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  1. Rob110

    Today I'm thankful for padding

    I have had a few unexpected bowel movments and I was very thankful I was in a full tapped diaper due to my bladder issues, I would also prefer not to have a bowel accident but no longer stress about it if it happens as my diaper does its job.
  2. Rob110

    Diaper help

    I too strongly recommend Betterdry diapers they are very absorbant and I have had fewer leaks then the dry 24/7’s as I sleep on my side and the Betterdry diapers absorb way faster then other diapers. I wear the. 24/7 as I can trust the diapers to do thier job (but I have still had a few leaks but few and far between)
  3. Rob110

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    3 to 4 diapers a day unless its a really bad day and then can go up to 5
  4. Rob110

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    in December it will be 4 years
  5. Rob110

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    Hi Scott Glad to hear you are managing better after switching to diapers, I have not regretted skipping the Meds and going straight to Diapers to manage my Incontinence issues. Rob
  6. Rob110

    bedwetters do you

    its not good to let the bed get wet to often and over time mold can form and you really dont want to sleep near mold
  7. nocturnal bed wetting is almost impossible to reverse once started as an Adult, so as justforfun stated you can pee any time any where while you sleep or nap. Being incontinent my self I would love to be out of diapers but I have accepted they will be a part of my life forever, Diapers do have thier benefits but have more negatives then positives. The choice is yours but Becarefull what you wish for you may get it and once you do after a while you may want to give it back.
  8. Rob110

    How often do you change?

    Not recommended for your skins health, being in a wet diaper for 24 hours can lead to skin issues over time but will definitely lead to rash’s
  9. Rob110

    My first onsie ever!

    Onesies work great and are indeed comfortable They keep your diaper inplace They hide your diaper when you strech or bend I have order a few of the Littleforbig baseball shirt style onesies recently and no one can tell they are a onesie
  10. Rob110

    Complicated issues with partial incontinence.

    Hi Scott Crinklz or the plain white version Betterdry have worked great for me since I switched to them they do swell up a lot more then the dry 24/7’s but they are quick to absorb so they work better as I am a side sleeper. I have had no issues ie finding they are to noticable juring the day. My incontinence grew worse quickly but that was probably due to the fact I didn't fight it as long as you have as for pain from trying to hold it i never really experienced any as when I got the feeling I needed to pee my bladder just released in its own a minute or two later. changing in public gets easier as time goes on you will get to the point of not even thinking about it you will just grab your back pack and head to the washroom and change. People do not notice and in 3.5 years no one has ever said anything or even reacted to me caring out a rolled up diaper out of the stall. you can alway keep a few small garbage bags in your back pack and use them to dispose of your diaper so no one sees it when you exit yhe stall. Hope the pain goes a way quickly when you start to use your diaper instead of holding it, keep a log for a while so you can let your urologist know that switching to taped diapers worked better then the meds to manage your OAB
  11. Rob110

    Complicated issues with partial incontinence.

    Hi Scott If you are not making it to the bathroom most of the time then yes its probably time to swith to premium taped diapers, I made the switch over 3 years ago not having to worry about am I going to make it in time I now use my diaper 90 % of the time for my bladder needs as I no longer get warnings I need to pee most times and I am usually dry for only about 30 minutes or less after changing to a new diaper. If you decide to wear 24/7 and to just use your diaper when you feel the need to pee on the days you can hold it for a while you will loose your remaining control quicker then you think. I do not regret skipping the meds and going 24/7 to manage my OAB as the stress of will I make it and if the meds will work 100% of the time was not worth it . I wear Betterdry (plain white versions of the Crinklz) and they work great day and night. keep seeing your urologist to make sure all is ok and its not life threatening and discuse switching to dispers to manage your bladder issues its your choice to skip the meds and wear diapers 24/7 it does take a bit of getting use to but its not that bad over all and your daily life does not change much.
  12. Rob110

    Wetting Yourself Awake?

    I wake up and I am peeing already or start to pee as I soon as I start to wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning it drives me nuts my bidy wakes me to pee but dosent give me any time to make it to the bathroom if ai am going to pee any ways I wish my body would just let me sleep through it since its going to happen either way.
  13. Rob110

    Why am I wetting the bed again?

    Glad to hear you are going to see a Doctor
  14. I think not, the possibility of doing major damage and the pain is the best reason not to try (Do no self harm) a metal rod can do damage way to easily you can do enough damage by accident when you self catheter if you are not careful.
  15. Rob110

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Mark Most people dealing with incontinence issues will notice a sharp drop in the amount they pee juring the summer months, i find that when I go into a grocery store in the summer and get to the open freezer or cooler section I start to pee shortly after the blast of cold hits.