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  1. I can not remember ever seeing a tv commercial for any of the premium medical grade diapers like Confidry 24/7 tons of ads for depend pullups. I wonder if the stigma of a full taped adult diaper is still to strong for companys to make tv spots. Its a shame really as the need is there and it would help a lot of people get the better protection level they need to deal with bladder and bowel issues.
  2. We do not hide the fact I need diapers for my bladder issue, any one who needs to know knows its a lot easier to be open about my bladder issue then to sneak around trying to get changed when we have family and friends over to the apt.
  3. if you still have the packaging see if theres a batch number this will help them pull any defective stock they may still have. they will replace the diapers but may want a few of the defective diapers so they can see exactly what went wrong
  4. some nights I have woken up to a wet diaper, but most times I wake up and a few seconds later I start peeing. and then try to get back to sleep. My Bladder issue started as a day time issue but is now 24/7 but If I am going to pee with out warning or control at night any ways I wish my body wouldn't wake me first since its not going to give me time toget to the bathroom anyways.
  5. Just a warning on getting use to waking at night and relaxing and peeing in your diaper then falling asleep with out moving can and probably will train your body over time to simply pee with out waking you first as it gets use to you being diapered and not reacting,
  6. For me 100 Diapers is my reserve on average I use over 2 cases every 45 days as I use 3 to 4 diapers a day to manage my OAB , Incontinence is not cheap to deal with and running out of diapers is never an option . and its always cheaper to buy in bulk and have enough to get you by for a few weeks to a month incase your brand gets backordered and the supplier is waiting for a container to be shipped.
  7. My next order arrives on the 24th (Auto ship) hopefully they are like the last batch, I did have 2 diapers that the tapes ripped recently but I think i pulled to tightly when tapeing
  8. I have accepted my need to be diapered 24/7, Diapers are now a part of my life but I do not enjoy being incontinent.
  9. Even diaperd you always have to wory about the bed as Diapers leak especially if you are a side sleeper or the diaper simply fails due to saturation, leak guard not standing either way a bood bed pad and matress protector is a must. No worries you will find out the hard way and will have to deal with wet sheets and matress, its all trial and error when. wearing and using diapers. its your choice to follow advice form users who have already experienced the issues with being diapered 24/7 and have had to deal with wet sheets and leaky diapers day and night.
  10. When my OAB issue first started I saw my doctor and an urologist who did a bunch of tests, he recommend taking drugs to try to help my OAB but I to declined since the drugs are not 100% effective and I decided to just wear 24/7 to manage my issue. I have accepted diapers are now apart of my life now and probably for the rest of my life.
  11. Oldwetter66 is correct bed wetting is a pain to deal with, its not just night time you need to worry about. * Every night for the rest of your life you need to be diapered * Every time you take a nap you need to be diapered. * you need to always have a mattress protector at home and when traveling * forced bedwetting can lead to day time issues as well * once you beome a bedwetter regaining control can he hard or worst case impossible to regain control. You are only 18 and have the rest of your life ahead of you do you really want to be diapered every night or possibly 24/7 for the rest of your life. waking up to a wet bed is no fun,
  12. I agree uncontrollable bedwetting is not fun, I understand some people like to wear diapers for fun and use them by choice but becoming totaly diaper dependant due to bedwetting by choice is a choice you will probably regret at some point in your life. ask any of us that are in diapers due to a medical iasue and we would all tell you we would love to be out of diapers and back to regular underwear. Its your choice if you want to go down the path of forcing your self to become diaper dependant but remember Be carefull what you wish for you may get it. you are only 18 and have your life ahead of you please do not force your self to spend it in diapers
  13. i use to wear real fit for men when my bladder issue first started, they are great for small leaks and dribbles but not for full floods and they need to be changed as soon as possiable. I liked the fact they looked like underare and thatnI could carry a spare real fit in my cargo pants pocket i would never trust pullups any more to deal with my OAB but if they work for you then great stay with what you know that works unless you can try a few bags of the flex before your vacation to make sure they will work better then the real fit
  14. Its time to see your doctor and an urologist just to make sure its not a more serious issue thats causing your bladder issues. my bladder issue started simuler to your issue, so yes you may becoming incontinent but an urologist will make that call
  15. from what you are saying yes you could be starting to have incontinence issues, since you are dribbling and wetting with out being in a diaper. I would recommend talking to your doctor and. getting an urologist appontment to rule out any bad medical issues that may be causing the leakage in the mean time get a matress protector and a few washable bed pads to help keep your bed dry. also wearing real fit for men or another pullup may be a good idea to keep the dribbles in check, however pull-ups will not help with full floods but will provide a bit of protection. slight bladder issues can become larger issues quickly. Telling you family you need to wear diapers, for you bladder issue is the best thing you can do to help you deal with having to wear it takes away all the pressue of hiding you need to wear. Let them know you have made a doctors appointment And are looking to see an urologist, My bladder issue also started with slight drips and damp underware, I am now 24/7 in a taped diaper. get some diapers or the best pullups you can and start wearing, see your doctor and start keeping a back pack of supplies with you incase you need a change of cloths when you change your diaper. Incontinence is not fun to deal with its a real medical issue that you may have to deal with every day for the rest of your life its really not something to get excited by. you will get use to it once you have accepted,the fact you need protection and stop hiding the fact from your family and close friends.