So you just hung out in the resort and didn’t go anywhere? Sounds boring for you guys. You have all he such little minxes in the past.” “Well whatever, maybe if you were more interesting we would have included you in the trip.” The blonde smirks knowing how much April hates Rob’s longtime friend. Phoebe scoffs and then looks at April and walks away. “God I hate that bitch as much as April does.” The brunette says picking up her bag. “Oh!” “What?” “I don’t know.. my shoulder kinda hurts.” She says rubbing her shoulder and heading to her car. “That’s funny. My ass has been sore all day.” the maid of honor says rubbing her right cheek. “Ok ladies, I’ll meet you all at the rehearsal dinner in a bit!” The sweet redhead says climbing in her sports car. Everyone heads their separate way to prepare for the evening. “Did you enjoy yourself little girl?” Phoebe says helping April remove her “big girl” clothes now that she’s back home. “Yes mommy.” “Did any of your little friends notice your teeny tits?” “No mommy… I changed in the bedroom.” “And after your bitchy friends were out.. Did you make mommy proud?” She says peeling off the training bra and leaving her in only a pair of thick cotton panties. April fidgets and then whispers “Yes mommy. I did everything you told me to do.” “That’s a good little girl. Mommy is SO very proud of you.” She pushes April to her knees and then turns around pulling up her dress and revealing her naked ass to the kneeling woman. April needs no more of an invitation as she dives her face between her legs lapping her sex from behind hoping for a little taste of her Daddy’s cum…. After a few minutes she whimpers knowing that there is none to be found, but she is pleased knowing that Phoebe has cum on her face. “Show me your new tattoo.” April stands and starts sliding down her panties. Phoebe smiles seeing the white material stick to her wet slit before hitting the floor. She laughs when she sees the tattoo just above her bare sex. A teddy bear with “spelling blocks” above and below that say “I AM A BABY” on top and “POTTY TRAINING FAILURE” below. “And what did you add to your little friends?” Phoebe says handing April a pull-up. “I gave them all matching ones that said “I’m a whore that will fuck anything that moves” with the QR code you gave me mommy.” “Very good!” “But I didn’t give it to Amy. She’s my redhead friend that was always a good girl that doesn’t sleep around… so… I gave her a sweet one instead.” “Oh did you? Well I guess that’s ok. She has always been nice to me. What did you give her?” “Her’s just says “I’m a Good Girl for Mistress” in pink.” “Aw. And I bet she will be such a good girl from now on.” Phoebe starts dressing April in a push-up bra. “Now let’s get you ready for your big night.” The rehearsal is a success. Rob and April look like they are in love and the groomsmen and bridesmaids are all set. The bridesmaids did seem a little “off” but for most of them their husbands (groomsmen that April demanded of Rob back during her more high maintenance days) didn’t notice. Arriving back home April removes her clothes and gets put in a fresh diaper by Phoebe. She’s left to watch a movie while Rob and Phoebe make love in earshot but out of sight. The sound of them having sex has April getting worked up… An hour later Phoebe enters the room and pulls April to her knees bringing us back full circle to the beginning of the story.. A small diapered woman licking away at the woman she used to hate above all else… After Phoebe cums the second time and changes a wet April into a fresh diaper she tells her she has a deal to make with her. “So all I have to do is come clean about what I have been doing for the last 6 months and then you will help me be a big girl again?” “That’s right. You go out there and tell everyone what a bratty little baby you have been and we call it even. You and Rob keep your money but everyone will know what a freak you’ve been pissing your pants and begging for cum.” Phoebe walks April to her crib and tells her she is sure she will make the right decision. “Well don’t you look beautiful!?” April’s mother says looking at her daughter standing in her designer wedding gown. The satin gown is perfect for April, hugging her body showing everyone just how toned her body is. You can see a hint of her muscles in her tummy outlined in the fabric, her push-up strapless bra gives her a hint of cleavage to the casual observer but April knows it is due to the silicone “falsies” she stuffed in the cups to give her some sort of breasts. Her hair is in a very beautiful up-do, and her 4” heels put her taller than her bridal party. Looking in the mirror April sees what she used to be. A curvy, sexy, long legged femme fatale. She smiles at “the look” she’s carefully created for herself today. “It’s time girls.” The wedding planner ushers the bridal party and April’s mom out of the room leaving April to make the guests wait for her to grace them with her presence… “You look good April.” Phoebe says entering the room. “I sure do.” She replies feeling like nothing Phoebe does today could ruin all of this. “So… I take it you didn’t tell the truth.” “No way! And no one will believe *you* if you try to tell them either.” “Oh baby!” Phoebe says stepping behind April.. “I won’t have to tell them. You will see.” Phoebe whispers into April’s ear and then she closes her eyes… “Such a good girl!” Phoebe says laughing at April. She’s watching April cutting her wedding gown to shreds with a pair of scissors along with her thigh highs, bra, and bouquet. She’s already thrown her heels into the trash can. April can’t seem to stop herself, and while she’s crying on the inside on the outside she’s smiling at being a good girl and her bare sex is starting to drip with arousal… “Ok let’s get our girl dressed up to show the world who you really are!” “Ok Mommy!” April smiles setting the scissors down. “I got it all cutted up!” “You sure did! Now here we go…” “Isn’t this just perfect?” Phoebe says positioning April in front of the mirror. April looks panicked for a second but then giggles at how cute she looks… Her hair in two pigtails with pink bows. Her patent leather Mary Janes with pink bows! Sweet white ankle socks with pink trim. Her wedding gown has been replaced with a white little girl’s party dress with several updates. The puffy cap sleeves remain, but the bodice is sheer enough that you can see her little pink nipples poking the fabric. Phoebe told her “no more silly bras on your nonexistent boobies”. The collar sits low enough to make sure everyone sees her total lack of any cleavage. The skirt portion is poofy enough to expose the crinoline beneath. It has three pink trim pieces with cute pink bows on the edges. Her white thongs have been replaced with a white diaper with pink trim along her legs and a pink bow on the front and back acting as the wetness indicator. Her bouquet has been replaced with a large pink rattle. Her “something blue” is a paci that Phoebe said she can use if she wants to but it’s clipped to her dress so she doesn’t lose it either way. “Well little girl, let’s go introduce you to the world. But first, a little something to keep you in your toes out there…. Bend over baby……” April’s father has a look of confusion on his face when his adult daughter steps up beside him to walk down the aisle. He shakes his head and then figures it must be some modern style that he’s ignorant too. Her diaper is barely visible and he remembers that some women wear “bridal diapers” but surely she would have worn a longer dress? “Hello princess. I can’t believe this is the way you wanted to look in wedding pictures down the road but I love you and you are a beauty.” April smiles and giggles when he kisses her forehead. As the music starts she looks at everyone standing and looking at her. Their gasps at her outfit are audible and she feels her bladder let go as they start walking down the aisle. Phoebe watches her pink bow on the rear of her diaper turn a deeper pink and laughs as the now wet diaper starts hanging further down. While everyone stares at the visibly wet diaper along with the rest of her clothing, April can only focus on how aroused she is getting from knowing that everyone sees her true identity! Her cheeks flush and her breathing picks up pace. She looks at her Groom and then the minister begins… As he finishes with Rob’s portion and he says “I Do” he smiles at April and says “Who’s my baby girl?” “Me!” April giggles “And who wants to be my good girl forever?” “Me!” April starts squirming “And who wears her diapers all the time?” “Me!” April feels her sex getting close to orgasm… “And if you want to have Phoebe be your mommy show me and say “I Do”. April’s face turns dark pink and she starts grunting….. “I……. *gasp*…… I……. Oh!! oh Daddy!!! *grunts* … I DooDoo!” She pushes the gallon enema that Phoebe gave her before she stepped out to meet her father out as she has the strongest orgasm of her life… Rob reaches over and steadies her while the audience watches her crisp white diaper fade to dark brown! “Good girl!” Rob says bobbing her on the nose. April doesn’t reply as she’s put her paci in her mouth and wiggles her butt back and forth to feel the warmth of her poo-poo moving around. “Now baby… Isn’t there something you want to say?” Rob says pulling out her paci. April looks confused then laughs. “Oh yeah! Sowwy Daddy! I sure do!” She turns to the audience and starts explaining how she has been a bad girl since she was little and cheated on all of her boyfriends. She talked about how much she cheated and stole boyfriends from even her best of friends (Even mentioning she did it to two of her bridesmaids). She talked about how much money she’s blown and how she lies her way out of any trouble she’s ever been in. She finishes up by talking about how she’s gonna be a “good girl” from now on and how happy her “kitty” is when she pee-pees in her diapers. “Is that all Baby girl?” Phoebe says walking down the aisle carrying a large pink bag that says “Baby April’s Uh Oh Bag” over her shoulder. “Oh yeah! I almost forgot mommy!” April giggles and wets her diaper again. She turns towards the bridesmaids and announces what a great time they had on the bachelorette trip to Las Vegas and says that while what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas she feels like it’s ok to tell what didn’t happen. Namely that three of the girls planned out a night of naughty sex with boys for her and themselves even though they are married or have serious relationships they cheat all the time. They are bad little girls too. The groomsmen look at each other wondering which of them has been a sucker and have cheating girlfriends or wives… “Daddy should I show them who the bad girls are?” “I think so, what happens to naughty girls baby?” “They get in trouble.” April pouts. “Well don’t keep us waiting baby. Show us.” Rob winks at his new wife. “Anybody want to admit they cheat before you can’t help but show us who you really are?” Phoebe says opening the diaper bag and taking out a fresh diaper for April. “Fuck you lezbo.” The tall blonde snaps. “Tsk tsk.” Phoebe says taking April by the hand and laying her down right there on the spot to change her. She tickles April’s tummy and she giggles pushing out a little more poop and pee. “There we go. Now we won’t mess up a fresh clean diapee will we baby?” April giggles and shakes her head no raising and spreading her legs for the upcoming change. “Well no takers. Guess you better say the magic words baby.” Phoebe says starting to change April’s diaper… “Ok mommy.” She looks towards the bridesmaids and says “Slick kitties and wet kitties aren’t the same thing unless they are.” All eyes are on the bridesmaids waiting for something to happen… The maid of honor scoffs and then walks over to her husband and pulls her dress up showing her pee soaked thong and says “See? I not a bad girl? My panties are still dry!” The tall blonde looks at her friend and says “but you did pee pee! You told didn’t you?” About that time someone points to her gown and says they can see the pee stains as well “Oh no! I pee pee too!” The brunette just starts sobbing and slips her dress over her shoulders leaving her standing in nothing but heels and a pair of soaked panties. Finally the redhead that never cheated but never stepped in and tried to stop her friends’ behavior walks quickly to Phoebe… “I’m sorry, but I was so caught up being a part of the wedding party and getting my little girls ready that I somehow forgot to bring my diaper bag. I’m so embarrassed… Would you happen to have a few extra diapers in there so I can get them cleaned up?” “Of course!” Phoebe says handing her entire bag over to the distressed woman. “Us moms have to stick together.” “Thank you! I knew I should’ve kept them in at least pull-ups but they all insisted on being in panties.” “Potty training.. what can ya do ya know?” Phoebe says finishing up diapering April. The new “Mommy” orders her “girls” to come get changed which begins a whole new round of crying and complaints from the trio. The worse of which is the brunette that starts stomping her feet and saying she’s a big girl that doesn’t need a stupid diaper. “Young lady you quit that this instant!” Her mother says slapping her thigh. Instead of stopping she starts clinching her fist and stomps her foot one more time before her face strains and to everyone’s shock a dark bulge appears in the seat of her satin panties. She reaches back and touches the lump and then yells “You made me poo poo!” At her “mommy” and then runs up the aisle and out of the building. An adult baby wearing nothing but one heel (she lost one running) and a pooped pair of panties. Phoebe smiles at Rob pleased to find that the hypnosis that April subjected her friends to the entire bachelorette getaway worked like a charm. The cheating sluts, exposed and now diaper dependent and the friend that should have stopped them now their Mommy to give them the care and attention they need. Epilogue: April’s parents tried to nullify the wedding but found that she and Rob had actually married 6 months before and April signed a prenup giving Rob control of all finances. Phoebe and Rob share a bed and for all intents and purposes live as husband and wife while April spends her time trying (and failing) at potty training during the day and masturbating through her wet diapers at night to the sounds of her “Mommy and Daddy” making love in her old bed… The rest of the wedding party now comes over for play dates and potty training help while their husbands live the bachelor life enjoying the freedom of “cheating” that their wives so long enjoyed…. The end
  21. Hi! My name is Allycat, and this is my short story "A Little Trance." The story is about a college-aged couple--Riley and Sonia--and Sonia's little weekend to herself. With all her roommates away, Sonia finally has time to fully regress! ...with only one small hiccup beforehand: Riley walking in as she's putting away some of her little stuff. Now Riley knows (and wholeheartedly supports!), and Sonia still has the time to herself! Just with one person knowing, and caring an awful lot. Anyway, this is the first chapter! I'm not sure how many there will be, but it'll get done Eventually(TM). I hope you enjoy : ) Chapter One “I’ll see you Monday, Maddie!” Sonia called from her bedroom, “See you then!” her response. A quiet exchange of murmurs and a pregnant pause filled the gap, punctuated by the door finally shutting. From her bedroom Sonia couldn’t see what held it open for so long, but she didn’t care. She had to clean before Ri- “Hey Sunnie, how’s my girl doing?” Riley swung open and leaned on the door frame, staring at Sonia’s back. Her face flushed pinker than the pacifier sat plainly on her nightstand, now swooped up and shoved away into a drawer as the door swept forward. “H..hey Riley! I thought you were gonna text first before you came in! How did you get in?” Sonia’s voice warbled and stammered, anxious and rushed out. She layered her worries with a smile, one that Riley read through easily. Her eyes betrayed her, imbibing like a doe’s in dusk traffic–Riley honestly felt bad. “What were you uh…what were you shovin away?” Riley inquired, trying to peer around her girlfriend’s shoulder. Instinctively, Sonia’s hands swung behind her and pressed against the handle as if to glue it in place. “N…N…nothing! Nothing nothing nothing! Just had to tidy up!” “Well, in that case, that’s not nothing, is it now?” Sonia’s face turned a shade redder than her comforter, in which she wished she could curl up and die. Sadly, Riley could bound the four steps over to her drawer, then turn and jump on Sonia if she began to melt away into shame. She would have to tell her. “Listen, Riley…” Defeat. “Yes…?” Concern. “P…please, can you just drop it? It’s nothing bad, I promise. Please.” Palpitating. “Sonia, listen…” Soothing. “...” Descending. “You don’t have to look at me. But I want you to know that whatever it is, I won’t push you on it. Though I’m sure that talking about whatever it is will be helpful. I promise I won’t judge you.” “...” Considering. Riley stepped forward. “ I think this is the perfect opportunity, Sunshine.” Careful step after careful step, covered by careful words. “It’s your choice. In fact, I won’t ask a single follow-up question. You tell me what it is, we’ll drop it and move on.” “...” Ascended. Riley picked up Sonia’s hands, now gently resting at her sides. They floated between their chests parallel to each other; unparalleled relief pouring through Sonia’s heart. “I love you, Sonia. I don’t want you to think there’s anything I’d judge you for, or anything I couldn’t look past.” Sincere. “...” Preparing. “A pacifier. An adult, pink, pacifier.” Pacified. … Severe, unadulterated angst. A quiet beat, followed by a shrug. “Okay!” Riley chirped, roosting the two atop the bed. “So you got the place to yourself this weekend, huh? Anything fun you got planned?” Sonia stared, dumbfounded. “That’s...that’s it?” She sighed. “That’s all you have to say?” “Oh, my bad! You said no follow-up questions. But that shouldn’t count as a follow-up question, should it? Does that count as a follow-u–” She stopped, slyly alert. “These do not count as follow-up questions,” She smugly tapped her forehead twice, then slightly dropped the act. “Unless you consider it such. Then I’m sorry.” Sonia blinked hard. “No, not that. I told you I have an adult pacifier in my drawer and you’re not even weirded out by it. Why are you so co “I told you, I wasn’t going to ask any follow-up questions. I think that was a fair compromise to offer, you know how I feel about this kinda stuff. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell me about stuff. If I’m being honest, I’d feel weirded out if you didn’t tell me what it was.” She paused again, delayed in tossing her hands and eyelids up in panic and shock. “Not that that wouldn’t be okay! But the imagination is a wondrous place. I would have had to assume it was like, a doll’s head or something.” Sonia couldn’t help but smile. “I think you want me to, though” Smirking. Sonia now couldn’t help but stutter. “I I I n n no! No! I just want to ke… Sonia jumped upward, trailed by Riley’s hand. “Hold on there, dear.” Riley held Sonia dead in her tracks. “We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. You only clam up like this when I’m right, and when you’re unbelievably embarrassed. And for the last year and a half, every time you’re wrong you’ve been the latter, too! So, admit it! You want me to ask!” “...” Desce Riley stuck her finger out toward her lowering chin. “Uhp! Not this time! Look at me and admit it, Sonia. You want me to ask questions.” Sonia strained her eyes slightly upward because she refused to move any higher, forced into meeting her supposed sharp stare. Eye contact stung like a knife’s edge, making her bleed into her cheeks. “Is it healthy for this much blood to be going to your face in one afternoon?” Sonia squeaked and buried into Riley’s chest like a toddler. She needed to get away for a minute, her object permanence regressing. “I’ll admit something first,” Riley replaced her hands onto Sonia’s back, holding her softly. “I’m dying to ask questions. But I’m not going to until you give me the go-ahead. It seems like this is something you’ve been wanting to tell me, but haven’t had the opportunity to. Or, rather, you’ve been too flustered thinking of it to even make an attempt. Based on this reaction? “It’s the latter again.” Soul-piercing. “You know, your blush really brings out the blue in your eyes.” “YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS!” Sonia muffledly screamed without missing a beat, having had enough of this embarrassment. Quietly, she quivered in Riley’s bowed arms, her arms quavering as she grasped her shirt. “Okay, what’s it for? Tell me everything.” Empathy. Compassion. Love. Sonia stilled, cooling into the comfort.
  22. Hey everybody! So excited to bring this chapter to you all! This story was inspired by an RP that is just so much fun, I just had to share it! Please feel free to leave a comment or review! The Misadventures of Thunder Bunny (Chapter 1) by Panther Cub As Jessica zipped up her suit, she couldn't help but beam with excitement. She looked into her full body mirror to see a grey-furred bunny in a pink and black leather jumpsuit, complete with a pink and black domino mask. "Thunder Bunny is here to save the day!" She said with a giggle, before taking a second to compose herself. Not wanting to waste anymore time, she opened up the window to her apartment, and leapt out. She channeled her ability and fired off a sonic boom that propelled her towards her destination, Zeta City's First National Bank. With a soft thud, Jessica looked up, now standing in front of Zeta City's First National Bank. So far, she had arrived before any law enforcement, but she knew that they wouldn't be too far behind, what with the Hero Association having deployed her first to deal with the supervillain inside. Jessica had read the file on the individual known as Mother Goose. The villain was pretty new, with very scarce info on her. Just that she was a female white-feathered avian. So Jessica approached the front doors with caution. She entered, looking around with her guard up. She saw the hostages, what appeared to be all of them. They were all unconscious... and she noticed a few of the sleeping bankgoers sucking their thumbs. Jessica moved in further, smelling the faint scent of baby powder. Before she could do anything about them, she heard a voice behind her. "Well now, aren’t you the cutest little thing I’ve seen." Whipping around, Jessica saw Mother Goose, dressed in her iconic light green Victorian style dress, complete with a green felt hat and large white ribbon, and parasol, and a black domino mask. Standing next to the large goose was a rather short tan-furred mouse woman. She was dressed as a maid with a pair of glasses over her own domino mask. The mouse was checking her clipboard. "We have some time in the schedule to allow for some witty banter with the superheroine, around two minutes." The mouse then returned to grabbing the duffel bags, resuming stuffing stacks of cash into it. "Thank you very much," Mother Goose nodded to her apparent side-kick. She turned to face the rabbit. "Before we begin our 'witty banter', I believe we should introduce ourselves. I am Mother Goose, and this is my faithful associate, Nanny. And who may you be, young lady?" "I'm Thunder Bunny. Now, are you gunna give yourselves up, or are we gunna have to do this the hard way?" Jessica smirked as she cracked her knuckles. Mother Goose tut-tutted and wagged a feathery finger in Thunder Bunny's direction, before glancing to the mouse maid. "Think we can schedule giving her a lesson on proper etiquette?" "Absolutely, ma'am, but we'll have to make short work of her." "You can stop speaking like I'm not even here," Jessica said, placing a paw on her hip, "For someone speaking about proper etiquette and all that noise, that's pretty damn rude of the both of you." "Please don't interrupt, dear. The grown ups are talking." Furrowing her brow, always having hated it when people treated her like a child, especially prevalent due to her younger-looking appearance, Jessica huffed and said "The hard way it is then," before raising her left paw and firing off a sonic boom at the two. Getting knocked to the ground as it hit the wall, Mother Goose looked at her assistant and nodded, reaching into her outfit and pulling out a gas mask and tossing a canister to Nanny. With a nod, Nanny pressed a button on the side of the canister and lobbed it at Thunder Bunny, donning her own gas mask. Jessica was about to blast it back, when it went off in a massive white puff of smoke. Jessica started to sneeze and cough, squinting her watering eyes in the direction of the two. The goose stood back up, walking over to the bunny as the powder cloud did its work on her. "Well, this wasn't how I imagined tonight would end, but on the bright side..." She leaned in as Jessica began to get weak in the knees, her head starting to spin. "... I nabbed me a little cutie like you." Jessica mentally cursed herself for letting herself be caught off guard, feeling oddly weak in her limbs. She then had a sudden thought, and clapped her paws together, creating another boom, this one clearing the cloud around her. Shakily, she tried to stand up straighter, but her legs buckled and she sank to her knees. "That's the last of the money," Nanny said, carrying three duffle bags over her shoulder, stopping down and grabbing another two, not showing the least bit of strain. Mother Goose smiled while she removed the mask, as she saw the hero was struggling to stand. She knelt down to her level, looking the hero in her eyes as she put her wings on her shoulders. "Aww, is someone getting sleepy? Don't worry, we'll take good care of you from now on, Thunder Bun." Out of reflex, she tried to shake off the wing-hands and tried to fire another sonic boom, but was quickly blacking out, still coughing. Mother Goose chuckled and rummaged through the big pink purse she was carrying, pulling out a white rectangle, which she quickly unfolded. Thunder Bunny's eyes went wide as she saw that it was a diaper. "Just relax, sweetie. You don't have to worry, you're in good hands," She said as she began to unzip the superhero's suit, getting the bunny ready. Jessica tried, desperately, to remain conscious, especially when she felt her suit being removed, exposing her sports bra and white panties. She squeaked after her legs came free from the leather, and then felt her panties being pulled off. She certainly did NOT like where this was going. Mother Goose rubbed the bunny's back as she soothed her, gently making her lie down. "There, there, sweetie. Just let me handle this from now on," She said, putting the suit and underwear in a pile next to her, in front of the Nanny, who pulled out a blue vial that she quickly uncorked. She poured the liquid on the pile of clothes, blue smoke coming off it immediately. Soon, it had all melted as a hole started to burn through the floor. Jessica whined and tried to kick her legs free from the goose's grasp, but was far too weak. Just as she blacked out, she felt something being shoved into her mouth that she tried to spit out, but found she wasn't able to. Mother goose smiled, popping a pacifier in the rabbit's mouth as she finished taping the diaper around her waist. There were little cartoon money bags and dollar signs on the diaper. "There you go, honey. Now you're properly dressed," she said, rubbing the padded hero's tummy. She looked up to the mouse. "So, think we can make a schedule for her?" "Of course, Ma'am." Jessica heard the words as though they were coming from far away, as everything went dark. Please don't let the news get video of me in a diaper... she thought, before the darkness swallowed her. * * * Jessica slowly started to come to. There was something in her mouth, but she wasn't sure what. She opened her eyes and blinked, letting the darkened room she was in slowly come into focus. She looked around herself, seeing what looked like bars. She wondered if she was in some kind of a cage, but wondered what kind of cage doesn't have a top. And there was something dangling above her, slowly rotating. Jessica faintly recognized the object above as a mobile, with plush carrots, slowly rotating. Jessica sat up, it taking all of her effort to do so, still feeling out of it, and felt something squishy between her legs. Before thinking to investigate underneath the soft pink blanket that covered her lower half, she looked around the room. She saw what looked like a set of drawers with a large