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  1. Rob110

    do you fell shame in your wetting

    I no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed about needing diapers 24/7, I have come to terms with my medical issue and could care less what any one may or may not think or feel if they notice I am wearing a diaper. Acceptance is key in dealing with the negative feelings about being diapered as an adult and I have come to enjoy the benefits of being diapered from time to time when I need to pee and the bathroom is unavailable or just not reachable due to being stuck in traffic. I takes time but you will get to the point of acceptance and not worrying about what others think over time and once you reach that point being diapered 24/7 becomes a non issue 😀
  2. Rob110

    rearz and the breast cancer society

    its a strange choice they could have made a solid pink colour diaper it would not require a graphic redesign cost, or as Nat has said simply have code that you can use that can be applied to any product that will give 10% of the product cost to the charity.
  3. Rob110

    Leaving Diapers or Pants around in your Hotel-Room

    When we travel we use a laundry bags from the dollar store we keave the diapers in thier original packaging and just upen the packaging just enough to grab one diaper at a time. there’s usually a shelf we can leave the packages on.
  4. Rob110

    How long have you been incontinent?

    Just crossed over the 4 year mark
  5. By the time I feel the need to pee its to late as I start peeing almost immediately, most times I never feel the need I just start to pee. My last test when he filled my bladder was the only time in 3 years I felt the tingle of really need to pee. it was a strange feeling after some many years of no feelings.
  6. Why not learn to sew (I know for most guys its a non starter of an Idea) onesie patterns look relatively easy to make and you could supllement your income makeing custom onesies in your area. I was toying with the idea my self at one point in time.
  7. Since he has no respect for others time to say sorry you can not come over and stay unless he follows the house rules. 1: Protection on what ever he sleeps on as well as a bed pad 2: he wears a premium diaper that fits him property Tell him theres in needing a diaper and if he is not willing to listen and follow the rules you just have to say sorry you cant stay and send him to a hotel by an uber (make sure you inform the hotel so they can protect the bed)
  8. Agreed let them know, theres no shame in being incontinent and needing diapers and you can then get a mattress protector on the bed and will not have to hide your diapers or bed pad. and it will remove the question why you take a bag into the bathroom every time. have fun on the visit and dont stress telling them as time goes on more and more people will need to know
  9. Being incontinent forces you to adapt to being diapered every where all the time, I normaly wear the plain white Betterdry diapers but the Canadian suppliers stopped carrythem for a while so I stocked up on the Crinklz printed versions even with a print I no longer worry about changing in public will be switching back in the new year to the plain white version as theres a new distributor thats importing them again, No one notices we are in a diaper and if they do who cares you probably will never see them again.
  10. Rob110

    Getting use to diapers

    People are generally self absorbed and really do not notice whats going on around them especially in the bathroom, as Mark said a plain coloured onesie makes a huge difference in preventing the dreaded diaper sighting due to a shirt riding up also helps keep the diaper snug and inplace. as your wear more and change inpublic more often you will get to the point of not caring or worrying if some one sees your diaper and you may even get to the point of being able to put a diaper on in a gyms changing room. There are millions of us who require diapers to manage bladder or bowel issues and unfortunately its a growing group. Adult diapers are more comen then you think for medical issues, and when you add Adults wearing by choice the number grows exponentially.
  11. Rob110

    Attends vs. Abena vs. Crinklz

    if you can not get good quality plain white diapers intime stay with the Crinklz since you can trust them, or see if your medical supplier has overnight shipping you may still receive the plain white Betterdry diapers intime
  12. Rob110

    Anyone Know Comfrey Diapers?

    I switched to the Betterdry diapera (Plain white version of the Crinklz) from the Dry24/7 primarily due to the fact betterdry dry worked best for me at night as I am a side sleeper. The dry 24/7 wicks better then the betterdry and is cut a bit bigger so the fit is better if you are loke me and in the between Sizes.
  13. Rob110

    What's in your diaper stock?

    I really overstocked with Crinklz when our Canadian supplier discontinued carrying the Betterdry or Crinklz diapers my guess is I have around 8 cases of Diapers onhand. Healthwick has anounced they are bringing back Betterdry diapers after finding a new supplier so I can reorder the plain white version (Betterdry)
  14. Rob110

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    99% I am in just a diaper if its cold out side or we are traveling I wear a onesie with my diaper, after 4 years of incontinence I doupt I will ever sleep with out a diaper.
  15. Rob110

    catheter use to gain incontinence

    It would probably take a while, since using a catheter will shrink your bladder size over time once hour bladder has srunk to its smallest size your retention time will be greatly reduced and you could experience pain if you try to hold your pee to long as the bladder trys to strech again. Also the prolonged use of a catheter can increase your chances of a UTI infection not to mention you could do some internal damage with the catheter that may create a possible retention issue and force you to self catheter every time you need to void. Check with your urologist for proper catheter care and insertion and ask about the risks, there is no quick way to force incontinence and are you sure you really one a lifetime of diapers and control issues and the possibility of becoming dual incontinent as your body adapts to being diapered 24/7 once you loose bladder control. I have been in diapers for a bladder issue for 4 years and I am now experiencing unexpected bowel movments that are starting to happen more frequently as time goes on. Incontinence is something you may feel you want but once you loose control theres no going back