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  1. I have been dealing with an OAB for 4 years I am now starting to experience random unexpected bowel movments, at first I was worried now after about 30 or so bowel movments into my diaper I have learned to trust my diaper to do its job and have gotten use to the clean up. I prefer to make it to the bathroom for bowel movments but if my incontinence is changing to dual incontinence at least I have had 4 years of wearing diapers to manage my OAB to prepare for that possibility. as,others have stated there worse things that can go wrong with you then needing diapers again
  2. After a while you get use to changing in public bathrooms 99% of people never notice or care whats going on in the bathroom. you will get to the point of not even thinking about who may be around when you change as it becomes a natural daily routine.
  3. I to am in between sizing and the Dry 24/7’s were may main go to diaper for 2 years as they fit the best as they are cut a bit larger so I fit i to a medium comfortably but need a large in all other brands. They are a very absorbant diaper and wick well give them a try I only switched to Betterdry diapers to manage my bed wetting better I am a side sleeper and they absorb a bit faster so I leak less often. Either way tapped diapers are the best way to go as they are more absorbant and they fit sugger you can use hockey tape around your diaper to help re enforce your tapes and to keep the diaper snugger. also a proper fitting onesie will keep your diaper inplace. I wear a onesie all the time and and tape my diaper snugg I no longer have any issues with a sagging or slipping diaper
  4. Rob110

    Telling hotels about your bedwetting

    When we travel we let the hotel know on booking and double check when we check in that the bed has a waterproof bed protector inplace some hotels like Disney put a protector in place but as there hace daid some do not bother. We bring a few of my reusable pads just incase as its always easier to swap out a pad then get them to change the sheets.
  5. Rob110

    Wetting way more than usual

    Its time to check in with your urologist to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, your bladder may be working overtime (OAB) are you peeing more often in the day time as well. it could just be your bladder is just releasing more often juring the night in smaller volumes each time as your subconscious continto adapt to you being diapered 24/7 and your sphincter mucles get a bit weaker as time goes on. Hopefully its nothing to worry about and it’s simply a normal progression of your IC issues but only your doctor will be able to make that determination.
  6. Unfortunately people will find out you wear diapers one way or another over time , its part of having to deal with wearing diapers after 4 years of wearing 24/7 I have long since stopped worring if some one finds out . Diapers are a part of my life now due ro a medical issue I have no shame or embarrassment if random people find out by accident .
  7. Rob110

    Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I no longer own any underware, we donated all my newer underwear about a year ago since I have been diapered 24/7 for 4 years now and theres no real chance of me ever going back to underware.
  8. Rob110

    Almost had an accident in my pants.

    Eddie you should look into upgrading you diaper to a more premium diaper like Betterdry, Dry24/7,Forsite AM/PM or Northshores supreme plastic bscked diapers. I find the Betterdry to be the best as they have tall leg gathers and have contained any bowel movments I have experienced. also plastic or PUL pants over your diaper will also help if you start to experience larger bowel movments. Being prepared (back pack full of supplies and a Premium diaper) makes dealing with bladder and bowel incintinence way easier and less stressful when you can trust the diaper to do its job. Rob
  9. Rob110

    Healthwick ??

    I have been ordering my diapers from them of over a year they are a very professional company and go out of thier way to make sure your order ships ontime (I do auto ship so I never run out of supplies) I also use canada posts flex ship so my shipments go to my local postoffice and I get notifications when they are ready for pickup so my wife does not need to deal with the shipment if I am at work. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on their product line and are easy to talk to (with out embarrassment) about medical incontinence products
  10. Nocturnal incontinence is the hardest to start ot stop due to the subconscious and the fact you produce less pee at night I have been wearing 24/7 for 4 years due to an OAB and I still wake up to pee most times I have only experienced true nocturnal bed wetting a few times. It’s doubtful you can train your self to only pee at night and only when you are diapered, I think once you start to pee while asleep it won't matter if your diaperd or not you will just start to pee any time while asleep. i really want to pee while I am a sleep as I am tired of being woken up to pee just to have my body release as I start to wake up then I have to fight to get back to sleep its been 4 years and counting and my subconscious still will not allow me to pee while asleep. be prepared for a long road to being able to pee while you sleep and be prepared for the probability of being diaper dependant 24/7 incontinence is not something you can turn on and off. if you truly want to become diaper dependant at night you may have to embrace it 24/7 to obtain your goal just be sure its what you want as once you cross the threshold you may never be able to cross back. I will have to admit being diapered 24/7 has its advantages and I am glad I am diapered whenI need to pee and the bathroom is unavailable or I am stuck in traffic.
  11. Rob110

    Bedwetting and Ignored

    Try Betterdry diapers they work great for both my day and night time incontinence, I am a side sleeper and I rarely have a leak and if I do my washable bed pad catch’s the leak
  12. Rob110

    Complicated issues with partial incontinence.

    Dont forget to Air out daily for at least 30 minutes or longer I sit on an disposable bed pad on my chair just incase I pee, most times the bedpad gets used as I het no warnings I am anout to pee. The tena insta dey bed pad works the best I use the larger one to make sure the whole chair is covered. Airing out is a must for anyone who needs to wear 24/7
  13. Ghostgirl I am sorry if I offended you, I would never want to offend any one I was simply trying to help.
  14. Rob110

    Public Bathrooms

    Penry The more you change in public the faster you confidence will grow, we all started out worrying about what people around us may think or say but the reality is most people especially guys tend ignore whats happing around us in the bathroom. Self confidence will come ws you start to realize no one is paying attention to sounds or even when you walk out of the stall carrying a rolled up diaper for disposal. Try changing when you are out more often even if your diaper is not saturated you will get to the point you can change any where any time even when out with friends who do not know your dealing with incontinence issues.
  15. I have accepted the fact I now wet the bed again and it no longer bothers me now that I have found a diaper that works for me both day and night, I would like it if my body would not wake me then start to pee before I start to move. I am peeing more often with out waking up but its still 80% of the time I wake up then try to go back to sleep.