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  1. Great story. I’ve often tried to write my ideas down, many similar to this story. Each idea I’ve had works well in my head, but just doesn’t come across on paper like I imagine it. Kudos to being able to puts your creativity on paper.
  2. So far this is excellent, please continue.
  3. Love this story, it is very much like what I wanted to do around 12-13. I was already a bed wetter and wore diapers at night. But I really wanted to make it a 24/7 deal. I did wet my pants a few times, but got no response of any kind from my parents. After I turned 16, got a job and had my own car and money I started buying goodnights to wear during the day. It wasn't long before my mom caught me wearing them and asked why. I told her I was leaking frequently, which led to a dr appointment. The dr just said to keep an eye on it and continue using the pull-ups. By 18 I was wearing attends (when they were still good), often times to school and work. During college I went two years wearing 24/7 hoping I would lose control, but never did during the day. I do wet the bed and if course I still wear diapers at night.
  4. 1. When and where was your last leak? Two weeks ago at my in laws lake house, two mornings in a row I woke to a soaked bed
  5. I have several different diapers in my office, I switch between ID slip, tena slip, and bambinos. To my knowledge no one has noticed, but there are times I have had major diaper butt that would be hard not to see.
  6. I wore diapers throughout most of my time in the army, except at basic. We did have several guys and gals that wet their beds during basic. They were all given the boot. I managed to keep my bed and pants dry (as far as they knew) during basic. It wasn't long after I was waking up to wet diapers every morning after basic. I wore them during all my deployments around the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. My roommates knew and one of my sargents knew, but non of them cared.
  7. roguedl

    I quit

    I wish I could resign my adulthood, only just temporarily though. I enjoy too many aspects of it to just become a little again.
  8. I have had many road trips in diapers, in cars, on my Harley and even in humvees driving all over Afghanistan and Iraq. It's pretty easy if your on your own, changing in the car is a real pain if messy, wet diapers are super easy. I typically only change in the car though if I'm in a big hurry. Changing in a gas station or rest stop bathroom is way easier. I've found that a lot of smaller gas stations have single bathrooms so you have a lot of privacy. If you're going to be sweaty, use baby powder to help prevent chaffing and wick away some sweat where there isn't any padding to absorb it
  9. roguedl

    Fargo, Nd?

    Perhaps we can meet in the middle sometime.
  10. Attends were my favorite diaper to use until they sold out. I can still remember the smell and the feel of them.
  11. roguedl

    Fargo, Nd?

    I am in Williston.
  12. I'm not in Mn, but not too far away in North Dakota. I visit the Bemidji and Minneapolis areas a few times a year. Always down to meet up with other abdl folk.
  13. Temporarily in North Dakota for work, any abdl folk in the Williston area?

  14. Hey, so I am going to re-ask the question above...Anyone else in Pullman? I'll be here until May 2013 when I graduate. Send me a message if your in the area and interested in hangin sometime.