padded table on top. She spotted some kind of a night light in the corner, where there was a surprisingly large rocking horse. The walls were all a soft pink. This looks like some kind of giant nursery... Jessica thought to herself, unaware that she was absentmindedly sucking on the pacifier still in her mouth. She threw off the blanket to reveal that she was wearing a pink t-shirt with some writing on it, a pair of childish pink booties, some pink mittens that appeared to be locked on her paws, and of course, a large and soaked diaper. Not a medical adult diaper. No, her eyes started to go wide at the sight of the baby diaper with baby-block letters spelling out "Little Stinker" across the waistband. Before Jessica could properly react to anything that was going on, be it where she was, what she was wearing or even the fact she had apparently wet herself, her train of thought was cut off by the distinctive sound of a door opening. Jessica, wobbly, stood up in the crib, holding onto the top of the rail, and looked towards the sound of the door. She was still sucking her binky, completely unaware. The door creaked open all the way, and two figures, a familiar goose and a mouse, stepped in. "Aww, hello there, sleepy head. Did you have a nice nap?" The goose asked in a condescending voice. "Modew Goof!" Jessica lisped due to her binky, pointing an accusatory finger at the goose. Hearing herself, she crossed her eyes, saw what she was sucking on, and spit it out. "You are under arrest!" Unable to help giving off a chuckle, Mother Goose simply put her wing on her hip, a smile on her beak. "Oh? Miss puddle pants is taking me to jail?" She asked, pointing her free hand between Jessica’s legs. "Now, it's not playtime yet, sweetheart. We need to get you changed." Jessica looked down, and let out a squeak, seeing the yellowed front of the droopy diaper. She pulled up the blankie to try and hide it. Nanny entered, smirking, and with a dry tone asked "Would you like a diaper change, Thunder Bunny?" "That's it!" Jessica said, taking a fighting stance and summoning her power. "Ah, ah, ah," Mother Goose said, wagging a finger. "Aren't you forgetting something, Thunder Bunny?" At that, she glanced to her assistant, who grinned. Before Jessie's eyes, she reached into that bag hanging from her hip, and pulled out something, letting it hang from her index finger. After a few moments, Thunder Bunny realized what she was looking at. "M-my mask," Jessica said, falling back on her padded bottom with a light squish, stunned, and feeling her face flush. The goose nodded, and approached the crib, stopping at the gate and looking down at the padded hero. "That's right, Thunder Bunny. It's your mask. And you know what that means, right?" She said, giving a smile. "W-what?" Jessica asked, sounding small, unaware of the Nanny approaching from behind and quietly lowering the bars. Mother Goose just kept smiling. "Yes, sweetie pie..." She paused, just long enough for the Nanny to reach into the crib, grab Jessica under her arms and pick her up. "We need to get you a clean diaper right away!" Mother Goose finished with a cheerful smile, as Nanny turned her in her arms. Jessica let out another surprised squeak, amazed at how easily the Nanny could lift her up, like she was an actual toddler, and then immediately tried to resist and squirm out of her grip. The mouse simply shook her head. "Don't squirm." She turned to a large changing table in the corner. "All you'll do is make yourself more uncomfortable." Giving a small grin, she added. "And we don't wanna let Thunder Bunny get a diaper rash." "I don't need this diaper, you sicko! Now let me down before YOU make this arrest worse for YOURSELF!!!" "Oh my," Mother Goose interjected, following close behind the pair. "Seems like she's getting fussy." Smiling, she held up another pacifier similar to the one Jessie spat out earlier. "Don't worry, I have exactly what you need!" And before the bunny could say anything, the goose shoved the rubber into her mouth. Jessica's grunts were quickly silenced as some strange instinct kicked in. She instantly began suckling. Her struggles tapered off, and her body went limp, a sense of calm spreading through her body. "Awww." Mother Goose cooed, as Nanny placed the rabbit on the changing table. "There we go, don't you feel better sweetie?" Jessica knew that what was happening was wrong, but couldn't bring herself to fight against it. "I'm a big giwl." Giggling, the motherly villain booped Jessie's little pink nose. "Of course you are, honey." She reached down, and gently gripped her ankles. "But for now, just suck on your paci, Thunder Bunny." She lifted up her legs, and the Nanny reached up and gripped the tape on the front of the plastic. "You'll be clean before you know it." Jessica weakly tried to struggle as her diaper was opened and removed. She jumped a little at the feeling of the baby wipes, but could do nothing. She teared up a little as she smelled the baby powder, and felt herself being lowered on the fresh diaper. Mother Goose hummed as the new fresh diaper was brought up, the big baby bunny's fluffy white tail being brought through a tiny tail hole in the back, and finally taping the soft plastic in place, securing it to the hero's waist. "There we go, honey." She brought a feathered hand up, cupping it against Jessie's cheek, looking into her eyes. "Now was that so bad?" Jessica wanted to jerk her head away, but could only obediently shake her head no, confirming that it was not so bad, instead of what she really wanted to convey. Nanny gave a smile, and reached up to rub Jessie's tummy. "See, Thunder Bunny? A diaper change was exactly what you needed." "I down need diapews," Jessica insisted, sucking on her binky still. "No?" The nanny asked, standing next to Mother Goose while holding up the now balled up used diaper. Mother Goose was reaching down for the big baby. "Then why were you so soggy when we came in, hmm?" "You dwugged me!" Jessica said, struggling as she was scooped into the wings of Mother Goose, who carried her out of the nursery, beginning to bounce the distressed bunny. Walking down the hall with her charge firmly in her arms, Mother Goose looked down. "Sweetie, you needed to take your medicine, so that you could get all better." "Wiar!" Jessica said before spitting her binky back out, unaware that the Nanny deftly caught it, tucking it into her apron pocket. Mother Goose simply shrugged, opening the door into another room. "We can talk about that later. But for now." She brought Jessie up, looking her in the eyes. "Are you hungry, sweetie?" Jessica's stomach rumbled, just as she started to struggle. "This is humiliating! And you will let me go right now!" Ignoring her protests, Mother Goose sat the bunny down in a chair, which the Nanny swiftly brought a little table in, attaching it to the chair and locking Jessie's arms to her sides. "I heard your tummy rumbling, cutie pie. Let's get you some num-nums!" Jessica tried to summon her powers, but her humiliation kept throwing her off and preventing her from concentrating. She didn't notice the pink bib gently tied around her neck. Nanny smiled as the bib settled nicely against her shirt, and went to the cabinets as Mother Goose pulled up a chair in front of Jessie, sitting down so she was eye level with the bunny. "Now, be honest with me, honey," she said in a serious tone, before just as quickly shifting back to that friendly one. "What's your favorite food? Any flavor you like?" "I'll never talk!" Mother Goose tilted her head, glancing over at Nanny, who was returning the look, her hands over two green jars as she waited. She returned her gaze to the fussy rabbit. "Sweetie, it's a simple question. What do you like to eat?" Jessica bit her lip, loathe to tell her enemy anything. Weighing her options, she rolled her eyes and relented on this insignificant detail at least. "Strawberries." Nanny nodded, putting the green jars back and instead grabbing a soft red jar, closing the cabinet. Mother Goose smiled, and softly pat Thunder Bunny on the head. "There we go, was that so hard?" "Yes..." Jessica said, petulantly. The goose just giggled in response, as Nanny prepared the food, pouring it into a bowl. "Let's just get you a full tummy, okay sweetie?" "Let's just have you two surrender peacefully, and I will go easy on you!" Mother Goose once again ignored her comment, as a small bowl was placed on the high chair table. Mother Goose gave her assistant a smile as she took a spoon from the mouse. "Thank you, miss Nanny." The evil assistant simply nodded and curtsied as the motherly villain returned her attention to the hero, who was looking at her food. "No way am I eating that," Jessica said defiantly. "But it's strawberries, honey." She put the spoon into the mush, scooping it up and holding it up. "Nanny got this just for you." Jessica clamped her mouth shut, blushing at this infantile treatment. The spoonful of strawberry mush slowly began to approach her mouth, as Mother Goose said. "Open up, sweetie. The choo choo train needs to get through the tunnel!" Jessica turned her head away, determined not to give in... yet, when the spoon, smearing some of the mush on her cheek, touched her lip, her mouth opened up and accepted it. Her body quickly swallowed, much to her surprise. It was strawberry and tasty, but felt gross. Yet, she couldn't stop herself. "That's a good girl," the avian praised, as Nanny started making something behind her. The goose scooped up another spoonful of the mush, and playfully made more train noises as she once more approached the hungry bunny's mouth. Once again Jessica tried to resist, smearing some more on her face... and still accepted and swallowed the baby food. She was blushing as she started to accept spoonful after spoonful. This interaction continued for some time, Nanny watching with a bemused expression as she poured a warm substance into a bottle, and attaching a rubber nipple to the glass. Finally, after what seemed like forever to the bunny, the last scoop was made, and for what was hopefully the last time, it approached her mouth. Feeling oddly full, Jessica didn't try to resist, and obediently accepted the spoonful of mush, her body still automatically swallowing it. Mother Goose was practically beaming as Jessie swallowed the last of her baby food. "There's my sweet baby girl!" Setting the spoon and bowl on the actual table, she undid the latches, put the highchair table down and picked her up. "But you did get awfully messy... oh well, we can fix that soon. For now, I think you wanna wash down your yummy food with a nice drink, right?" she asked, taking the bottle from Nanny, who gave the bunny a smile and a wink. Feeling lethargic, Jessica turned her head away as the rubber nipple of the bottle approached. Once again, when it touched her lips, her mouth opened and accepted it. Her body latched down and started nursing it, while also relaxing, despite her trying to fight it. Both of her hands grabbed the bottle, but simply to hold it securely, not throw it away. Mother Goose beamed, cradling the bunny as she suckled on the bottle, gently grabbing the back of her head and rocking her back and forth. "That's it, sweetie..." she said in the gentlest voice possible. "Drink your baba. You love your baba." Jessica gulped down the liquid inside. It was creamy and sweet and, as much as she hated to admit it, it tasted pretty good. Soon, she suckled down the last drop, and felt herself being shifted in Mother Goose's arms. She was looking over the large goose's shoulder, noticing a folded hand towel over said shoulder. She felt a pressure in her stomach and lower stomach and groaned a little. Then came the gentle back pats. After a few pats, Jessica unleashed a massive burp, spitting up a few drops of the milk. Despite the humiliation of being burped like a baby, she was at least glad that the pressure was gone, completely unaware that she had simultaneously burped and filled her diaper. Both of the villains gave a knowing smile. Mother Goose gave the bunny a gentle back rub, from between her shoulders all the way down to just above her tail. "There we go, honey-bunny. Don't you feel better now that you had your num-nums?" "When I get free, I'm gunna take you both down," Jessica said, trying to sound as dignified as possible. "They're so cute when they commit so dearly to their pretend superhero games," Nanny said with a wink. "You may have dressed me like a baby, and be treating me like one, but I am still Thunder Bunny, and I will bring you both to just--OMPH!" Jessica started with her heroic speech, only to be silenced by the rubber nipple of a binky. Just like with the bottle, her body was working against her will, and sucking on it as well as physically relaxing. The Nanny made a faux expression of realization. "Oh, that's right! You're Thunder Bunny!" Her face eased into a more smug look as she pointed at their captor's rear. "That would explain why you've made such a big boom boom, after all!" "Huh?" Jessica said around her binky, only now becoming aware of the smell. She teared up in frustration, before noticing that she was being carried somewhere. She saw the bathtub... and started to piece together what was about to happen. She couldn't fight back or voice her displeasure, however, due to the relaxing binky in her mouth that she greedily sucked on. "There, there, sweetie pie..." Mother Goose's comforting voice returned, continuing to rub her back as the maid went to start the tub. "Mama will get you out of that stinky diapee, then we'll get you nice and squeaky clean," She said, approaching a countertop in the surprisingly large bathroom. "Mmmmrrrr, nomama," Jessica managed to mumble out around her binky as she was laid down on the countertop, the mushiness in her diaper making her whine. Soon, her shirt was removed, leaving her in just her full diaper. "Hush now, baby, let Mommy and Nanny get you all squeaky clean." Mother Goose then hummed as she undressed Jessie, who only managed to weakly struggle, while Nanny began filling the tub with soapy water. Jessica couldn't believe it, here she was, having her messy diaper opened and her bottom wiped, about to be given a bath like a baby. It went quicker than she was expecting, but it was still humiliating. Being set in the water, scrubbed all over with shampoo for little kits, praised for being such a good girl. "Yow can't dow dis! Imma awwest yow!" she said around her binky as she was thoroughly scrubbed. Both of the villains giggled as they continued to scrub away at her. "For what? Making you act your age? For doing what a mommy should do?" Asked the goose. Jessica then found herself being rinsed off as the tub was drained. "I'm notta baby!" "Hush sweetie, just let Mommy and Nanny work." Jessica tried to speak, but instead squeaked as she was wrapped up in big fluffy towels, being rubbed down all over. She was then scooped into Mother Goose's arms, cradled in the towel. "I think another nap is in order," she said, looking to Nanny who simply nodded. "I think you're right, Ma'am. Maybe some more time listening to her special lullabies will do Thunder Butt some good," Nanny giggled, reaching over to pat Jessie on her toweled bottom, making her growl. Jessica's fur floofed out and was as soft as a little kit's, probably from the shampoo. She was then laid down on the changing table in the bathroom, despite her struggling. The nanny held down her arms, while Mother Goose took out a diaper looking identical to the messy one Thunder Bunny was taken out of earlier. Unfolding it, she lifted up her legs as she said, "Now, let's get you padded up again before you have another accident." "I'm gunna make yow pay fow dis!" Jessie insisted, trying to struggle. The bird looked her in the eye as she slid the padding under her rear, and lowered her legs down on it. "Sweetie. There’s plenty of time for you to play hero in a bit. Let mommy dress you up." "I'm nowt pwawin'!" Jessica tried to struggle and managed to spit out the pacifier.The nanny deftly caught the pacifier, but oddly enough, refrained from giving it back to her. Mother Goose simply gave a sly grin as she pulled the diaper up between Jessica's legs. "Sure you aren't, honey." Jessica struggled some more, sneezing from the scent of the baby powder. She then found herself being lifted up, her arms and legs pinned, in a cradled position in the Nanny's arms, as she was carried back into the nursery. Giving the bunny a smile, the mouse lightly tickled her tummy as she said, "Let's get you dressed, and then you can go right back to dreamland." "You monsters better enjoy this minor victory while it lasts, because too soon, you'll be sitting behind bars!" They both ignored her words, as the Nanny gave her back to Mother Goose. The bird sat down on a chair, placing the hero on her lap, wings on her hips keeping her in place, as Nanny held up the shirt she was wearing before her bath. "Okay, Thunder Bunny. Arms up, please." "I can dress myself!" Jessica insisted, before suddenly giggling and lifting her arms in response to having her sides tickled. Holding out the shirt, she lowered it over the giggling bunny's head, her ears poking out of the small top hole before her head finally fit through. Keeping her still, the mouse guided her arms through their respective holes, before the tickling finally stopped. Now taking out the bonnet, the maid asked as she began to tie it around Jessica's head. "There we go. That wasn't so hard, was it?" "Knock it off!" Jessica said as Mother Goose ceased the tickling, immediately trying to take the bonnet off. The mouse reached forward, picking her back up off the motherly bird's lap as she asked. "Do we need to give you mittens, hmm?" Jessica growled and continued to struggle. Giving her a look, the mouse said. "Right, missy. You asked for these." Passing her back to Mother Goose again, the mouse reached into her bag, and pulled out two bright pink, fuzzy mitten-like gloves, each with a little strap at the wrists. Just as Jessica realized what was about to happen, the goose gently, but firmly, grabbed her wrists, and held them out for the Nanny. Jessica whined and tried to break free, but the goose was too strong, and soon, the mittens were slipped over her paws, and locked into place. "There. Now, Ma'am, I say that we put the fussy little princess down for another nap, at least until she calms down." Mother Goose nodded, looking a little sad. "You're right." Mother Goose, cradling the fussing Jessie, hugged her close as she stood and walked over to the crib. She planted a gentle kiss on Jessica's forehead, which like her binky, had an immediate calming effect. Jessie, now limp, was laid down and tucked in, the mobile above starting to slowly spin. "See you in an hour, princess," Mother Goose said, looking down over the rails with Nanny. The mouse reached in and popped Jessie's binky back into her mouth. Jessie didn't resist, instead just suckling. Jessica sniffled and wiped her teary eyes, hating the idea of being put down in her crib for a nap, she listened intently to them exiting the room and shutting the door behind them. Once she got herself back under control, she checked to make sure that she was truly alone. Now that she wasn't thrown off her guard, she could focus. Internally, she felt her powers, and smirked, still sucking her binky. She let her power build in between her padded paws. Pointing up at the ceiling, she let loose a massive sonic boom ball that ripped her mittens to shreds, and smashed the entire ceiling and roof outwards, revealing the afternoon sky. Without waiting, and hearing an alarm bell start blaring, Jessica focused, and leapt, each leap a sonic boom, until she was outside, in the air, and booming away. Mother Goose entered the now roofless nursery of the old abandoned warehouse and smiled while looking up. "Phase one complete. And now on to phase two." She chuckled as she exited out of the nursery, pressing a button by the door. A side of the pink wall opened revealing a giant digital clock, counting down. Mother Goose calmly walked out of the building and climbed into a black limo that had been idling out on the street. Once the door was shut, the limo started driving off, just before the building exploded in a fiery ball. Inside the limo, Mother Goose removed her domino mask and smiled into her hand mirror, beginning to apply some blue eyeshadow. "I just cannot wait to have my cute little bundle of booming fluff come home with me. She's going to have so much fun in her real nursery," she said with a chuckle that slowly morphed into a classic villainous laugh. WOOO! And that was chapter 1! I really hope that you folks enjoyed it, and tune in next time to see what next shall befall our courageous and adorable heroine!
  23. Elizabeth's Behavioral Modifications (Rewrite) Edited and Updated 11-18 Chapters 1-4 https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/326758372-elizabeths-behavioral-modification Plea For Help Greetings, I am Dr. Anna Christenson; I want to introduce myself and my finding on you to the Board and my Peers regarding the revolutionary behavioral modification program my team, and I have developed for unruly Individuals who tend to misbehave. We begin with our most recent case study. The patient was presented to us by her so loving husband, who contacted us on her behalf regarding her poor behavior. He described her behavior as an out-of-control teenager with the mouth of a sailor. I explained to Ryan that our behavioral Program is considered experimental at best as we are still collecting long-term data, and we couldn't charge him for services. Ryan understood these conditions and asked if we could set an appointment to discuss this further. I was initially hesitant, but something in his voice sounded desperate. I agreed and got his contact information for our intake coordinator to contact him with the pre-physiological questionnaire. Good Morning; I see everyone has gotten their coffee and treats. Let's discuss our caseloads and possibly new candidates. Let's start with a quick update on patients; Alisson's responded after looking at her notes. Adma is doing great with his continued hormone the virtual environment therapy sessions; Greg and Sarah have been transitioned to the daycare program while their caregiver is at work with private one-on-one sessions with you, Dr. Christenson. Melissa, how are you coming along with the maintenance dosages for behavior control? Making excellent progress, Dr. Christenson. I'll have a new formula ready for clinical trials by next week, which should prove more robust and resilient. Ok, on to new business. In your folders, I present you with a 26-year-old female who shows signs of verbal abuse towards others while acting immaturely. Her husband has hired four life coaches to date. The first three quit, and the other was put into the hospital. The patient threw a vase at her. Her husband also says she has a mouth of a sailor. Please Let me hear your opinions. Can we help this young lady learn to act appropriately? Dr. Greg smirks; it sounds like she needs a good spanking and a bar of soap in her mouth for that kind of language; nurse Heart says, we all know you'd enjoy that way too much, Doctor, but I think she will be a good fit for phase three trials. After a few more comments, everyone agreed they had their next candidate, willing or unwilling. Alison, will you contact Ryan and set up an appointment for the first available in my calendar? Yes, Doctor. I'll make the call and get everything in motion for her. Good Moring, is this Ryan? Dr. Christenson asked to call you to make arrangements for you and Elizabeth to come into our office for an intake appointment this coming Monday at 7 am if that could work for you. Please, pack Elizabeth a bag of clothes for her trip home. We'll have you done here in about 2 hours. We are sorry to admit that you must wait about an hour Before meeting the Doctor. This is entirely for Elizabeth's benefit, though. Ryan and Elizabeth arrived at the clinic with the ruse of them participating in marriage counseling. Ryan and Elizabeth buzzed into the waiting room, where the receptionist had already set out some breakfast pastries and drinks. Elizabeth jumped at the opportunity for free food and proceeded to have several cups of expensive coffee and pastries. Ryan just sipped a cup of coffee while reading an article on his phone. Elizabeth whined to Ryan that she forgot to charge her phone and was about to die and he should let her use his work phone to play games on. After an hour of waiting, Elizabeth was bored, and her whining turned into insults and profanity about Ryan being inconsiderate for not letting her have a new phone. Elizabeth demanded that the receptionist get off her lazy ass and get the Shrink so they could get this over with. The receptionist typed into her computer, "The Patient is ready. "Exactly 5 minutes later, Heart walks into the waiting area and Says," Good Morning; you must be Elizabeth and Ryan; please follow me to the therapy room. Nurse heart pulls out her access card and passes it in front of the card reader, unlocking the door to a hallway; as she escorts the couple down the hallway to a beautifully decorated office; The Doctor will be with you in a moment. I'll be back a bit when it's time for her physical exam. A moment later, A knock on the door; opens with a tall, slender woman entering who is wearing a lab coat. Good Morning you must be Ryan. It's a pleasure to meet you in person finally. I'm Dr. Anna Christensen, Head Psychologist, and you must be Elizabeth Ryan has told me so much about you and how much he loves and cares for you. Now Elizabeth and Ryan, what brings you into couples therapy? Elizabeth goes first, proclaiming her worthless husband will not provide for her and is neglecting her needs, thinking he should do more to help out at home once he gets home from work. After Elizabeth finished berating Ryan, I messaged The Nurse to come to get Elizabeth for her Physical so that Ryan and I could speak privately. A moment later, a knock on my door Nurse Heart entered the room with a clipboard telling Elizabeth it was her turn to take her vitals. After Elizabeth leaves the room, I ask Ryan what the real story is; Ryan begins with I am sorry for my wife's horrid behavior. As you can see, she has no respect for anyone and believes the world revolves around her. Elizabeth refused to work at home or find a paying job out in the town; as I told you on the phone, Elizabeth injured the last life coach I hired. She feels work is beneath her, so I am forced to come home, cook dinner, and do the housework before I get any free time. It is like living with a helpless child; I have to tell her to shower half the time because she smells horrible and is still wearing the same clothes from 3 days ago. I'm sorry, Doctor, for ranting like this, but I am desperate. Can you help us? I am so sorry, Ryan, that you have endured this, and why haven't you left Elizabeth? You have only been married for five short years. Ryan responds, stating he still deeply loves his wife and believes she can do better with some counseling. Ryan, this Program is an intensive program. We start with a five days inpatient program that will use medication and hypnosis to curve the destructive behaviors. At first, there might not be many new changes, but gradually over time, she will change and have those more desirable and appropriate behaviors. Now I do have to warn you that we have had some behavioral regression in this Program. The reversal does have the advantage that the patients are more docile and cooperative, and there have been cases of even infantile behaviors. Rayan Infantile behaviors! Like what? Well, Ryan, in all our cases, all the patients have regressed to the state of a small child. This state can last for as little as a few weeks while we work through her childhood traumas, so please don't be surprised if she has a few accidents. You did say you were taking care of a bratty child. How about a polite child? Ryan sat there listening to every detail, almost unsure how to respond. A moment later, Ryan calmly says, ok, but just one question, will I be washing her bedding more than the 2 or 3 times a week she is peeing in her bed? No, Ryan, we'll send her home with some appropriate nighttime attire for that issue. Ok, Ryan says what do I need to do to make this all happen? Nothing at all, Dr. Christensen says it began. My nurse or I will call to keep you updated on her progress this week, and you will take her home Friday on your way home from work. The Exam Meanwhile, Nurse Heart was getting Elizabeth's height and weight back in the clinic. While Elizabeth was taking her blood