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LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Diapers - ABDL Diaper Store

1985 Attends

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They are in a box like baby diapers use to be.

Let us know if they have a scent.

Now days, medical diapers or "adult briefs" don't have one.

Or I've noticed a bad scent after wetting.

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Those were my first diapers also. They did have a diaper sent to them. I remember sneaking them into the house and hiding them in my bedroom.

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I remember two things about those diapers.   They were cut a little wider in the crotch than the subsequent attends which I never really liked the change.

I still remember being in some large pharmacy where the cashier held the box up and shouted to the next cashier over "Is there tax on these?"


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