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Found 53 results

  1. Panty Thief Punishment 10-03-17

    Hi everyone! This will be my first attempt at a story. I've had most of this rolling around in my head for some time now, and finally decided to get it out. It's written in a pseudo script-like fashion. I realize I will probably be using some common tropes at first, but I hope to veer off in some other directions. The youngest characters are mentioned as being in high school. I imagine them as being at least 18. The earlier chapters will set things up for what is to come, so don't be surprised if there isn't a whole lot of diaper stuff mentioned at first. I do plan for it to get pretty graphic, though it will also have a softer side as well :). I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! --------------------------- Chapter 1: Panty Theft Regret Derrek always thought of himself as pretty average. He was clean shaven, about 6 feet tall with brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He was a bit of a geek, but not the brainy kind… more like the kind who spend their weekends watching Star Wars and playing video games. He did have friends, but he never really hung out with them outside of school. And one thing he never claimed to be was a ladies man. He was just a shy guy, and had never been able to even ask a girl out. To make things worse, he was at the end of his junior year of high school, so prospects were not looking great. This year had proven to be drastically different than the one before. His father had married Amanda, the nurse at his High School. She officially adopted Derrek shortly after the wedding. Then tragically on the drive back from their honeymoon, their car was hit by a drunk driver, and Derrek's dad was killed. The only family he had left was his new mom. They had bonded strongly over their loss, but they were still trying to grow and strengthen their relationship. On the last day of school before Summer break, Derrek was having lunch with his friends Rob and Jack. Rob: So you put the moves on Nurse Amanda yet? Jack: Yeah man, you tap that shit? This wasn't the first time anyone had ever asked Derrek that question. Amanda was a beautiful woman. She was fit without being too muscular. A bit taller than average. She had short black hair that she typically at least partially dyed pink. Her eyes were a bright green. Vibrant arm tattoos accented her otherwise creamy white skin. And she always wore tight fitting scrubs to work. All of the male students were not so secretly attracted to her, and admired the position Derrek had found himself in. Derrek: Wow, you guys are dumbasses! And no, I'm not going to tap that shit. She's basically like my mom now, so… Rob: That's cool man. You know we're just fucking with ya, right? Derrek: Yeah, I know... Rob: That said... Garry from my Bio class told me he would pay you $500 for a pair of Nurse Amanda's used panties. And he wasn't joking around. He actually showed me the money! Jack: $500!? Wish he wanted to buy my mom's panties! Rob: He probably wants to wank off to them, Jack. Your mom's crusty granny panties would just scar him for life. Jack: Haha! Fuck you, dick! Rob: So what do you say Derrek? Derrek: Hmmm... I don't know about this. Rob: Dude just think about it. She probably wouldn't even notice them missing. Not to mention, it's $500! Derrek had dismissed the thought at first. Amanda really was officially his mother now, and it would be straight up weird to sell your mom's panties. Being the geek that he was though, there was always a new gadget or game he needed money for. The idea floated in and out of his mind for the rest of the school day. Later that night Derrek was watching TV in the living room when Amanda walked in with a big smile on her face. Amanda: What would you say to a couple pizza's tonight for dinner? I could run out to Antonio's down the street. Derrek: Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Amanda: Annnnnnnnnd! Sally loaned me a copy of that new movie. The one that takes place before Harry Potter. Derrek: Fantastic Beasts? Amanda: Yes! That's it! We could watch that while we eat. This was one thing Derrek loved about Amanda. She had a geeky quality of her own. It wasn't a constant with her, but when it popped up, it always made Derrek smile. Derrek: Sounds like a plan to me! Amanda: Alright, I'm going to run out and pick up the pizzas. Why don't you get the movie queued up and ready. I'll be back in a few. Derrek: Sure, where's it at? Amanda: I left it in my room, on the dresser near the bathroom. Derrek: On it! Amanda: Thanks, Sweety! I'll see you in a bit. Derrek finished watching his show as Amanda grabbed her car keys and purse and then headed out the back door to the garage. Once she had left, he got up, walked into her room, and spotted the movie on the dresser near the bathroom right where Amanda had said it would be. As he grabbed the movie, he saw Amanda's whicker dirty clothes basket positioned right next to the toilet in her bathroom. His mind was once more invaded with thoughts of what Rob had told him. $500 for one pair of Amanda's panties. She wouldn't even notice them missing... He tossed the idea around in his head until he couldn't talk himself out of it. He did really need to upgrade some things on his computer, and $500 could go a long way toward that. He'll do it just this once, he thought. His confidence began to waiver as he walked into the bathroom. It was a very pink room, which seemed to have the effect of continuously reminding Derrek that he didn't belong there. He felt his heart begin to pound as he lifted the lid to the dirty clothes basket. He couldn't help but feel nervous. This was the first time he had ever stolen anything from anyone, much less a family member. He began sifting through the pile of clothes until his hand glanced against something slick and satiny. "Bingo!" he thought. He grabbed at the item and withdrew his hand from the basket. There in his nervous grip was a very dirty pair of black satin panties adorned with little pink bows. They were inside out, and Derrek could see every stain that told the story of the active day Amanda must have had while wearing them. He was about to shove them in his pocket when he noticed… it. The scent. It was faint, but noticeable. Derrek had never considered himself a panty sniffer, but he found himself drawn to the scent. Again his heart pounded as if it was trying to warn him. Trying to tell him not to do what he was about to do, but he couldn't fight the urge. He brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes began to roll back in his head. As he exhaled, it was like he was breathing out pink smoke. It was the best smell he had ever smelled. It wasn't roses or strawberries, it was distinctly human, but the fact that it was Amanda's scent made it heavenly to him. Her most intimate of areas came together to produce this dirty little secret that they now both shared. Derrek suddenly took notice of how erect the smelling of Amanda's panties had made his cock. His mind and body were suddenly screaming for sex, and he was helpless to resist. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He flung open the pink toilet seat in an effort to contain the future product of his mounting excitement. Repositioning himself in front of the toilet, he grabbed his cock again and began rubbing it, as he buried his nose in Amanda's panties. Her special perfume made it so intense. As Derrek's masturbating kept building in intensity, he couldn't help but want more. He didn't just want Amanda's scent, he wanted to experience her with every one of his senses. He pulled the panties away from his nose and looked at the intimate stains again. He could see where her pussy had clung to the fabric; held in place in part by her personal secretions. Further down he could see where here asshole had kissed the satiny seat and left marks and a scent contribution of it's own. He didn't find it gross or disgusting at all. He just kept thinking of how it was all created by Amanda, and this drove him wild. This typically perfectly kempt woman had filthy panties. Again the intensity built up even more as Derrek could smell and practically see Amanda's most intimate secret, but he still wanted more. He still needed more. His heart raced again and he nervously gulped. His hand was shaking, as he shoved the dirty satin panties into his mouth and began rolling his tongue over them. The taste was almost more than he could handle. He was in ecstasy. His cock was sopping wet, and he felt he might cum in any minute. There was one thing he knew right then and there; there was no fucking way Garry from Bio was getting these or any other pairs of Amanda's panties. This was Derrek's treasure now, and he wasn't willing to share. The intensity was more extreme than it had felt even the first time he had ever masturbated. It felt as if his penis was crying pre-cum as he kept pumping it against his hand. The taste of the panties filled his mouth so completely that he could practically smell them on his breath. His eyes rolled back into his head again, and just at that most extreme moment. Amanda: WHAT THE FUCK!!! Amanda was standing in the doorway to the bathroom. A look of shock and fury was painted on her face. As soon as she let her presence be known, Derrek awoke from his sex crazed fog, and his head snapped to her location. He was like a deer in headlights, and was unable to move or think. His cock seemed to abandon him, as it tried to slink back to the safety of his boxer shorts. Amanda: ARE THOSE MY FUCKING PANTIES!? Derrek felt as if he must be beet red now. He was sweating heavily, and knew there was no way out of this. He quickly pulled the panties out of his mouth with one hand, and pulled his pants up with the other. Nervously he stuttered… Derrek: I, uh… Amanda leaned forward and ripped the panties from his hand. For a second she eyed the area he had been tasting, and then she resumed her furious glare at him. She held the panties away in a tight grip as if she were trying to protect them. Then she forcefully pointed at the bedroom door. Amanda: Get in your room and stay there. She wasn't screaming anymore, but her tone was low and filled with fiery anger. Derrek could tell something deep was broken that could not be fixed by anything he could say at this moment. He held on to the waist of his pants as he hurried past her, and practically sprinted to his room. He spent the rest of the night in there trying to think of how he could explain it away. Even when his stomach started growling for food, he dared not leave the safe confines of his room. It wasn't until 4:00am that he finally was able to fall asleep. The next few days were awkward at best. Derrek would wake up, and wait until he heard Amanda leave for work. Then he would come out and get some food, and watch TV. He would do that until right before Amanda returned home from work, at which point he would retreat back to his room. At first it seemed like Amanda was pretty much staying in her room too, but a few days after the event, Derrek started hearing her hanging out in the living room again. By this point Derrek had thought of a few things he should say to her, and felt she might actually hear him now. Hopefully her rage had died down enough. He just needed to work up the nerve to look her in the eye again. After all, she had caught him masturbating with her dirty panties in his mouth. That's about as awkward of a situation as you can be in… or so he thought. As Derrek sat on his bed contemplating how he should approach Amanda, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Amanda: Derrek? His face flushed red as he opened the door. Everything he had thought to say disappeared in his sorrow swollen mind. He began to sob as he saw her standing there. Derrek: I'm sorry. I'm just so stupid! I'm sorry. I nev… Amanda held up a finger as if to silence him. She didn't seem mad at all now. She just looked serious, and like she had something to say. Amanda: It's going to be all right. I was pretty angry when I walked in on you the other day with my… well... I just thought our relationship was stronger than that. I thought I could trust you more than I feel I can right now. I have had time to think about it though, and I believe this is fixable. It's not going to be a quick fix, and it's not going to be easy for either of us, but I'm willing to put the work in. Are you, Derrek? Derrek still had tears streaming down his face. Derrek: Yes, I'll do anything. I'm so sorry! I nev… Amanda's finger shot up again to silence him once more. Amanda: Shhhhh it's alright. Everything is going to get better. As she looked at him, she could see how stressed out about this he truly was, so she pulled him into an embrace and hugged him. Amanda: Everything is going to get better. He had no idea what plans she had come up with to fix their relationship, but he figured his future would be dominated by therapy sessions and counseling. He didn't mind that though. He had fucked up, and this special woman was willing to look past it in order to be his family. He felt truly lucky to have her in his life.
  2. Saturday in diapers

