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  1. ..."there is huge demand for larger nappies"... I really doubt it. If there was major demand, someone would have satiated it by now. This is an issue for disability benefits, charities and local councils to address; alongside the regular carers for the affected child and their medical practitioners. Putting larger nappies in supermarkets probably has a lot more downsides than the very limited upside of supporting a vanishingly small minority of kids with developmental problems.
  2. Anti-trans "bathroom bills" and diaper usage

    First, why not just use the handicapped toilet if its that much of an issue? Second, I've always thought of WC's as split by sex and not gender - i.e. use whatever one you currently have the genitals appropriate to - or look the most like. Be pragmatic about it: if a "normal" person looks at your face and clothes, do they think "man" (maybe in drag) or "woman"? If the former, use the mens, if the latter, use womens. Finally: its just a toilet for heaven's sake - pick one and use it. I've not been in women's toilets, but presumably they're just stalls with doors on them (i.e. the same as men's but without urinals?) if so, I don't see how it matters if you use the womens; other "users" will have their privacy too.
  3. Remember this only applies if you're legally disabled. If you're just an ABDL without a medical requirement, you're not entitled to VAT exemption and they are deemed to be a standard consumer good like any other (according to HMRC) and thus are liable for the current VAT rate (right now 20%).
  4. New BKN nappies in the UK - FANTASTIC!

    They're pretty good - not fantastic, but yeah, good.
  5. Privatina fabric quality clothing

    All the stuff we've had from them has been excellent quality, perfectly sized and delivered in (at most) a couple of weeks.
  6. Sanitary napkin in diaper

    Female pads for periods are designed for a fundamentally different use case to diapers - they're designed to absorb blood (which is a lot thicker) and far less liquid overall than diapers. Use a proper diaper insert/booster instead (there are loads of brands you can buy specifically for this) For example: Attends Booster PadsAbena Abri-Let Booster PadsDignity StackablesDuratex Booster PadsiD Expert RectangularKolibri RectangularMedLine Double-Up LinersMolinea PadsNorthShore Booster PadsReassure Booster PadsTranquility TopLiner Booster Pads
  7. Brands

    Pretty much. I'd say the closest match other than colour is the MoliCare Premium Air-Active - which also has breathable wings and plastic backing sheet. As to "Moderate", it depends what you want in a diaper. I think Fabine's, Bellissino's ComfiCare's, Dry24/7's etc. are just way too thick/bulky for my little, hence I prefer brands like Attends, ID, Tena, ABU, Cuddlz, AwwSoCute and older Bambinos. On another note: The plastic backing sheet on the EU/UK attends is smoother and the tabs are much better placed. The US version has three badly placed tabs, the plastic backing-sheet feels coarse and scratchy and the capacity / absorbency is less than half the EU/UK version as they're severely lacking in SAP and tend to fit poorly.
  8. Brands

    You're talking about either the adjustable one (i.e. the "one fastener per-side 'belted' style" for really fat people), or the crap American (I.e. three tapes per side) version and not the European / UK one, right? I think the standard UK Attends M 10's are great :/
  9. Brands

    They're mediocre. Not bad by any stretch, but nothing really special.
  10. Server Manager?

    I'm back in a technical job after years in sales so deep into some of this at the moment. Give me a shout if you have specific questions. In short: I've got decades of experience with Linux/BSDs/AIX and the common middleware and application stacks you find on those platforms. I've designed and configured systems to scale from tens to millions of concurrent users. All the usual stuff both commercial and open-source: http servers (apache, iplanet, ihs, IIS), ftp servers (vsftpd, proftpd, ftp4iis), databases (Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL+forks, MongoDB, CouchDB, memcachd, Redis), app servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, Oracle) and all the ancillary stuff: ntp, nfs/cifs/samba, LDAP/AD, kerberos/SPNEGO/SAML, SNMP, Xen/KVM/HyperV etc. etc. etc. I can do the basics on a Windows system (e.g. set-up a reasonable AD forest, configure IIS securely, etc.) but I'm not an expert in Windows servers - just competent. As to: Sounds like snake oil to me. These days owning your own kit for web-hosting stuff is almost going to end up costing more than using an at-scale provider (Rackspace, SoftLayer, Amazon, Azure, whoever). You can get your own computing instances that'll run a site like this (and a lot more) for <$300/year inc. multiple TB/month in bandwidth (storage extra). A decent server you buy will be running into the multiple $1000's (so in six years you'll own obsolete kit and you'll have to pay to get rid of it - and you'll have had to pay for bandwidth on top.) Not to mention things like backup costs, needing spare kit in case that box fails, insurance to cover losses if you're not able to swallow them.
  11. Bitcoin 3 - Adventures in coining

    DailyDi - as a hobby then its great you enjoy it and I agree you should continue as long as you do so. To anyone looking at mining as an investment, unless you're putting up serious capital and have very low energy bills you won't get close to an ROI yourselves since you're competing with professional outfits using customised hardware and software designed for the task. The 10 boxes in your basement is like a beach scavenger trying to compete with a professional coal miner. Sure - you'll collect a bag and sell it every now and again (slower and slower as coal becomes more scarce), but there are people out there with real mines and they're investing in ever better technology - simply to keep afloat. If a mining outfit like this can't even break-even, you're not going to have a chance at retail energy prices: If the value of bitcoin goes up drastically (i.e. at least doubles from its current value) then this might change, but right now there is no reason to suggest that will happen. Its a race to the bottom for price with miners and exchanges hoarding coins with the value so low. This means its very unlikely to go up much as those sources will continually leak into the market to keep those organisations afloat or simply to maintain enough liquidity for the market to be viable (unless they fix this technically with ever smaller denominations - which people generally aren't stupid enough to fall for). If they all dump any reasonable portion of their holdings the market will utterly crash and a lot of speculative bitcoin players (i.e. those currently keeping the currency alive) will leave the market realising its much more risky than common equity. Bitcoin could become a viable currency with widespread applicability, but right now mining it sure isn't going to be profitable to small players. Certainly not compared to the returns they'll get from traditional investment options and safer ones such as peer-to-peer lending.
  12. Crinklz

    Correct. They're a "diaper fur" / "furry" print.
  13. BKN Nappies

    So I got some pics a few mins ago I've not gotten the full set I'd asked for (as per The Big List - which I'll update when I get some myself), but they've come up with a decent set which show off what the diaper looks like. Some notes from the person who bought them: ..."V. similar to the cuddlz all-over-printed nappies in terms of design and whatnot. One tab on each side. Tho much bigger than cuddlz." Thanks "Allosaurus" (in case you ever sign up!). EDIT: Regarding "Tho much bigger than cuddlz" - I don't know if this is talking about the diaper generally or just the fasteners. I'm guessing its just the fasteners as looking at the tape-measure in the pics they look about the same size as a Cuddlz medium, although I don't have any way to actually check for a few days.
  14. BKN Nappies

    Not got them myself, but another ABDL couple I know have apparently ordered some and will give the little and I a few when we next meet up, assuming they have them delivered by then. I've asked them to mail me some pictures of them when they get them, so I'll post as soon as I get said pics.
  15. It stinks to be number two

    Bing / Yahoo! Cache copy here: