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  1. Its time to see your Doctor and and urologist, my Incontinence issue started the same way from a few dribbles once in a while, then to small surges (enough to wet the front of my pants) to full floods that required me to wear 24/7 there are many causes of incontinence some of them are life threatening to others that are not aparent with out more testing but are not life threatening . it only took a few months from the time the dribbles started to be needing diapers 24/7 my urologist could not find the cause and I ended up with the catch all diagnosis of an OAB. Get checked out and hopefully its just a simple infection and can be cleared up quickly.
  2. Problem telling people you are incontinent and you are not they will now all ways expect you to be diapered and need to periodically change, if you wear one day but not the next they will figure out you lied.
  3. Being incontinent changing diapers in public is now just part of my daily routine its no big deal.
  4. I think their offer of 25% off and free ahipping is a fair offer since you washed what was clearly the wrong product before contacting them that they made a mistake. next time take photos and report the error right away and leave the product in as recieved condition,
  5. They do not have a dedicated changing for trying on items just 2 shared bathrooms with the auto shop they rent space with.
  6. I wear and use them 24/7 for My OAB
  7. Pullups for adults for the most part are a waste of money unless you just need them for small post pee drips or very light incontinence. the main issues with Adult pull-ups * not very thick or absorbant padding * to big of a size range so its a loose fit (More prone to leaks) * not designed to handle full floods pullups work ok for for kids due to the size of thier bladders and they have more size options that are closer together. for adults full taped diapers are the best choice if you need a very absorbant diaper and the fact that you can get a better fit. since your pullups are leaking its time to move up to a real medical grade taped diaper
  8. if you are having trouble having proper bowel movments, then you should see your doctor since you are over 18 just make an appointment your self if you have a problem getting you parents to make one. you really can not ignore any issues as they could be caused by a bigger issue that can get worse over time if not treated.
  9. I can not remember ever seeing a tv commercial for any of the premium medical grade diapers like Confidry 24/7 tons of ads for depend pullups. I wonder if the stigma of a full taped adult diaper is still to strong for companys to make tv spots. Its a shame really as the need is there and it would help a lot of people get the better protection level they need to deal with bladder and bowel issues.
  10. We do not hide the fact I need diapers for my bladder issue, any one who needs to know knows its a lot easier to be open about my bladder issue then to sneak around trying to get changed when we have family and friends over to the apt.
  11. if you still have the packaging see if theres a batch number this will help them pull any defective stock they may still have. they will replace the diapers but may want a few of the defective diapers so they can see exactly what went wrong
  12. some nights I have woken up to a wet diaper, but most times I wake up and a few seconds later I start peeing. and then try to get back to sleep. My Bladder issue started as a day time issue but is now 24/7 but If I am going to pee with out warning or control at night any ways I wish my body wouldn't wake me first since its not going to give me time toget to the bathroom anyways.
  13. Just a warning on getting use to waking at night and relaxing and peeing in your diaper then falling asleep with out moving can and probably will train your body over time to simply pee with out waking you first as it gets use to you being diapered and not reacting,
  14. For me 100 Diapers is my reserve on average I use over 2 cases every 45 days as I use 3 to 4 diapers a day to manage my OAB , Incontinence is not cheap to deal with and running out of diapers is never an option . and its always cheaper to buy in bulk and have enough to get you by for a few weeks to a month incase your brand gets backordered and the supplier is waiting for a container to be shipped.
  15. My next order arrives on the 24th (Auto ship) hopefully they are like the last batch, I did have 2 diapers that the tapes ripped recently but I think i pulled to tightly when tapeing