    Saturday morning Diaper Day… It was your typical Saturday morning. I woke up ready to do so many things, but where to start. I’m self-employed, so of course some work spills into the weekend. “Simple stuff,” just some shipping and prep for shipping. I knew my tape gun was running low, so a trip to the hardware store was on the list. I also wanted to ride my bike, but I’d gotten a flat and failed to check the tire for what caused the flat, so a trip to the bike store was also on the list. Oh, and the bathroom remodel project and something fun – a bike ride before the rain predicted for Sunday… Of course, trying to accomplish all of this in the most efficient order made me a bit stressed and anxious. I managed to steal away to my computer, click on New Incognito Window and spent a few minutes checking in to DailyDiapers to see if anyone had responded to ‘conversations in progress,’ and who were the most recent visitors to my profile page. things were pretty quiet. I know to avoid the chat room, just because I wasn’t in the house by myself. I logged out, closed the window and was just about to get back to business when… I realized that for the few minutes I spent on DD, I was calmer and more relaxed. I didn’t think much of it until collecting my keys, wallet and phone. I almost made it out the door when I went back to my computer room – where I keep my diapers, panties and ‘other things.’ Pulled out the diaper drawer, grabbed my fave little girls goodnites diaper and slipped it on under my street clothes. Ahhhh. Deep breath! A calming feeling immediately came over me. I then went to my bedroom and grabbed an extra pair of boys underwear to keep my diaper snug. I headed out the door, drove to the bike shop, chatted with the owner and mechanic. I love when the urge to wet happens while I’m talking to someone. There’s just something exhilarating about doing something like that and no one knows but me. They let me try an electric bike – which very cool – and I almost forgot that I was wearing. After buying new tires and spare tubes, I went to Menards, the hardware store. It’s a big store and I often meander about while wetting a little here and there. I got the packing tape as well as a few electrical bits and headed to check out. The cashier was maybe forty something and wearing snug, peg-leg jeans with the cutest little zipper and studs at the bottom. I complimented her and didn’t tell her I much I would have liked to try them on. Too Creepy? Somedays I can cleverly pull it off by saying, ‘women’s clothes are just so much more fun than mens.’ Most women seem to agree. There was a problem with one of the electrical bits not scanning. The flashing help light came on, walkie-talkies came out as two or three people tried to sort it out. Meanwhile, I was getting texts from a client, and getting the urge to wet and was really not in a hurry to go anywhere. I should have been, but wetting my diaper in public was helping me not feel the pressure of what I was supposed to be doing. The cashier was appreciative. Then, a stock boy came out and I showed where I got the mysterious item, wetting along the way. I came back to the cashier and I think she ended up giving it to me for free for being patient. I then came home, taped up my boxes for fedex only to find they had closed just before I got there. 6pm. Oh well. I’d be ready first thing in the morning to take them. Once home, the beautiful fall afternoon was calling, so I slipped into the computer room, pulled out a fresh diaper, changed, and then went to my bedroom to slip on black leggings, bike shorts, a top and a lime green vest. On my bike I went. The day was just perfect. I love repeating to myself while I’m riding, “I’m love wearing a diaper and I’m gonna wet it,” or “I’m a little sissy boy and I love to wear girl panties.” There are plenty of variations. It’s like meditation! When I got home, it was time to make dinner, so I stayed in my diaper, leggings and bike shorts – I’d wear that outfit all day long if I could. After cleaning up the dishes, I started playing on the computer, waiting for everyone to go to bed. That’s when I started writing this story… You know how stuff you look at shows up in your browser? Well, for me it’s Polyvore - https://www.polyvore.com/ - they have the cutest clothes and I just wana buy all of it. I actually love that the adds pop up! I click on a cute outfit, then another. I can’t shop online – can’t leave a trail – so I shop at Target, Walmart and Goodwill when I have cash. Pretty soon I plan to visit Tillys, where some of clothes I like can supposedly be found nearby. Everyone’s gone to bed now. I changed my diaper again, drank a tall glass of water and am about to share this on DD. Who knows what mischief I’ll get into? I love going to the chat room and connecting with people, checking out profiles and pix (and seeing who is checking mine). I confess that when I first found a diaper site online, I immediately went out and bought a pack of diapers! I enjoyed them thoroughly, but sometimes I wondered what was wrong with me. I’ve been on DD long enough to realize that 1.) I’m not alone, 2.) For every person who wears diapers, there’s a story. No two stories are the same. After sometimes throwing out my diapers and girls clothes, I finally gave in and decided to enjoy them. I do have a fantasy that sometime I will meet someone on DD that lives nearby. I get excited thinking about meeting at a coffee shop, sitting at a table chatting. It would be fun to go to a public restroom long enough to share a peek at each others diapers. Or sit in a car and chat while feeling that solid bulge! I’ve told one friend so far that I like to wear and wet diapers. I pulled down my leggings so she could see. I even gave her a diaper to try – she hasn’t yet ;_< I hope you enjoyed my story. Maybe we’ll meet online. Feel free to PM or write.
  3. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    Jeremy is a 10 year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let him go to the bathroom and the school call his Megan and says Jeremy needs to be picked up. later on it happens for the the rest of the week and because of this Megan brings Jeremy to the doctor and they say that Jeremy have a small bladder and that he need diapers because he will lose control of his bladder overtime. bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let me go to the bathroom and they call you and say i need to be picked up later on it happens for the the rest of the week and so you bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers
  4. What do you think? How explicit should the descriptions of bladder or bowel voiding or sex be in a story written primarily for the ABDL community?
  5. If you can't use a diaper

    If I have to use a potty, I go into a stall and pull my pants and underwear down like a little kid, or i just find a place to pee where no one can see me.
  6. Kidnapped!

