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  1. I was wondering if you have considered adding a support subscription for us who are medically incontinent and do not want to be a baby banker but would like to support the site for the incontinence side how about incontinence banker or IC banker with out the babyish logos you may get more supporters that would also like to change thier usernames
  2. if you need diapers no need to hide them from your Doctor its not worth the risk of an unprotected accident
  3. Rob110

    REAL accidents

    With either bladder or bowel movments always let it finish before removing your diaper, when you deal with Incontinence issues on a daily basis you quickly learn to just trust your diaper to do its job and change as soon as you can after a bowel movment Just be happy you had a diaper on not plain underware
  4. i know their are a thicker diaper but I wear Betterdry diapers with flex fit pants from Denver Hynes one sise up and have never had an issue with some one noticing. What ever diaper you choose make sure it will handle your floods and you can trust it to do its job wet pants are way more noticeable then a diaper buldge. I tried thin diapers at first but could not find one that was absorbant enough to handle my bladder issue. ABU has just released a thiner premium diaper that according to the early reviews is quick to absorb and a high capacity if you change more often the diaper will not swell up as bad and you will still have a thin diaper but the added protection on a premium absorbant diaper. hope you find a diaper that works for you
  5. Rob110

    New abu simple ultra diapers

    Better dry diapers have the same issue as they have a lot more absorbancy but less wicking capabilities due to more SAP if I remember the correct name for the absorbant material even with the wicking issue I perfer the absorbancy over capacity
  6. Rob110

    Most Absorbent?

    I have found the Betterdry diapers to be very absorbant and they are the ones I currently use as my daily 24/7 diaper of choice, however as other members have said it is impossiable to use the entire diaper before it leaks most diapers will leak some where between 50 to 70 % capacity. For me when I find the diaper is getting past the 50% capacity it starts to get uncomfortable
  7. Rob110

    How Many People Have U Told?

    most of my family knows and a few friends know I need to wear for my bladder issues the list keeps growing as time goes on, I no longer worry who knows or finds out.
  8. Rob110

    Becoming a Bedwetter

    Hottdogg is correct you may be on your way to diaper dependancy the subconscious learns that its ok to just release when you are diapered since you have accepted night time wettings. eventually you may find your self peeing with out warning even out of a diaper if you continue to freely pee with out worrying or trying to stop it while diapered. Diaper dependancy can come quickly in some cases.
  9. Rob110

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    Diaper dependancy has more cons then pros especially in the budget dept its one of the line items the increases over time and is one you can not cut out having to deal with incontinence on a daily basis gets old fast we keep reminding our selves the pros but the reality is most of us want to be out of diapers. I have to admit I appreciate the fact that I no longer have to worry about finding an open bathroom the odd time I feel like i need to pee normaly I never get to that point any more as I pee with out warning most times. Forced diaper dependancy is not recommended but its the individuals right to make the choice if they really one it, just remember you may regret the decision later on and there may be no going back Im in diapers for life now due to a bladder issue I have come to terms with it as I have no choice but I would not wish diaper dependancy on anyone. Be carefull what you wish for you may get it
  10. Rob110

    Becoming a Bedwetter

    Taped diapers are a way better choice to manage bed wetting, pullups will leak more often then not as they do not fit as well as taped diapers. if you are a side sleeper the cloth diapers with pul pants may work better, I wear betterdry taped diapers and they have worked great for bith my day and night time issues. If you find the right diapers and learn to trust them to do thier job bladder issue become easier to deal with.
  11. Rob110


    we went to Disney a few years ago and they were very accommodating we requested a matress protector and one was put on both beds before we arrived, when you go to the parks I would recommed using oversized ziplock bags (one per diaper) to,protect your diapers for when security opens ancpd checks your back pack, at the time I used ducktape to renforce my diapers tapes and also carried small dull ended siccors to cut off my diaper when I needed to change. Both the tape and siccors were a problem with security but once I explained the need they had no issue allowing them into the park I now use hockey tape so thet should be less of an issue. the clear ziplock bags kepped the diapers protected and clean juring bag checks and came in handy for disposal of the used diaper I to wore dry 24/7’s days we were at disney and I had no issues in the heat, just change more often then normal and you will be fine.
  12. Rob110

    Packing tape for applying diaper tapes.

    Try clear hockey tape (shinguard) it works great for helping to keep the diaper snug and tapes re enforced
  13. Rob110

    Considering becoming bowel incontinence?

    The Fantasy of being Incontinent will into a nightmare for most people when the reality hits that you no longer have a choice to wear diapers or when you are going to use them and remember you will have accidents even out of diapers. Nothing will kill a romantic moment with your spouse faster then a unexpected unprotected bowel movement. If you really want to become incontinent for life don't do any self harm with butt pugs or trying to damage your sphincter just wear and use 24/7 and eventually you will get what you think you want. To really test your desire (fantasy) try a few bowel movments in a very public place while in a group of friends or coworkers and watch their reaction to the instant smell of your movment and then how you feel. I will bet you will feel embarrassed and not the feeling you fantasize about. Bladder incontinence is less noticeable and for the part no one notices, but bowel incontinence is a whole new ball game every onw around you will notice.
  14. Rob110

    A new aspect of my night wetting

    I agree with Steve you may be closer to wearing every night then you think, nocturnal incontinence is one of the hardest forms of incontinence to reverse if you have been wearing and using your diapers at night deliberately for a long time once the body adapts to peeing while you sleep it will continue in or out of diapers. If you are not wearing diapers at night at least make sure you have a matress protector and a washable,bed pad or to that you can swap out if you pee juring the night while you sleep.
  15. Hope you find a guard that will work, what about wearing boxer shorts (loose fiting ones) over the real fit would make them not as noticable if at all and most guys in locker rooms really do not pay attention to what other guys are wearing (epecally the color and brand of thier underware.