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  1. Doctors today

    UTIs are simple enough to diagnose and treat that someone will see their GP rather than a urologist, so it isn't about ensuring repeat "business." The general line of thinking is that not having to rely on diapers or pads helps a patient's self-esteem, since adult diapers tend to be specifically advertised as being for the elderly. Doctors think that wearing diapers will make people feel like they've lost a part of themselves because they are "too young" for them, which will lead to depression and associated health risks that come with that. They believe catheters empower people by letting them still have some degree of control over their situation. That has more to do with perception than profits. Some companies have been trying to change how they market diapers to adults, but they built decades of stigma that they have to try and overcome now.
  2. See also: major sporting events, concerts, and conventions. People don't want to miss things by standing in line at the restrooms for hours. Every year where I live, there's always a shortage of diapers at the stores during Comic-con.
  3. Incon question

    I've never been formally tested for incontinence. The first time was after I had abdominal surgery. I had a colostomy for a little over a year, and when they reversed it I was totally bowel incontinent for awhile, which they said would be normal. I also wound up bladder incontinent because they put stents in the tubes between my bladder and kidneys for surgery, and the urologist messed something up (I had intense pain in my kidneys but they told me it wasn't the stents even though it had to be). They didn't take the stents out for almost two weeks, and while my bowel control came back (mostly) after awhile, I went from totally bladder incontinent to mild leaks because I don't ever get the sensation that I have to pee anymore until it's a sudden, severe urgency. They told me at the time that it was probably caused by stress since I was going through a nasty divorce. Then a couple of years ago, I had a back injury with nerve damage that made my ability to hold my bladder so unpredictable that I'm diapered 24/7 again. This time, they said it might be related to my previous bout of incontinence and didn't really do anything about it when trying to deal with my back. I guess what you do depends on how you want to treat your incontinence. My doctor the first time said she could have prescribed some meds, but I declined because all of the IC meds I'd read about had horrible side effects like migraines and severe abdominal cramping. I told her honestly that at least with diapers, I wasn't in pain on top of being incontinent. A lot of incontinent support groups online recommend catheters, but the times I've been cathed were so painful that I'm kind of afraid of that option. The fact that I also have an adult baby side doesn't even factor into the equation for me, diapers and pull-ups are just the easiest and so far most effective treatment for me.
  4. Well, yes, but I don't have any cloth diapers and right now I can't really get any because I'm unemployed. It's hard enough to make sure I've got enough cheap disposables on-hand sometimes. The main thing that prevents leaks in my case is that part of my incontinence causes me to get a sudden, severe urge to pee, I just can't do anything to stop it. And it's usually enough to wake me up, so I can roll onto my back before I start wetting my diaper.
  5. I'm a side sleeper, so leaks do happen sometimes and I don't think there's any way to prevent them. But I've found Tranquility ATN's to be the best for distributing the wetness evenly.
  6. Pics

  7. Always Discreet

    I've never tried tearing the layers apart, but at the very least there is plastic over the front of the absorbent part of the pullup.
  8. incontinent and a truck driver

    I'm not a truck driver, but I've had to do a non-drug testing related pee test a couple of times and my bladder is so unreliable that I told them I wasn't sure if I could give a sample or not. When I couldn't will enough out for testing, they did a blood test instead. I'm not sure if they do blood tests at drug screening places, but there has to be some kind of alternative if you let them know you're incontinent. I concealed my supplies at my last job in my laptop bag, though I only needed a couple of extra diapers. Maybe a backpack would hold everything you need discreetly?
  9. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I've been to the doctor and the hospital diapered. All they've ever done is asked if I have control issues, which I say yes I do because of my back injury. And that's pretty much it. I'm not seeing them specifically for my incontinence, so they don't push the issue or do any tests or anything. I've had a doctor suggest medication to treat it, but I declined because I've heard from too many IC people that the meds have some unpleasant side effects and told them that diapers work for me. When I was in the hospital, they just put a pad on my mattress, asked me what size I wear, and put some in a supply cart in the room, and that was that. I suppose your results may vary if you're not incontinent and get found out wearing diapers, but that's been my experience. Medical professionals treat people who wear diapers due to incontinence all the time, so they aren't going to freak out or make any kind of big show about it.
  10. Help Please! Looking for a website. From Utah?

    Honestly, the names sound familiar. I may have seen them mentioned in the SLC/Utah ABDL groups on Fetlife, but I can't remember specific posts at the moment.
  11. Messing in front on another person with them knowing

    I normally don't mess my diapers, but I have a very upset tummy today and it's pretty much beyond my control. So I'm staying in the bedroom away from the rest of the family, and so only Mommy has been around when I've had messy diapers.
  12. "Weird Side of YouTube" video featuring Binkie Princess

    Saw this from another group last week. It's far less embarrassing than the interviews she usually does. I can sort of appreciate that Shane seemed to genuinely want to know more and elevated the discussion above pointing and laughing, but I wish he had found a better "famous" ABDL person to feature, because BinkiePrincess is kind of a terrible person who's mean to her fans and seems to be more interested representing kinks to build a portfolio as a fetish model than because she's actually into them. Looks like she's starting to move on from ABDL to puppy play, so that's good at least (she came to us after being huge into kitten play).
  13. How do you put on your diapers?

    Since my incontinence is mainly with my bladder, I usually wear pull ups, so I put them on like underwear. When I do wear diapers, it depends on the type. Cloth-backed are usually stretchy enough for me to do on my own, and it's easiest for me to lie on my back, do the tapes, then get up and adjust them. I've tried standing with my butt pressing the back of the diaper to the wall, but it's hard to do. I've never been able to do them well when sitting. For plastic-backed, I need to have my mommy do those because I can't ever get them snug enough on my own.
  14. Just heard about this AB game. Would you buy this?

    I love FRSwitched and BabyStar's artwork. But the game itself doesn't sound very good.
  15. If wearing diapers became a fad

    I'm 24/7 anyway, so nothing would change for me. I suppose I'd be less self-conscious about my diaper showing if it were fashionable, but it's not like I'd go around without pants because I imagine that would still be as socially unacceptable as going out in public in a shirt and panties (even if that weren't the case, I'm not that bold). Also, people already wear diapers on long car trips and to movies and things; they just don't talk about it. Every year during Comicon here, it's so hard to find diapers on store shelves.