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Found 48 results

  1. Cornwall, ON gay diaper lovers?

    out there.....easy going and gay 66 senior who is very comfy with being a DL and happily wears and uses......looking for same type of chap or even younger who is comfy with being with an older gay DL. Diapered friendship would be nice and if anything develops from there, well, you just never know.....
  2. From the album ME in Goodnites

    Haven't shaved my legs in ages! Feels so good!
  3. If you can't use a diaper

    If I have to use a potty, I go into a stall and pull my pants and underwear down like a little kid, or i just find a place to pee where no one can see me.
  4. What is the difference between the Big Kid Training Pant and the My First Training Pants? Can they hold a full wetting? http://www.baby-pants.com/training_Pants.php#p7GPc2_2
  5. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    Jeremy is a 10 year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let him go to the bathroom and the school call his Megan and says Jeremy needs to be picked up. later on it happens for the the rest of the week and because of this Megan brings Jeremy to the doctor and they say that Jeremy have a small bladder and that he need diapers because he will lose control of his bladder overtime. bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let me go to the bathroom and they call you and say i need to be picked up later on it happens for the the rest of the week and so you bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers
  6. Diapers at school

    Has anyone ever worn a diaper to school when they was in school, if so what kind and did you get cought? Yes I were attends and I never got cought or never could wet my diaper in class either.
  7. What do you think? How explicit should the descriptions of bladder or bowel voiding or sex be in a story written primarily for the ABDL community?
  8. urine activated smell

    I remember back in the 80s and 90s most baby diapers and some adult (attends) had a smell to them that was activated when you pee in them. I miss that. Is there any diapers out there to day that have that or is there anything you can add to a diaper to do that. I know there is diaper scents you can add to a diaper but its not urine activated. Meaning that there is almost no smell at all until you pee in them.
  9. Diaperpoop roleplay

    I'm looking for people to RP with join in when evs if it's still going just as me to join in OK It's a family RP btw
  10. Diaper poop and pee RP

    I'm looking for people to RP with join in when evs if it's still going just as me to join in OK
  11. Stranger Things episode 4

    In episode 4 of Stranger Things El makes a bully wet his pants with her mind.
  12. UK 'teen' accident guy

    Hi,. I'm Steve from Glossop in the UK. Whilst I'm actually 44, in my mind I am a dirty 14 year old boy that kind of likes to wet and mess in his white briefs. Sometimes I like to be wearing a nappy because I just can't be trusted to be in big boys underpants, but ultimately I am put back in briefs as nappies should be for little boys. I'm looking forward to exploring the site, and bringing out the little boy in me again.
  13. Hi there! This is my first post, so bare with me So I am a guy in his early 20's and I am a diaper lover and I love to see females in diapers or holding/wetting. I do have a girlfriend, but she does not know anything about this or what I am into. I still live with my mother (not for much longer) so I cannot use diapers very often, and I haven't been using them for a long while now, unfortunately. So recently I noticed something weird, actually something I wished to happen for a long time. When do not have to sleep early, I usually stay up till 1:30AM, especially in the last few months since I graduated in June, and I start with my job in October. Every night around 11PM I brush my teeth, and then I drink 2.5 cups of water right after each other, just to flush my body, and of course a little bit because I have to pee a lot after an hour. So since I have been home a lot lately, I've been doing this a lot. Drinking 2.5 cups, and after an hour I have to pee badly, which sometimes ends up in me masturbating with a full bladder and pressing on it in the meantime (which feels amazing). But recently I started to notice that when I have to pee badly, it's much worse, and I start holding myself a LOT. I have to tighten my muscles a lot to keep it in, and when I relax the pee will come right out and I end up in having an accident. But even though I tighten my muscles I tend to have small accidents with small spurts coming out, and sometimes big spurts too. Sometimes I have to hold myself while I walk to the toilet and when I pull down my pants I already start to pee sometimes. This feeling comes in waves, and sometimes the waves come back so badly that I tend to have an accident. Even though I REALLY love this feeling, I gotta say it's kind of weird as well, and I don't know what it is, because I can usually hold my pee for ages. Also this morning I had exactly the same, and I didn't even had too much pee in my bladder. When I am out, and I have to pee pretty bad, this doesn't happen at all, it only happens when I am home (so far I've experienced), so I think it might be because I am more relaxed at home? Anyways, I really love the feeling, and I love that I am able to have real accidents, unfortunately I cannot make any use out of it, because I cannot wear diapers that easily in my mothers home. Usually it is pretty difficult for me to pee in a diaper since I have paruresis/shy bladder as well, so I would love to have these kinds of accidents into a diaper as well, so I hope this also happens when I am wearing somewhere in the future. So what do you think? How could this happen all of a sudden? is my bladder getting weak? Or is it just a sign that I am more relaxed nowadays?
  14. I need a Daddy