pressure, she began nervously shifting in her seat, asking the Nurse to hurry up because she needed to use the bathroom. Nurse Heart told her she would be done sooner if she could sit still to get an accurate reading. Elizabeth was dam near dancing in her seat when the Nurse took her blood pressure cuff off and then proceeded to have her put the thermometer in her mouth. Elizabeth was almost begging to be finished because she had to pee so badly. All done, the Nurse proclaimed. Elizabeth ran down the hall, trying to remember the direction that had come to find her way back to the bathroom. The nurse Heart followed, telling her they needed a urine sample. Still, it was too late as Elizabeth rounded the corner finding the bathroom just as she began losing control busting into the bathroom, ripped off her tight jeans, jerked her panties down in one motion, and sat on the toilet. While sitting in the bathroom, Elizabeth surveys her wet clothes to see how wet they are and convinces herself they'll be okay till she gets home in an hour. A moment later, there was a knock on the bathroom door. Nurse Heart asked Elizabeth are you alright? Is there anything you need? A few moments later, Elizabeth emerges from the bathroom and greets by the waiting Nurse Heart; Elizabeth, all done? May we finish with our tests before returning you to your husband? Elizabeth nods and" says yes, Nurse." Now let's get you down to the exam room so one of our fine resident doctors can do a quick physical on you to make sure you qualify for this Program. Elizabeth questions the Nurse what about Ryan? Oh, don't worry, Honey; Nurse Megan is taking excellent care of Ryan as he is having the same test down and some blood tests to check his testosterone levels, just in case. Hello, you must be Elizabeth; I'm Dr. Miller. I am here to give you a quick physical. Please take a seat at the exam table. The Doctor quickly checks her heart, asking her all the routine questions, asking when her last period was and if she has had recent issues with her bladder. Elizabeth answered that she had just finished her period and had no bladder issues since she was a teen. Dr. Milles asked her if he could do a quick OB exam. Elizabeth, now panicking, asked the Doctor if this was necessary. It's just marriage counseling. Dr miller responded yes; it is essential because there might be the need for medication to help her feel happier if the Dr orders it. We want to make sure there will be no unforeseen issues. Reluctantly Elizabeth lies back on the exam table, allowing the Doctor to remove her black sweatpants, revealing her white-soaked panties. Excuse me, Nurse, can you make a notation in her chart that our little patient has had an incontinence episode so that Dr. Christensen is aware of her minor issues? Elizabeth, did you have an accident? You just told me you don't have any bladder control issues. Did you lie to me? Trying to avoid making eye contact, Elizabeth said, "no, Dr, I'm a big girl only children pee their pants." You are correct, Elizabeth. Only children who can't control themselves wet their panties, the Doctor responds condescendingly. Nurse, can you get her some dry clothes and appropriate panties for her to wear, please? Yes, Dr, please excuse me. I'll be right back, Elizabeth; one last question has you got this year's flu shot? Elizabeth Answers no, Doctor, I have been too busy to make the time. Okay, thank you, Elizabeth. Would it be okay if I gave you your flu shot? You aren't scared of needles, are you? No, I'm not afraid I'm a big girl, and yes, you can give me whatever shots I need so that we get this dam appointment over soon. Okay, I understand, but language like that is inappropriate and will not be tolerated here, especially with Dr. Christensen. He disapproves of little girls using foul language like this. OH, I'm glad you're back, Nurse. I explained to our little patient that her potty mouth was not appreciated and not allowed in our offices. A moment later, Nurse Hearth returns with what appears to be a pair of sweatpants and a clean pair of panties for Elizabeth to wear, handing them to Dr. Miller while she walks over to the tall glass cabinet and retrieves three vials. Elizabeth is already lying on the exam table, and she instructed her to lift her legs up and then lift her butt so Dr. Miller can slide her pants on so they can see Ryan. Elizabeth hardly noticed as she was paying close attention to the Nurse's Heart, filling three syringes with clear liquids. Dr. Miller announces there all done. Elizabeth's attention snaps back to Dr mill just as he fishes, pulling up the sweatpants and what feels like some very bulky granny panties, not her bikini-cut panties. Elizabeth is confused as she begins to reach down her pant to feel her underwear just as the Nurse comes over to the exam table with the syringes in hand. Okay, Elizabeth, I have three-shot for you as Dr. Miller has requested, and you also agreed to know with these three shots, some of our patients might get a little sleepy, but it's okay and will pass quickly. Okay, here is the flu shot, your B12 shot, and lastly, some Ativan to help you calm down and help you act your appropriate age. Elizabeth begins to tense up as the user gives her shots, thinking how much she hates needles. As Elizabeth becomes very relaxed and begins nodding off, Nurse Heart steps out of the exam room and promptly returns with a wheelchair. The Nurse and the Doctor transfer her to the waiting wheelchair securing her with a butterfly harness. The Nurse comments to the Doctor, "I hope she can stay dry till Doctor Christensen is all ready for her" Therapy Hello, Doctor Miller. Is our little patient ready for her therapy session? Yes, Doctor, she is already wearing a pair of training pants because she already peed all over our guest bathroom earlier. Nurse Heart, can you please assist Doctor Miller with setting up treatment room 3 and go ahead and top off the diaper cart with some extra supplies for our little patient? Doctor Miller started her IV, so she is well hydrated. Nurse Heart, can you get her wired to EEG, EKG, and bladder pressure sensor? Nurse Heart, you perform a "DRE" Digital Rectal Exam on her, please? Doctor, It feels like she is slightly impacted. Would up like me to insert a suppository or give a micro enema now or wait, Dr. Christensen? No, we can work on that in our therapy session today. Okay, Doctor Karen, send her in! Start the dosing of Lysergic acid diethylamide -25 very light we want her to be open to new suggestions from the hypnosis script and let the drip go for 30 or 40 mins for that to take full effect. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Honey, can you hear me? Yes. And do you know where you're at today? Yes, and where is that? At School. What are you doing at school today? Swinging. Are your panties still dry? Yes, teacher. Thank you, Elizabeth. Nurse Heart, can you note on her chart that she regresses to about a 5-year-old level with our initial induction? Okay, let's begin again, a little light up and the IVs. We want her to be more aware and responsive. Elizabeth, can you hear me? It's your teacher Mrs. Christensen. Yes, teacher, Elizabeth responds. Are you being a good Girl today? Yes, teacher, I am a good girl... That's right; you are a good girl! Do good girls say bad words? No teacher. That's right, Elizabeth, a good girl, uses nice words. What happens if you use naughty words? Elizabeth responds by shaking her head NO. Elizabeth... Bad girls who use naughty words get spanked, and Bad Girls who miss behaving are sent to the corner for timeout... Do you like time out? NO Elizabeth responds Nurse Heart, go ahead and put the VR Headset on her and let's start the program one day 1, please. And we'll let her sleep while we eat our lunch here and let nature take its course, which shouldn't be much longer with all the high-fiber food she ate this morning. As everyone was finishing their lunch, they heard the familiar gurgling sound coming from Elizabeth's direction then the smell filled the room. Doctors, why must we use cloth training pants on the patients if we intend for them to make messes in their panties? Because Nurse Heart is part of the reinforcement program, they are not big girls/boys; only toddlers and babies mess and wet their panties. Okay, back to work, guys; I'll get the diaper cart while you Doctors do your doctor thing for her. Okay, Christensen was ready. I've stopped her IV, and there she goes peeing her already poopie patties like the baby she is. Doctor Christensen removes her headphone and stops the music. He calls Elizabeth, Elizabeth; what did I say about being a good girl at recess? Elizabeth shakes her head and says I was good, I promise. Elizabeth, did you have an accident again? No, teacher, I didn't have another accident. I'm a big girl! I see. Let me check your pants then and see if my nose is lying. You should be ashamed of yourself, and you said you're a big girl. Do big girls wet and mess in their big girl panties? No teacher. Elizabeth, can you tell me who pees and poops their panties? Little girls? Wet and mess up their panties. And what do little girls like you wear, Elizabeth? Diapers, "Elizabeth responds," Do little girls get to wear pretty panties? No teacher. Little Girls wear diapers. Okay, Honey, let's take you to the Nurses office so she can clean you up. Alright, Nurse Heart, your turn. Let's get her cleaned up and into something more appropriate. Okay, Doctor, give me one minute to finish up her notes. Did you ask her daddy if he wanted cloth diapers or disposables for her? We need to know by Wednesday so that I can submit the requisition order to the diaper delivery service with her measurements. for her diapers, rubber panties, and onesies. Okay, back to the business at hand. Elizabeth, still under the effects of the chemical cocktail Hurse Heart, "I thought you were a big girl; I was mistaken. You are just a little girl, aren't you? Elizabeth," making a pouty face, Nurse Heart says firmly, you are a preschooler; only preschooler make wet and mess their pretty panties as you did. That's not being a good girl. Now is it Elizabeth? It's okay, baby. The Nurse responds, let's get you cleaned up. There you go, all cleaned up; let's get you into these pretty diapers for the rest of the day. I know, Honey, these aren't your panties. You soiled your backup panties, so all we have is emergency diapers for you till your daddy picks you up with clean clothes. It's okay; I'll tell you, daddy, it was an accident. Why don't you lie here in my office and take a nap till it is time for your daddy to get you? Okay, Doctor, your turn. Okay, let's take her down to level 2. Do 2 hours of subliminal messages following up with 1 hour of post-hypnotic trigger words. The Alarm will sound if she wets her diaper and will record how much pressure is in her bladder so we can work on those levels later this week. The Nurse Heart, please let Megan on the Teen floor know that we have a new tween for her coming up at the end of the day. A short time later, an alarm begins to sound from the therapy room as Nurse Heart pushes around a cart of supplies filling the cabinet before she goes home for the evening. Nurse Heart coos to Elizabeth while checking her IV to see if it is empty yet, who is still wearing the headphones, that she is such a good girl and you deserve a special reward for being a good girl. Nurse Heart walks over to a metal two-door cabinet and gathers the supplies needed to change Elizabeth's diaper and a new in-the-box magic wand vibrator. She begins by removing her headphone so Elizabeth can see her Nurse. Nurse Heart unpins her wet diaper and pulls the front down, exposing her cleanly shaven Vulva. Only good little girls who use their diapers get this reward. Nurse Hart applies the now pulsating vibrator to her Vulva and gently moves it in a circular motion as she gradually increases the power and speed of the vibrator until Elizabeth's Heart is pounding and she is breathing quite heavily. As Elizabeth's breathing slows and her body relaxes, Nurse Heart Turns off the vibrator, places it back into the box, and changes Elizabeth into a clean diaper. The Nurse places the headphone back on Elizabeth's head and allows her to nap until Megan calls down from the teen floor, saying her room is ready for her. A short time later, Elizabeth is wheeled up to the 3rd floor to a nearly empty secure ward that is brightly colored like a juvenile teenager's room. Nurse heart presses the call button when a heavy-set brunette woman wearing a lab coat approaches the door and buzzes her in. Hey Alison (Nurse Heart), how is our little Princess doing tonight? She had a fantastic first day, with about 8 hours of therapy so she might act a little bratty we're focusing on the usual week one phrase, "Elizabeth is a good girl," "Elizabeth is a bad girl," and if you need to put her in her place tell her is an "Elizabeth is being a brat," be warned she'll probably wet and mess with this phrase and embarrass the hell out of her with any luck. She is in a daytime diaper, but it's up to you now if you want to treat her as you did Sarah. With training pants till she loses her potty privileges, then heavy diapers. Go ahead and do the usual nighttime diaper for bed tonight. She is on diuretics and laxatives. Here is her medication box for dinner and bedtime. Her meds are to be crushed and served in a baby bottle or sippy cup with either juice or milk; Her med dosing is on the high si, so that it might help her in the morning with behavioral issues. We'll see. If she misbehaves, Doc said level one punishment, so Corner time and spanking if she pushes the matter. Typical age-appropriate bedtime pajamas for her and whatever you see fit for the rest of the night for clothing for her The Teen Floor Gradually Elizabeth is awoken by the sound of voices or a TV. She groggily gets out of bed to tell Ryan to turn the fucking TV down so she can sleep off her hangover. As she walks out of her room and yells and swears to turn the TV down, she stops mid-sentence as everyone looks and starts at her with their mouths wide open in shock. A Heavyset Woman wearing a white nurse's uniform gets up from a rocking chair and says it's okay. Let me get you straightened out. Jimmy, Why don't you let someone else have a turn at Mario? Hello, Elizabeth. I am Nurse Megan, and you are on the Adolescent floor for the night. Wheres Ryan? Ryan is probably at home after a long workday relaxing, and you are here at the clinic still. But I was just at the clinic for marriage counseling. I know, honey, But the doctor said your behavior is way out of control, and you need some more therapy to help you and Ryan get along better. Now sobbing and unsure of what to do next, Elizabeth is shocked when she hears Nurse Megan Say," Elizabeth is a good girl" and should come with her to the bathroom to get her wet panties changed for the evening. Elizabeth nods and responds, Yes, Nurse and follows Megan down the hall past several other bedrooms to a communal bathroom. Let's get you up on the changing table so we can clean you up now. Nurse Megan lifts Elizabeth's legs in motion, pulling down her wet sweatpants and exposing her soaked diaper. Elizabeth is almost in a daze and suddenly realizes she is not wearing panties. Still, she is wearing a diaper, not the panties that she was wearing this morning, or even the fucking panties she had to wear after the dam nurse didn't let her go to the bathroom in time, causing her to pee herself. What the hell? Why am I wearing a Fucking diaper? Elizabeth expresses. Excuse me, young lady, Elizabeth, that is being a bad girl; that is not how you speak to a caregiver, now is it? Nurse Megen lifted her legs even higher, exposing her butt to the air in one motion slapping it? Use this as your only warning if you use foul language here, you will be spanked with my paddle. Do I make myself clear young lady? Or do you need a handprint on that pretty butt of yours? NO! Nurse Megan! I'll be good. Now let's find you some age-appropriate panties. Let's see; I have little girl's diapers and preschool panties, Elizabeth cries, begging Megan for adult panties, not those ugly baby ones, and trying to convince Nurse Megan that she is a big girl and wears panties. Megan responded by saying according to what the nurses have said, there were several accidents today, including peeing all over our lovely guest bathroom and them messing in both of your big girl training panties during your therapy today; maybe I should keep you in a diaper like a little girl. Elizabeth was half sobbing and crying, begging not to wear diapers like a baby. Megan says big girls wear pretty panties, not little girls who poop in their panties. Elisabeth, what do little girls wear who wet their panties? Diapers Nurse Megan. And if I let you try wearing big girl panties, that's a big IF, and if you wet those panties tonight, does that mean you are a little girl? NO! I am a big girl. I don't pee my panties on purpose. Okay, Nurse Megan responds I'll give you a chance tonight to wear big girl panties till bedtime, but at bedtime, you will wear a diaper like the other kids here. Elizabeth Nods her head in understanding. If you argue at bedtime, I'll have to introduce my spanking paddle to your bare butt. Now young lady, about the mouth of yours, you used a bad word when you came out in the day room. I will give you A choice. Now you walk back out there and say you are sorry for saying bad words, or you can choose to take a time out in the time-out chair over by my desk, and if you continue to use bad words, I will spank that bottom of yours. Not what is your decision will you go? Say you're sorry for talking rudely or take a time-out. Looking confused and not remembering using any bad words, she told Megan she would be nice and say sorry. Elizabeth shuffled her feet back to the day room where the others were the kids playing the Mario cart and said in an obnoxious tone; I am sorry for being inappropriate. Megan flops on a couch by herself, pouting and watching the others play the stupid game. Elizabeth is more aware of her surroundings and notices that everyone in this room is an adult but acts like a kid. She also noticed a horrific smell from the man playing the game on the couch. At about the same time, Nurse Megan approaches, pushing a metal cart and asking who is ready for snacks. Everyone jumps up and grabs a cup with a straw or what looks like a giant sippy cup Megan hand Elizabeth a cut with a straw and a few containers of animal cookies and goldfish crackers. When the man so smelled walked up to get his snack Megan announced, Hold it right there, mister, I think we need to change your poopy butt first. Elizabeth ripped open her snack because she hadn't had anything since breakfast, and she was starving; throwing her trash on the couch next to her, and then proceeded to suck down her cup of apple juice. A moment later, a young girl looking about Elizabeth's age came bouncing in from another part of the room, still sucking what looked like a giant sippy cup. Hi, I'm Sofia. What's your name? Elizabeth responds, saying hi, to Sofia. I'm Elizabeth. Say you want to go and help me do a puzzle till they let us have a turn playing Mario. The boys always hog the Nintendo after school. Elizabeth having nothing better to do, says sure, gets up, leaves her trash on the sofa, and goes into another part of the room as Sophia takes her trash and now empty sippy cup to the bins over by Nurse Megan's desk. A short time later, the boys come running back into the room, crashing back on the couch, yelling it's my turn now, Sophia, oh that's Jimmy, and he's a big poopy pants. Suddenly Sophia looked up behind Elizabeth and said hi, Nurse Megan; I was making a new friend. Well, that's nice of you, Sophia, but Elizabeth left her trash on the sofa and needs to go pick it up and be a good girl. Now Elizabeth! Please clean up your mess and do like the other kids did and put your trash in the garbage and your sippy in the dirty dish bin. Elizabeth lets out a grown, rolling her eyes, gets up from the puzzle, pushes past another kid, and throws her cup and trash in the garbage in front of Nurse Megan. No, Elizabeth, you didn't listen, did you? I said the cup goes in the bin with the dirty dishes, and the trash goes in the garbage can. Now fix it, or I'll send you to the time-out corner. Elizabeth's mouth lights up without thinking again, "What the Hell? I am the adult here. Why are you treating me like a child?" you have no right to tell me what to do. Now pissed off! She grabbed the cup from the trash, threw it in the dish bin with a loud crash, and walked by Nurse Megan, muttering that she was bitch under her breath. Megan gasps well, "I guess time-out will not work for a mouth like that now, will it." Megan reaches over at lightning speed and proceeds to grab Elizabeth by the ear and a wooden object from the top of her desk, all while dragging Elizabeth down the hall, screaming and swearing toward her room. Once in her room, Megan told her to stand in the corner while getting ready for her spanking. A moment later, Nurse Megan ordered Elizabeth to come and lay across her lap. Now I am going to spank you for being a bad little girl. Pulling down her sweatpants and training panties, exposing her bare butt while keeping her panties in place, I am going to give you ten swats for using such naughty words, young lady. Elizabeth begins kicking and screaming NO, NO, you can't spank me. I'm too old to be spanked. Oh, I see, and what happens to little girls who use bad words? Elizabeth is still struggling. Elizabeth responds that bad girls get spankings. And is Elizabeth being good right now? No, Nurse Megan. Hold still while you get this spanking; smacks her butt with the paddle and says one out loud Elizabeth screams in pain with Megan, conveying now count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Okay, now that's over; let's change your panties; you are wet. Look like your sweats are still dry here. Let's put these on now. Please be a good girl tonight, so I don't need to spank you again. Megan begins to walk back to the day room. She notices her panties are thicker than she had a moment ago. Nurse Megan the panties feel weird. Those panties are our preschooler training panties. Let's see if you can keep those dry for the rest of the evening. If you have an accident, they should be okay and not leak. Nurse Megan tells Elizabeth to be a good girl and find Sophia so they can play Mario together and play Legos until cleanup. Elizabeth walked over to the couch and took the controller from the boy's. This game is stupid, and I could be home watching reality TV shows. Hey Sophia, can we watch TV instead of playing these silly games? No, we can't watch real TV here. We only get to watch movies here. A little while later, Nurse Megan came around again, passing big cups of juice this time as if I wanted apple juice or grape juice; I picked an apple juice. Nurse Megan said she didn't have any clean straw cups left for the night, so everyone got sippy cups and no complaining, warning us it was almost cleanup time. Nurse Megan disappeared again, probably going to bug the boys; thank God I was trying to win this race until Megan yelled clean up time. After cleaning up, everyone must go potty and wash their hands before dinner. I didn't want to stop. I was having fun for once; Nurse Megan walked over to Sophia and asked her if she was dry. While dodging her head around, Sophia was trying to see the TV, so she didn't crash in the race. Nurse Megan responds no; you're wet; you need to sit on the potty, change your pull-up, and take Elizabeth with you. She probably needs to go potty anyways. Elisabeth proudly says no, I am a big girl, and I'm still dry, unlike baby pee pee pants over here. Nurse Megan Says, "Elisabeth, you're being a brat, that was means," Sofia groans. It's okay, as she crashed her car in the game with Megan turning the TV off. Let's go potty, Elizabeth, before we get into trouble, as you did earlier today. As Elisabeth and Sophia walked towards the bathroom, Elizabeth suddenly needed potty because she had to pee and make poopies and began yelling she needed to go potty; Elizabeth tried running but just froze as she wet and messed in her preschool training pants. Nurse Megan comes over to Elizabeth, asking if Elizabeth is still a big girl and if she is acting like a little girl. Elizabeth, now standing with a yellow and brown puddle crying meekly, said I'm a little girl. Okay, let's get you changed; Sophia flies by, running to the potty and sitting on the potty. Moments later, Sophia, when you are done on the potty, you may pick out any pair of preschool training pants you would like to wear. Would you also please get a pair for Elizabeth while I find her some clean clothes? Nurse Megan says Sophia comes and picks out two pairs of princess-printed training pants and transparent rubber panties for them, about the same as Nurse Megan, returns from the lines cart one last pair of preschool pants and onesie for the evening. Elizabeth was less than thrilled by the attire. Once all dressed, Nurse Megan helped her off the changing table. Sophia took Elizabeth by the hand back to the day room to help set the table as instructed by Nurse Megan. A woman wearing a kitchen apron set out dinner trays and filled our sippy cups with more juice. Everyone was excited to see we were having chicken nuggets and pizza bites for dinner with steamed vegetables and rice. Nurse Megan said if everyone eats all our dinner, we could watch a movie and have popcorn before bed tonight. We were allowed seconds on the nuggets until they were all gone and all the juices we wanted to drink. After everyone had been excused from the table and cleared their plates to the dirty dish bin, we ran to the couches. We waited for Nurse Megan put a movie on. Okay, Sophia, you get to pick a movie while I take Elizabeth to her room to help her get her Pajamas on before the movie starts. Nurse Melisa and I walk back to my bedroom. Now Elizabeth is a good girl. Let's get you ready for bed so you can watch the movie. She then proceeded to undress and change my wet training pants into a thick cloth nighttime diaper and a pair of onesie-style pajamas that zippered in the back with a loud-click sound. After she finished, she told me I was a good girl and told me to tell Sophia it was her turn and to wait on the couch till the movie started. After everyone was in their nighttime diapers and pajamas, Nurse Megan put in the movie Sofia had selected: The "Little Mermaid." I didn't complain about the movie. It was okay, and Sophia seemed to be enjoying it. Nurse Megan joined us on the couches, sitting with us girls, bringing over a bowl of popcorn that we all devoured and sippy cups for the boys and me. As the movie continued, Sophia whispered something to Nurse Megan. Sophia, "Are you ready for your baba?" Nurse Megan asks. Sophia nodded yes. Sophia scooches into nurse Megan's lap. As Nurse Megan reaches over to the tray, picks up a full bottle of milk, and then placing into Sophia's waiting mouth, letting her snuggle until her bottle was all gone. As the movie ended, two boys and I were sound asleep, and Sofia was fighting to stay awake till the movie was finished. Nurse Megan told us it was time for all of us to go to bed, and she would be in to give us night time loves and to tuck us in momentarily; then we needed to be quiet while she did her paperwork and had coffee with Nurse Kathy when she came on shift. The Night Shift How did your evening go with the children tonight, Megan, " it was ok, Kathy, fairly routine we got a new one. She is still in the adult brat stage so she might be an issue come morning time. I had to lite her butt up once tonight. She seemed to have made new friends with baby Sofia. Oh, that reminds me, we need to adjust Sophia's bedtime program to level 3 tonight and that she has a pacifier tonight. How did the boys do tonight? Let's see, Jimmy and Stevie are on week one of level 3. They just had their hormone shots yesterday, so they are a little whiney; watch out for Stevie. He has been tugging at his cage, and it looked red when I changed him tonight. I'll have Dr. Milling check it during morning rounds to ensure it is not too tight. Adam did great tonight. He played with the boys most of the evening. He did ask if his mama would come to visit, but I think she had errands to run after she left for work, so she'll probably check in on him in the morning while he is down at the daycare. Adam stays at level 3 for another week until he starts sucking his thumb more often. At least there were no new notes in his chart about adjusting his program tonight. All their Bottles and headphones are on the cart, along with four new pacifiers. Ok, Great, thank you, Megan; kiss your princess on the head for me when you get home. Kathy poured herself a warm cup of coffee and set off on her rounds, taking care of the boys first with a quick diaper change and placing each of their headphones on their heads for some soft, soothing music for the evening. Jimmy and Stevie were sound asleep, both sucking their thumbs, and Kathy replaced the thumbs for milk bottles with their nighttime medications. On the other hand, Stevie was sucking on the corner of his blanket. Kathy made quick work of him, stopping ever so briefly to appreciate how baby-smooth his pubic region was. On to the girl's room, slipping into Sophia's room and slipping the bottle in her waiting mouth, and placing her headphone on was a piece of cake. Kathy slips into Elizabeth's room to find her sleeping facing the wall and glides her hand down to the hidden crotch zipper; she unzips the sleeper enough to slide her hand in to feel her warm diaper. She is not too wet and will be fine for a little bit. Her favorite part of the job was the week one babies, who are still adjusting. Not sure if Elizabeth would be willing to take her bottle yet, Kathy decided some snuggle time was to ensure she drank all her bottle with the nighttime medication in it; Kathy Slips into her bed and under the warm heavy blankets, allowing Elizabeth to roll over and snuggle her naturally. Kathy gently guided Elizabeth's head to rest on her chest, allowing Kathy to feed her the bottle and rub her back simultaneously. With a bit of rubbing of her lips, her mouth opens, and she begins to suck the bottle slowly, but she is doing well. Kathy eventually stops snuggling, whispering in her ear that she is a very good girl, and slips a pacifier into her mouth before adjusting her headphones for the night. Kathy does the same with the rest of the children swapping their bottles with pacifiers and whispering to each one in their ears what good boys and girls they are. Returning to her desk, Kathy types on the keyboard and, with a mouse click, turn on soothing music for each child. Making a mental note to probably change Elizabeth in an hour once the laxatives work their way threw her. Floating on Clouds Elizabeth walks back to her bedroom with everyone else. She is not sure what to think of her situation. If she argues or uses terrible words, Nurse Melisa will spank her again, but if she acts like everyone else, it is not so bad except for the wetting my panties thing. I had never peed my panties like this before, except for the occasional accident. Nurse Melissa shouts. "Ok, kids, lights out. I'll be around a bit to tuck you all in and give you bedtime, loves." A few minutes later, Nurse Malisa comes in, pulls up a thick heavy comforter, and tucks me in, kissing my forehead, telling me to be a good girl and sweet dreams, princess. Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth, where are you, silly? I hear a familiar voice calling, but I don't see who calls me by name. All I see are other kids playing at a park. All I desire is to play; then I hear the voice again saying good girls get to play with their friends. As I run off to the swingset, my tummy starts to hurt, so I stop running; then I hear the voice again say, Good Girls, make poopies in their diapers; play with your friends. So I run off to play on the swing set. I swing for what feels like forever, going higher and higher until I feel like flying through the clouds. I fly through clouds with a blue waterfall flowing from cloud to cloud. I hear a woman yell snack time, so I fly back to the park, where a bright blanket is lying on the soft green grass. I join several other exciting children for snack time. As I am eating a snack, I hear Honey, you must be thirsty; let's get you a nice bottle of juice to drink. The woman tells me, good girls, drink their bottle till it's all gone, she reaches into a bag, pulls out my bottle of juice, guides the nipple into my mouth, and gently lays me back till my head is resting in her lap as I lay there slowly sucking and enjoying the sun shining down on my body, feeling all warm and tingly. I hear the voice again say it's time to get you changed. I lay there sucking my baba while she unsnaps my Jumper and unpins my wet, messy diaper. "I should give you a big reward for being such a good girl," The woman says as she pours lotion into her hand and slowly works it into my diaper area. I like this a lot. I spread my legs wide and let the woman's fingers work. A few moments later, I felt pulses of electrical shocks racing through me as the woman announced she was all done, closed up my diaper and rubber panties, and pulled her Jumper; ok, you can play some more till nap time. Rounds Nurse Kathy checks her watch, lays down her book that she has been reading out of boredom, and glances over at her security monitors, checking on all of her babies and making sure everyone is sound asleep for the night; their movie-time bottles should ensure that they all stay asleep for the evening. She puts down the terribly written romance novel one of the other nurses left for her to read. Getting up and stepping into her supply room, she emerges with her stocked diaper-changing cart and heads down the hallway with the cart in tow. Starting with her poopy boys, expertly, she unlocks and unzips the legs of each sleeper and removes their soiled diapers. Then uses her pocket lite and inspects each chastity cage. Making sure there was no poop anywhere on the cage, she removed their cages and put clean ones on them. When she was cleaning Jimmy's cage, she noticed how small he was now; she remembered when he first arrived, Jimmy was above average size, but now he was no bigger than 3 inches. Oh, Jimmy, you have been such a good boy, I hear. It would be best if you were rewarded. Kathy reached into her cart, pulled out a bin with Jimmy's name on it, and retrieved a rectal massager slipping a condom over it and slipping into his now lubed bottom. she then proceeded to do quick work of bringing jimmy to an orgasm and obtain semen sample for the lab. In contrast, jimmy lay there sucking on his pacifier. She gives him his reward as she brings him to another orgasm, making sure he is adequately drained of semen, and he slows his sucking. Kathy takes a baby wipe and cleans him up, applying a heavy coat of barrier cream and powder, then locking him back up in a new clean chastity cage and pinning him back into a thick nighttime diaper. Kathy makes her way to Sophia's room; she notes in Jimmy's chart about her rewarding him and producing a semen sample for the lab. Kathy quickly changes Sophia and rescues her stuffed doggy that had fallen to the floor. Her final stop of the night was Elizabeth's room. She turned on a small night light, adjusting it so as not to bother her while she unlocked her sleeper and pulled down her very wet and stinky diaper. She quickly cleans her up, tossing everything into the attached diaper bin on the cart. As Kathy glances at her chart, it doesn't say I can't reward you for the rest of the night. Maybe it will help you sleep better. Kathy reaches into a drawer in the cart and pulls out a small pink device designed for encouraging positive behavior. Kathy applied a liberal amount of lubricant and slipped it into her vagina with a moisture sensor wire sticking out into her diaper. Kathy then programs the device with her tablet to activate when the moisture sensor reaches 98-96 degrees with a ramped program until Elizabeth orgasms; then, the device turns off till it's activated again. Kathy could also manually control them from her tablet anywhere on the floor. After pinning the clean diaper back and snapping on clean rubber panties, she zipped and locked the sleeper back up. Kathy went into the bathroom, pulled out the now full diaper pail, and placed it by the main hallway door for the night crew to pick up when they drop off clean diapers and linens. After she finishes her rounds, Kathy goes into the small kitchen area and fixes herself a meal and a fresh cup of coffee. While eating, she pulls out her cell phone, opens her nursery cam app, and spies on her baby, who is sound asleep at home. Kathy sat back at the desk with her coffee and continued reading her book, tapping a button on her desk to reactivate the motion sensors in case someone tried to get out of bed like last night, glancing at the security monitors every once in a while. A while later, the alarm went off, indicating one of the kids was moving a lot. She mutes the alarm and looks at her security monitors. Seeing that Elizabeth had just rolled over to her stomach, Kathy turned her tablet back on and looked at the app for the vibrator, indicating it had just activated and turned itself off within 5 minutes. This process happened a few more times before the kids were gotten up. Morning Routine At 6 am, the door alarm sounded. Kathy was delighted to see it was her long-time friend Ruth, who had come in an hour early to visit before Ruth started her day shift on the floor. She pushed in two large hampers of clean diapers and another card full of linens and children's clothes. There were five shelves on the tall cart, each labeled with a child's name and containing clean clothing and bedding. Oh good, you found a cleaJumperer for Sophia. She was upset she didn't have one to wear for school yesterday, and I figure she and Elizabeth can share till Elizabeth's clothing order arrives. Over the next hour, Kathy and Ruth worked together to get the ward cleaned up and ready for the day's activities. Shortly after breakfast and the morning rounds, the caregivers from the school program would arrive to collect the children for the day's therapy and learning activities. The two nurses worked quickly to get the kids up from bed. The first began with the three boys taking them to the shower room and stripping them out of their heavy soiled overnight diapers. The Nurses strapped each child into a tilting shower chair with a locking butterfly harness and wrist straps, preventing little hands from wandering while they worked. They then rolled them into the large oversized shower, where the nurse made quick work washing them down and doing a quick shave off any excess facial hair; since the Hormones and laser hair removal treatment last week, the boys now lacked any form of pubic hair making it easy for the nurses to perform their morning duties. Each of the boys was washed and then dressed in clean diapers and secure locking onesies before being allowed to choose their clothes for the day. After the boys were ready for the day, they were sent off to the playroom until breakfast. Next were the girls; the Nurses usually took extra time getting them all pretty for the day. Kathy woke Elizabeth up, removing her headphone and placing them on the nightstand in their charger for later use. Surprisingly Elizabeth was still sucking on her pacifier this morning, so she opted to let her keep it for the time being to see how long till she didn't want it anymore as a way to judge her age level today. If the smell in the room was not telling enough, the vast brown and yellow stain rubber was a sure sign that she was in a very heavily soiled diaper. Still groggy, Kathy helped Elizabeth out of her locking sleeper into the waiting shower chair, where Kathy secured her with a locking neoprene butterfly harness to prevent her from falling out and hurting herself. Once they were in the shower room, she removed the heavily stained diaper. At that moment, Elizabeth begins to moan through her pacifier, breathing heavily as a stream of pee through the over-saturated diaper onto the floor. Kathy noticing that she is peeing, immediately begins to praise her telling her what a good girl she is and that a good girl gets rewards. Let's give you a break as Kathy removes the vibrator from her and places it into the bin to be cleaned later. Kathy went to work scrubbing her down in the warm steamy shower. Elizabeth waking up from her groggy sleepiness, is enjoying the ever-so-gentle touch and soothing lullaby that nurse Kathy is signing. At about the same time, Nurse Ruth entered Sophia's room to discover that she was awake already, having removed her headphone and placed them neatly on her nightstand, which was still happily snuggling her stuffed doggy while sucking her pacifier. Nurse Ruth reaches out her hand to try to steal her precious passy was meant with a blocking hand and her head shaking NO. It's mine in a baby voice. Ok, princess, hop up into the shower chair and let got get your princess parts squeaky clean Ruth helped Sophia into the waiting shower chair and strapped her in with a locking butterfly vest. Sophia loved her morning shower time, especially with Ruth, who knew how to make her feel special. As the hot water sprays over Sophia, she begins to relax as Ruth expertly scrubs every inch of her body, paying extra attention to her princess parts, letting her finger wander into Sophia's now waiting vagina, asking Sophia if she was a good girl last night for Nurse Kathy. Sophia spread her legs wider as the pressure began to build until there was an explosion of sensation and warmth. as Ruth removed her figure, a gush of pee poured out of Sophia onto the shower floor with nurse ruth telling her she was such a good girl as Ruth finishing up washing Sophia's hair as she is making a muffled whining sound though her pacifier that she needed to make poopies without missing a beat, Nurse Ruth whispered in her ear Good Girls don't need the potty to make Make poopies. Soon Sophia was grunting and pushing out a load of poop in the shower while Ruth told her she was a very good girl and would get a treat this morning. The Nurses took each girl into the adjacent dressing room, where brightly colored jumpers with matching tights and diaper covers were on the changing table. Now girls announce Nurse Kathy. Are you big girls today or princesses? Kathy approaches Sophia and asks if princess Sophia is a big girl because if she is a big girl, she could wear those great sweats pants and sweatshirt with training pants, or if she is a beautiful princess, she could wear this beautiful Jumper and matching tights. Sophia almost spat out her pacifier, announcing she was a princess and wanted the pretty clothes. Kathy approaches Elizabeth, still contently sucking on her pacifier and staring at the brightly colored Jumper. Elizabeth, you know good girls wear Jumpers and tight, right? Only big girls wear ugly clothes with yukky training panties; you know you want to be a princess today, don't you? You did not like those yukky cold wet training panties yesterday! Elizabeth is now screaming in her mind that she is a big girl. Still, while staring at that beautiful Jumpers, she slowly nodded her head yes and pointed to the Brightly colored Jumpers for her clothing choice today. Elizabeth, that's a good girl. You make good choices. Nurse Ruth and Kathy do quick work dressing the girls and combing their hair into ponytails for the day. Kathy reaches into a bin under the changing table, finding matching pacifier clips for each girl. Before helping them down to the floor and escorting them into the playroom until breakfast time.
  24. This is my first time writing a story here, and to be honest, I probably should have started with something a little smaller, not some big multi-part thing I haven't entirely written yet. ----- RegCon An ABDL & Regression Story Chapter 1: Plenary Angel Ballroom, Day 1 Good morning everyone. I didn’t catch that. I said good morning everyone! I’m John Krug, President of the National Coalition for a Second Childhood. Parents—mommies and daddies—on behalf of the NCSC, I would like to welcome you all to the Seventh Annual Regression and Rediapering Convention and Expo! Welcome to RegCon! As I look out on this room of over two thousand loving and doting parents and caregivers, ready to usher their babies into the adventure of regression, ready to take the serious commitment to diaper-train their children, unleash their inner littles, and give them the delightful gift of Second Childhood, I can’t help but swell with pride of how our little gathering, in just a few short years, transformed from an impromptu meeting in a public library community room, to a burgeoning movement! I see a lot of new faces and blue ribbons in the audience this morning: First-timers who want to learn more about how regression can benefit their children and help them redevelop the innocence they lost, and how to make that dream a reality. Now I know many of you will be a bit apprehensive about everything you’re going to see here. There’s a lot to take in, and the regression journey is not one one to be undertaken lightly. Perhaps you’ve heard neighbors, friends, coworkers, or relatives tell you all about how regression improved your children’s lives. And perhaps you’ve seen wild and lurid “exposés” spreading all sorts of wild tales. But let me tell you, as you’ll all learn over the next three days, and over the coming years, you are making the right choice. For yourselves, for your little ones, and for your communities. Give yourselves a hand for choosing to crack through the wall of misinformation and learn about the love of rediapering! And I also see a lot of old friends and yellow ribbons: repeat convention-goers. Ask them. Ask why they came back, how regression benefited their babies, how they were able to compel the unwilling to transform into laughing, bouncing, carefree kids! Because this isn’t just a convention. This is a community! Know that there are tens of thousands around the country and around the world, ready to lend a hand. Every year, we do our best to create an atmosphere of learning and collaboration for new regressors and practiced hands alike, as well as hearing from some of the world’s utmost experts in regression techniques and technologies, to help you develop a comprehensive, customized plan, to guide your littles to lose their potty training, their adult worries, their sexual urges, and their troublesome independence and rebelliousness, fostering a closer connection with YOU! Every time your little one wets or messes their diaper, or begs to watch Planet Ashley instead of the newest monster drama, or chooses to obey mommy and daddy instead of striking off, your closeness and love will only grow. This will be a deeply rewarding adventure for all of you! And repeat conventioneers know that if their littles’ regression is starting to fade, we also have aids to reinforce their babyish feelings and keep them close at mommy and daddy’s side. And yes, even if you’re starting to toy with the notion, as caregivers, that it’s time for progression, we can help you decide whether the time is right and guide your little to well-adjusted adulthood. The next three days are going to be very exciting, for you, and for us on the Steering Committee. Even though RegCon only lasts three days, for those of us who stage this event this is a job that lasts all year. I’d like to now ask all the Steering Committee members to please stand and be recognized. I would now also like to acknowledge the Convention Sponsors who helped to make these beautiful facilities a reality for us. We could never stage this event without their support. Specifically to recognize our Diamond-Level Sponsors: K&C Home Products, makers of the adult-sized Cutiez® diapers, Sleep-Tite® bedwetting underwear, and Daisy Girl® accident pants; VidiNet, who will be announcing a new season of regression-optimized streaming content; And the Rosebriar Academy, offering intensive diaper training and finishing discipline to young ladies who need to become little girls. A few housekeeping points before we move forward: If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register and grab your convention badge at registration out front. As I mentioned before, attached to your badge will be one of these stylish colored ribbons, identifying you as a first-timer, or maybe a practiced hand. Keep an eye out for orange or red ribbons; those are to identify convention staff and volunteers. We’re here to help! We’re asking you all to wear your badges visibly at all times; there are a few types of people we wouldn’t want roaming the halls here. On that note, we are expecting a small protest again this year. Convention and hotel staff are coordinating with the local police to make sure everything remains peaceful. I want to urge you all, don’t try to engage with any of the protesters. If you did bring your littles with you, it goes without saying, take extra care that they aren’t exposed to any of the ugliness outside. Not only will it confuse them and potentially damage their regression training, but, and I want to stress this has never actually happened before, there is a small chance one of them might try to “rescue” your baby. As you should know, in all our convention literature, we advise parents not to bring their littles to the convention, pre- or post-retraining. Un-regressed children might panic and try to flee or disrupt their peers’ progress. And even for a docile, fully-regressed baby, we just don’t have the resources to care for them here. There are no public changing facilities, and we don’t have a day care. Now we all understand that, when you’re caring for a little one, it’s not always easy to find a sitter, or plans fall through. Just understand that you are responsible for your child. All right, enough with the downers! Are we ready to get started? C’mon parents, it’s not that early in the morning! Are we ready to get started?! We have a jam-packed agenda for this year’s RegCon! Later this morning, Dr. Kathy Willett from Galbraith University will share some of the latest techniques in regression hypnosis, using bedwetting and daytime accidents as a departure point for full-time rediapering. She’ll also be talking about how understanding your child’s psychological makeup can help you set a more effective regression roadmap. We will also hear from Clint Jones, recently-retired Sheriff of Mason County, and his observations on how Second Childhood has worked wonders to rehabilitate habitual youthful offenders into happy little citizens. Sheriff Jones has become one of the biggest proponents of regression as the best way to keep rebellion from turning into recidivism. This afternoon, there’s going to be a dozen researchers on our popular pharma panel, talking about new developments in drug regression therapy. Gone are the primitive days of using muscle relaxers, diuretics, and stool softeners to force wetting and messing. Integrated regimens tailored to your little’s body chemistry get better, more natural results, without all the side effects. Plus, rapid developments in nanobot therapy! That’ll be exciting. Regressing and rediapering your baby is not something you have to do alone! This year, our exposition hall has been split in two! We have an upper and lower hall with a combined 230 vendors, offering everything from diapers, to baby clothes, to furniture, to harnesses, punishment tools, and local regression clubs around the country. You’ll want to take some time to weave through all the booths, so plan accordingly. One newcomer to RegCon this year is VidiNet. They’re going to showcase some of the new children’s programming they’ll be debuting for streaming, and a lot of it looks great. But what I really think is exciting is some of the parental control tools they’re planning to release next quarter that can allow you to alter and tailor their content to fit your baby’s regression needs. We won’t be fighting against pop culture anymore! Our keynote speaker for the Seventh Annual Regression and Rediapering Convention is Florence McKnight. Mrs. McKnight has really become the public face of the regression movement, through her video and social media presence. We’ve all gotten to watch as her 20-year-old daughter Isabel has metamorphosed from a stressed-out pre-med student to a sweet bubbly little toddler. I know there are more than a few people joining us here today who would never have considered regression if they hadn’t gotten to witness this amazing change, and we are honored that she’s going to share her wisdom with us tomorrow! And last, but certainly not least, year after year the most popular part of the convention, our regression roadmap workshops! Every year, it’s always a bit of a strain to make sure we have enough space for everyone who wants to develop a plan to regress their babies. But we pulled a rabbit out of a hat again this year and anyone who wants to train a new little, or wants to reinforce training on their current littles, will be able to find a seat. They’re not always going to be at convenient times, so sign up quickly! If you haven’t already done so, you can reserve a seat at the table next to registration. This is a wonderful opportunity to plan out how you’re going rediaper your child and encourage them to start wetting, the tools and techniques you’re going to use, the checkpoints to watch for, the support system you’ll have to help you both along, and, because it’s always good to have a plan until it falls apart, strategies to get back on track and adjust to changing conditions. If you do nothing else at RegCon, be sure to take this workshop! We’ve put together the best convention yet this year, and I’m excited to see not only how our event comes out, but the next group of littles freed from the pressures of adult life and shepherded into Second Childhood. We are embarking on a magical journey. There will be challenges and trials, but the joys of a babyish mind and rewards of tending to it make it all worthwhile. And before we break into sessions, workshops and panels, I would like to play for you a brief recorded message from someone very special to me. Her name is Janey, and she is my baby daughter. A week before she was to graduate high school, Janey overdosed on Adderal trying to study for exams, and had to spend time in rehab. Like too many young men and women today, she was under so much pressure to be perfect and edge out the competition that it nearly destroyed her. And that nearly destroyed me. But by some miracle, my wife and I discovered a small regression club in our home town. Like many of you, I thought it was crazy. But the alternative looked like a decade or more of moving in and out of halfway homes, so we took a chance on our little girl’s happiness. That was seven years ago, and the young lady who was once clamoring for pointless academic success has changed into someone better. Sweeter. Every morning, we wake our little angel and help her out of her crib. Our little fountain loves her diaper changes so much, not just because she can get comfy and dry, but she gets face time with the people who she loves, and who love her too. Getting to see the twinkle in her eye again after all these years, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want each of you to feel that same love with your own treasures. That’s our dream. Janey couldn’t come here today, but there’s something very important she wanted to tell you: “Hewwo evwybudy! Have fun at da coveshon!”
