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Bobby & Janet

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This was a commission I wrote for a member here. It was a bit different to most of my other work but was very fun to write, a bit longer than some of my other commissions as well.

If you are interested in a commission I am ready and willing to write about a lot of different things. My price is £5 ($6.66 USD depending on exchange rate) per 1000 words. If you have an idea send me a message and we can discuss if we can turn that idea into a story.

So here is part one of the story.

Bobby & Janet

By Elfy

Bobby flicked through the pages of the newspaper desperate to find the advertisements. He had been forced out of his previous rental apartment when he couldn’t afford the rent and as a man alone in a new city it meant he was left with nowhere to go. He had picked up a newspaper that someone left on a bench and he was scanning the adverts looking for a place he could afford with his meagre savings until he could find a better paying job.

It looked like every single place advertising was asking for money that was far in excess of what Bobby could afford, he was already desperate but now he was getting angry, how was a 22-year-old supposed to get a place to live these days, he thought to himself. Was there nowhere in the city that offered affordable housing?

Just as Bobby was about to throw the newspaper away he spotted a tiny advert on the corner of the page. It offered a room and board at a price that was a fraction of what every other place wanted to take. Bobby tore out the advert, took a look at the address and began walking. He was concerned that there would be a catch or that the house would be in a bad neighbourhood but he had little choice other than checking it out.

It took him an hour to reach the house, which was on the edge of the city, but when he arrived he felt like he had to double check the address. He had expected a small and broken down building to explain why the rent was so low but what he saw was a reasonably large semi-detached house in what seemed like a nice neighbourhood.

Suspicious of why such a place was being offered out so cheaply Bobby walked up the garden path. He noted the child’s bike laying on the ground near the front door and made a mental note that it seemed there was at least one child living here. That would be a little annoying for Bobby, who preferred peace and quiet, but it wasn’t going to be a deal breaker for him not when he was this desperate.

He walked up to the large front door and knocked three times, he heard a commotion inside and footsteps coming towards the door. Bobby was a little nervous as he always was when meeting new people but he steeled his nerves as the door was opened.

As the door opened Bobby found himself face to face, or face to chest since this woman was much taller than the 5’3” Bobby, with a kindly older lady who appeared to be in her early fifties. Bobby tried not to stare but he immediately noticed that this woman was very well endowed in the chest department.

“Hello?” The older woman said as she peered down at her unexpected visitor.

“Oh, hello.” Bobby replied with a smile as he raised his gaze away from the large breasts directly in front of him to the face that was smiling down at him, “I heard about a room you are renting… If it is still available”

“Of course!” The woman said and she stepped aside allowing Bobby to come through the doorway. She smiled down at the much shorter guest as he awkwardly walked into the house.

“My name is Janet.” She said smiling down at Bobby who was just trying to not stare at the massive breasts thrust almost directly in his face thanks to the height difference, “Let me show you around.”

They walked around the house together. Bobby was impressed with what he saw, the house was big and very tidy which was impressive for a single mom with a young daughter. The downstairs was fairly standard with a large, open living room with a big TV in the corner. The edges of the room were taken up with couches and bookshelves whilst, apart from a small table, the middle of the room was strewn with toys for a little girl.

“I apologise for the mess.” Janet said with a chuckle, “You know how kids can be!”

Bobby just smiled unsure of how else to react. His introverted nature made small talk difficult sometimes.

The house seemed quite old fashioned, a lot of the furniture seemed to have been there for a long time even if it was very well maintained. Janet showed Bobby the kitchen which was standard with tiled flooring and shiny surfaces everywhere.

The pair then headed upstairs with Janet telling her potential housemate about the local area, she was really trying to sell the house to Bobby. She obviously didn’t know that Bobby had almost no alternatives to this place but he remained quiet and listened.