    Hi guys! I need a good strong daddy who will punish me for being very very naughty. I was walking without my diaper on and made a mess. I have D cups and long black hair. I wear nothing but my diappy and binkie. Someone please help me im a very naughty girl whos very wet and messy
  15. I usually wet myself before bed and am wondering if it is okay to stay in my diaper or if I need to change it because they are so expensive but I need to know for my health.
  16. Family Problems (w/ Skylove27)

    David and Naomi James are happily married with 2 kids. Skylar was 16 and becoming quite the handful. She was becoming perfectly content with C's, was constantly sent to the principal's office for back talking, and had even skipped class on multiple occasions. They knew teenagers went through rebellious stages, but this was becoming ridiculous. Christian, on the other hand, was a tad bit easier to handle. He was 4 years old, but still in diapers. Naomi and David had been trying their hardest to get his potty trained, but they were having no luck. Christian was perfectly content with using his diapers for and and all bathroom needs. It was a typical Friday morning. Christian was playing in the living room, Naomi was tidying the house up, and David was working from home. He was an accountant, and being such gave him a lot of leeway on where he worked. David walked out of his office and into the kitchen. "Guess what our daughter did this time?" He said once he was closer. "Miss Skylar apparently thought class was below her and decided to skip Geometry. What are we going to do with her?" Christian was sitting on the living room floor watching Sesame Street and singing along with the songs. He was wearing his usual attire: a shirt and Pampers diaper. David and Naomi felt that this made diaper check 10 times easier. "Elmo's World!" He sand happily.
  17. Looking For My Princess

    I'm a new Daddy looking for a sweet little princess to baby online. I have experience changing diapers both wet and messy. We could RP or just talk about how our days are going. If you want someone to take care of you, I am your guy. If interested, please message me or reply to this post.
  18. Jessica Jones

    In the first episode of Jessica Jones on Netflix, a girl is made to wet the bed, in the second, Jessica stops by her upstairs neighbors who are constantly being loud and discovers a couple in the middle of ABDL roleplay. The boyfriend was in a diaper. In the third episode, the main villain, The Purple Man (who isn't referred to as such in the series... HUGE missed opportunity) locks two children in a closet, the girl wets herself as a result. Later on in the series, he makes someone stand near a post for an entire day, that person wets himself as well. Watch Jessica Jones! It's a really good series!
  19. Unforseen Events (w/babyfrost)

    Mike walked into the residence just as cops were leading a handcuffed woman out. This was a situation that he had seem many times before. A parent gets addicted and the child ends up suffering for it. Mike had been a social worker for 5 years, and things just did not surprise him anymore. He walked down the main hallway and could faintly smell cocaine, but couldn't focus on that. Mike need to find the girl. He needed to save her from this place. He stopped at a doorway and saw a little girl, clad in a pair of shorts and shirt, playing with a doll. Her shorts had a slight bulge almost as if she was diapered. "Hey sweetie! My name's Mike. What's yours?" He couldn't help but notice that this room looked slightly of a nursery.
  20. First time ever