  25. Hi all! I'm Snazzy. I'm a long-time lurker on the story forums. I recently wrote a story that I posted onto my FurAffinity page. I figured that I would share it here in case anyone was interested. I have also attached the PDF of the story since I know this is kind of long (67 pages on Google Docs). The Retrain System By: Snazzy It was that idle chatter between gossip. Casual conversation between friends about this and that. Carmella could check out a little bit when the topics retread old ground or didn’t involve her. But there was always something new and thoughtful. Or at least something fun to hear. Something to pique interest. She sipped her latte. It was too sweet. But it wasn’t worth harassing the barista about it. She liked to think that she only pulled out the “Karen” card when it actually mattered. The book club was nominally about books, but in reality was more of an excuse to have a girl’s afternoon. Yes she read the books. Or tried, anyway. Who has time to read a 450-page novel? Carmella tried her best to split the time between her work and her kids and her husband and her own attempt at a novel, but… Thinking too hard about how one spends their finite time on the planet never ends well. And that’s too much for a cafe conversation. “And what about Jake? Noah mentioned he had some trouble with…” That’s it. That’s the good stuff. Carmella got out of her own world, her wolf ears twitching. Having friends with kids around your own kids’ age had its benefits. Kamille, the fox of the group (both literally and physically), always seemed to be armed with the most interesting bits to chew on. “Oh well, it’s a little embarrassing. He was butting heads with one of the players on the soccer team and things got… It’s a bit sore. Jake’s a good boy but he’s at that age where he likes to make decisions without thinking. He’s suspended for the week.” Saundra, a middle-aged raven, rubbed her temples. There was more than enough empathy from the group. Every mother here knew the struggles. This was different from hot gossip; this was relatable gossip. The kind where bonds are formed rather than broken. “You know, I get it.” Daria, the bear who looked far too good for her age, chimed in first. “I remember back when I played volleyball there was this girl who just wouldn’t shut up about my serve. I wanted to serve it straight into the back of her head some games. There’s so much stress when you grow up. I can’t imagine all that time spent online helps with it.” ~STRESS~ That word… Carmella focused. Why does that word have so much meaning? Something about it resonates with her… “You blame everything on the internet, Daria.” “Well I’m just saying it can’t be good for you to grow up with-” “You’re literally scrolling through ChikChok right now!” That got an unexpected laugh out of Carmella, which then bled to the rest of the group. It’s nice when the mood is able to shift like that. The group conversation continued on discussing the difficulty of modern child-rearing. Jake’s unexpected outburst had Carmella a little introspective. Her own son, Lucas, was in his grade. They were both about to graduate middle school. Carmella thought she had done a decent job raising him. They were decently close. He had decent grades. He was even in a few advanced classes and was doing decently! But Daria was right about the stress of growing up. When she talked to Lucas it felt like he was being pulled in a million different directions. Once Carmella felt like she had a finger on the pulse of her child’s life, but now Lucas seemed so busy all the time. The homework, the school politics, the puberty, the clubs, the hobbies, the… everything. It was all so much. Maybe that was normal, but it didn’t feel good to see her child barraged and bothered. It was clear that he was frequently stressed and his stress filtered their relationship. There had been shouting matches where Lucas and his father, Ron, had just… Well, Saundra put it best: they butted heads. As a parent, Carmella felt like she was letting Lucas down by allowing that stress to get to him. It was clear that his mood was in constant flux. It used to be so much simpler. Carmella’s thoughts were interrupted by Kamille’s voice. “You know my sister tried out something odd recently.” The conversation had clearly taken a left-turn while Carmella was again thinking a little too deeply. “I’m curious if any of you have heard of it. My niece was part of a study that was recently published. My sister allowed her daughter to be put back into uh… diapers as part of it. Like the whole way. What? Don’t give me that look, I told you it was odd!” “Are you saying your niece was… what, just wearing diapers as part of a study?” “No, I mean, she was UNpotty trained. As in they followed some method that put her back into Pampers. It was part of some psychological study by the university.” “I have seen some posts about that,” Daria chimed in. “I thought it was a sex thing, but it’s been on some parenting blogs and a couple of family ChikChok accounts mentioned it. It’s supposed to be for stress-relief.” “I have a hard time believing that going back to diapers would somehow be less stressful,” Saundra concluded. “Well… Does it work?” Carmella felt the twinge of awkwardness as she realized this was her first actual contribution to the conversation in the last few minutes. “I mean, what did the study show? Hopefully it wasn’t all for nothing. That poor girl must be mortified.” “That’s what has me curious,” Kamille leaned in, setting her coffee on the table and eying the group. “According to the study, after the initial shock settled, every single participant saw an increase in test scores, socialization skills, and happiness indexes.” “Get the fuck out of here.” “Kamille is right. That’s what I read from the parenting sites. It’s some kind of counter-intuitive thing. Like, by removing a physical stressor from them, you allow their minds to cope with their environment, reducing their overall stress. I’m not sold on it,” Daria seemed smug in her ability to always know a little bit about everything thanks to being glued to her phone. ~STRESS~ There was that word again. Carmella was thoroughly bought into the conversation. “I wasn’t sold on it either until we had them over for a cookout over Memorial Day. That girl was like a changed person. She was so polite and well-spoken and seemed to have so much energy. I’ve known her all her life and she could be a real handful. It was wild. She was in three AP courses as a sophomore because of how improved her grades were last year. The girl had to repeat 6th grade and suddenly she’s interested in school!” “Do you think they could have replaced her with a robot? Or a clone? Did you ask to see her belly button?” Saundra gave a cheeky grin over to Daria. Some sort of inside joke Carmella wasn’t privy to, apparently. “Maybe! Who knows! Gods, it was so bizarre seeing her with a diaperbag. I almost walked in on her changing herself in the bathroom.” Kamille seemed bewildered, an emotion quite unlike her. “This wouldn’t have anything to do with all of the teen-sized diapers I’ve seen at the store, would it?” The group turned to Carmella. “I mean, I just noticed that the Farris Peeter had some actual diapers that look like they’re for older kids when I was buying groceries the other day. Maybe this is some kind of legitimate marketing push.” “Goodness. Well good luck to them, I suppose. Noah seemed pretty shaken when he found out his cousin was back in diapers. I can’t imagine many kids actually want something like that to happen to them.” “My Jakey would absolutely lose it if I tried that with him. How on earth are you supposed to tell your kids you’re just going to unpotty train them?” “I don’t think you do,” Daria had been looking at her phone and seemed to have found something. She shared the screen with the group. “Look, this is the page that was linked on the Pinstagram post. It’s some kind of auditory thing. The program is called ‘The Retrain System’. It’s like a tape that you listen to at first and then there’s steps after that. It’s a whole package.” Saundra cocked her head to the side as she looked at the, seemingly legitimate, webpage. Carmella saw her eyes scanning the screen, reading. The phone rotated around, revealing the site. It was an FAQ page about the process and based on the scroll-bar it seemed in-depth. Carmella spied one of the questions. How Invasive is the Process? The Retrain System has been specifically engineered to minimize obstruction in sleep schedule and daily activities among participants. The instruction course details tips and techniques to maximize the enjoyment and psychological well-being of participants. Participants will find the audio files relaxing and therapeutic. The reduction in stress has been shown[4][5][6] to outweigh any potential disruption caused by the physical elements of the system. The process is also easily reversible, allowing for participants to return to their base state upon removal of the environmental stressors. Studies[7][8] have found that- The page continued on but the phone was snatched away by Daria before Carmella could continue. ~STRESS~ So much emphasis on that word in that page… “Hey Kamille, didn’t you try something like this for smoking back in college?” Carmella was fascinated by this entire situation. “Ugh don’t remind me. I still get the stupid narrator voice stuck in my head like an earworm. ‘Place both feet firmly on the floor…’” The fox imitated the monotone voice from the file. “I mean, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, but I feel like that was different. You can’t out-willpower a fox!” “You certainly could if you needed your fix at a party…” Saundra side-eyed the fox with a smirk. “Oh hush, that was a totally different me. But yes, I did use something like this back in the day. I’m just flabbergasted that,” the fox lowered her voice, “diapers,” her voice returned to the normal volume, “are somehow the solution to teenage angst. I would be wholly against this entire thing if I hadn’t witnessed the results myself.” Carmella knew that Kamille was a reliable friend. She wouldn’t bring this sort of thing up with ulterior motives or without feeling strongly on the subject. It was clear that she was trying to get the room’s opinion before solidifying her own. “I know what you mean. It’s so odd, but the science seems to back it up.” Carmella pursed her lips in thought. “Maybe it’s worth considering. I mean, I know Lucas is doing alright but… he just seems so… stressed. Plus we’re going to have to start thinking about college soon. I want him to have the best possible chance he can have in high school. We all want that. I know you feel that way about Jake.” “Of course I do!” The raven put her winged hand against her chest. “It just feels a little extreme. What if I make his situation worse? What if… I don’t know, I can’t imagine the boys on the soccer team will respond well to it. I mean, goodness, can you imagine him running around on the field in a big diaper? Shaking his tail feathers?” The phone-obsessed bear had been glued to the screen, scrolling up and down, clicking on things as she found new links. “It says here that several diaper companies are expanding their lines for teens and young adults. Where was it… oh uh… active-flex? Active-fit?” Daria was squinting at the screen. “I can’t see, it’s in the background of this announcement photo. I guess they thought of that problem before you did, Saundra.” “How convenient.” “Sorry to bring all this weird stuff up, everyone.” Kamille raised her hands, signaling for the halt of the conversation. “I promise I’m not trying to pull you all into another referral marketing scheme. I still have too many vials of essential oils at my house for my comfort.” “I have NO idea how you talked me into that. You are such a saleswoman, Kamille!” “I thought for sure that it would take off. I mean I refer my friends and then you refer your friends and… anyways! Did you all happen to read the book this week? I finished chapter 35 two nights ago and WOW did it pick up!” Carmella appreciated the change in direction. It was clear that this wasn’t a cut-and-dry development and that the group wasn’t of a strong consensus. Something about this whole affair really resonated with her, however. Her lingering worries and concerns seemed perfectly solved by this Retrain System. And unlike Kamille’s pyramid scheme there was actual scientific evidence backing the whole thing up. Surely it couldn’t be that simple? Just put your kid back in diapers and all their problems go away? She would have to talk with Ron. -- Lucas exhaled as he disembarked from the bus and made his way to his house. He tugged on his shoulder straps and shifted the contents of his bookbag. It had been his last day of eighth grade. The last day of middle school. He should have been thrilled about it, but he felt like he was lucky to be graduating at all. The last few weeks had exposed a major issue: despite his claims otherwise, he had been extremely close to flunking his science class. When his teacher contacted his parents directly to alert them, his dad flipped out and made him redo all the tardy homework assignments. It wasn’t like he was intentionally trying to fail, it just felt like he was barely keeping his head above water with all of the homework he had already! And that teacher was kind of a bitch, honestly. Like, was it standard protocol at all to call up parents directly? That had to be some kind of violation of privacy or something. It really wasn’t such a big deal: Lucas was able to get the homework done in time and it was no harm, no foul. He would have done it without the shouting match with his parents. Probably. You know what makes you really productive when you’re trying to remember the periodic table of elements? Having your fuming dad over your shoulder every five minutes. Wow! What a fantastic study method. Definitely not scarred for life from the stress of doing a year’s worth of homework in three days. So here he was, definitely going to high school next year, but JUST barely. His friend Jake had it worse, for sure. His suspension a few weeks ago had put him way behind and it had really messed up the vibes in the friend group. At least all that garbage was behind them and they could spend the summer focusing on doing absolutely nothing. Lucas noticed that both his parents’ cars were in the driveway when he made it home. That’s odd. Normally Lucas was the first to arrive home since both his parents had jobs. Of course, his little brother prevented him from having the alone-time that he craved. But at the very least he could avoid conflicts with Mom and Dad for a couple of hours. Which seemed like they were becoming more frequent. “Lucas, wait up!” The gray wolf teen rolled his eyes as he heard his little brother Martin call out to him. He put his hands on his hips and turned in place. The little guy was running from his bus stop and boy he really just chose to wear all that Pikachu bling, huh? Pikachu shirt, Pikachu pants, Pikachu shoes, a Pikachu hat, and a Pikachu backpack. Lucas was no stranger to video games but he liked to think that he was at least minimally tactful in how he dressed himself. Martin, on the other hand, seemed determined to share his obsession with the world. It was almost, ALMOST endearing. “Wait up? I’m not going anywhere. We live together, lightning-butt.” “Don’t call me lightning-butt!” The little wolf screeched to a halt in the middle of the sidewalk. “Mom said it’s not nice to call me names!” “Your pants literally have a lightning bolt symbol on them. I can’t help that!” The two boys completed the rest of the journey together. Lucas didn’t mind being an older brother. But it just isn’t acceptable to give your little bro an easy time when they’re being a turbo dork. And what could possibly be more dorky than that PokeManiac outfit? The door was unlocked. Not too unusual if parents are home. What was a little unusual was that they weren’t out around the house. If Mom came home early she liked cooking dinner. Dad had a model-painting station that he liked to spend his time at. Yet neither Mom nor Dad were there. Actually, their bedroom door was closed. Lucas’ tail lowered and squinted as he set his bookbag by the front door. “Hey Martin, go grab me a water from the fridge.” “Why can’t you do it?” “Just go before I like vine whip you or whatever.” The teen wolf was overwhelmed with curiosity. Maybe Mom and Dad came home to have sex? No, that can’t be right. Lucas had caught them only once, but he was pretty sure they waited until after bedtime to do that kind of stuff. They weren’t getting a divorce were they? Like, why else would you want to talk with your spouse in the early afternoon? He quietly made his way to the bedroom. “-sure about this?” “The guidebook says it’s fully reversible if we’re unhappy with how it turns out.” “A month ago and I would have fought you on this, but I think you’re right. It’s so much-” “Here’s your water, catch!” Lucas had almost no time to react to the water bottle hurling at his face. Yet, if there was one thing a canine was good at, it was playing catch. With impressive speed the teen lifted his paw and intercepted the projectile. It felt pretty cool, which was outwardly obvious by his involuntary tail-wagging. When Lucas regained his focus, he realized that the conversation had quieted significantly. His cover had clearly been blown. Curiosity made way for concern. As mature as Lucas liked to style himself (he WAS about to be a high schooler, after all), he still had that childlike concern when something unknown was happening with his family. “Mom? Dad?” He put himself sideways and leaned, as if facing the door was too direct. “Oh! Just a moment sweetie, your father and I were discussing…” Muttering sounds, totally normal muttering sounds. “The mortgage!” “...is the mortgage ok?” “Yes! Better than ever! Uh, we’ll be out in a moment, just have to wrap up this paperwork.” A reversible… mortgage? Was that like that thing that happened to grandma’s house? Dad seemed pretty upset about it when he heard whatever that actually was was actually happening. So why would they want something like that? Something wasn’t adding up, but it was clear that Lucas wasn’t going to learn anything standing at the doorway. He could ask about it over dinner. -- “So you’re sure you don’t have anything outstanding that would keep you from passing?” Dad said between bites of pizza. This would normally be a celebratory pizza dinner for making it through another school year, but clearly Dad was skeptical after the science class mix-up. Previously, this kind of dinner would be in front of the TV while watching a movie or a show, but in the interest of “family bonding” Mom had declared that no screens were to be viewed while eating dinner. It led to a lot of awkward silence during dinner. “Yes Dad. I promise. You can call up Mrs. Macintosh again if you want her to tell you.” Lucas still wasn’t happy that she called his parents directly. “Ok. You cut it really close this year, kiddo. You’re headed to high school. That’s a big step up. A lot of your teachers won’t accept that kind of late work. They’re expecting you to stay on top of things and be responsible.” Lucas ate his pizza in silence. This wasn’t the first “oh things will be different in high school” speech he’d had lately. “Your mother and I… we just want what is best for you. We want you to be happy and not have so many… problems.” “Ron, let's talk about that after dinner. So, Martin, how was your last day? Any surprises?” “Yeah! We had a big pizza party and then watched a bunch of ChikChok videos that Mrs. Franklin pulled up. Mom, what does ‘we are running out the clock’ mean?” -- Lucas was on his way to his room when he heard his Dad behind him. “Hey, champ, let’s have a quick talk.” He turned, attempting to give his most neutral expression possible. His parents were quickly getting annoying with their constant lecturing and lesson-making. But it was better to endure them now and have a peaceful summer vacation. “C’mon, in your room.” Lucas ascended the stairs and opened the door. His room was not quite yet how he wanted it to be. It was still in that transitory phase between a child’s room and a proper teen’s room. He had slowly accumulated some items of interest. Posters for bands and games he liked. A TV with a Ycube Series R. A desk with a refurbished laptop. His twin bed was in generic blue sheets. Two years prior and it would have probably had something childish like Double Week on it. There was also the accumulation of laundry on the floor. However, his dresser was the same one that he had as a kid, with primary color knobs against the white paint scheme, giving it an immature tone. His old toy chest was under the windowsill, with several Lego sets stacked on top (that he still enjoyed from time to time). Small items that had been added to the room from past years still lingered, like his old metal little league baseball bat and glove that was no longer his size, or some of the art he had made in elementary school. It was a room that showed a young wolf with one foot in the mature future and one foot in the immature past. There was also a cardboard box on top of the bed, which had not been there previously. “Sweetie, we wanted to have a talk with you.” Lucas wasn’t expecting for his Mom to also be up here. But alright, fine, if they wanted to have another group talk, fine, lets get it over with. His Mom and Dad stepped in and closed the door behind them. His Mom sat at the foot of the bed and his Dad sat in his computer chair. Lucas joined his Mom on the bed. “We know this has been a tough time for you, these last few weeks. And we know that you worked very hard to make up those missing assignments. Your father and I are proud of you for doing that and you know that we love you very much. We want to make sure that when you go to high school, that things are a little bit easier for you.” “Easier?” Lucas cocked his head to the side, then looked from Mom to Dad. His Dad had a neutral expression, looking straight at him. It was difficult to read. “Yes, easier. We found a program that will help you to relax and unwind while you’re asleep. There have been a lot of… studies that show that this program is very effective in reducing stress in young adults.” “Oh. So… what, like meditation stuff? Is that what the box is for?” Lucas turned to the nondescript box with no markings on it. “Yes, exactly, that’s exactly right. It’s to help you maintain a better mental state and… There’s some other things that happen down the road that make it a whole experience. Like I said, it’s a full program. But it starts with something like nighttime meditation.” Lucas wasn’t against meditation. He had picked up a book on spirituality last year when the family took a mountain trip. It talked about that kind of thing. But it also talked about communicating with trees. And despite several attempts sitting at the base of trees, the young wolf never got that to work. Maybe being guided by a program could actually make something like that possible. Not the tree-talking stuff; the meditation. His father chimed in. “The whole point of this is for you to have fewer issues when you’re in high school. It’s… for your own good.” Huh. That certainly wasn’t ominous. Lucas quirked an eyebrow as he continued staring at the box. When parents say things like that, it’s normally a sign that something you’re not about to like is going to happen, he pondered. But if his parents seemed set on having him meditate while sleeping, that probably wasn’t the most painful experience in the world. “What is in the box?” “It’s a special white-noise emitter that helps you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep while the… uh… meditation system is running. It’s specially designed to be responsive to changes in the environment so you don’t get woken up. And you don’t need to fiddle with it like a stereo system. We’d like to set it up and get it working tonight, if you’re ok with it.” Both parents were looking expectantly at Lucas. It was a strange position to be in, and one that caused him to pause and reflect. His parents were proposing this thing that they clearly had spent money on, but they were waiting for his approval. Huh. Maybe they actually were respecting his autonomy after all. They weren’t forcing him into some agreement that he didn’t want. While Lucas wasn’t convinced this would be any different than his attempts at talking with trees, there wasn’t any harm in trying it! If it works, he gets a relaxing sleep. And if it doesn’t work, they return it back to Nile or whatever place they bought it from. “Alright. Sure! Let’s try it out.” -- Lucas laid in bed, taking in his surroundings. He had stayed up watching TV downstairs while his parents worked to install the new sound system for him. Apparently it wasn’t quite as out-of-the box as they were hoping. He heard a fair bit of discussion coming from the room and his parents stomping around in his territory. He’d helped Noah set up a speaker system for an old vinyl record player and it had been a lot more complicated than either of them initially expected. So maybe speakers just weren’t easy to get working in general. When the grand tour finally occurred it was somewhat underwhelming. Speakers in the four corners of the room pointed in the direction of the bed, plus some cylindrical device next to his bed that everything was plugged into. Lucas’ parents had wanted to get it under the bed, but it was just a tad too tall to fit. It wasn’t a huge deal. So long as he didn’t jump into bed backwards or something it would stay out of his way. The device was set to a timer. His Dad mentioned that there were some versions of the device that tracked whether you were in bed or not and shut off as soon as you got up. Maybe that was more immersive or something, but the system seemed fine as it was. And since they didn’t even know if this would be a permanent addition to his sleep routine, it didn’t make sense to splurge on the deluxe versions. As he was in bed, Lucas heard the speakers crackle to life, emitting a white noise. Thanks to the direction of the speakers, it was an astonishing experience. The white noise seemed to surround and envelop him. Like, it was different than just having a stereo on or headphones in. It was a three-dimensional sound that was difficult to describe. He could hear and feel subtle shifting of the white noise as it played around him. It was surprisingly entertaining. The dull static ebbed and flowed, like waves, crashing against him. There was a comfortable rhythm to the changing of the sounds. It felt safe and secure. A reliable, easy, sound that maintained his attention while not asking too much from him. It was really an incredible experience. He felt as if he was gently resting on a pool of water, his body shifting and drifting with the whims of the waves. A reassuring tranquility that varied just enough to keep him interested and invested in the sounds, but never strayed far from the simple, contemplative hum. Without any effort or resistance, he was asleep. And The Retrain System began. -- The first day of summer vacation was always the best. The stagnation of repeated free and lazy days had yet to set in. Daytime TV was a fun novelty rather than complete misery (although not that it mattered much, since streaming solved the problem of being stuck watching soap operas and weird talk shows). The pressures of homework and testing were behind and the anxiety of a new school year had yet to rear its head. As Lucas awoke and made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself, none of these thoughts were in his head. In fact, his mind was void of anything of note. Perhaps this was the mental freedom of waking up with absolutely nothing needed. Perhaps it was the meditation system his parents had installed actually doing its work. Perhaps it was the single-minded nature of the body declaring its needs to someone with a full bladder. No matter the reason, Lucas was unburdened by mental notions this morning. The teen wolf stood in front of the toilet and relieved himself. He relieved himself right into his boxers. The wolf's eyes shot open as he felt the heat blossoming into the crotch of his underwear, rivulets of warm pee dribbling onto the tile beneath him. He clinched his bladder shut and stemmed the tide, preventing this accident from growing. He had only been peeing for a few seconds but it was more time than he generally spent pissing himself. He cursed and examined the damage. The boxers didn’t do much to actually prevent streams of liquid from passing through them. The staining and wetness on his boxers came more from when the stream stopped and slowed and was allowed to run down his thighs. The light grey underwear was undeniably darkened at the crotch and clung to him with damp stickiness. What on earth had happened? Lucas sighed and shook his head, stripped from his stained clothes, and used them to mop up the liquid beneath him. It was a bizarre incident, but that’s all. This was no different than when you dribble after using the urinal. Just a temporary lapse in judgment following a good night’s rest. He threw the undies into the hamper and finished relieving himself as he intended. -- Lucas grabbed the milk from the fridge and started the assembly of his cereal. The key was to pour the milk INTO the bowl. Not a lot of people really understood that proper technique, but it made all the difference. He was the first one up, which was pretty surprising. Normally he was a late-sleeper on the weekends. It was pretty common for Martin to be down here playing one of the many, many, many pokemon games that he had access to. As much as it was frustrating to have him constantly up in his business, Lucas genuinely appreciated his little brother. And if that kid could figure out a way to monetize his love of those collectable creatures he’d be set for life… “How’d you sleep last night?” Lucas’ Dad was dressed in an old shirt from some bank fundraiser and gym-shorts, his hair still a muddled mess. The classic early lawn mowing outfit. His earbuds were in his paws, ready to begin jamming out to Big Spicy Capsicums. Dad was a textbook Pepper Man. “Pretty good! I kind of just passed out. I don’t know if the sleep system thing really