The upstairs was similar to the downstairs. It felt very homely, with nice carpets and a little bit of clutter here and there showing that it had been lived in. Janet showed Bobby the bathroom which was small but had room for the usual bath, sink and toilet. Further down the hall was the master bedroom, the door to that remained closed. Next came Janet’s daughter’s room. Janet knocked on the door and after hearing a couple of light footsteps running closer the door slowly opened.

“And this is Emma.” Janet said with a proud smile.

Emma seemed to be about 4 years old and shyly half hid behind the door. Bobby wasn’t too good with kids but he waved and said a quick hello which got a little wave back before the door was quickly closed again.

Janet laughed and apologised for her daughter’s shyness. Bobby was just about to respond that it was OK before he suddenly froze. Suddenly he felt an intense need to use the bathroom, Janet looked at him with concern after his sudden shift in demeanour.

“Bobby? Are you OK?” Janet asked with some concern, she went to touch Bobby’s shoulder but just as she was about to make contact Bobby ran down the landing and flung himself into the bathroom slamming the door closed.

Little Emma even opened the door again as she wondered what the noise was.

“Oh my…” Janet said pursing her lips.

For Bobby time was of the essence, as soon as he closed the door he pulled down his fly and fumbled with his underwear.

“Come on, come on…” He muttered as he finally managed to free himself and relieved himself in the toilet.

Bobby had long had a problem at times of stress that made controlling his bladder much more difficult than it should be. It had been a problem for him for a long time, normally it was controllable but at times of stress it could get much worse. Bobby assumed that meeting new people and needing somewhere to live had made him much more stressed than he even realised he was.

When Bobby finally finished with the toilet he tucked himself away and zipped his pants up. He cringed slightly when he felt a few wet spots on his underwear, he had been only a couple of seconds away from a huge accident in his pants and the evidence was the wet spots he had left.

Bobby flushed the toilet, checked to make sure he was OK and opened the door again. He stepped out of the bathroom and saw both Janet and Emma staring at him, he paused and blushed slightly at the attention. Emma quickly ducked back into her room shyly and quickly closed her bedroom door.

“Everything OK?” Janet asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

“Yeah… Sorry, just needed to go…” Bobby mumbled looking at the floor.

Janet nodded slowly as if she were thinking about something and smiled again. She showed Bobby around the rest of the house which mainly just consisted of the room Bobby would be staying in. It was relatively small compared with the rest of the house but it had a bed, cupboard and other furniture which was more than Bobby would get on the streets.

“What do you think?” Janet asked having completed the tour.

“It is great; would I be able to move in right away?” Bobby asked as he looked out of the window at the quiet street below.

“Of course.” Janet replied warmly, “You get yourself settled in. Dinner will be ready at 6pm.”

Janet left the room leaving Bobby alone. It felt strange to be in a stranger’s house like this but Bobby guessed that sooner or later he would come to regard this place as home so he didn’t worry too much about it.


Most of the next week passed without much incident. Bobby spent the time getting used to his new surroundings and getting to know his new housemates, this wasn’t always easy since Emma was so shy that she seemed to rarely stay in the same room as Bobby.

However, a few days after arriving Bobby was sitting in his room reading a newspaper and minding his own business when he heard his host and her daughter walk up the hallway and into the bathroom. Bobby assumed Janet was going to be giving her daughter a bath which wasn’t an unusual event in this house.

About five minutes after Janet and Emma had locked the door Bobby found himself with a pretty big problem. He started feeling a strong need to empty his bladder, Bobby could hear splashing noises from the bathroom, which wasn’t helping with his problem, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to use the toilet.

Bobby cursed himself for not using the bathroom before it was occupied and now he faced a real big dilemma.

Bobby started pacing around the room as the urge to let go got stronger and stronger. He prayed for the bathroom to become free but every time he opened the door to check he heard the same voices and splashing noises alerting him to the fact that he still couldn’t use the toilet. It was funny, Bobby thought to himself, it seemed that as soon as knew he couldn’t use a toilet that he wanted to use one more than ever.

