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  1. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    Zharra continues to feed her, gently filling her mouth and there by her stomach. Zharra turns on some soft music, to Help Skylar relax. "You know what Skylar? I think I'm going to call you sky" Zharra says to the little girl in her lap. Zharra has Sky drink from a baby bottle, between bites of food. The bottle is laced with sweet tasting laxatives
  2. The passions and strength

    Mary was freaking out. this wasn't how she had been owned or controlled before. the spanking wasn;t so bad, her thick and wet diaper absorbed most of the force, and the bondage wasn't bad, her legs spread at the knees by a bar and a harness holding her doubled over and half suspended from the ceiling; no the scary part was the list in front of her. it was a simple press board slab, with one rule at the top "Good Girls Listen To Aaron". Easy enough... but the small line under that Terrified Mary. The small script had been scribbled over no less than twenty lines of tape. each one slick and black, softly reflecting the candles light in the rule. the script explaining them read "The rule above is the Only one you need to know at the beginning of your training. the rules below, should be obvious if you are REALLY Obeying Aaron. A good girl doesn't need to know exactly what the rules under the tape are, but if you break them, Aaron will have to take the tape off and show you. you will also receive that number the spanks x10. Good girl have nothing to fear" Mary softly Cried, trying to do everything that Aaron asked. she had wet herself when he said to, she had hung limp as he spanked her, she had moaned at the appropriate times, and everything.... but Aaron had still Ripped off the third tape "A good girl is Slutty, But only for Aaron.". the Following thirty spanks had not been soft. her ass stung from those, on the side s where her diaper had not protected her. Aaron walked around in front of her, and knelt, looking in her eyes. "you're a very interesting Slut, stinky girl. You've only been here an hour, and yet you have already done so many things wrong. When you meet the Other Diaper slave on the property, you will see how it is done. so tell me, little girl... why don't you like your diaper messy? did your first daddy make you punished for filling it? did your training facility fail at making it feel so good? do I need to return you to a training facility for reprogramming?" "NO DADA!!! PWEASE DADA!" Mary yelled, trying to use her best baby talk. She would do literally anything to avoid returning to that...place... "Pwease daddy..." she asked softer "pwease daddy...may I make a heavy messy in my hungwy pawpers? I...I.. *sob* I wanna be a good giwl for you...d-d-*sob* daddy!" her tears came fast and hard wracking her body. "if you want to be a good girl...use your diapers...little one." The offer returned. So she took a deep, shuttering breath, and pushed. it was not her first time Messing in bondage, nor was it even that hard for her, but it WAS still...naughty feeling. As she felt her anus expand, the thick and squishy mess expanded into her diaper, the tight padding allowing no room for a drop, just simple spreading, the messy pushing against the backing of the diaper as is slowly coated her rear. she moaned and huffed, little whines escaping her mouth as her mess filled her diaper, making it nice and heavy, full, and triggering her conditioning. her princess parts began to get hot and wet, he body suddenly losing control over her bowels as she was forced to focus on her growing hornyness. this was a bad thing. her Body shuddered as the rest of her mess was pushed out suddenly, and her diaper balooned, her urine soaking the front padding, and the diaper drooping slightly. Mary looked up at Aaron "pwease ma-daddy... may I have cummies?" she used her best Puppy eyes. Aaron just smiled, and placed a vibrator against her diaper.....against the mess. mary groaned and began to squirm. this was horrid! the mess moving constantly reminded her body that it was there....constantly triggered the conditioning...the hornyness wouldn't leave!!! Mary threw herself tot he left, to the right, bouncing against the ropes, thrashing and moaning, half screaming. she needed release!!! the desperation continued to rise! she couldn't focus on anything, her mind was almost lost to the pleasure! her brain turning over to one desire, one need, one pursue: cum. so when Aarons dick slid past her Diaper's leg band, and slammed firmly into her Princess parts, she came hard, and fainted, her head swinging down and her eyes fluttering closed....but not before she saw the Lady of the manor with a messy diaper on, her face firmly buried in Aarons ass, licking him like a good little slut.
