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  1. I agree uncontrollable bedwetting is not fun, I understand some people like to wear diapers for fun and use them by choice but becoming totaly diaper dependant due to bedwetting by choice is a choice you will probably regret at some point in your life. ask any of us that are in diapers due to a medical iasue and we would all tell you we would love to be out of diapers and back to regular underwear. Its your choice if you want to go down the path of forcing your self to become diaper dependant but remember Be carefull what you wish for you may get it. you are only 18 and have your life ahead of you please do not force your self to spend it in diapers
  2. i use to wear real fit for men when my bladder issue first started, they are great for small leaks and dribbles but not for full floods and they need to be changed as soon as possiable. I liked the fact they looked like underare and thatnI could carry a spare real fit in my cargo pants pocket i would never trust pullups any more to deal with my OAB but if they work for you then great stay with what you know that works unless you can try a few bags of the flex before your vacation to make sure they will work better then the real fit
  3. Its time to see your doctor and an urologist just to make sure its not a more serious issue thats causing your bladder issues. my bladder issue started simuler to your issue, so yes you may becoming incontinent but an urologist will make that call
  4. from what you are saying yes you could be starting to have incontinence issues, since you are dribbling and wetting with out being in a diaper. I would recommend talking to your doctor and. getting an urologist appontment to rule out any bad medical issues that may be causing the leakage in the mean time get a matress protector and a few washable bed pads to help keep your bed dry. also wearing real fit for men or another pullup may be a good idea to keep the dribbles in check, however pull-ups will not help with full floods but will provide a bit of protection. slight bladder issues can become larger issues quickly. Telling you family you need to wear diapers, for you bladder issue is the best thing you can do to help you deal with having to wear it takes away all the pressue of hiding you need to wear. Let them know you have made a doctors appointment And are looking to see an urologist, My bladder issue also started with slight drips and damp underware, I am now 24/7 in a taped diaper. get some diapers or the best pullups you can and start wearing, see your doctor and start keeping a back pack of supplies with you incase you need a change of cloths when you change your diaper. Incontinence is not fun to deal with its a real medical issue that you may have to deal with every day for the rest of your life its really not something to get excited by. you will get use to it once you have accepted,the fact you need protection and stop hiding the fact from your family and close friends.
  5. they have recently made some some changes to improve the quality, I just picked up 2 cases and opened the first bag so far the tapes seem stronger and the padding is like it was when I first started to have to wear them. you may have gotten a case from thier last batch that had tape issues and what feels like clumped glue in the middle of the diaper I never worried about the tapes as I use ducktape to help keep the diaper snug and to reenforce the tapes. let your supplier know, you are having issues
  6. Being incontinent does force you to make a few changes in your life, ie. you need to carry a back pack full of supplies but does not stop you form doing any thing your did before becoming incontinent.
  7. people close to you will eventualy figure it out, dont worry about it
  8. Hi RB best thing to do is order a couple of extra cases of your perfered diaper that you use all the time thats covered (You will have to cover the cost) this way you always have enough diapers on hand when the supplier can not provide your order in a timely manner. for me I keep a minimum of one case on hand at all times, this way if theres a delay I stil have enough diapers to get through a couple of weeks. Unfortunatly our insurance company does not cover diapers, so we have to pay
  9. You are on a slippery slope, training to be come diaper dependant only at night really does not work as night time incontincence leads to day time as well and vice versa. relaxing your sphincter will weaken your muscles over time and you will start to have urge incontincence juring the day as you have already experienced one. the time you get from the urge to go pee to the point your bladder releases will grow shorter as time passes whether you are in a diaper or not. incontinence is not some thing you can set on a timer and have it happen only between 10pm and 7am really think about it and do your self a favour and forget about tryng to become a bed wetter its not worth it. but if you decide to proceed get some premium medical grade diapers as you are going to need the sooner or later 24/7 in the mean time think about what your students will say and do the first time you end up standing in a puddle in front of the class.
  10. why not donate them, shelters and other relif organizations are always looking for diapers of any kind as there is always a need for them for people who can not aford them. destroying them would be a waste and is wrong when there is a need out there.
  11. its Simple forget the diapers keep the girl, Accepting diapers for a medical condition is easy, accepting them due to some one wanting to wear is not. She probably will not understand since she has had to wear for medical resons and probably hated the fact she needed to wear. if you truly love her and do not want to loose her telling her you love diapers is not worth the risk.
  12. Butt plugs will strech the opening, it usualy takes time but if your mussles are weak to begin with you may have quicker results.
  13. Your Wife is right you should sit him down and explaing you have a medical condition and that you require protection Kids are inquisitive and will find out Eventualy and you want him to know its a medical need vrs a kink. the last thing you want is him to ask his friends when they are over if they can figure out what the sound is he is hearing. It may be embaressing and yes one day some one may let it slip you need diapers but they are now a part of your life due to a medical condition so why worry about it.
  14. Be care full what you wish for, you are only 18 and have your entire life ahead of you can you honestly say that you would be happy to be stuck wearing a diaper every night or when you have a nap in the day for the rest if your life. I have been stuck in diapers for 2 years now for a medical issue and yes they can be convenient some times when the bathrooms out of order but I would loose the diapers in a second if I could. Night time wettings csn lesd to day time wettings so you would then be in diapers 24/7 Wearing diapers for Need is completely different then wearing for fun, rethink your desire to be diapered at night you realy dont want to wake up one day in a wet diaper thinking what have Done and realize its now a need not a choice to wear a diaper.
  15. since its an medical issue let your family know it realy helps you deal with it and they will notice one day if they havent already bat are afraid to ask.