After a few minutes of pacing he was at a critical point with Bobby having to work incredibly hard to maintain control. He opened the door to look at the bathroom again and still saw no sign of its occupants leaving. With the situation reaching crisis point Bobby looked around the room for something that could help, he spotted the empty trash can in the corner of the room and hurried over to it. With no time for hesitation Bobby pulled his pants and underwear down and proceeded to pee into his makeshift toilet. He felt embarrassed but this was better than any alternative. He realised that yet again a small amount of urine had escaped him before he got to the trash can but he sighed with relief that most was at least contained.

When he was done he realised he had to get rid of the evidence, he shuddered to think what Janet would think if she saw this. He wrinkled his nose at what he had done, he felt slightly ashamed that he couldn’t wait to use the toilet but his own body had betrayed him. He couldn’t leave the trash can like this in his room. He took a quick peek out of the door to confirm that the bathroom was still in use, when he saw it was he picked up the trash can and ran downstairs.

Bobby opened the door to the back garden and ran over to quickly pour the contents of the can on to the grass before washing the now empty can with water from the hose. He had to go as fast as possible, if he was caught like this how would he ever have explained why he was hosing down his trash can!

Bobby felt dirty for what he had done, he worried about why he couldn’t hold his bladder for the second time in just a few days. He knew stress had this effect on him but was he feeling enough stress in these last few days to explain the sudden urges he was getting?

Bobby picked up his trash can and ran back upstairs just as quickly as he had run down them. As he closed his bedroom door behind him he heard the bathroom door open at almost the same time.

“Typical…” Bobby said quietly as he heard the mother and daughter leave the room and head into Emma’s bedroom.

If only he had been able to hold on for a few more minutes…

This did give Bobby one opportunity though; he could make himself feel clean again at least. Gathering up a towel Janet had given to him he headed to the bathroom, it was still very warm in the room and he started running the taps to refill the bath with water. He sat down on the toilet as he watched the bath fill. He was deep in thought as to what had happened both today and on his first day in the house, he considered his lack of bladder control on those two occasions and started to wonder if this was something he needed to worry about long term. It seemed he had been lucky on these two occasions but surely that luck couldn’t last forever.

Eventually, with the bath filled up, Bobby stripped off his clothes and stepped into the bathtub. He felt his body relaxing as the hot water washed away all his stress and worries. He felt the feelings of shame for his lack of bladder control just wash off him and he closed his eyes. The only sound in the room was of the bubbles popping and he sighed and slipped his head under the water. He stayed under for as long as his breath would allow as he felt every muscle in his body relax.

As he slowly moved his head back above the water and got the water out of his ears he wondered if he had ever been as comfortable as right now.

“Don’t mind me.” Came a female voice from the side of the tub.

Bobby jumped suddenly causing water to splash everywhere. He rubbed the water out of his eyes to look to the side where he saw Janet standing to the side of the bath picking up some towels from her daughter’s bath. She seemed unconcerned with the invasion of privacy and was humming a happy little tune.

Bobby, as shocked as he was, made sure his privates were covered by bubbles. He went a deep red colour as Janet bent over next to the bath to pick up another of the towels and, whether inadvertent or not, she gave Bobby a look down her top at those huge breasts that had almost entranced Bobby when he first arrived at the house. Bobby had to fight hard to turn his head away from such a sight, it almost seemed to soothe him despite how embarrassed he felt at that moment.

When Janet had placed the towels in the basket that she had brought in with her she stood up and left the room. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief and started wondering what type of person he was staying with. He started to shift in the bath with the intention of getting out when Janet reappeared in the room. Bobby quickly moved back to his original position and covered himself up again, his shifting caused more water to splash out of the bath.

“Would you like some help?” Janet asked in a warm motherly tone as she crouched down next to Bobby’s head. She saw the water splashed everywhere and thought that not even her daughter made such a mess of the bathroom when she was in the bath!

“I’m… I’m OK…” Bobby quietly stuttered. He was really embarrassed to have Janet with him like this and he wanted her to leave but he seemed to not have the courage to ask for her to go. His timidity made him just stutter and look away.