  3. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    Zharra, not Phillip, Lifts you up, and carries you downstairs. "now, little girl, mommy needs you to behave. I need you to be a good little baby, understand? Mommy doesn't want to have to spank you like I did. you need to be a good girl, and follow mommies instructions, alright?" Zharra sits down in a floofy chair, and Phillip hands her some pancakes and eggs with syrup, which Zharra starts to cut into squares and feed to You.
  4. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    :Phillip, grab her please" Zharra asks, and as He lifts her into the air, and holds her ankles, Zharra lifts the paddle. "you are going to be a very sorry little girl here in a minute" ... The spanking takes roughly an hour and a half to finish, and by the time it is over, your bum is red, your thighs, and back, ache, and your bum is on fire. your tears stopped coming long ago, and you are now laying on the changing table as Zharra puts soothing cream on your bum
  5. The passions and strength

    (Sorry everyone, much of the contents of this update was meant to go between the first and second paragraphs of the last one, but there was some kind of glitch. So I rewrote the necessary information) Lucy was quivering with excitement as she dashed up to her private bedroom, and unlocked the secret panel under her bed. the pink bag she withdrew smelled of Baby powder and lotion. it made her head spin with euphoria. The guilty, hidden, naughty, illegal pleasure of this was so perverse...she was thoroughly addicted. part of her screamed in her head, reminding her of how hard she had worked, how long she had climbed, proving how dominant she was, proving that she could be trusted with lands and harems...but the rest of her didn't care. it wanted the pleasure. Lucy Walked out onto her balcony, looking down at the courtyard where she had left Aaron and Mary. Lucy was so jealous of Mary right now, trapped in a room with Aaron... unable to escape...forced by the law to obey his command, in body, mind, and soul. She plunged her hand into her pants and started to pleasure herself. she remembered, regretfully, the first day her father had started training her to be dominant. She had shown her how to use a whip, and a paddle, how to wear a strapon, and how to take what she wanted when she wanted it. little had her father know that she knew all there was to know about dominants, as she regularly submitted to them. It had been three day's after her eighteenth birthday, and her father had presented her with a belated Birthday present... A snow white Bunnygirl. she was scared, whimpering, and Didn't speak a word of Enlern. Se wasn't from the Union of Phillyocracys. She had begun to beg in a foreign language when Lucy's father had held up the whip, and Lucy had accepted. the bunny girl soon learned that silence was the best option for a sub. Lucy still owned that bunny girl, and had made her one of her runners, fetching and delivering messages and parcels from all across her grounds and estate. it was a high position, but she could still be used at any point by any of the freemen or freewomen. Lucy had offered her to Aaron as his personal servant...but...Aaron seemed to only want Lucy. Lucy rubbed herself harder and faster at that thought, moaning into her pillow, and groaning. Aaron...How had he ruined all her careful planning? It had been winter. Cold. desolate. Her grounds covered by ice and snow. Lucy had been out for a walk. It was her ninth year as governess over her small estate and she had big plans to show the local lords that she was, in fact, a more powerful dominant that Lord Bull of runstagg. that's when she had seen him for the first time. his silver fur shining through the window of his manor's front room, his powerful muscles moving in rhythmic succession, his jaw set in a manly fashion, and a little Bovinegirl bend over his lap. one spank after another fell from his hand onto her ass. Slap, slap, slap! Lucy had watched for the remainder of her spanking, mesmerized, and feelings she had long suppressed surging within her. She had watched, as without any ceremony, the bovine girl was lifted onto a short and squat table, a diaper placed under her, her privates powdered efficiently, and her groin locked and taped into its cushy prison. Lucy had never seen a diaper slave in person, yes they were becoming more popular, but it was rare to find a sub that would obey you perfectly enough to regress, and expensive to force a disobedient one. Lucy had stalked Aaron for a month, two, perhaps as long as six. she no longer remembered...but she did remember when he reciprocated. it had been