helped or not.” Lucas finished pouring the milk and started devouring the cereal, leaving the carton on the countertop. “Well, hopefully it helps. Make sure you tell your mom and me how you’re feeling, ok? If it starts making you feel bad we can always get Nile to take it back.” He started walking towards the back door, placing his earbuds in. “Oh, milk goes in the fridge, bud. We talked about this.” The young wolf sighed out a “Yes Dad.” It’s such a victimless crime, like, the cows have the milk in them for how long? And that’s like room temperature, before it even gets pasteurized, which he learned from science class last year actually warms it up further… Grumble. Grumble grumble grumble. Door open, milk in, door shut. Grumble grumble. “Good man.” -- The rest of the day was basically perfect. Lucas played far more rounds of Summit Luminaries than he even wanted. Like the indulgence of playing a game so many times that he became sick of it somehow made it even better. It was probably what those Roman orgies were like. Just doing something pleasurable so many times that you get bored and disinterested, which then spurs you on because the taboo of becoming fatigued by things you crave feels so delicious. That is to say, having the time and freedom to completely waste a day on video games was the absolute best. He even got the chance to play some matches with his friends in his squad. “Any plans for the summer?” Noah, a fox and Lucas’ best friend, inquired. True to his nature he was always asking questions and snooping around. Lucas had previously heard his Mom get upset with Noah’s mom because she liked to gossip. Noah wasn’t quite so open with what he learned, which made him more like the group’s confidant. “I plan on doing literally nothing. Usually Mom and Dad do a beach trip, so that might happen. Uhhhh I’ll probably end up babysitting Martin. Dude dude dude behind you! NICE!” “Mom’s letting me do a soccer camp. No no no ahhhh dang it. I’m downed. But yeah like I was expecting Mom to have me on lockdown after I kicked Scott’s ass, but she’s been really chill.” “You did not ‘kick Scott’s ass,’” Noah chided. “You shoved each other and rolled around on the ground for a bit.” “No, no, I distinctly remember that he was crying afterwards because I beat the heck out of him.” “You were both crying!” Lucas chimed in and Noah laughed. Jake, a raven, clearly wasn’t happy with his side of the story being disputed. “Ok like, I don’t know why you guys are being shitty about this.” “It’s ok man, you run circles around Scott anyways. You shouldn’t waste your time on him.” Lucas was genuinely impressed with Jake’s talent, which was obvious even back when they used to play rec league soccer together. “Are you excited about the soccer camp? You’re trying out for the JV team right?” “That’s the plan! I don’t really know what to expect. Everyone makes it seem like high school is the big… ahhh damn it. Good try y’all. Yeah it’s like such a big deal to play high school sports. It’s exciting but… I hope this camp gets me an edge or something.” Lucas was about to speak up when he realized something. The conversation must have been so engaging or maybe he had been distracted by the game, but now that he was in the lobby loading a new match, he had to pee. Like he REALLY had to pee! “One sec, brb!” He heard talking on the other side of the headset but paid it absolutely no attention as he dashed over to the bathroom near his room. The door was closed and the sound of rushing water (just a great thing to hear when you have to pee) echoed from the other side. Shit. Martin must be in there. “Hey Martin, you almost done?” “Huh?” The water turned off and the younger wolf poked his head out. He was wearing a beanie with some fiery cat Pokemon that Lucas didn’t recognize. Lucas really hoped that Pokemon merch wasn’t coming out of his college fund. The teen wolf's hands were shoved involuntarily between his legs. “Are you almost done in the bathroom?” Lucas tried to ask as calmly as possible. “Y-Um…” Martin looked down just a little, noticing his brother’s legs contorting and his paws wedged into his crotch. He gave the biggest, toothiest, shit-eating grin back up to his brother. “Noooo, sorry, I was just washing my hands before I went-” Lucas bolted down the stairs, not even waiting for his brother to finish. He knew this game. Lucas knew that the door would shut and a series of unfortunate events would play out resulting in him never being able to use the bathroom. That little twerp. You do that to your little brother ONE TIME and suddenly the tables turn at the worst moment. It was almost, ALMOST something to be proud of him for doing. If it wasn’t happening to Lucas specifically, that was. The hallway bathroom was little brother-free and unobstructed by any other bizarre incidents, thankfully. The relief of emptying a full bladder can never be replicated through other means. It is an entirely unique experience resulting in a sublime mixture of relief and ache. The muscles themselves contract and pulse, yielding to the demands of the body. Their overinflated state gives them a sheer tension that upon release is almost too great. The body knows what must happen, and it must happen in a precisely controlled fashion. The endorphins flow through the body, rewarding the accomplishment of successful navigation of this hardship. It is like a runner’s high, if that high could come from flying too close to the sun with liquid intake. Lucas was too busy pissing to contemplate such things, but they were all still true. -- The next few days went by in a blur for Lucas. The nice thing about having a vacation was being able to do nothing, but the downside was that doing nothing causes time to fly by. The meditation system that had been installed was doing a great job at giving the teen some of the best sleep he’d ever experienced. It was actually a little bizarre that he was excited to go to bed thanks to the calming effects of the white noise. He wasn’t spending all day thinking about sleeping or anything weird like that. He just found himself yawning well-before midnight and made the responsible decision to head to bed rather than stay up. In return, he had been waking with the most fabulous restfulness. The catch, however, was that this restfulness came at the expense of his morning bladder. It was normal to wake up needing to use the restroom, but the intensity of the morning urge was notable. When he awoke, it was a mad dash to the toilet that resulted in some extremely close calls. The incident with his underwear at the start of vacation was enough to get him to take care before peeing. He would center himself and run through the checklist of things to do. He’d pull the seat up. Then pull down his boxers. Then aim carefully. Then go. He was adamant about not repeating that embarrassment from earlier. The daytime urgency was also a continued event. It seemed like he was constantly getting so absorbed by whatever task he was focusing on that he would have to sprint down the hall to barely make it in time. The strangest thing about all of this was that Lucas found himself unable to view this change as odd. Yes, he was going to the bathroom with an aching bladder and it always seemed to be resolved just barely in the knick of time. But he was still making it to the bathroom. Nothing bizarre about that. He was just getting wound up with his attention sighted on other things. That’s fine, it happened to everyone. At no point did he even begin to make any connection between the newly installed speaker system and his potty urgency. Why would those two things be related in any way? -- “Why are you staring at me like that?” Lucas noticed that his brother was giving him an odd look. They were next to each other in the booth of a local chain dining restaurant, Diamond Thursdays. It was pretty fantastic, at least to him and his brother. For some reason his parents always seemed reluctant to eat here. Lucas didn’t get it. They had great chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks. That was the complete food package. “You’re squirming in your seat. It looks like you’re potty dancing,” Martin said in between bites of appetizers. “Martin, don’t talk with your mouth full,” his mother admonished. “He’s right though. Do you have to use the restroom, Lucas?” Lucas was genuinely confused. He hadn’t noticed that he was shifting in his seat, moving back and forth, with his legs intertwined. It was like he completely glossed over the physical state of his body. But now that he was made aware of his condition it was plainly obvious that he really, really, REALLY had to pee! “Yes! Oh crap, yes. Martin, move please!” His brother was taken aback by the sudden urgency. He wasn’t expecting to have to move so soon and was just curious about why Lucas was moving around in his seat. But he complied and stepped out of the booth. The whole time being pressured by Lucas to “move move move move!” The teen wolf scrambled into the dining room and nearly connected with one of the waitresses, who had to make an emergency rotation to avoid having her tray of drinks upended. There was a shout from behind him as he located the restroom hallway. It was one of those situations where the interior decorator made the strange decision to mark the rooms with non-descriptive terms in an attempt to be cutesy. One sign was a fish. The other sign was a sandal. What the fuck was that supposed to indicate? Lucas picked the one his muscle memory led him to, hoping that he wasn’t about to awkwardly barge in on a bunch of ladies. Thankfully he picked correctly, as an empty bathroom with a row of urinals greeted him. He staggered over and let loose. It was such an extreme release of pressure that he was actually whimpering as the pee flowed out of him. He could feel the physical relief washing over him. A tangible warmth, spreading out from his groin and draining downwards. His eyes were closed as he shuddered and placed a hand against the wall, bracing for this monumental effort. It felt so, so, so ridiculously good to get it all out. It was like he was being rewarded with a matching sensation of glow on the outside to match the pleasure of allowing his bladder to finally empty. Lucas was panting. That felt incredible. It was totally worth being called out by his little brother about doing the potty dance in the booth. He opened his eyes and lowered his hand onto the urinal handle and flushed. The wolf went to wash his hands, eager to return to devouring mozzarella sticks. As he spied the mirror, his reflection seemed off. Something wasn’t right here. He checked his hair, his fangs, his shirt. All fine, nothing noteworthy. His pants, on the other hand, were magnificently stained, glistening with wetness. The denim had darkened in a patch that originated from his crotch and spread down both pant legs. Down into his socks. He studied the mirror in disbelief, then looked down at himself, placing a paw over the stained crotch and tracing it along the inside seam. He pulled his paw back and confirmed that it was really, truly wet. He looked back at the urinal, perhaps expecting some freak plumbing issue to explain the situation, but was shocked to find a puddle beneath where he once stood. This couldn’t be happening. He had been so careful before. He always followed the rules. Check the seat, pull down your pants, aim, go. He… he hadn’t even bothered to pull down his pants. At all. He had totally missed one of the most critical steps and had somehow remained oblivious to it! The last time this sort of thing happened he was immediately woken from his stupor by the feeling of wet warmth on his body. But this time he had completely emptied his entire bladder into his pants and hadn’t even noticed until well after the fact! It was unbelievable. Something… something must be wrong. He must be feeling sick or something. That’s the only explanation. Lucas wouldn’t just go around wetting his pants for no good reason. He’s had eleven years of experience making it to the potty without any incident! Wait… wasn’t that… good? Lucas ran his hands along the inside of his jeans, attempting to rationalize this incident. He had such a long, unbroken streak of making it to the potty every single day, multiple times a day without any problem. Hundreds, thousands of times executed perfectly. This was a singular incident. If you compared this accident to the sheer volume of successes, this would be so inconsequential that it would be some kind of anomaly. That’s it. It’s an anomaly. Just a random blip that could happen to anyone. Sometimes basketball players miss free throws despite practicing them over and over and over again, and no one bats an eye when that happens. Sure, people want you to make it to the basket, but if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Wetting his pants was JUST like that! It was so minor and meaningless that it was barely even worth worrying about. So what he had peed his pants without even noticing? That was no reason to make a big deal out of it! “Hey buddy, everything ok in here?” The voice of a concerned father was one of the most disarming tones. The uncertainty and apprehension from a familiar voice that normally was confident and authoritative somehow made the situation less stable. “Y-yes!” Lucas was spiraling. He was barely able to rationalize what had just happened in any context that didn’t eviscerate his maturing ego. He hadn’t even begun to imagine what he would do to somehow make this acceptable to his family. He looked in the mirror, seeing his dad in the doorway behind him. He looked at himself. He was crying. “N-no it’s not ok. I… I pissed my pants, Dad!” It was a quick step-turn and he was straight into the arms of the older wolf, gripping him in a hug as tears of shame and humiliation streamed down his face. His Dad embraced him in an instant, rubbing his back and quietly saying things that Lucas was far too distraught to hear. What was going on? Why did this happen? How could he have done this after so many years of perfectly understanding his body’s functions? The two held onto each other for long enough that the soaked jeans began to cool and adhere to his legs. The warming comfort that had previously relished the accident faded and made way for awkward, unwelcome wet pants. Lucas’ Dad gave him a few more rubs on the back and then spoke plainly and clearly. “How about we get you home and get you cleaned up? We can get you in some dry clothes and not worry about this. It’s just an accident. It’s ok to have accidents. Everyone has accidents.” He held onto Lucas’ shoulders and forced Lucas back by a step. His Dad looked straight into his eyes. There was genuine concern in that gaze. And there was also love and acceptance. Dad was right. It was just an accident. No need to make a big deal about it. He could just get changed into new clothes and be good as new. -- It was an awkward trip home. Lucas and his Dad took the car back to the house, leaving his Mom and brother at the restaurant (with the intent to return shortly). The two didn’t speak and instead opted to listen to Big Spicy Capsicums, each song fading into each other as the percussive yet nonsensical lyrics filled the void. There was something exceptionally humbling about having help stripping the soaked jeans from his body. It was the implication that Lucas was incapable of managing that task on his own. Or maybe he would somehow find some way to screw it up further. But even so, the help was greatly appreciated and made the feat possible. There was no point in fighting for his autonomy here. He was just happy to have help. The teen felt his short fur, still slick with urine and decided to take a shower. He opted to stay behind when his dad returned to the restaurant. His appetite was diminished following the incident and he couldn’t bear to think of showing his face in the Diamond Thursdays after leaving with soaked pants. That place was officially off-limits for the rest of eternity, plus longer. Without much interest in anything, and especially without wanting to see his younger brother, Lucas shut himself into his room and went to bed early. -- “Well, we knew this would happen. It’s roughly right on schedule too.” Carmella looked over the guidebook that the Retrain System provided. They had laid everything out in the bedroom to make sure they had all of the components ready and accounted for so they weren’t caught off-guard. “It says that we should expect for the accidents to increase in frequency and that this is the most critical part of the program.” “I just feel terrible. He was shaking in my arms and… You know Lucas doesn’t cry much. I hadn’t seen him like that since he was a kid.” Ron paced around the room, his tail tucked between his legs. “We knew this would happen. It’s going to be the biggest speedbump to get over and then all the benefits should start building.” Carmella placed the book down and looked at her husband. She really appreciated Ron’s caring side. It was one of the things that made him so endearing. When they had met at a Capsicum concert ages ago he was helping a friend who was having a bad trip. They bonded over orange slices and overly-expensive festival water. That side had been slowly replaced with a much firmer, authoritative side as the boys aged. Seeing him like this brought back memories of their struggles as new parents, when every decision seemed hyper-important and worth overthinking. “Carmella…” Ron leaned against the dresser and sighed. It was clear that he was scared. Scared that he was making a mistake. She had seen him like this years and years ago. “I… Just don’t want our son to suffer because we made a choice without his consent.” “We did the research. We did our homework. The Retrain System is overwhelmingly positive. It comes up over and over. We saw it in that news segment the other night, remember?” Carmella was still getting used to being the authority figure in this scenario. She had to believe in herself. “This is for his own good. We have one shot to give him the best possible life he can have while he’s still under our roof.” “You’re right.” Ron looked down and then back again. “You’re right.” “You know I would never do this without you here with me. We’re in this together. We both want Lucas to be happy. I think this will work.” “I love you babe. You’ll always be my lil’ pepita.” Carmella smiled despite herself. It was one of the dumbest pet-names you could have and it came from a night when the drunken wolf didn’t know how to say “little pepper”. She was his lil’ pumpkin seed. Ron stepped away from the dresser and straightened up. “So what’s the next step?” -- Lucas woke up as he had the previous few days. The intensity of the strain on his bladder alerted him that he was in danger of losing control at any moment. Unlike the past several nights, where he had drifted off into a void of deep sleep without any memory or attachment to the physical world, his dreams that night were more active. He dreamt of his incident at the restaurant and what went wrong. There was a bizarre sense of comfort surrounding it, however. As he made his way to the bathroom, he briefly recalled feeling calmed about his accident. Instead of being judged or ridiculed or laughed at, he felt that he was not to worry, that everyone understood his predicament. That there was nothing to be ashamed of. Where he expected leering faces judging him and laughing at his failures, he was met with warm faces forgiving his accident and accepting his status. It gave him a bizarre amount of confidence as he prepared himself to pee. He shouldn’t be ashamed of having an accident. It was fine. It was normal. It happened to everyone. The toilet looked… bizarre. Nothing had been done to it. There were no obvious changes to it. But something about it felt uneasy, unnatural. Lucas stared at the porcelain fixture and it was uncanny. His heart was racing. Why? It was just the toilet. He had intimate familiarity with it and a hundred others just like it. But when he looked at this it felt so wrong. The shape was off putting. The geometry offended his perception. His vision swam as he tried to analyze it. Lucas reached out his paw to raise the seat and recoiled as he touched the cold lid. It was like an icicle had pierced his hand. He inhaled and grabbed it again, pulling it up in one swift motion. It felt like a monumental task and his body surged with adrenaline. It was the same feeling he experienced after a big scare in a horror movie. The tension had faded and was replaced with nervous calm. He stood there, staring at the water rippling in the bowl as he completely flooded his undies. The magnitude of relief was indescribable. It felt good to let his bladder relax and to pee straight into his boxers. There wasn’t a single ounce of remorse or panic. He listened to the pitter patter of the droplets of urine splash onto the tile beneath him. It sounded musical and soothing. It was alright. He wasn’t doing a bad thing. He had made it to the bathroom. He had made it to the toilet. He had overcome whatever that strange sensation was. And now he was wetting himself and there was nothing negative happening from it. It was perfectly fine. These things happened and when they happened it wasn’t a big deal. He felt the stream slow and taper and finally finish. He placed his paw against his sodden boxers and a faint smile. It felt… good. It felt… better than when he had gone peepee in the morning previously. There was something forbidden about the act previously and it felt like the shackles had been removed from him. The pool of urine was spreading from his feet and becoming dangerously close to the rugs near the sink. He roused himself from his moment of enjoyment and removed his underwear, using it to mop up as much of the liquid as he could. The accident was substantial and there wasn’t much dry left to the boxers for absorption. So he had to grab fistfuls of toilet paper to soak up the rest. As Lucas cleaned, he felt the swirl of emotions. Cleaning any mess you caused rarely felt good. Whether it was a spilled drink or peed pants. There was the annoyance of having to take the time to fix it combined with the frustration of using insufficient tools. The toilet paper felt insubstantial for absorbing so much liquid and he ended up using most of the roll on this one task. Yet, he didn’t feel ashamed of the act itself. Perhaps it was because he was alone and able to take care of it in private. But something deep inside made him recognize the accident as nothing to worry about. No big deal. It was a neutrality towards wetting himself that he was trying to wrap his mind around. He had to admit that for the brief moment that it was happening it even felt kind of good. The last of the puddle was mopped up and the toilet now had the remains of the spent roll inside of it. His soiled underwear was unceremoniously dumped into the laundry basket. Lucas eyed the handle on the toilet with suspicion. He could do this. It was just flushing the toilet. Why was he so anxious about this? What was the big deal? Why was he raising such a fuss about an action that was so mundane and easy and normal and… Still, he noticed that his paw was shaking as he brought it forward. He wasn’t scared of the toilet! That was ridiculous! He pressed down on the handle and the sound of the infernal machine roared with an intensity that shocked the wolf. He took a step back. Then another. He braced himself against the sink. The gurgle of rushing water pouring through the maze of pipes clashed in his ears. The toilet paper spun in place as the water level rose. He felt his chest heaving up and down. He was drowning. He needed air, yet despite his attempts to breathe, none arrived. He couldn’t bear to look at the source of this frightful sound. The pitch increased as more and more water flowed in, filling the bowl, never emptying, ceaseless and endless and uncontrollable. Lucas stumbled back another step, shimmying along the sink, using it as support. He was trapped in here with this monster. He would be devoured whole. This hideous creature would consume him and no one would ever be the wiser. He cowered, curling into a ball at the base of the sink cabinet. He held his knees to his chest and tried to bring himself comfort in these tragic few moments at the end of his life. And, unceremoniously, a slurping vacuum sound arose from the toilet as the liquid finally flowed down the pipes. There were some sloppy, undignified moments as everything was processed and then the sound of the water in the basin being refilled. It was over in a short time that to the teen felt like an eternity. He rocked back and forth, bawling and yelping as the intensity of what he had just experienced absorbed him. -- Carmella knocked at the bathroom door. She was wearing a robe, something she had gotten for Christmas several years ago that she rarely got the chance to wear. The idea of wearing a robe while puttering around the house in the morning or evening felt quaint and harkened back to a time in history when every moment of the day wasn’t completely accounted for with demands. But when she was woken by her youngest child complaining that her oldest child was crying in the bathroom, it was the appropriate thing to wear. “Sweetie? Are you in there? Are you hurt?” The soft sounds of whimpering from the other side of the door were the only answers she received. She steeled herself and twisted the knob, inching the door forward to peer in. She was not expecting to find her teenage son naked on a bathmat, curled up in a fetal position. Her protective instincts completely overwhelmed her. She threw open the door and rushed in, sliding to the ground in a composed but serious way. She grabbed her child and brought him up, into her embrace. She scanned over his body, desperately needing confirmation that he was physically uninjured. Satisfied, she turned her attention towards her son’s mewling. She slowly rocked back and forth, bringing her son into her rhythm, speaking calming words and low, steady tones. This was a practiced motherly skill. The number of times her boys had managed to superficially injure themselves in the most ridiculous ways was remarkable. So in turn, she had lots of time to refine her technique of assuring someone that they were not in danger and that she was there for them. The one constant that she had yet to be used to was seeing the other sibling observing this delicate act. Too many variables and the process was unmanageable and unpredictable. So she raised her head and shot a glance at Martin, who stood stunned at the doorway. It was a look that somehow conveyed an entire dialogue’s worth of information. The shaken child closed the door, apparently completely understanding the message. “Sweetie… What happened?” Carmella asked in the most tender tone she could muster. “I need you to talk to me sweetheart.” There was that arhythmic intake of air. The body slowly attempting to stabilize itself. That was good. That was normal and part of the process. No matter how dire things seemed, as long as she could get the boys talking, they could calm down. After a few moments, her son had regained enough of his composure to speak. It was shaky and lacked confidence. “The… pot… the toilet. It was… so loud. I don’t know. I don’t know. It was just… I’m so sorry Mom.” He squeezed her tight. This was an interesting development. The Retrain System had mentioned that there was the possibility of the development of a toilet phobia as a result of the course. But it was described as a temporary thing that resulted from the psyche rearranging itself. One of the papers Carmella had looked into listed it as a condition that affected some members of the study. But the authors had described it with such clinical sterility. Seeing the actual outcome of such an episode was difficult for a parent. Still, the research was clear that this was a passing thing. That it was within the expected parameters. She and Ron had talked about this and agreed that it was fine. If their son ended up unpotty trained anyways, it clearly wouldn’t matter in the long run. “Oh honey… Shh, shh, it’s ok. It’s ok. It’s alright to be frightened of the potty every now and then.” She continued to rock her naked child, concerned mostly with making sure he was stable and able to recover from this. The fact that this was a white lie or a massive lie was less important than getting Lucas calmed down. “It is? I… I don’t remember… It was just so big and loud and cold and-” Carmella cut him off, not wanting him to spiral into these bad memories. “It’s alright sweetie, Mommy’s here for you. You don’t have to worry, it’s all over. There’s nothing to be scared of now that I’m here.” She stroked his fur. He