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  1. Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    Hi Mark When My incontinence first started I always worried some one would notice me changing my diaper, now I no longer worry as they will figure it out eventually any ways. Just wear plain white diapers when at work and change when you need to to help prevent over saturation of your diaper and to keep the pee smell down. only my boss has said any thing about me taking in a back pack every time I go into the wash room other then that no one elae has mentioned it in 3 years. Just go about hour bussines and change when needed if some one asks you can explain you have a bladder issue, no one will question a plain white premium diaper. keep small garbage bags in your back pack to dispose of the diaper in the bathrooms garbage.
  2. There are indeed signs that incontinence issues may be non reversable are at the very least very hard to reverse, Do you pee any time and any with or with out a diaper nocturnal peeing is a hard one to reverse most times its not possiable if you still pee un diapered. I like steve have crossed the line to being in diaperes 24/7 due to a medical issue that has gotten worse over the years since going 24/7 but I have accepted I need diapers and no longer worry about my bladder control issues. if you are dry most of the time when you wear protection you do not trust ie pullups then you may simply addapting to being in a taped diaper and your subconscious realizes this and just releases your bladder with out warning since it knows your in a diaper that you trust. Try not wearing diapers when at home or wear pull-ups just incase but try not to use them you may be able to regain control but if you still have accidents undiapered then you have already crossed the point of no return and unfortunately diapers are now in your future. Unfortunately every one is different diaper dependancy can come quickly once you start to need diapers, for me my incontinence happend over a short period of time but has steadily progressed and any control I once had has almost completely gone since being diapered 24/7. hopefully you can reverse your bladder issue but if not being diapered 24/7 is not a hard thing to deal with and does have some advantages ie your stuck in traffic and need to pee or the malls bathroom is broken or busy.
  3. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    I always have a backpack with me or close by unfortunately it comes with the territory when incontinent.
  4. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    Brandon I never insulted you or called you an dumb idiot, I have no time or patience to deal with people like you who can not hold a conversation with out insults. you answer all your posts with strange responces. I will not lower my self to your level I will just do what others have already done and put you in the ignore pile (so far your the first and only one there ) Grow up and learn not to insult others
  5. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    Ok Brandon looks like you really do not want help and support from the members here to help you accept your emotional need for diapers if you do not need them for incontinence issues then the answer is SIMPLE Stop wearing diapers and Move On with your life.
  6. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    Brandon some times life thoughs us a curve ball health wise either physical (ie incontinence) or emotional if you need to wear diapers for either resons the you have a valid medical need. Buy some plain white medical grade diapers since you are not using for incontinence issues them they can be thinner if some one asks just say you have a medical need for them and leave it at that. I have been wearing thick diapers for my bladder issue for several years and have never had an issue with some one not understanding a medical need. some times we just have to suck it up and deal with what life thoughs at us just stop stressing about your diapers and what some one may say after a while you really do stop worring about it and life goes on.
  7. ooops, a little embarassing

    Rusty Pins right Doctors see diapers all the time, even a plain white taped diaper wouldnt be an issue he would ask but would contribute it to leakage issues. Now a ABL printed diaper may raise a few more questions
  8. Diaper bulge ??

    I no longer worry about the bulge, Im in a diaper for a medical issue and I have accepted that fact and I would rather be in a thixker diaper that I can trust then be in a thinner diaper that may not work as well
  9. Diaper wetting

    When you incontinent it happens daily, as long as you are wearing proper protection ie premium diaper you quickly learn to trust your diaper to do its job and don't react to the flood you will find your self able to carry on with what ever you are doing even talking to some one a foot or so away. It takes time but eventualy you will find peeing in public will become a non issue just another day dealing with incontinence.
  10. Incontinence can get worse over time, more so if you are not trying to make it to the bathroom and just relaxing and using your diaper. as your bladder shrinks you will pee more often as for the dribbles its normal as your muscles get weaker from non use or your incontinence getting worse. diaper dependancy is closer then you think as your body and mind adjust to you being diaperd 24/7 and you not reacting to a bladder release. if you want incontinence (not sure why as its a pain to allways have to wear) be prepaired for the no return results and the possibility of bowel issues starting down the road. Becarefull what you wish for you may get it and it looks like you are on the road to a lifetime of diapers and bladder issues and closing in on your destination.
  11. newly Incontinent

    Hi Jessica Unfortunatly incontinence issues can happen at any age as wetdad has already said their are different sites that are dedicated to helping people young and old deal with incontinence. if you are experiencing full floods and now some bowel iasues I would recommend uping your protection level to a full tapped premium diaper like Betterdry they handle both bowel and bladder issues well. urinary incontinance can lead to occasional bowel issues over time I have been dealing with OAB issues for 3 years and I to have had a few unexpected bowel movements and was glad I was in a full diaper at the time. Remember you are not alone in dealing with incontinence there are millions of us back in diapers for medical reasons, I have learned over time no one notices you are in a diaper or if they do nothing is said once you find the best protection that works for you that you can trust to do its job dealing with incontinence becomes easier and way less stressful. My recommendations are See your doctor (urologist) regularly to keep them upto date with your issues switch to a better medical grade taped diaper pull-ups do not work well for floods and bowel issues carry spare diapers and wipes and a change of clothes with you at all times (or keep them close by in the car or your work) Dont stress about needing diapers (it becomes easier over time)
  12. Incon question

    My urologist ran the tests when my bladder issue first started and could niot see any thing wrong, I desided to skip the meds and just wear diapers to manage my bladder issues since the meds do not work 100%. it been almost 3 years and I do not regret skipping the meds and just wearing diapers.
  13. Hi Username I would recommend seeing an urologist to make sure there is nothing serious wrong that is causing your bladder issue, you may be retaining pee if you still feel like you need to pee after peeing
  14. Should I start wearing diapers 24/7

    Having warn diapers 24/7 for 3 years and counting for a medical issue its not something I would recommend doing by choice, its a lot of work and expensive and all your friends and family will find out. you will always have to carry a diaper bag with you at all times and will have to change inpublic or at some ones home even when its not great timing, Wearing and using your diapers can lead to a real need to wear then your choice not to wear will be gone, at 18 you have your whole life ahead of you do you really want to be in diapers for the rest of it. Diapers can have their benefits ir your stuck in traffic and need to pee or the bathroom is closed but over all they are a pain to deal with and traveling becomes a lot more of a chalange when you need to take a case of diapers with you for a 2 week road trip. its your choice but I would recomend not wearing and using 24/7 unless you can live with the probability of becoming diaper dependant for real.
  15. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    When I told my family about my incontinence they understood and supported my decision to skip the meds that do not work and wear diapers 24/7 it makes dealing with incontinence a lot easier when you do not have to hide the fact you need to wear diapers. After a while you get to the point of not caring who knows you wear for a medical issue.