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  1. I have no control at all over my bladder in 2013 I fell and been wetting since I was 63 I was married my wife was up set at 1st but got over it fast but it was still a pain Kids that wet the bed wet there pants in school A lot
  2. if you wet at night you will wet in the day too
  3. It is A pain to wear A diaper to bed others will know some my not be nice about it.I been wetting now 4 years.Diapers cost A lot
  4. wearing diapers 24 7 shows others will know.I wear 24 7 I need it is A pain
  5. Why do you want to be A bedwetter?It is A pain in the butt.
  6. I started to wet in Jan 2013 after I fell on some ice I was out cold I was found by my daughter I been incontinent since
  7. Ok thank you
  8. I started to wet after A hard Fall in 2013 disp diapers did not keep my bed dry.I am A side sleeper and I got cloth pin on and plastic pants works good
  9. when I 1st started to wet I got diapers from the VA they were not any good.I dont think any one will get any thing better best too pay sorry to say that
  10. for me I use cloth too I am a side sleeper and cloth just work best with plastic pants
  11. Make A diaper that works keeps bed dry and dont leak
  12. I know I am too old to fight it now
  13. thank you
  14. depends On the day some time 2 times some time if I am at home all day I can make it all day wet only 1 time they are good for a few wettings
  15. I have A back pack filled with every thing I may need 1 in each car and the truck