smelled faintly of urine, but was completely nude. He must have had another accident and disposed of the evidence. She decided to help him by telling him a true story. “You know, when we were first potty training you, you had a lot of trouble flushing the potty. You always used to make us do it.” “What? Really?” Lucas was blushing beneath his fur. It was embarrassing to think about being so young and vulnerable. “It’s true. Whenever you’d go, you would run out and find your father or me and you’d take us by the hand to the bathroom. You’d hold onto our legs and ask that we flush the potty for you.” “Nuh-uh! No way! That… oh man… That’s so dumb.” Lucas eyed the toilet. Carmella followed his gaze. “You’d say that you were worried about the ‘potty monster’ getting you. Oh you poor thing, I hated seeing you so scared, so it took a long time before you started flushing it on your own. I think we only started having you flush the potty when you were starting to get ready for preschool. Since we wouldn’t be around we were worried you would ask one of the teachers to do it.” “Oh my gods… I can’t believe I was scared of the potty monster like that.” “Well, it wasn’t easy to get you potty trained in the first place. So I think we might have just been happy you were making it to the potty at all. But yes, you used to be terrified of flushing that dang thing. I get it though. You can’t see where the sounds are coming from and when you’re so small it probably looks like a lot of water.” Carmella looked her son in the eyes. “Sweetie, this was a tough year for you. And you’re going through a lot of changes. There’s a lot that’s happening and going to happen to you that will be awkward and maybe even scary. If you think something is going to upset you as much as this, you can always ask for help, ok? No matter how weird it is, your father and I will be there for you.” Lucas silently nodded, seeming to understand her words, or at least the tone of her words. He hugged his mom tightly. He really needed a bath. -- It had been a difficult twenty-four hours for Lucas. He tried his best to maintain his composure following The Incident, however it’s always awkward being around people after having a breakdown. Especially when that breakdown was related to the inability to flush the toilet. His Dad had a talk with him after he got out of the shower and it was a lot more of the same. It was deeply embarrassing to have to keep bringing these things up. He mainly just stayed in his room and played Summit Luminaries. It was nice being able to distract himself. Maybe if enough hours passed, everyone would forget what happened and they could all go back to having things as they were previously. The door to his room opened. With his headset on, normally Lucas wouldn’t have noticed. But it was accompanied by the sound of fictional animal sounds and music. Lucas turned around and rolled his eyes. Martin was dressed in a Charmander shirt and the brightest red shorts pigment science could create. He was carrying his Switch, which had the volume all the way up. He made his way to the bed and sat on it, facing Lucas and the TV, but keeping his focus on his portable game. “Whatcha doing?” “I’m playing some Summit. We’re in the top four right now, so we’re doing good. This rando I’m with is cracked.” “Cool, cool.” There was an awkward pause as the conflicting sounds of two totally different games played out. “So uh… did you wet your pants last night?” That was a great question to get in the heat of a firefight when the ring was closing around you. Lucas chose to ignore it in favor of paying attention to the match. He also wasn’t sure how to answer. It was true. He was oddly unashamed of the accident. Accidents happened. Everyone had accidents. Going peepee in your pants was nothing to worry about. But he couldn’t word the response in a way that he felt comfortable with. “It’s ok if you did. Mom told me when you and Dad left last night.” Someone got the flank on their team. It was a three-way firefight. Not a good situation. It required discipline, skill, luck, and focus to win these difficult encounters. “A kid in class had an accident in the last week of school and it was really gross. I felt bad because he’s always been nice to me but people made fun of him. I promise not to make fun of you.” Thou Art the Luminary of the Summit. Lucas sat his controller down as a friend request popped up on his Ycube. He’d answer that later. He put his head in his hands. “Yeah. I wet my pants at the restaurant. And then again this morning. That’s why I was crying. Well… sort of. It’s complicated.” “I get it! I don’t get all of it but I get that you were upset. I know Mom and Dad talked to you about it. Is everything ok?” “They’re… just accidents.” This felt rehearsed somehow. Like he was repeating something that he had heard or said previously. “Everyone has accidents. It’s no big deal to go peepee in your pants. It’s better to go in your pants than…. To hold it.” That last bit felt off. Like his mind wasn’t syncing up with what his words were saying. It wasn’t wrong. It didn’t feel wrong. It just felt less polished. “Oh. Uh… Really?” “Yeah. I think so. I mean, accidents happen. We can’t get upset about them.” “You were uh… pretty upset.” Lucas looked over his shoulder with a pleading expression. “I said it was complicated. I just feel weird about all this happening at once. Please don’t be a jerk about this.” “I’m not a jerk! I’m sorry that I was worried about my hecking brother hecking crying on the hecking floor. Geez!” Martin normally didn’t take a sarcastic tone with Lucas. He’d only recently figured it out and hadn’t perfected how to use it. “Ughhhhh… no, no, it’s… fine. I’ll be ok.” There was another pause filled with the sounds of Martin clicking away at the buttons on his console, presumably issuing commands for his miniature monsters to murder his opponent’s minions. “Can I stay and play games in here with you for a while?” “Sure. Yeah. That sounds good.” -- It was actually nice having Martin in the room with him. Ever since they got two rooms a couple years ago, they had kept apart from each other. Not out of animosity (most of the time) but just out of preference of having their own spaces to be in. Lucas remembered his Dad being bummed that he had to give up his hobby room for Martin’s bedroom. There were still spots on the wall from where his airbrush had oversprayed. They kept saying they would paint the room but it was a chore. Martin covered just about everything up with Pokemon stickers and posters, so clearly he didn’t mind. Being next to each other in a parallel play setting was surprisingly easy. Even though the music was a little distracting. They had done it a lot back when they shared a bedroom. Maybe it was the novelty of doing a pleasant activity that he hadn’t done in a while, but it really did cheer Lucas up. It was unfortunate that he was in the middle of a match when the urge to pee struck. He was so focused, so determined, so poised and ready to win that he completely neglected to think about how full his bladder had become. His water jug had been drained over the course of several rounds and now it had run its course. He sat forward in his seat. He could hold out. Now that he knew what was going on he could make it. He just had to last through this tense… legs crossed… round and he… lips bitten… could go potty… squirming, dancing, rocking back and forth… “Hey do you have to pee? Go do it, I’ve got it!” “Huh?” “Give me the controller, go pee!” Lucas was very unaccustomed to being talked to like that by his younger brother, but he was absolutely right. He really had to go and it was a reasonable offer. So he got behind cover and handed the Ybox controller off, awkwardly jutting out of the chair and towards the restroom. The toilet was still there from where he had previously left it. Still ominously waiting. Still emitting strange vibes and negativity and suspense. But Lucas wasn’t going to let the potty monster win. Or the fictional potty monster of his youth, more correctly. He was going to walk straight up to that toilet and use it and NOT get any pee into his pants. It was a good plan. A great plan, even. But no plan survives first contact with the enemy. At the worst possible time, the plumbing refreshed, turning on to refill some of the water within the tank. It might as well have been the roar of a great beast, as Lucas froze in his tracks. The hold on his bladder released and he felt the warm trickle blossom from his board shorts. No no no! Not after all this build up and discussion. It was just a dumb toilet. Lucas straightened up and constricted his muscles, stemming the flow and stopping this from becoming a complete disaster. He was going to use the potty, darn it! Lucas unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, not caring that the front of his pants were stained and soaked. He could deal with that later. Not wanting to risk anything interfering with this at all, he dropped his pants and underwear onto the floor, allowing them to pool around his feet. Finally, he took aim, and relaxed. When he finished, he was pleased with himself. Yes, he had just wet himself and technically had another accident. But as he had verbally acknowledged just recently, accidents happened. And it was ok to have accidents in your pants. The important thing was that he had made it to the potty and had used it. It was a partial victory, but a victory nonetheless. A problem arose as his body attempted to go through the practiced motions of completing the deed. He paused as his hand was en route to the handle. He had just spent a not insignificant amount of time crying in the bathroom earlier today thanks to the shockingly disturbing sounds this contraption could make. He had to flush. That was proper procedure. It was part of using the toilet. If he used the toilet, he had to flush. Yet his hand went no further. He could not bring himself to press down on the lever in front of him. The wolf frowned and pulled up his damp clothes. They weren’t too badly sodden. It wasn’t that uncomfortable to wear them. It was no big deal to have peepee pants. Accidents happened to everyone. He didn’t need to worry about his pants if he went potty in them. Still, he felt the compulsion to finish his task with the toilet, so he poked his head out from the doorway in the bathroom. “Hey Martin…” “One sec! Just… we… heck!” Martin got up from the gaming chair and headed over. “Ok well you got second place. I downed two guys but I didn’t like the gun you had. What’s up?” “Um… Could you do me a favor?” Martin squinted from behind his glasses. “That depends.” “Can you… flush the potty?” Martin’s eyes widened. And then narrowed. “You’re joking with me. I thought we were cool and you were being honest with me and now you’re just messing around.” “No, dude… I… Remember when I said it was complicated earlier? Well… This is what I meant. Please. I’m not trying to mess with you. I’m trying my best to be real.” Lucas couldn’t make eye-contact. This was difficult for him and it was impossible to hide how raw this made him feel. “Wow. Uh… Ok. But this better not be a prank or a trick or whatever.” Lucas showed his brother in and led him to the scene of his defeat. Martin looked at Lucas, who was trembling just the smallest bit, then looked at the stained pants, then looked at the toilet. He seemed unsure, but he followed through with his agreement and pushed the handle down, flushing the toilet. To Lucas, the rush of water sounded like a flood ready to crash into the house, threatening to wash away the very foundations of his life. He acted on pure impulse and grabbed ahold of his younger brother’s side, sheltering in his embrace. Lucas’s mind had no concept of the world around him as the primal terror ripped through him a second time in the same day. All he cared about was that he had someone there with him to protect him from the awful, awful, terrible potty monster. “Wow. You really weren’t kidding.” -- Things did not get easier for Lucas after that point. In fact, the potty monster became a central concern throughout his days following that breakdown. It was difficult for him to look at it for too long, causing him to become sloppy with his aim. And it seemed as if every several attempts to use the bathroom resulted in soaky pants. It was always a little distraction or a little surprise or a little forgotten step. It was like the checklist that normally ran through his head when ensuring he was going to use the bathroom correctly, sometimes jumbled up at random. One time he removed his pants and underwear entirely and pissed right onto the closed lid of the toilet. It was disheartening that somehow he was unable to go peepee how he wanted and expected to. But it was simultaneously not a big deal at all when he let loose in his shorts. It was a strange juxtaposition of disappointment and contentment to end up with wet pants. The wet pants weren’t an issue in the slightest to him. Accidents happened to everyone. It was normal to have accidents. It was normal to go peepee in his pants. It was perfectly fine if he piddled in his pants all the time. It was no big deal at all if he soaked himself. It was just an accident and that was ok. But he would have preferred to use the potty as he wanted. It was just so difficult! The steps involved made the process complicated. He was fighting against unreliable signals from his body. It felt like he could not trust when he actually needed to go! It was a real pain to dash over to the bathroom, interrupting his task, totally throwing off whatever he was doing, only to find out that apparently he didn’t have to go at all! The worst part was the foreboding sense of dread when he looked at the toilet. In his eyes, the potty monster was real and it was growing in power. It gave him genuine anxiety to attempt to focus on it. And the sounds it made were abysmal and arcane. It was a machine designed to haunt him and torture him. And the nature of going potty meant that Lucas was alone with this beast the whole time. Thankfully, his family had been extremely understanding of him. His parents reinforced and agreed that it was perfectly normal to have accidents. He never felt ashamed when he emerged from the bathroom absolutely drenched with a puddle trailing behind him. The only thing his mother asked was that he clean up his messes and put down a towel on his chair. So keeping a roll of paper towels in the bathroom became standard, and his chair was draped in a bath towel at all times. Beyond just the accidents, his relationship with his Mom and Dad was better than ever, at least as far as he could remember. In Lucas’ eyes it must have just been because of the distance between previous school issues and the summer break. But the reality was that he found himself able to see their point of view more easily and he felt like he could trust them more. He was also contributing to the chores, having become especially proficient at running the laundry. It was possibly the least amount of tension the house had since Lucas started puberty. Martin was surprisingly supportive. Lucas was most appreciative of that. It was an unsettling amount of changes in his life. Having his parents tell him that he was doing fine and not to worry was nice. But having his brother help him flush and clean up his accidents and remind him to make it to the potty at all was exceptionally reassuring. The two brothers found themselves around each other a lot, especially during the summer when their parents were at work. Most of the time it was just playing their separate games near each other. But they also watched cartoons and just talked. They had the house to themselves frequently and for Lucas, having Martin around was a blessing. It wasn’t perfect, obviously. Martin wasn’t always thrilled that he was suddenly his brother’s toilet coach. And there was a little friction when he wasn’t paying attention and Lucas had an accident without even making it to the toilet at all. And it was gross cleaning that stuff up. But despite that, they really seemed to connect and bond more in the first two weeks of summer vacation than any of the last school year. The nighttime meditation program was the biggest win for Lucas, in his opinion. He was sleeping soundly and restfully every single night. He would go to sleep and the white noise would fill his ears and he would drift away into a realm of relaxation and soothing peace. His parents were absolutely right about the stress-relieving properties of the system. He wouldn’t dare dream of having it shipped back to Nile. He was a firm believer in the helpful properties of sleep meditation now. Lucas missed his friends. They talked a lot while playing games together (their attention had drifted from Summit Luminaries to Tumble Bros in the last week). But being physically around them would be nice. He decided to message Noah to see what he was up to. Normally he would include Jake, but he was off at his big fancy soccer camp by then. [ayyyyyy] [sup son] [whatre you doing today] [laundry uhhhhh chillin kinda bored] [same] Lucas omitted that the reason why he was doing laundry was because he had several pee-soaked undies and shorts he needed cleaned. [well thanks for the important info lmao] [bruh shut up lol. Wanna hang out?] [Sure, come on otter.] [*other] [*over ducking autocorrect] Lucas was giddy. Even though the two of them lived in the same neighborhood and saw each other constantly, plus all the time spent together at school, it was always great to hang out with Noah. Plus it was the weekend so he didn’t have to worry about leaving his kid brother at home alone or being forced to have him tag along. “Hey Mom, I’m going over to Noah’s house.” “Ok sounds good sweetie… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!” Lucas paused, his backpack over one shoulder. Did he forget something? The laundry was in the dryer and he could always pull it out when he got home. He didn’t think there was anything else going on today. “Huh? What?” He heard shuffling around from the other room as his mom stopped writing on her laptop, having to put away papers and books scattered around her. She was working on a novel in her spare time and had gotten to the “constant fact-checking and referencing” stage of the process, apparently. His mother looked a little apprehensive. “Are you sure that you want to go over to visit Noah?” “...yes?” “Well, it’s just that… uh… sweetie, with all the potty problems you’ve been having I think that… Um…” “Mooommmmm! Ohmygods I know how to use the potty! Those were just little accidents! Accidents happen to everyone! It’s no big deal to have peepee accidents in my pants, DUH!” Lucas stated this in a way that felt like he was describing a part of his identity. He could have been defending the color of his fur or how he could ride a bicycle or any other number of complete facts and truths about himself. In his mind, there was legitimately no reason to question his ability to use the bathroom, nor was there any reason to be concerned with the quantity and severity of his failures to use said bathroom. His Mom pursed her lips, thinking very carefully before speaking. Her words were slow as she attempted to pick the correct words. “Right, yes, AND that’s good. But, I think, how about you bring a spare set of clothes with you to Noah’s house? Just in case you have a big accident and need to change.” Lucas hadn’t thought of that. He had been taking for granted that he could just throw his soaked clothes into the hamper and grab a fresh set whenever he wanted. Although “fresh set” was starting to become a loaded term, as his lighter pairs of underwear had started taking on a yellow-tinged appearance, even after being cleaned. He hadn’t considered that he might need to prepare himself in case he had an accident outside of the house. He was only just now realizing that he was pretty home-bound the last week or so. It just hadn’t come up! “Oh! Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’m definitely going to make it to the potty for sure, but just in case I go peepee in my pants a little bit it would be nice to have clean pants.” The wolf was smiling as he was agreeing with his Mom’s plan. It felt good to declare that he was going to ABSOLUTELY make it to the potty. And it felt even better to have a back-up plan just in case anything happened. Something about saying it out loud made him swell with pride over being thoughtful and responsible. “There we go, sweetie. I’m sure you will.” Lucas’ Mom gave him a big hug. It felt kind of sentimental. Lucas had gone over to Noah’s house countless times. It was never a big deal before. But this was the same kind of hug that Lucas got on the first day of school or if he left for a big trip or had an event coming up. It was a special hug that indicated that his Mom was rooting for him. Which, again, was a little bit too soppy for just visiting one of his best friends a couple houses down. But whatever, the hug felt nice! “I’ll call up Noah’s mom while you get the clothes so she’ll know you’re coming.” -- Noah greeted Lucas at the door with an upturned nod and an “Ayyyy!”, letting him inside. Noah’s house was similar to Lucas’ since they were part of the same development. But there were enough small differences and customizations that it felt more like an alternate universe house instead of a copycat. Like, the organization of the rooms were slightly different. And the location of the bathroom downstairs was reversed. And their back porch was covered, which always seemed nice except for every time Noah’s dad hosted a cookout, where it seemed surprisingly inconvenient. Noah flopped onto the couch and Lucas followed. “Wanna chill down here?” “Oh! Sure!” Lucas was surprised. Normally they made a direct line for his bedroom. The den had a nice TV but that was about it. “What’ve you been up to? It feels weird that we haven’t seen each other lately.” The fox looked off to the side, biting his lip, and then reverted to a happier expression. “Oh just doing nothing! I mean we’ve been on Tumult like every day. I guess just destressing you know? Like uh relaxing during summer you know haha!” Lucas pulled back his head and raised an eyebrow, giving his friend a skeptical look. “Yeah, no, I… know what summer is.” Noah nodded. And there was an awkward pause. The fox rubbed his left leg, which was covered in a mottled pattern thanks to his summer shedding. His distinctive red coat making way for a duller, shorter brown. “Want to watch a movie?” “Yeah! Sure! I haven’t seen the new Wonder movie. Doctor Unusual and the Peril Portals or whatever it’s called.” Lucas felt like he couldn’t just rattle off geeky movie titles. There had to be some diffusion to make sure that he wasn’t TOO into his interests. A simple “or whatever” deflected all evidence that he was, in fact, some kind of geek. “I haven’t either. Let’s see if we have it available.” -- The movie was a CGI-fest continuing the interwoven narrative of all the Wonder-brand superhero movies. For the two teens, it was custom-built entertainment made specifically to enthrall them. They laughed at the cheesy jokes and recoiled at the occasional bizarre and frightful scene. They both had large glasses of water next to them that they slammed down. Lucas had noticed that for some reason he felt parched more often during the day. Maybe it was the summer heat. He had gotten accustomed to refilling his large bottle that he kept in his room frequently. About halfway through the runtime, Lucas ran his paws along his legs, squirming in his seat on the sofa. He wasn’t sure why he did it. But he did it again and he felt himself sit upright. Something was informing him that something was happening. He was very focused on the movie and having his body warn him about a mysterious sensation was not what he expected or wanted. He lifted up off his seat to readjust. Both hands were wedged in between his legs now. The wolf had no idea what could possibly be causing this kind of response. Was he adapting to the pace of the movie? It was a strange movie, after all. These subconscious questions were instantly answered as his paws suddenly warmed and became drenched. Even while sitting down, his body trying its very best to defend against this, he could not stop himself from wetting his pants. Lucas clenched, trying his very best to stop himself, although it was really not a good effort. Instead of having absolute certainty that his wetting was abated, he found it turned off briefly and then resumed briefly, only to turn off again. Basically he had to go potty right now and it was so bad that he was having trouble stopping it entirely. Lucas awkwardly stood, hunched over and hands cupped to hide his crotch from his best friend. “Hey uh pause the movie one sec.” It wasn’t a request, it was a desperate plea at a normal response for this situation. He shuffled, back facing his friend the entire time, and jetted towards Noah’s bathroom. As he moved his control shattered and he could feel the pressure welling inside and then releasing into his pants. He scooped up his backpack in a manner that would have been very fluid and cool in literally any other context. Noah was bizarrely quiet during this whole incident. But Lucas didn’t care. That didn’t matter. Maybe it mattered for future Lucas, but present Lucas had his own problems. The primary problem, it turns out, was that Noah’s family casually chose to keep a complete nightmare creature in their bathroom. Their toilet might as well have been a blood-sucking, infant-devouring, sharp-fanged, deadly beast intent for vengeance and carnage. The moment Lucas turned on the light and looked in its direction, he froze. And all control that he had previously maintained vanished. Piss gushed down his legs and onto the bathmat beneath him. He was paralyzed so long as that awful, awful THING was even in the same room as him. He felt his muscles tense and constrict. He could feel the sensation of terror and overwhelming despair wash over him as it had previously. The potty monster was real and it was living in the bathrooms of families around the globe. “Hey uh, you ok?” Lucas wheeled around as he found Noah behind him, looking uncomfortable and out of place in his own home. With the line of sight broken and replaced with his best friend, and with his bladder now fully emptied into his shorts, the wolf felt worlds better. He took a moment, inhaled, held it, and exhaled. “Y-yeah. Yeah. I just… saw something that frightened me.” “Was it the potty monster?” Lucas cocked his head and blinked. It sounded somewhat normal for him to say it. And he certainly had no issues thinking it. But to hear his best friend, who, to his knowledge, had no problems with the potty, refer to it that way… It was shocking and unexpected. “You… know about the potty monster?” Noah looked sheepish and retreated into his shell a little. It was so unlike him. He was always talking. Always asking questions. Always interacting. To see the fox act bashful was extremely out of character. “I have… um… been having trouble making it…. To the potty.” Noah looked down and moved his hands, which had been previously obscuring his crotch. Lucas was shocked to find a similar wet-patch to the one gracing his pants. Except Noah’s was far less pronounced, mainly forming crescent rings along the inner thighs. “Mainly because I’ve been really scared of the potty monster lately. And so um… My… mom she… uh…” “Your mother decided that maybe you weren’t ready for the potty right now.” Noah’s mother appeared, completing the group. “I heard some stomping around down here and figured I should check. Oh Lucas, you poor thing, did you have an accident?” Lucas was like an animal in blinding headlights. Behind him, a destruction-crazed brute waited ominously to swallow him whole. And in front of him, his best friend in the world had pee pants and his mom was just casually seeing both of their accidents. It was surreal. Yet at the core of the situation, Lucas knew in his heart of hearts that having an accident was perfectly fine. It was no big deal to have an accident. Accidents happened all the time and to many people. And it was ok to tell people if he had an accident. “Yes Mrs. Seong. I went peepee in my pants because I was scared by the potty monster.” It all came out remarkably naturally. Unlike Noah, he did not have to force the words out. It came out practiced and natural. There was almost a fun element to admitting he had gone potty in his pants to an adult. It felt rewarding to admit. It wasn’t the entire truth, as he was wetting himself when sitting on their couch (a fact he hoped would not be an issue). But it was so much of the truth in his heart that it was what mattered to