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  1. MarkSmith

    Diaper training, but not IC desire

    I have been in diapers permanently for six months now and I have showed zero indication that I am losing any night time control. I was never a bedwetter so doea this basically mean I will not ne able to lose night time control? For those who have become diaper dependant have you became a bedwetter without being one previuosly?
  2. MarkSmith

    My Journey to Diaper Dependence!

    Bettypooh gave me the greatest advice towards my goal of diaper dependancy by simply explaining to me to not worry about my bladder and just let nature take its course. At the beginning of my unpotty training mentally I was frustrated constantly analyzing if I have my bladder sphincters relaxed. Now I simply go potty in my diaper whenever I feel the urge to do so. It could mean that I leak just a little into my padding or flood my diaper. Staying this course takes a lot of patience and preservation and you have to be in it for the long run to see results.
  3. Here is the link to the first part of my diaper experiences which details diapers and my significant other. I started wearing diapers permanently on September 30th of last year and have been in them everyday since. I had talked about my desire to become diaper dependant for a long time before actually going through with it. I would be diapered for a week here and a week there. I had problems staying in diapers like most of us after a sexual release and also the minor inconveniences being diapered all the time brings. My arguement was I would be a better person by being happier and more focused which did truthfully happen. My wife actually perfers the diapered me over the non diapered me. Her tolerance has not fluctuated but her participation has. She used to change my diapers almost everyday and now hardly ever does so. Diapers have become normal for us, almost as if I am wearing norrmal panties. I do not think she gives a lot of thought into it. At the end of the day she has a husband who at this point is basically diaper dependant and it is what it is.
  4. MarkSmith


    Awesome! Is your goal to become incontinent?
  5. MarkSmith


    I too made the decision to wear diapers permanently six months ago. Please do not hesitate to message me with any questions or advice.
  6. MarkSmith

    Indian Relics

    Sweet. I found this heartbreaker in a field last night....if only it had its tip....
  7. MarkSmith


    Awesome, those are my go to diapers as well. My wife hates them because she says they look cheap and are the color of Pepto-Bysmol lol.
  8. MarkSmith

    vintage attends let down

    I would have done the same. It is a great find for an antiquer but to an ABDL a find like this is almost priceless.
  9. MarkSmith

    Most Absorbent?

    Personally I have tried almost every disposable diaper on the market and the Rearz Inspire+InControl line of diapers (Includes Safari, Princess, and Seduction) have the best capacity of any I have used. I do agree that as a male unless you are laying down in bed it is almost impossible to use a disposable diaper to its maximum capacity. There is just too much pee pee concentrated to the front padding of your diaper.
  10. MarkSmith

    My Journey to Diaper Dependence!

    It is a long and winding path my friend. Stay confident and positive and diapered you will stay. Do not get frustrated with the slow results and periods of no changes. It takes a lot of time before you become physically dependant on diapers. More often than not people become mentally dependant on them much faster. Personally I recommend masturbation. This was the biggest thing I had to fight through to stay in diapers permanently and now that I am mentally dependant on my diapers I have zero desire to remove them even after a sexual release. It takes a lot of practice to feel this way and having a loving and accepting wife can be a key contributor to your success. I had my wife supervise all my masturbation and immediately put me in a new diaper after and she did not give me an option to not wear them. After a few weeks she was no longer needed to force me back into diapers. Now I just have my fun time, fill my diaper, and roll over and go to sleep. It is unrealistic to think you will be able to sustain from any kind of sexual release for the time it takes to become unpotty trained. I wish you to best od luck and I hope your diapered dreams become reality.
  11. I air out by wearing only my PUL GaryWear Active briefs for twenty minutes or so. I still leak into my briefs and have a mess to clean up but it is nice to take a quick break from my diapers from time to time.
  12. MarkSmith

    vintage attends let down

    At least you never really spend too much on them especially when you chance upon them at a thrift store. The prices for these diapers on Ebay are outrageous and I would be extremely upset if the were molded. I have had a few instances where I have bought whole packs at a thrift store and they have had mold in them but generally they sell for around $5 a pack.
  13. MarkSmith

    Indian Relics

    How do you gemstone hunt?
  14. MarkSmith

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    I need to try this. Too bad my wife does not currently have a lover. That wouls be rather humiliating, having your wife's boyfriend mark his territory in your diaper. Maybe I will ask my wife to use a funnel to fill my diaper.
  15. MarkSmith


    What diapers do you typically use for 24/7 use? I wear diapers permanently as well and I use Rearz Princess, Rearz Inspire+Incontrol, and ABU Simples.