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  1. Sigh I definitely hate to be one of those people who brings unfinished stories out of the abyss, but this ones too good not to. I usually search for this one every few months, i have no clue how many times I've read it! They just don't make stories like this anymore and I'm hoping, maybe, you guys can continue? Shoot, even if you don't, im glad you guys even made this one! This story has my all-time favorite abdl story elements in it, it's amazing at putting me into babyspace, and there really aren't enough stories like it nowadays. So, regardless, thanks for this lil work I'll probably be back in a few months to read it again, lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Looks like she wants him to stay her baby love it!!!
  3. Damn, that's a twist :')! It's so cute that Josh is excited about being a big boy again! It'll be sweet seeing him try to adapt. I'm not sure if you stated, but is there a set amount of years that he's been a baby? On another note, I really hope this changes Tabi. She's awful, you did a good job showing that lmao
  4. Another great chapter, of course!
  5. I love the originality of your stories, they never cease to amaze. I look forward to this new installment of your collection, you're definitely THE best adbl author imo, and I always go crazy over your work something tells me this one won't disappoint
  6. I love how sweet this story is getting! Really puts me into baby space :)! Great job
  7. The premise of this story is amazing! Very well-written. The pace is just enough to keep me wanting more, but also satisfying enough that I'm not disappointed super good read so far!
  8. Holy cow!!! This story has been absolutely incredible! Your writing skills are amazing. I'm blown away by that last installation
  9. female

    Voxy , don't worry about the critics it's FICTION, guys. It doesn't need to be realistic. We can write about robot nurserys and giants but when someone goes straight into acceptance it's somehow unrealistic? That's silly. These stories are meant to be fun and invoke emotions. Sure, some points of the story aren't my cup of tea, but so what??? Im not going to bash the OP about it. If you don't like it, move on. If it's not your taste, don't read it *shrug*
  10. My preferences always lean more towards 1. Having a protagonist over 18 who naturally regresses and has a caregiver who babies them at all times, completely consensual between the two and 2. Embarrassing regression stories that involve again, a protagonist over 18, who obviously needs the baby treatment and regression but needs to be forced by a caregiver, whether it be parents or SO's. I'm asexual myself, so all of my preferences are pretty non-sexual on that note: one of my all-time favorites is Tricky Treats by Cute_Kitten (still ongoing, link at bottom) and pretty much ALL the diaper dimension stories. In fact, ausdpr and WBDaddy up there have all created works I consider some of my top favorites! There are many more stories I love, but I just can't recall the titles right now. Plus, many I'd recommend are often unfinished with no hope of ever being continued, so there's that too! If any of you have recommendations, I'd LOVE to hear it (though I've read pretty much all of them in the game basically lol)
  11. Super great story! Can't wait to read more
  12. I honestly love bambinos but their prices are way too outrageous. 4$ a diaper for their new line? They're delusional
  13. Really good start! I absolutely love stories like this, so refreshing seeing the protagonist being of legal age. Keep it up! We need more like this
  14. Super cute chapter! I'm looking forward to Larry putting away his big boy life and embracing a baby one