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  1. Same here. I know she will probably never give me oral sex again. After my wife has returned home from being with a real man and is insatiable she will sometimes just pull my diaper down enough to allow for me to enter her. I think that has happened twice and it is always over as soon as it begins. I have tried the shower thing as you do but I am so uncomfortable not being in a diaper that it ruins the mood for both of us.
  2. Diapers, the Ultimate Nostalgia

    I know that is why I absolutely have to wear plastic backed disposable diapers. The more they crinkle the better as it takes me back to my pampers days.
  3. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    I want to say there is a difference if your diaper it used but definately not always. I have been in a private screening room three times and in each scenario my diaper was fairly used (Honestly there are very few times it is not wet). It seems when your diaper is heavily saturated the x-ray screener is more likely to flag your entire crotch area. If this occurs I do recommend if you are wearing a diaper to request a private screening because if not your bisiness could be out there for everyone to see. Twice I was not asked for a private screening in this situation and I just went along with the invasive search right there at the security station. Both times the TSA agents lifted my shirt up and ran their fingers inside the waistband of my diaper right there next to the scanner. The difference between the two scenarios was that one time I was wearing a Nightproofs Incontinence style diaper made by First Street and the other time I was wearing a Rearz Princess diaper. With the incontinence diaper the screener did not react to it all. For him it was business as usual and he knew that obviously it was my diaper that flagged the scanner. With my Rearz Princess diaper the screener seemed flabbergasted and would not clear me calling for his supervisor. In my opinion the difference in reaction was a man in a pink diaper. That is why I originally started this post. Internally I fight this all the time when I am in a professional enviroment. The baby in me wants to wear my pink diapers and the adult in me says a plain old white diaper. The baby feelings of course are normally stronger. I can promise you I have gone through many airport scanners where my diaper is almost bursting and I am not flagged. Now a days I wear a onesie and that seems to help with the scan. My plastic panties on the other hand like to flag my pockets for some reason.
  4. So you would say I am progressing along nicely from your experiences? At what point are you considered untrained/incontinent?
  5. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    I wear a black onesie always....but I still have to change or pull my diaper down to go #2....
  6. Not trying to stop....just noting how it is much more urgent than before.
  7. So recently I have been finding that when I am seated my bladder starts to fill. When I go to get up the urge to pee pee is very strong and when I let go my bladder complety empties and it is hard to stop it...in this normal in the untraining process?
  8. Membership From Cooshie Tooshiez

    How comparable are the Rearz Inspire versus the Rearz Inspire + Incontrol? I can not decide which ones to buy. I currently wear Rearz Princess.
  9. Reducing smell

    I take two Nullo tablets daily and it definately tames the smell of my pee pee. It also makes a mess much more tolerable.
  10. Membership From Cooshie Tooshiez

    Have you worn all the Rearz diapers?
  11. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    Fair enough! I will say that with some stalls now a days the cracks are so big it is hard to not see someone especially at the airports.
  12. I know in the past I was always worried if it happened my wife would not want to change my diaper anymore. I even told her that I would change my own diapers from now on but she responded with a resounding no. It definitely made me feel accepted unconditionally.
  13. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    I agree no one is suppose to see my diaper. My biggest concern would be when my diaper is pulled down while going poop. It is not always so easy to hide in public stalls. And Rearz makes the same diaper in white.
  14. It is just reality if you are going to wear diapers 24/7. I have noticed that before I wore all the time she did not hesitate to put her hand in my diaper but now she only touches the outside. She has to accept I am in diapers 24/7 and I have to accept that she is mostly sexually turned off as a result. It definitely makes nursing much more intimate and as an adult baby that drives me wild.