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  1. Incontinence is not fun and games and is a life changing issue. why people strive to become incontinent is something I can not understand. If you want to wear for fun and comfort and use them once in a while thats one thing but being incontinent and having zero control of when you pee is another. Cons of being incontinent Never knowing when you pee and your diaper is becoming saturated always having to be diapered having to change any time any where when needed (can be embaressing when you are some where and with people you know or wirk with) needing a bed pad every where you go and stay over night. the cost of diapers,wipes,creams I could go on but its your life and your decision just remember there is a point of no return and you will be stuck in diapers for the rest of your life.
  2. Being incontinent forces you to adapt to wearing diapers 24/7 you learn to deal with having to wear diapers any where you go, after a while you will find your self not worrying about people noticing you are in a diaper. (People can not tell your wearing a diaper ) and even if they do see you changing who cares you will probably never see them again and 99% of people realize some adults need diapers for medical issues. I only wear plain white medical grade diapers that if seen scream medical issue, if you are wearing a Rearz or ABU diaper with baby prints and some one sees it then they may wonder and think more of it, But the reality is most people are to busy worrying about their daily business to worry what underware you are wearing. in 2 + years of wearing 24/7 for a bladder issue only one person (my boss) has ever asked me why I need to take a back pack into the bathroom with me every time I go in. a short chat later he under stood. If you need to wear or just want to wear do not worry about it diapers are just absorbent under ware that keep our pants dry
  3. After countless changes in public bathrooms I no longer worry about being seen changing my diaper, incontinence has forced me to accept being diapered 24/7. at first it has nerve racking to wear or change in public but over time the fear of some one finding out went away. there is no shame in needing diapers there are millions of us that are medicaly dependant on diapers.
  4. Ben its time to see a doctor to get a referal to an urologist, being incontinent is not something you want to have to deal with for the rest of your life if you can avoid it.
  5. I keep my diPer bag in the car year round, I atualy have 2 in the car one carries spare diapers asnd supplies the other is the one that I carry with me or take in to change. i learned the hard way to alway make sure I have extra diapers while out snd about just incase the fresh diaper is defective
  6. the diapers I use to manage my OAB issue I no longer worry about bulk just how well the diapers work Dry 24/7 (Night Time) The new BetterDry Diapers Foresite AM/PM
  7. I use Dry 24/7's and forsite diapers both are a premium diaper. each diaper costs around $2.35 x average 3 a day X 365 is $2.573.25 CDN thats not including the wipes, duct tape & cream that are needed through out the year. incontinence is not cheap. I could lower the cost a bit by using thin cheap retail diapers like depends but I would be changing way to often and always worried the diaper will fail.
  8. you are on a slippey slope, incontinence is not something to lie about having, Now you have to carry a back pack with supplies with you every were you go, you will have change at times you may not want to and over time you could start to have reall accidents that will require you to stey diapered. the best thing you could do now is add to the lie and say it was just an urinary track infection that caused your bladder issue and its been cleared up and stop wearing diapers 24/7 Lieing ia never a good idea being diapered 24/7 may sound like a great idea but the reality is incontinence is a pain in the but and expensive I have been wearing 24/7 for 2.5 years for an OAB there are days that diapers will get you down and depressed that you have to wear. please rethink your lie and come up with a way to stop wearing, but its your life and if you want to stay diapered be prepaired for the possibility that wearing will no longer be your choice but a need.
  9. Add about $2000 to your house hold buget for a years worth of premium diapers and supplys, being in diapers 24/7 is not cheap be sure its something you really want.
  10. Forcing bed wetting as an adult is different then being a bedwetter as a child or into your teens, you teach your body to accept you are in diapers and its ok to void at night while asleep. as your subconscious learns that releasing while asleep or inbed it may continue on to day time wettings. every one is different so some may have no issues regaining control but some may not as in any thing in life you never know what will happen untill you try it but be fore warned you pay pass a point that regaining control is no longer an option, If you can live with the worst case consequences then try to become a bedwetter juat remember diapers may be in your future for life. Most people who suffer medical issues that have caused the incontinence will say they would loose their diapers in a slit second if they could and most people who force bladder or bowel issues and can not regain control regret their decision to stsrt down the slippery road to No Control. its your life live it as you choose but stop and take advice from people who have experienced what you are trying before it may save you a lot of heartache.
  11. Having a supporting wife makes all the differance my wife also has been supportive right from day 1 when my bladder issue first started.
  12. You are only 23 years old why would you want to force your self to become a bed wetter incontinence is not something you can turn on then off again when you feel like. Bed wetting can and will lead to day time issues as every time you take a nap you will pee. Your body slows down urine production while you sleep and your subconscious works hard to keep you dry at night while in bed and a sleep , once you loose night time control its almost impossible to get it back. my day time incontinece has led to night time issues and as time passes both day and night accidents have increased, please rethink your plan to become a bedwetter by choice incontinence is not fun and games and is for life in most cases. remember any time you travel or stay at a friends place bed protectors and matress pads are a must along with your night time diaper. and do not forget to be diapered when you take a nap. Please do no self harm
  13. Its time to see your Doctor and and urologist, my Incontinence issue started the same way from a few dribbles once in a while, then to small surges (enough to wet the front of my pants) to full floods that required me to wear 24/7 there are many causes of incontinence some of them are life threatening to others that are not aparent with out more testing but are not life threatening . it only took a few months from the time the dribbles started to be needing diapers 24/7 my urologist could not find the cause and I ended up with the catch all diagnosis of an OAB. Get checked out and hopefully its just a simple infection and can be cleared up quickly.
  14. Problem telling people you are incontinent and you are not they will now all ways expect you to be diapered and need to periodically change, if you wear one day but not the next they will figure out you lied.
  15. Being incontinent changing diapers in public is now just part of my daily routine its no big deal.