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Bad Husband, Better Baby

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Wonderful very long chapter. I really feel bad for Nick. No matter how much of a big baby he is made to be, you can still tell he loves Sarah and what she is doing to Nick is just wrong in my beliefs. If she needs to get physical relief that way, she should get herself a vibrator or leave Nick and end their relationship. As far as George and Nick I don't think its right for Nick to be messing around either while he is still in a relationship with Sarah. I can better understand why he would react to the picture and allow George to pleasure him. I actually believe Kristy had a part in that happening. Putting up what would seem to be a hidden camera was an act showing she expected that to happen and then the nod she gave to George as she was leaving all suggest she was telling George to do it. Didn't seem like this was George's first go at something like this either. Good story though and I will add that I would like to see it continue at least to a point where there is resolution between Sarah and Nick, no matter what actually happens. They stay together or split up. 

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Great update. Loved the passion you have managed to portray in this story, all parties have an agenda, and so far everyones getting something out ofit, not what they thought... but something at least.

Its fantasy and fun, not real life, i dont have a problem with any of the moral choices some of the characters have made, would i? Probably not, but thats the point.


I for one would like to see this continue. Maybe you can wrap this story up, with an option to take it to the next step as a new peice... best of both worlds and you have a finished story.



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I shall post information soon but I'm rebuilding my Patreon so if people would like to support my writing both for this story and all the other ones there will soon be a way to do so :)

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I feel this story has compleetly lost its direction or narrative,and it has been traded off for more gutter or gratuitous sexual reference and description.

there's no longer the 'punishment' or illiciting control/acts against his will over the main guy.

the earlier updates,where his wife was forcing him into nappies,going outside in public in nappies,him worrying about people noticing.were much better reading than just sexual encounters.

the chapter where he was desperate to make a poop but they were in the shopping centre,and him struggling to hold on,even though he was wearing his potty,and then filling his pants.was really good.

there also wasn't a part where his wife condemned him to nappies,for everything.its infered now he just goes in his pants now.but she only set out that he was to be in nappies full-time for peeing,and could still ask to use a potty for number 2.

it would have been nice,and further relenquishment of independence,for his wife to take that luxury away from him too.

I know for some it might not be needed to be said,but I think it would have been an interesting exchange.i dont think he would just start filling his pants if he was still allowed to do that in a potty,it would be one thing he clinged to.

I think I just prefered it while he was really at odds with it,and trying to conduct himself in the way his wife has set out and put him in,but in the bigger outside world environment,and how its a juxtaposition with it.

I realize 'erotic' stories are sexually arousing,but not because of sexual content.but maybe thats just me.


its written well.i just wonder if the author has sort of lost interest with it.

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Loving this story Elfy, don't mind the haters and please continue to follow your own inspiration exclusively.


Personally I would love to see things continue and how our little protagonist adjusts to having a daddy but if you decide you prefer to start something new, I'll happily look forward to that. Hopefully again a long femdom humiliation tale :)

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this story has not lost direction at all.  Poor writers such as myself have a lot to learn about plot planning as exhibited by Elfy.

I am sure Elfy has planned an ending to this story but not before all scenarios have been visited. 

You don't have to be 'gay' to enjoy the sex scenes that some readers have found hard to cope with. Personally, I found them highly erotic. 

Finally, thanks for sharing.

Elfy is a major contributor to the Story Board. Long may that continue.


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The next update is now posted on my Patreon for $5 and above Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88

It will appear here in one week's time. I want to thank everyone for their support, comments and everything else. I think this story still has some legs in it and I think I have a good idea for where the plot goes from here. I have always had the ending in my mind and that hasn't changed, but the path to that destination has been altered many times! :lol:

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That was a good chapter Nick and George getting it tighter I wonder what they will think when they discover they have been caught on camera. I still think Nick could be a sissy baby and live with Sarah as her baby but it is your story to do with as you think best and it will still be good 

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