    This is another story that was commissioned. The customer asked for kind of a dark theme with kidnapping and forced infantilism. I decided to write it like a suspense thriller! WARNING: there are a few moments of STRONG sexuality that may not seem consenting. If this bothers you then do not read this story. It was a commission and I always write for my customers no matter the subject matter. Kidnapped Their trip had barely began but already it was starting to feel long. Deep into the country, the radio wasn't even picking up anything anymore and with only one slot available to keep their phones charged the brothers were relying on just one phone for GPS. Mark had to convince his older brother James that this job was a good idea. It would pay a lot for being a temporary job, earning them some money over spring break. Mark figured that if they both could get this job it would make things a lot easier for both of them. Mark just wanted some extra cash, but James could use some money to get back some of the money he spent for community college. Mark had just recently turned 18 years old. His hair was an earthy brown color, but his eyes were uniquely blue. He was five foot, five inches, shorter than most of the men in his family. He didn't have much muscle, but he was scrappy, able to hold his own in a fight, which he usually got himself into. Mark could be a little hot-headed at times, often getting into trouble and having his big brother bail him out. That's just the way the Jones brothers were. James, who went by JJ, was an atypical helpful older brother. Whatever his little brother needed he was more than willing to help him with it. He was nearly 20 years old and a couple inches taller than his brother. He had blonde hair but unlike his brother, his eyes were brown. "Hey Mark, do you mind if we stop off at a gas station before we get there?" James said, sounding uncomfortable. His knees were bouncing. "Just hold it, James." Mark said back, brushing a hand through his thick brown hair. He was also fidgeting in his car seat. "We're almost there. We'll just use the bathroom when we get to the place." James sighed. The two of them were pretty bad about going to the bathroom before they left the house. It was a problem they never quite grew out of. At least now they were adults and could hold it a lot longer than when they were kids. James put it out of his mind and managed to hold back the need to pee as they pulled into the parking lot for the meet-up. James seemed nervous as he looked around the truck stop. There were many trucks parked there, but it seemed empty. Not many people were around. James always had a bad idea about this, and this truck stop meet-up just made this job seem even more sketchy. When James took a step back he bumped into a tall, muscular, but friendly looking man. James jumped slightly, startled by the sudden appearance of the man behind him. He nearly wet his pants! "Oh hey boys, didn't mean to scare ya there." The man said with a gentle smile. He motioned with his hand, pointing towards the SUV which was parked at the other side of the lot. "Come on, let's go talk about this job over by my vehicle. Think of it as my office." Mark walked ahead of James, following right behind the man. James sighed and reluctantly followed his brother. The man opened the back seat to his vehicle and then opened his driver's side door. He reached into the car and pulled on the switch for the headlights, flashing them four times rapidly. This must have been some kind of signal because four other men appeared behind some nearby trucks and surrounded Mark and James. Mark, immediately going into fight mode, tried to take a swing at one of the burly men. Both of his fists were captured in one man's hands while another man grabbed him from behind. While he was held down the friendly looking man came over and stripped Mark out of his clothes. Mark kicked and yelled, but he was no match for the three other men. Now just in his tighty whitey briefs he was jammed into the SUV. James looked shocked, unsure of what was going on when his brother disappeared into the dark back seat. He was a lot easier to strip out of his clothes, down to his light blue boxer-briefs. When he was brought to the back seat he saw something strange and disturbing. There were two adult-sized child safety seats and Mark was strapped into one of them with his wrists bound to the sides. He was trying to scream something, but his mouth was gagged with a pacifier. James cringed and tried to pull back, but it was too late. Soon he too was overpowered and stuffed into the child safety seat. A pacifier gag was also stuffed into his mouth. He looked somewhat defeated while his brother was still trying to pull himself out of the restraints in a futile attempt to escape. James looked down and noticed a three inch wide wet spot on the front of his boxers. He blushed and felt so embarrassed. There was no way he could hide the pee stain he made while he was stuck in his current position. Looking up he saw a strange sight. There was a little screen on the ceiling and The Lion King was playing on it. It looked like someone had started the DVD up just for them. The car ride seemed to take forever. The boys were starting to think that the DVD movie was a way for them to occupy their time since the way to this new location was so far away. Mark wondered where they could possibly be going that was this far out. They had already gone half an hour into the country. How much further were they going to these backwoods? Only twenty minutes into the ride and Mark was trying to squeeze his thighs together. He had to pee so bad by now, but with his hands tied down he couldn't squeeze himself or hold back anything. Mark was whimpering behind his pacifier as he felt a rush of piss flowing from him. His white briefs soaked up the piss, turning the fabric slightly transparent with a tint of yellow. The stream was coming out hard now and was streaming from the fabric, making a noisy piddling sound as it hit the floor of the SUV. Mark whimpered some more, unable to stop himself. James couldn't hold it much longer either. The pee stain on his boxers had almost dried when a new dark spot was growing in its place. His piss flowed out freely and came out the leg holes of his boxers. James and Mark were too embarrassed to look at each other. They both knew they had wet themselves, but they couldn't bring themselves to even acknowledge it. They stared forward at the small screen playing the movie. Anything to distract them for now would be enough. Strangely enough the SUV stopped. The windows were tinted on the inside from the back seat. Mark tried to look outside from the front window but there wasn't enough to go on. He couldn't even turn his head to look out the back window. When the door slid open Mark tried to scream from behind the pacifier plugging his mouth. JJ was a little too embarrassed to scream out, knowing it would only draw more attention to him and his wet pants. For some reason keeping his dignity was on higher priority than his safety at that point. One of the men removed the gag from JJ's mouth. "This one's being quiet. You promise not to scream like your baby brother, right?" The man helped remove JJ from his car seat. JJ cringed, feeling like such on a coward on top of being a pants-wetting child. The man gestured for his friend to help him out. James was taken out of the vehicle, leaving Mark behind. Mark tried to holler for his brother, wanting to threaten anyone who tried to hurt him. Mark didn't know what the men were up to, but he didn't think it could be good. He also really hated being separated from his older brother at a time like this. He let out strained muffled screams from behind his pacifier gag and wriggled his arms that were stuck in the restraints. All that struggling just made him pee himself more. He blushed as he felt warm pee trickling down his legs. At least it was warm. Staying in the same cold wet undies was starting to get uncomfortable. JJ tried to look at his surroundings. It seemed to be a regular rest stop with a public bathroom. He was brought into a handicap bathroom and the two men locked the door behind them. JJ looked around and saw the large changing table attached to the wall. He looked at the men curiously who were also looking him up and down. JJ looked down at his bright blue boxers and saw that his dick was stretching out the front. He bashfully closed his legs together and leaned forward in a futile attempt to hide it. "What do you guys want with us?" JJ spoke, his voice sounding shaky as he looked for some mercy from the men. "You're being selected for something." The first man spoke. "You can call me Daddy Charles, and he is Daddy George. We'll introduce you to the others when we get to the cabin." Daddy George grabbed JJ and lifted him onto the table. These men were strong. They weren't just older than Mark and James, but bigger too. Their tight shirts revealed strong muscular frames that made it easy for them to lift and restrain the two smaller boys. "You're not going to try and run away wearing just wet underwear, are you?" George asked. JJ shook his head, tears starting to roll down his cheeks. "Whatever you do, please don't hurt Mark." JJ said, trying to sound brave, but sounding so pitiful as his voice cracked behind struggling whimpers. "We'll see." Daddy Charles spoke. "Hopefully he will eventually comply like you did." As George held JJ's shoulders Daddy Charles showed a pair of scissors with long shears. He slid the scissors under the leg hole of JJ's boxers. JJ let out a frightened whimper as the cold steel touched his skin, but all the man did was start cutting the briefs off of the boy's body. JJ shut his eyes tight as the scissors snipped off one side of his boxers and then the other. The boxers were pulled open once they were cut completely and laid out in front of him like an open diaper. Charles was handed some baby wipes by his colleague and then started wiping down the boy's balls, down to his taint, and then digging into his ass crack deeply. JJ cringed, getting flashbacks to when he was a boy and how he would often get wiped harshly like this for not doing a good enough job himself, always leaving streaks in his underpants. He wondered if that was the plan all along, to make him feel small and childish? The wet boxers were yanked away from him and disposed of in the trash. Charles finished wiping JJ down by rubbing along his semi-hard shaft. JJ's cock grew in size until it was fully erect. There was nothing he could do to make it go down, despite his fear. He just kept his eyes shut until he heard a buzzing noise. Shooting his eyes open he saw Daddy George holding an electric razor. JJ flinched, about to jump away, but he knew better than to move at this point. "You don't want to get nicked, do ya? Hold still." George warned him. He placed a hand over JJ's stomach as his other hand guided the buzzing razor over his pubic hair, slowly removing it from his body. He started with removing the hair around his groin and then carefully went over the boy's balls. JJ tensed up, sweating a little as he felt the tiny razor blades coming close. Thankfully the razor never touched his skin and just grazed over his sack, leaving him with a slightly stubbled scrotum. A bit of cool foam was applied to the area and then the excess hair was wiped away. Charles stepped back in to grab JJ's ankles, raising him up while George slid some puffy pampers underneath JJ. He was set back down and felt the cushion of the diaper underneath his cheeks. Charles walked back in front of JJ and slicked up his hand with baby oil. He slapped his palm around JJ's groin and worked the oil into his skin until stopping at his cock. Charles gripped the cock like he did before when he was wiping it clean. He stroked up and down with purpose now, forcefully jerking off JJ. The boy could barely hold back. He squirming underneath the strong man's hand as he was masturbated expertly. "Just relax for your own good." Charles said, staring intently at the boy's cock as he jacked him off. "And your brother too. No harm will come to either of you if you just comply." JJ understood. No longer holding back he just let go. Hot cum spurt up to his chest and stomach. His balls rose up slightly as the cum pumped out of him. JJ could finally relax now that he was spent and his erection died down. The sticky mess was wiped away and lastly the diaper was taped shut around his waist. When JJ looked down at the closed diaper he could see they looked like children's diapers except sized for an adult. There were pictures of tiny baby animals all along the front waistband. The boy wasn't finished getting dressed though. A final piece of clothing was applied to him. Both Daddy George and Charles helped each other pulling the light blue garment onto JJ. As the zipper came up to his neck JJ could see it was a onesie that was tight but fit on him just enough. JJ sat up on the table and Charles took the boy into his arms. He was carried out of the bathroom like a toddler. Mark was still sitting in the SUV by the open door, just waiting to see his brother again. He was relieved for a moment when he saw his brother being carried out but then looked disturbed when he noticed the older boy was now dressed in a baby onesie and his butt sticking way out more than normal. He heard the rustling sound of the diaper underneath his brother's clothes as he was set back in the child safety seat and buckled into place again. He turned to his brother. "Mark, just do what they say. Ple-" JJ's mouth was gagged with the pacifier again. Mark started screaming again, wrestling to get out of his leather shackles. He was showing no signs that he was going to stop fighting. "This one clearly wont behave. Looks like a four man job." The friendly man from earlier said, still with a big, harmless looking smile on his face. All four of the men unstrapped Mark and pulled him to the back of the vehicle. The back hatch opened up to reveal a soft mat at the bed. Mark was laid upon it, full out in the open. His face became red with more than just anger now. Now he was showing real shame. His piss soaked briefs were cut into just like JJ's and his cock and balls were revealed to the open air. He was held down at both sides by the other men as the friendly man happily wiped him clean with the baby wipes. He was just as rough at wiping Mark's butt as his partner was. Mark's eyes hot open as he felt his cock being grabbed. Like JJ before, Mark was being masturbated roughly in the back of the SUV. Mark whimpered from behind his pacifier. The stroking was harder than his older brother got it. They weren't going to ease Mark into an orgasm. He was having one whether he wanted to or not. Mark's body jerked upward as he spurt on himself. A look of shame and frustration was all over his face. He flopped weakly onto the bed of the SUV, making sad whimpers. He was finally defeated. Even if he still had fight left him in all his energy was just ejaculated from the tip of his penis. His chest expanded and contracted slowly as he attempted to catch his breath. The men were tireless though, easily holding him in place with little effort. He had to have his chest and stomach wiped down after exploding a mighty load all over himself. A diaper was shoved under Mark's butt, looking like the same kind of babyish diapers that his older brother was put into. He was lightly coated with baby oil before the diaper was shut over his crotch. Also just like his brother Mark was put into a onesie. This one was green though. The onesie was zipped all the way up and Mark was sent to back seat of the SUV again. The men grabbed the rings at the end of the pacifier gags and twisted them. To the surprise of both boys the rings came off and they could feel a small amount of air getting through the rubber nipple. They had their heads shoved down as bottles were now screwed into place where the rings were. The bottles seemed to be filled with milk, which sloshed around as the boys sat back up. The design was ingenious. Not only were they gagged, but they were being forced to drink the warm milk as well. It was too difficult to resist drinking the sweet tasting milk as the bottles were stuck to their faces. As the vehicle started up again so did another movie. Toy Story began on the DVD player and the boys watched quietly as they drank their milk. The milk must have been laced with something though because soon their eyes began to droop. JJ looked desperately at his brother as he went out first. JJ knew he would pass out next. His heart pounded as he worried about what would happen. His nervousness was the only thing keeping him awake but soon he too would get knocked out cold by the drink. In the blackness there was just the sound of a music box playing a nursery tune. JJ's eyes fluttered open and he looked about. He was in some kind of nursery. Everything was double in size to accommodate for adults. There were two large cribs, two changing tables, two shelves with diaper supplies on them, and even two toy boxes. His mouth was no longer gagged, which was good, but he felt something tight around his waist. He looked down and noticed he was in a very large bouncer and he was a good five inches off the floor. He tried to extend his toes to touch the floor when