April when it first happened, the footprint in her flow bed outside her window. she had brushed it aside, perhaps a gardener misstepping? she had the Garden Slaves edged for a half of an hour. but the second time? the third? the fourteenth? something was happening. so she mounted a guard and the stalking faded, but her desire to feel what the Bovinegirl had felt only grew. her groins itched. her head spun. her mouth watered. so she broke down, and under the guise of her Dominant nature, she bought a pack of Large submissive's diapers. She had laid it out on her bed, and sat on it gingerly. she had powdered herself, and oiled her bum and princess parts, unsure of what she was doing. then, as she rose the diaper between her legs, she slowly began to lose her mind to the pleasure. moans softly escaped her mouth, cries of pleasure invaded her thoughts, and her ears twitched. it took three presses of her paws against her padded crotch to send her into a fainting Orgasm. When she awoke, at around three Am, er window was ajar and a cool spring breeze blew across her. she shot bolt awake and wrapped a blanket around her waist. as she stood, to go close the window, a manila envelope fell to the ground. inside...were pictures. dozens of them. one after another, of her in various Submissive postures and involved in Submissive activities...most notably... wearing the very diaper she was wearing right now. even worse, each picture was Marked, "COPY" and with a return address on the back, a PO box. Lucy had written a simple reply "what do you want?" The next letter she received was even more simple, and even more terrible "Call me Daddy" So she had, after the revelation of her "daddy's" true identity, invited him to live with her as her master servant, his same previos position with her previous mistress. the difference? Aaron was Lucy's master now. and Lucy did what he said. She did out flank the old Bull, and a half dozen other lords, but only because Aaron wanted them to fall, he WANTED Lucy to be...incharge. but never at home. at home, even in front of Servants some times, Lucy would be submissive, obediant, even "little" towards Aaron... Tonight would be the same. Lucy arrived at the courty yard where Aaron was spanking Mary, in only her wet diaper, Onsie, and a mini skirt, tieing to not be to obvious, and yet still be a good girl. she knelt before Aaron, so that Mary coundent see, and opened her mouth wide for her Daddy
  6. The passions and strength

    Aaron Sat, his tail swaying gently between his legs, gracefully above the manor's study. the book he held in his hands was a research novel, a collection of writings, told somewhat embellished and dramatically of one Douglas M. Rutherbim. He had, Before the change, being a man of some renown and praise, garnering high support and funding from various institutions and persons to run his experiments on Human DNA and the possibility of altering it with "pure resensitive RNA" as he called it. it was a process that seemed to have ended badly for everyone involved in the project. "A-aron? are you..uhm...busy with your books tonight?" She would ask, speaking with the predators' stereotypical lisp around their large teeth. "no, milady. I am not. what do you require of me tonight?" Aaron would answer respectfully, knowing that most phone lines were tapped these days. "I..well...I'm not feeling very well tonight. could you see to it that, uhm, my needs are met tonight?" To the point, but not sounding like a submissive request, especially not to a master-servant like Aaron was. "Well, dearest Lady Runstagg, I shall see you soon.Make yourself ready for my arrival, understood?" had been his words last night, enough to draw forth a gasp at the order, but not enough to set off the sensors in the information center of the County. After the Phone Line clicked dead, Aaron would give her a few moments to prepare, often a half of an hour. He would then discreetly descend from his third-floor room to her ground floor parlor, where he would use one of the only two keys to the room to gain admittance. there she would be, naked save for a thick diaper and a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain. she would most often be drinking determinedly from her third bottle when he arrived, her fifth or even sixth if she was truly desperate. the formula that Aaron prepared for her was heavily medicated, and caused her much pleasure at the expense of her Bodily control. She would be bound, whipped, spanked, gagged, beaten, and fucked senseless. her mind would be sacrificed to her pleasure. her screams only added tot eh widespread belief that she was completely insane, and saw spirits of the dead