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  1. I can't remember what my mom did to me, it's something that I don't remember. Or don't want to. Not really sure. But since I began having issues 9 years ago, I have tried everything to avoid wearing full time. After 6 years of trying everything known except diapers, I finally came to terms with this. Now I wear when I need to and my wife has been somewhat supportive. I wish I could trust my body to do what I wanted.
  2. A peanut butter and chocolate milk shake.
  3. Yes. I still order my Senis from them, even though it takes longer for the shipping now.
  4. Senis are my most reliable diaper.
  5. Mountains
  6. I fly 4-6 times a month, mostly domestic US. I never have a problem with security over my diapers, but I do often have issues because of my prosthetics. I fly using PreCheck and I have to request the scanner because I just cannot pass the magnetometer test. The same would be true for anyone using cloth diapers with metal pins and/or snaps. BTW, that scanner is seldom manned in the PreCheck line, even at the big airports. Be sure to pack extra diapers in your carry-on if you check your bags. You will never regret doing so- sometimes bags get lost or delayed.
  7. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm not into abuse. Total turn off. Yes, this means any one belittling another. I like nurturing relationships, but a total turn-off is the BDSM relationship. That includes spankings, public shaming...
  8. Now that I have that notion in my head, yeah, it looks very pedo-ish.
  9. Eww. Tiger seems to be about selling retro underwear. Very different.
  10. Well, both sites do have lots of pictures of men and boys- individually shown. I would be bothered if they were shown interacting in just their undies. It doesn't tweak my ped-o-meter. I had never seen the StarDiapers before- dam expensive they are!
  11. Has anyone has experience with Tiger Underwear? The website shows double seat and trainer briefs for boys and men in a number of colors. How is the fit? They seem a little pricey, but the reviews say they last a long time. I just can't find any feedback about the sizing. (large or small, or Just Right?)
  12. Also- is she willing to try reusables?
  13. A friend of mine ran a high end limo service years ago, and Red would use him when he came to the Bay Area. He was Tony's most favorite customer in the whole world, and he had a great deal of respect for him. Those funny faces came from all the pain he endured due to his disabilities, but you never heard about it in public.
  14. In Seattle we have "Blue Friday", when everybody wears their Seahawks jerseys.
  15. Hi Jilly. Wouldn't that actually be post-mature babies?