him. “Lucas, goodness, and Noah too! You both don’t need to worry one bit. It’s perfectly fine. These accidents happen. Come on, let's get you boys upstairs and we can get you changed into dry clothes.” It was nice being guided through this by an adult. Much nicer than Lucas expected. Mrs. Seong guided the pair up to Noah’s room and ushered them both inside. Lucas immediately understood why Noah wanted to remain downstairs. On the wall, next to his dresser, was a chart showing the days of the week. And on that chart were a series of smiley faces and frowny faces. The chart was even labeled. It was a Potty Chart. Lucas glanced over at Noah, who was hiding his head in his hands out of embarrassment. “Noah, can you tell me what happened?” His mother was stooping to his level. Noah had only just started having his growth spurts. “Noah, I need you to tell me, baby.” “I… wet my pants. I thought I could hold it… but I couldn’t. And I’m not a baby, mom.” “You’re MY baby, and I’m very proud of you for telling me the truth. Go put a smiley face on the chart.” Lucas could see the leaden legs just barely doing their jobs, stomping over to the board with reluctance. Mrs. Seong leaned towards Lucas as he watched. “He’s just a little grumpy. He’ll cheer up once he’s in clean undies.” “MOOOMMM!” Noah turned, his face flush, the pout on his lips possibly being the worst blend of serious and precious possible. He huffed and grabbed a bright yellow smiley face from a pouch and attached it to the middle part of the chart for the day. Something about this was… appealing to Lucas. Noah was making a big deal about it but… It must have felt nice to have confirmation that you did a good job even if that means you didn’t fully (or at all) make it to the potty. “Now Lucas, your mom called me when you came over. I have some grocery bags here that you can put your wet clothes in. She said you brought a change of pants and undies? Good, good. Do you need help getting dressed?” “N-no, I think I can do it.” “Good boy.” The secret weapon used for ages against canines of all sorts to keep them in check. Lucas was a SUCKER for being called a good boy. It had minimal effect when another canine used it, but when another species acknowledged it, boy it hit the spot. His tail was wagging proudly and loudly. “I’m going to help Noah get cleaned up and then you boys can get back to your movie.” By this point, the teen wolf was an expert at undressing and redressing from stained clothes to fresh clothes. Noah’s mom even gave him wipes so he could clean off and still smell nice. He would have to ask his mom for something like that the next time they went grocery shopping. The interesting part was Noah’s outfit. The fox wasn’t wearing normal underwear. He was wearing briefs that were thick. Massively thick. And swollen like a sponge! “C’mon, go get your fresh training pants. There we go. One leg in, and now the other…” Training pants? Training for… what? The novelty of being rewarded on a chart on the wall had made him gloss over the purpose for it. Those kinds of charts tracked reactions towards accidents. And the training pants were supposed to be for training to do what exactly with accidents? Mrs. Seong must have caught him staring, because she answered the very question on his mind. “Noah is wearing special training pants so if he has a little accident he can keep playing and not have to worry. Isn’t that right?” Noah grumbled something as he pulled up his cargo pants. Lucas was insanely, intensely jealous of those training pants. -- Noah and Lucas had a difficult time finishing the movie together. Noah seemed uncomfortable during the whole thing. He would get up, pat himself down, then sit back down. It was like he wasn’t sure if he left his phone in his mom’s car or something. Lucas, on the other hand, had the mental image of the training pants burned into his mind. As Doctor Unusual interacted with characters from different dimensions, the wolf just couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have undies that were so thick that he didn’t need to worry about accidents. It would give him so much more freedom and comfort. He put zero energy into thinking about the potty chart in his best friend’s room. Something about it made it almost fade from memory. Like his mind was instructing him to put no thought into it. By the time the movie was over, its runtime of well-over two hours plus five post-credit sequences, it was nearing dinner time. The two teens were scrolling on their phones next to each other. Lucas got the impression that Noah wasn’t feeling particularly extroverted today. The two spent some time scrolling through the endless content void of ChikChok. Noah would occasionally lean over and show off something funny or weird, and Lucas would show off some of the cool dances he saw. “So Lucas, will you be staying for dinner?” The wolf looked up, startled at how absorbed he was into browsing his device. “Uhhh… No thank you, Mrs. Seong! I should probably get going.” Lucas had made the mistake of inviting himself over to a friend’s house when they clearly wanted him to leave before. He was just an oblivious kid so he didn’t know it was rude to invite himself to stay. His parents seemed mortified when he told them later and spent a long time reinforcing the proper etiquette in those situations. “Are you sure? Mr. Seong is still on his business trip and we have enough food for you if you’d like.” The exception seemed to be that Noah’s mom had infinite patience with Lucas being around. Maybe it was the duration of their friendship or maybe it was some cultural thing. This was part of the “dance” as mom liked to put it. He had to figure out if this was a legitimate offer or just a nicety that was intended to be rejected. He always messed that part up. Lucas looked at his friend on the couch, still browsing the app. Noah felt pretty distant today. That was fine, not every day had to be a slam dunk. But this was beyond normal recharge rates. He was in a funk. It was really weird trying to analyze the situation, however. In Lucas’ eyes, there was nothing obvious that could result in such disinterest. Noah was on summer vacation, could play games and hang out as much as he wanted, he wasn’t grounded, and he hadn’t mentioned any big problems looming over him. Sure he was scared of the potty monster, but Lucas had already accepted into his heart that the potty monster was real and dangerous. If Noah felt the same way then they should have been bonding over it. Was it the accident? Or changing in front of Lucas? They had seen each other naked during the brief period when the school required showering after gym class (which was quickly abandoned due to a variety of issues). Nothing came to mind that seemed like a big deal. “I appreciate it, Mrs. Seong, but Mom had some special dinner she was working on for tonight. I should go find out what it is. Thank you, though!” Lucas decided that his presence probably wouldn’t make the situation any better here. Maybe after a good night’s sleep Noah would feel better. -- Dinner was an experiment. And like some experiments, it was subject to statistical interpretation. Much to his Dad’s credit, the liver sticks, two-and-a-half-bean salad, spinach cookies, and onion juice were all consumed. Whether they remained consumed would be up for scholarly debate for decades to come. Lucas wondered if perhaps it would have been better to endure an awkward social situation to score free food from Mrs. Seong. Similar thoughts became common for Lucas later in his life. Still, he ate enough to withstand the judgment of his Mom. He learned extremely fast in life that “Do you like it?” coming from his mother was not a question with multiple answers. “Did you have a fun time at Noah’s?” His Mom asked, before daintily sipping at her squeezed allium. “Yeah, uh, sort of. Noah had a big accident while I was there. Oh heck, uh, yeah sorry I also had an accident too. I kind of forgot, I need to take the wet clothes out of my bag.” Lucas moved a piece of liver from one side of the plate to the other, as if it might transform into pizza with some encouragement. “But yeah Noah was just kind of off after he changed into fresh training pants. I was hoping to hang out but he seemed really bummed. I don’t get it.” Lucas caught his Dad looking up from his food out of the corner of his eye. When the teen turned, in anticipation that he might say something, his Dad’s head was lowered again. “Well, sweetie, sometimes people feel things that they don’t always understand. Noah is your friend and I’m sure that this will pass. Just make sure that you’re there for him. That means listening to him when he needs it.” Lucas was pretty sure he understood what his Mom meant. Maybe not all of it, but at least the part about being there for his friend. He took a drink of onion juice, its sharp initial kick giving way for a surprisingly mellow sweetness on the after- “No it’s fine, nobody needs to ask me about the THREE shinies that I caught today.” The onion juice was snorted back out into the cup. It was less pleasant when it ran through his nostrils. -- That night was notable. The sleep meditation had so far been exceptional, producing fantastic rest and mostly unremarkable dreams. This time, as Lucas dreamt, it was not just the waves of static crashing against him, the binaural rhythm shifting him back and forth, back and forth, rocking endlessly. It was accompanied by a sense of warmth. A sense of relief. A sense of fulfillment. Lucas floated atop an endless sea, its currents so subtle that the water appeared as glass. His arms outstretched, his legs spread wide. They were somehow doubled. His arms at his side and his legs together. He felt encircled. Measured. Perfect. Not for perfection’s sake but perfect in self. He could be in any place he wished, in any way he wished. But to float along felt best. The stars drifted overhead, whirling and dancing in their unified course. Rotating as one. Like scattered jewels upon a pall of velvet, they glistened. Their age was meaningless. Their isolation, trivial. Their intent could never be understood. These beacons of distant eons traveled across the unfathomable distance of space. They cared not. They wanted not. Their existence revealed the true scale to those who observed. The stars showed the way things were. The way things are. The way things will be. And these stars moved in the darkened sky above Lucas. It was impossible to take in and impossible to look away. They, somehow, found their way from the most remote of places to him. So that he could bask in their Being. It was overwhelming to take in. The water beneath him was warm. It was inviting. It beckoned him. The beauty above must be mirrored by the beauty below. He felt himself sink. The water rushed around him, obscuring the vision of the cosmos. It should have been terrifying to descend. It should have been terrible to witness the world of the breathing rise further and further away. Out of arm’s grasp. Shimmering as a barrier. The crushing depths of the ocean’s deepest, darkest places should have been horrific. But they were not. And so Lucas found himself once more resting. The shining sand of the sea floor beneath him. His legs, crossed, soles to the sky. His hands, placed, palms to the sky. The darkness that surrounded him gave him clarity. Clarity to see what was beyond the means of perception. The mysteries of the deep did not unravel themselves so easily, but he had no want for time. He was not pressed for answers. He basked in the warmth. The relief. The comforting embrace of the pleasant waters. -- Lucas yawned and raised his arms in bed, blinking. He stretched them out and arched his back. He had the most beautiful and meaningful dream. It was incredible and he left him feeling almost sad that he had to leave it. He couldn’t remember it exactly, just that he had greatly enjoyed it. He felt like he understood things a little better. What that meant, he didn’t know. It was just a sense that he came out of that dream better than when he entered. He gave a great big stretch and lowered himself back on the bed, intending to check his phone to see if he had slept through his alarm. The sun had risen but in the summer that could have meant any time in the day. His back touched cool, wet sheets. If he wasn’t awake before, he was certainly awake now. He brought his arms down and slid them under the comforter. His paws touched the same wetness. He felt around, finding that this wet sensation spread all around him. And given the sensation on this back, it went all the way up to his shoulders. He frowned and blinked, his morning brain working through the problem like a single hamster running in a wheel. He leaned forward, the sheets clinging to him in a very familiar way, and rotated his body ninety degrees, swinging his legs out. He sighed, really not happy that there was something going on with the bed that he just spent all night sleeping in. He hopped out and in one quick motion, as if he could catch something in the act of fleeing, he threw off the comforter, revealing his bedsheets beneath. His bed was drenched, a dark stain spread from where his body had been positioned. Based on the tide marks around the edges of where it had begun to dry, this had been even bigger at one point. It had spread from around his knees all the way up to his back. Lucas leaned over and examined it, trying to wrap his mind around what had happened. He stopped himself. It was prudent for him to try to make it to the potty as soon as he woke up, THEN try to see what was going on. Except, he didn’t have to go. At all. His bladder was totally empty. There was no rush at all. Lucas was not so far gone that he was unable to tell when he had to go peepee in the big boy potty. And his body was telling him that there was absolutely no need to even try. This was around when he noticed that his boxers were totally drenched and that there was a distinct smell of stale urine around him. The wolf’s fur bristled. He felt the heat of embarrassment rise to his cheeks and firmly take hold. He had wet the bed. He had completely soaked his sheets and he slept through the entire thing. Of course he didn’t have to go potty. He had already spent all night going potty in his bed! This was a tough thing to handle by himself. He had two options. He could take the sheets down to the laundry room and shove them in and hope that nobody would ask him why he was running the wash first thing in the morning. That made sense. That would probably work and let him get away with this. Or he could tell his parents that he had wet the bed. Some unknown, unexplainable compulsion made that the obvious solution to this problem. If he told his parents then it would be a good idea. If he told his parents that he wet the bed, they would be able to help. It was important that boys who wet the bed tell their parents right away. Why was it important to fill them in? That wasn’t a question with an answer. It was just some kind of deep truth within the teen that resonated with his sense of self. It was ok to wet the bed! Lots of people wet the bed! Wetting the bed was no problem at all. And because it was perfectly natural and normal and healthy and good to wet the bed, that meant that it was also a good idea to let his parents know. Lucas pondered this for a lot longer than he probably realized. The choice of keeping his accidents a secret had never appeared in his mind, really. For some reason, he was always very open about them. In fact, it felt good to tell his Mom and Dad that he had gone peepee in his pants a whole lot. It even felt good to tell Martin about it, even if he seemed less thrilled with this information than his parents did. It was odd to even contemplate keeping this event from anyone. What was the point in hiding it? Why would Lucas even want to hide it? If anything, the choice between attempting to keep his bedwetting a secret and admitting it outright became less and less of a choice the more he thought about it. It was really silly to bother hiding these sorts of things. He wouldn’t get in trouble for being honest, but who knew if he would get in trouble for being deceptive. Why had he even wanted to keep it a secret in the first place? What a weird thing to have pop up in his mind. Maybe it was like when he looked over the ledge of a tall building and imagined dropping his phone several stories. Or when he imagined what it would be like to ram his shopping cart into another cart at the store. Some kind of strange hypothetical situation that the mind ran through whenever presented with possibilities. Yes, clearly there was no argument or validity to keeping this from his family. Lucas had wet the bed and he wanted to make sure everyone knew about it! -- Carmella was not expecting to have her bedroom door knocked on at 7:30 in the morning. Or any time before she had her coffee. She tried her best to be a morning person, but no matter how many years she devoted to the task, she wished she could stay up late and wake up late. Sadly that wasn’t her life. She did have the ability to make the characters in her passion project novel night owls. But she found that sleeping pattern discussion never really fit in with ranch romance plots. Yes, ranch romance. She was very happy with Ron but… she couldn’t help that she loved a man in denim. It was possible to write a romance story while being happily married, thankyouverymuch! “Sweetie, what is it?” Carmella asked, fighting back a yawn. Her kid was lucky she was already out of the shower. “Mom! Mom! You have to come see!” “Can you tell Mommy? I still have to get ready for work, sweetheart. Is everything ok?” Her son was surprisingly chipper. “It’s fine! I wet my bed! I was sleeping and I didn’t wake up and I needed to pee I guess and I just went in my bed and now my bed is really soaky and wet and there’s a big puddle in it.” Through still unfocused morning vision she looked down at Lucas, noting that his boxers were positively drenched and he stank of stale urine. So, it’s finally happened, she thought. I’ll have to text Ron to let him know we’re moving to the next stage. “Ok sweetie. That’s very good that you told me. Go upstairs and grab all the sheets off the bed. We’re going to have to wash them.” Carmella lost out to the yawn. She hid it behind her paw. “Don’t you want to come see it?” Lucas tilted his head. This kind of interest in showing off bodily waste was a male phenomena that Carmella had never grown accustomed to. She had changed far too many blowouts and trainwrecked diapers when the boys were little to even be dazed by it anymore. “No, no, I believe you. I just have to get ready for work….” The sheer disappointment in the eyes of her teenage son when she denied his request to see evidence that he was a bedwetter was not something she expected. He was about to enter the next stage of the Retrain System so… Sigh. She hated disappointing her kids. “But… Ok c’mon, get up there. I’m coming. You better not be fibbing!” “I’m not, I promise! I really wet the bed!” -- That evening, after dinner, Lucas had a meeting with his parents. They wanted a progress update on how he’d been feeling lately. It was nearly three weeks after the meditation machine had been installed and he was extremely pleased with how well it worked. He was sleeping great and that was impacting his mood in a positive way! They met in his bedroom, much like how they had done at the start of this. This was unlike the last time, where Lucas had been dreading the constant discussions and disappointment from his parents and all the hassles. This time he was excited to share the progress he had made! He sat on his bed, which still lacked sheets. A mass of towels laid on the spot he previously slept in. He was told to keep them there until the mattress dried, which was bound to happen eventually, he assumed. “So, Lucas, um… Have you been feeling well?” His Dad looked almost timid. It would have been a concerning question to start off with if it wasn’t the whole point of the meeting. “Yep! I’ve been feeling great. I really like the sleep meditation stuff. It feels really nice to fall asleep and stay asleep. I can feel it helping me.” The young wolf smiled. He was proud that he had made the mature decision to accept his parents’ offer. It was the kind of thing that some teens probably would have fought back against and not taken seriously. “I see that you’ve been hanging out a lot with your brother. Are you two getting along?” His Mom had her hands on her knees and was gripping them, as if bracing for something. “Uh-huh! Martin is a pain sometimes but it’s been cool playing games with him. And he’s helped me with um… the potty monster.” The less said about the potty monster, the better. “He’s told me that he’s been helping you flush the toilet.” “Y-yeah. It’s not so bad when he’s there to keep me safe from the potty monster. But it’s still really scary.” He really hoped they weren’t about to start grilling him on this. They knew that this was a sore subject! “That’s good that you two are talking and working together. Your father and I have been talking too. We have noticed that you’ve had a lot of accidents lately and now you’ve started wetting the bed.” Lucas had to admit that he was having more accidents than he normally had. Which wasn’t a bad thing! It was normal to have lots and lots of accidents! “And we think that you might not be ready for the big boy potty.” “HUH?” Lucas was stunned! That was outrageous! He was SO ready for the big boy potty!! “What your mother is saying is that, er, it’s not that we don’t trust you to be a big boy about lots of things. We’re very proud of how mature and well-behaved you’ve been. And we’re so excited for you to go into high school after the summer. But we think it would be a lot of stress for you to have these kinds of accidents at school around all your new friends.” Lucas tried to puzzle out what on earth they were talking about. They could talk as much as they wanted about him being mature and responsible and all that but this was his big boy potty privileges! He earned those years and years ago! They can’t just get revoked like that! He was totally qualified to make it to the potty on time whenever he wanted! “What are you… I! Am! Potty! Trained! I know how to use the potty!” He was standing, his fists balled at his sides. “Sweetie, sweetie, we aren’t saying you aren’t potty trained. Sit down sweetie, we have to talk about this like mature adults.” His Mom was still seated, her hand now resting to where Lucas previously was. He was fuming! Talking about things like mature adults is easy to say when you’re not about to have one of the foundational elements of being a big kid taken away from you! “Lucas, we love you very much. We always want what is best for you. Look, we aren’t trying to take this away from you overnight.” His Mom shot his Dad a look. “Er, rather, what I mean to say, is that we aren’t trying to surprise you with this. That’s why we’re having this meeting. So we can talk.” Lucas looked from parent to parent. He crossed his arms and backed away from them, leaning against his old dresser. He would listen to them, but he was guarded. He was frowning and he felt tears welling in his eyes, but he kept his composure. Now was not the time for a temper tantrum. Now was the time to be the most mature person in the room. “O-ok.” This throat caught on the first word out of his mouth. Keep it together, keep it together. “Fine. Explain this to me.” The tension in the room was clear. These kinds of situations went from being just talking to just shouting in an instant, in his experience. His Mom spoke first. “We want to see if some positive reinforcement might help you with your accidents. I know it’s hard to keep track during the day when you’re going to the bathroom, so we have a chart that will help everyone monitor the situation, ok? Adults use charts like this all the time when they want to track things and they can’t remember them very well.” “So you wanna… have a chart for when I go to the potty? What’s that gonna do?” “Do you remember when I went on that diet last year?” His Dad explained. “I kept that app on my phone that tracked all the food I ate.” Lucas definitely remembered. It looked like a pain to do. “Well, it helped me watch what I was eating. I figured out that I was snacking between meals without even thinking about it. By writing it down, I was forced to remember what happened during the day. And it held me accountable.” “It’s exactly like that, sweetie. By keeping track of when you go to use the bathroom, you won’t forget about it. And it will make it easier to monitor your accidents.” Lucas had to admit that while he didn’t mind having peepee accidents in his pants, he could imagine it being inconvenient or inappropriate sometimes. And to his knowledge, most high schoolers didn’t have issues with wetting their pants in front of the potty. And their plan sounded fair. Dad definitely used that app and tracked his diet for a couple of months last year and that seemed to help. Although that did raise an obvious question. “Ok, well, if that system works so well, how come you aren’t using that app to track your food anymore, Dad?” His father’s eyes widened and he gave an awkward smirk. “That’s a good question, Ron. Why DID you stop using that app?” “I uh… well, it was quarter end and uh… There were some… Well you see, what had happened was…” “Lucas, you have raised an excellent point. It isn’t fair to you if we use a method that we can’t use ourselves.” His Mom was looking straight at his Dad while she spoke. “I think to prove that we are being open and equitable, while you are keeping track of your bathroom record, your father can keep track of the food he eats.” His Dad looked like he wanted to say something, but he elected not to. He just nodded in agreement, instead. Lucas supposed that their compromise was fair. If it turned out that this was going to be not worthwhile, at least he wouldn’t have to suffer alone. Much like making things even with his little brother, it was fair as long as everyone was inconvenienced. “Fine. I guess that makes sense.” He still wasn’t happy that this was being tracked. He was a big boy and he could go potty all on his own without having to record it. But, if they were going to record it, he would make sure it was a record of victory and success! “Good then, I’m glad we’re in agreement. Let me show you what we have.” His Mom went out to the doorway of the room and grabbed a box with a few items in it. She produced a vinyl chart with segments and spaces to put stickers and… at the top it said Potty Chart! This was identical to the potty training chart he saw on Noah’s wall yesterday! “So this is the chart. It will help you to-” “Yeah! I saw that! Mrs. Seong had Noah put a smiley sticker on it when he wet his training pants!” He paused. He blinked. Something didn’t click. Why would you put a smiley sticker on a potty training chart if you didn’t make it to the potty? “Wh… Why did… But Noah… went peepee…” His head swam. Something wasn’t connecting in his mind. It made sense to put a smiley face sticker on a potty training chart. It would feel good to put a smiley face sticker on a potty training chart. Smiley faces were good and showed that you did the right thing. That made sense. He wanted smiley face stickers on his potty training chart. But why would the good stickers go on when Noah had a big peepee accident? Wouldn’t he… get a frowny sticker? Yet, that logic was like a gear grinding without lubrication. It was barely turning and overheating. “I think you might be getting swept up in the details, champ.” His Dad’s hand was on his shoulder. When did he stand up? Lucas must have been so caught up in his own head that he spiraled out for a moment. “There’s a system that we’re supposed to follow. It sounds like Mrs. Seong is using the same one that we’re using. I promise, it’s not complicated.” It felt good to have his Dad there to reassure him. Lucas nodded and composed himself. His mother explained the system. Whenever Lucas had an accident in his pants, at all, he would put a smiley face on the chart in the part of the day when it happened. The smiley face was supposed to represent that it was alright and to stay positive. And if you made it to the potty on time and with no accident, you put a frowny face sticker on the chart. This represented that you overcame your fears of the potty monster and did the responsible thing. Apparently the frowny face was supposed to be more like a fearsome face. Lucas wasn’t sure he understood the logic of the way this worked. But it was just two stickers! He knew what they meant and that was the important part! He could keep track of them no problem.