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  1. I was thinking about a glass of merlot.
  2. Truant
  3. There is a big difference between "definitely" and "defiantly". Also, I strongly detest "manager-speak". This involves such treasures as "at the end of the day", and "for what its worth".
  4. Hi LeaveIt, Our kids came along 17 years later than expected for the same reasons. I understand just how precious she is to you. IMO, an occasional spoiling is OK. It should never become a habit. Kids have great memory for the things they like, and will try to convince you that what was a one-time thing is actually a family custom. Keep mixing things up and you have a great reason for not repeating something if you don't want to. Remember- parenting is the art of distraction.
  5. Memory is always the second thing to go. I can never remember the first.
  6. OK, when I came here 10 years ago, my name made sense. It doesn't any longer. Do I need to pay something, or make a special incantation to the Goddess of Leakiness in order to change my screen name? If someone could help me out with this, I would appreciate it. I'm known as "WetDad" on some other forums, so that would be my choice here too. TIA, WetDad
  7. I worked there at the time. An awesome place back then.
  8. Who remembers Zippy?
  9. I just visited there today, as I was in Las Vegas this week. Robert is very helpful and easy to talk to. There is an amazing assortment of cloth diapers, PUL and vinyl pants, bibs, and disposables. He has a full assortment of ABU and Rearz products. I came away with only a few things, but after I have verified the fit, I will be ordering in quantity. Highly recommended.
  10. That was my mom for several years.
  11. Can you remember: Walkman 45s Wonder Bread Paul Harvey
  12. After an 11 hour flight to Tokyo, followed by a 45 minute walk to my hotel, I know it's not either. It's for necessity and that's all.
  13. I have a 40 inch waist (MOL) and I do very well with the #2 snappis. I do order large size diapers though, and the extra gets folded down in front so that I have enough to wrap around my waist.
  14. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tykables-adult-baby-storefront_us_58d127f7e4b0be71dcf7e9ba?