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  1. Incon question

    My urologist ran the tests when my bladder issue first started and could niot see any thing wrong, I desided to skip the meds and just wear diapers to manage my bladder issues since the meds do not work 100%. it been almost 3 years and I do not regret skipping the meds and just wearing diapers.
  2. Hi Username I would recommend seeing an urologist to make sure there is nothing serious wrong that is causing your bladder issue, you may be retaining pee if you still feel like you need to pee after peeing
  3. Should I start wearing diapers 24/7

    Having warn diapers 24/7 for 3 years and counting for a medical issue its not something I would recommend doing by choice, its a lot of work and expensive and all your friends and family will find out. you will always have to carry a diaper bag with you at all times and will have to change inpublic or at some ones home even when its not great timing, Wearing and using your diapers can lead to a real need to wear then your choice not to wear will be gone, at 18 you have your whole life ahead of you do you really want to be in diapers for the rest of it. Diapers can have their benefits ir your stuck in traffic and need to pee or the bathroom is closed but over all they are a pain to deal with and traveling becomes a lot more of a chalange when you need to take a case of diapers with you for a 2 week road trip. its your choice but I would recomend not wearing and using 24/7 unless you can live with the probability of becoming diaper dependant for real.
  4. Most embarrassing diapered moment so far.

    Got soaked while checking out a different disney hotel and had to change my onesie both stalls were busy so I changed the onesie out in the open and mid change some one came in. thats the closest I have come to being embarrassed but that was early on when my incontinence first started now it wouldnt bother me a bit,
  5. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    When I told my family about my incontinence they understood and supported my decision to skip the meds that do not work and wear diapers 24/7 it makes dealing with incontinence a lot easier when you do not have to hide the fact you need to wear diapers. After a while you get to the point of not caring who knows you wear for a medical issue.
  6. Poop preventing pee

    it is normal as if you need to have a bowel movment your body will for the most part not let you ignore it and just pee, if you dont have to go that baddly you may be able to just pee in the urinal and maybe your diaper but since your subconscious knowsyour diapered you may endup doing both once you start to pee.
  7. Customs is a hard and dirty job some times but a necessary one, Sorry you had to go through that and you may have to again if you fly out of a know drug supplying country. They probably catch people every day or so trying to smuggle in drugs and nit going to the bathroom once juring the flight will trigger extra security steps some times as flight attendents or air marshals do watch for this.
  8. How long have you been incontinent?

    Almost 3 years of being diapered 24/7 for a bladder issues
  9. do you hide your wetting at home

    All my family know about my Incontinence issue so no need to hide, when we travel we let the hotel know so they can provide a matress protector.
  10. Shaving pee pee

    Philips makes a dedicated body shaver for shaving in your groin areas and body Never use a electric razor designed for faceial hair or one that you use on your beard already.
  11. Potty Training AFTER using 24/7

    Unfortunately you may indeed have crossed the threshhold of no return it happens as our bodys adapet to being diapered, Jesse has a good idea for using pullups it may help you retrain. Keep a log and do the kegale exercises and timed voids and never use the pullup for convenience its a just incase protection. keep extending the time between bathroom breaks and hopefully you will see an improvement. Forget about wearing taped diapers again as wearing them may wipe out any retraining as your body will adapt quickly to your diapers state. Remember the moto becarefull what your wish for you may get it and unfortunately you may have recieved the gift of incontinence for life that you asked for.
  12. My Parents do not like the fact I am in diapers 24/7 as they only one the best for me and the want me to be healthy but they have accepted the fact I need to wear for a medical issue. Parents will always want the best for you if your diaper need is for a medical iasue and you are seeing an urologist they should accept the need for you to wear.
  13. Musing about living incontinent

    Incontinence is hard to deal with some times and we all need to vent once in a while, I find in the sumer you have to air out and change more often it helps a bit but diapers are never fun to wear in any weather. I agree I to do not understand why some people are striving to become incontinent by choice but it is thier choice and they will have to live with the consequences.
  14. keep reminding your self you wear for a medical issue, try to stop thinking and dewlling on what others may think just go about your daily business. People really donot notice or care if you are in an adult diaper especially when its just a plain white diaper. Yesterday I had to change when we were at the mall (Bestbuy) the bathroom was busy and no one reacted or said any thing when I came out of the stall carying a used diaper in a ziplock bag. Unfortunately diapers are apart of our lives now and if some one says something just say you have a medical issue and have to wear and that you hope they never need diapers to deal with a medical issue.
  15. I think Depends have brought back thier plastic backed diapers.