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  1. MarkSmith

    Your favorite printed diapers

    Rearz Princess and Dotty the Pony diapers here...
  2. MarkSmith


    I envy the sissy babygirl that becomes your lil one.
  3. MarkSmith

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    I think after so long of wearing diapers you just reach a place where you become more mature about wearing them. Before I think I was just dying to let my secret out of the proverbial diaper closet. Now that I wear diapers permanently those desires have subsided a great deal. @rusty pins often says diapers in moderation is good and they should not run one's life. In my situation, diapers all the time have actually made me into a better person. I have learned to respect others more and my thoughts are no longer constantly consumed by diaper this and diaper that. I feel it is always good to be truthful here on this site. Sometimes the truth is not always what others want to hear and I am okay with that. I want to share with others my everyday diapered life completely honestly and uncensored. With that said I do such because I value and welcome other people's opinion. I want to be critisized constructively in our community so that I can continue to be a better person. Who better to tell me I am not being correct than those that wear diapers too.
  4. I have one. As my wife's cuckold I am never permitted to watch the sexual union between her and her lover. I often fantasize about being present while they make love in our martial bed. I would be dressed in my Disney Princess dress that is too short to hide my pink disposable diaper. Before they begin I would be instructed to bend over and my wife would pull down the back of my diaper. She would fill my bowels with a strong enema right in front of her lover. I would then be told to stand in the corner with my nose against the wall and concentrate on holding the enema inside of me. They would begin making passionate love and as their excitement increased I could only hear their pleasure while I try and hold my bowels. Eventually her lover's passion would reach its peak and my wife begs him to release inside of her. As he begins to do so my wife would scream out for me to fill my diaper as she herself is being filled. How humiliating would it be messing my pants as he messes inside my wife. I think of this often.
  5. MarkSmith

    Mommy from Massachusetts

    Hello and welcome. I think you will find yourself quite at home here on Daily Diapers forum. It is a great place to share your diaper dreams with everyone without fear of judgment or ridicule. There are many diapered life stories here that can provide both advice and insight into the ABDL world. We are all different but share the common bond of the mythical diaper. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. MarkSmith

    Word Correlation And ABDL

    I think words are the single most important dynamic between a little and their caregiver. They submerge you into a great state of submissiveness and without them I personally feel like I am an adult simply using a diaper. My wife rarely uses words to enhance my inner sissy but when she does there is a stir in my lil wee wee that is almost indescribable. I want to hold my head down in shame for being asked if I went potty in my diaper yet that shame and humiliation fuels my arousal. @MommyWigglebutt As a mommy does this work the same for you because you exude your dominance over your littles with choice words? Do you find enjoyment in them feeling ashamed or vulnerable?
  7. As some one that wears diapers everyday I found the best thing that keeps my diaper profile nice and slim are diaper fixing panties made by Abena. They look like regular men's underwear and work great for hiding your diaper bulge.
  8. MarkSmith

    The Domme on the Bus

    Great story!
  9. MarkSmith

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    This is all part of the binge and purge cycle. Sometimes I could not stop buying diapers and would litteraly have enough diapers saved for a year of use. Now that I wear diapers permanently I really only buy diapers as needed. I am happy the roller coaster ride of binging and purging is over.
  10. MarkSmith

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    I am curious about what would be said. I mean l, is it like there is a freak in room 212 or is it more like that guy in 212 wears diapers. As someone who has worked in hotels does giving a daily tip for disposing of my trash bag full of used diapers mitigate maybe the gossip? Sorry for so many questions. You just have sparked my curiosity on this subject matter as someone seeing this from the other side. I am kind of curious if the situation you described was the worst guest situation you have dealt with diapers or no diapers. Where you ABDL then?
  11. MarkSmith

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    Here is my room today...ABDL things like Disney Princess AIO diaper and pink bloomers are kept hidden in my suitcase but my diapers are left out. Trash bag is tied in a knot and left resting on top of the trash can for easy removal for housekeeping staff.
  12. MarkSmith

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    I definitely do this things currently. My used diapers are always in a manner that the housekeeping staff can dispose of them without having to touch them. I sleep with a bed pad just in case a leak happens. I do however, leave my diapers and supplies out on the counter and I was thinking this was what you meant about being disrespectful.
  13. MarkSmith

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    It is nice to see a honest perspective from someone who actually has been there and done that. I was disgusted and saddened to hear your story about the insane guest you had. Everyone views proper diaper etiquette differently and despite having this fetish all my life I try and grow and be more respectful and mature about it as I get older. Now that I have basically made myself physically need diapers the thrill of forcing my fetish on someone else just is not what it used to be which is actually something that I am happy about. I wish I would have not been so severly abused as a child in such a way that I need to feel humiliated to feel wanted. I have had to learn ways to deal with this lifelong torment and wearing diapers permanently has allowed me to feel more normal. I will think about the housekeeping staff more as I basically live in a hotel more than I do at home thanks to your perspective.
  14. MarkSmith

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    I would definitely say your early experiences helped to mold your desires for diapers. It did for me as well except had the opposite effect. My stepmother used diapers to humiliate me and when I became an adult I needed humiliation to be satisfied. At first I tried putting my partners in diapers but I soon realized that I was the one that truly desires to be diapered and in a pretty pink dress.
  15. MarkSmith

    Considering telling my girlfriend

    Being honest about your diaper desires with a significant other can be a scary place to be in. For some of us it is hard for us ourselves to understand why we want to be diapered let a lone share it with someone who does not share the same desires. If binge and purge cycles confuse us what will our partners think? Despite how scary it is you need to have the talk with your partner. The sooner you do the faster you two can figure out if diapers can co-exist in your relationship. Telling her about your diaper fetish is what is fair for both of you. You want to share your secret with your significant other and she needs you to be honest with her. The longer you wait the harder it will become and as your feelings grow stronger for one another it often complicates things IF she cannot understand or accept your need for diapers. Diapers are not for every partner. Now is the time to figure out what your partner thinks. How devastating would it be if she became the love of your life and then decided that she could not handle your diaper secret? When you have the talk be all in. Do not downplay your need to be diapered in anyway. Be sure to tell her everything. Often times, as with my wife, a woman will initially believe that she is being replaced by an inanimate object. They can feel as if they are not good enough and even feel replaced by diapers. You need to reinsure her and educate her about your fetish as she will in all likelihood know nothing about it. You are the resident expert and only you how much you need diapers. Here is an article I wrote that may give you some insight on what I learned from my relationship. It details my trials and tribulations of gaining my wife's acceptance with my diaper desires. A lot of things on this will not apply so ignore them and skip over them. I wish you the best of luck.