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  1. Zander

    Anti-trans "bathroom bills" and diaper usage

    First, why not just use the handicapped toilet if its that much of an issue? Second, I've always thought of WC's as split by sex and not gender - i.e. use whatever one you currently have the genitals appropriate to - or look the most like. Be pragmatic about it: if a "normal" person looks at your face and clothes, do they think "man" (maybe in drag) or "woman"?
  2. Zander

    New BKN nappies in the UK - FANTASTIC!

    They're pretty good - not fantastic, but yeah, good.
  3. Zander

    Privatina fabric quality clothing

    All the stuff we've had from them has been excellent quality, perfectly sized and delivered in (at most) a couple of weeks.
  4. Zander


  5. Zander


  6. Zander


    They're mediocre. Not bad by any stretch, but nothing really special.
  7. Zander

    Server Manager?

    I'm back in a technical job after years in sales so deep into some of this at the moment. Give me a shout if you have specific questions. In short: I've got decades of experience with Linux/BSDs/AIX and the common middleware and application stacks you find on those platforms. I've designed and configured systems to scale from tens to millions of concurrent users. All the usual stuff both commercial and open-source: http servers (apache, iplanet, ihs, IIS), ftp servers (vsftpd, proftpd, ftp4iis), databases (Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL+forks, MongoDB, CouchDB, memcachd, Redis), app servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, Oracle) and all the ancillary stuff: ntp, nfs/cifs/samba, LDAP/AD, kerberos/SPNEGO/SAML, SNMP, Xen/KVM/HyperV etc. etc. etc. I can do the basics on a Windows system (e.g. set-up a reasonable AD forest, configure IIS securely, etc.) but I'm not an expert in Windows servers - just competent. As to:
  8. Zander

    Bitcoin 3 - Adventures in coining

    DailyDi - as a hobby then its great you enjoy it and I agree you should continue as long as you do so.
  9. Zander


    As I understand it, after a bit more googling, they are fully printed comficare specially done
  10. Zander

    BKN Nappies

    So I got some pics a few mins ago
  11. Zander

    BKN Nappies

    Not got them myself, but another ABDL couple I know have apparently ordered some and will give the little and I a few when we next meet up, assuming they have them delivered by then.