“It’s no trouble.” Janet said ignoring the younger man’s answer.

Janet reached over the bath and picked up a small bottle of shampoo, pouring some on her hands she started massaging the slimy gel into Bobby’s hair. She smiled warmly as she made sure every inch of Bobby’s hair was covered.

Bobby looked down and felt unable to stop Janet from helping. A part of him wasn’t even sure if he wanted her to stop, he had to admit that having Janet rub his head like this felt very relaxing. Bobby closed his eyes as some shampoo dripped down his face and he couldn’t help but sigh from relaxation as he felt his scalp get massaged very expertly by his host.

Bobby felt a small pressure on his shoulders and realised that Janet wanted him to rinse off the soap. He allowed the small pressure to push him down and he took a deep breath as his head became completely submerged. He felt Janet’s hand’s moving across the top of the head making sure all the soap was removed. Bobby felt incredibly relaxed, he wondered if his private area was still covered by the bubbles, he certainly hoped they were. But he received no indication from Janet that she could see anything she shouldn’t be able to see so he continued to go with the flow.

When he felt Janet’s hands leave his head he slowly re-emerged from the water. He took a quick look up at Janet who smiled down at him and held up his towel indicating that he should step out of the tub.

“I-I can d-do that myself.” Bobby stuttered, even though he was incredibly shy, he was able to object to showing himself completely naked in front of Janet, if she dried him off he certainly wouldn’t have any bubbles to protect his modesty!

“Come on Bobby, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” Janet chuckled as she held out Bobby’s towel waiting for him to step into it.

Bobby was just starting to wonder what he would do. Could he step out of the bath and allow himself to be dried by Janet? It felt like it was a step too far. Bobby wasn’t sure he was comfortable with his host helping him like that.

Just as Bobby was reaching a decision there was suddenly the sound of something falling over downstairs followed by the loud crying of a toddler. Both Bobby and Janet looked towards the door.

“OK, you will have to dry yourself.” Janet said frowning as she dropped the towel and hurried out of the room, “Try not to make too much of a mess.”

After about thirty seconds, when he was sure the coast was clear, Bobby stood up and stepped out of the bath before wrapping himself in his towel and pulling the plug on the bath. He considered what had been a very odd time, he wasn’t sure why Janet wanted to be so involved in his bathing. There didn’t seem to be a sexual motive there and yet she seemed to really want to help Bobby out.

As he rubbed himself dry he listened to the crying downstairs subside. He quickly gathered his clothes and headed back to his bedroom, he wasn’t sure what was going on with Janet but he knew he needed more time to work it out.


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Great start! I wonder how old Emma really is. I also wonder how old Bobby will be when all is said and done. I look forward to reading more. 

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1 hour ago, CDfm said:

Great start! I wonder how old Emma really is. I also wonder how old Bobby will be when all is said and done. I look forward to reading more. 

I don't mean to dispel any mystery but Emma is as old as stated above, just 4-years-old.

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1 hour ago, Elfy said:

I don't mean to dispel any mystery but Emma is as old as stated above, just 4-years-old.

The reason I believed Emma had to be older was because in your description of Janet, you mentioned her age was in her early fifties. There are not very many women having children at that age. Still I am enjoying the story and hope to continue doing so. 

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That was a big problem averted by sounds from downstairs.  I wonder what Bobby has gotten himself into.

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I was also wondering about Emma, given the way the story seemed to be going...but I look forward seeing where you are taking the story. I like it and feel very relaxed when reading it. 

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Emma could be her granddaughter. Just putting that possibility out there.

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awesome, I can't  wait to see where this goes


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As usual fantastic writing Elfy. Thank you also to the person who commissioned this piece. I hope to read more soon. 

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Great start can't wait to read the rest. I enjoy stories like this. :wub:

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Please post more of this story.  It seems to have a good following and people look forward to your postings.

I look forward to more.

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I'm glad this story is getting such a positive reaction :) Here is part two.

If anyone is interested in a commission from me my price is £5 ($6.52 depending on exchange rate) per 1000 words and I am prepared to discuss any ideas you might have to see if we can make your dream story a reality! Just send me a message if you are interested.

Here is part two:


The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful for Bobby. He had started to get settled in with Janet and Emma and he was beginning to feel less stressed. After the incident in the bathroom things appeared to have gone back to normal. Janet continued acting quite motherly towards Bobby but she wasn’t overstepping any boundaries now, since the bath incident she hadn’t intruded on Bobby’s privacy all that much. Bobby appreciated her cooking for him each evening and she even cleaned his clothes and room for him whilst he was out looking for a job.

Shortly after the events in the bathroom Bobby received news that he had lost his job, it was very sudden, the company were apparently struggling for money and letting Bobby go was a cost cutting measure. He only worked for minimum wage in a factory but losing that job so suddenly caused him to be deeply upset. He assumed that he would have to leave Janet’s house since he wouldn’t be able to afford the rent. When he tearfully told Janet he was unemployed and couldn’t pay to stay with her anymore something very unexpected happened.

“Don’t worry about it. You can stay here rent free till you find something else.” Janet had said after Bobby told her. Bobby remembered Janet’s reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Really?” Bobby replied. He was taken aback by the generosity of the offer. He hadn’t known where he was going to go after he left Janet’s place. He would probably be back on the streets or looking for a hostel.

“Of course!” Janet said with a laugh, “You are like a part of this family now. You are a good tenant and I know that when you get another job you will make it up to me.”

Bobby didn’t know how to react to that and he just stepped forward and gave his big bosomed landlord a big hug. He had never had much of a family life, even as a child his home life was never great, he wasn’t used to such kindness form people.

Other than that Bobby’s time at Janet’s house was pretty monotonous. He would wake up as early as possible and head out of the house with a stack of CV’s and application forms, Bobby would only return shortly before dinner. It kept him busy which was fine and he felt obliged to get a job as soon as possible to repay Janet for her kindness but no matter how many applications he filled in he just couldn’t seem to catch a break.

“Don’t worry about it. Something will come up.” Janet would say every time Bobby came home after making little to no progress.

Bobby tried to believe her but he had a time keeping up the faith that a job would land his way soon.

After dinner each day the three of them would watch a little TV before Emma had to go to bed, Bobby usually followed soon after since he was often left very tired by his daily trips around the city.

There had been a few occasions where Bobby had found himself caught a little bit short. A few times where he had to rush to the nearest bathroom, and a few really close calls that nearly resulted in Bobby having to get home in wet pants.

But that was all in the last few weeks. Today Bobby had stayed at home, he was allowing himself a day off from job hunting. It had been a quiet day and Bobby spent the majority of it in his room.

Just after dinner that evening Bobby was alone in his room when he felt the all too familiar sudden feeling of needing the bathroom in a hurry. He scrambled to his feet and half-ran to the door which he threw open in a rush. Bobby started awkwardly walking down the landing towards the bathroom, his full bladder and his attempts to hold it all in caused him to walk in a strange manner.

However, just as he was halfway across the landing the door to the side of him flew open and suddenly Emma burst out and ran straight into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

“No… Wait!” Bobby called out but it was too late. It didn’t feel good that he felt like he had less control than a toddler but he really was desperate.

Bobby walked up to the door and then started pacing the landing. He could feel his control slipping as his attempts to hold on were swiftly beaten by his need to go. He was about to run back to his bedroom, he figured if he couldn’t use the bathroom that he could try doing what he did last time and use the trash can in his room. Just as he turned around though he found his path back to his room blocked.

“What’s all the shouting about?” Janet asked in a concerned manner as she stepped out of her daughter’s bedroom.

“I… I…” Bobby stammered. He fell to his knees in front of Janet and with a sudden surge in his desperation he felt the muscles holding the contents of his bladder in give up. With a gasp of shock, he suddenly felt a warm wet sensation spreading around his crotch.