he noticed his feet were covered in booties. He looked down at his hands and noticed they too were covered in mittens. The mittens were tightened around his wrists. He tried to grab at the string but it was no use. He couldn't use his fingers in the big bulky mittens. Something else soon dawned on JJ. He felt something soft and mushy under him. His face twisted in dismay as he realized he shit himself. It must have happened when he passed out. He was soaking wet in the front and his backside was warm and mushy. It must have been recent, just before he woke up. He turned to his side, seeing his brother still passed out and also in a big baby bouncer just like him. "Mark." JJ said in a hushed tone. He raised his voice. "Mark, wake up!" Mark jerked his head up slightly he looked around, taking in everything he saw. He let out one loud "HELP!" but soon realized no one would be coming. They could be anywhere. Mark bounced slightly and made a disgusted grimace. JJ blushed deeply. He wanted to ask if the same thing happened but he wasn't sure if he should even bring it up. It was just so shameful! Part of him just had to know. "Mark, are you okay?" JJ asked, approaching the topic delicately. "No, I'm not okay!" Mark snapped back and then began to cry. "Mark, did you uh... did you... go again?" JJ asked, feeling so embarrassed to even say it. Mark did not need to answer. JJ could see the truth all over his little brother's face. Both of the boys had wet and messed their diapers in their sleep. They were stuck and helpless, sitting in their own shameful filth. Surely, they thought, it couldn't get more humiliating than this. Behind the door to their nursery there were some sounds of various locks being opened. then the sound of a metal door opening and closing. Some light footsteps came closer to the nursery door and the two boys looked on anxiously, wondering who was behind it. The door opened and a young woman looked right at them as she entered. She shut the door behind her. The woman looked to be in her early 20s, possibly even in the same age range as the boys themselves. She was dressed in some pretty plain looking attire except for some knee-high leather boots. She wore tight jeans over her butt, letting the boys check out her curves, and her shirt showed off her cleavage nicely. Mark was obviously staring. "Hello boys. I see you're awake now." The woman began. "I'm Mommy Madeline. You may address me as either Mommy or Mommy Madeline but do not get more familiar than that. You're just our children here after all." Everyone seemed to be giving information that only created more questions for the boys. The woman walked slowly by the boys, pacing back and forth and looking at them carefully. She wrinkled her nose and smiled. She could smell that the boys had soiled themselves, but she didn't seem bothered by it at all. If anything she seemed quite pleased. Madeline stepped between the boys and extended her arms, touching each of them where the strap of their bouncy harnesses were pressed to their crotches. Mark grit his teeth, feeling his cock getting hard despite his shame. "Stop!" Mark whimpered. "I can't take it anymore!" "Jay Jay..." Madeline spoke calmly with a soft tone. She turned to look at the older male. "Could you tell your little brother again to comply? He needs to calm down and take his medicine. You both do." Madeline let go of Mark who was now stewing in his diaper with a big hard on that he couldn't do anything about. Mark looked on helplessly as he saw JJ getting stroked gently though the harness. Both boys were fully hard now. Madeline took a walkie from her belt and held it to her mouth. "Okay Daddies, let's get these boys down and ready for their diapy changes." She said as if that was totally normal protocol for her. The sounds of locks and metal doors opening and closing were heard again as heavier footsteps came to the nursery. There were the four men again. One man stood with his back to the door, acting like a warden keeping the boys prisoned in the nursery and making sure they don't escape. The boys are detached from the bouncers and the men help them down. JJ is carried to his changing table and strapped into it. He jerks slightly, as if he was trying to free himself from the belts around his wrists and ankles. He gives up though, knowing it's no use. He looks angry, but his anger is mostly directed at himself for being so weak. At least his brother was actually trying. James felt like he was a wimp and a quitter. Mark is brought to his changing table next, flailing as two men hold him at either side by the arms and legs. A third man helps restrain the boy down onto the table, pulling the belts shut tight around his wrists and ankles. "He's all yours, Mommy." the man said as he finished tying down Mark. "Thank you Daddy Donovan." The woman smiled, tracing her fingers down the man's strong frame. She turned to Mark with a wicked smirk and held up a white penis-shaped vibrator. She flicked it on and it began to vibrate in her hand. She lowered the vibrator down to Mark's diapered crotch. Even though the diaper and onesie Mark could feel the trembling vibrations against his already hard cock. He whined and tried to resist. JJ looked away, but one of the men grabbed his chin and turned his head, forcing him to look as Mark was masturbated through his diaper. "Please stop this! You can't... you can't make me do this..." Mark struggled. "This is wrong! This is so wrong.... I can't... you can't...." "Leave him alone!" JJ managed to finally belt out. "Please, I'll do anything you want just stop touching my little brother!" Madeline laughed, placing a free hand on her chest as she heard JJ's pathetic pleas for mercy. It only amused her. She continued to stroke the front of Mark's diaper, knowing the boy wouldn't be able to hold back any longer. Mark started crying. He jerked his hips as he felt himself edging closer to an orgasm. He was beyond the point of no return and just starting humping back against the vibrator until he came all over himself. At least this time he didn't end up spurting on his chest and stomach. All his cum was trapped inside his wet and dirty diaper. JJ frowned as he saw his poor brother limp and helpless on the table after his orgasm. He looked both relieved and ashamed that he just came. Mark could only let out a sad little "nooo" as he lied on the table. JJ was just as embarrassed, feeling mutually ashamed for his brother. "So," Madeline said as he strolled over to JJ's changing table. "You'll do anything for your little brother you say?" "Ye... yes-" JJ stammered, looking up nervously at the woman. "That's good to know." She said with a devious smile. She grabbed the sides of JJ's diaper and started to tear the tapes away. She opened it up and saw the big poopy mess he made. His cock was still nice and hard. JJ looked at his brother, worrying that he would think he was hard because of what he just saw. He didn't want his brother to think that about him. All he could do was just shake his head. "Aww, I think you boys are starting to like this. We'll just have to continue, wont we?" Madeline chuckled. Madeline left the open diaper under JJ as she grabbed his dirty shaft with her bare hand. She began to stroke him up and down slowly but with deliberately hard milking jerks. "Oh it's so wrong, isn't it?" She said in a mocking tone. "To be turned on by this? You two are some very dirty boys. It seems we selected just the right subjects for this." Mommy Madeline picked up the pace, jerking JJ much faster now. JJ writhed in agony and ecstasy. His back arched slightly as it was the only movement he could do. Loads of his cum ended up getting all over his onesie. Madeline sighed, wiping off her hand. She got more wipes and cleaned his dirty bottom more thoroughly. Once his bottom was clean his filthy loaded diaper was pulled away and dropped into the trash. He was unshackled from the changing table and with the help of the daddies, Mommy Madeline stripped JJ down to nothing. JJ was lead away, taken to another room. Mark looked on, horrified as his big brother was separated from him. He struggled on the table and shouted out for him. "Don't take him away! Please! Leave my brother alone!" He said between sobs. When JJ was out of the room Madeline turned to the boy on the changing table and started to change his diaper. Mark groaned and twitched on the table. There was nothing he could do to stop the woman from opening up his diaper and seeing inside at his pathetic, messy butt and privates. Madeline paused while Mark's diaper was open. "Why are you being so resistant?" Mommy Madeline asked, looking concerned. "Don't you want your diapers changed?" "No!" Mark whined. "I want you to let me and my brother go!" "Oh, so you don't want a change then?" Madeline slowly started to pull the front of the diaper back up. "Wait, wait, I didn't... I didn't say that." Mark cringed. "Please don't put that back on me. It's so dirty." "I don't think you really want it. Come on, Mark." Madeline leaned in close. "Really beg for it." Mark wanted to keep resisting, but he didn't want to have to put the soiled diaper back on himself! He groaned through gritted teeth. "Please... please change my diaper!" "You can do better than that! Say pretty please!" Madeline sneers. "P-p.... pretty please!" He let out a high-pitched whine. Happy with the results of male's broken down state Mommy Madeline continued the diaper change, opening it back up and applying the wipes to his spent cock and balls first, cleaning away the piss, shit, and cum. She dug underneath his balls and cleaned the mess from his bottom. Each used wipe was added to the pile of wipes inside his diaper. The diaper was folded neatly and tossed away in the trash along with JJ's diaper. Even with the lid on top of the trash the smell of the two boys' mess still lingered in the room like a constant reminder of what they did. A men held up Mark's legs as Madeline pushed a fresh diaper underneath him. Mark felt a brief second of relief as his butt was set down on the pillowy diaper. He had baby powder rubbed into his flesh. His pubic hair must have been shaven off when he was out cold. Madeline's hand glided so easily along the boy's bare and hairless flesh around his groin down to his bottom. The diaper was finally folded over his crotch and taped shut tightly around his waist. Mark's onesie was snapped back shut around his crotch and he was nice and secure inside them again. The men picked Mark up and set him inside the large oversized adult crib. Madeline went over and put her hands on the bars as she looked inside the crib with a devious smile. She gently poked Mark's nose and then walked out. Now poor Mark was all alone in the nursery. Mark sat up in the crib, looking longingly at the door. He worried that he might never see his brother again. He just had to do something! Mark grabbed onto the bars of the crib. His mittens made his grip somewhat slippery, which meant standing up would be hard. The bulk around his legs didn't make it much easier! Mark struggled again, reaching for the top railing of the crib. He grunted as she pushed himself up, his knees wobbling weakly. He managed to finally stand, but it's all he could do. He just didn't have the strength to crawl out of the crib. With all his struggling he didn't have much energy left. He remained standing in the crib, whimpering softly to himself. He didn't want to just sit back down after all the work it took him to stand up! Soon there were noises from behind the door and Mark looked over at it expectantly. When the door opened two of the men were escorting JJ back into the nursery. JJ had his head hung low and he was sucking on a pacifier. The men helped JJ into his large crib and locked the bars in place. They left the room without saying a word. Mark looked at his big brother, feeling frustrated that his older brother was looking so defeated. Mark never had a strong father figure in his life. He only had his big brother! Seeing the one strong male role model in his life reduced to a pathetic baby really hurt Mark's entire world view. Mark slid back down and sat on his butt in the crib, sobbing quietly. "James?" Mark spoke quietly, looking at the way his brother was laying on the crib bed with his back turned. Mark tried to get his brother's attention. "JJ, can we talk?" James rolled to his other side, looking at Mark from across the two cribs. He pulled the pacifier from his mouth. "We should probably just be quiet and lay low until we can get out of here." JJ whispered to his younger brother. He stuck the pacifier back into his mouth and rolled back over. There was nearly 20 minutes of silence and all the two boys had to listen to was a faint music box and the sound of their own thoughts, which seemed louder than ever. Mark was never much of a deep thinker, so this situation was overwhelming for him. He kept thinking about the shame of his situation and he couldn't stand it. Eventually he would have to start thinking about what to do when he had to poop again. He could feel it building up inside. He desperately wanted to hold it in and not give his captors the satisfaction of seeming him yet again soil himself. Mark was fighting a losing battle though. He could feel the poop slowly coming out, finding its way to the back of his diaper and nesting itself nice and cozy between his butt and the padding. He tried to rationalize to himself that his new caretaker captors must have put something in his drink, but his poop was solid. Soon enough even more logs of poop followed and he could feel the thick lumps building up underneath him. Mark looked over at his brother. The older sibling was not paying attention. He was still rolled over. He might have smelled it if the odor from their previous diaper change wasn't still hanging in the air. Mark sighed and leaned back slowly. He tried in vain to find a position to sleep in that wouldn't make the mess spread around, but it was already starting to creep into various spaces inside his diaper. When Mark did get some rest it was only for a short amount of time. Naturally with no windows or clocks anywhere Mark could not even tell how much time had gone by. He looked down at his diaper, which was now wet as well as dirty. He only wet himself in his sleep during times of extreme stress. It was so rare! And now he was faced with the reality that he didn't have any control. He didn't just lose control of his bodily functions, but pretty much everything else! "Are you awake, Mark?" A faint voice called out to him in the dimly lit nursery. Mark turned and saw that his brother was now sitting up in his crib. "Yeah. I'm awake." Mark responded with a froggy throat. "Sorry I was so silent." JJ said. "I was just embarrassed and I was having trouble processing all of.... this." "It's okay." Mark responded quietly, his face reddening. "God I really need to go to the bathroom again." JJ said out loud. "They can't expect us to just sit around using diapers, do they? We're practically men!" Mark sat quietly for a second after listening to his older brother. JJ could read the expression on Mark's face. It was apparent something happened. Mark opened his mouth and confirmed it. "I just used my diaper." Mark let out a sad sigh. "I couldn't hold it! If we weren't locked in these stupid cribs with these stupid mitts on our hands this wouldn't be happening! I'm a grown man, damn it!" Mark pounded his fists on his mattress. The soft patting sound it made really undercut his anger, making it look like Mark's complaint was merely a childish outburst. James sat back in the crib. He looked so nervous. Any minute now he too would also be using his diapers. He would be fully awake while it was happening and he would experience every excruciatingly humiliating second. Already he could feel his anus opening as the thick log shoved its way out. At least there was relief. The heavy poop was finally coming out instead of being painfully held in. James shifted around uncomfortably as he felt his poop slide around inside his diaper. He knew it was streaking along his skin and dirtying his butt cheeks as it traveled around the small confined space. When the last of his poop came out he decided to pee to get that over with. Peeing right where he sat had him overcome with relief. He felt like he had been holding that pee in for so long. Because of how hard he was peeing and the general still quietness of the room Mark could hear the faint sound of the piss hitting the diaper front. Mark pretended like he couldn't hear it, but when JJ turned to look at his brother he could tell that the younger sibling knew. "I guess we both couldn't hold it." JJ said sadly. With both of the boys acknowledging their shameful accidents they decided once again to try and sleep. Oddly enough they did feel somewhat sleepier this time around. Without desperately trying to hold in their pee and poop the boys were able to rest comfortably, even with their own filth attached to their crotches and butts. The lights came on in the boys' nursery after a while. Mark sat up, a little groggy. His diaper felt so full. He could not tell if it was the next day or even just a few hours. Mommy Madeline and Daddy Charles were standing at Mark's crib, watching him wake up. Madeline reached for the locks on the bars and undid them. She pulled the bars