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  1. MarkSmith

    Padded Bottoms

    My only 100% sighting was at a rest area where because of the wide cracks in the stall I actually saw a gentleman sitting down on the toilet changing his diaper. He was not older. I remember another man noticed, seemed offended, and left for the restroom across the way. I could tell by the sound he was either very nervous or did not really have experience changing in a public stall. In support although I did not really need a diaper change, I went into the only other stall which was right next to him and changed my diaper. I ripped the tapes of my diaper off as loud as possible mainly to let him know he was not the only one. My diaper was changed and I was out of the stall before I think he even had his diaper all the way on.
  2. MarkSmith

    Best way to simulate a diaper?

    Woman's maxi pads or incontinence pads work great as well held in place with a firm pair of men's briefs or panties.
  3. MarkSmith

    Padded Bottoms

    I find myself looking at other people's diaper zone from time to time. I have norlt really noticed many people who I thought was padded but I definatly have seen a zipper or two that was down. Majority of the time it is older individuals that I notice that are clearly wearing a diaper.
  4. I have a lot of experience wearing a chastity device with diapers. At night time if your body attempts to get an erection especially in the beginning of being in chastity you will experience the same burning sensation you experienced before. At times it can be intense. The key to help prevent this is lubricating your chastity cage ring with baby oil or baby lotion. Eventually your scrotal sac stretches out and the burning sensation should subside. The biggest pros of wearing a chastity device in my opinion is one, your wee wee is not always scrunched firmly against the padding of your diaper. Because of this I feel it is much easier to stay relaxed when concentrating on unpotty training yourself. The other is your wee wee is always in a downward position. Those pesky little erections can not happen so your lil guy will never be pointing up which helps prevent leaks. I wear a Holy trainer V3 btw.
  5. MarkSmith

    Random Thread

    Love it.
  6. MarkSmith


    Welcome Mommy. I think you will find many lonely lil ones to talk to here. I am already taken as I have a Mommy but it would be interesting to hear what a session is like with a professional Mommy.
  7. MarkSmith

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Thanks for the unpotty training words of encouragement.
  8. MarkSmith

    Noisy diapers

    Although they are not my style I may have to try them.
  9. MarkSmith

    Disposables: Cloth Or Plastic Backed

    PLASTIC BACKED ALL THE WAY! I would absolutely die if plastic diapers went completely away. One thing that makes a diaper so intoxicating is the sound that is makes. Diapers are suppose to be crinkly. Clothed backed takes that element away. Do not get me wrong, I understand why cloth backed disposables exist and I respect those that want to wear them. I just simply am not that guy/lil girl.
  10. MarkSmith

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    So would you say after five years have you lost any physical control at this point?
  11. MarkSmith

    Random Thread

    I have to go to Japan tomorrow and I am not looking forward to a 12 hour flight.
  12. MarkSmith

    That diaper feeling

    Your need to be in a diaper will most likely only get stronger and stronger the longer you stay diapered permanently. I know for me that after close to a year being in diapers full time that psychological I would feel naked without a diaper on. For those that try to wear diapers permanently I think most know very quickly if this is something they truly want. I do know there are some people though that have worn for long periods of time and then quit cold turkey due to finances or a relationship change.
  13. MarkSmith

    Our Unique Lifestyle

    I understand how those outside the community could see the ABDL community as weird although I do believe that is because many choose to not understand the desires we share. I am curious if other ABDL's believe personally they are weird for desiring to wear diapers, suck on a pacifier, or wherever your desires take you in the little world.
  14. MarkSmith

    Our Unique Lifestyle

    Recently on another post I saw it was mentioned that wearing diapers is a "weird" fetish and I cannot stop thinking that I do not feel that way. I do believe that the desire to wear diapers or regress into a little is unique but I do not feel that my desires are weird. At one time I thought that I was the only one that desired to be back in diapers and at the time I found that need felt strange. When I learned that in reality there is a lot of people with the same desires it honestly made me feel more normal and it allowed for me to help accept my desires to be diapered. What once was a largely dominated male lifestyle in my opinion seems to be slightly changing as I see more and more females joining the site. Tumblr is absolutely filled with amateur pictures of females that are not pretending to enjoy wearing diapers like what we once saw on the internet. These girls are all smiles and clearly enjoyed being either padded or regressing to a little. As a society our culture seems to be more accepting of different lifestyles now more than ever. This attitude only benefits the ABDL community and I feel now more than ever this is the best time to wear diapers. Speaking as a male who is a diaper lover I feel that almost any male who wore a wet diaper and rubbed themselves in it would find the sensation highly arousing. I would imagine the same could be said about females as well. Does the fact that a diaper is providing that sensation make you weird or does it just simply feel amazing and makes you happy? Taking sexual desire out of the equation how many use regression as a form of anxiety relief to escape from the big bad world. This I would argue is a healthy way to relieve stress and just simply should not be described as weird. I am curious as to what others thoughts are. Do you think that you desiring to wear diapers is weird and if so why?
  15. MarkSmith

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    In diapers permanently so yep, everywhere I go.