“Oh my…” Janet almost whispered as she watched the young man in front of her lose all control. She covered her mouth with her hands but couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene in front of her.

Bobby felt like he was on his knees for an eternity but the reality was that after a few seconds the stream of urine trickled to a halt. Bobby blushed a deep red and looking at the ground he slowly climbed to his feet. He didn’t know what to say or do, he felt so embarrassed to have done this in front of someone else. He had experienced close calls before but this was the first time he had wet his pants in front of other people like this.

In the quietness the only sound that could be heard for a few seconds was a slow dripping as urine ran down his leg and dripped out the bottom of the legs.

“Come with me.” Janet said shortly and she quickly stepped forward and took hold of Bobby’s hand.

Not knowing what else to do, Bobby allowed himself to be led by Janet. She steered the young man into the only room that Bobby had yet to go into. Her bedroom.

Janet’s bedroom was slightly bigger than Bobby’s room. It had a large double bed which looked pretty old. At the end of the bed against the window was a desk with a large mirror and it was flanked on either side by chests of drawers.

Janet brought Bobby into the room in silence. She let go of his hand to place a towel on the bed, as she did this she heard the toilet flush. She hurried over and opened the door to tell Emma to go to her room and that she would be back to play with her in a few minutes.

“Sit on the towel Bobby.” Janet said in a sweet tone as she walked back over to the bed and sat down next to the towel.

“I’m… I’m sorry… I don’t know what happened.” Bobby stammered as he felt his wet crotch rapidly begin to cool. It was getting increasingly uncomfortable in his pants and he longed to get out of them but obviously couldn’t do that with Janet in the room. Bobby sat down and immediately felt Janet’s arm around him.

“So how long have you been having these troubles?” Janet asked softly.

“Troubles?” Bobby repeated playing dumb. He knew what Janet was referring to but he had hoped that she somehow hadn’t noticed. It was a forlorn hope.

“Yes troubles.” Janet repeated, “Ever since your first day you have had to run off to the bathroom at times. I used to be a nurse before I retired Bobby, I notice these things.”

Bobby stayed silent. He felt Janet move in closer so that there was no gap between them, he felt her arm around him squeeze a little bit in a reassuring way.

“Now why don’t you tell me about it?” Janet asked.

“I… I…” Bobby tried to tell Janet about his problems but his throat felt tight. Try as he might he just couldn’t get the words out. He fell back into silence.

“It’s OK, you can tell me. You can trust me.” Janet reassured her tenant. She rubbed his back gently.

“I just… I had a bad childhood. I had problems with… Bladder control.” Bobby found it hard to admit this to someone he barely knew but he did feel an innate trust towards this woman.

Janet pulled Bobby closer to her so that Bobby’s head rested on her shoulder. Whether it was intended or not, it gave Bobby a good view of Janet’s cleavage.

“My parents thought I was lazy and they punished me for it but I couldn’t control it I swear!” Bobby felt himself getting upset as he recalled some painful memories, “I think it is stress. When I get stressed sometimes I need the bathroom and I can’t hold it very long.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you felt stressed the last few days?” Janet asked.

“A little bit. This job hunting is difficult and I feel like I’m letting you down for not finding something.” Bobby sniffed. He didn’t want to cry but these memories combined with the increasingly uncomfortable feeling in his cold, wet crotch were making him emotional.

“Oh sweetie. I understand, listen if you aren’t ready to find a job then it is OK for you to take a break from looking.” Janet said. She pushed Bobby to sit him straight again and with a tissue from her bedside table she wiped Bobby’s watery eyes and his nose.

“You… You mean it?” Bobby asked quietly. He felt bad that he wouldn’t be paying rent but if Janet was OK with him not paying it then maybe it wasn’t a problem.