down and Daddy Charles lifted Mark into his big, strong arms. Mark struggled a bit, but he was much weaker than he was before. "You boys are probably very hungry after getting all emptied out into your diapers." Madeline reached under Mark and gave his butt a nice firm patting, sending the message to the boy that he was nothing but a big baby to her. Mark felt his own mess become pressed against him. He wondered if he would get a change now, but instead he was hooked into an adult sized high chair. Mark grimaced as he felt his poop flatten out across his cheeks after he was sat in the high chair. He turned and saw his brother obediently eating his meal, being fed by two other daddies. He even heard JJ say "thank you, Daddy Henry." to one of the men, though with some obvious reluctance. Mark was fed his breakfast as well, an assortment of solid and mushy foods, probably to give his poop its continued firm consistency but to also keep it soft enough to squish out so that he wouldn't be able to hold it in for too long. "You'll drink from your bottle all by yourself, yes?" Daddy Charles said, handing the bottle to Mark. "We don't have to strap it to your face again, do we?" Fearful of being gagged with the baby bottle a second time Mark shook his head and brought the bottle to his lips. He sucked hard on the nipple, trying to down the juice under the watchful eyes of his new "parents." When dinner was over the boys were pulled out of their high chairs. Mark felt the mess on his bottom slowly peeling off as the weight inside the heavy diaper was causing it to sag. Each of the boys' diapers were loaded and their messes were spread all around. The three daddies and one mommy look over them with thoughtful glares. "I think this is going to require bath time." Madeline whispered to her companions. "Bath time? Bath time? Bath time?" she made a round of motions. It was settled that the boys would get a bath. A fourth daddy entered the room, bringing in two baby strollers. The strollers were low to the ground, but there was a bar in front which they used to keep the boys' legs elevated. JJ was set in his stroller first, being the most cooperative of the two. He was strapped in and then it was Mark's turn. Mark was shoved towards his stroller and handled a bit more roughly than his brother. "Please! You said you would go easy on him!" JJ said. He must have made a deal with the captors when he was separated the other day. Mark looked nervous, scared of what kind of deal JJ made with them. Before he could speak with his brother about anything the two were pushed in their strollers down a series of hallways. The facility looked so medical and sterile, but at one point there was a wide open area where Mark could clearly see windows with a wilderness outside. There was a way out! He would have to carefully plan how to escape though. Mark and JJ were brought to a large bathroom. Interestingly enough this bathroom had no toilet, only two sinks, mirrors, and a giant tub. The boys were stripped out of their pajamas, which got folded neatly and set into a pile. They then had to climb into the tub wearing only their diapers. The diapers were carefully torn off with teams of two. Each daddy made sure that the diapers would not spill out or fall over and make more of a mess to clean up. The diapers were dropped into a plastic bag which was then tossed down a garbage chute. "Okay boys." Madeline spoke after just watching silently for a while. "Turn around, put your hands against the wall." The woman reached for the shower head and pointed it at the naked and vulnerable males. She turned on the water, spraying the boys in the crotch one at a time. JJ whined and turned away, putting his hands on the wall first. Mark saw his brother being careful and decided it was best to follow with what the older boy was doing. He also put his hands on the wall. The shower head washed away most of the coated on mess from the boys' bottoms. "Now sit and stay still. We're going to have a nice little bubble bath!" Madeline chuckled. The shower head was hung up with care and then Madeline went about filling the tub. She added the bubble bath, which quickly surrounded the two boys. JJ was silent, though with a look of discomfort on his face. Mark felt uncomfortable as well. He was sharing a bath with his older brother, something the two of them hadn't done since they were six and seven years old! It was made even worse when the men turned the boys to face each other. Mark's arms were lifted and he was scrubbed under his pits and over his chest. JJ was being scrubbed as well, getting lots of attention from Mommy Madeline. Mark was almost a bit jealous that JJ was the one being touched by a cute girl, but he tried to remind himself this was a humiliating situation and that it wasn't fun to be controlled by this woman. Mark whined as he was bent forward and his bottom was scrubbed by the men. He scrunched up his face as he was brought too close for comfort to his naked brother. JJ was bent over as well and soon both of their bodies were touching. Mark shuddered, feeling so strange to have his own brother's skin rubbing against his, especially since he was naked, slippery, and wet! Mark and JJ were stood back up in the tub. Looking across at his brother, Mark could see JJ was rock hard. Mark's dick was hard too. There was just no controlling it. Mommy Madeline reached for JJ's cock and started to stroke it. Mark made a face and turned away, but his head was grabbed and he was forced to turn and watch his brother getting jerked off. Mark's dick was grabbed next. He felt the big strong man's hand stroking his stiff erection. He was not a small guy, but in that hand he felt like his dick was so tiny by comparison. JJ whimpered as he was brought closer to orgasm with his dick pointed at his brother. He turned away, on the verge of tears. "Stop! Please don't make us... Please!" JJ begged. "He's my brother, this isn't right!" Despite his loud protests, JJ ended up cumming on Mark's stomach and down his thighs. Mark helplessly orgasmed as well, crying softly as he also came on his older brother. The situation could not have been more mortifying! The cum was whisked away with some cool baby wipes and both boys were set back into the tub. JJ was visibly shaken, letting out pathetic sobs into the tub with tears dripping from his nose. "Please don't do that to us again." JJ said between his blubbering. "How about we make another deal then." Mommy Madeline said as she went back to scrubbing JJ's slippery, wet, naked body. She leaned in, whispering to him. "You come be my personal baby boy and I promise we'll be very gentle with Mark." "I want you to set my brother free." JJ pleaded with the woman. "Well if I set one of you loose right now then the other will have to be my little baby boy forever. You would have to do whatever I say and obey me. You would have to let me put you in a diaper all day long, twenty-four seven! You couldn't sass me back, you'd have to drink from bottles, and you'd be doing all of this indefinitely." Madeline explained. "JJ, don't make anymore deals with them!" Mark's voice cracked as it raised to a nervous pitch. "Mark, I have to! They can't keep doing this to you!" JJ's voice trembled as he fought back crying. "I'm your big brother. I need to protect you!" "Well you may be his big brother, but you sure aren't a big boy!" Madeline said with a smile. Both of them were pulled out of the tub now, cocooned in massive towels which rubbed down their wet and nude bodies to dry them off. While still completely naked, the boys were put into their strollers again, strapped down. When they exited the bathroom Mark noticed JJ's stroller being pushed in the opposite direction. Mark tried to look over his shoulder to see where his brother was being taken. "Wait!" Mark called out. "James! Jay Jaaaay!" His voice called out for his brother. Even after a humiliating experience like that where he couldn't even look his brother in the eye after it happened Mark still couldn't just let himself be separated from him! Mark was brought back to the nursery, which was smelling a bit better now. The diaper can in the middle of the room must have just been changed. Mark was brought to his changing table and laid back while three of the daddies took care of applying the baby powder and putting a diaper on him. Mark didn't struggle too much as he was changed this time, but he still showed anger on his face. He wanted to let these men know he wasn't okay with what they were doing to his older brother. He wasn't going to stand for it, no matter what kind of deal JJ was striking! The thick diaper was folded over Mark's crotch and it was taped shut tightly around his waist. Mark was then put into his restrictive pajamas once again with his hands and feet covered by mittens and booties. Instead of putting Mark in his crib right away the men left him on the floor to explore his surroundings. They left the room and Mark was free to just wander around. Mark was incredibly anxious about his brother and being stuck there meant there wasn't anything he could truly do. He looked at the toy box and thought about looking through all the toys. He looked up at the shelf and thought about reading some of the toddler-level literature. There was nothing that could put his mind off of his brother though. The day felt like it just dragged on and on, feeling like the longest day of his life. He continued to be fed and given a bottle for lunch and dinner. A few times he needed to pee and rather than fighting it Mark was just actively letting heavy streams out into his diaper. Mark was soaking wet by the end of the day. He was picked up off the floor and set on the changing table where his soggy diaper was opened up and he was wiped down with the cool wipes. Mark's cock stood to attention yet again, almost like it was expecting to be touched at this point, but this time his erection was ignored. He heard the men whispering to each other before turning back to him. "Sorry, little guy. Guess you're not getting relief tonight." One of the men said, pulling the sodden diaper away and putting a new one in place. He was powdered up and the diaper was taped snug around him. Mark was set into his crib and he was locked in. As the gentle music box played Mark continued to let his brain jog. Slowly his brain was drifting away from what his brother was being forced into and onto other things. He was determined to escape. It's what his brother would want. Even if he would be leaving his brother behind he could probably come back and get some help. Mark sat up in the crib and felt his erection painfully pressing on the front of his tight diapers. He reached for his crotch and attempted to adjust the hard-on through the thick padding. That's when he noticed how loose his left mitten was. One of the men forgot to tie his mitten down all the way! Mark used his other mitted hand to try and get underneath the mitten. He was able to pull it up and the mitten came off. Mark let out a sigh and flexed his fingers. His hand got to breath! He then untied the other mitten, getting that one off as well. With both hands free he was able to unzip his pajamas and take them off. He wanted to just rip off the diaper, but he worried about it making too much noise. He carefully tugged the diapers down. He heard the tapes ripping the plastic as the tight diaper was tugged beyond his hips and then down his legs. Mark, standing in the crib now, searched for the locks. He saw that they were simple latches. When his hands were mitted there would be no way to actually detach these locks. Now he was able to use some dexterity and open the latches up. When he got to the other side the bars almost dropped immediately. Mark grabbed at them, stopping them just an inch before they landed! He trembled nervously, his knees knocking as he carefully let the bars down the rest of the way without making too much noise. When Mark climbed out of the bed, now completely naked, he searched through the toys. He managed to find a single green army man. It was his best bet at picking the locks. With his dick swinging freely between his legs he took quick but quiet steps to the door. He shoved the gun of the army man into the key hole and carefully manipulated it while listening closely. Miraculously Mark was able to unlock the first door. He opened it up and looked, seeing the second security door, but it was already ajar. He didn't question it. He just skipped on through with gentle footfalls. Mark came across some white uniforms folded up neatly on a shelf. Not wanting to go out naked into the woods he pulled a uniform on. The jacket and pants were tight, probably meant for someone smaller or thinner than him. He did not have the luxury to shop around for better clothes though. He had little time to get out of here before being spotted. He took a few long outstretched steps to one of the many wide windows. He unlocked the window and lifted it up. He took a step through the window. As his legs parted he felt himself getting wet. He gritted his teeth, seeing a yellow stain growing on the white pants. He didn't even feel that one coming! He was glad he was getting out of there if this kind of thing was going to start happening to him. Pee dripped from his crotch as he wandered out into the wooded area. When he felt he was a safe distance he sat down on the ground, getting the seat of his white pants dirty in the process. He thought maybe it wouldn't be so noticeable if he was covered in a little dirt. Mark looked back at the building he just escaped from. It seemed to be cabin attached to a plain box-like building structure. It was such an odd design. There was a logo shaped like a P, but with the rounded part looking like a U-turn arrow on its side. Was this a legitimate business? He couldn't think any of this was legal. He tried to get his mind off of it as he felt a heaviness in his stomach. Was it the guilt over leaving his brother behind, or did he just have to poop? Mark assumed that the business might have some plan for keeping JJ there. If a deal was struck he may have ended up signing a contract. Mark assumed the worst. He thought for sure no one would be coming to rescue JJ if that was the case. In the dark of the night he saw a single widow shining light on through. He got to his feet and walked towards the building. Grabbing the stool of the window he pulled himself up. He was glad to have enough strength to do one pull-up at least. There inside he saw a chilling scene. JJ was sitting in a white, padded cell. He had a glassy-eyed stare. He was wrapped in a very large diaper and his arms were tied into a straight jacket. Mark saw Mommy Madeline entering the padded room with a jar of baby food. JJ got a dopey smile on his face when he saw the open and happily opened his mouth to accept the food. Mark let go of the window and dropped to his feet. Did they drug his older brother? What were they doing to him? Before he could do much else he heard something behind him. One of the men was standing there with a taser in his hand. Mark was about to bolt when the taser was pressed into his side and he shook in surprise. He fell to the ground and felt poop spilling out into the white pants. He whimpered, feeling both the wind and shit knocked out of him at once. His vision became blurry and suddenly he was out cold. ~ Mark shot up suddenly in his bed. He looked around, seeing he was in his own bedroom again. He rubbed his weary face as the thoughts of what just happened lingered in his mind. Instead of the memories fading as dreams often do Mark could recall every detail of the nightmare. He pushed himself off the bed and stood up, looking for JJ's room. He just had to make sure his big brother was safe! Mark opened the door to his brother's room, seeing him lying on the bed with his blankets gracefully covering him around the crotch. Mark sighed with relief. "JJ, are you up?" Mark asked. "Well I am now." JJ said with his eyes closed. "Why are you bothering me right now? It's the middle of the night." "I just I wanted to check on you. I had a bad dream." Mark said, still overwrought by the experience. "We were kidnapped in this big scary place where they were doing.... some kind of experiments on us and stuff! They made us do... things!" "Like what?" JJ muttered. "You know, nasty things!" Mark said in a hushed tone. "And they forced us to use diapers!" "It sounds like you're nuts." JJ said bluntly. "Go back to sleep." "Sorry, it just made me worried! They took you away and I thought I'd never see you again!" Mark said, breathing erratically. "Well I'm here right now." JJ said with his eyes still closed. "Now go back to bed. We have work in the morning." Mark grumbled. He dragged his feet back to his bedroom and sat down on his bed. He heard a soft crinkle and felt something strange. He looked down and saw he was wearing a diaper this whole time, even when talking with his brother. He pulled on the waistband and looked inside, seeing there was poop, pee, and his own semen coating the area in front of him. His heart raced as he looked at it, wondering how exactly he ended up this way.
  7. What is the difference between the Big Kid Training Pant and the My First Training Pants? Can they hold a full wetting? http://www.baby-pants.com/training_Pants.php#p7GPc2_2
  8. Diapers at school

