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  1. Forced diapering and humiliation

    I still want my wife as a partner....I just want a Daddy in the bedroom. Obviously I am not man enough to take care of her needs. A relationship like yours would be perfect, the difference being is I would enjoy being in diapers.
  2. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    Panties were a substitute for diapers really. Wearing panties however got me in touch with my feminine side and wearing them turned mevinto a complete sissy. I started even wearing tampons. Now I am happy in my link diaper. Do you mess your diaper too? Does this include work? How do you mess at work?
  3. Underwear over diapers

    With out a doubt. I wear fixing panties over my diapers at work and sometimes at home and they have tendency to get wet a lot when my disposables start to leak. The good thing is when I feel them start to get wet I know it is time to change or else I am going to be looking at a big wet spot on my pants.
  4. Forced diapering and humiliation

    My desire for wearing diapers started when I was young. I would steal some of my baby sister's diapers and wet them. My abusive stepmother found my stash of used diapers and continually humiliated me all through my childhood, constantly reminded me of what she caught me wearing. Later on as a teenager I learned how to masturbate by making a homemade diaper. I would take a hand towel from the bathroom closet and fasten it around me with safety pins. Then I would stuff my homemade diaper with cotton balls and rub my wee wee on the carpeted bathroom floor. At the time I did not know what I was doing but that it felt very good. Eventually during one of these humping sessions I had my first orgasm. As I got older I found it was a lot easier to just use my hand and stop using diapers to masturbate with. When I graduated high school my desire for wearing diapers subsided when I joined the Marine Corps. While deployed to Japan I found a pornography book with adult babies in it and my desire for diapers returned. At first I was dominant and I would put my first wife into diapers. My first wife was very small and I could modify baby diapers for her to wear. Soon I began to wear diapers myself and started wearing them regularly. By doing so I started to become submissive and soon had fantasies of my first wife cuckolding me. From my encouragement she ended up at the bar on base and went home with another Marine. She made love to him in the barracks room while I was at home in diapers. Shortly after she cuckolded me she left me. Due to this, I purged all of my diapers and plastic panties and baby outfits. I went through a period of depression up until I met the woman that would become my second wife, a beautiful Japanese girl. She was very free-spirited and would sexually do anything. It did not take her very long to cuckold me. Each time she would go out to be with another man I would be in diapers and wait for her to return to me so I could perform cleanup duties. I generally prepared her for her dates by showering her, shaving her, and dressing her in sexy lingerie while wearing nothing but a diaper. Multiple times I was present while her lovers made love to her, diapered of course. We moved to America and soon it became apparent that she wanted to go back to Japan. I ended up having an affair with my current wife and shortly after we divorced. My current wife when I first met her seem to be very aggressive and dominant. I thought she would have no problems cuckolding me but I soon found out that she naturally was the submissive in the bedroom. She also did not believe in cheating on her lover. I tried my best to dominate her but soon I realized that my wee wee was no match. Because of this I became more and more submissive. I once again started wearing diapers a lot more. Soon my wife became pregnant and absolutely despised the thought of her husband in a diaper. At the time I was having bowel problems and would mess my underwear. She suggested I start wearing maxi pads while at work. Of course if you were going to wear maxi pads and you need to wear panties as well and soon I found myself wearing panties and maxi pads everyday. I loved the feel of the maxi pads but it reminded me of how much I wanted to be in diapers. Wearing panties also made me feel very sissy like and I started to spray my wee wee with feminine deodorant spray and I even started wearing tampons. Of course my wife was disgusted with me and it really looked like she may end up leaving me. We went to counseling where I saw a therapist and talked to him about wearing diapers and panties. I decided that I did not want to change who I had become and that my wife would have to accept me for who I was. Overtime she gave up fighting my lifestyle change and eventually accepted the sissy I have become. I wear diapers very regularly and have tried numerous times to wear them 24/7. Of course my diapers are generally girly like either Abu lavenders or rearz pink princess diapers. I would pay my wife to force me into diapers. She does breastfeed me and change my diapers from time to time. She also regularly humiliates me but never forces me to actually wear diapers. Our sex life consists of me making love to her with toys. Often I am wearing a diaper with a strap-on over it making love to her. My biggest fantasy in life is for her to find a real man and for her to turn him into my daddy.
  5. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    I would think majority of the sissies out there probably wear panties as opposed to diapers. I started out that way but it quickly evolved into wearing diapers.
  6. Should I tell a friend?

    I have told a lot of my friends about my diapers and never really felt like I was judged differently. Some of the female friends I told thought it was always because I was abused by my stepmother and wished I did not have those desires. My best friend and his wife have known for a long time and are very supportive. I guess I would rather me tell them than wearing around them and them accidentally finding out by seeing my diaper or hearing the crinkle. I feel its not as a ackward that way. If you can not share with your best friend that you wear diapers I don't know who you could share it with
  7. how to make a disposable diaper fluffy

    I imagine this makes your diapers crinkle more. That is awesome. My only concern is that it would cause the padding to break up and clump.
  8. Necessity of Diapers

    It is funny how the desire to wear diapers never goes away but the desire to wear them all the time does. I know a lot of it deals with sexual hormones if you are a diaper lover and if I do not masturbate then my desire to he diapered 24/7 triples. However at other times it is just plain inconvient. I have begged my wife to force me to wear diapers when I do not want to but she has no desire to do so. So I am left with putting on a diaper when I want to put on a diaper.
  9. Forced diapering and humiliation