“Of course.” Janet said smiling, “Listen, I have some money saved and this place is already paid for so if you aren’t ready for a job then that’s fine.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much!” Bobby said getting emotional. He turned to the side, reached forward and hugged Janet tightly. Janet’s large breasts almost enveloped him as he pulled himself closer to her. He felt himself getting very calm in his host’s embrace.

Janet wrapped her arms around Bobby and let him hug her for a minute. She could feel the young man relaxing in her arms and it felt good.

Bobby put his head on Janet’s shoulder and saw something that took him out of the moment a little bit and made him blush slightly. Draped over the bedpost on the far side of the bed was a large bra. But it wasn’t just any bra, this bra had cups that could be unhooked. Bobby recognised the piece of clothing as being a nursing bra. One used specifically for breast feeding. Bobby looked away knowing he shouldn’t be looking at other people’s underwear like that.

“But there is one thing you have to do for me.” Janet whispered into Bobby’s ear bringing him sharply back to reality.

Bobby pulled back from the hug to look at Janet in the face. He waited quietly for Janet to reveal her condition.

“I can’t have you running around wetting yourself everywhere.” Janet stated rather simply causing Bobby to blush, “Emma was a bit of a slow trainer and if she sees you having accidents I’m worried she would regress to having accidents too. Besides, I don’t want my furniture or carpets ruined.”

“What are you suggesting?” Bobby asked. He had gone very red now and found maintaining eye contact with Janet to be quite difficult.

“Well…” Janet stood up and opened a drawer at the back of the room. Pulling out a white plastic object she moved back to her seat and handed Bobby the object.

“A diaper!?” Bobby gasped. Was Janet being serious or was this some kind of joke!

“Yes. If you want to stay here rent free then you are going to need to wear protection.” Janet said rather forcefully.

Bobby knew he had no choice. It was either agree to her conditions and put the diaper on or he had to leave and find a new place to live, and with Bobby’s lack of money or employment, the only other place to live would be the streets.

Bobby slowly nodded his head. He felt heat rise in his face from the embarrassment or what he was agreeing to, the embarrassment wasn’t helped by Janet smiling warmly at him and standing up, she indicated to Bobby that he should lay back.

Bobby slowly leaned back until he was lying flat on the bed. He couldn’t quite believe what was happening, it didn’t even occur to him that he could put the diaper on himself. He still didn’t believe this was real, it was just such an odd turn of events.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll make sure you are nice and secure.” Janet said in a very soft and warm voice as she unfolded the diaper. Janet had done this thousands of times throughout her nursing career and she knew what she was doing.

Bobby just laid still as he felt his pants undone and lowered until they were pulled off entirely. Bobby was nervous about being undressed by this woman but he felt compelled to allow her to do as she pleased. Something about her was so calming, so motherly even, that he felt he could trust her implicitly.

“Just relax sweetie. I used to be a nurse I have done this a thousand times.” Janet said softly as she grabbed a hold of Bobby’s underwear.

Bobby closed his eyes as he felt his underwear get slowly lowered by Janet. Being naked from the waist down in front of the older woman made Bobby very self-conscious but he didn’t move a muscle as he was left exposed.

Bobby jumped suddenly as he felt a sudden cold feeling over his genitals. His eyes sprung open and he looked down to see Janet, smiling at the reaction, using some baby wipes to clean Bobby’s wet crotch. Bobby slowly laid back down again as he got used to the cold feeling and closed his eyes again. He prayed that there wouldn’t be a reaction down there, that would be too embarrassing to bear.

Bobby kept his eyes closed as he felt Janet grab his legs and lifted them up so that Bobby’s feet ended up over his chest. It felt very vulnerable to be in such a position but Bobby felt like he could trust Janet, she had a way of disarming Bobby.

When Bobby’s legs were gently lowered he felt a new crinkling thickness beneath him. Bobby felt a weird feeling shoot through him, one of embarrassment but it was mixed with something else. Something felt comforting about the padding. It was as if Bobby knew that with the padding there he could forget his worries about needing the bathroom suddenly.

