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  1. Barbum diapers are now owned by AB Universe and they have exclusive rights to them. They priced them at $119 a case (unscented) which is extremely reasonable for these diapers. I recommend these diapers as they fit perfect for those of us whose size range falls between a medium and large. They are very absorbent but at the same time discreet. I wear them to work frequently. I am excited to get them with the ABU fresh scent.
  2. Did you train yourself to be incontinent or was it from natural causes?
  3. I started with my sister's baby diapers when I was in elementary school. When I was around middle school I had to spend an entire summer in a hospital supporting a cousin who was severely injured in an accident. The bathroom on all the hospital floors were unisex and had feminine hygiene dispensers in them. I bought my first maxipad and I loved it. Later on in life I had a desire to be diapered all the time but working as a project manager and having an unaccepting wife meant diaper wearing was almost impossible. Instead I began wearing womans panties and stuffing them with thick overnight maxipads. It was during this time I began to become a sissy and made a lifestyle change to support my feminine desires. My favorite maxipads started out at Always Overnights but soon I found Tena Overnight Incontinent pads. Those were the pads for me and some days I would wear up to three in my panties at one time. My wife despised me for it and would often ridicule me by telling me she could see the outline of my maxipads through my khaki pants and so could all my fellow co-workers . After awhile I stopped fighting the urge to be diapered and stopped substituting maxipads for diapers. Now I wear diapers everyday but not quite 24/7 and my wife has finally accepted who I have become. Although I have stopped wearing maxipads I find my eyes wandering to the maxipad aisle at the supermarket every time I am there.
  4. It's funny you mention those as I almost went with the My Diaper white if not for the expense. It would have cost me almost four dollars a diaper....no way. I also love My Diaper Princess and they are the same way. In Europe those are like the cheapest diapers you can buy too.
  5. I know they re-engineered their diapers and even included a horrid wetness indicator on size Large. My guess is they went with a completely knew diaper manufacturer in China that was cheaper and that was their re-engineering so to speak. I find it so upsetting that when you have a diaper you love and then the company makes changes.
  6. Calmoseptine ointment works wonders but I only use it when I start to get a diaper rash. It keeps me protected as the rash heals. For me if I do not have a rash it is baby powder all the way. Always be careful to not overuse powder as it interferes with diaper absorption. Usually as soon as I feel something chaffing or feeling sweaty I go and apply baby powder as needed and it prevents any further irritations or rashes.
  7. So I found that plain white diapers just do not fit me right for daytime use at work. I know the ABU simples say they are to size 48" but to me they fit very similar to a Rearz diaper which is 50" or 52". I am so in love with the fit and thickness of either Barebums or Tykables Overnights that I find it hard to not wear these even though they are not plain. Today I did something I have never done before and that was wear a Rearz Pink Princess diaper to work. I used it all day over a ten hour shift and no one could tell I was wearing a diaper. Not having to change meant I did not risk exposing my diaper in the restroom. (Luckily I did not have to go poo poo). So now I am thinking that I could wear a Rearz Incontrol or an ABU simple at work. Why can't Tykables bring back their whitey tighties lol.
  8. I am the same way. You are a tweener and Rearz sizing does not support your size range so well. I wear size L Rearz Princess diapers at night and they fit fairly well but are a tad large. I suggest you order a sample pack in size L and see if the size works for you.
  9. I wear exclusively ABDL diapers. My day time diapers are generally Tykables Overnights or Barebums diapers but I occasionally wear ABU Lavenders or DC Amor. For night time I am always in a Rearz Princess diaper with a Disney Princess AIO cloth diaper. I have yet to have wet bed sheets with my night time protection but my diapers are very bulky.
  10. I use Rearz Princess at night. They fit great and absorb really fast. I am always amazed that even after four major night time pee pees I can reach inside my diaper and it still feels rather dry. They are extremely heavy when you get out of bed in the morning that's for sure.
  11. Outerwear indeed amplifies wearing a diaper. Loose basketball shorts with a crinkly diaper always seems to maximize the crinkle. When I am at a hotel and go to breakfast in just shorts and a t-shirt the entire hallway is filled with the sound of the crinkle of my diaper. If I walk down the same hallway later wearing a onesie and jeans the crinkle may not even be heard. Also, wearing diapers that are larger size and that do not fit extremely snug maximizes the crinkle. I know everyone says the ATNs are so crinkly but I bought a pack and I did not notice what everyone else is hearing. Of course I did buy them in medium and they did fit very snugly so maybe that is why I did not hear the crinkle so much. I know a lot of guys do not want to wear pink diapers but I promise you the DC Amor diapers are noisy.
  12. For me the diaper that is the nosiest is DC Amor...they are not made with the softer plastic and I have a noticeable crinkle with every step. Rearz are the bulkiest without a doubt. Rearz with PEVA plastic panties and a diaper booster would asking to be noticed. Also look at Fetware for the Pearl Plastic Panties...the loudest they sell. The PEVA plastic panties are sold by Babypants....get a size or two bigger than you normally wear...the leg openings run very small.
  13. I am not embarrassed about it at all. My wife will change me almost always upon request. When she is busy, sick, or just plain not in the mood I will routinely change myself in her presence. There was a time when I felt she did not accept me in diapers that I was hesitant to change in front of her out of respect. Now I desire my Mommy witnessing my diaper changes all the time.
  14. Just heads up...these diapers in size L indeed do have a wetness indicator. This only applies to size large and not medium or XL. Rearz will be discontinuing the wetness indicator on future diapers. They experimented with a wetness indicator and it got extremely negative reviews...go figure.
  15. Abena makes diaper fixing pants that work great for this. They can be purchased at XP Medical and are all white. As others have said compression pants work but can be quite expensive. I have found that the are on clearance a lot at Wal-Mart and usually purchase them there. Fetware has the biggest selection of quiet plastic panties in my opinion. They have great descriptions about all the panties they sell and place an emphasis on if they are quiet or noisy.