    So I got my diapers ever in. However, they were too small sadly. So I had to get rid of them. But not before I had fun with one. I did my best to get one on and then let go. And just like I imagined, I LOVE DIAPERS. It's so different to pee and poop into a diaper than it is underwear, and it felt amazing! I'll be ordering some new one ls tomorrow in the proper size.
  21. Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl and today for the first time in my life I wore a Diaper made by myself and peed in it! So here's the story: I have always had an interest to know how it felt to pee in a Diaper.Last year I came across a baby diaper that was tossed away after use.I didn't miss the chance.It was time to fulfill my long awaited dream.I took the diaper and hid it in a corner of the bathroom.I drank a lot of water and when I felt I was ready I went in.My heart was beating fast.I opened up the used diaper.My only regret was that I couldn't wear it as it was messy and already used and also a bit small for my size :'( :'( .But still I pulled down my panties and squatted on the exposed part of the diaper.I thought it would be hard to pee as I was potty trained well and had never done anything like this.But I was surprised that I could pee easily and in a few moments the diaper began to overflow.The white rabbit diaper turned yellowish and soon there was a big puddle under the diaper. One year passed....... I didn't have any chance to wear a diaper or pee pants.Recently I started checking out different forums and blogs like Adrian Surely,ABDL,daily diapers,experience index etc etc.I read about people wearing diapers 24/7 for incontinence and fun.The stories about accidents,warm feeling,freedom,comfort,able to pee anywhere made me decide that I myself would start wearing diapers.And not just that.I also decided that I would be doing it 24/7 and retrain for becoming incontinent.But I faced many problems. 1.Adult diapers cost a lot and I don't have much money. 2.I'm too shy to go to diaper shopping 3.I didn't want my parents or friends to find out But I was so stubborn that I still wanted to do it.So....I started researching and experimenting with stuff.I wore a pair of panties and stuffed it with tissues,sanitary pad,plastic paper,foil paper,cotton etc that I found that could help hold the pee.I used the pictures of real diapers as reference and made it in lairs.used a lot of tapes.And finally used a number of rubber bands to put it in place and to make sure it would not shift.I used the rubber bands so that it would stick to my private parts and so that my panties does not get wet. After numerous failures finally I was happy with what I had made.I was amazed how comfortable it felt! I also enjoyed the rustling sound made by the plastic and tapes when I moved.Now for the main part: It was about time to pee in the diaper I had made.I made sure that it would hold a lot of pee before leaking.I wore it .wore some of my favorite underwear over it and wore a skirt.I started walking in front my parents.I was scared my mom would notice.But lucky me! xD She didn't.Of course I drank a lot of water.I started to push my bladder and wanted to pee.But I couldn't I thought I am in no hurry and eventually I would be able to pee.But there was no sign of it.Soon it started to hurt but still I couldn't go.I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with the diapers on.But still no use.I use able to force a little bit out but I wasn't satisfied :/ I took the diaper off and in some time I could go like normally and a lot of pee came out.I knew this would happen and I was prepared.I wasn't ready to give up.I wire the diapers again.Although I had to pee in the toilet.I wore the diaper for straight 2 days.Did things the forums said....(lots of water,water sound etc etc).Didn't help much.I came across hypnosis.downloaded few audio files from wrapmymind.com.When I started to listen to one my heart began to beat fast.I became somewhat excited.I didn't think this would work,But it did!! I was in my room and sitting in my study table.Little drops came out and bit by bit the flow started to increase.The diaper became warm and heavy.It was heavenly! *-* I knew I made the right choice.Who knew something like this could be this enjoyable? xD I emptied my bladder.I was surprised how the diaper held so much.It became bulky but I didn't change it.I was sitting and enjoying the warm feel~~ But it didn't last much.The pee became colder soon.Still I kept it on went to make another.This time I made it quickly and efficiently.I went to the toilet.disposed the diaper in the bin.cleaned myself with water and body wash.dried myself and then I put some baby powder and put on the new diaper I made.Why wouldn't I? I decided to be diapered 24/7 XD Now,my goal is become incontinent.But it's easier said then done! I also dream of wearing a real diaper someday.But Alas! the problems still exist But as I stated I would be diapered 24/7 I'm keeping my word and am still diapered.I'm also interested in bed wetting.I'm keeping a journal for my becoming incontinence training. As I'm new to diapers please give me some advice....Things to watch out from,how I can increase the absorbency,how to make it more fun while peeing,how to become incontinent, etc etc.Also don't forget to tell me how you liked my story! Newly born to the diaper world Jui
  22. Wet race cars

    From the album 2014

  23. Wet Diaper Outside my Comfort Zone= Fun

    I used to only feel comfortable peeing in my diaper at home. Well, the other day I was driving my friends sister back from the junk yard and well, My Bladder was so full. No bathrooms to stop at, what do I do? I wet. I at least drained some of my bladder into the Tena Brand Disposable Diaper that I was wearing under my jeans with a bunch of johnson and johnson baby powder inside as well to help keep the combination of my sweat and pee in my diaper from smelling. Well, she was oblivious at the fact I did that, as she thanked me for taking her to the Junk Yard to get the part for Her moms van. I came to the conclusion that I actually am starting to be able to wet my diapers easier than before. Today, I completely soaked my diaper while visiting the one and only other person that Knows I like wetting my diapers for fun, well, I had a hell of a time trying to not Waddle while walking in front of the Nurses and CNA's. I kept thinking that the Diaper will leak. I only really relax my bladder when I have a Puddle Pad under me. 3 years ago I would have never done this!