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  1. Is this considered incontinence

    It could be a sign you are starting to have issues that may in time lead to incontinence, I had a similar issue three years ago I started to have damp underware and small surges several minutes or after going pee. I started to wear real fit for men to keep my pants dry after noticing wet spots on my pants. Depends Realfit for men looks as close to normal underwear as pullups can you should be able to notice if you drible more or less then you think you are, they worked great for me for a few months untill my OAB started to really kick in and I was forced to switch to thicker pullups and then finaly into tapped diapers. Talking to your doctor is always a good idea, wearing and using a diaper even when just at home can help you along the path to slight bladder issues to full incontinence. as you said your dream may becoming true talk to your doctor before your dream does come true and its a nightmare Incontinence is not fun or cheap to deal with.
  2. Changing Your Diaper In Public

    Changing in public gets easier over time, I really do not worry or think about who may be in the washroom at the same time or what they may or may not think if the see or hear me changing I am stuck in diapers for a medical issue and have no issues talking about it when the subjet comes up or some one notices.
  3. Weeing more when wearing nappies

    Your subconscious and your body will adapt to being diapered that's one of the main reasons urologists push meds over diapers as you will pee more often as your subconscious starts to accept your protected and theres no need to retain the pee. your sphincter mucles will also relax more and more as you wear and use your diapers. For me the extra loss of control really dose not mater as I am wearing for an existing bladder issue. Remember the more you use your diaper the more likely it is for you to loses some control that will lead you to wear for need not desire and then as you wear 24/7 you will looses more control as time goes on. Every one is different some will never loose control and others will become diaper dependant quicker they they could imagine.
  4. leaking diapers at night

    I to am a side sleeper and have been using Betterdry diapers (Large) for the past 6 or 7 months inplace of the medium confidry 24/7 and I have had fewer leaks at night since switching. night time incontinence is a challenge to deal with for us side sleepers.
  5. Dry 24/7’s are cut larger then most diapers so the medium fits better then other brands, you may find you need a large in most other brands. Every other diaper I have tried I need a large as the mediums are just to sug (no overlap at the tapes) they just reach and some times I need to stretch the tabs. I now weare Large betterdry diapers as my main diaper of choice and they work great
  6. Has shipping by ABU gotten slower?

    I always leave a 3 week buffer for my diaper supply just incase theres a delay in shipping or stock, Diapers are one of the items I can never run out of due to incontinence issues. I tried a few ABG plain white diapers and they did take a while to leave thier warehouse I really thought some one was just at the warehouse part time.
  7. Taking stock of my incontinence

    I tried to keep what control I had when my ic issues first started but I quickly learned the stress of worrying if I would make the bathroom in time was not worth it as most times I didint make it and my pullups would leak, I tried the same when I switched to taped diapers but I would pee 10 minutes or so after using the bathroom. fast forward to now I no longer try to make it to the bathroom unless its for a bowel movement I have had a few unexpected and uncontrollable bowel movments while out and about but thats life when you are incontinent and in diapers 24/7 your body adapts or your Incontinence changes.I try not to stress what ai can not change ..
  8. Pullups may work easier for a girl wearing a dress but in pants they make changing more difficult as you have to take your pants and shoes off every time you change you may be able to skip removing the shoes if your pants are big enough. I have been wearing taped diapers for 3 years and find they work better then pullups for keeping your pants dry. Wear what you can trust to do its job and dont worry about some one noticing you changing. Wearing premium taped diapers is no big deal you get use to wearing them and dealing with changing quicker then you think I started in pullups when my bladder issue first started to try to hide the fact I needed protection but a few major leaks quickly convinced me to wear proper taped diapers.. pullups may work for you dealing with incontinence is a lot of trial and error at first as you find the right level of protection thst works best for you.
  9. incontinence issues has forced me to wear 24/7 so my wife knows and close friends it makes it easier to deal with when others around you all the time know. I does not bother me in the least if people know.
  10. My fiancé wants to become bladder incontinent

    If the diaper is dry then try to reuse the diaper however if its wet even a bit its time to change as once exposed to air a wet diaper will start to create bacteria and for a girl its to risky. I also find the diaper never really fits the same unless you can retape it. Incontinence is expensive to deal with unless you have insurance, also after wearing diapers for a few years for baldder issues some times bowel issues will follow I have been in diapers for 3years due to an OAB I am now having bowel issues once in a while she should be prepared for this possibility.
  11. Why would you want to
  12. First Public Messing

    my first unexpected bowel movment was in wall-mart fortunately I was on my way out to the car to unload the buggy, unfortunately I have had a few more over the last year but thats life for some one dealing with incontinence. as long as you clean up and change quickly all should be good. I try not to stress about having to now deal with bowel issues along with my OAB the bladder I can deal with the new random bowel issues not so much but I will slowly get to the point of acceptance and deal with both issues.
  13. Should I become a bed wetter

    Agreed forcing your self to become a bed wetter or incontinent is simply a bad Idea, there are way more cons to being incontinent then pros, night time incontinence will eventually lead to day time so you will be in diapers 24/7 also bed wetting is one of the hardest forms of incontinence as an adult to try and stop. Traveling becomes a challenge a 10 day trip to florida with days of travel time mean you have to take almost a case of diapers with you plus your disposable bed pads and you have to request a matress protector at every hotel you stay at. forget about becoming incontinent it really not worth the trouble if you have a choice
  14. When I first tried the new betterdry diapers in a. medium I ended up with a rash somthing in the plastic they used irritated my skin i put them away for a few weeks and went back to my dry 24/7s I decided ro try them a gain and this time no rash they are my main diaper of choice now. are you using plastic backed diapers or cloth backed if you are using cloth dry a plastic backed version of your regular diaper to see if it also irritates your skin if it does then you will have to stick with what works for you.
  15. 24/7 and Sports

    A fresh diaper before and after a workout or any active activity is a must, also a snug fitting onsie also helps ro keep the diaper inplace and hides the diaper when you bend or stretch. Having to wear diapers ahould not stop you from enjoying life and working out the on,y thing they have stopped me doing is swimming cant wear one and I really dont want to pee in the pool