    Has anyone ever worn a diaper to school when they was in school, if so what kind and did you get cought? Yes I were attends and I never got cought or never could wet my diaper in class either.
  9. urine activated smell

    I remember back in the 80s and 90s most baby diapers and some adult (attends) had a smell to them that was activated when you pee in them. I miss that. Is there any diapers out there to day that have that or is there anything you can add to a diaper to do that. I know there is diaper scents you can add to a diaper but its not urine activated. Meaning that there is almost no smell at all until you pee in them.
  10. Diaperpoop roleplay

    I'm looking for people to RP with join in when evs if it's still going just as me to join in OK It's a family RP btw
  11. Stranger Things episode 4

    In episode 4 of Stranger Things El makes a bully wet his pants with her mind.
  12. Diaper poop and pee RP

    I'm looking for people to RP with join in when evs if it's still going just as me to join in OK
  13. Diaper Lover in Japan

    Hello I’m a DL, it’s the first time I’m finally admitting it and it’s kind of hard for me, even online, I will be living in japan sometime and since my arrival I have been mostly diapered 24/7, I willing to post reviews about the diapers they sell and answer the questions you have if I can. The first diapers I tried were some pullup style diapers, I can say they were great, they were super soft really, I mean it felt like I was sitting on a little cloud, even though they are super thin, they were able to hold 2 to 3ish medium pee accidents, fyi I don’t go number 2 in my diapers so I can’t review on that aspect. Ill attach some pics of the diapers I bought. Also recently bought a 17 pack of large diapers I’ll be posting a review as soon as possible but right now I’m double diapered in the diapers I brought from home so I think I won’t be trying these diapers until tomorrow. Also I can say I prefer plastic backed diapers but I recently have grown a certain love for clth backed ones too, since they keep me cooler in hot days. one more of the pullup diaper and one of the package of large diapers
  14. Hi there! This is my first post, so bare with me So I am a guy in his early 20's and I am a diaper lover and I love to see females in diapers or holding/wetting. I do have a girlfriend, but she does not know anything about this or what I am into. I still live with my mother (not for much longer) so I cannot use diapers very often, and I haven't been using them for a long while now, unfortunately. So recently I noticed something weird, actually something I wished to happen for a long time. When do not have to sleep early, I usually stay up till 1:30AM, especially in the last few months since I graduated in June, and I start with my job in October. Every night around 11PM I brush my teeth, and then I drink 2.5 cups of water right after each other, just to flush my body, and of course a little bit because I have to pee a lot after an hour. So since I have been home a lot lately, I've been doing this a lot. Drinking 2.5 cups, and after an hour I have to pee badly, which sometimes ends up in me masturbating with a full bladder and pressing on it in the meantime (which feels amazing). But recently I started to notice that when I have to pee badly, it's much worse, and I start holding myself a LOT. I have to tighten my muscles a lot to keep it in, and when I relax the pee will come right out and I end up in having an accident. But even though I tighten my muscles I tend to have small accidents with small spurts coming out, and sometimes big spurts too. Sometimes I have to hold myself while I walk to the toilet and when I pull down my pants I already start to pee sometimes. This feeling comes in waves, and sometimes the waves come back so badly that I tend to have an accident. Even though I REALLY love this feeling, I gotta say it's kind of weird as well, and I don't know what it is, because I can usually hold my pee for ages. Also this morning I had exactly the same, and I didn't even had too much pee in my bladder. When I am out, and I have to pee pretty bad, this doesn't happen at all, it only happens when I am home (so far I've experienced), so I think it might be because I am more relaxed at home? Anyways, I really love the feeling, and I love that I am able to have real accidents, unfortunately I cannot make any use out of it, because I cannot wear diapers that easily in my mothers home. Usually it is pretty difficult for me to pee in a diaper since I have paruresis/shy bladder as well, so I would love to have these kinds of accidents into a diaper as well, so I hope this also happens when I am wearing somewhere in the future. So what do you think? How could this happen all of a sudden? is my bladder getting weak? Or is it just a sign that I am more relaxed nowadays?
  15. UK 'teen' accident guy

    Hi,. I'm Steve from Glossop in the UK. Whilst I'm actually 44, in my mind I am a dirty 14 year old boy that kind of likes to wet and mess in his white briefs. Sometimes I like to be wearing a nappy because I just can't be trusted to be in big boys underpants, but ultimately I am put back in briefs as nappies should be for little boys. I'm looking forward to exploring the site, and bringing out the little boy in me again.
  16. too turned on to pee

    i love wearing diapers but recently i am discovering pee is a big turn on for me, i have had sex in my diaper and recently i asked my partner to pee in my diaper but i am also having issues with getting myself hot and botherd and this stops me being able to wet, i am still new to the world of pee and i really am wanting to play with myself in my diaper while i am in mid stream but i am shy and scared, i have even gone from wearing one diaper to wearing drynight and a small diaper just so i get to feel leaks more, i have had 2 accidents this week and it does not bother me if i am at home no more.
  17. I need a Daddy

    Hi guys! I need a good strong daddy who will punish me for being very very naughty. I was walking without my diaper on and made a mess. I have D cups and long black hair. I wear nothing but my diappy and binkie. Someone please help me im a very naughty girl whos very wet and messy
  18. I usually wet myself before bed and am wondering if it is okay to stay in my diaper or if I need to change it because they are so expensive but I need to know for my health.
  19. Family Problems (w/ Skylove27)