    One of my wife's former lovers contacted her on Facebook today asking her if she wanted to make love this weekend. Unfortunately she will not get with him even though she really should. I have maybe be inside of her ten times in the last five years and half those times I lasted less than thirty seconds and a few times under ten seconds. I have stretched her out so much with toys that I can not even feel her anymore and she shows no sign of pleasure when I try and be a big boy. The last time we tried I could not even get hard and she was only wet when I breastfed. After that she dried up obviously because her body knows that I was not going to satisfy her and I ended up making sissies in my diaper and she was left completely sexually frustrated. She ended up masturbating the next day. From what I know of this guy is that he is two and a half times bigger than me and lasts all night. You would think her body would demand for her to turn me into a cuckold.
  10. Diaper *Crinkle*

    I know for a lot of us the crinkle factor is what we associate our babyhood with. I mean if you think about it, both baby and adult disposable diapers in the eighties and ninties where some of the crinkliest ever produced. If you were a baby during that time or an ABDL then those noisy diapers are generally what you crave. Granted the ABDL diaper community now is far and away better and there are so many diapers to choose from. Yet almost none of those diapers will crinkle like an Attends or Depends from the 1980s. I don't think it's so much about exposing ones fetish to others but rather the crinkle sound reminds us of when we were babies wearing a diaper if that makes any sense.
  11. Sissy baby

    Good to see another sissy baby. I am the same way and love public humiliation. Do you wear pink diapers? I am married to a wonderful woman who accepts me as a sissy but unfortunately does not entertain it so much.
  12. Surprise while taking out trash

    I have never seen a used diaper from someone else in a trashcan. For someone that travels as much as I do it is surprising. I often change in family restrooms and still have never seen a used adult diaper in a trash can. As far as being discrete when throwing my diaper away it all depends. Sometimes I do not care who knows I wear pink princess diapers and will just walk out of the stall and throw them in the restroom trashcan. Other times I am shy about it and will hide my used diaper in my backpack until I get to the trash and discreetly throw it away.
  13. Good thrift store find?

    So I wore one of these for the first time ever today. Obviously I have heard over the years how loud they crinkle but I was shocked by how loud they are. My jeans do not even muffle the crinkle one bit. Truly awesome diapers if you are into the crinklebutt factor.
  14. Diaper *Crinkle*

    There are actually many other places that crinkles can be heard. A hotel hallway is a great example. Generally if I go down to breakfast I wear loose fitting gym shorts. When walking through the hallway you can hear the crinkle of a Bambino very distinctly. One time I was walking down the hallway and a couple exited their room behind me. It was so obvious to them that they would not even get in the elevator with me and the woman gave me a "I feel sorry for you look." I often shop at thrift stores looking for older diapers. Sometimes there is a lot of ambient noise in a thrift store due to the amount of people in it or music playing in the background. Other times some thrift stores are as quiet as a library and my crinkle can be heard for a mile. Of course it all depends on the diapers you wear. Softer plastic backed diapers are much quiter than the harder shell ones. Bambino Biancos for example are very loud were as a Tykables Overnight is not so noticeable. Also, depending on how used your diaper is makes a difference. When you first put it on it is very crinkly. Then it quiets down after you wet it. However, as it gets full and starts to sag it will start to crinkle again. The old green Depends can be heard no matter what. I recently found a package and tried one on for the first time. It's like wearing a garbage bag. Even jeans do not muffle the crinkle.
  15. Forced diapering and humiliation

    You do not know how lucky you are. Your life would be a dream come true for me. Clean up duties, public humiation, and impregnation by her lover is about humiliated as you can get. I have begged my wife to fulfill my deepest fantasy by taking a lover and forcing me into diapers permanently. She will not cuckold me despite the fact I do not sexual satisfy her at all. Even when I try to take my diapers off and attempt to be a man I always leave her sexually frustrated. My size litterally is a wee wee and there is no pleasure in her eyes when inside of her. I guess in a way I am cuckolded as she has about five or six black dildos that act as her "lovers" in place of me. They are all extremely lifelike and are two to three times bigger than I am. I have spent a lot of money on them as she deserves for me to try and find something that can satisfy her sexually. Many times while wearing a diaper I have worn a harness and made love to her with them. Of course, having a husband that is constantly wearing pink disposable diapers is probably hard to be sexually attracted to. Often times I wonder what she thinks as she is changing my diaper. Does she look at my wee wee and feel aroused at all? Honestly the way I satisfy her sexually the most is through breastfeeding. She is super sensitive and gets so turned on when I am nursing. I just close my eyes and imagine the pleasure she would feel if I was breastfeeding while a real life lover took her forcefully. I know physically she would explode but unfortunately mentally she could not handle it. She has humiliated me before. She made my go out to the store with my Disney Princess rhumba panties hanging out of my pants and buy her cigarettes. She also made me wear a diaper in a hotel pool. I wish she would humiliate me so much more. I pretty much have to humiliate myself by wearing loose fitting shorts and crinkly diapers, thrifting for diapers, and changing my own diapers in public. You get some looks when you come out of a stall with a used pink diaper. I wish she would humiliate me 24/7.