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  1. That is a fabulous story and it is great to hear of how it has gone for you!
  2. This is an important question because we all like to know who we are and how we got here. Michael and I have worked hard towards developing a model of ABDL behaviour, including answering this question. Our research ha lead us to believe that as very young children ie under 3 years of age, our normal childhood development has a 'hiccup' and we develop fixations that remain and as we get older, we are still drawn strongly back to this stage in an impossible attempt to resolve this developmental 'failure'. AS we get older these fixations develop a bit of a life of their own. We are constantly drawn back to this infantile state where diapers are normal and so we wear them. But this return to infantile state never resolves the initial failure and we continually return there - that is, we regress - and before you know it.... we are TBs or ABs Probably the important thing to note is that knowing this, doesnt help. it might answer a nagging question but it does not resolve the issue. The reason what ABDL is in fact, incurable (horrible term) is that it is built into us at a very basic and fundamental level and so by the time anyone knows it even exists, it is set in stone and defines us strongly and is unchangeable. I hope that answers the question for some.
  3. At the ripe old age of 22, It think it is abit premature to wipe yourself off from having a relationship. You have time to grow and mature and get a bit more life experience and relationships tend to happene when you least expect it. Never give up. Never Surrender (apologies to Tim allen)
  4. So right. My marriage is now closing in on 40 years and over that time we have sometimes depended on the other more than we gave and then the reverse. Ultimately we give what we can and take what we need but at all times, dont really think that way. .
  5. AS long as that equation is not 50/50 you have something of a point. I see the idiocy of people demanding an equal split of responsibility, finances, housework etc in their relationships and having a fit when it doesnt happen. Funnily, they almost always fail because relationships are actually about what you put INTO one, not what you get out. At some point that is not enough, but it is way past 50/50
  6. Which is why any parent/child AB relationship has to involve give-and-take from both partners to that each has their core needs met. As someone who does 'care' for an AB it is alot of work but it is also rewarding. PLus, he is my life partner and so caring for him is part of the marriage contract as he would (and has done) for me.
  7. Sometimes people think this is a complex question whereas I think it is essentially very simple. Gender matches physical sexuality 99.9% of the time, so why seek an alternative explanation? Treat those with Gender confusion gently and patiently, but at no time does YOUR mere confusion equate to genuine TG. The example I quoted earlier is literally 'confused' about her height, but that confusion changes nothing at all. My messagae is: Treat Gender issues as the very small minority they are and stop implying that everyone else is subject to the same confusions.
  8. It's quite good, but I don't like the advice of ending relationships if the other person doesn't like being Little. I think that is premature and frankly, weak. Life is a lot more than being Little and a good relationship is hard to find. There needs to be a good process (as she says) about trying to get Little into the relationship. She does push the point of talking it through, which is good. The problem seems to be that for many, there is no compromise possible and if I could find the secret and key to that, I would let everyone into it.
  9. Seems to be a lot of folks who become pseudo incontinent when wearing diapers but outside of them are fine. Operant conditioning at its best!
  10. To be honest, I think the real problem is that we presume to even ask the question about gender. Yes, there are some people with genuine transgender so let's address them personally and individually rather than trying to suddenly shake up everything we have understood implicitly and perfectly since the dawn of time, gender matches physical sexuality in 99.9% of cases as demonstrated by the large sample set of the population of earth. I see no reason to get into a lather about gender other than those people for whom it is an actual issue. Because what teenagers and young adults really need more than anything else is to be told that they should question their gender. Recently I met a woman who literally claims to be 5 foot 2 inches and yet is clearly 4 foot 10. Is she entitled to beleive and claim she is 5'2" and have everyone else accept that or is the immutable fact that she is not, actually immutable? At some stage in life, usually when we grow up, we have to identify and accept the things we are and the things we are not. Most of these things are unchangeable - such as height. Just like gender, pretending you have a choice to say how tall you are, how much you weigh and the colour of your eyes is silly. And most importantly, it doesnt change anything!
  11. Ive noticed that while you can still buy cloth nappies for babies in some places, plastic pants are virtually unobtainable. Safety pins are also reasonably difficult to find and when you do they are the smaller, crappier chinese-made rubbish.
  12. Its a problem for sure, but it is also true that in a teaching environment you are often only hoping to radically help a few. In therapy the success rate is equally low, but when it works... it is wonderful!
  13. But the problem here is in trying to define gender based on 'feelings' or 'actions'. BTW your example was one of sexual orientation, not gender. Sometimes, the problem is that confusion seems to be the goal rather than the problem. A few people have gender confusion so the next step is to artificially alter definitions and meanings of words so that the confusion can apply to a vastly greater number who in previous generations, would not have been. With so many things that ebb and flow and morph around us in life, why mess with one of the few immovable anchors that we have ie GENDER. Because after all, what does a regressive adult baby with impulse control issues need more than a bit of extra gender confusion thrown in?
  14. what a silly question.
  15. I have had a number of responses from people about the article on Sub Identities. It has been gratifying to hear people say that it explains who they are better. It has helped them to accept their true nature of being primarily adult but with a genuine sub-identity of infant. I think it works for a lot of people.