    David and Naomi James are happily married with 2 kids. Skylar was 16 and becoming quite the handful. She was becoming perfectly content with C's, was constantly sent to the principal's office for back talking, and had even skipped class on multiple occasions. They knew teenagers went through rebellious stages, but this was becoming ridiculous. Christian, on the other hand, was a tad bit easier to handle. He was 4 years old, but still in diapers. Naomi and David had been trying their hardest to get his potty trained, but they were having no luck. Christian was perfectly content with using his diapers for and and all bathroom needs. It was a typical Friday morning. Christian was playing in the living room, Naomi was tidying the house up, and David was working from home. He was an accountant, and being such gave him a lot of leeway on where he worked. David walked out of his office and into the kitchen. "Guess what our daughter did this time?" He said once he was closer. "Miss Skylar apparently thought class was below her and decided to skip Geometry. What are we going to do with her?" Christian was sitting on the living room floor watching Sesame Street and singing along with the songs. He was wearing his usual attire: a shirt and Pampers diaper. David and Naomi felt that this made diaper check 10 times easier. "Elmo's World!" He sand happily.
  20. Unforseen Events (w/babyfrost)

    Mike walked into the residence just as cops were leading a handcuffed woman out. This was a situation that he had seem many times before. A parent gets addicted and the child ends up suffering for it. Mike had been a social worker for 5 years, and things just did not surprise him anymore. He walked down the main hallway and could faintly smell cocaine, but couldn't focus on that. Mike need to find the girl. He needed to save her from this place. He stopped at a doorway and saw a little girl, clad in a pair of shorts and shirt, playing with a doll. Her shorts had a slight bulge almost as if she was diapered. "Hey sweetie! My name's Mike. What's yours?" He couldn't help but notice that this room looked slightly of a nursery.
  21. Looking For My Princess

    I'm a new Daddy looking for a sweet little princess to baby online. I have experience changing diapers both wet and messy. We could RP or just talk about how our days are going. If you want someone to take care of you, I am your guy. If interested, please message me or reply to this post.
  22. Jessica Jones

    In the first episode of Jessica Jones on Netflix, a girl is made to wet the bed, in the second, Jessica stops by her upstairs neighbors who are constantly being loud and discovers a couple in the middle of ABDL roleplay. The boyfriend was in a diaper. In the third episode, the main villain, The Purple Man (who isn't referred to as such in the series... HUGE missed opportunity) locks two children in a closet, the girl wets herself as a result. Later on in the series, he makes someone stand near a post for an entire day, that person wets himself as well. Watch Jessica Jones! It's a really good series!
  23. First time ever

    So I got my diapers ever in. However, they were too small sadly. So I had to get rid of them. But not before I had fun with one. I did my best to get one on and then let go. And just like I imagined, I LOVE DIAPERS. It's so different to pee and poop into a diaper than it is underwear, and it felt amazing! I'll be ordering some new one ls tomorrow in the proper size.
  24. Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl and today for the first time in my life I wore a Diaper made by myself and peed in it! So here's the story: I have always had an interest to know how it felt to pee in a Diaper.Last year I came across a baby diaper that was tossed away after use.I didn't miss the chance.It was time to fulfill my long awaited dream.I took the diaper and hid it in a corner of the bathroom.I drank a lot of water and when I felt I was ready I went in.My heart was beating fast.I opened up the used diaper.My only regret was that I couldn't wear it as it was messy and already used and also a bit small for my size :'( :'( .But still I pulled down my panties and squatted on the exposed part of the diaper.I thought it would be hard to pee as I was potty trained well and had never done anything like this.But I was surprised that I could pee easily and in a few moments the diaper began to overflow.The white rabbit diaper turned yellowish and soon there was a big puddle under the diaper. One year passed....... I didn't have any chance to wear a diaper or pee pants.Recently I started checking out different forums and blogs like Adrian Surely,ABDL,daily diapers,experience index etc etc.I read about people wearing diapers 24/7 for incontinence and fun.The stories about accidents,warm feeling,freedom,comfort,able to pee anywhere made me decide that I myself would start wearing diapers.And not just that.I also decided that I would be doing it 24/7 and retrain for becoming incontinent.But I faced many problems. 1.Adult diapers cost a lot and I don't have much money. 2.I'm too shy to go to diaper shopping 3.I didn't want my parents or friends to find out But I was so stubborn that I still wanted to do it.So....I started researching and experimenting with stuff.I wore a pair of panties and stuffed it with tissues,sanitary pad,plastic paper,foil paper,cotton etc that I found that could help hold the pee.I used the pictures of real diapers as reference and made it in lairs.used a lot of tapes.And finally used a number of rubber bands to put it in place and to make sure it would not shift.I used the rubber bands so that it would stick to my private parts and so that my panties does not get wet. After numerous failures finally I was happy with what I had made.I was amazed how comfortable it felt! I also enjoyed the rustling sound made by the plastic and tapes when I moved.Now for the main part: It was about time to pee in the diaper I had made.I made sure that it would hold a lot of pee before leaking.I wore it .wore some of my favorite underwear over it and wore a skirt.I started walking in front my parents.I was scared my mom would notice.But lucky me! xD She didn't.Of course I drank a lot of water.I started to push my bladder and wanted to pee.But I couldn't I thought I am in no hurry and eventually I would be able to pee.But there was no sign of it.Soon it started to hurt but still I couldn't go.I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with the diapers on.But still no use.I use able to force a little bit out but I wasn't satisfied :/ I took the diaper off and in some time I could go like normally and a lot of pee came out.I knew this would happen and I was prepared.I wasn't ready to give up.I wire the diapers again.Although I had to pee in the toilet.I wore the diaper for straight 2 days.Did things the forums said....(lots of water,water sound etc etc).Didn't help much.I came across hypnosis.downloaded few audio files from wrapmymind.com.When I started to listen to one my heart began to beat fast.I became somewhat excited.I didn't think this would work,But it did!! I was in my room and sitting in my study table.Little drops came out and bit by bit the flow started to increase.The diaper became warm and heavy.It was heavenly! *-* I knew I made the right choice.Who knew something like this could be this enjoyable? xD I emptied my bladder.I was surprised how the diaper held so much.It became bulky but I didn't change it.I was sitting and enjoying the warm feel~~ But it didn't last much.The pee became colder soon.Still I kept it on went to make another.This time I made it quickly and efficiently.I went to the toilet.disposed the diaper in the bin.cleaned myself with water and body wash.dried myself and then I put some baby powder and put on the new diaper I made.Why wouldn't I? I decided to be diapered 24/7 XD Now,my goal is become incontinent.But it's easier said then done! I also dream of wearing a real diaper someday.But Alas! the problems still exist But as I stated I would be diapered 24/7 I'm keeping my word and am still diapered.I'm also interested in bed wetting.I'm keeping a journal for my becoming incontinence training. As I'm new to diapers please give me some advice....Things to watch out from,how I can increase the absorbency,how to make it more fun while peeing,how to become incontinent, etc etc.Also don't forget to tell me how you liked my story! Newly born to the diaper world Jui
  25. Be A Good Girl

