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  1. Unfortunately you may indeed have crossed the threshhold of no return it happens as our bodys adapet to being diapered, Jesse has a good idea for using pullups it may help you retrain. Keep a log and do the kegale exercises and timed voids and never use the pullup for convenience its a just incase protection. keep extending the time between bathroom breaks and hopefully you will see an improvement. Forget about wearing taped diapers again as wearing them may wipe out any retraining as your body will adapt quickly to your diapers state. Remember the moto becarefull what your wish for you may get it and unfortunately you may have recieved the gift of incontinence for life that you asked for.
  2. My Parents do not like the fact I am in diapers 24/7 as they only one the best for me and the want me to be healthy but they have accepted the fact I need to wear for a medical issue. Parents will always want the best for you if your diaper need is for a medical iasue and you are seeing an urologist they should accept the need for you to wear.
  3. Incontinence is hard to deal with some times and we all need to vent once in a while, I find in the sumer you have to air out and change more often it helps a bit but diapers are never fun to wear in any weather. I agree I to do not understand why some people are striving to become incontinent by choice but it is thier choice and they will have to live with the consequences.
  4. keep reminding your self you wear for a medical issue, try to stop thinking and dewlling on what others may think just go about your daily business. People really donot notice or care if you are in an adult diaper especially when its just a plain white diaper. Yesterday I had to change when we were at the mall (Bestbuy) the bathroom was busy and no one reacted or said any thing when I came out of the stall carying a used diaper in a ziplock bag. Unfortunately diapers are apart of our lives now and if some one says something just say you have a medical issue and have to wear and that you hope they never need diapers to deal with a medical issue.
  5. I think Depends have brought back thier plastic backed diapers.
  6. Accepting you need to wear can be difficult at first due our unwillingness to come to terms that we are suffering a medical isaue that requires we wear a diaper and the deep fear that people will notice the diaper. Over time you will learn to trust your diaper to do its job and that wearing and chaingng in public is no big deal. (Wear good quality premium diapers that have the absorbancy you need, even if they are thicker then you would like at first) just keep reminding your self its a medical need and that you are not alone in having to wear Adult Diapers there are millions of us in north america that wear and use diapers every day. Tell your family if they do not know that you have ic issues and now need diapers, being open and hinest about your medical needs makes it easier since you no longer have to hide the fact you are diapered while at ome of visiting local family members you see often. It is hard at first but it really helps with your own acceptance when you can talk about your issue with some one close to you.
  7. True, AB,s will have a tougher time when people find out as most people can not understand why some one would wear by choice and definatly will have with an adult in a babys diaper or a AB adult themed diaper if seen. So wearing for need or want a plain diaper is probably still the best way to go as most people will think medical before AB,or DL I guess in a way I have it easier since my issue is medical and have no choice but to wear
  8. Try wearing palastic pants (PLU) i think is the short form they will help with small leaks and wicking issues to your pants if your diaper becomes Saturated. lighter coloured pants are always an issue wity incontinence they show every wetspot so PUL pants are recommended if you can find terry lined PUL pants it will help amall leaks by absorbing it.
  9. My view on diapers is simple the more absorbant the better its better to be over protected then under, I like being abke to trust my diaper will do its job and handle multiple floods. I would rather change a diaper thats only 50% or less used then worry about over saturating a thinner diaper. incontinence has taught me the hard way not to skimp on diaper absorbancy.
  10. wearing diapers at work or any where else for that matter soon becomes a non issue when you are incontinent, at first we all struggel to hide the fact we require diapers. But over time people will find out but most will not say any thing or if they do they will probably be supportive. Most people understand the medical need for diapers but a few will always have something to say. Best thing to do is Accept you need diapers Use only Plain White medical grade diapers (incase aome one sees the diaper) use adult wipes and creams (No Baby stuff) keep a medical condition Medical. Learn to be open about talking about your medical issue and dont stress if some one gives you a hard time juat keep reminding them its medical and you have no choice but to wear. in 2.5 years I have never had an issue with some one saying any thing but if they do I will just say its a medical issue and for them to be grateful that they do not have to deal with IC issues. I can joke about my diapers with people who know I wear, It no longer bothers me I need to wear or what some one may think Life is to short and the stressing about what may happen is just not worth the toll on your system.
  11. Diapers in public are no issue at all after a few years of wearing 24/7 for IC issues diapers become second nature and I dont stress about wearing them.
  12. When I first started to wear diapers I was always worried some one would notice so I would buy the thinest diaper I could that would just manage my incontinent issues, at first diapers felt bulky and really noticeable. Now I wear thicker forsite AM/PM diapers or Dry 24/7's and no longer change after wetting once. Over time you get use to the diaper and start to trust it to do its job incontinence and diapers are easy to deal with once you accept you need to wear and once you have worn for a while in different situations you soon realize no one notices the diaper under your cloths. Wear what you need to to dont stress about your diaper its just absorbant underwear that we need to wear. After 2 years of being in diapers for my OAB issue I no longer worry about people finding out,
  13. just wear one pant size up and Flextech jeans works great for me and I wear dry 24/7's or Forsite AM/PM diPers daily wity not issue o manage my bladder issue
  14. unfortunately part of being a bedwetter or being incontinent is being open and honest about your issue when you travel and atpre staying over night. Leaks happen especialy if you are changing the diaper you normaly wear juat to be more descrete. Going to a thinner brand and a pullup is a bad idea even at home, you need to travel with and wear the correct protection and have bed pads and a bed protector under the sheets to protect the mattress. I know its hard at first to tell people or family about your medical issue but its better to let them know before hand so they can protect the bed then have them find out the hard way when you have a leak and destroy their bed. Bed wetting is part of your life now and can not and should bs hidden when staying at a friends house or even a hotel you will get a bill for the destroyed mattress.
  15. You said in one of your last posts you don't pee in your diaper why worry about capacity of the diaper, if you are really worried about people at work finding out then don't wear to work. Being incontinent I wear thicker premium diapers and only my boss noticed when I had to take my backpack from my car into the restaurant to change when we were out on a service call for the day. If you wear diapers at some point in time some one will find out, especially if they see you almost every day. for me I do not care if anyone one finds out I am medically incontinent and need diapers, it took a while but I have accepted diapers are part of the rest of my life. Most People will understand a medical need (emotional needs are medical as well) just say its a medical issue and leave it at that. Wearing diapers to work one day then not the next is not a good idea people will notice and wonder.