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  1. Barebums diapers without a doubt and nothing else is even close with the exception of Tykables diapers. I can wet them all day and no one at work knows I am even wearing a diaper...Of course the downside is they are expensive.
  2. It really is a delicate situation. It is hard to explain to a significant other the need to be diapered all the time as they simple do not understand that feeling. I know in my situation that wearing diapers is tolerated but not necessarily accepted. The more I feel my wife dislikes me diapered the more I wish she was more involved. I certainly am not complaining though. A lot of people on this board would never be allowed to wear diapers 24/7 or even be changed by a significant other. She has definitely sacrificed much more than I have in our relationship when it comes to diapers. Majority of us want a "mommy" so to speak living this lifestyle and generally a female significant other wants a "man". I guess in the end love is what prevents the dreaded diaper divorce.
  3. I was in the same situation as you. My wife was not overly excited about me wearing full time especially around our children but if you take the steps to be discreet then it really is ok. For me, Barebum diapers work the best around the house and family. Tykables are also fine but are thicker and slightly less discrete as they seem to crinkle a little more. I do not agree you need cloth backed diapers as the plastic ones I wear are silent as long as I wear a pair of Abena cotton fixing pants. You can also wear compression pants that men use to work out in and they work great to conceal the bulge. You will want to change frequently as your diaper becomes much more noticeable once used both in appearance and sound. Of course have a private place you can change with a door that locks and be mindful that it is very easy to become complacent and leave a used diaper laying around. My wife covers for me a lot as I wear and change so much sometimes I forget. It really takes both you understanding one another and respecting one another to make it work. My wife lets me know if I am crinkling to much and so forth and so on. I also find that when she diapers me the fit is a lot tighter and much better as far as being discrete. She is not necessarily happy about me being diapered but she will diaper me to help with the discreetness.
  4. I am confused by bras. To me they are for a matured woman and not for a baby. Babies in diapers do not wear bras. When I have diapered my wife in the past I find her extremely large breasts to not be as appealing to me when she is my little girl. However, when I am her sissy baby her breasts inside of a nursing bra excites me the most! What I find strange is I am against bras because they are for big girls so to speak but I love using tampons and maxipads. One could make the same argument that feminine hygiene products are for big girls. Oh....the inner feelings and desires of a sissy....
  5. I agree to this. My sissy feelings are fueled by the inability to pleasure my wife which is a constant reminder that I am quote unquote "not manly enough." Things that are very pink and "girly" appeal to my inner sissy and remind me of what I feel I can not provide. The humiliation of being reduced to less than a man makes my feelings stronger and makes me crave more. I was an ABDL before I became a sissy so diapers just naturally help to fuel my sissy desires.
  6. For me Tykables diapers are the answer to your question. The prints make me feel very babyish and there is enough pink in them to appeal to the sissy in me. They are definitely thick enough to remind you that you are wearing them yet can still be concealed under your work clothes. They have a nice crinkle factor to them even though they are made from the softer plastic. Tapes can be continually re-adjusted and their capacity is awesome. I love how they swell and swell. In my opinion they are the perfect ABDL diaper for full time use. Obviously others must agree because they are constantly sold out. My next choice for an all around diaper would be the Barebums diapers. I love all diapers that are pink and Rearz Princess are the perfect night time diapers for me...I just have not found the perfect all around pink diaper yet.
  7. It's amazing, every experience with Lara seems to be the same, positive and so nice. Is everyone planing to go wearing diapers or what?
  8. Welcome. This truly is a great place to express your diapered being. So many of us have the same feelings and desires about wearing diapers on one hand but yet on the other hand we are all so different. I think most importantly this is a place you can be accepted while being diapered, baby or not.
  9. I talk to my best friend about wearing diapers all the time in just everyday conversation. He never judges me and says as long as I do not ask him to change me it is all good. He used to be a field service technician and would go on local trips to service bank machines. I would tag a long with him sometimes and I would always bring spare diapers with me, never in a bag or hidden. I would tell him when I needed to change and we would stop at a restroom or gas station. I have many close friends and he is the only one that knows (His wife knows as well).
  10. The opposite, only disposables. I do wear cloth Disney Princess AIO diapers for nighttime protection over my disposable sometimes.
  11. I really really would want to go to this as she is such as nice lady but I am not sure what my schedule will be. I would also love to bring my wife but O don't know if she would come.
  12. What diapers do you wear currently?
  13. I understand as as I am even shorter and rounder at about 5' 7" and have 42" pants size . I wear onesies everyday to work and my diaper generally does not leak. I have found that ones bought from Babypants or ABU never fit my pear shaped body correctly so I have mine custom made and I promise you that is the way to go. It is very important that the crotch is tight so that it keeps your diaper in place when it starts to get full. However, if it is too tight then to much pressure on your diaper can cause your pee pee to stay concentrated to much in the front. This can cause press out leaks especially if you sit down as the diaper does not have enough time to absorb your pee pee. That is why the custom sized onesie works best for me. My onesies are not cute though, just simple wear to work onesies that look like a t-shirt. Why not just wear a pair of plastic panties under your onesie to help contain leakage?
  14. So Fort Wayne area?
  15. I am in Ohio, which area of Indiana?