    So this is a once off story, its about the 3000 word mark and it is finished. I did it as an exercise to kill me writers block and figured i would post it here to see what ya guys thought. Anyway enjoy this short story Be A Good Girl “Go on baby, be a good girl for mommy” she lovingly coos to me Here I am twenty seven years old, dressed in a pink vest onesie, my hair tied into two juvenile pigtails, one to each side of my head, a big pink pacifier in my mouth. To top it off, the piece de resistance, a giant, fluffy white nappy adorned with retro pampers prints on the landing strip covers my crotch and bottom, taped to my waist and hidden by the snaps of my onesie. Not just being dressed like an over grown toddler but I have a beautiful woman who is much more than a lover to me but my best friend, soulmate and my play mommy embracing me on her knee, we are chest to chest and she is looking me directly in the eyes, asking me to be mommy’s good girl. I am her baby girl and she is my mommy. Despite being twenty seven, despite being a well-adjusted, fully functioning adult, being dressed as a baby and being good for my mommy I am in heaven. She works the fingers on her right hand into my onesie and then invades my nappy through the leak guards situated just in-between my legs. She checks my intimate area for moisture lightly caressing my womanhood in the process, frowning as she discovers that I am dry. “Come on baby, be a good girl for mommy and wet your nappy” mommy encourages as she gently slips her fingers from my nappy and places her hand on my crotch “Mommy wants to feel you make wee wees in your nappy” I look into her loving eyes as her pouty red lips curl into a warming smile. I take a deep breath and blush slightly as I relieve myself into my nappy. The thirsty white garment immediately begins absorbing all my wee wees and begins to expand in warm snugginess as I exhale bashfully. Mommy’s red lipsticked smile is embedded gently on my forehead as she kisses me with encouraging approval. “What a good girl you are for Mommy, wetting your nappy like a good little girl” she gently and slightly seductively, almost in a condescending tone, whispers to me. This makes me smile broadly and I burry my head in Mommy’s shoulder as I keep pissing myself. The pee is gushing out of me at this stage, completely saturating the front of my secure nappy, slowly starting to sneak up the back. As the pee spreads my bum bum starts to get clammy as the nappy can’t drink up all my sweet pee quickly enough. Mommy is so happy with my offering that she is gently squeezing my nappy into my crotch and slowly rubbing me just the way I like it. With one final sigh I let the last dribble out into my sodden sagging baby pants which symbolizes what I am “Mommy’s pissy pants baby”. Despite the connotations being “Mommy’s pissy pants baby” does not feel insulting to me; it feels right to me, as if this is my true calling in life. Even though it is a self-imposed nickname for my situation and Mommy would never degrade me by calling me something so vulgar, part of me wishes she would. I like being “Mommy’s good little girl” but there is a part of me that craves to be her naughty little pissy pants. I have never brought this up with her as what we have is not a humiliation exercise but an activity of love. That’s what it is just an activity that we engage in when the mood is right. Outside this beautiful activity of ours, we are full functioning members of society, me being a junior marketing executive for a hip new technology company, and mommy, or Gillian as she is known to the grown up world, has just been made partner in her law firm. Despite our abnormal behaviour we are as normal as they come. Once Mommy realises that I have finished my act for her, still smiling she gently lifts me off of her lap and stands me up in front of her. I know what’s coming and I’m so excited by what comes next. “Ok now turn around baby and touch your toes, Mommy wants to inspect your nappy” I obey without hesitation, smiling contently around my pacifier; I grab my toes and throw my bum out in the air towards mommy’s loving gaze. I feel her hands on my hips as she moves them down to the snaps in my crotch. She slowly, teasingly unbuttons one snap at a time, increasing my anticipation and excitement when finally she un snaps the last snap giving my nappy freedom. It immediately sags towards the ground and I can feel the strain on the snuggly fastened tapes. My nappy is so heavy I am surprised it does not fall off or rip the plastic. My nappy is sagging so much that mommy can put her hand in one leg hole and out the other without even touching off of my nappy. Holding it in all day really pays off when I get my nappy soaked to mommy’s standards with one wetting. I feel mommy move her hands underneath the bulging garment and I feel her face planting into my rear. I hear her inhaling deeply breathing me in completely and I smile happily knowing I have been mommy’s good girl. Knowing how much the smell of my wet nappy turn’s mommy on is one of those weird things that makes me feel good about myself. It’s part of what helped me come to enjoy my baby role in the relationship, knowing that me befouling myself could almost bring the woman that I love to orgasm was such a rush, such excitement and something that I was strangely proud of. As she was inhaling my intoxicating aroma my anticipation rose as what was to come. After a good sniff mommy would always lick me clean, leaving me a quivering mass before she would grind my sexy lady bits. It was always the best sex, sometimes I would explode into orgasm as soon as her moist mommy parts touched me, those were amazing but they always ended with me having to stop because I would come too close to passing out from ecstasy. At first mommy would have to go to bed frustrated when that happened, not that she showed any inclination that she minded, but I did. But now when it happens I take the opportunity to taste mommy and make her cum. The first time I did it she was not too happy, as she didn’t want me degrading myself, I was her sweet little angel and gobbling vagina, she felt, robbed me of my innocence. However that soon changed when she found out just how nimble my tongue was and how much she came when I licked her insides. This time was different, she was sniffing me but she hadn’t taken my nappy off yet to clean me, I then felt her pull away. I stood up quickly and looked up into her big beautiful midnight blue eyes with a look mixed with fear and shame. Had I not pleased her, had I not filled my nappy enough for her, had my wee lost its intoxicating flavour to her? I was about to talk, or cry, or I don’t know but something was about to make its way out of my mouth when mommy took my hands in hers. “Baby, mommy has an idea” she informed me lovingly and slightly sheepishly. “But I don’t know how much you will like it” She stumbled. I could tell she was going to be a bit embarrassed by what she was about to ask, this normally extremely confident and direct woman looked somewhat embarrassed. This was new, I had never known her to shy away from something but here she stood in front of me trying to coax her out with an idea she had. I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear “Mommy whatever your idea is I’m going to do it, I’m your good little girl and doing whatever that takes makes me feel good mommy” I hugged her more tightly showing her I was here for her and that she need not worry, I was her little girl and she knew what was best. Yet she said nothing, and I could feel tears rolling down my back. I stood back and looked into mommy’s watering eyes expecting to see heart break, instead I saw happiness, still some trepidation but ultimately these were tears of joy. I put my hands on her hips and guided her to the sofa where she gracefully sat down. I put my head in her lap and stretched out on the couch as my hand made for her cleavage. Mommy had started to lactate, I’m not sure how, if it was from the constant stimulation she got from my greedy mouth, a change in diet or a supplement used to induce lactation I could not say. All I could say was that her voluptuous breasts were swollen with milk, which was great because it meant I got to breast feed every day, sometimes twice. And my bottles were always made from mommy’s milk. Mommy unclasped her nursing bra revealing her delicious teat which she guided to my mouth. I suckled greedily as the taste or her milk hit my lips. The flow was instant and delicious. I smiled up at her contently as she cradled my head in the crook of her elbow lovingly, whilst the other hand closed the snaps on my onesie and then rested on my padded bum. We loved breast feeding, we never felt as close as we did when she nourished me. As a coping mechanism it was very empowering. If Mommy had bad news for me or we had a tough decision to make it would be done when I was on the breast. I thought my clearest while suckling the woman I loved. We were so close that no matter the challenge we knew that it was the two of us in it. She stroked my hair as she gazed down at me with her maternal mommy smile. I could see her confidence being rebuilt. She knew not to worry. “Well baby, Mommy wants you to do whoopsies in your nappy” She paused slightly and was about to continue when I put a finger to her mouth and nodded approval. Asking me to poop myself, while I could see was a big deal and something that could be taken the wrong way, felt right to me. Granted I had some hesitation about peeing my nappy this evening, it could sometimes take me a little while to get used to my baby role, especially being in the adult world all day. However now I was in the baby world and pooping myself, well the idea of it felt right, felt fulfilling, felt natural. In truth I had thought about it before as it was the natural progression for us. But I hadn’t acted on it as the outcome was too uncertain. Would mommy want to be around my fudged huggies, would I be disgusted enough to call it quits on babyhood, would it destroy the relationship. Now that I saw how much mommy wanted it, I knew it was right. She moved me to her other breast knocking me out of my train of thought. I suckled eagerly as my tummy filled up almost to capacity. But still I suckled. I could smell her sweat perfume, could feel her warmth and love, see her approval and taste her nourishing ambrosia. I was getting a bit drowsy which was not a good thing as we still had business to take care of. I think mommy saw this too as it was not uncommon for me to fall asleep mid gulp in mommy’s arms. She normally let that happen, I think she loved it when that happened. But this time she picked me up, placing my chin over her shoulder giving me a lecherous view of her back and plump bum. She stood up and I wrapped my legs around her waist. She started to bounce me and pat my back, gently trying to get my windies up. I belched loudly a couple of time, giggling proudly at each cacophony. Soon my windies were all up and mommy was letting me back down on the ground. She was about to say something to me when I popped a squat to fill my nappy properly for her. I didn’t want her to talk, to try and rationalise with me. I wanted her to know that I was her baby and that she could get me to do anything, she was my mommy. She gave me a quizzical look then sat down on the couch to enjoy her own private show that I was about to perform, not before popping my pacifier back in my mouth. I started to push, but nothing was moving. As I had been holding my wee all day, I also hadn’t pooped in fear that I might waste some of my mommy intoxant, so I was actually in the need of a poop but no nothing was coming. I bit down on my pacifier as I pushed harder letting out a little grunt in the process. Still nothing. I spread my legs a little just incase my bum cheeks were acting as a barrier. But it was no use, I still could not poop, this was going to take all my will. I took a deep breath and pushed with all my might. I could feel my cheeks burning red from effort, my face was scrunched up in concentration and strain. I needed more leverage, so I bent forward, supporting myself with my hands and arched my back looking up not at anything in particular when I succeeded. It was moving, with one last loud grunt poop escaped from my bum and into my nappy. I opened my eyes to look at mommy as the poop started to escape. She still had that loving maternal look, yet I could see the fire in her eyes burning deep. She wanted me. The poop slid out quickly, but it was a huge log, it hurt. But I liked the pain. The feeling of the poop escaping to freedom only to be captured by my protective nappy and smearing into the seat was intoxicating. The poop kept coming and mushing into my nappy, at first it was right at the seat, then it started to crawl towards my back and my front. I was still going, when the poop got more frantic looking for freedom that it started to turn less solid and gooier. It was going everywhere, yet still completely contained in my nappy. The hot mess felt amazing to me, so exciting, so thrilling, so natural. Before my baby days I was a clean freak, couldn’t stand ickiness, yet this, the ickiest thing there was felt awesome. I was almost climaxing as the poop was smearing the front of my nappy and vagina, making it feel all the more pleasurable. With one last grunt and one last fart I was done. I was exhausted and drained; I fell to my knees but found myself being lifted in the air. Mommy was their picking me up into her lap and sat back on the sofa. I looked up into her eyes looking for the approval that I craved she started to bounce me on her lap, mushing the poop, getting it into every nook and cranny. This should have disgusted me but it didn’t, it made me crave mommy’s attention even more. I smiled and hugged her tightly as she grabbed by nappied bum and smushed me with her hands. She was starting to moan, she was very aroused right now, more so than I had ever experienced with her. This was starting to look like a brilliant idea. I wasn’t disgusted and mommy was salivating from her mommy bits. She couldn’t take it anymore and she stood up, with me still in her arms and rushed to the bedroom. She gently laid me on the bed and started to scissor me immediately. She didn’t clean me, take my onesie off or even remove her form fitting black and red polka dot dress that accentuated her lactating boobies. I was taken aback by her eagerness but that all evaporated as the grinding began. We have grinded lots of times, but this was so much better, the mix of my onesies keeping everything in place, the full to bursting nappy and mommy’s knickers all rubbing of my baby bits… no lady bits was so insanely hot. I exploded into orgasm at the same time as mommy, I can’t say about me as I was well protected but mommy squirted, a lot, all over my onesie. She had never done that and as I felt her juices on my thighs my orgasm grew even more intense. I almost blacked out from this intense feeling, I actually may have because next thing I know is I'm being spooned and mommy is kissing my neck. “How about mommy gets you into a clean nappy” She says energetically in between kisses. “No mommy I want to enjoy my fudgy huggie” I yawn and that’s all I remember. I woke up in mommy’s bed alone. This was normal as mommy did not sleep long so unless on vacation I would wake up alone. Not that I minded I was not the type to stay in bed once I woke. I threw my legs out of the covers and stood up. I was a bit surprised to see that I was in a clean nappy. I shrugged it off and went to the kitchen where mommy was preparing a pancake breakfast. “Good morning Emma, I almost got breakfast ready so if you want to shower and get into your grown up clothes you have enough time” she said sweetly as she stirred the batter. “Mommy what happened to my nappy” This stopped Mommy in her tracks as the baby play would typically end once we either climaxed or got up the next morning. But today I felt like exploring this in a non-sexual context. I was orgasmed out but I was under a whole heap of stress at work and wanted to see how much of a stress reliever this really was if it didn’t lead to sex. Like was it the reward of sex I liked or was it the bonding with mommy. “Well Emma you said you wanted to enjoy it then you fell asleep. I didn’t want you to get a sceptic vagina so I thought I would change you into a clean nappy and let you wake up still enjoying the nappy. Sorry if I crossed a line, I should have put you back in your knickers but you just looked so adorable in a nappy I couldn’t resist” “That was smart mommy thank you” I said in a sweet submissive voice as I sat at the breakfast table. Mommy just gave me a quizzical look and went about making breakfast. “Do you want some coffee Em” She asked as she started the coffee machine. I took this as a que to show her exactly what I wanted to do today. I got up and walked to her giving her a big hug and planting my head in her boobs “Thank you for last night Gillian, it made a lot of things make sense in my head” I said softly before looking up and kissing her on her lips “That’s great Emma; it’s weird to be thanked for it though I normally am the thankful one.” She giggled before she kissed me on the forehead “Let’s not stop, I don’t need to go to work today, I have no meetings and I can tell them that I’m working from home today. Let’s see how this affects me without sex being involved” She looked at me with a huge smile, another kiss and our adventure into being mommy’s good girl finally began