at night. a Belief that had conveniently kept their sessions entirely private. she would moan for him, and beg him for his allowance to cum. he would push her over the edge by reminding her that, legally, he could dispose of her as lord of the land at any time by revealing what she truly was to the world. she would be his. she could never belong to anyone else. she could never act without his consent. even if not in title, she was his slave by obligation. However, this night was different. The lady made her customary call, but did not sound timid at all, instead, his present was "Ordered for official business in the main hall" perhaps an inspection of some kind by the state? as he approached, he saw her standing next to a short girl in a hood, her diaper easily visible, and her red fur betraying her race. Foxes were rare, and notoriously good slaves. also, notorious for being amazing as dominant. Aaron himself was a silver fox, banned from slavery as the Patron Deity of Unityia was a silver fox himself. Aaron Grinned. So, the Lady, His submissive baby girl, had recruited herself a Sister, and hopefully someday, a mommy. Aaron walked up to the lady and whispered in her ear "You're a very good girl, Lucy. I want you to go put your diapers on, drink three bottles, and wait for me in MY room, while I process this cute little thing..." Lucy the panther, Lady of a huge estate, blushed pright red, and scampered off quickly to obey, direct orders being rare from Aaron's mouth. He turned to observe his new challenge...
  7. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    "Hmm, well I suppose we could trade it for a set of pig tails with some ribbon?" Zharra asks, holding aloft two silk ribbons. "You've been fast to naughty to just go without anyrhing of the sort, and I am getting VERY choose to simply soaking you until you give up fighting"
  8. To Mary, who sat suckling her thumb in her newest prison, life seemed simple. you listened to the higher classes of furries, and obeyed when they gave orders, so you got food pleasure warmth and shelter. It was a good life she had, with her master Phillip, but he had been ordered to move nearer to the northern Lights alliance, rather than stay In Unityia. ANd Mary couldn't go with him. so as his property, she was part of the estate sale. She sat, listening to the market bustle around her, and tried to breathe softly, easily, calmly. Phillip had been so kind, he had changed her diapers as soon as she had wet them and he only required her to mess her diapers in the night...during the day, in his usual lenient manner, he had allowed her to actually use a bathroom for her messy accidents. But this market around her brought down the realization that she was, in fact, a diaper slave. just a little fox in her diapers. She knew better than to talk to the Market manager, she would be punished. she was supposed to act like any of the other possessions, like the couch or the range, silent and useful. Mary could see a woman across the yard from her, a tall panther, who had been pointing at Mary and talking to one of the market directors for over half of an hour. Mary turned away from her, trying to wiggle her bum at some of the nicer looking people, old men who she didn't think could spank her if they tried, and young women with children, who knew what it was like to have real babies. but none of them looked at her seriously. she didn't know how much she was being sold for, but it must have been high. according to her slaves' contract, it should make her proud that it was so high. But mary had never been good at Being a Diaper slave. The Panther woman continued to haggle, as a storm cloud moved in. the tents set up over the soft items like couches and painting would keep them dry, but Mary was considered waterproof. She only wished that her diaper knew that. as the soft rain started to hit her skin she enjoyed the cooling effects after yesterday's summer heat. it was hard sometimes to look as cute as she was supposed to, but that made some people drool even harder. her thoughts were interrupted as the door to her cage opened. two strong arms pulled her out, and presented her to the Pather woman. Mary spoke first "Hello Ma'am, are you purchasing me?" The panther smiled and nodded her head "Yes, little fox, I am. but first we need to test your obedience. tell me, how long have you been a slave?" "fifteen years ma'am. I was sold when I was six" Mary responded, shifting uncomfortably on the hard market tiles, slid with rain. annoyingly, her diaper was starting to sag with the water weight. The panther nodded, then looked at her notes. "Unfortunately, it looks as if Sit Westburton, Your master