Bobby felt the front of the diaper brought up between his legs. He jumped suddenly as Janet touched his private area, but she did so only to position him correctly as she pulled up the diaper so that it fitted correctly. Bobby could hear the crinkling with every movement of the diaper and he hoped that when he was fully dressed it wouldn’t be quite so noticeable.

Janet had spent the whole time humming some happy tunes quietly putting Bobby at ease. She was pleased, and maybe a little surprised, that Bobby seemed to be taking this so well.

Bobby heard the tapes being fastened on to the diaper and he finally opened his eyes and slowly looked down. The white plastic came up to just below his belly button and he knew that he would have trouble keeping his legs together, the nappy looked thick but it felt even thicker.

The reality of the situation dawned on Bobby and he felt like he was locked into his new underwear. He felt a momentary rise in panic but when he looked up into the sweet and smiling face of Janet with her warm and loving eyes he felt the panic subside as quickly as it had come on.

Janet took Bobby’s hands and pulled him into a standing position to the side of the bed.

“A wonderful fit!” She happily proclaimed.

Bobby’s pants were ruined from his accident so Janet hurried to Bobby’s room and retrieved a new pair. Bobby spent that time looking down at himself and trying to judge how noticeable the large white diaper would be to anyone else. He looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t get over just how weird he looked in this diaper. He was certainly glad no one else could see him at the moment.

It took a little twisting and turning but eventually they were able to get Bobby’s pants over his new disposable underwear. Bobby tried walking around the room a bit and found that although he could hear the crinkling, the pants seemed to do a good job of lessening the noise. He just hoped they killed the noise enough where others wouldn’t recognise what he was wearing.

“How does it feel?” Janet asked as she watched her newly rustling house guest, “Fit’s OK? Not too tight?”

“It’s OK.” Was all that Bobby responded with. In truth the initial feelings of embarrassment had given way somewhat to feelings of comfort. He still couldn’t believe he had just allowed himself to be diapered but he understood Janet’s reasoning and it was much more comfortable than he could believe.

“Well that’s good!” Janet said happily, “Now if will excuse me, I have to make dinner. Should be ready in half an hour.”

Bobby nodded and after Janet left the room he followed her through the doorway and headed for his bedroom. He felt a slight change in the way he walked, his knees were forced slightly further apart and he could feel that his butt and crotch stuck out more than usual. It was an unusual feeling.

For the next half an hour Bobby walked around his room whilst looking down at his waist, he was still trying to get used to this new strange feeling between his legs. Bobby tried sitting down and then standing up again a few times trying to make sure his pants and shirt covered his diaper at all times. He was very paranoid about having a wardrobe malfunction that would reveal his embarrassing underwear to the world.

Bobby suddenly stopped as those words really sunk in. “His diaper.” Bobby was still coming to terms with everything that had happened in the last hour or so. From just a regular guy looking for a job to being put in a diaper by the person he was renting a room from. It was only now that he had some time for reflection that he realised just how crazy the change had been.

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Good chapter. I wonder how long Bobby will be concerned with looking for a job at all? I also wonder how long it will be before he sees that bra cup get unhooked for a feeding? I am sure Janet has noticed his looks at her chest. Looking forward to more. 

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Loved it great job elfy

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Fantastic addition. Thank you for sharing.

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I see light bulbs clicking in his head...love it. Realizations are fun. Good chapter.

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How wonderful for Bobby to find his real HOME.  After all the hard knocks of life to find a loving, forgiving mother figure is what all little boys dream about.

I hope Emma will enjoy her new little brother.

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I just realised that although it looks like that was the end... That wasn't the end :lol:

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Thanks for another awesome chapter Elfy. I can't wait for the next step for Bobby. 

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a great new chapter

I love this story


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That was a great chapter Elfy. Your writing is the best can't wait for the next one.

I know this is going to be a winner. I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing it with

us. :P

Baby Jerry

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i agree with eagle and look forward to the next chapter. I just hope it wont be too long coming

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