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Post a rediculous answer to the question

Firefly 35

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Time is a many layered reality. What is today for one person could be someone else's 10,000 years ago. Who's time are you referring to? Can I answer just anybody's time? How about 12:30pm, May 5th, 1488?

Why do ducks have bills?

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Are you asking me if it's a trick or treat or are you telling me it is a trick or treat whether I want it to be or not?

Did you ever hear that theory of the universe? Where every time you make a choice a whole new planet gets created?

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The dream that they are slaves taunting their owners because they would be master-baiting

Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?

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11 minutes ago, Firefly 35 said:

Sold to make money for diapers.

Well that answers that, but you forgot to ask another question, so we've sent someone to your place of residence to administer proper punishment. She should be there shortly. (Insert devil emoticon)


What/who sleeps on the moon?

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