Phillip, and previous daddy, was rather as laxidasicle with your training as he was with his militia and his finance. so let's test this, shall we? As your first order, I want you to fill that diaper for mommy. immediately" Mary blushed as she moved from a kneeling, to a squatting position. the pee came first, hot and fast, hissing into the front of her diaper, making it sag and discolor. the mess was harder, she pushed, and it slowly came out, pushing into the seat of her diaper, forming a solid, squishy mass as her diaper ballooned out. Mary was panting like a dog, her long foxes tounge loolling out. her conditioning making the diaper filing a highly erotic and stimulating experience. as her diaper continued to sag and discolor, the Panther shamelessly began to rub her own clot from the outside of her pencil skirt. it was one of the perks of being an alpha, since the change had taken place. that kind of behavior was outlawed in lower slave castes, and certainly would have never been allowed in The pre-change Human society. Mary moaned as she tried to push out any more, but there was none left to evacuate, and the panther walked around behind her, gently bouncing the mess in mary's diaper up and down with the toe of her high heels. "I'll take her for the price we agreed upon, and her entire Nursery stock. around how many diapers did her has in reserve, and what condition..." Mary stopped listening as the panther absent-mindedly handed her a vibrating wand, and gestured towards Mary's bulging crotch. mary HATED to pleasure herself while she was messy. but..but.. she couldn't disobey her new mistress/mommy, not on the very first day! So she pressed the head of the wand against her wet padding, moaning openly as she went up and down with it, groaning as her hips bucked, and inwardly screaming at herself for enjoying it so much. as she climaxed, she fainted into the arms of one of the guards. as her eyes were covered by darkness and she fell into sleep, the panther woman squatted down and said "good girl"
  9. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    Zharra pulls down her pants, pulls off her shirt, un fastens her bra, and pulls her panties away. nexts, she spreads the girls knees wie, and starts to wipe up her princess parts, her bum and her crotch, making everything squeeky clean. skyla feels her apply some medicine, to remove hair. next , powerder is applied, and a thick pink diaper slid under her bum. it is pulled tight in her crotch, and fasten around skylar's waist. Next Zharra goes to the closet and grabs a onsie, returning, and pulls it over Skylars head fastening it at her crotch, she also adds a mini skirt. Phillip lets skylar up, but stays close by, ready to tackle skylar if she does something inapropriate
  10. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    Zharra smiles gently at the girl and pets her head* "good! Isn't it so much easier to just... relax? let go? move on? good. now you have a choice" Zharra holds up her spanking paddle menacingly "you can get your spanking you deserve, and by rights I SHOULD be giving to you... or..." Zharra holds up a binki and a diaper" you are a good baby. I'm pretty sure you'll make the wrong choice... but go ahead, do your thing"
  11. Little girl forever (private with Zharra)

    "and do you think you have earned a diaper change?"
  12. Escaped neko turned baby (private with Zharra)

    Shhhh, dont cry little girl! Now that I have it, they can't use it on you." Maya fishes around in her bag, and pulls out the slick black remote. "see?" Maya hits a couple buttons and Sarah's body feels a wave of warmth wash over it, like a nice hug
  13. Little girl forever (private with Zharra)

    "hmmmm... I suppose I can accept that" Lily turns the vibrator down slowly, leaving the lil girl whimpering. "now, do you need to use your diaper before dinner?"
  14. Messy consequences (private for LittleBabyGirl)

    "Skylar, let me introduce you to Phillip" Zharra said, indicating the 6' 4" man that was next to her, in a nice button-down shirt and clean black jeans. "he will be helping me with the management side of this... little arrangement the judge has set up for us. you're already in the nursery, so Were just going to have him put you on the changing table.. and I'll do the rest..." With that, Phillip Lifts Skylar off her feet, and moves towards the changing table with her.
  15. Escaped neko turned baby (private with Zharra)

    Maya giggles at the little neko "Did you know that the Institute made you with a remote in your brain, and I have one? Stole it from their agent. But I can make you do certain things, it feel certain things. Want me to try it?"